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ATBO General #1 Anonymous 08/24/2022 (Wed) 06:23:38 No. 731040
sometimes we wear monochrome edition
boatchads welcome home
(667.15 KB 1536x2048 jm34.jpeg)
daebak thank you for making the thread unnie
(965.76 KB 480x742 lcY0_OawlFdPqYR_.mp4)
official heights so far seunghwan: 177cm wonbin: 183cm hyunjun: 180cm
aboriginal general
>>731045 >my guesses for the rest junseok: 174cm rakwon: 172cm junmin: 173cm maschee: 170cm
(203.24 KB 1906x1014 hmm.jpg)
>>731045 feel like someone's lying here kek...
(702.05 KB 2048x1828 atbo4.jpeg)
>>731412 maschee is definitely the shortest, he could even be under 170 (not that they would ever admit that kek) >>731414 hul that doesn't look like a 3cm difference
>>731548 need to see him next to changbin to confirm
(4.33 MB 2279x3419 wonbean.jpg)
finally a thread where i can shill dumbo
>>731617 this choreo is so fucking fun. i love the prechorus starting from maschee's part, this is one of my favorite debut songs of all time unironically. i believe in atbo
(202.98 KB 540x540 0PT1xQBnqGhwYEtp.mp4)
i wonder which members are close with each other
(395.27 KB 540x540 2seok5.mp4)
>>731764 rakwon and junseok seem pretty close. iirc junseok said they're the closest because they trained together the longest
(341.55 KB 960x1280 wb5.JPG)
>>731756 based
(2.80 MB 480x930 jigglejiggle.mp4)
zoomers (lovingly)
>>731807 yeah junseok said he relies on rakwon the most or something
>>731809 i love this trio
(492.95 KB 1536x2048 FbAUPv2UIAAHuZH.jpeg)
(904.91 KB 960x1280 js34.jpeg)
junseok's fits are so interesting
(661.68 KB 1536x2048 js24.jpeg)
i want him to give me fashion advice
>>731809 kekkk isn't this challenge dead already? cute though
(568.69 KB 1366x2048 FX3t1WPVsAA6dnm.jpeg)
>>731878 they filmed this when they were shooting the teasers for monochrome kek idk why it took so long for them to post it
(211.80 KB 1730x1006 hmm.jpg)
strawgate... possible wonbin favoritism but he's also probably the nicest to staff so i can't blame them
>>732059 is the bigger straw supposed to be worse because it's clear?
>>732060 no bigger is better
(76.49 KB 828x820 FYbjNBpaIAAd7-4.jpeg)
natty king
>>732084 his chin makes me annoyed
>>732087 well it's preferable to a hyunchin
>>732059 he's happy to be there
>>732084 kek cute
(1.49 MB 540x540 jm11.mp4)
junmin is so cute nonas. i just know he will grow to be one of the more liked members because he is great at yncel baiting
(470.82 KB 828x1011 IMG_5056.jpg)
>>732229 he is my least favorite so far
(93.15 KB 676x1024 jm37.jpeg)
>>732347 how do you like hyunwho more than junmin
>>732409 kek i like hyunjun's voice/his rap in monochrome but junmin's face looks unnatural to me
>>732424 i wonder if he got a lot done. waiting for the predebut pics
(107.57 KB 960x1280 FYbbzeZagAAGjHb.jpeg)
>>732426 hard to tell but probably the nose/eyes
(191.79 KB 1018x1524 jspd.jpg)
besides junseok and junmin i think the rest are natty
>>732441 what has junseok got done? nose? also he needs to grow his hair out
>>732440 eyes definitely, i think lips too
>Wonbin said to an op that they are recording songs for their comeback omo already
>>732449 yeah if you look at this video >>731807 it seems like they gave him a variation of the jewyeon implant
>>732462 so soon!
(355.31 KB 540x540 jm15.mp4)
reminder that we're not monochrome
(298.79 KB 1333x2000 FbI6Y-9agAEo-Ca.jpeg)
(241.71 KB 1254x2048 js44.jpeg)
what concept do you want to see for the upcoming cb? i want something colorful and refreshing
>>732731 like whisper vibes? that could be fun
>>732731 a song that sounds like keeper or no rules, with another rebellious concept instead of romance. i like that they’ve got an edgy boyish concept. it’d be based if they had go but that song is already taken
>>732731 i want something like giddy up
(181.43 KB 959x1280 FbaKGOcVsAIR4vI-2.jpeg)
seunghwan's side profile is daebak
(118.77 KB 861x861 Fbe5jwhaMAIE79g.jpeg)
(432.47 KB 1772x1772 FbQLQ7laQAESKxN.jpeg)
according to junseok he's better at aegyo and stamina than rakwon but rakwon is funnier and freaking mogs at cooking
>>733541 daebak. i think rakwon would mog at aegyo if he tried but he isn't as committed as junseok
(457.48 KB 2048x1357 FbeLqG0aMAAoZJw.jpeg)
*punches you*
(128.48 KB 689x1024 jm41.jpeg)
(266.09 KB 1200x1200 FbsjlZCaUAEZm5y.jpeg)
we are also here idk what this was some sort of cafe event
>>733712 sa i asked some fansite and she said it was a mini fanmeeting daebak now we know kboats exist
(289.81 KB 1364x2048 side profile.jpg)
>>733147 it's very nice
(329.05 KB 1346x2048 cute.jpg)
dumbo looks really different in some pics
(118.07 KB 668x1024 Fbz7C5NaIAEE0oS.jpeg)
>>734079 maybe he snow apps his selfies so he looks different in the fansite pics
>>734078 this mans super cute
(158.62 KB 2000x1333 FbuDrC1UcAAdl5B.jpeg)
>>734122 based chadhwan enjoyer
(378.15 KB 1170x1653 Fb-KgoqaQAEDhTB.jpeg)
>junseok: 174cm >junmin: 172cm >seunghwan: 177cm >hyunjun: 180cm >rakwon: 172cm >maschee: 171cm >dumbo: 182cm
(358.16 KB 1170x1415 Fb-H9tHaQAcwBZr.jpeg)
>>734500 i feel like some of these are fishy kek we shall see
also rakwon's mbti being infp is unexpected to say the least
(2.10 MB 640x360 j4u_FF2ZnwLo34Sl.mp4)
happy chuseok
>>734500 this seems pretty close to truthful besides adding 1-2 to maschee
>>734500 >>731412 heol i nailed it
>>734502 it's really not
>>735100 from what ive seen he seems more like an extx to me
(479.88 KB 2048x1536 cute.jpg)
(398.59 KB 2048x1536 FcjDVDYacAIC-E4.jpg)
i want all of these
>>735819 awwwwwwww
>>736043 daebak these are so cute
(44.59 KB 582x582 FchmuYsWQAEv7QS.jpg)
daebak chadbin
>>736134 looking very square and chadly
(242.72 KB 540x540 jm31.mp4)
junmin will win. i am sure of it nonas
(25.77 KB 354x472 FdKzVDDXwAIWh42.jpeg)
seunghwan's school pic. so cute
>>736134 hope wonbin doesnt cave to dr kim pressures, as he is now hes both cute and distinct
(673.31 KB 1500x2000 cute junseok peace.jpg)
thanks ist, for not letting us pictureless
(649.69 KB 2000x2000 big dumbo.jpg)
>>738736 *leaving
(80.15 KB 900x600 Feoo-yraAAEQwbW.jpeg)
comeback is near boatchads
(490.19 KB 1365x2048 Fe4Qdk1UUAEH9wU.jpeg)
concept photos 2 look a lot better
(436.40 KB 1365x2048 Fe4FkoeUoAA5qLW.jpeg)
as a tbzfag should i get into atbo
(2.34 MB 1400x2100 CFNetworkDownload_uRRoRx.JPEG)
>>740711 >>740710 word these look cooler >>740726 yes. sauce: i'm a tbzfag
(2.99 MB 2100x1400 jm194.JPEG)
uri piano prodigy
boatchads we are very happy today
(336.88 KB 1348x2048 FfNUZ-uakAAnCz6.jpeg)
Welp, they plagiarized Kick It.
>>741269 i mean the mv hasn't come out yet, so we will see. but ist is dumb regardless because they should've known what the reaction would be
(158.29 KB 480x360 7wWl5JxuvScnEbFT.mp4)
attitude sucks but i like dumbo
>>743458 rude. you're right though
(16.19 KB 287x341 praying.jpeg)
here's to hoping we get a refreshing concept next cb
also the bsides are infinitely better than attitude. shame cause no one ever listens to bsides unless they're fans but i like this one https://youtu.be/a9cyqL2795I
>>743460 i pray for something like giddy up or something like refreshing svt


no cookies?