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bad singing thread Anonymous 02/11/2022 (Fri) 03:29:03 No. 1403
post clips of idols singing badly
brace your ears
(2.46 MB 320x426 37RkZJbQeYHHpZp6.mp4)
(4.91 MB 1280x720 mf4ul0vKLe1J1IMk.mp4)
>>1406 is that rose
(3.09 MB 640x360 9r0tBqi1WWCKxX1k.mp4)
the classic "morugesso"
>>1407 yuh
(1.10 MB 480x480 b74Sl8TLKEqG1OBD.mp4)
(874.43 KB 640x360 DHpj51InX1qTHuDj.mp4)
>>1405 he just kept going >>1410 >>1411 how do they still get lines
>>1411 oh, momo...
>>1409 heol
>>1405 >1:18 of that >still thought it was okay to post the whole thing on twt like did he not listen to himself kek
>>1411 her self awareness kicked in at the end
>>1405 i literally can't stop laughing thanks nona >>1406 goatsé >>1410 cute autist spergout >>1411 don't all girlpops sing like this
>>1417 thank you for sharing your much needed opinions with us
(99.30 KB 418x270 .mp4)
iconic voice crack
(423.52 KB 362x360 G9y_82b5Rf210cVQ.mp4)
can we post bad rapping as well?
>>1421 absolutely. why are they singing live on a knowing bros set though
(206.12 KB 1080x1528 Rosé.jpg)
>>1420 kek
(784.94 KB 480x480 478x.mp4)
(1.51 MB 640x360 video.mp4)
>>1425 jiminfag damage control
>>1426 it's jimmy retard
>>1406 damn...
>>1427 ? no its not
>>1424 kek i was waiting for someone to post this
>>1425 dont be shy post jimmys part
>>1431 scroll up and don't get butthurt over bad clips. it's the point of the thread ratmy
palate cleanse afterwards
>>1427 thats jk
(3.51 MB 480x270 Z2QC1PLwmf1Lheor.mp4)
(220.43 KB 638x360 ITcOvqN7-nqiQKM0.mp4)
>>1436 the girlie laughing at 0:38 kekkk thank you nona i needed to laugh today
>>1437 girl it was just posted here >>1433
>>1421 will post a ton of bad rapping if we can kek
>>1405 kek who is this >>1406 oof..
(1.68 MB 480x480 0mnOULQ2W5AvMkTy.mp4)
as a seventeenfag i have never understood why we pretend that seungkwan has ever hit this note
>>1441 taebot
>>1440 do it
(2.72 MB 1158x720 IMG_0774.MP4)
>>1445 i'm so embarrassed kek
>>1442 i always thought seungkwan sounded like he was in pain when he did high notes
(4.80 MB 640x360 IMG_0775.MP4)
makes me kek every time
>>1448 kekk what even
>>1448 kek did the blonde rapper forget the lyrics
>>1451 he looks and dances like a washed up gaypop who's been in the industry for 30 years
>>1442 high notes like this are so annoying to me as a casual music fan. i suppose they're there to impress people who see singing as an exercise in pushing human limits. but, they contribute nothing to the song in terms of making it more enjoyable to listen to.
(513.63 KB 640x372 oLe-jFzuyaOsau86.mp4)
interesting lyrics
>>1454 who is this
>>1436 >1:02 my fucking sides
>>1454 kekk why is this korean boy singing like sean paul
>>1454 0:03 topkek
>>1436 kek tone deaf mf
>>1454 what song is that
>>1462 it kinda bangs
(1.12 MB 888x494 IMG_4076.MP4)
>>1464 KEK
>>1464 this was bad i'm embarrassed
>>1464 heolkek just let the playback do its thing if you're going to sing like that
>>1464 my sides
>>1464 kek who's singing like that
>>1445 TOPKEK
>>1469 chancel
>>1464 kekkkkk
>>1442 >>1447 >>1453 Why is their such an obsession in kpop with highnotes? half the time the pitch is weird/painful and the other time it's so forced. Also, is anyone else annoyed by the way NCT always randomly inserts highnotes? It's so jarring. That one kid who's in every unit always has at minimum 2 highnotes everytime(and it always sounds exactly the same). I do enjoy parts of their songs but it's 90% the same song.
>>1447 iam an svt fag but he just sounds so strained(?) sometimes when doing it kek
>>1473 because kpop is super basic and derivative, often the only thing that *can* stand out in a song is the idol's voices. combine that with the competitive nature of kpop and it's just another stick you can use to bop people on the head with during fanwars. 'my group isn't untalented, did you hear that high note!?'
>>1464 who dared kicking him on the balls?!
>>703430 all sm groups have high notes in every title track especially the bridge, vocalfagging is sm's trademark and without high notes theyll lose what makes them stand out from the rest of the industry. part of the reason why sm groups dont sing live anymore is because every title track has high notes and its tiring for their vocalists to dance and sing so many songs with high notes consecutively. like aespa sang "life's too short at coachella" because it has no difficult parts and let them catch their breath between singing savage, next level, black mamba. i havent seen nct in concert but taeil had to contort his chest to record the high note in sticker out, how is he going to do it live? so now you know why sm lipsyncs.
"lifes too short" i mean
the aespa girls are getting shit on for everything they do rn be it dance, stage presence, lipsyncing because sm gives them very challenging title tracks with high notes and aespa only has 4 members versus snsd who had 9 or exo with 12 to share the load. mamamoo's four sing live but they have easier choreo and songs without high notes, sm needs to mix it up a bit for aespa. nmixx gets praised for living singing and stage presence because they have 7 members. 3 are dancers who cant sing well but provide stage presence, if nmixx was just the 4 vocals sullyoon bae lily haewon they would be criticised for their dance and stage presence too.
>>1411 imagine being an idol for 5 years already yet you cant still decently sing on a mere encore kek
>>1433 who's the guy who can sing properly?
>>1481 sangyeon from the boyz
>>1406 this was one of the most brutal vocal moggings i've seen in kpop
>>1475 they don't realize that high notes =/= talent
>>1406 embarrassing for rosé... and the gaypop who tried to teach her how to sing (sungjae) isn't even the main vocalist in btob kek
>>1482 sigh another sign or whatever that i should keep on checking out the group
>>1486 take the tbzpill sister
>>1406 oh god that was seriously awkward to watch
>>1435 kekkkkk this is so mean but armys deserve it
>>1477 fucking hell now that you point it out you're right https://youtu.be/bQ3yNygACuY he looks like he's in pain belting those notes
(396.71 KB 640x640 0XgI07Rx6.mp4)
(811.68 KB 576x320 T337TD6m2.mp4)
(1.98 MB 640x360 idqFDrb01.mp4)
>>1491 sometimes i wonder how she got picked over miyeon
rose is so nasal she needs a vocal trainer like the japanese trainees on p48 who got taught how to not sing out of their nose https://youtu.be/uJVsVUJcHoU
>>1491 omg thats so embrassing
>>1495 old gen male idols were taught how to actually sing, now compare hongki to any of the 4th gen gaypops
>>1497 kek nona showed no mercy
(5.68 MB 480x600 5U7O7mHe7.mp4)
my local karaoke around 1 am
(5.74 MB 976x704 z2L1006aC.mp4)
JYPE always showing their stellar vocal training
>>1491 >>1493 >>1500 bts, bp and skz are the unholy pitchy trinity of this thread
>>1497 you cant teach people to sing like hongki he was singing like this before he joined fnc https://youtu.be/TMe6WDmE4AM not sure why 4th gen has fewer talented vocalists
>>1502 >not sure why 4th gen has fewer talented vocalists 4th gen is very much dance/performance focused because companies haven't found a way to fake dance skills yet. visuals and vocals can both be enhanced easily with technology so naturally talented vocalist aren't as much of a priority anymore
>>1500 holy shit completely tone deaf >>1499 why would you cover a rnb song when you know you can't sing for shit
>>1500 >youewewewewww
>>1495 cute guy
>>1421 im crylaughing
>4th gen is very much dance/performance focused people keep repeating that but then there are all those exceptional new dancers? the only ones who are really great are old sm/chinese idols
>>1508 dance and performance focused as in, as a group, not individually
>>1509 but if their training and work focuses mostly on dance, it would only make sense that we'd also see many very talented dancers, moreso than the idols of the past who also had to focus on singing but we don't
>>1493 Topkk this is why they need the hiatus
>>1511 a hiatus isnt going to improve their vocals nona, thats delusional
>>1512 its a no return hiatus nonita, chimp pack your bags and go hide somewhere
(1.78 MB 720x1280 6S2o151sO.mp4)
why does this faggot insist on singing
>>1514 who tf this is
>>1515 nta but hyunjin
>>1516 damn son, you need to quit. thank you nona
(166.33 KB 476x270 och6GrVhh_yRnOkg.mp4)
(252.37 KB 406x720 L2S9dikCUKyfByL1_.mp4)
>>1518 a dying goat
>>1519 can any of the guys in this group actually sing? the main vocalist is hyped up but everytime i hear him sing it sounds like he’s straining
>>1494 that was a shit choice that im not mad about because i like idle's music better and miyeon sings a lot more than she would have in bp but yeah who would hire rose for singing and why i'll never know. she doesn't even realize how much she sucks
>>1510 idol dance training doesnt actually train them into professional grade dancers, moreso they are very good at cleanly following complicated choreo. compare the overall dance skills of 2nd gen groups to dance focused groups now like itzy or epipen and you can clearly tell that the expectation is higher when it comes to dancing vs vocals
>>1523 sa just for comparisons sake, not saying 2nd gen are worse dancers but you can clearly see the focus lies on more simple choreo (because live singing mattered then) whereas with 4th gen the choreography is more complicated and not made to accommodate live singing https://youtu.be/yfBlglAdHTk https://youtu.be/yfBlglAdHTk https://youtu.be/Rknds7fIEFw https://youtu.be/jr9lqsHUS-o i have seen some groups, like class:y who sing well live but even those girls are expected to do harder choreo now because it’s the new standard https://youtu.be/mboVxyl-GXA
>>1524 meant to post this instead of the same link twice https://youtu.be/JzSgMwrSfOk https://youtu.be/Um7NM5Dblfo
>>1523 >>1524 >>1525 as a group, performances now might be more difficult (or rather faster and wilder) now but individually there have been no really great dancers. so even tho it's been known that dance is the most important there were no great dancer drawn to become idols in recent times
>>1526 >dance is the most important bullshit. visual is the most important, or shotaro niki jhope chaeyeon would be more popular in their groups it girls like irene suzy jennie winter wony sakura karina all trend because of their visuals not skills. nobody cares about great dance skills tbh, kpoppies want catchy point choreo that goes viral on tiktok
>>1527 nta but she means that in general dance is the most important aspect of performance for the majority of 4th gen groups >nobody cares about great dance skills explain the popularity of aotm
>>1528 (nta) its popular for the same reason an idol wearing a shirt gets it sold out the next day. people will support whatever their faves are involved in. that's like saying "ofc fans care about chicken, idols appear in chicken ads that go viral." huh.
>>1528 >>1529 also as if aotm showcased great dance skills kek off the top of my head most people there were mediocre
(90.79 KB 956x1024 FKhm3myVQAE4Lmi.jpg)
>>1519 yeonjun recording blockbuster
>>1526 it’s not that there are going to be more great dancers moreso that there aren’t going to be as many poor dancers because they simply wouldn’t be able to keep up. people shit on lia for example but for her to keep up with the choreo she has to have some baseline skill. the minimum skill requirement is set higher but the ceiling for great dancers has remained the same because it’s rare to come across that type of talent in general.
>>1529 >people will support whatever their faves are involved in do you think that the 41m views for yeji's aotm are just itzy fans or yeji akgaes? >>1530 >also as if aotm showcased great dance skills that's not the point, the point is that clearly 4th gen fans are interested in dancing and what they perceive to be great dancing skills. name 4th gen groups besides ive where the most popular member is not lead/main dancer
>>1529 if you really can't see how athletic choreography and dance are prioritized and emphasized in 4th gen i can only assume that you're new to kpop. anyone who's been around since 2nd gen has seen a huge shift in this regard.
>>1534 i wouldn't say it's athletic its just more elaborate, doesnt mean its good. look at how much idol dancers suck versus pro dancers on street woman fighter. 4th gen choreography being harder =/= idols being better dancers. ultimately being able to dance well is also kinda useless no matter how many youtube views they get studio choom, maybe it gets more concert tix sold but dancer idols will be jobless if they cant sing well enough to go solo. they don't belong in the music industry unlike the top vocalists and need to go into acting or do variety. lee joon and 2pm junho are examples of successful actors but most of these good dancers will lose their solo fans to younger idols because they just don't have a big enough fanbase for "performance skills" unlike those with a good voice. look at 2win and ten they are doing acting and variety because performance skills mean fuck all
YouTube made 3rd gen groups world famous, the reason why 4th gen choreo is "harder" is because dance practice videos get millions of views and every view promotes the song. companies hire world famous choreographers to create dancers so that the title track will get replayed more when people watch it for the choreo. it doesn't mean the idols are better dancers it just means the choreo is more elaborate, like mlbaq and 2pm were considered good dancers in their day but their choreo is embarrassingly simple and obviously not created by top choreographers. if those 2nd gen idols debuted in 4th gen they'd have no problem doing harder choreos. 4 minute sang live with handmics and did leg lifts for their debut https://youtu.be/z8ZAla5At6M and 2pm did acrobatic dances because they were never really good singers https://youtu.be/O1iXYdGc1kM most 4th gens arent even trying that hard
>create dances
>>1535 >4th gen choreography being harder =/= idols being better dancers nobody was arguing that, the original point was about why 4th gen has less competent singers and it's because they are trained with dancing and performing in mind. you're derailing >look at how much idol dancers suck versus pro dancers on street woman fighter moot point, idols of all gens would eat shit when competing against professional dancers
>>1538 but saying 4th gen dances are more athletic is bullshit https://youtu.be/AXW1l4V3f7w 2nd gen groups did a lot of gym work just to maintain their athleticism and ate like athletes https://youtu.be/bfdVzOYv-5o whereas 4th gen bgs are all weak twinks pathetically gyrating to zombie concepts. their choreo is more elaborate but can anyone bboy or do breakdance? no. and 4th gen can't even sing to compensate. even 3rd gen tried harder https://youtu.be/2mU9mdCxIUo
>>1539 >their choreo is more elaborate jesus christ you finally got it
>>1539 >bad singing thread
>>1541 she's passionate, please understand
>>1539 elaborate is the word i used. it isn't more athletic or better, some idols lipsync and can't even bother to look interested. 4th gen has bad singing, weak dancing, and people are trying to make excuses saying their choreo is harder as if they are doing acrobatics like 2nd gen
>>1543 2nd gen idols were doing all those backflips while singing? daebak. also can you stop sperging already we get it
>>1543 >some idols lipsync and can't even bother to look interested it’s either this or they do the absolute most so it looks cringy. this mainly applies to male idols who think biting their lips equates to good strange presence
>>1544 no it really has to be said that 4th gen is the most low effort generation. like 2pm was never a group i liked for their music but they tried much harder than 4th gen which are all about lore, concepts, luxury brand deals, lipsync and all those dance practice videos. its no surprise many of the good dancers in 2pm became successful actors because they have athletic hardbods, whereas you can't imagine a gaypop from txt skz epipen atz having a hardbod because gaypops these days just dont care about athleticism as much
>>1533 yea. itzy has 16m instagram followers and stans will stream any video to inflate the views. millions of people watching the video at least 3-10 times isn't far fetched. >>1534 i get that dancing is more prioritized these days, but i don't think it's related to aotm collabs beng popular. i think dance practice vid views, dance covers, and choreo award categories show how important dancing is more.
>>1547 its not "more important", it's mainly that kpop companies realize that dance practice videos, stage fancam all go a very long way to make a pop song or idol group popular. exid hani's fancam singlehandedly made up & down popular, hani is not even a good dancer but she was sexy and when a fancam gets millions of views its only a matter of time before a pop song goes viral because when people succumb to the pop song's hook after watching the dance practice a few times and stream the song on melon or spotify. western pop doesn't seem to understand how useful a viral dance practice video is, kpop companies even hold dance cover competitions because they want dance crews.to perform their pop song worldwide and get people into kpop. a spanish kpop crews performs a kpop song in madrid's streets ---> curious bystanders shazam the song ---> new kpop fan or 1 extra streamer. dance choreos are important now because for every 100 people watching the choreo maybe you can get 10 fans and 5 will buy an album or concert ticket which is what really matters to kpop firms. without stage cams, dance practice vids, dance crew covers kpop will get so much less attention and sales. also kpop idols are not trying to compete vocally with real singers anymore, except maybe sm but even sm lipsyncs. idols are not singers, they are visual artists,they dont bother with singing because it doesnt bring in the views and they cant sing better than ailee, hongki, park hyoshin or sohyang anyway. kpop firms other than sm know their place is in performance not competing with real singers
can we stop sperging about dancing and post bad singing
>*its not "more important" it's just how kpop is marketed now due to the rise of tiktok. kpop companies used to do sexy or acrobatic dances but now its about making choreos that are p13, easy enough to go viral on tiktok and be covered.
>>1548 mamamoo exist. minnie miyeon and yuqi from gidle are really good singers too
first chick (jisoo?) sounds like her mouth is wired half shut. makes the bad singing after her sound like mariah carey smh https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qGAxKb07UPM
>>1552 i'll give jisoo the benefit of the doubt since she was singing in english, and it's really difficult to remember lines in a language you don't speak
(1.46 MB 854x480 66rQ322uv.mp4)
>>1549 word
(4.68 MB 750x408 028O9I9vj.mp4)
(3.86 MB 640x640 768cf011n.mp4)
how to ruin a perfectly good song
>>1556 kekkkk
>>1557 bananis and avocadis
>>1557 this is what happens when you hire a girl for knowing english and having been able to afford ps and dance and tell her "you're our main singer. we'll pay you millions to sing. " she thinks this is good! ive heard many good singers and they were all focused on getting the notes right while they sang and not even ariana has this "im the shit" smile as she sings. it annoys me tp
>>1557 goatse moaning
>>1560 miyeon is prettier, a better singer, less nasal. yg picking rose to debut is super sus
>>1562 i don’t follow gidle but what’s miyeon’s english level like? that’s the only reason i can see why rose would be preferred especially if yg wanted bp to be a global group. otherwise from clips i’ve seen of both singing miyeon mogs easily and imo she’s prettier too though i know visual is subjective
>>1562 >>1563 newfriends, miyeon got the boot because she was caught traveling alone with her boyfriend -- another YG trainee who was in the ikon reality show
>>1557 this is terrible
>>1564 but in bp’s latest interview didn’t they say something about how dating wasn’t forbidden? i guess it could be true but it’s hard to believe that they would get rid of such a talented person who is also incredibly pretty just for that
>>1566 miyeon just because you got banned from the blackpink thread doesn't mean you can start selfposting here
>>1566 lol any trainee can date you just can't be caught doing it by the public and that's what happened in her case. not to mention the traveling alone while underage which unfortunately let her exposed to sexist comments
>>1554 sis....
>>1567 shutup rose everyone in kpop thinks you're a bad singer and all your fellow idols are judging you when you sing
>>1563 she can't speak at all sadly and rose is a better dancer however she is hired for vocals anyways so idk. miyeon could fill both jisoo's job as the visual and rosé's job as the main singer. but i guess their parents were more rich and powerful?..
>>1566 kpop idols lie all the time. maybe it's not forbidden but they still have to hide it. they can just go to have a drink with their partner and walk out hand in hand like americans
>>1572 they can't**
(630.38 KB 320x568 A0cJ59PFw.mp4)
(1.87 MB 640x360 3HDV9ASMJ.mp4)
dont even know it this counts as singing but its bad
>>1574 holy shit kek
>>1576 jyp peak vocal technique
>>1576 i hate nayeons screechy ass voice
>>1576 those are called adlibs
>>1580 no an adlib requires being on the beat. that dude was just mumbling.
>>1577 >>1578 >>1581 another chan's shit live singing material https://youtu.be/vzH_PZRLX6o?t=33
>>4725 >>1421 if you see someone posting a bad rapping/dancing/singing video in dst or elsewhere, chances are they got it from one of these threads so check before you post
reminder that this exists some executives at jyp really thought this was a good idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3H-4crGD6k
(1.93 MB 720x900 goat vocals.mp4)
in his defense he was distracted by the diffracting glasses


no cookies?