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girlpop general #6 Anonymous 07/28/2022 (Thu) 07:14:11 No. 723183
good i hate blonks
still waiting for seulgis solo
>>723183 thank you for a good thread pic that i don't have to hide
>>723192 i did not get it, why did they made a face
>>723193 it's just a screencap from an mv don't overthink it
>>723210 sa I was talking about the bp previous one
>>723145 nona didnt specify. nct 127 used to have 10 members (1+2+7). so got7 and nct 127 still prove her wrong.
>>723193 because someone had stank breath
>nako hosting a rock band survival with rowoon the heightmogging will be lollllll they are 50cm apart
>>723260 nooo they really did her dirty
>>723260 kek true but i'm happy to see nako promote in korea again. i wonder how they'll get them in the same shot
>>723260 this is an awful combination
once again, taeyeon
>>723323 should have killed harry potter while she had the chance
>>723451 sure thing jessica
remember when umpah umpah won soty
>>723503 based fany
>>723323 once again, my wife
>>723503 gorgeous gorgeous fany fany tiffany
(232.33 KB 768x1024 20220717_084331.jpg)
>>723553 based gowonsis and aoasis
>>723535 our wife
updated 4th gen big 4 gg rank best vocals: aespa nmixx le sserafim new jeans itzy best performance: nmixx itzy le sserafim new jeans aespa best music: new jeans le sserafim aespa itzy nmixx
>>723614 vocals got us starving if aespa is genuinely the best, isnt nmixx any better?
>>723615 nmixx has 7 members vs aespa 4 so they have more competent singers. but winter and ning2 seem better than all of them so far.
does nujeans drop on digital platforms with the cookie music video or the physical release?
>>723617 it’s august 1 so it comes out before physicals
>>723614 aespa does have good vocalists but they have no energy when performing and are rarely in sync, ironically.
>>723618 interesting way to do things
>>723614 newjeans have three songs and have never performed live, please stop making these retarded rankings
>>723622 >newjeans have three songs that’s more than nmixx
>>723622 >they have songs ya that's why they go ranked. they have 3/3 good songs which is why they beat the others. and they have performed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=x8RIixqumUc
>>723624 *got ranked
kek did someone’s ban expire
>>723624 >they have performed that’s a fucking choreography video you absolute retard, that’s not a live performance
rarely do i not cringe at live performances
>>723614 go back to reddit or wherever you came from with this autistic shit
>>723627 i originally said just performance in my list, not live performance... >>723629 comparing people is not autistic
>>723630 no1curr go back
(192.07 KB 1536x2048 FX3NKB3XgAAyNTV.jpg)
loved this hair
>>723630 you might as well justify best the performance with tiktoks, go back to reddit if you have to be this autistic
>>723633 same, she owned that styling
starting to like jarjar more than ningers
>>723635 its called performance vid for a reason. the real said part is they are kids that didn't even debut yet and already beat aespa in performing. sad!
(265.18 KB 1536x2048 FYGuKFQXoAA7PLp.jpg)
>>723637 hope stylists do bangs occasionally again in the future if she gets a different hair color >>723638 2ning is very cute but karina's look and sharper features with the styling she gets are striking in aespa videos
>>723644 i sill find ning pretty neat but i personally think jar has good stage presence, her dance may be awkward sometimes but shes got it
kinda falling in love with boa
>>723690 why are you posting this shit in multiple threads
>>723690 nona we know how to navigate the site you dont have to post this twice
>>723690 spoiler at least
>>723647 i think she’s the best on stage too, i saw her saying she wants to do a concept like kissing you or rum pum pum pum she wants to be cute and girly sm please let her
the brave girls tour looked so fun i wish i could have gone REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>723676 based
>>723697 they have forever, dct, life’s too short also sooman is gonna die on the kwangya hill for title tracks
did they really take SNSD to kwangya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTBqfEMD2_w when will SM stop?!
>>723890 think you might have to get used to it as it is sms identity now
>>723890 >>723893 embarrassing, the accessories were also a bit cringe
>>723890 really hate them doing this. just seems incredibly creatively weak when you have multiple groups forcing the same concept. the costumes at the end looked kinda cheap in a spirit of halloween way too. hope it's a banger at least
>>723955 this song is cute and fun, i was surprised by how much hate it got
the kwangya stuff is camp and it's fun. unclench a bit nonas.
>>723969 it is none of those things just turn on the girls music video
>>723970 i enjoyed the girls mv, honestly
>>723971 sure you can but it’s none of those things
>>723969 if sm wants to run it with aespa, fine, but don't spread it across other groups
>>724005 word. i like the concept itself and even the ai thing but i just don't see the need for other groups to do it. it also sucks that this is their first cb in a long time and they're stuck doing this
if snsd didnt want to do kwangya shit they wouldnt be doing it. theyre not rookies with no agency theyre 15 years into their careers and theyve talked about how much of their own imput had gone into this comeback.
>>724005 >if sm wants to run it with aespa, fine, but don't spread it across other groups thats the whole point of the kwangya shit though. pee pooman has been wanting to create this SM Universe for years
>>724030 as of right now, all the smcu lore surrounds only aespa so if he wants it to be an smcu he needs other lore beyond them
>>723969 if they put more thought into it i think i would be ok with it, but they're literally retconning groups into Kwangya
blinknonas, the time has come https://youtu.be/nxs0RHpT_Hg
>>724126 i’m so happy
>>724071 >all the smcu lore surrounds only aespa no necssarily true, one of the smcu concert videos outlines the role of every group in kwangya
>>724071 90s love references kwangya
>>724146 same with don't fight the feeling and one of changmin's solo songs
https://youtu.be/jibz3MwJpj8 i wonder if this is just a random video
>>724152 it's for their comeback isn't it?
(99.03 KB 604x867 Capture.JPG)
>>723183 This went from 5k to 19k likes. But this is a photo of Garam in middle school, a korean fan translated the stuff written on her desk and they were calling her a retard, disabled bitch etc.. https://twitter.com/oncemimosa/status/1553349307138449410
(67.43 KB 480x708 FY6a9hDXwAE_mwY.jpg)
>>724166 samefag
>>723183 samefagging again sorry kek but there is a lot more evidence posted by @thegreatgaram & @oncemimosa especially under the hashtag 'justiceforgaram' on twitter. They know Garams friends IG and are getting it from her it seems. Garams friends and family gave HYBE a bunch of evidence to prove her innocence, but HYBE never used it. All the evidence is being posted on twitter by them now. I see another soojin situation here tbh.
>>724166 >>724167 >>724172 what’s the point of even posting this now though even if her name is cleared she’s still been kicked out
>>724176 Well they couldn't post it before because HYBE wouldn't let them and also her name+face was like everywhere during this scandal... it's better her name is cleared and that 'sociopathic bully' image is removed. I doubt they want her back into the group.
>>724181 samefag especially if shes no longer interested in the music industry & wants to go back to education and have a normal career.
>>724153 i don’t think so as it has nothing pertaining to after like i really enjoyed it though
(639.08 KB won.jpg)
ive released a summer film that totally overlaps with newjeans lol they are battling to be high teen queens https://youtu.be/jibz3MwJpj8 wonyoung looks cute with less makeup, shes like a female lai kuanlin it's spooky
>>724222 >ive released a summer film that totally overlaps with newjeans my thoughts exactly kek ive win for me so far wonyoung just has something about her aura
>>724222 sa in third and fourth pic she kinda reminds me of one of the new jeans girls
>>724222 IVE actually looks korean unlike newjeans
>>724226 and it doesn’t have weird pedo undertones
>>724226 the sea girl in new jeans looks more korean than she does sea
>>724228 i mean the videos, newjeans was filmed in spain and has western aesthetics hanni looks more korean than hyein and minji too lol
>>724229 my bad sorry misunderstood! but then i agree aesthetics wise
>>723183 looks like ex-aoa jimin is back in the industry. she'll be competing in a survival show where girlgroup rappers will sing to prove that 'rappers can actually sing' moonbyul, yubin, mimi, exy & moon sua will be in it. https://www.pannchoa.com/2022/08/theqoo-current-lineup-for-girl-groups.html
thoughts on the new jeans title track cookie?
>>724391 i love it then i hear something really suggestive and remember that there’s a 13 year old in the group and yeah..
(2.33 MB 4096x2731 FZFOZnbagAA5wuB.jpg)
can't wait for soshi album at the end of the week. i know sm song descriptions are bullshit but the bsides all sound like they're going to be so good.
(481.87 KB 1536x2048 20220801_002712.jpg)
>>724688 banger
sneakers is charting top 10 on all platforms. this is their biggest hit since dalla dalla. its proof that ggs can still land hits even after 2 flop years
>>724688 hnggg her thighs
>>724802 jyp has twice money to spare for his flops
>>724802 mild hit at best, the charts have been pretty dead since the april bloodbath
>>724802 mitm, itzy, and wannabe went top 10 so they never truly flopped, but sneakers is their first big grower hit and will probably won’t stop. chaeryoung getting that viral video did the trick.
>>724805 not really as pop and the wsg songs are right there and the august bloodbath is underway
>>724807 what viral video post it plz
>>724809 it’s her video with youngji https://youtu.be/co_pF1r9ohk you should watch it, it’s nice to see chaer like this
>>724808 >the august bloodbath is underway it's been august for barely 48 hours, chill
>>724802 why sneakers of all itzy songs
>>724816 they dieted like crazy and got some tweaks
>>724808 >>724808 >pop and the wsg songs are right there those aren’t the songs it’s competing with
icy is itzy's most underrated title
>>723183 can someone tell me why people think wonyoung is half taiwanese? where did that even come from? i see people even saying she’s actually fully taiwanese.. this is jun ji hyun all over again tbh
>>724854 wony's dad is half chinese iirc
>>724854 her dad is half chinese and was apart of the chinese-korean association in korea apparently
anticipating an overwhelming sense of “that’s it?” when my soshi album arrives and i have to remember that when they say “for the fans” it doesn’t actually mean shit
>>724857 >was apart of the chinese-korean association in korea apparently samefag this is rumored for her grandfather my mistake
>>724859 you can't be dissapointed if you have no expectations nona
(302.10 KB 1366x2048 smartphone 4.jpg)
in depth review of yena's sidetracks from smartphone >make you smile 8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxcwHvkrkcs you have to really like her voice to be able to stand it in a ballad imo. it's a very pretty song, it's sweet and has a good buildup. but it's almost a classic korean ballad. there are some differences that make it nicer imo. yena is not a vocal powerhouse and her voice is naturally scratchy, which makes it interesting. the melody is also quite nice with a beautiful upwards arpeggio throughout the song >with or without 5.6 ~ 9/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOQgm0lQGiY some parts of this song are so, so good. i love the post-chorus first verse's instrumental. i really the melody of the chorus, but i would love it without the high pitched voice creaking >lemon-aid 9.8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS_HWP5D8gA easily the best song on the album imo. the only downside is the talking-singing part >u 9/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEgz810Sg78 second best song on the album imo, it strangely sounds like a christmas song and a high school musical song mixed together
>>724854 she’s partially chinese, i saw that on her produce season her chinese name was originally used and shown and then changed to korean one
>>725309 i wonder which parts of withorwithout she composed! she said that it’s her favourite song and she got really into it when she performed, watching the vids made me like the song a lot more than just listening to it i wonder if she’ll ditch the rock thing entirely when it’s no longer the trend. it would be cool if she got into more legit complex rock ideas, like how some jpop girls will have straight up math rock guitars
>>725309 >her voice is naturally scratchy do you mean how her voice is kinda husky? i've never seen anyone call it scratchy before >i would love it without the high pitched voice creaking yes that and some parts of the backing track annoys me. i kinda hate whoever is doing the vocal directing because i don't feel that the smiley ep was as bad >>725312 her eps seem a bit formuliac with the songs and genres but i hope she keeps doing more rock inspired songs. kpop is a bit more restrained with the extent of rock so i don't expect anything more than pop rock with some pop punk influence but i would love something with dream pop/shoegaze influences
i knew there was a similarity
>>725489 eh, they're going for completely different vibes. not plagiarism
https://youtu.be/DAEK5GrLb_Y?t=83 love this choreo sequence so much, hyein is the weakest dancer but that’s to be expected the other 4 do it so well
>>725489 putting a picnic blanket on the ground and lying on it isn't something you can plagiarize, it's just a thing normal human people do during the summer so it's not surprising kpop groups mimic summer activities for their summer photoshoots. the only way there would be any substance to this is if ive had similar outfits and accessories, which they clearly don't.
>>725496 ia, plus in terms of recent girl group plagiarism controversies no one can beat aespa so if that can fade away then anything can
looks like danielle will be one of the more popular new jeans members visually. there are even comments calling her the prettiest mixed idol (ouch) and prettiest 4th gen idol
>>725524 her fancam views are one of the lowest, don’t get fooled by a pannchoa article
>>725524 it will be haerin
as much as i like hype boy i can’t find it in me to care or be curious about the members. they’re just random kids to me
>>725530 nah haerin is too introverted and autistic. it'll be minji and hyein
>>725493 don’t hear scrotes in the audience i hope it’s stays that way
>>725549 you did not just call a young teenager autistic
>>725549 she has such strong introverted, shy vibes it made me like her straight away
>>725562 same it's very endearing >my hobby is listening to music and my interest is finding music to listen to >>725561 go back
danielle is the most idol like to me so far out of the group. has she grown up in the ent industry or something? her personality reminds me of lily m but less jarring
>>725563 and that cute tiktok about her liking going for walks
>>725566 wow she is literally me
>>725564 she’s kinda ditzy and bubbly if you watch her face during their interview
>>725569 same, that's why i already love her
big 4 rank: vocals: aespa nmixx le sserafim new jeans itzy music: new jeans aespa le sserafim itzy nmixx performance: nmixx itzy le sserafim aespa new jeans
>>725577 agree with everything except lsfm would be 1st in music for me, their b sides are great i literally love blue flame
>>725577 you again. how can you rank a rookie group that only performed once?
>>725577 lsfm vocals are below new jeans
>>725582 have they even performed with live vocals?
>>725577 big 4 isn't a thing
>>725583 have lsfm?
>>725577 vocal ranking is based off of technique not enjoyability or vocal color i see
>>725585 word hybe is clearly outdoing all other companies rn
>>725586 yeah lsfm actually have
>>725577 no one cares fuck back off to reddit or wherever your underaged retard ass came from
>>725582 lol new jeans girls whisper sing. at least lsfm has some interesting vocal parts so far.
>>725580 you said that before they debuted, what's gonna be your excuse in their next cb? >>725592 *underage
>>725577 manifesting this poster falls into the anvil factory’s disposal bin
>>725577 tiktok ranking nona
>>725594 i'm not invested in fake lists by some nona as if anyone truly cares. but you do you.
>>725594 *go back
>>725489 gfriend doesn't own laying on a blanket in a field, but they did have a more down to earth vibe that fits the whole concept/idea better
new girl group debuting tonight nonas, let's give them lots of support https://youtu.be/VYzYAcBxHug
>>725622 >taeyeon in thumbnail AHHH!!!!! MUSEOWO
>>725614 ive's concept isn't being down to earth though. gfriend wouldn't fit ive's concept with the dramatized and idealised story of youth involving beautiful girls
>>725622 unnies look great and its a cute song. i just wish it was double release, would have loved another mv for one of the more mature sounding bsides
(672.41 KB 2048x1822 FZeiTPSWAAEOaxV.jpeg)
>SNSD ‘#FOREVER1’ — 10PM KST: >#3 Bugs (-1) >#12 FLO (=) >#16 Genie (+5) >#18 MelOn TOP 100 (+1) i hope it does well they said in the press conference that they might keep promoting as a group if the current promotions succeed
>>725812 when i thought i couldn't love yoona unnie any more than i already do, she got the most perfect styling now
>>725812 seohyun's knees are fucking terrifying
something about the mixing in forever 1's chorus really annoys me; i don't know enough about music to explain it, but it's like the vocals are slowly sinking into the wet cement of the instrumental rather than the vocals sitting atop the music
looks like yoona is the "thiccest" (and as a result youngest-looking) member now the others all overdid it, being skelly only works as a teen
>>725821 seo unnie is really thin now. she prioritized health the most in soshi so i just hope it's just her working hard for the dramas she's filming
>>725837 yoona looks the most fresh faced as well whereas some of the others are looking like they’ve overdone the fillers/ps
(819.89 KB 4096x2731 FZW4WkfakAAzjfc.jpg)
>>725812 they're doing so much more promo than i expected it's strange and also awesome to see so many new soshi group contents in 2022
>>725844 the only alien looking are taengoo and sunny the rest look great. hyo's glow up is incredible.
(289.39 KB 1152x2048 FZensjzUsAAQSfL.jpeg)
>>725870 i want to watch amazing saturday and kowing bros as soon as eng subs are available. the sneak peeks look so fun, they're amazing at variety
>>725870 they are doing more promo than rv kek
>>725898 i need yuri's dress it's gorgeous >>725902 they've gotta cram five years worth of group promo into one promo cycle kek
smartphone is such a copy+paste of smiley, i hate this song and wish they would have done something different. im not an izone fag but i watched some of their performances and yena has so much potential as a performer that i rlly want the best for her as a solo artist.
danielle from new jeans really looks like lia to me
>>725918 the songs don't even sound similar
>>725963 kek you're right danielle is like an upgraded version of lia
>>725963 they have the same smile
>>725967 lia has more of an elegant look to me whereas danielle is obviously still young
the new IVE single’s credits have me very interested
>>726407 ryan jhun and a norwegian grammy winning trio that have never worked on a kpop song before also rei is credited for the rap making
>>726427 kpop rapmaking is completely meaningless. that being said good on her for getting some royalties
>>726435 boring. but as long as the song slaps thats ok
the last time ryan jhun worked with europeans we got girls
>>726435 stylish. rei's hair color suits her really well
>>726435 their other concept photos were way better
>>726440 banger
>>726435 2010's vibe
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH79f8BohGI looks like everyone is doing y2k now
>>726455 twice unlike newjeans actually grew up in the 00s
>>726455 twice will sell their concept much better
>>726455 tired of y2k but theres a little fun humor in this at least
>>726455 the part of nayeon momo and chaeyoung dancing was very cute and very 80s/90s to me, idk who is handling the creative direction for this but they’re doing a good job. i don’t expect the actual song to embody this style tho, i mean it’s fucking twice and jyp kek
>>726493 nah she seems good at setting boundaries and outspoken
>>726495 wrong thread
>>726495 who is this about kek im curious
can't wait for nmixx to come back to show both the fetuses and hags how its done on stage.
>>726501 ning2
if i were jeongyeon i wouldn't stomach the fact that untalented members like sana and tzuyu gets the sing the chorus while i get sub vocalist parts.
>>726506 oh okay yeah i agree then. i like 2ning, even though karina and winter are clearly favoured by sm she always brings it in performances
>>726504 they need a good song tho, their debut was atrocious
>>726504 since when has that ever mattered
nmixx have to work hard as fuck to prove themselves on kpop because as a group none of them stand out their music sucks they all look alike only the girl with the hooked witch nose and the pancake faced filler freak girl look different
>>726524 sa but jinni is ok. she's pretty.
>>726524 >>726525 none of them are particularly pretty when you compare them to other girl groups except sullyoon but they are seriously talented
>>726527 i really want them to get a nice album so we can all move on from o.o then open our arms to nmixx and quietly reject newjeans
>>726524 debuting at the same time as wonyoung and hybe groups is insane they got no real chance
>>726529 since newjeans is charting well, that won’t happen anytime soon
>>726530 they would be doing so much better if they got decent songs and if jype had capitalised on sullyoon’s visual hype - there were so many posts about her before and now knets are focusing on kazuha, new jeans girls, aespa and obviously wonyoung
>>726534 sa jype needs to mediplay like hybe have been doing for kazuha’s hype
>>726536 jyp is against pushing 1 member of groups after what happened with miss a and suzy it seems
>>726521 during award show season. and o.o started climbing the charts when they performed it on shows.
i can already tell what the comments are gonna be
>>726541 i already said this with them vs ive they just look like average little girls and that's no longer enough with the current competition
>>726542 >them vs ive >they just look like average little girls are you talking about nmixx or nj i seriously cannot tell lolll
>>726555 nmixx nj are also tall and slim
nmixx just look like a bunch of nugus
>>726540 explain all the top groups never being good performers
>>726564 they have good songs. i never said having a good song doesn't matter. but performing helps. both things can be true.
>>726455 aespa impact
>>726573 kek no you made it out that everyone is cowering in fear over nmixx performance mogging them when performance is meaningless for girl groups
>>726541 can people stop comparing young girls? this is gonna cause them to develop issues and end up getting a ton of unnecessary surgery or becoming anachans. I know this is kpop but damn some people forget these girls are still kids
>>726576 they probably are cowering in fear tbh. they do pay close attention to how other groups perform and get intimidated. just look at how blackpink members reacted to gidle's performances and looked jealous. it'll get exposed during award season, trust me.
>>726578 >gidle's performances and looked jealous topkek
>>726578 stop baiting
>>726587 hulkek i'm pretty sure they just want to go home
>>726587 kek you need meds
>>726595 literally basic body language. rose did the classic pressed stressed hair flip at 0:25 and jisoo just looks like she's questioning her entire existence the whole time. if bp can be triggered over a much smaller group than nmixx will have similar reactions when the girlies have to sit right in front of them.
>>726598 projection innit
if bp felt so treathened by g idle then why the fuck are they so horrible in all categories ? because they know they're better off slacking off than killing themselves over a short span of fame like the g idle girls are. literally no reason to compare them when the bp girls only care about starving and posting slutty pics on ig
>>726615 sa but btw im sure no girlpop is scared of nmixx because they know nobody cares about the performance of a song. they care about visuals which is why you see so many botched 18 yr old girlies on kpop
>>726618 people do care tho. thats why pann posts about encores and live vocals go viral. thats why idols have to perform at end of year award shows.
(2.32 MB 720x480 Project-Ion.mp4)
>>726598 nona fancams are not a good indicator of anything. depending on the angles alone can make it seem like something happened when really nothing is going on at all. like tiffany "pushing" taeyeon
>>726629 nobody cares otherwise twice and bp wouldn’t have been the top groups
>>726633 twice and bp both had some decent performances. they didn't always suck
>>726629 if they do care then why the fuck can aespa be a top group ? how was rv a top group ? how is bp a top group ? the only time they care about performance is just to shame groups and shill nugus that overwork themselves, visuals will always matter more
>>726638 pretty much this, it’s charts/sales for groups that don’t have them
>>726629 they're not forced to perform at the gayos to show off their vocals what the fuck are you talking about
>>726556 nj aren’t all tall only the maknae and minji are tall. one of them is like 161cm
miss the good old elegant gidle everyone already forgot over this lesbian punk rock meme concept
does new jeans hitting #1 basically mean roty is a two horse race between them and ive now?
I hope NewJeans success on the charts won't bring back that outdated snoozefest type of r'n'b that was popular for some reason in the 2000s
i hope newjeans success will influence lots of girlpops to release pretty easy listening rnb
vast majority of kpop rnb has always been just plain boring, its something better left to other countries
>>726758 hybe is hybe and starship has kakao backing so it will be very close
>>726758 poor lesserafim they aren’t even in the conversation since nj debuted
i think new jeans might be the next bts. they are good self-inserts and have safe well-loved songs and virtue signalling. even with lack of talent/skill as kids, they got this.
>>726780 they sure as fuck aren’t the next blackpink none of those girls will ever have a big personal brand
>>726758 you’re being a prisoner of the moment. ive will have 1 billion or so more gaon digital points by the time award shows hit
>>726782 hybe are going to try and buy those awards regardless
>>726781 none of them actually stand out apart from danielle and that’s because she’s a hapa in a group of asians
>>726781 hybe wants their idols to be reliant on them with the “all or nothing” agenda they push so major individuality in their groups will never be a thing like it is with bp
>>726785 sa it’s sad how they changed hanni’s features to make her look more korean just like how lisa who is also sea doesn’t look thai anymore
>>726785 haerin seems to have been the one that’s become most popular >>726786 true, it’s weird that hyein was obviously the one being pushed but she seems to be the one that’s least popular
>>726787 lisa still looks like a thai, just a plastic one. and koreans dont even have those features naturally themselves.
>>726788 i’ve seen a lot of comments of people saying they feel weird being a fan of hyein. i thought she would be the one eventually pushed for modelling opportunities tho
>>726786 and its better off that way. solos in companies outside of sm only expose the mediocrity even more
>>726788 >hyein was obviously the one being pushed uh not really. she stood out in attention but hype boy was all about haerin.
>>726790 yeah her or danielle are the ones i see having more western opportunities later on haerin has more of that east asian appeal
knets always hype up girlpops from big companies when they debut the real test is to see if they’re mentioned in a year or if the hype is still there
i hope newjeans wins over ive. i like their dynamic better and they are actually rookies unlike 2 members in ive
>>726796 how can you judge their dynamic they’re still new
mma roty is going to ive (its presented by kakao who owns starship) and mama roty might go to newjeans. its not like digital points or votes matter, the presenters are free to choose
>>726798 they alr have content and lives out. seem much more natural with each other than ive imo
>>726782 criteria for awards shows dont mean anything or matter btw
>>726796 terrible putrid take
https://youtu.be/7wNEXWnXAd0 bvndit's venom is a banger. the mv is girl crush done right. the re-original ep has banger after banger and the b-sides keep growing on me. hwaiting bvndit girlies keep releasing cbs like this and find their nugudom niche.
>>726803 nta but how
>>726805 >caveman wants children to beat other children in popularity contest because they look like they get along better at work and have no previous job experience dumbass shit
>>726807 her second point is fair though wonyoung and yujin were part of one of the biggest girl groups it’s not exactly fair
>>726808 fair by what metric?
>>726808 not fair how? because they have fans? like newjeans procured with their predebut releases?
>>726809 i meant that they were always going to sell well. in the same way that lesserafim were always going to sell well because they have sakura and chaewon
>>726810 yes but new jeans gained those fans with the releases whereas ive and lesserafim were always going to be successful with former izone members. though you could say new jeans were too being from hybe and the mhj hype
https://twitter.com/wonyoungpics/status/1554482709195628545 https://twitter.com/wonyoungpics/status/1557000029847552000 why is her hair in front like that? i dont think that baby hair bc its too thick
>>726818 imageboard dumbass
>>726818 thinning hairline? reminds me of wendy. might end up with bangs or get implants
>>726818 maybe due to drastic weight loss? mine became similar when i lost a lot of weight when recovering from a surgery
>>726820 definitely, it didn't look like that a few months ago. the timing is bad because she is supposed to promote but bangs would suit her
don't indulge the linkposter
(17.52 KB 272x360 FZKIPCbUIAALTBY.jpg)
>>726823 indulge me instead
>>726824 wony for ants
>>726825 you get the idea
>>726824 shes gonna end up with a forehead like wendell
>replying to the scrote will you ever learn
>>726828 aigoo i forgot about it
>>726828 which???
>>726828 kek junior modding
>>726831 get out
report and move on
aigoo wony
>>726796 why are sm noonas like this
>>726808 kek retards say this shit then support a big 4 companies newest group
this place is worse that scrotekpg sometimes
i usually don't catch up with girlpops until they have ~2 years of content, at which i hope for a nice discography to dig through. that's the point at which i start paying attention to their personalities as well, so hopefully two years in the industry has baked them into decent entertainers.
russiansisters any good books to learn russian for the mentally challenged? aka easy to follow
>>726841 welp wrong thread my bad
>>726838 sa make that 3 to 4 years, having done the math on when i started paying attention to itzy (this year) and twice (circa fancy).
>>726837 what makes u say that
>all of these people wanting casual listening r&b in kpop now why even be into kpop if that’s what you want
>>726835 nta but why would sm nonas be rooting for mhj or hybe what is this narative
>>726854 smhags hate nshitty and aespa and newjeans represents what they wanted sm to do instead
>>726855 maybe salty exfx nonas but soshi and rv fans are not likely to move onto njs considering theyre still promoting
>>726854 smhags just stirring drama between two groups
>>726857 all companyfags do this not just sm so why do people think it's specifically smhags when companies with similar concept ggs have more to gain shitstiring. just wondering if there is actually any anecdotes to back this up because i keep hearing people say this
>>726853 literal kpop newfag. it wasn't always electronica inspired shit.
>>726859 nta do you think smhags get along? not just the girlpopfags, sm fandoms don't get along all the time and a lot of them have reason to hate sm as a company too. i'm confused by your confusion
>>726804 this just sounds like a zzz song sorry
>>726877 of course sm infights all the time but its disingenuous to default to smhags when njs shitstiring comes up the other big3 are also notorious for internet trolling and jyp actually has a group with conflicting concepts
>>726818 they might have cut her some baby hairs i saw some korean youtube influencers do that
>>726869 gen 1 was dogshit, seriously go listen to wpop if you want that type of sound
3rd gen kpop was the best. good variety of sounds, less nepo babies and attention whores, and many nugus actually had bops on par with big3.
>>726893 ntayrt you're right but it still didn't feel as blatant back then. but i was also a teen back then so could just be rose colored glasses
>>726856 not only that but their music is very different. i can't see nj releasing dumb dumb or genie
>>726883 gookland discovered baby hair styling a year ago
>>726896 nj has a pseudo r&b sound that made rv b-sides but with even better production. but they might not like the lack of maturity.
>>726890 wasn't talking about 1st gen......
>>726890 sa what kind of kpop do you like? because guaranteed the sound COMES FROM THE WEST
after listening to it more, i wish itzy released attention instead of newjeans. they could have pulled it off flawlessly, the “drop the question” girlie already sounds like ryujin, and it’d have been nice to hear that kind of sound from itzy instead of the usual shit and noise
>>726914 she’s having a breakthrough. buckle up for her next epiphany when she discovers KPOP is FAKE >>726890 >>726915 aigoo, no one mentioned 1st gen retardicus maximus. why does coming from the west make a difference? everything in kpop is inspired by something
im so mad snsd cancelled all music show performances, that was the one thing i was looking forward to. all the fancams etc. I'm assuming they're doing it because they would lose to 4th gen groups
giselle is suicidal.. she asked her 10 years into the future self "are you still alive? if so, good job" i mean girl...
when is nmixx coming back kek they are so uncool next to lsf, nj, ive its tragic, they are lucky they have jypfags
>>726961 moronica why would they even plan to perform on music shows in the first place if that was the case? it's just covid
>>726961 i thought they were rescheduling them for next week >I'm assuming they're doing it because they would lose to 4th gen idiota
>>726962 i really hope it was a mistranslation because it's crazy how nobody talked about it except for some tweets like "aww gigi" or the editor leaving it out .... she said in korean id like to know what a korean speaker thinks of it
>>726972 i don't think there could be any mistranslation for are you still alive like people could say she meant as in she didn't get into any accidents or caught illness and such but knowing how much hate she gets and how young she is, we're ready to understand it that way.. hope she didn't mean it like that
>>726961 hide your fake concern better unnie
>>726972 koreans really don’t care about giselle until ifans call her out for saying the n word or mocking desi actions and then they act like she’s their favourite
damn giselle can't do anything without some people reading into it. she's just being humorous
>>726991 because they hate ifans more than giselle
>>726966 you do know only 1 of them has covid, right? >>726988 >fake concern nta people can anticipate soshi performing kek, take your meds schizo
>>727008 the whole point of the comeback is snsd as a full group. if one of them isn't there there is no point in performing.
>>727054 the real copium here is that you think they're threatened by a bunch of 12 year olds.
>>726786 they don't seem to be doing that with lesserafim. like letting chaewon and kazuha go to that fashion event without the other members
is this hybe mediaplay
>>727558 could be but it also seems like knetz over hype every gg that debuts and then just drops them for the next thing that debuts. it wouldn't surprise me if they do this nj and drop them for the ygngg
>>727635 i wonder if ygngg will put out content and comebacks at a faster pace than bp did or if the bp method will simply work again even though the gg arena has changed now
>>727639 bp didn’t really have much competition once they started rising in popularity. i feel like it’s different now and 4th gen gg’s have to drop things to stay relevant
could it be a coincidence that former sm director min heejin made a 5 member gg debut on august 1, same debut date as rv
>>727687 i was wondering about this because wouldn't the big4 avoid debuting groups on the same day as other big4 groups?
>>727692 if two groups were debuting in the same year probably but red velvet and newjeans debuted 8 years apart so who cares
>>727644 it's not different. they'll get 1 bil views in a few months again. there's no ggs who can do the same. they individually don't deserve to be this iconic but they are. it's bad for them while touring and such though because they must be sick of performing the same songs over and over again as everyone else is. their stage is weak. but people buy into the cool mvs and studio effects so.
not much to see here. this confirms that vocally they're above itzy but below everyone else in the big4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=SVZhx-woT_g
(1.66 MB 360x640 videoplayback.mp4)
everyone needs to see this. fuck cube
>>727842 can you summarize in case there are people who can't watch the video?
>>727848 shuhua couldn't continue anymore and sat on the ground while performing my bag. we don't know the reason yet but yuqi escorted her out
(32.22 KB 334x500 youngcatherinezetajones.jpg)
i finally found who danielle reminded me of
gross poor girls
>>727911 ewwwwwwww ewww ew
>>727911 nj has mostly female fans, mostly female album buyers. im pretty sure most at that fansign were females. if it were full of males, there would have been a pic showing it. instead they decided to focus on the one guy there.
>>727914 funny because the person who posted the original picture of the guy was hounded by fans to take it down and has now deleted it, so i don’t think people would post it
>>727915 fair, but they have mostly female fans buying albums and only the album buyers were at the event. if the event was mostly male, then that'd mean the few male fans spend way more. it's possible.
>>727911 fucking nasty
>>727917 >the girlie that posted this said there were 6 scrotes out of 50 women but still... hul i guess it’s a little better but even so it’s fucking gross
>>727842 performing in Mexico City for foreign artists is always though, they always end up exhausted and dizzy
girlpops are always going to appeal to men and have male fans, no matter their concept. it isn't rocket science.
>>728001 thank you for your wisdom. is there any other hidden kpop knowledge you can share?
>>728002 so, why act like it's something even worth posting about that a nugu gg has male fans?
>>728003 how are new jeans nugu
>>728010 maybe she just badly misspelled their name
>>728048 nta but high elevation + heat
>>728067 oh that would do it
so tall and pretty
>>727639 hasn't yg always done that with every gg they've had
>>728149 i legit thought the blonde one was soyeon so i was like why didn't i recognize the other members? then i watched it again and saw the only ive member i know of. also i remembered soyeon's hair doesn't look like that anymore
>>729315 sa but why do i feel like i've heard of this before?
>>729316 nvm they sampled 'i will survive' makes sense.
>>729316 sounds like gloria gaynor was sampled
>>729315 hit after hit after hit I need the album already no more singles
>>729315 and here i thought disco and 70's styled kpop songs were on their way out.....
twice’s cheerleader effect wore off hard in the last few years only the pretty half look good in these comeback teasers
>>729602 dumbini
(21.70 KB 452x254 download.jpeg)
i think they're still doing the mix pop thing, but will be more sensible about it
>>730161 ENTWURF?
(946.61 KB 2000x2800 Fac2JvDUsAE7tRd.jpg)
>>730176 newfag
>>730181 i'll put it in the gg shitposting thread next time
>>730176 she looks so good
>>730183 no it's just very weird to talk about women like that what are you 13
>>730211 i agree tho she's beautiful but sometimes i forget she's korean kek
holy kek
>>730883 keep these screenshots to your group chats twittertard
>>730883 >>730890 kek nta but seriously though, the competition is so high. i thought it would be aespa that would replace blackpink but it seems ive is coming for that spot.
>>730892 doublepost is anyone keeping up with this group? apparently loonas ex-creative director is behind it.. theres like 24 girls in this group and only 7 have been revealed, this is the most recent one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdU7A0ZY0e0
favorite song off of miyeon's solo album? mine is rose but i love them all
>>730893 ive been watching their vlogs when i have the time. theyre actually getting a decent following now and the girls seem close with each other. some of the girls are former trainees or were on that my teenager girl show and the newest girl isnrumored to be related to bibi, her younger sister i think.
>>730890 shes not being inappropriate dont be aggro
>>730892 no one is replacing bp until they disband no one will get as much hype and views as them
>>730893 if jaden jeong is behind them then it means he'll invest about 2 years into them before dropping them.
babymonsters gonna debut in 5th gen at this rate
>>730931 daebak with a bit of luck teddy will have retired by then because he ran out of 2ne1 demos
>>730894 did anyone even listen to that
>>730933 he's not even 50 yet. i fear he'll be running yg for another good 20 years
>>730937 he's not so much running out of years as he's running out of ideas and material. his one new song a year output won't sustain more than two groups, and his little underlings r.tee and 24 seem to do nothing useful in the studio except being yes men and enabling teddy's laziness
>>730894 te amo
Does anyone else feel that Wonyoung looks different this comeback? She looks more normal and not ethereal-level pretty (still pretty af though). Is it just the change in makeup?
(66.12 KB 642x1058 unnamed.jpg)
>>731088 Here's Wonyoung in Love Dive era for a comparison
>>731088 idk but i know for a fact she won't look good in her late 20s - 30s since she's getting so much work done before she's even legal
>>731088 i might be wrong but it feels like she’s had too many fillers put in to her face with the way it looks
>>731093 i really pity her like genuinely
>>731088 pretty difficult to judge from a heavily photoshopped picture. also drop the caps newfag
(40.38 KB 640x960 FaER3c4UEAE79u0.jpeg)
i really miss her... it feels like she died or something
>>731095 me too she's off the rails it's just a matter of time when she will crash unless someone helps her.. but sadly it seems like no one in her life realizes she needs help
>>731099 she had a bullying scandal and got kicked out of her group, do you really expect her to continue being a celebrity
>>731101 she was a child if hyunchin can be forgiven why not this sistren, it eas stupid to say it wasnt real and she was going to go out if it was true but she did do so and we can forgive women
>>731088 styling, this is not very glittery and dainty but more bold and probably following the y2k trend or something, her features 'pop' less like this giving her a more natural, lowkey look
>>731097 kek sorry anon, I didn't know that spoiler works here
>>731101 irene is up and running isn't she
>>731101 also i don't get the logic that someone's career gets destroyed by something they can't change. its a mistake in her past, so what? its not like she committed an actual crime. she's so talented and all of her hard work going to waste because of a mistake she did as a child seems too cruel and just nonsense
>>731110 she barely does any individual work now
>>731111 kek are you forgetting that she said herself she'll leave the group if the rumors are proven true? dumbass should have just apologized and went on hiatus for a bit
>>731112 who cares, what she did is way worse than soojin because a) she did it as a 30 year old and b) there's actual evidence. if irene can survive in the industry so can soojin.
>>731099 her and chaewon look similar now
>>731111 well she has no fans so what's she gonna do? gidle fans clearly don't care about her anymore and no kpop company is going to pick her up because of her bad reputation. best to just live a normal life away from celebrityhood
>>731114 soojin decided to leave herself. she could have let the situation blow over but she didn't
>>731088 new makeup. their fans have been dragging their mua & stylist cos the looks have been shitty this comeback
she left and idle are doing even better now idk why she keeps being brought up
>>731113 i think she didn't even register or remembered what she did as bullying, as she said so confidently and publicly that she doesn't know the girl and that the girl would confirm that as well. that'd be insanely stupid to say to someone you know you bullied. that's why i don't think this could've gone any other way than it did. cube on the other hand didn't have to fire her. they could've waited it out and by the time tomboy era started no one would care
>>731116 >she has no fans so what's she gonna do? gidle fans clearly don't care about her anymore you can't be more wrong. everyday thousands of people comment on their videos, tweet that they want soojin back, they cheer her name at concerts, a friend of soojin's opened up a live and EVERYONE was asking about soojin. she still has a lot of fans
>>731120 still, gook culture is all about apologizing so she was still retarded for jumping the gun like that. she made herself look incredibly bad and even gave an ultimatum like what is wrong with you? why would you do that
>>731121 get a job soojin
>>731121 didn’t she & her family apparently move to another neighbourhood because they were getting threats? soojin isn’t coming back girl
>>731119 girl you don't get it because you're not an idle fan. she had such charisma and charm on stage, brought a different flavor to the group and she was just such a pro onstage. idle is more successful than they ever were before that's true but their choreo looks so weak and unimpressive now, her absence is truly noticeable to og fans
>>731123 i wish she could
>>731125 every idol gets those threats, someone who's actually gonna do something would never threaten you over the internet
>>731126 i don’t really think most people care about the flavour she brought to the group including the girls if they’re selling more than ever and making more back, getting more recognition
if soojin gave an apology she would still be on stage with dle. she's the dumb one who kept denying it to the victim's face, pissing her off even more. she brought it on herself and cube also handled it poorly.
>>731129 as i said og fans do care but even the new fans must've noticed how weak their choreos are. i watched a few clips from their concerts and they're out of sync and weak. no one comes even close to soojin's presence onstage. i don't agree that they're better without her, numbers aren't everything. bp gets more views than beyoncé or lady gaga, does that mean they're better?
>>731132 yes exactly this, she didn’t have the stack of evidence behind her like garam did so i think she could’ve stayed. cube was stupid for letting her release her own statement though
after like has really grown on me since the first listen. i wish they gave more liz more lines though i find her voice really nice to listen to, i don’t think they’ll be boycotted if they give wonyoung less lines for once
>>731135 that's another thing. how did hybe not know? or maybe they did and they thought they could keep it as a secret
>>731138 i thought we all agreed garam was a ritual sacrifice
>>731136 wonyoung is the harry of the group. even though there are better vocalists than her, she'll always get more because she's the face of the group. i don't even know any of the others' name so its their fault really. they're not as interesting as her
>>731138 there’s a range of theories people have come up with but i think they did know but just failed to make sure nobody would speak up about it. like i’m sure companies contact ex boyfriends/girlfriends of trainees who are about to debut to make sure they don’t reveal anything. once they realised it wouldn’t blow up, they used her as they realised the other girls could gain sympathy points and it worked because their fans increased once garam left and people felt ‘comfortable’ supporting lsfm
>>731139 sacrifice for clout?
>>731141 interesting how she’s a pretty face who does whatever the company tells her to do
>>731145 that's not it. some people just have that x factor that brings people in. some can't, even though they have all the opportunities in the world
>>731150 not to sperg about astrology but she's a virgo. some of the most famous celebrities in the world have that sign
>>730921 the only reason they get that hype and views is because they starve their fans
>>731221 it works for them but i don’t know if they can sustain that now. obviously their comeback didn’t do badly by any means but new jeans and ive have done better. maybe we’re now shifted to 4th gen
>>731088 she's starting to look more her age and not 12 imo
in terms of popularity ive is totally the new twice
>>731091 that picture is heavily edited. fansites go overboard with it
starship cut wonyo those baby hair type of bangs in hopes of creating a trend like jennie but it just looks bad
>>731273 >in hopes of creating a trend like jennie do you have evidence for these claims?
(135.05 KB 900x900 D-53x9uXkAIlcBR.jpg)
>>731273 well i hope it doesnt trend because it looks horrible >>731297 nta but jennie definitely has started a lot of trends in korea especially with her hairstyles for example that pin-set she wore during solo promo became trendy
i mean everyone would love to be jennie so its no wonder
>>731270 each twice member is famous whereas with ive we just know wonyoung as that pretty anachan girl who gets all the spotlight
>>731352 >using brand reputation as a source topkek
twice is more famous as a group. they have very little appeal as individuals, as a lot of their brand deals happen as a group. but tzuyu, nayeon, and sana dominated the handful of individual brand deals for a while. tzuyu had that scandal and sana's future is uncertain, so that only leaves nayeon as the only real beloved and famous member of twice for now.
finally listened to after like and i loved it
>>731356 >sana's future is uncertain elab
>>732065 she'll leave kpop behind and koreans will forget about her. she may be the most followed member, but i think it's partially because j-kpop idols get a lot of admiration in japan. even as a member of twice her solo schedule was a jband cover, so i doubt she will have any interest in catering to the korean gp when twice is over. she'll take her fame straight back to japan.
>>732102 who cares? there are many idols who go back to their home country because as a soloist korea have no reason to give a foreigner opportunities
(114.45 KB 554x1199 FbI-B5HUIAEwUGN.jpg)
>>723183 ador statement regarding cookie & newjeans concept (1/?)
(177.43 KB 828x1792 FbI-B5IVQAALdF-.jpg)
>>732122 (2/?)
(213.13 KB 828x1792 FbI-B5GUIAEOR5-.jpg)
(209.50 KB 828x1792 FbI-B5OVUAghkgm.jpg)
(220.79 KB 828x1792 FbI-CjbUIAACyVn.jpg)
(206.02 KB 828x1792 FbI-CkVVUAAuKiT.jpg)
(218.90 KB 828x1792 FbI-CjbVsAA8PEG.jpg)
(205.24 KB 828x1792 FbI-DKgUUAAxSrS.jpg)
(202.08 KB 828x1792 FbI-DJjUYAE156j.jpg)
(190.90 KB 828x1792 FbI-DJnUcAE6O7o.jpg)
>>732131 final
>>732122 >>732123 >>732124 >>732125 >>732126 >>732127 >>732128 >>732129 >>732130 >>732131 >>732132 jesus christ this was so self-indulgent and condescending that it just made me angrier than before tl;dr >we wanted cookie to be an innocent song because [convoluted explanation about how cookie was meant as the dessert of the album or something] >they contacted professors translators and native english and native speakers and all of them have said that cookie is not a common sexual slang word >some long semantics argument on how most words can be interpreted differently and they were shocked that the malicious and perverted fans would try to stir up unnecessary controversy >"ackshually the members aren't even that young anyway and it's not even like teenagers are unaware and unassertive so..." >something something we're heartbroken something something good intentions something something generic statement about being better so you can get off our backs now >no mention whatsoever of min hee-jin her dubious ephebophilia-lite interior design and photoshoot choices which is 80% of the reason this controversy even started i'm exhausted after reading all of this
>>732137 >all of them have said that cookie is not a common sexual slang word kek what nonsense, of course they wouldn’t if you paid them. i grew up in a very conservative family and environment and even then i knew cookie refers to something sexual
>>732137 thanks for the tldr, i didn't want to read all that shit >all of them have said that cookie is not a common sexual slang word tbf i've never heard that used as a sexual slang word ever but it doesn't really matter when the lyrics are so suggestive you can put 2 and 2 together
>>732139 >it doesn't really matter when the lyrics are so suggestive you can put 2 and 2 together right! the word cookie on it's own isn't even the problem when the whole song sounds like innuendo. it could've been literally any other food and it still would've sounded sexual. this whole thing was just deflection and unironic gaslighting
>>732140 nta but right…i really find it so jarring they’ve released this statement. they must think we are all so stupid
not one mention of mhj’s controversy and a whole essay wtf
>>723183 ngl I believe the statement. It lines up with what koreans have been saying for awhile now. this really could be down to cultural/language differences
>>732122 it really doesn't matter what they say, as long as mhj is involved i'm not supporting the group
>>732144 that's true but the way they're like you're all so silly and malicious for interpreting it that way~ ignoring that it wouldn't have been as big of an issue if mhj didn't have the history she has
>>732122 i still don’t buy their explanation
>>732144 >It lines up with what koreans have been saying for awhile now you mean cherrypicked pann users who are up hybe's ass? >this really could be down to cultural/language differences the statement clearly says the song was written by two fluent english speakers. so many people picked up on the dessert innuendo because the song is pretty much half english and ador is just backtracking now
>>732153 >you mean cherrypicked pann users who are up hybe's ass? no >the statement clearly says the song was written by two fluent english speakers. im talking about the sexual innuendo surrounding COOKIE specifically which is where most of the problems are coming from. throughout the music video photos of a cookie & cd are used. cookie = vagina doesnt really exist for koreans. To us cookie = vagina, so your view on the lyrics and its meaning looks completely different for them hence why I said its language/cultural differences.
>>732154 >im talking about the sexual innuendo surrounding COOKIE specifically me too illiteratesis >cookie = vagina doesnt really exist for koreans yes but it does for the two fluent english speaking writers who originally wrote the song. besides, even if you replaced the word cookie with any other dessert it would still be a suggestive song. don't be naive hivtard
hybe has the shitties pr i've seen in a while. they are so defensive while all it takes is to admit that they fucked up and promise to improve in the future. idk if it's noise marketing or they genuinely are so far up in their own asses.
>>732154 >cookie = vagina doesnt really exist for koreans it doesn't exist in english either, as >>732140 said it's more than just about the word "cookie" itself
>>732157 >it doesn't exist in english either nta but yes it does
>>732158 i'm a native english speaker and i've literally never heard it before and the ador statement seems to agree with me
>>732159 kek you are not representative for all english speakers
>>732160 and just because it has an urbandictionary entry doesn't mean it's common, well known or widely used
>>732159 the word "cookie" could have been replaced with literally anything else and the context would still remain the same
>>732156 >they genuinely are so far up in their own asses. this but also company stans will defend whatever they do
i beg you girls to please just use google for one moment in your silly lives
>>732155 >it does for the two fluent english speaking writers who originally wrote the song. you keep bringing up the english writers but I'm talking about cultural/language differences you autist. read what I said >To us cookie = vagina, so your view on the lyrics and its meaning looks completely different for them hence why I said its language/cultural differences. to THEM the koreans who overlooked the lyrics & planned the music video, cookie = baking a cd. so the lyrics wasn't that serious to them. >any other dessert it would still be a suggestive song. thats subjective. i think the song is a shitty pun
>>732164 yes and this doesn't mean it's common use today. either way it doesn't matter what food it is you could replace it with anything else and it would be suggestive because it's the lyrics themselves and not the choice of food
hiv pr team going strong itt
>(Keep) looking at my cookie >If you want it, you can get it, if you want it >Take it, don't break it, I wanna see you taste it how can anyone think these lines don’t sound sexual? even if korean fans don’t think so, these lines are in english and ifans would obviously listen to the song too
>>732169 that and the storyline of the first three songs are clearly about romance (as confirmed by the videos) but in the statement they suddenly pivot to it being some cryptic metaphor about the music and the fans which just makes them look more guilty
>>732170 even the vibe of the cookie music video is off.. nothing about it screams ‘baking cd’s for fans’ to me
>>732169 >>732168 ik some of you guys are twitterfags but this company stan accusations are corny. i dont 'stan' hybe. i just disagree with you >>732170 i thought the explanations for the other songs were pretentious but cookies = cds was present in the newjeans music video
>>732172 doublepost srry didnt mean to reply to you >>732169
god i can't get over the tone of her shit apology essay it's so condescending, it's like that one retard in an argument who keeps saying bullshit to get the last word. korea doesn't care about this pedo because she brings in foreign money and soft power
i don't even care about the double entendre for cookie but i'm mad that this bitch is just straight up bullshitting us and calling us retards for seeing obvious innuendos. fuck this bitch
some of you are being deliberately obtuse in order to defend newjeans/ador/hybe. get well soon. >koreans think its cute that doesnt invalidate the ifan interpretation and reaction to the song
>>732177 she made the girl scout comparison like you know what if a group of teens dressed as girl scouts and sang about eating their cookies and how their cookies aren't free and ooh don't you want to lookie at my cookie bet you want some then yes it would be extremely inappropriate
>>732178 she's using the well known hatred between gooks and i-roaches to make both sides look like idiots
>>732178 >koreans think its cute >that doesnt invalidate the ifan interpretation and reaction to the song so yall agree, this boils down to cultural/language differences. glad we're on equal footing.
exid cream is a song about comparing a boy to cream, where the cream represents that he is white i.e. innocent and sweet i.e. a gentleman
>>732190 sa as we all know, gooks do not make double entendres with food so any other meaning derived from the lyrics is false and western fags deviant influence
>>732190 >>732191 hey anon someone wrote gullible on the ceiling
>>732190 ya and bp’s ice cream is about them loving to eat ice cream
>>732192 actually this part is about playing ddr with the boy and getting very tired
this retardica maxima...
>>732193 that's a song in english made for an english speaking audience
>>732196 ㅋㅋㅋ as opposed to cookie which deliberately alienates all english speaking audiences by only being half in english
>>732197 no but don’t you know they’re not targeting an international audience? that must be why min heejin made all the girls learn english
>>732196 i remember hearing ice cream once at the dentist. its the only kpop song ive heard played in public after butter
i want a wpop artist like ariana to release a song that sounds innocent in english but has dirty korean lyrics
>>732199 same but dynamite as well
>>732198 they literally just debuted. their focus at the moment is korea, hence the no english subs on content and a pop up store for koreans only
>>732120 uh...the person who wanted me to elaborate cares? if you don't care, you don't have to respond.
>>732203 literally just saying anything atp >hence the no english subs on content it takes 10 seconds to see that all non-music content on their youtube channel except the newest video has sub >a pop up store for koreans only it's almost like it's a lot easier to set up a physical store in your own country
>>732206 i meant on release smarty pants. you are literally retarded if you think nj are marketed towards the west right now. there's no point in discussing this kek
still find it strange there’s a nj thread on here
(26.53 KB 480x83 7634623.png)
nation's girl group??? i...uh...
>>732212 same for ive thread too
>>732213 isn’t that title for snsd?
>>732213 well dont they have strong album sales & concerts? they'll be fine tbh
>>732216 still not nation's gg with soshi hags and nj fetuses brutally mogging them
>>732217 nta but i think anyone who stans those groups are underage
>>732220 nta but i think anyone who uses the word stan is underage
>>732220 also nta but i wouldn’t be so sure, there are adult women who live vicariously through these younger teenage girls
>>732219 they were never nation's girl group. it will take a while to have another ngg. twice doesn't make the cut because they have foreigners and forgettable title tracks. next ngg needs a lot of members, only koreans, a big budget, and really good producers.
twice seem really humble to me. i feel a bit bad that they're being called flops just because the public isn't interested in them anymore
>>732224 hmm looks like none of the newer groups have it then if you can only have koreans
>>732213 expected from a group that's becoming more fandom-based. they've released so much music since their debut that it's not hard to imagine why the gp might be burned out on hearing twice songs. at least the album sales are looking better than ever
>>732224 i agree but that never stopped onces from saying they were
>>732224 who cares if they have foreign members? they're still the nations gg
why are nonas acting like asians are innocent little babies who don't know what double entendres are, maybe the average person sure, but not mhj who's been in the industry for years with questionable work
>>732235 wasn’t she also responsible for yeri showing cleavage in a rv mv when she was just legal?
>>732235 no one is acting like that tho. "cookie" doesn't have the same double entendre in korea because it's not an english speaking country.
>>732240 YEP. sadly, if people didn't care then they won't care now. how long was that pedo pic even on her instagram? if it was there this whole time, no one will ever care.
>>732235 >double entendres they do exist in korea, kek i can think of many but cookie doesn't exist with that kind of meaning in korea. maybe that's why the bilingual korean lyricist didnt see a problem with her translation at all
i guess that shit statement was succesful in derailing at least one discussion by putting focus on just the word "cookie" when the entire song is suggestive
>>732262 this, mhj chose one issue where there's reasonable doubt, but put all the doubtful things together and it's a shitshow
>>732262 yes the statement was actually clever, now people won’t question the rest
>>732230 nations gg fucking up the charts at #78!
who even came up with the nations gg title for twice? wasnt it just onces and a bit of media play? why do people still even use that
theres a containment thread for chartshitting
>>732284 unclench girl it's like 3 posts
>>732283 newfriend they got that title because nations x was already a trendy term and they were indeed the biggest gg in terms of instant popularity and young people actually knowing their songs. they’re still big now with a legacy that doesn’t disappear just because of a shit release
>>732287 no i know its snsd title but i dont know why it suddenly switched to twice because people use korean articles as proof as if the reporters dont get paid by jyp
>>732291 no you were right, it's mediaplay
>>732287 scientist was a huge flop
i love scientist
>>732291 it's not sudden, people have been calling twice that since 2016
>>732282 wisky wisky wicki wicki
>>732215 yes but don't tell onces that
so many newfags in here...
>>732224 ngg was always jyp mediaplay, the average gook would never associate twice with it
>>732310 saying that makes you a newfag
what’s with this bunny, it was in after like too wasnt it
>>732339 illuminati conspiracy. they're brainwashing you into an ive stan with their bunny mkultra
>>732343 well it’s worked
>>732339 sussy picture
>>732339 it's moschino
crazy how the rookies this year have slaughtered the competition aespa who? blackpink who?
>>732382 integrate
>>732384 don’t seethe at me
>>732387 she's not "seething at you" moroni she's telling you to not let your newfaggotry and underagetardness show this clearly
>>732374 no wonder its so ugly
>>732388 still upset
(84.34 KB 900x600 FbR19q6WIAUm2PZ.jpg)
>>723183 BLACKPINK VMAS carpet
>>732606 why has rose gotten the most basic shit
>>732606 sorry but jennie looks best now that she's so skinny
the loona tour is such a sad mess
(98.80 KB 1024x766 FbR2205WIAAlHx9.jpeg)
>>732607 it's not that bad, it highlights her legs they all just always get their own styling, i think i dislike jisoos the most
are blinks gonna stream the title track as hard as they’ve streamed pink venom?
>>732615 idk ask the other twitterfags who care about chartshitting instead of the 3 blinks here
>>732616 why are you so uppity?
>>732617 integrate girlie we don't like twitterfags
>>732620 mental illness
>>732615 ask twitter
charts are a sore subject for all the hivehaters in this thread
>>732625 wait why?
charts are meaningless and shouldn't be taken seriously
>>732649 they're not meaningless
chartshitting constantly attracts the lowest type of posters possible for discussion
>>732668 word. if they used the chartshitting thread specifically created to contain their retardation this wouldn't be a problem.
>>732672 idc if someone uses charting history to talk about a gg's gp reception and direction with the gp in a general sense about their history, but if i want to see retards chronically chartshitting instead of talking about the girlpops, concepts, music, etc. id just go to mukpg
>>732674 it's a mistake to think anyone on ccc cares about what groups are popular with gookland's gp
>>732683 well a kpop group's popularity in korea determines how much content you're gonna get out of them. it's normal to care unless you want the group you like to flop and disband
>>732684 this is the furthest thing from the truth kek if that was the case a lot of popular groups should have disbanded by now because they don’t chart high in gookrea. it’s one music market that doesn’t even make up the main income for an artist which is why groups usually have to promote in japan to bolster sales
>>732685 i didn't say just charts, i said popularity in general. that could be album sales, concerts and variety/outside gigs too. a group could not chart very high, but still have a big fanbase in korea. name one kpop group that had no fans in korea that didn't flop.
>>732687 >popular with gooklands gp is different than not having a fanbase there. and even then it’s a moot point because most of the groups people chartfag about aren’t turbonugus on the brink of disbandment
these outfits are cute but they look like they're going to sing about putting their sneakers on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RnxKYdu85U
>>732606 lisa looks too anachan and her outfit is basic like her. jennie's fine but doesn't look stunning. jisoo and rosé look beautiful although jennie should call her bestie irene to yell at their stylist sometime
>>732687 >name one kpop group that had no fans in korea that didn't flop. skz
>>732754 lisa is the furthest thing from anachan kek
>>732609 bbc is crazy for doing this. the members are really dropping one after another
>>732613 i actually liked jisoo's dress the most
wildside should have been in a different language. its too good to just be a jap release
>>732790 my jaw dropped when i saw haseul performing in an arm cast... they put a bow on top as if it made it any better... that company is so shameless.
(978.03 KB 720x1280 KeVIhhbbm4BDCxH0.mp4)
>>732848 even yeojin fainted. at one point they had like only 5 members onstage
>>732840 i hate the chorus it gives me anxiety with its it’s weird harsh tone and alarm sound
>>732863 jesus, whats going with blockberry
>>732863 this is disturbing. i was wondering why “cancel the tour” was trending
>>732863 holy shit this is so disturbing. what a horrible company
>>732863 this is awful. some latam girlies were saying she probably had altitude sickness as well since loona had just arrived to mexico
>>732914 bbc is reckless fir not making sure they had time to adjust
(97.46 KB 675x900 FbadbgdXwAssfwN.jpg)
>>723183 idg why people get so upset when c-idols run back to china when their agency notices any signs of growing popularity. the c-pop idol industry isn't as developed in s.korea and c-idols earn way more money back at home & won't have to deal with s.koreas sinophobia. picrel is yiren from everglow
>>733057 okay?
>>733057 we know sis
>>733057 wow chinese styling is so much prettier. they still look like vampires, but it's less sterile and truly glamorous looking.
>>733242 in theory this should be cool but it's pretty mid
>>733242 hmm i’m not going to have great expectations for it. lily looks so cute here though
>>733057 good for her. she is so pretty, i don't usually like c styling cos they give every girlie a doritochin
>>733242 i just want the music to be good because it seems like they're all solid performers and they can all sing. someone can correct me if im wrong bcs i dont keep up with their content that much.
>>733242 the concept designer played too much dread hunger? kek
>>733262 no you’re right they’re the most talented jyp girl group imo there isn’t one untalented one in there
>>733435 yeah auti don't look shopped at all. btw what an unflattering picture kek
https://youtu.be/A0vgoyTmkgQ wonyoungs fancam is concerning im surprised not even knetz are talking about it
>>733469 despite being skinny wony has tons of energy and never slacks off on top of being quite muscular
so aespa is really not getting any more cbs this year? ngl it's kinda boring keeping up with them. they barely even release content
>>733472 wony said how she makes sure to keep track of her protein intake, soy milk as a health drink, and takes a german brand of vitamins and refered to it as her lifesaver. glad she makes some effort to keep healthy in some way but i wish starshit would do something :(
>>733472 >wony has tons of energy uppers doing their job >on top of being quite muscular that's probably more because of her extremely low body fat percentage than actually being in shape
wony has kept her weight for over a year now, its not she is losing more weight
>>733486 koreans are so obsessed with the most random european products. they'll immediately buy a spongebob hairbrush if they find out its from europe. lol
>>733512 they also buy fake harvard and yale shirts lmao
>lol >lmao
>>733512 this has nothing to do with euro obsession but with the fact that german and french products are simply the best quality. and they're affordable on top of it, i regularly see asian tourists buying entire shopping carts full of drugstore pills and ointments here
>>733532 >i regularly see asian tourists buying entire shopping carts full of drugstore pills and ointments here that's mostly chinese though since china has infamously shoddy manufacturing regulations
>>733532 >>733534 keep it on topic
>>733513 people from most countries do this
>>733486 >but i wish starshit would do something if they start promoting more in the west she might be told to gain weight. same thing happened to lisa when she was promoting money.
>>733549 i don’t even think that would work or help and if she did gain weight she would just lose it again. i remember the oh my girl member who left the group because of anorexia i hope she’s doing much better now
>>733548 i love this color of hair on idols
>>733550 >the oh my girl member who left the group because of anorexia jine? she's doing so much better these days and is kind of an mini influencer on instagram now. i know treatment for eating disorders isn't really huge in korea and the behaviors are quite normalized but i hope wony could get some treatment one day
i understand wony is skinny but it doesnt look like she is suffering. she is not losing more weight. she was always skinny, lost 5-10kg for ive debut and kept the same weight ever since
>>733589 women armchair diagnosing skinny women with anorexia just because they're skinny is nothing new. i can understand where the "concern" comes from though since this is an idol who works in the kpop industry that we're talking about.
>>733594 nta but that’s the thing, we’re more aware of the pressure she’s under being the ‘4th gen it girl’ and especially with new groups debuting too who are getting praised for how they look. i wish she could see that she can gain weight and she would still look great
>>733589 nta this is a little unrelated but did any nona notice how the izone girlies are thinner now? when they came back with panorama the girls had all noticeably lost weight and are still the same now
>>733626 yeah i wonder if their company had told them to or if it was a case of a few of them losing weight and then the rest of them feeling like they had to
>>733627 tbhon the staff restricted their food often but that could have also contributed on top of that and the stress of whole vote manipulation controversy at the time
>>733628 that vote manipulation thing was crazy tbh it was obvious who was safe and who could’ve been rigged. to be a fly on the wall when that happened i’m sure fingers were pointed
>>733548 the contour on her jaw is so ugly
is the lack of vocalists gonna catch up with ive like it did with twice or is everyone just giving them a pass
>>733636 giving them a pass because wony is in the group
ive neither have a jihyo nor a momo in the group, if they keep their songs within their vocal range they will be fine tho their encores are kind of jarring but not bad enough to go viral
https://youtu.be/t54Gss-3ToU they barely sing into the mics and the audience is loud enough to not hear the off-key notes. otherwise wouldve had its more & more moment
>>733639 i noticed a lot of groups these days are scared of encores (because they know they can’t sing) so they’ll do a little bit then they’ll do everything but sing
>>733635 i've noticed a lot of korean makeup artists don't seem to understand what to do with contouring. lesserafim's conour makeup also looked terrible
>>733660 they contour to make their faces look smaller. so they contour vertically instead of horizontally because it aligns with their beauty standards.
>>733639 this was soooo bad. wonyoung was actually the best and loudest and she's probably barely standing up straight at this point
>>733594 you're genuinely retarded if you don't think she has some sort of eating disorder
people talk a lot about wonyoung but danielle from new jeans is literally the same level of underweight
>>733847 well new jeans aren’t as popular as wony right now
>>733847 wony has longer proportions and is taller so her limbs stick out more
>>733847 so is rosé and hitomi even when she was in izone. fact is most fans would rather pretend everything is fine than actually talk about it
(521.09 KB 480x842 20220904_052606.jpg)
>>733594 >women armchair diagnosing skinny women with anorexia just because they're skinny girl... don't be obtuse
>>733871 nta yeah wony has always been skinny this is just unhealthy
>>733871 she looks really sick. it’s concerning.
she'll be fine. if yoona can gain weight then anyone can
>>733879 yoona is in her thirties now though
>>733882 she spent years being unhealthily thin and managed to pull through, i'm sure wonyoung will be the same
>>733871 this is actually crazy
(139.41 KB 1378x1169 20220903_213818.jpg)
>>733886 sa but her and yujin's arms compared
>>733884 while true yoona only became wony tier once in 2014 and she gained the weight back. wony has been like this for a while and she is young
>>733865 some of the former izone girls are so skinny it makes me so sad
the adults in wonyoungs life are literally failing her just to make a profit. and how does she even find the energy to perform? i wonder whether she takes something because there’s no way she’s consuming anywhere near enough calories daily
>>733871 you just proved my point
>>733896 sa this is the kpop industry we’re talking about, so i’m not denying weird relationships w food are pretty much normal. which is why I said I get why people are concerned, especially with the fucked diets celebs just casually recommend. But if you’re claiming someone is disordered and your only evidence is that she’s skinny.. I’m not going to agree, that’s all.
>>733893 caffeine exists
>>733898 sa but this choreo seems well-suited for someone with low energy https://youtu.be/2qsfNfyXFgk
>>733892 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l96MzpYh5KA i watched this video and it made me pretty sad
(32.98 KB 529x456 wonyoung.JPG)
>>733887 nta just curious but what are these weird red scratches on her arm? i absolutely wonder how she has energy to all of this idol life despite her alarming size that must come with severe malnutrition and lack of energy (or even will to live)? i also wonder how the girls in ive are affected by this or if there is pressure on them from starshipdue to wonyoungs severe thinness?
>>733926 looks like stretch marks to me
>>733926 >i also wonder how the girls in ive are affected by this or if there is pressure on them from starshipdue to wonyoungs severe thinness? it’s crazy because the other girls aren’t even big by any means but they look it when they stand to next to her. i think there’s probably pressure that feeds down from being in a group with someone like wonyoung. i also think it leads to comparisons like look at liz, she gained weight and got so much hate to the extent that she was the only one without her own photoshoot and now starshit is hiding her even though she’s main vocalist.
>>733927 it totally does? weird she was never big i have stretchmarks too from growing fast but they go horizontally because of the skin stretching in length not width
(2.66 MB 1920x1920 0904.jpg)
>>733929 nta it was mentioned in the ive thread but liz gets hated on hardcore by pannroasties and the korean anachan side of twitter. it usually is just small posts but they explode in interactions because people give the posts attention by replying to it. i went to pann just the other day and the op was showing concern for wony's health and the comments were saying it was better to look like wony instead of being like liz or being fat. cant imagine how weird or awkward it makes things especially if the members are aware of it.. liz also really doesnt seem to smile like she used to in photos and feels like she has faded into background even on variety shows ive watched with the girls in it
>>733927 >>733930 they look kind of raised. are stretchmarks normally raised?
(119.03 KB 828x1399 wonyoung 2.jpg)
its really concerning how shes literally withering away in realtime with (probably) no one batting an eye. i cant even imagine what kind of pressure she is under and how dark and severe her thoughts must be since shes obviously not well and has been steadily losing weight since 2-3 years. its kind of suprising she hasnt been pulled out of promotions or something since she must be in extreme pain due to her fragility and lack of energy. i am wondering how far starship will take it tho since this will definitely backfire in the future if taken too far.
(19.37 KB 320x384 IMG_1533.jpg)
>>733936 nta but i feel really bad for her
>>733932 they look like normal stretchmarks
>>733926 they look like raised scratches. why would a skinny person have stretch marks
>>733946 she has extremely long limbs it would be very natural for her to have stretch marks
>>733946 thin people can also have stretch marks. extremely common when youre tall and growing too
wony exercises quite a lot tho? she has muscles and seems strong
>>733979 she does pilates and even then those abs are mainly due to extremely low fat
What is your opinion on Nana from WooAh?
>>734051 i like her i think she deserves to be in a more popular group. what do you think of her?
>>734052 I think she shouldn't get as much participation in their music in order to give more creative space for Minseo and Lucy. Minseo imho has one of the best voices in 4th gen kpop.
>>733979 Those aren’t muscles from exercise, those are muscles that show when you have a very low body fat percentage. Everyone has muscles but we have fat covering them.
>>733931 i think she’s actually starving herself bc she seems like a natural apple shape. when she had weight on, her waist was actually quite wide. it also explains why her legs are so skinny, tiffany syndrome so sad bc she’s only so young
>>733931 its weird because her limbs are about the same, but the waist got so much smaller. she might have ed, but she definitely got something done to her waist to change fat distribution
>>733896 >>733897 unless you're anachan yourself this should be way beyond your definition of just skinny. if it's just rigid idol dieting then why is she so much smaller than the other ive members? stop being contrarian just for the sake of it and drop the caps too while you're at it
(319.10 KB 1440x1800 FYjR7o_XEAMV7rH.jpg)
>>733926 could be korean bcg vaccine scars (yujin has them too) that became stretch marks
>>733931 yeah i feel super bad for liz, everyone got magazine shoots this comeback except her and it’s obvious why they cut her lines so much she must feel so much pressure and i noticed her making herself fade into the background
>>734097 like other people said her limbs are that slim because she’s apple shaped and she’s tall as fuck. if she was 5’3/4 she wouldn’t stand out amongst her group
>>734224 sa apparently at a fansign she told a fan because of schedules & forgetfulness, she doesn’t eat. which isn’t surprising celebs have said before they work a lot and usually have an assistant reminding them to eat. maybe when she slows down from all those photo shoots she’s doing she’d gain weight, but i don’t see her ever returning to her izone days though. her losing that weight propelled her to higher heights. it was similar with somi as well.
>anachanism defense squad ay dios
>>733936 >i cant even imagine what kind of pressure she is under and how dark and severe her thoughts must be since shes obviously not well and has been steadily losing weight since 2-3 years. its kind of suprising she hasnt been pulled out of promotions or something since she must be in extreme pain due to her fragility and lack of energy rampant speculation
>>734226 wony always says its the first time shes eating that day yet always reminds dive to eat all the time and reccomends stuff on universe
>>734229 damn that’s a whole fanfic
i get the concern for her especially if it's a new person who feels like she has to comment on it but some of it is just like you want her to be suffering and take satisfaction from it
>>734243 fully agreed
>>734244 sa i think some want something bad to happen to her for the drama of it all
>>734243 you shouldve seen the last couple of threads it was worse before mods actually started coming itt to give warnings
>>734243 you see, i'm concerned about her. in fact, i may the most concerned person ever. here's my very unique perspective on it. i hope she gets help.
>>734247 on one hand i get it if it disgusts you a lot then it's not like you can say it on twitter or something, but it does get old very quickly kek
tbh i just hope wony gets the help she needs and we start to see her looking healthier sooner rather than later. and not just her all the other ones in the industry
>>734243 i 100% agree. some of the speculation here is a bit.. over the top.
>>734089 this is it 100%. i dont think she actually wants to be this skinny, but she has to be this skinny to keep her waist and face smaller
this is such a bad situation on so many levels because her current weight is the one that got her famous and the 4th gen it girl title. this is the face and body the public knows
>>734356 calm down redditor she won't fall off if she eats a burger
>>734356 wony has always been famous since her izone days for being beautiful and tall if she gains weight i think shell be fine
>>734356 you are being dumb as shit. she’s not going to be unrecognizable if she goes back to any of her previous weights
wony will be fine once she gains weight but lets not pretend liz isnt being bashed for gaining just 5kgs
liz’s weight gain, like most east asian girls, looks repulsive. big wide bellies kek waste of an idol imo. go on a diet
>>734368 so edgy
>>734368 you first
>>734368 is this a joke? bait? scrote? like what the hell
>giving it (You)s instead of just reporting /kpop/tards are truly the weakest link
>>734247 there were ed related warnings? i thought they only gave warnings for child related stuff
>>734388 read /site/ babe
>>734373 TEACHER!!! Teacher!!!!!!!!
(1.63 MB 1170x1521 image.png)
wtf kek
>>734715 why did jyp debut haewon tbh that group has enough singers
>>734715 are we supposed to care about their height
>>734715 woah haewon must be quite short then. nmixx aren’t a particularly tall group anyway so it doesn’t matter
>>734718 shes the second best singer in the group though
most of nmixx are so unfortunate looking
>>734728 it feels weird to have sullyoon in the group tbh
>>734715 i know its just a common thing in all industries i wish companies wouldnt lie about height. short girlpops like taengoo nade feel better about being short when most girls in my culture and family are tall. im sure its the same for some tall girlies too
>>734730 ignore the typos i'm phoneposting
love how yg doesnt even bother to hide the fact that blackpink is a money laundering front. i hope rosé doesnt resign bcs she seems to be the only one who still has some interest in music
nmixx are the most talented gg out of the bigger 4th gen ggs rn and actually have a desire to perform so i couldnt care less about their looks tbh
this is a tinfoil that ive been sitting on for a while but i wonder if wonyoung was affected/influenced by the weight losses and EDs within izone.
>>734744 besides hitomi who could she have been affected by? she was always one of the skinniest
>>734814 nta i think it may be a matter of enviroment than who is thinner than their other. seeing some of the stuff izone girlies would say about food or dietimg pretty showed what their situation was like. and when they did their eating trip show staff wouldnt even let them eat but take bites out of one piece of food they share
>>734821 and that i would agree with. the wording was just odd to me
>>734744 like other nonas said, wony just wants to lose her baby fat, get a small face and smaller waist
wonyoung is literally the best live singer in ive
>>734841 girl, at the dream concert she was the only one who did not bother to sing a single line
>>734842 yes but at their encores she is literally the only one who gets her lines right and at a decent volume. every single encore at least one of the girls hit a dud note and even yujin was weak
soojin released a statement but she decided to not go through with the lawsuit because both sides were lacking evidence. though they found that soojin was a victim of bullying from senior students. (1/)
>>735065 that wasnt supposed to be hidden oops
>>735065 so what does this mean? this was known by her fans but it's hard to change the gp and knetz' opinions
>kara comeback in november yasssssssss they have not one song that wasn't a total hit
>>737421 pandora? that song was shit on by koreans when it was released and it’s kind of forgotten


no cookies?