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Kpop Critical #12 Anonymous 09/10/2021 (Fri) 04:33:36 No. 340943
>Post general kpop news and hot topics. What's the scandal of the moment? Who is being cancelled by netizens/twitter? Etc >Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, its fucked up industry. >Talk your liking or disliking of certain groups and idols. *This thread serves as kpopgeneral too, so fangirling (talking positively about your faves) is allowed. However, don't act butthurt if someone bashes your oppar/eonnie or has a different opinion from you. Don't sperg and follow choachan global rules and /kpop/ specific rules* previously >>281757
what do we think of lalisa's solo kpc? https://youtu.be/awkkyBH2zEo how does it compare with jennie's and rosé's?
>>340946 i'm surprised the first verse doesn't have more english singing but the rap part, which is much faster, does? she looks good though
>>340946 >blackpink """"""choreography""""""
(10.13 KB 985x94 Capture.PNG)
>>340946 it was a bit underwhelming and i expected better choreography since she’s the main dancer… she deserved a better solo imo because this doesn’t show her full potential at all
used to think yg gave the "lightly step side to side on stage and wave an arm" choreo to soloists like somi because it's something they can do while not eating much, but that's just how they do everything
can't believe b.i. only got 4 years probation. celebrity privilege is real
>>340946 Jennie still wins for me but visually Lisa ate
>>340946 I like it, but not that much… if I give it a few more listens it will grow on me. It sounds very black pinkish, the MV was really well done, there were a lot of different cuts. Overall 7/10
>>341213 ? wasnt he charged with drug use only? most people get probation, celeb or not
>>341244 as a yg idol he almost got away with it when han seo hee was threatened if she exposed him. i doubt he was unaware of this. and im pissed at how r/kpop babies him
>>340946 the song is shit but if her fans can give her 20mil views in 4 hours then it's not like she (or the rest of bp) NEEDS good songs. i wish I could get paid millions for delivering nothing but visuals tbh
>>341293 sa but the traditional thai outfit is very very pretty, seems like a waste to only include it for a few seconds in the mv
>>340946 very poorly written and delivered. the mv is pretty. love the outfits and the sets though a fewer sets would have made the video more easy to comprehend and absorb. not biggest fan of her hair style and dance moves either but she did a good job for making it work. i was expecting more complex choreo. the other song money is straight out of landfill. that song should not have seen daylight. the lyrics are super cringy and her voice is so annoying with tona of autotune that i got headache in first verse itself.
>>340946 quite cringey for me on some parts at the end but overall not that bad. doesnt annoy me sm so i can still see myself liking it later. YG can do better though
>>341359 also as of now: solo/on the ground > lalisa > gone/money
>>340946 disappointed... so fucking bad. jennie has the best solo to date, the song was just good. lalisa is just hard to the ear, nothing musical to it wtf were they thinking
kill this love 0.2. everyone hates it at first but give it a few months and the same people will be brainwashed into calling it iconic.
>>341595 thats the one bp song no one talks about though lol
kingdom but with naked and afraid's format
>>341908 wrong thread, sorry
>>341908 go on
>>340946 jennie still has the best solo out of all of them
YG and teddy lost their touch and cant make good songs anymore. Pnation will be the new YG.
>>341238 ngl i thought she was gonna flop hard in sk
>>342077 she‘s not doing that well on the domestic charts though. the comments are probably from kblinks
>>342102 not only is the song not very public friendly it’s probably harder for her to chart in sk as she’s not as popular as the other members there cause she’s foreign, i feel bad for her she deserved a better solo at least
>>342111 lisa definitely deserved better so did rose. imo both were done dirty and lisa the dirtiest. starting to completely believe jennie is just ygs fav or ygs music has just gone shit
>>342115 both tbh, but jennie already having her solo just two years into bp career was a choice, bp barely had 10 songs it didn’t make sense to me, and if you compare it to now with how they crammed both lisa and rosés solo into this year… would it not be smarter for them to had just space them out throughout their careers? i feel like with the issue with lisa and rosés songs is that they were probably rushed and the concept and production was not thought out properly, bp only have like 2 years left of activity until renewals so they’re probably just trying to get solos out as quickly as possible but it’s making the song quality in them decline so badly
>>342145 it wasn't weird at first because they were originally all supposed to come out one after another but yg didn't follow through with it
>>342115 >ygs music has just gone shit this is the more plausible reason considering the state of bp's music over the last couple years
>>342102 >>342111 idk did you expect lisa to drop a song like lilac?
>>340946 >lali salami lali salami
>>342195 maybe they can't even tell what's good anymore cause any shit they drop ends up being more successful than the last kek
>>340946 her body looks good at least, looks like she gained a little
>>340943 what kdrama is this
>>342432 That school uniform is clearly Japanese... It's from the J-drama Love Letter (2008).
>>342077 she got 700k preorders even if she doesnt chart well it doesnt matter
>>342599 preorders are not actually sales and to be honest that number is disappointing to me. she is arguably the most popular member of the biggest gg and shes pulling second tier bg numbers...
>>342693 she's still a female kpop idol and its amazing to have the sales she has. boy group sales baffle me, how tf did ateez get 800k preorders
>>342704 most of those preorders come from those chinese cafes or whatever same with lisa's preorders kek none of this shit is organic
>>342718 no, those are not chinese bars or fanclub numbers. preorders correspond to the orders placed by hanteo affiliated stores like alladin, ktown4u, gmarket etc it's the amount of albums they will have in stock to sell to the final customer
>>342704 seriously tho, 4th gen bg sales make no sense… skz 1 mil? tbz 500k in a week? atz 800k preorders? everything is so bloated
I couldn't make it through lisa's songs her voice does nothing for me her try hard rap makes it worse
>>342599 fans bulk buying albums are irrelevant
>>342077 shes flopping hard there, gooks dont care about her
>>342863 just because you don't care about something doesn't mean it's irrelevant
>>342836 kingdom effect. all the groups saw a rise in their numbers.
i was expecting 1M sales really quickly for lisa, maybe i was overestimating her popularity but it seems like yg missed the mark this time. their songs were always garbage but this one is not even catchy or memorable. the fact that they didn't show off her dancing skills is retarted. the promotions were underwhelming too, with how beautiful some of the sets and outfits were they could have teased it better.
even though i think its still technically one of the most successful kpop solo female releases i hope yg was expecting more. maybe next time we'll get something better from lisa
>>342872 not really kingdom, album sales have spiked since the pandemic started.
>>342874 >the fact that they didn't show off her dancing skills is retarted. yeah kpop is doing that with everyone. they just want choreos that are tiktok-friendly. the only who hasnt sold out in that aspect is taemin, he didnt give 2 fucks and kept his hard to follow choreo
>>342734 you don't think the cbars know this? kek
>>343471 are you retarded or
>>343493 are you? how exactly do you think preorders work
>>343547 topkek
>BIGBANG's daesung commented on LALISA mv >Daesung:"the biggest strength in my military life" shameless coomer ahjussi
>>343701 all bigbong members are sleazy bastards
>>343735 not a bigbangfag but taeyang also? since i think he's the only member who's unproblematic
>>344120 is he part of that cult jyp is in
(50.92 KB 1396x203 170534.jpg)
>>344120 well...
>>344165 meh pretty weak
(240.67 KB 479x597 TaeyangKanyeWestBlackface.png)
>>344170 compared to what other bb members have done, i agree
>>344161 dunno
(571.73 KB 1080x1484 20210912_214020.jpg)
>>344291 this is kinda incoherent but im guessing he is affiliated with some burning sun man?
>>344291 this is kinda incoherent but im guessing he is affiliated with some burning sun man?
>>344291 i’m confused
love seeing the coomer jaebeom (>>174030) feel in his own skin how being objectified feels like kekkekekekeke https://youtu.be/-B10yrLCO_c
https://www.knetizen.com/bts-went-to-the-blue-house-to-accept-presidential-envoy-certificates-republic-of-korea-diplomatic-passports/ Uhh, is it normal for pop stars to get diplomatic passports? I don't think there will be another major BTS controversy ever again. No doubt that the SK government sees them as a indispensable hallyu asset and will do their utmost to keep under wraps anything that might hurt their image.
>>348487 bts are not normal pop stars. kpop has brought a fuckton of attention to korea and bts is at the forefront
>>348502 Got any more wisdom to dispense, captain obvious?
>>348506 im answering the anons question idiota
>>348502 normal pop stars kek. sure jan
>>348487 it is not normal in my country atleast. infact no one gets such important stuff just for being famous here
>>348545 has anyone brought unprecedented global interest to your country thats causing girls to want to learn korean, visit korea and consume other products of the country?
>>348551 by this logic everyone in the hallyu wave should get special passports
>>348609 whether you like it or not bts are the most popular kpop group of all time, that's why they get the presidential notice. a nugu group shouldn't get it
>>348609 are you dumb
>>348551 in my country all this dont qualify to get a diplomatic passport. you can get one though if you can afford to buy one
>>348645 what is your country
wondering if michael jackson was also given diplomatic passport since he was the most popular pop star of all time who bought global attention to murican music industry
>>348651 and why should i tell you?
>>348487 no, it's not. korea behaves like they are some third world tiny island country it's really bizarre
>>348633 i wasn't talking about nugus i was talking about groups that were big internationally during the hallyu wave who inspired fans to learn korean, visit korea, etc like >>348551 stated bts may have the biggest international kpop fandom but they are not the only group with an international reach or impact
>>348487 damn thats so fucked. especially seeing as so many kpop moids get exposed for being shady, that's not even a get-out-of-jail card, thats a police-can't-even-question-you card my brother has a diplomat friend and while they only abuse it for fairly innocent stuff like driving in parts of the a city you usually aren't allowed to drive in, in theory you could basically do anything with that
>>348725 thats patriarchal country for you who cancels womwn for speaking up for their rights
>>348723 no group's impact comes close to bts' whether 2nd gen fags like it or not
>>348840 sure ratmy please move to btsg
>>348657 well i wanna know if your country even has anyone at the level of bts
the fucking state of armys lmao
>>348862 its true though? just because bts didnt start the hallyu wave and others have continued it they're the ones that have been the breakthrough to the west. they are the face of kpop in a way that no one has ever been before
yeah, no other country ever had something as groundbreaking as bts, that's why they're the first non-politicians to ever get that...
>>348487 this is pretty shady, hate that this is actually happening.
>>348867 my country has microsoft, apple, google, facebook, tesla, mj, price, bowie, beyonce, riri, gaga.... the list in endless. bts is a speck of dust in terms of talent and impact whole world holds. i am sure no other asian country is handing out powerful stuff to some dancing twinks. i have friends from india, japan, singapore and no one has ever mentioned their govt giving out free pass just because some kids love your baiting and kids songs
>>348897 watch shady stuff comes out when the govt changes. its weird how govt is so invested in a for profit entity
no matter whether i try to search it up in english or in my language, it always says dimplomatic passports are for foreign service government officials only >>348908 ratmys are such a joke, e.g. even the founders of the covid vaccine would get mocked and scolded if they tried to demand such a thing, yet somebody out of the entertainment industry is somehow deserving
>>348487 japan has never acknowledged weeaboos because they're actually an embarassment to them so wtf is korea doing. isn't it baffling how delusional an entire country is about what kind of audience consumes kpop? makes them feel like a 3rd world country tbh.
s kor is such a bizarre country
>>348908 david bowie was english idiota. im not saying i agree with them being given diplomatic passports but korea is in a very different place compared to those countries you listed and bts are very different to all those artists in what they have achieved for sk
i could imagine my 3rd world home country with zero soft power celebrating a successful local boyband like that but sk... lmao
>>348920 well korea was a 3rd world country that developed very quickly over the past 6 decades. thats a big feat
>>348940 yeah but why are they acting like bts alone saved them all from poverty
britian knights musicians all the time i don't see why everyone is making a big deal about this
>>348669 > no, it's not. korea behaves like they are some third world tiny island country it's really bizarre retard i literally live in a third world country yet they never done that to our world famous ppl (well one of them has i think but theyre a high ranking politician so understandable)
>>348965 *high ranking politician also
do knights have the same privileges as diplomats in britain tho
>>348940 sk is one of the most developed asian country in the world right behind japan. they have lg, samsung and hundai 3 companies that hold a huge control over asian markets. its not like they became rich in last five years. they have been doing real well since 1988.
>>348967 i was referring less to the privileges and more to the people questioning why the government cares so much about a kpop group
>>348968 yeah but the mindset of the country is still kinda third world. sure 1988 was a long time ago but to actually become so developed in that time frame is like unheard of
>>348961 because knighthood means shit. it just adds a title to your name and nothing else. diplomatic passport is nuke stuff retarda. you basically get free pass for doing lot of shit and no one will come for you. the privilges are skyhigh for a diplomatic passport holder as compared to someone with knighthood
>>348953 idk the way korea uses hallyu for soft power probably has something to do with it. their position in the world is very unique. do these diplomatic passports at least expire after a decade
>>348983 hope you read it later and see how stupid you sound about it. mindset means shit in this scene.
>>348989 it expires after five years
>>348989 japan should give miku a diplomatic passport then too
>Also a reminder that diplomatic benefits are only in place when the boys are carrying out their diplomatic duties. If they’re only traveling for a concert or for a piece of content, for example, they’ll have to apply for a visa and so on wait is this true or are they lying?
>>349007 KEK so they wont even be able to use their diplomatic privileges for 18 months when they enlist
>>349008 japans like the opposite of korea with their music industry. they'll do whatever they can to keep foreigners from buying their shit
>>349008 and yuzuru as well. that one guy brings so much attention to their country
>>348989 the soft power that kpop has is so overestimated though. outcast female teenagers mostly
>>349009 lie. diplomatic passport gives you freedom to travel visa free across the globe unless a country have specific protocols. there are also free of immigration procedures and wont have to pay air tax. in addition they get some benefits regarding housing as well though i dont remember what they are
>>349014 if they enlist. going by how their govt is moving an exemption is very very likely
>>349066 this dont know why any big time investors or whatever would be interested in hallyu and bts when other industries in sk exist whatever with the amount of scandals in kpop it seems really sus to just give one of them the opportunity to get away w shit
>>349009 who is saying that? lol the truth is that diplomatic passport holders can use it whenever. maybe they have some rules about that in sokor but the other countries immigration wont know
if bts get an exemption and then have a huge scandal for something unrelated it’s not going to turn out well for them
>>349089 you think ratmy, hybe and govt wont try to bury the shit? anyone involved with politics will have huge backing
>>348932 i live in a developed country and we definitely would celebrate someone who's as successful and popular worldwide as bts
>>348908 yeah well us has huge monopoly over the global media and no matter what you think of bts and their fans, the fact that they increased sk's soft power by a lot is indisputable
>>348929 what do the diplomatic passports do?
>>349118 isnt fair for other artists that have been exposed. im tired of their shit being covered up all the time
>>349066 maybe that was true a few years ago but nowadays i see lots of normie who namedrop and listen to bts and other extremely popular groups like blackpink
>>349190 ensures you get free pass for your fuckery
>>349089 how are exemption from the military and scandal related though
>>349189 then shouldnt kbeauty conglomerates get the credit given it was beauty industry that made waves
>>349197 so they can travel anywhere they want basically w/o a visa or?
>>349198 in same way how prince charles' shenanigans and his chances of becoming kind are related
>>349204 *king
>>349009 what diplomatic duties do bts have exactly? all im thinking about the only reason why they travel are for concerts or to attend shows, etc. or am i missing something?
>>349202 and much more than that
>>349207 like what
>>349206 give their yearly substandard speech at un assembly
>>349210 oh yeah forgot about that. but besides that theres nothing else really right
(54.74 KB 680x435 E_OCrPPVUAQvLZE.jpeg)
>>349209 this is not the comprehensive list but here you ho
>>349213 thanks nona
>>349200 nta but i only saw the kbeauty industry get popular AFTER kpop started blowing up. it pretty much goes hand in hand with koreaboos
>>349183 we wouldn’t, bc we’re not so nationalistic and far up our asses with ourselves and what our country has done for the world
>>349072 so rich ppl don’t have to pay? how good
>nonas thinking bts is greater than anything a person from their country ever did i'm not the biggest fan of my country either but damn, you'd deserve to be exiled
>>349284 who is saying that
>>349280 more specifically rich moids. still wonder how are they even representative of youth when none of them fit in un defination of it. besides with how women are treated in their country i find it weird how un support it
also the us does give out national medals of arts
>>349288 moroni medals and awards are different. every country in the world do that and us is no exception. they are like knighthood. just add to your prestige
>>349285 nta but you gotta know there are definitely armretardos saying that
>>349292 i'm just pointing out countries celebrating their musicians with impact aren't as rare as some people seem to think
>>349296 celebrating and giving them power that exceeds beyond appreciation should raise brows. if anything it makes whole deal look shady af. its not like tech companies are not working in sk that if bts stop performing the economy will shut down. samsung is right behind apple in smartphone and devices. lg has fist control in sea and sa. why not give exclusive status to industry giants but to some kpop idols. this dont look shady to you?
>>349296 how retarded can somebody be...?! >here have this award because kids think you're cool and talented vs >here have this passport, now feel free to rape around abroad and nobody can ever do anything against it
>>349285 it is implied
>>349302 please as if having a passport stops musicians from raping and getting away with it either way
>>349194 wasn't psy much more known among normies? the only reason for giving out diplomatic passports to bts is their president trying to gain sympathy points from nationalistic s.kor public
>>349309 kek remindsme that someone on btsg says he's doing this to get votes
>>349309 the govt and its subsidaries have been investing in hybe for a while and some have even bought stocks. this definately has underlying political agenda. gangam style was everywhere almost as famous as ketchup song. even gp knows that song
>>349317 Moon’s current approval rating has fallen to a record low, staying under 50 percent, according to polls conducted in recent weeks.
>>349327 any clue about how gp is taking this kpop gimmick show?
>>348537 What you said and >No doubt that the SK government sees them as an indispensable hallyu asset Go hand in hand. My question was about whether it's considered normal internationally.
>>349296 Please can you do a basic Google search for what the functions and implications of a diplomatic passport are because the way you're comparing it to ceremonial bestowals makes it seem like you sure as hell have no idea.
>>349306 Yeah but the government isn't even trying to keep up with the pretenses that they're beyond the legal system.
>>349302 why are you even bringing up rape
>>349353 they're underagefags ratmies they have no idea lol its pointless to discuss with them
psy's popularity peak was higher but he is a one-hit wonder and most people know him as just the horse guy he only gets remembered nowadays only when people get nostalgic over the early '10s bts are more established popularity-wise
>>349372 ratmies rent free in your head kek
>>349383 the amount of normies that don't even realize psy is a kpop idol is actually shocking
>>349390 He's not an idol
psy was implicated in the burning sun scandal and his reputation was tarnished
>>349353 could you? diplomatic passports are used when on a diplomatic mission such as speaking at un. not for tours and just regular traveling. and this >>349213 that keeps being spread around is from an untrustworthy site that advertises diplomatic passports to avoid taxes
>>349400 >diplomatic passports are used when on a diplomatic mission such as speaking at un. not for tours and just regular traveling I haven't heard anyone say this except ratmies.
>>349427 according to papago >However, such benefits can only be enjoyed when traveling abroad for official purposes, and personal passports must be used when traveling abroad. BTS members will also use their passports only when entering and leaving the country for special envoy activities. You will use your personal passport on schedules such as overseas performances. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000489232 here's the rest of the article https://papago.naver.com/
>>349441 man youre just dumb. of course they are gonna say you're not supposed to abuse the privileges but thats what people with connections and money do when they get one of those. the immigration authority doesnt check if you're entering for state affairs or not unless you're extremely sus. they just have to claim that >t. my stepfather was an attaché
>>349457 i like how you have to keep moving the goalposts to convince yourself you're right
>>349459 not the same anon and the goalpost is the same. you clearly just have no idea what diplomatic immunity is kek
>>349459 tbh you're sounding more delusional, it's clear this is a pr statement to assure anyone that they're not gonna use their passports a lot (even though they most certainly will)
>>349441 Huh I stand corrected, but it doesn't detract from the original argument that comparing a diplomatic passport to knighthood is stupid as you've demonstrated yourself the former has a clear practical distinction over the latter.
>>349462 this isn't a pr statement this is for all people with diplomatic passports...not to mention those passports are generally kept by government offices and not on the people like normal passports
>retarmy thinks everyone who disagrees with her is the same person
>>349464 again, you're sounding very underaged by thinking everything is done according to protocol. corruption -- it exists lel if we were under the assumption they are turbo good citizens we wouldnt be having this discussion in the first place
>>349465 if it bothers you then you can use a nta next time
>>349467 or you can be less autistic too. you just replied to a different person again jfc
>>349468 did i say you were the same person?
>>349466 in my country politicians issued diplomatic passports for their shady friends under the table and they were prancing all over europe with it. bts fans are just too sheltered and brain rot at this point.
>>349466 anon is avoiding the fact that in a country where actual criminals are getting 3-4 year of imprisonment, no corruption exists and everything is done as per law.
>>349387 please get off your high horse. you are no royalty or as important as you yhink you are.
>>349441 no one checks which passport you are carrying moroni. people abuse the power all the time
>>349344 no one is really promoting their country's entertainment to the rest of the world the way south korea is so idk its not really normal but is there a country and celebrity that is comparable to sk and bts
>>349507 Not today. Were the Beatles ever granted diplomatic privileges?
>>349507 just coz your world or entertainment starts and ends with sokor dont mean it is that way for rest of the world. to answer your question yes there are other countries doing it. japanese anime has always been big and has become even bigger in last few years. chinese movies has gained a huge audience and so have indian movies and celebs.
>>349519 you can't compare england to sk. england is literally an empire, their global influence is because of their colonizations. meanwhile there are south koreans alive today who remember when sk was a 3rd world country.
>>349548 diagnosing you with yellow fever. please take meds. all the other countries have someone or other who are the most global face of their country but they dont go about handing diplomatic passports and such benefits to them. read who all get diplomatic passports in sk: former president, prime ministers, chief justice, foreign minister and such get those passports. you are truly retarded if you think more moids should be entitled to such power. besides isnt blackpink very popular too? why are they not handed such privileges?
>>349548 >england is literally an empire What did she mean by this
>>349486 now say that again without crying
maybe the bts impact will decrease when president moon retire in 2022
>>349591 >besides isnt blackpink very popular too? why are they not handed such privileges? because they're not as popular as bts? duh?
>>349548 > you can't compare england to sk. england is literally an empire, their global influence is because of their colonizations. meanwhile there are south koreans alive today who remember when sk was a 3rd world country. a perfect example of ethnocentrism. kek okay proud dummy from england or whatever you are
>>349277 liking kbeauty doesnt make you a koreaboo dumbass
>>349008 or anime/manga creators in general since they made a ton of ppl want to visit japan lol
>>349682 honestly the gp in the west knows more about bp than bts
>>349691 too many workaholic degenerates who aren’t politically motivated enough and barely leave their homes/place of work is not worth the extra protection of a special class passport. laws already prevent the worst of them from going to prison, they don’t need much else
>>349692 western stan twitter isn't the gp. no actual normie american knows what blackpink is
>>349713 so can be said about bts
>>349693 and celeb who travels around world need diplomatic passports? go back to school miss you clearly are making very incohesive and weak arguments for a while now
>>349740 more people know bts than bp
>>349370 ...because rich and wealthy moids constantly use their power to commit sex crimes? so giving them a card that lets them get off scotfree without even having to endure police questioning might not be that good of an idea, hm?
>>349766 proof or you are lying
>>349817 proof with what? ntayrt in all my conversations with gaypop/bts related topics, most do not mention or know bp because they aren’t gaypop fans. thus, more normie adults are aware of bts’ existence than bp. that’s all there is to it
>>349803 not to be a ratmy oppalogist but you're being a bit paranoid with that train of thought
bp could have been more popular if yg had capitalized more on them after coachella but it definitely seems like they've stagnated in that push
>>349766 Moids with money power influence and female attention never turn out good.
(207.63 KB 1080x1391 IMG_20210915_211205.jpg)
dating show canceled this year
>>350367 boring ass show should be cancelled for good
>>350015 a pill hard to swallow
Was riding on a bus today (in Finland) and three elementary school girls from refugee families were talking about BTS. One of the girls essentially said BTS Jungkook said girls wearing a hijab is good! Why is this shit spreading this far?
>>349817 as a sub teacher kids def know bts and assume kpop is just that the average kid doesn't know any other groups
>>351934 I think they did fan service like that in their Saudi Arabia concert.
>>351934 i might be overreacting but to me this sounds a little alarming. had my kid getting near such ideas i know i would have pulled plug from all kpop content from their access
>>351934 >>351941 lmao this is such an overreaction. would yopu find it scary had it they been talking about one direction?
>>351942 if 1d was backing such repressive ideas then yes i would.
>>351950 stans will take literally anything their faves say and try and twist it to fit their political/religious beliefs, i highly doubt jungkook explicitly endorsed islamic dress practices lol
>>351942 kek seriously. imagine getting upset over some teenagers listening to kpop
>>349713 objectively wrong
>>351967 meant for >>349692
>>351956 I think he said that hijabis have nice eyes. It’s either him or some other member. It made Muslim army all giddy. Just typical fan service
>>351934 >>352000 i dont think any of them said that, it's probably just a fake quote that spread like the rap man "no one is born ugly" thing, he never said that
>>352031 i definitely remember seeing either an exo or bts member saying the women in dubai have beautiful eyes. it was literally just fan service/saying something nice that won't be seen as disrespectful
i think overall september has been a good month for kpop music wise, so far. lalisa is lazy and boring, but as far as i can tell that’s been the worst of it
>>352038 there's an exo interview in dubai or somewhere and an edit of them supposedly flirting with the interviewer has like 5 million views kek moids complimenting your eyes is the lowest effort ever, because who on earth has genuinely ugly eyes? no one. and it's especially pointless if they were niqabs and their eyes are pretty much the only thing showing but i get that these girls simply need something like gaypop to escape their sad reality
>>342599 that's total though. want to know korean sales kek i saw she only had 2 kblinks coming to see her
>>349914 did you forget about the burning sun scandal? that ruined bp if they were under another company, they would fucking thrive
>>352172 how did burning sun ruin them?
>>352217 nta many korean people stopped supporting all YG artists because of the scandal
>>352172 major cope it didnt affect blackpink in the slightest
>>352229 you know pann choa isnt reflective of korea right
>>352229 they still charted high though how many people boycotted them like five
(218.09 KB 480x514 image.png)
https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/09/enter-talk-but-dancers-fancams.html Dawn: 5K Hyuna: 22K Jihyang: 70K Emma: 420K oh no no no
>>351942 1d would get a much bigger backlash, convince me otherwise
>>352993 emma dance mogging
>>353001 zayn is muslim. why would he have gotten a big backlash for saying positive things about hijabis
>>352038 They were following the 'typical' image of each race/country because Arab considers big eyes is a sign of beauty. Just like Koreans consider someone with small head beautiful.
>>353314 wow saudi arabian womens heads are so small! so pretty!
>>353353 You idiot, Dubai is not in saudi arabia. Anyway, my point was it's a typical fan service they do in every country they go to. To make the fans feels special and squeeeeak 'my oppa said i am beatiful'
>>353363 Pretty much. Turns out Bts did the same after their Saudi Arabia concert. Guess refugee gal wasn’t making it up
>>353363 kek i know its just funny if they actually said that cos it's such a common korean complement but everyone else would be confused. when did dubai come in
>>353310 He got backlash for tweeting in support of Palestine years ago.
whichever nona said they should turn Lalisa into an ad, they did and it’s at 171m views and counting 1 week in. the charting is what you’d expect it to be
>1. Well, now Stüssy sales will increase.. >2. Kwon Jiyong’s actual height is 170, right? >3. Well, he’s over 30 and still stylish. I hope he releases a new song >4. Please release a new song >5. When will he release new songs?.. There aren’t any good songs to listen to these days so I listen to old songs all the time.. >6. Well, I went there a few days ago >7. When will GD make a comeback?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ >8. The clothes look weird >9. He’s so short heol comments are a mix bag of people wanting him to come back and thinking hes an uggo manlet
>>361702 doesnt jennie have her own money, why does she need to suck up to this uggo
>>361703 mesmerized like those other gooks in the comments
>>361703 shes a big fan of him you should watch her reaction vids to him
>>361703 when has having owm money stopped women from dating ugos/hags/weirdos. most popular example: amal clooney
>Groups are expected to debut by each agency in 2022 >SM NCT’s new fixed group (Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung, etc.) A rookie boy group separate from NCT (data from stock market) >JYP A new boy group (Yoon Min, Lee Gye Hun, Amaru, Keiju, Lee Dong Hyeon, etc.) A new girl group (Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sullyoon, etc.) >YG A new girl group >HYBE Big Hit’s new boy group Source Music’s new girl group A girl group from the girl version of I-LAND Pledis’ new boy group >CUBE A new boy group (Yoo Seon Ho) >YUEHUA A new boy group (Ahn Hyung Seob, Lee Eui Woong, Han Bin, etc.) >STARSHIP A new girl group (Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin)
>>352993 she is at 2m now
>>361702 kkkk weirdo uggo rich manlet, gd's bio.
>>361703 jennie lost her stacy card when she started dating gd
>>362019 didn't they decide to make nct dream a fixed unit with all the original members
I am ranting here can now i m stanning diplomates not kpop idols
>>362379 diprimates
>>362158 is she? really? thats just business
>>362379 you used to stan human puppets controlled by rich old men not related to the government, now you're stanning human puppets controlled by rich old men that's related to the government. quite similar situations.
i'd rather my money goes to the illuminati instead of gross politicians
>>362533 politicians are puppets as well
(220.67 KB 480x360 image.png)
>>365898 if the alien giraffe is on his 2nd scandal i cant even imagine the visual line rotation
>>365898 im only interested in juyeon who is he dating? had a rumor with?
Any guesses???
>>366085 this site has really sensationalist kpop items. the last ones that i can remember from them are saying that blackpink slept their way into coachella, and that sulli killed herself because she was pimped out by sm wouldnt trust it
>>366085 they're the wrong generation, but this reminds me of F.CUZ. one of the members openly discussed the abuse and sexual harassment the members faced, and he said he would reveal more but i don't know if he ever did.
>>366085 use the sasaeng thread for CDAN bullshit please
>>366085 judging by the date this was around the time a nugu group called the east light was in the news for being beaten by managers so enty probably saw the headline and made the rest up. like what >>366087 said their kpop items are unreliable and sensationalist
>>366087 almost nothing on cdan is reliable, or he's stealing from other sources. I'm a longtime gossip mongerer and while I do believe some of their western ones are right since they steal them from other forums I wouldn't trust their kpop ones. enty is a qanon pandering shill of what he used to be
yuna is still 17 and this is how they are dressing her for the upcoming cb
>>367207 sex sells and jyp does this all the time this isn't new
>>367283 you're on kpc where we criticize the worst parts of the industry, jyp sexualizing minors is one of them
>>367207 I think the idea of this outfit is cute, reminds you of a little witch in a kids tv show - if it wasn't for the gigantic cleavage. Especially for Korea this is way too raunchy.
>>367328 that's exactly how i feel too, i think the outfit is cute but the cleavage is REALLY unnecessary
>>367207 is it me or does she look like jisoo
https://youtu.be/MjCZfZfucEc what did you think of LOCO? to me its another miss, rip
>>367207 they all looked like hookers
>>366385 east light members were only abused physically and verbally not raped
>>367743 alot of people like the song but i hate it, im a bit disappointed honestly. the mv was cute tho
>>366385 >>367748 oh wait nvm ignore i didn't read what you said clearly
>>367743 the saweetie best friend clone should have been itzy's title instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oyodEkzn94
>>367846 are you the same nona whos been hyping it up in every thread? its shit too
sf9's leader came out as an anti-vaxxer kek
>>367846 i agree it's way better
>>368208 wait really? link
>>361703 pretty women always have the worst taste in scrotes
(95.81 KB 1227x742 loona.png)
not sure if I should post this in the loona thread instead but damn
>>368709 where's fatman bang and lorenzo when they're needed? or sooman!?
>>367207 Reminds me of old school hot topic
Bobby celebrates premarital baby birth with iKON members https://dailynaver.blogspot.com/2021/09/bobby-celebrates-premarital-baby-birth.html What would you do if your favs did this?
(503.82 KB 651x759 jj.png)
money troubles for everyone >>368725 preparing for i-land season 2 probably
>>368208 link girlie sf9 has a bunch of oopsies if you stop to pay attention to them
>>368709 they've been saying this for years, I remember reading about it on reddit in 2019. Blackberry creative is a subsidiary though maybe they could just transfer loona to a parent company >>368728 im keking at the title, the focus on premarital is so blunt and provincial
>>368728 i truly do not care if my fav has kids, premarital or not. they're human.
>>368725 seriously kek
>>368709 if loona disbands i’ll rope it was predictable tho their pre debut only costed 10m
can someone explain how a weapon's manufacturer can manage to go bankrupt? you'd think there was a never ending demand for that shit
>>369184 it's blockberry going bankrupt not the parent company. and since loona isn't that successful and they are facing lawsuits i wouldnt be surprised if the parent company would drop/dissolved bbc to avoid going even more in the red
>>368709 I have a feeling this isn't everything and people are freaking out too prematurely. as a longtime fan of the group they've been in the donuts lawsuit for ages so it's not like this is new. they can either get picked up by the parent company polaris or bought out by another label if bbcs truly going under
btw don't know if any of you checked netizenbuzz but it's been removed. i'm shocked
>>369304 yeah its been like four days people are speculating that she herself deleted it shes been lazy for a long time anyways other sites you can check out knetizen pann-choa netizenkore dailynaver
>>368905 Now say that again without crying. >>369304 Damn. I stil have a partial archive of their most recent articles, most of the content is probably gone forever through.
>>369323 Why would you archive that shit? A lot of her older posts, like from the first 3-4 years of the blog, were crossposted onto other sites in full with comments. The Disqus comments are still available from the time where it was added to the blog some years ago, but the Blogger comments are gone for good. >>369304 I was surprised but I’d do the same. Engagement was sinking along with the quantity of content, many of her readers didn’t like instagram translations. >>369307 I think she had someone else running it for her for a while, before she became evidently lazy about it. Her moderators have gone before too, I’d assume she was over all of it by now.
>https://www.koreaboo.com/news/this-new-girl-group-cost-4-million-dollars-to-produce-and-havent-debuted-yet/ Remember when they mediaplayed like this and everybody said this is horrible because they need to hit insanely big to be able to pay that off? Everybody was right.
>she's so crazy! I love her! you will never be able to convince me that the majority of ggstans here aren't severely underage... she looks sick. like a bloated tiny grandma, this is not what a beautiful and healthy young woman is supposed to look like. what does she plan to do in 5-10 years? still starve and turn even more wrinkly and weak?
>>369534 those shoulder bones popping out unevenly. yikes!
>>369534 at this point shes gonna faint somewhere
>>369534 this. she looked even worse when you see her in the crowd it took me a while to point her out https://twitter.com/blackpinkbabo/status/1442923148526063617
(86.50 KB 1080x1350 FAZaDDCVEAAuUBo.jpg)
>>369534 these shoulders, yuck. even kendall jenner's don't pop out like this
>>369667 jisoo mogged her at dior show
>>369534 I posted that pic in the BP thread, I'm not underage and it was just a joke, you seem like you don't have friends
>>369676 good job at convincing us..
>>369534 this post is so retarded, you're calling her bloated yet too skinny at the same time? pick one. and she has no wrinkles
(16.43 KB 446x357 unnamed.jpg)
>>369534 >she's so crazy! I love her! it's called a joke unnie but yeah she looks terrible. like casper the ghost, especially with that bobble head of hers. and i don't think blonde suits her at all actually, she should go back to red hair. also why is she always in that ponytail + tiny black dress combo it' so boring and it's not flattering at all
(50.89 KB 530x589 p1w8fr7ktxf61.jpg)
>>369534 >>she's so crazy! I love her! how do you now know this meme lmao
>>369825 they post stuff like that and then wonder why these girls have body issues in the first place
>>370101 are you lost
>>370101 preach sister
>>370115 no she's right let her speak. if you're gonna bodyshame her that's fine but don't pretend to care about health
>>369517 Which other sites?
>>369583 every video i've seen of her at the met gala and dior show has terrible posture. she's too weak to even hold her head up properly
anorexia is a mental illness. things like worrying about her health, pointing out her bones etc just fuels her if she sees them. i wish she would get help but there isn't a lot to be done in this situation
>>370186 she isnt reading ccc kek she's on instagram and knet forums where they praise her for being so thin
>>370219 i'm not saying she is just saying that even if she were to see comments like that it's not gonna make her suddenly rethink her life decisions
>>370224 nonas don't post about her being ana so that rose sees it and stops, but because dumb kids here still kiss her ass for supposedly mogging
>>369825 >she doesnt know the ana/mia bloat bless your soul innocent child. you have to be 18 to post here though.
>>370005 >also why is she always in that ponytail + tiny black dress combo it' so boring and it's not flattering at all word
>>369583 lisa even looks healthier than her
>>370306 i was mainly talking about comments coming at her from a healthy non disordered person's perspective. she's very sick and to her, her body looks good and yes her goal is to keep starving for life even through the weakness for as long as possible
>>370325 lisa has actually gotten a little thicc in the legs lately (thicc for her) i think it's because of the pole scene in her mv
>>370349 the eugenia cooney of kpop
>>370373 she still alive?
>>370373 rogenia
>>370429 kek i think so. i dont know why youtube still lets her have her channel when its clearly harmful
>>370506 everybody wonders about that. recently she started doing very sexual stuff that any normal person would get taken down for.
(249.76 KB 1639x2048 FAcNl5dVUAI9cLC.jpg)
>>369672 jisoo mogged rosé real hard. jisoo was glowing. >>369667 she has such a big face, she can't edit photographers' pics kek
(55.63 KB 720x720 E1JgVmYX0AsYuCE.jpg)
>>370525 she looks expensive. rose should go back to black hair the blonde makes her look washed out
>>370583 she must be extremely attached to the blonde cos it normally looks like piss. maybe im looking back with rose coloured glasses but she looked so beautiful in bp's first few years, its depressing seeing her now
>>370573 omo the similarity
fantagio moved into sm's old building
>>370525 right? she has that heiress vibe. rich and loaded
>>370594 if she did black hair for her met look with some pink lips she would have looked so pretty. how long has she had the blonde hair for? Some people pull off the blonde hair, pale skin combo but it doesnt suit her at all. Especially with the eyebrows too, it makes her look kind of like a molerat
>>370647 oops for the lips part i mean not thr boring pale pink lips like in the picture, but hot pink like in the ddu-du mv
>>370647 Ill even say she looks prettier than jisoo with the black hair.
she looked great with brown hair
there's pre debut pics of her looking very skinny. i think this has been an ongoing issue for years
(24.14 KB 554x554 images (3).jpeg)
>>370729 pre bones popping
rose's hair looks disgusting, dry af and over-bleached and ratty, even though most of it must be extensions anyway. she should ditch the blond for real
(74.45 KB 634x576 IMG_20200102_005310.jpg)
jennie and jisoo look so much better because they're shorter and the weight fits them better. rosé and lisa are simply too tall for that weight
>>371476 Really? I always thought Jennie's body looked compress unlike Jisoo's who has better proportions... Lisa looks good now, clearly building some muscles not just abs like every other idol, too bad her promos only lasted a couple of days Rosé is scary to look at nowadays. every time new pics like the ones at the met show up, make me believe she definitely had a bad breakup that she can't get over...
(102.04 KB 749x1202 IMG_20210505_214739.jpg)
>>371497 i think she looks good
(73.78 KB 1905x1080 jenniethighmogging.jpg)
>>371502 sa she also sometimes has thicker thighs
>>370634 whoa. SM about to snatch that Cha Eunwoo revenue
>>370647 she looked really pretty with pink and then later violet hair
>>371521 No, they're moving to SM's former hq in Gangnam
>>371528 ahh ok kek how tf dis they get so rich all of sudden though? holy shit guess i was underrating cha eunwoo earnings
>Putting BTS's diplomatic passports on display as a way of making money, only to abruptly end the exhibition because of having to return the passports earlier than expected, did they really think using the passports for profit was possible in the first place? Big Hit is making a good precedent. kekkkkk didnt take a month for them to take advtange of the situation like everyone said they would
>>371529 iirc fantagio has a lot of actors
>>371651 not a fan. sounds like random words put together
>>371651 i really dig the chorus but the verses are like >>371703 said
>>371651 I thought it was going to be so much worse, I actually really liked it and the pronunciation was good
Lisa apologized on a virtual fan meeting for wearing braids and cultural appropriation. Honestly surprising that the fan addresed this in a fan meeting and apparently Lisa extended the 1 minute video call to 6 minutes to hear her and answer https://youtu.be/d4JpbfxbLoc
>>371651 fun and forgettable. the accent isn’t that severe, and i like the autotune. gook fascination with prom will never not amuse me kek
>>371741 she seems sweet
>>371741 she shouldn't have. now twitterfags are gonna be even more insufferable
>>371529 he had tons of commercial for years already and true beauty was a massive hit, he gained like 15 million new ig followers just from that and he barely has ifans, meaning most of his fanbase are asians who actually pay for his shit instead of just streaming
>>371741 give her a goddamn break, she shouldnt be this apologetic about everything she wears
>>371741 >>371822 it was 6 minutes of her life... you are a million times more upset than she likely is. because she's a non-whiny adult who's able to react well she only profited of this because people will only like her even more now.
>>371741 1. i doubt she gets any say in the styling, so its really yg's fault 2. This isnt the first time this happened so either at this point they dont care or are doing it for publicity. Reminds me of bangchan and the bullykids situation where he brought up a jim jones issue from the past around the time of their comeback
>>371827 exactly, she doesnt care, they'll keep doing the same thing cause its more publicity for them.
>>371741 If she was gonna wear those braids they could at least have done a better job in installing it kek. It doesnt even match or look with the rest of the hairstyle
>>371858 no one in reality cares about her cultural appropriation. its not about more publicity, she's just doing what she thinks is cool. i hate twitterfags who think their internet bubble is how the world works
i wonder if the twice girls get along as well as they seem to. there is some obvious animosity between nayeon and jihyo (nayeon just keeps being passive-aggressive towards jihyo even on camera) but otherwise they seem like nice girls. it would be nice if there was some truth in their friendship.
>>371969 i dont follow twice but they've lived together for a very long time and they're in their mid 20s. plus theres 9 of them, not all of them are gonna be super close with each other. they havent imploded or had a member leave which is very impressive
>>371651 i dont understand jyp trying to push them in the us at this point of their career. they are already hard to sell given the number of members/unappealing cutesy concept. they're so far in their career + corona, feels like they are just wasting money because there wont be a big return
>>371741 that song money reminds me of another song idk if its jessie j or some nugu singer who fears in calvin harris and co songs, its just sounds very familiar and dated
>>371855 >1. i doubt she gets any say in the styling, so its really yg's fault not true she had control over styling and also uploaded multiple pictures of herself with braids on instagram
>>372049 I don't see it as a push for the US market. They do have fans in the US, they've hold concerts there, I guess it's just like a gift and something to check off the list
(274.45 KB 675x380 RoommateHenryPanties10.png)
https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/10/theqoo-henrys-weibo-post-that-made-me.html >A mixed Taiwanese + Hongkonese from Canada.. >He couldn't even speak Chinese, and he came to Korea, and went to a Chinese academy in Korea to relearn Chinese wanted to post this because he's embarrassing af but people mentioned him being a horrible creep in the comments and wtf i didn't know that?... https://www.asianjunkie.com/2015/04/12/henry-makes-jackson-show-him-the-girls-clothes-so-he-can-sniff-panties-on-roommate/ >it starts when Amber, BamBam, and Henry are led on a tour of the house by Jackson, and then Henry immediately starts digging through the drawers of the girls’ room when they enter. He then asks Jackson if he gets to see the girls’ clothes since he lives with them, which prompts Amber and BamBam to leave cause they’re weirded out...Jackson, he seems like an unwilling participant throughout most of this...Nevertheless, he ends up getting dragged along to the girls’ bathroom/dressing room, where Henry proceeds to dig through shit until he finds “things”. and then nana tells him to get out as politely as she can on tv (and still she got shat on by his fangirls)
>>372649 henry is a total weirdo
>>372649 there isn’t a single normal canadian kpop idol
>>372649 I remember when twitterfags were on his ass for pulling hwasas' arm on a year-end show a lot of videos of him being creepy resurfaced
>>372440 >a gift girl...
>>372649 he’s always looked sleazy to me so i guess this is proof i was right. most male idols are sleazy though
>>372772 Kek yes that was extremely cringy, my apologies. I guess I just meant something for the fans they have in the US, I'm sure they know their fanbase isn't exactly getting bigger
>>372708 what did mark do
>>371497 >she definitely had a bad breakup you're right
>>372649 ew creepy
>>373762 develop anon
since the original tweet was deleted does anyone know what the fuck happened with jae
(52.22 KB 1077x356 FAu8aVbVUAAYjoR.jpeg)
>>375340 he was agreeing with the og tweet (picrel) so yeah seems like he needs his meds to calm down a bit
>>375340 >>375342 seems like he's still seething over not being able to do twitch streams anymore kek
>>375340 he should meet james corden
(185.29 KB 1170x2532 FAtE25GXoAELYVf.jpg)
>>375342 people were mad at her for this tweet
>>375705 gonna be honest it's a little weird because she is 10 years older than karina but obviously ashley shouldn't be cancelled for it >>375340 i really hate jae he's such an attention whore who tries to get involved with shit
>>375340 >>375705 I like english speaking idols for obvious reasons but it also means we get to experiene their cringiness unfiltered through a translator.
chaerin from cherry bullet posing next to a statue of either mao zedong or a nazi doing a salute. more proof idols need to stay in school
>>375750 she is 10 years older but karina is 21. it's not weird at all, twitter people need to touch grass
>>376286 it's weird to call her mommy
>>376257 did they not learn from the gfriend scandal
>>376344 she said she misunderstood the context in which someone would call someone "mommy" in english
>>376257 done on purpose
>>376344 kek the people angry at her are way more degenerate than ashley could ever imagine
>>375340 he's right though? leave him alone. ccc is no different than twt stans it seems
>>376639 he's an annoying attention whore inserting himself in situations that don't involve him
>>376639 >leave him alone >no different than twt stans kek pot meet kettle
LSM is involved in a massive tax evasion scandal : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20211004000210
>>376997 10th time is a charmer!
>>376639 hi jae
Is anyone else sad netizenbuzz is gone? It was a dumb and milky shit show and provided all the dumb drama.
>>377729 i am. it was fun just for the ridiculous comments and to get a gist of the topic in the kside
>>377729 What happened
>>377729 she's posting again and updates her twitter. there are no comments on the new blog though or my browser isn't displaying them for some reason.
if she wasn't jennie from yg everybody would call her a cheap hooker
>>379280 or an aunty
>>379280 she looks fine in the other photos and its fashion week, what do you expect her to wear
it's insane that her stans still deny her pedobaiting when her shooped pics look easily 10-15 years younger than her actual self >>379281
>>379287 its hard to call out pedobaiting in kpop since its such a big part of it. when iu referenced it in twenty-three she ended up being the one accused of pedobaiting
>>379287 >>379280 ? she looks the same age in both one is just edited to make her skin lighter and lips bigger
>>379287 somi too, some of her pics are a bit questionable
i understand the practical reasons why companies debut idols so young but in terms of boy bands, has a company ever sent their trainees off to military service and then debuted them when they finished that (at age 20 or whatever)? honestly it could be an interesting idea and having a group of older men (being in your early twenties isn’t old but you get what i mean) could capture a different demographic of fans?
>>379282 something more classy, not instagram thot
>>379355 giving very child vibes
>>379403 i think almost everyone in onlyoneof was done with military when they debuted
>>379280 such an unflattering pic
>>379281 her stylist must hate her.
>>379403 yeah I'd like that but the truth is most of their korean demographic is middle and high schoolers and they relate more to younger members.
https://youtu.be/WPdWvnAAurg did we like Aespa's new song kpc? That "get me now zuzu" hook feels very NCT.
>>379447 that doesnt really matter, look at jb or 1D for example, they were in their 20s but had fans who were like 12 yr olds
>>379450 so much fucking cgi cringe
>>379451 those guys started in their teens
>>379460 oh nvm
>>379450 idk something about their choreo i hate. black mamba was really cool but next level and this one seem so lazy
>>379465 black mambas choreo is cool but it looks so painful on the knees
>>379280 is she supposed to wear a hijab now?
>>379287 nothing about this is pedobaiting. she has a round face is she supposed to shop it so it looks pointy?
>>379743 you sound like a twitterfag
>>379744 she looks like a little kid i swear some of you just choose to be blind
>>379744 so you're gonna look at this tell me its not creepy
>>379774 is she? it's a fashion show
>>379786 or this
>>379785 >eating >having your hair up only kids do this
>>379787 >fashion show yet the fit is giving fashion nova. tragic
>>379793 looks like a classic chanel outfit to me
speaking of pedobait that ice cream mv by blackpink...
>>379791 and kids are also the ones who look like somi in that pic with pigtails and food in their mouths yet somi is a grown woman
>>379796 ive seen better
>>379788 disgusting
>>379785 I've always thought this set of pic were soo disgusting, I really don't want a close up of your burguer with lipstick on, Jennie but tbh she doesn't look like a child to me, maybe I would if it was my first seeing her and I didn't know her
>>379788 >>379785 damn women can't even eat or wear hairstyles now or else they're "pedobaiting"
>>380035 shut up you know they look disgusting
>>380035 funny you're making this a "women" issue now. you must be a twitterfag
>>380035 >damn women can't even eat or wear hairstyles now or else they're "pedobaiting" they could have at least tried to make the food look more appealing? tell them to eat properly next time then. like no somi no one wants to see the white stuff in your mouth. please.
>>379302 didnt iu also call a child sexy
>>380128 in zéze
>>380094 >>380108 yeah they're eating gross but what does that have to do with kids
>>380206 >pigtails >freckles >messy eating like kids pedobait nona.
>>380219 >freckles bad bait, 3/10
>>380227 suck my ass
>>379280 Her stomach always looks bloated
>>379788 Funny how someone tells her to stop skipping meals, gets triggered and now feels like posting proof that she doesn't.
>>380108 >make the food look more appealing kek i've heard it all. they're not running a food blog. funny how gaypops never get told the same shit
>>380227 they'll claim anything is infantilizing
>>380409 im no fan of jennie either but let the girl have organs nona
>>380449 i swear everything has to be a gender war nowadays. cry about it on twitter or tik tok then im sure you'll find like minded people.
>>380451 kpop is filled with pedophilia why are you guys acting like its all new news?
>>380506 they themselves probably like the sexy little baby look
>>380447 >now feels like posting proof that she doesn't poorly executed. she isnt fooling anyone. didnt she have to get an iv shot before an interview?
>>380508 and they need help. corrupt weirdo businessmen like yg and jyp are to blame as well
>>380504 because it is. it's a huge double standard. you act like a scrote.
>>380509 exactly! and it was actually her second time on iv one for debut another for this comeback at this rate she better preforme/promote from a hospital
>>380510 >>380508 >>380506 kinda sounds like you're the pedo
>>380506 having a round head or freckles isn't infantilizing they're just traits that anyone can have. the fact that you try to turn those things into something else is a red flag.
>>380515 im not one of those nonas so nice try
>>380517 so if i asked you, your gonna look at me with a straight face and not find anything creepy about these two pics? >>379785 >>379788
(136.18 KB 962x1440 Ego-tnIU8AY3Hac.jpg large.jpg)
>>380517 > you try to turn those things into something else is a red flag >>379287 nona who said she was pedobaiting wasnt schizo and its not the first time she's done it
>>380526 i don't find them creepy. cringey if anything
>>380514 >at this rate she better preforme/promote from a hospital kek
>>380409 okay you need therapy
>>380514 she was dumb for posting her weight on instagram knowing people would react. this is why people need to stay in school. too many retards and bimbos in these groups
>>380532 ewwwww
>>380550 no wonder she's dating that old man g dragon
>>380515 ok ariana
>>380535 >>380532 what is this? child pornography? asians are all repressed pedophiles who masturbate to 12 year old looking females. every single one of their female idols look like children. it's disgusting
>SinB, Eunha, And Umji Sign With New Agency As 3-Member Group >Former Gfriend members will be starting fresh as a 3-member group hybe/somu has some sinister things going on for them to do that... really weird
>#2 on melon >this part already going vir in social media Aespas taking over 4th gen completely
>>377729 it's back. moved addresses. and its new formatting is shit
>>380757 they are kind of saving SM's reputation after the hit it took while nct was flopping
>>380757 good for them good for them
>>380698 well that was unexpected still wondering if the company pulled the plug on gfriend or if the girls just had different aspirations
(3.87 MB 1280x720 video.mp4)
if you all are going to start going after "pedobaiting" what about the braces they randomly put on barely legal huening kai lol
>>380773 nta, but i think both. sowon majored in acting an now is signed to iok company, which homes many actors. she clearly has aspirations in acting. yerin could have become the face of the group (like suzy) early in their career, she attended many variety shows individually, but the company decided to not push her that much. now she does some variety and is about to debut in a web drama. and well, yuju... idk, if she will be and ost queen or will debut as a singer
>>380823 the maknae of a group pandering to pedonoonas being made to look underage while he's 18 is obviously not his own fault meanwhile jennie's stage outfits are cool/sexy and normal for a popstar in her mid 20s while her grossly shooped ig pics aren't it's not his choice while it is hers
>>380773 yeah but it would still be weird to leave the company if enough members want to remain as a group... in the official statements they really made it to be their choice. makes you wonder what would make a person leave the richest and more influential kpop company at the moment
>>380698 i wonder how much successful they will be?
>>380682 >idols look like children kpop is primarily aimed at teenagers. your average korean adult has no interest in babyfaced jennies and felixes hobbling around on stage. we're the pedos for consuming 3rd and 4th gen groups.
>>381041 girl groups are often aimed at uncle fans. a lot of people have forgotten cos with the pandemic you cant hear the fanchants that sound like soldiers yelling
>>381041 > we're the pedos for consuming 3rd and 4th gen groups I get this if you're older than the idols you follow and they're from the sex you're attracted to
i think it’s interesting the impasse some kpop groups are finding themselves in at the moment. because promoting the idea that idols are involved in the creative process, writing their own songs and making things personal to themselves is in right now, this necessarily means that idols are having to talk about how love songs are personal to them and that they wrote them, without being open about dating. watching this old monsta x interview with zach sang was funny but also sad when they tried to dance around the dating question https://youtu.be/_a7vw-UkDI0 around the 11 minute mark
>>380823 fucking cringe
>>381041 > your average korean adult has no interest in babyfaced jennies and felixes hobbling around on stage that tik tok of felix shaking his ass says otherwise
>>381041 have you not seen twice's fans?
>>381052 she must be new to kpop
>>380823 i want to say something related to this about the txt members that i find suspect but you guys will call me a conspiracy theorist
>>381056 youre anonymous even if we call you an idiot its fine
>>381044 >>381052 the only solution is to ban creepy uncle fans from attending events and concerts. in the past, there were girl groups like nine muses, after school or sistar who had a more mature image, but they still had creepy male fans and some people would probably call them pedobait or child-looking too.
>>381059 that would literally cause south korean men to go on a woman murdering spree
>>381044 girl groups are a different game to bgs their music has gp appeal and they are subject to the male gaze. i dont remember if it was min heejin or some higher up in the industry who said something along the lines of "we always focus on teenaged girls and 20s women, the rest of the public will tag along eventually" >>381051 it tells nothing, skz is still turbonugu to the gp and koreans in their 20s dont give 2 fucks about it >>381041 >we're the pedos speak for yourself weirdo
>>381107 >speak for yourself weirdo hey, I'm not the one who started the pedo accusations. but most people who post here are over 18. if they follow young celebrities and bitch about them looking like pedobait when they're aimed at teenage girls, who are the real pedos here...
(62.87 KB 529x511 hq7329jw3o29n83272l1721.JPG)
>>381057 okay well here goes: i saw a documentary called out of shadows that was linked on instagram. crazy. shit. in it they talk about pizza gate and cia uncovered code words from podesta emails. pizza is one of them. I kinda don't want to say what it means because its disgusting, but anyways, I remembered seeing in one of hive's campaign films when it was released that txt's "what do you believe in" was 'i believe in pineapple pizza'. people thought it was super random and didn't make sense at first, including me. in the video, hue was the one who said he wanted pineapple pizza, and he's the youngest member. then i remembered their debut concept photos for dream chapter: star, and in it they all had pizza's on them. in one of the photos there is literally a pizza on top of huening kai. there are a bunch of other code food words and symbols that were detected in those emails and ever since i saw that documentary i've been noticing more and more of them that they continue to use. i could post more instances but i think you get it. and this doesn't just go for them this goes for other groups as well, and it honestly makes me sick because as much as i want to believe its a coincidence the more i'm thinking its not. and that documentary got me thinking, the general public like us who consume kpop don't really pay attention to shit like that, so if they keep using these symbols, who are they communicating to, and who are those people that know what they mean? so huening kai wearing those braces wasn't just for pedonoonas i think. like one nona said, i personally think hive's got some sinister stuff going on in there. i dont trust fatman. he has connections im sure, but to who? ill stop here.
derailing. belongs to the conspiracy thread.
you guys can call me whatever you want but this is what i noticed. pizzas had nothing to do with crown iirc.
nonas I'm now seeing yeri x hoshi dating speculation because they were both in jeju and took one or two pics at the same/similar locations as evidenced by their IG posts. he was with his parents can two idols be at the same location (at likely different times) and people not assume things? why is posting on IG around the same time considered sus? idgi
>>381193 woops sorry for getting you warned nona
netizens are underwhelmed by this unedited photo of karina. i don't think she looks that different kek but glad that some can finally see that 2ning is the top visual >[enter-talk] DID YOU GUYS SEE THE UNEDITED PICTURES OF AESPA?.. What's up with Karina 1. [+155, -69] Karina came out the most so so 2. [+139, -52] Karina's eyes look smaller in real life, and depending on the angle, her eyes look really different + lens make all the difference 3. [+115, -33] Giselle is f*cking pretty seeing it like this 4. [+64, -8] I'm seriously not bashing her, but I'm impressed at Karina's face... When I watch her fancams or her gifs, I'm always finding her f*cking f*cking pretty but when I watch her in other videos or on pictures, I don't understand why she's pretty. It's either the stage makeup or she's the type who is really videogenic? 5. [+54, -4] Aespa's visual is Ning Ning
>>381241 on one hand koreans loooove couple items/pictures/outfits you name it and celebs have been caught doing lovestagrams with taeyeon and baekhyun the prime example. on the other hand ive noticed celebs and instagram users always take pictures in the same locations and they all always go to the same places
>>381261 kek you should have told me that before then
>>381273 i really didnt know :(
>>381268 i thought knetz didnt like ningning because she's chinese
>>381268 netizens are dumb as hell
>>381286 most probably dont care unless she really does something to offend korean culture
>>381268 karina looks like a lizard they shouldn't have given her those green contacts
>>381298 i think they will forever hold her nationality against her. there is no way she will get more popular than the fully korean members
>>381337 in korea no, but in china she can be a megastar if she plays her cards right. that will grant her way more fame and money than the others
>>381356 sure but china's interest in kpop has been declining for a while now, its not like victoria's or exo-ms time. maybe if they get big like blackpink she will stand a chance
>>381394 they seem to be following blackpinks footsteps to success. if she builds up a solid fan base in china she can do well for herself when she's older
>>379787 and yet the lighting and angle of the photo is simply tragic
>>381193 could you send the link to the documentary?
https://youtu.be/1d-DdLWxD8k cliff's notes of Day6 Jae meltdown live on instagram: >says he cant handle the children trying to cancel him because he has panick disorder. considered suing this time around but was talked out of it. took his meds unironically and feels a bit better now. >"i know you guys dont want me in certain places... you guys will get what you want. i wanna make it clear that you have won this war. you've made me realize that you were right: i don't belong here. you've won. you're gonna get what you want. just give me time to make it work. just chill". >repeated multiple times that he is leaving >mentioned again the "where is stray kids?" controversy saying he got pissed he was asked this for the 1000th >said he was never the one who asked for a break: "i had it on my chest for a long time". he told them "you guys go do promotion and i'll join you as soon as i can" which he thought would be like a week but became a break and the other members supported him at the time, saying they wouldnt perform either if he wasnt joining them. Jae said "i was like damn! thats a team. i miss those days, man, we were a team". >"im not gonna lie i feel left out. I was never invited to Even of Day (...) not even for their second comeback" >"i sincerely apologize if I have not kept the image of a team that you would like. but im tired now. I have nothing left. I dont know how i can be selfish if i have nothing left". >said that whenever he was approached for some artist to feature in a track he would suggest doing it as day6. but it got to a point where he was not being invited for anything by them anymore. >"this is not a pity party or me trying to dish out at anyone else because I get it. I totally get it. I must have been a problem in the Korean scene, which I'm also very interested in who started all those problems because the timing was impeccable". >He said that a lot of the international promotions and PR for DAY6 were done due to his efforts and connections. He got them on BuzzFeed because of a friend he knew, so people should stop calling him selfish >repeated that it was shocking that he wasn't invited for the 2nd even of Day album
>>383916 >wanna make it clear that you have won this war. you've made me realize that you were right: i don't belong here. you've won. you're gonna get what you want. just give me time to make it work. just chill". >repeated multiple times that he is leaving ok this one everyone saw it coming >"this is not a pity party or me trying to dish out at anyone else because I get it. I totally get it. I must have been a problem in the Korean scene, which I'm also very interested in who started all those problems because the timing was impeccable". hopefully he will have another meltdown and spill who he thinks is his saboteur
>>383916 fuckkkk what is going on with him?? this is big, idols don’t talk like this. he’s saying he’s been left out by the group? spill more. also thanks nona for the summary
>>383916 I remember I wrote a post basically saying studioJ should let Jae giving those reasons he mentioned but sugar-coated and it got removed lul Everyone was losing their shit saying "oh man gaaad noo they are besties and really love and respect each other". Now look at the state of that live kek I hate Jae etc but he's right to be upset for some of the things that went down. Too bad he doesn't make his situation any better by doing stupid shit on Twitch, he's gotta help himself out.
>>383925 I know he isn't dishing out at anyone but everything else he says inevitably leaves to the conclusion that his members started to ignore him. Fans are trying to say this is all StudioJs fault because they can't accept that the members don't get along. Jae himself is saying "I'm sorry for shattering your illusions of a perfect team" basically
>>383928 yeah that’s what it looks like.i’m not someone who keeps up with them but even i could see they don’t get along much. can someone tell me jae gets so much hate on social media? what’s he done?
>>383930 a lot has happened so I'll just go by the main events: >roblox meme https://mobile.twitter.com/stunningselmg/status/1298704740348559365 >"where are stray kids" controversy https://mobile.twitter.com/se0chans/status/1314673758829912064 >twitch blowjob/daddy controversy https://www.koreaboo.com/news/day6-jae-apologizes-sugar-daddy-twitch-stream/ but there are many other instances, he's too impulsive and snappy to handle social media well
>>383931 thanks a lot nona. the latter two don’t seem too bad though? his reply to the idiot asking for skz was ok, like if you’re dumb enough to ask stuff like that then be prepared for a dumb answer.
>>383931 this is kinda funny tho lol
>>383934 all of them are kinda funny to me but funny in a way that im laughing at everyone involved not with them the stray kids thing was the worst because stays took it personally and they were onto him waiting for his next slip ever since. jae is kinda retarded to get so upset by these kind of questions, just scroll down, ninja. a 28 yo snapping at children being children is a bit... heol... get your shit together i think
i want jae to leave day6 so he can get on some b-list k-celeb’s podcast and dish on all of the dirt
>>383965 he will keep dishing out at day6 and jyp on twitch livestreams in his usual passive-aggressive fashion
>>383916 >says he cant handle the children trying to cancel him because he has panick disorder. took his meds unironically and feels a bit better now. wasn't he once also cancelled because he mocked mental illnesses? kek twitter ain't gonna take that well i don't know much about the group but all the others except that guy with a radio show are super lowkey and the one who's also somewhat fame always gets praised for being so mature. it's very difficult to imagine jae being the poor little victim and the others being shady queen bees.
he should just become a twitch streamer full time. do his thing as a korean singer and not care about the idol persona cos thats clearly whats fucking him up every time
>>383974 yeah there were some literal autists that took offense when he said that it's a pity some people can't speak sarcasm kekkk concerning the other members, yeah jae definetly isn't a poor little victim. he has shaded them before and they never said a peep about him. howerver i will concede that maybe it was kinda crappy of them to ghost him when he wasnt unhinged yet.
>>383983 thats 100% his plan but hes also going to sign with 88rising
>>383838 ill have to find it youtube deleted the video
mina is once again posting this time her sister has supposedly stolen her money
>>383995 if its his plan why doesnt he start doing it. at this point why does he still give a fuck about those 12 year olds
i have sympathy for the other members of day6. they were slowly gaining some popularity in sk and then jae starts becoming a wannabe streamer, saying things that are a turn off for k-fans, and alienating himself from ifans by having twitter meltdowns.
>>383949 it is kek fans deserve it sometimes
>>383961 same. he’s too impulsive and clearly cannot pander for he fans like they want him to. however, i think he retorted because it got one time too many. wish he’d just post and not reply to anyone
>>383984 how and why is it offensive lmao
>>384043 this is what i don’t get. he chose to join the korean music industry as an american and to a certain extent he should have realised what sort of role he would be expected to play in his group and the industry. i would have more respect for him if he just left to be messy with 88rising. most other kpop idols are fine and mind their business, why can’t he do the same
>>384054 understanding sarcasm is neurotypical privilege
>>381268 i don't understand?? she looks okay? what's wrong? nonas help
>>384104 she looks okay but not like a beautiful alien kek. i watched aespa's bad love reaction and honestly karina's face looks wildly different depending on the angle
>>384062 >i would have more respect for him if he just left to be messy with 88rising he doesnt have the money to do that. he would either have to pay an obscene penalty or sue them and spend a good amount with lawyers.
>>380757 the second chorus is better choreo imo, i can see it blowing up on tiktok because of the hand motions. yk i wanted to hate this group but i actually really like their concept. ugly ass clothes but i prefer if it means an interesting storyline and more than nice fashion and generic songs like blackpink's career as skelly advertising models. still a shame that sm let go of their ace trainees but at least aespa can sing. apparently they're the strongest vocal gg of the 4th gen? >>383916 giving snsd jessica vibes but milkier
>>383949 lmao what was the point of even asking that in the first place...did they expect him to pull stray kids out of a drawer or something? >>383965 when day6 ends and the attention is gone he definitely will, i'm looking forward to these english speaker idols becoming totally irrelevant for that reason.
>>384075 oh ok. for a second i thought you were being sarcadtic
>>384728 *sarcastic
aespa is the most botched/ ugly group ever and to have that come from sm...
>>384737 karina looks like a reptilian egghead she is way to overhyped. I wanna take her head and roll it like a bowling ball because its so round.
>>381268 if she gains any weight on her face its over for her. Especially the lower part since there's barely any mandible bone left.
(85.42 KB 1125x1594 IMG_20211007_161604.jpg)
so apparently despite not being able to pay their own stylists bbc might be debuting another gg
>>384737 im sorry but given the new release giselle is totally invisible to me. i see a lizard, anachan and someone who is fit to be an idol prancing around
>>384815 mess >>383916 on the same day of this live some channel uploaded a video with day6 and jae included after a long time https://youtu.be/qvR7nPc9Z0k did he do it on purpose or were people bothering him because of it?
>>384445 he's already just fucking around until his contract with jyp ends though so i dont get why he still cares so much
>>385247 he doesnt care about the group he cares about his image
>>384644 because stays are dumb
>40 million watch Lay's 30th birthday live stream >He gave his fans a series of quiz questions, 16 of which involved questions about the CCP like “when was the CCP founded” and “what does the CCP logo stand for?” aw uri propaganda minister oppar if he ever pulls a kris the government would likely protect him
>>387728 not even the most redneck confederate flag waving people would do this
>>387731 lol yes they would and they do. americans do pledge of alliance everyday in schools and in the south we have many worse protofascist traditions
>>387728 yaaasss lay working to keep kpop alive in china
>>387728 the fact that I used to like this man at all shames me every male idol i seldom like turns out to be a pos
>>388542 > muh protofacism
>>388589 >doesnt know how to sage >sages in ccc kekk lurk more nufag
>>388589 rednecks furthering the raging brainlet stereotype... sad!
>>388542 >kanye west quizzing his teenboy fans on trivia about donald trump while celebrating his 50th bday on ig live
>>388589 A+ for effort
>>387728 he's so weird and looks 50+ years old when he's only like 30
>>384840 I don't even understand point of her being in the group. She barely has any presence imo. It's still so weird to me that SM got rid of most of their trainees, yet the remaining ones barely have any star power.
>>390801 i think she has a lot of presence in savage. she can actually rap pretty well. plus none of the trainees that left fit aespa's concept
>>390801 shes there because of nepotism, but she does have trilingual abilities going for her as a nepotism idol i guess
>>390801 this is the answer: >>390815 her knowing 3 languages is a big pro for the group. >the remaining ones barely have any star power disagree. i can see karina ning be the jennie and lisa of bp i feel like ning will be very big in the future
>>390814 nah its purely nepotism. shes a visual hole, her movements are awkward, clearly her rap is average af and any trainee couldve passed for that
>>390815 her Japanese is crap according to the Japanese, and she struggles a lot with Korean. that's why she hardly ever speaks. she's no 'la füge genius as her stans want to make her out to be.
>>390943 i wouldn't say she's a visual hole, she's on the same level as winter and ningning
>>390859 >i feel like ning will be very big in the future Well, she's the only one that gives off the impression of having had proper training(ning)
>>390979 how can a half-japanese person who went to school in japan suck at japanese?
>>391002 She went to international school. engrish is the only language she's fluent in
>>390979 just checked it out and it's not crap but it's not good either. she's intermediate at best and can't read in it but she can handle basic stuff
>>390988 makes sense, wasn't she there the longest?
I don't mind Giselle on the group, she can sing (wish they showcased that rather than her rapping) and seems nice and chill, but I really can't see her as an idol. It's like she doesn't belong, she just looks and acts like a regular girl and is way more relatable (even if she actually isn't) than the other girls. Wonder what happened inside her that she ditched her friends and comfortable, rich life in Japan to go to Korea, train for 9 months and debut in a k-pop group under a contract for 7 years. It's like very random, very wattpad kek
>>391571 yeah she’s the only one who was an SMrookie, she’s been there since she was really young. kind of amazing she seems so normal, really
>>391728 i truly agree with you in that she looks like she doesn't belong there. aespa is like three idols with a regular degular chick who doesn't really bring anything to the table. i think the only reason she chose to go down the kapper route is that she literally had no other spot to fill. she's the weakest voice, dancer and performer in her group and her visual is lacking and feels out of place compared to the other three. she looks the least plastic, but also the most mediocre. not everyone can rap, but she really thought that liking kendrick lamarr and knowing english was all she needed to kick it off, but the truth is that she has no real talent to build upon. i wonder how different the way aespa is percieved in regards to overall talent may had been had her spot gone to a deserving trainee. that's what makes me the most iffy about her, that she's there just doing nothing because of her background at the cost of people who actually worked their asses off and did have real contributions to make.
>>391728 rich people wanting to be celebrities isnt something new and they are always the ones who end up making it too.
>>391749 I agree she doesn't look plastic, but her pre debut pics still haunt me her doc really did a great job
>>391749 this sounds like projecting kek
>>391749 >i wonder how different the way aespa is percieved in regards to overall talent may had been had her spot gone to a deserving trainee something about how this is worded is ticking me off didn't the other sm rookie girlies leave long before aespa was finalized? and the only place i've seen disparaging aespa for their "overall talent" has been ccc
>>391837 if giselle didnt have the gyopo position (ik she isnt a gyopo but she has the vibe) the girlies here wouldnt hate her so much. its a form of anti-self-insert kek they're jealous
>>391749 imo the reason people perceive Aespa's talent that way is just because they aren't a fan of their song style and they rarely sing live. I don't really mind her and her being an english speaker does make me like her more ngl. it is kinda annoying seeing her skill level when SM gave her some backstory about how she managed to get through the "super hard to pass Saturday auditions" only to find out she probably got in through connections but I feel like a lot of those SM audition stories are made up anyways. it's obvious she has a lot less training time than the other members but I think she can improve with time.
>>391821 anons here just idolize ningning and so they feel like they have to get personally insulted that a member who hardly trained debut in aespa and who can potentially overshadow 2ning because she's Korean. who cares if 2ning spent years training. she's good but, she's no better than the rest of aespa. the whole point of these girls aren't their talents, they're literally just avatars who can dance and sing a little. it's their concept and producers who hard carry them, not them themselves
>they're literally just avatars who can dance and sing a little. it's their concept and producers who hard carry them, not them themselves literally all of kpop
>>392007 i dont see why they're so mad as if most of the sm girls that were cut arent probably richfags themselves. i just dont get the hate against giselle specifically, she has the least amount of parts and the worst outfits. and she's actually more charismatic than the others cos she makes facial expressions during performances. 2ning still looks scared during performances
giselle is obviously the “variety” member. she’s the sunny of aespa
>>392047 >>392237 giselle was the member i noticed first after the alien when i watched aespa videos. 2ning is very pretty but she doesn't have the presence that giselle has. all the members are perfect for their concept and no one overshadows anyone else
the member of aespa who's the most useless is winter. she's unnoticeable
>>392237 i dont think any of them are variety members kek but i liked them on weekly idol enough
there are no useless members in aespa, they all add something to the group even if you dont like it
>>392040 exactly my point. so it doesn't matter how much any of them trained as long as they trained long enough to perform well. and even if 2ning trained for years she's still not the best at what she does
>>392268 winter adds nothing. i didn't notice her or remember her. she's the member who is replaceable with anyone else
>>392273 she's their korean power vocalist. she's very necessary
>>391749 agreed
>>392268 agreed, only having 4 members is a good thing sometimes
>>391728 i wonder the same for sunghoon of enpipen. he was a good figure skater, had fans i feel like compared to idol life, figure skating is much better but at least compared to aeri he has idol material... he can dance, is handsome etc same thing for taeil idk what exactly made them change their lives like this
>>392596 figure skating has an even shorter shelf life than idoldom. and im sure its more physically demanding
>>392550 true and in aespa case having 3 members would have been a better choice
>>392237 sunny is a good comparison considering the nepotism
>>392647 i'm sorry sm rejected you when you auditioned but you need to let it go
>>392596 he obviously was a shit figure skater to begin with i dont know why you are thinking he had any olympian potential
>>392596 >tell me you are underaged without telling me you are underaged
>>392775 this. korea doesn't have the best men's figure skating but sunghoon was still in the bottom half in terms of talent.
wow. koreans wanting to become Kpop idols because it can be easy money if you succeed. i wonder why all these people who would have to lead gruesome, dull, hardworking lives to succeed eventually chose a career path that is easier and straight to success
>>393497 We are talking about rich people, like Giselle, that could be treated as queen/kings and afford to comfortably pursue any education or profession, choosing (on their late teens and with a whole life resolved, not even when younger) to go to a profession known for the lack of privacy, independence, autonomy and the constant objectification and harrasment. Clearly they want fame and fans and value that, but it's still baffling to me that with all those options and the opportunity of a way easier and relaxed life, they chose to be k-pop idols. Also Giselle doesn't even seem like she liked k-pop beforehand, she was your average ABG
>>393632 she’s young and got a golden ticket straight to fame because of her aunt. she’s already used to being rich but being famous and worshipped by millions is another thing. she would’ve never worked for givenchy or whatever deal she’s gonna get in the future otherwise. to me those are lame things to sacrifice your privacy and young adult life for but if you’re vain and got the oppurtinity that easily why not? this is less nonsensical than trainees wasting their teen years dancing and starving themselves to maybe debut in a group that has a 98% chance to flop anyway.
>on their late teens >with a whole life resolved what
>>393650 Yeah it's true she had the secure opportunity right there >>393677 I meant that she had her "whole life resolved" as in, she can do whatever she wants because she has money, she doesn't have to worry about it
>>393632 she liked BP and Nct. agreed on everything else
>>392775 >>393370 bitch he was still popular because of the visuals. he might have been decent but he had fame for the visuals. and i didn't say that i wanted him to stay as a figure skater because he could participate to the olympics i'm talking in general >better be a figure skater than an idol.
>>394910 you cant be a professional figure skater if you suck no matter how good looking you are. idol is the perfect job if you suck at your initial thing but you're hot.
>>394910 you really got duped into believing idols practice 30 hours per day if you think its easier to be a professional athlete
>>394910 money and fame seems like a pretty good motivator. an opportunity to be under hybe and get an idol career with that kind of backing and potential cash doesnt arrive to everyone
>>394910 are you dumb. as others have said the shelf life of a pro athlete is even shorter than idoldom. if you are a shitty barely pro athlete that shelf life is even shorter. so idk which futures and possibilities you were seeing for him in ice skating because he clearly didn't have anything kek at least he was more aware of that than yourself and jumped to another industry where he can make more out of his mediocrity
(100.30 KB 480x270 image (2).png)
>[enter-talk] THE BIG4'S SALES FIGURE REVEALED 1. [+718, -50] To be honest, it's not that other HYBE groups aren't selling, but it's true that without BTS, HYBE wouldn't even be on that graph 2. [+458, -37] Bangtan are literally the breadwinners 3. [+314, -24] If not for Bangtan HYBE wouldn't even be on the graph. It's thanks to Bangtan's huge success that they were even able to afford a new building and it's thanks to the money that Bangtan earned that the other idols from the company even auditioned for their company and people are investing in them. How can anyone confidently say that any other HYBE groups aren't benefiting from Bangtan? We are all aware that your biases are earnng money, but honestly, if you want anyone to invest in your business, it's not with your bias' level of recognition that this is achieved. It's a fact that no matter how much your bias earn, HYBE would've still been in the negatives if not for Bangtan. Just face the truth 4. [+133, -2] I was wondering what those weird spurts on HYBE graph was, and I realized that every time Bangtan comes back, it shoots up 5. [+125, -310] Bangtan being the breadwinners is bullsh*tㅋㅋㅋ Do you think other HYBE idols can't earn anything ㅋㅋ
>>398654 gotta love the korean hybe fan infighting
(149.63 KB 1079x1312 FBvluR7VcAQ7V2H.jpeg)
CJENM advances...
https://dailynaver.blogspot.com/2021/10/alleged-photo-of-bts-using-iphone-while.html Are these even Ratmies? It's saying that the primary demographic reached is men in their 40s?! That aside, is anyone else spooked by how Koreans unironically demand loyalty to these for profit entities?
>>399929 its not about demanding loyalty its about being paid millions of dollars to do something as simple as use a certain phone and not even being able to do that. its so stupid how celebs need the status symbol of an iphone so bad they cant bring themselves to use the latest version of the 2nd biggest smartphone brand in the world. poor babies
>>399929 eehh. this criticism is warranted. if they are under an exclusivity agreement it's unprofessional to say the least jisoo's case on the other hand was more in the vein you're speaking of. i wouldnt say that reaction is for any for profit, samsung is a special "national treasure" case
>>398826 is there any major change people think CJ would do if they got the shares, or does it seem like they would keep things mostly as they are
what happened to her
>>401052 1. you should probably revive the ps thread for this 2. looks most likely to be overdone bridge fillers sitting on top her nose to get that weirdly broad shape
seeing aespa’s success really makes me think about itzy ngl. why didn’t any of their songs hit even close to their debut dalla dalla? not even wannabe got close. and aespa are already outselling them.
>>401061 theres still ultimately a nebulous unknown quality to trying to find what will catch on with people with chance involved. some strike it better than others. i would say something about how itzy's titles started to feel more bare bones after wannabe but im not going to uphold the korean gp as a consistent judge of quality considering the kinds of songs that caught on with them over the years
>>401061 did dalla dalla even had an impact tho? I feel like people over hyped their debut only for being the new jyp girl group after twice
>>401061 i loved dalla dalla but all their other title tracks are just not as good. theyre catchy but theyre not as pleasant to listen to
>>401067 dalla dalla did very well. it charted for a long time
>>401061 wannabe did very good, not shy did okay but still good for them. after that everything went downhill
the songs havent been as good and i think people got tired of their concept. dalla dalla was a big loud statement, people liked it, they got it right the first time, and everything else has just been variations on that with diminishing returns (except wannabe imo, but it was more of the same). it feels like they don't have much more to show
>>401052 why did she think it was okay to post this? she looks horrible yeah but she is not the first idol who become obsessed with fillers
>>401202 i dont follow itzy but it could have just been a staff who runs the social media account
you cant do much with itzy non existent vocal abilities they dont even have one good main vocal a really weak team vocally dont know what was jyp thinking
>>401205 it really is odd that there isn't a single member with a more normal singing voice
>>401061 SM really won here with the weird concept, karina looking like a real life AI, very catchy lyrics, very simple point choreo, but most of all the vocals with a classic SM sound. everybody saying ningning sounds like bad and winter like yoo youngjin. nostalgia fags can get into it, israelites can get into it. There are one or two songs on their EP that I think sound very much like stuff ITZY would release actually but the production isn't as jarring they have much more pleasant voices to listen to imo so they won.
>>401215 karina is memorable, she stands out immediately with aespa's concept. someone doesnt have to like how she looks personally to recognize how her look and the whole AI concept were made for each other. i can see why teens would be heavily drawn towards aespa's mvs compared to other 4th gen ggs
i’m wondering how itzy is going to do when that new jypgg is gonna debut. the girls presented are way prettier, seem like good performers with both vocal and dancing abilities and they’re new. itzy’s probably not gonna be shelved but i hope they don’t drop the ball on them and will try something different with them for a change. dancing is their strong suit, they could try something original and technically impressive instead of tiktok dances.
(194.42 KB 841x777 120838.jpg)
>Twice called out by fans for collaborating with skin whitening brand
>>401313 as they should. of all the skincare brands out there they didn't have to choose the one with whitening in their name. choose the one with brightening in the name instead
>>401313 Why are they getting such shitty brand deals lately compared to itzy and even skz
>>401316 it’s a little funny seeing itzy get things like maybelline and twice get stuck with things like this kek but this is jyps fault, no higher tier brand is going to work with 9 girls, jyp barely lets them do solo endorsements and because they took so long why hire one of the twice girls when you can go for blackpink or arin from omg or a popular actress
>>401313 even if you take away the skin whitening aspect, which is wrong of course, it's embarrassing how the "nations girl group" have to collab with some flop unknown foreign skincare line while rookies are collabing with luxury brands
this was discussed in the bts thread but it’s amazing to me that taehyung hasn’t been torn to shreds for this response to his chaebeol dating rumour. any female idol, hell probably most male idols would not be able to get away with saying something like this in response to a dating rumour. i guess bts really are untouchable
>>401360 i know nothing about this brand but if its big in indonesia which has a population of 280 million then they would have paid a lot for twice to endorse them
one google search tells me that song joongki is also modelling for them atm why is nobody cancelling him
>>401385 do you think ifans give a shit about song joongki
>>401385 different audience and song joonki isn't currently trying to break it in the united states where skin bleaching products are illegal
>>401215 sm staff is being really annoying pushing all this real life AI thing with karina.. doesn't she look like any other gangnam unnie? sm's pr team is daebak
>>401472 name someone in the industry that looks like her. gangnam unnies are like brave girls, karina is super plastic but she's striking and memorable
>>401473 she's a mix of yeoreum and gowon if they were plastic. i doubt anyone would give her a second look if she were from a nugu company
>>401473 leave my brave girls out of this
>>401511 i feel bad for them that they couldnt afford a better surgeon while they were nugus
>>401480 people also love her body too. it's full package.
>>401473 nah ulzzang gangnam unnies look the exact same. her case is just a little more tasteful and less uncanny value
>>401052 looking like a damn avatar
>>401360 they stopped being the ngg a looong time ago anyway
>>401719 Her body is terrible one of the longest torsos in kpop fridge waist weirdly short arms
>>402053 when will mods finally start banning scrotes from this website...
>>402097 that is not a scrote unfortunately its a girl who was probably on PULL bitching about jennie
>>402097 disagrees with you must be a scrote lol not everyone finds botched Karina attractive deal with it
wonho dumb bitch flashed his testicles on vlive. i’m so sick of scrotes like he definitely did this on purpose. kind of hope he gets attacked by netizens like what sulli had to go through but maybe he’s too nugu for that
>>404583 who else zoomed in
>>404583 kek if it hadn't been pointed out i wouldn't have even noticed this is nothing
>>404583 >like what sulli had to go through kek chill
>>401473 she looks like a more plastic taeyeon or yeoreum
>>404583 He totally did that shit on purpose. He saw them album sales and had to come up with something quick.
>>401371 most artists just say stfu to their haters but he threatened to... kill them?
>>404613 respect the hustle karen
>>404615 Literally what hustle? He just flashed his tiny nuts for free.
>>404583 yeah that was definetly on purpose. sometimes i wonder how far some of these idols are willing to go for attention
>>404614 based tbh ngl
>>400208 >>400210 Did you even open the link? They're defending BTS.
>>404666 did you read what the anon wrote under the link
>>404614 thats why you dont trigger autists
>>404616 thats what i keep saying. he showed his tiny dick and balls on live.
>>404617 they became idols and didnt quit as trainees. they will do anything for attention and fame.
hyunjins aotm was so dissapointing.
>>404693 right? i feel like it had the potential to be good but he wasn’t giving it his all. like it felt like he was holding something back and wasn’t entirely confident in himself and his body
>>404705 i think his insecurity really affected the quality of the performance :(
studio choom choreographers need to be fired
>>404717 wooyoung, yeji, and chaeryoung's aotm are the only good one's. the rest suck ass
>>404723 >yeji that's a funny way to spell juyeon
>>404717 i think the artist chooses who hes gonna work with? its on their company to pay for the choreography i think. Iirc juyeon worked with mohawk, who traditionally works with SM >>404751 kek yes
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>>404666 >>404670 >>404611 word >>404616 hes showing for free to ensure customer loyalty and bait newcomers. he will monetize off it 100% its juat osnt as direct
>>404752 this whole time i was blaming studio choom for the awful choreo but it's actually the idol's fault
>>404754 yeah dont quote me on that but im almost positive that choom is only responsible for the filming and lighting. I think the concept is decided by the idols company and they foot that bill: clothes, choreo, make-up. At least i got those vibes watching vlogs... it's kinda similar to the arrangement companies had with mnet for rtk and kingdom
>>404583 it's surprising he didn't do this sooner
>>405070 if his solo music doesn’t take off he can make an onlyfans. shit but porn is illegal in korea
>>404583 lmao i thought we're just joking about him one day doing nudes but seems that he's really the type to go that far
can't believe even here we have bullying sexist oppa apologists
>>404681 the only guy who i can say is packing is shownu in monsta x
>>404670 What about it?
>>401371 >love yourself >unless you don't love me, then you can go die in a ditch lol
Mingyu leaving svt?
>>406159 All 13 signed again so not happening
>>406159 svt seems like a quiet group but whenever theres contentious rumors related to them they involves mingyu...
(5.28 MB 640x360 040659.mp4)
no vocal coach steps foot in hybe
>>406419 wow they are so yone deaf. who are these exactly?
>>406421 nta but enhypen
>>406419 biggest company in korea still cant afford a good vocal coach
>>406451 they can afford some of the best coaches around if they wanted to, they consciously know it's not really needed for the group to sell
>>406159 why what happened this time?>>406452 they could afford an english translator too since they're pushing their groups in the west but still they won't do it. they just don't like to spend
>>406419 honestly only like 2 of them are completely tone deaf. the rest are fine, i've definitely heard worse encores
>>406477 with the amount of money hybe has, they can do better in training these kids
>>406419 meh you can tell a few of them have a nice voice but that song is just really not their tone. reminds me of jinyoung and jb when they covered yeppeoseo by day6 on a radio show and it sounded like total shit (https://youtu.be/VhcSqcUX58A) even though they sound decently good live usually. why hybe is giving them those songs is beyond me.
>>406419 meh ive heard worse (txt)
>Concerning his freedom, he added that he is from now on going to be authentically himself. He will no longer put anything he says through a filter just to appease others. >"For the first time in my life, I get to be like real Jae. You know what I mean? So that’s like no more … PG, Disney Channel filter bullshit, just like actual Jae, so I’m very, very excited and happy about that." day6 contract expiration is supposed to be in 2022 but it seems like jyp is releasing jae beforehand
>>406477 this song is not challenging vocally in the slightest though and yet they are clearly struggling specially in the few parts that require any ability
>>406159 good riddance
>>407044 i hope they did he only brings bad press to the group and its not like he makes any difference sales wise so just let him run back to murica
>>407030 leave them alone reeee
>>406419 jay sounds pretty good, this is his era i think (from an outside perspective). jake sounds like shit, weren't they "singing" earlier in the day before the encore? why does he sound like he just woke up out of bed
>>407045 kek this theres pretty comfortable range and they sound like shit during the weakass falsetto part
>>407169 shit same jake's voice is nice in the studio version but when he sings live or even when he's just talking he sounds like he's breathless and wants to cough
quick question. why do nonas here dislike jae? He hasn't exactly done anything bad right?
>>407517 he’s more annoying than he has any right to be
>>407517 he's annoying, childish, snobbish and shady towards his group members
(455.43 KB 1476x2047 FCTwS4lUUAQdHOv.jpeg)
The most recent season of Produce (rebranded by Mnet as Girls Planet 999) has finished today. >Name of the group: Kep1er Kek >9 members: 6 K, 2 J, 1 C >Final line-up highlights >Center: Kim Chaehyun She is a former SM trainee. Mnet really tried making the jellyfish trainee the center giving her many hours of screentime. >Huening Bahiyyih TXT Huening Kai sister who basically is his photocopy. She barely had any screentime but ranked #2 in the end >Choi Yujin The CLC girl did it. She ranked #3 >Shen Xiaoting This Chinese girl ranked #1 for half of the show but fell off because Mnet switched to one-pick vote. She is the only Chinese girl left out of 4 who were really popular.
>>407586 people are complaining about the lineup but I think it's okay. I'm glad my picks made it but the lack of attention this show got this group will probably do badly. I hope they do something like wjsn's space concept
>>407586 with all due respect this group is visual hole-ish, bless the Chinese girlie for giving them something
>>407587 yeah by the show's ratings this group will do as well as fromis 9... so not well
i feel like thats said about every produce season and then they end up being hits
>>407593 Yeah but at the end of the day (1) this isnt officially produce (2) its after the produce scandal and (3) had worse ratings than any produce season and maybe Idol School (have to check that). So I wouldnt use Produce's groups as a standard at all. Of course that with all CJENM money and power they can do well if they release bangers.
>>407586 >>Huening Bahiyyih TXT Huening Kai sister who basically is his photocopy. She barely had any screentime but ranked #2 in the end literally how? she's garbage
>>407702 she should have just joined to be part of hybe's iland girl group instead of this
>>407742 who knows if they would've accepted her? and even she had gone another show people would still complain cause she'd still be kai's brother
>>407586 the fuck does kep1er mean?
>>407748 >who knows if they would've accepted her? im pretty sure hybe would have
>>407748 >>407742 im just saying she should have because... idk i have a feeling this group won't do well in the long run, like it will end up like iz*one. if she joined hybe's iland girl group they would more of a chance of success i guess because its from a more prestigious company
>>407702 because she's hue's sister that's the only reason this show got some recognition in the first place
>>407755 >more prestigious company are you retarded. CJ ENM is the biggest entertainment company in South Korea. It's SKs Disney >won't do well in the long run, like it will end up like iz*one ????? Iz*One did extremely well until the end of their contract. You know produce groups are supposed to be temporary right?
>>407759 oh really kek nvm then clearly i dont follow iz*one so i didn't know that
>>407767 kek refreshing when someone stands corrected
>>407588 right? her medusa styling was fucking great
>>406419 based on the responses i thought they would be worse. i watched the other encore too. it’s clear some of them can’t sing, they seem to have 2 who are the main singers and the rest are okay or shit. they’re like a male twice, down to the jap main dancer being the worst singer. but i still think they didn’t do that bad
>>407586 cn girl is gorgeous, what's the overall group talent looking like? is it at least izone tier? also bahiyyih is so clapped
>>407981 among the 18 finalists there were only 2 main vocal material and none made it... sooo... the girls overall are around clc yujin's level so yeah i'd say they're iz*one tier
>>407586 kang ye seo has a terrible voice wtf how did she make it
>>407988 honestly she was a highlight. she has that child actor thing going on and has stage presence
>>407586 this group has no visuals whatsoever
>>407991 the chinese girl looks good on camera https://youtu.be/4sUu-iDxWhY
can any of those girls sing anyways
>>407987 except most izones are pretty
>>408145 idk about that and they have 3 more members to help with the cheerleader effect
>>408145 >most izones are pretty >most hahahahahaha look at this retard and laugh
>>408168 pls point me to keplers wonyoung
>>408182 nta but you said most of izone is pretty which is completely different from 1 izone girl mogging everybody else kek
(46.38 KB 541x567 images (12).jpeg)
>>408189 i only know a couple izone members and except that ugly itzy sisters they're all cute, meanwhile in that new group everybody is uggo
>>408196 you don't really know izone then
>>408200 enough to see that not all of them are hideous
>>408202 kek i remember that. those were just jealous ratmies
>>408205 still miles away from your initial statement kek
>>408206 fuck wrong thread ignore
>>408209 it's not that deep sis
>>408213 you can just stand corrected nothing wrong with that
>>408215 naw, more than half of them are cute, that alreay makes them miles above kepler
>>408182 >wonyoung *doughboy
>>408224 dont be autistic
why is the name keplers. it sounds so unattractive
>>408161 >>408168 >>408193 >>408223 >>408224 did i miss something? did they ever do anything?
>>408196 >except that ugly itzy sisters they're all cute >all >izone not even lasik can help you
bahiyyih getting second lowkey pisses me off. she cant sing or dance. i bet hybe has something to do with it
>>408233 no i agree with anon the members were pretty except one
usually this thread is slow af, why got one small comment calling a gg pretty so many so triggered within less than 3 minutes
>>408235 KEK this post giving threadpics vibes. Bahiyyih is signed to PlayM, formerly Cube
>>408244 >KEK this post giving threadpics vibes yay you got my joke lol
>>408237 from that picture alone of the 47 izone roasties there are like 3 notably pretty/cute ones. how did you blind people learn to navigate an imageboard
>>408250 how often will you reuse your blind jokes?
>>408228 her face is pretty but also weird looking to me. like if i punched it it my face would go right through because of how doughy it looks
>>408240 must protect Kepler's honor
>>408254 >face *hand
>>408232 Iz*one has always been divisive and they were never seen as a good-looking group
so why is it called kepler. sounds like heifer to me
>>408255 this is not twitter no1currs for that group moroni you just had one bad opinion no one agrees with
>>408253 if you looked you would see i've only mentioned your absence of sight one time. we get it, it's congenital
bahiyyih looks like a used spoon guinn myah should have taken her spot
>>408264 some samefag obviously cares a lot about izone getting one tiny compliment
>Huening Bahiyyih ranked No. 1 in votes across 115 countries around the world shit if I were third cousin to a hybe bg member I'd audition for one of those survival shows fr
>>408281 she can thank moa's for that. if she wasn't hue's sister she would have been eliminated since the beginning of the show
>>408264 >handful of posters saying either izone ugly or izone is pretty >you just had one bad opinion no one agrees with what are you even talking about
kepler will be up against jyp's upcoming gg and hybe iland's upcoming gg so... good luck to them
>>408281 yeah she's the unpretty untalented sis of the most unpopular member of an unsuccessful group who happens to be in the same company as bts, and nevertheless won that's an insane amount of privilege anybody associated with hybe has, big 3 has turned into big 1
>>408287 nah if you backread its just one person discussing with the other three
>>408289 the way jyp is tanking with itzy i wouldnt be too worried about squ4d
(42.33 KB 750x392 hybe.JPG)
>>408293 i can feel it
>>408293 its literally not fair. she's probably gonna get even more hate for that though
>>408301 fuck of bigshitter
>>408300 >squ4d >kep1er what in retardation is up with these names
>>408293 come on txt is not unsuccessful kek they are successful exclusively due to bts but still... those hybe fans are getting them sales
imo iz*one songs kind of sucked ngl
>>408224 are you from btsg? just some days ago someone was calling her a dough face there. you are very nitpicky considering the visual state of bts.
>>408309 i dont expect them to stay a group for long. if they last through the whole 7 years id be surprised
>>408311 yes i am from btsg but i wasnt the one discussing bustedboys visuals, you might mistake me for another anon. i was just there when you guys were discussing how she looks like doughboy and i agree
>>408310 i don't know about much else but their japanese singles were fucking garbage. they had worse releases than twice's jpn discog
>>408311 taehyung and jin aren't that bad looking
>>408300 itzy used to be really popular in the beginning before their songs all started sounding the same every comeback
>>408317 agree
>>408319 nta but people who stan a group with genuinely overweight members have no business calling a skinny underage girl doughy, she will lose her babyfat cheeks once she's an adult
>>408316 ok so your opinion is invalid
>>408323 nothing wrong with cheeks. it's an autistic nitpick through and through
>>408299 the one that kept backtracking? kek >>408320 i know they fell off the charts but did their sales go down too?
>>408323 > genuinely overweight members kek
>>408323 no she wont her cheeks are what keeps her from looking anachan. she'll keep them filled in i bet
pretty sure half of bts are actually autistic
>>402053 >fridge waist that's ning ning and giselle not karina
>>408332 and that's a good thing
>>408332 fat and autistic. finally army can call that representation
>>408309 the enhypen kiddies are already catching up to them. for a group that debuted directly after bts they're unsuccessful
>>408319 jin is literally the definition of doughface
i think people are being delusional by "blaming" bahiyyih's 2nd place on moas, they are notoriously lacking when it comes to their own group in the easiest shit, i don't think they would endure the crashing hell that is the universe app solely to satisfy someone's little sister
>>408385 that's fatman's fault and being inconsistent with their concept. plus the members can't sing for absolute shit
>>408404 no they would huefags especially
>>408404 its more than moas it's hybeshitters. and who wastes their time on voting for shit if not these crazy and mostly underaged fans? anyways, this is easily verifiable information, just type her name on twitter and you'll see most people supporting her are bts/txt/enpipen fans
>>408235 it's less hybe the company and more just the association with the txt dude/moas. actually more surprised they didn't just put her into one of their own ggs
>>408473 that's why i was saying she should have just waited and joined iland
>>407742 that gg is already nepotism central. one of the enhypen's dude's sister is rumored to be a contestant along with jungkook's cousin
>>408476 they said she wasn't representing play m when she went into the show, weird that suddenly shes under contract there
>>408479 perfect for bahiyyih to join then kek
yeah it would kind of force their existing fans to support the gg in a way building their brand
>>401052 she kind of looks like she smells
>>407702 they edited her to look bad. that show is basura.
>>408440 isn't he the least popular member? >>408479 she's with play m and iland is supposed to be only trainees with no agency
>>409346 she's still garbage
>>408308 did someone just learned twitter censoring system and thought cool we will name groups like that
>>409357 she earned her place
>>409472 kek why am i not surprised
>>409472 and this is the one that speaks english
>>409519 yes, the one who speaks english more fluently than both her korean and japanese kek
>>409357 she's doing something with her life. she's using the opportunities given to her to do something. good for her. good for her for trying when she didn't have to. she's pretty, talented, and seems like a nice girl. what is it to you if she debuts or not. how sad is your life that you spend a part of it hating on a girl who doesn't deserve any of the hate people are throwing at her. did she kill your dog or cat? no. she's probably aware of all the things everyone is saying about her and it most likely hurts. grow up and get a life and stop hating on a child.
>>409641 lol what the fuck are you even talking about what kind of twitterfag ass post
>>409641 cope twitterfag, this girl would be bottom 100 if her brother wasn't halfway famous
>>409774 what a crime.
>>409774 halfway famous kekk
the twitterfaggotry here REEKS
>>409913 why. because some anon said that it was stupid to bitch about a girl who's trying to succeed.
>>409909 do you feel better now?
>>409784 when there are other girls who are more talented, charismatic, or prettier compared to her and didn't make it into the group? yes. this is kpop, you gotta have something to show for it, and what does she have? her brother's fandom being sea teens with too little homework and too much time on their hands. are you even planning on following kepler or bahiyyih?
>>409472 didnt horse teeth from enpipen do the same thing
>>409641 calm down bahiyyih
>>409641 calm down huening kai
ah yes, kpop. the industry of meritocracy
>this is kpop, you gotta have something to show for it LMAO
>>409965 beauty and tallness are "something" btw
the wasian privilege certain kpop idols have is so funny to me. it makes international fans mad as hell
>>409988 her only wasian privilege is having both asians and whites (and blacks and everybody else) mercilessly ripping into her
regarding the izone girlies, wonyoung, minju and eunbi are beautiful. hyewon has had a very obvious eye job which makes her look uncanny and yujin seems to be lightly on the down spectrum, but otherwise they're pretty. yena is cute. yuri and chaewon are rather plain. but chaeyeon + the three japanese girls are unfortunate looking
>>408479 >enhypen's dude's sister whose sister? where tf did you hear this
(580.28 KB 1064x1669 20211024_115506.jpg)
(542.54 KB 600x600 jk cousin.jpg)
>>410574 and this is supposedly jk's cousin who is also rumored for iland2
>>410209 nako is cute
think noze from swf ever dated an idol?
>>410574 her nose... she's definitely going to be nose twins with her brother by the time she debuts
>>407749 >>408263 >The Kepler space telescope was a space telescope launched by NASA to discover Earth-size planets orbiting other stars. Named after astronomer Johannes Kepler.
>>410763 i don’t know who else she has danced for apart from kai and shinee and i don’t see any of them dating her but who knows, she’s very pretty idols have prob tried
>>410574 >>410576 seeing how it went with gp999 i’m not gonna watch that show. there’s nothing satisfying with girls getting ahead in a competition because of nepotism when you have total nugus against them who are probably more talented/pretty but are now fighting for the spots left. if one of them is related to a bts member it’s a guaranteed debut, that’s both unfair to the other contestants and unsatisfying as a viewer because there’s no surprise or sense of accomplishment.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHz7G3VDnKM from youtube comments >For those who are not aware, based on insider info, JYPE will be debuting three rookie groups (a rock band, a girl group and a boy group) at the end of 2021 to 2022, much like how they debuted GOT7, DAY6 and TWICE so close to each other. It's speculated that the first to debut is the rock band. interesting... fly high day6 and twice
>>410574 now another member's sister is rumored... makes me think is all fake
>>410763 yes def
>>409988 what privilege do you mean? >>410778 in germany there are schools named after johannes kepler. imagine being german and stanning a group called kepler.
>>411636 who this time?
>>411394 true. they might not even be true tho and just fans over speculating as bahiyyih was also originally thought to be apart of iland2. guess we'll see what happens next year
>>411846 garden kek. they even posted the pics of the girl
>>409988 because westerners shit on wasians. get money bitches.
>>412538 knets kind of do to though. somi gets hate sometimes
>>412545 yeah i remember them saying that she looks old literally back then when the pics of her hs graduation came out
>>412589 yup and one knet called her ugly because she was "half-breed"
>>412538 >westerners bahiyyihi ranked no. 1 in 115 countries. I'm sure some of those countries are in the west. clearly shows it doesn't matter what underaged twitterfags say about her, most western fans don't mind or even embrace mixed idols.
speaking of wasian prejudice... >National petition made to oppose to Huening Bahiyyih’s debut in Kep1er i feel so bad for her. shes getting a disproportionate amount of hate
i think bahiyyih sucks and is only in because of moas but the campaigns against her are getting out of control
didnt like bahiyyih that much in the beginning but she isnt bad to an extent that she should be getting or something? clearly the girl is trying her best and is above average. but idk why she seems scared a little almost everywhere
>>413323 this is sad. poor girl. must be awful to debut and find out that you're the most hated member without actually having done anything for the group.


no cookies?