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(92.57 KB 1024x649 yteen.jpg)
starship general Anonymous 03/10/2022 (Thu) 05:02:26 No. 668778
for monsta x, cravity, wjsn, and maybe the one hyolyn stan here
(468.56 KB 592x1280 kca_D7QtpX6gFZd_.mp4)
first for clish at the club
thank you for the much-needed thread unnie. come frick clish
>not mentioning the only starship group that matters
(75.71 KB 682x1024 fca44911.jpg)
over before it began...
>>668792 he looks breathtaking
last pic of the love of my life
1234567 you make me feel like eleven
(271.23 KB 2048x1364 20220310_054644.jpg)
nona you left out the group that released one of the best songs last year
(1.01 MB 1226x1280 00382975.png)
love my wife and her beautiful voice
what are the sources on the claims that minhyuk voted conservative?
(11.30 KB 680x336 FNaeUGBaAAEQCtG.jpg)
>>670466 he posted this on fancafe. people are saying that the red heart means that he's conservative
https://youtu.be/sHbEVyQxC5Q YaaAaaAAssss RAT SOLO Rat SOLO rat SOLO
>>670865 ratwife lookin good
(53.01 KB 569x562 DZnkojcVMAAvQMi.jpg)
>>669453 we anticipate her singing her heart out on queendom and becoming close friends with the other unnies
(177.27 KB 1062x1056 yvesseola.jpg)
>>670936 it's already happening. regarding queendom i am very hopeful for them and hope they can be the omg of this season, maybe not winning but having a huge popularity boost after the show.
>>670980 i'm so excited. i didn't realize that seola would be this popular already, but it makes sense. that love shot fancam blew up too. what songs would you like to see wjsn perform? i would love it if they got to do a cover of butterfly but it would be lovely if viviz were allowed to use gfriend's music so wjsn could do mago
also sorry to ivefags i didn't know if people would want to post about them because some of the girls are still underage
random thought - why did they use a cowboy concept for rush hour when there would arguably be no traffic if you are riding horses
>>671153 no clue, but it was a recurring theme on their album. these are the lyrics to autobahn: >roll that let it burn >wild running like a horse >sit back watch me do >ride me you can drive honestly i think they were just ripping off the spicy music video by ty dolla sign
>>671144 that's understandable. i'm a fan of gaeul, i still find it incredibly fucked starship decided to debut leeseo. they should've just added her to the group later like sm did with yeri. from watching their show staff and the rest of the girls seem to look after her well but i still think she should be focusing on school
>>671163 yeah i think she is way too young to be in the industry and cope with the pressures of it even if people do look after her it must affect her in some way. does she go to school still?
>>671200 >does she go to school still? she does, in most episodes of 123 ive she usually leaves early to go to school, or joins the girls later in the episode
he is not a lvm
(115.26 KB 720x884 Tumblr_l_376154955873902.jpg)
this thread is not going to last for long is it
>>671934 what do you expect nonas to talk about? in any case, once queendom promotions really start i imagine there'll be enough activity to keep it from dropping off into the abyss.
>>671934 it was set to fail
>>671762 i need him
>>671937 i'm just guessing because there really doesn't seem to be overlap between these groups' fandoms and each have very few fans here too so
(761.75 KB 1280x1726 Sistar.full.53436.jpg)
>>671934 i will keep it alive.
>>672013 based sistarsis
(1.86 MB 520x293 ive.gif)
when wonyoung and yujin were jamming out to soyou singing eleven
(181.73 KB 1080x1350 eeunseo.v.jpg)
need to have a secret love affair with her
>>672094 the girl in the whitecoat is starvinggggg worse than rosé and that's saying something
>>672914 that's wonyoung. i feel really bad for her
>>672094 i have such a soft spot for those two
>>672779 post her breathtaking nose
(211.71 KB 1280x849 Tumblr_l_376859078698061.jpg)
good night from minhyuk and clish
>>670528 ah i'm glad it was nothing >>673570 cuties
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPdSiJApMLQ kiki's second teaser for voyager is out
>>674351 his voice tone is not my cup of tea but this song going to a banger, love the live-band-vibe
it makes me seethe and ree and cope in silence when normies just know wonho as 'that gay instaho'. i dont even expect them to know he makes shitty music on the side. i just get that petty hipster feeling.
>>671143 if you meant loona’s butterfly then that’s the one i’d love to see them cover too for the song swap stage. apparently viviz will perform gfriend’s songs, so i’d also like a classic gfriend cover like rough to show off their vocal skills. really bummed that bona and dawon won’t be a part of the show but oh well
ive comeback
>>676453 hopefully the girls don't feel too much pressure to top eleven, although i'm hoping for a similar somg. you really can't tell what genre this will be from the picture, but with a title like dear cupid maybe it'll be a little cuter than eleven
>>676453 yay. i really wonder what kind of concept it'll be
eleven is so bad i couldn't believe what i was hearing it's like a song some total nugus with no budget would get
>>678604 i wouldn’t say it was bad, but it was kinda meh the first time i heard it. the pre chorus is insanely good though.
>>678604 i was confused by how much people were hyping it up
(332.18 KB 1152x2048 FOD0CN6VsAM7VrW.jpg)
clishy cat with a plushie
>>682193 if hate sex had a face...
(41.27 KB 680x672 Er2io3gXcAEcbVP.jpg)
>>682518 he's for sweet vanilla sex you wouldn't get it
(129.83 KB 699x802 20220319_103701.jpg)
rei and leeseo at seoul fashion week
(798.33 KB 2400x1600 20220319_104603.jpg)
>>685193 >>685209 they're both so pretty but i wish leeseo's skirt was lower. she's so young. that being said, the red is amazing on her and i'm glad they have solo activities
>>685708 i thought that too, her skirt was really short i was a bit surprised when i saw the full body shot. i always think the same about wony though her skirts are always really short it’s like they don’t compensate for her having longer legs
>>685708 >>685714 i agree. i tried to find some appropriate pics since i felt almost uncomfortable seeing leeseo in that outfit. i'm really hoping starship will look out for leeseo and dress her accordingly for her age the red hair color really looks nice on her and i'm excited for ive's comeback. rei was also appointed as a muse for a skincare/makeup brand i believe too so im glad the girls are getting recognized
(24.74 KB 354x320 2emtkeb.jpg)
>>685714 the stylists did the same thing to her in izone poor thing
>>688426 i really like this trailer. gaeul looks amazing in short hair.
(1.67 MB 2160x2700 20220321_122428.jpg)
>>688426 wow this cupid concept seems really interesting.. i like wonyoung's brown hair and gaeul's short hair. seems for the single album we're getting two tracks again
>>688426 this looks like a cf, it’s well shot and they all look gorgeous. i love short hair on gaeul it really suits her. it seems they’re going for a high teen/crush concept? i’m excited to hear more of the songs since the composers are new to kpop, it could be very fresh
best cravity title track is here https://youtu.be/vG2haZWk01s
(1.58 MB 1200x1800 image (8).png)
wonyoung and liz's concept photos are up. omo i'm loving this concept.. reminds me of alice in wonderland in a way
(1.66 MB 1200x1800 image (9).png)
(1002.28 KB 2731x4096 20220323_140106.jpg)
(1.38 MB 2731x4096 20220323_140102.jpg)
>>689135 >>689137 >>689138 >>689139 if ive keep this elegant concept up they're going to do so well. love the cupid brooch that liz is wearing. maybe a slight tinfoil but i wonder if her wearing that brooch has anything to do with the music video?
>>689142 >if ive keep this elegant concept up they're going to do so well. they really are, i love this concept so much. they seem to be going for a high-teen concept and im really hoping it'll scare off the remainder of ives scrote fans since the annyeongz scrotes were already pissed off with the concept for eleven, being elegant and all and the fact that wonyoung and yujin didnt debut as a duo. >but i wonder if her wearing that brooch has anything to do with the music video nona i also thought that too, this cb is definitely centered around cupid and the brooch probably also represents that. i do wonder why they didnt comeback in february though since this wouldve fit it perfectly
>>689145 i guess they wanted to avoid competing with nmixx, which is for the best seeing how people are comparing sullyoon and wonyoung. imagine if one had won over the other it would've been insane. >scare off the remainder of ives scrote fans when i saw that ive had more female fans than male fans i rejoiced. i was so worried that it would be a sausage party in the audience but it seems like a lot of young girls in particular look up to ive. i really hope they end up like red velvet and have a dedicated female fanbase
>>689146 yeah, young girls should definitely be looking up to ive, learning that it’s okay to be talentless as long as you’re pretty and anorexic. they’ll also get some interesting and realistic ideas about how 14-year-olds should look and act
>>689147 agree with all except talentless kek sorry ive aren’t great role models. better for teen girls to not look up to idols
>>689147 >>689150 it's true that young girls should have better role models, but i would rather ive have a fanbase of girls their age rather than old scrotes. sorry if my phrasing came off weird
>>689151 yeah agreed, just found the (accidental) implication that they’re good role models funny
>>689146 >i really hope they end up like red velvet and have a dedicated female fanbase i hope so too nona. i also hope maybe we'll get a mini album or more songs by the end of the year as well
(1.44 MB 2731x4096 bvxpi2u0xbq81.png)
love dive teasers are all out. love the 00s magical girl graphic design is my passion aesthetic
>>690341 they all look so good and these outfits seem a little more cohesive than the pink and black outfits they had for eleven. i'm getting hyped
the ahnyoung duo are way more stannable to me than ssamkura, wonder if ive and lesserafim will become rivals
>>690365 i was thinking this too. i think they’ll obviously be compared to each other
>>690365 annyeongz have also known each other since before pd48 so their bond a lot stronger and it makes them a lot of fun to watch. did chaewon and sakura seem close during izone? if anything it seems like chaeyeon and sakura should have gotten paired up
>>690368 too bad annyeongz are managed by starship, both have it girl potential (i love yujin) and the other ive girls are trendy too. hybe will have tackier concepts but more money to push ssamkura.
>>690365 i don't have much interest in either groups but i would be surprised if hybe doesn't manage to shit things up with their usual antics. i feel like they will play into the whole izone/produce angle securing a fanbase of wizones and hivfags while starship distances themselves from it and so appeals to the gp. i still have a soft spot for yujin though unlike the others >>690368 they had their moments but not anything compared to annyeongz. i wouldn't say they were close during izone.
>>690429 if i were starship id debut ive as 4-5 members (gaeul & leeseo look too alike) and market them like a trendy highteen bp but with more comebacks. somungg will succeed no matter the concept as bts dongsaengs and due to wizones, hybe paid ssamkura fat checks to join as an insurance policy against flopping. (expect hybe to keep buying top mnet produce trainees and using iland over training and trusting inhouse trainees)
(5.60 MB 1280x720 _d85ESCT1bxuva30.mp4)
https://youtu.be/3YZreO_lzbc i love the song covers ive have been doing on youtube. their pronounciation is so good
>>693572 samefag, leeseo seems to have that nasal type of singing voice like sica and krystal have. she's already such a good vocalist im amazed
>>690385 too bad lesseraffirm are getting btfoed on the charts and have no mc gigs and in the garam scandal and give them a shelf life of about 2-3 years source sucks at managing ggs, just look at glam and gfriend
(135.54 KB 268x354 Shownu Smirk.webm)
can i post best thotty boy Wonho here? he is technically returning to Starship with the merger. Otherwise enjoy best boy Nunu
>>698235 didnt they just charted higher than ive for some time?
how do you yall feel about Wonho flashing his nuts/bulge every now and then?
>>698235 they’ve just debuted though and they’re under hybe im sure they’ll get a mc gig soon
>>699898 yes. even without the merger i think former artists/associated artists are fair game. most of us wonhofags here have probably been following him since he was in mx.
>>726817 I thought i was the only wonhofag around here glad to know theres more than 1
>>722206 great
Wonho being the first jacked idol has made other male idols start bulking up, especially in MX.


no cookies?