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stray kids general #11 Anonymous 11/10/2022 (Thu) 04:24:11 No. 743157
merry mahagrid edition
(384.78 KB 960x720 hjpU7jz999ywoPvo.mp4)
first for my innie bf
(674.19 KB 1330x2048 FhG4MGIVUAAQTys.jpg)
(963.69 KB 964x995 real.png)
thread 11 for month 11
we registering for the official fanclub sisters
(2.75 MB 4096x2730 FhLCStTaMAEPcTm.jpeg)
>>743163 yessss because i want the skz record, photobook and the photocards! im interested to see how the seasons greetings will look too since the fanclub has such a festive aesthetic
(413.57 KB 1360x2041 FhLTp5QaYAIXR6B.jpeg)
real and true and right
>>743166 yuri looking stiff
first for wife
(228.21 KB 1097x1691 FhLfllDacAM5Gw6.jpg)
mi bebe
(350.29 KB 2048x1152 FhLWhlqUcAAb3XG.jpg)
where are they going
>The group "Stray Kids" left Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 10th to attend KBS' "Music Bank in Chile" in Santiago, Chile what
>>743171 sa they messed up the headlines theyre going to jakarta
(2.03 MB 2048x1394 skzmas.jpg)
idk how you girls actually posted and sped through that last thread while i was asleep but i have no use for this anymore kek, merry skzmas season <3 (kind of shitty edit but i thought i'd have a few more days till it was needed heh)
>>743175 kek i love it nona, the pipi in the bg
>>743175 we'll speed through this one so you can use that picture for our skzg december edition
backreading last thread and ot8 archivesis you are a queen actually and selling yourself short in importance >>743178 aw no worries at all if we don't use it, but i'll try to be more active here anyway since general posting more has been a goal of mine
so the only thing that is yet to come is skzflix, but ive heard that it may have been the halloween special
>>743181 i saw some hoping it's a documentary, we have a month and a half left to find out... also idk how they would rerelease costumed halloween content without making it obvious or if that would be seen as disrespectful
(3.41 MB 480x600 -kw6p1SMWwNJW90Z.mp4)
i cant wait for christmas stages and end of year award shows
(196.33 KB 1064x1524 FhMcXO5aUAAliUw.jpeg)
starriver round 2
(958.16 KB 1080x1920 FdjRT8nVQAAvVQe.jpg)
>>743183 because thats the period they dress seungmin as a prince
>>743187 me too*
>>743170 eww those pant breaks
(1.35 MB 3089x2048 FhL8QbLacAE-IVV.jpg)
>>743189 wtf is a pant breaks
>>743191 Pant or trouser “break” refers to the fold in the fabric that occurs at the bottom of the pant leg as it rests on the shoe. This fold “breaks” the clean line of the trouser drape, hence the name.
(278.04 KB 2048x1328 FhLlXoyVsAEiAHm.jpeg)
*replaces the overpriced applecuck evidence on his neck with my WH-1000XM4s and gives catwife a peck on the bucket hat*
they have 2 jakarta concerts on 12 and 13 then the next is february 2 and 3 2023 in bangkok kek this tour is really loose
>on the plane seungmin watched "the witch part 2" and jeongin watched notting hill! jeongin said he likes the song 'she' and found out it was from notting hill so watched the movie
feel like skz used to do many more songs genres before golive, now almost everything is thrown under the signature noise trap-hiphop-edm sound and the rest falls under mellow ballads or r&b. of course there are exceptions
(2.79 MB 720x1280 3f7VP37083f3U389.mp4)
manlets manletting
>>743208 giving zero fucks
>>743200 like felix's eyes
>>743206 if you mean individual songs feeling more like meshes of different genres before where now on a whole they feel more straightforward, i think i agree
>>743200 theyre probably already prepping stuff for next comeback in between
(795.14 KB 640x360 166795FE4584326.mp4)
kek i knew this particular beat sounded familiar
i can't figure out what stacy's love language is. tried to think of the person he shows the most love to and figured maybe it's acts of service since he probably loves himself by painting and drawing which make him feel good
>IN: nope raichu is.. >SM: my sister said that i look like raichu,, >IN: oh really.. >SM: hey what were u about to say >IN: if your sister said that u look like raichu, that means u are >SM: say it! >IN: raichu is.. cute! based
>>743224 kek cute
>>743222 i never tried to analyze stacy so i cant help you he seems careless pretty much all the time to me
innie is the only one hyunjin cares for
(238.54 KB 1364x2048 FhNtDxfWIAARVHt.jpg)
his eyes are so sweet
(131.26 KB 956x376 embarrassed.png)
2min 2sides of a coin that fit together perfectly. >rhino shows love in acts of service but refuses to use affectionate words >seungmin once naming rhino as the most caring member implies that seungmin places more value on having someone show they care through acts than saying sweet things >seungmin prefers to say his compliments straight out like calling rhino his favorite member or calling him pretty >rhino’s ears betraying him when he gets complimented show that words of affection get to him even if he pretends they don’t >throw in seungmin’s love for seeing rhino get flustered and red to seal the deal on them fitting each other perfectly.
(1.04 MB 644x360 1666455972877.mp4)
>>743231 yeah, seungmin is bold about his statements and even though rhino comes off as cold regarding love stuff he is still flustered by it, so cute
kek i had never seen this its an old video where they answer tmi questions by pointing at each others, its so cute (starts at 2:40) https://youtu.be/pqvbiaEGNP8
(208.84 KB 897x453 FhLCStTaMAEPcTm.jpg)
>>743239 im a bad person i want more details kek
>>743243 same i wonder who they targeted
i keep reading about increased problems or bitterness in the fandom its annoying
>>743269 like what
things are inevitably gonna go to shit and start feeling less comfy as the fandom gets bigger. look at how horrible army is. we are gonna be that sooner or later.
when i was on vacation i met such a cute chinese guy and he was exactly my type but i had the courage to ask him he was already gone :(
>>743272 * when i had the courage to ask him out
>>743272 sorry false thread
>>743270 fights around awards, venues, akgaes and recently privacy thing
(1.86 MB 480x852 68206500587.mp4)
skz getting out of the plane in jakarta
>>743282 so many staff girlies....
>>743282 in order hyunjin - han - felix - rhino - innie fatbin/chan seungmin >>743283 some are randoms too
>skz mentioned in forbes for potential grammy nominees
yooo look whos at the grammys
god imagine how funny it would be if skz got a grammy before bts
article quote >Most years at the Grammys, there is a frontrunner for the Best New Artist trophy. >it’s really anybody’s guess how Recording Academy voters will classify who is “new” or decide what qualifies someone as having earned one of these spaces. >Is it commercial success, such as in the case of K-pop band Stray Kids, who have charted a pair of No. 1 albums? Maybe it’s a desire to diversify the ranks, including artists who sing in other languages and who hail from countries not often represented in the Best New Artist category. >Also Possible: Bailey Zimmerman, Blxst, Conan Gray, Jackson Wang, Joshua Bassett, Lainey Wilson, Maneskin, Rina Sawayama, Stray Kids, and Wet Leg, among many others
they would go to warm the bench but it would be based to send the two hottest trays all dolled up for exposure
>>743282 all the fansites walking among them with their giant cameras in hand kek
>>743293 im sure some of them are their acquaintances kek
wish burgerland would stay away from kpop
just a nomination would make all hell break loose on kpop twitter so i want it to happen. i remember how funny it was when superm had the idea of a nomination floating around, the seething was amazing.
maxident doesn't deserve
my chances of dating innie went from 0.0000000000001% to 0%
>>743296 theres already a mess with ratmys because skz's "first stadium concert" at banc california is arena-sized. nuke fandoms fr
>>743300 i dont think the size matters...its still a stadium kekheol
>>743300 like i love seeing ratmys seethe but them you have the reaction to that which is watching staycels be embarrassing back hul
>>743302 *but then
>>743299 same for my chances of dating seungmin
do you think theyd go if they were nominated even if they knew they wouldnt win? im a sucker for western growth im sorry even the fact that they were !rumored makes me happy
i need skz to have less annoying fans, not more, but i don't think we're ever going back atp. too endeared to my manlets to let fanbase retardation ruin anything for me though
id never drop them over anything petty
i love skz but for me inlife was their best album and it makes me a little sad we'll never get that genius again
>>743305 jyp would drool and send them no matter what
tfw during btshit military hiatus skz will be completely unopposed taking over burgerland and skz will replace bts as The One Kpop Group Burgers Know and when bts come back they wont be able to retake their spot. i dont even WANT this to happen id rather skz stay at a comfy popularity level but this is what is going to happen.
>>743306 their group dynamics and musical output seems to be relatively little affected by the exponential growth of success so far so i have high hopes that they can weather the extreme popularity and still remain the skz we know and love
i want whatever husbando wants and i think hed want more success and recognition for skz
skz exponential growth was already over by 2021
>>743313 sa i mean that it was already set in stone to happen by that time
superboard and give me your tmi were like the rock/hip hop influence we know but more bright and im looking forward to more releases in that direction maxident was good in general
>>743313 it didnt properly get started until 2021. go live and in life were great successes but they exploded with noeasy.
>>743311 i hope so, i also really hope pressure doesn't get to them at a point of having way more eyes on them
best full album/repackage: in life best mini: i am you and maxident
i don't feel like skz care about burger success much but i do think they want to be more known/respected domestically probably
>>743312 same but i also hope he stays humble and continues to come on bubble and uploads cute ootd
>>743321 i know he will inniesis dont worry
>>743315 meh to me now the brightness comes with a different flavor than the brightness they had when they were more or less flopping
next thing you know they are performing hoodie season at the superbowl with bad bunny
>>743324 hoodie seasonsis they do not care about that song
>>743325 they will.
god i hope they dont start doing cringe collabs with random western artists
>>743327 same especially ryan reynolds
theyre definitely doing a deadpool kind of shit though there was too much teasing about it
>>743328 chancel hes married and a straight chad like chan you have nothing to worry about
theres also that skzflix thing to be announced
>>743329 im happy for them im sure theyre really excited but i also hate it at the same time
>>743323 nta i was trying to figure out how to describe it and it's maybe more polished?
>>743331 fingers crossed for it not to be a rebranded skz talker ish thing or something like that but some actual project
we live in a society where miroh is a mere encore
>>743332 that's how i feel, but depending on how much it's shoved in our faces i can mostly be happy for their excitement
atleast my photocards will be worth more especially my older pobs
>>743333 my personal feeling is that they are leaning in the dumb fun, but with a "we're clever" feeling peaking through the surface, which breaks the genuinely dumb image of it to me
>>743337 what are your oldest
all of this prolongated teasing better end tho i hope fans dont get pissed like some onces with the feels
>>743338 do you get that vibe lyrically
>>743338 a b c d e f (silent h) is not clever nona
welp i forgot the g maybe they are onto something
>>743339 yellow wood mmt and go live withfans, i have all pobs from inlife onwards
>>743344 sa husbando only i dont collect all members
>>743341 >>743342 nah im not talking about lyrics but a feeling of being pleased with their own cleverness in coming up with a noisy or dumb song, waving a bunch of cool things at me instead of letting the song roll by itself. more polished yes, in the sense that their dumbness is reflected upon rather than being innocently dumb. thats what i feel at least
(282.67 KB 2048x1536 EXsEXStWoAEieOY.jpg)
seungmin second male lead wheeennnn
>>743347 i want to see seungmin playing a CEOs evil chaebol son and he is also wearing glasses
>>743346 you can't expect them to be able to keep their teenage mentality forever, i think as long as they don't get overly cynical about it it's still ok
>>743350 im not necessarily talking about being teenagers just not trying to be edgy in their dumbness
i love tongue in cheek kpop and i want them to keep leaning into that aspect but i want it to feel more cohesive than whatever case 143 was doing
i just want them to re record school life
when are we getting another ttath?
>>743353 sis they aint ever
>>743355 i know and im joking i listen to it as it is
>>743353 me too sis, i know they never will but it's my fav predebut track
>>743328 if ryan reynolds could do anything good it'd be hooking up with some of his alc brand for some sponsored drunk content (realistically i know jyp's not gonna have them promoting an alcohol brand yes)
>>743357 want them to do a light hearted eurodance disco-ish track again
chan do phonk you stupid fuck
>>743360 or whatever you want outside of the trap-track-with-a-side-genre-grafted-on-and-felix-deep-voice-meme-line scheme
>>743359 word >>743360 i could see it as an intro type track that they used to do on the cle series
the people want side effects 2
(1.13 MB 3648x2736 FehAeVIakAARyba.jpg)
>>743348 on that pic he looks like a ceo with his seven rebellious children
>>743362 loved the cle series besides levanter but at least it had some alt rock
>>743361 my main deal, i need him to let go of overusing trap noww
grammy nominees will be announced on the 15th hul now im looking forward to it even if realistically theyre probably not getting a nom
(107.79 KB 962x1169 FZ0y5ulVsAADJ_b.jpeg)
>>743370 that would be so fun im surprised the final show is going to be in america though and not sk
(1.12 MB 1500x2999 E2cwwsYVIAA9BYq.jpg)
skz wont end the tour and will never come to europe
>>743372 this is so festive for the fankit membership im surprised its not for seasons greetings (which will probably drop in the next week)
seungmin slaying the cuddly grandpa look
(947.36 KB 720x1280 hOnJEctDCKRZxY1g.mp4)
cuuuute innie
concert clips make me depressed somehow kek
>>743384 have you seen them in concert before? i havent yet so i love seeing all the clips but im also seething i cant be there
>>743385 nah never and i wished i had been there before for the small scaled concert they had in my country but whats done is done
(34.52 KB 473x473 FhXQGCZVsAAA2oH.jpeg)
who is your husbando and whats your love story?
>>743387 imagine in burgerland
(217.38 KB 1152x2048 FhXQRsfaEAATVpp.jpg)
(341.72 KB 1152x2048 FhXU0bqVEAAcft0.jpeg)
ja hana dul set
(831.77 KB 480x852 1668259624532.mp4)
so the setlist so far has been the same as the other maniac tours, so we wont get the new unit songs live
>>743393 they should have ended the tour in july as it was scheduled then start the new tour after the next full album and include maxident songs there
>>743394 agreed even though my country missed out id much rather wait a little longer and see maxident tour. i feel like ive seen all the manaic outfits and the performances a hundred times already just through twitter, clips and the multiple times we've been able to watch it on beyondlive
(401.57 KB 1398x1343 FhUUuSLXEAA1uOx.jpeg)
>>743395 fr at least they should have rebranded the tour in a way that it gave it a new vibe fitting what they just released. not even talking about people in other continents that missed out 3 years worth of songs that they will definitely never see live the day they finally come there
(55.75 KB 1152x1270 FhXvz4oUoAAakhV.jpeg)
>>743399 doesnt look like they released an album in the mean time kek
heol why did they sang and danced to hype boy
>Indonesian stays were singing along (while crying) to waiting for us and the members were surprised, chan even said “this is no joke” and they sing the chorus part once again theyre just like me
(11.09 KB 560x560 eqqxcuohlkz91.png)
mid game maxident skins
(87.09 KB 2048x1152 FhZVs7LUoAAs8ne.jpg)
(318.09 KB 1365x2048 FhN1VIyVUAgbBRc.jpg)
seungmin wearing hyunchins necklace he gave him for his birthday 4 years ago
thank god skz werent at that chile thing
(5.38 MB 720x720 668285884498.mp4)
>>743419 i don't even care for the song too much and the video made me smile so much
(2.35 MB 4096x2730 FhQQXgzVEAAxih7.jpg)
>>743447 it was raining heavily and hailing, some idols fell over while performing and i think before this was posted it hadnt been cancelled yet. it was a really dangerous stage
>>743449 i see thats a bit like their stage at the seoul e prix when rhino slipped and all
(1.66 MB 480x852 P6SbFA7d8dlzjvZu.mp4)
our vocalracha
>>743451 fluffy bangs cuute
(4.08 MB 720x1280 zIaruilgmcEo8S5a.mp4)
innie virile
(3.42 MB 720x1280 6KdhgYV5xPJQeVv9.mp4)
>>743456 better view
(371.93 KB 710x786 hair.jpg)
all seungmin hair variations for this comeback *mwah*
(444.20 KB 1081x1080 Fhc5wBR3aMAQRBY5.jpg)
(215.05 KB 1080x2187 FhfThmIUcAAhZxt.jpeg)
>>743483 i saw a clip of seungmin teaching it to fatbin
>>743471 are they seriously only going to do blueprint for korean fans? :( i’m also confused why they didn’t do the maxident unit songs
>>743471 mexican
>>743527 maybe they will do it in burgerland since fans are requesting them and taste is too popular with ifans not to do it
>>743527 ikr i dont want waiting for us i want cant stop
>>743532 waiting for us is based, lonely shit however
skz have free time until MAMA awards on 29th
(5.53 MB 480x852 1668457782724.mp4)
ackshually we want hoodie season
(1011.42 KB 1784x786 Fhk4esWaEAEL0Sc.jpg)
(297.12 KB 1364x2048 Fhn0oj2aAAA8PJv.jpeg)
innie was so cute
(1.69 MB 1080x1080 FhpprnvUoAEEHj9.jpg)
the fanclub membership only has skz-record's side A, imagine if side B is in the seasons greetings
>>743654 reeeee you know it
(452.83 KB 1242x1242 Fhl0g1kaEAAAe4i.jpeg)
i like the tapered pants and cropped jacket on innie
(116.86 KB 1200x675 FhqYUe7VIAA6hkC.jpeg)
another round of nacific? more photocards? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAn1N_hxgR0
(306.61 KB 1080x1080 FhkWRA3UUAE_LAx.jpg)
>>743699 daebak next cb will bring them out of korea nugudom for real
>>743699 yaaas
(449.31 KB 1536x2048 Fhvqba3aMAA7cu8.jpeg)
(282.04 KB 1280x1890 Fhvt5trVQAEP7JX.jpeg)
these look so so cute
>>743711 these are gonna be cute. now show us your halloween costumes faggots
>>743710 reeeee collages are mine to do
considering hyunchins hair these are old as fuck like january 2022
its so weird to me to know the next full album is probably ready, and that the album after that is probably half ready
(352.85 KB 2000x1608 FhwMtReUYAErrUj.jpeg)
mmt pobs felix looking like a frail grandma
>>743716 theres a few clips of them dancing case 143 at the concerts earlier this year so they probably have an entire full album, music videos and choreography all ready
>>743718 yeah theres so much delay between what they know and what we know i always feel a bit puzzled
skz have the most digital points out of all of 4th gen bgs never thought id see the day
>>743796 its me listening to cant stop on repeat
(679.02 KB 1170x830 IMG_8755793072C6-1.jpeg)
they are having a little exhibition how cute im seething i cant go
(44.79 KB 600x400 Fh0tZv5aYAA9IzM.jpeg)
(139.54 KB 1080x1370 Fh0zMHiXkAEyCKc.jpeg)
(2.73 MB 576x1024 8674cd1e1.mp4)
dumping this here too <3 cute fatty
>>743801 >the second photobook but there was already stay in playground and stay in london so its supposed to be the third one. anyway
stray kids the fourth photobook, stay staying in stay stayed with stay
>>743813 and i will still buy it
>>743805 they forgot, please understand
(215.64 KB 1152x2048 Fh64mTZUUAA9h9v.jpeg)
(400.90 KB 1366x2048 FiBeZhMWQAEqxDt.jpg)
this picture is beautiful he looks straight out of a drama
(118.14 KB 907x716 FiFbNLJWIAAlfYy.jpeg)
latest round of nacific
(523.18 KB 2048x1536 FiE7qi1acAAADMC.jpeg)
stacy confirmed our skz drink alcohol >it's a pic from when we all went to play together. someone here is drunk..? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ who isn't ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (in tiny) who's not drunk here..? is there anyone..?
>>743992 who thought otherwise ? this pic is pretty clear
history of skz getting covid 2022 march 18 : changbin, han 2022 march 21 : bang chan, lee know, hyunjin, seungmin 2022 july 8 : lee know, felix, i.n 2022 november 19 : lee know, han, seungmin
(982.74 KB 4096x2731 FiEN0JuUUAAwd-D.jpg)
>>743800 better res
>>744019 why did they photoshop out his braces what did they mean
>>744034 kek they also fixed rhino's crooked tooth
>>744034 >>744037 nacific...
>>743992 cuties theyre so gone kek
>>744019 hynchin looks very good here i love the short hair so much
>>744041 seungmin's face looks like he has ascended to another plane of reality, love him
>>744019 their range of smiles makes this such a cute pic, i want to hold seungmin and rhino's heads in my hands
waiting for us just clicked for me
poojinfags piss me off so bad, i need some unforeseen event to happen that causes jype to publicly release the hard truth about why he was kicked so they can stop shilling their delusions
>>744053 same, what did they do this time
>>744052 based
>>744053 i never see poojinfags, or maybe im just not on twitter that much
>>744019 jesus the contour on chan's nose
>>744019 that is not my innie bf
i dont know whats happening in my brain but i keep being convinced that the online concert and in life happened in 2021. and i also mess up back door and thunderous styling and think skz-x happened in 2020. brainworm
(228.40 KB 784x720 8vFC75_aLDDGIwKm.mp4)
i keep replaying stacy's laugh, sometimes i get dangerously close to wifing
>>744097 covid time warp effect
>>744097 lets not take drugs unnie~
>#StrayKids  is said to be transforming Kyocera Dome into a mysterious/bizarre laboratory that create non ordinary group, with the birth of eight maniacs, they are expected to unfold impressive stage that cant be seen anywhere else in MAMA get ready for stage kino
they always go all out for mama stages, should be fun. with huge stages i always just hope the stage theatrics don't drown out them as performers, but they're pretty good with that
(384.44 KB 1433x4096 FiOi70uaEAAO8e7.jpg)
>>744119 theres nothing i really want from this merch drop except the random polaroids
case 143 having less views than district 9
(459.95 KB 524x911 FiSsyI8WIAEHU4V.jpg)
december 14 performance on fuji tv's fns kayousai music show
>>744121 go back
>>744164 what are these points based on
>>744166 calculates koreas overall streaming
>>744167 thought korea didnt care about them
>>744168 i guess they liked case 143
>Reno, Han, and Seungmin quarantine release notice theyre free
(397.23 KB 2048x2048 FiXvjQEaUAAXy8S.jpeg)
(514.12 KB 2048x2048 FiXvillagAAEHOq.jpeg)
(1.30 MB 3024x4032 FiXvykBaAAAxML9.jpeg)
(134.94 KB 1024x1024 FiXxx7AacAAkByd.jpeg)
(173.66 KB 2048x922 FiXyCzbUUAA564v.jpeg)
(385.97 KB 2252x2252 FiX0EJKaYAInn69.jpeg)
now i want this stupid citrus outfit ree
(106.14 KB 936x706 FiX2F0WX0Ac3R0G.jpeg)
these innie photocards are cute
(117.60 KB 911x735 FiX2F0TWIAAPgpi.jpeg)
(966.14 KB 2048x2048 FiXzbhXaYAA141y.jpeg)
(867.23 KB 2048x2048 FiXzcfcacAEsSbU.jpeg)
sorry for spam found noncropped ver with all the photocards
(465.43 KB 2048x2048 FiX2Zn7aUAA1j_W.jpeg)
(408.72 KB 1766x1766 FiX4KraUUAE--wK.jpeg)
(108.51 KB 1094x1102 FiX41URUoAEH9t8.jpeg)
waaa cute >STAY is such a precious person and makes me become a better person and a better person. >When I fall down and feel sad, I think STAY will help me up. I want to be that kind of person to STAY
(695.48 KB 3024x3024 FiX3bCkVUAACMKH.jpeg)
im on a no buy but i want it all reeeee
(210.79 KB 1536x2048 FiXw7F8aAAEN2q5.jpeg)
(398.80 KB 1536x2048 FiXwdV8UoAAJ2NF.jpeg)
skzg is now a virtual tour of the jeju exhibition
(322.40 KB 1536x2048 FiXwdV9UoAEiQbC.jpeg)
(967.62 KB 4000x3000 FiX43cJUAAEHJnT.jpeg)
(333.85 KB 2048x1214 FiX7PlhagAAJFi3.jpeg)
these are called stamps on the website but idk what theyre meant to be
(1.66 MB 1306x2048 IMG_BD2E801B95C0-1.jpeg)
>>744198 bebeee
(531.04 KB 1536x2048 FiYYrJXagAAQvYN.jpg)
(221.51 KB 1536x1536 FiYZ_NwUUAAY0ZF.jpg)
(738.57 KB 2304x4096 FiYjPwwXkAEpNe_.jpeg)
stay in jeju photocard template if anyone collects
[ad time] posted all exhibition rhino posters and associated photobook pictures in lqk rhino thread
(678.10 KB 2400x1600 FiYESaQVQAAhQ3w.jpg)
(750.39 KB 480x270 hxhbdQxxwnTehu-w.mp4)
(98.14 KB 750x399 FidMkScVIAE5aAc.jpeg)
>>744262 stumpy kds
(285.07 KB 2048x1536 FidMA1JaEAAE9u-.jpg)
some more areas of the exhibition
(279.00 KB 2048x1536 FidMA1GaUAAjFKo.jpg)
(221.83 KB 2048x1103 FiaHqCvXwAALpHO.jpg)
>>744269 thanks i couldnt find any of chan yesterday
(238.10 KB 2048x1536 Fidhbv0WAAQrlSf.jpg)
(287.76 KB 2048x1548 FiYAD4UXkAIKWI2.jpg)
>>744270 >>744271 >>744273 pretty wifeys
(339.34 KB 2048x1153 FiZzjTrXwAAn7pp.jpg)
finally found fatbin's
(310.74 KB 2048x1243 FiZzi5gXkAMfgk0.jpg)
>>744269 greater angle
(302.58 KB 2048x1330 FiZ7ekMWQAAGa0Q.jpg)
>>744198 greater angle too
(120.43 KB 795x1600 FiducueaUAAy1g9.jpg)
why did they do that weverse-like fan tab shit
>>744283 idk but the app is crashing for me everytime i try open it now because staycels are spamming to get their attention
(1.08 MB 720x720 Y14D3VZ94Z6nYU8h.mp4)
>leeknow on bubble from before (pretending to be soonie): "not woojuho but woojusoon. sounds like spaceship (woojusun) it's nice. when you meet him tell him i'm always vying for his seat, to be careful. i'm not monitoring for nothing~" >leeknow today on mucore: "i'm soon.. no i'm lee know who barely protected my seat!" he was too happy to continue this bit. love my corny wannabe quirky catwife
>>744286 rhino bunny to me
(615.73 KB 2048x1536 FifUzbbaMAAD3zN.jpg)
rhino with nonbinary heroes
just realized maxident unit songs are built in the same way as in life unit songs >3rachas pure rap flow >danceracha horny song >vocalracha cute song
(101.19 KB 750x993 FidS2ywaAAECr0Q.jpg)
so far hannie seungmin and hyunchin have been using the new bbl commenting thing the most
>Looking at the album sales by singers, the group Stray Kids had an overwhelming share. It recorded a total of 13 albums in the top 400, recording a 30.7% market share
>>744309 slowpoke nona...
>>744311 i need fatbin in my pocket fr
(1.57 MB 2000x2000 Fid-IeXaAAEauJT.jpg)
>>744376 what does this mean
skz will perfom maniac japanese ver at nippon tv best artist 2022 festival on december 3
>>744377 isnt it obvious ? a cloud of stray kids songs according to moods
my fave songs are all in the blue/yellow...
>>744380 mine are all in the black red daebak
>>744053 I think he was kicked because he was too unfortunate looking.
>>744276 he's not even fat reeeeeee
>>744427 fatbin is not fat?
>>744426 he was kicked because he obviously did shady things
>>744433 no he was kicked for being uggo
>>744376 my favorites being all red and upper part of black
(242.17 KB 900x1200 FinV1OSUAAAOb_z.jpg)
nylon mag spam incoming
(84.15 KB 510x680 FinWuv3WIAEuYyL.jpg)
we love seeing vibrant colored styling in shoots
(78.33 KB 679x495 FinWuv1XwAIHOZr.jpg)
(68.97 KB 510x680 FinWuv2XgAAFbwF-1.jpg)
(183.28 KB 900x1200 FinVzWCUUAAwxSq.jpg)
(469.48 KB 1301x2048 FinU3GgUUAEwGUX.jpg)
(432.68 KB 1152x2048 FinUuJqVQAAw_MH.jpg)
(72.75 KB 510x680 FinXcFcagAAc6we.jpg)
(102.24 KB 506x900 FinXcFcakAIVwxN.jpg)
(231.78 KB 900x1200 FinV_s8UAAAwTnn.jpg)
(304.44 KB 900x1200 FinV9EDVEAAaHuQ.jpg)
>>744449 they definitely kissed
>>744452 found better vers of the pics but so true
(241.37 KB 900x1200 FinWzmCVsAEs41q.jpg)
(192.49 KB 900x1200 FinWsEIVsAIO4Fh.jpg)
(153.35 KB 900x1200 FinWoz7VUAEWse0.jpg)
(199.58 KB 900x1200 FinWb2lVQAAGGoV.jpg)
(571.78 KB 1296x2048 FinWwulVEAAHzme.jpg)
(155.31 KB 900x1200 FinWf0zVUAEPdm2.jpg)
(141.53 KB 885x1200 FinWkiTVIAAG4VL.jpg)
(192.00 KB 900x1200 FinWhV3VQAAOvG6.jpg)
(80.34 KB 510x680 FinWT7sUAAEB4L_.jpg)
(70.66 KB 510x680 FinWT77VUAAdFCv.jpg)
(221.96 KB 1200x976 FinTgWaUUAAga75.jpeg)
(981.46 KB 1170x921 IMG_4199.jpg)
the photocards from this magazine
(235.30 KB 1200x971 FinTywpVEAEAymu.jpg)
back of photocards
kek that notice about artists diffamation. i knew that bubble feature was a shitty idea
>>744468 min looks good, its also cool that they look tanner than usual
(430.14 KB 1365x2048 FinZqhEaYAANWbO.jpg)
love his outfit
(4.77 MB 720x1280 GRHQej7vTJvV-6Lg.mp4)
arrival in japan
(76.48 KB 540x810 Fin5kR7XkAY2Y3C.jpg)
(38.70 KB 430x645 FioGvMhXwAIc_n3.jpg)
(339.29 KB 538x606 1r5zCAmfeGVO_llo.mp4)
looking pocketable
>>744489 cute innie rhino walking together theyre definitely dating
(296.97 KB 2048x1536 FinURmCWQAAwQzi.jpg)
>>744501 he is also dating hannie
(575.89 KB 1536x2048 FinSV0iUUAABLhf.jpg)
>>744502 he stole his hat
>>744495 love seungmins puppy sweater/necklace/varsity jacket
(363.13 KB 1364x2048 FinJobfUAAEqUV8.jpg)
(469.62 KB 2048x1365 FineCP4acAEhDci.jpeg)
are seungmin and jeongin dating? whats with the couple outfits?
(25.59 KB 330x480 FineCP6aYAEnWcC.jpeg)
(307.90 KB 2048x1365 FineCP5agAEVHxb.jpeg)
(362.01 KB 2048x1365 FineCP_aMAIRWPU.jpeg)
>>744509 theres also the couple vocal teacher
>skz was asked “throughout the maniac tour, among the songs that aren’t included in the setlist, are there any songs you really want to perform in front of stay?” >hyunjin: tortoise and the hare >i.n: hello stranger (as encore with band) >lee know: voices
>>744526 >i.n: hello stranger (as encore with band) based
>>744506 skz actually are a polycule daebak
>>744526 ttath would go so crazy
(779.60 KB 1205x900 hyuncel art-memYHvW4h5zOylU.jpg)
i haven't been paying much attention to the progress of his art so i was surprised when i saw these, i like he style he's come to
(430.96 KB 1538x2048 FinYagMakAESyoM.jpg)
he is so cozy
>>744535 the french impressionism inspiration is clear
>>744542 and i thought he was just pretending to look at monet
(272.35 KB 2048x1364 Fiq7sF4UAAA-BzQ.jpg)
clinging to managernim
(397.24 KB 1348x1800 FirMNikWYAANnek.jpeg)
(359.61 KB 1348x1800 FirMNilXkAMX5TF.jpeg)
(414.38 KB 1348x1800 FirMNigX0AUFGo-.jpeg)
(395.37 KB 1348x1800 FirMNiiWQAAxWlA.jpeg)
(264.63 KB 1793x1077 FitLcK_aAAE_7za.jpg)
(397.71 KB 1922x1546 Fir8CiHaEAEnuop.jpg)
(24.94 KB 891x501 Fit23AVaUAA24C3.jpg)
yuri in matrix
(92.10 KB 1024x652 Fit-CLvakAExOPa.jpg)
(125.52 KB 960x1344 Fit_eFuaAAI0Irm.jpg)
(66.46 KB 650x929 Fit_eFwaAAA2hDf.jpg)
(144.31 KB 960x1294 Fit_eFxaUAIeJEE.jpg)
>>744576 >>744581 a house and a car
>>744580 handsome
(288.94 KB 2048x1376 FiuA5h5agAAeUo4.jpg)
(257.41 KB 2048x1240 FiuA5jLaYAAp2XX.jpg)
(139.87 KB 960x1443 FiuD_tIUoAAmdw-.jpg)
(62.45 KB 558x942 FiuCjY3VUAAHspE.jpg)
(132.54 KB 1200x920 FiuIEtBVQAIihsI.jpg)
(295.14 KB 720x854 r1wd6cx51nBB1yVK.mp4)
mi bebe
(20.70 KB 523x523 FiuBthPaMAE3QUu.jpeg)
(306.46 KB 1364x2048 FiuarLPagAAvdBY.jpg)
>>744597 cute min
glad to see stacy didn't botox his masseters again for award show season, i was afraid he would
(195.13 KB 1080x1920 FiugtcYXEAERJSb.jpg)
the first song you listened to in the new year of 2022 >stray kids - gods menu a song you listen to the most before bed in 2022 >lofi playlist what artist did you like in 2022 >blxst what like of lyrics can represent this year in 2022 >“비정상 투성이 집단 MANIAC” (MANIAC a MANIAC group)
(207.41 KB 1080x1920 FiucJOtUYAEOesc.jpg)
first song you listened to of the new year of 2022 >stray kids side effects song that you listened the most before going to bed in 2022 >yuuri - betelgeuse (japanese song) artist that you like in 2022 >yuuri (japanese singer) lyrics can represent your 2022 >“It's not hard in this tough jungle. Cuz I'm the one who jumped into it, I'm okay.” - miroh
(75.40 KB 576x1023 FiullbAaUAAyrMK.jpg)
ok directly translated
(80.55 KB 573x1023 FiullbAacAEzy-5.jpg)
(168.18 KB 1010x1800 FiunRfmakAIpal2.jpg)
(168.58 KB 1010x1800 FiunRfbaEAAUE7c.jpg)
(188.54 KB 1008x1800 FiunRfbagAAYNR7.jpg)
(170.42 KB 1010x1800 FiunRfcaAAA9aDH.jpg)
>>744607 i love lighthouse..
(305.88 KB 2048x1364 FiuqHztVUAAIVSI.jpg)
(468.51 KB 720x720 VVT8bph4FdAyuc5F.mp4)
love him so much
(5.62 MB 720x720 zO2mVI0sFT02zSdP.mp4)
rhino running for like the third time in his life
i wonder if theyre doing a korean seasons greetings this year?
>>744614 this is so low quality i need an arrow to figure out which one he is
(2.50 MB 720x880 83ueb-nF_iOx6LUf.mp4)
>>744615 rhino is far right at the beginning
>>744618 meant for >>744616
>>744609 wa felix looks so small here >>744600 chan listening to lofi playlists with his zoomer lighting >>744606 seungmin has truly forgiven nonbinaries for replacing day6
(206.22 KB 1170x1456 FiwEG5baEAAnjmW.jpg)
han bbl message
(161.05 KB 1170x1204 FiwEG5baYAAiB5v.jpg)
>>744614 how does running make him look fatter >>744655 kino
(1.03 MB 480x676 1669796551992RF.mp4)
wow they were really exhausted
(2.61 MB 1280x720 1d_u0vpJqwiAp1Lg.mp4)
hyunsung hug after maniac with fatbin joining
>>744594 idk what made him look so good last night butso handsome i hope he keeps this hair
>>744565 hul chan please text me instead, i wouldn't ignore your messages
(5.03 MB 1280x720 jUMPvBFEhAcsRa4E.mp4)
>>744706 and during the performance, hyunsung jinjja cute
>>744710 why is he so tired
>>744711 because he lost too many fluids
(2.18 MB 1280x592 k1zlVb5Yk31mDphr.mp4)
so skz won : >Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 >Yogibo Chill Artist >The Most Popular Group
(200.15 KB 1080x1350 Fi0BMERagAEwfmE.jpg)
(607.87 KB 2048x1671 Fi0Hl7NaEAEyfr4.jpg)
(740.96 KB 2400x1600 Fi0CiiTacAABvC2.jpg)
(356.90 KB 1204x2048 Fi0Hl7OaYAAquGV.jpg)
(43.83 KB 614x634 Fi0TsXKaUAQeXfU.jpg)
>changbin said he didnt know about this “changbin hyung pls do well” sign until he got up to the stage awww
this is daebak
(17.60 KB 809x207 Fi5POVkaEAEv4uI.jpg)
>changbin’s nickname is “Seungmin ah, I will do well <3” which is the reply from seungmin’s sign yesterday “changbin hyung pls do well” crying
(4.51 MB 698x360 669971923626.mp4)
>case 143 original choreo by one of their choreographers! they danced to case 143’s guide track and the lyrics are different
skz will perform case 143 jp version at music station on december 23
skz will perform sexual acts with each other in my room on dec 25 merry christmas to me
>>744867 this but with me
>>744868 what are you doing in my room? kinda weird
>>744869 not yours!!
>>744865 i like the very last part of this with the split groups somehow it looks cooler
(6.29 MB 640x360 1670011831157.mp4)
found a fuller version, keing at the ab reveal part during fatbins part
>>744893 >(fl)ab reveal part during a part with fatbin front and center its loss is a tragedy
>>744894 the part where a guy jumps above another reminds me of district 9
>>744936 can they become unpopular again
>>744942 40M is nothing
skz are really breaking records and pushing boundaries they time travelled to 70s japan to perform circus, bless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8Kt-dYYbNQ
>>744947 japanese tv always makes it look like its stuck in the late 90
(335.04 KB 1668x938 FjCzD1raEAErWXZ.jpg)
(353.07 KB 1489x2048 IMG_4743.JPG)
innie as power..hngg
(620.23 KB 1479x1436 FjD3QUNaAAAjWr9.jpg)
apparently theyre all going to have a new solo song (even rhino) for the skz replay album
producers between ( ) >chan : Connected (versachoi) >rhino : 나지막이 ("low voice") (hotsauce) >fatbin : Doodle (chan millionboy) >hyunchin : Love untold (nickko young, chan) >hannie : Run (chan) >felix : Deep end (sim eun jee whos credited on candyfloss on nayeon's album and with twice and xdinary heroes) >seungmin : 내려요 ("let it fall/put it down") (hong ji sang) >innie : 안아 줄게요 ("ill give you a hug") (niccko young, chan)
>>744943 its still charting
>no felix pits
>>744977 that's the album with the official players right
also when is this coming out
>>744995 >>744996 its coming with the fankit but the order period is over for that. not sure when it starts shipping out
>>744990 *chewing through his sleeve to get to the pits*
(330.77 KB 1288x1998 FjF6UjpUUAABegQ 221204.jpeg)
such a snuggly look i love
(304.44 KB 2048x1446 FjF6UjmVQAEuf-q221204.jpeg)
deceiving angel white but i bet he'd be as cozy as he looks rn
(89.23 KB 674x1024 FjGaCnIUoAAy1Du221204.jpeg)
that's it, i'm just glad i got to see these and feel better after a bad day *kiss*
(1.61 MB 1397x2048 IMG_60FE4DE05C8B-1.jpeg)
>>745003 heol they made seungmin look alien. chan's photoshop is always ogre
(507.20 KB 2397x1598 FjGmqbrUYAAOIRk221204.jpeg)
(458.16 KB 2219x1479 FjGmqbhUoAERpNg221204.jpeg)
>>745005 groping
(452.02 KB 1366x2048 FjGmdiHaEAAo21k.jpg)
this hair is the best thing that happened to me in a while
hello fellow stays i have a question, theres a random pc/?polaroid that you receive if you buy stuff from the stay in stay thingy, is this gift for anything you buy or only certain products? sorry i dont know korean
>>745048 there are a total of 9 photocards per member for stay in stay event >1 with collect book >2 photocards per member with photobook there are 6 photocards per member that come with purchase >2 photocards buying anything from offline store (in person event) >2 photocards preordering anything from stay in stay event from skzoo store >2 photocards preordering anything from stay in stay event from jyshop the ones from the jypshop and skzoo store are random and its for any stay in stay item. your best bet is finding a group order for the member(s) you want. preorder ends on the 9th of december but the online store wont be releasing their stock until i think end of february
>>745055 thank you so much <3
>>745065 sorry i should also probably specify that its 1 photocard per item preordered, so to get 2 of the member you'd need to buy two things
>>745067 i see no need to apologize thanks again helpful nona mwah
(1.33 MB 3000x2200 2023sg.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1200x2000 FjMEyxwVEAAbun8.jpeg)
anyone here going to get the seasons greetings? im undecided.. not sure if i should buy it or just buy the pcs for the member i want since i wont use the diary or posters
(89.03 KB 1170x720 weQSGx7.jpeg)
these stickers are really cute
(441.65 KB 1080x1080 FjSPC_gXwAIh4Vh.jpg)
skz in europe for music bank in paris april 8 2023 holyyy shiiiiit im so excited i cant believe i will see them live finally
(126.68 KB 967x1000 FjT5bldUYAENqKd.jpeg)
(324.54 KB 2048x991 FjVqDZLaAAAfJHg.jpeg)
dfesta collect book photocards
(387.78 KB 2048x1132 FjVqD_TaMAEccrh.jpeg)
(350.92 KB 2048x1124 FjVqEn7agAAoksN.jpeg)
(this person had a missin fatbin)
(367.20 KB 2048x1144 FjVqFKlaAAA_osl.jpeg)
(359.00 KB 2048x1126 FjVqGBAagAAtR3d.jpeg)
(393.72 KB 2048x1155 FjVqGpbaYAUQQHm.jpeg)
(373.90 KB 2048x1103 FjVqHSPagAI0ZGL.jpeg)
(350.37 KB 2048x1109 FjVqH4eaAAA1kLb (1).jpeg)
(494.13 KB 2048x1432 FjVqIv_akAA4qFe.jpeg)
>>745176 just girlies gossiping in the first pic
>>745181 yeehaw
>>745178 are these still around?
(41.46 KB 736x469 FYaF6XEWAAAGkQe.jpeg)
>>745194 felix has moved on to great things (jeongin)
>>745193 pre-order has ended so probably not you might be able to find people selling their extras. since if you bought the collect book you got all members
>>745194 kek this was the pic i thought of
>>745202 chatty roasties
(60.05 KB 735x735 FjVV0z-agAABS44.jpg)
(468.26 KB 1536x2048 Ff55rJnaUAAOkOF.jpeg)
(132.50 KB 1200x740 EbxUb74XsAAFiiZ.jpeg)
>>745259 chan peaked here
(315.86 KB 1249x1677 FjhqoyfVEAA3RFC.jpeg)
>>745363 heh how am i supposed to link ten fancams in another way
>>745370 you post an image alongside it, newfag
>>745370 post youtube links so they get embedded newfriend :)
>>745410 im not new and didnt want to post ten links to shit up. anyway
(950.52 KB 1280x720 9ec-Wu8adLQw5qxY.mp4)
>>745413 just post a pic of rhino or whatever, easy
>>745366 this looks old, how id i never see this
(17.09 KB 234x233 FjhpC34acAEnV5f.jpeg)
>>745447 we only ever saw a photo of the black & white filmstrip picrel but the place they took the photo put it on the wall in full colour
>>745448 oh cute >>745414 whore
(554.61 KB 1795x2706 Fjp3h4ZaAAA0mLd.jpeg)
(378.69 KB 1365x2048 Fjp6LJzaMAAX9IB.jpeg)
(310.85 KB 1152x2048 Fjp6Kq4aUAATfpK.jpeg)
(182.27 KB 1365x2048 Fjp4UQTUcAA2ER2.jpeg)
(194.30 KB 1365x2048 Fjp4UQWVQAABZAH.jpeg)
(779.49 KB 1338x2048 Fjp2NBUaUAA8gCL221211.jpeg)
the pretty brown color here in the sun glow is doing something to me, asking the catwife gods to let him keep this color for a good bit
>>745500 >>745501 >>745502 >>745503 >>745505 >>745507 they all look so warm.. want to be squished in their group huddle around me rn
>>745503 >>745505 beautiful felic
>>745502 my bf
(219.64 KB 1366x2048 FjqFuxQakAIbhQ1.jpg)
hannie has great fashion
theyre doing a shit ton of promos in japan
>>745518 hmm drippy
>>745559 can you elab
>>745561 >nhk venue 101 >ntv sukkiri >music station >nippon tv best artist 2022 >fuji tvs fns music festival >music station year end festival where theyll do case 143 jp version
>i’ve been eating a lot of delicious food >crab stick, squid, chocolate, fruit, beef jerkey, miso soup hoho hoooo >as expected cheese is always good .. hopefully stacy gains fat
>>745616 fingers crossed, cheese is always good indeed
(6.49 MB 640x360 l_xGXf5O_3h7uIH7.mp4)
AAA red carpet cut
(136.64 KB 1600x1065 Fj27ZmCakAE__St.jpg)
>>745584 they’ll probably be the first 4th gen gaypop group to perform in kohaku
(134.50 KB 1946x1068 Fj2siuvaUAAK_E8.jpeg)
(4.77 MB 1228x720 sWRKobj56G5nrEAO.mp4)
(645.87 KB 2048x1848 Fj3lj2xUYAELwIr.jpg)
(95.56 KB 1170x1706 Fj3lj2uUYAEn-5p.jpg)
(1.36 MB 1280x720 Ela3VIMhZzS104cU.mp4)
>>745713 crippling depression. nice fits though
>>745784 >>745785 awwwwww my vocalracha
(96.07 KB 652x501 Fj5zJ9eakAAvMex.jpeg)
(1.65 MB 1200x1698 Fj_FTVwaYAARURO.jpg)
hyunlix editorial
>>745844 stacy should never show his side profile
i kiss stacys double chin
skz replay is hannies mini album feat. rhino held hostage to shit out one solo song
>>745844 felix is jaw mogging
>>745910 innie and seungmin only got 1 solo song too while stacy got 3
>>745912 because seungmin and innie's solo skz records are all covers while hyunjin has two that aren't
>>745926 ok and?
(849.65 KB 1170x1106 IMG_5485.jpg)
to the cute nona who asked about pc templates on dst - the twitter account skzpctemplates has really nice ones that are regularly updated
>>745933 yeah they have only one solo song but its less jarring because skz record is known as a seungmin/innie/hannie thing since they did lots of covers but ofc they cant include that on the album
>>745940 i dont get your point at all. where did i say their covers should be included on the album? theres two new songs from hyunjin, do you seriously think the vocalists don't have their own new songs too somewhere?
>>745941 didnt hyunjin participate in them? maybe thwy had a say in what could be released and the others simply wished not to release more of thwir stuff, we know hyunchin would put anything out like ice.cream he seems less concious of his so far lame songwriting skills
description of skz replay new songs >rhino "Limbo" : sad/desperate with mournful vocals >fatbin "Doodle" : depicts freedom of life without being trapped in a fixed frame >hyunchin "Love Untold" : expresses the longing feelings with rock & hip hop sounds >hannie "Run" : gives comfort to the listeners >felix "Deep End" : sings about the post-heartbreak (after failed relationship) emotions calmly >seungmin "Stars & Raindrops" : reminisces the beautiful moments "innie "Hug Me" : fresh & fluttering emotions
*they, anyways its not that deep for sure
>>745941 theres not two new songs from hyunchin, "i miss you" is just a little star he already released under a different name
>>745943 looking forward to fatbins, hyunchins and innies the most
(179.65 KB 1517x1080 FkFOT9uagAETi3G.jpeg)
yzy is out
(218.44 KB 1616x1080 FkFzYUIVUAUTcSD.jpg)
(2.51 MB 1246x720 ZaV1ejIPhlaYH172.mp4)
rhino makes me kek so much when he looks lost like that
(175.68 KB 1080x1080 FkF0iv-VQAAEEVm.jpeg)
(492.55 KB 480x360 y6NSNF7hoy8fppFM.mp4)
>Our I.N! Thank you so much for always taking care of us and caring about us. You did a great job this year. I'll look forward to next year. Thanks to your cuteness, my heart is warm.
(107.30 KB 960x606 FkGAOzoagAAaDEN.jpeg)
(114.72 KB 1200x672 FkGAOzmaUAAr_0p.jpeg)
(160.16 KB 1400x798 FkGAOzpacAArgE4.jpeg)
(241.93 KB 788x788 FkG4vm8aAAAvU5o.mp4)
(60.78 KB 640x835 FkG7vB1agAINXLY.jpeg)
(219.03 KB 1754x2048 FkKzu5UakAIR9A-.jpg)
>jeongin went to ophthalmologist today and saw fish-shaped buns sold so he bought it right away, he shared with yongbok since he is also in the dorm
(310.95 KB 1536x2048 FkLIQcAaUAEN4W5.jpg)
holy trinity burberry gucci ysl
(78.67 KB 827x993 FkLqW2ZakAA6bJy.jpg)
(291.99 KB 506x679 FkMbEa4aYAAzjLm.png)
(935.30 KB 980x884 recor.png)
>>745943 >sad/desperate with mournful vocals sometimes the intp-ness that comes through rhino's singing makes me kek, but i really love it in those moments he does nail some desperate/needy emotions. if he does that successfully here i might coom a bit
Deep End by Felix (according to his bbl), >ASMR-like song but sad version >An english pop song with no raps , a twist from Love Me Like That >the colour of the song is a little bit like La La Land, Glimpse of Us >A song that everyone can relate to
(999.55 KB 480x1040 eeW7nbGQ6krGpjEe.mp4)
i think this haircut emphasizes his alien eyes or something
>>746131 koreans and their la la land obsession
>>746132 its the camera lens he always looks extra alien-y on fancalls
(1.36 MB 592x1280 kFiNAHOirYeEPWO8.mp4)
cute rectangle you're like peaches
>>746135 mi bebe
(1.67 MB 720x1028 OMc3CUsaaXsRS5zG.mp4)
>stay: please guess my outfit theme >fl: umm i would say it's, uh like girlfriend material? >stay: it's actually christmas but i really appreciate you saying that >fl: oh nevermind, cause i feel like the color really suits you! & because it's red i thought it was a very lovely thing(?) keking at how he tried to be one step ahead this time and it backfired
>>746137 adorable retard
>felix said when his grandpa named him “yongbok” his mom cried for 3 months kek iirc felix himself hated it but he likes it a lot now
(738.48 KB 2048x2048 FkRL7vpacAA_TAW.jpg)
>>746196 ugly. do they not know their fanbase are entirely women who made their pink album a triple million seller
>>746161 his mom being the type of person to not just refuse the name explains a lot about felix
>>746198 i like the fact that it reminds me of go live stylistically
>>746202 nta but go live's cover isn't good either >>746199 hul it does
>>746222 i just like the grunge feeling to it
(2.39 MB 2048x1537 IMG_C156434A7CDF-1.jpeg)
(2.44 MB 2048x1536 IMG_99A39A5BD909-1.jpeg)
>>746198 i think this is being released digitally
>>746260 it comes in the fankit
>>746198 they could've made that album chunky barf brown and girlies still would've bought it
>>746261 only side A
>>746367 this is a skz code ep?
>>746367 hope this is one their more unstructured and skit-ish skz codes, i find those the funniest and that should be easy to do with a christmas theme
>>746367 seungmin cuuuute
(351.73 KB 774x726 DWeQJCQVwAAM7Lb.jpg)
>>746367 wonder why there are oddinary concept pictures and behind the scenes picture of music shows/chocolate factory/tour concerts in the background
(3.19 MB 720x720 qo5GXDtOehWiV7Mc.mp4)
>“a powerful performance that only can be seen, heard and tasted: a special unit stage stray kids dance unit, ‘danceracha’ leeknow x hyunjin and felix” >danceracha special stage for mbc gayo this 31/12 and fyi mbc gayo theme is WITH LOVE would they really perform taste for a gayo? figured it would be some cover but this description..
(1.75 MB 1268x720 Q7Arkabb5LZVLEfT.mp4)
>>746433 kek since the concept is love maybe its the occasion, yes
(155.00 KB 828x452 QlPyPZNtc2P8vYAT.mp4)
https://youtu.be/fZRZGbc7KHs >[Bang Chan's Comment] “A song about destined connections” "Connected," which was shown through SKZ-REPLAY, is Bang Chan's second solo song and tried to express "fate connection" with lyrics such as "No turning back on we're connected." https://youtu.be/tUYJdNxrSyk >[Lee Know's Comment] I know I have to push my opponent hard ahead of the inevitable breakup, but I completed the song imagining a situation where I wanted to hold on because I was not ready to let him go. The mournful vocals blend to maximize the sensibility of the song.
(771.59 KB 2536x1613 Fkfc6u6X0AEXGh0.jpg)
(1.29 MB 2536x1800 FkffKGHVUAAehSj.jpg)
https://youtu.be/FLoAVCCrp_E [Changbin's Comment] With its unique sound and flow, it depicted a free life that is not trapped in a set frame, and expressed its ambition to pioneer a new path even if it looks like graffiti in others' eyes. As Stray Kids' Changbin and 3RACHA's Changbin, you can see the sincerity and direction of the music that we want to keep in the future as we have done so far. https://youtu.be/hyC1P3COb0o [Hyunjin's Comment] The rock and hip-hop genre maximized the affectionate atmosphere. I drew the truth that I couldn't tell my loved one, the feelings that I realized only after facing the breakup, and regret and pain after I let go.
(932.05 KB 2536x1674 FkfnDZjUEAAfxiq.jpg)
https://youtu.be/118ii-myShA >[HAN’s Comment] It's a track that melts the desire to run away somewhere with lyrics such as, "Yeah, I'll just run out on my two feet and keep running in case there's no place for me to rest on earth." I hope you can relate to this song and give comfort to listeners. https://youtu.be/ZVHPTVzadCg >[Felix's Comment] Even if I try to move forward after a broken heart, I expressed the moment when I fell into the endless pit of loneliness like darkness when I faced the special and happy memories I had with my loved one. Even though everything deep down there is pitch-black, if you look at the light shining on you from above, you will feel deep hope
(639.17 KB 2536x1232 Fkfo1w4XgAA7hyz.jpg)
https://youtu.be/duO5zmmBYVo >[Seungmin's Comment] The story tells of the regret left in the relationship that the beautiful memories become "stars" and regrets and regrets become "rain" and fall on me. I sing about how I miss the beautiful moments when the glorified memories of time are left alone. R&B, trap, modern rock, and reggae rhythms are implemented in various sections within the ballad atmosphere. https://youtu.be/fhuJiRIT_Yg >[I.N's Comment] She expressed her feelings of excitement toward her lover and her feelings of wanting to hug her. A bright and bouncy melody with a sweet love song maximizes the romantic atmosphere.
thanks lyric nona
fatbin really like metaphors
skz outcharting the tranny
(75.74 KB 442x651 Fki_8wIVsAAC7JZ.jpeg)
kgirlies are getting their fankits so heres what the pcs look like
(185.66 KB 1023x1024 Fki_8wHUYAEcAdI.jpeg)
fankit ids
>>746499 clap if you care
>>746500 >>746501 i'll forever remember this stacy hair when it was at peak kekiness
felix hitting daebak
(1.15 MB 2000x1501 aFkkCCriUUAAJL8A.jpg)
>>746501 i love moms spaghetti id
>>746516 our bfs
(140.27 KB 1290x2293 FklH5b7XoAAEs-D.jpeg)
>>746521 i wishh
>>746522 based chanlix
(557.35 KB 1230x720 S05l7Gt_Os2C7C4_.mp4)
tfw seungmin will never feed me
(2.15 MB 1200x1500 IMG_66B9414A09A4-1.jpeg)
i dont know them
(121.52 KB 1080x1920 FkpJL8XagAA08EJ.jpeg)
latest nacific round has 4-cuts
>>746601 integrate or keel yourself
>>746616 ive posted chart updates before
>>746617 keep posting them unnie its interesting
>>746616 leave my chartfriend alone
>>746601 for once rhino outdid hyunchin and its easy to see why : first ever solo song and he clearly went with the same kind of mood and emotional high register voice that people were obsessing over in taste
>>746623 i feel like rhino is more popular in western countries than hyunjin
(543.57 KB 1729x1291 FkqClWOUcAEP1jV.jpg)
(1.83 MB 846x480 zO9LG6o_DC3uRUsH.mp4)
>>746624 the gap is bigger in asia but hyunjin is still most popular within the ifandom. although amongst western kpop fans that aren't staycels it's one of the gyopos from my observations
>>746623 i think he could've done anything and stays would've eaten it up because he was the only one without a solo song. but i also found his song more memorable than hyunjin's
>Akon defends Nick Cannon having numerous kids with multiple women, says events with children like dance recitals aren't important: >"That's a White man's thing. Who gives a f*ck about a recital?" explains gaypops
>>746686 KEK wrong thread
>>746681 in the end skz owes everything to felix daebak
(76.40 KB 774x828 Fku5fSZXgAA9rLw.jpg)
(160.27 KB 1200x736 Fku57ttaEAIeB2Q.jpg)
(3.10 MB 4059x2346 seasonsgreetingspc.jpg)
(198.65 KB 720x542 O0pi57B0ZphrjOsV.mp4)
kek seungmin saying hello when the heart came out
(705.55 KB 2000x1499 babes.jpg)
(4.16 MB 3930x2210 FkwFD-gacAAnpGb.jpeg)
(2.95 MB 3747x2873 FkwFD-bacAE22kU.jpeg)
>>746742 cute outfits
(141.79 KB 851x1256 FkwJ8RvaEAAXFic.jpg)
i think skz have focused a lot on japan this year ? jp versions of oddinary, jp mini, jp version of case 143, plenty of jp tv shows and year end festival and finally jp first full album to conclude the year
>>746790 i mean japan's music market is huge and they're already popular there so
>the track for Connected was made around 3 years ago, and chan explained how it was given to jeongin first (as jeongin mentioned in previous live) but was returned to him since its difficult for i.n, chan made the track since i.n wanted an edm song, after they were asked about the songs they worked on to be put in the skz replay album, since the time was tight for him, after listening to all the tracks that he has at the time, he decided to use the connected track & made the song in just 2-3 days!
about limbo >minho and hotsauce started working from september/october in his solo song, they were recording till dawn the day before leaving for jakarta >minho thought of "limbo" for the english title >hotsauce said while he was talking with minho about what type of song they should make, minho said he has been watching a lot of japanese animations these days in his free time, they talked about the anime they like and minho played an anime and youtube and said "I wanna make this rock ballad music style" >for the lyrics, hotsauce made the draft and minho completed all the lyrics after that >hotsauce said lee know is a genius and he sings really well and was surprised because minho's falsetto is pretty!
(212.75 KB 1549x1227 Fk9nbY1acAEJYUx.jpeg)
gooks really liked 24 to 25
>>746936 well its a ballad
(156.65 KB 1029x1029 FlNNPARaAAMErK1.jpeg)
print given to kstays at a prerecording today
>>747242 seungmins bangs were so funny during this era
do you guys think that chan is the reason why skz get so much hate? i know the others did some bullshit too but i think he got the domino rolling
seungmin has the same brown hair he had in early skz, cute
(166.08 KB 1179x1064 FlT8_VLXkAUNMd6.jpg)
rhinos message on bubble
(639.34 KB 1200x800 20221231180103_0.jpg)
(572.99 KB 1200x800 20221231180135_0.jpg)
(608.80 KB 1200x800 20221231180022_0.jpg)
(60.05 KB 819x1024 IMG-20221231-WA0013.jpg)
>2 Album Release - so the japan one and another full? >the 3rd Fanmeeting >2023 collaboration - ??? >special concert - probably online concert like unlock >skzflix - probably a mini drama like mixtape on track but as a series >Rachalog 2023 - probably a series of vlogs about the subunits >2 kids show - 2kids room followup >2023 season song - maybe a fan song
(297.94 KB 2048x1152 FlUZQnEagAEpHyM.jpg)
happy 2023 to our beloved manlets and lanklets
(365.76 KB 1080x719 IMG_30D9BE0B661C-1.jpeg)
(355.14 KB 1080x719 IMG_365DB6798EB2-1.jpeg)
(3.69 MB 2048x2048 IMG_3284DAF7A574-1.jpeg)
(3.48 MB 2048x2048 IMG_2F1BBE5964F6-1.jpeg)
whats your favorite 2022 skz song (not just title)
>>747715 hellevator
>>747715 freeze
>>747729 nona...
>>747715 i got it by han official release
>>747731 nta when you think about it they've performed it in concert this year so
>>747707 hyunlix my sleep paralysis demons
>>747715 sa to answer my question i would say muddy water and waiting for us
>>747737 waiting for us grew on me a lot
i dont know what to wear to the upcoming maniac concert. do i go green for maniac or pink for case 143 vibes? i dont even know if theyll do case 143, its so strange that the maniac tour is still going
>>747742 they will absolutely do case 143, they did it for their jakarta concert (it replaced scars korean version). and yeah i agree they should have ended the tour in july as scheduled in the first place
>>747742 in sure there’s gonna be a mix of girlies wearing green and pink. i think i’m gonna go with pink since i like pink better but yes i also wish jyp had some something different for this leg, it feels silly for it to still be labeled maniac tour
(2.88 MB 720x720 nWoDWCaWqZtY0bTW.mp4)
silly maknaes club
>SKZ ARE PERFORMING CASE 143, Superboard & Freeze in GDA i am excited to see these bsides, with 3 songs it's probably gonna be some mashup mix or something?
(264.80 KB 1229x1229 Flws7gTagAIzsON.jpeg)
seasons greetings photocards
(194.78 KB 1229x1229 Flws7gRakAUxV12.jpeg)
(313.26 KB 1229x1229 Flws7gXagAAUpLd.jpeg)
(81.24 KB 590x900 FlwCbrjaAAEbkt3230106.jpeg)
love this hair on him it's cute
cute cute
(77.24 KB 600x900 FlwBk5xagAIGZOl230106.jpeg)
return of the blue la cap, sneak 2min
(59.38 KB 599x900 FlwJSBEaEAE5Izd230106.jpeg)
this man has no drip
(391.22 KB 1443x2274 Flv9-D1aYAEzZTz230106 .jpeg)
hannie however,
(290.87 KB 1361x2048 FlwJVMFXEAAJobc230106.jpeg)
i like this too
(206.92 KB 1320x2048 FlwDogcacAAx7d6230106 .jpeg)
biker felix
for the hyunlix girlies
>>747826 dumb tired hands dropped pic
stays are doxxing the pannchoa admin and her family for reposting hyunjin plastic surgery post, truly becoming the new ratmy
>>747817 waa carrot bunny pic and hannie mouse pics are so cute, this is a nice set overall
return of poundcat necklace
(1.96 MB 540x540 KhxVZcv92AUg8b7T.mp4)
>>747828 kek i wish skz would go back to flops sometimes
>>747832 based
(345.39 KB 2048x2048 Fl1roJNagAMqxwj.jpeg)
aww innie jinjja cute
(139.93 KB 1080x667 Fl3H2k-aYAAT9iJ.jpg)
(493.40 KB 2047x1134 Fl4T_-PaAAADML4.jpg)
(3.46 MB 600x395 1495f05c32.gif)
>I’m going to use the hand mic more and more often BASED
(341.68 KB 2048x1152 Fl497TtaUAEPMkZ.jpeg)
(222.00 KB 1095x1643 Fl6RQbFaAAEV6Rm.jpeg)
my bf is so cute
(517.86 KB 480x744 X17GGEyyJiLhScWq.mp4)
my heart exploded
(450.81 KB 1410x2048 230108Fl6QKbSaUAAn_Pp.jpeg)
catching his eye smile glancing at this pic felt like one of those metal detectors treasure hunters use at the beach going off like crazy
(112.47 KB 1126x1127 Fl8UTV7aMAAPBMW.jpg)
rhino spicy
(291.63 KB 1364x2048 Fl6WRnwaMAMYwfv.jpg)
just love his golden brown hair
the gdas were their last known schedule so now the next thing is pending, until the tour on february 2
>>747957 jan 20th bench fanmeeting in the phillipines possibly announcing lovestay fanmeet soon?
>>747958 yeah probably the fanmeeting in february like the last years. they grew so fast and hard now that i really think about it
(341.68 KB 2048x1152 Fl497TtaUAEPMkZ.jpg)
>>747980 >>747907 didnt see it sorry
(542.52 KB 1147x612 Fl_1o6lagAA_FLG.jpg)
skz on that kpop documentary poster
>>748062 the hell is this
(1.65 MB 2899x4096 Flx_7ohaMAIXQXV.jpg)
>>748068 a kpop documentary by tving called "kpop generation" which talks about "the past present and future of kpop", it will be released on january 26. here is the whole poster
>>748069 hmm reported
>>748070 why ?
>>748069 >using circus based
the gda and mama performances were the best end of year ones
>>748123 >tma : maniac + case 143 >mama : venom + maniac >aaa : charmer + case 143 >kbs festival : as i told you, case 143 + maniac >sbs festival : 24 to 25, christmas evel + case 143 >mbc festival : taste, circus + case 143 >gdas : superboard + freeze + case 143 yeah i agree
(583.01 KB 1200x1600 FmLf0RWacAcrYI0.jpg)
(1.17 MB 2000x2666 FmMIeWdaYAUPRpN.jpg)
preview images
(1.31 MB 2000x2665 FmMJvKMacAES6ME.jpg)
(1.01 MB 3000x3999 FmMSLCYaMAUvFq0.jpeg)
(1.32 MB 3000x3999 FmMSLCVaUAAOwTS.jpeg)
i like the dark glittery aesthetic contrasting with the golden/painted instruments
>bang chan concertmaster >rhino western concert flute >fatbin timpani >hyunchin double bass >hannie piano >felix cymbal >seungmin violin >innie french horn
fuggo concept
>>748246 why are you still here
(250.32 KB 1366x2048 FmNKGttakAAvjJF.jpg)
pretty at the gdas
>>748233 >>748234 love the popping color instruments, hope they stay featured in the concept
>>748261 keeping this lil nerd in my pocket and pulling him out when i need someone to solve a problem or eat my leftover eggs
(307.16 KB 1364x2048 Fj6wHeuUoAAFnIz221214.jpeg)
sometimes when one single thing is mentioned and it makes me want to spend hours sperging about things that endear him to me, it feels like a hundred balls are ping ponging around my body at lightning speed at the same time and i have to do physical shakes to get rid of it. it's only gotten worse as the years go by.. one day i'll find a physician specializing in catwife infatuation to help me calm down
>>748300 cute nona sometimes its a good idea to sperg to get it out of the system you can always post your ramblings here or rhino general
>>748300 i don't even post in this thread or care about skz but please do sperg. it's what makes imageboards so fun to read
tfw innie will never be this close to my face
im new to skz, can you guys tell me your fave member and why he's your fave, im curious
>>748323 i like I.N because he is sexy
>>748324 this but fatbin
(88.88 KB 960x1200 download.jpeg)
(197.80 KB 1331x2048 FmQY9cSaUAUYA5s.jpg)
>>748323 my bf
(301.12 KB 1179x1769 FmHI7URacAIrtVX.jpg)
(1.36 MB 2000x2667 FmRTSzwaEAAh24O.jpg)
>>748335 rhino sausage fingers
only posting these because i find chartfagging pc prices is kinda keky
>>748339 i want to know who spent 4k on a photocard
>>748338 >>748339 i dont usually mind chartfagging but fuck you for posting hiv
>>748342 i wasnt gonna scribble out hiv for a simple shitpost
>>748343 you should've
>>748335 somehow thought chan's nipple was out and froze. rhino looks particularly auntie in pearls but i like it. someone give fatbin some chapstick
maniac jp merch
>>748387 i think the member designed merch is cute, i hope they post a behind the scenes of the process. im going to get the innie ring
(170.29 KB 882x899 FmUyMYuXEAAM-Op.jpeg)
this is really pretty but how the hell is it related to anything with the oddinary album, maniac comeback or maniac tour?
>>748387 seungmins bag fucks
>>748394 i was about to post about this shooting, its freaking beautiful. i think its linked to the previous jp shooting one with purple and butterflies
>>748394 hyunchin's hair though kek
of course rhinos jureumi necklace sold out. i think he is outdoing hyunchin in popularity more and more these days
they just pick themes and concepts out of a hat regardless of what theyre designing or shooting for
>>748398 innies ring and seungmins bag also sold out
>>748400 innies ring i think its mostly because they didnt produce much. kek seungmins bag was still available a few seconds ago
>>748401 i think its moreso that theyre jewellery pieces. the lovestay chocolate factory ring from last year sold out quickly as well
rhino could draw a jureumi face on a sheet of toiler paper and it would sell out
>>748403 kinda dumb im sure rhino would prefer rhinofags to buy poundcat necklaces instead
>>748387 hannies hair tie is so ugly also why a hair tie he doesnt even have long hair. doesnt he know how easily they break
(279.17 KB 1450x2048 FUnjssEUYAAeUqw.jpg)
>>748394 its like the white version of their previous maniac jp shooting
im not preordering the photobook i think ill just wait for someone to scan it
(2.95 MB 1536x2048 IMG_8CE68314A0DF-1.jpeg)
i take back what i said about the teasers looking fuggo, innie is gorgeous sparkling breathtaking gorgeous perfect handsome brilliant visual
i love seungmins pic so much, love his hair
>>748417 is it white/grey highlights or is it just the colour correction
>>748418 nah he definitely has highlights even in the teaser video >>748241 i love what theyve been doing with his hair since maxident comeback
>>748419 ooh i didnt notice theyre glittery thats cool i wonder what the photocards will look like. did anyone preorder the jp albums? i didnt this time because theyre like minimum $60 here and the limited version is like $125
>>748416 i like how they blended victorianish outfits with more modern leather parts and accessories
>LeeKnow said he’ll sing Limbo at the tour hahahaha
(3.60 MB 2000x2667 FmbnYAAacAIdHkf.jpg)
>>748481 fatbin and stacy should share eyebrows to even it out
(50.39 KB 576x767 FmbgPGnXgAI80JF.jpeg)
(54.26 KB 576x767 FmbgPGoWYAEcvXO.jpeg)
>>748484 >>748483 sooooo pretty, hes gorgeous
>>748481 rhino being the only one not to look at the camera stresses me
(5.72 MB 450x450 ezgif-2-8f8b5d18b9.gif)
(1.59 MB 2000x2667 Fmgv3Y-aEAIE8wz.jpg)
>>748580 all 10s
seungmins forehead *kisses*
(69.23 KB 827x967 FmhUx2-aEAEtmsH.jpg)
love his hair color and cut
what if stacy left the group
(216.28 KB 1538x2048 Fmhx0XOaUAYOUXX.jpg)
(362.79 KB 1080x1925 FmlkIiYaEAAmbFO.jpeg)
my sulley bf
aigo first full album but theyre filling it with scars and thunderous jp version that were released two years ago
(123.84 KB 1200x804 FmrT7QUaYAMhen4-aooon03250801.jpeg)
6 years since 3racha's first release
(615.85 KB 650x360 Y4FYo7AUjGVvSYds.mp4)
rewatching the freeze performance and i like how it looks like he's doing some air bending anime fighting shit at this part kek
(4.07 MB 2400x3300 Fmv8stsagAMJNIm.jpeg)
>>748807 dafuq
(416.24 KB 800x720 31Vx9KckSRU5q-DW.mp4)
he is so cute
>>748810 his smile is so adorable hopefully now he'll stop covering his mouth all the time
>>748811 yeah im so happpyyy
>>748811 >someone mentioned him to not cover his mouth anymore then seungmin said he does it out of habit now without he even realised kek
(1.50 MB 1280x678 DUGtEqvYPq7-FhOH.mp4)
skz youtubers
>>748873 kek seungmin english cute
(979.72 KB 2160x2160 Fm0pgh5acAUxNf3.jpg)
hyunjins airpods case for maniac merch
(947.84 KB 2160x2160 Fm0y3xUaMAEJq75.jpg)
seungmins crossbody bag
(81.52 KB 712x712 Fmzq4VYXEAENs1B.jpg)
rhinos necklace
(353.05 KB 828x677 IMG_E1685B621144-1.jpeg)
bench fanmeeting tonight i hope someone streams it
(454.42 KB 1849x1022 Fm5lngFaAAAlAQH.jpeg)
(393.02 KB 1723x945 Fm5llWYaYAAYlh2.jpeg)
bench fanmeet photos!
>I.N: Well, each and every member has their distinct style and taste when it comes to fashion so I think everyone here is very interested in fashion. But to be honest, among the members, I think I have the most pieces in my closet. king
(246.25 KB 2048x1173 Fm5l2bjaMAAAbMk.jpeg)
this looks so budget kek
>>748935 sa nevermind its just the press conference beforehand >Bang Chan: This is not the first time we came here in the PH. And what we remember were the screams of STAYs. We could hear their scream pierce through our inears. >Felix has Filipino friends in Australia and he said that he's interested in adobo. >Seungmin added that they like to eat meat, hence adobo is what they want to try in the country. >Lee Know said that he likes to try new things on his spare time. >Felix said that he likes to fix his keyboards on his spare time.
(273.86 KB 2048x865 Fm5eFx-aAAAeA-1.jpeg)
our cute manlets~
(54.96 KB 584x584 Fm46OcraYAA23M3.jpeg)
preview of the innie ring from jp merch
(4.88 MB 2048x1536 Fm6V12TXkAMB-dg.png)
felix was asked who he wanted to do a duet with and he said innie
pretty rhino
where are the fansites these photos suck
link to the press conference on yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW9GaBwtBzg
(37.71 KB 929x829 Fm6kbDUaEAECVMa.jpeg)
apparently they drew on tshirts and theyll be giving them out lucky winners
>>748968 daebak
(388.18 KB 2048x2048 Fm4XP0paUAE9gTF.jpeg)
the photocards for todays fanmeet, theyre kinda boring i hate that they look to merchandise-y. the mahagrid ones are much cuter
(1013.57 KB 1553x2329 Fm6rur9acAIbMV8.jpeg)
hair so soft
(763.97 KB 1543x2314 Fm6rurxaUAAuKUa.jpeg)
(389.35 KB 1318x1845 Fm6i6vKaYAEXXUw.jpg)
skz will perform the new jp tt the sound at music station on january 27
(180.42 KB 1280x1280 FnCK6o3akAEj0Y4.jpeg)
cute felix and innie at bench fanmeeting
(1.55 MB 2731x4096 Fm-7D8YXgAMEdkb.jpeg)
cute 2min
>>749062 love seungmins 90s all jeans look and hair
(543.62 KB 762x1125 IMG_DCF941B6278B-1.jpeg)
unit pc preview
>>749065 sa these are for pre-ordering the fanclub version (which ended on jan 12)
(171.09 KB 1200x1500 FnES5wjaAAA9yYi.jpeg)
cuties, all of them
(859.80 KB 1536x2048 FnEiuuyaUAAM7Fg.jpg)
(3.16 MB 1536x2048 IMG_1AA39DBE2B2B-1.jpeg)
theyre adorable
>>749071 kek didnt see you posted sorry sis
(391.98 KB 2048x1365 FnEf_krWAAMZDPO.jpg)
beautiful picture of 2min
skz japan being fucking weird again, case 143 music video ft. fat cartoons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNIVcEVdjqc
>>749075 by that jp artist onkun suko
(164.45 KB 1560x1750 FnFOaR4aEAAbMc_.jpg)
>>749076 i like when fanartists get opportunities to do actual work for artists
manifesting jap album original songs having some gnarly sounds
>>749105 the trailer hyped me i hope its not something mid and cutesy
(1.39 MB 3472x2315 FnHjOlbWYAAZkOq.jpg)
vocalracha cutest
(1.09 MB 2043x2173 FnIeCYIacAA-vlX.jpeg)
(309.83 KB 2048x1366 FnI6j-magAADRvk.jpg)
(652.90 KB 1252x720 rSdwBOX_2rHEWCob.mp4)
skz museum
(173.64 KB 1098x1647 FnMQpzCaAAArnyz.jpg)
(307.48 KB 1364x2048 FnMQQwZakAAdbdI.jpg)
(167.72 KB 1200x1580 FnMRKU8agAMsY_X.jpg)
(228.41 KB 1364x2048 FnMS2wnakAATB51.jpeg)
did he do his hair at home, why is it so uneven
(292.44 KB 1360x2048 FnMT4f6acAIcQFJ.jpg)
sleepy boy
(272.13 KB 1239x1858 FnMXabXagAAUXLO.jpeg)
kek cute
(191.41 KB 1017x1525 FnMXaa8aAAAnsC9.jpeg)
(500.65 KB 2125x3188 230124FnMTiCKaUAEMLWQ.jpeg)
pics from this angle give me the intense urge to kiss the top of his head or swallow it whole
>>749142 want to ruffle >>749141 uhh it's.. camp
where are skz
>>749174 in japan
>>749175 proof?
>>749176 fansites were with them and they have a schedule there on the 27, as usual
>>749177 no fansite photos of them landing in japan
>>749178 so where are they according to you sherlock
>>749179 well i dont know thats why im asking
>>749180 theyre releasing a jp album so theyre obviously going there to prepare promotions
>>749181 sighhhh i know theyre in japan because of the schedule but its unusual to go this early especially during lny and when they didnt even stay in manila over night. the question isnt a literal "where is the exact location and co-ordinates of skz" its "where are they, what are they doing, does anyone have any info/pics of them in japan right now" like maybe theyre filming something or doing additional shows
>>749182 obviously theyre filming something and you wont get any pics or info this goes like that for everytime they travel somewhere for secret things
>>749183 so you replied to tell me you dont know? thanks i guess?
>>749184 no one has the proof you want, so yeah
(3.91 MB 500x358 kittyrhino.gif)
innie confirmed on bubble they had a schedule today
>>749188 obviously
>>749189 why are you like this
rhino and innie both said on bubble they all went out to dinner together and ate udon, cute
>>749191 seungmin too, at tsurudongtan
(431.04 KB 1418x2048 FnM64ySaEAMyi4i.jpg)
>>749184 here is your hnd fansite airport picture as proof
(72.94 KB 1024x682 FnPUZM6aMAARdZy.jpg)
mushroom bf
>>749200 *eats this mushroom* *my psychedelic hallucinations turn everyone into a tooth*
(316.35 KB 1920x1280 IMG_0418.JPG)
heartbreaking love triangle
>hyunchin : It’s not an embarrassing moment. But today, I had a moment where I accidentally took a sip of Felix’s coffee. I thought I was drinking syrup, not coffee >Felix, on the other hand, is known to hate coffee and gets his caffeine from sodas. But a few weeks ago he revealed that he started drinking coffee. >Han piped in to say, “Felix’s coffee is too sweet.”
2min falsetto duet when
>>749235 it's always hyunsung with these comments about felix, stacy with a touch more condescension
cute sanrioskz art
(76.65 KB 758x1171 FnV2nTmaEAE8io8.jpg)
hannie and stacy are trying to call felix a candy ass faggot
congrats to euro nonas
>>749263 ill definitely go
it shows how huge they are damn. but i think their attendance to this and music bank is mainly meant to address the fandoms rage around no european tour dates
(433.14 KB 1892x2048 FnYOmBUaMAEi9Ar.jpeg)
innie's ring is really cute
(1.21 MB 1170x1376 IMG_7344.jpg)
skz for nylon again
(837.91 KB 1170x1357 IMG_7345.jpg)
>>749286 seungmin is so beautiful with this haircut and highlights
>>749290 word i love the forehead too he looks more mature
(322.33 KB 1468x1116 FnekC32agAEeN7E.jpg)
manlets and two lanklets
kek rhino doesnt have a single solo line like in gods menu
>>749382 my bad he has a line in the bridge


no cookies?