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(86.69 KB 500x500 unfair.jpg)
EXO General #5 Anonymous 12/16/2021 (Thu) 05:48:50 No. 498643
unfair edition
>>498643 cute song
https://youtu.be/qi6vqNaEe14 first for the best to ever do it
unfair i will always love you https://youtube.com/watch?v=wl6KA_oXbDQ
>sing for you in the window daebak we are in synch with sm as i was saying in the sm thread i hate this lazy kpop shit where they wont do rearrange songs for a better use of the remaining members. its very all or nothing despite 4 people being more than enough to cover one song reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(706.80 KB 960x720 banger.mp4)
thread's based despite the 144p op
>>499082 where's egg
>>499082 he looks like he’s about to fight the feeling in that outfit
we wanted a mongryeong thread moroni rip vivi op fly high king
>>499815 literally no one asked for that
>>499815 nobody wanted that. thoughts on exos pets? i think they’re all kind of ugly, vivi kind of looks human, mongryeong is almost cute, ksoos dog is very ugly, toben is ugly but based and the dog he got after him is kind of cute and i was surprised to see that one of kais dogs is still alive
>>499861 meokmul is adorable roastie
>>499861 what kind of monster proceeds to evaluate pets only to call all of them ugly do you also eat them
>>499868 kek i just think cats are cuter
>>499868 Oh no! Those dogs' feelings will be so hurt when they find out that someone called them ugly on the internet!
>>500046 it's not about pets feelings retard. this type of edgyposting just make you look autistic, friendless, cold-hearted etc etc etc in sumn you are unbased
>>499861 >they're all kind of ugly IDIOT toben is based because he hates pcy zzar(?) is a shoddy attempt to clean up pcy's image
https://youtu.be/5Lw38CVAVxw listened to this again after a long time, i remember it being shit but now i kind of like it? the video is cute too
>>500100 both telephone and 1 billion views are bangers. i liked since it was released though. sadge it flopped but at least they have china
>>500055 People like you really need to learn the difference between candid and edgy.
>>500364 stop talking to the mirror
>>500176 yeah they’re cute songs i would’ve liked to see at least one music show stage
>This is SM Entertainment. The KyoongTube content filmed and produced prior to Baekhyun's enlistment will continue (to be uploaded) at EXO's channel. China has intervened and now Kyoongtube is back kekk https://youtu.be/GAEUcT_4Gv4
who is the most handsome in exo? I think Kyungsoo he is so natural looking idk how Sehun is considered good looking with his small mouth
>>500957 china will save sekai from enlistment i know it
>>500960 a lot of girlies are going to disagree but kai >>500962 yassss they will reunify korea before they have to enlist
>>500960 a lot of girls will agree it's nini
(724.31 KB 2054x3081 EeVit-LUwAApJjm.jpg)
>>501908 before any nonas come at me im just talking about his face ignoring his shit proportions
>>500981 i agree
exobros i bought the smtown album because i thought kai was at least going to get a song on it... but he’s just on that shitty hope song with everyone and is probably going to get 0 lines... i already cancelled my order but sm is going to pay for this
had a sudden urge to post this here https://youtu.be/zixNmq7PVYI
>>512702 pcy in this song used to piss me off but now i like it
>>500960 before i knew anything about exo, i thought lay and chen were the best looking.
(72.09 KB 900x900 E1fg15yVkAElFEb.jpg)
egg is really photogenic like in photoshoots his photos look like movie stills or something and he always gets a lot of close ups
(136.21 KB 2047x996 FHb_NOOVEAMZyTR.jpeg)
https://youtu.be/8cYCFxG5yO4 did we watch this interview exochads? i like it because its lenghtier than what we usually get he was so cute throughout like a human labradoodle
>>525421 he was soooo adorable here and i liked all the questions the interviewer asked him, he was so smiley and his answers were so thoughtful as always, i love him
suho is coming back so soon i’m so happy
(2.57 MB 720x760 fJswY0C00Evu.mp4)
kai's dating advice. I understood shit but I appreciate his effort
>>542336 he’s been talking a lot about dating recently seems like he wants us to stop being femcels
>>542394 this one wasnt unprompted though the girl asked for advice and said she wanted to have a bf by the time of their next master class
>>542394 yass king go get us out of femceldom
you cant see kyungsoo clips for too long specially of live vocals because you'll end up crushing on that manleto
can't wait to see who will renew with SM and who will leave
>>542798 lay will for sure leave, i’m undecided on ksoo pcy and chen and the rest will stay
>>542819 i say that lay will stay, otherwise his good image is at stake
(1.03 MB 480x1036 RDv1wruh-WcIbdku.mp4)
>our group doesn't have much content, so i tried to come up with a solution to ease this concern of fans & went on more (variety shows) no1curr about exo anymore except for kai :(
>>544020 poor baby, he's more enthusiatic about being an idol than most rookies.. should put him in nct japan
>>544020 suho cares and he’ll be back soon i’ll make sure he locks them together for at least a week for their 10th anniversary >>543903 yeah sometimes i feel like he won’t completely cut ties with sm, he and pooman will probably find a deal that benefits them both
>>542798 my money is on lay and pcy leaving, the rest staying
(117.66 KB 380x446 unnamed.mp4)
>>544020 my kai we love you... he knows they have potential to sell even more albums with this kpop hyperinflation going on at the moment. sm is fucking stupid. so many new fans + the majority become multis and nobody can deny that our hags are talented with a bomb discog. just see how shinee thrived this year and they are even more senior than them. >>542798 lay for sure and id bet kyungsoo
>>544782 imagine being kai and seeing his friend from shitty ass doing so good when hes a worse dance, cant sing for shit and is ugly as sin. it's criminaur
>>544786 exo was the number one group for awhile i'm sure kai doesn't care
>>544799 im sure hes not bothered or jealous but im also sure thats an objective observation he has made just like any reasonable person would
>>544786 i don’t think they even hang out anymore so
>>544810 he's mentioned him during the mmmh promos which is not so long ago
>>544811 yeah because they asked him i mean i obviously only know what he puts online and when people spot him out but publicly he hasn’t hung out with him since 2018, he’s always with moonkyu ravi kwonho and taemin but jimin hangs out more with sungwoon
>>544815 they didnt ask him at all actually kek he was reading an article about the best dancers in kpop by some knetizen and unpromptedly said that the 3 of them (taemin and the uggo) are best chingus. we get a peak of 1% of their private lives tops, simple as
(61.16 KB 453x680 FIjNMsJUcAAR2dC.jpg)
and none for egg
>>542819 >>544559 i want pcy to leave but i don't think he will tbh
>>544820 As if egg wants it
>>544825 i think he would be stupid to leave
>>544820 kfans are so stingy with content i want it to be online too reeeeeee
I don't think egg ever had birthday event right? I don't think he cares I just wonder if he is content with what sm gives him he should just quit idol life like i'm surprised he has fans since he doesn't show his face idk his situation is really weird
>>544838 tbh he seems happy
>>544838 he seems content with barely appearing but he managed to create the most rabid fans anyway
kyungsoo will win an Oscar.
>>545012 let's manifest it or egg in crab game s2, btw i know his pronunciation is good but can he speak english?
>#ZhangYixing's contract with SM Entertainment will expire this year with no plans of renewal. He's currently in consideration for drama 《苍穹之北》with #YangZi. His drama 《落花时节》is set to be airing on 14 Jan, but he doesn't have many scenes there. it’s starting
*dabs the lay not renewing square on the 2022 exo bingo card*
>>549229 we should actually make one
>>549386 what else are we putting in it
>>549594 suho marriage kyungsoo oscar a 10th anniversary something... anything sehun doing something extremely gay or extremely straight another scandal
(610.07 KB 480x364 NaverBlog_20160804_015717_00.gif)
who remembers?
(131.26 KB 841x1121 FIq924wWQAMEOYO.jpeg)
soon /ourleader/ will be back only to cuck us with marriage news but gwenchana
>>551818 you don't serious get put out by marriage news do you?
>>551857 >but gwenchana next time ill use /jk i guess
(906.85 KB 640x360 dobirthday.mp4)
>>545170 i dont think he can >>544955 the rabid fans spamming coex with eggs pics
>>551818 it’s going to be so messy if it’s true because his korean fans are almost as bad as bacons when it comes to marriage/dating news, it’s almost like they joined forces to harass chen
>>551857 nta but i find it weird to fangirl on married woman
>>551963 *i mean man
peaches really was a grower sorry for doubtinh you kai
happy egg day
https://youtu.be/9WskGAdnomM my kyungsoo we love you
(79.85 KB 736x1104 1565309676083.jpg)
(120.09 KB 1080x1081 FIRGKA3WQAMycPf.jpeg)
my kyungsoo we love you. manifesting your palme d'or, cesar, bafta, emmy, oscar etc hwaiting
(576.70 KB 1413x2048 FI1ewZ8VgAAJeBD.jfif)
happy 30th birthday kyungsooyaaaaa
are there any live lady luck performances besides the ones in exo'rdium? a radio show one would be perfect
>>556693 i don’t think so
(492.34 KB 1109x2778 bib.JPEG)
personally i love vivi. no, it has surpassed the limit of love, i worship him to an unhealthy amount. without vivi, there is no life. i dreaded the day the vivi thread would disappear. frankly, i didn't believe it would happen. i had no faith in exohags actually reaching 1000 posts in a very long time. but the power of vivi will stand strong even in the darkest of times. thank you.
>>558903 we used to reach a 1k in a shorter amount of time though
the power of unfair will lead us to a good scandal free year
>>558963 you just jinxed us
(63.26 KB 667x1016 EljbsKVVgAINfBM.jpg)
happy birthday to the only free exo member who acknowledges exo
nothing will ever be hotter than this image
>>559703 cuties
(155.76 KB 896x896 FIR-GlzX0AApQZN.jpeg)
we love our hardworking nini. may he have a long career ad a performer. he deserves it
manifesting all the good things in the world for kai
>>558903 mental illness
(265.13 KB 1553x2048 FJHv6O3XoAU8wxz.jpeg)
(491.92 KB 1200x857 ETZm81iUYAMjr5y.jfif)
less than a month
>>564069 >>564103 i feel like it’s been years but at the same time it doesn’t feel like that long
(365.26 KB 220x150 tenor.gif)
sorry kaisisters but banilla is so fucking bad it's embarrassing. i wanna know who the hell okayed it
(4.25 MB 720x900 twitter_20220122_043309.mp4)
kyungsoo singing at park shinhyes wedding (with Crush!). first performance we get from this bitch since DFTF lmaaaoo
(242.84 KB 1536x2048 FJrZ5j_agAAZGad.jpeg)
hes friends with both the bride and the groom. yay?
>>572347 vanilla is for sexhavers you wouldn't understand
uri kai keeping exo alive and acknowledging lotto viral moment. we won today.
>>599204 yassssssss he’s so cute but why did sm put that stupid filter on it also our father is released on 12 days
>>599204 BANGER also apologies in advance for the woman i will become when exodad gets freed
>>599484 if he doesnt do a vlive with another member im gonna neck myself
my dear fellow exochads february is looking promise. exo isn't dead.
promising* reee
>>599963 i'm worried about kai's back, must be hurting since he carries exo on it
>>599204 >>599963 he's perfect nonnies... 11 days to exodad
>>599963 after 10 years of begging sm to put them in hanboks for the lunar new year kai gives it to us. i love him so much
>>599915 my money is on sehun showing up
>>601295 crossing my fingers uri maknae is exo's glue
>>500960 he might not be considered "handsome" but xiu is pretty damn cute
>>599963 why does every single kpop idol use tiktok like a boomer
kai is going to that kpop flex festival thing and i wish they would’ve announced it earlier because i would’ve made the effort to go i’m so saddddd now the tickets are sold out and i’m scared of resellers, he probably confirmed his availability later because i think he’s also going to the gucci show on milan like two days after that and it probably aligned but i want to go so baaaaaaaad
>>602371 aw i'm sorry nona. they really announced the lineup in a weird order, should've started with the more popular ones
(51.32 KB 1024x717 CkSIJZ-UYAE6_ht.jpeg)
everyday is a day i mourn chenbaeksoo. we really had it all... and never again will we see something like that in kpop or pop music in general... living knowing this is a curse often times.... wish i were a normie... ignorance is bliss
(1.03 MB 640x800 22104702.mp4)
my kai still doing the most for exo-L with his solo concert in that german festival... my kai we love you
>>603624 i was mourning cbx yesterday... i’m never going to hear chen on songs like that again
baeksoo and kaisoo harmonizing was kino
i decided to give the bambi album a second chance and i still don’t like it... it’s so boring to me, city lights has his best songs and delight is more solid as a body of work but bambi is so dull
>>605691 i agree
>>605691 agree. he's considered as r&b king and the album is considered an r&b album but i don't really hear it? it's really boring and bland
>>605691 huh for me it was one of the best kpop albums ever. city lights is bland to me, especially the travesty that is betcha
(2.82 MB 498x337 baekhyun-get-you-alone.gif)
none of the bsides on bacon's albums did it for me except for his japanese, those were okay i guess... on the other hand UN village and get you alone is two of my fav kpop songs
city lights is soooo good and bacon convinced that hes sexy for a hot minute during the UN Village era
>bacon in jeju but what about the war also nonas you are deaf betcha is his best song tied with drown
>>606041 >r&b king at least that’s only as far as idols go. his contemporaries blow it out of the water, even kai with a more pop dedicated sound. the album was so bland and boring, it doesn’t even sound like rnb. i wish they could have committed to something else because out of all songs released of his, i’ve only heard and liked two
(4.22 MB 1900x1077 Blooming-Days.png)
>>604070 there was a period of time where i liked/listened to cbx more than exo. they are the perfect unit and there will never be anything like them again and im seething so hard
shoeman forever in my heart
what did he mean by this
>7 days until dilf discharge >364 days until bacon discharge
>>609965 the papago translation is clearer >These days, I feel more thankful and ily Eris. Eris feel my, EXO’s, and the mmbers absence alot, but never forget that we always want to see u and miss u even more, and want to see u faster than anyone else. TY for spending my youth w me and please take care of me in the future. he probably saw some fans missing exo and tweeted that to reassure them but i’m already seeing ratmys celebrating their disbandment kek
>>609980 >seeing ratmys celebrating their disbandment kek i'm only seeing exols say that kek
>>609983 exols were panicking but there were ratmys on his quotes
>>609969 reeeeeeeeeeee estupido baconcito and his civil service nah just kidding after what taemin was going through i imagine bacon was scared af
>>611411 bacon was getting harassed too when he did that month of basic training, and i think people keep calling to his workplace and putting in civil complaints
(135.66 KB 2048x1150 ElpPm0VVkAMJUb-.jpg)
>>611475 oh my god poor guy >>613292 how long? start the countdown, ladies
>>619938 under 72 hours
>>620298 mi padre YASSSSSSSS
>>620298 soon.
>>620298 omo now he is gonna admit he married
>Suho: 13th of February, 2022 >Chen: 25th of April, 2022 >Chanyeol: 28th of September, 2022 >Baekhyun: 5th of February, 2023 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baconnnn
>>621274 yaaaaaaaasssssssssssss yaaaaaaasssssss mmmmm kek
>>621274 eating bacon daily until he gets free
>>621274 yes yes yes yes cotton is almost free ahhh jinja happy rn
>>621644 eating cotton until today worked
(244.99 KB 2048x1620 EsVPLM8XIAIUswI.jpg)
tomorrow. he will be free.
the day has come, suho is a free man
(1.48 MB 1500x1974 ElFqCMHU8AAmzxt.jpg)
where's the bubble
>>623307 i was expecting a vlive or something
>>623799 well it is only 6am there
VLIVE WHEN im fucking losing it
(49.51 KB 800x533 FLcqIiiacAEb41j.jpg)
>>624630 cutie. do people where bacon work? i mean is that widely known or just the stalking nutjobs inside info
>>624674 >>624675 >>624676 cutieeeeeeeeeee please go on live
>>624676 we friggen love you uri exodad please show your pussy live and bring beluga iq sehunie with you
exodad bubble on 2/16 get your wallets ready
>>626024 ill wait until the second month to see if he uses it a lot
this bitch really didnt do a vlivs huh. we are hopeless
>>626325 xiumin and the shinee's discharge vlives were several days after their actual discharge so it might still happen eggs was at midnight the day of because he's a little weirdo
>>627881 minho popped up straight from the military with uniform and everything but yas egg spoiled me for a change
>>627884 that was a random live tho he had a discharge vlive later
>>627889 doesnt matter if its random or not we just want to see their faces
>>627891 you're right it doesn't matter. vlive is dead anyways
he said he was preparing something for the fans so that’s when he’ll show up ig
(127.72 KB 470x683 Screenshot 2022-02-15 203029.png)
we might get exo content soon
>>630459 im shaking plus the rumour SM has been working on exo songs! i wonder if they are waiting for Chen or if they are doing a Xiumin, Suho, D.O., Kai and Sehun album... interesting formation
>>630652 they should wait for chen
(293.70 KB 1536x2048 FLuYerAVQAEBmbi.jpeg)
exo dad a bit chubby
>>630685 he should keep eating he looks good (not the haircut tho)
>>630685 my dads pores
suho spoke so much english exochads we are gonna rise up and become more international than ever seriously though he was so cute~
exodad more active (towards fans) in five days of freedom than the other free exos in the past two months
>>633364 i hope he keeps up with it
everytime i refresh my tl i get new kai content i feel dizzy, i wasn’t too lazy to post it but he looks so fucking good
kai suho and bbh keep providing kyungsoo xiurato and sehun are dead
if ksoos music wasnt so dogshit he would be perfect
>>636965 kek i liked two songs from his album
(1.08 MB 244x200 kyungsoo-exo.gif)
who dared throwing egg under the bus roast thread?!! be still my heart
>>637825 i would never my sweet precious boiled egg
>>637825 his mouth is doing the keira knightly thing here
(252.30 KB 1379x2048 FIzd56tVUAI7OXY.jpeg)
how did we feel about the release of sexo unseen footage, girlies? and are we anticipating the eng subs for suhos live?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyzmcQc5vvs egg and chlamy went on a dog-walking date. i've never heared egg squealing like this. btw what's up with toben?
>>646408 i think his sister or his parents have him but i think he’s more of a family dog and the new one is his but his sister is taking care of her while he’s in the army
toben and pcy hate each other
(326.29 KB 1898x1067 FMiL3E4aUAAOZe0.jpeg)
>>646408 egg loves chany!
>>646663 egg already has grey hair hngngngngngng
>>647462 gyeopda senior citizen eggsoo
>[NEWS] EXO’s Suho, Kai, D.O., Sehun and Xiumin will begin filming today for EXO’s Travel the World Season 3 set in Namhae, Gyeonsang-do. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
>>648147 kaisoosisters we won. we fucking won.
>>648147 nobody can bring us down sisters exo are indestructible
(45.22 KB 394x604 FHYmVlrXMAAapK5.jpeg)
BEST OF EXO CCC SHOWDOWN girlies shall we a little discog sperging and vote for the best exo track within the following categories? yass >best title >best bside promoted with a title >best deep cut* *underrated songs only known if you are balls deep in the fandom >best summer jam >best slow burn >best lovemaking song
>>653426 dang let me put some thought into it will come back with the correct answers soon.
>>653426 i will think about this all night and come back with my answers tomorrow you just gave me a great excuse to go through their discog again
>>653426 >best title https://youtu.be/yWfsla_Uh80 i hesitated between this and overdose but cmb made me cry the first time i listened to it so it wins >best bside promoted with a title https://youtu.be/wl6KA_oXbDQ it’s just too cute and makes me happy >best deep cut* *underrated songs only known if you are balls deep in the fandom https://youtu.be/tkzCbItyjWA i don’t even know if it’s that underrated but it’s one of their best songs and barely anyone mentions it >best summer jam https://youtu.be/6RU1eF5mxm0 SHAWTY IMMA PARTY TIL THE SUNDOWN >best slow burn https://youtu.be/pVflAAdcUqQ >best lovemaking song https://youtu.be/FpoX3HJPZd8 sex with demons or something idk
(235.12 KB 1286x1653 1602820230653.jpg)
>>653426 !remind in 2 days kek im busy this week
>According to this article by SportsSeoul, EXO is listed as one of the groups that SM Entertainment is planning to release an album for this year~! they better not get into the studio without chen. i will buy 500k copies myself to make up for all the ones that kfans won’t buy
>>657191 don't hold your breath he just had a second baby
>exolore compilation from dst taohun xiuhan and the girlies they went out with exo and apink chinese exodus baekyeon kaistal jenkai kaisoo eggs underwear being stolen saesangs cutting their hair to go into the men’s bathroom suhos dad chanyeols japanese bf sehun and chefsuke sehun dui kai buying condoms lay ccp soldier kris in jail chanyeol serial cheater chen daddy xiurat and sooyoungs sister xiurat and leo gay drunk moment mihee chen and pinterest girl egg and that woman at the restaurant bacon predebut calling taeyeon ugly kai and this girl called jinilee but i think that’s just people being retarded kai and taemin dispatch luhan calling xiurat in that radio show in 2016 luhan becoming chinese heechul for fame and status egg and his costar on 100 days my prince chenbaek leaving together baek subtweeting about chanyeol chenbaek fight moonkyu and johnny being kicked out of the exo lineup that rat at the concert call me daddy kai hating suho suho being a kawoshin shipper egg and girls day
(39.54 KB 220x317 xiumin-cat.gif)
>>653426 >best title needs no introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuqaVryDRd0 >best bside promoted with a title again, needs no introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq470bhxAqw >best deep cut too many to choose from. this is my answer for today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_oOfodVfk4 >best summer jam i'd put lmr again but it's the entire album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3MLQ-clb2c >best slow burn no other answers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-poEUTl0wHE >best lovemaking song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3nICkVI9sE
>best title currently love me right. tomorrow who knows? >best bside promoted with a title sí soy basica jajaja https://youtu.be/b6ycw7p9-bE >best deep cut https://youtu.be/RVrCb56RZac >best summer jam https://youtu.be/lGW7lAHw9Qk >best slow burn https://youtu.be/9nkIxVcBHCQ >best lovemaking song https://youtu.be/jcnGLIsQoXI
>>657709 those are the correct answers, you're welcome btw
(4.99 MB 950x692 EXO.gif)
controversial takes below, feel free to roast me >best title https://youtu.be/uxmP4b2a0uY >best bside promoted with a title https://youtu.be/-a7tuMVigsA >best deep cut now THIS is a deep cut https://youtu.be/0E7vWtlpdtg >best summer jam https://youtu.be/sGRv8ZBLuW0 >best slow burn https://youtu.be/Mcf1nFsWOHc >best lovemaking song https://youtu.be/qi6vqNaEe14 this was fun we need more niche categories
>>657205 never a boring year in exoplanet
>>657768 based moonlight liker
>>657768 what is wrong with you
>>657830 i'm just too based and powerful
>>657835 on opposite day
>>657768 >power BASED AS FUCK
>>657191 >two albums in a row without chen this place is a fucking nightmare
the power stages are so good. the styling was so cute and everyone looks good
>>658660 they look like they're having fun too which is a bonus
>>657876 >>658660 you had to be there what a time to be alive https://youtu.be/hQA5AGnAfp0
>best title https://youtu.be/yWfsla_Uh80 >best bside promoted with a title https://youtu.be/CgwWzmP1Kyo >best deep cut* *underrated songs only known if you are balls deep in the fandom https://youtu.be/4fF9QMG1WX8 >best summer jam https://youtu.be/r4ZPGfwqmI0 >best slow burn https://youtu.be/aLRmMh3gXYY >best lovemaking song https://youtu.be/_gug3b24les i'm sorry nona but i wanted to add a few catergories >best emo song https://youtu.be/lQt8d_IXS-Y >best unit song https://youtu.be/JvjWy4saR08 >best solo song https://youtu.be/XjK5aHAlUfo >best japanese song https://youtu.be/LrrGtJ-22vM
>>659027 those are good new categories, except for emo maybe... id just use sad or heartbreak songs
>>659029 i agree with you nona. sad or heartbreak sounds good was just in a slight rush throwing my list together
>best emo song https://youtu.be/FHjK1LCpa6g it’s so nostalgic to me and this video always makes me cry >best unit song https://youtu.be/voEFaGQNjnc they were so perfect and we’ll never get them back rip >best solo song https://youtu.be/93yOdnqPXO0 >best japanese song https://youtu.be/Go4XWiY68EE they don’t have many good ones tbh
cbx flopped and for good reason
>>659778 you spelled sc wrong
>>660119 heey... leave my sehunah alone
>“Squid Game became popular while I was gone,” he pointed out. “I thought about how now that Korea and our actors have captured the world’s attention, it would give me a bigger chance to star in a Hollywood movie.” >Suho also added that the hiatus he had taken as a result of his military service had allowed him the time and space to reflect on where he’d like to take his career. “The time [in the military] gave me a chance to think about my acting career,” he shared. heol if all of them are following that line of thought we might see egg winning an oscar sooner than we thought
(46.30 KB 500x685 Bx_JDCfIQAAzvLz.jpeg)
my 2 boyfriends
so egg got caught at the airport because paps were waiting for jennie he has the worst luck lol
>egg having a romantic vacation on hawaii with a man
>>672896 so egg is the gay one?
>>672896 omo omo sauce?
>>672751 kek he probably thought they were stalking him because his was a private schedule
>>672896 sehun came out as straight on insta last year and now all the other exos are trying to claim his title
(1.70 MB 150x150 vibing2.gif)
(1.06 MB 2048x2048 FNvUSrEagAAweHk.jpg)
>>675152 based >>675609 boring king, i loved his first album
SUH²O gonna be so fucking boring it's gonna be a slay i can't wait
>>675609 ptsd because its looking like d.o.s rose
>>676228 but suhito is going to give us content and performances
>>676228 i think it will be more rock than ed sheeran tbh
exog favorite boy still thriving in the military less than 200 days left
>>678358 well he’s mogging there kai has the coof i’m so sad, he was supposed to perform on the 19th too
>>678374 in that germany festival or was that something else? poor him....
>>678374 was that the festival that sold out before they even announced kai was in the lineup?
>>678375 nope, it was just some korean festival with epipen tbz and other group i can’t remember right now >>678624 they added him to the second date too so hopefully more fans were able to buy tickets
(228.03 KB 1080x1506 FN90_AcaIAAPsaA.jpeg)
ay dios las exol turned idols
(48.13 KB 1080x248 FN1T5ZGaQAADrp9.jpeg)
also unlike that lazyhag kyungsoo, suho is going to do many promotions... booked even with that flopive studios just to give the anglophones a lil something
(430.15 KB 1498x1812 FNEjmS8UUAIv6w_.jpeg)
>>681012 based exodad. hardworker like nini
>>681012 yasssss i’m excited for this, dive studios is a little cringe but suho might have some interesting things to say
>>681012 redpill me on dive studios
>>682451 it's just a bit cringe because it features a bunch of gyopos. like that game show they had with jae and amber kek also its kinda flopped in comparison to other channels, but they are still sponsored and got access to all these idols. connections are everything i guess
(208.32 KB 1448x2048 FOBoNakVQAE1MLi.jpeg)
>EXO, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, will hold '2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event: EXO' (2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event: EXO) at 7 pm on April 9th ​​at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul to spend meaningful time with fans. Then, a warm response is expected. >Members Suho, Xiumin, D.O, Kai, and Sehun will participate in this fan event, and various corners such as stage, game, and talk are expected to add to the fun. >Offline ticket reservations for fan clubs will be held on March 21 at 8:00 pm on the internet reservation site Yes24. >In addition, for fans around the world who cannot visit the site in person, simultaneous live broadcasts are held online through the global platform Beyond LIVE, and online tickets that anyone can purchase will be sold on the Beyond LIVE and SMTOWN & STORE homepages from 3 pm on March 24th. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i want to go
>>682557 jesus the posters artwork.... minimum effort lets get it
>>682557 i’m buying a ticket for sure exohags we can’t stop winning
girlies what do we want them to perform? i’m sure it’s going to be like three songs only and probably the sentimental ones like don’t go, promise and angel but I want at least a fun performance. i don’t mind don’t go though
>>682557 if they do solo performances and egg doesn't sing rose there will be hell to pay
egg is about to rope fr he'd rather drink piss than doing this >>683539 im guessing 6 songs and 3 will be solos kek d.o. for sure gonna sing he never performed before an audience his tracks. hopefully he will do what the people want which is singing That's Okay
the songs will come out so good, exochads. i friggen love kaisoo harmonies
>>683594 moroni dont speak for him
>>683594 >he'd rather drink piss BRB
(1.40 MB 720x722 D3U23e8h7.mp4)
>>683624 we are not pissfags here you freak
>>683626 my poor rato
>>683626 we are everywhere also cute rat i want to take him home with me
sehun got the coof too, right? ill rope if the rest gets it right before the fanmeeting
>>683714 no hes recovering from a surgery but you just gave kyungsoo a good excuse to skip it
>>683723 please stop jinxing us i’ll rope if it gets cancelled
(137.34 KB 1640x1170 eggsoandfrens.jpg)
>>683723 We all know exo don’t hang out they’re got getting rona from each other
>>682557 what are my chances of getting a ticket when exol ace get it first
>>684471 do you mean offline?
>>684471 first hand? -100. with a reseller you might
the good thing is that the fans there have to be completely silence because it would be so awkward for a picture of chen to pop up and then they start booing or something
>>684471 i think offline tickets are only available to ace members nona
>>684558 they're gonna give chen a black ocean when his pic/vids show up
>>684729 kekkkk also lay and pcy
>>684558 >>684729 kekk i forgot about that. i think SM will do it a way they dont have to show individual pictures of him. he will be just in group pics idk. weird to do a 10th anniversary fanmeeting without any throwback segment with loads of photos, but they would have a problem anyways because of the chinese traitors
>>684887 it’s going to be like the video pcy made on their last exploration concert, a bunch of debut era exo-k clips and some clips where you could see xiumin chen and lay but not the rest of exo-m
>Kyungsoo said on bubble that EXO’s Ladder S3 was so much fun & that it’s been a really long time since he last travelled with the members~! He added that he didn’t make anything this time, Junmyeon hyung & Jongin were the ones who cooked for them & their cooking was very delicious~ my trad househusbandos, ready to tie the knot yaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss
(48.59 KB 800x533 FNavHDqXEAEnhJG.jpg)
>>684891 poor and innocent xiurat caught in the crossfire
>>684904 >poor >innocent xiurat knows what he’s done
>>685071 nothing that kai hasnt done twice
(169.51 KB 1242x1561 FOOK0n8aUAAKlfi.jpeg)
>210319 Chanyeol unfollowed everyone but EXO members >He deleted this post too guys..... its happening
>>685341 girl we are in 2022
>>685345 rip my last brain cell thought we were onto something
>>684728 the notice said they might release to general public after ace but i doubt there’ll be any left anyway
>>685337 kai is pure.
>>685430 that's erigom propaganda
kai gets multiple loads of semen in his ass every night
>>686128 we know egg
suho in my bedroom
suho in my bed under the sheets naked
(409.11 KB 1536x2048 FOSVJx7VgAEEXZm.jpeg)
baekyun and sehun hanging out today. lots of bacon spottings lately, he's out and about
>>688076 lots of bacon and sehun together spottings too hmmmm
>>688076 looks like sehun’s friend group adopted bacon
>>688076 jeongmal uri maknae on top is exo's glue
>>688246 which one is bacon, black hair? Omo
>>688467 the one in all black and white mask
>>688509 im so wet for him
did we watch xiurats and suhos vlogs exochads?
>>689025 Suho’s kitchen stresses me out why are men like this
>>689027 sa that’s a rhetorical question obviously
post xiusoo
i thought they all moved out but suho still lives there
>>689060 i meant moved out of their dorm
>>689060 just for schedules
did we watch sehuns netflix movie or are we avoiding the secondhand embarrassment
>>689067 hmmm i don’t think so, sehun kept posting pictures in the dorm all through suho’s enlistment
(597.46 KB 1536x2048 FOihkNVVkAAPaTT.jpeg)
(42.04 KB 900x600 FOlwKRTaMAAAoPq.jpeg)
>EXO's Sehun Confirmed To Lead New High School Romance Drama wtf bros he cant pass as a day younger than his actual age kekkk they will get our poor maknae on tops ass
>baekhyun coming to twitter to post about sehun
>>689202 only if he’s completely shit at it, right now kim taeri is playing a high schooler and no one cares but i agree kek he looks his age i’m going to laugh seeing him as an 18 year old
>>689251 choi wooshik played a high schooler recently too but i think he looks younger like kim taeri. crossing my fingers sehun does a decent job, it's his first main role too... scary
>>689257 i thought wooshik looked his age tbh but yeah kim taeri has a baby face. i’m excited to see who they cast as the best friend and the love interest, hopefully 25+ actors so sehun doesn’t look ancient next to them
exodad working hard
(205.32 KB 1536x2048 FOGZgWqaIAI7xpg.jpg)
this dad is working a bit too hard judging from his looks...
(80.14 KB 800x1200 EWwx-wXWoAA1UwD.jpg)
happy rat day
>>689435 cutie hope he has a good day and finally shows up
(197.10 KB 960x960 FO3adwLaMAEgn_I.jpg)
(1.87 MB 2000x1334 FO3F0dtVQAEOqLE.jpg)
(1.96 MB 2000x1334 FO3FiLhVQAI8ZnU.jpg)
(1.63 MB 1334x2000 FO3FxhhVkAcnyC0.jpg)
(1.43 MB 1334x2000 FO3F3bHUYAAzagV.jpg)
anticipating quality neck wrinkle content soon
(74.89 KB 874x1133 FOc1kn_akAQHVQj.jpg)
>>690010 i hope this is the cover on spotify, i really liked it
https://youtu.be/1EmGR_qFC2M this is probably just a bside but it sounds good it reminds me of pathcode
>>690023 it sounds musically consistent with self portrait which is a great sign
>>690035 great sign to whom
(145.79 KB 736x981 FMj7SFfXwAQff4F.jpeg)
>>689435 love you my rato
>>690039 the people who liked self portrait?
>>690041 i loved self portrait and i don’t know why anyone would expect a drastically different sound. i do want a song that sounds like dinner though that’s still his best song
(1.96 MB 2896x4096 FOqpCd-UcAQ_oL4.jpg)
>>690073 i shed a tear
>>690073 yaaassss could someone ever so kindly post a link when its available?
will they release all episodes at once
>>690075 Hopefully someone will leak it off wavve for ifans
(344.32 KB 1536x2048 FO8i2VEVkAQHwwm.jpeg)
nothing could beat self-portrait
>>690188 Aesthetically grey suit is prettier
(38.02 KB 1034x749 FO3YIYpagAQJ4eH.jpg)
(1.20 MB 1334x2000 FO8flLrVIAEAcSA.jpg)
(349.09 KB 2000x1334 FO8flNnVUAM7I6p.jpg)
(373.49 KB 1334x2000 FO8flOHVQAAfjrV.jpg)
(1.64 MB 2000x1334 FO8Q40lVsAs4VHp.jpg)
(1.52 MB 1334x2000 FO8Q40OVEAYht4y.jpg)
>>690276 usually hate contacts but it kind of works
>>690250 what? self-portrait had one of the prettiest cover art in kpop. grey suit is ok but common place
>>690290 It’s just a matter of preference
glad we are all watching bacon's and chanyeolie's videos https://youtu.be/N6tKYofuWsE
>>690326 i think pcy shaved his head when they were filming dftf so i hope there’s video of that
(442.34 KB 1536x2048 FO8k3f2agAcnbfo.jpeg)
(678.42 KB 2000x1334 FPBGf79VsAALoHk.jpg)
(626.52 KB 2000x1334 FPBGjtHVEAAIQ5G.jpg)
(2.28 MB 2000x1334 FPBGmI4VQAUISMd.jpg)
(1.96 MB 2000x1334 FPBGoGzVcAEul_l.jpg)
>>690413 he shot those fresh off the military because hes a bit chubby jajajaja
(1.37 MB 2000x1335 FPGfaQFVQAIFn-F.jpeg)
>grey suit >wears purple
(1.37 MB 2000x1335 FPGfaQFVQAIFn-F.jpeg)
>grey suit >wears purple
(461.56 KB 1639x2048 FPG0eHiWUAo88OU.jpeg)
(216.76 KB 1170x1172 FPG24rTUYAQsldY.jpeg)
he's become ikea's ceo yaaasssss
(1.22 MB 1326x2000 FPGfbxDUcAIg0GQ.jpg)
nice glasses
>>690548 >>690550 >>690560 hmmmm this is different from the rest of the teasers, i’m intrigued
>>690417 perfect for bearing my pups
>>690605 Get in line nona
(3.11 MB 1280x720 twitter_20220331_045532.mp4)
exostacies we cant stop winning
>>690661 did they all film this in different locations because they're allergic to being in the same room?
>>690661 What is going on with Kai’s face
>>690695 he’s recovering from covid leave him alone awwww it sounds like he still has a little cold, i like the long hair but since they never know how to style it he needs to get rid of it immediately
>>690695 nothing retarda go back to your trash dump
>According to the review of ‘Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Season 3 in Namhae’ by the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB), each of the 12 episodes for this season will be 51 minutes long~! ㅠㅠ 12 hours of exo yasssss
>>690716 oh we're getting CONTENT content nice
(3.59 MB 2999x2000 FPLckgGVsAI8kiX.jpg)
(1.54 MB 2000x1334 FPLcmZTVsAIXXvd.jpg)
(1.85 MB 1338x2000 FPLcoieUcAEb5Ey.jpg)
(1.72 MB 1347x2000 FPLcqOSVEAcR-YN.jpg)
(189.36 KB 1323x850 FHcYOWqXsAQ774B.jpeg)
>>690716 omoheol we are really winning >>690722 >>690723 unironically my favorites so far im a sucker for suho in pink
Cute bear
>>690876 the penguin and the bear are the cutest
(66.64 KB 900x471 ErdOFSyVoAAWwDS.jpg)
>>690863 i prefer egg in his hipster bulletproof glasses> >>690884 i miss you bacoooon!!
(1.53 MB 2000x1359 FPWLaI2VEAAqzng.jpg)
(1.20 MB 2000x1335 FPWLb-IVQAY4Exu.jpg)
(1.48 MB 2000x1340 FPWLdbEVUAUFjqG.jpg)
(375.77 KB 1440x1796 FPRI00CUYAALJSu.jpg)
>>690876 cuties! >>690863 im so glad they decided posting on SM C&C channel as well yaayy >>691178 >>691179 Uri appaga.. i will support you in your solo activities~
(698.96 KB 1280x720 twitter_20220401_082156.mp4)
sehun beating on ladder looking promising
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkOSgoZZiVg&t=111s another teaser, sehunnie is cute as well
>>691399 sa, sorry wanted to share from the beginning, idon't know what happened
>>691399 sehun's laugh is so cute
Hurdle > a fucking wall > morning star > bear hug > moment > decanting > another wall > grey suit
>>691399 uri maknae on top is so cute >>691402 yaaaaasssss i love that hes wearing the pink shirt for the mv! cute grunge-y look
(292.34 KB 1536x2048 FPfSolTaUAUKVnx.jpeg)
so pretty, nonnies
(319.40 KB 2000x1334 FPfZdoZVEAM98ox.jpeg)
when is the hurdle mv coming out? f*ck this song is so good ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it reminds me of day6 young k hnnnnnggggghhhh
>>691429 Later this week
>>691403 >>691429 hurdle is soooooo good. im so glad he had the balls to go for something like that even though it's not popular in korea. and it does remind me of some good day6 songs. maybe in the future younghyun could write some songs for him
(2.01 MB 720x1280 englishsuho.mp4)
yaaaassss english king. cant wait for the hello82 video
>>691429 >reminds me to day6 that's what i thought as well!!!! they sould collab
Be careful what you wish for. Egg already has a Jae song.
i looooooooooove hurdle so much
>>691457 why did he pick grey suit as the title over hurdle it doesn't make sense
>>691458 of course it does? he's catering to koreans taste
>>691459 then why is it flopping
>>691461 and hurdle wouldnt? kekk hes competing against bigbang and i dont know who else
>>691461 hes not baekhyun
i feel like decanting is more suited to korean tastes than grey suit
>>691463 meh baekhyun isn’t a digital monster either, he hasn’t had a hit yet
>>691484 at least he charts
>>691501 yeah he still has a huge fandom over there
>Junmyeon shared his playlist and some of the songs included are from him and the members: >Suho - For You Now >Kyungsoo - That’s Okay >EXO-SC - Fly Away heol.... no bacon or kai... flops stick together i guess
>that’s okay >flop nonas are just saying anything these days
>>691884 his one hit wonder, i’m fine should’ve been the title track
>>691895 you are delusional it would have flopped just like rose
>>691884 im talking about kyungsoo overall solo career not the song kek
(277.33 KB 1638x2048 FPellKMWUAQb5qe.jpeg)
https://youtu.be/qvtLtY3tRX4 his english is perfecto exofriends. warmed my heart. although i'd prefer he'd done a video like kai's where he interacted with fans... it was super cute
>>692004 he got so good at english awwww https://youtu.be/G_IOAcaCT0M am i going crazy or is that a new song at the beginning????
https://youtu.be/0kPinfiIhb8 superior song mv is out
(1.45 MB 1280x720 suho.mp4)
>>692031 he's perfect nonnies. quirky mv, cool song. the little bunny in the end, nice touch https://youtu.be/CQP1lmSwbrE he's doing music shows too, bless him
>>692056 >suho: I'm here as a representative of EXO after 5 years
exo are so old they can't even do a joint instalive right... pathetic
>Sehun : we want to do the live together but we don’t know how to.. they are so old and decrepit i love them
>>692078 it's endearing
(95.29 KB 824x1155 FPwHwU9aQAMAaR6.jpeg)
jajaja los amo
when are we expecting contract news to drop? for lay at the very least anyways
>>692191 probably after the anniversary. i saw on weibo some rumors that instead of renewing as an artist on sm, sm and his new entertainment company are going to sign some kind of partnership but who knows
(140.87 KB 1112x1604 FPyfhLXXwAAzAkA.jpg)
shocking absolutely no one
https://youtu.be/3bKKrqYQYW8 he just released this song and the intro are some of his convos with the other members i suppose it made me emotional . he also wrote a really long weibo post and he said something about moving forward with sm in the future, wonder what that means
>>692207 >>692194 Probably this
>An SM official told YTN Star today and confirmed that the existing contract with Lay has expired. However, they are discussing a new type of contract. kek so the rumours were true
>>692191 your power... a prompt response to your questions >>692203 i wonder when will we learn about the other members decisions though? idk if serving the military automatically extends the contract or something but i'd guess it doesn't so... news? anyone? chanyeolie? kyungsoo?
>>692191 lay posted
>>692229 sa ignore saw it was already posted
>>692224 you didnt even need rumors for that tbh
(822.91 KB 720x1280 twitter_20220408_040406.mp4)
i dont usually care for merch but this lamp is gorgeous. too bad it sold out in 2s tho
so much content its like exo is active again https://youtu.be/BpXYz6HG9s8
>>692235 This was most expensive than it was worth
is anyone going to watch the fanmeet? if i find someone streaming it i’ll post it here
>>692297 Yessss. What are we expecting for the fanmeeting?
>>692203 sigh i want to go back
>>692297 no it's super early where im at so i'll be just watching it when someone reuploads it >>692321 i guess the same they did for past anniv fanmeetings essentially. and solo stages, maybe.
u guys think they’re gonna dance or are they too lazy now
>>692385 they didn’t mention anything about rehearsals so i doubt it
https://m.twitch.tv/toosexiual?desktop-redirect=true found someone who’s streaming if anyone wants to watch
>>692385 maybe for solo stages
we here for the beyond live nonas https://www.twitch.tv/honeydae1485
>>692397 alternative link if ever it goes down (the sound is better too) https://www.twitch.tv/iransuhofans
omo they can't edit out suho's neck wrinkles on the beyond live i am living
they’re crying kek
bacon's backstage he's breaking free
egg and sehun say something anything
this part is boring i'm sorry
any new streams?
>>692406 we here thanks to dst nona https://m.twitch.tv/inexoverse2
Why is D.O so cute
>>692407 fantastic stream!! Thank you nona
nonas im so sad i love them so much
(351.13 KB 2048x1536 FP5f661akAAPDbl.jpeg)
unpopular opinion but I love them
so nice to see them perform again
if anyone has a replay link pls drop it here I just woke up
wish bacon could have said hi
they sang Paradise... thank you my princes
>>692420 if they don't take a group photo we're rioting
(90.64 KB 1257x707 FP5fRooaIAEGCk9.jpeg)
DFTF sweetie im so sorry
i kinda wish they performed more
they said they’ll be back soon like 500 times is this confirmation that none of em are leaving sm or what
>>692427 me too but uri hags probably didnt want to go through the hassle of redistributing songs parts >>692429 would take it with a grain of salt...
(2.81 MB 900x720 102849.mp4)
sehunfags being the most prolific at sharing link thank you queenies
>>692437 clips* pardon my dyslexia
>>692429 if they were leaving i think we'd know already
luhan also posted a vid, only tao is a bitch
>>692442 haven't followed exo for years but what did he post?
(1.06 MB 1280x720 twitter_20220408_042049.mp4)
>>692444 nta but
>>692440 idk they might have extended it midway or maybe until all are done with the military
was it just me or did it seem like they were hiding something the whole time and didn’t wanna accidentally say it… sus
>>692448 i havent watched the fanmeeting. what makes you think that?
(4.38 MB 1280x648 power.mp4)
I simply love him nonnies...
>>692448 they were hiding bacon back stage
i’m glad that i didn’t pay for the fanmeet but i’m still sooo happy i watched it. the games were kind of boring but they were still so cute and i was so surprised they sang paradise, i hate lucky though kfans always use that song and rub it in the faces of the dirty poor iroaches but for today i’ll love it, kai crying not even 2 minutes into Peter Pan was soooooooo cute
>692449 there were just some awkward moments but i’m most likely reaching
>>692458 best part was egg’s sudden confidence to dance
>>692460 kekkk yes he looked crazy dancing to overdose so cute
>>692446 He was my Exo-m bias. I am happy he's doing much better in China, but i miss him and i wish he would have stayed instead of that talentless shill Lay.
>lay >talentless nona...
lay is useless he doesnt have a niche to fill either vocally or dance wise. he's just not needed.
>>692504 he was their best dancer
>>692505 He was a decent dancer, but i always thought their best dancer was Kai.
>>692505 but he wasn’t captivating enough to be the center and they barely gave him solo stages
lay fell off when he stopped releasing music that sounds like monodrama
>>692505 he has no charisma
the rest is debatable, but his technique is the best there were by far more useless members than him
>>692505 He was okay in the beginning, but now he only knows how to shitty same style krump. Watching him on street dance of China opened my eyes to how similar everything he does it. He has no variety.
(391.14 KB 1264x1625 EB5Q3IdUIAAHJ79.jpg)
happy sehun day
>>692861 WE LOVE OUR MAKNAE ON TOP. EXO's glue and sunshine. so useless but at the same time not useless at all. king who sings 3 verses and collects the same check as everybody else. we friggen love you sehunnie!!
(685.57 KB 640x640 sehuneribong.mp4)
hb sehun!
>>692864 this little lesbian was so cute
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0DXGtd_pgc egg is getting a short road trip documentary. i'm curious if he can show some new side of himself
>>693069 this looks interesting i hope he opens up a little
>>693069 exochads is that his way of announcing his departure...
>>693255 no, please touch grass
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6sJzsQoEvw let's discuss some vital questions with exo >iis it okay if your bf/gf helps feeding your friend?
>>693427 why is sehun so distressed att egg peeling his gf's shrimp kekekekeke
>>693427 kai is the chaddest of them all
>>693436 Insecure baby chick is scared his gf will run away with a better shrimp peeler kek
>>693445 Seriously, Kai is the only one who trusts both his friend(s) and his gf(s), it seems. He really seems to be open-minded.
>sm cutting chen and chanyeol out of ladder oh no no no no no
>>693749 Couldn't care less for Yoda, but Chen is my fave. Don't treat him like that.
>>693749 no... is our dumb yeolie really not renewing?
>>693827 i doubt it, i think this just sm c&c being messy
leaving chen/chlamydia out would be less noticable if they didn't mention bacon every episode
(74.64 KB 720x382 FQ041qOVIAA_W08.jpg)
burgernonas you can see uri appa for free (and ask him questions too i guess). the conference sounds interesting too https://fsi.stanford.edu/news/stanford-university%E2%80%99s-korea-program-celebrates-20th-anniversary-conference-spotlighting-south
>>694497 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee damn you borgers *punches the air*
>Kai will appear as a special judge on episode 1 of Blockbuster: Brick War of Geniuses. The show is the Korean version of LEGO Masters and will air 5/1 5PM KST on MBC. uri kai really has become EXO's variety king. do you think bacon will try that path as well once he gets out or will he try acting again?
>>694512 bacon will keep releasing million seller albums
>>694513 those are not mutually exclusive
>>694512 aww this is so cute he loves legos
i won't survive kai's enlistment i simply won't
>>694520 it’s going to be awful and i don’t want to sound like a momager but his career is going so well it’s going to be such a pity that he has two put a stop to it
>>694521 yeah sometimes i wish he had gone earlier though idk now everything's reopening such a missed opportunity. but he did kept busy during this time and planted the seed of a good solo career. STILL SUCKS THOUGH. kek
(81.13 KB 430x286 FQ1HD3YXsAMd5Xj.jpeg)
>idols nowadays are lazy with fanservice word, dad. you are always right!
>>694522 I'll cry for two years straight when he enlists. S/N Jongin's feet always creep me out, as well as any other ballet dancer's.
>>694526 Unapologetic leader-nim spilling the tea, as always.
>>694526 this isn't even what he said, last I checked? >>694556 where the hell did you come from
>>694558 yeah that isn’t what he said
https://twitter.com/candyxfour/status/1513646398754811904 for my broke like myself exohag sis' exo ladder s3 episodes with english substitles
>>694558 >>694561 kek who cares if he said something milder. he would be right if he straight up said that
>>694564 thank you i think someone has already posted but here's the fanmeeting with subtitles anyways: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/3nryHSyjHborfY6aBP8zYs
>>694556 nonnie if you are asking yourself why you were banned it's cause we only use twitter lingo here ironically and with moderation. some people don't like capitalizations either but that's a tad nitpicky imo
(234.13 KB 1242x1554 FQ6tMIEVcAEh399.jpg)
there will be soma pool scenes in the new episode :3 https://twitter.com/milkteus/status/1517330617075003397
(100.88 KB 576x432 db0fcd3dc79.mp4)
>>694850 yaaaasssss why are all good exo updates accounts sehun accounts tho? kek
>>694850 kai looked so handsome >>694852 kek i noticed that too, there’s two sehun accounts that always translate group content
>>694852 >>694857 sehun is indeed the glue, like oppar like fan lol
anticipating chen freedom but also expecting 0 photos/vids/messages/announcements/posts/bubble/etc for a very long time
>>695076 he didn’t get early discharge like xiumin and egg so he’s just coming out right? i expect him to upload a video on chentube but not right away, maybe a letter too
>>695084 haven't heard of any early discharges in awhile tbh
>>695085 >>695084 he probably already left but i dont think any announcements would be made considering his situation...
(25.11 KB 492x492 FRFcXusXsAEH3HV.jpeg)
actually shocked they released one of these for chen? are they being strategic/testing the waters or simply want to grab whatever amount of cash they can? kek are exo-ace reeing much?
>>695207 they released one for all the others so why wouldn't they release one for chen i checked lysen earlier and it was mostly cringe ifan posts and one sorta negative kfan comment
>egg got rona'd >chen at smtown tokyo in august it's been a wild 12 hours
i’m happy theyre not keeping chen in the basement, i think they’re going to push him as a soloist and it makes sense because he’s had hits and sm must see some worth in him
>exo as soloists in smtown tokyo cowards. 6 motherfuckers available or at least 4 if we pretend do and sehun are busy in that weekend shooting and couldnt possibly take the day off
>6 motherfuckers available heol we could have gotten obsession actually what is minseok doing? drinking alone with his cats?
>>695288 some people say he's got an upcoming musical but thats still bs because musicals have different actors playing the same part so he could just skip it in that weekend, no problem my poor xiurato
>>695291 why did he leave hadestown "to go back to his real job" if all he had lined up was the 10th anni fanmeeting
(697.04 KB 1080x1883 goblino.jpg)
chlamydia must have cheated on a bunch of women he has enemies everywhere leaking his shit kekster
>>695581 it was pretty obviously not his car tho
>>695584 pissed so many people off they are grasping at straws to get him nationwide canceled
>>695585 i'm sure it's only a matter of time
>>695581 kekkkk the youtuber clearly wanted people to think it was him because she was liking comments that said it was him , she kind of described him on the youtube video but in the video of the incident it clearly wasn’t him or his car and apparently she went on a variety show before and told the story
>>695588 very weird way to go about getting his attention although… didn’t his gf say one of the women he cheated on her with was a youtuber?
>>695588 probably a friend of someone he has cheated or he cheated on her too kek
>>695590 >>695594 that wouldn’t be surprising lol but maybe she didn’t expect sm to answer because i saw she was apologizing in her ig
kinda surprised sm responded so fast esp while he’s enlisted they seemed kinda content to let him flounder on his own
>>695600 maybe because he is thriving in the military and cleaning his act? kek or the girl simply was indeed lying for vendetta and has a sizeable audience
>>695600 which kinda proves the point that the cheating saga was not slander (not that I had any doubts).
>>695631 cheating saga was true but i wish i could the pics the uncensored pics just to solve the mystery of why it looks so fucking weird kek she made a poor choice 100%
>>695616 it’s so weird that the military is selling photocards of him and doing fansigns >>695633 the pictures were so weird and the story too tbh i expected more girls to come out and say something, i believe he’s a cheater 100% though and possibly worse
uri chanyori is INNOCENT of all that hes been accused of
>>695934 sure thing chanyeol
>>695934 chanyeol why did you sing about gay thoughts on soundcloud
>>695934 please leave your nip boyfriend and go back to pandering with bacon
>>695934 uri chanyeolie is just a human cesspool of STIs other than that he is harmless and pure >>695636 military is making loads of money with his musical simple as every other say on twitter i see girlies from all around the world attending this show. i can only imagine how much they would make if baekhyun was in that musical unit and i might fly to korea myself if kai follows the same path
>>695952 yeah i saw all the chinese girlies are coming to see him. kai won’t do musicals because he’s kinda crippled and blind and he’ll do public service :(
>>695967 those are not legit reasons to avoid active duty these days. if he does civil service it'll be through a lil corruption like Baekhyun and that would be really stupid of him too.
>>695968 true. just last week i watched a video telling about this currenr cause of a severely underweight man (like 40 kg) who was denied civil service. the active duty admission is at an all time high at 95% or higher. gen alpha girls will probably have to serve. idols doing civil service just bribed their way in apart from very rare exceptions
idk a quite public service seems more legit than an active duty service where you’re singing and dancing on stage all day
>>696063 word but the military needs money so they’re milking it as much as they can >>695968 well if he can do active duty that’s better, the time is shorter. i still don’t get the bbh thing, how did he use corruption kek
>>696079 nta but hypothiroidism is not a disease that would justify a medical exemption, simple as. he got away with it paying his way or having contacts like every other rich person does. i understand him though because apparently his fear of harassment came true.
(341.94 KB 1536x2048 FRbeoxfacAAwd3d.jpeg)
ignore the remini please look he draw a cute bunny... lucky roasties
>>696122 oh yeah i think so much weird stuff happened around his enlistment time and it being around his comeback/birthday kind of buried comments from people who were questioning it
(627.86 KB 768x434 FRmwElYXIAIpnt5.png)
>EXO's Chanyeol says he will release his solo album as soon as he gets out of military service hmmmm why does it smell like he's leaving SM...
>>696170 egg did this too and he didn’t leave
pcy is so low on my best exos list that i dont care if he leaves or stays. the real best members love exo too much to leave and thats all that matters to me
>>696170 suho released his literally weeks after he was out, why would this mean anything
>>696193 isn't it ironic that people made baekhyun stop updating his youtube channel while in military because they're not supposed to "work" (although the videos were filmed in advance), but are ok with them releasing albums immediately after discharge. do they believe an album takes that little time to prepare for? it's obvious they work on albums while still in the army and yet no one questions it?
>>696199 no one's gonna care about what theyt can't see, if it's all kept underwraps then.... and it's not like suho recorded or filmed anything while still serving. also nobody cares about suho kek so of course someone like him can slip under the radar.
>>696199 the whole bbh thing happened because of the doll which meant that money was involved, they probably had to prove that he wasn’t directly receiving the money, no one cares if he makes a million songs while he’s enlisted, as long as he doesn’t release them >>696170 nah i don’t think he’s leaving he’s not that stupid, specially with his scandal he knows staying is the best option
>>696199 suho released enough behind the scenes contents for grey suit that it was obvious he did most of the actual work post-discharge. seems like the only thing he did while in the army was write lyrics.
>>696215 yeah, but jongin's (and other's) "making of" video showed how much time it actually takes to release an album. it's not just writing songs and recording, that's actually the smallest part.
>>696193 >>696172 because SM doesn't want a chanyeorie solo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ >>696209 nah you can't work period even if money isn't immediately involved >>696282 yeah that's pm it every gaypop must work on the down low so the cb can be released as soon as they are discharged. i think gdragon for example was caught painting in his studio or something so everyone prob does that too of course they will only tape whats post official release date tho
>>696333 chanyeol still has a strong fandom, why would they not want the free cash from a chanyeol album. dude is doing fansigns in the army, obviously he's profitable.
>>696478 pcy does most of his own music so sm probably gets less of the profit from his solo music ventures than they would from other members
>>696509 wouldnt it also work in the way that they dont need to pay for producers and songs, thus cheaper for SM. i doubt he'd get an extravagant mv either. but the sales would still be decent regardless.
>>696533 his chinese fandom has been preparing for some time now, even if they can’t bulk buy anymore they’ll probably find a way to buy a loooot of copies
>>696478 only because hes showing his worth in the military otherwise i dont think he would get a solo
(2.43 MB 1170x1937 iriboy.png)
iridescent boy got personally invited to the dior show to photograph sehun kekk isn't it crazy it's been 11 years and this bitch is doing better than ever
https://youtu.be/Phwa7TH0kFU check the comments korean girlies already nostalgic for exo we will hit daebak 2.0 soon.
>>696726 i need more music so bad
what do we think is happening first nonas? exo unit/group, kolo, or xiuolo?
>>696744 i don’t know what’s happening with xiuolo but it seems like it got pushed back? i think he mentioned recording something and nothing came out of it, i think at this rate chen is going to release something first
>>696744 idk if i dont get group cb (redacted) i will kms. nah im kidding i wont because most likely there wont be one... im guessing some chen ost then pcy solo then kolo. xiuolo seems dead
>>696753 pcy is in the army until end of september we're not getting his solo album this year
>>696761 oh for some reason i thought he was being discharged in a couple of months
my guess is chen is going to release something before august, after that kai, maybe pcy will be able to work on something fast just like suho did and release something in october, xiuolo is dead and for group cb idk maybe if kai manages to not get snatched up by the military on his bday we’ll get something but i really don’t see them having a comeback without him and if they’ll do i’ll rope
reeeeee they already have enough people for a group cb. 01 single is all im asking you lazyhags
they could pump out a digital single at worst or a mini at best before pcy comes back and sekai enlist. they seem to release when they have six active members and realistically what else are they doing (besides egg and sehun drama filming)
how likely is a new unit?
>>696767 pretty sure same odds of winning the lottery
sukaisoo is never going to happen
>>696771 why wouldn't it?
>>696772 nta but kyungsoo would rather cut off his arm than having more exo obligations
>>696775 lol cope, he said he would to be a subunit especially with kai
>>696777 yeah just like i say "we should definitely go out and catch up" to estranged friends kek
>>696775 if this were true he wouldn’t be in ladder or at the fanmeeting
>>696779 that's the bare minimum
>>696775 i don’t think he minds tbh
(905.72 KB 744x856 1618364311812.webm)
>>696781 >>696779 yeah that's why he promoted his solo album so much and even had held fancall events. uri kyungsoo simply doesn't miss an opportunity to interact with exo-l and dadanies
>>696789 he hates his fans obvi (and for good reason) but he doesn’t hate exo what’s so hard to understand
so apparently chen and kai are headlining hallyupopfest in london, i’m excited
>>696870 yeah but a major part of being an idol is the fan interaction. not much you can if you are not willing to all the work it entails. >>696919 britbongs dont even deserve them
(364.09 KB 1536x2048 FR882K4VcAA8pmu.jfif)
exodad coming through
>>696973 My loves
>>696970 word they need to come to latam but im just happy they’re performing outside sk
>>696970 *not much you can do... willing to do sorry for the dyslexia
>>696975 word latam and sea unnies we are deserving
>kai going to europe twice what do euros have that we don't
>>696980 good currency
>>696919 hope this means new chen music soon. the lineup for that con is all upbeat groups it's gonna be weird when chen comes on a closes the show with ballads
>>696980 he seems to love europe... i can fix him
kai you have too much flavor and spice to be an eurofag
>>696982 he could sing exo cbx on his own to be honest.... or bring xiurato with you it's not like he has anything better to do
>>696986 he can also do his popular osts, everyone knows everytime and that’s not a ballad
>>696986 this aspect about kpop makes me reeeeeeeee the utter lack of adaption/flexibility. if members are missing or if they feel like it they can just you know perform the group's songs by themselves or with any amount of members available
>>696989 I would call that a ballad at least borderline a ballad... it's just mid tempo
we want members performing together and we want it now.
(127.14 KB 736x735 EehAjsgX0AExfFi.jpg)
give them back
>>696990 right even kai did an exo song by himself, chen is more than capable. but i think he’s going to release more music soon
>>696994 yes release bacon earlier!!
>>696995 it's so annoying. the hardest part would be arranging the choreo but companies gotta understand that you can do a concert with less choreo and just walking around hyping up the crowd. also another thing annoying that is specific to SM is that they are rarely willing to compromise big structure with moving stages and whatnot. it's like they can only do big concerts but pass on having stripped gigs that rely more on the artists charisma and performance. and all those technical requirements make touring something really hard to pull off. at least they are letting members perform in festivals as solo acts I guess
>specific to SM is that they are rarely willing to compromise big structure with moving stages and whatnot. it's like they can only do big concerts but pass on having stripped gigs that rely more on the artists charisma and performance. this is really only specific to in korea. when sm artists are touring overseas the stages are basic af
>>696999 yeah but I know a show producer and as a rule they demand very difficult and expensive stage riders. that's why they haven't been to certain countries even though they would have a sizeable audience there.
i just saw that paul kim and sam kim are performing on that festival too so that’s another two ballad/slow singers, tbh the other kpop stans that will go see the 4th gen nugus won’t enjoy the chen set but i already saw a lot of exols on twitter saying they’re buying tickets so hopefully he sees a lot of fans there, kai will be fine because his songs are popular with other kpop fans too
>>697006 either way it's not like britbongs are the warmest crowd they will treat everyone equally
I want obsession with exo rato
>>697007 kek my friend went to the superm show in london and and she said it was the opposite from america, it got awkward and you could hear the go quiet(that was more exols) with the nct solo stages but with bbh and kai they were loud
are the chinese exo-l as rude and impolite as the korean exo-l? all international exo girlies who go study in korea for a semester/year say the koreans are terrible with them to the point they will get physical, like bumping on you on purpose. and they hate all international fans
>>697011 hmmm i gave too much credit to las diablas blancas imperialistas
>>697012 they might be but not as much because korean fans feel a sense of superiority because they focus on them 95% of the time even though chinese fans are more loyal, that seems to be changing though does anyone remember the mess that happened in smtown chile where all the exo fansites complained and said the latam fans were rude to them when they were the ones pushing and being rude
>>697014 yes iridescent boy herself >>696605 kekk she was scorted out of the venue i think because she had this gigantic dslr with her and was obstructing other ppls views its not changing at all i know a girl from my country whos there rn and she was just telling how she was poorly treated in the teolaegi line by other koreans. they try to cut the line all the time, resent the foreigners that got a better place in the line and will call them names thinking they dont understand the language kek 10 years and they are still pulling this shit, daebak isn't it
does sehun hate iridescent boy it’s so weird she got an invite to the dior thing
>>697034 she probably bought the invite, she’s followed him to fashion shows overseas and he poses for her so who knows how he really feels but i doubt he liked being stalked in hawaii, idk how these fansites get in tbh kai’s fansites follow him to overseas fashion shows too
(139.12 KB 1169x1278 FSF2vpjXwAIAjc0.jpeg)
>chanyeols meissa photocards are being sold for 2k usd waaaa jinjja. if sehun follows suit the military will hit daebak
>>697313 they keep releasing new ones every week and i saw they’re airing the musical on theaters on Hong Kong and other cities, it’s kind of weird but the money goes to the military anyway
(180.59 KB 1152x2048 FSFj9wRaIAAYOZx.jpeg)
baekhyun posted a pic with fanmade merch. this man is knows how to keep a loyal fanbase, hes a fanservice genius. we miss him very much
>>697329 exochads saving the korean military x (redacted) incels trying to skip service
>bacon >we miss him very much >we
>>697349 he’s got his claws in some of us nona please understand
>>697384 i for one miss him very much my friend
>>697010 we already got it, didn't you watch that post-enlistment fan event he did where he performed all those songs? i know how you feel though, he was missing from exoplanet 4 and it crushed my soul seeing all those bsides being performed without him FUCK
>>697349 why would you do kai like that? :/ >>697405 i definitely saw that i meant i want them to perform obsession with exo rato. actually id take any of them performing obsession rn what a friggen banger that we haven't seen performed enough
where is x-egg we need him
>>697407 i've said this before and i'll say it again obsession was the last kino kpop and that's not just because it's from exo although that certainly helps. but imagine it with xiumin and d.o. hooooly shit
i never did one of these >best title https://youtu.be/73QzQYN8FtE >best bside promoted with a title https://youtu.be/b6ycw7p9-bE >best deep cut https://youtu.be/8RLTr7ecEjQ >best summer jam https://youtu.be/FMPzSr8Qlts >best slow burn https://youtu.be/6WOzJF-7mrc >best lovemaking song not really sure what this is supposed to sound like but this was written by teddy riley so i'll go ahead and make an assumption the demo is about sex https://youtu.be/t6fPzVNIEB0
>>697415 all based, you have great taste nona
>>697426 omo thank you
>>697415 I haven't thought about What is Love in years, what a nostalgia trip
>she doesn’t have what is love in regular rotation
(6.64 MB 1920x888 exo ladder.mp4)
>>697349 moroni kai has bacon on his mind at all times
>>697474 just like us. to his defence, they probably play it when they gather together so it just jumped out out of habit kek
(68.49 KB 701x582 egg in water.jpg)
don't get me wrong i love bacon and think he's really good in variety, but watching ladder s3 without chanbaek is just really peaceful. the vibe is comfy
>>697557 word i love the vibes. and i loved when sehun said something about not missing the loud members and how it was fun this way
>>697560 kek i came to that part right after i posted that >>697557 i noticed they're only mentioning baekhyun though, all the time. is it intentional to leave out chen and chlamydia because of their "scandals"?
>>697567 they don't mention season one at all but talk about season two frequently. it doesn't bode well cbx-sisters
>>697568 to be fair only xiumin was present in season 1 and i doubt the others watched it. not so much for them to talk about
>>697567 i think there’s just not much to say about the other two, they always end up mentioning some members more and they love talking about bacon for some reason
>>697557 i miss pcy abs though bros, not gonna lie... >>697567 maybe they do mention them but it's easy to simply fix it in the editing room. but to be fair i think in regards to chen they dont have much to say about him. id bet they've mentioned chanyeol a lot and they are editing it out though
(70.64 KB 1200x675 FSVQ8pMWYAEDcvT.jpg)
were they ever close in sm
>>697712 lol, no, i don't think so. jungsis is wise, though, Yixing is the hottest potato in China right now, so appearing next to him is free publicity.
>>697712 close enough to exchange surgeon numbers
>>697712 he interacted more with krystal i think
>>697771 they filmed together (but i think it never aired?)
>>697772 kek yibo yeah the movie never got released bc it was around the time of the hallyu ban, i remember they had a lot of shippers before the kaistal reveal kek
hes getting fatter. good for him enjoying life now when theyre not so active. in ladder3 he said he couldn't remember the last time he had 3 full meals a day.
>>697833 shippers? lay himself said krystal was his "type". i remember the cruel jokes after kaistal was revealed.
>>697915 damn dude is getting mogged by kai in every way possible kek
>>697910 >fatter meds
>>697833 suho and krystal also had a lot of shippers. i remember than when the first blind item saying a sm couple would be revealed a lot of people thought it would be the 2. and suho was very sus with her indeed. the competition in the exo dorm was probably roughlees
>>697915 kek maybe that’s why they were never close they were competing for everything while they were still on the group together
>>697945 fatterrrrrrr not fat
>>697971 but he lost so much weight compared to the beginning of the year, i think this is his normal weight when he’s not starving himself like in 2016/2017
>>697973 yeah thats true. i was comparing him to his prime days
>>697915 >cucked by kaichad many such cases
https://youtu.be/W71gqyA15Uk he has risen last time we saw him was that awful military picture so he def looks better kek and he still sounds good as always
>>698101 he has risen indeed glad he’s looking healthy
>>698101 i totally forgot he had his own youtube channel kek wonder how exo ace are taking it...
>>698114 afaik on lysn they’re just posting his unflattering military pictures and swearing but they seem like they’re getting drowned out by supportive (but just as cringe) ifan posts
>>698101 omo i didn’t even know he was discharged… makes me crazy happy to see him again i wonder if he’ll ever return to idol activities
>>698121 he’s doing smtown japan and headlining a kpop festival in london, i think he’s going to release music soon tbh
>>698124 anticipating chenkai airport pictures (in vain)
>>698124 yeah but idol activities entail other things
>kai picks his top5 performance outfits https://youtu.be/MKFxx8gPkYQ uri nini we friggen love you you slayed all those looks
(416.97 KB 1638x2048 FSlBqc4WUAMQh_c.jpeg)
uri jet setter obbars are out and about this weekend
(159.23 KB 1000x1541 FSmuNcSaMAA8G6q.jpeg)
the embodiment of gucci
(365.85 KB 1280x960 FSmuqA2agAETN5E.jpeg)
lucky girlies who caught kyungsoo filming. or maybe they are just fans lowkey stalking kek
>>698354 YOU JUST KNOW
>>698353 he is so handsome its unreal
seething at the girlies seeing suho today in murica for free
>>698353 im so jealous of every roastie that gets to see him. i hope the crowd treats him well
i was watching exo ladder and i noticed they’re definitely editing out chen and pcy, they only put old clips where they’re not in there and they put one of bacon and pcy dancing to tender love but they completely cut out pcy kek they’re probably editing conversations where they mention them because the editing is so weird and choppy. idg why they’re doing it, maybe it’s because it was only available to kfans at first
>>698356 that they gangbanged him?
>>698573 i get why they’re editing out yolk but
>>698579 yeah i get it too but i wanna know what their endgame is, they already included him in a comeback post scandal so i think they’re just trying to keep kfans pacified so they pay for the show
what is exodad doing in america?
they just played love shot in kais pre show... feels bad bros >>698701 conference with pee pooman at stanford
(3.59 MB 640x360 twitter_20220514_181743.mp4)
(3.52 MB 640x360 twitter_20220514_182023.mp4)
i just love him so much bros i think im gonna be sick
>>698704 >>698705 he looks so happy to be infront of a live audience after so long are these your vids nona?
>>698704 >>698705 i’m so happy to see him in front of a live audience, i’m glad they responded well to him and the screams were so loud i love him so much and i’ll rope when he enlists
(2.04 MB 720x900 twitter_20220514_181921.mp4)
>>698712 i wish those were my fancams! unfortunately i just got it from twitter isnt he lovely
(466.65 KB 1536x2048 FSwxZTwUYAAmjYx.jpeg)
our nini we love you so much you have no idea
(4.65 MB 1280x720 twitter_20220515_010531.mp4)
and he is humble too
suho has joined the london festival line up... fingers crossed for exo moments
>>698760 sweet humble lovely kai sunbaenim
https://youtu.be/Spwx0ZzHoUw This kyungsoo off the grid show on koreas discovery channel sounds so random. i wonder how this idea came to be
>>698763 heol all three of them are going now?
>>698806 yes, but theyre going to different festivals, chen and kai are going to the same one on different days and suho is going to another one
(42.08 KB 1024x577 FS2Bi2hWAAA7h-5.jpeg)
new pic from exog favorite member by a landslide-- uri bak chanyeolie
>>699123 fuck, he looks cute
>>699123 kek i also saw one of him doing the gyaru sign. he basically didn’t enlist with the way he’s doing shows fansigns and selling pcs, lucky bitch
>>699123 >>699134 he cant stop winning no matter how hard people root against him. feels bad for the cucked gf, she must be seething
>>699123 that hair cut does him no favours
why did i just go on twt and see everyone gatekeeping egg’s brother’s ig acc
>>699197 isn’t it public?
>>699197 as if some ifans were the main issue when it comes to their privacy kek
>>699232 western ifans may I add
(3.19 MB 720x1280 reeeeeeeeeee.mp4)
reeeeeee he's so cute. what a lucky girlie
>>699234 that was a guy actually kek
>>699207 it is thats why i dont get why they feel the need to protect a grown man lmao
>>699236 thats even cuter of kai reeeeeeeeeeeee
exo’s brothers are literally just some dudes i dont get following them on insta
(106.96 KB 330x180 110901.mp4)
GET his adulterous ass
>>699314 i’m convinced kai beat him up one day because he used to be so awful to him and then pcy stopped, you could tell they got a little closer too
>>699314 i love seeing kai like this lmao
kai doesn't like any of the sexos he is the lonely alpha of the pack
>>699388 projecting
>>699388 dont let the kaisoo cult see this
>>699391 kaisoo sister i know its hard to take but they are not even friends >>699394 >>699391 too late
>they are not even friends based eri who doesnt consume any exo content ever
>>699394 >>699395 rent free
>using official content as proof of friendship ay dios not even ratmys are like this anymore...
>>699399 look i dont think they are real frens either but dont ever compare eris to that scum
>>699400 except korean eris. hate those vile tards
>>699388 he likes them but he’s anti golf so he will never hang out with them
>>698768 ughhh he is the cutest he looks so good i love him so much reeeeeeeee
>Suho will be at the Dubai Festival on May 27-28 and will perform 3 songs + live show of hurdle to the tune of the dubai fountain they are globe trotting more as soloists than as a group tbh
>>699989 good for them and when they finish enlisting i will make sure they do it as a group
>>700080 thank you pee pooman~
(724.21 KB 480x486 oiNFCRAXAl7DZqcq.mp4)
i need him on a spiritual level
>>700104 awww that’s my dad <3 do you have the whole thing?
>“i will come back with exo members to have a concert” i’ll be waiting suhito
>>700112 does exo know about this?
>>700104 teeheee his accent is gyute >>700120 kekkk moronica
(6.55 MB 1920x888 jm stanford.mp4)
>yes stanford he's so cute i even kek'd a little
>>700740 teeeheeee i love getting validation from exodad
(3.04 MB 640x360 dean unfair.mp4)
exo mogs tbh dean's singing voice kinda sounds a bit faint as if he lacked support. thanks for writing this banger tho neomu appreciated
>>701759 ofc bc exo are better singers. i remember someone saying that they had dean chained to the sm basement making songs for bacon kek
>>700740 bros i love him so much
>>700740 whos this he cute
>>701801 suho the leader of exo
>>701801 hes our father please be respectful
i miss them like crazy https://youtu.be/6T8Iy2lktgo
>>702586 based me too i miss all exo ot8 tbh even chanyeorie
>>702588 we’ll get them back one day. cbx however...
>>702589 ... will release a banger third mini album sometime next year please anticipate
>>702590 i hope and pray
so kai is doing waterbomb festival on june 25th, this is everything i wanted and more. i’m so happy he’s performing more and more and it’s even better that he’s going to be soaking wet while doing it, he said he hesitated a lot on accepting but i’m glad he agreed at the end hope we get some iconic fancams like these ones https://youtu.be/KIi0Ts5-dtY https://youtu.be/6g2YvhRxj6w https://youtu.be/v-uyYnzgxWM
>>702721 im pissing myself and crying i want to see him live.... and suho is doing waterbomb on saturday too i think? damn bros if i could i would get on a plane to seoul rn
>>702741 no, i think suho is doing a festival with more indie artists on a different day, the one with kai has zico hwasa cl gidle jessi,chungha, a lot of khh rappers etc
(144.88 KB 848x1024 FTrgzpDaAAAMyaW.jpeg)
chanyeolie walking a flower road while haterz try to bring him down he posted on ig and upload a video to his NNG channel https://youtu.be/xzBeqaNzJ2Q
(68.42 KB 1283x1093 FTs0mwOagAApyHV.jpeg)
god im seriously conidering dropping everything and crashing this waterbomb festival this performance will be seriously iconic
>>702785 kek his ears always make me laugh >>702896 i think the tickets are sold out already
>>702959 it was sold out before they announced him but scalpers ;)
>>702960 oh yeah i saw a lot of kfans trying to get tickets that way i’m just hoping for a 4K fancam
just want exo back but i need to accept its kind of over
>>704192 they confirmed a group cb for this year moroni
>>704192 >its kind of over for you
>>704199 suho said that wasn’t going to happen for some time
(462.20 KB 2048x1536 FULm_UlUsAAjXZ_.jpeg)
>>704220 he's a goof it's happening soon
>>704302 happy birthday king vivi
>>704302 vivi looks like a slightly different dog in every photo here
>>704423 the power of trimming and grooming
thoughts on What Is Love?
>>704623 timeless masterpiece
>>704623 still in my rotation of sexo songs, so good
>Jongdae has an OST for a drama set to be released on July 1st
>>704771 has he shown up real time yet somewhere?
xiuolo soon
>>705322 i thought it got scrapped i’m curious to see what he’ll do
>>705351 i have high hopes considering it wasn't just some last minute thing. also his bangs needed to grow out again kek
>>705351 not to stereotype homos, but i expect from him (euro)dance tracks
>>705742 i want cbx type of music
>>705743 that would be nice
jisung loves chenle chenle loves mark mark loves haechan haechan loves renjun renjun loves jeno jeno loves jaemin jaemin loves no one
>>705745 very cool smcousin
>>705745 now do this but with exo
>>705746 >>705763 kekkk sorry exosisters
>>705742 hes not homo but eurodance would be so fucking cool. sm isnt based enough to drop a hit like this but just image https://youtu.be/Qk52ypnGs68
>hes not homo
not every guy who deviates slightly from straight male stereotypes is a homosexual please dont slander rat gramps as a faggot
(130.38 KB 1702x1072 FD6wCIYXIAYgq7c.jpeg)
>>705948 >>706936 cope harder yncel xiumin & leo are thriving
>>706936 >slander rat gramps as a faggot it's not slander it's praise
>>706937 if they were really in a relationship they wouldnt be open about it
>>706945 it's called hiding in plain sight. and leo did deny once he was confronted by netizens further proving this theory
>>706946 this wouldnt be hiding it though. if you dont want people knowing about it then you keep as quiet as possible. he isnt because theres nothing to hide because theyre just friends
i-it's not that deep...
my gay grandpa shoomy who is stealing from the cbx vaults for his solo!
>>706937 literally what the fuck did they mean by this
>>706991 they were drunk and took a funny pic
my korean teacher seems faggy to me but he's talked about his past girlfriends in class, this makes me think koreans just read kinda faggy to us westerners in general and it isnt necessarily a reflection of anything
>>707267 many such cases
(40.68 KB 475x626 FTKxtlcacAA7aJF.jpeg)
>>707267 xiurato however,
xiurato is probably dating some rock climbing normie girl, sehun is dating a golfer gangnam girl because homosexuality isn’t real
>>707336 by this logic sehun is dating half of sm because theyre all golfing all the time
yncel coping hard
>>707339 kek i was joking chefsuke posted a picture of them golfing together they’re still going strong
>>707318 me in the back
we need another miracles in december
>>707336 this but unironically
>>707344 daebak stay loyal to your sponsors so you can walk down a flower road~
(296.69 KB 1080x1920 FU8HcQBUYAAdR_N.jpeg)
speaking of uri maknae on top oh sehunnie
>>707389 there's truly no useless gaypop like him
>>707394 king shit
(257.26 KB 1076x1524 FU9Xm2IUsAA7sjF.jpeg)
dang exo bar did not play this year
(742.86 KB 1536x2048 FU94_p5aQAEHW4M.jpeg)
(432.22 KB 1920x1080 FU-bO9WacAEvEAq.jpeg)
>>707468 >>707469 thats sooooo cool i would love to walk around and take pictures there, sm and kfans really didn’t do shit for the anniversary kek
(201.88 KB 1079x1689 FU8sk0hagAAnsLH.jpeg)
>Someone spotted Kyungsoo filming at their university recently, the OP wrote "A netflix(?) filming at my univ. There's a rumor that Doh Kyungsoo appeared?!" kyungsoo oscar soon...
>>707515 it wasn't for true swordsmanship or whatever its called?
>>707523 afaik yes maybe they’re going to put it on netflix too
>>707599 based
(361.51 KB 2048x1366 FBkjSYxVUAAw2-m.jpeg)
and when is this coming out?
>>708040 mind your own business
>>708044 rude + you lost the chance to promote your husbando + your ericard got revoked
>>708048 he’s for me and only me. the people who need to know will find out when they’re supposed to. not rude, just facts
>>708049 gatekeeping is cheugy specially when your husbando has been passed around like hot potato
vibes are rancid. this is the last exog. exo-ls cant be frens anywhere.
>>708051 L + we fell off + i get xiurato in the divorce
>>708049 retard might as well just ask mods to delete this thread
baby eri are kind of annoying. the fandom was the most fun during 2013 or 2015. they were everywhere, no one could dare call them sm’s failure. eri who were the “worst” fandom in kpop became the standard, everyone and their moms discovered exo’s charms. they were the biggest group garnering overseas interest for kpop. 2015 was a return to grace with or without tao. the new fans dont fully get this, and how hard it was to witness the struggles surrounding success in real time
>>708053 how about no. she can find out when shes supposed to. its got nothing to do with the rest of the thread
if you are being unironic im seriously never posting here again and im 1 of the 3 people who still contribute with anything
>>708056 same i dont care for abrasive autists
>>708051 no need to be dramatic
>>708057 see you in the server. anyways more sexo for meeee
people from the server dont bump the thread actually
6 + 6 = 12 E X O M , L , K exo saranghae exo saranghaja
When the skies and the ground were one of legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life. An eye of red forces created the evil which covered the heart of tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry. To attend to an embrace the heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side. Hence, time is overturned and space turns askew. The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike. Into two world that seem alike, the legends travel apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but will stand on different ground. Shall stand on the same ground but shall see different sky. The day the ground beget a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other. The day the red forces purify and the twelve forces reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up!
>>708054 it was so so so fun but at the same time so stressful because something went wrong everyday
and btw the moon is coming out in the second half of the year but there’s not a set date yet
is this general truly dead what happened
>>709125 >what happened nothing, and that's the problem
after the dream concert we are here today girlies https://youtu.be/RuqaVryDRd0
>>709153 i miss them so much i’m so sad
i thought we'd have a more concrete idea for the release of the next exo solo by now
>>709161 i thought it was going to be xiumin but it looks like he was just getting started when he sent that on bbl, maybe chen is working on something? i wanted kai to release in the summer though i hope it happens
>>709171 i was under the impression that xiumin has been working on xiuolo for a long time but i guess not. chen just put out an ost but it's not enough
>>709178 i just hope someone releases something soon
>>709125 exocord tards ruined it
reeing so hard at aespas superhero/comic book concept it’s all i’ve ever wanted for exo since the power of music
>>709503 they should’ve continued the comics sm is so retarded it would’ve made them so much money and i would be happy
>>709503 exo are never going to get anything this cool again. feels bad
>>709503 is this artwork official or fanmade? anyway it's dope and the boys are very recognizeable
>>709611 kek it's the album cover for the war repackage, when they released power
just remembered there’s not a call me baby dance practice... or tempo...or love shot... or kokobop... why was sm so stingy with exo i’ll never understand
>>709684 girl they didn't post dance practices until fairly recently
>>709685 there’s a dance practice for history, mama, lmr, i’m sure they could’ve posted one for cmb. and by 2017 sm was posting dance practices regularly
>doesnt know about the power album art >doesnt know about official dance practices >doesnt know about the legendary leaks aigoo. what has become of us exostacies >>709685 (You) are an embarrassment
>>709503 this was so fun i hope they paid the artist really well for this
sm really dropped the ball between 2013-2017, bts and twice got where they are today thanks to 38647382 dance practice vids during that era
would nonas buy superhero exo figurines
>>709690 >assuming they are exochads and not some tourist poster >>709694 girl exo was literally the biggest group in south korea and asia for the most of that period kek and the supposed lack of dance practices definitely wasnt a decisive factor
never understood the appeal of dance practice vids when youve got mvs and music show stages. theyve all got hats and baggy clothes on anyways its just like watching some random dudes
>>709698 >calls others tourists >can't tell obvious bait
miss them so much bros
if chenkai dont go to the airport together next month im ending it
>>710242 they’re performing on different days so they might leave on different days but it’s probably more convenient to go together so they don’t have to take double managers and staff
>>710245 well… when im gone nonas can split my exo merch amongst themselves
>chenkai going to europe >during a monkeypox outbreak kek, too perfect. egg not stepping foot on dirty britbong soil is the most splendid part of this all
>>710276 kai loves london i hope he gets to walk around and he takes chen and they won’t get monkeypox wtf. and of course egg is busy being boring and he will never sing a song from his album ever
>monkeypox isnt it a gay sex transmitted disesse
>>710277 are you sure they wont give each other monkeypox? the way you randomly chimped out about egg isnt giving them the best karma.
>>710276 dandannies, everyone
favorite sexo ships? >baeksoo >baekkai >chenbaek
>>710282 the only bbh ship i can stand is baekchen, i like seho, kaisoo, sekai but honestly i’ve read based fics of every ship even chanbaek
>>710283 unfortunately some of the best written fics are chanbaek >>710282 seho, baekchen, xiuchen and kaisoo
>>710284 fwiw chanbaek is one of the best ships
>>710282 >xiuhan >baeksoo >seho
bacon hardmogging the ship polls yasss
>>710287 bacon is the bicycle obvi
>>710289 everyone wants a piece of the best exo
https://youtu.be/0PcBPccMSWY something about this vlog seems off. like theyre trying to film two things at once.
>>710521 he probably wanted it in an artsy style or something
https://youtu.be/XzhlzEGJLY4 i love mr. destinys fancams so much, i was a little sad she disappeared for his solo eras but i’m glad she came back to give us this, reason is so fun live
>>710736 he barely sang live, but i don't care. gib me more drenched jongin!
https://youtu.be/HGm-jMCeyKU oh i completely missed that this happened already! wish he was more naked tho >"exo k! exo m!" sigh i'm crying nonas
>>710928 he said he was too shy to take his shirt off like it wasn't completely see through to begin with.
>>710968 i saw comments from normies saying that he didn’t get as drenched as the other performers because people were standing in awe filming him instead of shooting him with the waterguns
for his sake i hope that him performing at this festival means that he's one of the extremely few idols who get to continue being "idols" after their group stops just varieties or worse only some position in sm office would have been sad
>>711129 ?????? theres only a handful of sm idols who arent active as idols post enlistment and theyre all in suju theres not way kai is getting a desk job
>>711129 i think he loves performing so much i don’t see him stopping
>egg tummy
exo japan going ham with the AUs lately
>>711198 he’s knocked up
nonas post your favorite underrated exo performances, this is mine https://youtu.be/S1tgN81KZ9Y
not until exocord roasties apologize
>>714078 reeeeeeee just post a performance
>>714077 omo nona i thought i was the only one that loved this one
>>714084 it always lifts my mood up
>>714232 >exodus based, i want to see the alternative universe where it was the title track
>>714368 nah, its suited better as a bside. i just wish they promoted it more. call me baby isnt one of my favorite exo titles, but it being the title of exodus works very well for some reason. that whole album is magical and nostalgic to me
(205.77 KB 750x1333 FW3_PksUYAEVFLR.jpeg)
love his style
>>714398 that album is a kpop classic, it’s not my favorite but i feel like it’s representative of that era of kpop and it makes me nostalgic as well, call me baby is one of my favorite kpop title tracks
(214.51 KB 1300x1332 mAR7RTe.jpeg)
>>714414 to me its like a perfect middle ground between their rookie era and their later more over the top albums geared more towards an electronic sound. the title track is upbeat american boy band music, but the photobook reflects the grittier urban feel a lot of the rest of the album gives
(195.87 KB 1440x1440 FWYH0QvUcAIocIm.jpg)
>>714406 he's so handsome. i wonder why he was in london last week and why it couldn't wait until he was there at the end of the month
>>714471 ahjussi hag
>>714476 don't talk about my dad like that
>>714471 i think he went for a magazine shoot because his stylist went with him
>>714471 has exodad always been a britbongaboo heol
>>711198 the sea monster on the left needs to stop clinging to my wife like a giant leach. it's been a decade, time to stop riding egg's coattails, yeah?
>>714745 there is one person clinging to someone and it’s egg fuck off estupida
>>714747 reach any harder and you'll pull a muscle newfag
>>714751 cope cope cope cope
lets take a deep breath hags. fighting isn't good for your blood pressure
(152.46 KB 1000x1000 Ed4zdi_XkAEqFll.jpg)
>>714767 where is xiuolo
(226.25 KB 1365x2048 1513459520447.jpeg)
>>714800 its been over a year since its been announced lol its definitely going to be released this year. plus hes performing in smtown tokyo this year? maybe solo? idk. still, thats idol activities
kai is definitely getting ready to release again too, let’s see who’ll do it first
>>714807 reeeeee he better not hog the budget
(646.20 KB 1536x2048 E0SZxfhVEAIwb25.jpg)
>>714806 his bubbles last(?) month made it seem like it was imminent but all men are liars so
(583.53 KB 1684x2526 1496890759726.jpeg)
>>714814 i'd rather he take his time and release something hes proud of instead of rush something out for the sake of it because i doubt hes going to get a second solo after this. what i dont get is his lack of social media presence
(556.22 KB 1536x2048 E7gm8q2VoAID1UA.jpg)
>>714820 i agree but hasn't he been working on it for over a year? yeah his radio silence is not helping
(56.73 KB 1024x682 CSC7_TIUcAAj0cu.jpeg)
>>714823 hes been away from idol activities since early 2019, and he was spending a lot of time preparing for his musical shit, so hes probably also training to be ready to start singing and dancing. also, sm have other priorities and can only manage so many artists. and theres a lot going on with red velvet, snsd, aespa, and others. the wait makes sense to me. i just dont get why he cant at least send a message on bubble or something lol like a cat pic. i get hes a perfectionist but fans would rather insignificant updates than nothing
>>714824 he bubbles less then egg which is a feat in and of itself
>>714824 yeah the bubble and ig silence is not doing him any favors, a cute little hi every now and then keeps the fans happy
(162.74 KB 1024x767 IMG_20201123_153330.jpeg)
>>714825 >bblmogged by egg its over
>>715506 he’s going to sell 50k albums if he’s lucky
>>715513 there are billions of ratbros idiot
hey mama jigeum baro i sungan
>>714824 stupid rat
>>714808 my man got a joke for a budget for peaches already. if he gets any less, it will be self-funded.
>>716299 all his budget probably went to the concert, the cb and that were around the same time
>>716311 his concert was actually super cool so thank god it got all the funding
fuck you baekhyun for choosing the turbo uggo from shitmorrow by shitgether to be prive alliances ambassador
>>716323 who told him that would be a good idea
it looks like chenkai were hanging out… london vlog when
>>716661 literally never
>>716661 i didn’t see any of the managers with a camera rip
>>716662 >>716668 guess i'll die then
>kyungsoo confirmed in smtown suwon ok sehun next and exo ot6 lets get it
>>717100 let’s pray that uri chen doesn’t get eaten alive by the fans
>>717100 heol they'll all have to interact at the ending stage, right?
https://youtu.be/2hl7LA3iE7U miss them very much
do nonas remember in exo showtime they talked about how growl was the first time they came together as 12, completely ignoring the fact that they did wolf
>>721782 weren’t they super angry at kris during wolf era because it was his fault they didn’t have a comeback for so long kek and i’m sure the song didn’t help
>>721785 kek i didn't know that, but the blatant lying to seem successful from the beginning rather than first flopping with wolf always stuck with me
>>721805 and i'm talking about the lying specifically in exo showtime, i know they let out the truth more and more over time
>>721807 kek wolf did give them their first win but growl was what started everything for them so i get it
(81.25 KB 650x975 FYt9Y5VUcAAYCrF.jpg)
heol he's looking extra dad like today.
>>723140 i feel like he has gray hair in the picture even though he doesn’t
our artsy father having the time of his life after his kids went off to college
does xiumin not plan on releasing anything why did they even add him to smtown
>>724765 they can still cram a two week teaser period between after soshi album and before smtown or he's just performing you at smtown and xiuolo is a collective hallucination
>>724773 he needs to quit the disappearing act it’s not doing him any favors :( i used to think the teasers were going to start after soshi but there hasn’t been an article yet
>>724801 it's a really strange situation all around tbh
>>724811 i know. and he definitely has shot some stuff because he bleached his hair. i want him to hurry up because hes been teasing it since last year but also because i want new music from kai and chen too
>>724813 def feels like sm is going to cram as many comebacks/debuts as possible in the last four months of the year again.
i hate hate hate hate hate the mmmh mv so much, it’s ugly it’s badly directed the cgi sucks. thank god film:kai exists
(912.27 KB 3072x3072 FZhwPJpUsAAfbFi.jpeg)
thought i was hallucinating when i saw these
>>726027 shoomy’s hair is very dramatic also why does kai look so grumpy
also we want a mongryeong thread
>>726027 awww they all look good
>>726028 shoom is probably filming for xiuolo rn or hes already filmed it and is keeping the hair for promo
>>726029 mmmm...
(326.84 KB 1080x1080 EoUHF3HUUAEsghz.jpg)
>>726517 xiuolo is basically an urban myth atp
why did this general die
>>731763 no one is baking new bread
>>731774 well make it
>>731777 i'm not a baker


no cookies?