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(18.45 KB 203x345 Screenshot_20221229-090213.jpg)
NCT Thread #178 Anonymous 12/29/2022 (Thu) 15:07:47 No. 747098
wayv best unit edition
>>747246 >>747249 brb bulkbuying
girl what is this thread pic
>>747260 tiny and low quality just like weishen
(69.61 KB 1200x900 795aEAA3qDq.jpg)
one pic that perfectly describes scammy
(771.22 KB 1264x720 Y-qNpYj4RXn3iGH4.mp4)
>>747276 ratto takes no shit from fatty
>>747098 thread pic is as low quality as weishitties entire existence good job
(1.60 MB 1280x720 YoarZMvrfZCxDrHR.mp4)
thread dead as fuck
threadpic gave me a sensible kekle
(556.66 KB 1536x2048 FlOf_hbaAAINB0Y.jpeg)
>>747306 ugly four-eyes *slaps and kisses*
>>747306 disgusting
>>747306 sweetheart *kiss*
i bet puma pulled strings for the cnn gig after that accident
kun and mark hanging out together
>>747316 wukong 2.0 incoming
nct 140 when? do we know
(3.20 MB 720x720 EvHM55Zbei_tOAiO.mp4)
this is how hoscam celebrated nye last year
>>747313 doubt it tbh they've had interviews with cnn and other networks before
jwi with ear piercings & more muscles soon hnnnnnnnnng my belated christmas present
>>747330 oh fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>747326 not for a big nye event
(230.16 KB 900x1200 FlUYd-sakAIn2US.jpg)
ratto is a sexbomb
>>747330 he should fix that nose first >>747333 they are going to say hi for 2minutes it's not something big >>747339 he needs to stop the cringy 15 year old sexy expression only 12yo find that sexy
>>747341 i wish you a nicer personality in 2023
>>747339 love these fits
>>747343 i wish you grow to be both 18 and to accept reality
>>747349 i wish i was 18 too
(1.69 MB 1280x614 kaSzEvSgScP2n6Fc.mp4)
this is chenle? i've never heard him sound like this before
bloated trans ahjumma…stop getting filler troonwoo
>>747330 that is a child
>>747353 that is a mature young man
>>747354 >mature ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(195.41 KB 720x720 rStgwCfjZIwj990C.mp4)
hoyo got so unbelievably ugly that scammy broke up with him
>>747359 i will never accept his new face. dr. kim seriously fucked up & hoyoung won’t get anymore acting offers even with his new downgraded looks
the only benefit dream has over 127 is their big dicks (except lung)
>>747341 thats how it starts but sm will slowly but surely edge their way in
(1.49 MB 4032x3024 FlUXVnYagAAjki-.jpg)
>>747370 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0
>>747370 rat is such a mogger
>>747370 and nothing for wayv
>>747370 rat putting the death grip on his imaginary friend here
>>747370 fatty mogs
>>747370 lolo is stopping jarmin from mogging everyone by reducing his height
>>747370 do they all have nose contours
>>747374 he's groping my butt there
>>747378 you're not real
>>747377 it's their bonding activity of getting the same nose contour together with the same contour color
>>747377 bread lolo jarmin jeno lung hoyo pancake
>>747370 2 beauties 2 beauties 12 beasts
whenever i go a while without seeing hoyoung's face i am shocked anew
>>747383 his new face is terrible and he looks miserable
(1.43 MB 720x720 N2lRUL3ZlG0tC7Kb.mp4)
scam doesn't want to hug hoyo anymore
(226.17 KB 1200x1200 FlU2AJtaMAAgRbQ.jpg)
>>747385 hoyo who
i can see why jarmin is the most popular nshitty member to ever exist
>>747384 he should have known when to stop alas he'll probably go the route of a male park bom
>>747388 he looks freakish and he's a psycho
>>747385 >>747387 i noticed it during the stream. cute.
>>747370 well, i can see why scammy, bread, jarmin, and weewoo are visuals. halfsun has a place on my personal visuals list. he's quite photogenic these days.
>>747385 moon is small...pocket moon...
>>747390 and he does a lot of fan service
(228.94 KB 1366x2048 praMAE6D7v.jpeg)
>>747273 scammy coming out in 2023
>>747370 1 -9 4 3 1 2023 1 6 2 3 2 2 0 1
>>747420 sis scammy is as great as ratto
(309.82 KB 960x720 398284.mp4)
(390.17 KB 1536x2048 FkG5k1haAAAf205.jpeg)
my last 2022 ratto post happy new years
>>747425 2023 in 6 minutes here, i hope 2023 will be very ratto-abundant
(602.52 KB 720x720 AeM_2uw7zagczOec.mp4)
(568.78 KB 720x720 edjQT6olk7o6qeT4.mp4)
Happy 2023!
>>747392 >weewoo >visual then you can't see much
>>747436 he’s stimming
(6.95 MB 1280x720 576601186308.mp4)
so scamho were next to each other after all
(1.25 MB 480x270 AvknA_jUppGwEWQR.mp4)
shotaro puts on this fit then fucks me until his dick falls off
(1.22 MB 720x960 ZHFgxO1hg3nR95BA.mp4)
>>747467 why he scolding his aunt
>>747468 scammy protected jwi from nuta's butt harrassment
(1.97 MB 1280x720 MqYLOLtY27HBhQcy.mp4)
tiny dancer
>>747471 bless them for uploading this first they know what the people want to see
>>747469 but can you blame nuta?
>>747474 not at all
(846.64 KB 720x1280 saW3HaeGNBoXe9Uz.mp4)
>>747476 GIWTWM
>>747339 cringe
>>747453 rat for ants
>>747476 damn he grew up to be the ideal man. Tall, good looking, nice body, nice voice, no scandal, still very very young. Always knew it would happen so glad it did.
>>747512 2022 was the year i realized that too, i would kill for a man like him
>>747512 >still very very young plenty of time for him to fuck up, then
(594.71 KB 888x560 N6TXWw3oZd6OPfM9.mp4)
>>747514 so far he's been reasonably careful
(44.05 KB 828x1067 ZBQVyakAAy6Hy.jpg)
enfp -> istp -> entp
>>747518 he should take a better personality test
>>747519 according to 16personalities scammy is entp too kek
>>747520 so are johnny and hendery, really wish nct would do a sit down test with an expert like other groups have done
(148.87 KB 1443x830 squad.jpg)
i hope mork will get to have normal black hair in 2023, colorful hair on him feels like hardnerfing
>>747522 this shade of washed out blue is so ugly
>>747474 no but he should still keep his grubby hands to himself. ratto is mine forever and always
>>747515 mark was so stupid for that kek
>>747512 >ideal man >very very young
>>747515 the youngest in the room scolding senior citizen jawnee for his thoughtlessness
>>747471 glad to see this again even though both of them have mellowed out with age and this choreo doesnt hit the same as it did 4 years ago when both of them looked like they wanted to hatefuck each other every stage
Gaypop thread on /mu/ I'm posting there
>>747467 wow rude
>>747528 himbo
>>747529 that's right
>>747535 i just remember scammy looking tired from the original stages
(36.47 KB 1080x1080 la465uWIAItkv8.jpg)
(35.99 KB 680x510 OaMAA9XK5.jpeg)
>>747563 the two worst selfie takers send the most photos and videos. society
>>747564 weewoo and pissboy? can't disagree with you kek
>>747565 weewoo and taro
(259.42 KB 720x1280 tlyMo3G7E6theIQq.mp4)
repack incoming
(2.77 MB 720x720 CtIBP3nCOLrB8ibS.mp4)
sneaky pancake
>>747574 apparently he didn't drink anything in that drinking vid with scammy and weewoo
>>747575 He was really good at that, made me kek each time he hid the glass
pancake must be such an annoying bf
>>747593 as i was mostly paying attention to scammy i had no idea kek, but i noticed pancake being suspiciously sober at the end
(1.14 MB 720x1280 7611610.mp4)
>>747603 born to be a star
>>747595 pancake must be such a sweet loving and sexually generous husband
>>747603 I'm so happy he's getting fat again
>>747603 donghyeok and not donghyuck?
>>747611 it is the correct romanization tbh
mark's fan service is getting intense lately. *faps* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXiUNHTThos
(410.29 KB 1385x1583 FlcLg5RaUAYXdlq.jpeg)
fullslut abs. we made it.
>>747632 ew, we lost it
yay! we lost them! tired of him starving himself for them
all of 127 looks better ana that just the truth
>>747632 hnnnnnng
>>747628 he learned how to flirt recently it's fascinating to see
>>747635 i wouldn't mind ana 127 squad if they wore form-fitting clothes what's the point of skeletons clattering around on stage in ten layers of baggy fabric grim reaper looking asses
(474.75 KB 2048x1366 VA0UEAM_IEW.jpeg)
hottest abs i've ever seen
https://youtu.be/H5htLk6PBCI haechan freaking annoying attention whore *slaps*
>>747628 mark not knowing what a fraternity is, cute ..
(587.14 KB 720x720 qs_fVcoOG9sJbr1J.mp4)
fatty infringing on my property rights
>>747656 jarmin needs to bully him again
>>747656 how do dream support halfsun fucking hell i want to punch his face and its not even 1 minute into the video yet
>>747658 kek they’re like two middle schoolers
(42.32 KB 510x680 FljbSL1aMAMwjX7.jpg)
my husbando
a helpful nona in >>/ot/2053271 redirected me here - does anyone have a masterdoc of nctg links saved? I would like to browse old nctg threads through the wayback machine but finding numbers of the threads is painful
>>747676 we don't do that here
>>747676 i dont think anyone has archived them past what staff has already done and the google drive that had some of the user creations on it saved
>>747678 the threads are archived on wayback machine https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://choachan.cafe/kpop/res/*, i just need the numbers from the url to know which ones are which because otherwise it's a guessing game
>>747679 no one actively archived them so it's only random threads that are saved and most threads were never archived so no one here can actually help you do that, most of old nctg is lost to time
(450.67 KB 720x720 0dpTJCi3RAYmFZil.mp4)
he is feeling himself
(558.27 KB 720x720 SNIENbSZU2uCh2qv.mp4)
>>747681 obnoxious. he wouldn't stop hogging camera time or trying to show up in the background the whole time >>747682 *slaps*
>>747682 whore
(3.29 MB 496x496 471759521.gif)
ratto tard strength
>>747670 he is pure sex. his sexiness is effortless ratto for president
where’s his belly fat? this is so gross…
>>747690 *punches him* hate it
>>747689 very very based, amen
incheon is the youngest here. let that sink in
>>747697 was it a filler community meeting?
>>747697 all of them but pancake look so bloated
>>747690 >>747692 i was grossed out by him flaunting the effects of starvation but at least he's skinnyfat and soft
(353.47 KB 2048x1366 FlmY4qzaUAEOnFl.jpg)
not looking like midgets for once
>>747697 pancake and lonjin my husbandowives
>>747703 sheep only wearing the finest and thickest shoe lifts to fit in
(1.19 MB 4000x4000 FloT1HNagAA1_FA.jpg)
>>747719 there was a time mork had healthy hair...
>>747719 i love scam and i miss him
>>747719 scammy looking like he’s in the handmaid’s tale kekkk
(305.88 KB 1280x1280 FlicRD5aEAEuD8y.jpg)
my brotherhusbands
>>747727 10 10
>>747703 the space between gigi and the boys kekkkkk
>>747719 5 1 2 6 3 1 2 1 0 4
>>747719 baby mark was so cute and he grew up handsome, can’t say the same for the rest of dream
>>747752 ratto was awkwardly cute and now he's steaming hot
>>747752 fullslut was uglycute now he's uglyhot
>>747755 he was a cute boy and grew into a godtier visual
is anyone here actually watching the universe show
>>747766 No way they are all too fuggo, minus sungchan but even he is just meh
>>747767 oh and jeno is hot but not entertaining enough for me to watch
>>747766 hoyoung is the only one i'm interested in and lately he's been getting on my nerves so nope
>>747769 why is he getting on your nerves
i love eating jeno
>>747770 because he seems to be annoyed all the time and cold towards scammy
>>747766 i watched some clips where rookies were talking with 127 and the other where they did their smtown performance but the show itself seem to be too long and too boring for me
(3.56 MB 870x480 7mHvMlM4qLuacrso.mp4)
egg is seunghan's idol, i hope this means seunghan can actually sing
(6.00 MB 480x360 xpnfST9J0hUjYXak.mp4)
2022 hoscam
>>747772 i see, based and same
if even fullsun feels bad enough for scammy to laugh at his jokes and comfort him then hoyoung must be pretty cold
>>747778 fatty and scammy have the same mbti now - entp which is exactly opposite to hoyo's isfj kek
>>747779 heolkek hoyoung is sucking the feeling out of them
(90.58 KB 734x708 Flr2IXXaAAEWvst.jpg)
>>747766 fuck no we don’t care about those botched nugus
(1.03 MB 568x320 sh.mp4)
>>747783 fatty lovebombed scammy so much in the past. johnny clearly looked visibly uncomfortable with many of their interactions and how emotionally vulernable he was around the unstable scammy (hence him venting about scammy to the ssg, probably after a big fight). i bet johnny stepped in there, which is why they seem quite close now.
>>747787 it honestly sounds like scammy was a huge asshole when they were trainees
>>747787 lovebomb? fatty bullied scammy when he was a chubby 14yo
>”I’ve known him since his trainee days and all of these are true. He does have one shitty personality” scammy really had it tough at the beginning, i can’t imagine how tense it was with the other members when the stories and bullying allegations were at its peak
>>747802 was the quote from back when fatty talked to his sasaengs? i remember that. nice to see how they get along so well now, it's cute
>>747810 no this was from a former sm trainee named minwoo that came out in support of one of the middle school bullying accusers but it is almost verbatim the ssng quote. i think i remember scammy admitting to being cold to the other trainees because he would get attached to trainees and then they would leave but who really knows
>>747799 it was like that when they were trainees yes but close to debut fatty tried to make up for it i think and always kissed his ass. until scammy tried to sleep in his bed and then they had an awkward indifference for a while
>>747772 hoyoung is just hangry from starving himself
>>747811 that’s a shitty excuse to be COLD to someone. but also it’s possible the guy exaggerated because it was popular to dunk on scam at the time and i say this as a semi scammer hater
>>747834 that low life was just bitter and jealous because scammy was hard working, talented and gorgeous
>>747787 are you joking kek is there an nct member who fatty has not "lovebombed?" he is just clingy as fuck and craves attention from everyone. and in this clip fatty is actually just trying to advance himself in this fake hierarchy as hoyoung pointed out. their issues seem to be because they are so similar imo
>>747836 has he ever lovebombed bread tho?
>>747837 yes, whenever troonwoo or some girl of the night isn't there to warm his dick
oh no, fullslut is sick and having heart palpitations…i really hope he’s ok. he might have long covid
>>747842 heol this is terrible
(52.06 KB 1042x585 scamm.jpg)
https://youtu.be/tT_2B79rd3I the aura is baleful
>>747842 he’s not going to go on tour, sad but for the best
>>747842 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hope it's nothing too serious
>>747847 heol why did this kind of match what the nona upthread was saying about fatty and scammy >>747787
(53.19 KB 589x916 FlxyRWtaYAEwyLD.jpg)
>jisung-ah i’m getting off work now~~~~ please give me some dinner recommendations >eat some helium gas >you probably have to take in some air..
>>747861 jwi, rather than helium, my kitty would prefer your milk
>someone asked hendery to write his first impression of her and after carefully looking at her, he said he'll only say truthful words. then he slowly wrote down: "hair is a little dry" kek?
>>747863 autistic king
>>747863 hendery is vain as fuck he is constantly talking about good looking he is
>>747863 imagine going to a fansign for hendery
>>747861 is this a death threat
>>747866 wayv are doing in person fansigns with the whole group. also rude
>>747865 please understand it's all he's got going for him
>>747863 hulkek
so haechan did admit that his body out from being overworked it seems, i'm strongly feeling that mork needs like a week break at the very least soon before he's next
(96.81 KB 900x463 cAA2ZL8.jpeg)
scammy wasn't at the airport today
where is jarmin
>>747638 kekkk
>>747878 weird how they haven't announced anything about him. apparently he said he had the flu on bubble so maybe sm is waiting to see if it's covid or not
(156.73 KB 880x1200 Fl3-qAGacAIlu-e.jpg)
holy jesus
(79.00 KB 1170x318 yrgq49Y.png)
what did he mean by this
>>747903 it's their 7th year active. enlistment and solo activities will keep them away from each other (from a fan perspective)
>>747903 he is letting everyone know that it’s becoming harder to tolerate each other so not to expect much
>>747899 holy fucking fuck
>>747903 he’s about to jump ship and not resign his contract so he can go be an even bigger flop in nippon
>>747878 that's so weird. neither of them are my favorite member but i'd get a refund for a 127 concert without fullslut and scammy
i fucking hate nctzens we deserve everything bad that's happening to us
>>747769 i jumped ship and embraced the true best hyung a long time ago personally. he's too much of a bitch
>>747932 yuta is way more famous there than in korea
>>747934 it'll be mark, jn's abs, and bread's face hard carrying
>>747938 he is one drunk instagram live with hyde from losing his career
>>747939 >hard carrying >doesn't mention the two most talented members
>>747935 hul why so selfhating sis
>>747938 i might just be coping but i honestly think he's going to renew and was just talking about enlistment since he was speaking to taeil in that quote apparently
>>747946 i think he will renew too and i'm not coping cause i wish he would leave
>>747946 hul i hope not. sm will never let him become a thing, at least not before the koreans. and those may never make it. sabotage tbqh. also he is actually close to jaejoong which will influence him i believe >>747947 retarda
>>747948 you want him to leave yet you call me retarda for wanting the same
>>747947 >>747948 i fucking hate sm i wish he would too to be honest. idk i just think with the fact that nct is at peak popularity + sm giving him more japan promos + enlistment/solo stuff coming up that he'll stay a few more years. and this is assuming that they even do renewals next year with all the rumors about their contracts.
>>747947 yeah nuta is useless
>>747950 isn't there a legal 7-year limit to contracts since the tvxq debacle? so it's inevitable that renewals will be this year for the 2016 members
nuta have no reason to stay in sm if he had already made some friends and connections in jentertainment
>>747968 >friends kissing hydes feet isn't gonna pay his bills forever
(144.28 KB 1080x1079 sCagAU8rRd.jpg)
sm is cockblocking hoscam but they're still alive and thriving
(118.44 KB 1392x769 sCagAU8rR.jpg)
(4.24 MB 1280x720 OyCc4cFIOgsNX8Jx.mp4)
>>747971 >>747972 >i prepared the same room spray that i use
(1.80 MB 2731x4096 20230108_081150.jpg)
teaser pics spam
(2.36 MB 2731x4096 20230108_081152.jpg)
(1.69 MB 4096x2731 20230108_081155.jpg)
(1.67 MB 4096x2731 20230108_081157.jpg)
(1.82 MB 2731x4096 20230108_081335.jpg)
(1.45 MB 2730x4096 20230108_081336.jpg)
(1.43 MB 2731x4096 20230108_081338.jpg)
(1.37 MB 4096x2731 20230108_081340.jpg)
(1.47 MB 2729x4096 20230108_081504.jpg)
(2.48 MB 2731x4096 20230108_081505.jpg)
(1.63 MB 4096x2730 20230108_081507.jpg)
(2.76 MB 2731x4096 20230108_081509.jpg)
(2.49 MB 3749x2500 20230108_080627.jpg)
end spam
boring concept but at least they're hot
scammy hardmogging
>>747996 as always
(1.65 MB 1280x1280 image_2023-01-08_075000142.png)
the last thing you see before you die
just realized how similar scammy and johnny's fits are
>>747947 i honestly think so too. i can see him and sm getting into an agreement where he stays in japan 90% of the time and goes over once a year to do 127 related stuff. if he makes money for sm that's all they care about
>>747994 2 4 6 5 2 2 1 8 0
>>747990 >>747991 >>747992 giving gta vice city realness
(2.42 MB 720x1280 c7Pd3s-nSq4oC1wZ.mp4)
If WayV has million fans, then I'm one of them If WayV has one fan, then I'm THAT ONE If WayV has no fans, that means I'm dead
>>747954 rumor i've heard is that sm makes their idols sign a 7 year contract then immediately sign another 3 year one as a loophole. and iirc some of the members have mentioned their contracts ending at 10 years before
>>748007 god i hate that hobo sweater with a passion. knowing it's 1k usd pisses me off
(75.89 KB 675x900 Fl2oQHFaUAE8erU.jpeg)
hoyoung likes botched as fuck in his teasers
>>748015 looks* sorry i was so shocked
no more glitch mode in 2023 inshallah
>>748015 fr for a sec i thought it's that new japanese member
>>748013 kek cute
hoyoung is too much of a religious conformist. that's why he can't accept and acknowledge the gayness inside him and his love for scammy. that's also why he keeps getting unnecessary ps even though he has never been and he will never be handsome according to korean beauty standards
bread is so fucking cute wtf
>>748029 i hate this color on him
>>748030 i love it but maybe it’ll look better styled
>>747941 i didn't mention them because they won't be there....
mork deserves another solo song before being sent to superm. the first one was a waste of his rapping. scammy has a whole album.
>>748054 >sent to superm it's not a different country girl he can still have a solo song like a month after superm come back
>>748029 adorable nerd *mwah*
>127 doing the la speedstop, cnn interview and recording to us all on the same day aigo no wonder they got there so late
>>748029 australopithecus
(133.72 KB 896x1547 Fl_ftg9aAAA-Mur.jpg)
scammy on his way to chicago
>>748072 great. i knew i could trust sooman
(1.99 MB 1920x1080 Fl_Gp7fXwAIjGpp.png)
(320.16 KB 1080x1338 141426m.jpg)
i'm on my knees
>>748078 they're really cute with jaejae kek
(263.27 KB 1280x1280 FmB55zOaMAAaxfa.jpg)
wonk's new bubble profile pic
>>748083 you got games on your phone type of pic
(1.45 MB 2731x4096 FmCbL5EacAAzF85.jpg)
ballin big time and i say uh
(1.52 MB 4096x2731 FmCbL5DaUAERfzz.jpg)
(1.64 MB 2731x4096 FmCbL5IaYAA7xBh.jpg)
(1.57 MB 2731x4096 FmCbL5FaUAAGANF.jpg)
(2.04 MB 2731x4096 FmCbRa5acAAgDJH.jpg)
(1.17 MB 4096x2731 FmCbRbVaEAc7YfE.jpg)
i have to say i like the overall vibe of these teasers
(2.36 MB 2731x4096 FmCbRbpaUAEIsm8.jpg)
perhaps i am biased but i liked all pics posted so far. maybe it's because they're outside for once. i don't remember the last time they did that
(1.56 MB 4096x2731 FmCbRcFacAEruC1.jpg)
even their facial expressions seem different. i know hoyoung and johnny said they didn't like the song at first (which is a clear sign that it'll be a banger), but maybe they liked the concept
(1.56 MB 4096x2731 FmCbXTpaEAAQbJW.jpg)
i wish they'd talk about it a bit at least
(1.28 MB 2731x4096 FmCbXTxacAAM9-0.jpg)
even if they are massive tastelets. sad!
(1.50 MB 2731x4096 FmCbXURagAAXidM.jpg)
(1.39 MB 2731x4096 FmCbXUfakAc8UJC.jpg)
end of with one of my favorites so far
>>748087 wtf it's very suspicious that one of the most popular members is covering one eye (to show one all seeing eye) in the pic just as one half of his ship is away hmmm...
(97.57 KB 1097x1097 Fl_Ug3JagAElCbK.jpg)
>>748097 wdym the other half is right there
>>748097 >>748099 kekekek she's onto something, hoyoung did not smile even once during that live not because his muscles are paralyzed from all his injections but because his other half was away in korea
>>748090 i agree with you on these teasers, it's a very bright yet relaxed kind of vibe. i think for the seoul city version of sticka, they were outside but at night.
>>748103 clearly this means that if they're outside = the music is good
jyani not liking the song is all i need to know it's gonna be good
the funniest part of the last live was when mork quoted the truman show
>>748106 what he say
(957.12 KB 1280x720 HTCauaZhIy70R0eL.mp4)
>Chenle: Taeyongie hyung bought me a present earlier. A birthday present! Thank you so much and I'll use it well. I can't tell you what it is. It's a secret between Taeyong hyung and me. lolo and scammy gaybonding
(553.02 KB 720x720 8gicMJ0xZhSpCb21.mp4)
yuta telling mork to shut his ass up
(273.14 KB 720x720 LlAcLI6HcOvdY3We.mp4)
>>748110 he's like a parrot, loves to say dumbass shit (in english)
>>748109 it's a toupee
>>748105 they were talking about a bside and hoyoung was the one who didnt like it at first, jawnee has never disliked a song in his life
>>748116 mianhae i misunderstood. but hoyoung has oddly shit taste for someone with decent musical talent too so whatever
>>748111 it's odd how gay mork is behaving with this hag
(483.93 KB 2048x1536 FmClP_1aYAA56Vj.jpg)
freaking CUTE
>midwestern speech and debate kids in the 2010s remember the glenbrooks tournament when johnny suh was a policy debater… didn’t win a single round thank god he quit the team to be in nct daebak
>>748125 heol why expose this on the day of his chicago concert
>>748109 its got to be wine or sex related
(623.72 KB 1536x1536 l-hXwAEHUxw.jpeg)
did he cut his own hair?
(367.53 KB 1536x1536 TzXkAEOWbd.jpeg)
no comment
>>748129 >>748130 it should be illegal for gaypops to make themselves look worse when you have to pay to see them
>>748130 this is hideous, what the hell was he thinking? i mean nvm he obviously wasn’t
>>748129 looks better than before
>>748130 heol he's so botched
(463.91 KB 1536x2048 FmF0QZgaYAEzyOd.jpeg)
>>748129 he got the lonjin treatment
>>748136 nuta looks good
(826.06 KB 718x718 I2AwXHJLDWVp3ReT.mp4)
>>748108 just thought it was funny because it really must feel that way to mork sometimes, like he's the truman show
>>748136 scammy and taeil mogging
(621.35 KB 1536x2048 FmF0QZiaUAMZzyn.jpeg)
(233.00 KB 2048x1507 FmG5O5UaYAULh5b.jpg)
more midget content
>>748152 nice cant wait for another display of wonkas autism
>>748136 8 baddies 8 baddies 1 porsche
>>748152 so why haven't they gone to china
(1.46 MB 2731x4096 20230110_080033.jpg)
spam time
>>748158 girl they barely escaped the lockdown
(1.37 MB 4096x2731 20230110_080037.jpg)
(2.50 MB 2731x4096 20230110_080039.jpg)
(1.32 MB 2730x4096 20230110_080041.jpg)
(1.87 MB 2731x4096 20230110_080213.jpg)
(2.69 MB 2731x4096 20230110_080216.jpg)
(1.73 MB 2731x4096 20230110_080217.jpg)
(1.82 MB 4096x2731 20230110_080352.jpg)
>>748164 they had him put on half of a shirt what the fuck >>748165 *gnaws on his thighs*
(1.51 MB 4096x2731 20230110_080410.jpg)
(1.73 MB 4096x2731 20230110_080412.jpg)
(1.95 MB 2731x4096 20230110_080415.jpg)
(1.52 MB 4096x2731 20230110_080416.jpg)
and end spam
the styling could definetely be better but i like the pics overall. will buy the album eventually
the concept is so fucking boring like they didn't even try
i like the concept even if it's simple, i just wish the styling was better or at least stood out more than random items gathered from a goodwill
(18.54 KB 538x372 20220518_073518.jpg)
>these teasers i sleep
i like that the teasers use natural light. the bar is low.
>>748169 this dude just woke up
>>748170 >skinnysun >burgers and shakes why did they mean by this
>>748179 disgustingly hot and beautiful
there is nothing interesting about these photos. i dont expect over the top craziness with every cb but even if its more chill it doesnt have to be this generic and boring.
>>748182 fat boy summer
>>748186 finally
>>748129 heol thought it was pancake
(392.55 KB 1080x1080 1uaxoyX7ISGD8XoN.mp4)
i love my big husbando
ratto and felix have been playing games together uah
>>748133 girl no. and it exposes his awful hairline
>>748185 yeah the pics look cute but it feels like a summer album. i hope the song isn't boring even if its less experimental
>>748186 i'll make sure of it
>>748169 >>748170 >>748171 >>748172 this styling is so mediocre
kek jawnee’s classmates keep exposing him. a few years ago one of them said he was a prick too
>>748204 meh that person sounds jelly. johnny being part of a policy debate club shows hes a decent kid who tried hard at school.
>>748204 jawnee being a shitty debator means nothing, i coach debate and the kids are usually nervous wrecks but i appreciate that they try
“sun fucked boy”…interesting i’m using this over halfslut and fatty
>>748210 he's so hot
>>748211 >>748210 jesus christ how fucking ugly he is
>>748207 they’re not dragging him maliciously i think it’s just a joke
ay dios
i love him still
>>748216 >>748217 are we sure he's 28?
>>748219 remember men expire in early 20s
new dery quote just dropped >When I grow to be 180cm don’t ask me what I ate to get this tall. Others laugh at me for being strange, I laugh at others for not seeing the vision. Is the everlasting dream of growing taller not befitting of the 23 year old me? he's gaining self-awareness?
haechan says he's getting better so he may come back soon, he put emphasis on eating well
(105.99 KB 736x1104 perfectly round.JPG)
>>748225 >he put emphasis on eating well good. i hope he realises that he should never ever diet again
>>748225 fat fuck
(1.66 MB 4096x2731 20230111_082724.jpg)
mini spam
(1.77 MB 2731x4096 20230111_082728.jpg)
(2.08 MB 4096x2731 20230111_082739.jpg)
annndd that's it
>>748254 aw i like this pic, they all look cute smiling. except no one told taeil apparently. and hoyoung is on his thot shit as always.
>>748226 so excited to see him again, hope he’s put on at least 15 pounds
>>748258 we're never getting fatslut again nona
poor slutty fluctuating between heart issues from obesity and heart issues from anachanness
>>748256 >scammy main character >nuta clothes make him look obese >pancake lego man stance >jawnee >>748003 >fatslut not fat enough >bread solo posing >hoyoung tries too hard >markwoo cute but overall this pic is incoherent, messy, and boring 0/10
>>748210 that's kind of hot...
they gave them a california motel concept and they're still dressed for winter
(79.09 KB 750x1000 76543.jpg)
>>748269 kek he must have been so annoying back then imagine the sound of his voice
>>748254 they can't even fake their smiles convincingly
>>748254 fatty looks horrible here
>>748270 his voice must've haunted mork back then
(1000.83 KB 1280x720 wonkers.mp4)
for a handsome guy wonka just got a funny face that cracks me up every time
>>748278 kek he really does look like donkey
(6.50 MB 720x900 english lessons.mp4)
this was so cute
(110.46 KB 719x720 screenshot0004.jpg)
lolo first time home in 3 years
>>748285 >mork whispering "yes baby" i can't survive another yuta-obbar kind of audio... please god keep yumark sailing steady
>>748287 he says it right after yuta says sausage...
>>748285 when he’s not being obnoxious and raising his voice i find the way jawnee speaks so soothing
troonwoo luvs bread he needs to back up off my man though
(287.08 KB 828x716 w3K2uJI5PxXyLIRU.mp4)
>From the day you announced your suspension of activities until now, have you been drinking and hanging out with your girlfriend and a couple of girlfriends and serving as bodyguards for your girlfriends? Why are you answering the phone from your girlfriend's friend?
>>748291 what is this about nona
>>748292 nta but probably poocas
>>748293 sounds like fatty in the audio but context is needed
>>748292 >>748294 no idea what he did but yeah its about haechan
>Donghyuk-ah, why did you renew the contract if you’re going to be like this? Drink and hang out in Ilsan
ok so an egg account is claiming that he went to hang out with his girlfriend and younger sister at a bar at 2am on the 9th after saying he was sick and going somewhere on the ilsan highway at dawn on the 10th
honestly when they announced he was having heart palpitations my first thought was anxiety. he probably just wants a break
doesn’t feel like sm would allow him to sit out on a tour and promotions simply bc of anxiety or without medical proof tho
top kek there's a bunch of people stalking 127 around the us and it turns out sm put 127 in the same hotels they offer as a part of the global package and that's why people found out where they're staying quickly
>>748299 yeah and he's the type of person to maybe not follow medical advice to a t kek
>>748304 he's going to drink the palpations and stuffiness away
>>748297 it was a double date with his girlfriend, younger brother and the brother's girlfriend
>>748307 do you have screenshots
there’s nothing wrong with a 20 something going out drinking after a break from work. were his fans really expecting him to be napping in his moms house drinking tea get real >>748291 what’s he saying in the audio?
some girlie was calling either his brothers girlfriend or his girlfriends friend or someone he was hanging out with and he answered the phone to hang up on them but how did they get the number? that’s so scary. and why wouldn’t they just block the number, or do these ssngs clone phone numbers like scam callers from india? as crazy as i can be about gaypops i just would never put effort into trying to speak to his brothers girlfriend. it’s bizarre.
ok but is his gf ryujin
kroasties are annoying so long as he isn't visiting room salons or drunk driving who cares what he's doing with his time off
>>748315 i’m just glad he isn’t being a sex pest or driving drunk or buying weed. btw what’s the egg account name
>>748318 iminriver
>>748318 >buying weed that's what the rest of the group are doing in the US
>>748320 not with the girls following them
>>748316 no they broke up last year. ryujin changes bfs every year
>>748313 it was the brother's girlfriend that posted stories on her insta showing off irl she is hanging out in gangnam on a 2:2 date. then the sasaeng called and the brother replied haechan's phone
>>748325 yeah, that's why joy was pissed when she went after crush
fatty>>>>>>>>>>>>crush ryujin was right
>It's because of a personal schedule and my family is there, I would be thankful if we keep it safe at the airport. Don't get hurt and be careful !! Also, the people who followed us until our house in Thailand, it would be nice if you please stop poor ten ten
>babygirl finally came out of the closet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzQ8j9U6qOk&t=1516s but fr he really did seem to enjoy himself and it was fun seeing him not being awkward
>>748344 apparently they play online games together. another nshitty gamergate.
(40.30 KB 1024x692 FmO7Nl4XkAEM_mG.jpeg)
i actually like the styling but who at prada chose this picture kek his face looks like shit in it
>>748345 inchresting. how come it took so long for this to come out I feel like spec about them dating has been happening for ages now
>>748348 k-fans like to keep rumors like that between themselves
>>748347 ghoul
>>748344 it’s so easy for companies to deny dating rumors now because news outlets like dispatch don’t care so they don’t have pictures and solid evidence, now they can get away with denial even when the egg accounts start popping out
(186.19 KB 1152x2048 FfriLl2UoAAcgSJ.jpg)
so is it her, somi, seulgi, boa, zayson or hoyo? scammy got closer with fullslut and became such a slut himself
scammy is gay
>>748354 zayson is the only believable one
>>748359 >>748360 i can't see anything straight about him either but you never know
>>748359 he complimented a fan and interviewer in burgerland, but not sure if either was meant to be flirty. i dont think i've seen him thirst that hard over a woman in public
>>748367 video
>>748354 we found nct's town bicycle at last
>>748368 at the end (2:19) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Lt6v0XWZGo the attached video he calls a fan beautiful but in the gayest way possible (yas queen) kek
>you guys miss haechan, right? baby haechan gonna be alright kek scammy we know he's alright
>>748370 >you’re from canada? your english is awesome kek wtf does she think they speak canadianese
>>748344 good for him if true
>>748354 who is this? she looks like the girl who left fromis. and he is fucking zayson of course, hoyo would never give him the time of the day even if he was heartbroken and sexually frustrated
>>748373 what are you trying to imply
>>748382 ignore my question i didn't read newspaper
scammy is extremely beautiful but i can't feel sexually attracted to him because he's also so obviously gay
>>748347 jeffrey
>>748347 his legs look silly
>tmi: i threw up when drinking with the members and cleaned it up by myself poor kun
>>748391 staging an intervention
>>748391 well actually it is clear that when he throw up he has to clean it alone
>>748391 hitting daebak as an alcoholic
>>748391 >cleaned it up by himself there's something sad about this but good on him for cleaning it i guess
>>748413 that's every male korean idol (and some of the women too probably)
(247.76 KB 1440x1800 nct_dream-20230113-0003.jpg)
finally showed his face on instagram
>>748429 luscious lips
>>748391 he's training for when i give him morning sickness
(297.50 KB 1440x1800 nct_dream-20230113-0002.jpg)
freaking cute
(145.86 KB 900x1200 mVsKd5aYAAn00A.jpg)
>>748443 he's so perfect i want him in my life
does anyone know any other idols who referenced the taeyang yeorobun meme? bc so far ive seen jawnee and blackpink reference it and it makes wonder if jawnee is close to them, especially jisoo bc they both referenced the bonjour part kek
>>748445 scammy is close to seulgi and seulgi is close to jisoo so they could be friends
>>748445 didn't rose's private instagram account got found and she followed a couple nct members? hoyoung and johnny iirc
>>748429 when is he getting his nose fixed
>>748448 i dont know about that but its funny jawnee seems to be getting a saint laurent deal which is roses brand
(67.41 KB 539x818 fu.jpg)
(1.45 MB 720x1280 3Hud6rLubD1sM79W.mp4)
johnny and rose couple reveal in 2023
>>748291 i'm still trying to figure out what fatty is saying here, don't some of you speak korean
>>748452 literally nothing
why cant nct finally have official dating rumors im so tired and poocas doesnt count. 22 members 7 years into their career, it doesnt make sense. other sm bgs had dating scandals by now
>>748454 same, i have shitty listening skills so i can't fully get what the girlie is saying beyond hello but i think fullsun says >여보세요? 아 저 누군지 모르네, 고소할게요. 끊어요! >hello? i don't know who this is, i'll sue/report you. bye! of course it could be wrong kek
>>748456 they do, sm just doesn't confirm them anymore if there isn't picture proof. jarmin, jeno, fullslut never got denied. sm did deny scammy rumors
chonlo is in china with his family, jwi went to japan with his, mork is touring in us, sun fucked boy is resting and hanging out with his brother/gf, lunchin & jarmin went to thailand, but jeno apparently hasn’t gone to visit his family at all during this vacation which is interesting to me. one time it was chuseok and i remember that he was apparently the only korean member that stayed at the dorm. i wonder what his family is like. i heard they’re religious and he admit that he’s atheist after growing up catholic
>>748458 heol so jeno x mina was/is real
is it true the brazil tix are selling really bad? even in that small venue?
>>748454 >hello? no tell oppa to take the phone >hello? i don't know who you are, i'll report you, hanging up
>>748463 from what i heard 19/20 are sold out but there's still 18th dates open it's on a wednesday and they announced it a month before. i did not expect them to fill all seats at all
>>748465 *18th tickets avaliable
i'm pissed because some blogger faggot said it's 50% off now but no one was able to, if i knew that was gonna happen i wouldn't have seethed so much last month kek
>>748465 i looked up the seat plan and its really not that bad. with the way people were talking i thought half the venue is empty which is not the case at all
>>748459 we don't care about jeno
>>748459 that’s interesting, i think he’s close to his sister though so hopefully he has at least someone if there is a rift
i got bullied for calling lonjin lung and you guys are letting someone say lunchin freely
>>748464 thank you sis. his brother's gf is really careless
>>748254 >>748255 >>748256 stylist unnie deserves her pay docked
>>748473 it's an obbar akshully
>>748469 shutup fag i do
the vibes are sexual
>>748471 you both are wrong it's birdbones
is the part about fullslut's girlfriend being there true or was it just his brother's?
>>748479 i just hope it's ryujin
>>748476 more like hate
(167.92 KB 692x1199 Fmau78JagAAgySj.jpg)
(639.10 KB 720x720 markhyuck.mp4)
>>748485 there is truly no other pair like them in kpop
>>748486 his tattoos are so ugly
now kun…
>>748486 nothing to see here
>>748497 aigoo
>>748459 i feel bad for mork, he deserves a rest too..
>>748472 how so? she’s being harassed because she’s dating some guy who’s brother has stalker fans
(57.22 KB 753x644 cqMC4acAAlaVe.jpg)
ratto has the most beautiful voice i've ever heard
is kun an alcaholic
i hate him. i hate him so much.
pissboy has the best personality in nshitty
pissboy doesn’t have a personality. he’s good for nothing but piss
>>748540 he has an amazing personality, he could be my friend
>>748537 yes and he's definitely not the only one
>>748544 once again based jarmin kek
pissboy is a type a perfectionist and it's very based of him nct needs one of those types
>>748550 i ignored his existence for years but now i'm watching all the content with him and he's in my top 7
>>748554 >all the content with him 3 whole videos
yumark sisters we rise
>>748555 t. stuck in 2020
>>748555 he has a lot but most of it is with shitaro
>>748544 fullslut is so dumb
scammy managed to overcome his internalized homophobia more than 10 years ago so why can't hoyo?
>>748589 bc he’s a christian
(1.12 MB 4096x2731 FmhVAeSaMAAoUGX.jpg)
teasers so boring no one wants to spam them
(1.24 MB 2731x4096 FmhXCoYaMAYDnF9.jpg)
(but i will)
(1.00 MB 2731x4096 FmhXCoYaMAESVw3.jpg)
(703.00 KB 2731x4096 FmhXCoZaUAAg9jR.jpg)
(786.91 KB 2731x4096 FmhXCoYaYAQ66iQ.jpg)
(997.71 KB 2731x4096 FmhXHhYaEAMpa0d.jpg)
(757.08 KB 2731x4096 FmhXHhiacAIFLiE.jpg)
(1.08 MB 2732x4096 FmhXHhiaAAAb1cl.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2731x4096 FmhXHiAaAAApikQ.jpg)
(732.63 KB 2730x4096 FmhXMwWaAAA8NwF.jpg)
(934.85 KB 2731x4096 FmhXMwbagAMkEKs.jpg)
(1.38 MB 2731x4096 FmhXMwkaMAAPyTt.jpg)
(2.68 MB 2716x4096 FmhXMxHaEAEQhcV.jpg)
end of
>>748604 this is literally just an abandon empty building that isnt even spooky ay caramba so lame
dispatch photoshoot realness
>>748604 thank god they look sexy
>>748621 kek too accurate
>>748604 this shit looks so cheap…where is their budget kek. they said they did a random photoshoot in la (the teasers by the pool) and now they’re using those as teasers
>>748621 kek i have seen identical photoshoots from dispatch, including the photos they shot in la
>>748630 they could spin these sets into something interesting with the right photographer, unfortunately the problem isn't budget but lack of artistic vision
(853.96 KB 1456x1080 rVhbGwklDO8Zmjmk.mp4)
me next
would you let mark design your wedding dress unnies?
>>748640 on one hand yes because i don't care about weddings on the other hand no because getting married to mork probably means he wants a fancy wedding in a church. if we were just going to the judge then having a party some while after, my ideal, yeah i would wear whatever mork's little mind dreams up. it would be memorable. (as long as he lets me dress him, too.) if he wants to get married christian style, the likely reality, i will flee dramatically while the designs for the wedding dress flutter and swirl in the winds.
(93.50 KB 1169x981 Fmin5IiX0AsIwOE.jpg)
>>748647 *points and laughs*
(85.49 KB 1125x831 i0DdwaAAAzwZr.jpg)
>>748647 are the tattoos real?
>>748653 omo yutae real in south america
>>748647 cute tummy
>>748644 kek i love your imagination nonnie
>>748647 All these years and this man can't bulk up to save his life
>>748664 not can't, won't.
>>748640 loyal to ratto but i wish i was the lucky girl
>>748666 ratto would be an even better partner
(436.39 KB 720x1280 Mj6fSvE_VwywqZVH.mp4)
poor scammy
(285.29 KB 2048x1364 FieUs0-aYAETeAE.jpeg)
>>748640 >for my girl its over...
their stage director told him this…she knows something. she told everyone else to imagine going out with a girl but troonwoo is such a fag that she told him to imagine his favorite food
>>748680 halfslut is so fucking hot
(982.70 KB 2731x4096 20230116_080322.jpg)
spam time
(1.37 MB 2732x4096 20230116_080324.jpg)
(1.05 MB 2731x4096 20230116_080326.jpg)
>>748680 based rino calling him out
(1.05 MB 2731x4096 20230116_080329.jpg)
(1.10 MB 2731x4096 20230116_080338.jpg)
(1.13 MB 2731x4096 20230116_080340.jpg)
(1006.72 KB 2731x4096 20230116_080341.jpg)
(1.10 MB 4096x2731 20230116_080344.jpg)
(1.10 MB 2733x4096 20230116_080353.jpg)
(976.40 KB 2733x4096 20230116_080355.jpg)
(1.30 MB 2731x4096 20230116_080356.jpg)
(1.01 MB 2731x4096 20230116_080358.jpg)
end spam
>>748688 >>748696 >>748697 good thing they're sexy
>>748698 same fit as nuta's but in leather kek
posted this on dst yesterday but figured i'd put it here too: >NCT 127’s new song ‘Ay-Yo’ is a hip-hop dance song! NCT 127 talk about the sustainable future in NCT ​​127’s style!
hello and apologies for disturbing your general but i am currently trying to get into nct and i need help: where do i start? kek there's a lot of content and i'm wondering if there's anything you guys recommend to watch to get to know them better
>>748706 so will they just copy this and call it a day? https://youtu.be/zKCrSN9oXgQ
>>748710 i'd recommend watching some videos off of the nct daily channel(it's inactive now) like awsaz (awkward but it's ok), welcome to sun&moon, and videos from resonance era (nct2020). also the 24hr relay cams for all of the members. >for nct 127: you can watch johnny's communicate center, nct 127 hit the states, the stick together series, fill it up series, and the late night punch show >for dream: chenji's this and that, dream vs dream, 7llin' in the dream, 7llin' in our youth, and mental camp. >for wayv: the dream launch series ( i think it's called dream plan), way-variety videos, and winformation. >on the main nct channel: master moon chef, the nct show in the nct universe, what's up sungsho, the newer jcc, chenji and awsaz videos. but really, take your time and start wherever you like. i'm sure other nonas will chime in
>>748713 thank you so much! i will check all of this out and perhaps become a new regular in here thanks to you kek
>>748710 >>748713 seconding the recs, especially the relay cams if you're still not that familiar with all the members for 127 i'd also recommend brooklyn boys, and i guess you can watch some weekly idol episodes since those include some basic profile introduction for each member iirc +focus on chenji's this and that bc we need more jwifags
(285.84 KB 380x680 just some guy.png)
me at the family reunion minding my business
who is the funniest nct unit? to get into first
(435.48 KB 2048x1536 Eqoq_blVoAIvFSu.jpg)
>>748721 the psycho unit ofc
>>748724 kek esem was genius for this if you think about it
>>748721 i personally find dream the funniest but that might just be me being a fag
dream are sea underagefag humor 127 are highbrow humor wayb are cringe humor on the surface but when you dig deeper they are funny in a cosmic joke once-in-a-lifetime mysteric hysteric kind of way
wayv are funny in an always sunny in philadelphia kind of way
>>748721 for me it's 127 because they don't have an agenda
127 are funny in a nathan fielder kind of way
>>748728 kun as frank ten as dee 2win as dennis xj as mac dery as charlie
(183.19 KB 1334x1701 5mWAAE5SQY.jpeg)
>>748726 dream's humor is harder to get into because they have a lot of history and inside jokes
>>748734 127 have at least as many inside jokes as dream
(1.30 MB 404x346 temp.mp4)
dery having a screeching meltdown trying out vr in the trainee days
>>748737 didn't know wonka was canadian
>>748737 this is ableism
(899.38 KB 2731x4096 20230117_080946.jpg)
spam time
(965.08 KB 2731x4096 20230117_080948.jpg)
(882.04 KB 2732x4096 20230117_080951.jpg)
(1.08 MB 2731x4096 20230117_080952.jpg)
(2.48 MB 3000x2000 20230117_081134.jpg)
(648.29 KB 2730x4096 20230117_081135.jpg)
kinda kino
(1.16 MB 2732x4096 20230117_081137.jpg)
(1.17 MB 2729x4096 20230117_081139.jpg)
(831.55 KB 2731x4096 20230117_081308.jpg)
(781.31 KB 2730x4096 20230117_081310.jpg)
(1.09 MB 2734x4096 20230117_081312.jpg)
(1014.99 KB 2731x4096 20230117_081314.jpg)
and end spam
>>748750 thinslut
>>748745 thingken of jaejoong...
>>748746 >>748750 they really just dragged a bench and a stool to some low tier studio, took pics on a corner and called it a day
(4.17 MB 1080x1920 4171317.mp4)
leave him alone you whore
>>748744 thank kwangya he’s hiding that chin
>>748758 ratto i worship you
>>748756 someone noticed that it was like one photographer and camera with nothing else when they did a close up on scammy's eye i think. they had a stool and a dream
(333.33 KB 1364x2048 tnSqGtX.jpeg)
>>748802 long bangs are doing him disservice, it brings too much attention to his honker and skews with face proportions
(135.45 KB 1080x1350 sZXu9XS.jpeg)
>>748803 his side profile is a jumpscare
>>748802 me just out of the shower
>>748802 the midface on this mf...twink death is so real
why is dream so much more popular than 127 in korea/sea/china?
(831.19 KB 2731x4096 20230118_082109.jpg)
mini spam
(801.93 KB 2731x4096 20230118_082112.jpg)
(904.40 KB 4096x2731 20230118_082118.jpg)
and end spam
>>748815 because they have no taste unless they're rattofags
(99.89 KB 1082x609 muLdWlXgAApssq.jpg)
>>748820 is this from the roblox concert announcement
>>748818 this is awful and we already know this repack is gonna flop even harder than 2 faggies
>>748823 apparently sm didn't rent any equipment, all shots were taken using natural lighting
>>748821 yes and they look so happy and excited
>>748823 scammy said it's the best repack they've ever had which means it'll flop like 2baddies
if they wanted to do the whole sustainability concept with no equipment or anything like that, they could've had them take pictures of themselves or other members. it would add a personal touch the album like how dream decorated their own cds and digipak covers. you could also have a majority of the pictures shot outside or other environments. have the styling be whatever is in their closet, nothing black and white or boring. idk, it just feels like there was a more creative and visually interesting way to go about this.
despite the shitty teasers, they have more engagement than 2baddies teasers so looks like their fandom grew a lot since then
>>748829 samefagging, every member reaching more than 100k likes, mork and fullslut getting 200k likes which is more than for candy teasers. something shifted
idc about the teasers if the mv is good. usually sm puts in more effort in concept teasers than the mv
>>748831 could be that people were excited for the repack finally happening, it's been like four months since 2 baddies released. also them being on tour could be another aspect as well.
>the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear lolo are you trying to say daegel is fat cause you're wrong
>>748815 chinese like them bc they have multiple chinese members and released chinese versions of songs. a bunch of dream members were on mickey mouse club so they had many fans in korea/sea before their debut. also less "experimental" TTs than 127 and the youth pandering
>>748828 this is actually a great idea nona, if only esem wasn’t so useless and lazy. i hope they steal your idea no offense
(1.61 MB 2730x4096 20230118_121610.jpg)
just realized i missed two pics
(1.49 MB 2729x4096 20230118_121613.jpg)
(96.17 KB 828x828 FmMFT32aUAILtWe.jpg)
>>748834 being tsun again
>>748815 you know why
>>748836 >chinese like them bc they have multiple chinese members and released chinese versions of songs and yet wayv is flop city in china
>>748866 idk what sm sabotaging wayv has to do with dream's popularity in china....
neomu gwiyeoweo~
scammy posting hoyo on his stories while hoyo posted some other guy with a caption 'world best cute guy'...
(140.87 KB 960x1360 SsaAA83bwe.jpeg)
(183.19 KB 1362x2048 XaAAArjrR.jpeg)
piss would be so fine if he wasn't an anachan
dream won a daesang kek looks like their fans' truck last year worked
(1.68 MB 3000x3000 20230119_080715.jpg)
Ay-Yo album details (a version)
(1.53 MB 3000x3000 20230119_080733.jpg)
Ay-Yo album details ( b version)
>>748878 ratto my king >>748882 gross needs to close his legs i can smell that chode from here
i like the white ver. photos better but the pink ver. mogs
>>748866 nobody cares about wayv
>>748887 >ratto my king how can one be so perfect
(165.54 KB 1200x960 Fm2BB4_aYAAVS05.jpg)
omo jwi is gonna get sexier this year…
(126.04 KB 783x1200 EZ3aMAAj-xG.jpg)
>>748892 fuck he needs to work out and eat a lot i don't want him to lose any weight
(608.45 KB 720x720 9nTQNNesVhZEArtI.mp4)
can esem stop rigging daesangs for deulim they just end up looking like retards on stage
>>748907 >t. bitter 127fag
>>748907 get over it. they're the new bts of korea.
>>748907 you care
(2.46 MB 1080x1350 5-84V0En3XohRqwd.mp4)
>>748911 fight me
>>748908 im actually a massive dreamfag and the ratto fanatic itt anyways brazil turned scammy into a stripper enjoy the chipotle tattoos
>>748913 christ, this anachan is spiralling
>>748913 can sm please get him a psychiatrist
i just know 127 are gonna look hot in the new mv
>>748913 he's hyunamaxxing
>>748913 people are comparing his tattooed body to his old room with all the scribbles
>>748891 harem
(13.14 KB 313x371 WaMAYxgbv.jpeg)
scammy has a new tattoo
>>748922 bruhhhh
(59.36 KB 1012x671 YMeXoAcf7-H.jpeg)
someone needs to stage an intervention for scammy hes embarassing to watch
does anynona know how jwi and felix from skiz know each other bc they have been playing lol together recently according to dc
>>748940 you've got less braincells than jwi if you can't piece it together at this point
>>748942 everyone has less braincells than jwi
>>748945 they've performed multiple times together before and have a close friend in common, it's not a mystery
>>748949 why cant he befriend someone his age
>>748956 felix is pretty much his age
>>748931 kekkkkk
>>748956 leave him alone
>>748956 2 years is not a huge age gap
>>748940 they shook hands once like 2 years ago since when are they friends
>>748940 who/what is dc?
bread and scammy have one sided crushes on pinkblack members
>>748985 dc inside gallery, its a korean internet forum
>>748998 why do beautiful people scribble all over their bodies like this
i wonder what fullslut is doing right now
>>748999 >beautiful people
>>748680 doyoung got to imagine being cucked by renjun which was very based
>>748680 someone got in a fancall with troon showing boba and he kept giggling and blushing so he probably is bi and femme. the vid is deleted but the twt user was urmyzeus if you wanna look.
>>749005 well what are we supposed to look at if the video was deleted
>>749000 eating
some reactions to the vid. u can find more if you search jungwoo boob on twitter.
(2.27 MB 1272x720 LHz9jfU9Zg6q59Sh.mp4)
speaking of beautiful people getting tattoos, ratto said he might get some small ones someday
>>749009 NOOOOOOO
>>749005 when he kept glancing and smiling at op's chest? it was weird
>>749008 weewoo straight is not news, he figured out fujobaiting as a way to get popular soon after debut
>>749007 I'm mentally ready for him to come back more ana than ever just to keep kfags happy
(1.89 MB 576x1024 -bbXTtO3yrru-v99.mp4)
so is scammy straight too?
>>749018 with the face he made, no
>>749018 he has always been
troon straight scammy bislut
>>749000 cradling his bloated tummy after his 5th binge of the day
>>749022 hnnnggg
mork stockholm syndrome into liking haechan
dang weewoo was devastated for real when no one picked him to share a bedroom in that show with the rookies
>>749056 they all heard the rumors
>>749061 why wouldn't they want their own dorm whore
(124.63 KB 719x1477 FnEXYLaaYAASUbc.jpg)
(574.64 KB 720x1280 yoZx6zkkyIcVwr22.mp4)
127 makeup artist myrtilleberry is so pretty i wonder if she is dating one of them
>>749123 according to weibo she is a former eggsol but isnt dating anyone in nshitty yet but wouldnt mind and being pretty works in her favor
>>749124 >previous eggfag huh so someone boring but can sing and kinda uggo...
(57.45 KB 810x1072 FnISpSvakAEReyw.jpg)
bread if you’re reading this pls kiss me jwi won’t see us
>>749140 hoscam hoscamming
127 perform limitless in my living room pleeeease
(126.55 KB 1080x1350 evil slut.jpg)
evil slut
>>749166 good slut
(47.42 KB 828x788 FnNlPeQWAAAcwai.jpeg)
evil fullslut
>>749168 he's finally lost it
>>749172 damn he has a vag
(164.62 KB 1078x1791 FnPQwVVaYAEISaT.jpeg)
>>749185 ok this got me kek
(3.70 MB 1280x720 hmau1LbnBJ9l9iEG.mp4)
>>749168 haechan doing his bratty tantrum over not being fed
>>749135 eggsol is just the twitterfag ratmy way to call exols
(236.02 KB 1169x1904 FnPcZCTaAAAsr-y.jpeg)
>>749203 his next tattoo
>>749204 kek it does look exactly like his other tattoos
(1.81 MB 2160x2880 225803.jpg)
based ratto
>>749185 Topkek scammy is so ocd
>>749214 unbased
>>749214 unbased but he had a right to say that after all those times fatty told him to open his eyes
pissboy is our last hope
>>749219 pissboy is always fucking based
>>749214 good job ratto he's ana now
>>749219 reading poems out loud, sending long heartfelt handwritten notes on bubble... he's too good for nshitty
(259.70 KB 1152x2048 FnQxdFcaAAA7NAN.jpeg)
they were doing shots at brunch for content kek
>>749228 have they filmed any sober content in the past year?
>>749229 being drunk is a part of their brand now
>>749216 >>749217 >unbased its actually super based
>>749231 fatty is an annoying bully so it's good that ratto can stand up for himself
>>749228 weewoo is completely out of it, he has the same expression in every single pic
(1.72 MB 320x438 shots.mp4)
>>749236 drunct
he’s such a manlet and his looks are below average what possessed him to become an idol and not just a singer
>>749240 who is this 12 year old
>>749240 he was below average before surgery i give you that, but not now. just remember what country he his from
>>749240 he looks to be 5 ft tall
>>749240 No way he's 5'7", he's probably height frauding kek
>>749244 sm always adds a couple inches to their heights, rarely are they actually their written height
>>749244 this lady says she’s 5’4 so yeah
>>749249 12 2 4
>>749240 he's so cute
>>749248 this means that haechan cant be any taller than 5'7...
>>749248 kek she said he’s about 5’5. his shoes are adding height so he’s 5’4 confirmed
>>749240 the pants and the angle make him look shorter but he’s not taller than 1.67 for sure
>>749255 Changbin tier kek
>>749250 this but the other way around
>>749249 my manlet harem with whom i travel in a very convenient fashion
(72.13 KB 320x568 76762381723.mp4)
>girlies in bogotá chanting poocas' name at the 127 concert aigoo...
>>749273 how does one live life being this obnoxious
(65.00 KB 800x800 him.jpg)
(1.10 MB 3264x2448 IMG_8772.JPG)
today we miss long hair pancake
>>749273 ewwww
>>749273 am i crazy? i cant hear it
>>749283 mork can really toss it back
>>749275 how does he still have so much hair on his head
(39.06 KB 828x467 FnXWs7UaYAAFVKK.jpeg)
fatsun will return in time for dream's concert just to get bullied by them again
(62.63 KB 1125x1125 aAAUvgOr.jpeg)
the most beautiful man ever
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJeuyJfxw10 reminds me of the limitless mv, im excited if the whole album has this vibe including the tt
(1.04 MB 720x1280 WAp1dfk0e3gbfquU.mp4)
>>749295 i love it......
>>749297 he's so perfect
>>749295 i love it too but everyone and their freaking mother is doing a 90s/y2k concept nowadays
>>749295 visually its like lighter and less edgy version of limitless but because similar concepts have been done a lot lately it doesnt hit even in the slightes
>>749295 Pretty good, now I'm excited
>>749300 honestly it wouldve been perfect in 2020 when they did 90s love
>>749301 apparently the same director did limitless and dj mvs
(531.64 KB 664x392 ay-yo.mp4)
posted this on dst but i'll post it here too, a brief snippet of ay-yo
>>749314 sounds promising
>>749314 Sounds like shit, I'm excited
>>749314 sounds good i'm excited
>>749314 kek their teasers always consist of some clusterfuck instrumental and then them yelling a random fucking word or sentence all together at the end
(353.32 KB 1367x2048 FnddDcYaIAA5emH.jpeg)
what a man
(295.46 KB 1366x2048 FndcZyTaEAESGHw.jpeg)
where are they going?
>>749328 so exactly how tall is lonjin
>>749329 probably 162-165
>>749328 music show in malaysia with gayv
(2.17 MB 4032x3024 FdaZNd6acAE7p1L.jpg)
the happiest day to the best and brightest, most talented, goat neo culture technologists, urichil. inshallah i will see them again with a full lineup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tvg-S85ebk
>>749335 Ok this was good now I'm excited
>>749328 exactly 5’2
(81.04 KB 800x1200 20230127_082415.jpg)
big spam incoming
(153.47 KB 800x1200 20230127_082417.jpg)
(90.67 KB 800x1200 20230127_082419.jpg)
(82.52 KB 800x1200 20230127_082420.jpg)
(141.88 KB 1200x800 20230127_082424.jpg)
(86.94 KB 800x1200 20230127_082426.jpg)
(128.78 KB 800x1200 20230127_082428.jpg)
(57.91 KB 800x1200 20230127_082429.jpg)
(93.39 KB 1200x800 20230127_082434.jpg)
(127.04 KB 800x1200 20230127_082436.jpg)
(120.85 KB 800x1200 20230127_082437.jpg)
(89.29 KB 800x1200 20230127_082439.jpg)
dressed like a jedi
(56.27 KB 800x1200 20230127_082443.jpg)
(84.37 KB 800x1200 20230127_082445.jpg)
(64.09 KB 800x1200 20230127_082446.jpg)
(96.06 KB 800x1200 20230127_082448.jpg)
(99.33 KB 800x1200 20230127_082453.jpg)
(81.86 KB 800x1200 20230127_082454.jpg)
(116.58 KB 800x1200 20230127_082456.jpg)
(105.28 KB 800x1200 20230127_082458.jpg)
(98.86 KB 800x1200 20230127_082501.jpg)
(108.99 KB 800x1200 20230127_082503.jpg)
(92.72 KB 800x1200 20230127_082505.jpg)
(78.07 KB 800x1200 20230127_082506.jpg)
(117.16 KB 800x1200 20230127_082510.jpg)
(177.05 KB 800x1200 20230127_082512.jpg)
(113.10 KB 800x1200 20230127_082514.jpg)
(107.78 KB 800x1200 20230127_082516.jpg)
(86.72 KB 800x1200 20230127_082520.jpg)
(104.86 KB 800x1199 20230127_082522.jpg)
(87.32 KB 800x1200 20230127_082524.jpg)
(54.35 KB 800x1200 20230127_082525.jpg)
(71.73 KB 800x1200 20230127_082638.jpg)
(69.70 KB 800x1199 20230127_082640.jpg)
(83.98 KB 800x1200 20230127_082641.jpg)
(62.60 KB 800x1200 20230127_082643.jpg)
and end spam. don't know what to think about these pics. it reminds me of a weird combination of 2 baddies, misfit and favorite.
>>749361 Spoiler this shit
>>749357 kekk what is this
>>749368 Fucking OMO
>>749351 i must have sex with him.
>>749346 I must have sex with this hag
>>749385 sadly he likes men
>>749386 he doesnt
>>749335 0 0 3 1 0 -100000000 5 1 7
>>749335 3 5 10 4 2 0 2 4 7


no cookies?