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(1.34 MB 1200x675 image_2021-10-27_155525.png)
red velvet thread #2 Anonymous 10/27/2021 (Wed) 14:01:36 No. 414522
the revival edition
(29.95 KB 755x236 image_2021-10-27_160218.png)
here's to another comeback
(91.97 KB 705x705 FCpNpMkXsAAIdK8.jpg)
looking forward to their halloween costumes for the sm party
>>414527 hope it’s gonna be a full album
>>414527 noo i want korean comeback
>>414532 what? is there an sm party source?
>>414734 we don't know if there will be an SM party. the girls said they were planning among themselves to have a party this weekend. joy said she can't go bc she's busy. it's not clear whether they were having their own thing or they mean the SM one.
>>414527 love their japanese releases, i'm eggcited
(47.84 KB 477x610 otp.jpg)
I was expecting aseul2 but a japanese cb is great too
is it just me or out of 80% of the times the girls were given cheap or mediocre clothing?
>>415905 it's not just you
>>415905 their best styling was the happiness era
>>415979 did you forget about peek-a-boo? i appreciate every era's outfits, even the weird ones. they were all very red velvet. queendom was a little disappointing because it felt like what all the mid tier girl groups were wearing, but i guess they needed to just be pretty for this comeback
Who do you think are closest? Wendy&Joy ? Wendy&Irene ? Seulgi&Irene ?
>>416006 definitely seulrene theyve known each other longest too but i still think rv doesn't have that bff type of pairings
>>416006 Seulgi and Wendy probably because they're same age best friends
>>416073 They barely have interactions with each other
(25.72 KB 400x400 iM4IrR8k_400x400.jpg)
>>415864 hopefully we'll get that soon too. good thing seulrene sisters are patient
>>416737 still mad at the lack of interactions and overall promotion last cb. they deserved better with how well they sold and charted
unnies did you see this? "formerly of red velvet"...?
>>416772 i have a feeling that whoever wrote this is american and figured that if wendy is having solo activities it means she left rv
>>416782 yeah fans have been commenting for him to fix it
(61.76 KB 1024x886 og.jpg)
>>416737 very true
>>416772 what if it's true...
>>417162 but they're preparing for jp comeback? unless it'll be their last comeback
>>417177 it would be their first japanese album right? it would be weird to end their career and try to venture into a new market at the same time, but it might be a test to gauge how profitable keeping them active can be
if anyone is leaving red velvet it won’t be wendy
>>417162 it can't be because SMs standard is an initial 10-year contract
we're almost at the end of the year, a jp cb is coming, they're practicing, season greetings will be dropping soon, no one is leaving
>>417248 10 year contracts aren't allowed anymore after tvxq's lawsuit, they're probably on a 7 year contract
>>417332 7 years are up already. Most groups are thought to either have signed two contracts - one for three years overseas stuff or after the seven years the renewal offered is 3 years. that's why SNSD lost 3 members at once after year 10 and Exo's contract isn't up until next 2023 or something like that so we have at least another 3 years of RV
(1.11 MB 3072x4096 FC3s4JLacAEtv6T.jpg)
only yeri is attending the sm halloween party
tbt to this legendary moment
>>417817 *tb kek
i loved the 2015 sm halloween party
>>417798 So what about the Halloween Party that Seulgi and Wendy mentioned... I wonder if they meant this one or a smaller one just with them
>>417911 i really think that poster is for a separate event and the halloween party will still happen with all of rv. or maybe i'm just coping
>>417927 hmmm, i hope they can meet up and maybe give us a vlive or ig live on halloween
(174.64 KB 1920x1080 E7tQHP3VEAgzTOq.jpg)
I miss them so much seulrenehermanas
>>419832 so fucking based
i love her
>>419840 she’s so CUTE
>>419840 kek i love this
pls sm c&c remake princess hours, cast yeri and ummmm winwin as the wooden faced expressionless prince!
>>419840 love her she looks beautiful really disappointed that we’re not seeing the other girls in costume now i want to see the whole groupe in historical regal attire
(49.63 KB 720x480 FDCJfqCagAAiXRH.jpg)
(48.81 KB 720x480 FDCJfqEaMAAZ1G4.jpg)
(156.78 KB 1188x1444 FDCK8xZWQAQCrhW.jpg)
(106.07 KB 1077x1077 FDCLvUmXIAojSpz.jpg)
(156.73 KB 1440x1800 FDCJ73xVkAMdfHK.jpg)
(141.58 KB 1440x1800 FDCGD10X0AADECu.jpg)
>>420514 >>420515 >>420516 is it from this year? are they supposed to be dressed as something in particular?
>>420511 Finally the SeulRene moment I was waiting for
(116.73 KB 790x1040 FDCGD1xXEAI2oix.jpg)
>>420517 yes seulgi said she was just a ghost and she did her own makeup and yeri is apparently alice from closer
>>420509 >>420511 their friendship? real and thriving
(318.37 KB 1059x1732 20211031_162533.jpg)
seulrenehermanas take your crumbs
>>420556 irene is just... low effort all around huh
>>420556 would love to see her putting some effort since shes jobless these days
>>420559 they're just chilling at home i'm just happy to see her face
>>420516 i loved both her looks shes so beautiful >>420515 seulgi is seulgi always gorgeous no need to discuss
>>420556 so cute seulrene thriving i like that’s it’s low effort it shows they’re just having a girls night and not simply doing their idol duty
>>420559 she said she wore something else (something pretty) apparently but Yeri and seulgi were doing retro so she used seulgi's clothes
>>420559 wew that's rude, she was doing a Seulgi cosplay
(318.43 KB 1650x2048 FDE6cVOXsAImB-W.jpg)
this year's season's greetings
>>421516 omo they look amazing
>>421516 queen's gambit daebak
>>421516 love the concept wendy looks so good
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da7emYCsCrE we got a bad boy remix that no one asked for but it's really good. that song ages like fine wine
>>423257 they're milking that song to death
>>423882 good. i wish they promoted all their work this much
best kpop song and mv ever https://youtu.be/9xWiro_tS1k
>>425968 but that's not automatic
(54.17 KB 746x392 154428.jpg)
yeri on bubble
>>426528 a korean album in the works already?
>>426528 i hope they would not do it a christmas album i want a proper comeback even if its next year
>>426013 based. one of the best rv songs this song is one of the reasons why theyre really different from other kpop groups
i love be natural too, its such a good song and the mood of the mv is nice too
>>426589 wendy fans must have gotten serious whiplash going from happiness to this. the beginning of her drastic changes in appearance so early into her career will always make me sad
>>426606 nta and not a wendyfag in the slightest, when i saw her in the controversial ad she looked unrecognizable. i think all of her features have been changed somewhat
>>426654 she was so pretty before idk what Korea has against jaws...at the same time I think also it speaks to the person and how they feel about themselves. Seulgi kept her eyes, her jaw and her chubby cheeks when she could have done otherwise. after the accident is understandable
(209.45 KB 1364x1364 20211105_202651.jpg)
she was so beautiful
(362.26 KB 1894x2040 20211105_202442.jpg)
>>426814 no wonder people were debating about who was the visual at that time
(101.78 KB 682x1024 20211105_202409.jpg)
>>426818 sorry cant get enough
>>426818 even this was different than her before. she should have stopped here
she has a different face for every era
>>427031 based. I kinda want this now
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRctWJReQFQ this is their best song actually
>>426528 YESSS yesyesyesyesyesyesyes
>>427031 i've always wanted them to cover an exo song
>>426753 i wonder if she regretted all her pre-accident ps. the amount of surgery her face has gone through is insane and will probably require lifetime maintenance
wendy's visual peak was at debut, can't believe she wanted so much ps when she was already gorg to begin with, she has body dysmorphia like bom. nobody can sing that bridge like wendy https://youtu.be/Ad0dQJb_2aw happiness was her era
rv's best song this rv's best song that and yet no one has actually posted their best song? https://youtu.be/Oo_NIdBUzMU it's criminal they've never done this live it would be a perfect concert intro
>>427165 all of rv's concerts have had a specific story/theme and songs that fit it. i can't imagine them starting a concert with such a sad song kek
>>427162 https://youtu.be/Ox7yRSZ4_RI on the bright side wendy's voice improved since debut unlike bom, she sounds fuller, open and chestier after vocal nodule surgery.
>>426819 ugh these are so fucking sad her work started SO early and was so noticeable, it’s really a shame
i'm dying with the plastic surgeons in this thread lol dr. kim wishes
>>427108 yep! always wanted them to cover exo's kokobop since it was meant to be rv's song
(372.16 KB 1440x2199 20211105_232533.jpg)
>I got used to working alone these days but after promoting with my members, I think that it was really more fun. I hope we can see each other often. I cry
>>427309 omo this made me emotional
>>427309 She's so cute
>>427461 her makeup looks so good
>>427461 >still no seulgi gf
(532.76 KB 1536x2048 20211106_233134.jpg)
Wendy cute tho idk what's going on with the front of her hairline these days
(45.17 KB 517x557 E9L56TeVUAAHteC.jpg)
I want new seulrene moments ;_;
>>428351 literally what is going on there kek
>>428351 asians have a lot of baby hair and that place also breaks the most after bleaching
>>429883 I see...it just looked really weird to me bc she pushed her hair back during her radio show and the rest moved except that strip along the front, almost like it was drawn on or glues down
(373.18 KB 1500x970 20210817_201950.jpg)
>>429304 me too nona
found it on lsa, and i just can't with it lmao
>>431000 the way false information is spread on the internet is wild
>>431340 What's the real backstory?
>>431407 it has nothing to do with muscle memory and which fingers are most used, where they hooked up the device is the tendons that control those two fingers. still funny though
(50.24 KB 1080x1080 20211109_221828.jpg)
yeri is fucking STUNNING
>>434081 dr.kim doing wonders
>>434097 shut up you ugly b1tch
>>434178 nta but it's true, she's been having work done since debut. anyone remember her forehead implant? but she's been really good at not overdoing it for the past 4 years
>>434178 nta but you need to cope
>someone compliments a pretty girl >some nona chimes in with BuT AcTUalLy… every fucking time
pretty yeri for the thread >>434192 get a grip
>>434192 its ok to be beautiful but it should be pointed out how many beautiful people arent natural
>>434199 it’s a kpop forum no one thinks anyone posted her is completely natty
>>434202 yeah but people don't agree if someone has had a little bit or a lot done to get to the way they look now
>>434195 it's okay to have yeri here I support seulrene's friend
seulgizip next guests
>>437403 love them
>>437404 good post
>>437404 it's funny how het shippers made an story about how Seulgi and JY were in bad terms because they were fighting for their oppar. They missed the fact that Seulgi has known JY for a long time thanks to Seungyeon (one of her bestfriends)
(144.68 KB 1170x2080 20211125_202442.jpg)
>last ep of seulgizip *many heart emojis*
(106.08 KB 737x481 9uT87Jru.jpg)
>>458562 sad, but on the other hand she said they are all busy right now and wendy hinted at them attending some of the award shows
(6.09 MB 1280x720 6430B4x9.mp4)
kai will guest on wendy's show. exovelvet crumbs
>>460562 i’ve never seen them interact so that’s going to be interesting
(35.80 KB 600x376 BvxtzR7CcAAqvg_.jpg)
>>460593 i have
(2.02 MB 270x339 original (1).gif)
>>460562 this was like the only time when they were in one room. im kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see him in seulgizip but yeah this will be interesting to see
>>460739 that's seulgi not wendy
>>460742 girl let me post a funny thing
>>460739 i always wondered why they used seulgi for that performance when they could have used any sm c&c actress wouldn't that be uncomfortable since exo members know seulgi since she was little
>>460749 >since she was little people who knew each other since they were kids dating is a thing you know
>>460749 half of exo are her age or around the same age and for the others it’s not that big of an age gap
kek this convo rn I'm excited to see him interact with wendy tho
>>461105 kekkkk they were competing for krystals love that’s why they hate each other i’ve seen a few clips of wendy on the radio and she’s good at it, the guests always look comfortable with her
speaking of interactions, monsta x members on wendy's show spoke abt how them and RV overlapped promo a lot for years but they never spoke to them before outside of greetings got7 members said the same when they were on seulgi zip it's so funny to me
>>461275 what lies. got7 x rv was heavily rumored. heard something about one of the mx guys and seulgi
>>461340 I mean the got7 one could still be true...the one she's heavily shipped with was the only one with a solo recently that didn't come on her show but also fans make up shit out of nothing
>>461340 rumors =/= reality
>>461340 >mx guys and seulgi not even seulrene shippers are that delusional meds now
so, there's a new Irene update on yt can someone pls tell me she didn't do anything to her face
>>464937 personally i don't see anything new except she has bangs now
>>464937 she looks the same, if she has fillers on they look pretty natural im also scared every time there’s a hiatus that she’ll come back with the taeyeon treatment
to me her chin looked kinda odd, hopefully it's nothing
>>464945 >im also scared every time there’s a hiatus that she’ll come back with the taeyeon treatment same. the long hiatus before comeback made me so scared. for me her age is showing - not in a bad way. I think she looks beautiful but more mature.
(726.64 KB 1536x2048 20211128_100904.jpg)
i'm in love w her
irene looks so elegant
(279.67 KB 2025x1354 20211129_104145.jpg)
her face is seriously a work of art
>>468976 I want to kiss Irene :D
(221.45 KB 2028x1343 20211129_202206.jpg)
>>468978 get in line
>>468976 banana profile
they were in a greeting battle they are so cute
>On Youngstreet, Wendy and Kai said they've only ever greeted each other briefly if they met but a commenter said "No, you had that film premiere with Seulgi" but both of them can't remember that either wow finally they know each others existence
>>475364 i have decided to find wendy's 'middle-aged office worker on a budget' style endearing
>>475357 >>475364 i felt like i was watching two disney characters interact
>>475357 they're really cute
>>475364 they should interact more often
missing thicc rene
missing seulrene moments so much
>>484715 i feel you
>>477103 i've never seen her like this before she is really underweight now
>>484737 yea even knetz noticed she's lost quite a bit of weight after the stylist incident. I want her to put on some more
>>484728 we wish they were this close but seems like seulgi is too shy to make fanservice with her unnie, not fair that she's ok doing it with joy and wendy :(
>>484759 kek I think they're hyperaware about shippers and are normal in private
>>484768 but what's wrong with that? like we will just have more beautiful moments. there are ships who even kiss in the mouth and are clingy as fuck and there is nothing wrong with that. we want that for our ship too :(
(1.37 MB 720x804 twitter_20211207_214649.mp4)
>>484784 you'll have to catch them off cam nona, they're shy
>>484798 >2018 nowadays they are too sneaky to me
>>485133 I want more jeju pics
>february japanese debut >full album with 5 new songs let’s go ladies
>>488462 japanese debut? now? kek what is lsm thinking
>>488462 they've released japanese songs and did a tour there though?
>>488519 rv album sales since debut have gone up over 400% demand is rising etc. they will make more sales in Japan now than before. it's the second biggest music market
at least theyre attending to gayo festivals we are getting something
>>488722 we got gayos, Christmas album music, smcu concert, Japanese album, Korean album , possible seulo, Aseul2 ?, wolo 2 etc.
(1.04 MB 220x393 dancing-twice.gif)
>>489406 its so disappointing how seulgi still didnt get a solo
>>489564 I want an aseul2 cb first sorry not sorry seulgi
>>489564 tbh I think people have a different vision for artists than they have for themselves...it takes them a while to find their own style and what they like and want to portray. then they get disappointed when they don't get what they want. I'd rather seulgi take her time then sm tell her to do something and it's rushed
>>489756 i want seulgi solo first. irene can act in some kdrama
>>489865 > I'd rather seulgi take her time kek what time? it's been 8 years
aseul stage for sm con? fuck yeah
>Anon told OP that all Red Velvet members were at the prerecording today, but we only saw Irene and Seulgi's previews because they went home together in the same car. OP thinks it's for either SMTOWN or KBS Gayo Daechukje.
>>490589 what I mean is it'll happen when she's ready. fans can wait
>>492546 She's probably more than ready kek, it's SM fucking it up
(134.50 KB 654x1000 E4QEdQpVoAMXl3x.jpg)
>>492427 >we only saw Irene and Seulgi's previews because they went home together in the same car as they should
(789.27 KB 412x616 RNNCqEjJHSfL5e_8.webm)
>>496954 i want to be the one sniffing seulgi
(1.21 MB 1280x720 twitter_20211217_150119.mp4)
>SEULGI featuring in Bambam's prerelease single Who Are You out December 28 6pm KST
(756.03 KB 1500x1024 20211217_150616.jpg)
kbs gayo
(349.97 KB 950x408 twitter_20211217_150728.mp4)
>>500460 pretty next to pretty
>>500451 sounds like a bop. hope the dance is good
(80.17 KB 665x1044 FGzpd2KXsAYnYPG.jpg)
taking the seulrene crumbs
>>500460 Why does the stylist set up Yeri like this? She has already been told she "copies Jennie". The rest look amazing, Yeri does too ofc
(255.81 KB 1564x1564 FG0nQKrVkAol7z0.jpg)
so cute and delicious crumbs
>>500742 does blinks cares about things like this cause theyre mostly fourteen years old girls?
>>500768 irene. something is different about her lately and i can't figure it out. is it just that she's lost weight when she was already small to begin with, is it the bangs, is it that she was mia for a year and has aged a bit, is it tweaks? am i crazy nonas
>>500806 i think she looks older
>>500806 apart form just aging she lost hella weight which makes her look even older
(289.63 KB 1241x1241 FG2OqdYVUAM8Mf-.jpg)
I love them so much
>>500794 Eh? Reading comprehension please. I'm saying I don't want a clearly copied knock off on Yeri and that it's the stylist's fault. Tell me what blink would want Yeri to look good on her own, it's about her, not Jennie
(52.78 KB 681x900 20211219_081708.jpg)
can't believe seulgi is the phat one now, what's happening
(14.28 KB 497x617 images (4).jpeg)
>>500460 guess who
>>503714 she took on five of irene's pounds. it's why seulgi looks a little bigger and irene looks too thin. not the aseul 2 we were hoping for but it's what we've got so enjoy
>>503714 she doesn't look phat here >>500460 i think it's the combination of her uggo outfit and hairstyle. that pucca hair needs to go
>>503928 lmao pucca's real self
>>503801 irene is vanishing on air, the scandal affected her really hard
>>503714 i think she looks hot
>>503714 seulgi is not phat at all just the shorts are too short, look at her thin waist
>>503969 fatass syndrome
>>503714 i liked it though she looked hot
>>504062 hot queen shit
>>503714 queen looking a lil slim thicc. her body shape is insane
>>504256 she is the embodiment of fine af body, the rest are plain janes
>>504256 let me just spam her
>>504346 yes nona but 2021 thicc pictures
thanks for spamming my seulgiesposa
the atrocity. i would be less surprised if there was a beef between the stylist and seulgi instead
>>504650 this outfit is not even that bad wendy had far more bad throughout their whole career
>>504657 this is not opression olympics
>>504669 what? it's just not bad by red velvet's standards. the jacket doesn't fit her shoulders well, that's it
>>504650 Ilits the pucca hair, shoulder pads, making her neck gone and adding shorts, the stylist is an anti
>>504829 agree. imagine going from this elegant >>500768 to a wreck
(275.50 KB 1080x1346 IMG_20211220_110319.jpg)
joy marry me i beg
>>504903 fight crush
>>504905 im on it
>>504903 shes gorgeous
seulrenehermanas I don't feel good
(73.23 KB 1440x959 FHDz9VCaMAcrxt0.jpg)
>>505043 the bogdanoff guy knew what's going on all along, wonder how much skinship they did REEEEEEEEE
>>505048 >the bogdanoff guy who?
>>505043 stay strong nona
>>505050 bambam?
everytime i see wendy, she has a different face wtf, who is she
>>505043 don't worry nona we'll get through this together
>>505048 a boy and a girl together? gross, it goes against what nature intended
(85.68 KB 1200x675 cqwc.jpg)
>>505322 yes, the horror
(26.22 KB 381x804 images (2).jpeg)
working my ass off literally
>>506674 the look of pure, unadulterated joy and happiness on her face is very inspiring. performing just for the love of it
>>506674 *pokes her belly*
>>506759 farts cutely*
(54.56 KB 551x551 20211221_142426.jpg)
>>506674 thank u aseul era
>>506950 please come back
>>506950 *tickles her angry abs*
(1.01 MB 2116x3735 20211222_085637.jpg)
new irene dropped
(872.92 KB 2273x3757 20211222_091004.jpg)
(3.03 MB 3022x3858 20211222_091207.jpg)
i'm happy she's back to doing photoshoots. i wonder if she'll be able to start getting cfs again
>>507951 same. also some movie production company vp just followed her on IG so we might even get more acting
allegedly irene is in this photo
>>504903 looking that good and dating an ugly scrote. girlpopies need to have some standards and stop the charity work >>505048 hopefully none else i’ll.. >>507941 need more boyish irene need short haired irene
>>507951 wait why exactly was she on hiatus for 16 months anyway??
>>513495 girl where have you been
(408.06 KB 1683x2048 FHc5ChvXwAQhgAl.jpg)
loving my seulrene crumbs
(399.27 KB 1080x1497 IMG_20211226_170800.jpg)
(238.25 KB 901x1665 20211226_201728.jpg)
(109.65 KB 566x1236 20211226_201411.jpg)
>>515765 hot >>515766 perfection
>>515765 so happy they added her she deserves it
>>500460 Wendy's stripper heels...
>>515765 Wendy looks incredible
girls on top is a rotational group I'm excited to see who they pair irene and joy with
>>517663 who would you pair them with?
>>517663 If this debut is successful then we will get to see next group with Irene,yuri and ningning maybe. But it won't happen next year
>tfw I thought that BoA was Irene for a second feels bad seulrenehermanas
>>515642 Fx cucked yet again
collab is out and i liked the dance so much hope they will perform it on a music show or at least a dance practice would be good https://youtu.be/dmBRyBvAEy8
>>520000 that contemporary dance is right up seulgi's alley. want to see it in full dance practice or studio choom
>>520000 the dark scenes were too dark i cant even see anything kek
Everyone seem to like seulgi in the industry. understandable she's so cute and hot at the same time.
>>520000 blind sisters I can't see anythng
>>520101 + she's an amazing performer, professional, great vocalist/dancer, has a different and natural look and is just overall very chill and down to earth. imo she's the most likeable idol ever
Irene can hide behind Seulgi now
i find wendy better looking than seulgi can someone change my mind?
after seeing ps thread i just wanna say i love you seulgi please dont touch your face
>>531716 why would we it’s just a matter of taste
i wish seulgi was not a part of got solely because of the shit lyrics stepback has
(365.84 KB 1080x1350 IMG_20220111_084802.jpg)
(348.32 KB 1080x1350 IMG_20220111_084808.jpg)
perfect unnie
>>588017 that's not seulgi tho
>>590459 seulgifags are so annoying
>>590595 just ignore obvious bait
>>590459 seulgi too, in fact
nonas ive found seulgis priv ig acc and i realized she didnt delete her acc she just changes the handle once in a while
>>595423 and dont feel like sharing it but i will write down accs shes following feel free to ask if you wonder if shes following someone or not
>>595423 yassssss tell us which gaypops she’s following
rv members, bp members, snsd taeyeon yoona, nct taeyong doyoung jaehyun yuta johnny ten, fx krystal amber, mmm members except solar, jeon yeobeen, jung hoyeon, iu, han sohee
>>596239 she doesn’t follow anyone in exo?
>>596690 or shinee i forgot to say
>>595423 is the account followed by any celeb or her friends so we can find it kek
>>596690 >>596693 she doesnt follow anyone in exo and shinee >>596809 gong seungyeon
she did unfollow some people and even remove some of them from followers list probably when joys acc got hacked cause they found out seulgis acc too by the way shes well aware that people know her acc
>>597043 is the username related to the moon like her old og username or she changed it?
>>597145 samefag i found it thanks
>>597042 s I see seungyeon is also following joy's acc
is one of you cryptic hags going to drop the username?
>>598876 no because then they won't be able to feel superior in their little sasaeng circlejerk
>>598876 sure! so everybody will find their accounts and spam it! use your brain, dumbass. anon gave us the hint, not that hard to find it >>598576 i can't find joy's. does she have 2k followers on this account too? kek
>>599760 had it mixed up actually. the acc I thought before was joy's is actually seulgi's I know people said they found wendy's too when joy got hacked, but tbh I wonder if irene has one
go check out joys sisters accs find the last acc they followers that has no pfp (use chrome) thats joys new acc
>>600044 *followed
>>595425 what gaypops does she follow? any svt, nct, bts members? and what about girlpops? like bp
>>599760 go back retard
>>595425 did you follow when she wasn't private? how come she didn't remove you?
>>601190 doesnt follow any svt or bts members she follows taeyong doyoung jaehyun yuta johnny and ten from nct just these members i checked all of them >>601388
>>601388 no. you can check it if she follows a person by searching her acc on their followers list
>>601404 dur makes sense
>>601403 doyoung must be famous among female idols? even rose follows him out of the 2 gaypops she follows
>>595425 any shinee members? super junior? got7? winner?
>>601453 none of them
>>601598 seems like shes strictly nctfag
>>601661 nctfag? shes friends with them they trained together she always refer to them as nct friends
>>601450 who are the other 2? she follows like 400 people how come she doesn't follow more?
>>601821 the other is mingyu. she mostly follows westerners, female korean actors and models. im talking about rose just to be clear
seulgis ig handle: dddddongdongguri joys: zzaazzng (she recently made a new acc cause she got hacked) im the nona who first found seulgis handle. sharing it so you can check it by yourself.
theres an interesting fact seulgi used to follow jungkooks bros brand acc but apparently she unfollowed it (i did checked these myself didnt see it on twt or any other sites)
>>602627 probably him and his brother are trying to promote hard among idols given lisa wore it too
>>602627 same nona so im guessing she did unfollowed it around that controversy about jk wearing it(?)
>>602582 why is jimins friend following seulgis private? kek
>>602582 how did you find it?
>>602634 yeah he is and shes following him back too
>>602642 seulgis dancer friend,cousin,stylist are following the acc
seulgi follows herself kek cute
>>602431 she used to follow eunwoo and kai too but she unfollowed them
>>602724 heard she unfollowed eunwoo after his 97line scandal. ig they do that given seulgi unfollowed jk bro business acc after jk got into the unethical scandal
>>602724 hmm was joy/eunwoo real
anyone know the insta accounts of irene's friends?
>>603367 we are talking about rosie >>602628 interesting. why lisa out of hundreds of girls? don't they know about the shippers? also seulgi and jk? are they even friends
>>602627 not surprised at all don't you remember how she got a deal with ist kunst?, seems like she into korean nugu brands
>>603915 lisa probably because she has a lot of insta followers compared to others and that didnt really do much damage anyway. seulgi and jk are in the same industry probably they know each other so him and his brother might be just asking around idols to wear or follow them
>>603616 which ones? two are public hannanaa_ and yooj__j
>>602627 >>603915 >>604184 seems like seulgi and jk are friends. jk promoted ziont and seulgi song on vlive before https://youtu.be/zKYA2IHNd9E
>>604424 fans call them the purple squad i guess. might be private accounts
>>605566 I only know of one other friend who went private but she was usually hanging with irene and hanna. she also changed her account name after I think. haven't been able to find her since i missed the ig story so I didn't get to see who she was actually with but these friends seem to live in and around Seoul. her actual og purple friend from her eye contact vid lives in daegu
>>602649 what's his handle?
>>604444 jk as in jungkook?
>>610204 yohyun_bro
i need the japanese comeback
i need detective nona. find nn finsta, i know you can find it
>>610220 the guy works in entertainment why do people think it's proof her and jimin dated?
i need wendy spam as i dont see why people collectively call her the most botched/ugly in gaypop. i just dont see it. tbh shes like the 3rd best looking in rv for me
>>611337 some think she's dating jayb for less. nothing you can do about these people
>>611337 i personally think she didnt because she couldve done much better. i think its because she has only 50-60 followers and this dude wasnt that popular to just happen to know idols on a personal level. he was only known to be close friends with jimin so far and makes sense that he introduced seulgi to him or vice versa
>>611337 he's only friends with jim and her and have you seen how they looked at each other at that show? it's been years anyway so chill
>>611685 that guy was friends with ha sungwoon first actually
>>611765 yeah the one who licks jimins ass
(328.09 KB 1366x2048 D1nkNCoVYAA4vNO.jpg)
small wendy spam coming right up
(898.53 KB 1500x1000 170923 (1).jpg)
(104.82 KB 1080x1080 Dv1tgJRUUAAe0Ab.jpg)
(142.96 KB 1000x1500 ERGxsdjVUAAI2v4.jpg)
(213.94 KB 1080x1080 DVcWDH4VAAEIPzX.jpg)
(1.77 MB 3024x4032 FHIdoPGaIAI9xHe.jpg)
so cute i love her is it just me or sometimes her long face gives off yuju vibes?
jk promoting yeri's drama ost. did armys explode?
i fucking love wendys voice and the colour and the way she sings. shes pretty and dances good too i love her so much
>>612524 yeah it seems like it yeri disabled comments in her last two posts
>>612531 shes a fucking good singer i love her songs
>>612557 idk if its a good thing he did that? but surely she will get more views than expected? at least?
>>611685 i mean it's possible that's how jimin tried to get with her but according to ssgocean she firmly rejected him
one of my most favourite outfit of seulgi she looked so good
>>613197 >ssgocean ssng thread is that way >
(117.21 KB 896x1195 FLEw9X6akAgZGUx.jpg)
i need the comeback give me the teasers
>>611337 Same, literally he works in the korean entertaiment, it's dumb to think he is only friend with seulgi and the other guy, but that's het shippers for you ladies and gentlemen.
(120.26 KB 1440x1796 20220210_003509.jpg)
(108.54 KB 1440x1796 20220210_003447.jpg)
(104.72 KB 1440x1796 20220210_003513.jpg)
(71.89 KB 1440x1796 20220210_003453.jpg)
>>618898 i would kill to look like her omo
seulrene nonas..... I'm crying
happy late birthday to this fool
(217.59 KB 2048x1366 FLA9-aKWUAg77bu.jpg)
(282.78 KB 2048x1366 FLA9-Z3X0AcKtmK.jpg)
(224.36 KB 2048x1366 FLA9-Z6XMAU2JRX.jpg)
(173.87 KB 2048x1366 FLA9-aJWUAQ1CH6.jpg)
>>619823 I'm feeling happiness
>>611337 so can you explain why bts manager and a bighit producer is following her?
>>622382 and the time she was talking to a bts manager at an award show and the bangtan bomb video where her voice was heard talking to another bts member jimin(?) not sure you decide https://youtu.be/-cTwnG3QLEs
>>622382 >>622404 go back to your own stupid thread already
>>622382 who??
>>622615 nta but the producer is hissnoise idk who's the manager. but i don't think it proves anything because got7 manager and jinyoung's sister are also following her
>>622382 >>622638 they follow her main. not her private moronis. take this to >>>/tin/
>>622765 i literally said it doesn't prove anything. even if they following her private still doesn't prove anything. at most they are friends
(218.62 KB 1440x1800 20220210_121155.jpg)
(95.78 KB 828x1035 20220210_111541.jpg)
(373.50 KB 1125x2426 20220212_085505.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1300x1840 FMGZlW4VEAIWgjl.jpg)
nonas are we going to watch the concert stream on the 20th
>>638725 omo I will. it'll be my first rv concert
(819.93 KB 1667x2500 EL1aUsCVAAAxDqa.jpg)
>Harking back to their hit “The ReVe Festival” trilogy from 2019, Red Velvet will be returning with “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” on March 21 at 6 p.m. KST. nonas what are we expecting for this comeback? i'm wishing for a full album with great velvet songs and a fun fairy tale inspired tt >>638743 same! i wonder if it's too late in their career to expect a world tour but i'd love to see them live.
(1.54 MB 2625x3500 20220307_163110.jpg)
it's so pretty i'm excited
>>663949 love the grandmacore aesthetic, it feels more rv than queendom did
>>657517 im skeptic about their world tour being successful
>>664462 have they make official world tour announcement?
shes so perfect
>>666979 and she’s so pretty
>>666979 i absolutely love this styling they all look amazing. glad they’re still making rv’s comebacks interesting and new after all this time.
>>666979 these shoes are so fawking cunt. i love how they all have little unique details and cute accessories to their otherwise similar outfits. makes them look cohesive but not identical.
>>663949 >>666979 >>666982 this concept is so kino i'm stoked as all get out
i wish they constantly got bp tier outfits theyd look so good
(277.21 KB 2954x4096 a6a7heujmkm81.png)
this set of teaser is top notch
(176.88 KB 2731x4096 5hskctyjmkm81.png)
perfect phone backdrop
>>669470 >>669471 omoooooo these photos are gorgeous
>>680004 so refreshing
isn't it so weird that rv has 3 "rappers" who aren't good or passionate about rapping. at least hire 1 person with good rapping skills. i realize there's always very easy rap parts in rv songs so when the company's choosing which songs to buy do they go like "oh no we can't buy that one the rap is too fast these girls can't pull it off." also if irene and joy can sing, why are they stealing yeri's lines?
>>680993 i never really saw rv as rap focused group there are barely any ggs who have good rappers. so i dont see the problem
>>680993 they don't need to have any rappers they're a vocal group. tbh their style of "rapping" is perfectly in line with the groups/artists their Spotify description point to as influence based on campfire and red flavor I don't think speed is a concern? there's also difference in delivery where the way x person does it suits the song more?
>>680993 >stealing yeri's lines you can't be serious
>>680993 well kpop rappers need to go in general so it's fine
>>681078 >barely any ggs who have good rappers you can't be serious. soyeon, jennie, moonbyul for starters and even lisa spits faster than they are. >681241 you say they're a vocal group but why is there 3 rappers in a 5 people group then? why do they keep putting non-impressive rap parts in their songs? just make it all vocals and call all of the girls vocalists. yeri has an extremely easy time in the group and it annoys me. why tf isn't she improving as a rapper she has ONE job
>>681893 nta but >soyeon and moonbyul yes >jennie and lisa kek it's not all about rapping fast, i'd personally put jenlisa only slightly above irene and yeri. sm idols are known for being shit rappers so i don't think anyone even asks for more from her so she has no reason to try
>>681897 >>681897 >jenlisa only slightly above irene and yeri. alright you're getting ridiculous now to defend your girlies. honestly jennie and lisa can rap good in 2 different languages whereas rv rappers struggle to correctly pronounce so lil english they have in their kidzbop rap that im ashamed to call rap. jennie and lisa might not be the best rappers but at least they're passionate about it. to call irene or yeri or joy a rapper is laughable
the problem with the rv rappers isn't their lack of technical skill - the songs don't call for complicated or fast raps at all. it's that they can't sell the attitude irene can do iciness, yeri can sound dreamy and chill, but that's about it. most of the time they just sound timid and uncertain when rapping, especially performing live
>>681899 >your girlies i only care about joy in rv i'm not defending anyone. i think bp and rv rappers are all bad >jennie and lisa passionate about rap ay dios mio
no one listens to red velvet for the rap why are we even having this argument
>>681899 >they're passionate about it heol
>>682449 exactly. i dont even know who gets what lines except wendy being a good singer. i really like their songs, concepts and dont give a rats ass about who is fills what position. it sounds good? thats more than enough. there are ggs where they have good ratio of everything and still suck
>>682449 right the "rapping" in rv songs doesn't even really register as rap to me kek
>>682670 wendy is such a good singer she makes seulgi not sound as impressive. like in psycho or queendom im like seulgi can't hit as high as wendy and can't support like her
>>683117 true but i dont want a group with more singers hitting high notes often. for example aespa high notes hurt my hear at times because the song is filled with it
(32.23 KB 1124x306 FODo-qeUYAAKeyd.jpeg)
so what did we think of feel my rhythm
>>689080 i like it while i'm listening to it, but i can't remember how it goes otherwise. and i don't like the mv at all
(472.99 KB 1668x876 feelmyrhythmperf.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl0s-1c5L0M feel my rhythm performance video, sm finally delivering content for uri girlies. the set is beautiful and i loved the ending, the choreo is meh but i don't expect much from them on that aspect. the styling reminds me of psycho era mixed with ballet, which is obviously beautiful - sidenote but i'm glad wendy finally gets to wear pretty outfits. >>689080 overall i liked it, more because it was something different and i love how they surprise us everytime, but it's definitely less catchy than a lot of their tt. definitely better to listen to it without the mv. the mini is great, i love bamboleo (i've been waiting for city pop red velvet for so long) and beg for me.
it's a shame because they used to get such good choreo! russian roulette, rookie and dumb dumb are gg classics i also wish the visuals for this era were more subversive or maximalist with the grandma-kitsch prettiness, instead of just playing it straight and ending up a little tacky. they seem to be getting filed as a boring legacy act that won't push boundaries anymore, but i wish they would
why don't people like the mv, i thought it had some great scenes although some of the cgi is pretty questionable
>>689086 most companies art direction and production depts can't handle more than 1 gg at once, like jyp has 3 ggs now and the quality control drops but at least twice still look classy versus their hoobaes.
>>689083 good mv but i didnt feel the rhythm this time
>>689092 just frustration with the glossy cheap overlit look that every sm video has these days. it makes scenes that should be beautiful look bad
https://youtu.be/dDzXrUdzvWE i just want moar wendy solos her voice is unbelievable. her all i want for christmas solo from the sbs gayo was delightful, she's meant to be a star and i hate to say it, being in a kpop gg is holding back her solo singing career.
>>689161 agreed. kpop needs more snoozefests like like water.
>>689166 wendys a better vocalist than taeyeon but her voice is more western pop diva than kpop. korean gp prefer iu and taeyeon but wendy has a soulful voice than deserves better. she needs to release an english album but that takes courage to leave sm lol
>>689216 she would flop in america and twitter kpop still hates her. she liked boring music and that's what she's going to release whether you like it or not
I can't believe they're about to clear 400k sales before the week is out
>>689216 Taeyeon and Wendy are equally racist tho
>>689226 i'm glad that more senior ggs thrive in their later years, and that companies don't drop them like they used to. hope it means another full album for their next comeback
>>689234 cant wendy release an english album in korea? >>689226 deserved ggs are selling well these days, nmixx sold >200k for 2 horrid songs like oo and tank so rv should be outdoing that easily
>>689166 like water was great
>>689080 good song. i liked the painterly parts of the music video. the rest of the mv fell flat. i loved the design of the sets, characters, and the nest at the end but their execution was less whimsical and more droll. what was up with big bird, anyways? i also resent that, for lack of a better term, they were given aespa camera angles and aespa boots, kek.
>>689267 samefag but having looked it up i see that the big bird-looking ass was one of the dancers; their costume's headpiece was cut off in the shot which made them look more big bird-esque. in any case... that shot reminded me that there were a lot of moments in the mv that seemed sloppily edited or nonsensical. the shots were too short to train our eyes on them or were stacked together in a way that gave no sense of space or gravity. their previous mvs pull off whimsy without feeling sloppy so i don't know hwat happened here.
wendy needs to steal lee hi’s songs, i can picture her singing them perfectly, something like only
>>689266 yeah, a great bore!
wendy’s ‘i’m bossin it real nasty but still keepin it classy line’ feels like one of her racist impersonations but it still goes hard. she should do minstrelry more often imo
can someone explain why rv sold so much less than blackpink and twice despite having a ton of hits? red flavor, badboy, psycho, peekaboo, russian roulette, ice cream cake. like why did they have such low sales it's sad.
>>689473 being liked by the broad gp where theyll listen to the music casually doesnt always equal gathering droves of the hardcore fans who will bulk buy albums for a fansign entry or a fancall. even a fan who buys 1 album per comeback shows more active fan dedication than a casual listener who only listens to the title track and doesnt spend a single dollar for an album. for one reason or another, a dedicated bulk buying fan is quite attached to a gg's narrative as a group and their personalities/dynamics. also as performers on stage wendy and seulgi are always consistently engaged, but the other 3 not much.
>>689473 rv music isn't as good and idk they're too cold perhaps? irene the bully being at the center doesn't help. and they don't have charismatic members that young girls would project on other than seulgi. also i get the feeling that bp and twice are able to embody their concepts but rv aren't. they're like "you've spent millions on this colorful set and lsd music video but we couldn't care less" like you can feel the "rappers" nonexistent passion for rapping and the brand that is red velvet. there's no member that you can look at and say she IS red velvet. nope.
>>689476 that's pretty harsh but mostly true i like the girls but the creative team has always been the best part of rv. a lot of the time the members felt like dolls being posed in interesting ways by more creative people, not like performers or artists who were expressing a concept. and it's absurd that 2/5 are straight-up bad performers who have never improved to be fair, all groups are dolls being posed by the creative team, especially 'quirky' ones - it's not like f(x) were artsy and avant-garde as individuals. but good performers can fake it a little better
>>689473 they both have crazily dedicated fanbases. rv have a great fanbase, especially for a girl group, but they simply are not on twice/bp levels
>>689476 irenes scandal only happened in 2020 which is 6 years postdebut. im referring to the early years where their title tracks were popular and bsides sounded great but they lost to twice and bp, ice cream cake sold 17k in the 1st week (compare that to o.o or wadada lol) . the worst thing about 3rd gen is the slow realisation that visuals >>> vocals plus groups like bts showing that dance >>> vocals. 4th gen is dance and visuals focused thanks to bts, twice and bp that said i hate how sm refuse to get any english speaker to remove the cringeaas english lyrics in their raps. bp appeals internationally due to their uncringey english lines
>>689479 well, twice and bp were cute/coolsexy girls doing cute/coolsexy things with immediate appeal for guys/teenage girls. and rv were doing shit like this
(5.61 MB 1240x2831 1_-eCWoCsktfc7yTcuE5Bjmg.png)
>>689480 true wonder if min heejin was behind all those quirky fx and rv concepts that im not a huge fan of like zimzalabim kek. aespas aesthetic is a lot more futuristic lux and rv's concepts are darker these days which i prefer. but it's great sm isn't giving up on rv despite irenes scandal because they have a lot of potential to do more sophisticated gg concepts.
>>689479 ive listened to rv and their songs are rarely good. wtf is zimzilabim worst song ive ever heard. vocals don't matter because they can make bp sound like mamamoo with a lil studio magic
>>689480 who is this aiming truly
>>689477 one is yeri, who's the other bad performer? joy or irene?
>>689486 a case could be made for joy but i meant irene. people say she's only bad in red concepts, because she doesn't suit them, but that translates to being bad at almost every title track
>>689484 >>689485 as a non kpop fan who got mildly interested in 2016 (bts wings, twice cheerup, bp & nct debut era), i initially thought rv was aiming at chodings, not even tweens but 5-8year olds lmao because their songs were so childish like peekaboo or icecream cake. i only started liking them after psycho and monster, those songs are what rv should be going forward as an older gg. bp was doing sexy and internationally mainstream music, twice has a whole japanese fanbase rv lacks which is the reason why their sales suck. nevertheless their sales shouldn't have sucked that bad, perhaps min heejin got blamed for rv's choding concepts and weak sales so she left sm.
>>689490 this is gonna sound pretentious, and i don't mean it in a bad or insulting way at all, but i think maybe you just don't 'get' them. imo peekaboo and ice cream cake are really cool concepts that contrast the creepy-childishness with style, they (plus psycho and monster) had a uniqueness that the last two cbs have lacked min heejin has also said that she chose to leave because of burnout, and she and the chief producer cried together when she told them. i'm sure there were other factors influencing her decision but i don't think they were unhappy with her work
>>689495 i didn't actually watch their mvs until monster/psycho because they had that choding feel so it may be judgmental but yup i never tried to get into rv. that said their concept isn't any more choding than twice (likey, cheer up, tt) and it does feel like twice executed rv concepts better even the sensual velvet ones e.g. cry for me, feel special, fancy.
>>689495 their concept is cool but rv lost to bp and twice in styling. rv stylists just fail to add the sexiness. not helping that most rv songs sound very disney
irene the 30 years old anachan you are today, you need help
>>689500 min heejin likely had a lot to do with it, rv did seem very much like dolls in min heejins dollhouse (that rv collage is all her work) but not their own individual women the way bp gidle or mamamoo are which makes them very stannable.
>>689512 is she wasting away to distract everyone from remembering the rumors of cuntiness? i want her cunty AND healthy
>>689479 >bp appeals internationally due to their uncringey english lines LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cannot compare 3rd gen and 4th gen sales. album sale inflation is real.
>>689512 that is concerning. reminds me of wonyoung they both need help
(203.89 KB 477x391 Screenshot 2022-03-26 105911.png)
banger incoming
>>689512 when i watched the mv i thought wendy looked extremely thin but irene legit looks like a malnourished child compared to her
>>689476 >rv music isn't as good braindead take
>>689581 in the rv thread of all places
>>689512 oh no... she didn't use to be like this right? so sad... also irene the bully striked again actually an airline worker said joy yeri and irene were all rude to them while the rest two were fine. why is seulgi so fucking perfect i love her so much
>>689583 ?? %90 people in the bts thread hate their music
>>689919 and it's the worst general on this site. coincidence?
>>689500 they don't need to be sexy
is it luck that irene and yeri's plastic surgeries was all so fucking well done while wendy fucked up her jaw unnecessarily
>>689919 >comparing bts's discog to red velvet's kek
>>689543 >uncringey english lines bitch im a star but no patrick
>>689924 ?? its way better? at least they can rap
>>689927 shoes on get up in the morn cup of milk let's rock and roll
when irene's scandal happened i was like poor members they probably have to endure that on the daily but turns out they're all mean girls... i mean irene definitely sets a bad example to the maknaes so
>>689928 sure one bought song that their boss forced them to do erases all of their good music that carried them to the top
>>689930 when it all seems like it's wrong just sing along to elton john
yeri vocalmog all of busteds
>>689921 they don't need to but that's what seems to sell more
>>689922 joy's was well done too
>>689929 are you going to admit to being wrong and apologize when this story invariably turns out to be bullshit? doubtful.
>>689919 Why would we care about an armys opinion on anything
>>689938 kek it could definitely be fake but people in the industry always have good things to say about wendy and seulgi and its not the case for the rest of the girls
>>689943 lq bait
>>689938 she has been a bully before with voice recordings so excuse me for believing. she did it to herself because no one has a reason to give her the benefit of the doubt anymore
Did anyone try the rainbow halo? I thought the rainbow halo was lovely.
the new Japanese track is easily one of their best
https://youtu.be/xGr53sCo62c now this is noise music
>>690008 what the hell this is so great and unexpected
>>690008 see min heejin leaving sm was great for rv, no more rainbow uniform concepts.
we love rv's rainbow uniform concepts here
>>690030 except wildside is avex not sm moroni
yeri is by far the prettiest in the group
(150.16 KB 1692x874 wildside.jpg)
that quick shot in the mv is incredible the pre-chorus and that bridge onto the last chorus are top notch i can't get enough of this track
>>689479 rv are just boring
>>690223 Why are you here
>>690249 nona was asking why rv were selling so much less than bp or twice, i gave her the answer
feel my rhythm recording behind! not to be a wendy akgae but she really carries this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekAlRHP4F9E&t
>>690065 What a bait
>>689479 another reason is that sm were allergic about restocking albums for a long time for their female artists. they would sell out and they wouldn’t restock. now with aespa being a top group they now have to restock all their albums.
>>690313 what is the reason for them not restocking? surely sm would want more money
why does sm give them really good concept clothes and then dress them cheap during performances
>>690316 thats just one of the many outfits are you new
>>690317 no im not. i know they occasionally get good ones but for the most part i dont like many of their outfits when they can do so much better with such interesting concepts in hand
>>690316 this is some kidzbop shit, rv really deserves better
>>690316 >dress them up cheap giggling bc blumarine is a luxury italian brand and more expensive than the custom fits they've worn for this comeback kek
>>690311 it’s crazy how much she does in the studio
>>690314 No one has been able to answer this
>>690008 best gg song ever unironically
>>690314 SM hates seeing women succeed
>>690729 they don't restock their boy group albums either tho
>>690008 seulgi's hip pads facepalm
i love red velvet
>>691161 yup. wendy also voiced one of the main characters in the korean version
https://youtube.com/watch?v=eaP-WIb2n50 thoughts on the new japanese songs?
Seulgi jimin in a long term relationship .. common friends, managers On top of that they already have rumors among Korean society. They're really adorable Is it a four-year relationship
>>691997 i like all of the songs except marionette which seems to be everyone else's favorite.
>>692384 the dance of the sugar plum fairies sample gives me goosebumps idk what it is about it
>>692384 i love sinister sounding music so it was up my alley. irene shined in marionette which was pretty cool
>>691997 Love it. Especially Snap Snap and Wildside.
>>691997 snap snap reminds me so much of sjjd i love it
(212.16 KB 1170x1124 20220511_165231.jpg)
jessica talking about seulgi in her book
>>698125 >best female dancer so true but who's akari
>>698161 acc to twt she is a trainee who transfers to another company and debuts with a group
>>698125 nobody calls seulgi 'the best female kpop dancer in the industry', i think the name is just a generic sexy gg name and the 'red' part is a coincidence. it doesn't even say red hot is from the SM stand-in company
>>698225 the fact you wrote this much just for fun fans speculation. you can chill because so many people have said seulgi is one of the best dancers in sm and the kpop industry
>>698226 i wrote two sentences, unclench
>>698228 you unclench first nona
(4.72 MB 720x1238 twitter_20220519_105607.mp4)
unboxing seulgis solo debut album
(397.36 KB 1080x1332 IMG_20220528_114046.jpg)
seulgi solo?
>>703144 fucking finally
>>698226 delusional >>703144 about damn time
>>703144 go seulgi give us everything
>>703144 we're so happy for her
they looked so pretty here and performed well, i guess they need a live audience to have energy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OJr7m906kI
(295.37 KB 1080x1649 IMG_20220531_185323.jpg)
wasnt sure at first but yeap definitely coming
>>704053 really excited to see the concept
they look so beautiful and confident in today's dream concert its hard to believe rv debuted in 2014 when bts looks so washed up kek. maybe one of their next few comebacks can break 1m because the gp and ifans are beginning to appreciate rv's hardwork, talent, and resilience after wendys accident.
>>709038 they just need a good album like perfect velvet
would much much rather have an aseul comeback instead of another solo. i hate like water and hello.
>>709100 i want to see each girl's concept. like water and hello really fit wendy and joy's personalities
>>709100 didnt like like water but wendy slayed the rest of the mini
>>709100 i hated the shitty solos too, but i honestly want yerim to have one
>>709354 that would get her more hate shes better off actress route
>>709392 yeah, and she’s not a good singer to begin with. but i want the solo because i think it’d be nice to see what she comes out with. i feel like it’d be something worth checking out
>>709392 yeri will get a solo after seulgi who already recorded hers, no rush shes a 99er who is chill. karina and giselle are just a year younger.
i hope they do as many group comebacks as they can before irene and joy move on to acting or whatever, they can do all the solos later on.
we want the joyri citypop unit
>>709100 i liked hello but i'm hopeful that a seulgi solo won't be boring anyway
i just have this feeling that sm are going to copy and paste what boa (unintentional btw) is doing for seulgi's solo so like ultimately what's the point
(3.41 MB 640x360 prettyrv.gif)
>>709439 love wendy and yeri's fits
beautiful spam, i love the styling
>>709423 boa slayed all her cbs but got less hype because she's from different gen so if seulgi is doing that i can't wait to see it
>>709410 they had two solo comebacks while joy and yeri acted so it's fine to have other solos
>>709550 *two solos and comebacks
>>709100 kinda want an irene solo I'm so curious about what it would sound like and I think she does well w edgier concepts. she has a surprisingly pleasant voice?
wonder why sm never pushed rv in the west like snsd, the organic demand is there especially after psycho and fmr which non kpop fans got into easily, see this rock guitarist's cover of fmr https://youtu.be/WT9PCbX06Zk hard to not feel sad that rv didnt manage to promote psycho at all since it was soty material, and fmr is getting overshadowed by 4th gen gg songs despite its soty-level concept, vocals, art. rv have everything but luck and timing
>>710617 they had a sold out western tour pre-psycho so its not like theyre unaware of the demand
fmr samples bach and rv kills the ballet concept, it's a no brainer to try to promote the song in the west.
(194.35 KB 800x1067 20220703_204715.jpg)
I wonder what they were filming in jeju...why is there never any rv tea anywhere ugh
>>713637 its probably just season’s greetings or something
>>713637 its lup
>>713659 lup usually takes longer to film and yeri said it's a secret...
yeri working hard for her solo fucking hoshi
I just wanna know irene's and seulgi's beef 😬
(439.17 KB 1536x2048 20220727_093758.jpg)
she should
(491.00 KB 1536x2048 20220727_093742.jpg)
(397.75 KB 1536x2048 20220727_093755.jpg)
why didn't joy go to london with the rest of the velvets?
>>723999 to film another flop drama
>>724006 damn it's north korea all over again
>>724006 at least sm is giving her a chance to pursue anything she wants which means she most likely wont leave the group at least
>>724018 true, and if she keeps flopping as an actress she'll feel like she needs to stay in rv even more
listening to like water sometimes i forget how talented wendell is .. wish she wasn't ignorant so she wouidn't get all the hate she normally receives
she's always been so pretty to me
(139.95 KB 533x800 6_04.jpg)
>>726100 shouldve never hacked her jaw off tbh. this is one of my fav photos of her
>>726149 i strongly believe sm shaved her jaw because she was gonna outshine irene. they could have waited for wendy to go ana and she'd easily have that v line that koreans like, but they literally chopped off her jaw when she was fat in the face
>>726157 sa also she def could have gotten a better jaw shave result hers was so aggresive it really makes u think she was set up
she looked so good during fmr before she got those fucking bangs again
>>726157 >she was gonna outshine irene that makes zero sense, sm doesnt mind having more than 1 popular member in the group
fucking hate yeri
>>726157 >i strongly believe sm shaved her jaw because she was gonna outshine irene. lmao
>>726278 if you're gonna hate someone hate the 30 year old bully, not beautiful and youthful maknae who is like fresh breath of air to the otherwise icy cold group
>>726381 nta while i prefer wendy i agree
>>726149 who this? and im sober
>>722780 zero expressions seulgi
>>726381 yeri doesn't breathe otherwise she would actually sing her lines instead of just lip syncing to the backtrack
>>726381 you mean the useless late addition maknae that wasnt needed ? the maknae with the annoying vocal tone that sticks out like a sore thumb on all velvet songs because she sounds like a baby? the maknae that refuses to sing and when she does she sounds like shit?
what the hell is going on in sm why they haven't released a 3rd album yet I'm tired
(151.68 KB 668x393 Wendy.jpg)
>>726157 she did go ana and we are thankful every day it was just a phase
>>726770 atp i'm thinking red velvet either don't want to make the effort or don't have time
>>726771 it was genuinely scary to see her that skinny
>>726772 they definetely do have time kek it’s the same as blackpink though they have made their bank so why do they need to prove themselves anymore
>>726771 irene is still ana
yeri is so beautiful and healthy i don't get how she's not everyone's favorite
>>726776 because she’s an attention seeker
>>726777 every idol is
>>726776 because she's untalented she cant dance sing or act so what does she really have to offer
>>726845 she can actually act though
chubby wendy would be breathtaking
>>726771 she seems so much healthier and happier now I love to see it
>>726846 didn't know she even acted
irene is such a useless addition to rv they should have made krystal debut with rv she can sing better and would fit the red concept better than irene
>>726845 a non boring personality
>>726860 can't remember how well her acting was received by the gp but she was decent for a rookie idol actor. hope she gets to do more
>>726863 rv variety content is the last thing anyone cares about
>>726861 >they should have made krystal debut with rv heol
nonas what are your fave rv ballads i love to listen to hear the sea before going to sleep
>>727286 one of these nights is my go-to crying song also eyes locked, hands locked
>>727287 same but i cry to the crying version although the trap one is good i just dont think it was a good mix ? like why the fuck is there a trap beat in a ballad
>>727288 i cry to the piano version* fuck
the velvet mini album is mega underrated i love cool hot sweet love and light me up
>>727286 ootn, remember forever, hello sunset, time to love, wish tree
>>414522 any1 watching irenes work and holiday?
>>727600 me. it's such an odd concept because there isn't much work to even show.
>>729685 midget goblina
i love red velvet so much
red velvet were literally one of the only group to sing live during a 'live' concert.
(902.48 KB 1200x1920 FamLIdRaMAAlevT.jpg)
seeing her sing like water again is making me yearn for a second wensolo album
(888.60 KB 4096x2731 Fa2kLhJagAE21o1.jpeg)
(243.02 KB 1390x2048 Fa6QmHZVEAAOH-q.jpeg)
(312.80 KB 1365x2048 Far6matVUAEyQPl.jpeg)
>>731381 mommy
>>731383 I feel like SM is really dragging it by not giving her solo work. With a face like that & given how lookist korea is she still has a chance. I know she regrets not acting more.
>>731458 maybe people just don't want to work with her anymore
>>731464 i bet people in the industry already know she's a bitch, besides with her scandal still not fully settling its not really safe for her to start doing solo things yet
>>731458 anything solo would wake up the sleeping psycho monster again so that'd not be a smart move... she should be thankful that she got to stay in the industry and lay low. she's already 30 how long will she go for anyway? i hope she doesn't end up like park bom, she should have kids and pass on the good genes
>>731464 she's still seemingly getting sponsored fits, brands mention her in their stories and on their sites when she's seen in their stuff and nearly everything she wears or promotes gets sold out. I can't see why even smaller brands wouldn't. if not local, there's still international? it feels like sm's stopping her bag. they've been known to be difficult and decline stuff without their artists even knowing.
>>731495 >she should have kids and pass on the good genes girl it's 2022
>>731505 exactly
>>731505 maybe she's stopping her own bag though. she could be choosing not to do solo stuff herself. or maybe she's too cheap now, brands probably aren't willing to pay what they did pre-scandal and it's a hit to her pride
Yeri's new song is cute I like it https://youtu.be/CAL_9pdMAaI
>>731691 her voice is so unpleasant
>>731495 >the sleeping psycho monster >she should have kids and pass on the good genes greasy /mu/ hands typed this
>>731691 her voice doesn't sound as annoying in this one as it does in all her other solos. i really like it.
>>731534 and? biology doesn't know or care. the clock is ticking
>>731794 she doesnt want kids
(417.98 KB 1636x2048 20220826_100614.jpg)
I love
wildside performance tomo nonas
>>731981 booo we want marionette
(57.18 KB 1169x1110 FbKQIkkVEAAfk3k.jpg)
>>732061 we wanted snap snap
(1.54 MB 720x720 twitter_20220828_095740.mp4)
seulrene hermanas we got some cuteness
>>732518 It was a good day for us, so cute. Unfortunately mommy had to feed the wenrene schizos today
(11.06 KB 399x422 20220829_044328.jpg)
seulgi solo in October and level up s5 coming soon we're finally here
>>734413 finally so happy for her
>>734413 anticipating. they better give her something good
the rv girls can dance its just that only wendy and seulgi choose to and the rest are just lazy
>>734804 lq bait
>>734815 no i'm serious there's a few performances where all the girls choose to actually DANCE and they do it well, but most of the times its only seulgi actually dancing and wendy trying to but overdancing
>>735051 'overdancing' isnt even a thing. yeri and irene dont have the technique to dance well even if they wanted to, but they can create an illusion by following the choreo rigidly and with enough enthusiasm if they really try
>>735057 by overdancing she probably means wendy looks awkward and stiff kek
>>735058 yes and its visible in that video of her and winter dancing to step back, wendy was emphasizing just one part of her body in a exaggerate way while winter was actually dancing normally
>>735173 post vid
(586.70 KB 600x1080 _XWlHHJMvz6rxInf.mp4)
nta but i think this is what theyre talking about
>>735651 since it's wendy it's endearing kek
(110.24 KB 675x900 Fc8j2k-akAMaSRW.jpg)
what did we think about seulgi solo
>>739918 kept my expectations low and was still disappointed
>>739920 sa it was basically the same feeling as kai's solo which was "that's it?"
>>739918 the song is actually good. her vocals fit the girl crush vibe. but i'm one of many disappointed the mv didn't continue the horror plot
the parts in the mv where shes pasted really badly on the bg
>>739954 the mv is so underwhelming compared to the trailer
what did we think about the album? i really liked dead man runnin and crown
i really like seulgi's album because the songs are lower than red velvet songs and her voice actually sounds good and not screetchy and awful like normal. dead man running soty.
>>739976 dead man runnin was my favorite off the track, should have been the TT to showcase her songwriting skills
>>740004 agreed even though i don't think dead man running is particularly great. but neither is 28 reasons so might as well have gotten her some acclaim
>>739976 considering that i wasn't hyped for the album (no thoughts on seulgi other than "she's there") -- i was pleasantly surprised. all of the songs are agreeable. her vocal tone is usually unpleasant to me but i listened to the album no problem.
(648.51 KB 1614x2048 FhDS2AHaMAAZoaA.jpg)
wendy & joy are my favourites for this concept
they’re both so pretty
(1.37 MB 2925x4096 FhnNxCiagAAB8VC.jpg)
>>743725 i'd cop this fit
>>743728 the pixelation just makes it look like there are dildos everywhere
(224.71 KB 857x1200 FhnQlPJakAIVBoK.jpg)
>>743725 that's my WIFE
listen to that bitch https://youtu.be/uR8Mrt1IpXg
(627.29 KB 4096x2731 20221121_185403.jpg)
(170.69 KB 800x1200 20221121_185356.jpg)
(80.06 KB 800x1200 20221121_185216.jpg)
(136.87 KB 800x1200 20221121_185552.jpg)
(88.96 KB 1200x800 20221121_185345.jpg)
(116.22 KB 800x1200 20221121_185330.jpg)
(415.84 KB 1620x2430 20221121_185417.jpg)
(98.77 KB 800x1200 20221121_185439.jpg)
(394.10 KB 2486x1658 20221121_185409.jpg)
(501.37 KB 1377x2066 20221121_185420.jpg)
>>744013 gawjuss
(460.84 KB 2048x1365 FioRSA8acAIfs8X.jpg)
>>744490 they're pretty but these outfits are so boring. their stylist needs to stop shopping at my local mall
>>744493 stylists probably can't give them weird outfits anymore. i like them, it's actually uncommon for all of rv to be wearing flattering outfits.
>>744493 they don't need to have crazy outfits for a showcase. i just hope the stage styling is good
>>744496 sa i think other than wendy's fit they look cute
>>744497 i like her fit a lot but the issue is wendy's face. she's so uncanny valley looking but after everything it's gone through that's the best you can hope for
>"Birthday" is a trap rhythm-based pop dance song, and the lyrics contain a confident confession that "every day will be as fun as a birthday with me," and a gift of an unforgettable day by returning to the birthday of a favorite person. In particular, George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" was sampled to add charm. >"BYE BYE" is an R&B pop dance song, and the lyrics calmly say goodbye to the lover and pledge not to be swayed by love anymore, adding to the mature charm of the indifferent chic singing song. >"On A Ride" is a hyper-pop dance song, and the lyrics expressing the excitement and loudness of a person you like at the moment of riding a roller coaster in an amusement park. >"ZOOM" is an R&B pop dance song with a dramatic development, and lyrics depicting the track record and evidence of a lying lover. >"Celebrate" is a medium-tempo R&B ballad song with a drowsy and cozy melody, and the lyrics leave a warm lingering feeling with the affection to turn back time and be together forever on the birthday of the person you like.
>>744512 sucks. zoom & bye bye are really good.
celebrate should have been the title it fits this time of year better
>>744562 now that's a hot take
>>744512 I love it, and I think Yeri shined with her rap here. Bye Bye was the best B-side in my opinion.
I believe in on a ride and bye bye supremacy.
i love zoom and for some reason the pace of the chorus makes me think of choral music


no cookies?