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Looking for Kpop and Hybe moderators CCC second annual survey now live!

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SMtown thread #2 Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 05:55:36 No. 718534
SMCU express edition
(1.47 MB 2675x4096 smtown.jpg)
ready for the smtown live next month
>>718535 this line up is pretty stacked. the only way it could be better is if exo and shinee were there as full groups
would anyone like it if i made an sm superstar thread?
hopefully sm is telling their idols to be careful so they don't have to cancel smtown too
if i were to watch some old smtown lives, which years would nonas recommend?
(514.94 KB 1458x2048 smtown_2022.png)
smtown live 2022 setlist spoilers. thoughts, nonas?
>>729239 glad yunho picked his best song. i wish minho would be there as well
what happened to j-min and traxx
>>729241 I see Minho on there performing heartbreak?
>>729340 omo thank you nona for pointing that out, i can't read kek. i was so sad i'm excited now
>>729250 >traxx it's ogre. ginjo is there though
>>729239 >party reeee we wanted a pre-2014 song
>>729343 this but you think
>>729239 there’s no way sm couldn’t force exo in the same room to practice for a performance it looks so bleak all the groups at the end but not them
>>729362 because exo is on a group hiatus
>>729239 would have likes more collab stages (endless variations on only one don't count)
major nitpick which is why we're all here but i hated the smtown ending tees this year. they should all be one color or at least lack contrast.
hyoyi enjoys being in soshi the most... she has strong company loyalty and believes in sm vs. taeyeon who sticks around because it's the smartest business decision
>>729840 i liked the 2018 ones better, they should always be white or pink imotbhfam
>>730178 how could you possibly know this
what do we think of smtown so far this year? gg's performance made me emotional
>>732610 it was so cool seeing snsd perform again. future smtowns should have less nct stages or they should just have smtown: nct, they were like half the show
>>730180 think of how hyo acted during sica's scandal. she clearly values company interest over self interest.
>>732610 enjoying it a lot
>>730178 tintard
>>732610 i love it when my nshitty husbandos interact with my exo/shinee husbandos. the actual performances were mostly good but i think they could've really done an obsession stage. i imagine exo themselves passed up the chance
>>732663 thats ancient history though
>>732670 egg probably couldnt be bothered
>>732676 okay then think of hyo dancing with lsm
>>732678 cult brainwashing
damn the lsm stage hug must have been awkward last night
>>732650 >it was so cool seeing snsd perform again. if by perform you mean barely mouthing the words
>>733152 note that i didn't say sing live?
>>732931 doubt it bcs she has said similar remarks before i believe but she stays. i wonder if irene will leave because SM has kept her in the dungeon for a long time now but she's been radio silent.
>>733260 if irene was going to leave she would have done so at the recent renewals
>>733272 what recent renewals? SM usually announces renewal outcomes. it's widely speculated rv are locked into a 10 year contract much like fx. nobody's leaving til at least 2024 unless they get kicked for some reason
>>733273 the last time they announced renewals was oh!gg several years ago and a few artists have obviously renewed since then
>>729840 sa just caught up on the tokyo concert and they were all wearing black YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS
>>733260 i think being in the dungeon was irene's decision. i'd actually be surprised if she doesn't renew with sm, unless she decides to just retire from the entertainment industry
how have aespa managed to become worse as performers
>>737930 they don't practice in their downtime, clearly


no cookies?