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Treasure thread #1 Anonymous 10/07/2021 (Thu) 15:38:30 No. 384236
flop edition
so im gonna start i love hyunsuk
>>384238 if poojin and rataro had a child
>>384243 yeah hes a bit uggo but hes charming
>>384236 genuine question what does treasure do
>>384500 they are a boy group that releases bops
>>384236 op and wow its actually flopping guess im the only treasurefag here i recently liked them love all of their releases so far and i gotta say you should watch their youtube contents and shows i totally love their dynamic they seem like they care about each other
>>390890 i just didnt warm up to haruto he gives me fuckboy vibes and seems a little arrogant even though i didn't see anything controversial but hes seriously handsome this treasure map episode is really funny one of my favs web drama ep https://youtu.be/SHLgC5KoPJ8 and the bts of it as funny as the drama https://youtu.be/Y7hvJipbc6w
happy halloween
>>390890 post pics of the members so i can judge their attractiveness and see if they’re interesting. also aren’t they all really young? what are they good at? nonas may just not know about them get us into em
>>419201 this is a site that introduces the member yeah there are like really young one but im only attracted to the ones that are older than me so https://kprofiles.com/treasure-members-profile/
>>419628 >oldest is 99 liner welp it was nice i’m dipping now bye
hope their next cb will be good
(594.41 KB 1080x1731 IMG_20211101_214858.jpg)
love their web drama last time excited for this
>>390897 I don't get that vibe from him. But I get the vibe from Yedam. Haru is such a Cutie and a kind boy.
>>422032 I love there webdrama they are really good at acting
hey teumes any signs of possible comeback from the group in the near future?
from twt updates you can see that some of the members dyed their hair so i guess a comeback is on the way
>>390897 as someone who is in a certain side of kpop he's the poocas of the group remember my words
Wow a Treasure thread in hiatus time? My folder has wished for this moment
>>420239 they said that it will ily 2.0 it must be kino then
>>478359 omg i listened to it so much thats good news
>>478153 poocas of treasure would either be Yedam or Hyunsuk although it could also be Junkyu (not like poocas but more like a heechul too certain girls). because i know some bad stuff of some members. but Haruto really really isn't the poocas of the group. I'm long enough in Kpop and know many things.
You always see only the outside of a person but never the inside, so you should not judge someone you do not know personally, and a little tip, it's always the people who look the least that you would suspect, so i would rather watch out.
>>478555 >Junkyu Ok now that you mention it, is he a faggot? He acts like one.
>>478713 well every kpop idol has to play a fake personality whenever they are in front of the camera or in public and Junkyu has to play a faggot. but no he is the complete opposite of a faggot. (And by the way Heechul isn't a faggot)
>>478834 >>478834 Not Heechul i mean Junkyu isn't a faggot
>>478834 wait, junkyu the koala is a fucking chad? examples?
>>478839 >>478870 He already had several steady girlfriends where most of them are from a certain country and what I know that Junkyu and several other members are homophobic
>>478870 Yes Junkyu is a chad!
(111.60 KB 900x1200 Dw9OSbWUwAc_jQa.jpg)
i miss the old kyu (ygtb era)
>>478883 ok so who is the gay one in treasure then? statistically at least one out of twelve has to be sus.
>>478870 >>478905 No one is gay! Not every statistic must be true, if someone is gay especially a korean youre gonna find it out under a minute but mostly all idols have fake personality and it's almost impossible to find it out.
>>478912 >>478905 but ofc it does exist gay idols but i bet they are definitely not in an big entertainment ( because I bet they all would handle it like JYP did) and if so they have to hide it every fucking time t must be so annoying!
>>478905 >>478905 ... like this nona I also think that this statistic is true in my whole fucking class No one is gay
>>478924 "not true"
noooo none of my oppas could be gay nooo
>>478929 some could some not
>>478924 how old are you? jw if we're the same age
thoughts on asahi?
>>479281 he is flopping should begin to do some fanservice he has the other qualities lets whore out
>>479295 asahi is an autist he can’t be the resident whore as that is dobbie’s job
>>478091 idc iam considering this as a strong sign. ty
(852.06 KB 1080x1620 IMG_20220116_161240.jpg)
>>479281 Asahi is so kind and funny. But Asahi is not doing so well physically. He is very quiet except when he is with his friends
>>564470 fucking finally
>>564470 Hyunsuk's hair are to light for is skin tone he should have the same as in ygtb
(689.22 KB 1080x1620 IMG_20220117_222348.jpg)
yoshi looks freaking good
I hope the new song is going to be good
i wish treasure had the success epipen has
>>580269 treasure is to big sadly but they have talent what enhypen doesn't have
if some members didn't had theyre debut with treasure then they had a chance to become famous like enhypen
>>580285 i don’t think it is really the size of the group, i think it is the lack of a strong concept, the constant delays, they don’t promote their songs that long, and let’s be honest, the songs are worse. with how they are handled they are bigger than they should be. at least they can sell copies unlike winner and ikon.
>>580304 imagine if the og treasure debuted on time admist the burning sun scandal.
>>580313 i agree with you but still think a big factor is because they are to big. 2nd and 3rd generation it was famous to be in a big group but now it's not famous anyone
>>580322 i would change hyunsuk with yoshi then kyu with mashiho & yedam with asahi
>>580359 meds i would replace jaehyuk with mashiho but all the other replacements are bad considering how little screentime yoshi and asahi had and how based junkyu and hyunsuk are
>>580453 yes but a Hyunsuk and a Junkyu exist in almost every boygroup unlike Asahi and Yoshi. personally i like Yoshi's and Asahi's voice better and i like there looks more
Junkyu has no star appeal like Doyoung. The j-line has it the most
>>580544 junkyu is still the second most popular in the fandom we literally can’t get rid of him as much as i love j-line now, 4/7 of a kpop group in 2019 being japs is not a good look
Yoshi is so handsome
>>672821 the red hair first him insanely well
>>673634 it's like made only for him especially with his hair styled like this
haru's rapping in the live shows for jikjin are the best
found this clip on tiktok and it made me think alot
some members idol personality is really annoying
>>680775 like who?
>>680775 the only member i find a bit annoying is jihoon as he is clearly fame hungry but his personality isn’t annoying per say
>>680777 junkyu, hyunsuk, jihoon
what did ruto mean by this?
>>685026 nothing not everything has a meaning
does anyone know if its true that yedam isn't in korea anymore
>>729428 yeah i heard he was in canada but idk if he’s back since then
>>729446 ok thanks i didn't knew that
treasure will have a comeback in october i'm so excited
>>580322 i hate junghwan and jeongwoo, so the four trillion members preventing at least one of them from having a lot of lines works for me
>>734076 why do you hate them and junghwan doesn't sing much anyway
>yedam was seen in garosul-gil at a producer party and where he smoked with friends i'm glad he's living his life but i don't think he'll come back to treasure like mashiho
i'm so excited for treasure’s comeback
Did Yedam even want to be an idol? He just doesn't fit. Like Lily. He debuted as a soloist, anyway.
>>738459 lily not fitting isn’t real down to her though i don’t think
actually i don't understand why so many are still sad about that yedam and mashiho left but wasn't it clear since the beginning of their hiatus that they will leave and actually i'm a bit happy because now the other members can sing more especially junghwan & asahi and jihoon
https://youtu.be/Dbs3l_ZJR6o it's such a good song


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