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seventeen general #5 Anonymous 08/25/2022 (Thu) 21:37:45 No. 731760
we hate mingyu edition
meanie are the perfect dynamic: quiet, reserved, intelligent and seemingly cold person who has a hard time letting people in and his friend, an energetic overly cheerful himbo malewife who has a compulsive need to take care of people.
(1.74 MB 2171x3258 FaT81WyUsAALpG7.jpg)
not the best picrel, but i feel like jeonghan has been looking really good lately
mingyu looks like he lost 15 pounds in quarantine
>>731832 oof. gain weight skinny
poor seventeen tried to befriend some burgers playing basketball in whatever city they were in yesterday and the guys they were playing with were being incredibly racist and mean
>>732373 Oh wow, haven't heard this story. Any details? that sucks if true
>>732401 i don’t know how to save twitter videos and a lot of the posts are on the stalker side from angry carats but it’s pretty easy to find on twitter. they were high schoolers and were playing with minghao mingyu seungkwan hoshi dk and jeonghan who of course can’t speak english and probably didn’t know what they were saying. someone from seventeen dm’ed them on instagram after seeing they were tagged in a video and thanked them for playing with them which made it sadder.
congrats on the push performance award kings
(71.93 KB 748x748 Fa5GpFTWAAAjtzU.jpg)
first for my beautiful husband's beautiful body
>>732411 apparently some people are trying to defend it since one of the kids was asian lmfao
>>732682 nta from what i saw it looks like they all were. i feel bad for the members, after the kids knew who they were one was still asking “are you bts” repeatedly. it’s not just because they’re gaypops either, so many of the insults and name calling was clearly racially charged. it sucks
>>732705 kids are so mean
kek at one of those boys calling minghao a 'fat chinese looking guy with blue hair'. never thought i would see the day
>>732891 they really said fat? my hair almost flipped off my head like a looney tunes character at the thought of someone looking at minghao and actually saying fat
(48.90 KB 720x384 kekkkkk.jpg)
>>732892 they really said fat kek
>>732893 hulkek
>>732893 sorry but i laughed
>>732896 kek it’s okay nona, a lot of the insults were honestly so absurd and blinded with unreasonable hate that it was funny
i know they were calling minghao “namjoon” and i the tall guy was probably mingyu
plz theyre grown men they dont need to be defended from middle schoolers... like this wouldnt be an issue if people didnt track down these kids and give them attention, which fuels their trolling
>>732961 nona i think you’re misinterpreting expressing sympathy for people who experience blatant racism as meowmeowism
>>731760 based nona. finally a place where i can comfortably hate on mingoo for funsies
>>732373 makes me go lol over those muricans wont stop from saying that theyre glad their faves are in the US bc they can act there 'freely' unlike in their home country
>>732705 ppl are doing that sht bc whoever did that are kids? kek where are the wokies among kpop fans when u need them the most?
w is this thread dead
>>733952 this thread is often dead kek
i love you woozi
seventeen’s dingo tipsy live has dropped. it was filmed the same night as this picture https://youtu.be/WK46xeTxMmU
>>731760 based kyeomie
>>735298 one day woozi lovers can enjoy their husbando in peace
i am so tired of svt not having any scandals. anything we know about these guys
>>736276 there’s rumours that one of them only dated foreigners but apart from that nothing they’re being protected very well kek
>>736276 after the false bullying allegations against mingyu and then his back to back fuck ups i’m sure they are being locked down. i enjoy that the svt fandom is more low key and less drama filled than the others, but i never mind dating news
>>736291 they will start dating once theyre in their military era
>>736292 hopefully kek
>>736292 i admit i would love to see mingyu having a dating 'issue' just to see how the gyuldaengies esp the borderline to literal delulus will react
i feel like dino is most likely to get a dating scandal and jun the least kek
(219.61 KB 2048x2048 ew.jpg)
mingyu should really cut his hair. this is doing him no favors
>>737950 i agree, mingyu has everything but good hair
>>737953 an another example of "nobody's perfect"
(57.78 KB 1000x719 20180723092933-81e9.jpg)
>>737950 Mingyu is going to embrace his hair ever since his hairline started receding and he got some transplant done
(18.20 KB 355x355 Fd5SlVgagAAVG6j.jpg)
apparently bernon has a little ear tatoo
svt made people mad again kek
>>739745 is this about s.coups shaking his head at the girl with a jk phone case kek
>>739746 that's not what i meant but kekkkk. i was talking about [redacted]fags being mad at svt mentioning crush but not their oppar
>>739747 wow talk about making something out of nothing
>>739746 what’s this about? haven’t heard of him and jk?
>>736291 the bullying allegations weren’t proven false, not exactly. pledis shut the case fast and kcarats did their job very well at brushing it beneath the rug
>>736277 kekkk is this josh
>>737118 i think so too, dino is cute and definitely gets around
>>739973 i’ve always been so confused by the whole thing, because i know the original allegations of the girl who said mingyu and friends would roll their eyes and tell her to shut up whenever she would speak in class during middle school were true, but the second allegations which caused his brief hiatus were proven untrue because a big group of the people involved in the bullying spoke up (like the sister of the autistic classmate he supposedly bullied) and said it never happened and that the second girl was supposedly a known liar who was notorious for bullying people herself and framing people for things they didn’t do. the evidence she put forward were inaccurate yearbooks and a time where mingyu didn’t even attend the school which was why it was closed. that said i always find the way companies handle these sorts of things shady and i suspect a lot of people just retract out of fear of legal issues
(440.66 KB 1448x1448 FerwwOaacAIqkMl.jpg)
i need them to come to yurop. doesn't even have to be now, but just the confirmation that it will happen would be based
>>731761 shut the fuck up normie
>>743083 is that my pure husbando's extremely tight hole?
>>743098 this is svt none of them have that
>>737118 i’m pretty sure dino has had a gf for a while now. in 2017 a video of his leaked where he blew a kiss and told a woman that he loved her. carats don’t really care but they would definitely flip if it was one of the more popular members like jeonghan mingyu or wonwoo
(365.47 KB 510x680 Fgbq06HXkAAa5Z-.png)
nonas i fucking love svt
(5.71 MB 480x640 vK8_rxnAMEMWgxjo.mp4)
a wise man once said
>>743636 i love him
mingyu has a big spread with dazed magazine x cartier
get ready burgers
hello sistren i've got your back
>>744113 >google "how to get a green card asap"


no cookies?