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(805.02 KB 38343637.jpeg)
aespa general #3 Anonymous 06/10/2022 (Fri) 01:42:09 No. 706972
nu evo edition
Edited last time by REDACTED on 06/14/2022 (Tue) 17:45:16.
(249.25 KB 1440x1799 FHbpetQagAc3dou.jpg)
first for our girl ningning
(48.37 KB EwrESSfUUAsdlW5.jpg)
imma firestarter, twisted firestarter
(158.69 KB Er7dhpaVoAAOYIb.jpg)
so jealous theres a sanrio x nct collab, sm nona can we have aespa x sanrio too jebal
the girls demo sounds good, omo
the demo sounds like a kda song, im sure yyj will change it up
sm has denied that the demo was the leaked title track, welp
(365.29 KB 1655355624-1.jpeg)
superhero concept yaas
(110.60 KB FVh3xo2X0AE71yb.jpeg)
is it wrong im more excited by aespa doing heechul's street alcohol fighter than their smcu film though. they need to get drunk and spill
they're all above 21 except 2ning who's 19 but still it's cool sm let them go on heechul's drinking show
smcu episode 2 https://youtu.be/i8fRCkq5tbw just make an animated cartoon series about aespa already...
karina is a good actress, the aekarina bit tugged at my heartstrings surprisingly because it was so relatable, not gonna spoil
(2.34 MB 1280x456 ldgLuA8_f1WSSS-J.mp4)
giselle's scenes were so well maxe it actually looked like a scene from black mirror
(3.01 MB 1280x464 VjGTGlBplCCMcNSt.mp4)
from twt: black mamba is attacking each aespa member by their weaknesses >winter = rumors/gossips >ningning = critisms/hate comments >giselle = public attention/pressure >karina = insecurities
(54.76 KB 680x680 FVr-9imVUAAuX4Z.jpeg)
irene's cameo
(6.38 MB 1200x600 6c5d138e4.mp4)
gigi being the only english speaker yet letting them board the black mamba train kek. the train scene had spirited away vibes, they should make smcu a horror animation series
>>709529 what if lee soo man was personally responsible for what happened to ningning during the olympics? what if it was manufactured just for the lore?
>>709554 he caused korean and chinese speed skaters to fall over so 2ning will get cyberbullied for smcu lore? sounds about right
kek cnetz are worried for the girls because the ep 2 looked expensive. well they cant be earning less than nct
>>709554 ay dios mio
>>709491 this was soo good, you can tell they invested a lot into it. >>709545 let giselle wear different pants sm free my girl
>>709568 why did that make them worried?
>>709647 everyone not just cnetz is talking about the smcu budget. imo sm should make a cartoon series and sell ædolls, it can't be cheap to produce a short film every comeback
does anyone else think it would be cool if sm made another group to insert within the lore? like a boy group that is part of black mamba or a girl group that's a rival GG with actual reasons for the rivalry? sidenote but i want them to change the ae's outfits so bad they've been wearing the same clothes for 2 fucking years now kek
(158.70 KB 1200x800 qaosvpk8qz691.jpg)
>>709877 black mamba was hijacking their aes to attack their personal insecurities in smcu ep 2, idk how a bg being part of black mamba is good given that it's toxic. superm and nct reference kwangya, i think sm groups will be part of smcu.
https://youtu.be/z2ZjutyxmjA english kpop song that doesnt sound esl, sm what happened to shawty imma party till the sundown
>>709877 isn't smnbg supposed to be linked to aespa
(6.07 MB 2000x3000 image.png)
her missing nail extension kek
>>711160 you can even see her nail is chipped and the other press-ons don’t fit her actual fingernails. kek there’s no effort
illusion choreo is wack and winter is a sloppy dancer
>>711269 https://youtu.be/gDDZ9w-ZzGo its a sexy choreo, the girls dance better and less ai-like. confirms the notion that illusion is about bjs
>>711273 could've been sexier then
>>711273 i want to root for giselle but she makes it so difficult when she's behind the beat
>>711273 Blonde doesn't suit Winter. She looked better with black or gray hair.
>>711273 >lipsyncing again disappointed but not surprised
>>711304 why won't they let our girls sing? is there a reason why sm does this now
she looks so good omg
(238.09 KB 3000x2000 FWL-6fwVEAc2EqL.jpg)
>>712101 loving the atmosphere of these teasers
>>712101 This styling really suits her. I'm impressed
so sick of this retarded woke shit from femcel psychos
i'm so excited for the cb i love my girls
>>712184 redditard there’s a thread for you >>>/kpop/423176
(600.29 KB 2000x3000 9b4p6ssgwr891.jpg)
i know winter is the favourite and usa is sm's target audience but does her gun have to be that yuge
>>712353 >>712107 >>712101 looks really cheap like a shein ad
>>712365 all the budget went to smcu ep2
>>712353 winter's literally the least popular member in us
>>712431 no its gselle
>>712432 nah ning2 and gigi are popular, winter is last
>>712353 >winter >favorite
the favorite is obv jar
winrina are faves they are armed with weapons and ningselle literally play support roles kek
how are nonas gauging who is more popular internationally? from twitter avis?
>>712472 the hacker trope is cool but multilingual is not very applicable
>>712434 giselle is unpopular and hated by ifans
>>712480 not true
>>712480 gigis meh for a j-idol, shes not cute not fluent in japanese so she wont bring jfans unlike twice's jline. her only advantage is english fluency she's like johnny or rose lol. sm should've casted someone like xg jurin
Karina and Ningning seem to be popular with Ifans. Winter is popular on Japan and Korea and Giselle is just not popular
(91.14 KB 680x660 FWkiK7SVQAAWey0.jpg)
>>712480 hated by ifans on tictac and twt you mean...? have you seen the cheers for her in the showcase
>>712184 giselle is just doing her job as the controversial member
>>712884 winter looks so weird lately
>>712101 i really like this outfit >>712884 they look like they've been photoshopped into this pic but cool
>>712884 whoever shopped their skin white made them look like cardboard cutouts
summer body she got some meat now! im so happy for her
i did the math there's no way these girls can be normal nor sweet. they all got a whole new face before the age of 20 and then became insanely popular overnight. they must be fucked in the head
>>713505 aespa is one of the rare kpop ggs that debuted no minors, literally every gg out there debuted a 13-16yo kid be it ive, twice, rv, lsf, nmixx. if anything aespa is kinda private and keeps their idol persona separate to their irl lives compared to other ggs. theyre doing heechuls street alcohol fighter which is rare for any rookie idols but theyre adults so,
>>713509 >heechuls street alcohol fighter they're doing what? and why are you so formal kek
>>713509 Many people say they are boring since there isn't much variety type content about them I would rather them be boring than put up a fake persona.
>>713550 if you're worried about idols being fake kpop is not for you
>>713553 I don't care if an idol wants to be fake or not I don't watch that content. Just saying the aespa girls seem to be more natural personality-wise than the average personas we are used to seeing in kpop.
>>713571 nta but just because they seem more natural doesn’t mean they are. i do like how even if it’s a persona most of them don’t over do it
>>713571 >the aespa girls seem to be more natural personality-wise than the average personas we are used to seeing in kpop it only seems that way because the content is minimal.
(100.79 KB 675x900 FW55Gt9aUAEpkdK.jpeg)
karina at the un
(141.81 KB 1080x1319 FW6LE2jaMAA_G57.jpeg)
>>714266 alien queen
(99.16 KB 722x796 FW6NwIpWYAMOb-d.jpeg)
they all look great but karina is trending unsurprisingly
why sm debuted gigi https://youtu.be/go5JYVrRVEE
>>714266 her face is so weird probably be cog that jaw shave
>>714271 >>714266 >>714271 so embarrassing
>>714519 why, young women using their fame to highlight sustainable development is fine no?
>>714526 they were given a script to shill nft pyramid scheme shit, only thing they're developing and highlighting is their rich handler's bank accounts
>>714526 It's mostly a pr move by companies nowadays
(465.25 KB 800x1600 FCCTMxiWQAMZI3D.jpg_large.jpg)
>>714532 did they shill nfts? they already did a korean un event in 2021, idols don't need to deserve a un invite if the un want public attention for their causes and invited aespa for gen z attention. its the same when bp get invited to the british embassy or bts to the white house ( bts shill anti-discriminatiom in usa but are silent on discriminatory policies in korea where a proposed bill to stop businesses from discriminating who can enter premises has not been passed), they are invited for their fame so the queen or us president gets world attention.
(845.82 KB 3000x2002 39ah2539qy991.jpg)
they saved the best set of teasers for last
>>714532 yeah the speech was a bit shallow
omg!!! a girl crush release!!!!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
(6.42 MB 1920x2876 3617.png)
(224.10 KB 1280x1280 P0.jpg)
>>714679 theres itzy if you hate girlcrush and karina yubari
(26.32 KB 635x942 FW9VyyaaMAAU9VU.jpeg)
(45.48 KB 544x960 FW_WWU8aAAAiiYp.jpeg)
>>714735 It lights up like this
>>714737 the stars are cute when it lights up, otherwise boring. wish they'd incorporated the ai theme more
>>714737 zzzzzz
>>714735 most boring lightstick i've ever seen
(247.15 KB 828x393 p557895347.jpg)
bangrina is watching
>>714672 blonde jennie - jennie from ktl mv - jennie - not jennie
>>714672 karina reminds me of when Jennie dressed up as that Kill Bill character for halloween
>>714819 >>715341 t. everyone reminds blonks of jennie after 22months without a comeback
(67.17 KB 940x940 savage pos.jpg)
>>714737 hard to believe such an uninspired lightstick is from the same company that gave us this
>>715438 none of sm's lightsticks are ground breaking though they're all pretty boring
>>715541 they are either ugly or boring. just look at ncts lightstick
>>715546 thought ncts was ugly at first but it stands out a lot in crowds versus other lightsticks
(401.59 KB 1536x2048 FW6oEQgXgAI6fRl.jpg)
>>715588 not enough ning2 screentime
>>715590 she looked so good but all the screechy high notes went to winter, injustice
>>715591 ning2 will return to high note glory on the next album screenshot this post
Rina looked so pretty in the MV. metaverse queen
“Girls” is the most pre-ordered album by a girl group in history of K-pop.
>>715600 because we were expecting a savage 2 down to the enjoyability of the b-sides
sounds a lot like an ost. it isn't refreshing enough for a summer comeback imo, apparently it was meant for april or may but got delayed
i couldn't be happier than i am right now this tt is the best
i liked the tt but the rest of the mini feels a little bland and underwhelming. the tracklist is a mess too, i have no idea why they decided to include all of their previous singles except for next level
(3.69 MB 600x556 Image GIF-7FAEFEA5EC93-1.gif)
>>715611 lingo is anything but bland imo i've ever heard something like this in kpop. but icu is their worst song imo. and i agree about the tracklist. also giselle looked really good
girls sounds like a 2012 bg song
>>715613 is there a part of her face that is original
>>715639 and that's a good thing
(48.23 KB 364x842 images.jpeg-6.jpg)
>>715715 dr kim outdid himself
>>715864 she was mid and shes still mid tho.
best surgery was winters
>>715592 why are most ningfags obsessed with the high notes? anyway am i the only one who noticed that ning2 is kind of sad these days? idk if she's tired from the us promos but i noticed she's bored/sleepy in most group photos or clips... but i noticed she's been like this since savage era. i also keep in mind the one time she shared a vlog saying to not worry too much and to appreciate the little things and i thought it was bc of "lts" but now idk anymore. she still looks fine and loud but we haven't seen much about the girls bts videos. i hope she's doing fine
>>715975 2ning said she reads knetz comments and she really shouldn't. apparently on pann theyre all >8. I feel like the more I look at Ningning, the better she gets.. Only her nationality is a shame
>>715984 but also >3. Karina and Winter were crazy... Every time I look at their stages, only Ningning looks like a burden
(662.01 KB 1428x2596 9isi.jpg)
>6. [+49] Can't they just kick Giselle and Ningning out and add in a few more Rookies members..? Red Velvet randomly added Yeri and hasn't run into any issues so why not. kek if you had to read nonsense like that you'd look tired from rolling your eyes a lot too. as if yeri doesn't cop a ton of hate even now. also i really wish lami debuted elsewhere so people would get a sense of her skill level and not imagine her to be some incredible vocalist or rapper, shes at best a useless visual like sehun or jaemin
>>715975 I think it's because of the excessive hate she gets from knetz. They really hate her after the olympic controversy. She said she looks herself up multiple times a day and the hate might be getting to her. I do hope she gets feels better and knows there are many fans that like her.
>>715975 2ning gets a lot of hate now after the olympics thing happened. i hope she doesnt mind it too much.
re:why sm debuts c-idols, rv lost to bp and twice saleswise at the start because they didnt have international pull like twice's jline or lisa's seafags. aespas sales are high because of cfans and sm knows 1 single c-idol will lead to cfans checking the group out and stanning other members like karina or winter. cfans hate sm for mismanagement but still stan because sm scouts kids from singing shows like chenle, 2ning, xiaojun and has a rep for debuting skilled vocals so china has loyal smhags despite exo-m complaining about mistreatment. cfans are also low maintenance because they know ccp dislikes kpop, even sm doesnt do any chinese promos cfans will still support from afar, buy albums and stay loyal. sm is losing the japanese and intl market to hive/yg/jyp, china is the only place they dominate over other big 3 firms
>>715995 >nb translating sojang youtube comments so this is what rock bottom looks like
>>715995 >got in through unbelievable connections she's not the first nor the last idol to do that
chorus is so bad like wtf
>>715975 >anyway am i the only one who noticed that ning2 is kind of sad these days? the hate from the olympics stuff played some part in that but also that's just how she looks. look at her old selcas that were posted to their vlive back during black mamba and she always looked to be on the verge of tears.
>>715994 i hope this comment is sarcastic kek
>>716056 sojang and nb are vultures http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2022/07/winters-unprofessional-attitude.html it smells exactly like sullis hatetrain which netizenbuzz covered to pile hate on sulli, claiming her fansite quit because she was dating choiza, and now nbs doing it to winter despite sullis suicide. so evil
>>716503 and that's to say nothing of her crimes against t-ara
>aespa inheriting wayvs crappy old dorm >ive has a nicer dorm on the manager poor girls they don't deserve the smell of cat piss
looks like the next level hype wore off and aespa is at their baseline popularity
>>717979 black mamba->forever was the baseline everyone thought they were meh until next level, aespas outselling all ggs as a 1.5 year old rookie hows that baseline? aespa just has a lot of haters who want them to fail e.g. sojang, bp also got shit for lazy dancing, jenlisa bullying, roses vocals.
>>717997 savage hit number 1 on melon the day it released because of the hype from next level, girls is struggling to climb on the korean charts ie the next level hype has died off and this song is being assessed for what it actually is
>>718001 girls is charting top 15, way better than black mamba which did worse than fearless despite the snake choreo being very popular. sm themselves said aespa hit daebak earlier than expected doubt theyre worried, even if i've, gidle, lessarafim are charting great now (tomboy or love dive will be soty i can feel it!), rv still outlasted all the midtier ggs with hit songs like gfriend mamamoo momoland and arguably has better discog than bp & twice. nobody should be worried for aespa unless giselle ragequits or smth kek, even if i've or gidle wins soty in 2022, the cruel reality is starship and cube lack resources to release good quality music regularly for 10 years like sm groups and are unlikely to win out in the long run. its like tortoise and hare but aespas not even a tortoise nugu gg and are the most individually recognised 4th gen group bg or gg. even you dislike girls and think all their future releases are duds aespa wont go back to baseline popularity and sell 200k or chart out like nmixx, its like how bts can release duds and gp will stream because normies know bts more than other 4th gen bgs. ive's non izone members arent well-known, koreans hate 2ning and find giselle fug but at least it shows they know all of aespa lol
(452.37 KB 1034x869 838js.png)
funniest shit is how all of aespa didnt pick girls as their fave song at the album preview event, sm are dinos even the girls know illusion was more gp friendly
>savage hit 1 >next level hype >girls assessed for what it is those 2 songs hitting daebak doesnt mean girls is bad, in fact girls is too similar to their previous tts with references to naevis sacrifice and black mamba, it's heavy and not fresh for summer. giselle said it was supposed to be released earlier in 2022 but got delayed.
>>718004 you’ve missed the point, everyone acted like they had the public consciousness of bp or rv groups that will be in the top 5 on the charts in a day or two regardless of the song nl was huge but they still haven’t been established enough, mostly because they still are pretty new
girls was good, actually
>>718069 it’s actually one of the worst songs for streaming that i’ve heard in awhile
>>718072 >>718031 >missed the point aespa bad, bp rv good, thats your point? do people need your permission to like girls go cry abt it
black mamba is actually really good idk why people said it's a weak debut
>>718078 it's an okay song but i think people expected something more new and adventurous, especially since aespa was anticipated as sm's "blackpink killer". i think black mamba being essentially a lore dump full of lyrics that seemed nonsensical at the time made it feel kind of gimmicky and cheap too
>>718078 bm wasnt weak, it just charted weakly for an anticipated smngg debut and people only liked after some time. like you said it was "actually really good" yet it peaked in the 50s. considering lsf's debut hit top 15 despite garams scandal, black mamba shouldve done better. forever was aespas lowest point after bm, the song was christmas-themed for a february release it just made no sense. >>718084 they were never hyped as a blackpink killer from debut, people were clowning their ai concept and speculating if additional members named ara or helen will be added like yeri, blonks should be banned from stinking up this thread with bp mentions to start fights.
>>718074 why are you crying it’s not my fault the song isn’t gaining traction
>>718086 >they were never hyped as a blackpink killer from debut the comparisons were certainly there BEFORE debut due to their girl crush concept and the amount of members. it was also sm's first new girl group in years so obviously expectations would've been high and comparison would've automatically been drawn to the biggest competitor at the time >blonks should be banned i'm not a blonk you absolute halfwit which is why i purposely spoilered their name, i should be able to mention them in relevant discussions without the actual twitterfags trying to turn it into a pathetic slapfight
>>718088 >rv still outlasted all the midtier ggs with hit songs, nobody should be worried for aespa lmao at 3rd gen hags concerntrolling over aespas charts as if their hags arent too busy screwing gaypops to care.
>>718078 the orchestra version elevates it so much they need to release it on streaming sites >>718072 >for streaming by this do you mean repeated listens in an attempt to make it chart better? maybe i like it so much because i don't have it on repeat for hours
>>718078 a good part of hate also comes from the fact they stole a couple of concepts for that release
>>718092 koreans are already tired of their gimmick, all this cb showed that they have sm backed bulk buyers in china >>718095 rv can chart top 3 with a mid song even with a member dating, something aespa can’t seem to do
>>718095 weird post
>>718099 >Chinese bulk buying teams ranking and proportion" >1. BTS 790K (2020) - first week sale 23% (t/n: 790K is the number of album ordered + 23% is the proportion of Chinese orders VS the rest) >2. Aespa 580K (2022) - Ongoing >3. BlackPink 520K (2020) - 76% >4. EXO 510K (2021) - 56% >5. Baekhyun solo 500K (2021) - 58% >6. NCT Dream 410K (2022) - 29% >7. Lisa solo 380K (2021) - 52% >8. Seventeen 340K (2022) - 16% >9. Red Velvet 320K (2022) - 72% >10. Rose solo 270K (2021) - 61% kek now you're crying about 'sm backed' bulk buyers, why didnt sm buy 500k for rv? why didnt sm bulkbuy 80k copies for giselle so gigi won't get depressed for only selling 11k kekk why do underagefags think cbars are shady or sm/yg/hive backed, cfans order via an idols cbar fandom so they get show akgae love for karina, wony, v, lisa etc and collectively show an idols individual sales power. individuals who order via cbar bulkbuys get gifts or discounts due to the size of the order.
>sm is spending money in china bulkbuying albums reeeeeee >pooman's pick gigi selling 11k while winter 2ning karina sell 15-30 times of giselle retards, if sm wanted to bulkbuy shit in china theyd spread it out so gigi doesnt get salesmogged so hard. theres an easier way to sell 1m without dirty tricks, sm can price at 6.95 like hive did for fearless, aespas albums are priced higher than ive nmixx gidle stayc kekler, yet sm accused of inflating sales kek
>>718106 first 3rdgen hag now underage pick one lmao keep having a cry over aespa doing weak digitals this cb
>>718096 >by this do you mean repeated listens in an attempt to make it chart better? maybe i like it so much because i don't have it on repeat for hours yep
what's up with the chartfagging itt
why is this spastic typing like they are on mukpg
>>718116 >underagedfags: too dumb to realise some ggs sold 76% of their last album to cbar bulkbuyers >3rd gen hags: fans of any 3rd gen idols crying that aespa sold 1 million before their hags did.
3rd gen hags are so pressed about aespa but not kekler, nmixx, itzy, ive, gidle, its so funny
>>718124 >myfags: here’s how girls underperforming digitally is a good thing >>718126 you’re pressed that fmr kicked your ass on digitals but that’s ok
>>718129 fmr is my song of the year you retard, im even sad it won't win soty versus tomboy/love dive which deserve it more. fuck off to hell hag
>itt: the concept of being happy for other girlpops who aren't their favorite hags is alien to many many psychoposters
anyways when we finally get aespa/rv interactions at smtown... then you will see
>>718156 rv x aespa doing ot9 snsd song
>>718098 like what? you mean musically or visually?
>>718224 it's probably one of the idleshitters looking for a reason to sperg about k/da again, don't mind her
>>718224 >>718271 well there's that kda thing and an artist got his work stolen then, after it blew up on social media, sm shove money to his face to shut him up but truth is kpop is running out of fresh ideas and now just copy whatever is the latest trend...
>>718401 >sm shove money to his face to shut him up no, they hired him for the next level teasers
ryeowook covering dreams come true and slaying the bridge https://youtu.be/644XkjAzpAc
hope aespa work with kenzie she's great for upbeat tracks and the only reason why nayeons pop didnt bomb like typical jyp releases
>>718446 word, yoo youngjin needs to let them go. i want boa to work with them again too, i really liked what she did with dreams come true for them
>>718444 hmmmm they should do a collab stage at smtown suho mentioned this performance on bubble lmao
aespa tt rank: girls>black mamba>savage>next level
>>718516 this but in reverse
>winter not attending the face to face fansign today since she doesn't feel well hope she's okay
>>718539 new nose new nose
>>718540 that too but i thought it was because of the sojang thing
>>718401 kpop has always been copying western pop and also borrowing samples from indian and arab music etc its not new. it's never been original bc that's not the point
>>718540 didn't know korean surgeons were so good at plastic surgery it only takes a few days to fully recover from a nosejob
>>718540 did she need a new nose? she looked beautiful? did giselle convince her
>>718567 Fillers
>>718516 next level>dreams come true>girls>black mamba>savage >forever actually
(229.18 KB image (1).png)
>>718540 stfu pls winter needed an iv drip to do her stage and looked dead in the mbc interview, sojang could've made an attitude controversy out of it
>>718455 why? yyj is sms top producer and the reason for aespas success so far. he tends to work with bgs and rookie sm groups, once aespa settles into non rookie status they'll get non-yyj title tracks and he will make songs for smnbg
2ning listens to glory box by portishead
>>718672 all kpop girls pay a price but these girls' is so obvious. from getting a new face to starving themselves, and they're all so young too.. the weird thing is they're able to continue this fucked up routine for years on end
>>718914 basada exactly why she's /ourgirl/
>>718964 >the weird thing is they're able to continue this fucked up routine for years on end idols probably think the 9 to 6 routine for decades is fucked up too, sm ones like winter can afford to soft retire by 30 and live off investments. not hags like you speculating if she got a new face just because she got sick
>>719036 >hags i dont think that word means what you think it means
>shes miffed about being called a hag
>she's a retarded kpopmeme immigrant who lacks the brain capacity to integrate or realize she sticks out like a sore thumb
>>719072 do elab on why that anon is a hag
>>719074 girl if you censor yourself and your thoughts so to not stick out on a site like ccc that's your retarded-ness. im gonna share my thoughts whether they're unpopular or not.
>>719110 not integrating is bannable roastie and if you'd bothered to take your head out of your ass to read the site rules you'd have known that, now go back
... anyway girls has grown on me, even if i still think illusion would be a more popular tt without the slurps. its a song that could chart better if there was a marvel film in cinemas rn, the superhero concept is very novel and hopefully the girls do a costume dance in superhero outfits
wish he did everything his way and subtracted 5% at the end just for good measure, if we.remove all references to black mamba and naevis from the lyrics and the song would be a shorter banger
the lightsticks that fans design are so freaking cool i wish there's looked like this
(106.06 KB 1080x1619 FH31TO6WQAAaDOx.jpg)
(58.84 KB 960x1393 unnamed.jpg)
(3.46 MB download.gif)
>>718964 don't aespa have more meat on their bones compared to other girl groups? kar is known for big boobs and ning looks really healthy and normal. gis has thicker thighs. winter is the thinnest, but even she doesn't look like an anachan. all their jaw surgery was bad tho. >>719143 girls>illusion. ning's parts made me like the song even more. girls is one of my fav title tracks from this year
>>719528 >winter doesn't look anachan we are not looking at the same idol are we
(8.21 KB 168x300 images.jpeg)
>>719541 you let her prepubescent shoulders fool you
>>719528 yea girls is a unique concept in a sea of lovesongs and quirky or bright concepts. even the choreo is growing on me after seeing covers https://youtu.be/B5abFeK7aaU bet girls will be covered by hoobae girlpops at a gayo stage a few years later like rv psycho because the concept and dance is iconic even if aespa aren't selling it hard enough. sm needs to put out a costume dance practice or bait a costume encore let them have fun ffs
>>719547 >gigi catwoman, winter supergirl, karina wonderwoman, ning2 harley quinn smnona girls needed better costumes than those school uniforms you can even ripoff dc superheros smh
(2.93 MB 28112.png)
>tomb raider outfits >>>>> uniforms
>>718539 >>718540 nah she was seen with a hole inside her elbow... iv? i wonder what happened
>>719815 it was an iv drip. she's probably sick or exhausted
gigi said girls was delayed a few months (i think it was meant for release before coachella maybe?) so they've been preparing content for the 2nd half of 2022 while promoting girls. flying from usa back to korea in the middle of promos is also tough for winter.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXD0GPyUmw0 wish the dct choreo was performed like this i love this version
itzy doing the girls chereo
(6.30 MB 1658661165488.mp4)
filmed by the iphone of winner hoon lmao
(2.11 MB e1-4f17ffabe7.mp4)
its trending because hoon cut off his winner members
aetzy needs to do a year end stage collab
>>721356 sm threatened ryuji so they didn't outside aespa
>>721372 *outshine kek
whos ryuji? ryujin dieted to be skelly if she still got outshined its on her. many ggs would suck at pulling off aespa choreos but aespa will find the simple gg concepts easier...
>>721382 ryujin + yeji
>>721382 it’s clear they didn’t do better because aespa couldn’t. ryujin is a better performer on any given day and let’s not make comments on her weight
>>721384 kek youre seriously trying to compare them in a tiktok dance challenge? aespa mogged imo, why do you setup an itzy thread if you like tweenies so much. ryujin is dieting hard to stay relevant its the least you can do dumbina
>>721384 >>721385 nta but why are you arguing over a tiktok dance who even cares. itzy are good performers, aespa are better singers what’s the need to compare
>>721384 >itzy didnt do better because aespa couldn't lmao the copium, im sure itzy sings badly because jyp threatened them not to outshine nmixx too
>>721361 ningning should always be centre kek
>>721386 there's always some girlie who wants comapre our girls to itzy or some girlpop and rank their dancing or vocals. she would be better off posting this shit on tiktok where she'll actually get engagement
i really hope aespa get to meet soshi unnies backstage but i don't think their promos will overlap
>>721415 comparing is sooo fun tho
>>721444 your faves will never outlast aespa so go compare on tiktok shoo
>>721443 they might interact at smtown
(1.62 MB nn.mp4)
how come only 2ning did tiktok with winner, kek are the other 3 worried about coed dancing
>>721828 have the others done tiktoks with male idols before outside of sm one? aren’t winner a bit older anyway kek
>girls out of the top 10 on melon
>>724198 pretty disappointed, hopefully sm learns something from this. ryan jhun let out a stinker
>>724195 stop expecting every song to be a hit. they wont get that unless they start having 2 year breaks like bp
>>724218 it would have been a hit if the title track wasn’t a shelved nct track that jhun gave them out of laziness also sm forcing them in america and delaying to cb didn’t help
>>724200 learn what, exactly? charting in the top ten for three weeks is still good, miles better than any of their boy groups in the current era
>>724231 see >>724221 sm mismanaged 2022 chasing american clout
career advice to aespa without ditching their concept: 1.make only ning2 do high notes. 2. karina shouldn't rap at all. 3. do dramatic comebacks where avis get killed off one by one and aespa members become the ai. it'll be amusing and no one likes the avis anyway. 4. have naevis dance with them sometimes
>calling any song you don't like a shelved nct song never gets old does it
>>724244 girls actually is one though kek
>>724236 1, 3 and 4 are absolutely retarded takes
maybe it's just me but i can't imagine nct shouting we dem girls
>>724273 no shit the original title was we dem boys
Sometimes i feel a little bad for all the hate gigi gets for literally forgetting to not sing a word on a song, either way she was gonna be the most hated in the group because she doesn't have any outstanding talent like the other girls do. So i guess she was destined to be the yeri of her group even if she didn't get slammed for being racist
>>725382 she’s also a nepo baby
>>725386 yeah shes a nepo baby but so are most idols, i guess she knew she was gonna get hate anyway because her only redeeming quality is knowing english
giselle just needs to lose weight and put in more effort in performances and over time her presence in aespa will be justified
>>725397 she clearly doesn’t have the body type of karina or winter even if she loses weight she’ll still be criticised for her body like yeri is called fridge waist to this day. i agree with the effort part though sometimes it feels like she just puts in low effort because she knows she’ll be defended by ifans and it doesn’t affect her ability to make money
>>725409 i'm pretty sure her body type is decent though, ningning has the unfortunate fridge waist in aespa. once she loses weight she won't be special but she'll be able to wear more flattering clothes (though stylists seem to hate her since debut kek)
>>725415 or stylists could just dress her for her body type now
>>725417 kpop stylists don't do that
>>725415 i’m sure it’s because sm doesn’t want her or 2ning to stand out by 2ning stands out anyway of her own accord. you can tell by the way they push karina and winter even in photos
>>725418 broke companies can't have good stylists because they need to rely on clothing sponsors. sm can.
>>725420 have you seen what rv, snsd and fx have worn
>>725417 for some reason most kpop stylists seem incapable of doing this just look at how swan purple kiss or jeongyeon twice are styled. i don’t know if they realise or even know how to flatter different body types or just can’t be bothered
>>725397 i’m surprised being close friends with somi hasn’t made her lose weight
>>725428 it's not like somi's just gonna tell giselle to loose wait fat
>>725409 both already lost weight, its against nature to be skinny in that fridge body type>>725428
>>725430 no but somi clearly restricts and doesn’t eat much so i would think being around someone like that would kind of make you feel self conscious about your own body
>>725441 it's not like they hang out all the time though
i think (for me at least) the main issue with giselle is she doesn’t seem to have any passion to be an idol and like other nonas have said it’s worse because other members of her group are pretty skilled. but it isn’t just that it’s that she should at least try to give more on stage because to me she just looks like a non idol that won a competition to be an idol for a period of time
>>725443 she wrote fanfiction about being famous one day, she very much loves this. its just not easy to lose weight for some people
maybe im just schizo but i have a feeling sm doesn't want her to stand out anyway, they don't want 2ning to stand out either but she gets treated a little bit better
>>725515 no i see it too
>>725478 wanting to be famous and having a passion to be an idol are different. i can think of many 4th gen idols who seem like they chose the industry for easy fame but also have improved their skills and give a lot on stage
>>725421 you're bringing up groups from when sm was poorer...
>>725522 heol the level of retardistry is exquisite
i like gigi a little bit more because she seems to have a personality behind the fake shy one sm assigned her,sometimes there's grasps of it and i can see why she's friends with somi who's another funny girl
>>725523 it's good you're self-aware but what does that have to do with what i said?
the aespa girls dont even look like they really starve themselves just winter who sadly is the most popular in korea so its understandable
>>725806 yea they actually look healthy when you compare them to some other gaypops. stayc are another group that are the same.
>>725809 *girlpops
>winter starving herself stop trying to make fetch happen
>>725820 she's the skinniest in aespa? she's literally bones dont let the cheek filler fool you
>>725820 all girlpops starve themselves
>>725869 most aren’t as skinny as her though
>>725850 being the skinniest in aespa doesn't make her bones. she just seems naturally smaller
>>725820 anachan...
>>725893 nona you know she is probably literally underweight here right
>>725943 ntayrt but you know that most ppl with eds aren't noticeably underweight right? all girlpops have unhealthy eating habits for sure but i wouldnt really say that any of them have an ed (where they'd actually be scared of food/calories) unless it's confirmed like IU or visibly obvious like hitomi or wonyoung
>>725943 how can you tell? idols almost never expose their weights. how much did she say she weigh?
>>725959 i'm not even gonna argue with you you're just plain blind or need to seek treatment for your ed
not to interrupt with the anasperging but in that tiktok dance challenge in >>721356 ryujin is skinnier than all of aespa including winter. aespa is normal
>>721828 love you 2ning
(542.49 KB 1362x2048 FZdQG1yUIAAXzU3.jpg)
>>726007 pretty *pinches cheeks*
>>726007 where my ningninggers at say heyh
>>726036 my aespa bias rank: karina>ning ning>giselle=winter i used to have ning2 as fav because she looks less bleached out seems so fun. karina won me over completely with her thighs, love of snakes, and solo potential. ning is still a close second.
>>726068 i also like karina and 2ning the most. and even their contrast is cute, one who has a sharper look and more intense stare vs how cute and happy ningning is
(449.62 KB 1536x2048 FZolImCUcAEYgJd.jpg)
>>706972 shes so gorg
(4.99 KB 222x222 unnamed.jpg)
2nings new tattoo which is a heart with the chinese word for love
>>726486 hul this is gonna age so badly
>爱 love 2ning and shes a very talented maknae but its worrying how fast she wants to grow up. maybe im a prude but her love for rappers, tats, whiskey (she was the biggest drinker on street alcohol fighter) and overall sultryness makes me worry shell be taken advantage of in the messy k-entertainment industry
girls definitely has been their best styling so far. after the positive reactions to their japanese styling i really hope sm keeps future styling in this vein as opposed to something extremely unique like the black mamba Chinese mobile game direction. was girls successful enough for sm to alter their direction a bit or do you all think that they’ll be back to weird ass shit like savage?
>>726489 nah she seems good at setting boundaries and outspoken
>>726489 did a 57 year old woman in 1953 write this
>>726489 girl what
im gonma be that bitch but damn watching aespa interact with each other is so boring none of them are funny other than 2ning ocasionally and gigi
Loved this styling for Rina.
>>726532 SM might be telling them to tone down their personalities. Ningning and Giselle seem to have a bold personalities but it might not be brand friendly.
>>726602 i’m sure sm regrets putting them in the group
2ning does not seem like a maknae at all
>>726603 why what did they do
we know giselle dropped the n bomb which i find retarded that ppl overreacted
>>726603 not sure about ningning because she's a fan favorite for ifans and giselle is literally there due to nepotism so im sure sm already knew the hate was gonna come towards her
>>726609 same its so unfortunate
>>726608 they have no popularity relative to the korean members in china and japan also their personalities are not ones that sm seeks out for their idols >>726610 the tattoos and chinese hysteria for ning
>>726609 kek she set herself up but she’s the only girlpop i can recall to ever apologize for something like this, so good for her
im glad our girls are going so strong into this year with like 0 dancing skills they're just that effortlessly good i love them
>>726613 >>726608 >they have no popularity relative to the korean members in china and japan this is partially sm's fault because they've pushed winrina hard and regulated ningselle to the backdrop since debut
>>726645 didn't mean to quote >>726608, my apologies
all this aespa thread ever talks about >individual popularity >bad dancing >gigi being mid if you look at bp none of that matters in the end maybe except giselle having no individual fandom
>>726657 guess what retard the bp thread talks about 2 of those things too so what's really the difference?
>>725397 i truly think she has just energy or stamina problems. she puts all her energy (70%) during her parts and doesn't care when it's not her part which makes me think she's saving her energy
i fucking hated this whole cb yes the girls are pretty but every fucking song in the mini sucks and i waited 9 months for this ?
>>727209 and maybe i'll even have to wait some 5 months for another mini i wanna die
>>727211 Nonnie, it's okay, I also didnt like a lot of the songs either, but if you manifest hard enough and scream enough everyday maybe some goddess out there might hear your plight and we might be given a full album.
>>727211 Sorry, I'm coping really hard.
>>727209 they have maybe 2 listenable songs so i'm not sure why you're surprised
iirc karina said their next comeback would be a full album
>>727237 why the fuck are you here if you don't like their music? retard
the savage mini was so amazing and now we have nothing
turning aenergy on full volume and pretending i don't know korean or english
Praying to Naevis for Savage 2.0
>>727278 as a song savage is their worst tt wtf unless you want meme impact
>>727279 I’m talking about the album. The savage mini album was no skip.
>>727280 oh i see carry on then
>>727267 nta, but thats actually how i became their fan. i didnt like their music at all lmao, i only liked the girls and stayed thru it while brainwashing myself to like savage (title track), but i liked the rest of the songs in the album! and then at some point my ears just kind of..became numb and i listened to the girls mini album 24/7 even though i dont like it at all
i cant be the only one who sees the value of the savage soundtrack tho. on the first listen, i liked everything up until the bridge. then the choreo and looks made me like the whole song.
>>728345 i fucking hated savage at first but by the 2nd listen i liked it because my ears are fucked, i think savage is the weakest song on the album but its not bad either
minjeong's hair suits her so well she's adorable
>>729748 >minjeong her actual name sounds a lot better than her stupid stage name
>>729749 i love this look
>>729789 i agree plus there aren't really any famous minjeongs in kpop to confuse her with. but i think sooman went for names that are easy to pronounce for burgers
>>729749 this picture reminded me how much better idols look without contacts
>>729796 she's wearing contacts... not all contacts are bright blue. these ones look grey.
>>706972 why isn’t karina being pushed more individually… (in terms of cfs)
>>729844 one of us is colorblind because they're extremely dark brown to me
>>729844 you really tried to act like the other nona is dumb when you're colorblind her eyes are DARK
(354.61 KB 2160x2160 winterstepback.jpg)
>>730290 >>730313 nta but she is most definitely wearing contacts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx9KafGVp3Y
>>730353 thanks for clarifying but to be clear they do not look like that in the original pic
>>730313 >>730290 Uh no. Picrel are grey lenses.
i feel like new kpoop stans don't know about circle lenses. even when they're wearing dark brown lenses you can just kind of tell because the irises tend to look much bigger than their actual eyes
>>730560 yes they do if you look at the full image. it's ok to admit ur a phone poster.
(374.58 KB 1254x1829 Fa6bdrVX0AAxl7K.jpg)
(434.12 KB 1364x2048 Fa8eyAaX0AATOlx.jpg)
(175.75 KB 1129x1694 Fa5i7ExaIAY70Xb.jpg)
(292.22 KB 1534x2048 Fa7twFrUcAAZceC.jpg)
(113.06 KB 650x984 FamrjNqUcAI-ZZl.jpg)
>>731562 pretty
the lack of solo promotions & individual ig accs for these girls is really weird, especially when LSM was clearly inspired by BLACKPINK when creating the group.
>>733387 fuera
>>733387 the akgaes are horrible already even without them you want it to get worse?
>>733389 that stuff is inevitable
>>733387 how are they blackpink inspired? their music, styling, concept, marketing, none of those things are similar. the only thing they have in common is 4 people + girl crush.
look at how gorgeous karina looks
>>733404 there is blackpink influence in their marketing & styling
>>733387 they're only two years old
>>733438 nah if they had blackpink marketing kar and win wouldn't be so similar and pushed way more than nn and gis. they'd work on giving them all their own unique appeal. bp are known fashionistas, aespa gets clowned for their clothes. their style is more female nct actually
>>733458 stop redditspacing and get out blinktard
>>733490 i don't stan any of these groups. but Aespa is more talented with better music than bp already. i was just being objective.
>>733494 integrate jesus
so we'll have to wait till 2023 to get music and any content from the girls what are we gonna do for the next 4 months?
>>735098 what did you do before aespa debuted
i like how aespa is musically different from other sm groups. all their songs are made for them only. i can't find any english demos.
>>735295 they are still made in english, you know. there’s interviews with the western songwriters on youtube
>>735300 interviews with aespa songwriters specifically? link idk their songs don't sound like they could have gone to any r&B pop singer in the US. they sound like their own.
>>735301 of course, it's all a mix of different songs and sounds. there's an interview with some savage composers on reacttothek's channel iirc
>>725893 I think Winter has funny thumbs lol they kinda like toes
>>731564 her body and styling is just...not working
>>739355 nah the pic is kinda unflattering, she looked good in this fit
miss her
anyone else notice sm is pushing a moid fanbase with aespa or
>>743844 i noticed too but doesn't winter and Karina have many moid fans anyway
>>743845 yes but i think they noticed now and are pretty much exploiting them and its driving their female fans away to other groups like ive and newjns
>>743846 i dont think thats true. aespa had high seasons greetings sales which suggests a strong female fanbase
>>743875 rather they suggest a strong chinese fanbase
>>743846 female fans leaving because they wanna be more catered to wouldn't move to either ive or newjeans
>>743846 wouldnt they go for billie or stayc?
the way sm is letting them rot in the basement is pissing me off
>>744093 me too they have so much potential and their talent get wasted


no cookies?