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(259.89 KB 1122x1210 FanT2VNaMAA7TrR.jpeg)
EXO General #6 Anonymous 08/26/2022 (Fri) 00:52:03 No. 731791
barely holding on edition
(43.43 KB 380x238 IMG_5414.JPG)
we won't let it die
(277.65 KB 2048x1364 Fa34QOTWAAIkk6p.jpg)
fixed it
>>731797 i want his sweater so bad it looks so comfy
post ratto
>>731806 this is a wholesome board we’re not posting his bubble nudes
love exo love them for life
the fact that exo continually said that they'll have a comeback with all the members means they're not coming back until sekai are done enlistment (ie 2025) which means we are getting an exo-cbx comeback next year to keep the brand alive. in this essay i will
>>731791 who tf is that junsu-looking fag in the middle? i genuinely barely recognized him suho also looks like a faggier version of yunho only kai oppar is still a young and fresh idol
(258.99 KB 1365x2048 FarwzE3X0AAK8Vo.jpg)
>>732930 it's xiumin kai has some really unfortunately looking candids tho
>>732932 i really think xiumin's stylists secretly hate him because they fuck his shit up once per cb. still havent forgotten the 5head they gave him during monster stages
bacon comeback please, kpop is so boring
>>731791 king kai
exo comeback soon
(49.07 KB 720x900 20220902_065150.jpg)
(1.32 MB 4000x4000 Fb0bZMcaMAEE823.jpg)
(378.33 KB 1536x2048 20220905_014350.jpg)
I normally don't pay attention to him but...I'm intrigued
>>734174 omo i thought he'd do something lame but if he's shirtless then whatever snoozefest he releases will be good
(174.65 KB 960x1280 20220906_012100.jpg)
my man looking fine af
>>734579 pic unrelated
>>733965 >>734174 y2k concept by someone who was alive to experience it? sign me up
>>733965 dance pop or im dropping him forever >>734580 cállate pendeja
we're here, sisters https://youtu.be/Icicve4yirM
>>734580 ay dios la helen keller de los foruns de imagenes
>>734581 this doesnt look y2k though
exo spam incoming
one direction
cute dad
>>735334 >>735335 >>735337 >>735338 >>735339 these pictures brought me back to the good old days. i'm on the verge of tears
(143.83 KB 698x868 Fbh-0ukXoAArrcE.jpg)
cute dad mentioned
(240.33 KB 1080x1061 Screenshot_20220910_201446.jpg)
What's going on? Some one please spell the tea
(1.58 MB 480x1036 H2EkVzWS-SynCVvc.mp4)
>>735407 sehuns so called friends started an ig live and pushed the camera in his face and seemed like he didnt know they were even live and was asking his friend why he was doing it
(1.04 MB 480x1036 n41ZXmGvPhBF-7QE.mp4)
>>735434 he needs better friends
(454.05 KB 2048x1536 FcQKmrpakAA5Iwn.jpg)
important mongryong update
>>735435 he doesnt have one friend that isn’t weird
>>735514 thats what happens when you're friends with fags and chanyeol
>EXO’s Kim Junmyeon will star along Lee Min Ki and Han Ji Min in the upcoming 2023 JTBC rural drama #Hip. The plot revolves around veterinarians and detectives. good for suhodad, but those are very good actors so i hope he improved his acting skills
>>735928 >veterinarians and detectives. odd combination
did any nonas here ever read curledupkitten’s fics? i loved them so much and i enjoyed her writing to the point of loving fics with pairings that i didn’t care about/straight up hated
>>736278 she has so many good ones, esp her longfic. after a while is still one of the best exo fics on ao3
>>736285 yes!! i reread that one the other day and it’s still as good as i remember
wonder how eggs new drama will do I don't see much hype it doesn't help that he never shows his face people just forgot about him
>>736729 if it’s good it could do well through word of mouth, it’s going to be on netflix as well
(4.26 MB 1280x720 Ovu5IG6oEnirPi78.mp4)
our xiuratto
>>736764 sounds fun
>>736729 his hair looks terrible in it to the point of distraction >>736764 hype
>>736729 deserve for being a lazyhag >>736764 perfecto
(1.59 MB 2000x3000 Fc3S8pWaIAMzZla.jpeg)
i'm trying to save this thread so xiugrandpa teaser pics incoming
(3.51 MB 2000x3000 Fc3S8gfaEAEvdDh.jpeg)
(4.19 MB 3000x2000 Fc3S8gQakAYW5H7.jpeg)
(85.23 KB 682x1024 Fc3qkxXaMAE_gjW.jpeg)
bonus: >photo only for EXO-L >good night~~ good night
>>737095 >>737096 >>737097 these teasers are just ok, i hope the music is good because i need more exo music or i’ll perish
(3.98 MB 2000x3000 Fc3S8gLaUAA5vnv.jpg)
nona you missed the best one
(1.51 MB 540x300 original.gif)
>>737160 reeee yeah i noticed later it didn't upload for some reason, thank you
(1.44 MB 2143x3000 Fc8TRT8akAEENVY.jpeg)
cold xiuratto
(1.27 MB 3000x2000 Fc8TRUNaUAAcnOL.jpeg)
(4.60 MB 2143x3000 Fc8TRT8agAARgxV.jpeg)
nosering xiuratto
(3.54 MB 2143x3000 Fc8TRU-aMAALr1z.jpeg)
this one i find really nice
>hot teasers >cold teaser appriciating the insightful commentary on climate change that these teasers are conveying
https://youtu.be/zSZXMxw5RBI here’s the exo ladder bts movie if anyone wants to watch
>>737233 hul i thought this was gdragon
i can’t keep it in anymore xiuratito’s teasers are disastrous very uninspired and it doesn’t even matter that the budget was $5 he should’ve utilized them better. i have hope for the music though i think it’s going to be good even if it’s only 5 songs with old ass serenity included and a feature
(1.22 MB 640x360 xATn5wqJ-k12fr-Z.mp4)
>>737728 awwwwww i bet he missed dancing
happy chen day to all who celebrate
>>737806 happy birthday uri chennie, i hope you have a good day with your family and i’ll listen to my dear on repeat all day
>>737806 we freakin love you chen!
i genuinely hope chen is a good dad and husband
>>736764 this reminds me of one of shinee's songs where they shake their shoulders before turning around. can't remember the name, but the triple shake-shake sound is very similar. as for the concept, they really went with kokobop target edition. sm, you cheapstakes.
>>736729 nah, i'm not worried for my antisocial little soul mate. his dramas always do great.
>>737905 do you mean 1of1?
>>738065 yes! i can't believe that song is 6 years old... Time flies
3 days till chanyeorie is out we are all beyond excited
>>738637 i am excited unfortunately
>>738637 stop threatening us
>>738710 not bad but boring just as i feared
>>738710 i think its fun but i can see why people dont like it. he should have done slutpop
>>738710 finally listened to it, i would’ve liked it more without the put your hands up part that was weird, he sounds really good but i don’t love the song i’ll listen to the rest later
>>738710 i like it. very nostalgic. just wished they used less of that put your hands up sample, i feel like it doesnt match the song that well
>Xiumin said he wants to be on stage and do music as EXO, and Sehun chimed in, saying, “It’s just my opinion, but I think it’ll happen soon.” girlies we are putting new batteries in our eribongs
>>738710 it was cringe the part of "hey put your hands up" but besides that it was ok
https://youtu.be/UnCZ285aSDk shoomy on chuu can do it this was so cute kek https://youtube.com/shorts/aKWwdnna6QE?feature=share exo content on october 4th yassssss
>>739237 and they're with chen!!!!!!! i teared up
>CHEN 첸 The 3rd Mini Album 〖사라지고 있어 (Last Scene)〗 >2022.10.31 6PM (KST) i said i wasn’t going to buy any more albums but idk i have two support a father of two i can’t let the hate win
>>740397 we're all buying ten copies don't worry nona
(2.29 MB 3000x3000 Ffbz7pcUYAASRgS.jpg)
this does not have boring ballad vibes thank god
>>741316 i love this, i actually like his ballads but i hope it’s more jazzy or something fun (not rnb we have enough of that)
(3.82 MB 2000x2999 Ffwv5T1UcAAOls0.jpg)
(4.26 MB 2999x2000 Ffwv5QWVEAAe0P-.jpg)
(3.63 MB 2999x2000 Ffwv5WqUUAEh_b9.jpg)
(4.77 MB 2999x2000 Ffwv5QaUoAA7Gwv.jpg)
(1.90 MB 2999x2000 Ffwv6UfVEAE-io0.jpg)
>>741667 beautiful
lay is on a flight to korea right now mmmmm
>>741712 no1curr
(3.78 MB 2000x2999 Ff15-wSVsAAgYBe.jpg)
(3.41 MB 2000x2999 Ff15_hYUcAIuzwy.jpg)
(3.82 MB 2000x2999 Ff16BN3VQAAwDbJ.jpg)
(3.28 MB 2000x2998 Ff16Cv5VIAEcUlP.jpg)
(3.43 MB 3000x2000 Ff16CCUUUAEYrfG.jpg)
(2.04 MB 3000x2001 Ff16AZbVUAEoZ_u.jpg)
>>741751 aww beautiful
>>741751 this is so like his exodus teasers >>741748 >>741749 >>741750 >>741752 >>741753 beautiful amazing. no but these teasers are actually really good i was kind of disappointed with suho’s and xiugrandpas teasers but these ones are soooo nice
(4.66 MB 3000x2001 Ff7DhBwaAAcx6gS.jpg)
(4.47 MB 2001x3000 Ff7DiKHakAITOPV.jpg)
(3.58 MB 2001x3000 Ff7DjFgacAESINh.jpg)
(3.38 MB 2001x3000 Ff7DlsPakAchPLh.jpg)
sexy ghost who guides souls to the afterlife
(2.58 MB 3000x2001 Ff7DnEKaUAMOvVn.jpg)
>>741809 Wherever you stray I follow I'm begging for you to take my hand Wreck my plans That's my man
(1.62 MB 3000x2001 FgAHe0_VEAEh-M0.jpg)
(4.36 MB 3000x2001 FgAHfnIVUAEc5Rx.jpg)
(3.53 MB 3000x2001 FgAHgj9UUAAn66R.jpg)
(3.44 MB 2001x3000 FgAHhnyUoAAMErM.jpg)
(4.15 MB 2001x3000 FgAHioDVQAA8-DC.jpg)
(4.68 MB 2001x3000 FgAHjfYUUAEv9zY.jpg)
(3.93 MB 2001x3000 FgAHlOTUcAIWk6P.jpg)
(3.39 MB 2000x2999 FgFM1QkagAAbPPG.jpg)
(3.72 MB 2000x2999 FgFM1QnaEAEwz1r.jpg)
(4.01 MB 2000x2999 FgFM1QfaYAgOnkk.jpg)
>>741898 homewrecking him immediately
i found some info on the bsides >Photograph will be a retro ballad song with medium tempo, with lyrics about memories of childhood in old photos, comforting tired hearts who lost their smile as adults >Your Shelter is a ballad song with heavy piano performance >Traveler is a rnb song with medium tempo >'I Don't Even Mind' is a pop genre song with an expressive rhythmic guitar performance, this one is written by him and i think the title track is a ballad. it looks like he went for more variety this time, i’m glad even if i liked how cohesive his first two minis were
>>731791 while scrolling by fast i thought that's maneskin
>>741905 i'm excited for photograph and i don't even mind
https://youtu.be/PTBXBYKNlqY teaser for the soundtrack to my seasonal depression is here!!! also i was thinking that they gave chen no budget because he didn’t have mood samplers or a highlight medley but all the budget went to hiring the squid game actor i hope it does well
>>742115 sounds boring, im disappointed
>>742117 >a ballad singer who sings ballads is coming out with a boring ballad idk what you expected girlie
>>742121 shall we, hello, and beautiful goodbye were all good though. this sounds boring
>>742122 i didn’t like hello so this already sounds better to me, let’s see if i like it more than shall we and beautiful goodbye but i’m more excited for the bsides
chennie's album is postponed btw
>>742171 thats sad but understandable, i hope he gets to promote though
4 years since tempo era, i'm going to spam some of my favorite teasers/photobook pictures
to this day i still think it's their best album. my favorite bsides are gravity, ooh la la la, bad dream and with you
>>742364 >best album >not ex’act >not exodus nice of you to join us helen
>>742369 i switch between ex’act and dmumt, my third favorite is exodus
>>742364 gravity is still on repeat btw
(3.88 MB 3000x2000 Fg7MmAiacAAIUge.jpg)
(982.91 KB 1400x3121 Fg8F1oWaMAI8l6I.jpg)
>>742945 i saw kfans mad because they put them on a plain bg again but i actually like this
i havent listened to the album yet but i'm going to post some quotes that i liked from the press conference
(46.46 KB 508x508 FhfhVbaWIAAtq5I.jfif)
>#CHEN on his future plans: I described it as a new start, but I want to meet [you guys] with a more grown and firm side of me. I want to be a singer who can honestly reveal the person that I am. >“Rather than growth, there were changes. I myself became different bc I had experiences that I felt & went through during 3 years. I tried to think about my side in the past. There were parts that I regret and also parts that I like, but I decided to start again with a new side.”
(434.80 KB 1536x2048 FhhjvVFaEAIj0d6.jfif)
a lot of fans went to see him at the pre-recording for k-909, there's still a lot of seething but its nice he still has fans that show up and support him
finally listening to the album >last scene depressing. i might like it more than beautiful goodbye i really love the emotion in his voice here, i just really love ballads kek >photograph i loooooooove his lower register it’s so beautiful, this one is another ballad but it’s more piano than last scene, its very nostalgic >traveler something more upbeat it even has some english, it’s cute it reminds me of ocean view by rothy ft pcy >i don’t even mind this reminds me of ksoo and empathy but better sorry ksoo. using his lower register again yassss i really like it even if it’s coffee shop/guitar/ed sheeran which is exactly the reason i didn’t like empathy >reminisce ahhhhh i love it, a dramatic ballad it’s very kdrama ost but better i can’t wait to hear this live i imagine it with a live band or maybe orchestra version it would be so good, that high note was wow >your shelter nice ballad to close the mini nothing special about it but chen sounds lovely overall it’s a nice album, i don’t know if it’s any better than the last two because it’s less cohesive but i appreciate him trying out new genres. i love love reminisce i just love ballads when a good singer who can emote does them
>>743569 remininsce is so good i love the drama i love the high notes i love the emotions >>743543 this sounds like a healthy mindset tbh
https://youtu.be/mZeykdDvrng this video was so cute we love uri chen
>>743924 they are so brave i would rather die than sing in front of him. the girl that talked about not bringing guys to her room because she has a huge poster of him kek
>>743927 she's so real
>>743927 i know that girl. she has towels with chanyeol's name embroidered on it as well kekkk
>>743943 kek she was funny
(90.46 KB 510x680 FiVfAUFUYAA3pH-.jpg)
he got ten times cuter during hiatus
>>744182 it makes me happy seeing him interact with fans and have fun with them
>>744182 having daughters makes you cutter 100%
(121.48 KB 669x1280 FiaDUZmVsAAXZJH.jpg)
i enjoy this song so much https://youtu.be/WkPsH-1GXU4
wake up nonas exo are performing as a group at smtown
>>744473 im so happy i could cry i hope they do more than one song. what would be an ideal setlist?
>>744473 d.o. too?
>>744477 nona he broke the news >>744476 love me right, lucky one, growl i guess


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