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idols being cringy thread Anonymous 07/11/2021 (Sun) 11:15:33 No. 977
share moments when idols gave you secondhand embarrassment or made you cringe here. obs.: bad dancing has its own thread >>159833
(3.93 MB 1064x2708 spectacular acting in motion.png)
let's get this out of the way:
(3.05 MB 268x251 1525442022771.gif)
sana used to do some pretty cringy and questionable fanservice
(491.25 KB 166x275 1525440965280.gif)
like errrr...
(834.29 KB 244x275 1523479777653.gif)
awkward alert
>>980 her hand got caught in her skirt that's all
(1.39 MB 143x275 1525441609979.gif)
>>982 nah she would do this on purpose all the time. it was a hot topic on lc kpc lol
huening kai, tbz kevin and bangchan this is your time to shine!
>>983 probably gets paid more for this kek kind of smart
>>986 stop white knighting retard
(1.19 MB 268x275 1523555673490.gif)
day6 jae a champion of cringe
>>987 its a cringe thread its not that serious
gyopos are an endless source of cringy moments
(843.08 KB 640x360 twitter_20210707_105248.mp4)
>>989 word
>>987 i was joking because most of her fans are creepy men.
>>984 corn so cute here
>>989 >>992 hes right tho kek
(2.04 MB 240x480 somiig.gif)
No words needed
>>996 her dad gives me the creeps
(83.37 KB 1280x720 eric.jpg)
Yeri during LevelUpProject in Europe, drooling over some random white man. I hope it was staged because girl...
>>999 >eric.jpg
(1.09 MB 640x350 b.mp4)
i wanna punch him
>>1001 count me in
>>999 this reminded me of a clip of (latina?) kpop fans who were surrounding a random asian guy because they thought he was korean kek
>>1001 nooooooooo why
>>985 kek
>>977 i wanted to kill myself when i saw jake doing that
kek how is namjoon not on here yet
>>996 >>998 is this somi?
>>1007 for you especially, this was so cringe
(4.03 MB 1920x1080 ywi1616773877831kjkje1111.mp4)
(2.79 MB 1920x1080 29387498739479790182030819231.mp4)
>>1007 because we like to keep bts exposure to a minimum and everyone and their mum knows they are cringy
>>1012 lol
(753.89 KB 640x360 38792873947297971001809121.mp4)
>the entirety of txt tiktok please someone delete it I beg you
(117.36 KB 828x1792 EgX-o_pVAAA-cL_.jpeg)
>>1009 he would be so insufferable to be around
(219.14 KB 320x320 DAY6 Jae Rust Sugar Daddy.mp4)
>In the clip, Jae can be heard saying, “this guy, he’s my sugar daddy.” Just a few seconds later, the Day6 member can then be heard saying, “just look away” while making a sexual motion resembling oral sex. Please, if you’re sensitive to horrific imagery, look away.
>>1018 oh my god i thought koreans were overreacting over the sugar daddy mention but he also did that blowjob motion. i didn't know about that lol kinda deserved getting cancelled once again
>>977 who is this again
>>1020 jake epipen
>>1018 >>1019 Boys joke around like that all the time especially when playing video games. i dont think he deserved to get canceled for that they literally have these idols acting gay, wearing short ass clothing, and dancing suggestively let alone some of them being minors but they arent saying anything about that yet they say they are a "conservative country"
>>1018 cant believe idols are getting cancelled over mature jokes kek i have absolutely no hope for kpop anymore
>>1023 most kpoppers are sensitive teenage girls
>>1022 >>1023 are you new to kpop? sorry to break it to you but their target audience is literally middle and high schoolers lmao they're the same tier as some nickelodeon or disney star and they would too get canceled for doing something of the sort in front of that audience kek international fans sometimes seem very clueless about how idols are really children stuff
>>1025 not new but it wasnt as sensitive as it is these days
cringe at people defending jae. this basement dweller is not the hill you want to die on, retards
>>1026 [x] doubt that tvxq or whatever 2nd gen group wouldn't be criticized the same way jae was if not worse. since he's a turbo nugu he only had to write a half-assed apology on twitter. someone important and big would have to issue some PR letter or would have got their ass kicked
jae is a loser to me. cringe and ugly
>Boys joke around like that all the time especially when playing video games. i dont think he deserved to get canceled "boys will be boys" yeah, that shitty excuse is the cause for most misery and violence on earth. he isn't a boy, he's a grownass moid in his 30s, whose life is public. >they literally have these idols acting gay, wearing short ass clothing, and dancing suggestively 1. jae didn't do have to do that 2. those idols choose to do that 3. the (pre)teen girls who are his fans did not choose to witness his coomer "humor" you can't go on meltdown over a 13-year-old nobody making an insensitive joke >>1016, constantly use your mental health as an excuse when arguing with kids and then go all "back in my days people weren't such pussies..." when people rightfully call you out for being a lowlife degenerate.
>>1022 >>1025 Did you read the second half of what i said nona? Last time i checked i dont remember my 12 year old ass seeing my fav disney/ nick stars touch each other or shake their asses to sexually disturbing songs in short clothing in front of the camera. I didnt remember seeing the members of big time rush dry hump each other, slap each others butts, joke about sleeping together, make lewd jokes, or hug each other closely to the point where they could feal each others dicks touching. Never would i make fanfic stories about my disney faves having sex with each other or kidnapping me and getting raped. And plus idols make innapropiate jokes ALL the time around each other in front of the camera yet fans dont bat an eye or theyd just be like omg he's so naughty! Jimin has made countless blowjob jokes in front of the camera yet i dont see armys canceling him for it. Please.
jae sounding very rapey rn...
>>1033 ...why
this thread is for funny gif or webm can you move to kpc
>>1008 Yes
>>1015 i hate this one
>>1037 lol thats not the worst one
>>1037 embarrassing
>>1037 what is this lmao
>>1014 Kekkk
>>1037 all of them are not idols right?
>>1042 wdym? thats 3 members of txt
>>1043 kek i cant even recognise them anymore
>>1018 Are they teenagers? Why do they think this is funny? They are just gross
(1.07 MB 406x720 1929083018230182037879187.mp4)
the lip bite at the end...
>>1046 kekk terrible clc sorn is very cringy too i should get some of her tiktoks
>>1046 lol reminds me of that one time on vlive when he tried to be sexy and the fans were saying "what's wrong with you" in the comments
>>1046 The forehead chin ratio
>>1049 kekkk
>>1051 so young and already so cringy...
>>989 idols answer questions like this all the time? you can tell he thought that was some insanely witty response
>>1053 day6 themselves have answered this question before including jae lol he simply loves self-victimization
i 100% believe he's selfposting here nobody ever said anything even remotely positive about him and yet now suddenly supposedly multiple nonas aggressively jump to his defense...suspicious af you need that special kind of retardedness adn entitledness that only he has to feel victimized by little fangirls as an adult celeb >they dare to write dirty fanfics and fawn over bts?! that totally means it's fair game of me to show r rated stuff to them, doesn't matter that they're 13 while i'm 30
>>1055 >they dare to write dirty fanfics and fawn over bts?! that totally means it's fair game of me to show r rated stuff to them, doesn't matter that they're 13 while i'm 30 what?
>>1056 i think she's talking about jae from day6 and the whole blowjob jokes on twitch situation
>>1046 He looks like venusangelic now. What the fuck did they do to him. >>1055 I don’t like him either, but if 13 year olds watching him are the problem then isn’t it up to their parents to make sure they aren’t using twitch? It’s not like he’s streaming cocomelon.
>>1058 one doesn't exclude the other. if you have an underage audience you still have to be mindful of what you're streaming. idk what's not clicking, everyone would find bizarre if idk jojo siwa did that. and the reaction wasn't disproportionate either. anons are whining over nothing, the jae self-posting theory thickens >>1055
oh my fucking god jae you only had to write an apology on twitter get over it incel.
(602.24 KB 600x1066 1-d43bdc0a5fab.mp4)
very seggsy
>>1058 > if 13 year olds watching him are the problem then isn’t it up to their parents to make sure they aren’t using twitch? oh come on lets be realistic you really think teens would listen to their parents like that? or that parents watch or are around their kids 24/7 and checking their internet activity? come on. They have friends who use twitch
>>1051 yikes
>>1046 head built like a cone
>>1063 my lungss
lol i dont even listen to day6 or follow jae but i found the whole issue ridiculous. If your gonna cancel jae then hold the rest of these idols accountable as well, yet i dont remember seeing jimin being canceled for doing this. They have a young audience right?
(551.33 KB 1280x720 ywo910823801jlkjl1192830812091.mp4)
>>1066 or got7 for doing this
>>1066 >>1067 another episode of: is she intellectually dishonest or just clinically retarded?
>>1061 the amount of cringey lip bites in this thread kekk
>>1066 >>1067 just drop it its been discussed enough
>>1037 saw so many 35 year old moas thirsting over the long-haired one getting choked. how old is he even.
>>1071 sa or maybe it was just thirsting over his soft uwu body language in any case
>>1071 the one getting choked is a 2000 liner so 21 this year but man 35yos? the only one I know is that one 30+yo who’s a beomgyu ssg but I’ve always assumed most moas are quite younger
>>1071 Its always gross how objectified idols are, even male ones arent safe it seems. Gross
(3.44 MB 1280x500 twitter_20210712_170328.mp4)
(4.06 MB 640x360 twitter_20210712_110523.mp4)
this thread is bangchan vlive archive btw
>>1076 has he never met a female before or
>>1074 They objectify themselves, especially moids
>>1077 probably something is up between them
>>1075 illegalize aegyo
>>1075 autistic day care center
>>1080 no aegyo is good i love cute stupid boys
>>1076 this is so sus they’re def something going on between them
>>1081 Kekk
>>1083 I hope not. Isnt he the guy with the porn pics on his wall? She deserves better.
>>1085 i think ur confusing him with jaebeom
>>1009 i hate bts but he's being sarcastic here anon
>>1087 and? it's still cringy lol cant believe i have to explain this but lacking comedic timing is utter cringe
viewer discretion is advised
>>1089 the worst part is when he does that drag queen lipsynch but with your jaw thing
why are all idols from western countries cringe
>>1089 yikes he looks like doyoung now
>>1089 who is this
>>1093 the boyz kevin
>>1089 now we know he doesn't have any friends.. i would never let a friend post that
>>1091 joshua from seventeen is the only normal one
>>1096 doesnt he have that church oppa image while also being flaming
(1.61 MB 1280x720 J_22r8rVvjmJWxZU.mp4)
it might be difficult to hear, but an audience member shouts "that's my baby", cue this response
>>1098 fan got mom-zoned
>>1098 Aren’t fans embarrassed to do things like this? Good one hoshi
>>1097 Flaming?
>>1101 gay
>>977 I have nothing to contribute, I just really needed to say I have never cringed so hard like I do every single time I see this gif. It pains me.
>>1098 I cant even bring myself to click on it
>>1103 the first second is hot
>>1102 yeah but he doesn't act it
>>1102 Omg you think Joshua is gay too??
(935.54 KB 480x270 1-013ab93dfe1d.mp4)
>>1098 cringe i felt bad for him
>>1110 gotta love hyori
>>1109 This is hot
>>1109 Thats not cringy, at least she is putting effort in and does some facial expressions on stage, unlike a lot of female idols
>>1108 kek
>>1105 no its not
>>1114 eeeehh appreciate the effort but gonna have to agree with op here it gave me the cringe
>>1114 same i like it. better than female idols having a completely blank face with no emotion because moving their faces is ~unpretty~
>>1114 dragging a lot of female idols and for what. some wonky eyed awkward unsexy face
rather watch irene and jennie rbf than cringe tbh
>>1120 couldn't disagree more. let girls emote and be unpretty.
>>1121 no one is saying girls cant emote retard. some people just look stupid when trying to look sexy, some look stupid when trying to be swag etc. plenty of girlpops who have served better than that, that girlie just isnt a successful case.
if she trains hard enough maybe one day she can be sexy like doja cat sunbaemin. hwaiting~
>>1120 let's not go that far
>>1014 kek who is this and why is he thirst trapping
>>998 i was watching one video where she was doing something with her dad and he slapped her butt
>>1126 what the fuck
>>1111 bc someone called him baby?
>>1125 chinese exo?
Hoya from Infinite
(2.14 MB 298x300 tenor (5).gif)
whenever someone from blackpink does aegyo
(482.68 KB 220x320 tenor (6).gif)
pennywise smile
>>1131 ay dios mio la creatura
>>1125 it's tao
>>1131 whenever rose speaks korean
>>1135 whyy kek
>>1120 Blank faces are boring. I would rather see idols enjoy being on stage.
>>1131 Aegyo is always cringy though. Not just when BP do it.
>>1132 I like Lisa but I dont like her cutesy act either, it doesnt suit her.
>>1138 i like aegyo but then again i'm a top
>>1136 she speaks in a weird cutesy voice for speaking korean when in english she sounds perfectly normal
>>1130 lmao
he's so funny
>>1143 I hope your being sarcastic nona
>>1143 Out of all the members his tik toks are the worst. I always get second hand embarrasment
Can someone also make a bad vocals thread or should i just post them here. I have a video of jimins voice crack on stage
>>1144 she is stupid
>>1146 just post them here, i think it fits the spirit of the thread.
(5.01 MB 1280x720 voicecrack.mp4)
>>1146 kek this trainwreck
>>1149 my fucking ears
(2.32 MB 1256x720 3018371JE83190KM83281.mp4)
(1.46 MB 826x664 IMG_3388.mp4)
>blue… cheese. parmesan, cheese. cheddah cheese….. cheese. good job man
>>1152 GOOD JOB MAN..
>>1151 what was he trying to do
>>1152 KEKK the absurdity
>>1154 act sexy
>>991 agreed
hybe and their cringy idols doing cringy dog panting impersonations... what's up with that
>>1158 kek he's doing what nctfags wish for in videocalls
>>1158 that's bang's fetish
>>1158 what if I'm into this
>>1161 seek help nona
>>1158 this is not cringe who is this he's cute
>>1163 stop pretending moacripple, its embarrassing.
>>1158 same vibe
>>1165 no jk is just feral
>>1164 kek
>>1168 cringe at you thinking nipples are cringy lol
>>1169 I didn't even see the nipple and thought this was simply posted in the wrong thread.
>>1168 who is this
>>1171 sulli
>>1169 it's cringe because she's doing it on purpose
>>1173 bro fuck you and your mom
(1.37 MB 940x627 10582752-3x2-940x627.png)
>>1173 yup. rip to her but... im trying to figure out how she thought knets would let this slide
>>1174 what the heck? why are you being so personal? she was doing it on purpose you idiot. it was fan service
>>1168 really tasteless post tbqh nona
>>1175 >>1176 she was mentally ill, retards. she already killed herself for all the public shaming she got. what else do you accomplish by posting this? fuck off
>>1170 Me neither I was so focused on her straightening her hair thinking dang is she gonna make a weird face or something
>>1176 she was extremely mentally ill, she didnt make a single decision in her right mind at that time. just leave her alone, its bad enough her boobs have millions of views on pornhub
>>1181 you can add so many so called ‘rapper’ idols they all are so cringe
>>1182 this one is more cringy cos he did it on a rap show and he really thought he was rapping bars. plus the motherfucker part. and the fact that it just sucked in general
>>1183 and the sunglasses too
>>1181 the guy around 1:53 is judging him hard.
(720.76 KB 300x270 jimin-sexy.gif)
Post any gif, image or video at the sight of which your vagina se als itself up. Kink shaming is not only allowed, but also encouraged.
every Kai perf ever same but with jimin same but with bts as a whole
>>4982 replace kai with san
>>4982 kai always makes the same two sex faces, constipation vs explosive diarrhea. choose ur fighter
>>4984 me when i take that last piece of shit out of my ass
>>4981 damn what that tounge do though
>>4985 Fucking kek
i've been trying to find a video of seulgi laughing at kai while he was being sexy on stage. it was at some festival i think. does anyone remember this happening?
seulgi and kai are sameage bros who compete about who manages to get the most girlpops, of course she would laugh about his fake sex face
>>4984 gaypops get so hyped up by fans for these ridiculous attempt at sexyness i’m sure they make the same face during sex to impress the poor girl
(2.01 MB 361x498 red-san.gif)
>>4985 the hell is this
>>4984 the saddest part is that this isn't even high up his cringe scale
>>4992 would you nona be so kind as to enlighten us?
>>4991 hate when they stick out their tongues. are they trying to catch a fly?
(829.28 KB 500x250 162662.gif)
someone post that shinee performance of them grinding on the floor and there was a camera under them
>>4991 He’s always so slutty
>>4988 2016 sbs gayo i think
(1.85 MB 1280x720 twitter_20211031_085932.mp4)
>>4988 found it
>>5000 this is cute
>>5000 kek
>>5000 kia looked like a struggling wet dog here
>>5000 I'm wendy and irene looking bored as shit
>>5000 bless you nona thank you
>>5000 kek based
>>5000 cuties
>>4995 hot kek
>>1186 my sides
>>1186 hul staff gave him too many uppers before the performance
>>1186 is he convulsing
>>1186 clown ass
>>1186 i think about the redrators who say he is fun to watch
>>1186 >>1190 idk what kind of retards consider these as dancing and keep shilling their idols
>>1152 TOPKEK
>>1192 what's even more whack is them being obsessed with him being an uwu omega he just looks lunatic
>>1190 >>1186 he looks and dances like a caveman
>>1190 >>1195 this is how he hits looks hitting rocks together to create fire
>>1186 >>1190 who are these? i want to watch their fancams
>>1198 clapped
>>1196 >this is how he hits looks hitting rocks together to create fire kekk
(4.55 MB 480x381 download-min.gif)
>>1201 what is even happening here
>>1202 she's not hitting the note
>>1202 theyre trying to sing their song live https://youtu.be/P-B9hOwFZ5M this moment is at 0:28
(480.94 KB 1280x720 twitter_20211115_220612.mp4)
(3.60 MB 480x384 download (2).gif)
>>4997 slutty caveman
(1.37 MB 1042x1334 jenig.png)
>>5000 kek at seulgi bursting in laughter
>>5011 cringe
>>5011 what’s with the arms
>>1205 To their defense I think it was meant to be cringe on purpouse with that fake valley girl accent.
>>5011 some pics she took on her bed looked so camgirl, love that someone as rich as her only knows to do "photoshoots" like that in her free time
san is cringy to watch bc of how tryhard he is kek, he’s uggo and not a good performer idk why he gets hype
>>4996 as you wish
>>5017 this is not just cringe but also creepy
>>5017 wtf is this
>>5019 it's iconic. you wouldn't get it
>>5011 it just hit me now but she looks like a very average ABG
>>5017 KEK
>>5017 its the face they make that makes it all worse
>>5017 why did I click on this
(178.08 KB 320x568 Oq-PUJkMjp52wsjq.mp4)
i had to do it
txt's whole tik tok page. they're trying to appeal to little teenage quirky kids so bad I need to talk to their account manager txt probably don't even understand what they're uploading kek poor kiddos
>>1205 this is funny cringe like shawty we are gonna party till the sundown
>>1205 this is not the idols who slay thread
>>1207 please tell me this is an edit
>>1211 it's not... sadly >>1207 he's mocking eds
>>1212 >he's mocking eds no im pretty sure it was all good intentions... unless im dumb and missing the joke
>>1213 it’s cringe but kind of sweet. considering hybe is giving txt mental illness/suicide music video storylines the least the members can do is show that they actually care about mental illness
>>1207 he's so ugly and you just know he thinks he's not
>>1215 no thats botched line of the group (yeonjun, taehyun, and soobin)
>>1215 kek
>>1207 the message is much important than the cringyness... so this gets a pass from me.
>>1215 idk where you got this idea but he seems pretty insecure about how he looks. he always hides behind his hands on vlive and has commented on having "tadpole body"
(3.31 MB 1792x828 jawnee.mp4)
>>1221 did he say making crack wherever we want?
>>1195 >>1196 should make it to the funny thread
(1000.27 KB 576x1024 501601b6d9a3da53febb4f664afb11e0.mp4)
idols doing (wannabe) fuckboy trends on tiktok.... why there is another mega cringy by tubatu's fishface but i refuse to look at it again
>>1224 that was so fucking bad kek
>>1224 looks like he was held at gunpoint
>>1224 this ruined my day
>>1221 why do they always say the most stupidest shit in english
>>1198 this is a banger >>1199 crack sounded better clapped gives esl
txt tik tok is a goldmine
>>1231 holy shit that was bad
>>1224 KEK
>>1224 why does this look like it was filmed with a gun pointed at him
>>1224 the way he stops smiling at the end and just stares at the camera i kek'd
>>1237 kill me now
>>1238 definetly
love how 60% of this thread is mostly txt tik toks
>>1230 >>1232 the forehead to chin ratio tho
>>1241 It’s not
there could be a txt cringy tiktoks thread tbh
>>1186 he needs an exorcism
>>1241 me too, this thread now keeps everyone updated whenever they post something
im the roastie that keeps spamming tubatu tiktoks sorry kek its just that every time they come up on my feed i think "this is perfect cringe thread content"
>>1237 wow bumgoo you cant even lip sync correctly on fucking tik tok
>>1247 dont be sorry nona they deserve to be on here
>>1247 no keep posting them they're funny
>>1243 my husbandos but it's funny af
>>1238 are you saying..kek
>>1224 it's their final form nona
>>1254 excellent lipsynch skills with the bonus that in portuguese it looks like hes saying fuck you
im too lazy to make a tiktok account so thanks to this thread for keeping me updated with tubatu
>>1256 kek same
>>1231 this is cringe but in a genuinely hilarious way. I think it's because of the choice in song. >>1244 what is it about this group that makes them keep publishing cringe tiktoks? this is a partly genuine question since i don't follow them.
>>1258 they want to appeal to their target audience and go viral if possible simple as
>>1259 got it. 4th gen idols should have never been encouraged to publish their own tiktoks. they're the kind of people to make those dramatic jacob sartorious-esque lipsync videos. they should stick to scripted variety shows like their predecessors. >>1260 why does sm keep forcing nct to do cringey stuff? the groups itself is naturally cringe without interference.
>>1260 iconic
>>1258 >what is it about this group that makes them keep publishing cringe tiktoks? they're zoomers but it's also them wanting to go viral
>>1260 when no one actually did the challenge and they embarrassed themselves only for people to watch and laugh
>>1224 help i cant stop fucking watching this lolll
>>1263 epipens GOT to have some cringe tik toks as well, it cant just be txt. let me go check
>>1266 some are slightly cringe but not close to tubatu
ok maybe more than slightly
>>1261 Its working really well for txt since yeonjun started doing it they got a lot more views and likes so they won’t stop in the near future
>>1268 god this is definitely worse he looks like an idiot
>>1271 same anon but i didn't read the description of the thread when i shared. this is more of a case of a fan being cringe but his response says it all.
>>1271 i cant physically watch his fan calls cause they're always so cringe it's painful
(955.38 KB 406x720 Alors on Danse ENHYPEN.mp4)
wheres our hug shawty
>>1275 kek this is a classic
>>1274 they really think they're the shit
(873.67 KB 320x568 oKt7vfQtA49pCJvj.mp4)
soobin being racist
>>1278 what's racist about this?
>>1278 how is he being racist
>>1279 >>1280 i was being sarcastic lol but when this video came out on twitter people made a big deal about him saying the word "coon" and called him racist
>>1275 the way the transitions and cuts aren't even on-beat makes this especially bad. what's with the facial expressions? >>1281 istg twitter stans will be harder on these idols for their esl comprehension and not bother to learn a word of korean.
>>1271 oh my god...
>>1282 >the way the transitions and cuts aren't even on-beat makes this especially bad. what's with the facial expressions? kek thats what makes it so funny
>>1278 i hear him and i thought he wanted to be kun
Lisa doing this EHEE EHEEE crap. So unfunny, cringy and try-hard.
(2.12 MB 1256x720 terry.mp4)
terry fucking up the dance floor
>>1274 it made an even better bts meal commercial
(141.96 KB 1410x793 harold.jpg)
>>1271 > ur good at acting
>>1271 so painful to watch
>>1275 jfc i almost threw my phone away when he got closer
>>1288 KEKK
>>1288 fucking kek
>>1294 this is cute
>>1296 post for giants
(828.65 KB 576x1024 EMTDyxSGkfgwxYaA.mp4)
>>1300 kek i remember this
>>1300 what the fuck
(2.20 MB 636x360 turbocringe.mp4)
>>1303 stephen curry should react to this
>>1305 ay dios la creatura... idols have to stop with those tiktoks. its not even a thirsty trap they are just making those faces they think are sexy just like teenaged boys
>>1307 who is this
>>1308 kevin from tbz
>>1306 awkward horny boys
gremlin speaks in his alien dialect
(584.26 KB 1280x720 LuPt-RORMibLyrfG.mp4)
>>1311 drecksmädchen
>>1312 Solved racism
(997.63 KB 576x1024 tQp5dL6hX_Ki4iwv.mp4)
(2.42 MB 1280x720 J-z5L5ct9VMbO8Cc_001.mp4)
>>1315 kek that was painful
(1.20 MB 640x480 648660800.mp4)
>>1318 who is this? he's vibin
>>1319 jungkook
>>1320 oh ew nevermind yeah cringe
>>1316 i know goo was so done kek
(856.06 KB 720x900 qOiWSL3D5aGw3re4.mp4)
>>1323 is that jarmin?
>>1327 kekkkk
>>1326 if you know youre cringe why dont you stop it reeeeeeeeeeee
>>1325 >>1326 >>1327 leave the man alone
>>1330 does txt have one single tiktok that isnt pure cringe? this tall retard guy should stop trying to lipsynch audios in english not only he sucks at the language his lisp only makes it look worse
>>1333 beat me to it kek this dude is so embarrassing
>>1332 KEK
>>1333 why was he worked up kek
>>1333 Why was he scolding the concert goers?
>>1337 he wasn’t, he was saying he would protect them
(1.16 MB 480x480 1492474567680leo.webm)
this is actually the worst cringy video ever. i wish i could bleach my brain. irreparable damage. i'm considering suing the person who posted it on /ot/
(1.75 MB 592x1280 70OMZN_s0evz6AOr.mp4)
the way goo looked so disgusted had me keking but this was cringe on the fans part
>>1346 ay dios he should've just laughed it off
>>1346 KEK if i was that fan i would cry myself to sleep
>>1346 kek that had to have been goofag
>>1207 He really cares about his fans with Erectile Dysfunction.
(2.84 MB 720x1280 sheep.mp4)
>>1340 >>1341 >>1342 if weewoo had been born at the turn of the century he totally would have been a silent film actor. too bad it's the 21st century.
idols...farting who thought of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSyrNPpvma4
(790.72 KB 406x720 210912.mp4)
(833.23 KB 406x720 oldtownroad#enhypen#tiktok.mp4)
>>1354 i hate this guy kek
>>1354 tik tok king
>>1355 why does jake look like jake from subway surfers
(2.84 MB 480x480 3.gif)
(4.63 MB 1280x720 unuminju.mp4)
dont leave her hanging smh
>>1360 ironically you have left me hanging by posting a broken video
(4.40 MB 1280x720 a201099e8.mp4)
>>1361 lets try again
>>1362 sorry but i don't allow my husbando to touch roasties
>>1363 your husbando is autistic and has no eq
>>1362 kekkkk honestly kinda based
you can see how he panics but in the end he made himself look bad and saved her some hate
(284.65 KB 480x480 ytbll9CoWYnNQJWf.mp4)
>>1362 hulll...
(693.78 KB 406x720 bangchan.mp4)
>>1369 me in the toilet
(3.84 MB 320x568 SBRn39PcD_IcNXX2.mp4)
>>1367 hes had worse moments
(1.11 MB 730x486 keb.mp4)
>>1373 tbz kevin just so y'all can unstan
>>1374 don't reply to my post ever again
>>1374 unstan deez nuts
(384.56 KB 406x720 chan.mp4)
>>1377 chan i have some what?
(250.31 KB 500x693 f520120002.jpg)
>>1063 this is old but
(240.35 KB 626x646 IMG_5775.jpg)
>>12191 nothing cringy about this
>>12192 shut up kevin
>>12191 who said this
oh never mind it’s kevin. when are they going to let him come out of the closet
(995.68 KB 640x360 eunsang.mp4)
this dude was 16 here...


no cookies?