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(346.09 KB 1440x1800 FTRWMWlWIAAVNoh.jpg)
Plastic Surgery Thread #3 Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 05:23:32 No. 718523
/ourguy/ edition discuss PS and cosmetic procedures in kpop here
>>718523 oli we love you
(638.02 KB 900x500 no nose chop.png)
oli's favorite gaypop is natty
(179.84 KB 484x300 1.png)
Chan's profile went from mega chad to zeta
>>718630 is this filler?
>>718911 its possible he had some chin/jaw filler before and then stopped getting it refreshed at some point
>>718911 >>718913 he always had a strong jawline which made his charm but he smoothed mandibular angles + chin shaved which made his big ass nose stand out more even though he reduced it as well
>>718533 that nose ain't natty
>>718922 well he should put it back for his chin's sake
>>718933 maybe filler
(17.26 KB 554x554 images (19) (38).jpeg)
(27.93 KB 532x577 images (19) (41).jpeg)
>>718962 what's this? how could she make her face smaller
>>718963 are you asking what she mightve done to make her face smaller? the usual suspected things are buccal fat removal, masseter botox, and then bone shaving if theyre willing to get that invasive. and not every idol loses weight easily on their face but some seem to change noticeably, depending on how their weight changes
>>718967 whatever she did looks very good props to dr kim
>>718962 she was a literal child here. i know that 'losing baby fat' is a common excuse given to cover ps, but in this instance she indeed just lost the baby fat + has been constantly dieting
>>718975 come on that's obviously ps as well as weight loss
>>718963 possibly by growing up
this is the same procedure miyeon had on her nose
(29.03 KB 519x591 images (19) (4).jpeg)
>>718988 before
(462.78 KB 1500x1909 gi-dle-miyeon-07122021-1.jpg)
>>718989 after
>>718963 god she's so ugly, one of the biggest benefitters of twice's cheerleader effect
doubt dahyun did much, just weight loss and maybe jawslimming botox. many still find her fug like the above anon, shes the least popular because shes meh at everything and doesn't even try to look cool like chaeyoung, shes unbothered about fame i doubt she'd do ps
>>719161 wonder why she became an idol then if she’s unbothered about fame
>>719168 >wonder why someone became an X if she’s unbothered about X honey there are a ton of teachers, police, it consultants, nurses, doctors, chefs who aren't passionate about their job. dahyun gets clowned for it and doesn't bother, maybe her passion died as a trainee and she sees it as a job because she already trained for it and needs a job
>>718962 most likely got her eyelids done (monolid to eyefold) but that's not even considered surgery in korea tbh
>>718989 Miyeon was chubbier and cutier before, now she is overfilled
>>719140 how about you look in the mirror before commenting things like that
>>718962 >>718963 idk she looks mostly the same to me. i think just a nosejob and obvious weight loss
>>719221 calm down bean
>>719140 i strongly disagree, i think she’s gorgeous
(78.88 KB 212x221 toucan.png)
>gaypops go under the knife to get beak nose implants in korea >girlies in the west get their beak noses chopped off blows my mind
>>719168 it's the biggest misconception that idols don't really wanna be idols bc unlike being a teacher or a nurse, there's insane competition. and this girl here wasn't very talented at anything nor is she very beautiful. so how did she stand out and got chosen? mommy and daddy paid for it, if you ask me
korean members of twice look so underwhelming next to foreign ones
>>719273 right, like tzuyu and sana blow the rest out of the water for me when it comes to visuals
>>719272 nta but people keep saying she was chosen because of her variety skills but that’s such a cope to me. it’s ok to admit your fave is a filler
>>719275 she was chosen because she's a rap god
>>719274 tzuyu is a plane jane, id rather see my face
>>719275 there's nothing about her that stands out
itzy lia and aespa ningning both gave jennie's picture to dr kim
>>719275 if you watched sixteen she was chosen because she was a meme on the show
>>719296 lia its so weirdly looking, no wonder knetz call her mr bean
>>719297 she is not even close to ve funny, i knew her because one idol mention her as his crush
>>719298 i think lia is quite pretty
>>719272 nah she went viral for her "eagle dance".... the absolute state of gook humor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La_CzWUUnEo
>>719307 compared to the rest of itzy, yes
>>719318 nona c'mon, just look at stayc girls they are legends already
(4.76 MB dumbblonk.png)
>>719296 kek at blonks who think anybody in east asia wants to look like jennie, she gets called thai all the time and not in a complimentary way, jennie looks like poor rural farmers who toil under the sun. even if jens hailed as a sexy celeb (like hwasa and hyolyn, no korean wants to look like that irl), colorist east asians all want to be born fair with double eyelids like 2ning than tanned with small eyes. its colorist, lookist, terrible, but facts
>>719311 kek is this supposed to be someone who's not bothered by fame as opposed to desperate to be famous?
kid 2ning https://youtu.be/xDGWzG3Q89M think she got an alarplasty but shes the nattiest aespa, jennie is a yg type visual who won't get into sm. koreans get skin bleaching and double lids, jennie gets whitewashed
Unless the trend suddenly changed from v-line to pillow face, no east asian except you wants to look like nignig, ccpfag.
>>719329 ot but eagle dances are common in evangelical charismatic churches in my country doubt she was doing it for fame. dahyun attending charismatic korean churches is more worrying than her wanting to be an idol or not. shes just an unexceptional idol who got picked to debut in jyp (isnt park jinyoung into christian cults) because jyp liked her good christian girl image maybe, she'd never debut in sm yg or even hybe. maybe jyp trainees who are christian get favoured
>>719307 bad taste
>maybe jyp trainees who are christian get favoured clearly
>>719356 we are talking about natural godgiven features not jaw shaves idiota, everyone wants double eyelids and fair skin in east asia its not a 2ning thing. jennie doesnt even have a vline face herself why are you shitting on 2nings natural jaw do you want her to get a plastic gangnam vline
>>719363 kek exactly, once i saw dahyun doing that eagle dance (my catholic deacon once clowned it as a ritual dance) i instantly knew why jyp debuted her over other trainees on sixteen. skills meh, looks meh, but park jinyoung likes christians
>>719368 isn’t he part of a christian cult (?) himself i remember seeing something about that
(297.62 KB 1918x1080 Screenshot_20220719_185609.jpg)
people don't see shuhua's beauty right away, but she always stands out next to others. even more so without make up
>>719368 so that's why half of skz kiddos are catholics
>>719384 i really wonder what's in the mind of these few idols that don't do surgery (or at least very few) because you can be sure they were offered do things at one point personal beliefs ? family pressure ? or maybe just fear of dr.kim ?
>>719417 are you a gangnam unnie? why would anyone want ps if they got chosen to debut and was designated as a visual like shuhua, theyll need maintenance ps and look old and uncanny by 25
>>719417 hendery from wayv for example has an ambiguous look a lot of idols try to replicate, so it make sense for him to not get any procedures done. on the other hand i love that hoshi and wonwoo from seventeen refused to get their eyes done, it really makes them stand out. they’ve obviously had other work done but i’m glad they were firm on that.
>>719415 heol wonder if kpop trainees know they can game the system to debut in jyp by auditioning with hillsongs, wearing a cross, and praying fervently whenever jyp is nearby
super ot but i bet got7 wasn't very christian given they have a pussywaller, a thai who is likely buddhist, and jackson ccpatheistfag
>>719274 yeah but she fills a niche just look at that one actor who said she's his bias also euro moids love the "oriental" look
>>719417 i think they just don't have low self-esteem? like fatbin and seungmin could easily have gotten some work done but they remain natty as far as i know (besides braces) their focus is on their role as a rapper or vocal so they don't need to worry about being a visual - and some girlies are into their looks anyways
>>719469 or, they looked at yuta and decided 'fuck no'.
>>719423 what are you making up ? there are so many examples of idols that were good looking and got botched for no reason and the fact you where chosen as visual doesn't change anything >>719469 that's what i was thinking, i guess some idols are more confident than others. however fatbin is far from natty he is among the people that got most work done in skz, it's not only about him bulking up like a chad
>he had that turbo squared chin and protruding ears
>>719472 >i really wonder what's in the mind of these few idols that don't do surgery maybe just maybe >there are so many examples of idols that were good looking and got botched for no reason are you retarded kek are you seriously asking why already pretty idols like shuhua or tzuyu don't botch themselves. maybe just maybe they dont want to botch themselves? omo what a revelation
>>719475 is that picture even real? left one
>>719470 yuta is the epithome of bad chin surgery in kpop ever
>>719475 how do you completely reshape your nose and jaw/chin and still end up uggo
(219.47 KB 1500x993 itzy-lia.jpg)
>>719417 how do you know it's not the company that just thought they didnt need it so never asked them to get anything done
>>719484 poor uggo/ rich uggo thats the difference
>>719485 should’ve posted yeji if you want to talk about botched ps
>>719496 omo she's worse?i think she just had a nose job
>>719485 i don't really see this as an example for ps, there's another thread if you just think she's uggo
(51.37 KB 681x681 EsGNdN2XYAAXAdH.jpeg)
>>719476 someone said the other day that every skinny woman on the street has a jawline like shuhua's and im like ?? why are these idols getting half of their freaking jaw shaven or regularly get fillers for it then? kek
>>719553 is this picture recent? bc she gained weight and she was round as a grape
(162.75 KB 813x1080 Screenshot_20220701_023730.jpg)
>>719678 this is recent kek her facial fat isn't too much its just enough to make her look youthful and cute
>>719707 she looks just as great if not cuter like this tbqh
>>719475 they lopped off his chin and gave it to hyunchin
>>719710 Hyunchin: *wakes up* wait, where's changbin? Dr. Kim: who do you think donated you the chin?
>>719475 nah that jutter still jutting it's just swaddled in fat now only thing that fatbin ever got done was get fat
(482.62 KB 1638x2048 IMG_5354.JPG)
the one on the left is natty the one on the right is not
>>719743 they both look like goblins but hyunchin is more tragic
>>719475 his before chin looks to weird to be natty tbh
(136.61 KB 1080x1080 EegPt3lU0AA6se7.jpg)
>>719770 i think what makes it look weirder is that he was quite low weight in the left picture, compared to other times. and losing face width makes the length appear longer
>>719738 but he isn't fat though ? he just gained muscle he is killing himself at the gym apparently
(75.42 KB 313x410 FZEF.jpg)
>>719775 + he gets fillers in the face, he looked bloated as hell at 2020 AAA
>>719777 oh wow i don’t know why these idols are overfilling their faces like this
>>719768 its concert lighting
stop posting changbins hyunjin peelixs ugly mugs im so turned off by skz already
>>719782 its some autista thats obsessed with them lately
>>719548 look at all her procedures
>>719787 nta but it's a ps thread, you shouldn't be surprised they get posted
(134.39 KB 356x595 fezfe.jpg)
>>719789 they were never posted this much before and theres a poster that has an obvious typing style
>>719789 the more i see changbin the more i support ps, and i hate plastic surgery
>>719791 so? sorry your faves got posted
>>719789 kek then what about ateez theyre classic ps monsters
>>719790 the makeup just makes everything worse
>>719790 so wrong
(436.98 KB 1500x1500 1658174394769903.jpg)
Monday from Weekly (I think this is her?) looks extremely weird and almost alienlike to me. I don't know what it is but its probably the same eye surgery Iz*One Hyewon got since they both got that intense, creppy stare and eyes that just seem to be ripped open. In addition to that a possible dorito chin implant + vline shave + rhinoplasty. She is only 20 years old and already looks extremely botched.
(226.83 KB 1012x874 monday.jpg)
>>719859 samefag creepy* also wanted to add this collage because why the fuck does she look like an AI? she has that thousand yard stare and its honestly almost scary to look at her
(1.33 MB 1483x1277 FYBpdp3VQAAddk0.png)
something about her face is off. they cut her eyes way too far open and the thick layer of white foundation they give her makes her face look like a mask sometimes
>>719768 it's tough because he did need a chin... just not that chin
>>719777 could be alcohol bloat he kinda has the beer gut physique as well
>>719794 mina and momo in defense of ps
>>719859 this looks like a bad case of filler as well
>>719777 this looks more like fat than filler. lip filler maybe
did chaeryeong have ps? she looks different but i can’t put my finger on it
>>720330 yes, her nose is smaller
(2.43 MB 4096x2730 XRE33YPBF25492.jpg)
unpopular opinion: korean plastic surgery is overrated. they may be the plastic surgery capital but that doesn't mean they're good at what they do. most of the time the results just make the person look unnatural and uncanny. they need to practice doing surgery that enhances the persons natural features while still adhering to the patients desires, not change their faces completely. and korean nose jobs have probably got to be the worst i've ever seen. they add no natural structure to the nose, they just throw an implant in and call it a day. the incision scars are not supposed to be this visible. burgerland does ps best imo, esp if you have alot of money and can pay for the top surgeons in places like beverly hills or miami. sometimes i wonder how much better they would look if they got their noses done at those places because they actually consider your face and what would look best on you, and the results look amazing.
>>720334 nta her eyes and lips changed a bit too
>>719777 he looks absolutely awful
>>719790 kek the wonky contact
>>720330 she's still meh after all the surgery. she's like giselle
>>720809 she looks better but not compared to the rest of her group
>>720805 lazy dr kims do not represent all plastic surgeons in korea... there is some true artistry being done on the table over there. you also need to take into account that plastic surgery does not take to everyone's face the same way, that's why it's not a guaranteed improvement.
>>720805 > most of the time the results just make the person look unnatural and uncanny. they need to practice doing surgery that enhances the persons natural features while still adhering to the patients desires, not change their faces completely. You're not wrong, but idols go to the surgeon to get the facial features that are in, not to just tweak what they have. It's the idols fault as much as the surgeon. If idols embraced their natural good looks they wouldn't bother going
chin implants like this seriously piss me off. there's no effort to match the implant with his jawline. rather than following the natural taper of his (shaved) jaw they just jam the chin on there like an ice cream cone. his lower face now has an unnatural, obviously botched shape. even people who are normally blind to plastic surgery can clock his botchening. nobody naturally has a chin like this. to add insult to injury this guy got his face butchered by sm. does a company like sm not have enough money to send him to a doctor who makes chin implants look, at the very least, human?
has sm ever had a goodlooking jidol? they botched yuta too
>>721126 iirc most chin implants are a relatively easy fix if they wait long enough before changing it out to fix it... but f to this guy until thats possible. not sure why this happens in the first place with something that exaggerated and pointy
(65.40 KB 720x720 FYW5U0jVUAAHp72.jpeg)
where is the jaw... where is the jaw!?
(31.04 KB 288x512 EUDDONEXQAIhsq_.jpg)
>>721130 yuta was good looking predebut, its tragic
(228.76 KB 2160x1080 FYWragwakAAKXQq.jpg)
what's with SM and their obsession with idols looking the same like they all look like the same person here maybe it's the jaw
>>721340 he looks a bit like Lay
(3.16 MB 720x1280 twitter_20220724_055615.mp4)
>>721126 for comparison. this is what he looked like before
>>721350 he was cute and had a unique look. sad. very, very sad.
>>721340 hul is that his real nose
how sad, it took her having ps to be appreciated. i wonder whether this will just make her want to get more
>>721374 >male communities i don't even want to know.
>male communitied and this is why debuting 14 yo kids in tiny crop tops is not ok, even if newjeans is targeted at teens they'll be sexualised online by adult kmoids who post their photos and gifs on forums. kpopf*p exists
>>721374 >male communities unfortunately getting "appreciated" by those ilk isn't something worth celebrating
(1.89 MB 1374x1026 the hyunchin treatment.png)
nonas this is what they did to hyunchin
>>722195 moids suit the angular jawline on the left. korean plastic surgeons have no ethics giving men a feminised jawline
>>722196 sadly a lot of the girlies eat it up >>721126 maybe this poor guy's botched chin will start a new wave
i knew she’d done a lot but wow if this is anywhere close to true…anyway this just makes me sad she’s completely lost what makes her look thai
>>722198 veneers and lip lift seem unlikely but the rest is all pretty standard stuff
thais are conditioned prefer hapa or east asian features because thai tv is dominated by such faces, plus thai chinese (ten, minnie, bambam) and hapas with western dads are wealthier so its aspirational for ethnic thais to get ps to emulate those visuals.
(140.84 KB FYkJu57XgAIJNB7.jpg)
did they give her lip fillers to look more like jennie
(1.74 MB 72ue.png)
1 year ago her lips looked normal
>>722202 in the picture of her with the txt blobfish she looked like she had smaller lips
(50.97 KB unnamed (3).jpg)
shes 14 hope they stop messing with her face, someone said its not fine to say shes pushed as the sexy one but theyre styling her like adult hyuna or jennie
>>722205 okay but min hee jin did say she’s close to the girls parents and i’m sure you need parental permission to have work done as a minor so really if she’s had anything done that’s on the parents for me and not so much on hybe
>>722207 go back hivfag, its both the fault of the parents and mhj+hybe for exploiting minors. she and her parents are eager to do whatever to debut, mhj wants a 14 yo to look sexier with filler lips so she can profit off a childs lolita image. everyone who watched their mvs was surprises hyein wasn't the oldest, it's creepy and male communities will sexualise her now because of how shes styled.
>>722209 i’m not a hivfag i’m just tired of people not blaming the parents more and just focusing on the company. i should have worded it better though, it’s equally the fault of both of them
>>722210 once her parents consented for her to debut they consent to hybe styling her how they like, they can't interfere much with min heejin's concepts unless they want her to quit. even bts have said they hate dying their hair but have no choice.
(150.42 KB FYcRrbZaQAET0kh.jpg)
idk why theyre trying to make her look like jennie, she needs her own image to be an it girl like wony. debuting and committing to a sexy image (mhj's fault 100%) so early is problematic. look at hyuna, kpop companies like cube used her then kicked her. sulli got messed up too, even taemin has issues sadly.
>>722213 they can absolutely interfere what is this bullshit. as if they can legally allow parents to relinquish all rights about their children, yeah lets see how that holds up in court
>>722217 i hate to say it but she really does not look fourteen she looks the same age if not older than the other girls and that is concerning because you know it’s not just because she’s got an older looking face but it’s because of the fillers and the way they dress her
>>722218 do you even fucking read? i said >they can't interfere much with min heejin's concepts unless they want her to quit what part of interfering=quitting newjeans do you not get? you think her parents will tag along and tell mhj how to work and control freak mhj will listen? wake up please. she'll be forced to go on hiatus as punishment or kicked out.
>>722217 wonys image is copied too tho mix between jennie + freezia, but having two people doesnt make it as obvious i guess
(166.59 KB 1440x1440 mynostrilscarsiwillshowitall.JPG)
>>718630 i really used to think chan's nose was natty
(46.82 KB 678x450 Rhinoplasty.jpg)
>>722234 chan's is a more subtle version of this
>>722233 wony's tall skinny pale with a tiny face she doesnt look like jennie who's short curvy tan with big cheeks. youre silly to think starship wants a top idol to look like cheap influencers like freezia, her fillers are to look less ana not copy anyone. >hyein on the other hand is styled to look like a jennie doppelganger
>>722237 wow i can actually see the jennie resemblance so much more in this picture
>>722237 hyein looks like isa and chowon mixed together don’t see the jennie comparison that much. hanni resembles her more
(118.11 KB FYcRrbBaMAAAPXg.jpeg)
>>722239 she was called little jennie predebut >>722203 and mhj is styling her to look sexy like jennie in mvs with lolita-esque closeups of her pout and tube tops, thats why she doesn't look 14.
(134.41 KB 675x900 20220726_064750.jpg)
irene and joy are seriously skinny ill, is this a surgery?
>>722234 eye surgery
>>722241 joy looks healthy
>>722234 with a nose like that there was zero chance he'd never touch it but it was still cool back then, now it looks like a beak kek
(1.49 MB 958x1016 masseter botox?.png)
noticed bristopher looked different and chalked it up to weight loss but seeing how he looks a bit like an oompa loompa from the side i'm thinking he got masseter botox or did something to his jaw
>>722248 he looks like jackson in bottom right pic
(1.48 MB 1216x820 mj wang.png)
>>722249 kind of see it in the left pic but jackson's been looking more like michael jackson these days
>>722241 spending money on weight loss surgery in sokor is a waste when an anachan culture and a fatshaming society does the same thing
>>722251 speechless. why does he look so white??
>>722251 oh no
>>722237 sausage lips, like yeri
>>722251 he looks like he's in his 40s
>>722261 i think he changed more than bb
>>722237 kek jennies face is smaller than wonys and wony has big cheeks too
>>722202 >>722203 not to sperg too much but when i hit puberty my lips grew like hers did... + her lip corners still look natty
>>722338 lip corners look fine but you're blind if you think these are natty >>722237
>>722237 sad. their fans are already insisting she hasn’t had any lip filler
>>722237 you can see the injection locations
>>722382 where? just curious
>>722237 why did they zoom in so much in that lolita mv to focus on her filler lips she's fourteen
>>722198 i want a list like this for every gaypop i bet 17 is average
>>722432 kpoprocedure on instagram if you want a browse
is there buccal fat removal where they aim to only take out a section for subtlety, not all of that fat
>>722428 careful nona you'll be the one to get accused of sexualizing her as if the mv director's intentions aren't written on the walls
>>722428 it is so clear why mukpg has been saving those zooms
(1.08 MB 1044x716 botox.png)
jaw shaves are a thing of the past girlies, it's amazing what some botox can do!
>>722768 its not a big deal like surgery bc it wears off but some idols are better off without it, a change like this still risks throwing off the balance
>>722770 definitely. i think it's best for female faces
>>722248 forehead and nose are more projected while jaw and chin are more recessed whats the point of doing that bristopher
>>722768 botox is for masseter muscles shaving is for the shape of the jaw
>>722234 his nose job looks great tbh i think the majority of nose jobs being done on big 3 idols look really good. i love nmixx’s nose work in particular but chaeryeong’s new nose also came out rlly well too. Side note but do you all think sooyoung got work done recently? her cheek area makes me think she had some sort of buccal fat removal.
>>723009 who is nmixx do you think has had nose work?
>>723009 she obviously lost a lot of weight and on top of that the face thins out as you age, she's going to look different than she did during lil' touch era
>>723009 lip fillers
>>722988 yes but by getting masseter botox you can achieve the look of a slimmer jaw >>722768 this np only did botox and filler
>>723011 she wasn't in lil' touch >>723009 she doesn't look like this in soshitamtam, i think it's just bad photoshop
(1.87 MB 1170x1753 nicole.png)
look at how great idols can look when they don't have their jaws shaved, i'm so tired of eggheads
>>723039 you're so dumb. the ones that have a prominent jaw like this aren't the ones getting a shave. they get a shave because they're a chinlet
>>723099 >chinlet get out moid
>>723099 hold on that doesn't really make sense? before the shave they usually have proeminent chins; only after the shave they become chinlets
(923.76 KB 2400x980 shave.png)
>>723106 yeah that nona is incorrect. this is an example of someone who is a good candidate for a jaw shave - someone with prominent bone structure that botox wouldn't help very much
>>723099 why would a chinlet even shave their entire jaw instead of just getting a chin implant
>>719790 her nose doesn't look unnatty
>>722234 he looked better before
(141.30 KB 542x762 nose.jpg)
>>723263 it still looked good on the right, now its a whole other thing
sullyoon looked so much better before her obvious nose job
>>723291 agree and dhe is so young
>>723010 i think all of them have had their noses done including the youngest member. haewon, sullyoon, jinni, and lily have implants. jiwoo and kyujin have had some refinement via alarplasty. not sure if bae has an implant, it just looks like she got an alarplasty as well.
>>723273 from the front he looks relatively fine i guess it's a problem of surgery/filler not looking good from all angles and maybe that's why he doesn't notice it
(539.76 KB 1329x850 jaw.jpg)
natural jaw widening from growing up or not
>>723751 bc of how phone cameras affect faces the angle has to be a lot more similar than that
(430.31 KB 500x1352 trying.jpg)
>>723766 i tried hard but he's never done the same position and distancing twice, he also used to smile all the time and now not really. here is a bunch of pics ive stick together and that are vaguely similar, left side is now and right side is past, second and third row are not selfies so they might be better to judge. honestly this isnt that blatant and it might be all natural but whenever i look at old pics of him this is always the first thing i notice and that tells me its an old pic. i think what makes it weird to me is that his masseter part didnt change at all, its more around its jawline and chin area that are squarer and wider
>>723772 hes had braces and that changes your face
>>723775 i.n also got braces and he didnt get a change like that
>>723772 nah seungmin's a natty king this is just how a chad grows up
what did san get done if anything
>>723779 even chad seungmin cant escape lip filler sigh
>>723784 this might be cope but when i had braces my lips puffed up to twice their normal size
whatever she’s had done has done wonders but i miss her unique look. totally get why she had work done though all that hate must get to you eventually
>>723787 well, we'll see whenever he gets ride of them i guess people react to it differently
(953.56 KB 2208x2208 bot.jpg)
what surgeries did he get?
>>723800 all of themo
>>723791 >whatever she’s had done has done wonders pic unrealted?
>>723791 She was cuter before. I miss her big nose, it made her look more unique and she stood out from the sea of nose jobs. She looked like a a cute mouse.
Her surgeries were done so well. They were so subtle and didn’t give her entirely new features but rather improve on what she has. She was a cute girl but she looks like an actress now.
kazuha looks so korean, she had that gyopo female face common in usa. japanese female eyes are usually rounder.
>>723880 2nd pic is edited
>>723879 >she looks like an actress she’s still pretty unremarkable compared to actresses or gen 4 visuals
>>723920 yeah the hype is pretty strange to me like she gets compared to suzy but idk
>>723920 kazuhas height is what makes stand out, she looks like kim goeun. hybe is mediaplaying her visuals so much nobody cares that she can't rap or sing
(1.60 MB 688x1024 unknown (1).png)
got a refill as he came back to korea a few days ago ? or just fat
>>723772 i spot some nose shaving at the tip, but everything else looks natty to me
>>724284 thanks, i guess his jawline naturally widened then
(52.14 KB 522x619 20220731_232407.jpg)
what is going on here
>>724288 that nose was so distracting. he needs to sue his dr. kim and start the whole face over.
>>724283 just fatbin innit
>>724283 in some isac pic previews other skz who arent fat at all like jeongin could look a little wider than normal too. ig because of camera lens plus physical distance or something. fatbin is already wide but extra widening will stick out. could also check again in 1-2 weeks from now since thats when fillers settle down
>>724283 looks like filler face to me
(93.20 KB 936x1024 FZDs7ziVUAA8kdt.jpeg)
>>724283 actually i can't tell.. do his lips look puffier here
(376.14 KB 1314x2048 FZDgvf9UUAECa1X.jpeg)
>>724318 idk i'm just not sure that he would want to make his face this puffy on purpose
(439.25 KB 2048x1344 FZDUYrHaMAAVgJk.jpeg)
spergs fatbin looks fine
do the isac photos do these idols dirty or are they a more realistic view of what they look like? because some of these idols that are coming out in pictures are not looking good…could be the lack of makeup tbh
>>724304 i know its fatbin but he definitely went for filler multiple times >>724320 we'll see later on
>>724322 I'll take it as a more realistic view of what idols look like. When idols come over to america they always look so ugly without the korean camera magic, especially male idols.
>>724359 then why do so many people say they look better, taller or whatever in real life ? never seen an idol in real life yet so i cant tell myself
>>724376 is it maybe the wow factor of seeing them in person?
>>724376 a lot of girlies assume male idols are shorter than they really are (and that female idols are taller than they really are)
>>724381 honestly every male idol i’ve seen i was surprised at their height but for me it’s the opposite they were shorter than i thought
i know he should be taken with a grain of salt but big yikes if this is true
>>724376 because they're little (sea) girls, to them everybody over 165 is tall
>>724486 the only idol i’ve seen him say was natty was vernon
>>724385 kek im quite tall and to tell myself most of the idols i follow are shorter than me is weird when i try to visualize them when im standing up
>>724493 how tall are you out of curiosity? i’m only 164cm and i was still like wow these men are shorter than i thought compared to me kek. especially stray kids like i know some of them claim to be a bit taller but nah
>>724376 in my experience they were very small irl and a few were a lot prettier. the camera accurately captures some and does not do enough justice to others, i never saw the appeal of hyunchin from his photos but in person he was really attractive. the camera makes him look a bit weird but that doesn't translate to real life and i'm sure that applies to a lot of idols
>>724377 that's possible but do you feel like you look better in pictures or in person? most people think they look better one way or the other
>>724494 i am 175cm >>724496 yeah i guess it boils down to some faces being more photogenic than others
>>724497 in person definetely. my pictures do not look great
>>724500 same nona and same for a lot of idols innit? so i think it's true that most look better in person. filler/botox also looks much more obvious and botched in pictures for some reason, at least with people that i know
wony and gaeul. they’re both cute but seeing a candid photo of them like this without any editing or lighting seems like their faces are both a bit overfilled and puffy. so many other idols have this type of face too and i don’t understand why they think it looks good
>>724504 sa this is a pictorial of how you can tell when someone has too much filler vs the right amount. so many idols look like the right or have some of those features i hope the ive girls lay off
>>724504 half the candidates i see wonys face looks tiny the other half it looks puffy
>>724505 these cheeks are everywhere
>>724505 i honestly don’t think wonyoung ever will. she was pretty before but the work she has had done since izone is what’s helping her to stand out massively amongst 4th gen and there are plenty of pretty females debuting
>>724505 dermatologist job seems complicated on being very precise for fillers. have to know how much to fill and where for touch ups, and it has to look as good as possible for all the cameras on top of that
>>724510 the only recent idol on her level of popularity is karina and her personal brand is still far behind
>>724486 he's not trustworthy imo. he said eunwoo was natty then took it back a week later
>>724522 nta but oh really? i don’t think there’s any completely natural kpop idol they’ve all had at least something done if small. what he said about the girls eyelids is interesting though
>>724522 doesnt that say hes straightforward if he ends up changing his mind and updates on it. its all speculation so even a surgeon wont know 100%
>>724491 ironic bc vernon's nose tip has shrunk over the years
any doctor but especially any plastic surgeon who is also trying to be an influencer should not be trusted. those people always end up doing hackjobs themselves
>>724486 sad if true, these girls are getting plastic surgery at such a young age.
>>724510 crazy to think about. all she did was get ps done and become the 4th gen it girl. she was popular before but moreso for her cute charms, other iz members were better known for their visuals, now she is definitely the best known
(19.02 KB 293x360 images.jpg)
ive been trying to see if my ahjusshi husbando got plastic surgery and i think he did. I found a predebut pic and he looks pretty natty. He has similar features to his mother. (lips and nose) But i think he got a nose job, squaring off his chin and maybe double eyelid
(581.23 KB 2048x2048 EjemxjXVoAA3maN.jpg)
>>724637 compared to present(ish) i know all the Monsta X guys got some sort of work done but Wonho is a bit elusive, it might've just been small stuff
i've noticed a lot of ifans only recognize eye surgery when it's monolid to double lid and not the inner and outer corners being cut to make eyes longer, or increasing the lid space, or opening the epicanthal folds. which is why so many say "this idol is natty" lol no they all get their eyes opened
>>724641 >opening the epicanthal fold i never spot this one i see literally no difference
>>724641 imageboard
>>724486 four of them do look really similar to me, but that could just be because they were scoured for a certain visual
(2.23 MB 1198x1348 epicanthoplasty.png)
>>724671 oh epicanthoplasty is the most obvious to me, it's the cutting and opening of the inner corner of the eyes which typically is done to lengthen the eye and can make the eye look more catlike but also makes the eye look bigger. here we have predebut rhino at the top and you can see his eyes had a great shape to begin with but did not have the pretty catlike inner corners that he does now.
>>724814 ps monster
>>724814 oh i finally see it. its actually pushing the inner corner inward to elongate the eye into a cat shape, i always thought it was about widening it height wise, hence me not seeing the actual thing. thanks
>>724531 no it says he changes his mind for clout
>>724531 i trust lorry hill she needs to do the entire industry
(190.74 KB 341x462 nuta.png)
>>724828 i wish she'd put the doja cat video back up
>>724843 he’s so gd busted
>>724843 is this recent
Does anyone even know why did yuta get that awful chin implant which was not even needed,i understand when idols get random surgeries like the one that lifts the corners of your lips because it makes your face more distinctive i guess, but that implant has no excuse ?? like really out of all things to do to your face ???? i wonder if he has body dysmorphia
>>724996 even if he wanted a change to his chin, the surgeon went so aggro on his chin and jaw area it boggles the mind. shouldve leaned to being as conservative as possible for a first time surgery touching the jaw/chin area
>>724843 that jaw looks so natty
>>724843 retired drag queen
>>725056 actually want to kill myself because you're right
>>724996 there are some procedures id almost pay to ask the idol why they did that in particular because it looks like the most unnecessary thing ever
>>724843 why is it pointy >>724990 yes, it's from the trailer for his new show with shotaro https://youtu.be/PeWIiGAzQP4
is this freezia before ps
>>725263 that’s just her without makeup i think she already had ps here
>>725263 i want her skin
>>725263 she really looks like wonyoung it’s eerie
>>725270 blindsis...
>>725263 she isnt wearing makeup thats all
>>725266 download remini and you'll get it
>>725263 no this is a better before comparison, i suspect she got an epicanthoplasty for the sleepy-eyed/cat-eyed look but she also may have just edited her pics differently >>725270 yes but did wonyoung copy her or did she copy wonyoung
(103.86 KB 750x906 unnamed-11.jpg)
>>725326 huh that is her? so you're trying to tell me that she started as a classically beautiful girl and psed herself into some insta trend
>>725403 i was going to say the same, she’s insanely beautiful in the before picture
>>725403 yes and it worked
>>725326 >yes but did wonyoung copy her or did she copy wonyoung depends who got the ps first
>>725408 how tf did it work? she was much more beautiful before, just wait til that pig nose, "sexy" eyes + bj lip trend ends
i wonder if with the rise in popularity of more ‘natural’ idols like kazuha and the new jeans girls for example who could have had something but very subtle done to their faces, companies will now try and get those types of faces and avoid overfilling idols faces etc
>>725414 we're seeing it now in the west with the bbl, duck lips and drag queen makeup falling out of trend. so korea will take a few more years to catch up
>>725412 it worked for her career and popularity which shot up immensely (before her scandal)
>>725425 wasn’t that more her appearance on singles inferno
>>725427 emphasis on appearance
(2.33 MB 2154x3231 bangchanps.jpg)
since there were lots of talk on bang chan recently ill share that instagram account breakdown that has good insights >I think Bangchan had his nose done prior to debut. Bangchan had a slight hump and downward facing tip - he seems to have had his nasal tip built up and rotated, and his dorsal hump removed >Bangchan would then go on to have another rhinoplasty, this time narrowing his bridge and bringing in his nostrils. Bangchan would later have his tip further refined and his nostrils brought in further. As of recent, Bangchan appears to have had another alarplasty >In repeatedly refining and narrowing his nasal tip, Bangchan has begun to show signs of increased tip drooping. We also see very narrow, somewhat pinched nostrils. It seems Bangchan is developing a “Pinocchio” nose deformity, wherein the nasal tip appears over-projected, long, and droopy >Bangchan has a naturally square jaw which has become more pronounced due to exercise and weight loss. His current jaw is very narrow and no longer has the same pronounced appearance from frontal view; I believe this is the result of Botox to his masseter muscles >Bangchan has naturally full lips, but his current lips are even plumper. Bangchan also appears to have had his lip corners lifted, as we see the tell-tale upturned corners of a corner smile lift >I believe Bangchan had a chin implant placed, as his naturally recessed chin now has greater projection >Bangchan also appears to have had corrective ptosis surgery, opening up his eyes and giving them greater vertical height >Lastly, I believe Bangchan may have had a partial buccal fat reduction, as his mid- and lower-face, while once quite full, appeared contoured at debut
>>725547 all that talk and nona just needs to look at pics without makeup and get your answer
>>725576 https://youtu.be/LyRvBJeS2SM word bang chan looks like goblin barefaced
>>725591 kek barefaced his eyes shrink twice their size comparing to when he wears makeup
>>725595 i thought this too kek
>>725547 my own fault for reading this horse shit but the chin implant claim has got to be the worst part. even worse than the part about his eyes
>>725600 its certainly not empty of reaches but i shared for discussion anyway
>>725086 i'd ask karina why the jaw shave .. why
>>725547 nose lips and jaw botox we already know. doubtful about the eyes but it's quite possible he got them done and they still look not great without makeup because they were very small to begin with. chin is questionable because his chin actually appears more recessed these days
only bang chan things i am sure of are the eye fat removal and the masseter botox. the nose i am genuinely not sure about, because it still looks very blobby when not contoured to death.
>>725671 its just his nose tip projection that really looks like a deformity
(166.59 KB 1440x1440 mynostrilscarsiwillshowitall.JPG)
>>725671 the nostril scars are the tell for me in this picture but also you can see his nostrils are smaller and the nose width is smaller, same thing zendaya did. that procedure was fine imo but he's doing too much filler or something because the side profile these days looks very strange
>10477439299 plastic surgery procedures >bangchan went from ugly to still ugly
>>725689 compared to other bigger examples of idol ps the before and after change isnt that dramatic but it made him 'subtly' worse rather than better at this current point in time
bangchan is too honest he overshares on every vlive so if hes gotten anything he wouldve talked about it alr
(157.41 KB 960x1200 E_E8LC0XMAQTjOe.jpg)
>>725689 no there were periods where he looked good. thunderous era is when i think he touched up the ps and it looked really good, unfortunately something happened since then
>>725694 remember when he did the vlive after a "minor surgery"?
>>725691 hardword
>>725696 makeup + music show editing. he didnt look like this irl
>>725696 >unfortunately something happened since then yeah he walled
>>725700 yes but even with makeup he didn't look like this during previous performances
holy shit skz fans are retarded
>>725715 go back newfag
(987.37 KB 2200x2200 E3C8JN-VoAgA14i.jpg)
whats he had done
>>725715 skz should get leg lengthening surgery it’s the procedure that would benefit them the most
>>725756 if he has done something to his face keep it going dr kim he's still ugly
(634.23 KB 1352x800 predebuthan.jpg)
>>725756 he is one of the nattiest skz
>>725756 100% natty
>>725761 i've been saying this but it's too risky if it fucks up their dancing
>>719438 pussywaller is jayb? also what are your thoughts on jinyoung?
>>722251 hes been looking like some dirty addict and it’s sad because at one point he was genuinely good looking
(205.14 KB 2048x1367 FZFAjdfVUAA8sIh.jpeg)
>>725781 he seems a little better recently but it might be because his brows are darker now
>>725784 he needs a slight tan and brown hair stat. he's one of the best looking gaypops, him looking like a pale mj is such a waste
>>725795 yeah on some people in particular, certain pale hair colors are never going to work. especially if its a duller looking color
>>725801 on his best days he looks like a chad on his worst days he looks like amber
(6.35 MB 371x498 seonghwa-hongjoong.gif)
>>725804 this was meant for other thread, i apologize to the natty men in this video
>>725547 those 'strils are sus af, look worse too
i wish ateez weren't so ugly, to all nonas that think they're ps freaks they're not. that's just seonghwa who has a pancake face the rest are just naturally ugly with strong makeup
>>725969 i mean good for them it hasn’t stopped them from gaining fans. i don’t really follow ateez but i find san attractive except when he dances like a psycho.
hongjoong's nose alone makes ateez the worst plastic surgery offenders of 4th gen
>>725969 mingi and hongjoong's noses scare me. they also all have the same chin.
>>725981 >>725991 it’s ridiculous but somehow it fits his face and vibe
>>725969 hongjoong, yeosang, woob erasure... if they just fixed their noses i could maybe get into ateez >>725981 agree
>>726008 nona yeosang only got a horrible nose job his eyelids have always been looking freaky,hongjoong wears a nose peg to raise up his nose thats why his nostrils look awful,woob has always just been plain ugly its not like he has gotten anything done, people speculatw he got a pollybeak deformity but some koreans already have hooked noses his is just more extreme. like i said ateez are just naturally ugly
nonas have u ever not been able to get into a group because of the members plastic surgery ? i couldn't get into a.c.e since all of them are plain ugly and botched one of those guys look like a transexual jooe from momoland, junhee is the only one who's cute but he looks like hyunchin
>>726034 oh i also couldn't get into vixx because of that but i tried really hard because i found ken to be really cute
>>726034 yes i cannot get into groups with super botched members it just makes me feel sad to look at them
>>726030 are you joking about the nose peg? woob is fine imo he just has an ugly beak implant that he'd look so much better without and hongjoon would be fine too if his nostrils didn't take you to the fourth dimension
>>726040 he is uggo
>>726044 you're delusional and weird
>>726047 no let’s be serious if he isn’t a kpop idol nobody is finding him that attractive
>>726034 i see your point about most of a.c.e but what problem do you have with yuchan's face
>>726040 you want to tonguepunch shrimps nostrils so bad
>>726034 if there is a balance between botched members, natural looking members and natty members then its fine
(35.55 KB 828x1145 FZkGJfZXEAAJf4Q.jpeg)
>>726101 nona i dont see the plastic surgery he's just fucking ugly
>>726051 he's not bad but he's not even cute enough for me to stay tbh, im glad he's not botched
>>726040 i'm not joking about the nose peg but there's so little photos to give as proof, besides its a little dot on his nostrils but on some vlives for example u could see he wasn't wearing the nose peg because his nose wouldn't be so raised up
>>726106 what the hell is a nose peg. show examples
>>726101 >In repeatedly refining and narrowing his nasal tip, Bangchan has begun to show signs of increased tip drooping. We also see very narrow, somewhat pinched nostrils. Bangchan is developing a “Pinocchio” nose deformity, wherein the nasal tip appears over-projected, long, and droopy
hyein getting veneers at an age when other kids get braces
(37.43 KB 505x698 IMG-20220807-WA0002.jpg)
>>726125 left nostril there's the nose peg its just to raise the nose up
(73.13 KB 617x713 IMG-20220807-WA0001.jpg)
>>726048 i find him attractive but you're probably right
>>726101 jaw improvement?
>>726133 heol idk what to believe anymore
ateez and skz have faces only a mother could love
>>726139 cant tell from a single video at night in a car, just wait
>>726130 maybe she couldn’t get braces because she was added last to the group (i think?) so needed instant improvement. still, veneers at 14 is absolutely ridiculous shame on any adult that gave permission for it to happen
(121.13 KB 1286x1286 4v071rlat9f81.jpg)
>>726130 doesnt this mean they mustve shaved her teeth? i hope at least the professional had a light hand with the shaving
(20.25 KB unnamed.jpg)
kpop idols have shown what its like when the veneer falls off
(449.90 KB NQUDVDu.png)
block b’s po
>>726150 yes and it also means she has to maintain them for the rest of her life for a decision she made at 14. luckily for her she’ll be wealthy enough to do it but still
>>726150 >>726151 >>726152 yes we get it girl shaved down teeth look nasty as hell also not all veneers require teeth shaving
>>726130 maybe she got laminates (preserves teeth structure) instead of veneers https://youtu.be/bxWk535cUe0
hongjoong definitely has had a nose job. the nose peg(?) may also play a role but his nose is extra pointy all the time
>>726271 agree nona i forgot to say that he did get a nosejob but the nose peg does make a big difference in the look his nostrils have
>>726277 yeah his nose and yeosang's are the one's that get to me because their noses post surgery just look like a less realistic/natural version of their original noses, wonder what compelled them to get the work done
>>726151 when the teeth are shaved down to pegs like that it's not for veneers, it's crowns
>>726280 well if its up to me to say its because they're ugly but tbh their nosejobs were so uncalled for, it wasn't needed at all but thats really the norm for kpop i mean why did 3 of the aespa girls get a jaw shave if they already looked good?
>>726282 karinas jaw shave in particular is drastic but she gets away with it more than others would imo because her features in general have that more pointed look
>>726282 did they look good before ps though
>>726323 nta but it mostly comes down to your personal taste, however yeosang and hongjoong definitely looked less... unearthly before their nose jobs. yeosang especially because his doctor fucked his nose up
>>726326 sa but his poor nose
>>726328 heol this is sad he looked so normal
(1.67 MB 786x1402 realeyesrealize.png)
am i crazy or did felix get his eyelid/s done? one side was always more hooded than the other and it's still not perfectly symmetrical but it definitely seems less uneven. hope i'm wrong
some of these transformations are crazy
>>726458 those are the successful unbotched ones, nugus and botched idols who get ps dont make such lists >jennie appearing twice >2ning too natty to make the list kek and blonks still have the temerity to claim jennie is what everyone wants to look like
most idols need a lot of makeup, styling to look good after plastic surgery. a silicon nose, chin or jaw implant looks super weird without makeup on a bareface
>>726458 irene still mogging before and after
>>726468 wasnt enough for hyunchin kek
hul han seohee looks so different before her nsoejob and hair transplant
(290.63 KB 1280x1157 20200528000758_0.jpg)
>>726491 >>726492 damn her nose was really pretty also i find these hints of dark circles so attractive kek
>>726492 wtf she looks like a chinese mom in her mid 30s does anybody also think she might be from a rich family? otherwise, how would a girl in her early 20s be able to afford all those (successful) tattoo removals and the seemingly overnight jump from edgy instathot to famous actress whose past mysteriously nobody in uptight korea minds...
>>726513 ntayrt but that’s a good question, wasn’t she a model before going into acting? models aside from big ones probably don’t get paid enough on their own to afford such expensive treatments like tattoo removal
(82.24 KB 1280x720 201434343_1280.jpg)
>>726515 "model" is a huge exaggeration
>>726513 I don’t think she’s from a rich family cos wasn’t her mom caught using her name for tax fraud or some shit like that and is millions of debt
>>726518 samefag *and is in
>>726505 her face is insane especially for a korean >>726513 what a bait
>>726522 it's not that far off nona, her rise was insanely fast and usually even actresses get shit for not being a total good girl
>>726522 >especially for a korean what do you mean
(546.83 KB 959x1199 lix.jpg)
>>726347 felix did get blepharoplasty long ago but i guess youre asking as of recently. i found older photos where both his creases are even and visible (picrel, from three months ago). asian lids in general act weird and the crease is more or less vanishing under the skin depending on the angle and position
(4.88 MB lareina.png)
>>726513 >chinese mom han seohee's face always reminded me of this chinese child actor
everyone is skiz is natty, how many times do we have to get over this newfags
>>726505 she looks way better
>>726546 she doesn’t look korean at all and has that tiny face they are all so envious of
(22.21 KB 1000x563 april-han-personal.jpg)
this fitness youtuber (who's a chinese mom) immediately came to my mind when i saw >>726492 that's why i wrote that it's not that deep
>>726513 I stalked her and her group of friends on instagram for a while and honestly it seems like she is sponsored by someone. She's friends with these rich kids and khip hop rappers like GroovyRoom and other instagram attention seekers like the yellowsmob kids smoking and all tatted up taking those typical teen drunk pics and then BAM she just like transforms and becomes this beautiful and classy actress. She def isn't from a rich background.
>>726563 she looks korean
>>726580 her nose/eye shape and face size do not look very korean sis
>>726472 irene still more or less looks like herself even now especially without makeup. glad she didn't go overboard
>>726592 see >>726590 you’re incorrect
>>726563 hsh's face is not tiny at all, her face is so similar to this actress lareina song >>726554 except hsh's face size is 1.5 times bigger and more mature looking. so many kpop idols have smaller faces than han sohee: irene, wony, jisoo, rose, arin
her face is normal sized, it's similar to the guy next to her
>her face is normal sized you really don’t know what you’re talking about
(19.18 KB Park-Bo-young.jpg)
if she had a small face shed look younger than her age like park boyoung, kekler yujin or lareina song
(26.86 KB default-13.jpg)
>>726616 wony is a tall girl with a face that matches her height, rose is known to be huge-faced and han sohee might have a bigger face than irene, but irene is super small and tiny afterall >her face is so similar to this actress lareina song except hsh's face size is 1.5 times bigger and that's plain bullshit. if she had a bigger face than this bobblehead she'd look like a joke and had no career kek
face size isnt skull size youre braindead look at her eyes, nose and cheekbones they are compact
>>726630 kek i really dont think han sohee has a tiny face and thats just a fact, if she did she'd look more childlike or younger than her age like park boyoung or jang nara, but her fame shot up in korea because she played a mistress and looks very mature and sexy. she looks her age and womanly not girly like jisoo, irene, park boyoung or jang nara.
>>726636 you just posted a pic where the distance between her eyes and upper lip is half that of the man next to her
>>726637 it's obviously ccpfag >her face is so small and beautiful that she doesn't even look korean >but she also looks old and her face is 1.5 times bigger than the face of my chinese unnie literal superior race sperging
(64.24 KB R.jpeg)
>>726630 >bobblehead her face isnt the smallest but it's small enough next to natalie portman, shes the same height as han sohee but shes still playing student roles while han sohee is mostly doing adult roles and looks very much a 1994er. nobody is saying han sohees face is huge, just that its normal sized next to actresses like park boyoung, jang nara or jisoo
>the seemingly overnight jump from edgy instathot to famous actress plastic surgery or not han sohee mogs everyone in her age group and is sexy to boot, even knetz themselves agree that there used to be jun jihyun, song hyegyo, kim taehee, han gain, han yeseul when it came to actresses who stood out for movie star visuals. if you look at actresses born after 1990s theres hardly anyone and they look sweet but boring like kim goeun, kim yoojung, suzy, kim taeri. han sohee is one of the few with sex appeal and a mature bad girl nlog vibe
>>726550 yeah that's true but i think he would've gotten it sometime during before or after maniac
in fact its surprising hsh is not getting movie offers she's one of the few post90 k actresses with a sexy vibe like jun jihyun, kim minhee or kim okbin who are favored by artsy fartsy korean directors. id much rather watch han seohee play a sexy femme fatale than stonefaced idol turned actors like suzy or jisoo, or mid-looking former child actors like kim sohyun or.kim yoojung
>>726651 >>>/lqk/8232* i need a nap but you get my gist
(399.19 KB 999x700 lix.jpg)
>>726648 left is december 2021 and right is now!
>>726653 the head tilt doesn’t make this a very good comparison
>>726659 its hard to find the exact same angle. but anyway it was my try
(1.96 MB 1298x916 who knows.png)
>>726653 >>726659 yeah idk i can't tell just thought his eyes looked a bit different lately and the unevenness is less noticeable but i'm probably wrong
>>726347 the eyes and nose look better on the left
(178.88 KB 1080x1440 stacy.JPG)
do stacy's eyes look different? some nonas were saying he got something done but i don't really see it
>>726931 beside being botched as usual, no
(71.05 KB 1200x692 nayeon_pop.jpg)
pop up that nose
(418.71 KB 1536x2048 FZ46NfJUEAUpdnw.jpg)
jesus christ
>>727524 he's been looking like this for some time already, what i can't understand is if he got masseter botox or a jaw shave because he always covers his sides with his hair either way he looks fucked up
>>727524 poor guy you just can't begin to imagine
>>726958 her nose is one of those noses that you don't need to see the before to know its fake
>>727524 is this yuta
i think winter looks really weird
>>727525 maybe he gets masseter botox to smooth out his jaw into the narrow shape of his chin? however, i'm starting to buy more and more into the theory that he keeps the chin due to the fact that if he moved it he wouldn't have any face left.
>>727688 yeah i kinda thought well if he removed the implant he'd literally lose his whole midface ?? so i guess that's the reasoning behind it but why does he still get masseter botox if he has to do all that
>>727624 she's fine she just has a long philtrum a la jaehyun
https://youtu.be/FQkI9RtkmrI which procedure is this on her nose? is it new because i don't remember seeing such obvious scars on her nose before
>>727851 i think they brought in her nostrils her nose is a lot more narrower
>>727851 alar reduction, i think, and quite botched. the left nostril is noticeably smaller. really unnecessary procedure. now she can't claim to be natty
(1.65 MB 1564x2200 cheek.jpg)
did rhino aka lee know of stray kids get a slight cheekbone shave? top row: 2018, middle row: 2020, bottom row: today in his early pictures from skz's debut year he didnt have as much structure in his face as he does now, at a lower weight the outer shape of his face was smaller compared to later. then by 2020 it looked like his cheekbones had grown out to an extent, widening out right next to his eye area. and then this year its almost as if they were shaved down a bit to be closer to how they used to be when he was younger. frequent weight yoyo-ing and different camera lens/distortions plus editing makes it difficult to tell for sure with judging any changes in width of something on a face. but in 2020 and possibly some part of 2021 when seeing clips i feel like his cheekbones were at their widest even at comparable weights to current day in that upper area. havent looked enough to guess at what exact timing the change may have happened if im correct about this large chance im just a big retarda but the more i looked at 2020 videos or clips the more i thought about this and i cant shake it off completely
(1.83 MB 1402x2000 rhino.jpg)
>>728407 its funny you ask that because i noticed his cheekbones standing out a lot in a late 2019 pic (picrel) but it might just be weight variation tbh
>>728086 exactly she cant even blame it on make up because why would you make 2 insanely visible scars on your nose? and the fact that this is thumbnail... but ive just seen many comments talking about how jhope's nose is natty so. blonks will pretend they didn't see it
(77.82 KB 1200x675 FaSblH6WIAAjvYv.jpg)
this is a member of the new bighit boy group
>>728414 did they cut her hair so it looks like baby hair?
>>728414 those damn fillers
>>728416 no way
>>728416 his nose is botched but still looks handsome
>>728416 who is he?
>>728418 no she had a hair transplant starving yourself makes you lose hair
>>728464 Sangwon of trainee a
>>728414 but she is only 17..
>>728416 this actually makes me feel sick what is the need
>>728407 >cheekbone shave girl have you heard of cheekbone filler
>>728465 yeah this could be it especially if she isn’t getting the vitamins she needs from food
>>728465 >hair transplant i dont think they would grow this fast
>>728519 i thought of that too but theres something that still feels different compared to the original 2018 shape to them despite having seemingly identical width. plus hes gone through crash diets a couple times to thin down, dont see a lot of reason to widen out something on his face on purpose to that extent and end up with a bigger face on camera
wonysperg wait until you find out about extensions
>>728416 what's with hybe and these fucking beak implants?
>>728604 i don’t really get it either. you can tell that guy is naturally very handsome so what is the need to do them
>>728569 those are not extensions kek
(138.15 KB 750x748 rhino.jpg)
a few nose jobs, a little chin implant and a little epicanthoplasty and youve got a piece of art
>>728832 my plastic king mwah
>>728832 has he had skin lightening too just curious
>>728832 god fucking BLESS. i wonder how mny gaypops look at rhino and seethe that ps couldn't do the same thing for them
>>728834 i dont know about skin whitening but i guess this is editing for a lot of it
>>728837 did he get eye-pussy reduction
>>728837 ah okay yeah looks like maybe just good skincare regimen and trying not to tan. damn he looks good though
>>728838 I wonder why I thought they liked those
(53.21 KB 733x715 image.jpeg)
>>728837 aww his original nose was better his tip is too pinched now
>>729011 yeah his nose is very statuesque now but its definitely good looking
>>729011 nta but the nose he had immediately before first ps was not that nose on the left (which is age 14-15). it noticeably became bigger by late high school, from predebut pictures
(1.24 MB 832x1024 unknown.png)
>>719358 wait wtf why are people doing eagle dances in christian churches
>>729040 nta im pretty sure its a form of praise dance. it happens in churches a lot
>>724288 nose looks the same as always tbh, he just lost a lot of weight so less cheeks making other features like his high cheeks for example more prominent
>>725784 so much foundation
>>729042 and they think this is normal?
>>729047 ot but for people that were raised christian, it is to us. you're just feeling the holy spirit and sometime s it may look weird or funny
>>729047 i mean i was raised as a christian and it’s normal to me. every culture/religion has things that may appear strange to others outside of them
>>729049 you saw people violently headbanging and flailing their arms in a church and didn't think it was kinda funny? i'm learning things
>>729053 yes because it wasn’t harming anyone
>>719329 girl she's just dancing in church. look up black americans praise dances/praise breaks, the shaker sect, sufi dancers and whirling dervishes... and that's before you even get into paganism. around the world the act of worship is basically a safe space for people to let loose. it's a carte blanche for dancing unapologetically.
>>729059 you wish
(121.64 KB 811x1200 FaitUeHUcAA8RPn.jpg)
is this how bad lip filler looks like ?
(65.81 KB 213x274 overfilled.png)
>>729514 why does he look like that
>>729518 genetics and botched but he is getting a new nose soon
>>729515 what causes that duck lips effect ? i guess this is not intended
(638.46 KB 736x736 image.png)
>>729523 i believe it is some class of filler migration
>>729525 my lips naturally look like something between 2 & 3 though. it's raised
>>729540 yes it's possible to naturally have that as well, i've seen some cases. this >>729515 looks incredibly unnatural but i guess it could be
(338.93 KB 742x814 chanslips.jpg)
chans lips before
(79.89 KB 648x890 FaqEhXYaUAEbyGV.jpg)
>>730119 comfortable pillow
>>730119 sometimes its not about plastic surgery she's just aging horribly and its the natural process of aging with a horrible v line recessed jawline and a long philtrum
>>730119 *squishes (affectionately)*
>>730658 snsd sunny
>>729696 here's an after pic not directly from the side
>>731406 looks like wonho
(109.20 KB 773x642 20220824_190806.jpg)
I noticed since last year or year before that Seulgi's been dabbling with lip fillers? it's been noticeable on her upper lips
>>731513 oh my god! it totally flew under my radar!
>>731513 that filler moustache though
>>731513 why are female idols hopping on this lip filler trend
>>731633 I noticed right away bc her lips looked puffier than usual. not so much in the stuff she posts on IG but in her bubble selfies. >>731688 doesn't SK tend to be kinda behind in trends from the US? so they're getting heavy into plump lips plus hips/curvy body while US is going more "natural"
>>731688 wonyoung has popularised it
(430.59 KB 592x623 12c.png)
unnie please lay off the fillers
>>731693 there were girlpops getting increasing amounts of lip filler before her. due to the lag time of when trends arrive in korea from western influence and social media and the monetary motivation of selling fillers by derms, it was bound to increasingly happen
>>731692 apparently the western trend is moving back to choosing model skinny as the main thing (celebs like the kardashians are changing this way as well) like in the 2000s, but idk at what pace or if itll be a trend that really sticks
>>731924 she's uggo no matter what she does. ugliest members
>>731931 member*
>>731924 diva, these shots are heavily filtered
>>731952 she's not a diva
>>731931 the only reason shes pushed is because shes korean, the foreign visuals mog by far
>>731513 why do their derms let them leave their offices like this
>>731924 her cheek fillers actually piss me off because of how bad they are. i'm sure she'd look good without them but she wants to keep her cute/fruit image and keepings stuffing her cheeks
>>732016 or because she can sing
>>732021 don't play dumb
i cant look at stiffhoon anymore i cant tell if its because of the nose, chin or cheek implants
>>732048 his face looks too smooth to me
>>732049 that too theres no depth or anything..he looks so uncanny and the blond hair made it worse
>>729181 that wasn't my question, i would've burst out laughing if i saw that
>>732048 i havent seen that many pics but it looks like possible pillowface from fillers, if its not weight gain and he happens to carry extra weight in his face easily. some people can have their face structure continue to grow outwards until their early 20s, so i wonder if its a combination of less than ideal widening of face structure combined with too much filler. but most likely due to how easy it is, its the fillers
(1008.52 KB 1470x1260 hmm.png)
>>735350 looks like a mess but could be the angle
>>732048 there’s something about his facial structure that makes me a bit uncomfortable. but like the other nona said he’s too smooth
>>735350 at least it looks good from the front
(224.24 KB 520x832 file.jpg)
how did sana manage to change the shape of her face from this? what kind of procedure?
(139.68 KB 625x512 file.jpg)
>>735643 her cheekbones don't stick out as severely anymore
>>735643 maybe cheekbone reduction?
>>735350 can you at least post a picture with more than 5 pixels?
>>735643 i dont know but this is a great face shape, why would she change it
>>735643 cheekbone reduction + chin filler + changing veneers to a more natural size + subtle lip filler
>>735647 the more oval look is seen as more ideal in korea, and its a commonly seen desire with idols to narrow in their faces
>>735660 Kek longer narrower faces don’t age as well as rounder faces.
>>735661 yeah but idols are often thinking about what could make them more popular during their careers, so theres many willing to make the trade
>>735644 new nose, eyes, cheeks, jaw, teeth and ana
>>728414 stiff as a rock
>>736411 kek this is like before and after having sex. can't see much difference besides that perverted look in her eyes
>>736414 excuse me? is this a moidpost
>>736411 she looks good
whole new face
>>736414 its an eye corners surgery kek what are you talking about
>>736425 how did she end up looking worse
>>736425 heol she looks bad... maybe it will look better with time
>>736425 squid was already pretty but the nosejob did wonders she looks amazing
>>736425 it's sad that the hate comments about her looks affected her so much she had to change her face to this point. she was so pretty to me but the ps looks unnatural
>>736436 >>736437 she doesn’t look that bad it’s not like she’s unrecognisable
>>736439 2 nose jobs so far
ryujin is going down the same path, ana and botched * sad *
>>736449 she is nona kek
>>736463 i feel like she’s lost what made her unique
>>736463 this is the worst
>>736463 i think thats just losing weight
>>736466 i agree with you, but who made them do this?
>>736478 why do you guys always assume there's a person behind it as if someone held a gun to their heads? idols wants to be "pretty" so they do whatever they do to become prettier. in sk it means being thin.
>>736478 momo mentioned that she felt like she should be dieting because the new idols are so skinny. she decided not to, but most idols probably feel the same way
“thinspo” is very popular in asia, especially in china. in the west a lot of thinspo sites and blogs have been shut down (or forced to go underground) and apps such as tiktok are now heavily moderated to find thinspo content and shut them down, but it’s the norm in sk where designer fashion is so prevalent
>>736589 i see it on xhs all the time and japanese sns, especially the japanese side of tiktok and twitter
prettier = more popularity. as an idol, they don't only have to compete with their groupmates but also the entire industry. most idols are not THE top idol, let alone the most popular in their group but they know they can get attention by improving their appearances. this is why they do it. "ugly" idols debut all the time, we just don't talk about them. until they get ps.
>>736594 ryujin was prettier when she had more weight, but everyone's forgetting itzy has anachans like yuna and chaeryeong or whoever shared how she counts calories and went viral. life with members like that will cause ryujin to slim due to peer pressure
>>736588 she is "famous" for not eating in one week but an ice cube her lips were so pale like almost white and she said she cried at night affraid to not waking up
>>736587 its an invisible gun nona, their companies made them to this, they afford surgeries and they watch their foods all the time. Rm said in one episode he was walking down the street with an ice cream and their manager saw him and said what you doing ? he hide the uce cream inside his pants pocket
>>736596 ryujin was my bias, now she looks emaniated, and even yuna said nona why are you so frail
>>736669 emaciated (sorry)
>>736411 >>736425 she's going for that sultry look instead of just widening her eyes and embracing the softness of her face. she'd look good if she did surgery to enhance her natural features as opposed to whatever buccal fat removal and other lifting/sculpting procedures she's had done. it's sad because she's already looking like those ajumma looking actresses who are noticeably botched and look older because of it. i think the best thing for her at this point is to do a zygoma reduction and then lay off the botox. she looks insanely older and more like LE from exid.
>>736755 >LE from exid shit youre right
>>736755 from her kcon videos she looked fine to me (although obviously different from her look 1 year ago) but i think i see what you mean about her features naturally being softer or more rounded and how it couldve been different if the changes were in line with that softer look. she and dr kim went in a direction that tried to add more sharpness instead
maybe its because i just drank a celsius and it always makes me feel off but im finding it so retarded when idols cut apart perfectly good facial structure that was already accepted within the bounds of idol looks. idiots
>>736896 drank a celsius?
>>736897 its a brand of energy drink. anyway, i doubt the occurrences of idols shaving down their faces when it wasnt even needed for 'the idol look' will stop happening but i hope it at least becomes lessened
>>736896 >>736898 i find it stupid too especially when to most people they look gorgeous and then go and ruin their face. i guess when you’re in that industry though you’re never good enough so they feel they have to keep changing it to keep the buzz up but a lot of the times it goes wrong
on the topic of idols fucking up their faces even though they looked pretty standard for idols. taeyeons veneers are so fucking jarring to look at. like unnecessarily big? doll-like? anyways i think shes addicted to plastic surgery
>>737125 for me it's sana and momo's veneers. genuinely scary when they smile
>>737125 i’m no expert on veneers but i think at least two of new jeans have them and i just don’t get it because they look obviously fake and these girls are so young
>>737125 veneers in general should be banned. i am yet to meet a person who looks good or better with them.
the effect of jawshaving is so scary, their face sags so much and theres not enough bone structure to hold up the skin and flesh
>>737589 how kang minkying used to look
>>737589 good luck karina
>>737589 taeyeon has that weird alien look from how she narrowed in her face but at the same time she doesnt have visible drooping or lines when her face is at rest. ig part of it is being lucky but i wonder what maintenance work can look like
>>737589 wonder what jaehyun will look like because he was a box head before he hacked his jaw off
>>737595 she gets botox
>>737592 her jaw and face fat is now in her boobs
>>737724 this isnt about ps
>>737725 but her boobs look good
>>737596 there you go
>>737724 you can never make these people happy
>>737725 queen
>>737740 jarina is my motto
saw a clip of wendy from yesterday and there is like a bulge jutting/sagging on her jawline when she talks. would that be caused by the jaw shaving or idk if it's because she had to get her jaw wired shut it kinda freaked me out a little
idk if its just me but sullyoon looks very weird there is something off about her face. i don’t understand the hype
>>737976 she’s eerily pretty to me if that makes sense like she has pretty features and does look like a doll but to me tzuyu (who also has similar features) has a more appealing face and there’s something off about sullyoons face
>>737895 saggy skin is a side effect of jaw shaves because there’s no bone to attach to but idk if it’s supposed to be bulge like that… wtf
>>737976 nta but i think the same something is off with her face i like tzuyus a lot more too although both are pretty
>>737976 it's the honker
>>737976 i think it’s the lip filler
>>737895 wendy's face has gone through so much, from surgery to fracture to reconstructive surgery. it's a wonder that she still looks human
>>737976 doesn’t she have an overbite? that might be it
(1022.65 KB 4320x2544 81651.jpg)
>>737978 https://youtube.com/shorts/tSvUbzm3kMQ sullyoon looks uncanny because she got lots of ps to look more doll-like like wony. knetz are deluded for calling her natty.
(340.03 KB 1440x2321 83ch28.jpg)
wony and sullyoons faces are becoming stiff from filler and implants, they wont be able to act like krystal who actually looks natty and unenhanced
(422.29 KB 1440x2220 2jjuyf.jpg)
>>737895 i have the same jowly bulge but i'm a natural chinlet kms
>>737990 i dont think jyp has any plans for acting since they cut their division and idols like taecyeon and wonpil left for companies that will help their acting careers, but anyway things feel like theyre sliding towards that unrealistic 2d/anime look if a company sees the potential to mold them in that way...
>>737989 her nose was so cute before jyp will pay
>>737989 i can’t find the pic now but it might’ve been earlier on this thread now but anyway there’s a press picture where she literally looks like she has a stiff face and this wasn’t long after debut so she’s definetely had something new done. a real shame because she looked really nice in her school pictures like a genuinely pretty face
(477.02 KB 1344x2048 FdVQGTVaMAE7Gk_.jpg)
>>738296 heol the ps has seriously aged her
>>738300 to me it looks like too much fillers weighing her cheeks
>>737989 Why am I even surprised Ngl I thought she was natty lmao I should know better
>>738296 will never understand why she got fillers. the face is like the last place you lose fat in with weight loss. i’m sure her face would’ve still been quite full. i would say i hope she gets them dissolved in the future but i doubt that.
>>738313 whenever you see a pretty idol you can already assume they got surgery and you'd always be correct
>>738296 what a waste it looks like she's been walking around gangnam for a decade, can she reverse the procedures? her brittle hands don't make her look better either
>>738327 because she's ana and lost her face fat. it makes sense
>>736596 i also think the fact that she naturally has more weigh in her legs made her think she's too "thick" even though the rest of her body has always looked super slim already
>>736663 point being she doesn't do that anymore
>>738327 like >>738346 said its because shes ana. rosie did the same as well
(106.00 KB 1280x720 6547547ä.jpg)
>>737138 i don't think sana has veeners? cause this looks like the remnants of braces no?
(907.79 KB 880x1368 botched_jwi.jpg)
gosh, it's painful to look at
>>738350 i wonder what her teeth looked like before
sunghoon enha got become a really strange face like giselle
>>738512 can you repeat this in english
>>738513 sunghoon (enhypen) has got a really strange face compared to before, he looks like giselle now before ps
>>738512 was discussed upthread
>>738512 he’s had something done maybe fillers but i don’t understand why he literally was born with a perfect face
>>738502 what did he look like before
>>738502 that's literally his natty nose? kek
>>738528 i don't know who this is but that's not jwi
>>738531 sunghoon enhypen
>>738523 its pretty likely to be some bad placement of too much filler. so theres a chance he will slowly deflate back to normal after months pass. but if he actively wants that much filler in his face, then...
>>738529 i'm honestly starting to think so too but it looks so fucking ugly and unnatural
>>738536 the way the sides of his nostrils hang down so much lower than his septum is very odd
>>738528 heol his face is completely different now but the same level of handsome
(178.60 KB 480x421 image.png)
why would she do this to herself
(129.91 KB 480x330 image (2).png)
why would she do this to herself
(211.68 KB 480x356 image (3).png)
>>738796 is this change pretty recent? it can take a few months for a ps change to show close to final result after the swelling so maybe theres hope if its new...
(159.17 KB 480x294 image (4).png)
>>738798 she did not need a nosejob. her new nose looks like it's trying to run away
>>738794 >>738795 >>738796 probably saw the hype chaeryeong got after her ps and decided to change something
>>738801 in her defense i think nose jobs take like a year to look like what it's supposed to look like but i agree she didn't need it, now her nose will always be greasier than the rest of her face


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