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Idol Doll Thread Anonymous 02/14/2022 (Mon) 22:37:27 No. 627774
Post >New dolls that came or are coming out >Your favorite dolls based on your husbando and wives >Dolls you just find cute >Dolls that are weird >Funny posts made with dolls >Your favorite pictures of dolls >Dolls spotted in the wild >Your doll(s) >Your doll wishlist >Rant about dolls, the production or design >Discuss dolls and doll outfits you want to see Anything kpop doll goes!
Doll questions: >Are there any dolls you want that aren’t for your husbando? >Have you, or would you ever consider designing a doll? >Do dolls often accurately (in your opinion) represent your husbando? >Do you prefer the animal dolls over the human versions? Or the food dolls? picrel is woonyang by @kittywoonyang
(784.42 KB 2048x2048 FLIfDFVaMAEhWUr.jpeg)
byeol (san's cat) plushie, i want it so bad
(120.01 KB 2048x1268 kJUcAEdE63.jpg)
i like this doll by @hamretqoong, but it seems like he's coming out of the package with a funny face shape. this is her chart showing how to fix it. i think it looks pretty funny. squish
(462.29 KB 2048x1536 FCJLgPBVEAkDHcB.jpeg)
we friggen love mamulju
>>627831 the squished face is adorable
(188.95 KB 2048x1152 20220214_235846.jpg)
san plushie that i don't even know where to buy from. i wish the little canine was more visible
>>627852 its sooo cute
>>627810 mashallah i love the colours. like bread hyunjae @e_j_q_l
joongramgee by @keepitall_hj i’m so happy i confirmed my order for one after waiting for months, the cutest feature on him is his fat squirrel tail and fuzzy cape
>>627826 the eyes are so pretty >>627831 kek >>627852 i tried looking and couldn’t find anywhere either hul. the scarf is so cute. who is the artist? i love cat san dolls
(46.75 KB 647x1024 FLOLHWMVUAAEks-.jpg)
>>627810 give me teolaegi or give me death
>>627844 always
mon lit
(895.38 KB 3024x3024 NQ0xpaUAQb5LA.jpg)
>>627851 i think so too. they make me giggle
>>627893 my dogs would destroy it without looking back
>>627885 i think it's @san99love but idk. i've been trying to find someone selling it for months and i got nothing >>627878 wahhh i want one too, was the shipping expensive?
(247.73 KB 2048x2048 20220215_001039.jpg)
>Have you, or would you ever consider designing a doll? this mingi wolf doll by @wolfgi809 is really not my style. i’m partial to my own mango ferret agenda so the bunnies and wolves aren’t as appealing to me anymore. i’d try making designing my own for fun >>627878 congrats nona! that doll is so cuuute. i love the cape rwaaa. the wait was worth it
i don’t know why there are stars on his head, but i want nyan wong and meng yuner for woobert and sasquatch by @woooyuyu
(16.83 KB 684x305 20211004_072004.jpg)
>>627901 i'm really simple and just want a mingi doll with any animal as long as it has this face. i do like the chick agenda so i'm cool with that
bbanghoon bbanghoon @cherrytese bomb feel it yum
(413.23 KB 1638x2048 20220215_000425.jpg)
>>627910 i think the stars might be a reference to when yunho wore little beads and accessories in his hair for the thanxx promos >>627901 >>627911 i think a simple humanoid plushie with that face could be really funny. the wolf is cute but it doesn't scream mingi to me
>>627911 i love that face kek. the chick agenda is great too >>627918 >reference to when yunho wore little beads and accessories in his hair for the thanxx promos oh that makes sense >simple humanoid plushie with that face could be really funny based i don’t really like humanoid plushies but i want this
bbangki’s delivery service. i love cosplay put on dolls, it’s so cute. this was by @MY_LIFE_IDOL >>627892 based juyeonism
>>627898 i joined a group order so i haven’t been hit with ems or domestic shipping prices yet, as of now i only paid the base price of the doll for 21 usd. op offered another smaller 7cm squirrel doll but i wasn’t as crazy about it >>627901 yeah i’m glad i found a single gom who was willing to order for me. i haven’t come across many mingi dolls but i agree they don’t scream mingi like other member dolls i’ve seen, i would love to see a doll with that one straight line face in >>627911
>>627925 dolls with beauty marks are the cutest
DAEBAK baebae cobwife doll by @baeszbae having a 3rd round. cobsisters interested check the account if your region has had a go retweeted, or forward it to a gom you’d use. it ends on the 28th kst https://twitter.com/baeszbae/status/1492872359392722945
(1.20 MB 592x1280 IMG_2987.MP4)
>>627927 so true unnie i love @fox__kevin
>>627940 hul that looks exactly like the san plushie
>>627943 what if all cat husbandos are fox husbandos
(520.76 KB 2048x2048 20220215_001215.jpg)
>>627966 finally a conspiracy theory i can get behind
kek new 10cm bald hyunjae doll just dropped @pppakdeojae
potato woobert @wounggamja >>627994 >santa kek cute
(647.25 KB 2048x2048 20220215_000755.jpg)
>>628700 oh my god i need it
>>628699 looks like a naked calico critter mole
what groups do you guys think need more plushies?
i feel so bad microwaving junyang but i can’t sleep unless he’s warmed up
>>630572 >skz has their own official line >tbz has too many >atz has a good amount for some members and not many at all for others as far as i’ve seen >i only look at dream’s e’last. specifically the bovine beauty wonjun >>628706 my dream is a full meal made of gaypop food dolls
another new hyunjae doll just dropped @jjaeking_24 >>630191 cute kekk
fucking cute jarturd dolls @galgyo
they scalped my son
new ateez cat dolls in the works by @ateezcatdolls / @wooyoungandwild
>>634508 planned extras for san, i think they look adorable
>>634511 heol i realized san wasn’t in the group picture
>>634511 >>634533 i want him but he's 30$ without shipping reeee
>>634739 op mentioned the prices weren’t final but a placeholder
how do we feel about humanoid dolls? personally i’m not a fond of most 20-30cm ones like picrel, i find the more intricate dolls uncanny. i don’t like it when the designer gives them details like a stamp on their buttcheek, i prefer small simple ones like juyeon’s mamulju
more ateez dolls coming soon by @camilicy. the bear is jongho, the rabbit is mingi, the dog is yunho, the black cat is san, and both the ferret(?) and raccoon are wooyoung. i can’t tell what nor whom the remaining 3 dolls are >>631814 bald and beautiful >>634511 >>634533 i’m not huge on humanoid dolls but i love the rest of this. hopefully by the time she sells she has the final version posted so there’s a real life visual to go off of. i’d love the seonghwa one too >>634508
>>641590 i’m not fond of humanoid dolls either. the closer they resemble the gaypop the less i like them. they remind me too much of baby dolls, as if i’m buying a baby of my husbando rather than a cute doll to goof around with. i don’t care about their butts and ears, but stamps for nipples and belly buttons make me queasy. they look gross. i agree regarding mamulju and designs similar mogging
>>648249 it's hongjoong yeosang jongho hwa?? mingi yunho san wooyoung and raccoon woo i'm not a fan of the animals and designs she chose for them, only san and hj fit. the previous batch of plushies looked nice tho and at least she changed woo into a raccoon
>>648257 heol i figured the first to probably be hongjoong because of his hair but wasn’t sure. it didn’t occur to me doll makers would change the idol’s animal kek. if seonghwa and yeosang were swapped, yeosang’s could have been a blonde doberman. i like these more than the last design she did, but i’m wording this and think half of them fit more than the others
>>648249 the raccoon wooyoung is incredibly based, i like the jongho, yunho and hongjoong designs, and that's it. i actually like the direction for the hj design a lot and wish the other dolls maybe fit that, being represented by some highly memorably hair style or color
>>648249 i never trust western artists to actually come out with these dolls.
>>650474 but she has previously, this is a second batch with different designs
>>650477 i would buy it if it wasn't a troonwoo doll
(774.49 KB 2047x2047 FMimL84VQAox5TC.jpg)
(22.24 KB 335x335 FMnxb7daUAAKIs2.jpg)
>>650731 this shit is so friggen funny
>>650477 >>650731 >>650732 i don’t give a shit if an “anti” or a shittyzen made this, i need one
new ateez alien doll just dropped
>>651718 by @YS_doberman, he’s a maltese that comes with doberman ears kek
>>651718 >>651731 KEK i want just for the dobberman ears, the heart beauty mark is cute
new san stress ball doll by @malangsanie as well. stress ball dolls are cute and i somewhat prefer them to the full 10cm dolls. you can fit them into the pillows filled with small plushies and it feels more reasonable to throw them around >>650420 >raccoon wooyoung is incredibly based fucking word >wish the other dolls maybe fit that, being represented by some highly memorably hair style or color i’m autistic for this, but i don’t like when the design is too closely related to one specific instance heolkek. i prefer when the dolls feel “timeless” in a sense, that they can match all general iterations of the person they’re assigned to. when they get too specific it makes me feel like i have to keep looking for designs to keep up with current events >>650474 this one has released dolls twice previously, but i understand your sentiment. have you ever been conned by a western artist who never released the doll after preorders?
>>651774 my first thought looking at the stress ball were omanjuus, they had a huge cult following with weebs
contemplating on buying a yunbbangi by @horbang_323 the crying dumpling(?) hat is too fucking cute
>>651774 i would die for the san stress ball
hyunlix dolls
>>666267 i can’t decide if i like the felix one or not. surely, he’s a cat. but with their official dolls existing, i feel it’d be a waste to not choose a design that best matches the animals of skzoo. this doll is still pretty though. i guess it’s another example that goes to show official isn’t always best
because my husbandos like to cook, i bought a doll house kitchen set for taking photos. it’s always impressive how detailed fans can make recreations for their dolls. replicas of husbando outfits for dolls is one of my favorite things about them
>>676335 awww cute i would do the same if i had the space. i love how some girlies crochet outfits and make accessories for their dolls too, it’s nice to see them have fun with their husbando dolls
found out there’s giant joongramgees roaming in kr i want 5
>>677151 they need to get bigger. i need a life sized one
>>651731 same person is making a doberman version
(196.99 KB 2800x1600 FPbi5w0aUAEAa6K.jpg)
tired of working on myself i will now be unapologetically insane
win for the little catlix doll
>>692997 oh, unfortunately it’s overheat’s design though if anyone was curious, i wish it were anybody else’s
mamuljju is no longer evil
i fucking hate this doll. it’s so cute but jyurong doesn’t look like a juyeon doll in my eyes. i love the cinnamoroll colour palette. it’s very very cute. the doll is by @jjyurongdoll
>>693962 sa i don’t know why i typed hate when i meant love
(684.40 KB 720x720 IMG_7436.MP4)
sanimello is really cute @sanimell0
>>634511 >>634508 these dolls all sold out within around 24 hrs of pre-order opening! they’re going through the last batch of samples for them and this is how they’re looking
>>693964 cuuute but it doesn't really remind me of san outside of his eye mole placement, the purple one >>627852 resembles him more
>>693961 i don't kow who this mamulju doll ought to represent but it gives me shivers, especially these >>627890, >>627844 pure menance
>>693984 sa, *menace
>>693984 it's supposed to be juyeon
>>693968 it doesn’t remind me of san much either, not without purposefully giving it some thought kek. i still want one because of the cinnamoroll colours, but i wish it had a fang or wider smile
(515.67 KB 2048x2048 FMvyNj4aQAIU9Sj.jpeg)
freaky monster alien looking juyeon doll @jjutol. the 15cm has longer hair than the 10cm. they’re in the deposit stage now so these are the final versions. i wish there were pictures of them side by side with other dolls to compare proportions. the head is fucking fat >>694265 fucking cute
pengzzani’s adorable twin pingzzani
i didn’t care at first, but now i love calicojju @calicojju
(357.94 KB 2048x2048 20220415_180558.jpg)
i would take a fucking bullet for you pengzzani
(346.55 KB 2048x2048 20220415_180602.jpg)
(438.19 KB 2048x2048 FQdDe2NakAMy_yN.jpeg)
>>694357 i wish we could see the grey paws better and that it was light grey/grey as shown in her drawings rather than white/grey
(175.74 KB 1856x2048 FOir9ByagAEpKO1.jpeg)
new tbz dolls coming to you >1. jubbang cloud dolls kyeopda i like it
(103.01 KB 1000x1000 FPwNA6-aIAEGlWN.jpeg)
>2. kyussi flying squirrel doll wow if they do the wings right it will be one of the coolest dolls out there. i feel like the beauty mark was overkill tho because the doll's design is was already different enough
(61.33 KB 2048x1151 FPp4_YEacAAT3OK (1).jpeg)
>3. kyussi skunk doll KEKKKK but kyeopda
(450.99 KB 1474x2048 FHSbVG1VUAQiZUE.jpeg)
these girlies are unstoppable
>>694616 the malrangz doll kinda reminds me of leebit. very cute though i love the doll obsession
>>694616 basado now i want a hello kitty peng_zzani and ggomang_c doll
(452.72 KB 2027x2048 FMTN-uHVIAAQ3Y8.jpg)
love her
>>694355 weirdly adorable and looks like a tamagotchi i love it >>694608 CUTE my thing with animal-like dolls is wanting some identifiable feature so you can automatically know which gaypop it is. my husbando has a few animal dolls i was thinking of buying but didn’t because they didn’t resemble him, that’s just my preference >>694609 awww his tail is so cute
(27.25 KB 828x828 FJc0JF2VIAECzA_.jpeg)
>>694616 and to think that this chart is already so much out of date...... deobis are on steroids picrel is a new potentially eery-ish juyeon doll
(395.61 KB 2048x2048 FLr5caaaAAES6Yk.jpeg)
i want a malmujju so bad. is it possible to buy as a single international buyer once she opens a form or is that korean/go buyers only?
>>694628 i think it depends on op’s payment and shipping options. some doll markers rarely ship outside of their country unless they garner enough interest from a reliable gom. or they might only accept money from domestic bank transfers, if they accept paypal i think you could try ordering if you’re willing to pay for the fees
mingari we freaking love you
>>694628 she doesn’t ship internationally. but it’s easy to get one if you’re willing to pay HOW TO GET A DOLL WHEN YOU DON’T LIVE IN GOOKISTAN >do you know what a group order manager is? it’s a person who works as a proxy between sellers and foreign buyers, and with gaypops there are many who would be willing to help you get one! >what you need to do find one that ships domestically to your country or ships “worldwide/ww” for individual orders. because mamuljju is past the deposit stage for this batch of dolls, you’ll have to find a korean seller on twitter, or if you’re sea you can also search on carousel. but for finding a korean seller, you will likely have to pay a few thousand won more than the original price (iirc it’s 17 for the 10cm one) and you will also have to pay EMS shipping, domestic, and fees such as bank transfer etc. and sometimes for communication (rates are around 2k won usually. everything else depends on your destination) the gom should handle all of that for you though, all you’ll have to do is find the account selling the doll. find a gom who handles individual orders and works with your country, and then search “마물쭈 양도”. make sure to check the replies for “완료” as that means the doll has already been sold >buying when forms are open it’s a similar process as above, but you can also ask if that group order manager will be willing to open a GO (group order) as dolls are usually discounted when you buy many at once, making it cheaper for everyone involved. but almost always you can find a doll when the forms have closed. >if it’s still in production the process is just handing over the submission form to you/the korean address your group order manager uses. when the doll is completed it will be shipped to your gom and then shipped to you this write up is a bit messy but i hope anynona who wants any doll can find it helpful. hwaiting unnies! >>694616 picrel is the updated one from january and there’s already dolls missing as well kekkkk
>picrel is the updated one wrong file >>694617 my favorite rabbit is cob’s baebae. it reminds me of him a lot kek >>694621 >looks like a tamagotchi i love it daebak
>>694618 >hello kitty peng_zzani hul the doll clothes can cost the same price as the dolls or more. i love when fans make clothes even more than the ones for sale from stores. but i want some too kek. idolllook.co.kr sells a lot of them, especially for 15 and 20cm. for things like sanrio you can usually find them in gos or secondhand on korean twitter or japanese mercari. picrel is by @markchildcloset i fucking hate the song child but i want the marharrt beanie so bad kek >>694607 i’m autistic about expressions so i’d pick juyeon’s, but it reminds me of his rice doll >>694608 this is potentially the best kyu doll of all time. it mogs the shit out of qramzi >>694609 this is so cute. i like the skunk the most
>>694606 the paws are white/grey or you mean you wished the entire body was comprised of 2 grays? >>694632 >>694633 >>694634 fucking cute. i hope this goes well so she releases batch two, i want one to have his ┐─ face and another doll to have his pleading emoji face. i still want mango ferret too
(4.76 MB 4096x7724 nct dolls.jpg)
>>694648 you are so cute and helpful nona. thank you! i hope you can avail the beanie if not we can crochet an identical ribbed beanie together but that probably defeats the point of collecting here’s an nct doll compilation for you. ten’s doll makes me laugh i don’t know how it resembles him
>>694640 this sounds like way more trouble than it's worth :( I'll just look at pics instead
(441.25 KB 2048x2048 FBkbtV9UYAYirYW.jpeg)
>>694640 yeah i know domestic GOs, but TBZ aren't popular in my country at all so there was never one for their dolls. i also thought ot using those parcel forwarding services if the fees are not too high didn't know about korean resellers who ship ww though so tyvm! wish those asian resellers would use shopee or something to make our life easier but alas it is what it is
(173.49 KB 1448x2048 FNrKo_naQAAFYxr.jpeg)
>>694652 yup i meant 2 shades of gray like her drawings would show >>694642 >>694661 some sunwoo dolls kinda similar to haechan's, they are both caramel poodles kek jjaemtori (jaemin) looks exactly hamtaro, i would sue kek and it would have been the perfect doll for shotaro, jarmin looks nothing like a hamster
>>694661 ten really only has 01 doll? that's sad bros...
(447.95 KB 2048x2048 FMf5bTtacAA5ZGR.jpg)
>>694779 yeah there should be more dollmakers for the wayvbros. wonka doesn't even have animal dolls
>>694791 omo the little luggage case is so cute so the wayv bros do have humanoid dolls then?
>>694661 kunnie bear is really quite cute >>694792 nta they have more human dolls, at least all of them have one afaik
@aric_1222 8cm eric ball is now at demand survey stage
>>694797 *squeezes your eric ball*
(69.45 KB 1080x555 malmufriends.jpg)
>plot twist: i become friends with malmujju's creator daebak. she's so nice, sisters. and btw malmujju's in early June, be prepared!
(784.42 KB 2048x1536 FP9oVQQaQAIdtII.jpeg)
(213.07 KB 2048x1152 FAXInnFUcAQ71N4.jpeg)
>>695578 *next sale in early june
>>695578 awwwnnn she's cute and humble
>>694652 mingi mentioned the doll on universe so i’m pretty sure makernim will make another batch in the future, i hope she saw
preorders are up for new san and yeosang dolls from @babyateezdoll
and there’s a new yunho doll by @yunding0323 op described him as a mix between a golden retriever and a bear
(326.22 KB 320x320 IMG_8847.MP4)
i started cursing uncontrollably at the sight of this rhino doll @KINGreum
>>697029 the one thing that would make this even better is if jureumi was wearing a cat hat in soonie's color
new grey striped san doll @sancat_doll
(532.08 KB 720x720 IMG_9094.MP4)
hyunjae met dalgom omo >>697041 that’s such a kino idea
>>697509 wahhh so cute, i really like the eyes and it looks like it even has dimples >>696715 this is adorable but the human dolls creep me out a bit without their outfits
>>650731 >>650732 >>650477 >after final stage of production, checking for defects before shipping out daebak. he’s coming
>>698598 did you get one nona? I honestly just want more pics of this little freak i love it
>>698598 this image flooded me with a luminous delight i never thought possible
lolo cat doll by @KittyLe1122 with glitch mode colours >>696717 cute, i like how it looks similar to him >>697512 >it even has dimples kek yeah it’s really cute >>698599 >did you get one nona? yes kek. it had so much controversy, i’m glad production had been going smoothly this whole time. i was almost worried it was a scam >>698600 based
>>698598 g l o r i o u s
deogjji jwijwi doll by @deogjji_BYO
(578.96 KB 2048x2048 baegjji205.jpg)
>>698604 i love the jwijwi dolls they all look dumb and cute like him, like this one @baegjji205
(607.17 KB 2048x2048 jisung_chi.jpg)
>>698605 this one as well, @jisung_chi
>>698605 >>698606 the expressions are so cute
bbanghoon breads by @hooniegos
>>699660 dropped pic kek
>>699661 he looks like a squeaky toy i’d give to my dog kek
doll sisters, NEVER pay more than 20k won for a doll. no matter how rare it is. i just realized i got scammed when i ordered my jyunyang a couple months ago
>>710126 sorry that you got scammed nona, that sucks
i NEED the 7cn cryingbok by @cryingbok
>new jichang doll in the interest stage @fluffyforestgos >uggo as shit with a butt chin and vagina kek it’s so bad i almost love it
>>718893 rectangle head
hongsquirrel / hongnugget by camiilicy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
(35.95 KB 615x616 Fet55JJUUAEOh28.jpeg)
got this eep doll by kidrobot
>>741059 this isn’t a kpop doll nona
>>741062 *covers your mouth* shhhh don't listen to her nona
(494.19 KB 2048x1224 FfqPgZDUAAAt_54.jpeg)
could a kind nona please tell me the names of each of these dolls
>>742066 in order of left to right jawnee: carajohn29 fullslut: gomdo_lee_ mork: cheetah_lee_ bread: JeongJaennyang scammy: tyongya71 utah: ByutyfulSoul (this user doesn't have pinned tweet of the doll so try looking up yulion) moon: moontaeilseo troonwoo: bok7E hoyoung: kimhaddo
jyu dolls
>>744499 yeokshi mamuljju mogs


no cookies?