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SuperM Thread #1 Anonymous 10/27/2020 (Tue) 19:30:08 No. 4025
A thread for all NCT, Shinee and EXO fans to come together and shit on SM.
i stand by what i said
We need the anon that thinks Kai hates Lucas here lol where are you?
(831.19 KB 800x1200 designated sassy gay friend.png)
that was very cute of you to listen to anons demands lol
I've grown to like Jopping a lot more than when it came out, compared to 100 it's a masterpiece lol but I would like future main tracks to not have Baekhyun high note EVERY time during the bridge. It gets really repetitive. At least the last song had a Baekyhun and Ten hight note... Did you guys watch their mini dramas? I was sad the stories were so generic but I liked both Kai and Taeyong as actors. Taemin was so bad it was hilarious lol the slow reveal of the message at the end and the members losing it always makes me laugh. Sooo corny... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca74wZnBVcw&
(19.51 KB 827x465 lukai.jpg)
>>4034 we don't need that schizo in here, don't pit two kings against eachother
(92.68 KB 600x900 EfEUeBeU0AA4sZT.jpg)
>>4045 Lol for sure, I chose the 100 photo because in my head the all red is iconic even if the MV was shit. I may be biased because tyong is my bias and I loved his look there, it was wasted on that song.
since sm is prioritizing superm over his solo career, they should at least give taemin more lines/screen time
>>4052 The whole kpop industry needs to learn that not every song needs a high note. it's the worst part of every superm song that has one alongside taeyong's rapping. Lucas devoured his mini drama btw, sm needs to get that boy in some real HK dramas https://youtu.be/vlIILgQdgiI
>>4067 Lucas drama was pretty good, but mostly because he spoke so little lol I don't know how well he would do for example in Kai's drama. Still I would love to watch him as a lead actor, same as TY. Do HK dramas dub as well? I can't watch any Chinese ones because I hate the dubbing.
>>4034 I'm always here, but don't have time to watch superm content to curate my evidence pieces. It also seems like Kai either learned to fake it or feel under the Lucas cult.
i love semen cum and jizz
>>5736 haha yeah theyre called sperm haha haha 10/10 joke never heard before. you must be an nctfag with this level of humor
>>5736 i love you too, anon
(289.35 KB 972x618 lucasbackitup.png)
>>5740 lmao no actually, i genuinely love superm and am pretty much a nct anti, sorry i still find the sperm jokes funny
>>4067 that's what they always do with songs when they have baek
(140.89 KB 1200x683 EGPXZ1uVAAAyfw1.jpg)
If anybody wanted to know spermies real height, that lady says she's 5'11 (and I don't see why she would lie)
>>6003 m in superm stands for manlets
>>6007 If she's 5'11 it's not too far off from what they say their height is right? But we can't see their feet so I don't know if she's wearing heels and if they are wearing insoles.
>>6003 kai is so graceful
>>6116 He's just standing there.
>>6120 I meant his body proportions but he moves gracefully too
>>6023 Yeah, sounds like Kai and Lucas disclosed height is accurate... chad line stay thriving
Im pretty sure ten is not taller than 1,60...
>>6153 Look at his head size, he's just standing much closer to the camera and therefore he (and the others minus Kai and Lucas) look bigger than they actually. Tho I disagree with that woman, they might be her height but definitely not taller.
>>6157 Why would she lie about it kek she had no obligation to make a comment about their height, much less stating they're taller. Yes ladies kpop is full of manlets but someone eventually being 180cm isn't farfetched
>>6167 Because she wishes that her oppars are taller than her? In that pic all 3 of them look to be the same height
>>6170 She's not a kboo just another journalist pretending to like kpop for clout/bc of her job. Just did a quick check and there's nothing kpop related in her insta older than 2019
(113.35 KB 600x600 100Tee2_grande.png)
kek i feel bad for superm fans if this really is the official merch
>>6003 The fact that Lucas’s legs are skinnier than hers
>>7551 Bitch she looks normal. Name a person that isn't a fellow WayV member or Taemin who has skinnier legs than him.
>>6170 anon you might be literally blind
>>6170 Anon, in that pic both Kai and Lucas look taller, in fact they're arranged from tallest to shortest (as usual). Also she might be wearing heels and so you have to factor some of that into account. If she were to lie then she'd say Taeyong and Mark are also of the same height as hers
Supermfags I got out of superm for a while because I hate how overworked they are an I'm an nctfag at heart but wow this live performance of Tiger Inside is sooo good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0VYB8qW57A
>>14987 It was definitely their best comeback/choreo. For the others I always felt they didn't have enough time to practice or that the choreo sucked ass. Tiger inside is so good, reminds me of older EXO songs. I also feel bad that Mark and TY are overworked to hell and back. TY's sexy ass growl gets me every time. He looked so feminine and pretty in their last outfit.
>>14987 lol this is so weird. lucas is looking great here, very energetic, putting on a real show, meanwhile mark is half assing it, so rare for him
What's going to happen to SuperM if Lucas ever leave?
>>15049 Ten gets one more line.
>>15049 winwin gets added
I'm surprised to know there are more than two people who stan/follow Sperm.
if lucas leaves sm does he need to have a seperate lawsuit with capitol to leave superm?
>>15068 It's simple at the end of the day ifans won't boycott things their oppars are featured in. Only kfans have this kind of pettiness/will power.
>>15074 Super m had pretty good youtube views for a year old groups. They just need better songs seriously they have everything else.
>>15049 johnny is added as the designated tall guy
>>15085 Too ugly and old. Lucas is a goldmine for SM. Tall, naturally gorgeous, ability to get fans, shamelessly willing to do what he needs for success. He literally has everything. SM planned to milk him for all he’s worth as evidenced by how many shows and opportunities he’s had in the two short years he’s been promoting. What fucked him over is covid. If not for that he would still be on Chinese running man increasing his and WayV fan base. Idek why people think he’s leaving when he’s a favorite right along with Mark and Taeyong. If anyone should be angry it’s winwin.
>>15114 Lucasfag, please do yourself a favor and go to the nct thread to look at the albums bought by their individual fans before you continue embarrassing yourself with that hymn you wrote here, there hardly are people who like him enough to spend on him.
>>15128 I’m only stating fact about the opportunities he’s gotten. You don’t have to think that about him. Jungwoo and Kun debuted the same time as him and neither of them have gotten as much as he has. He’s been on several korean shows, got modeling gigs and cast on a Chinese show. Plus he’s in two units. SM saw some kind of potential in him to push him that hard. He’s right up there with the golden boys in Sm push.
>>15151 All those opportunities and still no sales, that's even worse.
>>15114 >>15128 >>15151 >>15160 This discourse made me laugh a little too hard
I just saw this video, what does the "Kai bullies Lucas" anon think? lol lucas is such a dolt, it's kind of hard to hate him, I feel I would like him but also get annoyed at him like Kai does. I liked the matching baseball caps, cute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5TYHympSws
>>15464 samefag anyone know where I can watch the full subtitled MTOPIA SuperM episode? I was too lazy to find it when it came out.
>>15464 I will just say that Lucas's body language and his fake ass laughs and smiles when he's forced to interact with Kai are super obvious. He's instinctually moves away when Kai gets close. I'm willing to actually bet money that Lucas is very uncomfortable around Kai and doesn't like him very much. I don't follow Kai enough to give any opinion. I didn't watch Mtopia so I'm not sure how their dynamic changed. I get the feeling that maybe they are getting used to each other. Anyways Lucas has been looking down lately so maybe Kai finally snapped an beat him up or something lol.
Exofags wtf is this about?
>>15518 fuck wrong thread sorry
>>15468 it's subtitled on youtube. smc&c channel i think
>>15085 Can he sing, rap or dance tho? lol being in the same group as baekhyun, ten, kai and taeyong.. at least Lucas has the visual
>>22631 >at least Lucas has the visual Debatable. I still don't think Lucas should have been added into SuperM. He has the least talent out of all of them and he doesn't have a legacy unlike the other members.
>>22646 when you factor in talent you're right but i still think lucas has that star energy
>>22631 he's an adequate dancer, initially got in SM for his singing though he gets a couple of lines, so it's impossible to know how good he is/can be being mogged in dancing is a given when you have kai and taemin in a group, same for singing with baekhyun, makes me wonder why didn't they add doyoung or jaehyun instead of ty/lucas
>>22660 the choices SM makes are so weird and suspicious
>>22662 the need to shove scamyong everywhere, i'm starting to believe the conspiracies of him and lsm
>>22660 Didn't he get in for his modeling? He said he just did three poses and got in lmao.
>>22666 that post is about Johnny kek
>>22667 Oops. Sorry. lol
>>22668 what conspiracies? i thought the dating rumors *were between sooman and ten
If any other group had songs like Tiger Inside, their dances, their styling and members as talented and handsome as them (so many good singers, and even the non-dancers are doing really well despite the choreos being hard...) everybody would love them, but because of their name and that Avengers shit they never stood a chance. Myself included, I can't help but cringe or feel embarrassed or sorry for them when listening to them. Nobody would ever dare to say that they're a fan. It's really a shame. The idea in itself, of picking the best/most popular members and having them record a song together would've been so cool, but the way it was handled, just no.
>>22660 >makes me wonder why didn't they add doyoung or jaehyun instead I definitely feel this way about Jaehyun, it always makes me wonder if he got mad when SuperM was announced knowing that Lucas was chosen over him.
>>22672 This is what happens when you let a bunch of old Korean men design a concept for teenagers
>>22672 I feel this post in my heart, exactly my sentiments.
(44.96 KB 612x408 EGBxNfiUwAE9RpD.jpg)
>>22670 What do you mean "what conspiracies"? For starters, it's SM not dropping Taeyong after it came out he was a scammer. Then it's this insistence in shoving him everywhere even though he's not charismatic or that talented in the least. >>22672 It should've been an SM Station thing IMO. Or a temporary subunit. Still miss my Younique Unit kek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au5fic4IqEs
>>22674 Absolutely. I always wonder why they don't just ask their trainees/idols what young people nowadays like. Mark could've immediately told them that "Avengers" really isn't it for anybody above the age of 5... >>22675 I think many people feel that way, especially considering that both shineefags and exofags are a bit older already. Recently I watched/listened to One for the first time and man, they're so good, you really couldn't ask for more. Marks dancing shocked me, Baek's, Taemin's and Ten's singing is god tier and even their "untalented" member Lucas is still better (and a billion times hotter) than many normal idols in other groups. I just feel sad for them, their appearance on Ellen was especially painful, you could tell how much she looked down on them, despite them being much more talented than everybody's darling BTS.
I think Superm is just too memeable to be taken seriously.. The subreddit kpoopheads is full of Jopping Copypasta
>>22698 >he's not charismatic or that talented in the least. That's just your opinion, anon. Maybe in Korea Jaehyun is the most popular, but in Japan/China it's Taeyong. He's a very good dancer who knows how to stand out and how to use his face. Both him and Mark work like machines, it absolutely makes sense for SM to utilize them as much as possible.
I think both sides are correct. Taeyong is talented = Tru Taeyong is given special treatment = Tru
>>22708 *popping
>>22701 the ellen episode was full of cringe esp. the part they explained what jopping meant
when my baekhyun oppar did this i wanted to die...
>>22710 I thought it was cute when Kai was showing her how to dance. >>22714 Cute Bacon
>>22714 i remember how rightfully embarassed he was during that one premiere event lol
The only good thing to come out of the episode was Kai shading Ellen lol
>>22673 Nah Jaehyun doesn't have the diverse star quality that Lucas has. Adding him would've been redundant.
>>22732 Lucasfag back with a vengeance.
>star quality seems like lucasfag is back
(647.02 KB 2048x1249 1585279609153.jpg)
>>22714 I thought it was cute.
>>22744 cowboy concept when
>>22744 for some reason Baekhyun looks the most plastic in this picture
the concept of a group consisting of the most popular or practical members of other groups in theory is cool superm in execution was cringe. i blame sm
>>22756 it' usually like this, when you think about it NCT concept sounds nice on paper but execution of it falls flat
>>22744 I can't stop laughing at this
(2.08 MB 224x178 fuck.gif)
>>22709 FUCK
>>22783 you thought i wouldn't notice?
(718.92 KB 518x708 howdy.png)
>>22778 Why?
(18.80 KB 600x315 bruh.jpg)
>>22732 Lucasfag pls comeback I agree that xuxi deserves his place on SuperM, maybe they could've replaced ETaeyong
>>22884 lucasfag left for good, the predebut pics were too much for her to handle.
we go 100
They all want, they all want what we got It's the way that we make, make it hot And we come, come in ready or not We going straight to the top We go hundred! We go hundred! hey We go, we go, we go, we go OK, topnotch, hit the spot looking jackpot Look above, we belong high up top (top) Tryna bring us down, but we got too hot All around not optional, we be unstoppable yeah Coming through like a wrecking ball (oh) Keep it wild like an animal Yeah, bring that freak to the party Adrenaline through your body To wake you up when we go into full flow
[슈퍼엠 “Jopping” 가사] [Intro] (Let's go!) [Pre-Chorus: All] I don’t even care 여긴 우릴 태울 stage Left to the right We gon' make it, make it bang (Put your hands in the air) (Let me see you bounce) (To the left, to the right) 시작 되는 round (Round, round, round, round) (Round, round, round, round) (Round, round, round, round) [Refrain: All, Taeyong, and Mark] 'Cause when we jumping, it’s popping, we jopping Jopping, jopping, jopping [Chorus: Kai, Taeyong, Lucas, All] You know how we get down (Jopping) How we get down (Jopping) How we get down 'Cause when we jumping and popping, we jopping
[Verse 1: Taeyong, Mark, and Lucas] Step on the floor (Start a riot) Where the competition? Man, it’s looking one-sided Up like a 747, we the flyest A lifestyle, you should try it So 시작해, make it last, front to back, yeah, yeah (Give me that, give me that, give me that) The roof's on fire, let it burn to an ash We gon' keep it jopping, tell the DJ, “Bring it back now" [Verse 2: Kai, Ten] 날아 봐 like a paraglide 나타나 in a pair of slides 떠나자 out to paradise 건배해 to a better life Gotta move, watch the money monsoon (Ching ching) Make the crowd go wild in a small room (Yeah) Let me see you put it all on like a costume 어디까지 번져 갈지 몰라 [Verse 3: Baekhyun, Taemin] We love to move it, keep it going, don't stop It's in your nature, 말해 girl, what you want 춤을 춰 봐, we go on and on Champagne life, that's all you want Don’t stop letting it go 'Cause we got that glow [Refrain: Lucas, Taemin] You know how we get down (Oh; Jopping) How we get down (Oh; Jopping) How we get down (Oh) 'Cause when we jumping, it's popping, we jopping [Pre-Chorus: All] I don’t even care 여긴 우릴 태울 stage Left to the right We gon' make it, make it bang (Bang bang) (Put your hands in the air) (Let me see you bounce; Bounce) (To the left, to the right) 시작 되는 round (Round, round, round, round) (Round, round, round, round) (Round, round, round, round) [Refrain: All] 'Cause when we jumping, it’s popping, we jopping [Verse 4: Mark: Taeyong] Oh, you think ya big, boy, throwing three stacks? (Bet) I'ma show you how to ball, you a mismatch (What?) Opinionated, but I'm always spitting straight facts (True) Throw it back, I might throw this on an eight-track (Oh) 믿어 봐 I'm a sight to see (So fresh) Exciting, go and drop the beat (Drop, drop) We get it jopping, the party, it don't stop (Don't stop) 축제는 이제 부터 시작이니까 (Let's go) [Verse 5: Taemin, Kai, Baekhyun] 이 곳이 파티인데 바삐 어딜 가? We'll keep it jumping and popping here all night Jump to the front if you want it, hands up, 손을 위로 Don't stop letting it go like you don’t care [Pre-Chorus: All] I don’t even care 여긴 우릴 태울 stage (태울 stage) Left to the right We gon' make it, make it bang (Make it bang) (Put your hands in the air) (Let me see you bounce; See you bounce) (To the left, to the right) 시작 되는 round [Bridge: Taemin, Ten, Baekhyun] 모두 hear that sound (Hear that sound) 틀을 벗어난 하나된 신세계를 펼쳐 Play the music loud (Music loud) 사라나 'cause tonight's gonna set you free, yeah, yeah (Yeah) [Pre-Chorus: All, Baekhyun, Taemin] I don't even care 여긴 우릴 태울 stage (We don't even care) Left to the right We gon’ make it, make it bang (And we make it bang) (Put your hands in the air; Come on, put your hands in the air) (Let me see you bounce) (To the left, to the right; Come on, put your hands in the air) 시작 되는 round I don't even care 여긴 우릴 태울 stage Left to the right We gon' make it, make it bang (Oh, yeah) (Put your hands in the air) (Let me see you bounce; See you bounce) (To the left, to the right) 시작 되는 round [Refrain: All] 'Cause when we jumping, it’s popping, we jopping (Round, round, round, round) (Round, round, round, round) 'Cause when we jumping, it’s popping, we jopping
>>26407 I can't believe that's what took her out >Lucas dumb jock? >Haha he's a jumbo >Lucas fatphobic? >Lol fatties seethe >Lucas smoking? >That's so sexy >Lucas is a human being with a normal family and childhood? >No it can't be
>>26849 so dumb kek all idols have dumpy relatives. Goes to show she saw him as some sort of God or something. I'm glad she got out of it if she was THAT delusional.
>>26849 *Himbo not jumbo >>26852 Yeah it was for her best lol
(99.43 KB 893x1201 1573702360525.jpg)
>>26868 It’s sad that mark doesn’t seem to realize what a great body frame he has
>>26886 That's mark? :o
>>26868 fucking nice
>>26868 N I C E A S S [spoiler]Baby, is it me or are you Doing something to me? When you smile, it’s shining But for some reason, you’re lying inside Dangerously, you’re beautiful You slowly came to me, my dilemma Like a habit, I’m already looking for your hand that’s not there What’s scary is the way you talk What gives me goosebumps is when you smile My focus, my control is all you, uh oh But the problem is, I don’t hate it, oh no I like it when we get closer, when it gets risky Only when you hold my hand, it feels like I have started When I’m with you, Danger seems like a good thing Whether it’s the wrong or right answer You decide for me girl[/spoiler]
>>26897 omg the spoiler was a failure!!
>>26898 kek i love u anon
>>26929 wholesome nona
(112.74 KB 742x1047 1577855546440.jpg)
>>26887 Yes. He's pretty hot, but doesn't like to show off. Shame. >>26897 What song is this?
>>27980 Please keep feeding us with these Mark pics, I've never seen them before and he looks so cool man they grow up so fast ;_;
>>27980 Imagine how much power he would have if he had even a little of doyoung’s awareness lol
>>27999 He would be lethal
>>28000 I get sad thinking about what we could’ve had
>>28002 yeah confidence really makes a difference
>>28002 why are you acting like he's dead
>>28007 Lmao Mark is Mark. It’s possible he might change as he gets older but he likely won’t
>>28007 yeah I don't get that comment kek, Mark has his sexy moments but he's too much of a dork cute dork. Maybe when he's a bit older.
(336.44 KB 1200x1800 1576194780943.jpg)
>>27996 Hot Mork fresh off the oven.
imagine what would've happened if sperm debuted with tiger inside
>>36835 as if sperm would ever get anywhere without the meme power of jopping
(86.66 KB 799x1200 EQ8UgzrXYAAsrdB.jpg)
>>29260 Why did you sage this masterpiece? Thank you anon, I'm crying.
(171.11 KB 852x1280 1576196560424.jpg)
>>36835 But the reason SuperM is so memeable is their debut track being absolute fire. >>36838 Whoops.
(255.72 KB 1000x1500 1573701491746.jpg)
Let's hope for more Mark (SuperM) content next year!
(3.07 KB mark.jpg)
Oh, you think ya big, boy, throwing three stacks? (Bet) I'ma show you how to ball, you a mismatch (What?) Opinionated, but I'm always spitting straight facts (True) Throw it back, I might throw this on an eight-track (Oh) 믿어 봐 I'm a sight to see (So fresh) Exciting, go and drop the beat (Drop, drop) We get it jopping, the party, it don't stop (Don't stop) 축제는 이제 부터 시작이니까 (Let's go)
(641.93 KB 1600x2400 1576193291203.jpg)
>>36862 This isn't the dumbass shit thread nona.
>>36864 superm is a meme
>>36864 sperm is dumbass shit therefore any sperm thread is a dumbass shit thread
(2.27 MB 498x183 14733877.gif)
>>36854 It's okay. Keep the Morks coming! <3
(927.83 KB 2048x1365 it says you're fat.jpg)
>>36867 Fair enough.
>>36864 Mark in this outfit is top-tier
(73.57 KB image.jpg)
While shopping in Beverly Hills, the fan recognized someone on the street. The fan realized that the person was none other than Lee Soo Man. Lee Soo Man is currently in Los Angeles, in support of SuperM’s debut showcase in Hollywood. The two engaged in a long conversation, where the fan revealed that she was a huge fan of SM Entertainment idols. Being impressed with their deep conversation, Lee Soo Man offered her free tickets to see SuperM’s first performance in the VIP standing section. The fan even brought along her EXO-L friend who had an EXO-L lightstick, with her bias Xiumin’s name inscribed on it. Both also waved the SuperM lightsticks that had been specially unveiled at the event. And Lee Soo Man kept his word because the fan was brought backstage to meet SuperM in person! And to prove it, she posted the photos she and her friend took with the SuperM members.
>>37404 A fan who isn't a fat old hag? Of course an exochad
>>37404 >randomly stumbling upon lsm and him being impressed enough from your conversation to give you free vip tickets stacy things
(453.44 KB 1418x2048 EqJX7ITVEAIQpsn.jfif)
pretty tae, miss you
(495.51 KB 1432x2048 EqJX7J9U8AIKlzs.jfif)
(415.58 KB 1536x2048 EqZuXXxU0AAzHt0.jfif)
(373.47 KB 1387x2048 EqaMIsAVQAESDqc.jfif)
>>37590 such an innocent beauty
>>37591 Man I don't care what anyone says about him looking uncanny, he's absolutely dreamy and beautiful
>>37601 >picks the worst pic of the bunch he looks tired and dead inside
>>37591 nice
>>37604 a bit pale but still super hot
>>37590 unreal as usual
Becoming a fujoshi
>>40191 I wish it was literally anyone but taemin. He's so uncanny looking now with his baboon lips
>>37404 This woman is living the dream for us all
>>40198 I don't find him that ugly but I'm glad Ten is the one facing the camera kek
(2.98 MB original.gif)
love these two
Nonas if taeyong sat out a new superm promotion would y'all feel his absence or nah?
>>41212 God fat Ten is so fucking hot I've never wanted a gay man to raw me more than Ten in 100 promos
>>42236 nah he brings nothing unique to superm literally only pay attention to him for baekyong
>>42237 i'm gonna go ahead and assume you meant god damn instead of fat ten
joppers are resting
>>42237 ten always bottoms
>>76568 absolutely not you fuckin heathen
>>76568 blasphemy
(865.69 KB 2000x3000 SUPER-M-MARK-6.jpg)
>>76635 no context no nothing...
>>76635 *sniiiifffffffffff
wishing all spermchads a very pleasant day
Gasolina cover when
This should be here too
sperm cum jizzz
(2.90 MB 640x516 0zirr9Jd71qzgimc.mp4)
(101.21 KB 751x1001 EwP57LPU8AA7c-Z.jpg)
supermchads i have come to inform you all of a new release (?) coming on april 9th 'we do' project with prudential insurance https://www.prulifeuk.com.ph/en/dance-for-wellness/
(126.20 KB 1080x1066 EwQIE_2W8AAuSxX.jpg)
you're not a real superm fan if you have depression
>bacon: i don't think depression is a thing
>>107122 that was a mistranslation moroni
>>107122 based bacon. just laugh and smile what are you even depressed about bitch
(103.53 KB 720x760 EwSH5zCUUAE8cW3.jpg)
>A fan revealed what Baekhyun said after she revealed to him that she’s taking medication for her depression. Worried about her health, he suggested her to stop taking medication and find a healthier solution. topkek is this real
>>107139 based and healthier solution pilled
>>107139 Wtf source??
omo just googled and it was a few months after Jonghyun death too...... errrr
>>107145 people blew that comment he made out of proportion tbh. it was a fansign and he was trying to cheer her up under limited time
(235.48 KB 611x448 EwQOvsOWQAIpOqw.png)
(223.54 KB 685x514 EwQOvsLWUAE5ig4.png)
(200.75 KB 618x463 EwQOvsNWgAcQX-w.png)
(235.38 KB 735x551 EwQOvsOWYAMFxr8.png)
(271.01 KB 746x559 EwQPHJRXIAI1Bu6.png)
(228.53 KB 692x519 EwQPHJRWgAI804b.png)
and last but not least star quality lucas
>>107152 >the WayV
>>107152 >poocas: he's tall and can read... well enough.
now we know who superm are
(206.79 KB 630x472 EwQPHHBWgAUDpWW.png)
oh lord forgive me i dropped the mark pic
>>107160 S H I T T A S T E H I T T A S T E
>>107160 more for me!
>>107155 outing him for being functionally illiterate
>>107119 golden
>>127939 this was cute, i like it
based spermthread revived
wasnt this filmed when scammer was on the brink of death
>>107113 B o p
>>127939 Kek, I didn’t even realize there was gonna be a comeback, did they even promote it properly? it gave me bts dynamite vibes kek, but at least u can understand their English pronunciation... still I didn’t like the song, I rather listen to jopping without headphones on the street and die of embarrassment. Oh well, I’m gonna skip this era and pray for lee sooman to give them a generic electronic upbeat song next time. They look cute tho
>>127939 this song is wayyyy too long
>>127965 isn't this just some promotional thing- not a comeback?
>>128017 Prudence
>>128145 Lmao sorry its prudential
(1001.65 KB 1000x519 5b51a3da4ef072f4dbfb25738354db04.png)
legends never die
spermchads dont let this iconic thread get deleted
(2.19 MB 540x340 336801734.gif)
>>179121 i'm watching over it nona, don't worry <3
>>179138 knew i could count on my girlies
>>179138 >i’ll never be mark lee pain
>>179152 never
mark please show us more of your body juseyo
(36.12 KB 1427x321 joppingss.png)
spermchads we did it
>>213495 all me
i think theyre gonna dissolve sperm
any updates bros
>>335110 superm is deader than fx
(117.26 KB 538x960 nct-lucas-figure-4.jpg)
sperm thread
(2.99 MB 640x640 9284ngxN5.mp4)
1005 (?) days with superm!
>>714369 all they did was release absolute top tier bangers then died
>>714370 kings
(1.85 MB 3024x4032 EUkLDvoU0AA0Rcu.jpg)
>>714372 whoops, sorry. wrong link https://youtu.be/IsHIH9ig-rU
>>714377 every bside on that first mini was flawless
>>714370 what happened
>>714365 poocas we love and miss you, you are the best thing to happen to kpop
>>714752 women only ib poocas


no cookies?