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(44.30 KB 698x711 bangchan20.jpg)
anti-chan general #1 Anonymous 07/28/2022 (Thu) 18:34:56 No. 9078
thread for shitting on chan (also known as bang chan), the leader of the group stray kids
my kind of thread
(700.14 KB 448x640 chan2.mp4)
autism speaks
(6.43 MB 1280x720 chan9.mp4)
don't forget this classic
nooooooooooooooooo channie please close your eyes
(619.24 KB 488x458 he protecc youse.png)
(2.42 MB 640x352 channiecringe.mp4)
making up hate comments about himself
anyone have that video where chan is “stimming”. he’s sat there shaking his hands before eating the food
>>9086 kek i remember that but i dont have it either
(693.72 KB 406x720 bangchan.mp4)
>>9090 heol
>>9090 huh
is he actually on the spectrum? if yes this thread is really mean and rude against a mentally challenged person
sending him the link of this on bubble
make more songs like side effects fatass we don't wanna hear God's Menu (Remix Part. 4) [feat. Nicki Minaj] {The Re-Up} anymore!
reeeeeeee don't bully my meow meow
>>9093 yes he is. and we hate mentally challenged people here
(1.09 MB 640x350 b.mp4)
should've auditioned for 365 days
this is plain sexual harassment
(1.24 MB 480x480 Snap.m4v)
>>9114 tard strength
>>9090 >i cant i love this clip so much it makes me so happy
(1.43 MB 716x394 bigcope.m4v)
>>9141 in front of felix who was probably on a diet
>>9082 i see EVERYTHING *giggles*
>>9090 wait is chan actually an autist
>>9095 KEK
(6.81 MB 1080x1682 chanmolester.mp4)
>>9112 we must protect fatbin
chan sending the biggest red flags possible on his mental health and no one gives a damn
rip chans defined jawline you will be missed unless it somehow comes back
>>9159 KEK
>>9156 unironically yes
unironically chan have some rest or a gf and get well boy
>>9112 this makes me uncomfy
(755.50 KB 640x360 sing it bris.mp4)
how can this shit be that accurate
(1.12 MB 888x494 IMG_4076.MP4)
>>9168 daebak chan vocals
>>9183 ay dios when chan said dads stood up for this song they were actually standing up in protest of the disgrace done to kurt cobain
>>9187 eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww
>>9187 perv
(460.82 KB 540x540 G7nkcVANNFYAzLGT.mp4)
chan eating the photoshoot props
>>9190 i just didn't like that he double dipped
>>9158 why did he touch him like that there's no way it was a mistake was it just a friendly dick/ball fondle
(1.39 MB 1008x1166 NO.png)
>>9192 idk the more i watch it the more i get creeped out.. fatbin looks so innocent too
girl this is just dst
>>9197 dst turns over. think of this thread as an archive.
>>9192 kek didnt notice he had grabbed his crotch
acg girlies at chan's next vlive we must band together and spam ask about his butt pad allegations and next lipo
>>9208 hwaiting sister, ill be there
>>9208 i am with you
see you there unnies
now that felix returned to korea he cant keep this thread alive anymore
(567.80 KB 497x497 ay.png)
>>9243 rhino is an acg poster
>>9244 kek
(320.33 KB 1170x1035 huk.jpg)
>>9240 new cringe drops tonight after his vlive
(36.12 KB 600x511 bringe.JPG)
>>9246 it's time girlies
>>9249 kek chan sperging about someone leaving a protein shake in his room
was he drunk or high or something
>>9255 you're going to need to be specific. and he doesn't do either of those things
honestly i feel bad for chan, imagine traveling from your home in australia to korea at 14 years old and training for 7 years seeing your training mates debut or get axed, once you debut you are considered the leader and responsible of the group because skz is aparantely an experimental group where the idols have more creative freedom, you hit daebak in the worse place to be famous (north america) and everything you do is scrutinized, critiziced and canceled by sjw tumblr milenials and twitter zoomers; no surprised he acts like mentally stunned perv
>>9257 he doesnt act like a perv
>>9258 i think they're referring to this behavior >>9112 >>9158
>>9259 she's*
>>9258 the whole daddy baby girl, pin me up and crop tops is weird
>>9258 he does
hes so cringy
(1.47 MB 1154x1194 best hyung.png)
>felix saying he's never had a big brother figure and rhino is his best hyung someone check on chan
>>9272 felix being eager to be helpful if rhino is baking something, vs felix feeling a slight dread run down his neck if bang chan walks in asking if he can taste the freshly baked cookies because he's a nitpicker
>>9273 will never forgive chan for disparaging felix's cookies
>>9272 heol not even the aussie identity and same native language could bring them together
(936.93 KB 540x540 lRXJvMnDF7tbo_e7.mp4)
(351.11 KB 508x508 _h4kWwbgAcQXZ4oF.mp4)
>>9279 >>9280 leave him alone chan
>>9279 hul his head looks massive here
does someone have the video of rhino putting chan in a headlock? need more of that
(5.11 MB 1070x720 dltb7m4fE5ianyYX.mp4)
>>9283 here
>>9261 the first two yes, the crop tops no
>>9285 thank you
>>9286 yeah the crop tops are just uggo
im tired of seeing chans abs in uggo crop tops but normiestays love constantly seeing his abs All The Time
(326.46 KB 1580x2048 FYFE1ucXoAIoDmP.jpeg)
>>9290 something about his abs is so gross
>>9291 it's the lipo
>>9291 i think that’s because he is a fridge
(4.30 MB 540x540 TonbT9WWHIvwQUoU.mp4)
punishing himself so we dont have to
>>9257 fr i feel bad for him. also i would be kinda mad if the only thing fans were talking about was muh best leader, theres barely anyone talking about his actual producing/idol skills compared to how they always highlight the fact he is a sweet himbo kek
>>9297 this guy is NUTS
>>9255 >>9297 that's actually why i asked this
>>9297 he forgot to take his meds that day
>>9183 this is so bad. one of the worsts chan clips i've watched
>>9305 rhino is so based it's unreal
>>9305 he sounds like elmo
i'm cry laughing
>>9305 when he starts scratching his thigh...
>>9308 save seungmin
(3.28 MB 484x640 not part of the rules.mp4)
i feel like this is the real chan, fixating on someone doing something that's "not part of the rules" and i bet the culprit will face his wrath and have to hear how chan is disappointed in them for betraying his trust
>>9305 at this point im convinced he fashioned himself a bubble of delusion in which he doesnt even care about the members feelings and reaction anymore, he is just doing one sided fanservice for the camera and thats all that matters
former chantists, what made you drop him? it was the babygirl thing for me at first, but then skz said he's a bit cold off camera and i dropped him completely bc i liked how warm he seemed at first
>>9312 >probably one of them >definitely not one of us what does he mean, like someone from another group?
>>9314 im still a chantist but only if i stick with content prior to 2021
>>9313 did he ever care? that video of him hugging felix harder when he realizes he's being filmed was pretty telling
>>9314 i got bored and he hit the wall hard
>>9314 i miss the old bang chan, straight from the go bang chan chop up the seoul bang chan, set on his goals bang chan i hate the new bang chan, the bad mood bang chan the always rude bang chan, cringe in the news bang chan i miss the sweet bang chan, didn't chop his nose bang chan
>>9315 yeah
>>9319 he was always cringe
>>9321 he was cringe in the sense that he was a retarded but spontaneous and genuine teen so it was still endearing, now he is just too old for that shit but got stuck in some attention seeking delusion
>>9314 the cold thing didn't shake me because i'm sure that's most idols but it was him hitting the wall hard and me starting to find his bubble messages more annoying than likeable fanservice
>>9321 yes but now he's always cringe
>>9325 oops i meant he was occasionally cringe back in the day but now he's always cringe 24/7
>>9323 when he deletes his picture or changes his status to show he's mad...
>>9322 >>9326 in my opinion, chan is a reflection of his fandom, yes he is cringe but burgers burn the fucking joke to the ground, the "I'm foive", "drive is about driving", "who wrote that other sex song" even the babygirl incident surfaced because ifans found a pink babygirl imagine on his camera roll and ran with it, yes chan then came up with the daddy stuff but then fans responded with more cringe by calling him dad, it's all just a toxic relationship in which chan is forced/enjoys? pandering to these retarded zoomers chan was more mellow and cute before international fame, in general kpop should only pander to the Korean market and to a more grown up audience, i mean they are banned from playing songs with curse words on their vlives, get out of here i believe chan would have turn out better if burgers weren't policing what he does and encouraging infantile behavior
>>9328 its quite clear than chan's remaining thread tying him to sanity is living on his fans' expectations
just remembered this moment from a concert when chan mentioned that the concert is ending soon and he rolled his eyes at fans when they sounded disappointed. not in a playful but like an actual annoyed way and then he said "yeah yeah i know you guys hate me" it was really strange
>>9330 he takes a lot of things personally unnecessarily. there is no real concept of “blameless” to him as long as he has any say, and from his perspective he is also a direct liaison between staycels and staff. he thinks he is being a hero and a good leader if he takes “the fall” for anything, and that staycels are an extension of skz, making them need to be managed or wrangled in a similar manner
(1.11 MB 720x1280 queen ryujin.webm)
ryujin is our queen. i bet she mocked chan for his protect you speech
>>9335 she wants it, i guess mukpg is right about chan
(512.45 KB 448x640 90445738.mp4)
>>9336 girls just enjoy messing with him he's like the kid who's fun to tease because he's a little bit retarded
(915.08 KB 640x600 rude.mp4)
>>9339 save skz from chan
>>9341 fr felix doesn't even pretend anymore
damn redditoors or twitterfags relentlessly pushing chan's breakdown moments like at the concert or him crying while eating with seungmin as something actually endearing makes me fucking sick. nothing to be proud of or to see as a sign of a hard worker chasing his dreams, its just saddening to see him like that.
>>9345 haven't seen anyone talk about him crying with seungmin in a negative way
>>9359 sa oops i misread her post but yeah i'm sure chan himself isn't proud of it so it must be weird that staycels have now turned it into a meme/thing to brag about and be proud of
(77.36 KB 1170x340 sad.jpg)
(111.84 KB 852x282 acg.jpg)
>>9368 >dont really like my face tho we can tell
>>9369 kekk deserve
(267.40 KB 540x540 disappointment.mp4)
this is what happens when you don't meet chan's expectations
(125.62 KB 320x320 oh naur.mp4)
>>9376 sa another angle. stacy's embarrassment gets me every time
really bad vibes coming from chan's interactions with the other members
>>9378 share more of your thoughts nona
>>9376 see if this is what happens when rhino scores a 2 on archery i can just imagine what a demon chan must be when they're practicing or in the studio. no wonder fatbin has to hype felix up so much
>>9378 elab sis
(2.58 MB 1214x1578 body language.png)
a nona mentioned that felix and chan's 2kr was awkward so i watched it. the body language speaks for itself... felix sits as far from chan as he can and doesn't go towards him or touch him throughout the video as he does with the other members. felix also smiles the least with chan and plays with his hair most of the time while avoiding eye contact. chan's line of questioning is also strange "do you think i've changed? do you like the old me or new me better?"
>>9384 even before that 2kr everyone agreed that chan was the one that got the least skinship and physical affection from felix, and fans were explaining it with "they are both australian" line
rewatching all the latest chan 2kr eps to see how much felix is willing to comment on chan vs how much felix will comment on other skz
>>9387 too far sis
>>9387 keep going unnie
>>9387 share your findings queen
>>9388 >>9389 >>9390 i wasnt serious but if someone else does it i wont complain either
bangchan is the epitome of an alpha daddy. he's always looking out for his wolfpack, making sure theyre safe and happy. he's an incredible leader, always leading by example and setting the standard for the pack. hes also an amazing father figure, always there for his young pack members when they need him.
>>9385 sure but skinship is one thing. is avoiding eye contact and looking unhappy also just an "aussie line" thing? not to sperg about body language but felix angles his body towards everyone else and sits much closer to them except for maybe seungmin. he looks very closed off next to chan
chans abs always looked weird to me like the skin is supposed to tense and relax but his abs always looked very tense and fake. stop doing lipo and hit the gym fatass
>>9395 someone should spam the word liposuction in vlive comments while hes looking at them, and then see if he reacts
>>9396 do it for the team
ngl i just saw bang chan liposuction as a light joke before but now im really wondering if he did get lipo due to how they look compared to others. and if so, why were abs important enough to go get lipo for?
>>9398 showing his abs is his stage persona and it distracts from his shit dancing. everyone can dance with a modicum of skill except for chan
>>9399 sometimes chan can be sloppy esp if the choreo is fast like domino but i dont think hes that bad. just middling and doing the job where its obvious hes not really into dancing for its own sake
>>9398 talked about this with a moid and they look like pectoral implants to him. either way his abs are fake and gay
>>9402 okay pec implants is a reach...
>>9403 thats what i was thinking too but he is some sort of gymcel and chan's abs immediately struck him as weird looking. anyway its not that important
>>9405 interesting. time to do a deep dive on his abs
yeah idk they're weird but they've always looked weird
>>9407 male kpop idols who have choreo where they flash their abs tend to wear makeup to draw them on or emphasize them.
>>9407 is it makeup? abs shading?
probably a combination of weird body shape to begin with, makeup, lipo, whatever
idk maybe he just juices
nonas what if he got abdominal etching
>>9418 sa but did it work? yes, does he look hotter? no
>>9418 do not look up abdominal etching on google images i feel sick
>>9418 it does look like that could possibly be it. if he did maybe the thinking was he needed the abs to be super clear due to his paleness on camera. and he keeps shoving them in fans' faces so he got his moneys worth
>>9421 yeah im sure he's satisfied with the results but tbh his abs look fucking gross he should just hide that shit
would you still feel the same way you feel about chan if he was more handsome (like unu or rhino)?
>>9423 i think i would dislike him less because at least he would have one redeemable quality. chan doesn't really have any quality good enough to excuse him acting retarded. there's gaypops that act retarded but are handsome enough so that it makes people excuse it
>>9423 he was twice as handsome before but the decrease in his handsomeness correlated to his increase in cringe and mental instability. overall i dont care about him now, its just sad
>>9418 the sucked up and dry effect of his abs does look like that. i dont understand why he wouldnt just hit the gym he is already thin
>>9423 no. if rhino acted like chan this would just be anti rhino general...
(6.37 MB 1280x640 free ryujin.mp4)
acg we already knew but here's the evidence. really want to know what felix said at the end
>>9430 chan is like those boys in middle school that tried to get the girls' attention by annoying them
>>9430 probably suck on that
>>9431 exactly those vibes. it's so satisfying when he falls over >>9432 kek that's pretty plausible
i wonder what his real height is (the one that comes up in google is literally an assumption jyp actually never revealed skz heights)
>>9443 169cm maximum
>>9443 taller than fatbin and shorter than felix but he was probably supposed to be taller since his arms are really long for his body
>>9443 definitely under 170
i think 170 is accurate
(1.06 MB 2003x742 height.jpg)
its from 2019
sometimes i wonder if he just has no shame because i know if i acted just a little bit like him irl i would have crawled into a hole and never came back, but he can act cringy in front of millions and just not care??? his mental state must be so damaged to not care already
>>9456 what appears cringy to you or even himself is praised by the fans as courageous or emotional or cute, why would he stop. especially when its a best leader moment
>>9455 HEOLKEK he's the same sitting height as thinbin but tbf most of them have short legs
>>9457 isn't there a video where he talks about being cringe
(263.91 KB 720x870 2r_CIPaDEbCOleMH.mp4)
>>9485 sfw reenactment of >>9088
also we didnt ask you to refill your lips
>>9485 i hate that staycels encourage this behavior
>why are you so handsome first comment chan decided to "read" on today's vlive
(43.46 KB 174x387 butt.jpg)
>>9490 you fucking fat bitch
(2.42 MB 640x352 channiecringe.mp4)
>>9461 yeah. i think he's aware of people thinking he's cringe but continues to do it because there's still overwhelming support from staycels kek
>>9489 that comment was a product of his imagination
>>9498 KEK
>>9496 like like i yeah hmm yeah like hmm fucking hell
>>9243 >>9279 >>9280 >>9284 >>9305 i mean, how does no one notice this ? if it was just one clip id brush it off but here its just too much, wtf
>>9524 same with him and felix. it's undeniable at this point
>>9280 this is so fucking awkward i want to die
>>9542 this is the worst one >>9284
(753.10 KB 574x574 x5JWnIwoUIXXoNIm.mp4)
kek i posted some of the chan annoying rhino clips and its not that serious/deep when theyve had that schtick for a while followed up with playing around
(2.41 MB 480x640 64FEfaiNnp9DA218.mp4)
>>9544 phew, i feel better now, thanks
rhino has said that chan acts nothing like himself when the camera is on. i think it was half banter half truth
>>9545 maknae on top fr
>>9547 will the real bang chan please stand up
>>9555 we need something like this but longer >>9541
the chan abs thing is a reach, i think his body is just naturally disgusting looking. his dad has the same physique also so it seems to me he's just one of those types who gets muscle definition easily.
>>9561 idk nona but if u google ab etching his stomach looks identical to those pictures kek
(295.01 KB 320x568 he doesn't knaur.mp4)
>>9563 does anyone in skz like chan
>>9565 why do you think you get to see chan's face with another member nowhere but on schedule photos
chan is just a genuine autist who doesnt understand social cues but its funny seeing you all theorize that he's some kind of manipulative mastermind
>>9565 these days it seems less and less likely
(296.42 KB 320x426 YX--J0_EDpE--87D.mp4)
that's a no
>>9568 that's probably because he's usually in his studio though. he goes out with them to drink even thought he (supposedly) doesn't drink, and there are the staycel stories of seeing him out for lunch and shit with some of the others
>>9572 so cringe
i dont think chan is a manipulative mastermind but he shares the same traits as yeonjun from txt and they both seem like narcs
>>9572 kek free felix
>Hmm got a lot on my mind these days dont snap again chan
not really related but whenever i look at older pictures of chan i immediately know its old just by looking at his eyes. they used to sparkle and look so candid and genuine.
(1.79 MB 1960x566 no more eye sparkle.png)
>>9626 same it's sad
>>9628 his face is narrower now but at the same time kinda more bloated looking
>>9631 he said ninjas fam i think you misheard
>>9628 aww he used to be uggocute but now he's just uggo
>>9631 KEKMAO
>>9632 masseter botox is not for everyone >>9635 seeing how he looks now made me realize that he used to be really cute (in his own way)
(418.33 KB 360x640 chan13.mp4)
why is he like this
>>9640 he usually has to make up comments like that for his vlives please understand
>>9640 he likes fishing for compliments pretending to be uggo, shy and cringe. exhausting
>4th gen attracted a lot of incel male idols using kpop for female attention do you think chan is one of those
>>9645 no considering he audition for jyp as a child and spends most of his time writing and producing his own music. no doubt he would enjoy the attention but i dont think thats the reason behind him being an idol
>>9645 i think he didnt join jyp for that reason but like the other nona said he definitely enjoys the attention now kek. if he wasnt an idol he would be just some guy no girl would pay attention to
chan just wasn't meant to be famous but it happened for him and now he/we suffer the consequences. he should've just been a producer
i think chan's mom was some sort of stage parent. which parent would sign up her son to ballet and contemporary dancing class? i would not let my kid travel to a different country and allow him to waste his formative years (7 long years) training to become an idol
its not that deep, he just suffers from idol hardships, went through particularly tough ones as a leader and english speaker with an ifanbase, and was weak mentally to start with
>>9650 his parents seem nice but at the same time theres inevitably some stage parent tendencies if theyre sending their kid overseas at 13. it couldve been worse i guess since chan still went through and graduated fulltime normal middle school and high school, not sopa, and a couple of his predebut pics seem to show a normal social life. good thing youngk was in jyp at the time and was there for chan
>>9647 unfortunately chan would get mad pussy if he wasnt an idol. sporty, musically talented, retarded in a "cute" way. het women go crazy for this shit.
>>9652 yeah wasn't there something going on with his mom? i don't remember if it was debunked or not but he did say something about his family having money troubles
>>9654 iirc chan has mentioned when he was still in australia they moved around often and had some money troubles. then during the time after chan left for korea financially his parents started doing better and got wealthier. dont know to what degree covid mightve hit his dads job as swim instructor
>>9653 he is known for having so many acquaintances and friends in the industry that i think he would already have had all the pussy he wants
>i know stays well, i know there's a song you all want to listen to, but! i'm not going to turn it on until you want it. why? bc i'm that kind of person. i want to see stays go 'ah hurry up!!!!!' ㅋㅋㅋ i want to hear it~ maybe later~ i like teasing you all
>>9661 chan needs someone to fuck so that he can unleash his inner dom demon on them asap
(302.77 KB 540x540 KepN5E5r0vqHBkCs.mp4)
what can we invent to explain how this actually means IN actually despises him
>>9663 go back
(907.92 KB 2160x1440 seoulday3.jpg)
>>9650 not directly speculation but when he was unraveling at the concert while talking about about his childhood at jyp, i couldn't help but wonder what his mom felt in the audience. if there was regret about sending him off while seeing him like that
>>9670 this reminds me of how chan said a couple times that fatbin in particular helped him a lot compared to what he was like before
>>9670 this is fucking sad. no doubt his ability and way of feeling emotions is fucked up
>>9670 i'm sure she was bawling her eyes out no parent wants to hear about how their child was called pitiful and suffered for years. i'd definitely regret it despite his eventual success
chan nosejobgate coming
>>9681 when it comes to his face i hope nothing gets even worse thats just too much sadness...
>>9681 hwaiting
if he does anything else to his nose im kmsing
>>9685 anticipate
(80.56 KB 1170x379 we construct our own noses.jpeg)
chan new nose dropping soon
>>9687 >we construct our own noses.jpeg kek nona you jokester
chan penis nose coming soon, please anticipate
>>9688 just having some fun naurna kek
>>9687 no one is surprised chan >>9690 even he if got work done on the nose on the right it still looked good compared to now, miss it
(966.14 KB 640x380 basedlix.mp4)
>>9240 felix is one of us fr
>>9727 daebak. chan looks embarrassed too kek
>>9698 please be normal
>>9727 kek felix grew some balls, poor chan
the few times theyve shown chans car it was silent and cringe
(1.04 MB 1226x894 sigh.png)
>>9731 says a lot doesn't it
chan dont worry there are still people loving you
(939.35 KB 640x460 poor chan.mp4)
cry for chan vers.
(1.33 MB 640x364 8B316C48.mp4)
>>9733 but not in danceracha
>>9735 so rhino is nicer but only directly in front of the camera... nasty cat
>>9736 rhino's a lot smarter than he looks
felix overcame standing there shy and closed off with chan and now he just laughs at his face and behind his back like a karen ?
>>9738 he wouldn't do it without good reason
(47.06 KB 286x365 minlixbitches.jpg)
national past time to kek a little at chans expense
>>9740 omo
>>9741 every sunday at 6pm koreans sit down for dinner and watch cringe chan compilations on youtube and kek and heol at him on pann
chan's daddy dom game with thirsty stays is his way to cope with all that humiliation
>>9743 >>9741 make it international
(16.36 KB 392x127 more.jpg)
he wants more humiliation
(43.05 KB 215x279 pinmeup.jpg)
(708.01 KB 2048x1355 Faf9GTYUEAAySmn.jpg)
chan currently lurking twitter happily, watching blonks being all over him
>>9645 that would be fed from tubatu
>>9827 kek he did that on purpose
>>9858 certainly
>>9822 which one of you
>>9862 bristopher bursting out in coom seeing this in the crowd
bangle changle moving out the kids for the other passengers to get out omoooo best leaderrrr
(305.48 KB 1354x2048 FaqzCSDVUAAdkYa.jpg)
/ourguy/ rocked tonight, every grief is forgiven changle
>she didn't see hip hop bangle changle
>there’s been times where groups have ignored our greetings or given us lazy ones >greeting is i feel like very very very important, because like.. it's like a simple gesture but there's a big difference when you say hi and don't say hi and it depends on how you say that hi.. it makes that other person feel a certain way
>>9903 iirc he said mcnd members are very polite and kind more than once
>>9903 drop names chan
(1.36 MB 912x720 linoya.mp4)
>>9908 kek his retarded determination was kind of cute
(58.08 KB 486x216 reinvention.png)
chan really said new nose new me
i dont know him, but why all is he an idol
>>9929 t. chan devastated by what he sees
>>9933 drugs much?
(681.12 KB 720x480 chanlixtruthhurts.m4v)
finally a based thread on ccc
how long does it take for a nosejob to heal?
>>9937 i dont know shit about that but maybe one week?
chan hanging out with the 97 liner to fill mingyus place and suck the golden maknaes dick like in chans room and cope with the fact everyone hates him in his own group, motherfucker
>>9937 like fully? they take a year or so. swelling occurs for months >>9938 ay caramba, absolutely not
>>9937 it heals in a couple months from the outside but you’ll only know if your nose has set well after a year i.e whether it’s botched or not
>>9941 kek i’m sure mingcel will be back soon after catching some stds from burgerland. i knew chan would get into that group, guy has lots of connections
>>9942 then how is he going to show his face in three days
>>9945 he will show his face with a very swollen nose
>>9937 3-4 weeks for swelling to go down but not fully healed for a while
(474.54 KB 1440x716 chan.png)
>>9941 now that chan is confirmed to be with the 97 liners we can presume his bitter seething was what caused the rift with felix
is this still rhinos shtick with chan or something more
>>9949 rhino getting playfully (with hints of truth) annoyed at chan's on-camera antics
>>9948 where did you read this?
>>9950 its easy to see when rhino drops the gaypop acting he gets pissed easily
>>9948 >responsible for bright, refreshing energy in the group >bang chan
>>9951 it's from a year ago or something. some nona mentioned it on dst
>>9954 i mean that is kind of his image outside of ccc
>>9948 hmmm chan has shown enough humility to stop rapping after debut besides a rare occasion and bonus short stages, and he knows binsung are really core to the skz identity with how tailored things are towards them
>>9949 theyre acting on camera to fill in the background, so at worst this just seems like chan not really thinking and rhino being clearer with a boundary if hes being sensitive about his stomach
>>9948 its hard to portray chan saying "i will be the only one left to survive in our group the rest of you will go down" to the other members
(59.22 KB 1200x1600 FbFSQF_agAEXtmZ.jpg)
chan got felix's bracelet repaired
>>9961 i'm sure it's exaggerated but the kernel of truth is chan messing up the group's dynamics
>>9963 the symbolism...
>>9961 honestly i can. he’s very different from what he shows and he’s bitchy enough to do that to bully the other members to work the way he wants them to
>>9992 when has he shown bitchiness like that before
we need more of the things like him talking while he didnt know the recording was still on
(542.64 KB 1218x2048 nose.jpg)
new nose in 2px resolution
surely he couldnt go outside so soon with a fresh nosejob
>>10006 of course he can
>>10004 the annoyance in his voice... that was so good
>>10005 heol >>10006 why do ccc girlies think nose jobs incapacitate you? it's really not a serious procedure like that
>>9999 i can’t remember but he’s definitely bitchy. don’t forget he’s a libran
>>10008 which video?
>>9963 he didnt fix it recently though, he started wearing it back again at seoul festa and has worn it ever since, chanlix comeback heol
>>10028 why the fuck did i say that. now its real hul
chanlix real
we lost sisters they made up recently but they made up reeee
>>10035 acg we are healing. chan's new nose really did bring a new chan, or rather a return to the old chan
nosejobbers btfo the chnose is safe
>>10037 we have to wait a couple months but so far so good... if it only reduces swelling and keeps that shape
>>10037 that is not its final form
>if i come to australia can i stay at your house? i can clean >umm, i mean you can if you want. but there’s a lot of people in our house, if you’re okay with that :] hulkek this made me blush. i’m falling for his fan service… aigoo
>>10040 heol
>did you put on makeup? he would notice if you so much as wore a bit of mascara hul
for archival purposes
>wanna hug? big hug my pussy has a heartbeat. he’s a mastermind. he’s created his niche and uses it for his own evil, sick minded purposes
>>10043 why do his hands look bigger than they really are here
really everything is coming together for him just the hair is still fucked up
>>10045 he surgerymaxxed
>>10037 >chan are you bald? >uhh i might be. every time i shower it's been falling out. i still have hair, it's just my hairline that uh *pulls back hat and exposes receding hairline* oh.. but the chhairline is not...
>what should i change my name to? hannahhhh what should i change my name to? >*stops smiling and stares at the ground* you're not funny chan's sister told him to change his name to felix and he did not like that hmm...
>>10033 is that a bruise on his cheek?
>>10050 looks more like possible hyperpigmentation from healed acne
aussiesisters youll have to turn into local sasaengs and follow chanlix to check if its platonic or romantic and have an answer in the end
the way chan said he fixed felix bracelet then went ghost and secretly traveled with felix to australia and stayed hidden for a day then said "oh i forgot about chans room" like he never does then popped up like a jack in the box on felix live like "yeah im here btw" left a weird feeling on me
>>10059 it's because he's finally home on a real vacation
>>10050 no he always gets these really bad spots on the sides of his cheeks. don't know what it means
>>10051 >>10070 thank you i was worried he got hurt.
i wonder if popular idols date chan
>>10072 felix is pretty popular i guess
>>10072 sana is pretty popular too
>>10077 i don’t think he likes chan much
>>10078 i doubt she went out with this freak
everyone loves chan now, acg is dead
>>10111 dw he’ll do something cringe to make this place lively again
>>10089 she broke his little autistic heart
chan made me so sick i wont think of him until the next time he snaps or makes cringe
>>9735 do we know when this was filmed to see when felix was still hating on chan
>>10119 there’s no proof kek
>>10111 no one does
>>10134 some staff must monitor all this bs and report to him on a daily basis. they really took copying bussys seriously
>>10138 considering how crazy he is with daddy control freak mania i can see him doing it himself
>>10139 no way topkek he can’t seriously be that retarded to be so obsessed about himself
>>10140 its not that hard to type your name in the search bar and sort by hot also you can see how he remembered the same girlie three times, no way staff told him to do that
>>10141 no fucking way kek this guy is an absolute retard. bristopher is creepy
(103.86 KB 1531x861 Lp7gJGmgSno.jpg)
>>10144 he's seriously too ugly even a nosejob cant save him he needs atleast 2 or 3
chan seems like the type who would jerk off to y/n fics written about himself
>>10151 im sure he reads dom y/n about himself
>>10150 he needs to stop shaving his eyebrow like an edgy teen and let fillers wear off. as for his nose im afraid he damaged it beyond repair
i see chan’s natural dark curls and it’s like i was already pregnant
>>10154 raise your standards
>>10156 kek poojin was an absolute monstruosity
>>10157 poojin's anti-chemistry with other skz bothered me a lot more than his fas face, ultimately. especially when it seemed like he progressively pissed off an increasing number of other members in 2019
(271.79 KB 720x468 Screenshot_20220903-014516~2.png)
>>10158 he really looked out of place
>>10159 kekk
unhinged big-nosed manlet
imagine bristopher staring over you while you sleep
(73.93 KB 996x996 Cr8piCxEHMM.jpg)
(141.33 KB 1053x949 chanbf.jpg)
nonas if you ever met chan what would you say to him
>>10175 are you okay
>>10175 ttath sequel please
(44.91 KB 581x168 king.jpg)
>>10221 he's obsessed with loyalty and keeping promises
>>10223 because hes a wolf naurna
>>10223 interesting aspect of him to delve on actually
>>10318 he chose 'loyal' to describe himself over any other word
(1.24 MB 480x480 snapped.m4v)
>>10319 this is a bad trait when it turns you into a pesky bitter guy like he seems to be
>>10321 and his fear of abandonment
>>10209 kekk
>>10319 oh no he better not be a type 6
>>10324 he's a very obvious 2
>>10326 meant for >>10325
>>10209 you're so edgy chan
>>10175 make another my pace
(88.23 KB 540x540 creepchanlix.mp4)
>>10325 >>10326 what types are you talking about nonas?
>>10221 shut up bitch, you are only coming on vlive weekly because it’s customer care services from your group
>>10389 enneagram types >2 THE HELPER The Caring, Interpersonal Type: Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, and Possessive >6 THE LOYALIST The Committed, Security-Oriented Type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious
>>10387 ew wtf
(131.98 KB 1050x1264 acg hannie.jpg)
>>10326 he's a 3w2 ackshually
>>10436 chan was so botched during the tour
(40.32 KB 460x145 chan.jpg)
>>10437 according to people
>>10439 sa i agree with a girlie who said he would be more sanguine melancholic type since he shows a lot of self deprecation anxiousness and depressing thoughts
(18.50 KB 216x250 drive.jpg)
>>10439 for once that site is right about someone
(3.32 MB 1214x720 acg.mp4)
>>10548 sociopath
>>10548 felix looks like he’d be anywhere but there. bristopher is such a pick me
(808.72 KB 854x480 pissedlix.mp4)
>>10570 he’s really done with chan. wonder what happened
>>10570 you can hear felix in his head going “why is this asshole bringing this shit up HERE?”
>>10572 >>10571 once the question is asked felix is visibly annoyed. chan didn't bring it up
felix is trying to shed his "pathetic" image he's had from the beginning, from being reliant on chan because he couldnt speak korean and being eliminated. that's why he tries to distance himself from chan, he's trying to show that he's independent and secure in himself now, which of course doesn't work because he has moments where it breaks through to the surface like him crying on stage or other public insecurity and mental illness moments. chan of course wants it to go back to how it was in 2017-2018 and tries to treat him like he did back then.
thank you for coming to my ted talk
>>10596 logic? in acg? i've seen it all
>>10596 agree with everything you’ve said here
>>10595 yes but he is even more annoyed at how chan talks about it
>>10596 im always under the impression chan babies them all each time he has to interact with them
>>10601 i noticed he tends to call them the kids i wonder if they get annoyed by that. he did it in an english interview once and i remember thinking that would give any reader the impression that he’s the sole important person in the group
i think the group is just done with each other but mostly tired of chan
>>10603 they need a long vacation
>>10602 it sounds ironic but chan seemed more mature before
>>10605 he tries to be playful to get closer to others but they don't see him in that way and it falls flat
i do think they should take a good several month long break but then again they are at the cusp of massive worldwide popularity and can cement their place as #2 so they cannot afford to slow down right now. this may end up biting them in the ass as they could have a massive and obvious breakdown of group dynamic in the near future. i'm sure there's tensions but for now they're keeping it hidden quite well.
>>10608 hopefully they still have some weeks to rest
>>10611 this was his sly way of getting validation. just wait, idiots will keep posting about how handsome chan is now
>>10570 felix doesn't even try to hide how he feels about chan
>>10595 chan didn't have to speak for felix
>>10636 kek where is this from
>>10671 >can you tell us some of your favorite memories? >bang chan: Kingdom for sure. Kingdom was super fun. oooh sure it was fun chan
>>10782 wtf how does he think it was fun
>>10782 not so subtle dig at hyunchin
(70.47 KB 576x670 FcNPKyPagAEgNva.jpg)
they made up fr
>>10799 chan finally apologized
(172.33 KB 600x827 tweet.jpg)
>chan posting a screenshot of the hollywood scrote leaving a heart comment on youtube to bubble >the ss says the comment was left 13 hours ago >in reality it was posted 4 days ago >meaning chan had to have saved it off of a staycel account somewhere else, namely twitter
>>10801 reported for plagiarism. not cool naurna
>>10802 i told you i would paste it here naurna
>>10799 how’s he so broad yet a manlet
(24.38 KB 331x434 20210825_070634.jpg)
>>10846 his body is just exceptionally fucked up in every conceivable way >ape index off the charts
>>10848 omo kekkkk what is this manlet body
the talk about his body made me think an obese chan would be one of the biggest visual atrocities imaginable. i wonder if he were wealthy and not a gaypop would he get the knee-breaking height surgery
>>10854 but does that surgery really work
>>10855 it would actually work for chan since his arms are freakishly long. the biggest problem with that surgery is that they get taller but their arms remain short so you can tell something is off. chan could add a good couple inches without it looking suspicious
>>10855 it definitely works now, of course not without complications. i wonder if he’d still be self conscious enough about his height and proportions if he wasn’t a gaypop though
>>10857 he doesnt seem self conscious about his height even as an idol. certainly doesnt look like it's held him back any, his ugliness either
>>10856 good point
>>10858 he thinks he’s hot shit
>>10854 fat bang chan would be breathtaking
>>10861 kek he would make stays tell him he’s hot evennif he’s fat
>>10862 and i would do it
>>10863 are you serious
>>10864 yes i love him
>>10865 he has issues
>>10866 i do too we can be besties with issues
>>10868 chanfag you disgust me
(254.61 KB 779x600 ouch.jpg)
>>10878 something to his jaw
>>10879 and nose and lips yes i know
>>10878 why did he get rid of his chad jawline
>>10882 gookrea
>>10880 what about eyes
(480.40 KB 675x695 Fb-HgVYakAARDTi.png)
hello bang chan i am a big fan and appreciate all of your hard work. but i have an important suggestion about the state of your hands. please leave the nail polish behind for good. i promise you, you will be gaining many points from this small decision alone. many thanks
(727.23 KB 466x466 soKM0ar1GLG1J-9l.mp4_tag=12.mp4)
>>10905 good suggestion
(500.57 KB 1200x1600 M5xUsBoO8ts.jpg)
botched on semi recovery
(70.23 KB 600x464 bubble.jpg)
chan tweeting like he is a y/n protagonist
>>10918 ffs please put on your makeup
>>10909 meds
>>10920 time for chrissy to get into a lovestagram controversy
>>10920 oops i meant bubble messages but you got me
>>10923 i can’t wait for him to get into a dating scandal
(12.96 KB 238x188 bubble.jpg)
obsessed over loyalty again
is there something wrong with bang chan up there or is he just an attention seeker/narcissist
>>10930 he is a libra
>>10928 same omo i want him to get so much hate
>>10931 are you from btsg?i used to post hate against librans there, that’s why i am wondering kek
>>10930 he’s mentally ill and emotionally stunted nona
>>10932 wait me too nona i live for the drama it’ll bring
>>10935 seriously. i hope the girl involved doesn’t get a lot of hate but i do want it to a big mess
>>10936 *to be
>>10848 this killed me, the proportions...
>>10939 kek his body is hot but weird
i feel like chan is just very insecure because he knows no matter how much ps he does he’ll be height and looks mogged by most idols
>>10944 hes cute
>>10945 chan wishes
>>10944 i think he’s only insecure about his career
>>10944 he is insecure about everything
(22.30 KB 245x251 date.jpg)
chan and his cringe movie night yncelpandering with stays
>Hmm what do I wear hahaha >Not gonna wear anything lol heol
manifesting a dating scandal for this man
>>10978 god he really is behaving like a slut
>>10979 me too. i want knetz to roast him really hard
>I’ll be talking a lot cause we’re watching together but from afar haha >If we were together… >IF we were watching together… >We’d be focused on the movie hahaha >Right?! Hahahahahahahaha >While eating something good hahaha creepstopher out of control
>>10936 i don't see why felix would get a lot of hate
>>11006 felix would not give the time of the day to this idiot. he hates him too
>>10982 he’s morphed into chriscel
>>11032 whoever kicked him was based for that
>>11017 you dont go to a concert with someone you hate nona
>>11071 he was probably going by himself until loser bristopher joined him
>>10982 is he writing his own fanfic
>>11032 based rhino
>>11085 this video kills me fr im dying at how chan falls down in the costume
(1.23 MB 4096x2731 FcoAj8vacAYIueh.jpeg)
caption this
>>11122 pure love
>bangchan20 you want him so bad
>>11129 latesis
>>11122 you’ll always be alone hyung, it’s too small down there
>>11070 rhino
>>11122 damn chan really turned into a fucking faggot with his shit hair and makeup and nails
(26.91 KB 578x186 boohoo.jpg)
>>11200 genuinely hate him
finally he overcame the trauma of this moment and makes fun of it too
>>11223 i doubt so, he’s only doing it now so fans will later post about it
>>11200 attention seeker
(825.03 KB 540x540 1663520234039.mp4)
>really hoping chan understands we like him past his body and that he doesn’t need to actually take his shirt off if he doesn’t want to kek chan probably implied again something like muh im not good enough
>chan just said he fell on his neck during the skz survival show when he was preparing for the JYP vs YG dance performance and he was paralysed for a while
>>11253 the fact that he talked to the computer makes it even better
(433.55 KB 720x1080 idiot.mp4)
>>11542 he looks pained by his own behaviour. is the mask coming off?
(211.13 KB 1357x2048 FdjbBrJX0AM2-da.jpg)


no cookies?