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(737.86 KB 2560x1707 itzy-itz-me-wannabe-scaled.jpg)
itzy general Anonymous 02/01/2021 (Mon) 15:32:19 No. 64770
second thread i guess
threadpic is broken for me but glad there are more itzy fans than just me on here lol
>>64036 holy unlucky me, thread pic's this one
(223.85 KB 1200x900 EQlS2OfU4AQDu17.jpg)
>>64039 everything about this gg is so fun, the title songs, the choreos, the clothing, the girls and i think zero korean military bait unlike twice and rv
>>64048 i guess their closest thing to that would be yuna but luckily jyp hasn't pushed her in that way yet
kekkk sis your threadpic is an epic fail!!
>>64074 epic indeed kekposter
>>64082 kek!
(134.20 KB 1200x799 D1UznsLWoAAu8Bc.jpg)
love them. their songs are hit or miss for me but their interviews are so enjoyable and it's great to see how far their english comes when they do western ones.
If you want to make a new thread with a working pic I can merge them later.
merge. NOW!
(4.41 MB 250x444 ryujin.gif)
anachans might kill me, but i love ryujin's weight gain
>>65056 She has really nice proportions, is tallish and doesn’t gain to her face and is actually like athletic and not dumpy so she can take a few more pounds than the average kpop girl without getting dragged for it (lia)
im shy
(42.93 KB 480x329 download (6).jpeg)
new hair colors! comeback when?
>>65088 you wouldn't last a day in itzy
(162.92 KB 1080x1350 EZHGnLOXgAEP5gd.jpg)
>>67672 BASED please be another wannabe and not another not shy though...
(158.43 KB 1080x1348 Etg-5hEXcAIhAGg.jpeg)
hope the next comeback is kill bill themed
(192.41 KB 1080x1348 Etg-5zRXMAQQuLt.jpeg)
>>67675 not shy was better than wannabe though...
>>75728 i had to force myself into liking not shy but it definitely grew on me. wannabe on the other hand was an instant hit
>>75725 >>75718 yuna with zero heels while lia and ryujin...
(178.04 KB 437x540 1607388761079.jpg)
>>75757 for me it was the opposite. loved not shy on first listen but hard to warm up to wannabe. sad because i like the lyrics, just not the way it sounds.
>>76359 always forget ryujin isn't actually that tall, she just has good proportions
(179.92 KB 1080x1350 da79ae882a1fadcdd076e4e3e54b8efc.jpg)
>>151609 wrong thread nona
>>64554 everytime i see that girlie on the right i wonder how the fuck she scammed her way into being an idol..i know jyp is not the company that insists on visual but any nugu from barely surviving company looks better than this
>>151769 actually i think this way of ryujin, like don't get me wrong she's really pretty, but i see her as commoner pretty not idol pretty if you know what i mean...
>>151769 i don't find any itzy girl that pretty (they have this one interview with iu where she's just miles above them despite being a decade older) but this one and her sis are a level of ugly that would get you stared at on the streets, their parents must be rich af
>>151799 idk chaeyoung is one of the prettiest idols i’ve ever seen, her sister is the one who got the unfortunate genes
>>151799 They’re super rich and so is Lia and you can really tell
(93.37 KB 960x960 izone-chaeyeon-chaeryeong.jpg)
>>151832 ??? girl they look completely alike
>>151832 >prettiest idols i’ve ever seen anon are you blind?
>>151887 nona she won't be able to answer you...
>>151879 damn maybe i am blind
>>151788 Agree, she looks very next door, but she's also very similar (imo, ryujin is prettier) to actress Han So Hee who is like very popular at the moment so it seems it works for them
>>152072 ugh ever since someone pointed out ryujin and han sohee's resemblance i don't find ryujin pretty anymore, she's like a worse sohee
>>151769 >>151799 they're both really talented
>>151788 I love Ryujin but her dancing and stage presence are overrated as hell. Everyone hypes her performances up so when I finally see them it's underwhelming.
>>152401 word. her voice is like nails on a chalkboard honestly, idk what the point of her lines were in the new tt
(46.04 KB 680x680 E0REa3VVcAY0Hlt.jfif)
what's going on with their coordi? they had wrinkled uniforms on knowing brothers and in picrel the hair pieces are visible
(40.91 KB 680x680 E0REa3XUUAErDT6.jfif)
(79.10 KB 700x458 1578697021-itzy-3.jpeg)
>>152510 haven't liked their styling at all. supposedly they have bp's old stylist but i never remember bp's styling being this tacky and cheap looking
she kind of looks like a rat but i still find her ugly cute
>>152401 Same anon, worst stage presence by far is Lia. Check 0:55 here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IUNK3iMcdk
i think yeji has better stage presence than ryujin
>>153076 100% Yeji and Yuna are much better
yeji is IT. Lia did catch my attention this tt she kinda ate on the raps compared to ryujin
>>153061 god, every single time lia is just there isn't she.
ryujin i want to be your girlfriend
So apparently Ryujin is dating a guy from nct any sauce on this??
reviving this thread what do we think about jisu?
>>226133 she's a good singer
>>226194 karma got her kek
>>226279 i meant her b*llying scandal... do we think it's true or not?
>>226483 if the defamation charges didn't go through then it's at least partially true. i've read comments saying the police talked to lia and person A about it
>>226483 I've a hard time believing it because she really doesn't give me bully vibes at all. She seems like such an introvert, not even very confident in herself and didn't she study in Canada or something? I don't live there but I'm assuming they don't have a bullying epidemic like Korea and that stuff is seen with other eyes. I feel like she can be an easy target for a false accusation because she comes from money but IDK. I don't follow ITZY nor her that much, but in the end I hope the truth is revealed at some point and both her and the accuser get what they deserve, whatever it is
>>227121 but looks like the bullying happened in korea. i think it was just a fight not bullying but the accuser is still butthurt. it's really hard to believe that she was a bully
>>228236 the op said lia borrowed money and didnt give it back and would be bitchy behind her back to classmates and described it as "school violence" kek apparently words dont mean anything anymore. just more petty middle school drama that people cant over
(211.88 KB E3-9FWIVgAIL1g9.jpg)
i love her hair
did yeji get lip injections or am i just tripping?
>>233241 okay thought so lol
(54.21 KB 540x960 Dxg51FiUYAELh2S.jpg)
new fan can someone please explain this picture
>>244358 it's lia with her friend
>>244588 is this a video?
>>244996 sorry i meant to say it is from a video
>>244998 *is it from shit i cant type
>>244999 it's a picture. predebut lia was something else
(134.66 KB 799x1200 E2Nj899XoAIXHhP.jpg)
(111.76 KB 800x1200 E2rCw6PXMAUq25K.jpg)
(146.43 KB 799x1200 E2NkHMNX0AMnBg_.jpg)
(125.18 KB 800x1200 E3AC1uIWEAI5mdS.jpg)
(131.05 KB 800x1200 E4ce3taWUAMV-eH.jpg)
(113.78 KB 800x1200 E4ce3tbWYAEu3I_.jpg)
(98.29 KB 610x1024 E3bZr1NX0AQHZ6Q.jpg)
(140.28 KB 962x1024 E3bZr1PXIAI8BP9.jpg)
(247.55 KB 960x1200 E5NvSMvVcAUSQ0I.jpg)
(307.50 KB 960x1200 E5NvUfFVcAEsPWN.jpg)
(153.02 KB 960x1200 E3b7OaaXEAQTEh_.jpg)
(165.80 KB 960x1200 E3cp-KGWEAASDwd.jpg)
(155.71 KB 1080x1080 E3Nwjn2XoAIoOHT.jpg)
(119.08 KB 1080x716 E2tVki6XoAAQldY.jpg)
(83.46 KB 1024x680 E3gQZeBX0AUy55-.jpg)
(97.58 KB 1024x680 E3gQXiyXIAAIZFa.jpg)
(114.59 KB 1080x1187 E3QXy-iWQAchTjI.jpg)
(141.30 KB 960x1200 E3SqECuWQAIPf83.jpg)
(199.05 KB 960x1200 E3SqBzcXoAEwtjS.jpg)
(193.60 KB 960x1200 E3SqBzWWQAEW3c8.jpg)
(188.89 KB 961x1200 E3NwZf6X0AMyq2z.jpg)
(178.03 KB 961x1200 E3NwZf9WQAQqc38.jpg)
(110.65 KB 818x1024 E4OzdY2WUAQFN4A.jpg)
(55.94 KB 1200x799 E4Vw2UjWYAQkTDd.jpg)
(367.92 KB 754x802 itzy.png)
(1.96 MB 2000x3000 E8kvhR8VoAQLetV.jpg)
(452.61 KB 750x510 twitter.png)
>>295563 new era
>>295562 Yeees! Nice that it's a full album but I do want them to change their concepts. Also what's up with Lia? The situation seems confusing and messy
>>295562 Also, cool that they have few people making the songs, just one songwriter and few producers from the same team. I feel it can be more cohesive that way, I'm excited bc I didn't like mafia in the morning
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msSTlqos4fQ i enjoyed this a lot, chaeryeong is so good
>>297641 she killed it. a queen >>295610 sorry i'm a bit of a casual fan and i wasn't following, what lia situation?
>>302174 nta but lia was accused of being a bully in school. i don't remember all the details but i think she stole a girls money. jyp denied it at first but the victim came back and wants to sue
>>302174 not op but she was probably referring to Lia being accused of bullying. it did not blow up at the time and jyp just sued the accuser for defamation. now two months ago the accuser was cleared of all charges and the allegations thus brought back. it wasn’t a good look for jyp but they doubled down and asked for a re investigation. there hasn’t been anything since and with all the bullying scandals happening this one kinda flew under the radar, i don’t think it will impact the comeback at all
teaser image
>>336410 idk about putting a 17 year old in a body suit like that
love her hair this era
she looks so cool
>>336568 she looks like a hooker
>>336575 a cool hooker
>>336845 Is that Cameron Diaz?
yeji teaser
lia teaser
>>337124 not fair that the bully is given the most flattering makeup and outfit
i like crazy fashion but a lot of these looks are not it
>>337124 she has such a mean aura
>>337145 kek she has no aura or charisma. dont let the bully allegations cloud your judgement
ryujin teaser
chaer teaser
yuna teaser
>>338031 >>337123 the angle makes these ones weird. the others are good but lia's is kinda boring
is it just me or is the editing on these teasers kinda sloppy. yeji's hair extensions arent connected to her head, they didnt colour correct yuna's face between her fringe and her hair, and the crazy fonts and patterns are kind of cheap for a big 3 group
>>338068 also yeji's extensions are a totally different colour to her real hair and you can clear as day still see the imprints on her skin from her bra she would have removed for this fit.
>>337123 I hate that random ass cube.
>>339105 i hate you for making me notice it. they made yeji look so bad, i didnt think it was possible
tracklist, instrumentals for previous tracks seem to be included as well
>>339736 based i love instrumentals
>>339739 cant tell if this is sarcastic
>>339780 no i unironically like listening to instrumentals when i'm trying to work on something and i need to focus the voices can be distracting
>>339844 kek i cant do that cos my brain fills in the voices for me
>>339736 > 1st full album > same amount of new songs as a mini album anyways, the song names seem fun
>>338028 did she get lip injections?
>>339100 wow they did a shit job on the extensions its literally sticking out of her head
>>340546 she sure did look at her top lip
>>337136 wait when did that happen
>>337136 still laughing at knets calling her mr. bean
(310.16 KB 1200x1800 EBC8ShAVAAEhzEM.jpg)
>>340587 >>340546 it looks weird now. there was nothing wrong with her lips
>>340588 girl where have you been
>>340587 its just overlining and editing i think >>336568 and >>336410 look similar to >>340635
photobook preview
another photobook preview
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pKjtBchxexE photobook teaser video for yeji she looks really pretty and the instrumental in the background sounds fun
>>346416 >the instrumental in the background sounds fun i also like it, it's very short though, but it has a little edm-punkish sound
lowkey reminds me of icy styling
(1.78 MB 1280x944 Untitled.mp4)
^ i found a leak for the song on twitter
https://youtu.be/5DH4Vc13-zU track list video, the songs sound good mashallah, i like chillin chillin and love is, they sound cute
>>358099 pleasantly surprised the b sides sound promising. i can’t with the cringy english lyrics in the title track >>353922 mafia sounded stupid
>>353922 it kind of sounds like shit but the last portion sounds promising
https://youtu.be/JrQHn4TmsBU mv teaser let’s goooo I’m excited for the song
>>364367 i didn’t hate it, i think it’ll do fine actually. it’s not my kind of song and some parts are weird. but i think the younger demographic they have will love it
>>364367 it kinda reminds me of older kpop songs. the MV and styling is great and that last portion of the song is the killing part
Everyone hating the styling and I really like it kek especially Yeji's I'm going to skip this one just like I did with mafia, did like the chorus. I can't believe I'm saying this of ITZY but the choreo is so boring and uninspired, I could spot multiple moves from their older choreographies. At least the final crown pose was cool. Anyways, I hope it performs well because I really like them, I just hope they do other concepts because it's getting repetitive for everyone
goth princess yuna
>>365099 the outfit itself is great but the stylist should not have put yuna in an outfit that shows cleavage since she’s a minor and she’s going to be on tv, it’s not right since there’s a lot of weirdos out there, the stylist should have been more careful with this imo
>>366254 it's classic jyp to oversexualize the maknae
i wish yeji would chill with the fillers
>>367434 unironically love this, ik it’s too chill for an itzy title track but the girls excluding lia killed the chorus and the swipe dance has potential to go viral
>>364367 am i the only one who hates yeji's kitty rap before the chorus? so grating and out of place which is weird for me bc normally her parts are my favorite. even if the lyrics suck she killed the rap in the 2nd verse of mafia for example
i'm sorry, i don't know much about them. but why Loco is so low in MelOn right now? is normal for them? I think is around 40-45 right now...
>>367733 they're flopping more and more after not shy. it's becoming normal now
>>375351 have you seen their recent comebacks
>>375365 have you listened to itzy ever? it's the same stuff every cb
>>375371 dalla dalla was very catchy and appealing, with good outfits. every comeback is less and less appealing
>>375373 maybe to some. i like that they have a different sound and i think the outfits have remained pretty consistent
>>375376 they're not doing as well as debut so they're clearly not appealing to as many people as they used to, which is a problem for girl groups. they're also not tanking either, but it's definitely a disappointment compared to their peers
>>367733 the song isn't as catchy as past comebacks also jyp never properly addressed lia's bullying scandal which turned off many kfans and some of the gp
i'm in love with ryujin
and chaeryeong
JYP is back for the next comeback. Kinda hyped, honestly


no cookies?