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(568.70 KB 720x720 vvg2jpHjCKbZOKuz.mp4)
k-pop collecting autism thread Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 11:04:00 No. 416011
discuss k-pop collecting, show off your pulls, rant about price gouging, rant about your holy grail etc etc
is it ok if i share my fake merch
>>416014 of course, do you make it yourself?
(2.33 MB 2553x3531 no_exif.jpg)
>>416018 not really, other girlies make them to fund college expenses i think picrel is my top picks from my recent purchase, everything costs less than 5 dollars but the quality is great (my camera is just bad). i love seeing my oppars pretend to be in my field
tbh i mostly just wanted this thread because i finally started organizing my pc binder and i'm happy about it >>416052 aw these are cute as fuck, based choices in husbandos as well. that's a good price too. i've been looking into printing my own fanmade pcs/polaroids to fill in the blank spaces in my binder
your husbando being the most popular member of his group, you wanting to collect his pcs, prices go up to several hundred $ how to cope
>>416291 stop collecting his pc's nona they're just paper jpegs. alternatively you could make your own replicas, i think i saw someone here do it and it didn't seem difficult
>>416291 hundreds, jesus, have you tried buying from japan/korea through a proxy seller? sometimes they're more reasonably priced there. personally my limit to spend on a single pc is $50. but yes at that point i would get creative and start making your own pcs. there are lots of cute tutorials online and that way you get to flex your art skills
I’ve stopped collecting pcs and albums bc the inclusions just kept increasing each comeback and in between which was quite overwhelming but good luck to you nonas who continue
i’m happy my husbandos barely release albums bc now i get to catch up in what i don’t have without having to worry about them dropping something soon
i hate it when companies decide to release +40 pobs for a comeback, i normally only collect pobs i like but i still find myself grinding my teeth once pc previews come out and its a cute pc from a obscure store nobody has heard of
>>417346 giwtwm my husbandos got extremely active again this year. hopefully you don't have too much left to catch up on
(1.60 MB 3023x2994 IMG_0963.jpg)
not done organizing my binders yet but just wanted to share my two holy grail pcs, pulled the one on the left from a sealed album and i cried for half an hour from sheer joy
>>417906 woah talk about luck jonghyun pcs are a rarity nowadays i treasure the few pcs i own of him
>>417906 whoa, i’m so jealous. that’s great nona
>>417918 >>417921 ty <3 and yeah i just started collecting this year, trying to collect ot5 but jjong and taemin pcs are insanely expensive, even in jp/kr markets. which pcs do you have nona? feel free to share if you wanna, it's what the thread is for!
>>417906 sure! i didnt post them in my prev post cause i was in the middle of eating kek. first 2 are ones i got from trades, the far right i pulled straight from the album way back in 2013! i dont actively collect shinee but i had to risk a limb for a pc, it would be jonghyun’s everybody pc
>>417926 i feel you about prices, it’s been crazy watching my husbando’s price rise over the last year or so. i’m cursed to never pull him so i can barely afford to collect him kkk
how do you guys store your photocards? currently i have a5 binder for my main husbando because i didnt want to buy a bulky regular size binder right away but seeing how quickly im filling the pages i think i should switch binders for the long run
>>417959 no worries, i’m actually about to head to work rn or i’d thoroughly reply to everything kek. cute pcs! what groups do you mainly collect? and i feel you, i love the everybody looks for ot5 so much but especially jjong. and aaah trading scares me i’m afraid of getting scammed
i was so disappointed by photocards when i bought my first album, like wtf the quality is shit and i could make a better one by myself for a few dollars
>>418004 as of now i just collect ateez with hongjoong being my primary focus +some pcs of the other members, im scared to branch off and collect other groups because how many releases others have… and yeah i was the same way before i started looking up tutorials and red flags to keep an eye for when trading, its rough in the beginning because you have to build credibility but once you start finding trades with other trusted ppl its easier. i will say its better to trade within ur country, less chances of mail getting lost
>>417963 i feel like pc prices in general have been rising lately, it sucks. bittersweet too, at least our oppars are thriving i guess kek. wishing you better luck on your next pulls! >>417982 yeah i use a regular size binder for each group, a5 is a cute size though, if you only collect the one husbando you could probably just get a second one in that size imo >>418068 >ateez oh nice!! i don’t collect them but i love watching people unbox their albums kek their concepts are cool and their packaging looks so nice and cohesive together on a shelf. good luck with your joongie collecting! and yes, i feel you, i’m a big completionist so i stick to two groups. ty for the trading advice, my biggest problem is my lack of social media which is where most of the trading happens kek
>>416052 these are so cute nona >>416296 based
>>417343 same and im too ashamed to show most of that stuff in public so i have no use for it
>>417982 i bought a mini polaroid photobook and i barely filled it, but i wanted a place to store my photocards
(255.62 KB 810x1080 1607835654_52d2683f.jpg)
i need this photocard so bad... can't even find a scan rip
i don’t care much for photos, but i am undeniably like a dog with a bone for merchandise that can be used in daily life. i don’t even have to like the group much if the merch is cute. unofficial has always been a thing, and i used to love kpop socks too, but i love that more and more groups have a variety of official goods available. my only wish was that they weren’t usually so expensive to procure when the quality isn’t always great. picrel txt has gloves, a muffler, and an unpictured beanie from this collection (2019) the quality is just OK but the pricing is on the expensive side. for reference, charlixcx beanie from her concert of the same year was 1/4 of the price after shipping but the quality was much better. i can only imagine things will get worse for collecting pcs as we sink further into nfts.
>>427541 word i like cute subtle merch but they end up coming exclusive for a limited time with a retarded resale value. big companies are trying to get on the current trend of nfts which i cant wrap my head around, anything for a quick cash grab ig
(2.28 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20211106_123330.jpg)
what I pulled from the favorite repackage.
>>427997 very nice!
>opens mercari >checks my saved searches >scrolls down new listings >someone selling one of my top wishlist cards at a ridiculously low price >some roastie got to it before me just by 20mins i hate when this happens
i’ve pulled alien in every stray kids album i’ve ever bought, except for my first where i pulled poojin. impulse bought i am who today and broke the curse, with stacy nonetheless. picrel isn’t mine but it’s the card i got. i don’t think it’s rare or anything but i’m very pleased anyway
(6.46 MB 320x568 os6e5BKQpskGF-hf.mp4)
>>436127 teen girls are feral
>>436169 im willing to bet at least half of them are actually adults
>>436172 whew, even worse then
>>436127 i wonder if some stores will start keeping them behind locked displays
>>436190 some locations straight up dont have them on display, you have to ask an employee to get it for you
>>436190 most of the stores i know that sells kpop albums have them all in a large locked case so you have to ask an employee if you want an album. That or the place is so small that you can't really get away with opening albums since the employees see you at all times
more of a rant but it feels like absolute shit when someone agrees to hold something for you and you can’t pay them in time because merch brain rot has caused you to spend an exorbitant amount of money on things you don’t need and or will never use
generally not a fan of this variety of merchandise where it includes baby pictures, but this taemin pc is cute
i wanted to buy stayc’s sg but it’s too childish. not so much the school concept, but the stuffed animals and everything else. they’re young and so are most of their fans, so i simply won’t buy it. dreamcatcher’s sweet dream version of their sg is much prettier than the celestial version, but is only half the product. wjsn has still yet to release their sg and i’m not as interested in other girlpops. depending on how a few gaypop sg turn out i might not buy any sg this year
i've wasted 600dls in last night concert, and now i regret it there was no solos and they seemed so tired after the choreos, suga admitted they are all tired and is not the same energy as before due to aging they said its all 7 now but i wanted the maknae line songs.
>>467356 Wrong thread?
i’m worried my package will be delivered to the wrong address or i might not be home when it’s delivered and i don’t want it going to a PO box. the only solution is to stay home and stay glued to the window for an entire week and a half
how do you guys control yourselves when buying fansign pcs? anytime i tell myself to limit my spending BOOM cute pc preview comes out. hate it when resellers mark up the price just because its a cute pose or fan favorite outfit
>>436127 their fault for not keeping that shit more secured
>>494201 kek oh wait i didnt finish the video nvm
my seasons greetings has been "shipping soon" for like a week reeeeee
>>494215 don't know which sg you got but sm greetings ship by the 29th
i don’t want to jump the gun or speak ill of someone but i think this girl seriously fucked up my order in her go and is trying to pretend she didn’t. i’m going to check the google doc to see for myself, but she’s been a less than stellar communicator
>>494238 its the bts one
>>494266 how so? did you claim a specific item?
>>494285 yes. i claimed and there was a mishap on her end with organizing everything, and in the end she put my order in limbo. i was told to wait. after checking the doc i see my order is supposed to come in, but she has yet to get back to me. i’ve made sure she’s legit, so i know i’m not getting scammed. i’m already thankful for the lengths she’s going to do this, and i’m sure she has other things going on in life as well. but she takes numerous days to follow up with emails after we had an agreement. i know i’m impatient, but it’s the unprofessionalism and lack of transparency that’s disappointing me
>>494351 shes either forgetful or doesn’t like confrontation, that sucks i’ve encountered a handful of goms that weren’t communicating what was happening on their end so i know where you’re coming from. the ones i had head butted with went silent then completely ghosted when it was time to send out the goods. hope she eventually fixes your claim, even if shes busy she should at the very least inform you that everything is in order, its your money
>>494397 i thought the same, but thankfully she did come back and everything was sorted out. she said she had exams. hul. i likely still won’t receive anything until the end of February but at least it’s sorted. thank you for your support nona >the ones i had head butted with went silent then completely ghosted when it was time to send out the goods this is a nightmare
have any nonas sold pcs before? how did you prepare for selling? how did you determine the right price? have you ever had a pc take a while to sell?
>>518257 ive sold a couple pcs on mercari and insta for reference >how do you prepare? if you want to start you should invest in: toploaders, penny sleeves and thank you cards. depending on where you sell, you can either ship with stamp mail or send tracked. if you’re selling on insta for example, you should provide video proof of the actual card (with flash on +mention the condition if it has any imperfections), packaging of the card and sending it out. >how do you determine the right price? it varies where the photocard is from, if the group is dead or not, or if it’s a limited time card. theres bit of a photocard hierarchy when it comes to pricing, album pcs don’t hold the same value as preorder benefits and so on. I’ll typically price album pcs around 8 ~ 10 usd and maybe around 15 usd if it’s an out of print album. for pobs depending on how recent the era it’s from, i price them between 12 ~ 20 usd. i do know sm offers kihnos of their artist’s albums but that’s more expensive so you would price that a little higher than regular album pcs. you should look at instagram to compare prices with since there’s no fees or tax, prices on sites like mercari and ebay are inflated because of fees but if you do happen to sell on those sites you should consider adding an extra few bucks if you want to make a profit. >have you ever had a pc take awhile to sell? yes ive had a couple pcs not sell at all, i tried to put a new listing for them every once and while for 3 months and nobody wanted them. thats normal for cards of less popular members you kinda have to keep putting it out there for someone to buy but it’s also a matter of using the right tags when posting and providing information on how you go forth with protecting the pc during transit. packaging is huge when selling, some people will refuse to do business if they don’t see the seller sending out their pc in a toploader and penny sleeve. if you have any more questions or concerns i’d be happy to provide input
i hate racing against 20 other people on a group order to claim the pc i want
i was feeling kind of bad about not getting my husbando’s fankit but i will buy his set when it’s released on mercari. luckily i have another husbando who will open his fanclub later this year and i can join that, and use my first husbando’s season’s greetings instead >>518438 thank you nona! this was really helpful, if i do sell in the future i’ll use this information. i had been in the market for some pcs to resell later for profit, but it was ultimately a ludicrous purchase so i didn’t do it. it was through a fankit and concert merch
have nonas ever decorated a lightstick? i don’t think it’s the kind of merch you tend to have multiples of, so i’m scared of customizing mine and not loving it, or wanting to have the original look again
>>551991 i’ve never done anything beyond decals but i’ve been interested in how fans customize their lightsticks, i couldn’t commit to actually painting on it because i fear after doing so i would want to redo the job. i like the look of bedazzled ones but they’re time consuming and require a lot of patience. i rather decorate with something removable, i really like these cute plush hats but they sadly don’t fit all lightsticks
this ponyo changmin doll by @BabymeongQ is so cute nonas https://twitter.com/BabymeongQ/status/1482911570430611460?s=20 i wouldn’t buy it but it’s really cute. i wish i could have 100s like in the movie
worst thing is waiting for pcs to arrive and it never coming, i’ve lost 3 pcs in the mail
>>631993 damn... sorry nona
i'm coping terribly with duckyworld selling out of my dream collectbook and showing no signs of restocking >>529263 >i will buy his set when it’s released on mercari i found a korean unnie selling the entire 4th dobber fankit for a 1/5th the original price and bought that kek. it was much emptier than i thought it would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrK0QKgx9E0 i'm in the process of dropping the boyz, as my items come in i think i'll document them here. i have come on the boyz and some pcs and albums coming in. i believe i also have whatitisnt shirts but i'll have to double check
>>724256 the cotbz stuff looked cute, im slightly regretful i didnt buy anything
(825.70 KB 680x1066 cotbz strap.png)
>>724257 word, i had already decided i was ready to let go but i didn't want to regret not getting the strap/griptok. in the end i picked that and the camera, but the photobook was really nice too. i like that fans made their own versions of the member pins they wore
>>724256 i’d love to see updates of your collection nona! i like looking at other ppl’s collections and gaypop pcs
>>724261 sure thing! my collection is a mess right now, but it's really grown throughout this year. i'm due for some cleaning so i'll try and get to that some time next week, and organize everything in the process
TBZ final pulls #1 >#NEWSHOT photobook arrived i have yet to pick it up and almost got excited but then i remembered how fucking shit my pulls are. i think i got the keb poster? and bbanghoon's stickers. they're my least favorite members kek, i put them at the BOTTOM of my preference list. she could have given me dilf reeeeeeeeeee... any nonas reading this, heed this warning not to join group orders if the least popular member(s) are the ones you really don't like. maybe stick with random pulls kek still expecting: >the start >she's the boss >reveal >thrill ride >come on the boyz >unofficial goods only reveal and cotbz are sorted group orders. i'll review my history to be sure this is everything coming in before i organize it all
(293.61 KB 1200x1200 poshturr.jpeg)
>>724930 sa i read this back and realized that i didn't specify this is in context to the inclusions, heol. i just don't like keb's poster and the younghoon stickers. i actually wanted sangric's set for both of these, or a juyeon poster. i don't really care which member was my mini photobook
i have almost every innie photocard but im having trouble finding his older preorder pobs from levanter/golive era. theyre just not on mercari, neokyo, ebay and i dont know where to look. any ideas?
been trying for weeks to find a ninini doll but all the sellers are from sea countries and they don’t ship here
>>725627 have you tried twitter or instagram?
>>725631 yep and the ones i need are just nowhere to be found or like $200
how do you store odd-sized kpop collectibles like square polaroids (not pc sized), "tickets", film strips, postcards etc? i bought a wide beon:d binder but the postcards dont fit nicely and they dont fit in the a5 binder. my autism isnt happy so im thinking of just selling them and only sticking with photocards but i dont have the heart to get rid of them
my gom is a lifeless husk and i can’t wait for my items to arrive for our connection to be severed
eric is like an uglier jeno
>>728761 fuck sorry
>>728761 other way round moroni
>>728829 eric is like a prettier jeno?
>>728760 kek what happened
(124.72 KB 851x851 FYy8BWUagAEKhqa.jpg)
>>724930 >>724260 >COTBZ >phone strap quality is OK, the phone tab is just a decorated piece of plastic that sticks out at the bottom and can be put under your phone case. nothing special tbqwy. it's pc sized and won't fit in any phone with smaller dimensions for obvious reasons, like a samsung flip or fold. the pc is super fucking cute and the strap is average quality. i'm satisfied >camera the camera seems to be more faulty, some have had shit luck while others got one that worked just fine. i like that it came with photos taken of the members, but it doesn't have flash. the waterproof aspect is just a cover. it comes with some plain and ugly stickers which is alright. i'm just not a fan kek, the price point is too high for this quality >tin set average quality tin, good for light storage. the pcs are cute and this was easily the best bang for your buck if collecting pcs is what you're into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y6G0_67tPM vidrel for the camera and phone strap


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