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(269.99 KB 1365x2048 20220829_154232.jpg)
blackpink in your area #4 Anonymous 09/01/2022 (Thu) 17:46:54 No. 733378
taste that pink venom edition
anticipating the album and more bangers like love to hate me
>>733384 their first album was overall so mid. lthm was the only bside i loved
>>733386 same, i liked crazy over you and lthm but didn’t care for the rest outside of the singles, hope this one is better
i loved bet you wanna kek
(16.88 KB 680x377 Fbn1s08agAAfdIF.jpg)
(18.95 KB 679x382 Fbn1tqTacAAl3UL.jpg)
(66.78 KB 467x900 Fbj0pHsVEAArpUe.jpg)
>>733578 I've noticed with Rose's ADS, they almost always have some wind blowing covering up some of her face or they straight up have like half of her face covered, I wonder why
(163.63 KB 500x281 Cynthia.png)
>>733579 i think that's more to conceal the fact that she has 3 strands of hair and if they blew it away from the face she'd look like picrel
jennie needs a face lift her cheeks look like they're melting off her face this cb
>>733591 she looks cute
i hope whoever is hacking the girls didn’t manage to get shit that could be actually damaging to them
>>733617 to me her awful bone structure is starting to set her up because she didnt look like this in past comebacks, maybe i'm just too specific because she's always looked kind of old anyway
rosé with dark hair>
>>733582 kek but i actually think it's to hide how long her face is
(752.98 KB 1536x2048 20220623_091655.jpg)
>>733591 that's like her signature look...she wouldn't even look like herself if she did that. no thanks she's very cute
>>733618 i thought it was just a private insta that was leaked but it seems people are saying it's their iclouds now which is worrying
>>733717 word we love jendeuki’s face as it is
(41.97 KB 680x453 Fb0eIMgUYAIv9lE.jpg)
(33.61 KB 596x399 20220904_104854.jpg)
>>733958 some people are saying it has aiiyl vibes
(42.57 KB 731x900 Fb0g3DSWYAEUFIn.jpg)
>>733963 yh it looks like that one scene picrel - motorcycle concept? explains the garages.
>>733987 motomamis YASSSSS
(603.20 KB 1080x1620 Fb5moUpagAErMn0.jpg)
(91.02 KB 600x900 Fb5mthHaAAAYTOI.jpg)
(94.08 KB 600x900 Fb5mvNPacAEbrIH.jpg)
(111.77 KB 600x900 Fb5mwTeaAAEJ7Te.jpg)
>>734303 >>734306 love these two
(560.96 KB 1080x1620 20220906_101535.jpg)
>>734510 is this the song jennie+rose worked with that one producer with in LA?
>>734546 if you’re talking about ryan tedder he said might have two songs on the album so possibly? theyre going to release the credits poster soon ig
>>734666 the chaennie/ryan song isnt on it
>>734666 ryan tedder must be so confused right now he kept talking about the songs kek, 8 tracks yg is definitely going to hell and i almost roped when i saw ready for love there. on the positive side teddy isn’t on 4 songs and i see teddy sinclair on one which is interesting
(24.87 KB 908x1199 20220907_114729.jpg)
so wtf happened
>>734691 this is rlly annoying because i was really looking forward to that song they worked on ffs
>>734724 happiest girl is a natalia kills demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEfuFTxATWI
so whilst she was in LA apparently rose actually had a verse on build a bitch but YG scrapped it, someone leaked it you can listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qTObR6mumY
>>734916 wait it was scrapped? i thought it just hadn't been released yet. but what a missed opportunity by yg
>>734947 ayrt mayb not scrapped but put in the dungeon to collect dusts like the songs they made with ryan.
(64.83 KB 680x453 FcTWXgKaIAAYWDJ.jpg)
(61.68 KB 680x453 FcOMaYGaUAAt8r_.jpg)
(68.46 KB 831x621 FciR8EnaAAYHWLA.jpg)
>>736008 oops doublepost. sad that ginger jennie didnt last long. i liked that color on her.
shut down was so good
Glad my girl Rosé got her solo
>shut down 9/10 it’s a banger better than pink venom i don’t dislike anything about it. jennie saying she has wannabes kek we know >typa girl damn they’re cursing. cringe lyrics but it’s a banger 8/10 >yeah yeah yeah cute retro banger, they sound good it’s fun it’s cute i like it i am dancing 9/10 >hard to love this is a rosé solo? would’ve preferred another group song but this is a good pop song and rosie sounds good 8.5/10 >the happiest girl snoozer but it’s better than you never know 7.5/10 >tally I SAY FUCK YOU WHEN I FEEL IT kek ok. nice album closer it’s fun it’s a banger 8.5/10 >ready for love fuck you 0/10 in conclusion i like all the songs except ready for shit they are fun yasss slay blackpink can’t wait to hear them live
>>736608 right? im satisfied
>pink venom grew on me and i think it’s fun 8.6 lalisas/10 >shut down i can’t think of anything wrong with it. THEY ALL SING THE CHORUS!!!!1!! kek this made me so happy. 10/10, but minus points for too many jenlisa shots in the mv. 9/10 >typa girl elevated by good headphones this shit cums. 9/10 even if it’s just lisa’s money with different lyrics >yeah x3 shittiest song on the album 6/10 they should have left this demo in 2016. it’s lovesick girls’ uglier little sister. not sure why it annoys me so much. it’s not actually offensive, but the chorus is super dated >hard to love rosie solo with stupid tiktoker lyrics. 8/10 it would have been better if it was more loudly city pop influenced on the instrumental imo >the happiest girl maybe it’s because i like bp for fun songs, but when they do sad ballad-type ones like this, that are worse than Stay, i just don’t care. 7/10. this is going to be taylor swift’s White Horse for some 12 year old blonk out there. jennie’s speech impediment makes it sound funny because it’s fully english >tally really forgettable and repetitive. it’s like they came up with the chorus and didn’t bother to really build a song outside of it 6/10 >ready for love i grew tired of listening to this album, i’m glad it’s the last song. it sounds like lovesick girls and forever young had a baby and would deserve a 7/10, but then the baby is ugly and the chorus is terrible so it’s a 4/10 >>736608 word >>736620 >it’s better than you never know i actually prefer you never know’s chorus kek
htl shouldve been her solo instead of the boring mess that is otg + gone
(311.86 KB 1364x2048 20220909_092822.jpg)
loved shut down and gonna check out the rest of the b sides now
all of the songs on the album are SO good as a non-blink but they are SO short, i am beyond pissed that they really cut off typa girl after the second chorus wtf
yeah yeah yeah is a banger but I swear the melody change at the end resamples the synths in either forever young or dkwtd. would have been a similar cute summer b-side if they released this album in june/july.
(162.68 KB 1170x2080 20220916_095850.jpg)
why was stay not referenced in shut down
jisoo's part is my favorite in shut down...
>>736782 i hate her lines the most, i unironically want to edit them out. but i really like she does the chorus, suits her low voice
>>736784 like how she does*
>>736784 same. I expexted to hate it cause of how breathy she sounds normally but chorus and the bridge were beautifully down
>>736791 by breathy she usually sounds like she's out of breath by the end of the line. maybe she'll pull a taemin, she kinda keeps getting better vocally
>>736772 wasn’t jennie with the matchstick referencing that ?
>>736795 that's playing with fire
I'm not a kpop fag but my autistic friend really likes blackpink so I've taken an interest to be able to conversate with her. Why does Jennie get so much attention? I feel like she is easily the most mid but because she front and centre and has the most lines it tricks people into thinking she's more talented than she is. Rose is the best performer, she has a nice voice and she is a great dancer not to mention consistent and improving.
>>737148 lisa is arguably the most popular member but you answered your own question she also has a strong aura maybe due to her being rapper
>>737148 not an "official" position for them but pretty obvious she's the center and was popular even pre debut
(468.50 KB 1536x2048 20220917_203551.jpg)
love pink hair
(128.32 KB 680x680 Fc0U9OBXgAEOmQH.jpg)
BLACKPINK - Shut Down (Performance Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjrAwC4TIPA
>>737265 i actually like this choreo
>>737265 i am obsessed it’s too good
anyone realized how jennie struggled to sing with emotion in the happiest girl? her tone was dark as it always is but it didn't fit the song at all and hearing her after jisoo's part is makes the listener go wtf
>>737148 uuuum id be bold and say it probably has something to do with her super rich and powerful parents...
>>737265 lisa is damn good
(137.70 KB 783x1044 20220918_145732.jpg)
a cute
>>737324 are they inside a fucking target
wtf is up with jennies whip it whip it whip it. sounds literally disgusting
(638.22 KB 1536x2048 20220917_203342.jpg)
cute. jennie really looks like tomie here
>>737484 love these outfits
nonas i’m so sad now a picture of jennie in a bathtub got leaked and yg is doing nothing about it, apparently they hacked her icloud i hope nothing worse than that leaks
jennie can never catch a break. yikes
rose is so perfect in the kimmel performance
>>737591 this is jail worthy, what is wrong with this person? yg better take action asap this is not fair for jennie :(
>>737591 what a fucking freak. i was worried it was gonna come to this. i get that the person doing this is a non korean and yg can't sue them but at this point they're gonna have to do something
>>737591 sorry but she's so dumb for this too, who is still taking nudes in 2022? you can trust no moid not to leak it and especially as a celebrity the chances of you getting hacked are so high
>>737679 are you really victim blaming her in this situation? yes it isnt smart but it was posted to her private ig
i love lisa showing ass all the time now
(61.03 KB 620x406 pans-labyrinth.jpg)
>>737484 i saw that shit somewhere
>>737637 i never dreamt about saying "lisa is juicer than jennie this time" whats she eating
>>737666 i think a public announcement that they’re going to take action would help >>737679 estupida it wasn’t even a nude but it’s still a gross invasion of privacy
there is an alleged nude of jennie circulating around social media. this is sick.
>>737302 her singing tone is not it
knetz hate jisoo nasal voice
>>737864 >>737865 even lisa's voice's better than jisoo please. i love jisoo but her voice is fucking annoying
>>737866 i agree with you nona, its like one nasal tune all the time
>>737863 i don’t feel this way about many kpop voices but i find hers genuinely grating to listen to
love jisoo but miyeon should’ve stayed she has a much better voice and could’ve been the visual
>>737869 her teen aged mind was not ready to be a full time trainee in bp, destiny put her in gidle
>>737865 >female version of Kwanghee
>>737869 she wanted to date like any other normal girl her age did and got kicked out but bp wouldve sounded so much better if she was in it
>>737874 agree with you but not wanting to date at that age doesn’t make you abnormal
>>737875 sa i should have elaborated what i mean is there were probably other trainees who knew about the no dating rules and decided not to. i don’t agree with dating bans but you have to abide by them under a company. i blame the person who took and spread the picture tbh trainees at least should be afforded privacy
>>737825 jennie doesn’t have nudes that was a lie
>>737869 miyeon is pretty but i think she fits well in gidle. was it ever confirmed she was kicked for dating? i find it hard to believe she was the only good singer out of all the yg trainees at the time
>>737885 the leaker person posted a photo of their gallery with a nude photo covered up with a heart next to the bathtub photo. i dont think its jennie though
nonas i’m obsessed with shut down i can’t stop listening
>>737864 >>737865 idg the hate it just sounds deeper than most idol girl's
>>737869 disagree but this makes me wonder how different they would have been had they debuted as the bigger group yg originally wanted
(127.68 KB 1027x1280 Elwp7VfXEAAA2Ga.jpg)
>>737998 i can't imagine them as a 9 person group. idk if that would make the akgae problem better or worse
(294.96 KB 1440x1800 20220922_005929.jpg)
cute mini hello kitty spam
(326.24 KB 1440x1800 20220922_005910.jpg)
(182.77 KB 1440x1800 20220922_005906.jpg)
(282.72 KB 1440x1787 20220922_005946.jpg)
>>738022 bonus minion
>>737999 it depends if yg would’ve still marketed them in the same way, i guess it’s maybe harder to secure fashion deals for every member if it’s a 9 member group?
>>737999 it would probably make it less severe, the fact that they're 4 made it much easier for yg to give them all the distinct persona/style/voice which in turn is what makes them feel like 4 solo artists who happen to be in a group together. also in a group of 9 popularity differences are inevitable so the sense of competition would be less
>>737892 they didn't only want a good singer. they wanted someone pretty. which is what baffles me because it makes a lot of sense to kick jisoo out and hire miyeon. she is both visual and main vocal
if bp were 9 people their choreos would look better and their songs would sound better. 4 people who can't really sing and we all saw how messy and unimpressive their choreos look without fancy camerawork.
>>738032 if you've ever listened to trashure you'd understand that the amount of members isn't the problem, yg's stale and out of touch production team is
>>738031 miyeon had to get a lot of ps though, jisoo was pretty natty until recently. her beauty is very rare
>>737987 a banger
>>738035 she still almost (nose) natty
>>738023 >>738021 skinnky legend
>>738032 outside of lisa (or maybe jennie when she tries) they're not super impressive dancers but tbf sometimes their choreo sabotages them. like that one stomping in a circle move in hylt is so fucking dumb looking
>>738104 nta but rose is okay, i like that she tries at least even if she isn’t the best technically or anything
>>738020 >>738021 >>738022 >>738023 cutie i like her current hello kitty obsession
>>738104 >sometimes their choreo sabotages them. the entirety of otg's choreo. esp that dumbass part where they made her lie on the ground..
>>738104 jennie when she tries with her dancing is still utterly unremarkable what. she excels in stage presence and that's literally it
>>738216 she was pretty impressive in old fancams imo
(688.58 KB 1528x2038 20220923_111911.jpg)
this is such a cool ad https://youtu.be/JuB3diykmFs
>>738337 she looks amazing with this makeup style. she had something similar in that one gentle monster shoot.
>>738104 i think they're 4 people (such a little number to make an impressive choreo with) and 3/4 of them are not amazing dancers. at that rate id say their choreos make them look better than they are with lots of back up dancers and camera tricks.
>>738035 miyeon looks pretty in that ot5 pic they took
>>738380 tamburins is a gentle monster brand, i’m happy she works with them we always get the best pictures
>>738337 is this live action chainsaw man? kek the ad is indeed cool, but i don't get how is this has anything to do with a perfume
>Billboard 200: #1(new) @BLACKPINK, BORN PINK 102,000 [37.49 million on-demand streams | 75,500 pure sales]. happy for them, last time a girl group did this was destiny’s child. they went #1 in the uk too
wtf are they going to do when once born pink tour is over
>>738626 happy for the girls and it's great regardless but this does make me wonder why the sales are so much lower than expected? i don't like salesfagging usually but pretty much all kpop album sales have increased steadily since 2020 yet this first week is smaller than the one the album did
>>738628 same as always, nothing
>>738631 the albums were way too expensive, like $50 i think, they did great on streams
>>738628 disband, peace the fuck out and probably never speak to each other again
(180.38 KB 1038x1298 20220925_095817.jpg)
>>738628 3 year hiatus leeeeet's goooooo
>>738640 i think they will all remain friendly
(414.53 KB 1638x2048 20220926_120154.jpg)
pretty cherrysoo
am i losing it or has anyone else noticed rose's face looking different
someone has posted a picture of jennie in a bra, these leaks are getting crazy
>>738896 sa it’s not a bra it looks like a swimsuit but still if she didn’t post it publically its clear she didn’t want the whole world to see
(227.01 KB 1365x1966 20220928_191550.jpg)
>>739041 wtf she looks scary
>>739041 how many uppers is rose on for both energy and appetite suppressing at this point... rip to her heart in about 10 years
>>739271 it’s scary to think about
heol why did yg let jennie and chin dragon go to the same chanel show she’s going to get so much hate
>>739041 beautiful rosie. i've always loved this hair color on her so much. hopefully she will go back to black one day
>>739271 her heart in 10 years? what you mean
>>739717 nona's saying she's taking way too much unnatural shit to be able to stay this skinny and function and those unnatty shit, namely uppers will fuck up her heart in 10 years. >>739271 is that a thing nona? young people dying because of uppers?
how come lisa is hotter than jennie right now, i need her secret
hot/stale take- is it just me or is blackpink just extremely uncoordinated with each other's movements? like, whenever i see them perform live, they just seem to be soooooo out of sync and also like they really don't want to be there. no organic expressions at all
>>740079 she's so not she doesn't have a feminine energy
>>740127 you are not welcome on this website
(32.22 KB 304x395 images (5).jpeg)
lisa, cmon
>>740110 They're just models who sing they probably barely even practice together once they learn the moves
>>740333 girl shut up that was just a rumor started by jennie fans who are bitter she keeps getting linked to gdragon and v, this man posted on his ig story that he’s just an old man i don’t get how he got into this mess
>>740333 fandom is awfully jealous or bitter . he is married
>>740366 he is?
(87.20 KB 1023x724 FfGwk1tVQAAAI5w.jpg)
i dont like jennies new solo which sucks cos i was looking forward to it. maybe the studio version will be better ig
>>741035 sa replied to the wrong anon whatever. what the fuck is this set topkek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7QOQET-Nr8
whats this new ass showing thing lisa?
(60.54 KB 643x680 20221016_111157.jpg)
>>741046 cute. i know that drama brought her reputation in korea down a lot and yg was stupid for letting her do such a heavy part for her first role but it’s nice to see how much she bonded with the whole cast and crew, they all went to support her and they seem very close and supportive of each other
>>741049 its true the whole crew came to their concert, she cried im not sure why
>>741045 doing her no favors
>>741078 i was so surprised she cried because she never does, i think it’s the first time i see her get so emotional
>>741080 butt implants?
>>741097 dont think so but the style looks diaper ish
>>741104 nah i love myself so much, unlike you fat bastard
>>741104 dude her body is nice but that styling looks silly af
>>741108 why is she getting so trashy while the rest are glowing, i love lisa but she needs a new wardrobe
Idk if this fits here but has anyone else problems with their Lightstick v 2? I can’t get it to connect to Bluetooth
god what is up with this thread kek
>>741148 typical /kpop/ retardation innit
>>741046 cuties thought this was a handsome fan at first
jennie is so talentless it fucks me up that the international industry stans and i'm waging it's coz she looks like a 12 year old and they're all hebe/pedo
(114.68 KB 640x920 Hebe_Camargo.jpg)
>>741408 >they're all hebe daebak
>>741408 does it fuck you up? does it hurt you? does it ruin your day?
>>741408 Lisa has so much surgery that she looks uncanny valley under western cameras, rose is very skinny but I think she has the appeal and energy to do things in western entertainment, Jisoo doesn't have any interest in being in western media outside of modeling. Jennie doesn't look uncanny valley, I saw her in the Idol trailer and she blended in in a good way and has a nice english accent. She has an interesting look too. I think out of all three of them, it makes sense why Jennie appeals. Westerners prefers what asians would think are unconventional beauties and Jennie is sort of known for that in Korea (being unconventionally pretty).
rose not giving a single fuck recently is hilarious
(959.95 KB 720x1280 pd2yncFRs1erhpVP.mp4)
nonas, did lisa and rosie fight recently? ive seen some clips from the concerts and it seems like rosie has been ignoring lisa in the middle of performances and ments. also thankful you nonas convinced me several threads ago to not purchase tickets because the performances looked awful and lackluster
>>741964 i’ve seen a lot of clips of them ignoring and avoiding each other and it could be taken out of context but maybe they had a little fight. they’re always attached at the hip and i haven’t seen any videos of them interacting since they got to america the difference is obvious
(1.16 MB 576x1024 NcQ5_AtstBiuOIs-.mp4)
>>741965 i hope my unnies make up soon, jisoo literally had to get them in check. lisa has really been trying to interact with rosie but shes adamant on ignoring her. i hope whatever happened its just another one of their silly fights
>>741966 they said in their documentary they used to fight a lot, i hope they make up soon they’re so cute together
>>741966 it'd be unrealistic if they got along all the time wouldn't it? idk why you're reading into it so much but i think if anyone's gonna be mad at lisa it should be jisoo for stealing her lines. why does lisa ever need to sing? just make jisoo sing longer instead
>>741965 they fell in love with the same guy and the guy chose lisa
>>741987 >idk why you're reading into it so much im not nona i think its funny
>>741990 its nothing next to moonbyul and solar's fight. i want them to tell me in detail how they kicked each others butts


no cookies?