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Kpop Critical #17 Anonymous 08/02/2022 (Tue) 21:31:41 No. 724823
hanna dul ready get set go edition >Post general kpop news and hot topics. What's the scandal of the moment? Who is being cancelled by netizens/twitter? Etc >Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, its fucked up industry. >Talk your liking or disliking of certain groups and idols. *This thread serves as kpopgeneral too, so fangirling (talking positively about your faves) is allowed. However, don't act butthurt if someone bashes your oppar/eonnie or has a different opinion from you. Don't sperg and follow choachan global rules and /kpop/ specific rules*
theory:hybe hired mhj on purpose for the creative direction and so nj would always be in the news for controversy and so they get pity protective stans and to attract pedo fans. it's a very potent combination as we can see with the sales.
>>724838 its just wishful thinking on my part, but i hope that other companies are watching the controversy about nj and heavily reconsider debuting any trainee as young as 14 in the future. or at least reconsider doing anything that might seem age inappropriate for the age of the girlpops involved. oh well, though
>>724852 is there really a controversy in korea? i keep hearing about the maknae getting praised, truth is us inetz will find mhj gross and pedobaity but as long as stage parents exist and kids see opportunities in debuting early, there'll never be an end to it. so many maknaes who debut at 14-16 go on to become it boys,it girls, most popular members: hyuna, wony, taemin, sohee, jungkook, arin, nct dream is the most popular unit in nct. kpop companies will never stop doing it
hate to shit on minors but objectively speaking, newjeans arent even that pretty and benefit from the cheerleader effect due to their styling and people buying into the exhilaration of creeping on young nubile sexy girlnextdoors with long undyed hair and shit. mhj knows what shes doing, even though ive is technically the same age demographic they don't look as nubile (hate this word ew) because they have dyed hair and look more like idols than girls next door. its ick that nj's concept is doing so well and reminds me that p101's pd called kpop healthy porn, is it any wonder that society is fucked up and so many young girls are getting targeted for sex abuse by their own teachers, relatives, neighbours these days.
>>724877 i get what you’re talking about nona
>>724863 yea there is. it's on korean forums
>>724877 well looks aren't objective
>>724880 i think she's mentioning that they're not THAT pretty to highlight that it's specifically because they look so young and like actual middle/high schoolers is why many adults like them
>>724880 >looks arent objective they are though, most people can agree that unu is top tier, or that ive mogs most 4th gen ggs. for example i find ive or redvelvet prettier at debut than newjeans (remember rv did be natural with the whole rnb sexy chair dance vibe similar to nj) and am wondering how long mhj can stretch the sexy nubile virginal teen thing because it'll get boring and theyll need to evolve as they get older to look more idol-like. hate to say it but theyll milk teen porn fantasy concepts to death because mhj looks the type to know all the top porn site searches by heart and how to exploit it.
>During an interview with ‘High Cut’, he was given the question, “Guys probably will not be interested in the male version of ‘Produce 101’. How do you plan to attract male viewers?” PD answered, “Female or male, people will watch it if the program has a good, strong format. It’s a matter of quality.” He continued, “I’m not sure how to say this, but the reason why I first created the female version is because I wanted to make healthy pornography for guys. Even though the contestants just seem like a younger sister or niece, aren’t they adorable? I wanted to create a type of porn that gives you that feeling, and the male version will also serve as that type of porn for female viewers. I once heard that Rain’s performance was like porn for girls. The male version of ‘Produce 101’ aims to fill in that fantasy, and if it’s entertaining enough then male viewers will watch it too.” https://www.asianjunkie.com/2016/07/21/producer-says-produce-101-was-meant-as-porn-for-men-who-like-younger-niecessisters/ kek mhj won't say it either but newjeans is meant as porn for men (and women) who like to creep on younger sisters or nieces without getting arrested
>>724890 eh. i go on a lot of kpop forums and who the most attractive member is really tends to vary depending on who you ask. in fact, no one in my 100+ gc calls unu the hottest male idol
>>724888 how old they look depends a lot on lighting/make up. to me a couple of them looked facially pre-pubescent in Attention. but so far, it seems like they look a bit older than their age in less edited pics. i think it's because they already got some work done.
>>724892 youre missing the point, im saying that nj will be a hit like p101 groups even if they don't have top tier visuals or vocals, people will forgive a lot because newjeans look like unspoiled girls next door or younger nieces. they are styled the same way as p101 contestants to look freshfaced with undyed hair to maximise their teen rookie appeal the same way p101 contestants hook audiences in.
>no one in my 100+ gc calls unu the hottest male idol nobody said unus the hottest, just that he has top tier looks? toptier looks ≠hottest
>>724896 yea i agreed with that part of your message.
>>724900 yea but people have different ideas of what's good looking
>>724891 i'm unironicaly starting to think mhj herself is self-inserting as nabokov. the lolita symbolism is extremely out there and noticeable. seriously side-eyeing anyone who financially supports nj.
>>724900 >top tier looks i dont find him appealing at all
>>724908 never read it, elab pls unless you're just referring to her essentially grooming these girls
>>724908 maybe mhjs just very aware of how to sell sex in kpop like p101 pd. its like how many catholic deacons or buddhist monks can be athiest but good at peddling religion. >>724911 again. >goodlooking≠hottest≠most appealing or attractive for example jin, yoona, shuhua are regarded as kpop visuals. mamy people dont find them attractive, hot, appealing but objectively they are the among the best looking in their group even if soojin, jungkook, v, sooyoung, taeyeon are more attractive, hot, appealing whatever
>>724891 they have the highest female ratio of albums buys of any group izone had like 60% male buys >>724877 one of the most mentally ill posts i’ve read here all because you’re afraid of new jeans
just a sad fact that a lot of things that pervy moids like is also liked by women and girls
>>724915 by objective do you mean like how many things they have on the list of kbeauty standards? then i agree you can objectively measure that. but beauty in general varies based on culture and individual.
>>724915 >company assigned roles at debut meaning anything no they don’t
>>724916 >mentally ill so those who point out that mhj exploits nj to sell a "healthy porn meant for adults who like younger girls next door or their nieces" concept like p101's pd are mentally ill ones, not mhj who literally has photos of a topless girl on her wall huh. lol >>724919 idk why people are making a longass diversionary argument over what goodlooking means when all i meant is that newjeans are objectively as goodlooking as ive or even stayc but they will be viewed as more sexy, attractive, appealing, hot whatever because they look like nubile teen girls next door and not like professional idols
>newjeans are not objectively as goodlooking as ive or even stayc
>>724923 their fan buys are 80% female the highest of any group also you made up a bunch of shit to justify you calling children ugly for some reason
>>724924 >sieun >seeun >liz >rei >yujin pretty funny
>>724925 >>724926 are you some diehard hivfag or mhj shooter, nobody called nj ugly ffs go away please. i also find aespa or lessarafim not objectively as goodlooking as ive. >sieun >seeun >liz >rei >yujin are you trying to say theyre fug, i seriously find most of those girls maybe other than liz (sorry liz youre chubby and cute) more good-looking than the nj girls. sieun is adorable, seeun is a stunner, yujin is a strong powerful beauty, rei looks like a comic book character
maybe this convo could carry on in one of the looksperging threads jebal
>>724927 people care about yujin’s height more than her face sieun and seeun are objectively uglier than nj, you can find them cute but that’s not objective
>>724929 again idk why anyone is derailing into looksperging when the point is that newjeans is styled to look like p101 contestants and sell "healthy porn for adults who like younger sisters or nieces". if ive or stayc debuted with a freshfaced girl next door concept and everyone sporting the same long undyed hair theyd mog nj. eleven and so bad were more girl crush than girl next door.
>>724931 so not being styled with ugly meme hair and shitty makeup is a bad thing? again newjeans has the highest percentage of female album sales of any group they aren’t attracting the “healthy porn for adult men” like produce 101
>>724877 why did you need to talk about how pretty they were to prove this point though… do you not see how that contradicts your supposed concern for these girls?
>>724890 moid tier post. anyways
i think women buy more albums in general. we'll get a better idea of nj fans when we hear the fanchants.
why doesn’t new jeans have +50% male buys like izone or twice if their main selling point is “being healthy porn for adult males”?
>>724935 stayc ive and aespa have around 70% female buys, new jeans has 80% twice and izone have 50% or more male buys
>>724931 it’s devolving into looksperging because you felt the need to bring up your opinions on looks in a conversation about minors being groomed as if it’s relevant.
>>724931 nona why do you keep bringing up those kids looks and who is mogging who? that's not neccesary, they are children please remember that.
>>724938 then i hope that gets them to drop the pedo bait. plus it kinda makes sense. korean guys probably don't wanna see love interests of other races and girl love.
>>724943 the last thread some nona was sperging about new jeans looks and how they were too skinny/flat chested or whatever to be attractive with their crop tops or something weird like that. a lot of things said to me just sound like people just wanna criticize the girls but do it under the guise of concern
>>724947 they all looked healthy besides danielle in the cookie mv
new jeans doesn’t have a wony/winter/sullyoon but they are all above average and they don’t have any uggos
>>724947 so concerntrolling. its very strange and borderline scrotelike. talking about the bodies or looks of the children is not necessary. im not sure what makes it so hard to stay on topic.
>>724945 i agree that there is suspect shit in the direction but it’s not pedo bait to have good makeup and hair with street wear instead of some of the bad idol outfits we get
i get criticizing mhj but be real a lot of you don’t care and just want to shit on the members/group or make up weird hypothetical pedo scenarios, being critical is one thing but the weird concern trolling reeks of moid/underage/twtfag
>>724954 some shots in Attention had visible panty lines. and the whole Hurt mv was obnoxious pedo bait. i can't find anything sus in Hybe Boy.
>>724956 >weird hypothetical pedo scenarios seems like a common past time among hybe fans for whatever deranged reason
>>724956 what hypothetical scenarios are ppl making up?
>>724956 yeah saying not having dyed meme hair is pedo you’re just trying to shit on them >>724957 yep the sports bra was bad but again not having ugly typical idol outfits and shit meme hair is not a bad thing pic rel shows a lot of skin but it’s less bad than someone wearing real life clothing because it’s girl next door pedobait?
>naturalistic styling is pedo bait
>>724959 since the attention mv came out i have seen >people implying the girls are starving themselves >people implying they will do sexy concepts when they get older >posting scandalous photos of minors (which a mod had to step in and say not to do) >comparing the girls to hyuna >posting screenshots of them dancing with their crop tops ridden up >saying how they’re not curvy/sexually attractive enough to pull off the concept >implying mhj is/will get future mv concepts from porn
some girlies here are worse than moids
>>724962 sa which is fine as criticism but there’s a weird undertone where it seems like they’re trying to wish bad on the girls or find excuses to talk badly about them but have to seem “worried”
i honestly feel like newjeans talk needs to stay in the containment forum for them because it’s getting ridiculous tbh
>>724965 the well got poisoned, some people can’t have an honest discussion about them
>>724965 this is kpop critical. new jeans forum is for their much less critical fans.
>>724967 what more is there to say though we all know and most of us have accepted that mhj is a pedo, the girls are too young, and that the concept is questionable.
>>724961 stop being dense
>>724961 the styling isn't what made Hurt pedobait. its the video making them seem younger than they are with the soft focus and closeups of their lips over ten times.
>>724968 i don’t see any points being made that haven’t been made in the newjeans thread or already said 1000 times
>>724972 then stfu my god
nj's mini is nice but they're gonna need to improve vocally if they wanna not bore people with a full album.
>>724973 nta why are you getting aggro kek
>>724970 sis said that not having dyed meme cut hair was pedo so no i’m not being dense
>>724976 samefag but there’s a reason sullyoon or wonyoung will never bleach their hair or chop it off
>>724974 this is another reason why i feel like debuting minors shouldn’t be a thing because feasibly speaking they’re not gonna be more skilled in any area more than groups with members 18-20 years old who have fully developed voices and can actually apply their training in a way that’s effective. they’ll more than likely not improve unless they go out of their way to do so like taemin did because the kpop industry (especially hybe) does not care
>the conversation keeps going in circles/getting derailed into shitting on minors maybe it should stay in a containment thread >*aggro retard voice* then stfu!!!
>>724978 minji would probably be the one with more music ability since she was a Source Music trainee for some years. still none of their voices stand out so far.
(94.81 KB ive-eleven.jpg)
>>724976 >not having dyed meme cut hair was pedo no???? im saying ive were styled to look like idols from debut even if they are the same age range as newjeans. people who wanna ignore mhjs obvious pedobaiting are ostrichs, they literally put out a single full of sexual inneundos titled cookies
>>724978 >developed voices >do a taemin omg, do naive kpopfags still expect mhj or a hybe group to ever rely on idols vocals to sell shit. have you not been paying attention to bts, txt, epipen, even lsf where yunjin is only average at best. hybe relies on hype and visuals, shitty vocals can be covered up by vocal processing theyve been doing for years >none of their voices stand out so far hybe engineers it to be that way and doesn't provide vocal training so idols just stay in their place and don't demand solos or build individual fanbases with their vocal skills. all of txt sound interchangeable except taehyun and he's below average, all of epipen sound interchangeable due to vocal processing too. hybe peddles their visuals and performance skills but cuts down on individual identity so people support hybe groups not solo idols, and it makes it harder for a hybe idol to flee to go solo before their contract is up and break the group up before hybe wants to. hybe controls their idols by making their voices melt into each other.
>>725037 >yunjin is only average at best. disagree with this but agree with everything else. the point you made about hybe just wanting them to support the group as a whole is intriguing actually when you compare it to sm for example where idols are generally known as their own entity
(2.48 MB 3277x4096 FZKPOcgagAUGWhf.jpeg)
>>725036 how is it better to dress a 14 year old girl like an adult, as ive do, than to have her dress her age? ive's styling and choreo have been more explicitly sexual/adult than newjeans', even with the argument about a purer image actually being more pedophilic. they're actually doing a more naturalistic look for their next cb right now, but nobody's accusing them and saying that wearing less makeup is actually a pedo dogwhistle, because they aren't the mob's target of the week
>>725039 wtf? theres nothing sexual or pedobaity about the way rei is posing or what shes wearing compared to how hyein is dressed to show her midriff and give off sexy adult vibes like hyuna or jennie despite being 14. rei is also a 2004er. >>725038 er, people were hyping yunjin to be some lily or 2ning level vocalist when she isn't even winters level, and is slightly better than chaewon maybe. being in an opera club as a kid doesnt make her a professional opera singer unlike what some stupid hivfags think and she has not and will not be vocally trained under hybe so unless she seeks her own trainer she is just going to sound worse over time.
(676.76 KB nj.png)
>blablabla so threatened by newjeans bla when ive debuted with annyeongz nobody even said they looked or dressed inappropriately or made any pedo remarks although ive are 2003-2007ers who debuted in 2021 like how newjeans are 2004-2008ers debuting in 2022. the only "controversy" was their floor choreo and even that was mild compared to newjeans, and ive is the top performing rookie gg in 2022 no contest so why isnt anyone shitstirring starship unlike newjeans if they are so "threatened"? retard hivfags keep claiming people are threatened by newjean as if that's why the conversation on nj automatically goes to topics like pedos, mhjs underage fetishization, inappropriate styling of the maknae, you even have western kpopfags saying koreans are thirsty and porn should be legalized when talking about a gg where everyone in 18 or under, why? why doesnt it happen to a top 4th gen gg like ive but only newjeans? people are so delusional and will defend hybe at all costs
(227.20 KB 954x1199 FZMu5kkUEAE1o4b.jpg)
our beautiful scammy
https://youtu.be/9u3UNaxVqMs posting here for maybe half a kek
>>725054 the new release thread is more appropriate but uhhhhh they look like a jpop boyband lmao
>>725045 this is NOT the thread scamfag
>>725042 kpop fans defended 13 year old wonyoung dancing sexy in skimmy clothes to side by side saying she wanted it herself to show a different side
other than hyelin the girls are 16 17 18 which are the regular ages to debut in kpop so this whole minor discussion seems hypocritical
>>725059 it was on p101, did you read this and see what the mnet p101 pd said about wanting the show to be legal porn for moids who like their younger niece or sister >>724891 ? one mnet pd even got jailed for taking sex favors they are gross but other than wony's p101 stage starship has never dressed wonyoung inappropriately or made her wear anything like a bandana top or tube bra like hyein or the other nj girls
>>725061 you posted this on the new jeans thread too. why are you so eager to defend the inappropriate things that has been going on?
>>725061 so youre saying its okay to debut a 13 or 14 year old and dress her inappropriately or make her sing songs with sexual innuendos so long as the rest are older. mind you 16 17 18 are also minors it's obvious mhj is selling underaged sex fantasies and moids like you are lapping it up ew
re: 13 year old, lapillus seriously debuted a 08er who is 13 and made her sing >I'm gonna make you sweat, my hip is like a wagon the song was so gross even chantyfans couldnt support it
>>725063 im not defending anything just saying because this gets left out of the whole minor discussion as if its not regular business for kpop or asian entertainment if people truly have a problem with it they would drop kpop all together
>>725062 but people still supported izone and 14 and 15 year old wonyoung and yujin knowing the same people who said this are profiting of izone
>>725067 ??? izone never did any weird concepts and stayed very pg13, why shouldn't people support them. its not like wony and yujin sang songs about coochies at 14 you weirdo
>>725064 i never said that other than cookies lyrics their concept wasnt inappropriate
>>725069 the people from mnet who called the survival show soft porn were making money from izone and they didnt have to do anymore than that because they already attracted the male fans they wanted izone fanbase was majority males in their 30/40
>>725071 >other than cookies lyrics their concept wasnt inappropriate really? why did mhjs pedo controversy explode before cookies ever got released?
>>725073 mostly sm stans who suddenly remembered all the concepts she did at sm that they used celebrate and brag about before and the pictures she has in her studio im not saying she is not a creep but so is yg jyp bangpd and leesoo man
>>725076 jyp gets shit on all the time, idk about bangpd but i think apart from hybe company stans people realise he’s strange (for example when people realised garam looks just like his ideal celebrity type). not sure about yg but i’m sure he gets shit from knets for his companies drugs scandal. don’t know if most people are aware of how he met his wife though
what's the point of the sperging. she didn't get shit for nct dream's debut, nor for young taemin, nor for ice cream cake that showed a 16 year old yeri's cleavage, nor for early fx. it's all just clockwork but now that some of you are adults you're just noticing it now
>>725078 of what use it that when people still buy from them making them richer
>>725080 that is kpop fans for you as a whole though they don’t see idols as people no matter how much they say they do. they just see them as people to consume and when they get bored they’ll move onto the next. if they actually cared about them as people they wouldn’t be supporting these groups, complaining about mistreatment when a comeback is delayed by a month but overlooking the obvious
>>725079 its the company stan mentality im sure if newjeans was a sm group they would defend her just like some hybe stans are defending her now its because she betrayed them they suddenly remembered all of her old concept that loved and were approved by sm
>>725085 *that they loved before
>>725083 thats why this whole discussion feels meaningless its just the talk of the week then everything goes back to usual business people will support nj classy ive lsf enhypen ygs new gg where they advertised the members as 14/16 year old jennies and sm new dream replacement with all/mostly minors
>>725089 i feel like those comparisons are meaningless because there's no face attached to them. but mhj has just been exposed as having pics on her wall that are illegal to post here and people actually know her face, so it's easy to form a mob against her. but people forget that mhj isn't the ONLY person working on their concept. if people didn't see a creep attached to NJ, people wouldn't be offended at all. not even by the cookies song.
>>725112 nta but just to add onto this nj have been advertised for like two years as min hee jin’s group. like that’s what most knets know them as and tbh myself even she’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the group even before the scandal.
(146.32 KB 00232465s1.jpg)
>>725078 >idk about bangpd he got spotted dating a model half his age and weight, idk why anyone thinks hes any better than yg
>>725037 you're right. i haven't heard a ton of bts songs but i still have a pretty good idea of what the singers' voices sound like. hybe must never wanna make that "mistake" again with how much they autotune everything. even the surgery they get seems so similar.
>>725112 >>725117 jyp yg and sm are named after their founders how is their no face attached?
>>725135 i dont think nj music is as autotuned as other hybe groups
>>725131 god he's so disgustingly obese
>>725138 they don't have time to sit and decide every concept and what's gonna be in the videos tho. that's the job of the designers and creative directors.
>>725145 they choose the concept of the groups and oversee everything they work with a team of ourcourse just like mhj but they're more involved than you think yg choose every outfit for jennies solo himself
>>725037 calm the fuck down i literally said in the last sentence that the kpop industry doesn’t care about vocals either kek
>>725153 honestly kpc has screamed underage twtfags who can’t read or integrate for a while it’s definitely not what it used to be kek
>>725076 i agree that she was celebrated for her concepts at sm but i also remember she got a lot of shit for the sherlock shoot and i’ve seen people bring it up over the years, not as much as they should though. for the photos in her studio, she only opened her ig on 2020 so it’s not like anyone knew she had them on her walls before, i think people started digging on her when they saw how young nj members are. i remember when it got announced she moved to hybe what i saw being brought up by sm stans was how she plagiarized a lot and others mourning the concepts she used to do, i think she’s getting more flack for newjeans because she’s the actual ceo, in sm she wasn’t responsible for the debut of anyone, she just did their concepts and she didn’t have that much freedom with them except for f(x) and that’s why she left didnt stop her from insterting creepy things in them though
>>725156 there was nothing wrong with the sherlock shoot
>>725156 >i think she’s getting more flack for newjeans because she’s the actual ceo she was probably present at some of the auditions if not all with the active role she has as well as selecting which trainees to debut and people are saying she couldn’t have found older trainees to debut? the truth is a lot of fans are older now and so see why it’s wrong, i wasn’t ever a shinee fan but i found that photoshoot odd looking at it now. if i was younger i might not have. mhj’s situation is inexcusable, even if you take away the cookie song you’re left with a woman with weird artwork on her walls who clearly uses strange and inappropriate films for inspiration
>>725158 exactly, when i was younger i remember seeing the controversy for her shinee concept but that quickly got overshadowed by how cool i found the f(x) concepts. now that she’s a ceo she’s under more scrutiny and has more attention drawn on her so of course people are going to look at every detail on her ig now that she’s public, specially if she debuts a group of young teenagers, there is no excuse for her behavior
>>725156 i think the nj situation sticks out more today because theres been at least some differences in the kpop gg landscape with the top companies the past couple years or so. sm debuted aespa members at 18+ years old and they havent given much reason to be controversial conceptwise. and they built a large fanbase already, which kind of highlights a question of why is it necessary to 'toe the line' on being inappropriate to gain success. for jyp iirc the maknae in nmixx debuted at 15(?) but their concepts so far are very disney channel. and nmixx's treatment with getting a normal debut (no public survival show on tv) is seemingly an improvement over what happened years ago in sixteen
>>725157 t. has never seen the sherlock shoot
>>725167 or she’s just trying to be edgy and different
>>725163 exactly. everyone says it’s because young idols are more profitable but blackpink is the most popular girl group and they debuted all as 18+ year olds, same with aespa. and even twice were mostly adults at debut with the youngest being 16 at worst
>>725037 what does that have to do with the greentext though? taemin paid for and made an effort to attend his own vocal lessons so clearly the anon meant if the girls plan on improving they’ll probably have to do the same because hybe won’t
young idols debuting is so they can have longer careers as idols under the company
>>725173 well obviously it’s so companies can milk them for what it’s worth. if they join younger they also have less prospects outside of the company/idol life
>>725171 didn’t nayeon debut at 20? (oldest twice member) it’s crazy how that would now be considered old to debut
>>725171 blackpink only debuted as adults because their debut got delayed many times same with aespa yg debuted minzy at 14 treasure had a couple of 14/15 year olds at debut i dont think any company cares about age when debuting idols
>>725177 obviously companies don’t care but the point being made is that if being younger was so profitable then the most popular girl groups wouldn’t have debuted as adults
>>725177 i always thought aespa’s debut was actually rushed and brought forward
>>725175 even at sixteen they made a point about how old she is it was her "handicap" because she was otherwise talented same with jihyo and being fat
>>725175 yeah i think 6/9 of twice were all adults or shortly turned 18 after debut iirc and nayeon was 20. it’s crazy with 4th gen they try to act like anyone over 20 is a hag like they do with sakura and the kekler unnie
>>725178 its not more or less profitable they pick the trainees they want no matter how young they are
>>725180 yeah weren’t aespa supposed to debut later but got rushed because of rv controversies
>>725182 no one calls xiaoting mashiro or yujin a hag sakura aged herself with too much ps
>>725183 the point commonly made to defend idols debuting young is “its more profitable because the fanbase for idols is young” and that post was a counter to that point. nobody is talking about who companies pick because we all know they operate similarly but specifically from a marketing perspective it doesn’t make any sense
>>725184 no they filmed black mamba in the beginning of 2020 for example it was not rushed like red velvets debut
>>725185 people have said many times that yujin was “too old” for kekler though
>>725186 >its more profitable because the fanbase for idols is young i don’t get how people say this when it’s shown the main consumers are in their 20’s, like just look at new jeans album buyers for examples
>>725190 it makes a bit more sense for boy groups than ggs because a lot of boy groups are marketed to teenage girls but girl groups are aimed at the korean gp who are mainly 20+, so i don’t get it either
>>725186 who says they are more profitable? in some groups the youngest is the least popular if they see potential in a trainee they debut them no matter the age
>>725191 a gg aimed at the gp doesnt survive they need a fandom
>>725182 yet they infantilized the older members to attract uncle fans and sexualized the younger ones like tzuyu
>>725193 >who says they are more profitable a large majority of kpop fans in korea and internationally say this all the time kek but again you’re missing the point that nona was trying to make
>>725193 younger = more popular usually, there's very few exceptions to that. and it applies to both ggs and bgs
why do people keep sidestepping to try to defend young teenagers debuting i really hope you’re underage
>>725200 i hope they are otherwise it’s just strange
hive obviously has a pattern with debuting very young groups and giving them concepts that are mature which i find weird considering they have groups who are older and can do those concepts instead. they style the maknae in enhypen to look like he’s 20 when he debuted at like 13/14 and it’s the same for newjeans. they both also have had songs who could’ve easily been given to older groups like fever and cookie so they know what they’re doing with the pedobait
>>725200 it's underagefags who don't get it
>>725198 i can name more groups where the youngest is one of the unpopular members
>>725197 there is no basis to it tho
>>725200 no one is defending it
>>725206 you keep sidestepping and missing the point though >>725204 >>725205
https://youtu.be/jibz3MwJpj8 wonyoung and leeseo look so good with this styling they both have unique auras
>>725208 my personal favorite is yunjin but i definitely agree with you that this styling suits them more
>>725076 smhags obsess over individuals(which is part of their huge ssng problem) and actually dont really give a fuck about most "concepts" that's just lsm autism just look at how much people despise kwangya. also, mhj fans are part of her cult like following like with most pretentious artfags who just recycle old shit and act like its new or original. mhj fans are a league of their own and people have made f(x) her identity even if there was so much other stuff going on that made f(x) what it was. like the experimental music is typical sm and mhj new shit is so bland in comparison
>>725163 did you see nmixx dance videos where they made a 14 and 15 year old hump the floor
>>725202 >they style the maknae in enhypen to look like he’s 20 when he debuted at like 13/14 this is something i find particularly disgusting because i know he has a really large amount of fans who are older than him and it’s just odd to me he’s just a child and he gets many inappropriate things said to him in fancalls etc
>>725214 i didnt look at any of their content besides their music videos and singing covers but thats unfortunate. if its from predebut at least it isnt in their promoted group content so far
>>725207 im not the other anon said why dont companies debut adults only when they see bp who debuted as adults being successful what im saying is that companies dont care and will never care if they see a trainee with potential they will debut them just like yg did with treasure after them thinking otherwise is delusional
>>725217 eslsis…
>>725211 ah come dont bend the truth smfags celebrate lsm birthday like he is an idol they love the company just like other company stans
>>725208 why does this remind me of gfriend
>>725217 that nona literally said 3 times that she was not talking about the companies and that it was a rebuttal to people saying “teenage idols attract more fans/are more profitable” when that has shown to not be the case with the most popular groups you’re either esl or acting dense because you’re arguing with a point that was never made in the first place
>>725222 never seen anyone say teenage idols are more profitable
>>725221 idol but the cinematography is crazy good feels like a real film
(238.87 KB 1125x1506 Xyz.jpg)
>>725215 i agree it makes me feel bad for him like yeah he chose to be an idol but i doubt debuting at 13 and being treated like a sexual object by noonas was anticipated at such a young age. and the company obviously perpetuates it like in picrel, there was some video of him saying “noona will you go to bed with me?” during a group activity like eww
>>725226 so you are acting dense kek got it
>>725220 just because the official smtown account tweets #ourshiningsoomanie on his bday does not mean the fans are celebrating
>>725229 that’s so creepy, i remember seeing a fancall where someone who was almost 30 was asking him to marry her. they treat him like an object to fulfil their sick fantasies its so wrong, i kind of keep up with enhypen and im sure he has one of the highest rates of “hard stans”
>>725231 you want to really tell me sm has no company stans when they all force themselves to like the noise music and ai concept
>>725220 im just saying mhjhags ≠ smhags. they attribute the success of fx to her and actively distance or put themselves above others so the ones bragging about her are her diehard nostalgiafags
>>725236 that is not anywhere close to what i said. words have meanings.
>>725237 its more like smfags used to love her work but distanced themselves from her after she left sm so she is left with the nostalgia fags now
>>725237 to be fair though i’ve seen a lot of people say that sm fans were defending her and only calling her out now that she’s gone to a competitor but it shouldn’t really matter she deserves to be called out by everyone
how mhj has escaped this without even having to make a clarification statement is insane. like i just checked her ig and the pictures that were ‘exposed’ are even still up. screams of cockiness to me
nonas you dont really think smfags actually believe in the smfamily do you kek theyve always had intracompany fanwars (sesfans even hated boa at one point apparently) fight all the time and just a week ago they were fighting over the hypothetical seating arrangement for smtown
>>725245 it wasnt as big as people think just twitter and a few posts on theqoo she will probably act lowkey to not make it bigger
>>725245 the scandal along with the cookie debacle aren’t nearly big enough to warrant a response
>>725246 kek this smhags are too busy fighting each other 90% of the time
>>725246 its not about that usually companyfags support new groups without knowing anything about them like nmixx selling albums before revealing the members most txt and enhafags are armys a lot of aespafags are exo or nctfags and so on some fans will only like one group so fights happen but most peple support atleast two groups from the same company if not all
>>725246 sm fandom is big enough that there are separate circles of the fandom that never touch, i think there are people who genuinely believe in the smfamily bs and really enjoy it, and they're the types of fans who want to bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles
>>725253 every company has that though id say smfags are less likely to support new groups sm is debuting and only come around to accepting these groups years later. my mom was an smfag and always said smtown is like a form of damage control to keep a false peace between groups
surprisingly aespafags being nctfags is true for the majority. probably because they make similar music. aespa and nctfags formed an alliance to fight rvfags and call them flop hags. kind of weird bc nct are by far closer to rv than aespa
>>725246 i think a big part of smhags always hate the group that comes after them, but another part does eventually end up switching to the newer group, at least it worked pretty well with nct and exo
love this edit
>>725262 kek that's what worked the worst between shinee/exo and suju/shinee
>>725269 looks like a gazillion euro movie posters
>>725273 that’s the idea
we're posting edits now?
>why companies debut minors so newjeans debuted on mnet with nervy interview and stages, attention was a little messy https://youtu.be/J0bFfJSlU_0 and hype boy was better https://youtu.be/MwIZz8zadqo but at one point i did think some gp999 or p101 stages were more polished and this looked like a nugu company gg or school dance performance if newjeans werent doing 3 songs. nobody is going to shit on nj because they are minors even if itzys debut 2dalla stage is miles better but it tells you why companies debut minors, everyone has to be super forgiving and call them cute. aespas debut was so much fiercer but people wont praise it because they are not minors and it's just expected of them, but when underaged idols do anything people hype them up to the sky and say they'll kill it when they grow up.
>>725444 puts into perspective how impressive nct dream were with their hoverboards for chewing gum
>>725444 i think they should be given the benefit of the doubt as it takes even older idols sometimes one or two stages to really show a good performance but damn imagine being 14 and having to do all this preparation it’s a little crazy
>>725446 i found it very annoying that dreamfags kept saying dream were going to kill it when they grow up too. people kept hyping up maknae jisung when he was a minor saying he was the best dancer, the next taemin and he's just average now that hes grown up. the hype around minors is ridiculous
>>725444 if people cared about performance then why are the least talented groups so popular(blackpink, twice, aespa, ive)
>>725449 >all this preparation knetz are saying hybe and mhj pulled strings so they can do 3 stages (a shorter version of attention and cookie was used) unlike everyone else. i think usually its only 2, has anyone ever done 3 songs on music shows?
>>725452 i also think it’s because if you’re hyped up for being mediocre then why would you try to improve unless you were truly passionate about singing/rap/dance/performing in general side note jisung is really overrated to me by fans
>>725456 off the top of my head i don’t think so, lesserafim and enhypen both from hybe did 2 stages main track and one b side
>>725458 sa why did she insist on performing that damn cookie song. i’m not even going to watch that performance
>>725456 it's not really pulling strings, they're a big company so they can do what they want at music shows kek
>>725458 on the newjeans subreddit their fans are saying its historic and no idol group not even bts or bigbang has ever done 3 songs. skills dont ever matter, you need a big compaby to pull strings
>>725460 has any other big 4 idol group like snsd bts or twice done 3 songs? newjeanfags are saying they are the first ever.
>>725455 watched the performances and holy shit is >>725444 concern trolling embarrassing that you are so strung up over this group
newjeans lipsynced for their debut. curious to see if they will continue this. lessa did sing live a bit later into their promotions
haerin is getting a lot of hype for her visuals
>>725466 not surprised koreans love that cat look
>>725462 does it matter? 2 of those songs combined are shorter than i got a boy
>>725461 yes it’s true but to me this kinda shows how hybe views nj compared to the other groups because lesserafim were very capable of performing 3 if they wanted them to and their b sides are great
newjeans is getting a huge push by korean hivfags specifically btsfags. korean btsfags are mostly ajummas tho...
>>725464 is live singing for attention... even possible?
>>725470 from what i’ve seen a lot of btsfags are also supporting new jeans i wonder why
btsfags wouldve supported lessa if it wasnt for the iz1 members and garam. nj has that fresh unpolished group feel to them "not like the others"
>>725473 its because they're so young and hopefully the adult gaypops won't be interested in them
>>725473 that makes sense. they don’t like the new bighit boy group though kek i guess it fine when they’re under another sub label
aespa general leaking out into critical now
>>725476 happens with every gg thread kek
>>725463 why is giving an opinion strung up? the point is people will say "why are you criticising them, they are just minors and rookies" even if their debut stage was meh for big 4 standards even some midtier ggs do better be it everglow or gidle itzy https://youtu.be/2xU2PyI-sEI stayc https://youtu.be/kTm9VQ822O4 aespa https://youtu.be/w2GXdb-pHo8 ive https://youtu.be/SpvbDnkDYME nmixx https://youtu.be/VWpLzeXXw8A the reason why people debut minors even if they should train more is because people will forgive them and hype them up when they are underaged
>>725444 tbh i don’t blame them for being nervous if you can imagine they’re aware of the controversy surrounding their group recently i think any normal person would be more on edge too and especially in interviews although i believe those are scripted anyways?
>>725480 because their stages were decent and youre just looking to shit on them
>>725484 not really, they felt empty and the girls are weaker dancers than i thought. the mv’s helped cover that up. i don’t think it’s their fault so much though you need good training to be good
>>725494 >>725480 i liked their hype boy stage it was very energetic. yeah it is not itzy level but it is just as good as stayc and aespa (nj are better than aespa’s recent performances though)
>>725494 the choreo looks bad with tom countdowns cuts https://youtu.be/MwIZz8zadqo?t=136 looks better on fixed camera fuck their smiles are beautiful
>fuck their smiles are beautiful finally have to hide this thread
>using aespa as examples of good performers you’re not serious are you
>smiling during a performance is bad why are sm noonas like this?
>>725503 >>725504 >>725506 no need to spam the thread you could have said those things in one post
>>725507 not the same nona idiot
>>725259 are the groups really friends or close to each other?
>>725650 those who trained together are like nct, rv, some in exo. sm 2nd gen is super tight
jeongyeon is so much prettier than botched noseyeon and her voice is as good as hers if not better too. just bc jeongyeon isn't the best dancer doesn't mean she should get fucked over in line distribution.
the 4th gen gaypops need to come up with a solution bc the girlpops are dominating. in 3rd gen we had bts, ikon, exo, winner, seventeen by now who had hits
>>725677 + btob
>>725677 4th gen bgs don't have hits because the companies care way more about a song being good to perform to than good to listen to. even 4th gen ggs whose TTs put dancing first are usually nugu level (pixy, itzy, pink fantasy, dreamcatcher, everglow, even itzy struggles on the charts sometimes compared to other big 4 girlies)
>>725684 lol i didnt mean to put itzy as nugu level
>>725677 bgs dont really care about the gp its just the fandom they need to appeal to and tickle the pussies of. the only 4th gen bg who can chart well doing typical formulaic yg songs like really really, love scenario is trashure but people hate yg so darari was ignored. other than that other 4th gen bgs are busy making unpublicfriendly shit like guerilla or maniac kekkkk i like edm and those songs suck imo
hybe 4th gen bgs are also jumping on the noisy trend gbgb was ass, the music doesn't matter as much as having ao3 dark concepts that can tickle the pussies of fanfic readers or fujos. even bts kinda blew up because of the size of the fandom, ratmies helped their songs chart high it wasnt really organic gp popularity like love scenario, growl, reallyreally you can see a lot of shady pann articles saying that bts lacks gp popular hits because songs like dynamite butter fake love boyinlove only blew up due to ratmies being the biggest kpop fandom
>>725684 >hits also gp popular hits dont mean much, it's worth less than a hugeass fandom as bts proved. winner and psy chart high dont sell as much albums as skz txt bts nct atz, having a huge fandom is better because you can do tours, sell albums. the gp is very fickle bboomboom being a naitonal hit did not make momoland popular
kek im sure 4th gen bgs are thankful for the album sales and tours, but they must feel like a joke not having a single hit under their belt. its natural
>>725692 most of them have bts, exo, bigbang as their role models. they definitely seek similar success
>>725693 svt used to have 1-2 hits but i think they are itching more for domestic success than 4th gen
starship got mad newjeans cb looked good so now theyre doing teen crush y2k for ive as well
>>725702 do you think comebacks are planned in a week? this was in the works way before new jeans debut. i did kek though when i saw the made-in-powerpoint teaser schedule after listening to nonas here wax rhapsodical about how luxurious and elegant ive/ive’s concept is.
>>725702 i don't think they got any reason to feel jealous nona ive are gorgeous enough to fit their more glamorous concept, no need for tome cheap childish shein shit
>>725702 ive can pull of new jeans concept but not vice versa
>>725684 if this was true all the nugu not groups with bright concepts and ballads would be popular but obviously that isn’t the case because the general public there doesn’t really care for boy groups. boy groups have always been fandom based + 3rd gen is still dominating so there’s nothing they can really do for more popularity other than wait
>>725706 i feel like newjeans can pull off a more stylish concept once they get a bit older
(93.58 KB dummy.jpeg)
>>725713 theyll get older but they dont look high fashion except danielle, even lesafim mogs them. i expected hyein to mog because of how much mhj talks about her but her face is more hyuna-ish than jennie. ive was the same age as newjeans when they debuted in 2021 and they look more classy even if they arent wearing chanel like newjeans
>>725726 liz is such a gem. good vocals and she is stunning too
>>725725 kek here you go being weird again…
lessa wouldve been perfect with all adult members. they would have these high fashion mature concepts. now they will get backlash bc they have a 06 liner
>>725729 yeah it’s a shame, eunchae would’ve fit in new jeans visually as well. i like her but the four adult girls would’ve been a really great group
>>725729 i think they could still do concepts that are high fashion and sophisticated but until eunchae is older i definitely hope they tone it down with the “sexy” concept because it’s a bit odd. i can envision them doing that fashionable rich girl thing like lilly rose depp or devon aoki which is more appropriate and will give the same vibe
>>725738 apart from the floor scene in the music video was their concept sexy? i didn’t really watch their performances
>>725740 it kind of seemed like that’s what they were going for. there was a part in the im fearless room where they were greyscale looked like a victorias secret ad kek
It's funny to see a fag NJfan calling other group members ugly when I saw MusicBank the other day and most NJs look similar and they look like they come from SEA. Hoping that hybe dick riders forget about the group so that knetz tell them that they look SEA remember me when that happens. Lesserafim even is eat them visually help.
>>725853 there is no need to be rude about a group of young girls
(1004.91 KB 666x1440 image.png)
A friend told me that Danielle looks weird and I think her body proportions are weird.
>>725857 she has perfectly normal proportions stop hating for no reason
>>725857 she just has a long torso stop nitpicking a 16 year old
"there is no need to be rude about a group of young girls". You guys are weird and rude to ive, lesserafim, Nmixx, enhypen all the time when they have underage mmbrs but when it comes to your favs, you're the first to cry, if you don't like it go somewhere else, so funny.
>>725853 what is wrong with looking sea? you are just as racist as the knetz
>>725865 integrate
>>725865 maybe consider that those aren’t the same people and people get pissy when people start discussing the underaged members of ive too
idk what the sperging about nj attracting moids is about, you'd think with as much experience as mhj has in this industry that she'd know that appealing to girls is more profitable than moids. personally i think mhj isnt doing anything new from what she did with fx and shinee. the concept is very similar to fx except the members arent differentiable. i actually wonder if that will be nj's downfall because the members all kind of seem alike with the exception of the maknae and danielle. >>725857 i noticed she's super thin and i suspect her current weight is a result of over dieting because of her legs being short. i only noticed it because i can relate since my proportions look bad/more noticeable at a higher weight too kek.
>>725965 nj has attracted a pretty solid female fanbase. i was surprised to see a grandma fan saying that she wanted nj to be the last group she was a fan of after being a fan of mhj's groups. the moids that are fans all seem to be faggots- besides the ones on social media, i went to male community sites out of curiosity and even there it was solely gays that talked about nj. i learned for the first time that ilbe had a lgb board hul
>>725965 >>725980 yeah, newjeans' supporters so far are overwhelmingly female, the 'appealing to moids' thing has been really overstated. most of their content is very clearly targeted to girls, with the hurt mv an exception (and even then it's still an mv that appeals to teen girls) someone noted this about their mushow recording >out of 200 people, there were less than 20 men in attending, some asked if they were gay scrotes
>>725980 >>725982 thanks anons, that's kinda surprising ngl. glad they dont have disgusting moids thirsting after them, lets hope they don't make them perform for the military.
>>726016 isn't that illegal for underage idols?
i think new jeans members got stressed/sad about mhj drama if they saw it. imagine trusting a person and being close with them and seeing all this pedo backlash. netz may see it as calling mhj out, but nj members might just be hurt people are saying "mean" things about someone they're close to. unfortunately it's hurtful and stressful either way.
>>726020 nta but i dont think so they sent kekler there and they have teenagers in the group and its seen as "boosting morale". bullshit
>>725713 idk why nonas keep saying they all look alike when now that i'm actually looking at them you can easily tell them apart. i feel like everyone says that when a group debuts with all black hair and some people are a little face blind. they did the same with weeekly
>>725731 eunchae doesnt fit in nj
>>726016 i dont think they would ever do that girlgroups dont really perform for the military anymore female fans hate that but whats more important is that they've a vietnamese member it would be very weird to make her perform for the korean military after what they did in the war to her people
ateez are the new skz with good music if u check their old bsides
>>726228 idk they're hitting it big on the us right now and their fanbases are the same type (rabid annoying creepy) also they're all ugly like skz
>>726229 skz arent all ugly lee know felix and hyunjin are pretty cute
>>726227 ateez has one good song. they are not liked for their music or visuals
>>726258 exactly
>>726261 why do people like them?
>>726229 they're at the same stages of their careers with the same audience, but skz managed BB200 #1 with 110k units sold in march while ateez just got #3 with 50k. skz have only massively gained fans since. ateez are not catching up.
skz and ateez are both nugu in south korea
>>726588 most boy groups in gookrea are pretty unknown but i will say both groups debuted at the start of 4th gen (skz in 2017 and atz in 2018 i think) and comparing them to junior boy groups it seems like other groups who gained traction faster may surpass them by the time theyre the same age, at least for 4th Gen boy group standards. with atz it makes more sense to me because theyre from a nugu company but skz are under jyp so i expected them to be promoted better
>>726593 txt is more popular in sk and if you’re gonna compare 2019 to 2017 might as well compared them to nct or svt which are obviously leagues ahead in sk
>>726261 nona check out their old bsides and reread what you've just said. i hate ateez too but i wont lie their music is good to an extent
>>726604 nct and svt arent really comparable to skz but i agree on txt
i’m kind of surprised svt isn’t a bigger deal in the us, especially with gose which is translated and super easy to get into
>>726617 i feel like hybe has reached a point where they’re topping the rest of the big 4 to a certain extent. they’re not established and could easily crash if they have bad enough scandals like yg but looking at how newjeans and lsfm came with mass hype it’s seeming like it more to me. txt has the highest 1st week sales for a 4th gen boy group when they debuted in 2019 and enhypen has already had two albums with a million sales when they basically debuted last year. it’s honestly kind of insane and hybe plans to debut more groups so it’ll be interesting to see if they maintain that position
>>726626 sa im not a hivtard either but im just going off numbers and the way their newest groups have been doing
>>726626 hybe are debuting a lot of groups to capitalise on the bts hypetrain since everything bts is related to turns to gold, but that hype will wear off in a few years so they may as well strike while the iron is hot
(250.80 KB 750x494 image.png)
min heejin planning to sue for defamation? >In any case, according to the company and various opinions that the level of dissemination of false information and blasphemy is serious and should not be overlooked, civil and criminal lawsuits have been initiated. I thought that malicious commenters were also fans, so I gave them a pass, but a significant amount of violations were discovered during the legal review. In order to prevent future problems and to protect the rights and interests of the members, a dedicated organization for Adore was established.
>>726938 with all due respect does she not realise she’s the reason for the controversy. like nobody would’ve analysed nj’s concept if it didn’t turn out their ceo was a weirdo with pics of naked children on her walls
>>726940 they 'analysed' it because the kpoppie hivemind decided she was their villain of the week, based on mostly a load of bullshit. it's purely mob mentality
>>726941 this. if they had any concern of minors they wouldn’t have harassed garam and enhypen and they wouldn’t have revealed this right after the preorder numbers. i still think she is sus though
>>726944 for sure, i agree she's sus, the way western fans turned on her has just been insane and unwarranted you're so right that it's clearly just about harassing and crusading online, not actual concern
>>726940 she said that with the paintings on her wall, she had only hung them up on her wall for artistic purposes and wasn't aware of the films it came from or it's meaning. i guess that could indeed be possible as they were paintings and not photos
>>726947 i don’t buy it
(115.42 KB 750x1128 x.jpg)
>>726947 samefag
lawfagging but making noise about suing detractors is no big deal, hybe does this a lot with all their groups even leserafim . the point is to make knetz think twice before making any potentially defamatory remarks in future. emphasis on future. its what megacorps and the 1% do to control the narrative and put fear in the 99% who dare to criticise them, they want to show they are rich and wield a big bat.
>>726941 i mean i agree that’s the reason but she still deserved to be ‘exposed’ idk why people are saying it’s only western fans when it’s obvious that koreans think differently about this they aren’t the moral standard. i’m glad the issue was brought up either way
>>726947 what mhj said in her own defense is pointless, everyone can judge with their own eyes what she posted on instagram. the excuses hybe stated in garam's defense turned out to be meaningless not too long ago. in korea even if you are a victim of bullying you can be sued for talking about it, and even if someones indeed a sexual deviant they can hire lawyers to warn koreans not to talk about it. emphasis on koreans, there's nothing they can do about inetz.
>>726955 what exactly did she post on instagram that you find so revealing about her character? screenshots from an aubrey hepburn movie?
>>726959 so that topless girl film shot was from an audrey hepburn movie? didnt she post art of a serge gainsbourg album about pedo nonsense too
>>726963 i'm not sure of the topless girl you're referring to? but the album was one of many pieces of clutter in her house that someone saw and recognised in a magazine shoot there. she didn't post any pictures of it, it couldn't even be seen clearly in the magazine's picture. i'm not trying to simp for mhj, i'm just saying, her instagram is not the smoking gun people want it to be
>>726959 nta but there were several images of half naked underage girls on her walls plus the serge gainsbourg vinyl that she did post a pic of. don't act stupid
>>726969 ntayrt not trying to defend mhj but two of those photos werent children but adult women
>>726975 not sure about that but still, they depict underage characters from their respective fucked up movies. it's still iffy
>>727010 even in the movies they arent underage but like you said its still really weird
>>724823 imo mhj is a artsy person with a weird obsession with youth but i did think the paedo accusations were far. i agree with the anon who said awhile back that she maybe might've not had an eventful youth is re-living it with these concepts.
>>727019 nta but i agree with you. i still find that strange though there is such an age gap between her and the girls and the way she paints them as her friends when she is ceo of the company is destined to go wrong
>>727016 they are underage characters in the movies. anyways don't wanna post about this further cause it grosses me out
(127.65 KB 748x1299 FZzwAFyXwAABe5d.jpg)
>>724823 So Garam just spoke out on her friends instagram page and she also posteded her full school violence report (which Eun-soo actually never posted)... it's getting translated soon https://twitter.com/oncemimosa/status/1557383460855201794?s=20&t=4ZZrDY7Arfu4J0-VtqmYAw
(164.06 KB 750x1300 FZzwAkUXwAEqIH9.jpg)
>>727029 posted* I think this is the report
>>727028 i looked it up and that isnt true but i agree i dont want to talk about it anymore
>>727029 so i’m still curious why hybe chucked her under the bus if they could prove her innocence
>>727036 her fans are speculating that HYBE knew about her past, had no intentions of saving her and instead used the whole scandal as noise marketing.
>>727036 cfans were saying that garams aunt said that hybe used her for media play despite it being negative
>>727038 she was used as the center and was promoted in an enhypen mv they definitely wanted her but the scandal blew up way too much so they had to chuck her
>>727038 >>727039 this is so strange to me because they literally did not need noise marketing for that group instead they made themselves as a company look incompetent and if they did throw a 16 year old under the bus then wow… i kinda hope the other young artists under the company realise they aren’t safe
(189.94 KB 1152x2048 FZz7k6xXwAAtyVo.jpg)
(232.51 KB 1152x2048 FZz7k6yXoAEvGYU.jpg)
>>727042 she wrote this back in april apparently but HYBE didnt let her release it. (2/3)
(82.60 KB 1152x2048 FZz7k6yWIAIvNka.jpg)
>>727042 >>727043 >>727044 hybe are sick for this
>>727042 this is the same information that hiv said back then i don't see how it changes anything
>>727046 might be more personal. i still see people believing the pann comments that she bullied a disabled person and threw a flower pot at someone. despite hybes statement
if all this is try why would hybe go through the effort of making all those fake posts saying what a good person she is when they could have just made real ones? somethings not adding up
>>727051 true* not try
>>727051 same i think the accusations were exaggerated but we still don’t have the full story
>>727051 where did they make fake posts
i hope the report garams family/friend posted will be translated since it looks like the full report
>>727068 on pann, there was that whole debacle where it was pretty much exposed a hybe employee was writing nice posts
>>727043 >i didn't realise the difference between majority and minority what does she mean by this?
>>727042 >>727043 >>727044 like what >>727046 said we knew this already. plus all she said was that she never physically attacked yoon eunseo, this doesn't necessarily make her innocent
>>727092 She is innocent tho. Her school reported no school violence & no school bullying. She got a level 5 because she cursed out Eun-soo via text messages, that is why Eun-soos law-firm threatened to release them. I think we'll just have to wait what her school report says once translated and the other evidence her friends and family gathered like the text messages between their classmates. >>727090 I think she means that she thought her fight with Eun-soo wasn't that serious.
>>727102 but why are knetz still hating on her despite her releasing all this paperwork?
>>727107 pannroasties are not all knets
>>727107 cause the document says that it was garam + 7 of garams friends that took eunseo to some nearby apartment and argued with her/some of garam's friends cursed at her for 3 hours.
>>727107 They're pissed specifically at what she said on her letter she said "I was just a normal student" and because of that they're bringing up her sex jokes & her cursing out Eun-soo. Idk what they're saying about her school report though, that hasn't been translated yet.
(18.45 KB 382x679 FZ0Vy-_WAAA0i67.jpg)
>>727118 samefag her friend is uploading more stuff on her instagram page, which Garams fans translated. After the whole debacle Eun-soo and Garam actually reconciled. https://twitter.com/fa5ma_/status/1557425028869890048?s=20&t=f_s61MJiMxJVi2FYqjkQ0Q
>>727122 here is the non-translated story link from yudumis (garams friend) ig page https://www.instagram.com/stories/y__urm/2901842241712934748/
>>727122 if they reconciled why would eun-soo go to the hassle of what she did
>>727107 knetz hate on anyway. they hated on tablo even thought the rumors against him were false
>>727124 they stopped being friends sometime after so i think.. jealousy?
kek that account is only following yunjin when sakura/chaewon/kazuha all have their own accounts too. wonder if yunjin backed garam or something
>>727126 the stuff that happened to tablo was easily the most craziest thing ive ever seen
>>727130 same. i would go insane if i was in his position and to find out it was a relative who did it
>>727122 pann-choa translated her transcript/school violence report https://www.pannchoa.com/2022/08/theqooinstiz-kim-garams-school-violence.html
(41.28 KB 639x487 1.JPG)
(71.61 KB 660x596 2.JPG)
(61.54 KB 646x573 3.JPG)
(66.50 KB 655x542 4.JPG)
(47.12 KB 641x498 5.JPG)
(48.46 KB 649x397 6.JPG)
(25.48 KB 650x254 7.JPG)
>>727138 final.
>>727139 well looks like knetz are holding on to the fact that she looked and talked like an iljin and drew genitals on the chalkboard. otherwise this is just a middle school fight, no one is innocent and yes is the one who started it basically
the kids are not alright
>>727140 >just a middle school fight i'd say it's a bit more serious than that but yeah nobody came out of this situation looking particularly great
>>727139 eunseo and her friends seem to be the main perpetrator that wouldnt let things go so i dont see how this makes them "both bad"
>>727143 as a middle school student you are obviously not supposed to swear at anyone
>>727143 if she apologized and transferred schools and then why are garam and co still harassing her?
>>727145 because she was spreading around rumors at her new school that she did nothing wrong and garam and her friends were the iljins. re-read the post
>>727145 she acted like she did nothing wrong
If Hybe had properly released this then the scandal would have been cleared. Hybe is really incompetent. Anyways do you think there is a chance Garam could return to Lesserafim?
people calling them both bullies kek are they saying all friends who fight each other are bullies
>>727149 no because that would involve hybe admitting they’re wrong which would never happen
>>727149 no. hybe probably had access those documents but still decided to kick her out anyways i can't imagine them bringing her back. hopefully she can try again at another company.
>>727150 the difference is garam wanted to be a celebrity and eunsoo as far as we know didn’t. there’s a different standard
>>727154 that’s what i think when the scandal broke or even before garam would’ve shown them that same document. they’ve obviously known about it
>>727154 I don't think another company might try to risk it by debuting Garam. It sucks that this misunderstanding ruined her chance to debut.
>>727149 >If Hybe had properly released this then the scandal would have been cleared clearly not since the documents have been released and knets are still out for blood. also drop the caps newfag
>>727157 idk there are so many desperate companies out there and she has a sizeable fanbase. even the members of april have all signed with new companies I think she could do it. it might not be an amazing company but
>>727157 maybe a smaller company. tbh it sucks for her though because with hybe she literally had guaranteed fame and success and wouldn’t even had to put that much work in since she was just there as the visual centre
>>727159 when have knets ever really admitted they were wrong about something? once they make their mind up they stick with it.
so garam had to leave yet a misogynist gets to stay in his group and enjoy the benefits of being a hybe idol
>>727157 she could join jaden jeong's geoup with the 24 members. one of the girls from busters is redebuting in that group
>>727163 hyunchin got to stay and received less shit for it. double standards
>>727163 sad as it is boy groups are a lot more fandom driven and can afford backlash from the general public because that's not their audience anyways. bg ifans enable shit like this too by never holding their idols accountable for being dickheads
>>727166 >bg ifans enable shit like this too by never holding their idols accountable for being dickheads you’re right the bighit boy already has diehard fans going hard for him. it’s embarrassing to see as a woman but what can you do
>>727166 gg fans are no better
>>727170 i can name multiple girlpops and ggs who have had their careers destroyed over alleged bullying scandals and i can't say the same for gaypops. even seungri still has pickme fangirls. gg fans aren't without faults but bg fans are often loyal to one idol or group and will excuse way more bullshit
i don’t buy garam’s explanation though i do think hybe did her dirty. it’s clear hybe were happy to spend a lot of money and time to try and save her until they probably released they couldn’t and dropped her mid investigations
>>727171 this. so many girlpops have gotten hated on for insignificant things (jihyo saying a feminist slang, wonyoung for being a pick me, ect) yet bgs can get away with a lot and don't receive that much backlash. but i guess that's just being a female celebrity in general especially in a misogynistic country like korea
isn't garam's expose not just a compilation of all the excuses she or hybe already said before?
>>727175 yes i’m pretty sure the only difference is that it’s coming from her directly
>>727175 yh but not only is it coming from her but it includes her school violence report. people waved off hivs statement and instead believed she was really some crazy girl bashing heads with flower pots...
>>727175 how about you read the case summary before commenting
>>727179 i just don’t get why hive couldn’t have published that statement. since it’s an official document it would’ve helped so much
>>727283 understandable. she isn't their artist anymore. do you guys think she has a chance in the industry again? i feel like her letter sorta implied she isnt coming back
>>727306 nta but i don't know why she would want to come back, no big company will sign her now and knets will never let this go. i can't imagine it's worth it for her to weather all that backlash again just to debut in a mid-tier group at best
>>727306 i would bet a million dollars she becomes a very popular influencer/streamer/reality tv personality in five years
>>727309 based on what exactly because she didn't seem like she had a particularly big or vibrant personality in the two weeks we knew her
garam got her karma alright. her life is fucked from the beginning. she probably won't be allowed to go back to entertainment industry in any way so what's left? going back to school. where she'll be an easy target. all left is homeschooling which is quite different from the glamorous idol life she got to live for like a month tops. her psychology will be fucked
>>727312 i think it's good that she's not in the group anymore but having gloating fantasies about her life being ruined is weird ngl
>>727311 have you seen popular influencers/streamers/reality tv personalities. also she clearly does have a "big" personality if she's going around swearing at people kek
>>727312 garam isn't getting homeschooled shes in sopa and she's clearly thickskinned and unafraid to stand up for her friends (kek) or herself. even someone as famous as soojin hasn't made a peep of noise after leaving cube and garam is openly posting on insta barely 1 month after leaving hybe even if she signed a non disclosure agreement (im 100% sure she did). someone as thickskinned as her may still plan to become an influencer, model, entertainer even if she gets hate comments
>>727312 why do you care so much what happens to her now she’s a commoner? she’s not in the industry anymore
>>727315 >someone as thickskinned as her may still plan to become an influencer, model, entertainer if she does i hope she gives out hair tips
>>727322 i hope new jeans give out hair tips too
>>727322 i honestly would follow her instantly
>>727329 nta but same kek.
>>727323 >>727322 they probably just wear bonded extensions like most girlpops do
(669.25 KB 1000x2166 1660246768-image.png)
>She wrote, "Hello Dae pyu nim (CEO >said in a cute way)!! How are you? >My parents said a package arrived >from Korea, and they said they got >it from you hehe. They were so >happy and surprised. I wanted to >share my grateful heart with you >for sending my family a gift!!" >Hanni continued to write, "Thank >you so much for taking care of my >family and sending them gifts even >though you are busy!!" >Min Hee Jin responded with two >emojis, a lady waving her hand and >a red heart. Then she asked, >"How's your condition?" Hanni >responded by saying, "*response to >emoticon: hehehe."
>>727529 this sounds like grooming ngl
>>727539 i'm assuming mhj posted this herself. it is a weird thing to brag about when you've been accused of being inappropriate with these girls. i don't even think mhj is a pedo or wants to bring harm to them or anything like that but this does not make her look better in my eyes
>>727540 i dont think shes a predator either but there is something twisted in the way shes conducting herself
>>727529 a ceo doing this makes me kinda think shes purchasing their favor so theyre less inclined to complain about anything in the future
>>727543 if her parents are rich then i wouldn't be worried but if they're poor then it's fucked up
i just wish this level of scrutiny would be directed towards the men in the industry who have similarly fucked power dynamics with their idols, and not with virtually the only female ceo, who has never had any complaints or rumours of actual improper behaviour in her well-documented career at sm the relationships are weird because that's what the industry is like, business relationships between boss and employer get mixed up with personal fondness and loyalty. she talked about getting to know the girls and their families in that interview, and because it was before the hate train began nobody thought it was weird at all. people thought it was natural that she'd be close to them. but things like loona's male ceo going on hiking trips with yeojin, or yena's male ceo putting her into private fanmeetings with rich fans, or nct dream's constant physical touchiness and closeness with the staff members who've been looking after them since they were little kids - all go mostly unremarked upon. because there isn't a recognisable figure to hate idk, i don't want to defend her because it's still fundamentally not a healthy dynamic with her having so much power over the girls. it's weird, of course it is, but seeing people make horrible insinuations so lightly is upsetting
>>727516 this, don't look to girlpops for hair inspo. most of their hair is not real. such is the way of female pop stars.
>>727564 we can criticize both retarda
>>727564 >yena's male ceo putting her into private fanmeetings EXCUSE ME? WHAT?
>>727586 sa are you talking about the rich fan who used his fathers connection to meet yena? that is sick. what i find so creepy about the kpop industry is how air tight it is, like people know hollywood is sick as fuck but the stuff that goes on in kpop barely gets out. anyways i agree with you.
>>727564 agreed, also reminds me of pooman getting karina's signature so he could get favor for some business related stuff
just saw something that i know was made by a 13 year old bp fan but it made me mad anyways. she put rosé before minnie and miyeon in vocals. that's how brainwashing this industry is. don't you register what you hear girl
>>727567 sure, you can, but it's only mhj who is getting every little thing picked apart in the most unkind way. because she's an easy target right now anyway i'm glad some nonas agree with me, i wasn't sure if i would make sense to anyone kek
>>727564 this behaviour is expected from men and isnt surprising in the least from any of them. its not as normalized when its coming from a woman which is why mhj is getting more scrutiny in the current moment.
kim lip leaving the stage during a concert because a few fans were chanting vivis name after vivi finished speaking is really obnoxious. fans paid to see her there and perform.
>>727650 can't let vivi have one thing damn
>>727650 that's not what happened kek. obnoxious male fans were chanting vivi when kim lip was trying to talk and then starting screaming so she couldn't do her speech. they were also being creepy towards the girls that's why she left the stage
>>727650 she has no manners
>>727564 a women could bulldoze a kindergarten and set a box of kittens on fire and you would find a way to justify it because men do bad things too. the sad thing is you think this makes you a feminist when in reality you're infantilizing grown adult women which is pretty misogynistic
(3.12 MB 674x1200 4hvLWuxV9TPkd5Jd.mp4)
>>727650 does this sound like a few fans? she left the stage after because she was crying
is kim lip popular
>>727654 sis those chants were clearly both genders
>>727658 why couldn’t she let them finish chanting and then say her piece though i am surprised vivi is that popular given she offers absolutely nothing to the group
>>727658 yeah you can clearly see her about to tear up seriously wtf, why? has she ever done anything that they did that to shut her up?
wait so this was in murica? so much for muh respect idols
>>727660 she's one of the most popular members >>727650 i don't think the vivi chants were some targeted push back against kim lip or something but i understand why she'd be upset about it. even ignoring the language barrier a lot of people would feel upset in her situation.
>>727668 yes nona they're on tour in burgerland. this happened in chicago
this has also been happening in other concerts, they don’t let the members speak because of the screams, also because the venues are tiny some people at the back couldn’t even tell what was happening and just heard people chanting and started doing it too without realizing lip was upset
i saw some loonafags on twitter excusing this by saying that they chanted after every members speech and just didn't notice that kim lip already started speaking but if you watch the clip you can clearly hear that it was quiet when she started talking, the audience definitely heard her because they even answered her (screaming yeah) and only then somebody started chanting and everybody joined in, meaning they clearly interrupted her on purpose the fandom is simply one of the worst, edgy twitter humor but irl...
>>727673 haseul had to step in and let the audience know that kim lip didnt feel well and would be missing the next few songs and asked them to cheer a little bit quieter because the girls couldnt hear themselves when they spoke. i know as a burger our concert etiquette is a little different but fans should be respectful since its a kpop concert
>>727656 damn you're projecting, i never said anything about feminism because who gives a fuck. i even referenced nct dream's female staff along with the two men. for equality it's about this absurd hate mob who are eschewing an actual conversation about issues in the industry for a gleeful pile-on of a recognisable face and vague, unsubstantiated 'the vibes are off! i sense bad stuff is happening!' gossip. like, there's been no criticism of the director of the creepy hurt mv, even though he's just as responsible as mhj. because nobody recognises his name and he's not the hot target right now. lesserafim was even worse with sexualising the young members, and their staff weren't targeted as individuals - except a minor backlash against a designer who had posted pictures of women in bondage, which was insanely tiny in comparison to the mhj criticism. anyone who even speculated about the lsf girls being preyed on was sent to /tin/, but it's open season here to talk about how newjeans are being groomed and are in danger i know i seem like i'm being defensive and bringing up other cases to deflect, but i just don't think these mhj criticisms are coming from the right place. it's serious stuff. people should be able to criticise her for having those photos in her house, and for her work with the group, without making it so sordid and personal and acting like she's done bad things in real life. people are treating her like they treated jimin or garam or soojin or irene when it was their turn as public enemy, except instead of accusing someone of being a bitch they're accusing them of pedophilia. if they actually believe those accusations, those aren't things you should treat the same
oh god that came out so long. i don't want to be this person who defends mhj but you force my hand
looks like male idols are the real creeps to worry about. >1. [+377] It was embarrassing watching their live the entire time. Even their real fans were like "you can stop now~", "please stop talking about New Jeans" while other fans were speaking up like "this is f*cked up, shut up already" and it was obvious that they were reading it all but kept bringing up the TikToks over and over and recounting the experience on repeat Ni-ki was even like "I'd like to record another one with New Jeans if there's time next time". They were totally acting like those ugly male students who get all excited when a pretty new girl transfers to their school and she's all they can talk about all day. If they're acting like this in front of their own fans, I can't imagine how much they're talking about New Jeans in their dorms... so obvious And what?? "We just want to help promote them"??? Your previous album didn't even make it into the charts while New Jeans is #1 right now on the digital charts, who's promoting who?? Please know your place...
>>727693 they always were
>>727693 yuck. who are they talking about >[+304] Reminds me of a certain hip hop has been who basically kept his eye on a female idol when she was a minor and started hitting on her the second she turned 20. Apparently they were introduced to each other through a male idol in the same company who's known to be a bit of a madame. Min Hee Jin, please protect New Jeans ㅠㅠ I already felt uncomfortable with the girls being exposed to all these different male and female idols under the guise of doing challenges together, and it grossed me out seeing some male idols get all red in the face, nostrils flaring, practically drooling at the chance of doing a Hybe challenge with them. You guys all know that there are a lot of men in their twenties lately advocating for 'loli' as a personal fetish? New Jeans is so pretty to even us so can you imagine how many ba$tards are keeping an eye on them too? We have to be more cautious and make sure that they're not going to become victims of grooming as minors. They have a member who just barely graduated elementary school. Just because they're all dolled up doesn't mean male idols in their twenties and thirties should be granted full access to them. I'm also reminded of a male idol in his twenties who's already dated three teen female singers.
>>727695 its about choiza
kek at enhypenfags now acting as if all their boys are also just harmless kids when they always used to claim they're all adults when somebody accused them of being pedonoonas
>>727697 nta but yuck even the mention of his name makes me want to vomit
>>727693 >Your previous album didn't even make it into the charts while New Jeans is #1 right now on the digital charts, who's promoting who?? Please know your place... kek
>>727695 they always say this shit but would rather die than fix the problem (underage idols being allowed to debut and partake in an inherently sexualized industry)
>>727701 who is they? are we not allowed to call out moid idols because we don't protest in korea?
>>727701 ya kpop fetishizes innocence so ofc many male idols will like even super young idols.
>>727702 they = south korean kpopfags
>>727690 >>727689 blah blah blah you support creeps because they're women
are enhypen much older than new jeans?
>>727705 nta but what? i mean maybe i read it wrong but they aren't really defending MHJ here. I feel like they're saying this obsession with youth is a root issue in K-POP that is pushed by multiple people in the industry and attacking *ONLY* MHJ doesn't address that fact at all. Though MHJ is the current target right now because K-POP stans are pretentious virtue signallers, they'll show disgust at NEWJEANS & minors debuting in K-POP but they're fine with IVE & Wonyoung. Holding the industry accountable would require actual work, such as boycotting it something K-POP stans will never do. They'll pop a few tweets & videos calling MHJ disgusting then go back to streaming & putting money into the same industry they claim to hate so much.
>>727712 the 7th member is 16, the rest are 18+ with the oldest members being 20.
>>727713 thank you, that's exactly what i was saying
>>727714 jungwon is 18
>>727698 no1currs go back to your containment thread
>>727714 i looked it up and the one who wouldn’t shut up about them was the 16 year old and the bullied kid was there too, still very stupid to talk about them for so long
>>727718 moatards are trying to be slick and bring their sperging from hybe to kpc, i saw them talking about it earlier on overboard don’t take the bait kek
>>727713 i also see a lot of people trying to use it as an excuse to attack the girls or bring up issues when it’s convenient which to me just shows they don’t care at all
>>727721 literally ain't seen anyone do that
>>727724 the last thread had people sperging about their looks and comparing them to hyuna/saying they were going to do sexy concepts when they got older
hybe is gonna dethrone sm as the most scandalous company with the shadiest people for sure. it's almost like someone from sm planned this. ofc sm is gonna keep doing small scandals for their own idols for attention, but they're promoting big serious scandals in hybe.
>>727726 someone also said they had blowup bj filler lips
>>727729 you can’t take one or two weird comments and use it to generalise everyone
>>727730 it wasn’t generalizing everyone hence the “a lot of people”
i cant ignore how obviously plastic the newjeans girls look, they all near look anything but asian and the scary thing is they look like this at debut when they're minors
>>727738 i don’t think that’s completely fair, majority of them do look asian especially minji and hanni
>>727739 to me they all look asian mixed with something, im glad korea likes them because i thought with their appearance and lack of trad korean visual in their group they'd get shat on for looking foreign
>>727741 koreans seem to really like minji’s visual, which is interesting to me because when the ptd music video came out i saw on kforums that like 90% of the comments were praising hanni’s visuals instead
4/5 newjeans look like regular koreans
>>727738 girl… i think that’s a you problem
hasn’t hanni been getting hate from koreans for being viet?
>>727738 obviously plastic is such a massive stretch especially when compared to other idola
>>727750 i think there’s been a little bit of it but actually a lot of them think she’s really pretty for a sea (which is so rude). i saw that danielle has the least fansites and some k fans weren’t cheering for her probably due to her being a hapa
>>727728 not everything is an sm conspiracy theory
>>727757 other companies sabotaging the competition isn't a conspiracy at all.
sm create all these conspiracies and topple companies from the shadows but they can't post a teaser on the right instagram account, smh
>>727759 well i never said every single employee at sm was a genius. but this company has the same guy that outran interpol and nothing is more ridiculous than that.
>>727759 >lets staff give you covid and posts rescheduled concert announcement before its even confirmed >doesnt reschedule concert after 8 months >still havent finished the album a month before their comeback >lets an artist be stuck in limbo between two countries >lets sasaengs run wild sm is so incompetent and dont protect their artists
>>727767 literally every company is incompetent if you rly think about it so this argument is dumb, you're gonna find flaws in every company because in the end they just do what benefits them not their artist
>>727654 making excuses is so classic for ggfans
>>727768 hybe gives botched surgery to their idols doesnt give them vocal lessons has horrible audio mixing and doesn't acknowledge controversies that taint their idols images
>>727677 you’re acting like this was some targeted thing against her kek relax. fans chanting and screaming is par for the course at concerts.
>>727770 most importantly, they ruined bts' chance of getting a grammy TWICE by putting them in pop duo/group instead of world music and introducing them with the worst English songs that don't even have a sound that's trendy in america.
>>727772 >introducing them with the worst English songs that don't even have a sound that's trendy in america that was way more on columbia though, to be fair
>>727728 isn’t that yg?
>>727768 i was just complaining about sm being filled with stubborn boomers and zoomer wagecucks who do not care enough to pay attention but most of the online shade is just boring fanwar shit not really a conspiracy
>>727728 i thought the shadiest company was yg. from their idols being involved in sex trafficking to drugs and gambling.
many knet comments about the kim lip incident are really brutal, i kinda thought they'd be more upset at the rude ifans, but it seems like korean loona fans really don't like her in general
>>727940 do loona fans in korea have a higher proportion of akgaes than normal? not familiar with what their fanbase is like in korea
>>727940 idk that it's a dislike of kim lip specifically. it seems more like an "idols need to put up with everything no matter how humiliating because it's their job" mentality behind most of those comments
from what i saw it seemed like there was already some frustration building with the audience talking over loona and for kim lip she got flustered in that moment which added more frustration, and that was the final straw
i've seen a lot of knetz be pretty cruel about the loona girls who aren't chuu (sometimes they include heejin as a good one as well), saying that they're all lazy, irrelevant and coasting off chuu's success those probably aren't the actual loona fanbase though, so not sure if they're the ones who were discussing kim lip
>>727950 i agree with them, everyone has to put up with being humiliation at the workplace for much less than these idols. it wasn't even that bad compared to say the incident where a male fan shouted out during a fansign that jihyo should be a weightlifter (in the early twice days where she was bigger than the others)
>>727952 for being really famous, gp opinion matters more than kfan opinions tbh. them not liking loona in general is probably why they have no hits.
poor girlie
>>727693 i looked this up and you’re quoting sojang who is notorious for lying about everything kek and on top of that the comments are saying >“mhj please protect newjeans” kekkkk the fucking irony over them being pissy that a 16 year old boy is talking about a tiktok with the girls and not even noticing the flaw in that statement
>>728025 why does it matter that it’s sojang who said it when the live actually happened and the comments are from people who aren’t sojang?
turns out i love cookie so i'm just gonna ignore everything that isn't music-related to new jeans
(2.68 MB 888x430 ZYzlQqOmiVxFUqYZ.mp4)
>>728030 this is the said live. whats the problem with this?
>>728030 because the comments are from old men and women projecting and saying shit like “min heejin protect the girls!1!1!1” when she’s the whole issue in the first place being ignored
>>727950 the comments that i saw were definitely shitting on her specifically, claiming she's always like that, useless, that she's jealous and so on
>>728052 mhj is one issue older moid idols creeping on rookie girlies the other
>>728060 >older moid idols creeping on rookie girlies this is a non issue though because the only example being given is a 16 year old rookie himself kek if anything netizens being mad about that is more indicative of an issue with the type of fanbase newjeans is attracting
>>728052 its being ignored because mhj put out that interview this week and many people agreed with her and took her side
the funny thing about sojang doing a video on enha talking about newjeans is that sojang is a txt stan and the ones who actually talked about newjeans excessively were txt who even reacted to their mv
>>728081 kinda unrelated but how do we know sojang is gasahara?
>>728089 ive seen a korean video on it. you can also tell by the fact that they havent done a single video on txt
>>728091 wasn't there one about beomgyu and a pretty fan?
>>728091 no you can tell because she doesn't do videos on soob. she hates the rest of txt especially beomgyu
>>727666 thats exactly it, all these twitter stans stan her for than exact reason and now their chronically online asses are out in the real world
>>728123 integrate
>>727658 im sorry but her behavior was pathetic
>>727540 she posted that to explain the nickname she was giving within the company which was hanni misspelling the word director everyone thought it was cute so they used it for her not everything is a conspiracy
>>727738 you're blind or delusional they look not plastic at all
>>728128 agreed. i dont feel that bad for her. if your skin is that thin, you shouldn't have this type of job. no one forced you to be an idol. and i actually like kim, but just being real.
>>727929 this lol noonas here are delusional yg threatened to murder someone they were also rumors of snuff films during bs scandel
>lol >noonas >scandel
>>728081 she hates txt and only has a love hate thing for soobin
>>728091 txt videos was how she started in youtube she made videos about beomgyu first
i really dont understand why kpop groups talk so much during concerts its annoying and kills the vibe
>>728137 gives them time to rest/prep stages between performances and it's a part of the kpop experience, obbars/unnirs being grateful, entertaining and talking to (You)
the entire loona burger tour has been a disaster. the kim lip thing, choerry almost passed out apparently, some fan in line went into labor, and some schizo was threatening to throw rocks at one of the members and also went there with covid i think
>>727929 yg makes sense because of his background before joining seo taiji and the boys. thugs do thug shit.
>>727950 inetz excuse everything and think it's wrong to demand idols do their jobs. knetz think idols should put up with abuse no matter what happens.
>>728150 apparently a rat had front row tickets too? https://twitter.com/jichuufilms/status/1558838274533507077
>>728164 not a linkboard
>The person that had their picture taken at the fan signing was found to have been a part of a New Jeans community that regularly comments s*xual harassment and also hangs out on boards that writes nasty things about Hyein, who's only in junior high school. It's disgusting. yikes
>>728176 some other comments also said that if you're a weird moidfan then pls at least don't go there i feel like nowadays kids are much more aware of this than kids 10 or 20 years ago, when this guy showed up they very likely understood what he does with their pics in private
>>728176 i'm sure if they researched the backgrounds of every scrote girlpop fan they'd find majority are like him
>>728176 how would you even know that about him
has anyone watched bling empire? i feel like it'd be a good move for some of the gyopo ex-kpop idols to go on there to try and expand out west. iirc mark from got7 wanted to live in LA for a bit? i could see someone like jay park making a cameo or smth
>>728178 >kids shaming old moids out of ggs this needs to happen more often
so someone from the group younite had a picture leaked where he was looking up at a sticker of chaeyoung but it clearly implies he’s looking up her skirt, the text also referred to a term used in japanese porn and this is what the company posted. surely they would be smart to at least post to say they’re looking into it first before immediately heading to sue people
this was the picture, i find it so gross knowing how many korean woman suffer from this
>>729212 >kimochi this is a complete red flag and certifies that a moid is an ilbe-bug. they fetishize japanese women and say shit like that all the time and call them sushi-girls on top of being horrible to korean women already.
>>729212 >>729213 there's always a reason nugus are nugu, so many instances of dudes with like 10 fans looking down on female stars
>>729213 infuriating and saddening. there are essays to be written on what facilitate this behavior (other than the obvious fact that the y chromosome is a defect).
>>729447 wrong thread
like i said before, 4th gen is a breeding ground for incels. now that kpop is getting global fame, it's attracting men who are desperate to get laid with "10s" or even positive female attention for the first time in their lives. there will be more incel scandals.
>>729471 yep, when you look at most of these male idols predebut pictures you can tell they were not getting any sort of attention or very little from the ladies around them
>>729471 that bighit guy is a perfect example of this. i saw his pre trainee pictures and it all made sense
>>729471 not a kpop group but i remember when 5sos did an interview a few years back after their nudes kept leaking from fan hookups and one of the members said that he had girls who would have never looked at him twice in high school suddenly throwing themselves at him. and for someone like lucas i imagine being around fans willing to spend so much money after growing up in poverty was probably mind blowing
>>729475 he wasn't ugly compared to other pre debut pic of male idols
>>729480 Harry styles said in an Interview "if he never were a singer or in 1d he is probably still a virgin"
>>729488 harry was actually cute before joining one direction kek
>>729485 yes but they are mostly all ugly and he’s one of the ones that has shown himself to be an incel
>>729491 i thought so too
>>729492 many pre debut kpop girls were also ugly compared to now
>>729494 why are you riding so hard for an incel
>>729495 every kpop boy is an incel but the girls are all angels every Fan
>>729496 this discussion started from a kpop boy taking a picture making it look like he was looking up a female colleagues skirt and you’re making this about girls vs boys. it’s a little weird
>>729499 no i don't i just said, i read what the boy did
>>729499 but it doesn't mean that every kpop boy is like this
why is this generation so woke? Jeez
>>729503 integrate
incel idol son or sasaeng idol daughter
>>729502 okay chan
>>729506 sasaeng daughter
>>729472 rhino...
>>729506 second one easily
>>729510 shut your mouth, he was a cute guy and an accomplished dancer
>>729506 incel idol son
>>729447 idols need to sing live more
they need to leave this girl alone and liz too, you can tell she’s lost weight from her previous pictures. also the way a comment said the group is chubbier when they literally all look healthy
>>729856 heol if she hung out with my family looking like this they would tell her she's wasting away
>>729857 an asian mom would absolutely tell her daughter she's too chubby if she looked like this. not saying it's right but that's just how it is
>>729857 kek fr
I just heard Atenttion song and it's pretty boring? I don't get the hype I guess
>>730047 its also a bland song to me. also you should take the capitalization off and integrate, newfriend
>>730047 yeah it’s so boring to me too i listened it to it once and that’s it. but i think it’s popular because people find it refreshing amongst other kpop songs where there’s a lot more going on
>>729856 what's crazy is she's not fat at all she's just not underweight
>>730067 yeah she isn’t extremely underweight like most other kpop girls but she’s probably much more mentally happier because of it i would like to hope at least before the hate she’s receiving. at least jyp don’t seem to have a problem with her weight
they are and look so young. this reminds of those crazy child idols you can find in japan. honestly so sad to see they are barely out of puberty
>>730128 only the turbo ana girlie looks like a highschooler, the other look like middle schoolers, specially right and left girls. they look 12/13
>>730128 you can tell hanni was selected for looking younger than she is. side note these girls cannot sing yet they’re getting praises from knets. if it was any other group they’d be getting criticised
>>730047 technically, attention isn't bland. it has some of the more unexpected creative production by kpop standards. i would say the singing is what makes it bland, but their concept is supposed to be relatable normies that blend into a friend group, so i guess that's the point.
>>730149 hanni is objectively the most talented member though. best stage presence, best dancer, and best singer, even if it isn’t much. the group is pulling a stayc that they sing live but the song is in their range so they can perform the songs decently live
>An idol trainee came forward with a series of texts from her agency CEO where trainees were demanded to provide full body, front and back pictures wearing only underwear every Tuesday. He also requested weekly measurements of waist and arms. When a trainee sent the same pictures two weeks in a row, the CEO would catch it immediately. "When I asked my aunt if this felt appropriate, she said that the situation felt weird so I stopped sending it. I'm always worried about where my pictures might be leaked or being used in." >The CEO countered that it was a method to shorten the period of preparing the girls for their debut and that there was no s*xual intention behind the requests. "I wanted to maximize their ability to lose or manage their weight in a short amount of time for their debut, and it's a method that I saw being used in the modeling industry." http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/08/idol-agency-ceo-under-investigation-for.html?m=1
>>730173 i mean she definetely is but overall the girls just aren’t giving much there’s no real talent there and i know kpop is about visuals these days but i feel like most groups have at least one member that does something really well in their groups ex. chaer in itzy
>>730073 it's actually really interesting he doesn't seem to have a problem with it (that we know of) considering how harshly he ran twice with their weight
>>730398 i think so too. i don’t know what he’s personally like with itzy but some of them have had really intense weight loss, could just be them doing it by their choice though
>>730409 its rough for girlpops in that even without company pressure theres the desire to be appealing for all cf opportunities which is basically modeling, and to look thin on cameras. some snsd members right now look noticeably healthier with their weight than others
>>730381 what's new. there needs to be a nation wide campaign to spread awareness on predatory behaviour
(367.88 KB 480x600 image.png)
I like this couple
>>730872 they're surprisingly well suited for each other
>>730872 i genuinely think they’re so cute
>>730872 he's more appropriate for her than gd at least. and kek spot the vape on the counter
>>730881 kek they really don't give a shit anymore
>>730872 normies be like "this doesnt prove anything" they absolutely want him to be a faggot
>>730872 isnt that enough for hybe or yg to put out a statement
>>730872 cute but im a bit embarrassed for her because when he ""accidentally"" followed her, he ran to weverse to and say'ig is scary' .... which is weird because he was very quick to make passive aggressive complaints on weverse when those rumours of him and that chaebols daughter started bubbling up.
>>730898 wait i forgot about that now i’m embarrassed for her too kek
i get his attraction to her but i don’t get her attraction to him at all. it seems like her type would be some rich worldly hollywood type that work as an exec
>>730901 what do you mean you get his attraction to her? personally i think she can do better kek
>>730901 >worldly have you seen her past bfs
>>730904 she supposedly dated that harry guy who used to hang with the kardashians so
>>730905 maybe our definitions of worldly are different
>>730903 sorry i think i got the wording confused kek, i get why he’s attracted her to but i don’t get why she’s attracted to him
>>730895 they already said they can't confirm or deny which basically means it's true no? they've denied rumors for less
>>730901 i actually think they're really similar in personality
(100.59 KB 720x900 Fa7b6-uVEAEzQoS.jpg)
>>730872 the same account posted a new photo of them.. ngl this looks edited
>>731315 admittedly this one does look a little weird but that is supposedly his house
>>731330 garam willed this
ive's new song just proves how most of 4th gen cant sing for shit, had this song been given to say red velvet it would have sounded better and not so boring like the final product
>>731360 they have a member that can sing but chose to not give her that many lines
>>731360 the song bangs
>>731315 it wouldn't be an authentic gaypop room without "art" leaning against the wall
>>731360 >had this song been given to say red velvet it would have sounded better and not so boring like the final product i still remember when they debuted everybody called them bland, boring, robotic, not like the previous sm groups lol we didn't appreciate what we got back then
>>731368 rich people are so shit at interior design. what a lifeless and depressing space
>>731370 well i understand because they did seem very robotic in happiness and be natural but by icc they seemed more charismatic in front of cameras
>>730901 her attraction to him is that he's super famous
>>731368 i truly don't understand the trend of placing art on the floor. i mean, you ain't renting it, feel free to make a hole in the freaking wall
>>731382 and vice versa
>>731372 *korean rich people
>>731426 nah moids are happy to date women who don't have equal status to them
>>731368 leave kai's massive couch alone!
>>731454 they’re equal status though
>>731454 idk he seems like the type to want to date equal status (now) or higher. probably comes from growing up poor and probably not taken seriously by a lot of people
>>731315 they're saying it's edited, and it does look like an edit but where are the original pics from then?
>>731608 ah, please, we've been through this "edited" bullshit road so many times before, the most recent notable one being chlamydia's.
korean incels are sooo mad at ggs being popular these days. top 10 spots were all female last week i think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=zHghQYqCpBk its the third time this year. first the tsuki mocking thing, bang chan getting a more popular gg bullied, now this. sadly, they'll keep hating on them in public, trying to embarrass them.
>>731634 >bang chan getting a more popular gg bullied i saw the video of him talking about the bowing (side note i truly think that man is an incel and is overcompensating) but which gg was it about?
There were comments saying it was lightsum. idk some of his monkey fans were dragging the girls.
>>731655 is lightsum really considered a more popular girl group? i remember some member of snsd complained about the same thing years ago and people were shitting on gfriend because of it.
>>731667 >is lightsum really considered a more popular girl group? not really tbhon. they could be considered nugu
>>731667 no they definetely aren’t
>>731668 nugu yet two lightsum singles charted way higher in korea than any skz singles ever did.
>>731673 okay…but what number did they chart at sis?
>>731674 oops i was looking at the wrong chart kek
>>731634 i think this situation was because one of the teams apparently choreographed the song and they were mocking them, mocking nj in the process but it was more about the dance teams
>>731681 blackq is one of nj's choreographer, and is on team eoddae. blackq and his team himself are obviously gay and flamboyant have been shat on by a lot of teams on the show for being showing it in their dance style so this was just another direct hit at him and the team
the latest incident in a list of JYPE sexualising/making their maknaes do inappropiate things, they chose 16 year old kyujin to cover moonbyul’s part of decalcomanie in a performance of it which is a song that’s literally about sex
>>730901 they match in looks, personality, behavior, dogs, hatred towards fans.
>>732986 >hatred towards fans. I understand Taehyung but why jennie?
>>732986 jennie has never shown hatred towards fans
>>733263 >>733267 she's rude to fans. ok only auti has the hatred but it's going to rub off.
>>733292 when and how?
>>733292 she doesn't hate fans she's just doesn't care about them at all, same with the rest of bp
>>733294 what did she do?
>Variety Magazine Accuses BLACKPINK Of Lip-Syncing During Their Performance At The 2022 VMAs, And Korean Netizens Are Not Having Any Of It finally something that isn't ass kissing pinky pink pink positive. oh and they were so obviously lipsyncing, we all know how they actually sound live without any filters and autotuned microphones and pre-recorded vocals. it's shit.
>>733294 how could anyone truly care for their fans though
>>733344 some idols do. not as individuals, but sheer gratitude. blackpink don't constantly do fan service, but saying they don't care about fans is wrong. jennie cried around fans at a concert. i've seen clips of lisa and rose doing this too. not sure about jisoo.
>>733346 i may be wrong as not a fan but i got the impression that jisoo made the most effort to communicate with fans during their hiatus whereas the others didn’t or as much
>>733343 i thought all kpopies lipsync
>kpopies jfc
>>733343 yh the performance was pretty shit, all that fog didnt help. it seems coachella remains their best performance kek
>>733292 she's not rude to them. she's always been nice during fansigns and other times when interacting with them.
(4.02 MB 576x1024 2RViNhGzu1qk3TB6.mp4)
this guy is so creepy
>>733364 i saw this so fucking creepy and someone left a comment on the video saying how sullyoon can’t date because she’s an idol and he said something along the lines of ‘we’ll find a way’. this man is disgusting but also what kind of event was that? it’s like they were parading the girls in front of vip guests or something
>>733360 expect some hair pulling in the future
are you guys gonna talk about the cookie translation thing?
>>733343 they weren’t lipsyncing, the backtrack was loud though
>>733471 if you're referring to that bullshit statement ador published then it's been discussed in both the newjeans and girlpop thread already
>>733364 she didn't give a fuck kek
>>724891 this is so fucking messed up…
>>733364 god i can’t even watch this vid without gagging. how old is she again?
>>730381 is that even legal???
>>729506 abortion. or putting the mf up for adoption.
>>735666 18 but a child in korea so it's still creepy to hit on a legal child that still hasn't officially grown up
>>733364 Scrotes are disgusting.
(160.65 KB 828x1792 20220913_090607.jpg)
>>735989 is this real? if so, this is insanely fucked up, i always got weird vibes from her father
>>735991 it is real and her father is so strange. i remember when he touched her butt when they were on this variety show
>>735992 thats so disgusting, i hope she can get away from him somehow. the best thing is to cut contact, i dont think somi would do that, she and her dad are so enmeshed, this is alarming
>>735994 me too, i feel like her father is going to push his younger daughter to become an idol too
>>735991 i get strong stage parent vibes from him
>>737078 straight garbo >>735989 she has mental issues honestly, from the moment she posted her weight on ig i figured there was something wrong with her. her stage dad must have fucked her up
>>737081 she’s clearly been conditioned to want to seek attention constantly and it doesn’t help that he said her younger sister was more talented than her. he also taught them both how to take pictures, it’s so weird
>>737081 i felt really sad when i saw her trying to convince her fans that she eats well by listing all the foods she ate
>>736001 have you seen what somis dad said about his younger daughter in this interview? >When he was asked about Evelyn, Matthew expressed that she was growing up to become even more talented than Somi, in that she was learning his teachings much faster than her. “If Somi’s talent rating is 5, then Evelyn’s is more than just a 10 or a 20. She’s almost 10 times more talented than Somi. These days I’ve been teaching how to take photos with Evelyn, but she picked it up much faster than Somi did.
>>737108 wtf is wrong with him
>>737108 bella vs gigi hadid all over again. i hope somi didnt let this eat her up inside.
>>737108 if he says this in public he must be awful to her behind the scenes
https://youtu.be/TSMtsam838c sojang did a video on ive sajaegi. sojang is not reliable, but the comments make a few good points. how does after like have more uls than rollin, next level and butter?
>>737255 nb translated some of the comments >1. [+233] Here's a list of everything that's suspicious about IVE's album sales: - If their first week sales of 920k copies is real, then there should've been a significant amount of pre-orders, but none have been reported ❌ - They sold 460k copies their first day, 420k copies the next four weekdays, (and 40k on the weekend). So they were selling 100k a day that week but there have been no real time updates on receipts or group orders ❌ - Somehow, even with these sales, they are not selling out or running out of inventory. Compared to New Jeans, who had 440k pre-orders and 320k first week sales, they were completely sold out offline - So right after selling 920k their first week, they still had enough inventory to sell on Shopping Live that second week - Hanteo/Gaon has them recording 1.1 million in sales in their fourth week, but they are still not out of inventory despite selling nearly 10-20k copies a day ❌ - Their Chinese group buy made up 1/3 of their first week sales (Aespa and New Jeans are 2/3) - Fans are claiming that 500k of the 600k sales are direct orders from Japan but BTS' Map of the Soul:7 (2020) album only sold 500k in direct orders to Japan. Even Twice's Yes or Yes (2018) album only sold 200k in the past three years there. Their digital sales make no sense as well: They lack even 1/100 of the hype that New Jeans songs have but are breaking records on the level of BTS' 'Dynamite', Twice's 'Cheer Up', Brave Girls' 'Rollin', and Black Pink's 'Ddududdudu'. What's even more suspicious is that Melon lost 1.2 million users since 'Dynamite' and 'Rollin' so how can a new song released today catch up to past numbers? BTS has also never been able to beat Im Young Woong on the holiday morning charts but IVE has managed to beat out the power of Im Young Woong's fandom to stay at #1 all this time.
>>737308 2. [+203] I'm a Black Pink fan but I could totally understand 'Attention' and 'Hype Boy' beating them out because it's a great summer song with a vibe that Koreans are really into.. but 'After Like', I really don't know ㅠㅠ I thought it was weird when I first heard it but I figured maybe I'm the odd one out since it's been at #1 this whole time.. ㅠㅠ 3. [+239] I thought it was weird because no one likes or listens to anything on Melon but somehow IVE is stuck up there at #1 beating out competitive names like Black Pink, New Jeans, and Zico. Thank you for this video ❤ 4. [+181] I think it's weird as well. Their numbers would make sense if they could prove it like other idols do through fan meets or concerts but they won't. I can get not being ready for a concert yet since they don't have enough songs but what about fan meets? They can totally do fan meets, why won't they; I hope they hurry up and have a fan meet in Korea or Japan and clear up any suspicions their antis have. If I were a fan and had achieved these stats, I'd be so proud and want their company to hurry up and open a fan meet to prove it's real. 5. [+154] Finally someone's pointing out that they managed to beat out Im Young Woong on the morning charts when no one even knows who they are..
>>737308 >>737309 damn nona you couldve just screenshotted and added a link
(5.77 MB 1272x720 Sm6IHfLh1mouU3ZR.mp4)
>It's a bit unfair. we're really tired. I don't want to be stressed about something like this, because I've seen members struggle because of criticism. It's really hard and requires our best efforts. Right now we don't have much time but good results must be shown. So I want the members to focus on what we're doing. >We don't have this problem in the group either. >If I gain weight, I'll eat salad while other members will eat whatever they want. That's how we've always been. We know we're being well taken care of by the company, but this is something we'll do on our own. a clip from the lesserafim documentary of sakura standing up for sserafim when one of the directors told them to all "manage themselves" better and lose more weight when all of the girls were practically underweight.
>>737439 this documentary just felt like hybe trying to promote their underdog story. they’ve been doing the exact same thing with their new boy group
>>737443 pretty much this
>>737443 hybe as shown before they dont care if they look bad
>>737482 they’re happy to look bad if it means fans connect with the idols and become overprotective of them/build that parasocial relationship with them
hybe has the perfect business model for kpop: make idols seem like struggling babies that need to be protected. don't train them well in singing so they never have skills to leave them company with. keep songs safe and catchy so they have more gp appeal and mask their lack of talent at the same time. and outrage marketing as a bonus. other companies will probably start copying.
>>737487 *the company
>>737487 yep you summed it up very well, they’re also churning out groups now it seems and casual fans like to hop from one group to the other so i’ll be interested to see how that goes for their ‘older’ groups like txt and enhypen in the next few years since the bighit/pledis/koz bg’s will be released 2023/24
>>737443 >they’ve been doing the exact same thing with their new boy group noticed this too a few of the scenes seemed the exact same as what they’ve said to trainee a
>>737483 funnily enough when i saw this scene in the documentary, the subs made it seem as if the girls were agreeing that they needed to diet harder until korean speakers called it out. hybe loves to soften the blow
>>737493 nta but i thought so too. i don’t even get why hybe needed to include that scene in there it was weird. what’s so fearless about having to diet because a group of men in your company are telling you to?
>>737439 fuck manager kim, always looked like a snake. he stayed and now is the head of managers. manager miri was the superior one
>>737544 sorry but who is manager kim?
>person leaking the jennie and v pictures leaked one of jennie in the bath tub this is getting really fucked up. it was a shoulders and up picture but i'm worried they'll go further with this
this is just getting worse and worse
another picture of her next to her group mate
not another "im so concerned for her the kpop industry is so evil" circle jerk kek >>737667 i feel bad for her but tbh in recent pics & videos it looks like she doesnt care that her shit is getting leaked? same with taehyung.
>>738362 nta but it does seem on the outside like she doesn’t care which could actually be the best approach to take. maybe she knows they don’t have anything explicit
>>738362 >in recent pics & videos it looks like she doesnt care that her shit is getting leaked what are you talking about? were we supposed to see her frowning and sobbing in all her pics now
>>738362 what circle jerk are you on about
>>738362 do you know you can at least have sympathy for another woman nona? it shouldn't have to be explained to you that often when people seem like they are happy or not being bothered by something, it could be a completely different story in private.
>>738363 >maybe she knows they don’t have anything explicit yeah true. >>738364 retard it's not outrageous to expect a woman who has been constantly slut-shamed & attacked for dating to show some sort of emotion after her actual icloud has been hacked with photos of her in a bathtub & photos of her with a moid that most misogynistic bg stans want to fuck being released. >>738365 stop acting purposely obtuse. every time someone posts a pic of her body itt it always leads to that type of discussion >>738371 huh? i literally said i do feel bad for her, she & taehyung just seem to give no fucks that their fans are pissed and are living their lives.
>>738372 samefag >every time someone posts a pic of her body itt it always leads to that type of discussion *in general. not itt. my bad.
>>738374 this is a place to discuss kpop idols tho
>>738372 ok and she’s obviously unhealthy and anachan dumbass. starship will not intervene and get her treatment because she’s their money maker; the only way they might consider it is if the fans boycotted and stuck to it. that’s never gonna happen. keep ignoring the elephant in the room and this girl could die, she is literally skin and bones to the point that the “chubby” member of the group that her fans sperg about actually looks more in place within the group than she does. she is skeletal.
>>738409 you're proving her point
>>738416 nta but how? the way i see it, she’s so famous in kpop and it’s clear her issue is more severe than other girlpops so it’s inevitable she’ll be discussed here. obviously people should keep it respectful as possible
>>738351 jesus
i do wish ive fans would start a boycott or at least threaten it with a heavy hand. even only for their business, starship is acting very shortsighted and reckless with their star idol
>>738448 it’s nice to think about but no kpop fans will ever do this. half of them are living vicariously through wonyoung and claiming that anyone who points out her weight is just jealous of her
>>738409 do you guys ever get tired? like ik this is a place to discuss kpop & how shitty the industry is but idk how many discussions of "omg shes so skinny!" must there be? regardless of whether or not you believe shes anorexic, the only person who can make her recover IS HERSELF. forced recovery does not work. its just a dead end imo.
>>738416 exactly kek >>738477 sa and im not 'ignoring the elephant in the room' ik shes skinny as fuck but many people with anorexia have said that all the nit picking towards their bodies just fuelled their EDs even more. You said yourself that k-pop fans will never boycott the group & I'm sure the k-pop industry will continue pumping out idols like her so what exactly does another "im so concerned the kpop industry/sse is so fucked" circle-jerk provide apart from what we already know?
>>738477 >>738478 she isn’t going to see this discussion on here is she
>>738481 ayrt thats obviously not my point but im sure u knew that
>>738477 keep thinking that, anachans never want to recover on their own. i was an anachan and the threats of being hospitalized with a feeding tube and forced dietician visits were enough to scare me into recovery. otherwise you just think everyone is trying to sabotage you bc they’re jealous and trying to fatten you up. if it’s up to anachans to recover they never will.
>>738478 it’s so obvious that the majority of disagreement on this is current anachans and ignorant people who have never had eating disorders versus people who know better (aka recovered anachans). im not even trying to nitpick her body, im concerned for all of the other things that anorexia affects like the reproductive system, the heart, and so on. i am telling you that she is dangerously underweight not because it looks bad but because it’s a danger to her life.
>>738485 >>738486 ayrt christ... i just find weight sperging repetitive kek
>>738487 so? a lot of kpop discussions are repetitive but only EDs get this reaction for some reason
>>738487 why not just filter words or hide posts. i also dislike the nitpicking about her weight that happened in the past that was just namecalling but being able to say starshit is an awful company is one of the reasons why kpc exists
>'180CM, 51KG' LEE SUNGJONG "SOY MILK + 3 ALMONDS FOR A FULL DINNER" >"I ate one egg today. I divided it into three and ate it three times." i swear by god, bitch was on shows 10 years ago and already bragging about muh 50kg at 180cm imagine you're a grownass nearly 30yo man and this is how you try to get attention and money... i don't care that he was in the industry too young, even female idols snap out of it once they reach their mid 20s, he's gonna be suju aged and still making ana his entire personality. he's the youngest in the group, so their fanbase now is very far from underage and therefore obviously don't want any of this shit.


no cookies?