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(1.13 MB 246x270 1538454045210.gif)
Bad Dancing Thread Anonymous 05/06/2021 (Thu) 00:14:14 No. 506
post gifs and videos of idols being bad/cringe at dancing
(2.72 MB 278x498 bp1.gif)
wouldnt be a bad dancing thread without them
yas queen give us nothing
(2.18 MB 280x157 img_c067go.gif)
(1.72 MB 540x540 1593555601990.webm)
always love an excuse to post this
>>510 nonononononono this is a triple kill
(5.79 MB 640x360 T69x8U5svPEIXkqP.mp4)
yknow he had to do it to em
(2.73 MB 268x400 0x2TO5e.gif)
>>510 hes so full of swag
>>510 127's worst dancers in one shot, what a combo
(3.39 MB 630x360 karen.gif)
as much as i adore the aestards...
>>512 cackling
>>516 kek there is also that one black mamba step everyone hates
>>510 Jae's face is so ape-like goddamn
>>512 Why did I find this cute kek
>>516 it pains me to say that she is the main dancer
>>510 tragic
>>516 she learned from the best
>>512 open your eyes on another lvl
>>520 because it is did he get to debut?
they know everybody just looking at kais orgasm face anyway, so why bother trying
(949.10 KB 200x280 download-511.gif)
>>529 the whore in the back isn't even trying
thats how he seduces his sugar daddies
woogi and soojin
(1.08 MB 540x350 jawnee.gif)
>>532 oh sm and their awkward solos
(3.65 MB 480x270 1549997298437.gif)
(4.79 MB 600x338 1550055433815.gif)
https://youtu.be/0IpQApNg7js no wonder yg kicked her out
>>537 This girl, miyeon, Jinny from secret number yg had so many trainees that stayed there for years but can’t barely dance.
where's lia
>>529 god i hate this crotch-grab hump move so much. i find it so repulsive
>>540 seriously i see it in so many choreos like stop, its not sexy, will never be
>>540 >>541 uhm it's old classic kpop...?
>>542 and i still dislike it
>>543 based nona
>>544 naw retarded annoying newfag
>>545 ok queen
(752.55 KB 268x160 HgZpTbM.gif)
>that awkward kpop floorhump looks terrible 99% of the time, esp when lay did it, cringe
>>547 >when lay did it still does constantly...
>>548 heol
>>536 this isn't bad
(2.28 MB 640x360 itzy.mp4)
>>551 kekkk that was terrible but i kinda believe she was not feeling well
(1.13 MB 275x155 1543184608993.gif)
>>553 kek poor girl
>>528 kai himself is cringe
i'll never understand how taeyong could be considered as such a talented dancer, dude moves like a spastic on meth
(243.23 KB 220x223 tenor (12).gif)
>>556 >>557 >>558 this remains true >>525
>>556 what the fuck are those pants
(4.67 MB 1280x720 Hamster Dance.mp4)
don't know how this wasn't posted yet
>>561 kekkkk
>>545 no need to describe yourself
(2.37 MB 576x1024 40d4da84bc3a.mp4)
(905.72 KB 744x856 1618364311812.webm)
>>555 you're cringe
(4.38 MB 440x440 1575640459883.gif)
>>508 queen shit
>>564 god why do they look like that
>>567 because this is 4th gen kpop
>>567 right? ateez are so fugly
>>566 jfc imagine thinking this is sexy
(3.71 MB 320x320 .gif)
>>571 satanic
>>571 lmao omo san is sooo hot!
>>571 kek the choreo is dumb as hell
(1.49 MB 480x252 01.17626341.1.gif)
Yeri <3
>>507 Damn, I though she stopped being so obviously lazy since her scandal
>>575 first you look at the others and they're so cute and pretty and perfect but then your eyes wander to her useless brickwaist... forever seething about the day some idiot decided to add her.....
(1.28 MB 360x202 1603057566369.gif)
>>573 san is hot, but i knew he was going to get posted here
>>577 she t-tries
>>577 yeri is cute idiota
>>577 i sympathize with yeri because i too am built like a fridge
>>575 when your mom makes you hang out with your weirdo annoying little sibling
(4.14 MB 592x1280 video0.mp4)
they’re joking but
>>577 pressed and obsessed get well soon
(3.35 MB 320x163 1.gif)
(2.50 MB 320x163 2.gif)
yeri is queen
>>587 damn an mp4 was meant to go with this i'll just link the post i got it from bc its funny https://www.koreaboo.com/news/yeri-red-velvet-choreography-failing/
>>588 she's in a DANCE line? kek
>all untalented annoying brick-waisted nonas on ccc living vicariously through yeri
(3.73 MB 480x255 01.17626348.1.gif)
if she was prettier and more popular her laziness/untalentless would've blown up like jennies
>>586 this choreo sucked
i actually feel bad for Seulgi. She can do everything but she is in a group full of lazyasses.
>>593 seulgi is glad that their pretty asses made them popular while she gets to stand out talentwise
>>590 which one of your oppas did yeri fuck
>>561 who is this king omg im dying here
>>596 scammy
ew scammy brickwaist
>>585 dance nonas, please explain why this is giving me second hand embarrassment. she's dancing so hard but it looks so odd
>>600 i'm not a dancer but probably because the moves look stupid and look especially awkward next to the other girls who are standing still
one of these nights is a beautiful song but the awkward ass choreo ruined it
>>585 choreographer not seeing heaven
>>585 >>600 I'm a dancer and I have no explanation. I've danced my entire life and it baffles me how some people are just terrible at dancing no matter how many lessons they take. I danced with people who had lots of formal training but the end product is always bad looking because they're just awkward with jerky movements or not enough attention to detail or control over their entire body in each movement. To explain this, a lot of people say that dancing has a quality that you're either born with or you aren't. I think one example of this is Jisoo vs Rose. Jisoo had been a trainee longer and Rose had never danced before joining YG. Yet Jisoo still looks awkward (like Irene except at least they don't try to shill her as a lead dancer kek) and while Rose isn't a notable dancer she is nowhere near as weak as Jisoo. I want to say the reason Irene looks awkward is also partially to do with her proportions, the girl is built like a dachshund. I don't mean fridge waist but her short limbed build, compare it to Seulgi who is also short but has longer limbs. Seulgi is also more graceful on top of having better proportions and could actually pull off choreo like this >>585. Irene is also pretty but not a charming performer...at all. Ik idol performances are choreographed down to the facial expressions (which ALL idols benefit from since most of them are very weak dancers on their own) but even despite that, Irene's hinderance of naturally being a weak dancer still shows. She always looks awkward (see gif, idk why but it makes me uncomfortable) except for ending shots where she isn't dancing but posing kek. >>583 WHO IS ROLLING ON THE FLOOR HAHAHAHHAHA that's amazing
ten is rolling on the floor
>>585 >>600 not a dancer but to me it seems like she's too "heavyhanded" and precise (=robotic) instead of light and flowy which would have looked miles better (different clothes would have helped too)
>>604 > not enough attention to detail or control over their entire body in each movement. Yeah that's exactly it. All the little movements that make the beauty of dance are skipped so she ends up looking like this
(4.33 MB 1280x720 u3m2x.mp4)
(1.01 MB 480x270 original.gif)
>>608 kek
>>609 this is supposed to be comedic though
(6.80 MB 400x225 blog-post-2-ailee-leg-lift.gif)
>>608 This clip belongs on thatsideofutube if it isn't on there already kek
(2.81 MB 400x223 ChIh0Zc.gif)
>>612 relatable >>608 very seggsy ladies >>614 serving white lady dancing to reggaeton in aruba
(2.47 MB 480x282 download.gif)
(4.07 MB 540x306 rvzzb.gif)
never change, red velvet.
>>617 a massive dose of red bull would work wonders on irene and yeri
>>616 Kekk shes rushing it so much shes like lets do it and go home
(6.09 MB 460x259 2-6285-1571982750_m_460x0.gif)
i don't get jpop dancing
they make red velvet look good
>>620 must be junji ito-influenced
>>620 this is keyakizaka46 (RIP), their whole concept as a group was to be edgy. this particular dance is from their song called eccentric
(481.84 KB 400x204 kattundaisuki.gif)
>>626 samefag, jpop specifically idol groups focuses more on personality or your ability to be funny more than singing and dancing hence why we get things like this
>>628 is this a circus performance I'm watching
this is bad right
(1.54 MB 320x175 GDNYwjDs41Qzfi6_TkmNe_501.gif)
>>629 nta but, somewhat. johnny's have a tradition for having a large amount of trainees that are trained in acrobatics and display their abilities often on stage though it just ends up looking kind of crazy
>>630 mmmmm butt sorry what was the question
>>624 I’m dying at monkey girl in the back
>>617 delete yeri
>>628 excuse me this is amazing
(123.75 KB 174x250 RD7ULqr.mp4)
(209.95 KB 150x150 y5ZU5jN.mp4)
>>638 i..is that ohmygirl? looks like seunghee
(4.85 MB 520x286 Moonbyul.gif)
this thread name screams jin but he didnt get to post even once kek Dudes every dancing moment is bad
(1.72 MB 480x480 tenor-2.gif)
(2.81 MB 268x350 tenor-3.gif)
not a single one of these jin gifs have examples of actual bad dancing, just him fucking around begone ratmy
TW: seungri bigbang weren't the best dancers when they were around (except taeyang) but top was notorious for being a shit dancer
(771.33 KB 352x271 20180814162132-1b3b.gif)
(4.02 MB 550x280 20180814162039-49a4.gif)
idk if this has been posted since rv is everywhere on this thread
(1.95 MB 590x239 20180814162150-1090.gif)
>>649 >bigbang >shit we know
someone needs to post here the video of kai dancing like he has squirrels in his pants
>>655 damn i wish i were a squirrel inside his pants!
>>647 oh god please dont make him dance in the army even his own songs it would be so embrassing without the other members
>>649 fun fact: gd actually trained in sm for dancing before joining to yg
>>653 this gifs made me realize irene is yeri-tier bad at dancing i always thought she was better
>>644 jin is a top example that your mannerisms affect your overall vibe more than your looks or body the way he talks and moves is like an old geezer even his face can't make him attractive
>>655 an overrated dancer his facial expressions kek he thinks hes the sexiest thing on earth cringe on another level
>>660 it's not even jin's dancing, it's the way he claps, blinks with his whole face, the way he talks very loudly all the time as if he can't control himself. his personality is anti-handsome lol
>>660 if he would acted more cool and mysterious like sehun his popularity would boost
(5.69 MB 480x255 download (2).gif)
(8.05 MB 420x237 download (3).gif)
(3.38 MB 480x267 download (4).gif)
>>661 cringe
>>616 Does yeri know what a beat is? Rhythm? seriously what the fuck lol
>>659 yeri is definitely worse but irene is terrible too. combination of midget limbs + laziness
Can't bother to post a gif, but the ÆSPA girlies are so goddamn awful they make RV (Yeri aside) look like competent dancers. I'm gonna sound like an smfag, but that company has debuted some of the best dancers in Kpop. And then you have Karen.
>>666 Dafuk was that hoppity hop step
>>670 gonna respectfully disagree
(3.52 MB 576x1024 IMG_7974.MP4)
the more and more choreo is so weird and awkward
>>673 word
not judging their dancing here but the choreography makes me laugh
>>512 chinchani close your eyes
>>528 this stage still stays epic shawty imma party
>>530 i just died in your arms tonight
>>558 demonic
>>564 was about to post this
>>623 Wtf? Lmao
>>664 I can't believe these girls danced worse than loselose
>>683 yea when gary stu flashes his boxers at mcd's, people call the cops... also their music a bunch of random english boyband lyrics plus some jap phrases kek
(5.09 MB 480x310 download.gif)
(3.50 MB 413x357 download (1).gif)
>>685 >>686 she is not even trying sis is getting paid for this
>>No. 166135
ooops met me try again >>166135
>>690 why he thought it was okay to post this
>>691 because fans hype up his spazzing
Kek at fags arguing that their idols suffer from insecurities that keep them from doing their best onstage They're just untalented
>>692 i find his dancing relatable
>>694 thats one way to put it...
>>685 >>686 Why did she even become an idol?
>>696 For the fame and hot boys
>>696 Not why, nona, HOW
>>696 some fans really think if they gave her more parts in songs she would improve kek
>>664 the blond one (eunbi?) dances like irene
>>664 >>665 the choreo is shit
>>664 Who's the 3rd gil starting from the left? She seems to be the only decent one
>>506 >>701 The girlies are shit YooA and eunbi look terrible and to think they both main/lead dancer of their group lol
The stiffest human to ever dance. No matter how much she tries
(1.99 MB 480x270 giphy.gif)
>>704 bless her soul poor thing
>>703 i agree but the choreo for boss is ugly too
>>702 i think it's sinb
(2.91 MB 540x220 o0540022014140587935.gif)
>>702 ryujin >>701 nct boss is by far their most popular choreo with cherrybomb
>>708 >>665 the chereo is ok. compare the 2 nct execute the turn cleanly with 2 big steps, the girls take many small steps and look messy.
>>708 that's not ryujin
>>707 Oh, thx. She's dancemogging the others hard.
>>652 I think this just goes on to show that a good dancer can look dignified even with a shit choreo. Seulgi almost manages to make it not look ridiculous.
E'Dawn's a great dancer. Why choose him to represent this thread?
>>698 Well I mean she left Taiwan which has way more opportunities to become a Korean idol that may/may not flop given that Cube's most recent gg at that time was CLC. >>703 YooA is actually really good when she knows the choreography, this was not one of those times kek
>>714 nta but can you also please try to explain how yeti managed to debut because after seeing >>616 and >>617 I’m starting to think the hate comments calling her a useless addition were prophetic.
>>705 kek she really does try her hardest at least. i guess she has to when it's harder to blend in and hide bad dancing in a smaller group
>>705 shes so much like jin it scares me
>>708 kek loselose and doyoung are a joke
(2.86 MB 320x320 1568040095468.jpg)
dancing kween
>>704 Some people just dont have rhythm. But at least she tries.
>>708 Ryujin is the first one from the left
>>721 i don't who to look at. they are all bad. jisoo is off beat. lisa looks stiff. rose is waving her arms like an octopus, ngl looks pretty bad. jennie is laughably unbothered, bitch dont give no fucccks
>>720 jennie really wanted that east money huh
>>720 >>721 jennies shirt button got undone thats why her hand doesnt leave her chest. regardless her dancing isnt so flattering
>>727 So basically 80% of I*Z dancers
>>727 is this really bad dancing or weirdo choreo
(142.34 KB 480x270 IMG_8050.MP4)
off center
>>730 was that recorded with a potato
(2.16 MB 272x480 giphy.gif)
the queens of stage presence
>>731 sorry idk why the quality is so bad
Kek people cut Jennifer way too much slack for how bad of a dancer she is after 6 years of training
>>734 and this is her trying which is rare within it self
(4.50 MB 497x278 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)
how come this hasn't been posted yet kekek
(1.90 MB 500x220 original (2).gif)
>>736 because it's already a banner
>>736 i'm an exohag but this, along with his solo shot in lotto make me cringe
>>737 >>736 dancing in water is really difficult and dangerous
>>736 kek whoever thought this was a good idea? being drenched in water might be hot but splashing about in it like an autistic toddler having a tantrum is plainly a hot mess
>>740 then they shouldn't attempt it lol
>>741 lsm simply thought >sehun >in a white shirt >wet >in china
>>740 did anyone force sm to do it tho
>>743 and they still ate it up, that's the problem
i mean, what did sm think when they came up with that choreo?
>>746 bgs just arent like this anymore
>>746 oh i liked this. they paired up all the base ships in it
(1.80 MB 268x268 original.gif)
first you do a faggy dance back to back and then you go checkmate with your bro...?
who danced it most awfully, girlies?
>>753 topkek look at cumin
losing it
>>753 kai is so fucking cringe holy shit
>>727 "The temperature is so hot" Her: I got you mate.
(1002.08 KB 332x332 1544676445838.gif)
>>506 topkek
>>760 getting your ass done but still have to wear hip pads. sad!
(1.93 MB 1280x720 UE93298091KEM3u32o1u4.mp4)
whatever this is
>>762 i love sunmi dearly but it looks like she's auditioning for a porno here
>>762 kek it looks as if her nipple is out
>>762 kek she got her tits out but flopped anyway...sad
(999.92 KB 1280x720 1595381649737.webm)
was revisiting cc kpc and found those gems
(1.15 MB 1280x720 1595340583774.webm)
>>766 >>767 its like theyre all doing their own thing with no cohesion
>>767 kek what was rose's right leg doing
>>600 >>606 dancer here and agreed moves look too robotic and stiff and there's so much lack of feeling in this
>>708 >nct boss is by far their most popular choreo with cherrybomb just because it's their most popular doesn't mean it's any good best nct choreo goes to boom or t7s
>>759 can't say i'm jealous of hyuna
>>771 boss has some really bad choreo kek the final dance break is literally off beat
>>701 doesn't matter, the difference between that and the original is still night and day.
(2.93 MB 1280x720 twice.webm)
>>622 that looks dangerous
>>764 spilled my tea kkkkk
>>704 this aint yeri
>>650 airing the mad pussy
>>630 b-but thats how she fucks
yasss slayyy aespa is like somebody decided to put 4 jennies who are 10 years into their career and have the ps of a 50yo on stage
(3.85 MB 480x267 20210610122653-23f0.gif)
>>782 go jawrina
jane fonda
>>782 can’t sing can’t dance can’t rap how and why did she get in
>>782 >>784 stiff ass back
>>775 This is just sad
>>785 >can’t sing that is just not true and you know it >can’t dance bad for a main dancer but she isn’t that bad in a vacuum >can’t rap pretty good for sm standards and for girl group idol rapping she is run of the mill
>>788 t. the same jarjarfag who was already writing novels in the crit thread
>>789 she's right
>>790 you're wrong she's the worst main dancer gaypop ever had
>>791 >gaypop try again
>>788 everything jawrina does, whointer can do better, but yeah I agree she's an ok singer and a decent filler dancer, the mistake was making her the main dancer
>>788 everything jawrina does, whointer can do better, but yeah I agree she's an ok singer and a decent filler dancer, the mistake was making her the main dancer
>>794 sorry about the double post
>>796 this is brutal, I'd cry if I were their choreographer
>>796 jar is so awkward
>>782 >>784 she should just tutting and voguing, it would suit to her stiff body
>>784 she either has short legs or this outfit is doing her no favors (although her figure is still great regardless of her leg/torso ratio)
>>799 maybe a choreographer can give her a short voguing choreo or two to bring out during more casual settings like variety shows
>>796 jarjar really is a fucking t-rex holy shit
(3.53 MB 430x720 kek.mp4)
>>803 get it king
>>764 omg it is out
>>782 >>784 >>796 go jawrina go jawrina
>>803 kek the fucking music
>>766 jennie looking like gollum
>>507 >>509 kek starting to feel like she does this especially when lisa is the one singing/ in the center
sexy sponge-yeri squarepants
knetizens had no fucking mercy kek >>Karina’s opening stage at MAMA https://twitter.com/karinaisaGOD/status/1469595937169231872?t=YkUzsFXlzmfdmF05qNgETg&s=19 >>original post: theqoo >>1. She reminds me of Irene.. She can’t dance >>2. She doesn’t dance well… I think there is no member who can dance well in Aespa >>3. She danced in her debut teaser too, is she the main dancer? Personally, I think Winter dances better than her >>4. I think the choreography is not good >>5. She’s pretty but she can’t dance >>6. She dances best in Aespa, but if she dances solo, she looks like Irene.. >>7 .I like Karina, but I never thought she danced well >>8. 30 seconds is so short~ Are you talking about her dancing skills with this short stage? >>9. Her dancing skills are just average. Seriously, why does SM keep pushing her as a good dancer? >>10. She only has a pretty face, she can’t dance
>>811 fuck i'm retarded
(2.59 MB 576x542 LZDeJJcgPZarKJiq.mp4)
>>809 great observation. she really hates lisa kee
>>813 its not really bad. also is that jawnee?
>>815 nta but i wouldn't even consider it dancing kek and yes it's jawnee
>>813 this is good by johnny standards
(1.56 MB 104x350 ezgif-7-b5bf6dd1d5.gif)
help i'm dying
>>818 he's mocking hoyoung
>>813 what is this a magic mike performance?
>>820 that was most of their concert
>>813 this isnt bad dancing this is a good stripper set tbqh
>>753 they are not supposed to do the same movement you know that right kek
(282.74 KB 480x470 O8ror40Fdp35.mp4)
>>823 either way they are not doing a good job and thats the point of the post
>>825 only kyungsoo and chanyeol are doing a bad job. the rest is following the choreo as intended
>>826 the choreo is also bad. they're all doing bad jobs at looking good while moving. some may call it dancing and thus it belongs in the bad dancing thread
>>824 hyunjin is terrible really wish they would stop giving solos to him instead of rhino.
>>828 it is bad but the choreo choice also emphasized his worst tendencies. it wasnt amazing or anything but he was decent in the mirotic cover compared to his bad examples, when he was making an effort to match with the others. if only he could at least learn from that cover and change what he focuses on. saying this as someone who really doesnt like what hyunjin seems to like in dance
>>824 you just know he thinks he is the shit and it makes it even more cringe
>>824 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZQiHUKZ9aQ might as well post the full video with audio since both hyunjin and karina's stages are in here
girl tries really hard and gives it all yet years later she cant pull off a single move
(1.04 MB 1830x918 sunmi.PNG)
>>805 I looked at the original video in HD and there's no nip slip, although you can see a bit of a pasty
>>833 isnt that a slightly different frame of the clip
>>834 yea If you watch the video slowly in HD there's no nip slip
(1.60 MB 1280x720 IheQ8xy_BdDRxwf0.mp4)
dude in the middle is so bad
>>836 is that ateez?
>>837 nta but its bts
(1.87 MB 640x360 mmmh cover.mp4)
hyunjin can't help himself
>>839 kai is just better than everyone
bts are the only good dancers in kpop
>>841 really? >>836
>>838 heol.... v getting outdanced by pooga this is tragic
>>836 The one on the left is the most clean, the one on the right is Jennie
>>840 it's his song...
>>836 hate the guy but gotta admit hes a good dancer jimin
>>845 looks like jk on the left and ratmon on the right? he's not even doing the steps at all.
>>848 jimin’s to the left of v and yoongi’s on the right
>>604 not sure if you are still around but any dancer nona can answer. how much does body proportions matter? what are the ideal body proportions a dancer should have? i have kinda seen long torso girlies be looking extremely weird no matter how good they are at dancing ex: karina but i could be wrong
>>810 i swear she's a dude
>>851 are you autistic or underage?
>>846 he's still better than all of your oppars combined
>>851 why kek
I'm so glad my husbando is jimin so I don't have to suffer itt
>>566 this dance is awful to be fair to her
>>824 when you spray a cockroach with raid and its starts convulsing
>>855 topcringe as always rata
>>824 reminds me of sehuns iconic solo except in more botched
>>855 we should make a bad singing thread
>>860 we should. we'll reach thread #1389 in 2 minutes
im going to post a series of dance that i think had bad choreography due to which it looks like bad dancing. they happen to have the same choreographer if im not wrong
>>863 i disagree, a good dancer can make an ugly choreo look presentable, look at the main dancer if they're pulling it off then it's bad dancing, like in >>865
>>865 a lot of people seem to think rosé is a good dancer but she always looks so weird
>>869 she looks and is built like this
>>862 kek
>>862 how is hwasa all thighs but no ass
>>868 true it takes a good dancer too but to be fair the choreographer really had them walking around or dancing awkwardly and i would say such choreos arent appealing especially when for kpop groups
>>870 reminds of jawrina more than rose
>>868 her choreos are usually weird
>>862 i hated this part of gogobebe so much kek i'm glad i'm not alone
>>872 many such cases
>>874 keeek that's what i thought >>869 they said she's a good dancer because in her group, the bar is on the floor. her technique is bad but since she's a fluid, and adds her own style in her dancing, it looks good especially compared to jennie or sooya. she has a problem of overdancing too
>>862 when will kpop choreographers learn long torsos and arms and short legs look dumb af doing moves like these
>>862 what is this baby shark?
>>860 do it
>>881 noooooooo i don't want anyone to shit on my husbando
(471.29 KB 640x352 xS4U4Y8Z70W7WNGX.mp4)
>>860 do it
>>883 i made it kek
>>564 elaine benes
(743.97 KB 558x558 E-2SH-cVgAAACQm.mp4)
(1.32 MB 480x360 1-Qyri_kZPsTgSGx.mp4)
(652.03 KB 1050x1104 EokbFrCVoAUPB1v.mp4)
(2.22 MB 640x360 -u64WMUtPuPwRXUb.mp4)
>>746 >>749 >>751 i don't know what you're on nona this is hot as hell
>>889 im not kidding when i say i can do this better. girl does the bare minimum and the way they hype her up is funny as though she just popped off kek
(2.94 MB 1280x720 1644101994241.webm)
>>865 look at you now look at me kek
(2.98 MB 744x1080 1644101958049.webm)
>>892 i cant stop laughing at jisoo kek
>>893 reeeee this isn't bad dancing
>>893 what's bad about it nona? unless you're just pointing out the choreo kek
>>896 rhino should have got aotm atleast he can actually dance hyunjin dances like a worm thats been set alight
>>889 go jawrina go jawrina
>>898 he might not want to do something like aotm if it's true he has a problem with his right leg that he's been masking as much as he can. maybe hyunjin will figure out a better balance for his style autism one of these days
>>900 whats wrong with his leg
>>901 hes personally shown that he dislikes ever deviating from choreos and he very rarely has. but on some year end stages last year he didnt pick up his right leg at times, and he didnt have anything that looked off with his left leg like that. and frankly if i.n can do something, any other idol shouldnt have a problem doing it either unless theres a physical issue going on
>>902 :( thank u. hope rhinos ok
>>903 reported for emoji
raising his own roof
>>905 my fav part of this video is taeyong wondering if poocas is having a stroke
>>907 do ateez boys know what dancing is or think acting like a caveman passes for being sexy
>>907 tbh their choreographer is setting them up if they had normal choreography maybe they wouldnt look like clowns
>>907 they're always jumping around in their choreos
>>905 iconic
ateez always a source of cringe material
>>912 KEKK the one they chose for studio choom AOTM is the worst followed by the supposed main dancer
>>912 why are they like this who is doing their choreo
>>914 probably a tik tok dancer or something
(471.71 KB 720x720 FSvOW6gf8vHeffnV.mp4)
(290.84 KB 720x720 ZNpr5s5n5SO1CYA8.mp4)
this hip thrust move that they do really does not look good kek
>>917 He is stiff as fuck
>>916 trash bag >>917 garbage dump
>>917 he looks retarded
>>921 Kekkkk who is this
>>921 is this that ateez guy?
(5.10 MB 426x640 poorgirls.gif)
(4.85 MB 270x270 poorgirls2.gif)
kpop before tiktok and random dance was invented
all bgs do this nowadays
>>926 i wish
>>775 what happened to the ark fr
>>925 I remember when people used to insist this type of thing was what Stellar wanted to do, ugh
>>923 >>922 san from ateez. he's really bad
>>925 I don't understand that wiping my ass move. why
>>931 it looks like they hurt their bum kek
>>931 the whole dance was ugly af the choreographer must've been extra horny kek
>>933 stellar said they were forced to do sexy concepts because the company said they were too nugu. the sad thing is they were anything but sexy and very cringe
>>934 at the time they were considered sexy tho
a japan produce idol dancing to dynamite, he looks like san
>>936 he looks like mark
>>936 why is he gripping his crotch so hard kek damn it ain't going anywhere calm down
another bad dancer in ateez
>>940 me finally leaving my room to get a snack
>>940 is this yuna?
>>940 isn't this jarjar? that's apart of the move in black mamba isn't it
>>940 The Ring 3
>>943 her legs appear longer here
>>940 how is this bad dancing when it's just a photo not even a gif of her dancing
>>947 she has a long torso ratio so I thought it was yuna instad
>>946 more like bad posture while dancing idk why the gif didnt work but yeah
>>896 the jerky moments are not sexy or nice to look at at all
(1.33 MB 720x720 C441c9739.mp4)
>>951 its ok felix we hate bts here
the original choreography and karina following it https://youtu.be/nyRiHRF-i-o https://youtu.be/UdYR6Ugvmfw i love her but her movements always look awkward
(778.87 KB 622x714 oneus.mp4)
>>951 kek
>>954 the facial expression kek
>>953 I can never put a finger on why I find her dancing awkward to watch. She seems fine doing their group choreos, but anything else just feels underwhelming.
>>958 why do roasties like this shit kek
>>958 i can’t explain to you how much this guy makes me cringe whenever i see him perform
>>958 he probably thinks he's hot shit kek
(989.52 KB 720x720 QiYFPfL8JMfC2lTP.mp4)
(1.78 MB 828x792 hyunchin.MP4)
>>962 4th gen bgs in a nutshell
>>962 when he grabs the pan kek
>>963 this worthless tard has the lease self-awareness i've ever seen in an idol
>>966 least*
>>957 even group choreos she can be underwhelming. i think 2ning outdoes her
>>963 why would he choose kais song out of all jfc. kai moves are always so smooth this fag can never do anything that can be called smooth
>>958 >hes popping his pussy
>>953 oh, thanks for posting! i think i now see what's the problem with her dancing (in this particular case). the original choreo has very coordinated, powerful movements and the whole body moves in unison, the torso and shoulders are "fixed" in place. in karina's case, her shoulders and forearms/wrists are way more mobile than the rest of her body. it looks like she's trying to shake off ants, not dance. (p.s. her hair did a better job than her in this dance)
>>963 jesus, boy has zero self-awareness kek the second hand embarrassment is unbearable with this one
(1.19 MB 640x640 bot-scam.mp4)
>>974 same energy >>561
>>974 this isnt bad at all
>>7082 kek giselle…
roaches after you spray raid at them
>>8599 scroll up
(252.96 KB 960x720 SjegREbPVNP9yYTF.mp4)
(5.59 MB download (7).gif)
unified thread for all the bad singing, dancing, lipsyncing performances of idols halfassing it
(3.96 MB download (2).gif)
wait for one of the threads to reach bump limit retard
not a big fan, i only care about bad dancing
>>9100 this is a unified thread so people dont shit up kpg with 628838382 threads
(1.31 MB download (4).gif)
(641.99 KB 320x568 san.webm)
saw this on my timeline and couldnt stop laughing what the fuck is wrong with him
>>9458 cute
Why is it always the shit-tier male idols pretending to be Michael Jackson
(5.98 MB 480x480 download (28).gif)
(7.00 MB 480x480 download (25).gif)


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