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food & cooking thread Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 15:20:46 No. 19141 [Reply] [Last]
Share food pics, your favorite recipes, recipes you came up with, cooking tips and culinary adventure anecdotes, what you’re craving and anything else food
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>>1100703 hate mukbangers except for the ones who do it ironically or humourously like sangyoon who obviously doesnt eat all the food and doesnt pretend to https://youtu.be/LVC0tSioPFY
anyone got any simple vegetable stew or creamy soup recipe recs
>>1897262 i absolutely love this soup: https://www.cookingthekitchen.com/spicy-corn-coconut-soup/ this is originally from nyt cooking but this a non-paywalled version. use frozen corn instead of fresh, it doesn’t matter imo but def do get some crispy onions to put on top.
>>1897748 nta but thank you i made this a few days ago and it was amazing. tasted even better cold imo
>>1908822 i also made a version using butternut squash and apples which was delicious as well

(12.34 KB 159x98 omo.png)
omo thread Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 21:38:52 No. 582748 [Reply] [Last]
get your omo's out
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>>1095684 wrong thread?
(66.37 KB 720x720 EkyhPK5zfjabyiG1.mp4)

(683.26 KB 3000x2000 summer-salad-sandwich-92212-1.jpeg)
sandwich general #1 Anonymous 09/25/2022 (Sun) 11:49:52 No. 1679034 [Reply] [Last]
post sandwich
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>>1687853 seconding the pan frying with butter. kewpie or spiced mayo also works excellently. i've tried a panini press, and it certainly felt like a convenience. but toasting the bread on the stove is the best way, imo
a sandwich i like, that i tasted by accident; >cloves >wasabi >cheddar cheese >an egg i threw together random things for the sake of it while having limited ingredients. i wanted a grilled cheese, but something different. you toast one side of the bread, and then spread wasabi on it. then you toast it all together but cook the egg until sunny side up, locking it in on the inside of the sandwich while the outside of the bread toasts. it's like a breakfast sandwich. you can add spinach or another leafy green, the type of bread doesn't matter either as long as it's good
cold cheese is really disgusting. i don't think it should be in sandwiches, or eaten in most instances at all
>>1688009 do you mean all cold cheese? theres so many different flavors of cheese
(813.60 KB 1170x1101 sandwedge.jpg)

Dream Thread #1 Anonymous 07/01/2022 (Fri) 21:41:55 No. 1284685 [Reply] [Last]
>Have you been having these weird dreams lately, like, “Is any of this for real? Or not?” Share your past dreams and nightmares, keep log of what you currently dream about, maybe even what you wish to see in your sleep tonight Goodnight unnies
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my most common and most reuccuring dream is that im trying to orgasm but cant. its actually really frustrating kek and a recent one ive been having is that i try flirting with a man and am rejected. i never flirt with men and have no desire to so its weird. i think its my middle school trauma. one of them was with jaehyun from nct and he turned me down and i cried but most of them are just random men
>>1891450 another happening i forgot >apology szn has started the message "apology szn has started" was posted in nctg alongside an image of a forlorn-looking shotaro receiving headpats from a member. szn was understood to mean season. kfans were mad at shotaro for manhandling their husbandos on the new rookie show.
i was a prostitute who finally was escaping my job. i remember finding my husbando in a room having sex with another prostitute and feeling disappointed. the cleaning lady live-streamed everything so my teammate and i set her up with a billion yen to survive. i don’t remember what else we did but i drove away in the middle of the night with my handler/wife after we took one last photoshoot with the help of my old prostitution mentor. i remember really wanting to take the photos because only top tier models could, it was themed to be floating on the clouds in sleepwear
husbando sex dream wherein i was wearing an oversized tee and crawled on top of him and jerked his cock through the fabric of the tee. he was a masochist and enjoyed the rough friction. when i got bored of jerking there was also ball-squeezing occurring through the tee.
>>1891450 >no renjun edition there was a new edition of nctg, fittingly named "no renjun edition." an image of renjun giving haechan a piggyback had been awkwardly cropped so as to only show haechan. kekking so much at this

(290.85 KB 1600x1273 4c184de6109b66c7eefa97a317a25b2d.jpg)
Smartass Gold Thread #1 Anonymous 10/02/2021 (Sat) 07:45:18 No. 462902 [Reply] [Last]
I'm making this thread on a whim so I'm making this up as I go along. In this thread you will only post things you have learned about that other people might find useful or would find interesting. No theme or required topic, anything goes. It can be from life experiences, books, informative videos, or whatever else.
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my go to website whenever i want to read short but really thoughtful reviews on kpop songs https://thebiaslist.com/
useful website to target muscles https://musclewiki.com/
>>1735109 holy shit you're amazing
a few things from reading about specific oils and hair growth/density -rosemary oil: people often use it in a ratio of 1 drop per 10 drops of a carrier oil (like argan oil) and rub it in their scalp to sit for a few hours before shampooing. rosemary oil has the most evidence backing it up and gets mentioned the most by far for this purpose -lavender oil: often used in a ratio like the above, more of a "not 100% sure but seems promising so far" -black seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, castor oil: more unsure, more anecdotal. with black seed oil its helpfulness is more researched with lessening irritating skin conditions or scalp flakiness than with hair growth

(157.24 KB 1079x1080 thumb-1920-277677~2.jpg)
music in spanish thread Anonymous 11/15/2022 (Tue) 11:05:52 No. 1881082 [Reply]
for recommending well known bangers and obscure findings, anything goes as long as it is in spanish
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really disgusting to see how we have inflated the egos of male reggaeton performers, jbalvin, maluma, bad bunny all misogynistic moids with millions of dollars they don't deserve it

(86.88 KB 400x400 ao3.png)
fic thread Anonymous 06/16/2021 (Wed) 21:14:55 No. 189858 [Reply] [Last]
make fun of fics talk about tropes you love or hate stress about your stats reee about how that ship you hate has more fics than that ship you like when yours is clearly superior in every single way
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>>1571745 nta but omo
fic writers, how do you stay motivated even if you're getting zero feedback? i've come to rely on comments for serotonin boosts and now that i'm not getting any i just feel so lost...
>>189858 Dumb as fuck question for someone who came before AO3 but do other websites have rpf? I can’t seem to find a way to get to it on Fanfiction.net and I’m certain it has to exist on there to some capacity even in a roundabout way.
>>1888630 prior to ao3 it existed in extremely disparate places, livejournal, specific forums or websites for it plus a smattering of smaller general fanfic sites that never came to any prominence. for kpop specifcally there was asianfanfics. ff.net has never allowed rpf
>>1888630 tumblr

(75.20 KB 640x426 street-woman-fighter.jpg)
Street Woman Fighter Thread Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 10:05:13 No. 372636 [Reply] [Last]
Discussion thread for Mmnet's new show ,,Street Woman Fighter''. This show features Korea's most popular dance groups and them fighting over who's the best dance group. What are your opinions on the show,the contestants and the groups as the whole? Who are you rooting for?
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(189.95 KB 1200x1499 Ffo9k-bUoAEwcxh.jpeg)
ladies, did we approve honey j's husband?
(54.72 KB 726x646 Ffo9oOZUcAAv61o.jpeg)
>>1801611 >>1801612 cute, good for her
thoughts on vatas controversy?
nonas wish me luck. im up for my job interview now

(43.23 KB 500x530 1595754864477.jpg)
youtube thread Anonymous 10/25/2021 (Mon) 22:56:56 No. 517130 [Reply] [Last]
recommend stupid ass videos recommend longform content ask for recommendations share something you thought was funny, informative or just plain interesting from a lesser known channel
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>>1459861 oh my god i forgot about that
If you think fast fashion is bad, check out SHEIN https://youtu.be/U4km0Cslcpg Fashion's toxic threads https://youtu.be/Ko_BZhIpI1Q
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1JaMRpcDrQ cool up and coming channel for those who like watching in depth retrospectives on the financials of a product or service
the disease thats threatening florida's expansive coral reef https://youtu.be/HvaPxIhhVQ0

Western Celebrities Thread Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 13:48:16 No. 993484 [Reply] [Last]
discuss or sperg anything about western celebrities here
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>>1862918 yeah but why would she not call her a friend after doing that for her, i thought the quote was just taken out of context until she doubled down like a bitch. also it's one thing to agree to get tested to see if you're even a match and it's another thing entirely to make the decision to be a donor. and the doctors are at fault for letting selena know before francia made the final decision (which is a hipaa violation) but selena is the one who called her and told her to her face and i think she's old enough to know that she was pressuring her she just didn't care cause she's used to using people and getting special treatment. doesn't mean francia wouldn't still donate either way it just says a lot about selena, who btw still continued drinking after getting a kidney transplant
it's weird how it hardly crosses anybodys mind that the reason the doctor viloated that code is because selena must have bribed him to do so. do you think he's such a big fan of her that he did that for nothing? of course she paid him. and when she called "omo we're a match, now i don't have to die!" how the hell was a "friend" supposed to say no? usually the donation process with psychologists goes on for weeks, while francia had to do everything in a day. she even wrote a fucking will... and now twitter is called her a fake friend who did everything for clout, so sickening.
(287.43 KB 640x897 1668431335466.jpg)
azealia going off again damn i didn't know kanye's mom died from complications of plastic surgery that's fucked
>>1878244 once again most of what she's saying is absolutely correct but damn she just signed a major label contract for the first time in almost a decade... i appreciate her for speaking her mind but at the same time i don't want her to fuck up another chance at success just because she chose to involve herself in something that doesn't have anything to do with her
>>1878244 >damn i didn't know kanye's mom died from complications of plastic surgery it wasn’t even mere “complications”, his mother was wrongfully served by a negligent surgeon and was a victim. that doctor ignored what was wrong with her and essentially let her die on the table. everything ab said was right though


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