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(806.58 KB 1200x1600 117400925449634.jpg)
wanna one thread Anonymous 02/09/2021 (Tue) 13:24:07 No. 70717
kang daniel and friends (2017-2019)
what they've been up to: >jisung got back from the military >sungwoon, seongwu, jaehwan, daniel, jihoon do solo work >minhyun is with nu'est >woojin and daehwi are with ab6ix >jinyoung is with cix >kuanlin acting in chinese dramas
(144.40 KB 736x981 wannaone.jpg)
i miss them
okay let's get to the point: spamming daniel
(113.57 KB 1200x1200 1100585312.jpg)
(421.37 KB 1649x2048 b47c3883345b1e19c30210c167213ade.jpg)
(118.77 KB 1080x1350 11019049821.jpg)
(100.20 KB 973x1200 D_CTEdjUwAEItOW.jpg)
(103.83 KB 800x1200 original.jpg)
(357.24 KB 1400x1952 7e4e49280b42ac7460180a8ec77db6e5.jpg)
(84.09 KB 630x950 1809343_xx2_630x950.jpg)
nice fit
(91.90 KB 675x900 1809344_xx2_675x900.jpg)
(329.23 KB 1334x2000 de73046b2ca6ecd1ec79cc1641f2bb1c.jpg)
(173.39 KB 966x1200 DeO-P2dV0AAQp0E.jpg)
(117.71 KB 1000x1500 00338948d43f8b1a0cebbcc4b5a443ab.jpg)
(122.81 KB 1000x1500 c33d45de8b00bed08c3b71a6c35c5b0c.jpg)
(138.82 KB 1000x1500 b6fc69d632b96d391e30601012bf5cf5.jpg)
(135.72 KB 1000x1500 655887e2d0d4e5f9d45f4f507b0a830d.jpg)
(179.67 KB 1000x1500 c587ddac9d24698e6b454fa48f1b1957.jpg)
(338.10 KB 2048x1364 EsqmZraXIAI0LFM.jpg)
(341.38 KB 1364x2048 EsqmZreW8AE0Fsl.jpg)
(344.62 KB 2048x1364 EsqmZrYWMAU-BtN.jpg)
(212.83 KB 1200x793 EbFYW14VAAADmEP.jpg)
(86.87 KB 602x780 EkqIQyQVMAAgOEZ.jpg)
he's kinda uggo tbh fam
(203.55 KB 960x1200 Efct07GWAAEd9ka.jpg)
>>70748 blasphemy
(88.12 KB 799x1200 DLLsqxEVYAA4xBk.jpg)
(103.31 KB 632x1024 Dmp8NDiU4AAmeZN.jpg)
(238.20 KB 1500x2027 DRoVH-1W0AEG5w5.jpg)
(142.84 KB 1500x2035 DRoVH-vWAAAdp3i.jpg)
(214.34 KB 1500x2039 DRoVH-zX0AALkHH.jpg)
are u just gonna spam 1 member
(238.97 KB 1493x2047 DRoVIIlX4AIu4Gt.jpg)
(224.49 KB 1477x2048 DRrFIleXUAEGTQD.jpg)
(248.15 KB 1485x2048 DRrFIloW0AA1X3S.jpg)
(146.75 KB 1391x2048 DRrFIluW0AcQD9P.jpg)
(111.86 KB 1500x1122 DRvUW9hWkAAMrmp.jpg)
(119.08 KB 1500x1928 DRvUW9iXUAANhIt.jpg)
(186.54 KB 1500x1986 DRvUXZ-X0AEruCt.jpg)
(70.40 KB 718x1024 DRxZvMIX4AAriY-.jpg)
(66.76 KB 802x1024 DRxZvNnXUAAcdHP.jpg)
(100.65 KB 900x1200 DtkaM4rUcAA-EdU.jpg)
>>70757 i love dan but no
(124.85 KB 900x1200 DZbi7W-VAAE2vIe.jpg)
(289.12 KB 1078x1400 style_5ee9cb7b77c0b.jpg)
(702.80 KB 750x974 style_5ee63884e3f05.jpg)
(178.86 KB 1000x1299 Kang-Daniel-10.jpg)
(230.56 KB 1000x1500 1570689085-105.jpg)
daniel's "paranoia" will be out next week... 210216
(1.43 MB 3072x4096 EtwLDNMUYAUUBkt.jpg)
from paranoia
(1.60 MB 3072x4096 EtwLDNNVEAA5kXK.jpg)
(1.43 MB 3072x4096 EtwLDNNVIAcOoxK.jpg)
강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) - ‘PARANOIA’ Comeback Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53gkrU-Vjxo
lol thanks for this thread danielfag. i was thinking of making an ab6ix thread because i love daehwi but they're too nugu kek
>>70717 daniel gives me fuckboy vibes
>>71398 he's been in a long term relationship for over a year though
>>71403 do you mean jihyo? they broke up awhile ago
>>71403 yeah that's not an indicator of not being a fuckboy
i like ong a lot
he seems like the kind of guy i'd have a crush on irl
he was pretty cute pre debut as well
dropping in to say energetic is the best boy group song maybe ever
>>71478 based
>>71483 hui should've kept it for pentagon kek
>>71483 I prefer Boomerang kek
(195.54 KB 900x600 EuVkkjMVEAUv38Z.jpg)
daniel's mv paranoia is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLrWIgkvoB0
(839.95 KB 1350x827 EuVlYypVIAUyHBd.jpg)
>>83776 i love both the song and the music video. i had high expectations and he never disappoints
>>71667 word but it wouldn't be as well-received
>>83776 got this in a youtube ad and stayed through the whole mv, very good. i've never heard his songs before. has taemin vibes
(122.18 KB EUldeyKUMAY0xoe.jpg)
(159.88 KB EUldf5nUMAExZ6S.jpg)
(73.94 KB Eh49MLOVgAApdkw.jpg)
(178.70 KB ETfnm0aWsAAdcDX.jpg)
(177.60 KB ETfnm0eXkAAwwHr.jpg)
(154.10 KB EMEV1gzU8AQRyQF.jpg)
(154.90 KB EMEV24XU4AEGpMQ.jpg)
(181.09 KB EU1dLYcXsAUpw0P.jpg)
(140.31 KB EU1c32EWAAEibWS.jpg)
(136.54 KB EU1c32FXQAIjq_I.jpg)
(195.26 KB 1024x512 26T115327.png)
(181.54 KB 1024x512 24T131806.png)
(82.88 KB 1200x801 DHecpbJXoAAvWJx.jpg)
(108.09 KB 750x1000 ETDc0U9UwAAolVU.jpg)
(280.32 KB 1080x1344 86f1860712a80e37d4ccdfd08b1c36c3.jpg)
(164.72 KB 803x1200 DJxslYdUIAEPlNC.jpg)
(613.70 KB 1080x1378 q9y5x11sohjSc7K8XC13-o.jpg)
(337.75 KB 1337x1920 924b75d8a19a471.jpg)
(223.04 KB 1600x1601 4b886176827a2df8df856b033a85c5fc.jpg)
(973.76 KB 1000x1000 04c25afe8cfcf391167c32144b829ff9.png)
(125.47 KB 1000x1500 DwPj2rRVsAAabge.jpg)
(104.05 KB 800x1200 DwPj2rSUwAAmZIf.jpg)
(122.83 KB 1000x1500 DwPj2rTV4AAeGzZ.jpg)
(109.51 KB 793x1200 ong2.jpg)
I'm not into boys group but fuck I have a massive crush on Ong
(65.36 KB 1038x1294 ong.jpg)
>>100833 based he’s very cute
(108.69 KB Dmne-6YV4AE9k9g.jpg)
(124.38 KB Dmne9J5UYAAhgb_.jpg)
(89.25 KB DmnfH_iU4AAi2vv.jpg)
(130.34 KB DdpgfnqU0AEJDEf.jpg)
(159.56 KB DdpgihHU0AICSbn.jpg)
(150.48 KB DdpglRCVwAAO-St.jpg)
(227.02 KB DtV7k_iU8AUHkBF.jpg)
(223.65 KB DtV7kz1U4AADJHC.jpg)
(727.01 KB Ew7s_K9UUAI7kPQ.jpg)
i love daehwi
(715.52 KB Ew7s_K_UYAQG5oY.jpg)
강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) - 'YELLOW' Highlight Medley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl_VnU-szYU
9 days until daniel's new mini-album
(137.82 KB Ex827ECUUAgYXeR.jpg)
(1.34 MB 4096x2730 Ex82YsqU4AE2VZH.jpg)
>>123656 you can always create an ab6ix thread,i support you fighting ~~
(263.82 KB Ey5bHqDUYAIIda5.jpg)
congratulations dan
(472.08 KB Ey20Tx7VcAMVc7I.jpg)
(487.32 KB Ey20Tx8U8AYf2dB.jpg)
(273.37 KB Ey20Tx9VIAAFJYx.jpg)
(240.69 KB Ey2ehklU4AI4vp1.jpg)
(101.54 KB Ey7e2_YXEAIlFru.jpg)
(36.87 KB Ey1_6EkVcAQFKrn.jpg)
(64.44 KB Ey7JrMSVkAArJiP.jpg)
(64.74 KB Ey7JrXsVgAEZ3rk.jpg)
(97.54 KB Ey6IQRwVkAIydw0.jpg)
(122.63 KB Ey7YNZTVUAEVFdM.jpg)
(127.46 KB Ey7YNW3VUAQ0_u_.jpg)
(250.60 KB Ey7YNX_UYAQDOvJ.jpg)
(165.71 KB yvdoh5jzews61.jpg)
(114.56 KB Ey1XCUNUcAAmoFj.jpg)
(9.22 MB 750x600 1618882039-img1.gif)
so many nonas call him ugly and say they don't understand why he won but i immediately got it, he's the most charming idol (cute and sexy), if you lack that no amount of handsomeness or talent can make up for it. even jessi got totally flustered in her interview with him lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRNCkBMTBy8
>>152002 and why would jessi be a standard of good taste exactly?
>>152002 loved this video, one of my favorite interviews from her show. he definitely deserves his success. after everything he’s been through he’s doing great now, i’m happy for him
>>152408 that's not what i was saying, passive-aggressive nona? jessi is usually the one making her guests flustered, so her getting so nervous for a man is extremely odd to look at.
i won't allow this king's thread to die!
someone must keep this thread alive
i'm so glad he's single again, i always felt sorry towards jihyo unnie for thinking unholy thoughts about her boy
miss them so much
banger such a classic gaypop sound https://youtu.be/j5zisD_Ocd4
i wish lai gun kelly would come back
>>485699 why was he not there??


no cookies?