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idols singing live Anonymous 06/06/2022 (Mon) 23:30:44 No. 705719
general discussion and post about encores or live vocals. no sperging about how your husbandos prerecorded autotuned performance “IZ LIVE!!!1!”
(1.44 MB 420x314 Twice-Momo-110322.gif)
i can never get myself to watch encores because they make me cringe too much
>>705722 the crazy part about this all is that aespa are actually singing which gives room for a lot of error, not shouting lyrics which is a lot easier. these other groups do that and they still manage to sound super rough. i will commend yujin and yunjin though, they were singing normally although it wasn't perfect
>>705723 zzz vocalmogs hive, but that's not saying much plus hive groups embarrass themselves more with melodic songs rather than 90% of the song being rap and dance breaks. as for the best among them, the boyz does have an unfair advantage here because mbc has a backtrack but i think they would beat the competition regardless. from what i see it's the boyz > ateez > stray kids > txt > enhyphen
all that westard money and hybe still cant scout a decent vocal coach
>>705730 isnt heesung epipens best vocal, he sounds so nasal because of the nosejob
>>705722 >>705723 the majority of these were embarrassing. aespa and stray kids were the only enjoyable ones, treasure too. none of them have stage presence aside from skz >not a staycel fyi
>>705732 most kpop vocals sing from their noses and its a pet peeve for me kek, like imagine britney spears but worse
>>705723 cant believe trashure still hasnt had an encore opportunity due to the lack of music show wins (quite sure they won 1 but it was after promos ended), they sound good but it's not that hard when you have 12 members doing a 3min/180 second song so everyone sings 15 seconds only
>>705733 nct dream vocalmogs all the 4th gen bgs tbh >debuted in 2016 >not 4th gen >enlists in 2028 after tbz (2024), skz (2025), atz (2026), txt and trashure (2027) kekkkkk
>sm vocalmogs quelle surprise
>>705741 they don't sing live often during actual performances but when they do, they're really good. even with the fast choreo
i really like elast's vocals, they are good singers on their own right but they really shine when they harmonize and bounce off each other, they are sort of hit or miss with their stability on actual performances but i think they sound great live when they are not dancing https://youtu.be/ElLGQ2msA9E https://youtu.be/LAZq0zqIcC4
https://youtu.be/s928bDIpB6E certain members of ateez are hit or miss for me live but i usually like jongho (obviously) and san
>>705723 i was pleasantly surprised with tbz. also they're wasting enhypens good songs by not giving them to someone else
>>705722 stayc suck at singing, but because they sing live they don't get flak for it. blondie is great though
>>705723 oh my god the epipen guy was late on the chorus. how are you such a bad singer that you can't even get the chorus to your own song right
>>705802 the show they got formed from was essentially a dance competition with like 1 vocal challenge that everyone forgot about kek
https://youtu.be/VZHno3ZfL28 why do heedonkey and jungwon sing like they need to blow their noses
>>705804 it's been a few years, they should be decent singers by now but even now they're still just as bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZHno3ZfL28 idols these days don't care about doing their jobs well, what else are they spending their days doing if they can't even sing while not moving
4th gen idols just sound so meh versus 2nd gen groups who all sang live even when doing hard choreo shinee lucifer https://youtu.be/D2zyWkvFioc snsd genie https://youtu.be/5Y0Sc41HK_M rainbow a https://youtu.be/14sTW3678gM tvxq hug https://youtu.be/HdXxITM8YbA kara lupin https://youtu.be/fyRjDz1MpnA exo growl https://youtu.be/-S5mCGoPFBc
>>705810 one of the lsfm girlies said the vocal training at hybe is just having them record justin bieber covers kek hive gives 0 fucks about live singing and autotune + lip sync is the new norm (as long as you are a gaypop/can dance kek)
>>705812 its so hard nowadays to even find clips of live singing, in dst we were talking about this 9 muses clip https://youtu.be/R-Sxt76bKqU kinda crazy how in their era this was considered one of the worst debuts of all time but if any popular 4th gen group sang this it would be considered decent topkek
https://youtu.be/jRX3BC2PrwM hope we get more live vocals from aespa with the new comeback they have the skill for sure but sm is rarded
>>705815 yeah the standards have definitely slipped and the fans have been complicit in that
>>705815 >>705841 around the end of 2nd gen so 2010/11/12/13 onward, idols went from using hand mics to shitty headsets which sound bad for 'dance performance' reasons. then companies like bighit made difficult choreos their identity and autotuned + vocal processed all their idols so you can't them apart in the digital recording, and live vocals just weren't a thing anymore because even their live singing mics have to be vocally tuned and processed to sound anything like the digital recording. if you look at all stage compilations of certain 2nd gen groups, back in 2000s 2nd gen idols were trained to have stamina to do upbeat dances and sing live with hand mics like 4minute hot issue https://youtu.be/z8ZAla5At6M which is a song 4th gen idols would definitely lipsync because of the fast choreo and dance focus. 4th gen idols just aren't trained to sing with hand mics and dance anymore. another example is shinee replay debut where they sang live and danced https://youtu.be/7yNDie0F2S0 and txts cover where they lipsynced and you can't tell the voices apart maybe except taehyun thanks to hybes processing.
https://youtu.be/s7tGJiJZics blackpink could never. btw this is so much better than the original i wish there was a complete version. all three of them are so good at singing and so different from each other
>>705818 sm don't let groups who've proven they can sing live do it anymore, i doubt aespa will be an exception. unless the members ask for it, which i honestly wouldn't be surprised by - they must see people dragging them online for the lipsyncing
>>705868 as if they care. idols have this great ability to be satisfied doing the bare minimum. i'm sure they think they're crushing it with live performances
>>705868 aespa choreos make it hard to use a hand mic and they won't do those high notes using a headset. even nct don't sing live unless it's a ballad, although they did at debut https://youtu.be/S6HXNtEKe_w fact is, the biggest selling groups like blackpink, bts, twice, enhypen, txt lipsync and have super meh vocals so sm is just following the trend and focusing on performance instead of vocals because underagefags are all coomers who get attracted to visuals+dance not vocals, hormonals teens don't know or care about vocals they are just attracted to hot idols who dance well
red velvet not being as successful as twice and blackpink despite singing live, having the best 3rd gen vocalist in wendy https://youtu.be/WOvhgBQdcjI and exo losing out to bts made sm change their strategy and refocus on performance if anything. hopefully smnbg shows off their live vocals more 4th gen bg vocals are so bad even yedam is just soso and gets praised to the skies.
one of my favorite encores of all time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSe60HadDvw and of course the GOAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWVd84BpaUk
>>705880 yea that 127 one is such a flex they are so clearly capable. and ofc GOAT is still GOAT
>>705868 such a shame bc i love the aespa girlies voices and was stunned by how stable winter was in the coachella fancams. if they lean into their full diva mode it could help them with stage presence
vocals of sm groups seriously delivers
>>705812 Omg the legendary Kara fall. Kudos to her that looks like it hurt.
>>705904 yes her mic captured the sound of the fall https://youtu.be/frgGwTW2XKQ seungyeon did another lupin stage in a handcast too, sad i didnt get into kpop until after kara disbanded
being trained to sing live regularly really made 2nd gen idols better soloists like hyuna https://youtu.be/AhEgjUvOits gidle had a lot to live up to https://youtu.be/iTYXiP-lUjk i love pentagon as well https://youtu.be/N0DEOjLKRC8 they sound so good especially hui who is soloist material it's sad theyre so nugu, but cube are lucky hyuna didn't fall for hui kek he could be so popular writing and performing his own songs
i know they’re not singing the chorus but given that you can hear them struggling and heavy breathing their mics are at least turned up. yangyang did really well and kun was having a hard time https://youtu.be/fktY9gJhk_8
i also can't believe 4 minute disbanded barely a year after crazy https://youtu.be/a_WprXnQTbM they were so badass using handmics in 2016 https://youtu.be/rSQh4kvt0ok nobody does girlcrush like them and 2ne1
miss a doing ggbg with hand mics despite the hard choreo https://youtu.be/H2bDbTFrx1s
not to be dramatic but p101 groups like kekler, epipen and iland2 gg have to fail hard in order for this trend of vocalfail idols to go away. kara, 4minute, miss a, are not even known for being vocal powerhouses but all of them vocalmog epipen izone kekler twice even x1. ioi and wannaone were ok but every audition show group is a cashgrab now with companies realising underagedfags are deaf and unable to discern vocals so they don't need to focus on vocal training when kids will vote for goodlooking idols who cant sing. https://youtu.be/0Bns5XaT2I8 nmixx needs to be more successful they are singing live almost all the time unlike sm groups
stayc so bad https://youtu.be/efW1Szt7Gqc who is this host of midnight idol hes cute
>>706034 i think the host is ha sungwoon. sieun has really grown on me just from her live performances, her voice is so cute
>>706034 the autotune in this makes them sound so robotic idk if its the microphones or if it was post editing
>>705981 nmixx are seriously talented they need better songs https://youtu.be/MPI2zypCnX8
some of the izone girlies. i think there's some backtrack but i love yuri's voice so much https://youtu.be/amcG3X4-lwE https://youtu.be/Nx1jLt2yaB4 https://youtu.be/qrytS4QKQPk https://youtu.be/LUrM3tJZeyY
>>706047 most 'lives' these days are either post-edited or their mics are autotuned (bts and other hybe bgs do it a lot) because their entire discog is heavily autotuned. some older groups do acapellas on tipsy live winner https://youtu.be/ludzY2d0SUQ exid https://youtu.be/zG9aJPIcX3Q btob https://youtu.be/5NuMSon9xrE hui flexing while hyuna flirts https://youtu.be/IwE17o17PcI chen https://youtu.be/AWKG7-zU54o jaejoong https://youtu.be/ngdR_lFq8D4
even 2pm sounds good acapella versus most 3rd and 3th gen idols https://youtu.be/bLbZBpfxebs mamamoo https://youtu.be/WvkTcNQsxzc
>>705814 >vocal training at hybe is just having them record justin bieber covers no fucking way kekkkkk
(1.09 MB 2740x3670 220501.jpeg)
is masked singer live? either way, i just like this guy's voice. https://youtu.be/_yj3KCksaeQ sunyoul from up10tion
>>705723 >>705722 i don't think these should be a measure for if a group or idol is a good singer
>>706961 masked singer like most singing shows is not live, the unrepaired audio has been leaked before. suprisingly some singers sounded better before the editing.
>>706965 how? some groups do well, some don't depending on their talent as singers.
>>706965 encores are often the only true live singing we get nowadays with most shows using some form of prerecord, post editing/pitch correction, or heavy back track. what else would be a good measure,
>>705880 i love that sticker encore
https://youtu.be/khybVkO68PQ she's so good live man i wish she was in bp instead of rose the songs would sound 98283992x better and better in my ears as well
the best kpop idol drama is still youre beautiful for me because they had hongki and yonghwa singing in 1 bg https://youtu.be/gHu6Ul5i1Ng , hongki is such a good singer https://youtu.be/w00IbDpGdvw its crazy that he didnt join sm he's at least jjong level in terms of vocals
>>707438 sa hongki vocalmogged yonghwa cnblues frontman vocal, his voice is so powerful he vocalmogs svt seungkwan who is a good singer https://youtu.be/UNRPB5-rXGs
hongki joining an idol bg is a waste because in a rock band he gets to sing the whole song and engage in ott vocalfagging. if he went solo he would be stuck in ballads so rock is ideal.
>>707451 i feel like this about a lot of good vocalists in idol groups especially because you can often tell they just care about singing, like dude why didnt you do something else kek
>>707327 have you seen the nmixx cover of kill this love? they absolutely killed it. ik this likely has some pitch correction but wanted to send https://youtu.be/VCeMOtwdDps
>>707452 well sm main vocals earn more $$$ versus ft island. hongki has the clean crisp sm singing style too, it's weird he debuted in fnc given he was a gifted singer and child actor https://youtu.be/GazuUklUcXw
i love hongki's voice. pray is still in regular rotation here.
>>707453 you will never ever see blackpink singing kill this love in such a setting like this. simply because their naked unedited voices sound like shit especially when they have to strain them aka the prechorus parts. jisoo and rosé would make themselves look really talentless, lisa couldn't do the "sadly could be dangerous" part live. i reckon jennie would do okay other than the intro verse
>>707512 too bad he's stuck in crappy fnc with irregular comebacks, they signed him after he sang a drama ost in >>707459 he could've been a main vocal in any big 3 bg but he'd also get fewer lines which is criminal given he's d.o. or chen level https://youtu.be/KsF4Eo9Wtmc
>>707453 their voices are nice but the arrangement of the cover is shit. it's a fun over the top banger not a shitty ballad
>>707568 they haven't been having regular comebacks because enlistment/that one dude who got kicked out and went to jail/that other dude who knocked up yulhee. they were somewhat consistent before all that.
>>707573 i kinda like it, it sounds like it could be an adele song kek
>>707661 wrong video kek
https://youtu.be/0Q8vdSKaI80 wendy acapella in her school days
love radio performances https://youtu.be/jXundmF8n70 everything going smooth until the voice crack
>>708506 why do people ship soyeon with bangchan and not her fellow cube producer idol hui
red velvet proving they don't need any music to sing bad boy while dancing https://youtu.be/NsOufyMD5tQ
anyone have recent concert clips from this year? whos been lipsyncing and not lipsyncing their tours?
the sm uncut series is gold for live raw vocals, love the fanmade recording version edits of songs: feel my rhythm https://youtu.be/5WTR9emBOQs queendom https://youtu.be/32O0Lha6s_I sticker https://youtu.be/6KPWFlPx5rI hello future https://youtu.be/9IsLKEpiMUc beatbox https://youtu.be/bQoi4caCxRM glitchmode https://youtu.be/i7SGnyOT5Ok 90s love https://youtu.be/dV9pKUC9gUQ kick it https://youtu.be/H0WLoB75H8M vampire https://youtu.be/-KtmFEYJ8d4
>>713518 i love watching the uncuts so much, based sm
>>708508 I'm actually impressed, they sound great
>>713518 i wonder when they'll post uncuts for aespa
>>713613 they did for dreams come true https://youtu.be/4UO1vxtRZ6c
sm started a trend with the recording behinds, hope yg jyp hiv do it too stayc run2u recording version https://youtu.be/UT1bxznikKo love dive recording version https://youtu.be/lXc6in1c7n4 even lapillus kek https://youtu.be/uud7iuVdmnE
https://youtu.be/vzH_PZRLX6o?t=9 am I deaf or his live singing is bad af
>>718163 no it’s pretty below average which disappoints me because i like his tone in studio
>>718163 its too effected
>>718163 cute alien smiling even though he doesnt know whats going on or how to stop it
>>718163 chan is alright with songs he practiced a lot (most of the time) but not so much for shorter notice stuff
>>713520 love the song but too bad her voice is something i'll refuse to listen
>>732568 kek. that’s all i’m gonna say
>>732568 danielle is easily the best one
>>732572 most people say it’s hanni
>>732577 theyre both pretty average imo but they have pleasant sounding voices which is most important for pop music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpk4d8s6aVA joochan, y and seungmin from golden child are pretty good I think


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