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new releases discussion & updates Anonymous 07/05/2022 (Tue) 01:21:28 No. 714034
next level 2.0 edition >The thread will be updated once monthly with a list of any notable comebacks. Feel free to discuss or mention your own groups if they’re nugu. >Post recent releases, performances, anything related. >Discuss new and upcoming releases, what did you like or not like about it? What are you hoping for? Is the concept bad? >Updates are allowed but no chart sperging or unnecessary infighting between fanbases. If someone says they didn’t like your obbars comeback don’t be butthurt.
july comebacks >4th: enhypen >5th: wjsn/winner >6th:h1-key/viviz >7th: mcnd >8th: aespa >11th: chungha >12th: super junior >13th: sf9 >15th: itzy >18th: hyolyn/seventeen >19th: stayc >29th: ateez
thanks op, relied on the thread to kind of just tell me there are releases of groups i don't follow closely so this will help a lot
this is neat thanks op!
the enhypen mini was decent but the title track was absolute shit. any of the b sides would have made a more suitable title and the hip hop concept is weird and doesn’t fit a group like that. they seem to be more of a b side group anyways so im looking forward to if they end up releasing one of these as a follow up https://youtu.be/U1VhxZYpZ0U https://youtu.be/Yn8MYn8zcII
not op but it would be cool to keep only the update monthly list on greentext, but it is just a suggestion
>>714038 disappointed in the tt because it doesnt have their signature sound
>>714041 same it just sounds like a generic 4th gen boy group track. i like almost all of their titles but this was the first miss
>>714038 i don't trust them they'll probably try to promote that shitty paradox song
jesus just use kpc
>>714045 damn near everything except music is discussed in kpc
>>714046 but it can and should be used for that end
who the fuck is asking for a super junior and winner comeback in 2022
https://youtu.be/WLLIugOGKyM wjsn teaser looks gorgeous
>>714049 sounds like it'll be a banger. hope this comeback does well
>kpc >girpop general >gaypop general cant you idiots just use one of the existing threads instead of creating new ones? don't start with the "hurr durr underage posters". they are there because you cowards refuse to occupy the land and report autistic posts. you cant create a safe space on /kpop/
>>714051 it's not that serious
>>714038 i liked this less than i thought i would. i’m glad it’s shit though >>714051 >thread just for kpop music updates >reeeee safe space unclench a bit >>714035 hype for wjsn, stayc, and hyolyn
>>714043 if so that company is full of idiots because korea doesnt want that shit when their biggest songs have been fever and poloroid love. tfw is probably the best song to release. but everyone wants to be “hip hop” now so who knows
while we’re at it let’s please discuss the itzy comeback because what the fuck is this? is this a joke i thought they were doing a classy concept https://youtu.be/WV2p8cjzuv0
>>714056 not a midzy but i find it so funny the teasers are so offensive that they think it's gotta be a prank
>>714056 it has to be some kind of ploy, i don’t understand how the change in concept could be so drastic
>>714056 maybe plans changed last minute who knows
>>714048 gookrea still likes winner apparently. fucking yg loving kmoids.
https://youtu.be/IKs_v15J6lU the h1key teaser looks and sounds good as well. reminds me of sistar
what if itzy's sneakers is not that bad but the part they teased is just a small irrelevant portion of it, and the chorus is in fact great and the overall song a banger?
>>714061 I already know I'm gonna like it
>>714062 it’d be interesting if the clip was like a fake intro or something and then they jump cut into the real song but *sigh* probably cope
>>714063 i hope they hit daebak, athtic girl was a bop and they really bring a unique and womanly vibe that is missing in kpop imo
I like this thread already, will make sure to keep it music focused
>>714065 i was pleasantly surprised by viviz first mini so im anticipating their second with high hopes
>>714065 viviz flop incoming
>>714054 >i’m glad it’s shit though why
>>714065 hype for viviz no comment about the fuggo scrotes, i’m not listening to whatever they put out anyways kek >>714113 i didn’t want a repeat of the last album meltdown. after listening to it more i do like most of it. if the demo was fully in english they should have done a better job changing it to korean. it sounds awkard at parts
stayc comeback teaser https://youtu.be/3B3OJzGClUw
https://youtu.be/z0YLZmcARRU WJSN mv has been released
>>714157 ugh i was hoping for a mini but the concept teasers are cute and very signature “stayc”
>mention your own groups if they're nugu finally a place to pity sperg about nugus! <3
>>714291 it’s not pity sperging if you genuinely think they make good shit nona
>>714272 i love the visuals and the chorus but i wish the verses were a bit more dynamic or something. it still makes me wanna get up and do a little jig though so i will playlist
>>714272 sa just listened to the b side and i think i actually prefer it. i love the 70s disco vibe of both songs though and the singing is so pretty and elegant https://youtu.be/98rb24nnEkM
>>714316 hul that was already overwhelming and it was just a teaser and not overwhelming in a good way
>>714272 justice for loona
>>714272 was expecting more from the teasers but still decent
wjsn = moid group
>>714327 kpc is that way
https://youtu.be/waMAVn2hHBM thoughts on this? kek i mean it’s winner so
>>714335 a little surprising coming from them but sounds like it'll be fun. i'll at least give it a listen
>>714333 this is just like kpc to me
>>714335 its already charting well, this is the sound popular in korea
>>714335 formulaic yg bg love song where the last chorus explodes into an anthem.
>>714157 BANGER INCOMIIIING this teaser is fucking uggo though >>714272 banger >>714314 kek i just wrote a little paragraph about how much i like this song. it’s fantastic, it starts out almost sounding like an mx song and turns into a club banger that reminds me of tove lo into the chorus. great breakup song >>714316 i don’t expect them to release good music, they along with p1harmony sound like “loud boys” to me but mcmd is the obnoxious version >>714335 i wasn’t going to ever watch or listen to this on my own but i liked the thumbnail. it was worse than i expected. they should not have been that experimental with the chorus because it sounds like shit. i turned it off before the krappers were done
>>714342 >no chartfagging
>>714344 every single trashure song is like this. it’s ridiculous
>>714342 shit is okay when it’s shat by your favorite cow
why are you posting yg scrotes?
>>714349 yedam is credited as a producer on winners title track on my spotify
>>714352 >new releases discussion & updates
>>714354 so if seungri releases a song you'll be giving publicity to it? fucking handmaidens
>>714353 it’s a good thing he left to study music then. he can finally learn to make something else
https://youtu.be/KohMmBHbOVE love these girlies for holding it down as one of the few girl groups with an elegant concept. the stage looks great
>>714360 here is the regular version https://youtu.be/f7b68sf39XQ
>>714358 kek not buying that yedam left to study, he's already producing title tracks for winner and darari, he doesn't need to be taught. its more likely that hes leaving trashure, maybe they fought, maybe he hates dancing, maybe hes too fug
>>714381 >maybe hes too fug why would that be an issue in trashure
>>714381 >>714383 >new releases discussion and updates stay on topic
>>714385 ok uh new suju is very mediocre
>>714381 agreed he definitely left for another reason
>>714349 trashure is so ugly and they don't even make good music to make up for that. sad!
>>714363 gorgeous
>>714386 wait it came out already? kek I thought it was a new release. but yeah idk how they’re still making music good for them i guess
>>714396 i'm talking about this song. they have another one, mango, on the way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMNKwGToICQ
>>714397 heol it really is mid i hate this retro trend sometimes because half of the time it’s incredibly half assed
>>714397 daebak it’s shit. i got bored by the time the first chorus was over
Updated July Comebacks: 7th: >Monsta X x Universe 27th: >TWICE (Japanese) 20th: >Ph1Harmony >XdinaryHeroes TBA >Billlie >Purple Kiss
>>714397 the song sucks and they look goofy as fuck
>>714272 love everything about this. really enjoying the dance-vibe their most recent comebacks have had and the girls are all gorgeous. >>714335 i don't hate it but that really high note in the chorus is grating. >>714397 very mid
>>714432 weirdly looking forward to xdinary heroes
>>714527 same lol let's see how they are doing after being in jyps basement for so long
staycs comeback schedule
omo sebunteen is looking slayful in their repack teaser. it sounds alright too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNpl_wV3hig 07.07 release date
>>714535 This is so cute, love the sewing theme
>>714556 i honestly hate the way this teaser sounds but we will see
https://youtu.be/vmVusTRIDdg h1key mv and single album are out
>>714669 I didn't really like run, but I loved the bside catch and release
https://youtu.be/7oGRnWulYCI viviz new release loveade
>>714670 i think it’s cute and bright and love that they’re keeping the athletic concept but i didn’t like it as much as athletic girl it’ll probably grow on me though. will have to listen to the rest later
>>714669 after listening 3 times this has the perfect bright summer vibe i needed from a group ngl so i like it a lot
>>714673 still very high and it's grating. like is this really their natural vocal range, because it totally sounds like they sing the full song in their head voice the most bearable song from the album imo is love love love and maybe #flashback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmHZWTJzZr0 also they kinda sound like a nugu girpop
https://youtu.be/z7H4ZTeVHxk wonder if jessi will join kang daniels company after leaving pnation
H1key comeback stage https://youtu.be/7mtTTAZt-mo overall really solid single album. i enjoyed every song and the b sides were good. catch n release was the most “girl crush” if you liked athletic girl and heart light was also bright. https://youtu.be/UfXPiCm2kW8
https://youtu.be/Ji4ctPMlSVI im REALLY excited for this. looks amazing
>>714719 i like it!!! it's cute, slightly slow but solid overall i'd give it a 7.2, their vocals are good in this and i'd recommend it for those whose pet peeve is high pitched cutesy vocals in cute stuff, this one doesn't have any
>>714719 catch n release sounds like a billlie song, that's probably why it's my fave
>>714721 this sounds like it’ll be amazing omo >>714766 i was hyped but this is kind of shit. it’s the kind of shit that i wouldn’t choose first out of an arrangement of songs, but it is the kind of shit that i like to hear
>>714669 run doesn't wow me but i really liked heart light (https://youtu.be/wdb5VrohYzE) >>714673 this one kinda seeks up on you, overall what i expected from viviz >>714721 banger incoming
the aespa teaser sounds good but something in me feels knowing sm they might sneak another “experimental” song like next level
>>714830 we are all hoping they do *fingers crossed*
>>714766 even the fact that i'm a svtfag can't save this. it's truly shit
>>715396 i know that this isn’t good but it’s really fun so it makes me wanna listen again kek
>>715432 ive never heard of this group before but i really liked this. they sort of remind me of mamamoo
>>715396 couldn't finish this it's that bad >>715432 this was good but the brass hitting in the chorus is kinda jarring
it would be nice if you guys put the group name and song title in the post alongside the link
>>715542 seconding
>>715542 agree
purple kiss is coming back on the 25th with geekyland https://youtube.com/watch?v=8K_assR_pMs
>>715563 why is every single 'english' piece of their branding so weird and unpleasant freaky purky, plory, geekyland, purple kiss on bloody top, it's time to fire whoever comes up with this shit
>>715580 konglish innit
>>715580 ...NONE of that was in english
>>715581 konglish isn't usually this ugly
>>715584 “high teen” is pretty ugly, imo geekyland is around there and the “purple kiss with a bloody top” slogan is the least offensive of it all
https://youtu.be/dYRITmpFbJ4 aespa-girls has been released along with the rest of the mini. thoughts?
>>715587 so much better than savage but it doesn't have as much distinction as some of their previous title tracks
>>715587 i really like this b side https://youtu.be/rxtdwssXyOs
>>715587 I liked Giselle's parts and the mv was very pretty
something else that wont happen due to better idol welfare: injured idols dancing in a cast https://youtu.be/frgGwTW2XKQ
this is the cover for the checkmate digital album. im so confused kek
https://youtu.be/LB6Zou2VhCE chung ha- “sparkling” teaser
>>716066 my theory is the mv will start with the royal concept and then turn into sneakers
>>716067 this sounds like a good song but chungha's voice is too annoying to be listenable
>>716067 somi copy
>>716066 my theory is fancy long dresses with converse or sports shoes
stayc concept teasers for 3 members have been released. these are my favorites for each so far
>>716092 if so jype is lame as hell
>>715587 i enjoyed it while watching but it doesnt have catchy parts like next level or savage did. mv i liked a lot though
>>716101 The makeup is pretty, love the stickers and sumin's eyes makeup is so pretty, i thought they gonna give that eye makeup to the other girls as well
ateez comeback trailer. this one's for the lorefags https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7Tc4sW2gho
https://youtu.be/b4cLBCLaECo itzy checkmate album spoiler
>>716524 rac3r and what i want sound like mild bangers, the rest is just itzy
>>716524 this album sounds like shit
>>716524 contender for worst album of 2022
>>716067 the entire album sounds like it's going to be fantastic imo. i loved querencia but i wasn't a big fan of a lot of the singles in-between https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwYbysPdvtQ XXXX, crazy like you, california dream, goodnight my princess, love me out loud, and Nuh-Uh sound great. i hope she promotes XXXX because it's really fucking good
chung ha new mini dropped today with the “sparkling” title track mv https://youtu.be/czvXp8hfgDw https://youtu.be/lDV5cM9YE4g
(1.13 MB 4096x2731 20220712_225209.jpg)
stayc cb group pic
>>716862 they look like bratz dolls, don't know if that's a good or a bad thing
>>716869 stayc is a midtier gg, they sound like a jyp group but dont have the budget itzy or nmixx have https://youtu.be/Rzttl2beKPY sneakers with gowns what a relief
>>717043 i meant their outfits kek. stayc has the best female to male ratio of fans, and that's the most important thing to me
>>716869 i really like the colors they chose for this concept pic and outfits, i only dislike sieun's and sumin's outfits
>>716862 i was kinda scared after the producer said they were "switching it up" but this doesn't look like girl crush thank god
https://youtu.be/I02ULETFESI super hags comeback
>>717452 [redacted] in five years
>>717454 sa opps thought this was dst. bts*
>>717452 it's not as bad as don't wait but it's not in banger territory
>>717452 their best title since black suit
stayc highlight medley https://youtu.be/k8vQ4c3890w
onlyoneof kyubin solo's teaser, based fujopanderers https://youtu.be/FCUZn47SD5E
>>717664 i love the instrumental at the beginning, it really has a little western pop feeling to it
Itzys’ Checkmate is out now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbb5GPxXF1w
sneakers sounds like classic kpop, so different from some of their other TTs. kfans will love it. ifans will hate. even though it doesn't sound very different from some campy 2nd gen songs ifans nostalgia-sperg over. it's cute and fun. my only complaint is it feels a bit like a sneaker ad.
>>717776 feels a bit weak for a title track. i prefer the bsides
>>717776 it's a song made for tiktok challenges, jyp marketed the chorus that way too
>>717687 Yeah i like the beginning part too, it sounds like something i'd hear in a coming of age movie
stayc cb teaser youtu.be/SFL9iLZ4euc
>>718659 sounds like a snoozer
>>718659 ah this is boring
stayc has dome it that way before, they put acapellas without revealing anything special about the instrumental, the teaser sounds empty on purpose so I wouldn't be quick to judge
hyolyn's new tt and mini album released today https://youtu.be/F7V8KGnVZMs
https://youtu.be/VCDWg0ljbFQ damn this bside tier
>>718949 why do they have another cb they just did hot like a month ago
>>718950 repackage title track
boa unnie x girl who won chinese produce https://youtu.be/O5ttP6YWbNc
>>719113 better is a banger in any language and the mv is so pretty
>>719285 song is so good
>>719285 i like the song
>>719285 BORING
>>719285 sadly not feeling the song. i also dislike the filter on the mv that makes it look a little washed out (or however you would describe it)
>>719285 the mv is beautiful and i really liked the instrumentals, the pan flute won me over hard
>>719285 i like it. kind of iu like
>>719285 how will people remember to play it again
>>719285 banger, glad to hear stayc girls it's going down is back
dont like lyrics that glamourise bad rships as love or beautiful and healing >yes you're a beautiful monster >you hurt me and then you heal me >love is ooh ooh love is ooh ooh
>>719285 i like this a lot. it's not super extra or all over the place but that's what makes it good
>>718946 what a waste of a beautiful voice
>>719575 wish hyolyn ≠ asshake songs, she outsings taeyeon wendy luna and most active girlpops but her concepts suck
https://youtu.be/0_1ov03tttE Ateez performance preview for their comeback “Guerrilla”
comeback stages https://youtu.be/5iE_hNI5Ul8 itzy sneakers https://youtu.be/fJOEtiU18hY aespa girls https://youtu.be/X3oxnhD2DIo chungha sparkling https://youtu.be/jeIqUQReqFs stayc beautiful monsters (showcase)
no thanks it's great but hyolyn has a lot of good solo songs regardless. this b-side (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDRlsACohqU) was pretty good even tho it's not anywhere near see sea or dally tier
>>719599 is not great*
that ateez preview sounds like a fucking banger. i keep watching it over and over
>>719871 same, i can't wait for the full song to come out
this deserves more hype https://youtu.be/0m0w1wEReOI
>>719935 cute song
>>719935 the scene where they're mirroring each other's dance is so mesmerizing
hybes new girl group predebut tracks thus far. thoughts? https://youtu.be/js1CtxSY38I https://youtu.be/utHDAR2FBxM
>>720860 i love attention. r&b is one of my favorite genres and it just feels so refreshing to listen to
>>720860 the songs are so boring
>>720860 amazing fun songs! good to go for a walk to WHENEVER IT GETS RELEASED ON SPOTIFY
>>720864 the ep drops on the 1st next month
>>720860 only listened to attention. so boring but i guess that's how ggs plan to stand out nowadays.
i love both newjeans songs
>>720964 same, so refreshing and easy to listen. and the concept is interesting too.
>>720860 lifeless
>>720992 whats the interesting concept? isnt it y2k pickme love songs about boys
keep the discussion here about the music
>>721002 there are 4 videos for hype boy and each member have their own storyline ,all mvs are connected to tell a story. even if its simple teenage love story I think its more interesting than typical mvs with no narrative.
>>721008 loona did solo mvs too, each member even had unique songs and some were bangers. hurt may be less pickme than attention and hypeboy, mhj said it is the song she likes most and decided as the first title track 3 years ago
>>721016 nta loona solo mvs were for solo song releases. it’d be nice if more groups did that though— i love when solos provide a variety of music within a single group. it’s more interesting that way
i love the hype boy mvs its like a teen movie with each girl having her own storyline
>>721002 what i like about it is that it is a simple relatable lovestory no weird universe like other grps are doing
>>721002 >pickme girls can't have crushes on guys now?
>>721145 shit is so refreshing after all the try hard music edgy video that have become the standard in kpop
New Jeans ‘Hurt’ MV https://youtu.be/tVIXY14aJms
>>721416 Another boring song
>>714035 >>714432 this month of comebacks felt like it was over to quickly. it was jam packed but i didn't find most of it to really stick with me. i'm hoping for some last minute comebacks for these final few days of july and early days of august >billlie was it this? it's really cute, but i'm glad it's not an official comeback kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueJR9ZqUJmg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNUBcpMwBxU >purkiss i'm waiting on this with high hopes
>>721516 same i was pretty underwhelmed by most comebacks this month. august will be pretty stacked so looking forward to that and purple kiss/ateez who im confident in may save this month for me especially ateez because the preview for guerrilla sounds like a banger
>>721175 >refreshing after all the try hard music edgy video stayc isnt tryhard or edgy but their cb still flopped, if newjeans sang beautiful monster itll be hyped 1000x more than any of their 3 tracks lets face it theres big 4 privilege
>>720862 attention is not r&b at all.
>>721689 alright nona
>>721689 hulkek then what is it according to you
>>721693 pop. there were many pop songs like attention in the early 00s.
>>721703 you know pop and r&b aren't mutually exclusive right
>>721705 ya and attention still isn't r&b
hype boy is great. besides that, h1key, chungha, and seventeen have had my favorite releases of the month so far. i really wanted to like wjsn’s more than i did. i’m happy it gave them some viral moments though
hype boy is so boring kek they really could only succeed in a market saturated by one type of concept/song
purple kiss - nerdy https://youtu.be/jM_1dLjqtlo it's good but it does sound like a mamamoo song
>>721889 this is pretty good. purple kiss always delivers
>>721889 this is one of those songs that makes for an amazing b side i’d wish was promoted, but i’m not too sold on it as a title. it’s really good though, i hope it’ll be a big song for them because it’s very fun. it reminds me of sunny hill
>>722130 >this is one of those songs that makes for an amazing b side i’d wish was promoted it is literally pretty psycho 2.0
kb - be free https://youtu.be/WkKU-9VnNRU a win for fujochads everywhere
nugu debut that's bringing back lovelyz/gfriend sound https://youtu.be/vsxe7foxyMU
https://youtu.be/3fTUVjrwlcQ ateez comeback teaser 2
>>723019 now this is how you do noise music. im excited
>>723079 a tad generic sounding but still nice
https://youtu.be/2HcVZm_4qAI Ateez ‘Guerilla’ MV released along with the new mini which concludes this months notable comebacks
>>722810 is this by any chance produced by yoon sang? it reminds me of his gg production so much
>>723658 as a nonatiny, I enjoyed this song a lot, as well as the rest of the mini.
August Releases >1st: NewJeans >3rd: Choi Yena >5th: BTSxSnoop Dogg >6th: SNSD >8th: Golden Child >9th: TRI.BE >16th: The Boyz >22nd: IVE >26th: TWICE Rumored/TBA: >Everglow >DIA >Blackpink >Treasure >Alice
>>723835 we will be tuning into snsd and ive and dia
>>723835 excited for golcha, tbz, twice and ive
i'm getting an arctic monkeys vibe here https://youtu.be/Rhy7_Y15FrI jackson wang - cruel
>>723864 song:3 singing:1 video:5 whoever does jackson's videos is so good. a lot of these kpop groups and soloists that usually churn out forgettable vids should hire jackson's video directors, if they can afford it.
>>723868 oh and by song i meant how its produced
>>723864 even if i dont end up playlisting a jackson song im always willing to watch his mvs, he has several great videos
>>723864 the song is just okay but the choreography and the music video is very good. dude really needs a better music team or something
nabillera (slay) nana nabillera (slay)
https://youtu.be/MYEGV6JBFgQ Yema highlight medley
>>724032 everything sounds cute and good, i’m excited. i love her different headphones
>>723864 his new music is good. his music video production is great too, i’m impressed
>>724032 they butchered her voice, don’t think this release will be as good as the smiley ep
>>714034 bp comeback! august - pre-release single september - album release october - world tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxs0RHpT_Hg
>>724183 album anme is 'born pink' kek
>>724183 any nonas planning to go see them? really hoping they'll have dates in november or december
idk how anyone is excited about bp comeback all of their songs sound the same
>>724187 id go if they were in my city
>>724187 if they come to my country i can’t miss it
>>724187 i definitely will try
>>724188 because they like their music despite that nona
>>724188 because people like that sound + consistency
>>724187 if they come to my city i'd go >>724188 i'm always praying for something fun like aaiyl or whistle
coochie mv https://youtu.be/VOmIplFAGeg talk about pedobaiting
>>724323 eh....
>>724323 didnt watch the whole thing because this group give me creeps but i listened to the song and its so boring and uninspiring
>>724323 heol there is only one thing cookie could be a metaphor for
>>724327 not just saying from the title btw, but from the full song's lyrics
>>724323 even the pedos in mukpg are freaked out lmao
>>724323 ick, this made me so uncomfortable. i didn’t care to watch the mv and instead listened to most of it, but knowing what they’re saying with what i’m guessing are the english demo lyrics for the subtitles makes it even worse
>>724323 listened to this on spotify and it just sounds creepy as fuck without translation
>>724323 another side is saying the song is actually about a cute crush (and that is what koreans are interpreting it as) & the english translation was done poorly
yeah i don't believe this kek, it's giving taeyeon didn't actually say alicia keys was pretty for a black girl
telling a boy to look at my cookie is very innocent how dare you assume weird intentions
>>724350 >english translation was done poorly those are clearly the original english lyrics though. they even keep the rhyme scheme and everything. why would translators make an effort to do that and risk mistranslation accusations when it doesn’t line up with the actual lyrics 1:1?
(282.31 KB 903x773 trnsla.PNG)
>>724353 samefag, its trending on theqoo for its cute & childish lyrics. https://twitter.com/haeyobbi/status/1554076651218415617?s=20&t=radQ7dKYTHvPWKh2RH1Kpg
I don’t mind talking about the newjeans song but if you’re going to go any further please use the girlpop or kpc thread
>>724360 simply because the kpop fanbase in korea isn't filled with 27 year old femcels
>>724351 >it’s literally an innocent love song about a euphemism for a vagina this might be believable of mine heejin wasn’t so creepy
>>724323 my first impression of this song and the lyrics are that it sounds like something that was written for a wpop artist (like sza or something?) and translated into korean like a lot of kpop songs are. i definitely see what people are talking about with the lyrics being questionable and sounding like innuendo. also I really am not a fan of the MV, considering hybe boy and attention i was expecting something a bit more visually exciting and it just looks like an sm box MV to me kek. cute song but definitely would’ve been better for an older group or written differently. 8/10
>>724375 >>724419 >>724447 let's take it outside unnies >>710502
>>724323 same snoozer sound/vibes as their previous songs, sad.
>>724036 agreed, lmly and 100 ways were my favorites, thank god he let rapping go
>>722810 this one's nice, a buddy friend of mine recommended it and i see why she did. will definitely check out their whole mini
>>722810 this is really nice. i missed the gfriend sound
>>722810 this is good, i hope they can at least sell enough for comebacks
>>724520 they sold over 7k in less than a week which is amazing for nugus from an unknown company. the song also charted
>>722810 a little bit too early to be cashing in gen 3 nostalgia by making the exact same music
>>724532 well that really is the gfriend spirit, they said that about their debut cashing in on gen 2 nostalgia by ripping off into the new world, kek
https://youtu.be/5ncp-_GXBsU Yena Smartphone MV
https://youtu.be/NgsjLm-GSh0 SNSD Comeback Teaser https://youtu.be/MF8ZMrFP4A8 BTS Collab snippet
https://youtu.be/zhPenTWHjv4 TRI.BE concept video https://youtu.be/NSlsRnxuoqc TBZ comeback trailer
>>725210 eh it's ok but i like smiley better
>>722810 its too early for 3rd gen nostalgia sounds outdated
>>725212 >snsd sampling itnw ohhhh its gonna be good
>>725210 daebak it sounds like avril lavinge
>>725210 song production:2 vocals:2 video:2.5 just mid af
>>722810 hul? this is fantastic. it reminds me of dia, nature, lovelyz and gfriend. one of those girlies looks like sheep, and another looks like umji >>725212 >forever 1 not a fan of what they're attempting with the title, it doesn't sound bad though >bad decisions this sounds like sugar by maroon 5 >>725213 >tri.be concept they seem to release the same type of thing every time >tbz trailer ethereal. i hope the song is as dramatic as the teaser
>>725210 i love this
>>725210 love the concept but what happened to her voice?
>>723667 i know that literally no one cares kek but i went to check and apparently they’re under the same company as yoonsang, who wrote and produced a big chunk of lovelyz’s music including ah choo,i hope he ends up producing for them too because i love that sound
(391.40 KB 1366x2048 smartphone 3.jpg)
>>725210 despite everything i say this is the highlight of my fucking day. 9.4/10 >visuals i love the outfits, i love her style so much it's unreal. she would be my conceptual icon from 2003-2009. she does so well at successfully calling to this type of nostalgia, from the sets to the outfits. the lip filler looks better than the thumbnail would make you think. that being said, this mv fell short at times. the part where it's obviously supposed to be her as a dress up doll were underutilized and poorly executed. the red outfit looks like a nickelodeon show making a kpop idol outfit. it's still cute, just too jojo siwa. they should have put more visual effects in the mv >story the storyline is also hard to follow. she's supposed to be a gamer who takes vengeance against her enemies, and enjoy hanging out with her online friends? she has little figurines of them in her room as well. why she's fighting other players and engaging in PKs, i don't know. they lose the plot a bit with this mv. it's also called smartphone, and it's about(?) being able to escape and reach out to people with your device, but she does way too much pc gaming. i'm not a fan >lyrics they're hard to follow too. some parts she's talking to her enemies ("I'm a princess") others she's talking to herself, and again to her friends, and again to a lover. but they don't make it clear which lines are necessarily for who. it's too much to put in one song imo. but i really love the chorus. i think this song had a lot of potential >the song itself sounds just like smiley and i love it >ranking the rest of the album >make you smile 8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxcwHvkrkcs >with or without 5.6 ~ 9/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOQgm0lQGiY >lemon-aid 9.8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS_HWP5D8gA >u 9/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEgz810Sg78
>>725302 >what happened to her voice? are you talking about the scratchiness? >>725303 that's pretty cool. thanks for sharing nona
>>725304 based ducksis
(391.68 KB 1280x1280 49585863201bc74c1a229b48c35ec69f.jpg)
>>725306 here's to many more bangers in the future unnie
>>725305 not sure, her voice just sounds different than i remembered
>>725305 the problem with her voice is that she keeps doing a baby voice
>>725313 i kinda get what you mean. when i don't feel it much in smartphone but in withorwithout some parts sounded unrecognisable to me and i'm very familiar with yena's voice >>725320 also this
>>725210 reminds me of 2016/2017 laboum but not as good
so smartphone's bitrate is shit or whoever mastered it was drunk or has a bad ear. the amount of clipping is horrendous.
>>725486 can you elab /knows jackshit about music
>>725487 if you listen to it on spotify, it has that crackling sound on beat to a bass-y synth and also the kick in the chorus. clipping happens when the elements of the track are too loud when played together and it isn't mastered well.
>>725486 is it just on music platforms or on youtube as well? i didn't notice it when watching
>>725490 it has nothing to do with the platform, it's the people in the studio who produced it. it's on yt as well but it's less noticeable because yt audio quality is worse.
https://youtu.be/DAEK5GrLb_Y https://youtu.be/J0bFfJSlU_0 NewJeans debut stages (So we don’t veer this thread off topic please only discuss the RELEASE and the STAGE nonas)
>>725510 nobody stands out in this group. they all blend in one another. especially vocally.
>>725510 theirs songs aren't good enough to motivate me watching their perfs
>>725615 they're the only 4th gen group where i like every single song of theirs. i know it's early, but still. as creepy as she is, mhj is smart for making sure the girls like their own songs. so i don't think they'll have a song that's bad or that they hate performing in the future.
>>725510 i sleep its really not my style musically, i can see some quality but not really any spark maybe its just me
>>725510 they're good performers imo, they have a lot of energy especially the aussies
>>725664 it's good as an anniversary song for fans i guees. the whole album is better.
the only kwangya song on the album being the one written by soofany is hilarious to me https://youtu.be/VLASE_wO3F8 (snsd - villain) this b side is my favourite though: https://youtu.be/fa4Y9t1Nsw8 (snsd - closer)
kekler japanese debut ‘Wing Wing’ https://youtu.be/eK4i2oN8jCk
https://youtu.be/BGNkkVrJZks BTS Snoop Dogg Collab
https://youtu.be/IG1GIaNRFb8 Yena comeback stage
>>725730 good song, cute but not anything amazing not that id expect that from a japanese debut tbh
>>725733 very generic western pandering song but its better than butter at least
>>725730 >>725664 both suck
(104.61 KB 1080x1620 FZkRXLFaUAAAY9h.jpg)
>>714034 BLACKPINK single 'pink venom' aug 19 pre-save https://blackpink.lnk.to/PINKVENOMPreSave
>pink venom kinda like black mamba
>>726155 forced reach and keep this stupid shit in kcrit or gg general where it belongs
https://youtu.be/qa9PSlGkY_s new golden child cb - replay
>>726375 pretty good
>>726377 i like it too, i think it might be on the level of their peak wannabe-without you-lucid dream trilogy. but this song mightve been better used to give drippin some momentum as a group, when woollim already watched golcha rise and fall twice
>>726156 it is a bit funny considering sm has a pink in my blood channel for fan videos
https://youtu.be/mH79f8BohGI Twice release trailer
>>726510 the aesthetic reminds me of a mix of aespa and newjeans but obviously it’s still very “twice” and they have their own unique style
>>726375 video:1 vocals:3 song production:2.5
>>726512 >1/10 >3/10 >2.5/10
>>726510 i find y2k nostalgic but it's so overdone. at least jyp creative teams can execute concepts very well
>>726797 >at least jyp creative teams can execute concepts very well sneakers is proof of this
ive concept photos
>>726843 the song generic. the music video transports me back to a time when three minutes and thirteen seconds would spawn a billion aesthetic tumblr gifsets.
>>726840 i seriously think companies/stylists give idols horrible dye jobs to sabotage them. who the fuck thought gaeul would look good with blonde?
(1.27 MB 3072x3072 FZufEY7aAAIrK1X.jpg)
august is saved
>>726849 she and many would look better with dark eyebrows but for some reason koreans think that is weird
(1.51 MB 2730x4096 FZzcxr6VUAA92cp.jpg)
(48.19 KB 453x680 FZzcv86VsAEJRe4.jpg)
(40.54 KB 680x442 FZzcqAfUYAEXLTG.jpg)
(541.66 KB 1080x1620 FZztjPtVQAIV04W.jpg)
>>727022 aren't these the how you like that teasers?
>>727022 the title posters are always a bit meh
>>727022 hylt 2.0 but i would not consider that something bad. they are just sticking to what they always do and works.
(64.29 KB 969x604 FZ4ldteVEAEA-yQ.jpg)
>>714034 i love how their teasers remind me of fashion / perfume commercials
(70.58 KB 1061x604 FZ4ndD2UUAIG4k1.jpg)
(63.07 KB 906x604 FZ4nevZVUAAziMk.jpg)
>>726843 vocals:2/5 video:1/5 song:3/5
>>726839 >>726840 i know one of the three girls with brown hair is yunjin but they seriously all look the same
leeseo ive concept photo
>>727664 gaeul
https://youtu.be/UTCC8k6KwnQ Blackpink MV teaser
https://youtu.be/pYRSY1Kv3YY The Boys Whisper MV
>>728440 video:2.5/5 vocals:2/5 song production:4/5
>>726379 maybe, they could use a listenable song, and i don't even know anything about them kek
>>729104 its shit but it will be stuck in my head so
>>729104 girl what did you upload this isn’t the MV
https://youtu.be/gQlMMD8auMs ACTUAL blackpink- pink venom m/v
>>729106 I was in the premiere livestream so maybe that’s why it’s weird.
>>729108 it's very blackpink. the teaser got me slightly hyped but the whole song is kinda shit. hope the title is better but i don't really have any expectations, just glad they're making more songs
>>729108 unfortunately very ear wormy much like icecream was for me so i like it
>>714034 after like tiktok snippet https://youtu.be/tJ5D09hKhdc
>>730069 idk what to think judging by the snippet it sounded eh but i hope it’s good
>>730069 eh…the teaser bit gave me high hopes not that impressed by this, i still like it though will wait for the song to be released
>>730069 >>730082 after like sounds like a 90s anime song i like it
>>730083 they’re straight up getting some of the best songs available every time
>>730083 my satisfaction sounds like a banger
>>730222 word. starship ggs usually have bangers so if wjsn discography is anything to go off of im pretty confident
>>714034 IVE - my satisfaction (don’t like this one tbh) https://youtu.be/K_ONXvktaIY
>>714034 IVE - After Like Music Video https://youtu.be/F0B7HDiY-10
im not seeing what nonas are seeing. after like is mid
>>730396 It’s bad. It sounds like a shitty song from a nugu gg from 2012 or something. Except this one has an expensive sample.
>>730386 i think it's nice but not as good as their previous tt's.
ive songs sound very basic to me but thats what was missing in kpop so it works
>>730386 the mv is kinda bad and the choreo seems boring
omo why are they not letting liz sing in the chorus
hybe managed to make ssera look like a groups of equals. starship needs to take notes because this way they wont last long
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=85&v=C5VsSb5rLVM&feature=emb_title twice highlight medley the girls heavy took part in the lyrics writing, also slow rabbit produced for jyp?!
>>730446 sa i'm curious about brave, gone and a little about queen of hearts
>>730410 this is exactly how I feel. it's a nice normal dance song? rather than doing experimental noise music
>>730396 i think the song wasn't bad but the original teaser for it sounded better than the actual song for whatever reason
>>730386 ives first miss im afraid
>>730386 >main vocal gets the least line fuck starship, leeseo shouldn't be singing that much
gaeul’s attempt at rapping ruined the song they should go back to not giving her any lines
i get sse is giving lines based on who should get the most screentime but jesus its cruel to be the main vocalist and best singer of the group and get among the least lines for a title
after like is kinda catchy but also forgettable at the same time its definitely their weakest the bside is horrible
>>730503 i think it's still catchy imo but the chorus would be even better if it was more upbeat/vocal heavy to match the insane instrumentals.
>>730503 my main gripe is how weak the vocal parts are. they should have committed and made it all autotuned for the chorus and more fun and spunky. i felt really disappointed when i heard the “you-u” line
>>730446 >talk that talk banger >queen of hearts so screechy it sounds bad >basics woowoo + superlove = banger >trouble can’t tell yet >brave kind of shit >gone iffy >when we were kids i like songs like this and it sounds beautiful
>>730516 they cant do that the girls are too scared to sing the vocals have to be easy with eleven they avoided parts in encores because they cant sing them
>>730386 my satisfaction mogs in every conceivable way
https://youtu.be/MoZaJkXv8e0 Twice Talk that talk teaser
>>730914 nothing about the teaser thrills me, which is worrying considering jyp's habit of spoiling the entire song in teasers.
>>730503 a flop imo
soty (key - another life) just dropped https://youtu.be/sK62ntZVOSA
>>730914 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6jqx9kZgPM what do we think about the full version
>>731823 i like the chorus and it invokes some of that wistfulness i got from what is love but its missing something that couldve kicked it up higher
>>731823 a fun song that doesn't really sound overbearing like some of their tt's
cant wait for bp x drake
>>731823 very fun twice sounding tt, but kind of forgettable
>>731823 wow its kinda garbage, still better than whatever scientist was
>>731823 it feels like just another song. queen of hearts sounded more like a title track
nmixx’s comeback better be nothing like whatever their debut songs were.
september comebacks >8/29: TEMPEST >8/30: Key, MamaMoo + (sub unit) >8/31: Billlie >9th: Jackson Wang >16th: Blackpink, NCT 127 >19th: NMIXX
(707.08 KB 1366x768 screenshot.jpg)
>>731823 the intro is bland and uninspired, but the song is fine. the mature lyrics are nice. their outfits here are super cute.
https://youtu.be/JOiri4g1MnE Tempest “Can’t Stop Shining” MV
https://youtu.be/PaULz538ud4 Shinee’s Key MV Teaser
https://youtu.be/qTmMHPAXLkk MamaMoo subunit teaser
>>732943 which mmm members
>>732946 it looks like moonbyul and solar (?)
>(G)I-DLE will receive the Best Singer Award and be the Opening Performance for the 49th Korean Broadcasting Awards on September 5, 3PM KST
https://youtu.be/eH8jn4W8Bqc MoonByul/Solar ‘Better’ MV
>>733126 the colour scheme of this mv is so satisfying
>>733126 this reminds me of industry baby by lil nas x. im not sure if i like it but ill see if it grows on me
>>733160 cool mv, decent song, not a huge fan of pop punk but it was enjoyable
>>733160 easily the best girlpop album of the year if i ignore the title https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nR2wdlrKiN6yQRW_HJ5Sel2DUDT9HltKs i can't even decide on a favorite
>>733160 love it hope these girlies hit daebak
https://youtu.be/kduNjTF0ldM NMIXX Concept Trailer
blackpink born pink concept photos
(72.48 KB 600x900 Fb8FW7IaQAAXCs5.jpg)
https://youtu.be/U64Z8JXKu-o NCT 127 Mood Sampler
>>734490 you could've copy pasted or took a screenshot of that
>>734541 >>734540 The saturated colors and pale skin really make them look washed out
>>734491 prepared for it to sound nothing like this
>>734540 >>734541 god they're always so fucking tacky! why is jyp like this
8 tracks…
>>734665 makes sense to make a world tour for like 30 songs, 22 of which people are fucking sick of. oh so will they do a new arrangement on them or change the notes while singing live to surprise the audience? you betcha.
>>734652 i kinda like the tacky styling tbh it reminds me of classic kpop. now we can hope the song is good…
>>734710 and jisoo is going to be singing clarity once again... well atleast i might get a new jennie rap verse for solo... kek
https://youtu.be/tct-9S4A56E Jackson Wang dropped a new song, thoughts?
>>735325 his singing voice is very grating in this tbh
>>734665 8 songs? and 2 of them are already out so we are only getting 6 new songs. i pity blinks for a 6 year group this is tacky
i really liked enhypen’s future perfect cb actually i know a lot of people don’t like it and i can see why but it’s really catchy imo
>>735500 its a fun song i dont think it’s horrible noise music but the drill influence and vocal processing was a turn off and it sounded nothing like their other title tracks i liked
>>735564 sa i actually like hip hop music though so im not one of those kpop fans who call everything hip hop or electronic “noisy” but its something that would have better suited a zzz group to me
>>735325 pretty mid overall and not as good as his other songs tbh
https://youtu.be/a-V1CFBGqNk seulgi 1st album trailer
>>735809 this looks so fucking good
>In a recent report, Yuanta Securities said, “We maintain JYP Entertainment as the most preferred in the entertainment industry and YG Entertainment as the second most preferred.” “We evaluate that both companies have the highest earnings visibility in the next four quarters (from Q3 of this year – Q2 of next year).”
https://youtu.be/U6wDswTAfY4 127 2 Baddies teaser
>>735809 this seems genuinely new and different? not at all what i expected seulgi’s solo to be like, i’m surprised in a good way
>>735809 im so excited!
>>735961 this sounds kekky
(117.66 KB 1500x1500 ryi4djy.jpg)
gidle 5th mini album I Love
>>736006 is this perhaps paganini? interesting they sampled classical music, at least it's something new from them. i hope they keep it up in the song and won't be like pink venom
>>735809 this feels like a horror film teaser, kinda creepy kek but can't wait for it
>>736150 i really hope the sample will be in the focus and not buried down with strange hiphop noises
>>736010 can't unsee someone parting their asscheeks
https://youtu.be/FRilMXZqNhA NCT 127 2 baddies MV
>>736486 i actually like it but for nct its in that middle okay area. but my opnion has flipped often for nct songs in either direction
>>736486 i like the mv at least, even if it’s like a higher budget maniac. it’s just an nct song. i would care about it if it was a b side on 2021
>>736609 a bit bland which is a shame considering the instrumental is very unique, and of course teddy couldn't help but add that stupid shouting outro. but overall impressed because their last release was so shit and tacky
>>736576 very red velvet-esque aesthetic. i'm looking forward to it
>>736609 a banger. the violin sample and the door shutting was the cherry on top of the beat for me
>>737119 those girls are so talented they’re being set up
lsfm poprock comeback it seems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqKI6R9mFU0
>>737524 this group is being sabotaged so badly
>>737524 why does jyp think this is a good route
>>737524 being a medley of different songs smashed into 3 minutes means the best parts (1:52 and 2:18) only get brief bits when they couldve been fleshed out if placed into different normal songs. they have to know it can be way too much and overwhelming to have a mashup song plus direct the girls to shout at listeners on top of it when they sing normally in song covers. so i wonder what the companys expectations and plans are for all this when nayeons solo and twices cb were typical for kpop
>>737524 old man jyp is trying too hard
>>737524 jesus that change up was terrible
>>737266 noo why. what's with hybe's obsession for rock music
pop rock/grunge/emo punk is quite trendy innit
>>737524 it's not as jarring as o.o but I like the different sections in o.o more than I like the ones here. >>737872 billlie's comeback song was good
https://youtu.be/51ouY-oDySM teaser for october kingdom cb
october releases (more TBA) >4th: treasure, seulgi, ab6ix >5th: kingdom >7th: stray kids >12th: kwon eunbi, lee chaeyeon, park jihoon >13th: kep1er >14th: wonho >17th: g-idle, lesserafim
https://youtu.be/MWAopv6J3T8 treasure cb teaser
https://youtu.be/sovi0-ZLs8I seulgi mood sampler
https://youtu.be/eR9L0op0YLo skz track mashup video
(124.40 KB 800x1200 20220909988.jpg)
mamamoo comeback announcement
>>738607 >>738610 >>738709 really hyped for these
can't believe you forgot about exid https://youtu.be/IeZAp7tajTI
>>737524 Lily‘s definitely talented but I just don’t enjoy how her voice sounds when she’s singing higher notes
>>739410 boring as shit. i expected so much better than this
https://youtu.be/FeaAECiYD3U Seulgi 28 reasons teaser
>>739496 i'm gonna replay the shit out of this
https://youtu.be/G_BYjnopO6U Seulgi 28 Reasosn Mv
(1.23 MB 1800x1200 bmFBjXZ.jpg)
>>739732 better than expected but every bside was better than this
>>739732 mid, how's the rest of the mini nonas? any standouts?
>>739917 its good. try dead man runnin and los angeles
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMD09SncO9k up10tion somehow still exists
https://youtu.be/jYSlpC6Ud2A Stray Kids CASE 143 MV
>>739732 a bit of a snoozer i expected more
>>740088 i feel like this is the most “bright” skz song ive heard so far. i like the prechorus chorus and i think the rest might grow on me but that beeping noise in the beat is a bit grating
>>740088 the song is messy but i like it more than past tts
baekho teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI5ncyhcwig this might be okay
>kekler album spoiler https://youtu.be/yF0vksPQc2A >mv teaser https://youtu.be/f2fTeYozq8M this sounds like it’s going to be their worst song, daebak. downtown is going to be the best song on the mini i think. i’m bored of these charles jeffrey loverboy hats. the album cover looks cool, a little boring but cool
>>740591 the last song sounds the best. i like x file too
https://youtu.be/gKwXG4Cpgw0 le sserafim MV teaser
(802.42 KB 2046x1871 IMG_20221014_043953.jpg)
https://youtu.be/jKrJBVLnRiM dreamcatcher - vision
https://youtu.be/pyf8cbqyfPs Le Sserafim- Antifragile Mv
>>741098 someone get soyeon an english tutor
>>741098 christ soyeon. should've recorded maze without soojin and film a mv to that instead of this hot garbage that is nxde which is a first in your career. that's your worst song to date. also your english both grammar wise and pronunciation wise is a crime. STOP trying to be jennie. also i don't get cube. don't you LISTEN what she came up with?
>>741098 FFS I can't stand Soyeon anymore, her whiny, nasal voice, her engrish and just... her fucking face overall. I don't want to be mean but yeah. Also the song is shit. I guess it's supposed to be eMpOwERiNg but why does it feels so empty? Am I missing something? Only good thing about this was Shuhua who looks amazing.
>>741098 love the concept the girls are so stunning but everything since tomboy has been consistently ass, engrish in fourth gen era is just cringe
i will never understand people ripping into soyeon so viciously while uplifting shuhua. at least she did something... if you hate her, then you need to listen to another group because everything about gidle is made by her.
>>741121 shuhua's only job is looking pretty and she delivered, soyeon keeps making weird songs
>>741112 cube made clc and lightsum flop and ruined pentagon so maybe being hands off with gidle is the best thing for them
>>741121 girl, nobody here listens to gidle kek
i liked nxde more than tomboy on first listen and appreciated the mv's aesthetic, as well as the fact shuhua actually does something
standards are so low for shuhua, the pity is crazy. idk why people are so desperate for her to prove herself when she has shown no signs of merit, ever
nxde is pretty, i love the burlesque concept, the song grew on me a lot, the girls are so beautiful, i love love yuqi's vocal tone highlight. and i don't mind the weird english, their songs aren't made for an english-speaking audience, i think it's rather charming that an esl is expressing her thoughts awkwardly and badly worded, adds to authenticity :) soyeon is so talented and artistic. so far her only truly bad song was dumdi dumdi. wishing the best for the gidle girlies
i just think soyeon is retarded if she thought anyone was expecting gidle to actually go nude
>>741121 not everything. also we can criticize however we want and continue to listen to them
>>741122 she improved a lot both vocal wise and dance wise, obviously she's not professional level but definitely has more charisma than other visuals in the game especially the visual girl next door cough cough
>>741149 after soojin left shuhua are the one whose fancams get the most views by far and that's not a coincidence. she took on a lot of soojin's parts and it takes hard work to be able to pull them off. we don't praise her for nothing
>>741194 no it doesn't and yes you do lol
>>741195 you're entitled to your own wrong opinion
shuhuafag is ccpfag who thinks any chinese person mogs for breathing and if you say otherwise you're an evil gook who's racist and oppressing poor little her
>>741203 shuhua is taiwanese
>>741203 don't forget to breathe while you're malding
>>741178 somehow it clicked for me and the chorus gets me hooked as soon as i listen to it once
>>741178 the thing is someone needs to sound check their english because this way im sure the koreans can't understand what they're trying to say either unless they look it up. and that's a problem
>>741203 i actually don't care about an idol's nationality
>>741239 she wasn't talking about you you buffoon. why does every clown that likes c-ent think they're THE ccpfag that everyone refers to
i thought we were talking about comebacks and we were all going to avoid infighting
>>741238 i don't think koreans give a shit about english lyrics lol. it's in english so it sounds cool, what it says is not really important.
>>741241 gidlefags always at the scene of the crime
teaser for new viviz universe song coming out https://youtu.be/oD9Bvl6h5mw
https://youtu.be/0cZ7o0Wn_dc jaden jeongs new group triple s released a song
>>742000 i know this is a total NewJeans copy but i still love it
>>742001 nice he looks good. did chris martin sing too?
>>742001 soy boy music. horrendous.
AAA access complete album >access (intro) https://youtube.com/shorts/DNz04FI4uT8 it's just a snippet of generation's instrumental. it's good though, i love the guitar. 10/10 >generation - title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpLM6eLLnN4 i like it. it's simple, but enjoyable. 9/10 >charla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_frlgwy16DA my favorite off the album. i hope this and or the next unit puts out more pop rnb inspired tracks. 9/10 >rolex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDA6UTE7ntQ a song with a more recognizable identity off the album, reminds me of yyxy. 7/10 >dimension AAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkQq0VWsMek i think this song is going to be remade or remixed by upcoming units. could easily be an OEC song too. the voices are a little too quiet. the guitar and everything else towards the end is great, but too short 8/10 >+82 outro https://youtube.com/shorts/lH6ZnRjvu5s 10/10
>>742017 i think all these songs are bad
https://youtu.be/cfgZIbcKF04 this bside from idle’s new album suits soyeon so good. her rapping here is so comfortable to listen to. (minnie wrote the song so that might be why).
>>742064 laid back rapping is easier on the ear than her usual whiny grating one
November comeback list >1st: DRIPPING >2nd: Nature >4th: xdinary heroes >11th: AleXa >16th: JustB
viviz - rum pum pum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJIDqwvg2yo&t=239s the universe sponsores mv is finally out for the public. the girls look very pretty in the video, i enjoyed the song, very good for a universe release, but honestly it's your usual kpop song
>>742449 did they have a collective meeting to only let nugus have a comeback in nov
(133.72 KB 1200x1200 Fg46eYMaUAALdci.jpg)
>>742449 >28th: Red Velvet 'The ReVe Festival 2022 - Birthday'
>>742772 another y2k concept? i thought we moved on from those
>>742449 exo chen and omg yooa are both releasing on nov 14
yooa dropped some prelease song and damn, i cant wait to hear the rest of the album lay low - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFf9ifk0lB4 melody - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWnb7Z3Ml4k
(376.68 KB 2000x3000 Fg9Ghf6agAAItzo.jpg)
new nature is as good as you could have expected it to be based on teaser https://youtu.be/bEwIlxtw9w4
>>742963 poor girlies this is unlistenable
>>742963 'girls' was so good... and now this?
>>742963 i think it bangs
https://youtu.be/B8fqpRIQZ5M xdinary heroes - hair cut
>>743259 wait this bangs?
>MAMA Awards has announced that the ceremony will be held in the United States within 3 years.
>>743649 >Mnet Asian Music Awards
>>743650 well this year they officially renamed it to "MAMA Awards", maybe for that purpose >Director Kim Hyun-soo (head of CJ ENM's music content division) said, "We are planning and preparing to hold it offline in the United States within three years. A lot of fans around the world are voting in the WORLDWIDE FANS' CHOICE category this year, and so many people are participating in the vote in the U.S making it into the top five region"
MAMA Awards 2022 final lineups >november 29 : BIBI, DKZ, Forestella, Hyolyn, JO1, Kara, Kep1er, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, Stray Kids, Street Man Fighter dance crews, TXT | Collab stage : "Rookie Girl Groups" IVE x Kep1er x NMIXX x LE SSERAFIM x NewJeans >november 30 : ENHYPEN, (G)I-DLE, INI, ITZY, IVE, j-hope, Lim Young Woong, NewJeans, NiziU, TREASURE, Zico | Collab stages : (G)I-DLE x Jaurim / Jung Jae-il x Tiger JK x 3RACHA
>>743651 makes sense, they've probably come to recognize that doing a sort of kcon-esque show is going to be far more profitable than what they have going on now
aleXas new song is actually really good https://youtu.be/izc8IKVjPCA
new girl group debut (fifty fifty) https://youtu.be/XCikSpjR1ic higher https://youtu.be/4PnFuEbzxos lovin me
>>743818 sort of reminds of early loona or gfriend. hope they do well
https://youtu.be/KbIO_VqP0Nw itzy cheshire teaser clips
(1.34 MB 2250x2250 Fih83U4UUAARnyg.jpg)
>>744356 only kara is worth tuning into here
>>744399 i’m looking forward to itzy and lesserafim too, both good performers
>>744356 bibi has really grown
https://youtu.be/Ut1OzEVUiM4 red velvet- birthday
>>744547 i've listened to this twenty times and i still can't remember what it sounds like. ZOOM on the other hand https://youtu.be/6WCiPEH6Cak
(248.63 KB 1200x1699 kbsgayo.jpg)
y2k theme lineup >KOYOTE, BoA, Kim Woo Seok, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, PENTAGON, THE BOYZ, fromis_9, Forestella, Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, ATEEZ, YENA, ONEUS, ITZY, TXT, STAYC, aespa, ENHYPEN, IVE, Kep1er, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans
>>744591 this is a really good lineup. they got every relevant 4th gen boy group, most of the ggs and good soloists to boot.


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