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iu thread Anonymous 09/18/2021 (Sat) 08:03:55 No. 354934
in honor of the 13th debut anniversary number one soloist edition
>>354934 op but lets get this started
IU queen
based IU thread, although i don't think there are enough of us here
IU noonas what is your favourite title track from her? Mine is probably You&I
>>354986 you&i is my fav too its a bangerr
>>355111 and i love friday,every end of the day,secret garden.
>>354986 can't choose one. i think for me its 23, you&i, secret garden & lilac
mashallah we have an iu thread
>>354986 you and i, the red shoes, lost child, meaning of you
>>355319 also bsides i like dlwlrma, through the night, last fantasy (the song), zeze, the shower, 4AM, by the stream, last night story, fifth finger, when love passes by, knees, oblivate, modern times, jam jam, merry christmas ahead, my sea, ah puh, and epilogue she has a really extensive discography so there’s many good things to listen to
i am the number one ballad iu enjoyer
(95.97 KB 365x349 iu you n i.jpg)
i use to watch the boo music video on repeat. it was revolutionary >>355330 4AM and dlwlrma are some of my favorite songs of all time >>354986 for a single favorite you know (rock version), peach, good day or palette pierrot laughs at us, heart, the story only i didn't know, havana, every end of day, don't like her (the entire spring of twenty mini kek) and heart are more favorites
(106.57 KB 797x1024 checky check it IU.jpg)
what was your first time hearing iu or seeing her in a drama story? my friend showed me the marshmallow mv when i went to her house to spend the night. we watched it twice and then i went home and found it on 4shared. it was one of my first gaypoop songs. when she performed it with yoseob we both geeked >>355338 her ballads are good and get undeserved hate. her covers are good too, i need a boy mogs
>>355431 i first watched her if you cover and i liked it more than the original i like her ballads it suits her she conveys emotions so well her voice is like so healing for me
>>355431 i stumbled a long time ago over this cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfR-X435unU
iu is the prettiest girlpop for me she mogs all those visuals
she has the best stylist some of my fav outfits
>>363401 i loveee the outfits from hotel del luna i hope she still has this same stylist cause it slayed
it seems like all these posts are by the same anon. i support u, nona
she and her company just posted this i wonder if this means a comeback it looks really pretty
>>370666 hopefully new music
>>370666 heard rumors on weibo it’s a pre release single and it’s a collab with rosé
>>370666 it’s a digital single
>>377217 wish she'd do something controversial again. chat shire era was so based and i didnt even appreciate it at the time
>>377223 me too, but i think she's settled now into doing safe stuff that keeps people liking her. i can't really blame her, getting into controversy when you're as big as she is must be terrifying
https://twitter.com/_iuofficial/status/1446128183263186950?s=21 2021.10.19 00:00 (KST) save the date nonas
>>390881 nona you are always first
>>402327 did she steal that cat from izone
>>402524 >cat i meant car lol
i love this album so much music
>>402562 *i mean i love this album so much all the songs are great
>>402327 oh god she is so pretty
>>403426 shes competing with herself legend
(378.39 KB 2048x1280 FCH_OPNX0AEfJo0.jpg)
(355.63 KB 1279x2048 FCH_PSmXEAEln5v.jpg)
(316.60 KB 1279x2048 FCH94_MVkAAypiO.jpg)
(358.50 KB 1279x2048 FCH922aVQAMNeZN.jpg)
(343.61 KB 1279x2048 FCH91SgVgAgP23Y.jpg)
(41.97 KB 827x512 FCI3SomXsAEAbPj.jpg)
(98.73 KB 720x900 FZUeIvNXwAAe3j_.jpg)
(121.17 KB 900x900 Fae6daXaAAAIclI.jpg)
(88.57 KB 544x680 FaWaejYUYAAUZN0.jpg)
(91.04 KB 544x680 FaWaejYUUAAt1gE.jpg)
all the clips of the concert were so beautiful. she said she’s retiring palette and good day and that’s so retarded, can she retire celebrity and eight instead. i also hate how she pretends like modern times and chatsire don’t exist anymore but i also kind of get it, the concert was beautiful anyway
thoughts on the IU plagiarism accusation? some of the songs do sound similar especially love poem & dynasty. the thing is knetz are so quick to scream plagiarism but similarities in music happen all the time especially in western pop. https://youtu.be/Hk_4CxiH78Q


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