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(414.95 KB 2048x1536 520796954.jpg)
queendom thread queendom thread 03/23/2022 (Wed) 12:16:39 No. 689088
>Mnet’s K-pop survival show ‘Queendom’ season 2 is starting from March 31st, every Thursday at 9.20 PM KST/ 7.20 AM ET. >Lineup : Brave Girls, Kep1er, LOONA, WJSN, VIVIZ, and Hyolyn. did you watch the first season? who are you rooting for? who's gonna win?
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first for loona. rooting for them through and through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sycy5izQwY
Wjsn and hyolyn had the best intros. Rooting for all groups tbh not kepler
>Kep1er with 1M already it’s orge
trying to be super objective here but i think wjsn and poopler had the best intros, there was something i didn’t like about loona, viviz dancing was a little awkward, i honestly thought brave girls was going to be worse and hyolyn was good but nothing memorable
>>689096 for me wjsn is #1 with their intro stage. dress change was a neat little detail
>>689106 everyone said gp999 was a flop, nobody liked the lineup, i don’t get their popularity
>>689195 supposedly a lot of the support comes from moas who became invested in bahi's success
>>689106 are they popular in korea?
>>689198 nta but they're not, mnet's credibility took a huge hit because of the produce rigging scandal so not that many people tuned in to watch gp999 domestically. the vast majority of kekler's fanbase is international
>>689199 do you guess brave girls would win since they're the most popular with gp?
>>689200 i'm not sure yet, depends on the voting system they're going to use. for gp999 the korean votes were weighted significantly more than the international votes, which is why so many korean girls ended up in the final line-up. for now my money would be on wjsn or brave girls but that's mostly gut feeling
>>689198 they’re not doing aespa ive well but honestly they’re not doing that bad, wadada charted (barely but that’s more than some groups in there can say) and they’re known amongst the younger kpop fans, they have the advantage of a big ifandom that’s going to vote and stream for them but who knows
meh taeyeon should be hosting it with another snsd girlie, what a wasted opportunity
>>689255 i love this strategizing villain edit they're giving sinb, i already feel like she's going to be one of the main characters this season. also dayoung cleaning hyolyn's chair and kekler being super giddy because someone in loona knew wadada was funny and cute, this got me really excited for the season
>>689273 taeyeon is fine on her own
>>689281 not the point, roastie
when is the hyolyn-wuju beef gonna start
i know its the intended reaction for the editors' narrative but i do feel bad for chuu. shes worked a lot for loona but things havent gone as hoped for the group
>>689273 samesies they filled the role with that uggo male host. it would have been iconic if they chose someone from the dance line.
>>689275 i didnt like gfriend very much but sinb's wit has always been entertaining for me. loved the scolding of wjsn, deserved
>>689275 kek, her character might inspire some kdrama writers
>>689299 i almost yaaas'd a little at this moment and i usually never do that
>>689284 yeah the underdog narrative for loona was inevitable but it still made me sad
>>689299 love how she plays up the drama, it’s gonna make the season more interesting and it’s a smart move. hope other girlies will show that amount of confidence, it’s sad seeing how quiet bg were and how their spirit seem to die a bit more every time a new group entered the stage. i think they were right to choose viviz for the first showdown as they would easily get overshadowed by the bigger groups or hyolyn
>>689312 >it’s sad seeing how quiet bg were and how their spirit seem to die a bit more every time a new group entered the stage i know, it felt like they got increasingly self-conscious about being haggy, especially when that girlie from kekler said she was 18 years old. it's no surprise when you're so late in your career in a deeply ageist industry but i hope it won't be the main focus of their arc on the show
>>689299 >comments deactivated oh shit is she getting hate already?
>>689374 need viviz to dish on why gfriend disbanded it just seems like somu didn't want them or offered them lousy terms.
>>689380 yeah i remember when yujin said clc were practically disbanded on gp99, maybe the girls can say something but maybe the rest don’t want to seeing as they already moved on a soloists/actresses
>>689299 queen
just watched the preview and mnet's kekler shilling is bothersome reee
>>689313 really felt bad for them at that moment - hopefully they can get closer to hyolyn who i think is closer age wise to them or otherwise come out of their shells
>>689380 they mentioned not knowing that mago would be their last comeback so it was a blindside for them and probably the company’s decision. with hybe debuting 2 new gg this year and especially soumu debuting the izone group they probably banked on the fresher girls and cut the older act. gfriend had good sales but they were stagnant, i definitely feel like they could’ve been successful a few more years but i get how the company wouldn’t want to risk it. i also hope the girls can dish on the situation, it would offer them a great storyline for the show
(2.78 MB 2244x1534 54wnio64.png)
i loved that after loona got over the surprise of being included, heejin snapped into steely-eyed mode and announced that they were going to take this shit seriously she's so competent i've always suspected she has a scary hyper-determined core, hope we get to see that in the competition
>>689460 it's a shitty move imo, gfriend had a dedicated fanbase, they outsold rv plus yuju is so talented and umji sinb are still so young. it's not like they got into scandals or wanted to marry as well but i bet their songs and concepts clashed with somu's new gg lesserafim (?) which is going to have a cosmic or angelic concept by the sound of their name. i wish more ggs stuck around like apink and snsd. hope rv can stand the test of time, it wouldve been so easy for sm to pull the plug on them after wendy's injury and irenes scandal (hybe would've kicked them kek) but they still stuck with rv and their sales went up deservedly.
>>689483 >it's not like they got into scandals well...
>>689487 thats not a scandal lol, i doubt she even saw the swastika on his hat so the uploader is at fault. bts did a photoshoot at the holocaust memorial, nobody cares now. ggs get judged worse than bgs as usual
>>689491 girl put down the copium and take a breath, i just wanted to point out that they don't exactly have an unblemished reputation like you claimed which could have been a factor in their disbandment
>>689493 lmao i don't even like gfriends music but it's hardly her fault, all idols have a ton of questionable photos and videos backstage, it's whether their company has gd judgement not to upload it. it's the hybe/somu's fault for not realising it was a nazi costume and photographing it. someone directed her to pose and shot those photos, and someone uploaded them. idols do whatever theyre told and don't have creative freedom.
>>689496 wasnt this on vacation or something? i dont care about this scandal it made me laugh but this is twitter tier, this isnt a magazine photoshoot
>>689496 stop coping so hard, i'm not even trying to argue with you. the fact of the matter is that it was controversial, regardless of intent, and that may have impacted source/hybe's decision to not renew their contract, that's it.
>>689497 it's from a photoshoot for their official comeback https://youtu.be/21SAUUL-wcM not a vacation. wtf are hybe stans trying to say gfriend's "nazi" scandal justified their disbandment
>>689501 tldw. they force her to do a romantic pose with it or something?
>>689501 >stans this explains your delusion... >trying to say gfriend's "nazi" scandal justified their disbandment continue arguing with the wall if you're going to continue to take this personally for no reason and put words in my mouth
>>689503 ????? first you lie by claiming she was on vacation and took those photos herself and now youre saying "not like hybe forced her to pose". all i did was post a video that showed sowon was wearing that same outfit in an official comeback video. that photo is a behind the scenes shot but you're so triggered. all im saying is, somebody at somu fucked up by taking those photos and uploading them, that person isn't sowon. she's not getting paid to be an art director, photographer or pr manager. if anything those folks fucked up not her.
>>689510 yeah i didnt know where it was from and i assumed it was from a personal trip because it clearly doesnt look like official behind the scenes pics. and yeah, nobody forced her to pose with it like that, that was of her own volition. i already said i dont care about this scandal and i found it amusing but acting like this has anything to do with "creative freedom" and the company forcing her to pose and take the pic is retarded
>>689510 if anyone wants to blame idols, well if idols are wholly responsible for what mannequins are on set, what is written on their shirt, what is in the background then why the fuck are stylists, art directors, photographers, social media managers getting paid? you do realise there are hundreds of staffs paid to pore over every last detail e.g. picrel, and idols are basically instructed to pose by photographers on set in official shoots i doubt they even know what's going on half the time if you see their reactions to mvs. bullying, rapey lyrics, getting pregnant are scandals; gfriend didn't deserve to be canned over a weak controversy
momoland shouldve been on queendom just feel it bboom bboom
>>689514 are you struggling with reading comprehension? nobody said the mannequin being their fault
>>689516 being on set*
>conveniently reducing a female idol to being a dumb mindless npc without agency who can barely tie her own shoes because she has no idea what's going on the state... the hills some of you roasties are willing to die on
>>689515 yes queendom could've used some drunk sorority girl energy
>>689520 they would've been a really entertaining trainwreck their introduction could've been a montage of them performing bboom bboom and the footage fades into black and white with sad music as you see see the group shrinking in numbers and the light fading from their eyes
>>689516 someone said hybe may have disbanded gfriend due to that scandal, that mannequin wouldnt be on set if somu's art director knew how to do their job. anyway even if it was sowons fault its such a weak excuse to disband gfriend and i dislike their type of music lol. viviz will have a hard time they are vocally, visually, and dance-wise kinda weak as a trio, the number of lines each member has to sing is higher and the lack of vocal talent is more obvious. the fewer members you have the more talented you need to be, even aespa get shit for lacking stage presence because 4 girls dont fill up the stage. twice and nmixx can have absent members and still do a full dance stage where everyone singchants 1 line without exposing their vocal flaws kek, viviz can't as 3.
>>689518 blaming the art director for having a nazi costume on set doesnt mean idols are mindless npcs. Sowon is probably unaware that it's a nazi costume, the swastika isn't obvious and she got directed to pose with it. i wouldn't blame her but the hybe and somu staff who didn't check the set.
>>689523 she didnt get directed to pose with it, the mannequin had nothing to do with the shoot. she chose to pose with it herself. so yes, youre acting like shes a mindless npc
>>689521 KEK you should see if mnet are hiring because they could use your creative vision i would be so much more pumped for this season if momoland were competing to inject some jersey shore energy into the season instead of kekler who barely seem to know what they're doing there
>>689524 then who took the photo for her since it isn't a selfie? and who uploaded the photo on source music's official twitter? ultimately it's not her job to make sure the mannequins on set arent nazis. you seem to think idols just sexypose and a photographer follows them like a slave and automatically takes HD photos of them on set without any official art direction and those photos make it to the official twitter without photoshop? kek you have no idea how manufactured kpop is then, every photo is styled and edited.
literally why are kekler there
>>689526 >then who took the photo for her since it isn't a selfie is this a joke? you know you can just hand your phone to someone like "can you take a pic of me?" or do you not have any friends
>>689527 mnet trying to make kepler a big success so they can continue their produce shows. tbh produce is the most influential trend in kpop, even if the shows aren't gp friendly enhypen and kepler are outselling txt, stayc, ive. like kepler outsold aespa's black mamba https://pannkpop.com/who-do-you-think-has-the-most-influence-on-idol-culture/ idk why sm don't get on trend, twice and niziu are so successful due to the whole show aspect and dumb tweens feeling like they can choose who debuts even if it's all rigged.
>>689528 you are super naive man, a photo of that quality isn't taken with a phone, as i said you seem to thing a commercial filming set is a casual venue (and not a working job location) where idols do whatever they want instead of being directed. idols ham it up for the camera deliberately in their behind the scenes videos when they know the camera is filming (e.g. bangtan bomb) but it's all official content owned by their company and not on their personal phones. plus it's posted on gfriends official account so company staff approved it. at the end of the day youre still glossing over the fact that the mannequin shouldnt have been on set if the art director did their job just to blame sowon. gross
>>689531 >she doesn't know how good phone cameras are just lol. anyway you're coping. again i don't care about this at all but to act like she is completely incapable of choosing to pose with something is incredible
>>689533 coping about what? im just defending sowon and gfriend even if im not a fan, all you have is "she chose to take the photo" "copium" etc. are you a moid? hybestan? why does it give you so much satisfaction to blame gfriend and sowon, or absolve somu's staff of any blame? i just hate it that ggs get disbanded for the trivial reasons whilst bgs like bts get away with much worse. gfriend is one of the most unproblematic ggs why are you tryong to shit on them jeez
>>689535 girl can you give it a fucking rest or make your own gfriend thread so you can continue sperging there? my original comment about this i'm not the nona you're responding to now was just to point out that the controversy MIGHT have been ONE OF THE factors for hybe from a BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE to not extend gfriend's contracts. you made it into this narrative where you feel like we were blaming sowon for gfriend's disbandment which is completely not true, so stop whiteknighting her for no fucking reason because nobody even cares that much apart from YOU. this'll be my last response so we can finally get this thread on topic again
>>689529 wa da da did not outsell black mamba wtf
>>689540 you are the one sperging about copium and shit lol. i really don't understand what anyone gets out of blaming gfriend's disbandment on a weak photo controversy.
>>689541 https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/2022/01/10/entertainment/kpop/Kep1er-Wa-Da-Da-kepler/20220110103907663.html you're right black mamba wasn't an ep but kepler still outsold most ggs with their debut ep. they don't even need to be on queendom with those sales figures but theyll just gain more stans now and mnet will keep produce shows rolling along
was excited because there were so many new posts and i thought something interesting queendom related happened...
>thread already devolving into gfriend wank ay dios mio i can't wait for the first episode to air so we can move on
what are your favorite songs from each queendom season 2 group, nonas? let's play by queendom's rules and include gfriend songs under viviz.
>>689987 >hyolyn see sea >viviz/gfriend viviz: love you like gfriend: mago >brave girls after we ride >wjsn group: pantomime sub-units: easy >loona group: voice solos: eclipse sub-units: girl front >kekler ehhhh mvsk i guess
>>689987 hyolyn - dally gfriend - fingertip, you are not alone brave girls - we ride wjsn - secret, luckitty cat loona - colors, loonatic kepler - idk...mvsk?
>>689987 hyolyn dally gfriend navillera brave girls deepened wjsn babyface & super yuppers loona vivid acoustic & voice kepler LMAO
>>689987 >hyolyn idk dally dally i never paid much attention to her music sorry queen >viviz/gfriend rough >brave girls high heels >wjsn pantomine and secret >loona group:favorite subunit: girl front solo: eclipse >kep1er KEP1ER GOING WA DA DA DA! oh oh oh oh oh YEAH
(47.89 KB 1064x504 gvsiu9o2lop81.png)
are they using whosfan?
>>690284 the voting will be launched april 7th on mnet's own app
rumours/spoiler about the song-switch performances LOONA - "Shake It" by SISTAR Hyolyn - "So What" by LOONA Kep1er - "Pool Party" by Brave Girls Brave Girls - "MVSK" by Kep1er VIVIZ - "Unnatural" by Cosmic Girls Cosmic Girls - "NAVILLERA" by GFriend
>>690469 that's the most boring sistar song in existence
>>690469 the wjsn/gfriend songs are both absolute 10/10 bangers but i don't care for the rest at all
first episode will air in a few hours, do we know if it’s gonna be broadcasted live with subs or will we have to wait for fansubs?
>>690481 >You can watch the survival show series on Mnet’s channel and TVING app. It will also be live-streamed online on Mnet’s YouTube channel with English subtitles. it'll be subbed apparently also isn't it airing on the 31st tomorrow?
>>690482 nice, if there are nonas interested we could maybe do a live watchparty then? also yea i got confused with the time zones it’s definitely airing tomorrow
>>690480 yes they are but i wanted wjsn to cover mago/apple. also seems like viviz want to appear more in mature concepts
>>690500 i'd be down for a watch party!
>>690500 i'd have to check if i'm home by that time tomorrow but sure that sounds fun
>>690469 yeojin is still 12 in my head why are they doing shake it
>>690469 these performances leaked and i watched some of it hyolyn’s so what was the best one, i didn’t like wjsn, viviz, brave girls, loona was meh and i couldn’t watch kep1er but apparently the choreo was good, they didn’t have the best quality and it wasn’t the full performances though
>>690559 please spoiler i wanted to keep the songs a surprise
>>690569 can you link?
>>690469 love the loona/hyolyn and wjsn/viviz switches. also rumor has it that they brought contestants from past seasons (ptg, oneus, gidle, tbz members). not sure if they're just watching or judging
>>690469 based loona shake it is a banger
https://sync-tube.de/rooms/H_BVhYHrc if some nonas want to watch it live together here's a link. the show will air in an hour, 9:20pm kst/8:20am est/2:20pm gmt
1:20pm gmt*
>>690688 i'll join
>>690688 i'll be there!
thank you to everyone who tuned in it was fun, let's do this every week. for those wondering about the wjsn teaser at the end i read that it's only a prop malfunction so it's not that bad, albeit disappointing for them.
remember to stream >our queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D2FoanXVL0
(56.24 KB 640x1024 ludasupremacy.jpg)
>>689987 hyolyn - dally viviz/gfriend - mago and tbh i love bop bop brave girls - high heels wjsn - i wish, unnatural loona - voice, new by yves for solo work, girl front for subunits kepler - none kek
do cosmic girls have good music and can bona sing? ive seen her fancams and she can dance and she's pretty like im a fan mostly because of ko yurim, but cosmic girls being a chinese korean mix group makes me feel like their music wouldn't be good
loona's heart attack is such a good song but idk if i believe it was really chuu that did those insane adlibs at the end of the song. can she really sing that well
>>691012 pretty much all of the chinese members have dipped at this point. idk if they're still in the "official" line up. their b-sides are pretty solid for kpop imo, their title tracks are either really good or just okay.
>>691013 >can she really sing that well it’s chuu. the answer is yes
>>691012 imo their title tracks are strong for the most part and they have some of the best bsides in kpop
>>691012 They have excellent music
>>691024 >>691019 thanks nonas i'll definitely check them out. as someone who is upset about gidles lack of popularity, why aren't cosmic girls popular?
>>691016 sad that she has to carry 11 other people on her back i hate when groups look like a classroom
>>691046 Their most popular member fucked off back to China and their fan base is mostly moids who don’t buy or stream.
so, did the current lineup of brave girls debut in 2016? is that why they were introduced as a '16 debut rather than an '11 debut?
>>691049 yeah. the current brave girls members were all added to the group in 2016
>>691089 why did the chinity go back to china (money) or why are their fans mostly men? wjsn does have some recognition though. as you wish usually goes top 2 on melon every NYE
(36.54 KB 480x360 0.jpg)
>>691046 >why aren't cosmic girls popular too much ps accoridng to knetz
>>691123 Bona too?
>>691133 that's not bona in the middle right? i would notice her having a nose job
>>691123 i listened to their music and exactly what i imagined it to be. extremely generic and just not my taste. i hope bona becomes a solo artist after her success. there's just too many girls
>>691123 why did they go back to china?
>>691162 the middle is seola and she’s had this nose for a while
>>691164 money
>>691163 Bona might make it as an actress but I don’t see any of them having solo artist success tbh
>>691169 she has mad hype rn they should give her a solo
i was thinking about it and so what might not actually be so bad for loona as a signature song. viviz and probably wjsn will have already done ethereal pretty stages but nobody else will be doing an intense angry bg-style song. and the choreo is good. they can stand out at least
>>691171 That’s not how it works
>>691133 i thought PS was supposed to look as natural as possible, they're almost park bom level
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZUlUf6KZOQ very dramatic preview for this week's episode i hope we're gonna see loona's performance recorded a week later, i can't take one more week without them
i liked watching this behind the scenes, everyone is really cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-ayo4U3S08
>>691635 still annoyed that mnet put kekler in there but admittedly several of the members are cute
>>691635 >brave girls talking about being old/withered/ancient/decrepit again heolkek mnet is really beating us over the head with the brave hags storyline
>>691636 kekler are honestly growing on me despite my attempts to resist, i like their enthusiasm. but they seem exhausting to be around kek
>>691637 im not watching queendom but didnt the entire brave girls lineup change in 2016? they are basically the "stayc" of brave brothers but kinda flopped like shinsadong tiger's momoland.
>>691640 yes that's true, they also kinda flopped like shinsadong tiger's tri.be kek
>>691636 i feel the same. i like their maknae, she's absolutely adorable >>691639 >they seem exhausting to be around that's honestly any group of teenagers so i can't really fault them for that
i had no idea wjsn were such an old group (almost as old as gfriend), but they act so experienced it's hard not to tell. i like their energy
>they weren’t around for the majority of the queendom group’s debuts that explains so much
>>691644 that's because the korean members barely had any schedules
>bona will be joining wjsn on queendom per 3rd round of the show a bit late in the competition but im glad she won’t miss the whole show. i don’t know how popular her drama was but she surely is the most well known member of the group so this will probably help them
>>691694 kihyun’s gf allegedly right?
for those who might join later, here's the watchparty for this week's episode (starting right now) https://sync-tube.de/rooms/QMUIVwkxv
i made the synctube for episode 3 so feel free to join if you want to watch it together https://sync-tube.de/rooms/wYjIcSV-m
Loona’s stage was excellent, brave girls did good all things considered, wuju wasn’t bad but
where are you queendom sister?
this season is tanking so hard. what went wrong? no clips or performances have gone viral in korea... no one is talking about it
>>695635 i thought that taeyeon would at least bring some more attention to the show but it seems like that didn't matter at all maybe people are just over mnet and their antics
>>695635 first season had a solid number of hitmakers with name recognition, can't say the same for this season
>>695635 the ratings for episode 1 were higher than any episode last season though? and hyolyn's been getting a lot of views for someone who doesn't have much of a streaming fanbase
also weren't there a lot of trending searches for viviz in korea after the first episode?
>>695658 >>695659 sure but we're four episodes in, how is it performing now?
is there a syncroom?
When will the livestream and syncroom begin today?
the final day has come, who will ascend to the throne? choose carefully https://strawpoll.com/polls/NoZrLmGoXn3
>>704457 expecting hyolyn to win but hwaiting wjsn >>702964 >not linking kekler sweet nona caring about our ears
(1.42 MB 2926x4096 WJSN_Queendom_2_poster.jpg)
all hail the queen
everyone will boycot mnet again until the next p101 or queenkingprincedom show
the best part is kepler didnt even get a good ranking because mnet wanted to "play fair"
>>704521 i dont think that's the case, as a kekler fan they lost a lot of fans during the show and some individual fans and keklians were boycotting and voting for other groups
came away from queendom thinking hyolyn and hikaru are cool. that's about all my thoughts
please tell me >our hags brave girls didn't come in last
>>704598 i'm afraid i have bad news nona
>>704605 military ajushis are USELESS
>>704521 why would they think putting a newly debutted group into ANOTHER survival show against more established groups was a good idea? Also wasn't this show all about being the best of the best? it doesnt make any sense
its only the first part of the year and bona has a great year already. first she stars in a very successful global hit tv series and now her group won queendom. go girl!
>>704522 omo, really? can you say more about this nona?


no cookies?