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Twice thread Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 10:44:21 No. 730699
Between 1&2 edition
https://youtu.be/MoZaJkXv8e0 talk that talk mv teaser
>>730878 love my unnies
>favorite member now >first favorite member
>>730983 nayeon or sana dahyun
>>730983 chae nayeon but i still love her a lot
>>730983 jihyo jeongyeon
>>731014 sa my favorite members goes something like jihyo > jeongyeon > dubu, although i love all the twice girlies in different ways so the ranking can fluctuate wildly depending on context
>>730983 sana and nayeon tzuyu and nayeon
>>730983 Jihyo Jeongyeon
>>730983 chae jeongyeon
>>730983 im a new twice fag so >jeongyeon & >jeongyeon i like jihyo and momo too
>>730983 chaeyoung and jihyo on both
>>730983 momo jihyo
>>730983 jihyo jihyo
https://youtu.be/06NQhS9e2hc talk that talk m/v teaser 2
>>731377 finally jyp is not spoiling the entire chorus
>>730983 sana dahyun (DISGUSTING!!! i just liked her monolids ig)
>>731389 why are you saying she's disgusting?
>>730983 momo and sana Used to be momo and jeongyeon
>>730983 nayeon and jihyo jihyo
>>731690 she has no talent and has negative charisma behind the mic or in front of a camera
>>731750 hmm disagree, i find her charming and pretty, there's something about her that draws the eye
yeah i think dahyun is quite charismatic, and she's very pretty as well. she's not a great performer but i like her in mvs
talk that talk is their best korean title track in awhile. before this their last title track i could only stomach was alcohol free.
>>731840 it’s better than the feels and scientist, but barely
>>731840 no need to sage
>>731862 The feels was better
im so annoyed that jeongyeon never seems to get enough and/or killer parts. she's my favorite member and i think she's being mistreated for the sake of girls who can't sing which is so frustrating
favorite twice tts? for me it's you can't stop me > feel special > what is love
>>731923 favorite twice tits? jihyo's and momo's. kek
(4.79 MB 576x1024 twicett.webm)
>>731750 >>731836 she's always making that hideous blob fish face for no reason. she ruins this tiktok kek
>>731923 fancy > what is love > i can't stop me
i really wish dahyun and chaeyoung would stop ruining perfectly fine songs with their shitty raps
>>731862 >>731869 the feels wasn’t a korean release lmfao i guess their english is still indiscernible >>731923 fancy > feel special > alcohol free >>732056 their title track raps sans fancy are always that way because because it is what gives them that signature twice sound. dahyun and chaeyoung’s raps are better in their new b-side BASICS
>>732056 their raps are fun and great you ignorant moroni
>>732070 you forgot your reddit spacing
>>732072 maybe in the early days but in recent title tracks they're awful and ruin the song
>>732080 well yeah i guess talk that talk was pretty bad, and the feels 'raps' sucked, but the rap part in scientist was cute. it felt like a classic twice rap in that it changes things up when they're starting to feel stale later in the song
>>731948 why is tzuyu so white now wtf?? makeup, filters or whitening treatment?
>>732100 the lighting is pretty bright in that video
>>731948 kek ikr her eyes fucking scared me. didn't anyone go "wait dahyun looks so dumb let me do another take"?
jihyo and momo have boob jobs right?
>>732150 it was probably the best take tbf she's always making that face or the "dead behind the eyes and smile" look
>>732176 how her and chaeyoung got picked is honestly beyond me. what didn't look any different than random asian girls on the streets nor do they have any distinctive talent. 7 years on, they still haven't improved anything except looking decent and dancing decent. how could your rap skills not improve one bit even though that's your job? even trisha paytas rap mogs you
>>732208 at least chae serves cunt in music videos
pussy pus pus pus give em cunt cunt cunt bitch
>>732152 idk about momo but i dont think jihyo has had one
>>732208 i truly believe that dahyun was picked due to being obviously religious and jyp is very religious too (see how hyunjin and felix got casted too and both are catholic)
>>732152 i think jihyo just uses a good push up bra
(245.38 KB 1169x1457 FbY2DmWXoAA5Oi4.jpg)
she's so hot it's crazy
>>733012 who's she dating that name starts with an r?
>>732098 her nose job reminds me of jhopes but overall she's attractive
>>731948 tbh everyone looks shitty
>>731923 tt > can't stop me > the feels/likey
>>731840 >talk that talk it's horrible
>>733016 she’s the new team rocket member
Chaeyoung mogged everyone except jihyo during 16 that's why she was chosen. I think she just stopped trying after debut because she realized she already made it for being in the big 3, similar to the aespa girls, she's still very cute though. Dahyun was chosen because JYP wanted a non problematic christian girl. She is okay as an idol but she doesn't stands out at all, she was made to be one of those cute filler members all girl groups with a lot of members have. I like her post chorus in Talk that talk, I'm happy she's getting more vocal lines and less "rap" lines lately. Momo doesn't need to know how to sing when she's already known as the best main dancer of the third generation. I don't think Twice has any useless members except maybe Sana but Sana is still an asset due to koreans liking her visuals and the fanbase she brings to the group.


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