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/ot/ Anonymous Admin 10/24/2020 (Sat) 00:35:35 No. 10 [Reply]
Welcome to /ot/, our board for discussing anything non-kpop related. If you'd like a thread about something that doesn't have a thread already and has nothing to do with kpop, feel free to make it here. Don't forget to read the global rules before posting: https://choachan.cafe/.static/pages/globalRules.html
(5.92 MB 720x1280 457568769678.mp4)
Happy Valentine's day!

(488.53 KB 1200x1199 4j6f874kf86k46.jpg)
dumbass shit thread #1417 Anonymous 08/13/2022 (Sat) 01:03:04 No. 1470699 [Reply] [Last]
leopard edition >no hiv
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>>1471619 >they did not know it was impossible, so they did it
people call everything nshitty music because they're retards who only listen to nshitty
>>1471617 theyre becoming typical smhags, sad!
>>1471621 especially recently
>>1471615 this desu there's something missing to make it an nct style banger and dreams come true mogged everything else on that album

(408.64 KB 850x637 quiet-Favim.com-6501230.gif)
gratitude journal Anonymous 08/10/2022 (Wed) 13:45:56 No. 1456307 [Reply] [Last]
share things you are grateful for today, be it big or small. caught up in life, we often forget to take a breather and count one's blessings. no negativity, only positive thoughts.
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i am grateful for the kindness of strangers. i am thankful for the people who make me hopeful, resilient, and strong
grateful for carne asada grateful for my parents grateful that my dog didn’t die of rat poison
grateful my favorite takeout place is still kicking!
grateful that op started this thread and grateful for feeling good this past week!
grateful for my job that doesn’t make me feel like blowing my brains out grateful for my cat grateful for my good teeth

(1.95 MB 640x960 wu-lei-2-data.gif)
Chinese Entertainment General #3 Anonymous 05/24/2022 (Tue) 12:48:40 No. 1162139 [Reply] [Last]
uncensored edition
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(6.92 MB swap.gif)
>>1468920 can you read or did you pretend not to see the part where i said >dylan's acting was lampooned hard after MTD >he owes the director for coaching him to act if he gets ml roles in big-budget productions like simon even if dylan's acting is vastly better in lbfd thanks to how expressive his character can be (his role is going viral due to this), china wont acknowledge him as a skilled actor until he learns to speak without a sichuan accent and dubs his own lines. reliance on dubbing isnt an obstacle to good ML roles though, even a trained actor like chengyi needs dubbing in all his dramas because his voice is soft. like it or not he'll get a popularity boost like gongjun did after WOH, and pre-2021 gongjun was more nugu than dylan is rn.
>>1469064 >his role is easily one of the most likeable xianxia characters ever created oh come on nona, this is just delulu. him not acting terrible once will still not undo his work beforehand, he will forever be known as one of the worst acting gigs ever, you won't find a single bad acting article without the mention of this iconic scene >>1468930
unrelated to the actor talk, are there more artists like lil ghost? i love deadline
(6.67 MB arsonist.gif)
>>1469101 omg improve your english comprehension, what does dylan have to do with the likeability of the role, i.e. the dongfang qingcang novel character? do you understand how legolas or hermione can be very popular characters even orlando bloom and emma watson are so-so actors? jfc wen kexing is a popular xianxia character even if gongjun himself isn't regarded as a great actor, but even the wkx character isn't powerful enough unlike dongfang qingcang who is invincible AND willing to destroy the entire world to save a nugu fairy like his own life depends on it, because it actually does. that itself makes his character the most likeable xianxia ml (so many douban threads are discussing this) because a highly overused dumb xianxia trope is how the ml watches the fl get tortured for breaking immortal rules or laws without saving them because they too are afraid of falling afoul e.g. yehua in 3MOPB, yingyuan in immortal samsara, bai zihua in journey of flower. cnetz are racking their brain to come up with another similar xianxia character who is willing and able to destroy the hypocritical heavenly realm just to save their girl and 99.9% of xianxia mls are not invincible enough (the fucking war god is a punching bag in lbfd kek) or lack the will to be the world destroyer. can you name a better xianxia ml? do you even read? lol cnetz arent even fangirling dylan who has a longterm gf, they are fangirling the role itself and how well it's been brought to life just like wen kexing, runyu in ashes of love, or baiqian in 3MOPB.
>>1468867 Dylan’s character scares me kek. He’s a wonderful character and very interesting as his past and life gets revealed and he slowly starts to feel, but he’s still a pretty violent character and it makes it hard to get immersed in the romantic aspect when you remember he would kill the little fairy friend so easily for nothing and his own brother as well. I don’t know how they will redeem his character in the series unless they are all reborn or something or he completely changes his ways/loses power and stays with the fl. The boring and good immortal ML that considers the world/rules before the romance with the FL can be exhausting especially in Immortal Samsara where both just seem to suffer endlessly for no reason, but part of what makes those ML so charming is their goodie two-shoes angelic ways.

(1.27 MB 4000x2200 87z89u7r8947d685j4d58k4f.jpg)
dumbass shit thread #1416 Anonymous 08/12/2022 (Fri) 23:00:08 No. 1469681 [Reply] [Last]
bobcat edition >no hiv
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>>1470689 based
keeho's not that bad guys
keehohaters we are legion

(3.61 MB 1165x1313 ??.PNG)
dumbass shit thread #1415 Anonymous 08/12/2022 (Fri) 19:05:50 No. 1468660 [Reply] [Last]
dawn what's going on edition >no hiv
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>>1469673 nona i don't want to scare you by describing it but i don't think you'd survive what i've been through
>>1469661 getting murdered?
taking a shower and a hutsman falls on your head
>>1469674 FR like what the fuck does she mean by a "reasonable time"

(1.66 MB 1124x1118 ice.cream.png)
dumbass shit thread #1414 Anonymous 08/12/2022 (Fri) 16:11:10 No. 1467642 [Reply] [Last]
ice as a cream edition >no hiv
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(322.75 KB 1536x2048 FWuqweVWYAATRaV.jpg)
>>1468649 kekkkkk thank you nona
>>1468608 no. stay in there.
>>1468652 thats nice keeho

(293.90 KB 655x327 kpop-workout.png)
Weight Loss/Fitness Thread Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 16:33:51 No. 12990 [Reply] [Last]
Share your goals, progress and methods in regards to weight loss, fitness and living a healthy life! Please encourage healthy habits and be supportive of other anons (i.e. no encouraging eating disorders or screeching at others for being fat).
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just worked out for the first time in months and it's crazy, i feel like i have so much energy and i'm craving a salad. gonna try to keep this routine going for as long as possible
https://youtu.be/hNIwLCXJOGo using oatmeal as a replacement for rice worked really well for me today i was really hesitant to it for a while and only used it for making desserts but i tried making omurice with oatmeal and it was actually really good and the texture wasnt all that different from rice. makes the dish more low calorie as well depending on the ingredients
>>1406376 same kek i eat all my snacks at once i have 0 self control
>>1465366 based i'm surprised more people don't do this but i cut rice from my diet a while ago and oatmeal pretty much always works as a replacement
i have thoughts of stuffing food in my face

(36.13 KB 500x433 marina.jpg)
SONG RECOMMENDATIONS Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 17:03:50 No. 184 [Reply] [Last]
Recommendations that arent kpop/jpop/cpop
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dua lipa - love again https://youtu.be/BC19kwABFwc
uggo threadpic i dislike marina
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG5C32aATKc listened to rosalia for the first time because of the meme and motomami is really good

(1.83 MB 268x330 rarrrr.gif)
Book Recs Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 20:08:26 No. 21908 [Reply] [Last]
book recs
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>>1464772 based and truthpilled
>>1464772 this book is really amazing
this book sucks. it's literally just "dude imagine if gender roles were reversed misandry would suck and it would be identical to current and historical misogyny" which is idiotic for many reasons and it throws marginalized oppressed women under the bus it's poorly written none of the characters are compelling and should've been a short story no more than 10k words. don't read it
>>1464772 anyone from a third world country could have told you this, the fact that democracy developed over the course of centuries for western European nation states and later the united states, you can't just apply that model to made up post-colonial Frankenstein states and expect it to work, pretty much all the rural population will vote for whoever their local feudal lord tells them to vote for, the urban working population will vote for whoever can give them a hot meal at the end of the day, so the rich parasites that devour my nation don't even have to give an incentive or promise for votes, they know they'll get votes without any effort or having to do anything for the people and the state,
>>1465574 somebody didn't read the fucking book


no cookies?