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(301.61 KB 1242x1077 jongho bday.jpg)
ateez #22 Anonymous 09/16/2022 (Fri) 20:12:13 No. 736823
jongho anime girl birthday edition
(137.78 KB 720x720 cnmJKh3_eYkQ9qPb.mp4)
first for shrimpy and managernim >>736827 based lemongi will be greatly missed
choi bros for managernim month >>736827 thanks sis
well not month. thread. thread is better
(4.66 KB 130x130 20220909_002232.jpg)
>>736836 gone, but not forgotten >>736841 happens to the best of us
(62.04 KB 863x863 20220908_233726.jpg)
i'm thinking we do wanteez oct 1, same start time as always
>>736872 sounds good to me, there’s one more episode of real now if we want to sneak that in too
>>737063 yeah we'll start off with that
can't say this is my thing but i'm sure one of you would like it, a vocal quartet covering answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIw1EAJhtWU
(401.79 KB 1262x720 cv7JOKGKQhYbihCv.mp4)
some before work spam. yungibros we are here
>>737360 oh these are the same guys from their kingdom stage, i like these arrangements from time to time
(778.25 KB 720x720 fwbDwBN3gRoW6QUn.mp4)
disaster mango, now complete with his head hitting the horn
(252.53 KB 720x960 b1TOUVbtMNK-fEAh.mp4)
(410.12 KB 600x520 5EhxgtAO9vsbjxtK.mp4)
(2.80 MB 404x360 zd27meR8IClcgbV4.mp4)
they've come a long way
(1.46 MB 1280x720 T-IBJ2LB7o1fr-Mx.mp4)
can't fucking draw a star
(546.13 KB 640x426 ioYu4Kgn_DwMMEUV.mp4)
good ol days
(1.86 MB 540x540 mY8beDut75SAaYDB.mp4)
petty ass
>>737471 i wanna see them try to do this now
(1.69 MB 720x720 y8Qebji3gXYY60QZ.mp4)
ancient seonghwa video
(907.42 KB 1280x626 XRpLV5AA2oT51yrm.mp4)
ah my poor mango
(880.90 KB 1080x720 yemqZCWoO8WTd0kM.mp4)
it's a wonder mingi's still alive clip 300
(1.59 MB 640x360 Anabix6sV54XLQM8.mp4)
and ending spam on 90lb san
>>737465 >>737469 >>737477 KEKK >>737471 need their current selves to do this and yeosang
parenting difficulty by hongjoong >7. seonghwa - he really understands well >6. yunho - if hj doesnt make a mistake theres no problem (except for doing games bcs he's really good at it) >5. jongho - theres no problem at all as long as he does what he wants >4. wooyoung - people know he must be highest but hes actually good at listening by convo >3. san - we have same mbti we share same empathy but only able through this, so there are so many variables >2. mingi - we need to know and understand first what he is thinking >1. yeosang - hes sloppy we need to tell him things few times, sometimes its only him that doesn't understand the situation yeoksi autists strikes again
>>737565 >san higher than woob santism proof #5368
minsangsan the autism trio
>>737567 and their handler yunho
>>737568 now i need to a survival show between the three of them and they get a phone a friend of jongho or yunho whenever they get stumped
new hair on birdie and yunho. the last two days on pm san was talking about a secret schedule and that he's not allowed to say what it's about since he's gonna get scolded again. i swear to fucking god if they're releasing an album before the tour i'm gonna be mad..i do hope it's a cyberpunk mv ngl
>>737878 i genuinely don't believe they'll squeeze in a full album but they've surprised me before. still firmly believe it'll be a single that'll be on an upcoming album though but we'll find out
(161.71 KB 720x720 vsom6gNwQAmaGLCV.mp4)
>>737878 i can’t see them releasing a full album, maybe it’s something special for the anniversary or for halloween, whatever it is they’re definitely releasing something noteworthy. knowing them the cromer from today’s idol radio might have been a hint if we want to over analyze that
>>737884 kekk the cromer is definitely a hint i hate them so much. inshallah i hope it's a gory halloween mv >>737879 i think they'll definitely release something just before they leave
>>737886 they started using their debut logo recently, i didn’t think much of it for events like isac but kq used the old logo for the 2.0 lightstick announcement instead of the latest one with the slash in the middle. are they going back to past already?
>going back to the past buffsan and buffsang fucking twinksan and twinksang
imagining buffsan folding his twink counterpart in half but it's still just san so they're communicating in squeaks and rwas
(130.53 KB 486x486 XX28F28YtnPIc4ZM.mp4)
>>737932 furiously jopping in the corner and recording it
fanart spam time
ending with some woosang
(4.29 MB 3750x3000 20220922_6.jpg)
wtf is this
oh it's a cue sheet for the tour... they're performing from. they're definitely hinting at going back to the beginnings lore wise
>>738045 i love that they have new world on the setlist. hope mist and promise are somewhere on there too
>>738048 what makes me seethe is that they'll probably change the setlist for europe
>>737964 kek cute >>737967 OMO >>737968 this is so cute >>737969 kek this is also in the order of the parenting list by the way >>737974 based thank you for the spam sis
>>738048 >>738052 i just want to see the full setlist now to at least get an idea
>>738077 they're fucking. anyway i can't wait to see it, orange is a weird color for me but i'm curious in any case
>>738086 i think mingi will pull off orange well but i’m surprised none of them went blue
>>738089 it's going to cause inevitable questions of these being references to previous hairstyles since they're going back to the past
>>738089 maybe yeo will
>posing with the kraken while in a corset HHHHNNGGGNNNNNNNGGGGGH
(198.86 KB 1459x2042 20220923_074046.jpg)
kill me
(134.83 KB 966x1207 20220923_074117.jpg)
he does it on purpose too. i cannot wait to see hq shots of mingi's hair next fuuuck
(435.39 KB 1280x720 uq3XoZvIzN9KlrEJ.mp4)
some friday spam, starting with protective birdiemom
(525.66 KB 1280x720 k3CC77lmEE6Cm5ok.mp4)
(252.95 KB 720x788 riSlixUaCvlsEZMG.mp4)
(604.11 KB 720x720 KeJlBrg3vts2j2Pg.mp4)
(2.25 MB 640x360 n9QyzF9_hdv5Vot-.mp4)
tentacles almost came out
(286.90 KB 640x360 B38oVBCwUNQN4Fq1.mp4)
i adore him
(96.88 KB 404x382 kUmMFf77jQIEKVh1.mp4)
(290.48 KB 664x664 slvg7AKhAVRbymZu.mp4)
(1.48 MB 720x720 7Ygfg2oYN6tzgySV.mp4)
this is ableism
(659.88 KB 1272x720 QUt6b9Z-JbD93Rf5.mp4)
this is more ableism
(1.25 MB 480x616 1oiTMWcXaFfrZmw5.mp4)
(1.30 MB 650x360 6ZmAF1vpkTLVSn6F.mp4)
this is cool but some extra footage appeared for the showterview fight about the woogi fight during the hala hala filming
(3.98 MB 480x852 J2VjpXfluCXIt4Ji.mp4)
and ending spam on yungi carnival date
>>738303 >>738305 cuties >>738306 >smacking’s woob’s ass in front of +50 atinys god has favorites >>738309 KEK >>738315 >fight on set heol awkward >>738316 holy shit i haven’t heard this song in years
impromptu beam, got the idea from another poster the other day, just watching all ateez music videos in release order https://hyperbeam.com/i/_llQ5iAe
once again i am overcome with love for them
(774.64 KB 480x852 nrpNOFxM6V85zm8B.mp4)
>>738596 me too sister
>>738597 joong's gotten pretty strong omo
>>738598 he’s been randomly carrying woob like that for no reason lately hnngggh i love it
(298.37 KB 798x720 Dp9uEhU3vzh36JCt.mp4)
sunday spamday, starting with thighs
(406.93 KB 680x680 jEaz7C3GR-ZcJB1g.mp4)
i need to fuck him
(1.97 MB 1280x720 gZ8nne1Lc9KZHaw0.mp4)
(82.49 KB 720x924 ddpV6W99C6dfYJKd.mp4)
(462.73 KB 720x720 HtcACS4F2KiFfcrm.mp4)
he's so cute
(1.17 MB 1260x720 LRKIS8JcWB_b--FR.mp4)
>so this is how music bank makes the individual member fancams and with ateez as an example
(105.15 KB 348x348 f-FCkG6igTt5BVWN.mp4)
smack smack
(297.44 KB 720x720 txRj3BkVSN4HALhO.mp4)
(2.02 MB 720x720 BSjJo7idgj61ROuh.mp4)
the worst part is it's sped up
(543.04 KB 960x720 yehsUemd-HMfGEFy.mp4)
autists caring for autists
(973.07 KB 720x720 Pfqv84gTahHqdrj7.mp4)
they're so cute bros
(1.00 MB 1080x1080 PBtoQPbYSxb0rx0c.mp4)
(4.59 MB 720x1280 qNm6NgaUrHiVWyH3.mp4)
(1.15 MB 760x720 tGqo9Oo3oPKO5Bj3.mp4)
and ending spam here
>>738600 hnggh i want to stick my head in there and suffocate >>738602 >>738605 CUTE >>738613 kekk i like how birdie just watches him struggle >>738614 KEK >>738618 i can’t wait to catch up on wanteez it looks hilarious
(224.14 KB 828x4096 20220928_073513.jpg)
i don't like it :/
>>738876 i like the hourglass and the new features but the handle is a choice. should've let the fans design it again
>>738878 it's a little simplistic in a boring way but agreed, the handle looks really dull
>>738876 it’s like they couldn’t think of anything for the handle which is a shame because i do like the top half but i am curious to see how atinys will customize their v.2 lightsticks
fuck off i actually like the sweatshirt and swap out body for the new lightstick
>>738876 i like it? it's not mogging v1, but it's pretty and elegant. this might be the rainbow LED lights pulling me in tbh i'm not sure i'm a fan of the magnet feature though. that just sounds way too insecure, i can already picture the globes popping off during shows and bouncing everywhere like balls KEK >△ If you turn the head too hard, it may break. >△ There is a possibility of damage if the head is turned excessively. >△ Never touch the circuit below after removing the head. bruh >>738894 >i am curious to see how atinys will customize their v.2 lightsticks same. it's got a lot of potential, like putting a little terrarium with fake flowers inside the hourglass. i'm thinking the removable hourglass means we'll be getting more toppers in the future instead of entirely new lightsticks >>739030 the prices for everything is surprisingly lower than i expected. i'm glad the bags they're selling this time are meant to be able to travel with the lightstick. i'm malding a bit over shit like tour shirts and crewnecks still being over 25,000 won but i guess that'll never change no matter who is selling them
(385.68 KB 755x800 20220930_152158.jpg)
(305.38 KB 2048x2048 20220929_105359.jpg)
(194.40 KB 2048x1310 20220928_152152.jpg)
(224.25 KB 1115x874 20220928_115103.jpg)
(217.37 KB 600x1050 20220926_224102.jpg)
this made me kek so hard
(348.41 KB 2868x4096 20220923_123111.jpg)
tiny woob
(198.28 KB 1159x1224 20220928_115110.jpg)
(1.61 MB 3004x3634 20220921_231551.jpg)
(1.64 MB 3179x3763 20220921_231425.jpg)
(548.03 KB 1880x2048 20220921_231334.jpg)
>the breedable hips kek but i like the sandroid concept a lot
(917.01 KB 3419x2434 20220921_192144.jpg)
(264.97 KB 1330x2048 20220921_192035.jpg)
(408.90 KB 1608x2268 20220928_114832.jpg)
this goes well with my san robot arm theory loresperging
(121.35 KB 850x1200 20220928_114955.jpg)
(189.18 KB 720x1081 20220921_105118.jpg)
(727.19 KB 1400x1929 20220920_27.jpg)
(408.70 KB 1621x2048 20220917_093152.jpg)
(263.55 KB 1200x935 20220917_020049.jpg)
unsure if i posted this already
(204.78 KB 1700x1419 20220916_121805.jpg)
also this
sorry folks, have to cancel wanteez this weekend, we'll see about doing it two weeks from the 2nd
(413.10 KB 528x528 20220930_094134.jpg)
>>739245 dwai we can wait ~
>>739233 KEKKKKK i love how parrot birdie has the wonderland bangs >>739245 that’s ok i can wait
(375.77 KB 720x1280 PvR0lUCxI0b4Q30O.mp4)
yoooo yunho has a checkerboard pattern??
(49.73 KB 1080x782 20220930_171009.jpg)
>>739263 if you can call it that kekkk. seems like they're keeping up with the revolution vibes with all these new hair colors which is based
>>739264 yeah i’m just wondering how long they’ll maintain those hairstyles for the tour
(608.68 KB 640x852 20220928_073358.jpg)
by the way i know we were looking for this the other day
>>739292 YESSS he’s succumbing to his raccoon ways
(1.16 MB 762x720 TNlz368c5rxX7Rzh.mp4)
omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo
(1.44 MB 720x720 5Ky3hke-RDU6DQ6a.mp4)
(50.93 KB 967x698 20221003_000831.jpg)
>>739353 KEK cute >>739354 eventually shrimp will graduate into being able to lift yungi
(610.88 KB 2921x1948 20221003_152556.jpg)
(1006.05 KB 4096x2731 20221003_152615.jpg)
(1.11 MB 4096x2731 20221003_152622.jpg)
(124.40 KB 1260x788 20221003_152832.jpg)
(134.12 KB 1257x780 20221003_152834.jpg)
(95.94 KB 1052x652 20221003_152903.jpg)
>>739587 me too nona also san’s tat is peaking out OMOOOOO
(510.96 KB 720x720 yZ9IFTVFyrZUKBJd.mp4)
some overdue spam
(2.53 MB 720x1280 4BxpUKO5elLIL7Tn.mp4)
can't get over this yeosang
(3.10 MB 720x1280 Zb2OHbna39F9dcVb.mp4)
(409.41 KB 1264x720 tpwWlblJQH9hMImR.mp4)
he's so fucking cute
(1.22 MB 720x1280 cXkWOHWBdkMNLeKA.mp4)
(2.23 MB 720x720 Soq8YhHexLzBe_0x.mp4)
compilation of yeosang eating sour stuff
(1.14 MB 720x720 bZXbND8-kU9SMe9O.mp4)
(750.42 KB 1280x720 hOEAHvnztDHUxsZb.mp4)
kek poor san
two different types of autism on display
(311.91 KB 720x720 YC65a3oczRHkfndP.mp4)
(922.33 KB 1080x720 gySVQ3cKJzGgMClm.mp4)
(402.41 KB 720x720 7hDqF65AOLz-hgj1.mp4)
can't wait til we get to whatever episode this is
(1.06 MB 748x360 XA-b6AD7Usj51hZs.mp4)
(216.38 KB 790x720 sFklTZbEcmyCJlku.mp4)
(476.98 KB 830x720 HsYEgg-rWXiplCA7.mp4)
(938.59 KB 720x720 0an4QPITzbHKCMOD.mp4)
kek hwa in the bg
(649.01 KB 720x720 cnVz7HTztgaf3wHS.mp4)
okay and ending spam here for today
>>739589 i love it when he dresses like a truck driver with a closet filled with pro bass shop gear >>739591 heol i just noticed now he’s wearing chaps >>739592 >>739595 >>739600 CUTE >>739604 >taking a break from washing the dishes KEK
did any of you see the video of them getting harrassed by that dude at the airport? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toh9hy4a3Us apparently the guy was arrested
>>739889 yeah we posted about it on dst
>>739889 oh yeah that made the rounds. fans already get that close as it is so more than anything just glad it didn't escalate to an altercation
>hongjoong said he'll think about adding illusion to the setlist >win confirmed to be on the setlist >mingi said the tour will have musical vibes ANNOUNCE THE FUCKING EUROPE DATES OR I'M GONNA ROPE
(775.25 KB 1400x1882 20221006_015706.jpg)
(169.16 KB 1039x1322 20221005_075011.jpg)
(101.48 KB 1312x1312 20221004_222803.jpg)
(177.26 KB 950x1158 20221004_180910.jpg)
(104.84 KB 1032x642 20221003_131618.jpg)
(35.35 KB 536x533 20221003_131620.jpg)
(146.92 KB 860x440 20221002_194442.jpg)
(87.38 KB 1024x991 20221002_125346.jpg)
(782.36 KB 1638x2048 20221002_125204.jpg)
(433.90 KB 2500x1341 20221002_125615.jpg)
(74.29 KB 1551x949 20221001_080204.jpg)
(212.85 KB 850x1200 20221001_080024.jpg)
(214.79 KB 1000x1452 20220930_201325.jpg)
(261.82 KB 1000x1452 20220930_201229.jpg)
(850.39 KB 1911x1532 20220930_194534.jpg)
(385.68 KB 755x800 20220930_152158.jpg)
(222.86 KB 1500x1985 20221004_083540.jpg)
>>739923 love when artists draw the milfiest hwa >>739926 CUTE >>739927 hope this artist never stops drawing peteez these are so cute >>739936 and this one's a queen
(156.58 KB 799x1258 20221003_000813.jpg)
>>739922 >illusion on setlist PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE it can replace turbulence >>739923 i love how milfy this girlie draws birdie >>739926 tfw no needy kitty woob to tear up the sides of my couch when i leave the house for more than 20 min >>739931 omo this style reminds me a lot of hellsing
(888.45 KB 737x552 WAKE UP WORLD.png)
FINALLLYYY as i said, kinda bummed i didn't get any birdie in my pulls but it's still pretty good i'd say
>>739995 birdie is ridiculously elusive, but yah based pulls. i think we pulled the same woob id card for the diary version
>>739995 omo you got the holographic pobs nice
(562.58 KB 1206x720 _GU2TD80gnjTtmlI.mp4)
>the board says "meeting atiny while leaving another idols concert" and yeosang saying it's cheating (on ateez) i’m laughing so hard because of birdie
>>740094 kek cuties
(138.87 KB 1170x1247 20221003_224429.jpg)
>>740094 can't wait to watch this i love when they start arguing about dumb shit >>739995 *steals the san on the right* based pulls. i also only have max 5 birdies idk why he's so hard to pull
(1.89 MB 1080x1080 NAmzD-4uOCLT9ESf.mp4)
some spam a day keeps the demons at bay
(3.42 MB 1280x720 E7gykXPfZWZwNKiJ.mp4)
fuck it up joong
(777.32 KB 960x720 kahQV1ptfvKA6qlS.mp4)
mingi had it with yeosang not finishing his heart
(706.33 KB 1280x720 g5vnZdzeLjoHBqIC.mp4)
(705.38 KB 720x720 mhbb7U0KycEZwFpR.mp4)
idol radio is spoiling us with hohong
(1.00 MB 690x1228 HJzdg99sKC8LaDEW.mp4)
poor clumsy forgetful joong. fun fact is by then he'd apparently already lost the airpods themselves so that was just the case
(409.17 KB 720x960 _7loMkRfTFgxonrK.mp4)
oldie but a goodie
(1.44 MB 1280x720 P5nhDOMMfY7NMKW5.mp4)
crafty maknae
(531.81 KB 676x1280 m6jDAiY9RY5EWAuS.mp4)
(2.34 MB 720x1280 Q-Wq4CgE8iiY_dGL.mp4)
(639.84 KB 720x720 rCvU9l4IBlgJQPpV.mp4)
(926.76 KB 720x1006 Ems__RbbvlYBVhyK.mp4)
love them
(2.69 MB 480x852 _e8zOXtVzhU9IJez.mp4)
fuck it up wooby
(1.02 MB 720x720 _lTVERmPTfMMmsAk.mp4)
(2.80 MB 720x1280 D1J4aYjHakKS4-R6.mp4)
dk why this video makes me kek but it does
(3.22 MB 720x1280 QB3RQewHXseRbDs_.mp4)
(2.30 MB 960x720 g0YX0r8gwzu1DTbY.mp4)
and ending spam on some woob
oh yeah you guys down to start wanteez this saturday, usual time? i think we have an ep or two of real now to go through too
>>740147 oh wait scratch that i work this saturday. i meant next saturday
>>740130 omoo i love these segments >>740132 >>740133 hohong chads we won with idol radio >>740137 shrimp was running around the stage with that towel the entire time kek >>740144 nonchalant mario kart >>740145 awww poor yeosang >>740149 that’s fine with me i should be free that day
(2.05 MB 3000x3750 IMG_20210829_060030.jpg)
>>740149 fine by me
daebak powerhouse ktinys already pumping out fanart from today’s outfits
(173.08 KB 1518x1080 20221005_072553.jpg)
>>740249 >>740248 hulkek i saved these two as well
>>740247 >>740248 >>740249 >>740250 they act quick. also damn the fandom's gotten so many based artists
(135.60 KB 1077x1076 20221009_40.jpg)
>>740288 manifesting even more fanartists
(1.38 MB 806x720 665335170507.mp4)
i have to talk about this because it's making me coom buckets. ok so: >Sep 6, 2022, Zico released a track “New Thing” which had a choreo by a dancer known as Vata who's part of a dance crew on SMF. this driving dance went viral >however, fans quickly noticed the relation between say my name and new thing, aka the driving move that was created by anze for ateez in 2019 >next, ateez suddenly chose to perform say my name at the daegu festival (over their newer songs), and one atiny noticed a callout used by professional dancers (such as on SMF) that wooyoung used during the real's dance break (vidrel) >on top of that, woo has been vocal about how he would not cover new thing and would instead prefer law (the other team's choreo on SMF)
(267.71 KB 480x564 1665335240527.mp4)
>he has also done the biting move in another instance, while doing the dance for the new things choreo (vidrel)
(448.78 KB 752x720 665335273897.mp4)
here's a bbt member trying to stop him kekkkk
(1.66 MB 720x720 1665335008331.mp4)
how shitty can you be to actually manage to piss birdie off
(1.40 MB 720x720 1665335375290.mp4)
ok last vid. in conclusion i love this i love drama i love woob not giving a fuck i fucking love everything about this and i wanna throat woo's cock. also i hope more people call out that team for stealing moves cause apparently it's a thing that's happened before
(6.21 MB 1272x720 qH5AuzSvcliNyHiU.mp4)
>>740295 >vata had his dance moves copied by someone, his crew mate ingyoo got upset over it but now he pretends he came up with a trendy new challenge using ateez’s move as if he isn’t copying himself “if you call yourself an artist, if you’re a dancer, make your own” heed your own advice major hypocrites on their part, apparently the topic has been brought up before on pann so it’s just a matter of how much this will blow up on the korean side. i’m not surprised by woo calling him out multiple times but birdie out of all members is truly telling how annoyed they are by the whole thing
(161.44 KB 540x540 14oHy9VaokYb4M2u.mp4)
chad wooby, really based of him
(65.18 KB 1169x859 20221006.jpg)
>>740296 KEK i really hope it blows up on the knet side cause there was a pann (i think) post that was asking why did ateez do the smf choreo on today's stage. how fucking annoying is that, getting called out for copying when it was yours in the first place. i imagine knetz being retarded enough to take vata's side but who knows, we shall see
>>740299 yeah it was pann and most of the comments were correcting op’s mistake, i’m seeing ktinys pull up other dance shows using the bite move for unoriginal choreography to back up woob and i believe there’s another pan article pointing out the similarity. we can only watch and wait now
(49.73 KB 1080x782 20220930_171009.jpg)
>>740302 *pulls out popcorn* this is so entertaining
>>737565 forgot their mbti by now
(314.70 KB 2039x2284 20220926_091459.jpg)
>>740342 them making shirts with them and making teams on being extroverted vs introverted made me kek so hard
(55.86 KB 1119x493 2022101014.jpg)
drama updates: >anze reposted a ton of vids showing that it's the smn move on ig and other posts calling vata out >josh smith who's the one that created that move specifically is aware of this and supportive of woo >dozens of articles written by kmedia on the topic, some were trending. surprisingly knetz are mostly on woo's side >woo mentioned that he saw fans trending a hashtag to support him, said he's protecting 'his people' coom >vata (or his team) was watching ig stories he was tagged in late in the middle of the night >this >>740295 vid or a similar edit has gained over 65m views on weibo and people are talking about it on there too cwazy and thoroughly entertaining if i do say so myself
(943.18 KB 2160x2880 IMG_20221015557.jpg)
(380.55 KB 1080x1357 IMG_2022101024.jpg)
i do have to wonder if vata will say anything. also i hate to say anything remotely good about this retard but vata's choreo is for zico's song and he performs it with bbt on stage..well apparently they always skip that driving move whenever he performs it and zico has never done it on tiktok either. that can't be a coincidence
>>740388 personally i can’t see vata coming forward with a statement because what’s left of his credibility will crumble or if he does it’ll be a half assed apology
>>740386 nice way anze put it, very classy >>740388 it'd have to really be making numbers in korea i reckon but i doubt it
currently trending at 7th on naver and 2nd in the ‘5 minutes most viewed’ section >>740394 yeah i doubt they’ll modify the choreo
(411.67 KB 2048x1270 20221010_110700.jpg)
>>740395 based. god i love drama like this knetz were bringing up the soyeon and jype plagiarism scandals too kek
(760.82 KB 960x720 rhpwxWQYD_YHMrZS.mp4)
throwing up some spam while i still can
(1.62 MB 720x934 0TLh4hjvGFBGrGSC.mp4)
(1.57 MB 1280x720 Z-60F0C_LfOVDG1g.mp4)
he's so fucking stupid i need to fuck him
(1.01 MB 720x720 Mo4ysObSH0Ft4CR-.mp4)
(2.11 MB 480x836 YLvRhDISTQmuOXB3.mp4)
ancient joongie video was unearthed
(1.01 MB 414x360 cH8nVfD9LM10KkmE.mp4)
(1.64 MB 960x720 t81GHqM1q74YIFQd.mp4)
kek poor jongho
(1.36 MB 480x360 JYQ06beZDqiU6ju8.mp4)
(784.60 KB 640x360 LgLgNDclu4Bjm_9o.mp4)
(230.56 KB 720x720 TLNBC2TNAEVkSuCJ.mp4)
(847.84 KB 720x720 eIbatIqPrzxD50Fm.mp4)
(310.26 KB 724x542 jq4_HhoDwvPPTCl8.mp4)
(1.70 MB 1280x720 IYOzbjHQaGec8OZF.mp4)
and we've all seen it but ending spam on yeosang almost losing a finger
>>740344 kek thanks
(652.89 KB 1280x720 cYqqS-BbZbQnDMAc.mp4)
happy happy managernim day throwback to that time the teezers did a live with jongho shirts on kek
(2.40 MB 1280x720 gxEC8COVe-JH9QEf.mp4)
(663.93 KB 2126x2126 cake.jpg)
happy happy jongho day, here's his fucked up cake absolutely no one ate
cutest dentículos, sweetest voice, sexiest unseen body, managernim i fucking love you
happy birthday cutie i hope the members kiss him a lot today *pinches cheeks*
he’s smart but he’s a libran so
new gangbang pics just dropped
they remind me of some animal but i can’t put my finger on it
>>740561 jongho about to be in the center of the woosang eiffel tower
>>740562 KEK this one's so cute
these are always sweet to watch i’m paulsoning so hard totally not crying rn https://youtu.be/-oiSlF77p1o
birthday md is a hand mirror with engraved turbulence lyrics, the idea is cute if i ignore the existence of that song
>>740578 i straight up cried KEK not to be all my meow meow but he's such a calming presence that even just looking at him makes me feel secure >>740579 apparently it's encased with leather which is neat >I'm already overwhelmed,to be myself barely >Is anyone listening >Can someone just еmbrace me? i love turbulence but the choice of lyrics is keky even if it's his part. these parts of the lyrics are so sad. "I hope to be myself, I hope you feel the same way" are more hopeful, i wonder why he didn't choose them
(368.69 KB 1080x1308 IMG_20221087.jpg)
who's cutting onions >>740578 i'm saving it for later cause i know i'm gonna cry >>740562 just figured that they're supposed to be the apple that he splits in two :') freaking cuteeee >>740579 i want this but i promised myself i'm only ever gonna get san's md. weird choice of lyrics, i think it got lost in translation a bit
(139.77 KB 828x1177 20221011_105606.jpg)
more drama updates >anze addressed the situation in an insta live (picrel), clarified it's not the move that was stolen but it's actually an entire sequence >more articles written about it now that anze confirmed, couple of them trending #1 on knews sites >say my name charting high on different itunes charts >say my name is close to beating wave off melon charts which is insane
(205.44 KB 1080x1329 IMG_20221012_091421.jpg)
(1.71 MB 720x802 1665565120926.mp4)
also adding this, it's wonhyuk from elast that one atz fanboy, yes it made me kek i love bitchy gaypops
(316.48 KB 1080x1128 IMG_20221037.jpg)
another article including mnet's response. i think they'll just wait until people forget about it
>>740605 losers can’t even apologise
>>740605 heol i didn’t think they would comment on it but bullshit they want this to die down before going further
>>740621 yeah, just them commenting on it at all is surprising
i hope someone gets in a dating scandal
>>740627 mingi and jessi was already confirmed by dispatch this year
>>740629 you wish mingi
although i thought they would make a fun pair, he’s too young and immature
>>740632 wrong thread?
been a while since i posted something retarded so here's the official ateez piss ranking 1. seonghwa mild and light in flavor, however low in volume like a stream in a desert 2. jongho tastes like convenience store coffee 3. yeosang ruined by his love of protein and sweets, but it's not that bad 4. mingi slightly worse than yeosang due to how much meat he eats 5. yunho same as mingi, actually the flavors are indistinguishable in blind taste tests 6. wooyoung rather than jongho's light coffee flavoring wooyoung's just straight up is coffee. tastes like coffee, looks like coffee. if being an idol didn't work out he could've worked as a dispenser in a coffee chain 7. hongjoong already battery acid 8. san has to be disposed of in a waste facility. it will melt your esophagus. it's a controlled substance and workers are taught the dangers of san piss in kq's staff orientation
>>740634 i meant mingi and jessi
>>740635 KEK there was a similar one in that thread
>>740635 good choice in putting mingi below yunho, yunho drinks way too much pepsi. also >it will melt your esophagus OMO i need to drink a gallon of it i wanna bathe in it i want to use it as a facial cleanser and boil it and drink it as a tea
>>740635 i’m going mix all of these to make the most rancid and gut wrenching punch
>>740640 if you use san's piss as an exfoliant you'll look like that painting of the guy ripping his face off >>740643 *chugs*
>>740640 greentext properly. also what are you saying in the last bit??
>>740643 see you in kq’ s sewers
>>740645 ay dios mio...
>>740645 hello newsis you must drink the piss before you're allowed in the sorority
>>740647 >>740648 i figured it out nevermind
(45.63 KB 1169x1614 20221016.jpg)
he's just like me fr
>>740652 the bb trippin kkt chat must be lit
where is everyone
>>740760 i'm in san's gallbladder feeling nice and cozy
>>740760 if you only knew how bad it was at my job right now
>>740762 tell me nona
>>740761 uh.... nice to meet you i guess
>>740760 living under shrimp’s studio couch with the dust bunnies
>>740764 dont' worry about it only thoughts of ateez piss will get me through
>>740770 piss conquers all >>740765 take a sip don't be shy
(137.23 KB 960x1280 EheiEDnU0AUklnY.jpg)
>>740779 to complete the initiation into atzg you must drink from the sacred piss jar
>>740782 ugh no. been a fan since 2020
>>740783 *bangs on table* chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug
>>740783 you lack dedication...
>>740797 towards?
(143.67 KB 1366x2048 20221013_180103.jpg)
>>740799 the sisterhood
>>740804 how? my favourite is shrimp
(1.96 MB 720x720 pcdHi2GzNe1cTnkr.mp4)
>>740805 >>740782 driiiiink
>>740806 holy shit
>>740806 what is going on here
>>740806 *presses on his full bladder*
(1.51 MB 1280x720 drink it catboy 2.mp4)
>>740809 >>740810 drink :) >>740811 *a little piss spurts out*
>>740811 i forgot you were in his hall bladder
>>740813 *gall
>>740812 no :)
(281.77 KB 720x720 2rciqDghci5OLZbt.mp4)
(2.83 MB 2760x3863 20221011_203048.jpg)
>>740817 you heard the man
speaking of degeneracy i'm working in the mango failed experiments fic
>>740819 OMOO hwaiting
(905.93 KB 720x1280 bAhYEby5LaDHMToW.mp4)
another japanese album?? holy shit
>>740841 HEOL already?? they're crazy >>740783 atzg is not the place for you then
>>740823 heol, wonder if it'll just be one new song and japanese guerrilla
(134.49 KB 828x619 20221014_081904.jpg)
vata posted a response and it might just be the shittiest statement ever put out by someone. he basically admits that he didn't give a fuck and he hoped that he could've ignored the issue until it passed and also insults woo/bbt/anze as a whole and calls them disrespectful kekkk. i thought this whole thing was funny until now but his response actually pissed me off. he comes off as super conceited, almost like he has no PR team at all. anyways knetz are ripping him apart, articles are trending again and journalists are calling him shameless and his statement 'stupid' kek
>>740885 >he comes off as super conceited, almost like he has no PR team at all i mean realistically he probably doesn't unless mnet provides one
(140.19 KB 1002x2048 202210145.jpg)
to top it all off, his teammates are liking his stupid post and a couple random backup dancers like that one famous sunmi backup dancer are defending him too. one of his teammates posted this on his ig story and he's calling woo disrespectful. after he got flack for it he immediately deleted kek. crazy how they look down on idols so much yet their entire careers revolve around idols
(2.88 MB 2160x6325 IMG_202210157.jpg)
vata and his team were called out for plagiarism before on the show >>740886 it's possible, but since he's under contract with mnet right now i think they might've at least offered him one?
(766.00 KB 1536x2048 202210135.jpg)
anyways now i'm just waiting to see if anze will respond in any way. i doubt ateez themselves will say anything regarding this cause imo woo already achieved what he wanted aka making people aware of the plagiarism. it would be funny if they decided to perform smn at the upcoming concert, tho
(577.54 KB 720x1088 xSiatEo1l_ckVsdU.mp4)
>>740887 one of vata’s friends is trying to defend him by claiming the specific driving move isn’t solely tied to smn however in the examples they showed it includes footage from millennium dance complex where anze is part of the faculty. this entire thing is a shitstorm, flocks of dancers are joining in because they know woo can’t directly call them out. another thing atinys pointed out is that vata literally follows all the og smn choreographers he’s so fucking shameless
>>740894 kek this is pretty much what i was expecting to come out. pretty surprised vata addressed anything at all anyhow since it'll only bring more attention to it
>>740895 he probably thought this was gonna die down in a week max, in his statement post he’s deleting all comments criticizing him and his other friends are limiting the comments section. it’s rich how they can talk but can’t handle the backlash. seriously what did vata think would happen after writing a shitty “apology” like that?
(623.01 KB 640x360 665752706972.mp4)
>>740894 it's so funny how none of those look like the same choreo yet if you put vata next to the smn choreo it's identical. it's not the driving move itself that's unique, it's the entire sequence, the timing and all the little details. how can they claim to be dancers if they can't tell the difference kekkkkkk
>>740901 even when you overlap the two it’s undeniable
>>740909 right it's so obvious i'm just kinda baffled by his and the other dancers response
(5.17 MB 720x1280 vYnJ9Oxn3i3lJsAx.mp4)
one of you mentioned looking for a clip of seongjoong walking by the pool at their hotel when they were in jakarta, was this it?
>>740922 YOU ARE A QUEEN yes it is. the original poster took it down because fans were crying about it but he's walking so cute here
>>740923 based i got it from a ktiny who saved it thankfully, shrimp kinda waddles like a penguin kek
>>740924 i need to vore his legs so bad i love his stupid faggy walk
>>740925 i’m surprise he wore tube socks the pool i wanna see more of his tat and sink my teeth into that specific spot
the things i would do for one of his tube socks
(236.32 KB 720x720 UGmqJeyjzXF-ib7Z.mp4)
some spam just while i have time, starting with mango in his rightful place worshipping joong
(880.93 KB 720x720 FCUR-6EC0mPCTiOP.mp4)
(1.13 MB 720x720 HlFEMiLgZt_r5jCT.mp4)
(2.69 MB 540x540 _sH9SE-bIT_75apn.mp4)
(1.04 MB 720x720 LZe1qUwYDgsvYApf.mp4)
(885.91 KB 770x720 a5MP5eyFOzyj9E1E.mp4)
the fucking camera
(247.86 KB 772x720 IYS4zmWPWUQrESj6.mp4)
(1.86 MB 720x720 iygR0LMnoD3EEHFa.mp4)
start selling feet pics king
(467.99 KB 720x720 4ZckXjB6gumFQFH1.mp4)
(158.16 KB 816x720 INrmc-g1yvNaFaNI.mp4)
(3.28 MB 1280x720 FNb8kCkHPCMmXwY4.mp4)
>>740929 he’s just like me >>740931 depressed because i’ll never cuddle with woo >>740932 KEKKK CUTE >>740936 when does yunho not fiddle around around with feet
(3.25 MB 1280x720 0_rK3KPbiQtWRUhV.mp4)
talking about their upcoming debut date :]
(392.32 KB 720x720 -CqesNsRDdeLM7jY.mp4)
god i love hohong
(2.11 MB 1080x1080 ZGB2LvffkKrALR3z.mp4)
good shit thanks idol radio
(2.43 MB 720x720 riGdIx8ax-mG5fTS.mp4)
kek the journey of junhyuk from mirae
(639.13 KB 720x720 OmflNloiAttXHd50.mp4)
and ending spam on woob struggling to hold mingi
>>740941 awwwwww >>740944 it’s nice he was able to interact with yunho, good for him >>740945 KEKK thanks for the spam sis
little over an hour until the beam, get your snacks and your affairs in order
>>740987 my mug is ready
instead of going to the bathroom woosan just piss into each other's mouths whenever they have to go but woob is desperate all the time so he only barely makes it and has to basically constantly piss in san's mouth. they're making it a contest on who will break and piss in a proper toilet first but neither are willing to back down even though wooyoung can't even go to bed anymore without his cock nestled in san's mouth
(180.42 KB 960x1200 20221015_232804.jpg)
(114.50 KB 1199x580 20221013_173932.jpg)
forgot to post jongho day fanart so here's this one at least >>741013 hype >>740992 *subscribes* *gives kudos*
(1.06 MB 640x360 665924789877.mp4)
you all need to watch the kcon japan performances asap at least guerrilla and the real they were so fucking good i love them sososososo much. i think vidrel is a spoiler for the next jp album tt
>>741032 i'll have to look for the dl link. i downloaded the la kcon performance and i still watch it like every other week kek it was so good
(943.51 KB 2030x1830 20221016_132645.jpg)
>>741042 thanks babe, seonghwafiles is such a fucking queen
>>741032 the merry go round is totally alluding to cyberpunk’s lyrics i can’t wait
>>741047 i swear to god if they don't give us that cyberpunk mv...
day 837625. still no bottled ateez piss sold as merch. i fear the day will never come...
>>741102 they're just sorting out the customs issues sister...the jarred piss will come
it’s shocking to me that next week is their 4th year anniversary i love them so much bros
>>741123 time goes by so fast...
(112.77 KB 800x1050 20221014_225229.jpg)
>>741123 i try not to get too sad about the fact that theoretically we have only 3 more years left. i'm clinging onto shrimpy saying they wanna perform no matter what even if they only have 1 fan left etc
(513.03 KB 1316x2048 20221017_091123.jpg)
>>741181 same i try not to think about it too much one way or another but it does make me a little sad kek
>>741181 :( yea i want them to stay together as a group for a long time but we never know what the future holds. i hate that the most about kpop but i’m glad we can enjoy them now in the moment
>>741217 yeah i don't want to be overly optimistic in case i'm disappointed i am glad they go through renewals before enlistment at least so we know what they plan to do before we start getting either group or member specific hiatuses. rips the band aid off a bit if members do leave because at least we have them together for the full seven years
(55.55 KB 860x1128 20221017_224718.jpg)
>>741205 for something lighter meow meow
(460.98 KB 2048x2048 20221016_230556.jpg)
i love them so much
(1.29 MB 4096x2836 202210241.jpg)
seongjoong boobs seongjoong boobs seongjoong boobs seongjoong boobs seongjoong boobs seongjoong boobs
>>741445 omomo we might get a peak of shrimp booba if he performs in that outfit
>>741447 the shirt? if you can even call it that is cut low and he’s wearing a body chain to top it off i’m gonna die
>>741448 hnnhggggggghhg why did they have to drop this now i'm gonna be unable to focus the entire day. inshallah may we get a nip slip
>>741443 >>741444 omooooooo please be mv outfits please please please
(547.36 KB 872x720 COPtxdx-gHFAY7Zs.mp4)
some spam. this is how i stack my midgets
(3.14 MB 540x360 jnyhO2Fhu1ur5vxC.mp4)
we should make yunho do this every idol radio
(1.46 MB 710x710 ZVGGFBNVNKoCr2n0.mp4)
(1.62 MB 624x360 H7GsgEP7qgiDiqzW.mp4)
kek junhyuk living the dream
(3.51 MB 1066x720 fwPH-gid_AvDkKNa.mp4)
i'm going to throat him
(969.73 KB 720x964 vrQ2uUjXAYh2H78U.mp4)
there are so many instances of san doing this that i don't remember if this has been posted or not
(2.04 MB 540x960 lPCZGQINjZW8T1sY.mp4)
they fuck
(294.39 KB 686x686 aylt7pmKrFZLxIFH.mp4)
bounce, end spam for today
(813.58 KB 4096x2328 20221020_210528.jpg)
>>741482 it's been posted but it's ok I'll watch it again >>741479 dp
(179.85 KB 1240x1090 20221017_152412.jpg)
(814.93 KB 2000x1453 20221016_140249.jpg)
(128.02 KB 850x1221 20221014_084026.jpg)
(124.32 KB 850x1199 20221014_084030.jpg)
>>741477 they knew exactly what they were doing >>741478 >>741480 junhyuk’s members letting him have the spotlight with yunho is cute >>741481 coming back after work to our mingihome to mingiwife cooking mingimeals >>741483 omo it must be so fun to watch them it’s like a gaypop pandering zoo >>741487 CUTE
>>741490 >>741491 these are really slick
do you ever think about a particular live and find yourself paulsoning so much it hurts? whenever the bday lives come around, i always think “it’s too early and there’s no subs. aint no way i’m watching this.” and then i end up listening to it and enjoying it. then, months later, while i’m boiling eggs, i recall the lives out of nowhere and i can’t stop smiling. it’s fun just listening to them even when i have no idea what they were saying. it’s fun recounting what happens in the lives with atiny and making memes and sharing clip highlights like we just watched a basketball game. they make me happy even with just memories of hearing them. i love ateez
>>741498 i did this a lot with mingi's old lives when he was on hiatus, just watching them even though he'd usually be talking about nothing. it was very comforting. typically i'll prefer to watch clip compilations of my favorite lives but it is nice to just put them on sometimes
(322.08 KB 720x1056 HwjgqxqGqHbgoNOg.mp4)
>>741498 i love birdie’s lives and listening to him talk, he’s usually on during late at night so i often fall asleep halfway through. his voice is very calming and soothing even if i don’t have a clue what he’s saying. it’s nice to wake up and see a million clips of one member not really doing anything notable but people clipped it anyway because he looked cute
(366.88 KB 1536x2048 20221020_153917.jpg)
>>741498 i have very fond memories of waking up to san's solo vlives and watching them while paulsoning so hard my cheeks would hurt even though i couldn't understand shit. my favorites will always be the san hwa solos because their voices are so calming and they sometimes talk about more serious stuff, the sangi tour vlives because they were so unhinged and retarded and all the practice room dance lives. i lowkey wish they'd go live more often but i get that they're very busy lately
awww shrimpy’s having a photo exhibition for his birthday
(85.11 KB 827x1224 20221019_090042.jpg)
>>741560 was just gonna post this. that's so fun, i'm proud of him. i really wish i could go
>>741563 same i would have loved to go, i’m overjoyed that he’s able to showcase his art to us. i really wanna see the unreleased photos he accumulated from the last tour so i hope ktinys document the event
sobbing (┳Д┳)
(138.17 KB 1170x1755 20221017_174149.jpg)
>>741565 awww i'm so happy for him
hold on i just realized there will probably be even more pics from That Day in madrid. CANCEL THE EXHIBITION BARRICADE THE DOORS I DON'T WANNA SEE IT
>>741560 that's so nice i hope we get footage of it
>>741567 i will black out the offending pictures for you
>wooyoung saying the leaders isn’t on the setlist on a fancall he better be fucking lying
>>741580 >tfw we will never get our twerk song supermix of the leaders ttb and rocky
(313.97 KB 1196x1239 20221014_084503.jpg)
you guys down for wanteez next saturday? same time as usual
>>741602 i’m up for it
(4.11 MB 3000x3000 202210227.jpg)
happy 4th anniversary to my favorite retards. i love them and i love atzg
>>741683 happy 4 years nonas <33 i love you guys and hope to spend many more joyful years with ateez
(501.73 KB 1080x755 Screenshot_20221023-131409.png)
he's looking out for the pissfags
(238.59 KB 2048x1151 20221014_153824.jpg)
>>741683 >>741685 happy four year, hope for many more after this
(193.24 KB 1536x2048 20221022_172453.jpg)
(307.09 KB 1462x2048 20221022_172507.jpg)
(1.92 MB 2898x3081 20221024_060207.jpg)
(409.03 KB 1640x1640 20221024_061452.jpg)
(306.12 KB 1182x4096 20221024_061345.jpg)
(329.23 KB 1577x2048 20221024_152510.jpg)
(250.39 KB 1200x1026 20221024_152740.jpg)
this is so fun san is truly just like me fr
https://youtu.be/Bg1Mih6qNME >posted at 10:24 kst on 24/10 i hate them. time to cry
>>741726 this is my favorite yearly tradition i'm always excited >>741725 artists that do stuff like this are nuts to me it's so elaborate
(534.07 KB 1934x2048 20221030.jpg)
>debut pic on the orange cake friggin awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
>>741728 it’s so cute
(539.03 KB 2048x1534 8 makes one sanday.jpg)
>>741728 i love them so much
>>741758 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
ktinys are getting their fellowship merch in the mail too, it’s so much brighter then v1
>>741758 i woke up to this and got scared that it was the europe dates
overdue fanart spam
based on true events
mahou shoujo hohong
i love it when artinys draw shrimp’s eyes like this and give him extra eyelashes
anddd i think that’s it for now
>>741907 gyoo >>741908 omo >>741910 OMOO >>741912 love catboys fr >>741920 i fucking love this artist >>741926 thanks for the spam sis
>shrimp exhibition is free >shrimp’s idea was for attendees to collect points and convert those to money amounts that he can donate to charity for kids >tickets to reserve your spot go up >scammers take advantage and try to sell the free tickets for profit >it’s impossible to transfer tickets between parties on naver even with id >scammers taking up spots from atinys that could have helped to accumulate more for charity that’s so shitty what the fuck
>>741942 disgusting fr how are the scammers even going to sell these tickets
>>741943 seriously how shameless can you be
(102.06 KB 1258x828 202210203.jpg)
>two seconds of gym content i'm picketing kq
>>741983 foaming at the mouth at his legs aside, is he fucking wearing platform sandals
>>741994 must be a muscle day kek
(896.54 KB 720x720 k3-A8sBhbS-RPfGW.mp4)
clearing out some spam before i start saving hundreds upon hundreds of concert videos
(322.54 KB 720x800 2wvM7NQ6zyuj8exX.mp4)
woosaners we are still completely fucked
(1.05 MB 1272x720 MSvAr7QeJHoAZu2H.mp4)
(5.09 MB 720x720 QyE2W9xDDUCunp13.mp4)
me as the monke
(258.07 KB 354x354 KKEUrH235Wi6ABKN.mp4)
(1.62 MB 480x852 IM8tHFr57NOXMH1q.mp4)
(3.90 MB 720x1280 S6mnMFnD0c0sxjRR.mp4)
(19.14 KB 560x364 FeeMe-mVQAIs45I.mp4)
jiggy jiggy woah
(690.94 KB 1080x1080 JUvYlHZtpfiNHxz8.mp4)
(546.01 KB 720x720 a-6_Og9shvMK7VZy.mp4)
(6.74 MB 1280x720 3IAgenUwQ-AiqaW0.mp4)
i love them so much it's unreal
(339.93 KB 530x886 gQPl0YGayutYqKwZ.mp4)
oh to be yeosang for a day
(579.78 KB 720x960 cvfMsyBVRAnaf6cm.mp4)
(3.64 MB 576x576 Ntr-VfEZK-n_lmVF.mp4)
(1.41 MB 540x540 AszC_hBmKWATwHNl.mp4)
finally getting to jongho bday videos kek
(681.77 KB 1008x720 l1r_i9A1i5RBd1Tt.mp4)
>jongho said everything was normal until there was an empty page in the middle because mingi decorated on the opposite side of the paper
(832.69 KB 576x576 QE37jdPNQBrs7Usa.mp4)
(71.42 KB 444x444 ZK-el48vyD2uh8qu.mp4)
(397.12 KB 480x790 9ewyIA73RZ76RqE8.mp4)
this made me kek heartily
(668.13 KB 640x640 xfCqhppJjjTCR2NP.mp4)
(888.75 KB 720x720 OE-qyFHn41oj3TfS.mp4)
(1.86 MB 720x720 BR5rqWEAW48njXct.mp4)
cute 2ft tall introvert
(526.68 KB 720x720 Rf3UaPOyUJFY6lwN.mp4)
rare woogi
(184.51 KB 720x720 aL6KWM-mlEPCFs4T.mp4)
(113.41 KB 524x350 EQ4XSviUYAAkhz9.mp4)
and ending spam on this hohong
>mist and illusion on the setlist my prayers were answered. too bad i won’t be able to make it to any of the tour dates
>songs taken off the setlist >pirate king, desire, utopia, precious, treasure, inception, thanxx, deja vu, take me home etc heol it's most of their good songs... they'll take off every song but shitbulence kek
>>742067 nothing short of ecstatic over this, but >>742069 how can they remove their debut songs...?! how can they remove so many titles??? what the fuck is the logic here
>>742069 >inception removed YAAAAAAS >everything else REEEEEEEE
i guess i'm trying to think of it on the plus side that they're rotating in some songs we didn't get last time and the new ones but man getting rid of utopia, thanks, precious and treasure really hurts me and it feels wrong without pirate king
(754.38 KB 2197x2906 FgPLAoiXoAA-qaq.jpeg)
i'm silently seething and cooming everywhere at the same time. i might be being greedy, but this feels so short. they're doing about 4 songs less, this setlist alone isn't even a full 1 hour and 20 minutes i know i'm going to feel especially greedy after seeing this just once. some of my all time favorites are here REEEEEEEE surely they can't be expected to perform at their best multiple times a week for hours on end, i guess this is why people like rewatching concert dvds kek. at least the removed songs will likely appear come next tour. i'm pretty bummed desire and take me home are gone, i'd rather have either of those, or ttb or glb over illusion AND wave kek. i hope they surprise us with if without you, please manifest this with me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEJ3V7HQ4UQ >>742072 not having their pirate king out of everything on the setlist feels weird and wrong
>>742073 i actually kind of dig it when i think about the sound from song to song now because we get rid of that kind of meh summer section that was in the last concert. i do agree but i'm really glad to get illusion and win and i'm REALLY pleasantly surprised to see celebrate here, i actually dig the rotation just from that standpoint
wanteez in the same bat time same bat channel today and we'll also probably try to peep some concert videos too
(2.16 MB 720x1280 7GnXA0VA-7zPQ6h1.mp4)
just uploading some of the spam i come across today
(48.54 KB 736x736 FUFJTVSVUAITAmT.jpeg)
giving myself pre-post-concert depression by realizing that the moment they get to cyberpunk it's going to be pretty much over within the next 30-40 minutes >>742074 the songs work together pretty cohesively especially now that it doesn't feel as much like they're trying to show us as much as they can with the setlist, because of how much time covid took away. it makes sense. win and celebrate and illusion definitely belong here, i should be less of a downer kek i think i'm trying to psyche myself out. it feels like i'm going to fly towards the sun in excitement and die inside if i don't stay grounded >>742075 anticipating
>>742073 kinda sad they took out desire, utopia and precious but i’m so fucking glad we’re seeing win, illusion, horizon and celebrate. i kinda figured they had to sacrifice some banger songs to make space for more this tour. the ratio of songs i like is better than dislike compared to the last one for me, i’m so hyped to see songs from the world live
(58.87 KB 866x803 FgPV105XoAABsvN.jpg)
it's so early after the concert there's barely fansite photos yet but i'm going to enjoy the drip feed of photos and videos we get soon >>742077 yeah i'm excited to hear how they go together, and same now that i'm actually seeing clips and bits and bobs i'm feeling so happy anxious for the show soon kek
(235.62 KB 1536x2048 FgO1dfDXEAAlp03.jpg)
his fucking veins
(880.13 KB 720x1280 yX8ZnvnBVVSTxl-h.mp4)
need alien cock
(142.20 KB 1125x1362 FgOmLSvXwAIqnGH.jpg)
i need the fansite photos so bad fuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeee
>>742079 >>742080 >>742081 >>742082 my heart is going to pop out of my chest for real
(823.20 KB 540x960 BI9ePI8BwQbsKClO.mp4)
god this san outfit is insane
>>742079 >>742081 >>742082 >>742084 CUMCUMCUMCUMCUMCUMCUMCcmcuCcucmcumCUM
>>742084 taking deja vu off the setlist is criminal
holy fuck
>>742087 i'm guessing his parents didn't go to this show KEK
(80.25 KB 695x1200 FgOfPbUXgAANI5p.jpg)
(3.81 MB 720x1280 VcXxWhgslavkSa-s.mp4)
throwing up wym there’s new pcs
>>742090 WHAT THE FUCK
>>742087 >>742089 >>742090 i am legitimately speechless >>742091 i know the member sets came with pcs, but if these are a vip gift i'm throwing up KEK. i didn't see anything about seoul md including pcs so my hopes are very very low
(4.96 MB 576x1280 BCCniXthoPsqP8ad.mp4)
manifesting more slutty outfits in the rotation
(229.35 KB 1450x2299 FgPPnXmUcAE8Tq4.jpg)
i'm going to cryjop
(367.73 KB 720x720 ECstI7yYf5Vf9REO.mp4)
(311.50 KB 2048x2048 FgOyYEFXwAA08II.jpg)
this outfit is stunning btw
>>742093 the member set pcs are different, the ktiny i got the pic from said in their caption they got these from the atinyzone? so it might be a freebie or like what they do with broadcast pcs and give them out randomly. man they never give out pcs in the states i want it >>742094 >>742095 i have a feeling he specifically asked the makeup unnie to draw the anarchy symbol last minute AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
(2.17 MB 720x720 HokkBODPUroLnXUP.mp4)
>>742098 it's something he'd do, jealous of the mua right about now
(1.61 MB 720x1280 UNJNheLcjWstEgxF.mp4)
(1.35 MB 730x720 d0B_hSKw_ii8gNud.mp4)
we of the shrimp of the black hood have made a hundred sacrifices today
(444.30 KB 1536x2048 FgOn5aWXgAAeqse.jpg)
not a lot of hongjoong clips or pics just yet that i see, birdwife is tits out today
(1.46 MB 720x960 hHddk1XyevFXCW1U.mp4)
(318.78 KB 720x720 1VfO0loKJdv90kEi.mp4)
(246.23 KB 1151x1740 FgOf1gsXkAA2ESv.jpg)
hate the mua that contoured his tits fr
(3.12 MB 480x852 dd9CuU0CyzJfXkl1.mp4)
enough for now, i'm sure a lot will go up in the coming week as we get more shows too
woob voice ateez is rainbow
>>742108 that's so fucking cool
(1.25 MB 480x616 1oiTMWcXaFfrZmw5.mp4)
daebak i didn't get to go to the last tour and now most of my favorite tracks have been removed from the setlist. i hope the next tour has a different setlist, i really wanted to see answer live
>>742130 i think it's a sign that we'll always get a pretty interesting rotation of besides and i do really enjoy the idea of them always performing some majorly different songs every time but yeah i'm a little bummed at some of the omissions
(4.08 MB 480x852 KiW-6UIw_yqZHbgh.mp4)
>>742135 to think they're only going to get sluttier from here
>>742107 hnngggh his tongue
(981.91 KB 720x720 n31KLEUaxXPKNfy9.mp4)
>at some points of the concert the screen would ‘glitch’ to show halateez that’s so cool
>>742199 oh that's fucking cool. with the way the screen effects have been described i feel like i need to see it in person. wonder how they plan to film it for the concert dvds
(1.03 MB 720x1092 HdTPNanf9r9cRm1y.mp4)
i love how they went all out on the little details, the usual confetti was replaced with posters from the guerrilla mv and kingdom stage. there’s another instance where there was a floating moon drone(?) floating around the venue too
>>742201 damn i'm really hoping they do this for the other stops
(1.92 MB 720x1280 ESA8Vke-qrkYGBTL.mp4)
i would go nuts if i saw this irl from nosebleed seats >>742200 word i think this was the only case i’m interested in buying the concert dvd just to analyze the details they added to their set
(3.50 MB 720x960 nQiWZ_gColcyBnv1.mp4)
>>742199 another example
>>742203 i didn't realize it was actually a moon kek that's soo cool
genuinely so excited to see how they'll bring this to the states ahhhhhhhhhhh
(6.25 MB 720x720 MgEKxte4EexE6V6v.mp4)
>>742206 i was trying to steer clear of most of the performances because i wanted experience it first at the concert but they look so cool i’m even more hyped than ever
>>742207 i want to be aware of them because i'm afraid i'll focus so much on the dancing and the guys that i won't notice the cool details kek. i really wish my stop was doing two venues. also fuck the new new world video looks so good fuuuuck
>>742207 birdie living his jedi dreams
(79.61 KB 1080x1080 20221031_232454.jpg)
jongho undress him more
(163.74 KB 933x1597 20221031_232427.jpg)
(294.96 KB 1154x2048 20221031_232331.jpg)
SEX their stylists just get it
(207.61 KB 1365x1992 20221031_232429.jpg)
(57.88 KB 647x953 20221031_175158.jpg)
(592.65 KB 2085x4096 20221031_111307.jpg)
(231.05 KB 1703x1125 20221101_091506.jpg)
some of the joong exhibition pics with the members and the ceo
(228.92 KB 2048x1536 20221101_091640.jpg)
(406.97 KB 2048x1536 20221101_091642.jpg)
(437.77 KB 2048x1502 20221101_091816.jpg)
(220.28 KB 1567x2048 20221101_091820.jpg)
these are nice, glad he shared these
>>742338 all of his pictures are pretty, i love the geese from regent park
this wall collage is nice too
>>742339 geese friends >>742340 yeah this is really neat, hope he gets to do something like this again and hope scalpers don't scalp it
>>742339 i love the shrimp geese saga
>>742434 >>742435 omo hoping for that one san titty shirt to get art
(1.00 MB 720x720 9on8v5n77-PYxy-f.mp4)
spam time, starting with yeosang eating spaghetti
(292.09 KB 720x720 -T9nn4MzJLW9f1GB.mp4)
(3.67 MB 1280x720 UvPUr78Gtif8W234.mp4)
can't keep my eye off of hongjoong here
(1.16 MB 720x720 3jhWAkhMhjUicZSm.mp4)
(620.00 KB 706x576 8LMgoUdixho_CM1d.mp4)
he showed them his broom tricks...
(545.76 KB 720x720 3sAjabcHvswXnIYT.mp4)
(578.56 KB 720x720 -q4D5nyU6urO4bou.mp4)
(2.13 MB 1280x720 TfegZ3WsziTDWjlY.mp4)
(206.70 KB 550x550 fH5oYDZJ7GQK5sek.mp4)
(4.18 MB 956x540 pf4UfGN9omEnwa-F.mp4)
i love them, ending spam here for today :)
>>742501 woob’s face KEK >>742502 same >>742503 kekek i love how they just push mingi around like nothing >>742505 HNGGGHHHH >>742507 omo i just know they fucked him on that couch after the live
(2.12 MB 720x1198 CosHDBv0UMV7RyBH.mp4)
awww the exhibition updated the electronic panel displaying the donation missions with pictures of shrimpy posing with his work
(1.68 MB 3000x3000 Fg4aq2aVEAMT-8j.jpg)
*kiss* looking forward to his draw my life and birthday live and whatever the other members post
>>742779 i love him sm i wonder how they’re going to do the bday live aboard rip we probably won’t have a funny banner as a backdrop
>>742780 heol you're right, maybe they'll wait til they're home again or get creative with it
celebrating the occasion with a shrimp spam >>742781 it’s kinda funny to think of staff carefully packaging the mini cardboard cutouts of the teezers and their weird gag gifts kek i’m sure he’ll eat well without the extra decorations
(686.24 KB 720x720 hOli9FqpTx3yvz7i.mp4)
some of my favorite shrimp clips
(2.48 MB 720x900 bfVCu9bLjTkzjvNv.mp4)
(547.22 KB 720x720 hgiRz9im_Lfy7U3Y.mp4)
(172.67 KB 720x720 H9gWcPGCJNh87WZ0.mp4)
(266.96 KB 720x720 3Okhbjw2fO7EYpP3.mp4)
(689.05 KB 720x720 sRHGz3VxNdiwaJ_y.mp4)
(260.98 KB 640x360 DtykNCF6RJmlJG2U.mp4)
omo i'm going to add some of my favorites too
(2.14 MB 720x1280 rlMYelIj3aVlwAL3.mp4)
(2.41 MB 864x480 99XGbl1ExieXjhqZ.mp4)
>>742798 the more shrimps the merrier
(1.08 MB 720x720 ljPH1ndBOueeFkBH.mp4)
(1.59 MB 480x852 ebfzqS8KBXHdUwMS.mp4)
look at him gooooooooo
(654.85 KB 1280x720 Orwo1xeTgBdWFJS8.mp4)
mi gatito
(538.23 KB 720x720 Ft18e8PpHmqOtwyw.mp4)
(1.10 MB 960x720 ST1cHsChzcm3p9_X.mp4)
(2.73 MB 1280x720 GlI5tuHoDBg7s5cI.mp4)
(3.53 MB 960x720 7bLkOP2ChGDknL52.mp4)
(1.67 MB 1206x720 IouML952xeduD0L_.mp4)
(1.07 MB 748x550 YgGuHcR6EX8UzZaO.mp4)
(4.83 MB 1280x720 KdBMmJU7Ym9PvDdg.mp4)
(840.87 KB 720x1280 97hrsco_mGA2woIX.mp4)
(3.09 MB 666x550 gXp2aZxwn-IVdVnf.mp4)
(3.23 MB 640x360 9cNTjKkGBdTmzDiG.mp4)
(285.89 KB 720x720 z6Qr9OK5CtVm6wu5.mp4)
(584.63 KB 720x720 rh70VJ9vat0nvaCs.mp4)
(142.09 KB 720x962 7nNvkVyViSDOq3qN.mp4)
(284.38 KB 720x720 ZDSiwkdFt3Z3tgbh.mp4)
(535.11 KB 720x720 orCuRHMRWOGl1qNr.mp4)
i think that’s it for now, i hope he has an extra special birthday this year while on tour, he makes me so happy so i wish the same for him
>>742831 word, as busy as they are preparing i hope they set aside the time to have fun
shrimp’s draw my life i’m not ready to watch it yet i know i’ll cry https://youtu.be/6x_kugsS70g
>>742860 these are so cute i'm so excited to see what next year's birthday tradition will be
(192.72 KB 847x1129 20221106_213705.jpg)
some concert and hongjoong birthday spam
(147.75 KB 951x1024 20221106_215348.jpg)
got my own wooby
(410.20 KB 2160x3840 20221106_220708.jpg)
(210.81 KB 1429x1722 20221106_221514.jpg)
(140.60 KB 1126x1839 20221106_233730.jpg)
(493.86 KB 2048x1536 20221106_234129.jpg)
(188.27 KB 1173x2048 20221106_234142.jpg)
(56.96 KB 1080x640 20221106_234744.jpg)
(375.54 KB 1464x2048 20221106_234802.jpg)
(227.05 KB 1263x1786 20221106_234914.jpg)
(91.63 KB 1192x868 20221107_000427.jpg)
(85.74 KB 828x1792 20221107_001833.jpg)
(258.69 KB 2048x1536 20221107_002347.jpg)
and end current crop of spam
(257.92 KB 1448x2048 20221107_151128.jpg)
shrimp shrimp shrimp
(658.28 KB 2788x2396 20221104_231602.jpg)
(153.44 KB 1237x1549 20221104_212740.jpg)
and a san
(160.29 KB 1422x800 20221107_195014.jpg)
i love them so much
(2.45 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221111_024420063.jpg)
my ateez concert experience, starting with the pop-up >the pop up was fun, they had really rough replica guerrilla outfits, i'll post pictures tomorrow bc i'm too tired now >the venue near phoenix is REALLY nice, straight up the nicest arena i've ever been to >kqfellaz opened. they did good. their second song was kind of a banger >during from woosan ran around holding hands and chased seonghwa >they used the translator a little more this time >they had a looot of trouble pronouncing "phoenix", at one point when they do the arena pictures everyone legitimately thought yunho said "say penis" >the theme of this one was embarrassing mingi, making him sexy dance and do aegyo >mingi did a fucking one armed handstand for the final the real breakdown, granted not sustained >no words for guerrilla live, it's amazing >i know it's been mentioned but there's unique video effects for every song and it's cool to see them >one of the vcrs is one of those really dreamy kind of innocently homoerotic ones and hongjoong looks like he wants to rope in it kek >they really look incredible for this show >during rocky yunho smacked wooyoung's ass. this memory left its imprint >the setlist feels really, really solid. turbulence was the only one i was pretty indifferent to but it fit in at the right spot >they brought bbtrippin out for a spot of their own at the very, very end of the real >as always, their energy is excellent, even at the tail end san was still just dancing around, it's crazy how much energy he has >yeosang did that bodybuilder pose again in conclusion buh
(163.95 KB 1170x1603 20221109_190623.jpg)
>>743248 wahh i'm so jealous and happy for you sis. i really wanna see the vcrs in person so bad kek >one armed handstand POST
(1006.59 KB 1280x720 RZkVbvuS6xgLWBV5.mp4)
>>743248 >everyone legitimately thought yunho said "say penis" KEKK i almost didn’t believe it until videos started popping up >as always, their energy is excellent, even at the tail end yeah i’m surprised they sneaked in the real towards the very end but i imagine after performing that i wouldn’t want to leave the venue and beg for more songs kek
(3.38 MB 1920x1080 LA6ukDQ-QA38IlVL.mp4)
>>743254 nta here
>jp account tweeted seongjoong solo teasers 9 hours ago >just finding out about them now not sure how i feel about this orange filter
>8 individual members >first press limited edition >normal cd vers >tower records a ver(offline only) >tower records b ver (offline only) 12 versions in total, wtf are they on
(2.65 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221109_181256550.jpg)
home and well rested time for some concert related picspam. mingiling played slots >>743402 >>743403 it's got that japanese teaser look alright where it doesn't look consistent with any of the kr releases
(2.99 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221110_041809338.jpg)
the replicas from the pop up we're so iffy kek
(2.42 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221110_041816155.jpg)
goddamn raincoat
(3.76 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221110_041856088.jpg)
spot the mingiling
(3.33 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221110_041933919.jpg)
mingiling and a mingi (to scale). staff was so cool they just let us do this kek
(3.16 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221110_041819382.jpg)
(2.42 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221110_041820599.jpg)
they couldn't even tuck the shirts in...
(2.82 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221111_030407528.jpg)
the moon looks so cool
(2.49 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20221111_033227710.jpg)
atzg illuminati meeting is lit
(1.38 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20221111_044105433.jpg)
good content
(2.06 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20221111_044137688.jpg)
(1.95 MB 3024x4032 PXL_20221111_044316079.jpg)
i don't have many good pictures from during the stages tbh
(1.75 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20221111_051827224.jpg)
yunho kept fucking it up and doing sexy dances in these two corners kek
(1.90 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20221111_051912799.jpg)
right before the slap...i'll leave it at that but it was really fun. went full on entranced after the first set and i was so hypnotized by them, i love them so much
>>743405 >>743408 >>743409 CUTEE i wish i could attend the pop up for my stop, did you buy anything good? i heard hello82 is lousy with their inventory and selling items that were pre claimed a month ago so i think by the time they arrive here majority of the stock will be sold out >>743413 >>743416 >>743418 based it seems like you were closer to them when they were on the catwalk, you’re better than me at taking pictures i have shaky hands kek i can’t wait to see them myself
>>743420 so i had pre-ordered my lightiny for pick up and i had no issues since that was the only thing i bought, but yes by the time we got there a lot of the pop-up exclusive stuff was sold out, and that was on the first day of the pop-up. they did have a lot of the regular concert merch well-stocked though. i wouldn't be surprised if that went on with some of the exclusive inventory, not even sure if they had claims properly placed on any of the pre-ordered stuff, probably just a failure to anticipate the demand. at the same time, i don't think enough people really took advantage of the pre-ordering to also correctly project demand. it's a failure on many parts, but if you ever do a pop-up please pre-order and please try to set an appointment for one of the earlier slots. and yup, we were in front of the catwalk, all the doing of the camera kek
>>743421 yeah i would have preordered if i knew for sure i would be able to attend. i dislike the fact hello82 is hosting the pop up in a entirely separate location from the venue, i kinda wanted to snag a picket but i heard those were among the first to sell out, it’s not the end of the world though. >we were in front of the catwalk, all the doing of the camera kek daebak i have a seat for newark d2 like a section away from being directly in front of the catwalk, i’ve been trying to find another seat but any ticket closet is in the hands of scalpers rip
>>743422 it worked out for us because it turned out to be closer to where we were staying but yeah the venue was a good like 15 miles from the pop-up, it was a little nuts. hopefully if the tickets don't sell you can see about moving in a little closer. we were also just one row behind the section directly in front of the catwalk and tbh the difference isn't that noticeable
>>743423 i’ve been stalking ticketmaster and vividseats for d1 tickets, i’ve had luck buying tickets the day before the event so i’m not too stressed out but i just want something to secure my seat. i have my eye on one and i’m waiting for the price to go down, i considered looking on twitter but i’ve seen a fair amount of scammer posts that defer me from doing so
>>743423 yeah scammers are probably going to be bold toward the end of the show. hwaiting, i hope you score those tickets
>>743425 end of the sale period*
>>743425 thanks sis <3 i should be ok i just had a scare last time because buying from third party sellers doesn’t immediately transfer tickets into your account, i was on the train on my way to the venue waiting 20 minutes for it to clear kek
they’re live now https://youtu.be/fB0bFJyLL0o
they’re leaving individual messages now. i feel sorry and i hope everyone who came was able to get home safely
>>743442 >>743443 heol i feel terrible for the fans this is such an awful situation
>>743443 i hope they can make it up to them in the future :(
(286.76 KB 616x360 Er0yRdEfsJkpR3QZ.mp4)
after many days away time for spam. retard on retard crime
(1.61 MB 720x720 ZpT31FtZhoHjJG_t.mp4)
(1.70 MB 1268x720 LPG09jevhVrvnhCJ.mp4)
(253.89 KB 288x470 bKEgObYyT56CEQWz.mp4)
throat goat
(1.26 MB 576x768 1dFbvtZGzfOUSMk6.mp4)
(302.73 KB 436x436 LmTMYrs1QnYY--yu.mp4)
saved so many videos from this live
(1.79 MB 888x498 Im9ir8fNb9jOc4EU.mp4)
(608.13 KB 390x488 JKQVU4zkT6X-zc3u.mp4)
(370.80 KB 720x720 imxzhTIrctp2QxT4.mp4)
(803.03 KB 1280x592 vabGqazH5YBRXj7d.mp4)
>>743489 oh forgot my caption >when ateez had to draw something for atiny and mingi drew mingi marrying mingi
(1.58 MB 720x720 4YDcEYCctp_URBbf.mp4)
(721.82 KB 720x720 G08xJKeiyS4AgEPm.mp4)
i will fuck him
(62.54 KB 280x280 MsdXchluYN0VQt_P.mp4)
and ending spam on joongfeet
seasons greetings just dropped, all of them become prom king jnnnnnggggggg
i fucking love this season's greetings concept
>>743499 >>743500 it's super cute and i like it way better than last year's
(2.15 MB 3000x3750 FhfsQcxaAAEhDrO.jpg)
nerdy birdie bad boy
(1.31 MB 3000x3750 FhfsTk3aYAEgXx1.jpg)
>>743499 >>743500 i love this concept the art and fics that are going to emerge from this are going to be kino
(1.62 MB 3000x3750 FhfsXVLaEAEZlon.jpg)
this one makes me kek just a can of soup
(1.68 MB 3000x3750 FhfsbaraEAA9LP-.jpg)
(1.62 MB 3000x3750 Fhfsk2yagAAPjYM.jpg)
>>743505 word best one since their office one from a few years ago imo
(1.09 MB 3000x3750 FhfsK58acAYggki.jpg)
(1.47 MB 3000x3750 FhfsQc_aMAAS6BB.jpg)
(1.44 MB 3000x3750 FhfsTlCakAILtBg.jpg)
i need kq to come up with a lousy otome game for this. it doesn't even have to be good
(1.31 MB 3000x3750 FhfsXVVaUAIs7J8.jpg)
(1.52 MB 3000x3750 FhfsbasaUAEdKqX.jpg)
(1.21 MB 3000x3750 FhfsezbaMAAfioA.jpg)
(1.19 MB 3000x3750 FhfsiGfaUAYz6tC.jpg)
(1.53 MB 3000x3750 Fhfsk3BakAQyWZV.jpg)
>>743511 i would kill for a cheesy otome filled with stereotypical tropes for valentine’s day or something
prom king teezers train
woob's prom baby
bless quick artist girlies
>>743553 >>743554 hnnnnngh >>743555 omo i can't wait to see more freckled nerdjoong art
https://youtu.be/vv5R7tr5RIo coom coom coom cooom coom coom coom coom coom coom coom coom coom coom
(4.43 MB 3000x3000 202211167.jpg)
happy birthday to us nonnies >>743663 so excited
>>743669 happy happy autiny day *fucks them*
(1.61 MB 3000x3750 20221114.jpg)
reeee i'll probably be asleep and miss the live
(266.49 KB 2048x1425 202211139.jpg)
>>743672 oh yeah just realized this will be in a burger timezone for once heol, might actually be able to watch it
>>743663 holy shit more rockteez i can’t fucking wait >>743672 isn’t there a concert today? it’ll probably be a night live
>>743681 you're right my head converted it to burger times for some reason
i made a really shitty cookie clicker knock off with mingilings https://replit.com/@mingibuh/Mingiling-Clicker i'm not going back in and editing all the locations of the buttons to be honest so you have to click the little full screen option to see the game entirely
>>743701 the pixelated mingis are cute it’s like i’m tending my very own mingiling farm
(899.16 KB 720x720 RU10qeBWR8MeXvYe.mp4)
spam time
(132.14 KB 328x328 9FOgX8z40S_eQmv5.mp4)
bring it around town
(2.64 MB 480x852 pQTjfrobZvFD5Flb.mp4)
finally getting to the beginning of concert spam videos
(3.09 MB 1080x1920 8WC_HCD983n-NFey.mp4)
(2.09 MB 720x1280 O8L7BaFI0FzR6EAg.mp4)
(2.65 MB 1280x720 LyD16OkfDMWXLCm0.mp4)
(126.29 KB 1008x720 AFCGAPOfexLtNEJA.mp4)
(3.33 MB 720x1280 SCDxxpTFFnggAsS5.mp4)
hongjoong please, pleaaaase let me smash
(1.82 MB 720x720 uHhYnCnuzwX9c_BF.mp4)
speaking of sex
(1.49 MB 720x1280 DkKwlEDFtvzG_Npw.mp4)
i probably have 300 variations of this video at this point but never hurts to post more
(3.77 MB 480x852 5m4aOL7B8FtUgDXm (1).mp4)
(2.32 MB 720x1280 O13q_gU4rpy5iU1P.mp4)
love crybabyteez
(4.07 MB 720x1280 qLKGNVfGO3MzdbqL.mp4)
(3.75 MB 540x540 QafW40aEAFnl1Uve.mp4)
(936.33 KB 720x720 BWyZNyLEwcEY9Qdq.mp4)
(880.62 KB 720x1280 sZKaXLXAn5p0M4DQ.mp4)
(555.74 KB 720x900 b25GD0d5VnEuJyRx.mp4)
(1.14 MB 720x720 EmKNhXuzN47kt0Mz.mp4)
(957.53 KB 720x1280 vVYBdHF4TLEJBgk9.mp4)
they are so cute
(1.88 MB 1080x1500 dzvquVRJ1Hecaak3.mp4)
(1.49 MB 720x960 6ePyozX68p7G0Mns.mp4)
okay end spam for now
>>743750 love how woob has managed to get yungi to carry him around during this tour >>743753 >>743754 >>743755 COOMCOOMCOOMCOOMCOOM >>743757 i’ll lick away their tears >>743763 awwwww >>743766 thanks for the spam *vores your teezers*
(624.33 KB 720x1280 ZAh0kqWo1Il1EPFg.mp4)
sunday sunday spamday
(3.21 MB 480x852 4jeTDsyqcH0WeQ56.mp4)
(296.61 KB 780x720 021pGBmHjY6bLjkk.mp4)
(1.14 MB 1108x1080 pQEBxz-JfSqjn_aC.mp4)
(2.18 MB 906x690 NWzup3CHg6GzHXDv.mp4)
(2.38 MB 720x900 qpGqPSReGSmmq7m_.mp4)
(947.31 KB 720x720 R1_rMtymK983YlVY.mp4)
(6.35 MB 720x1280 7PtQRyExjbaFyVaO.mp4)
(2.40 MB 480x852 8YTdCz5Ud9LY8vbA.mp4)
ending spam on this shortstack
(52.27 KB 318x424 RYgoszrCQJCnXSvd.mp4)
they’re just bumping titties like nothing
>>744152 >the wooby bounce hnnnnhghhnnhhghghhhg
(1.53 MB 3000x3000 Fiar4MLVsAAvMY8.jpg)
happy wooby day, i hope he enjoys it as much as he reasonably can. his grandfather also passed
(343.98 KB 1536x2048 FD0434E1-EE01-4D