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(93.43 KB 900x600 Fa1aI_PacAEFE-y.jpg)
IVE general thread IVE general thread #a4ayc/ 08/23/2022 (Tue) 15:28:12 No. 730776
after like edition
Edited last time by REDACTED on 08/23/2022 (Tue) 16:21:39.
(111.23 KB 1200x1200 ba4e7edecd166e1bfdc00a0038dc49a6.jpg)
(18.62 KB 360x360 FamoKk8XoAA_6qH.jpg)
>>730776 really hate these nasty babyhairs they're putting on wonyoung
>>730779 i know they don't look real and cute either
why does the title look like that nona? i learned the other day that leeseo is a huge fan of karina. i'm glad she has other girlpops in the industry who like her
>>730790 me too she is really cute and has talent
(3.62 MB 1272x720 IlSfca9_I1aUc7II.mp4)
i'm genuinely obsessed. i like this more than eleven
ive mansae
>>730790 because she's retarded and doesn't know how to make a thread
after like sounds like this https://youtu.be/NZ09T8ROvds
(105.43 KB 740x925 Fa5DF13akAAHZ1V.jpeg)
gaeul for elle september
(144.95 KB 960x1244 FaWi8VrUUAAiYzi.jpeg)
rei for arena HOMME+ september
(234.58 KB 1676x2048 Fazrco5VsAASv6m.jpeg)
leeseo for marie claire september
(74.85 KB 768x960 style_6305d1c16b2ee-768x960.jpg)
https://wkorea.com/?p=208912 yujin and versace for wkorea
rei is so pretty without bangs
>>730779 she’s giving irene in happiness era
>>731102 >>731104 >>731105 >>731108 wow they're dominating
>>731102 >>731104 >>731105 >>731108 nothing for wonyoung and liz? :(
(974.40 KB 2247x3000 20220825_055427.jpg)
>>731408 wonyoung is in marie claire as well and has her endorsement shoot thing with eider. but yeah nothing for liz unfortunately :/
>>731610 it really feels like they are trying to hide liz and if it’s because of her weight gain that is definetely not the right thing to do and will only worsen her image of herself
>>731612 i agree, in their tiktok they were telling things about thenselves and liz mentioned that she drinks kombucha and another health drink, it made me really sad because the kombucha in korea is usually known as a diet drink
>>731610 i hate the mole trend so much it looks so dirty
>>731614 really sad i mean she could just enjoy it but we probably all know that isn’t the case. it feels like either she’s not wanting to stand out or starship are punishing her almost for the weight gain and thus losing fans/getting criticism. i’ve thought this before but being in a group where wony who is obviously very skinny is considered the ideal and standard must be so difficult for the other members
>>731609 love the fits
(69.50 KB 510x680 Fa_a5yGaAAAW_UN.jpg)
(108.38 KB 675x900 Fa7Uq3faMAIMsa_.jpg)
>>731738 i get the feel that wonyo is inspired by freezia but if she's going to get babyhairs/tweety bangs can the hairstylistnona do them right...
>>731610 liz got an endorsement during eleven era
kek the other 4 girls must be so jealous of her >>731740 i havent seen a popularity gap this big in any group before
>>731790 >i havent seen a popularity gap this big in any group before you should see txt. i'm elated as a dive because they actually get things and appear in things compared to the other txt members.
>>731796 how is it for txt?
>>731796 the problem with txt is company favoritism, not a gap in popularity. there hasn't been a case of popularity imbalance as bad as ive's since hyuna in 4minute or suzy in miss a
>>731789 one thing i am happy about is that all of the girls get to do stuff and not just wony. rei is a muse for a skincare brand, gaeul appeared at an dior event and leeseo appeared at seoul fashion week with rei. >>731799 its honestly both. which is pretty sad. lets just hope the girls get their time to shine as well
i love liz so much its unreal
they have zero chemistry as a group its seriously bad tho i like them individually
>>731885 strongly disagree i was surprised by how well they mesh after watching their YT reality show
>>731913 yeah 5 of them definitely get along and look interested in each other, the other at least tries
>>731921 who is "the other"
>>731929 nta but wony i assume
>>731913 nta but same here. i watched both seasons of 123 ive, i think they get along well. i think it was there where wonyoung made fun of her ex-sasaeng fansite (who was later found out to be jinnabit, sulli's sasaeng fansite) while they were giving examples on how to interwct with fans as idols. their choreographer for afterlike said they have a very good team relationship and learned the dance quite easily too i was surprised
>>731954 they're not gonna not get on camera. just saying the 5 other girls must be sick of being overshadowed
>>731996 >>731921 you need to seek help for you mental illness, so funny how wony makes some kpopfags react
>>731996 why would they be sick of it, their group is as popular as they are because of her and yujin. if anything they'll be grateful they get the opportunities they do through them
wonyseethers back to twitter. we love her here
>>731996 nona im more of a casual fan but i seriously have no idea what youre talking about. i keep seeing people talk about overshadowing by wony but i dont seem notice that at all.
nonas gotta stop with the forced wony hate just trying to create another jennie. wony is very loved and doesnt get half the shit from knetz other idols get. saying she isnt interested in her group is not the end of the world
>>731954 wait, sulli's crazy fansite moved on to wony? i didn't hear about that, jesus christ
isn't it pretty obvious that some of them would be jealous of annyeongz? sure they are grateful but it sucks to have all your work credited to two people and they are the only ones getting praised left and right. just think how that would make you feel as a young idol
>>731998 >>732000 this is twitter bs, we criticise every idol here and wony is not an exception
>>732005 they get some praise surely and have their own fans. that should be enough until they become more noteworthy themselves
>>732005 nonas think we live in feminist utopia so jealousy is a treat that does not exist even among teens
>>732008 >treat trait
>>732005 yeah out of all big active ggs right not a single one is as imbalanced as them
>>732004 https://youtu.be/glDbzVHzDk8 yeah her name was west and east wide i think. she followed wony to new york when izone went there. she started malding when she saw vidrel
>>732006 there's a difference between critiquing and making up delusions about wony not meshing with the other girls, their awkward "chemistry" while having fake concern for the other members
of course there's gonna be some jealousy that can't be helped but if those girls are smart then they'll simply work hard and quietly improve while taking tips from the members with years of experience
>>732012 you are projecting hard on some very simple posts that didn't even name wony and didn't express much concern. unclench. it's just her opinion
>>732002 ngl i used to believe nonas comments about her being a bit bitchy but when i actually watched their stuff i was surprised by how enthusiastic she was on cam. she's really cute and encouraging to other members who are obviously camera-shy, i like her with rei and liz in particular
funnily enough wonyos personality is actually very similar to jennie. both come from rich family and are into rich people activities, friends with chaebols, look unapproachable, but have a personality full of aegyo
>>732018 she's friends with lee youngji the rapper but i think thats it in terms of idol friends
guys, call it autism, but i genuinely believe that starship is pushing leeseo to be wony’s replacement and to be the new center of the group down the road. there have been many articles calling leeseo the new wony, part of the visual line with wony, and giving her more screentime this cb, similar to wony and yujin despite them having way more lines. but it is never going to happen because she has the least fancam views and cbar sales kek
>>732067 why does wony need to be replaced?
>>732067 starship also casted leeseo when she very young like with wony so it makes sense. they also have been putting her with wony often when they do covers which i thought it was by choice since leeseo says wony is her favorite unnie but now that i think about i can see where you're coming from with starshit wanting to make her to hit daebak like wony did
>>732067 it makes sense for companies to do this in terms of getting their money's worth. it doesn't mean they are getting rid of wony but it's more lucrative to shill another girl and boost her popularity and ultimately make more money
>>732068 she's too chinese
(88.85 KB 706x900 FbKcgJdUIAAZYUB.jpg)
(64.34 KB 510x680 FbIhEsxUYAI5TdA.jpg)
>>732096 shes only 1/4
>>732187 thats too much for these sinophobic gooks
>>732202 sad. her family owns few a chinese resturants and seem to be proud to be chinese and korean
>>732202 k but it seems most people believe that shes fully korean and being 1/4 hasnt stopped her from getting all those brand deals & basically being the face of 4th gen
seriously makes me so sad to see liz get attacked for her weight everyday she might be stressed out or have a hormonal problem. she's one of the first kpop idols from jeju is far away from her family
>>732210 no point in arguing with that nona. she thinks netizenbuzz's comments reflect the korean gp
>>732276 sa not the first but the one of the few girlpops from jeju.
starship might push wony into acting and fashion because thats where the money is, she just needs to keep her image clean for another 3 years and by then leeseo can be pushed in ive
>>732286 and by the time leeseo is 16 they can pay for her jaw, eyes and nose job and everyone will be like aw she grew up so much just like wony
starship is scary
>>732286 wonyo loves fashion so i think that would be a good choice on top of her already modeling for all these fashion brands
>>732280 what is it about being from jeju that makes you fatter than the others
>>732300 kek shut up nona
>>732301 i'm sorry i couldn't help myself
annyeongz korean akgaes are super malicious towards liz, her searches were filled with diet and weight
>>732305 i saw korean anachans making fun of her sigh. but the tweets about her always get ratioed by quote retweets from koreans defending liz.
>>732306 have they considered not publicizing the anachans. like do they realize they're just spreading the message that she's fat and thus making it more likely to reach liz
isn't gaeul the one with bad personality?
>>732276 same nona i hope its not stressing her out too much...
>>732321 what bad personality she's the nicest and most harmless kek. she's like the female suhodad in my opinion but we dont how she really is of course >>732322 i've already seen that her confidence isn't the same it's making worried because theres a post every single day about liz and her weight on pann and on twitter too. not even exaggerating
i like the group but the dynamics are off with anachans obsession over their ideal wony and shaming liz who is visibly losing her confidence. its straight out of fiction expect its real and dangerous
>>732311 starshit is doing nothing, they didnt do anything about that hacker who warned he would hack into wonys account and he managed to do it anyways for after like they put liz in the back in some parts of the perf and i couldnt see her + and she barely had any lines. like theyre trying to make her invisible to take the heat off of her but it makes everything worse. a lot of people are cruel to her.
wony is absolutely unreal
>>732363 beautiful chinese princess
>>732363 gaeul's monke ears kekkk
https://youtu.be/QW6De_PxwRw >IVE on “After Like,” Sudden Success, and Loving Modern Family and Korean Horror Films
>>732363 those proportions are insane, like a manhwa character
why does only wonyoung get praise for her proportions? she totally deserves it but yujin is literally her height too with desirable proportions
>>732383 there is currently a hate campaign against yujin on pann due to her face shape. it started since she went on earth arcade.
>>732446 pann girlies are ridiculous. i remember her visuals would get praised every now and then but it's not a surprise due to ive's dynamic and how pann is obsessed with wony that it'd happen
>>732383 wony's proportions are still one step ahead of her
omo starship is rigging the charts. i knew kakao would come in handy
>>732363 forgot to edit the heads of the other girlies
im trying not to be bitter about ive because of the flop middle child wjsn but its difficult
>>732466 or maybe it's a good song
>>732510 it’s their most listable song for sure, plus they’ve had a lot of hype from love dive
(430.53 KB 1536x2048 FMQs8coX0AASYXg.jpg)
(422.85 KB 1536x2048 FPlw9ebWUAU_EPb.jpg)
https://youtu.be/kiJ9cdx5QM4 rei on lee mujin's service
(82.02 KB 510x680 FbZ1D5eaUAAN3AT.jpg)
>>733050 looking at the encore i feel like wonyoung is going to get a momo moment in the future
>>733054 she's not that bad
(706.21 KB 692x640 FbauiQpaUAE0tnG.mp4)
>>733058 did he have to get that close? :/ poor wony
(506.04 KB 1536x2048 bday.jpg)
a happy birthday to these girlies
gaeul and liz sending pictures of wony taken by staff kek they dont have any pics together
(176.67 KB 1415x796 20220831_112655.jpg)
didnt get to watch the full vlive but all the members gifted wony presents and she seemed really happy
>>733058 idiot do your job right (the cameraman)
>>733071 this way of filming has become common. though i wouldnt be surprised if there's a devious reason for it as well
(87.90 KB 544x680 Fb4PE-IUIAECEWK.jpg)
(81.95 KB 510x680 Fb4PE-IUUAAJwEu.jpg)
(83.00 KB 454x680 Fb4tsKsUcAA86H_.jpg)
(109.66 KB 675x900 Fb4FJMpaUAANhdB.jpg)
>>734234 are they trying to make her look like ariana
>>734261 genuinely confused where you got ariana from
>>734234 sorry to be a hater but the baby hair thing they're doing does not suit her at all
>>734238 this vlog was so cute, rei's family has a picture of ive on their wall and the part where rei showed her stickers from the pokemon bread was nice. i really want to try it since its a huge thing in korea at the moment i hope to see other vlogs from the members too >>734263 it doesnt make you a hater, i like wony but i dont think she made a good choice tbhon. it does look good when its styled a certain way
(33.34 KB 590x550 FFtBmW3X0AkvDkg.jpeg)
>>734262 she's giving me asianfish ari vibes
>>734265 go back
(414.73 KB 425x680 FbnQYN1aIAE0hii.png)
>>734263 for me it only looked good once and it was here.
don't know which one is liz and im trying my hardest to find the "fat" one in these pics but i literally cant tell
Can someone post a picture of liz before and after the fattening? she looks normal for an idol maybe she lost weight for after like era
>>734421 just go look at any picture of her from eleven era and this year
(6.37 KB 168x299 images.jpeg)
Don't think she's fat even for idol standards but she does look bloated here, maybe she ate a meal before performing or something
>>734423 liz gained weight but you know how korea has different views so a lot of people are saying she's fat/chubby. she looks fine to me and might even have a condition that we dont know about or shes just growing like any other teenager
(6.37 KB 168x299 images.jpeg)
Sorry i meant to upload this i hope it uploads okay
>>734426 integrate and drop the caps nona
>>730875 >>731796 >>731796 >>731798 >>731796 >>731790 >>731796 astro has a huge huge popularity gap problem. i also only know eunwoo ngl lol
(582.95 KB 1473x2164 FcoOIy1aMAEoOS8.jpg)
(70.34 KB 523x789 FcoOIyxaEAI6ynx.jpg)
(202.18 KB 960x1245 FcoOIy2aMAEWf6n.jpg)
(90.87 KB 604x680 FcoOIyzakAERJvW.jpg)
>>734423 i know she gets shit on for her “letting herself go” or w/e but you have to admit that liz fits in better among her group members (body wise) than wony tbh, wony is on another level of skeletal right now and it’s really noticeable in the full stage shots
>>733058 kinda wonder if this is so intentional, hannams are gross
this tweety bang shit is so cringe.
IVE - Eleven (Japanese Ver.) Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfEZzUtdINI
have any of u heard of the word "eskimo" before? int-dives are planning to educate wony via fan-call because she said it during one of the after like bts vids kek https://youtu.be/hoB5gYnibtw?t=255
>>738358 sa its at 4:14
>>738358 it's a general derogatory term used for the native inuit of greenland/north canada/alaska and the siberian yupik. i'm actually kind of surprised you don't know the word because it's pretty much as widely used as 'indians' for other native americans (at least in the euro/anglosphere)
(3.91 MB 2873x2440 American_Eskimo_Dog_1.jpg)
>>738361 i had no idea. other dives are defending her saying shes talking about these american eskimo dogs. i wonder if SSE will put out a statement about this
>>738358 i know the word and what it means but i didn’t know it was offensive and i grew up in a western country so why the hell would she
(204.12 KB 1802x986 20220923_144747.jpg)
(214.26 KB 1999x1124 20220923_144749.jpg)
>>738358 ive heard of it being used for the term eskimo kiss but as a burger a lot of people dont know what it is despite being north american. i think this is more of a canadian thing
>>738358 oh my god they need to leave her alone. most western fags dont even know or say it as a slur so why would she
>>738377 she used to not look anorexic from at least the waist up. but in 2022 she does. and unlike eugenia cooney we don't see fans crying and begging her to stop it
>>738358 Kekw not even most westeners know that eskimo is a derogatory term. Twittertards are so retarded
(479.11 KB 1536x2048 20220924_094426.jpg)
a happy birthday to gaeul
>>738480 thank you to gaeul despite not being an ivefag i will always remember you as being the korean word for autumn congratulations
(203.38 KB 2048x1366 20220925_001336.jpg)
wony's going to paris. i'm assuming it's for paris fashion week
(1.79 MB 1800x3200 20220925_003514.jpg)
(6.02 MB 600x1066 Tvl4jmgetri41.mp4)
>>738558 and here she is
>>738560 they hid her anorexia so well. poor girl should be in hospital, not working like crazy and traveling and then having to hide the anorexia because people who aren't korean are bummed out by that kind of stuff
>>738681 they're working wony like a horse. k.will said recently on a radio show that starship was slightly worried about the future of their company but it all changed when ive debuted. i get that ive is essentially the money maker for starshit but the girls have been going to univeristy festivals back to back and with wony going to paris she'll have to come right back to attend more of these uni festivals and most likely will have to fly back to europe again for miumiu. it's way too much for an 18 year old who obviously isn't a healthy weight either
>>738717 so dramatic. they sing like 4 songs at these festivals, they're barely 30 minute sets. and it's not like she's walking at these fashion shows. she sits in a hotel room and other people doll her up.
>>738776 is point i'm making is that she needs a break. she works outside of ive the most on top of juggling school, mubank and idol activities.
>>738777 no she doesn't """need""" one kek you're not her mom. most idols are workaholics chasing fame anyway
>>738778 i see...
>>738779 sa i think you've misunderstood me. i said that because wony has said that she's sleepy often. im glad she didnt renew with music bank so she can get a day of rest at least since they're preparing for their japanese debut soon too
(1.57 MB 540x960 xrkwvez4-TKdaI92.mp4)
wony meeting fred's artistic director valérie samuel
>>738816 at the show
>>738816 pretty, shes looking a bot healthier
>>738778 you're a retard. she needs to be hospitalized immediately, not working, hard or easy. she's not in the right state to work. not physically nor mentally and that's so obvious.
this thread is so creepy, nobody keeps up with wony for any reason other than her age and looks, anything about ‘i just like her personality!’ is blatantly an excuse
>>738829 alright nona
(786.63 KB 480x600 81aEGXF6Zl5Xf_00.mp4)
the strut kek
>>738829 read thread name babe
>>738849 someone let wony on the runway already poor girlie wants to walk so badly kek
we need a yujinsis that updates us on her
>>738852 i think our resident yujinsis has been busy lately
>>738829 the thread was made by a wony tranny but this is how i feel for most roastiepop threads and posts here
>>738829 projection >>738864 medication
>>738865 i like girlpops, but there is nothing to wony's image but her anorexia and the fact that she got famous young which is clearly destroying her. i really don't understand being a fan
>>738866 nta wow look at you, you’re so concerned for her health & safety. what an angel you are. you’re so much better than us
>>738866 nta i like gaeul the most but ive also liked wony since her pd48 and izone days. and before you say anything im a zoomer. shes more reserved now but i still like her and do care about her wellbeing, i really dont like how some dives or twitterfags are just ignoring whats going on but a lot also finally started to call out starshit for overworking her and liz's treatment. they got their legal team together but have trouble just switching makeup shops so i really wonder if starship will do anything regarding the girls wellbeing
>>738864 there is something slightly misogynistic about thinking female centred threads are made by trannies or maybe it’s just autism idk not every woman is interested in moids & is a fujo >>738871 dives have been complaining about the amount of festivals they’ve been doing & how packed wonyoungs schedule is & are planning on mass emailing about it but that anon seems to think bcs nonnies here don’t spend 99% of their time discussing it it means we don’t care about their wellbeing
>>738872 nah there was a legit wonytranny that posted on ccc
(41.95 KB 600x450 20220928_061232.jpg)
>>738872 ntayrt we used to actually have a wonytranny here on ccc but i agree. whenever someone would talk about ive or non-bille/aespa they'd get accused of being a moid for a while. for me i've been a fan a girlpops since i was a child, soshi was the first kpop group i ever liked and f(x) was the group i loved for many years. i prefer elegant concepts so i became a fan of ive right away. just ignore obvious bait like >>738829 >dives have been complaining about the amount of festivals they’ve been doing & how packed wonyoungs schedule is & are planning on mass emailing about it yeah i've seen the schedules and they have to go to two festivals in one day for most days for the rest of this month going into the next month? they flew wony back to korea in the middle of the night so she can prerecord a stage for mubank, a show which has only brought her hate from yncels and panngirlies. they really need to let them all rest, if they think ive couldn't do a festival without wony they could've simply canceled the date. gove the girls a moment to catch their breath. they're already putting the money they've gotten from after-like to work and they should've let wony stay in paris because she allegedly has to fly back next week. i don't get why they're overworking them her and the girls like this, if they're you're moneymakers then treat them correctly. dives had complained during love dive era that starshit was working them too hard because they were everywhere.. but i'm not surprised because when wjsn debuted starshit wouldnt let them eat and treated them funny too. ive already seen fans commenting under the tweets of their official twitter hopefully the new intern will let the company know so instead of covering wony up in baggy clothes they can let her actually rest
i still dont get the need for wony to be mc with how low the ratings are and its not like she got many viral moments from it either
>>738927 they got a nugu actor so they can make him flirt with her to create another borene
(1.26 MB 720x720 SZNi34StqNsNoS-J.mp4)
wony looked seriously tired at the festival yesterday. ive did 2 festivals the day before and has to do two more today, there will always be university festivals and i dont think lesserafim and new jeans are even attending as many festivals as ive are and their popularity isnt faltering. its very unnecessary to work the girls like this as if their fame is going to suddenly disappear.
>>739125 im even more pissed off because a dive said when she was leaving chungbuk uni one of the scrotes that was emceeing said he was selling ive's water bottles and that wonys was priced at 500000 won im beyond speechless
she ate (literally)
(6.85 MB 976x720 XGnaQiJ_nk_FxoUu.mp4)
preview of the new japanese single, queen of hearts
(101.02 KB 984x1307 073904.jpg)
>>741031 the lyrics
is it just me or is the mixing horrible in queen of hearts (official spotify ver)
>>741229 that's japan for you. it sounds slightly better with earphones/headphones but yeah the mixing is off
>>740402 >she ate ot but model heidi klum admitted to just smearing food on her plate while at an award show because she was on a diet. celebs do the whackest shit.
wony is getting shat on by cnets and jealous knets on her instagram and her family background is being dragged into the fights between them there. i hope starship actually does something this time like dives have been asking for the past month
>>741244 just clicked on a random ig post and poor girl, koreans are hating on her for being chinese, chinese are hating on her for mislabeling culture, pickmes are hating on her for being pretty and successful. she just turned into an adult and she already has so much hate it's unreal
>>741244 ‘does something’? this is so underaged and twtfaggy kek, what the hell do you expect them to do
>>741247 they could at least throw out another measly statement threatening to sue to shut people up. wony is going through the same shit i had to see sulli go through
>>741244 I followed wony since izone (inb4, i'm a zoomer) an i've always knew this was going to be an issue sooner than latter. At least in izone the jap members carried the blunt of the xenophobia but now she doesn't have that scapegoat anymore. I give her a year or two before she takes a hiatus "for anxiety" aka a massive mental breakdown.
(181.47 KB 1124x1942 20221106.jpg)
saw some dives noting how today was the 1st anniversary of all of ive being revealed
has anyone noticed that wonyoung & gaeul always race to be centre in their airport pics? do idol groups also have positions when it comes to that stuff?
>>743921 that was the original meaning of center. sm used to put idols like siwon and yoona in the center for photos and then produce 101 used it for their show and changed the meaning. jessica invented airport fashion for attention and it's still what it is, for attention
>>743921 yeah i’ve noticed it. i think gaeul wants more of the spotlight which is fair enough but wony just looks better in the center
>>743921 can you post a video example
>>744181 ignore the twitterfag captions but these are the vids ive been seeing a lot https://youtube.com/shorts/vNh1KgMOUD4?feature=share


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