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(61.58 KB 720x720 IMG_20210906_172711.jpg)
stray kids general #5 Anonymous 09/08/2021 (Wed) 23:56:33 No. 339017
virgo edition
first for seungmin
(1009.88 KB 720x720 Q6Qt4S00hy2HnaQs.mp4)
first for felix' soft thighs
bang chan!
(477.77 KB 1536x2048 E-qiCzcVcAIFPOK.jpg)
first for victory dance
(240.71 KB 1299x2600 _sunshine_YB-E6Q1iASUYAIdNHi.jpg)
fanart spam incoming (account names in the filenames before the hyphen)
(172.81 KB 744x1052 083pie-E2ta9CIVIAArIjA.jpg)
(216.37 KB 1176x1810 083pie-E4VHVBWVcAIZ5_9.jpg)
(3.16 MB 4047x2866 083pie-Exg4mT9VgAIPH22.jpg)
(124.31 KB 1200x1500 chosilloo-E4ZWg3AVcAA0JSS.jpg)
(212.74 KB 1072x1106 fq9z6dn-E-BV2UcUcAE4AzP.jpg)
(317.78 KB 1150x1406 fq9z6dn-E-YKlhVVkAUdvD3.jpg)
(93.81 KB 570x1024 fulltime_skz-E9-SzMAVgAEng7k.jpg)
(170.61 KB 1074x778 goommamaster-E9EP8gyVIAEYXu9.jpg)
(1.14 MB 2633x3376 hfsmcc-E-r8ZSiWQAY_YvQ.jpg)
(859.81 KB 960x768 ghst__king.png)
(716.01 KB 623x888 KaminaryNyan-E-a0LqLX0AENRXc.png)
(182.99 KB 800x1000 LAZYPUNCH-E5tJPQDVIAIBEkF.jpg)
(782.40 KB 2048x1820 natmiau-E-drsOTWUAkt7UN.jpg)
(410.32 KB 1730x2048 o8mori-E4P_0AJUcAEsF3n.jpg)
(1.05 MB 2585x3324 o8mori-E-lQRR4UcAIqUhL.jpg)
(145.43 KB 1126x920 pear_best-E93xz6QVkAM6Hen.jpg)
(126.69 KB 828x1200 shimasakiPP-E-szwAbVcAA-1NU.jpg)
(184.07 KB 1805x1179 soresoar-E-ojL_qWYAEvbNK.jpg)
(127.37 KB 676x833 tdtdtdttt-E-H5cOYXIAUI8RW.jpg)
(383.78 KB 1100x1100 vlfcpz-E-cZKiRVcAUSMWy.jpg)
(341.84 KB 1000x1250 IMG_20210820_190837.jpg)
>>339089 i love punchy's art
(195.90 KB 720x720 OrGESTprVgX59cOe.mp4)
(180.56 KB 1024x1024 E-sRt1wVUAkadEV.jpg)
(628.43 KB 960x720 Xx_MTLN40G3mm2pf.mp4)
(35.98 KB 508x590 E-zUzFHWUAQseGn.jpg)
>>339076 >>339078 >>339086 >>339087 >>339096 so pretty. i like that a lot of fanartists draw hyunjin with long hair it's kino
was it really seungmin who started the ostracization of woojin
(271.94 KB 1080x1350 ExGaJxeVcAAG03N.jpg)
>>339334 yeah seungmin called poojin a gross scary ogre to his face every day. and because poojin couldnt do anything about it (despite them being called uggos, each skz face is worth a million to jyp so no face punches allowed) or his depression from being the ugly unpopular one he fell in with bad people who wanked his ego and they went around to stripper clubs or whorehouses, whichever one it was. he then sent one or two of his fansites to go stalk poojin and get photo proof. poojin getting kicked was probably one of the best things to ever happen to seungmin. you will never meet a seungmin fan who doesnt rejoice in their heart that he was cut
(258.57 KB 840x692 E-sqBB9VEAQ_vlY.mp4)
(344.33 KB 1280x1280 E-0xmx1VcAQ0Gyi.jpg)
>>339374 the bbokari are mobilizing. stay safe
(568.70 KB 720x720 vvg2jpHjCKbZOKuz.mp4)
the dedication
(436.73 KB 1536x2048 E-1pyYhVUAovRVl.jpg)
(208.05 KB 1280x1565 E-1pzBPVUAogXpe.jpg)
(403.49 KB 1676x2048 IMG_20210909_083656.jpg)
(369.08 KB 540x540 esORKNBmhxR-QJpg.mp4)
>hyunjin: noona! >rhino: what, me noona? heart fluttered
(3.11 MB 2756x2052 E-11m2ZUYAIJt0R.jpg)
Stray Kids JAPAN 2nd Single 『Scars / ソリクン -Japanese ver.-』 2021.10.13 詳細はこちら https://straykidsjapan.com/scars/ 1. Scars 2. ソリクン -Japanese ver.- 3. CALL 4. My Pace -Japanese ver.- (Bonus Track)
(4.33 MB 2618x1950 E-11oERVcAY8v1y.jpg)
(2.86 MB 2756x2053 E-11pDMUcAIGl6E.jpg)
(4.14 MB 3322x3294 E-14e0ZVgAsdQvF.jpg)
(2.63 MB 2779x2756 E-14f_fVkA44fmo.jpg)
(54.79 KB 1080x360 E-15FJmXMAIHpya.jpg)
(110.85 KB 638x620 screencap1.jpg)
(43.85 KB 575x280 screencap2.jpg)
(4.53 MB 720x1280 5arPrm8UmlffoL9m.mp4)
(468.07 KB 1021x1612 E-3nr4HXEAILN2s.jpg)
(1.16 MB 540x540 PqkPpoehfiAD_h2m.mp4)
(1.21 MB 640x360 kZ-k6nDWfoM64QJD.mp4)
>>339474 i wonder what the tt for this japanese cb be like? the teasers seem edgier than noeasy's. so maybe it'll have a more serious tone >>340757 i enjoyed skz and btob interactions during kingdom, cute
>>340803 Im such a sucker for hyunho's interactions
(875.88 KB 720x720 IMG_3166.MP4)
rhino is so pretty with winged eyeliner. chan should draw on his nails again
(563.91 KB 720x720 IMG_3169.MP4)
felix with a ponytail omo
(460.20 KB 576x360 J3lvfAkNJ_IPEjpe.mp4)
>>341295 love it when they annoy each other. or even when just kekeke-ing with each other >>341321 >>341323 ay que lindo
(162.76 KB 828x1357 E-6YAlKWQAAThgW.jpeg)
why you sad why you mad
(432.86 KB 1536x2048 E-T9V90VcAAJa9l.jpeg)
>>341339 yas auntie >>341342 yas chaddy
i'm usually not that into skz's ballady/sadboy songs but sorry i love you is soulful i like it they're also very pretty in the music video
(4.70 MB 406x720 IMG_3183.MP4)
>>341332 i need a stage adlib compilation. i think it was rhino who said “beep beep” kek the mayfly encore was so cute too >>341345 based. it doesn’t have the same groove to it, but you might like another day too https://youtu.be/NlX5i9oZN1I
(93.23 KB 960x1200 E-6Te5mVIAMdPeJ.jpg)
>>341345 same, didnt think id care about it but i like it more than i thought
(889.09 KB 1280x1372 E-6oRHNUYAguOnh.jpg)
(939.81 KB 1280x1378 E-6oRHOVcAIABwA.jpg)
jeongin is adorableeee
(291.15 KB 1440x1800 E-11JrfUUAsWIHE.jpg)
(129.23 KB E-62WSuUUAIU3wx.jpeg)
>>341388 the mv is so good, i love the editing on it. now i can rest peacefully. chan get the piercings and tats already please
>>341394 i like that part the most editing wise, the masking is so satisfying
hanji spits,
(125.80 KB 1236x1007 E-63ca0VUAMyT_s.jpg)
(238.08 KB 1536x1492 E-63IrDVUAUArJK.jpg)
(412.38 KB 3840x2160 E-6y4WCVgAUHg0o.jpg)
>>341400 he’s always cooking >>341403 >>341404 cute
bros are minchan balding
>>341420 for rhino premature balding + wide forehead for chan i’d guess it’s inevitable falling out from all the damage of dying and bleaching and straightening
hanniesis made it to the cheese mv!!
(158.47 KB 1366x1364 EwSWp2GUYAI1Gqh.jpg)
>>341420 rhino's always had some 5head and it comes out magnified in selfies so its hard to tell for sure but hair transplants exist for a reason
rhino forehead in a selfie long time ago
(190.72 KB 1100x1716 EoPxIjoW8AIsZtG.jpg)
rhino forehead with a further away camera late 2020
(132.26 KB 960x1200 E-XNCOcVEAcpRfU.jpg)
rhino forehead recent
photos that clearly show his temples and parietal ridge are where it’s most noticeable but he almost always has them covered up in some way. he tends to wear hair shading powder too. he’s a good candidate for minimal use of plugs. if his hairline ever seems to change in the future along the sides, we will know why
(50.69 KB 917x517 E45BWgGUYAApTDI.jpg)
>>341441 minchan's hairlines hwaiting! hope they dont end up with one of those really oddly square shaped hairlines though
>>341433 cute jeongho
(103.97 KB E-63-05VEAwu7hp.jpeg)
mi esposa es una reina del drama otra vez
(34.43 KB 563x563 E-61gbqVEAcH_MG.jpg)
>>341447 es precioso
changjin please drive safe
(918.84 KB lQax91iR4LCICmDJ.mp4)
(259.08 KB -n3L3BAZgB3EPrmN.mp4)
(146.86 KB 1080x1080 E-7Oz0EXMCMxUsl.jpg)
>>341550 his hole is made to be conquered (by me)
(127.31 KB 818x1024 E-7M4vwWYAIqdgG.jpg)
rubbing bang chan's ab for some good luck
i am pleasantly surprised skz and btob said they've interacted a lot behind the scenes. wonder who else they hang out with lol
>>341396 who are in this pic
(291.21 KB 536x536 LbYhVuBARxa4MNDE.mp4)
freaking cute funky little lee know
(3.27 MB 480x480 LQonmBTUbxVBtxiM.mp4)
(456.75 KB 640x360 BC7et7HANezf59Q2.mp4)
>>342232 iirc skz tall manager, fatbin, seungmin
(1.00 MB 800x800 E-_T0UoUcAU8Noh.mp4)
(3.19 MB 3143x1945 E-_g42qVQAg2W5x.jpg)
(3.75 MB 4032x2268 E-_g42rUcAAuolF.jpg)
they teased felix with blue hair but it never appeared anywhere outside of pictures so far...
(74.63 KB E-_zRAOXsAYWW3a.jpg)
(84.63 KB E-_zRAPXsAMaPbu.jpg)
(79.45 KB E-_zRATXsAAX9G-.jpg)
(75.57 KB E-_zSAHWUAIghcG.jpg)
(230.53 KB 750x500 E-6CdjTVkAEm-rJ.mp4)
>>342782 ive been wondering when those outfits from that 3rd photoshoot would appear but they disappeared i guess...
(294.49 KB 1210x1080 E-oBRIXWYAEN5rJ.jpg)
(115.55 KB 600x600 E_AQIpRUYAkVNJJ.mp4)
(810.00 KB 700x700 E-_ewUWUcAEQQCb.mp4)
(118.15 KB 768x1024 E_ArC6AVkAUxjg9.jpg)
so much selfie spam for this outfit
(159.20 KB 960x1200 E-_oMcAVEAQjKGY.jpg)
(172.73 KB 960x1200 E-_n_Y3UcAYUKfj.jpg)
are rhino and jungwoo fucking
(391.53 KB 1920x1920 Eb117ydUMAAZwZZ.jpg)
3racha come fuck
(71.69 KB EelVRzgWAAMUh-V.jpg)
(854.96 KB 700x580 E_Aq9piVQAcswWt.mp4)
(252.89 KB 1364x2048 EDeervwVUAINpzt.jpg)
(598.32 KB 2048x1152 E_Eh5HsVQAMOln0.jpeg)
(582.12 KB 2048x1152 E_Eh7a7VEAEtxiv.jpeg)
(811.13 KB 720x720 duKJ8XHMQEtjE_JX.mp4)
rhino slaps fatbins ass on national tv
it's hard to pick a favorite in noeasy. domino, cheese, ssick, star lost, silent cry are all good
i want skz music to get even noisier in the future
(1.39 MB 1272x720 5A3iBXEK5MyezrmF.mp4)
>>343974 ikr, several are so satisfying to listen to. especially during a run
(559.44 KB 720x500 E_E87iXUcAIGXaj.mp4)
(548.64 KB 900x900 E_F4FRQUUAEejUd.mp4)
(613.90 KB 700x700 E_FisNUVgAM18IO.mp4)
(1.02 MB 800x640 E_FAOmuUUAMYjiw.mp4)
(4.39 MB 320x568 nzLiv3Og9XT_LrKS.mp4)
(4.29 MB 320x574 tKSNPg_UM_Ellv60.mp4)
>>345504 >>345505 >>345508 omo i think they pulled off this vampire concept nicely, kino
(90.77 KB 1136x1136 E_J9lgzVIAULtVr.jpg)
(28.29 KB 538x538 E_J9mmUVgAgLXEc.jpg)
(84.23 KB 2048x1152 E_KTtIYX0AQ9_4E.jpeg)
>>345969 made for ___
(263.86 KB 1638x2048 E_KTEicWYAIQFP5.jpeg)
(29.65 KB 614x599 E_KVL9nUYAEPbXx.jpeg)
(22.12 KB 947x594 E_KVL9lUYAA4EC5.jpeg)
(53.00 KB 849x1080 E_KT18QVEAIWfQc.jpeg)
(56.44 KB 916x1080 E_KT2U9VkAIhDIh.jpeg)
(62.10 KB 800x1080 E_KT2hWVkAIEe-M.jpeg)
(86.33 KB 2048x1152 E_KW6LnVIAU8VfM.jpeg)
(66.14 KB 1312x738 E_KVfALWYAEW8tG.jpeg)
(74.23 KB 1420x798 E_KVfrQWEAAXRGT.jpeg)
(70.23 KB 1340x754 E_KVfOUWUAQQbmd.jpeg)
(66.42 KB 1308x736 E_KVfdpWEAA2tDg.jpeg)
(89.95 KB 833x1024 E_KW6XfWQAMjrD0.jpeg)
(110.26 KB 1124x1676 E_KTqOHVIAERut7.jpeg)
>>346036 screaming and whining and throwing up and flinging money at her and dropping to my knees and
(225.19 KB 1536x2048 E_Kkrf9XMAEeM9j.jpeg)
(62.93 KB 1126x610 E_KUYfWVUAQ6BPV.jpeg)
they need to drop the dance practice
>>346017 the sex is fucking fire
(508.40 KB 900x900 E_I8WTSVgAA_60W.mp4)
chan >our HONEY hannie~ >HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! >i hope you have a very very happy day today and that you eat lots of good food. if there's anything you want just tell me! (han river-view house not allowed) rhino >Hi~ Jisung~ >You’re 22! Time really flies >How has it already been 22 years since you were born >You gotta live for 100 more years so let’s get along well fatbin >hi honey happy bday! you're the cutest when you're tired that i want to tease you, please continue being cute >thanks for being born, an all rounder quokka who's good at everything hyunjin >hi han, this is your friend hyunjin. thank you for always making me laugh, and if we ever go back to that bbq place, i shall pay then. congratulations on your birthday and spend it happily, dude. felix >hana(1)~2~3♡! happy birthdayㅋㅋㅋㅋ friend, member & brother who has been with me for so long! you've become a great and valuable friend in my life and made good memories together with me, and whenever you need us, i'll be a helpful friend! love you brother. seungmin >hey quokka~~ I think we were always together on your birthday.. Ah of course it's in a good meaningㅎㅎ work harder on rapping, and let's work harder on singing together I often feel relieved that you are here. Thank you hbd~! jeongin >our han hyung, happy birthday >you’re always trying to give me kisses (FUNNY.) >you think I’ll give you a kiss for your birthday right? >I’ll never do that ㅋㅋㅋ The birthday present is me ㅎㅎㅎ
happy birthday jisung i love you quokka
(327.11 KB E_KuPZEVUAQsVDZ.jpeg)
literally just some guy
(331.13 KB E_KuPZKVEAIr6-R.jpeg)
(152.85 KB 652x918 y_unloc-E_LRB4pVUAA58ue.jpg)
happy bday to squirrel
(322.32 KB 1945x1924 svfaldnjkm-E_LHtXMVcAo--P5.jpg)
(267.15 KB 2048x1534 otoooo_3046-E_LKyKdUUAQ5vfw.jpg)
(101.06 KB 720x897 E_LnL1XXEAYKdBo.jpg)
>>346590 he looks like he loiters around the local 7-11 to vape or smoke weed with his bum friends all day
(247.86 KB 1200x877 E_LJbRrVIAkdwEc.jpg)
(296.82 KB 2048x1364 E_HznNIVkAUKyco.jpg)
(4.03 MB 3500x1968 asmirny169-E-9FRH1XMAQlKOh.jpg)
(36.44 KB 650x279 sc.jpg)
zelda williams (voice of kuvira from legend of korra) mentioned felix
>>348057 he’s going to be making voice dubbing tiktoks now plz
(267.12 KB 1280x1280 E_OwADTUUAcU3Q2.jpg)
more of hyunstacy's paintings
>>348125 i like the background
rhinos bubble updates keep me going
>>348313 Bang Chan [210914] "hi" (6:21 pm) “I’ve always wondered..” (6:25 pm) see you in 12 hours
bang chan is into edging
(400.16 KB 1346x1624 E_PQZlYVcAA7X1-.jpeg)
bowling alley carpet sweater 2nd appearance
(371.24 KB 1346x1624 E_PQZlWUcAApxiY.jpeg)
>>348359 dont make him sound appealing in that way >>348394 this one is so cute
210914 Bang Chan 7:38PM >"Why is Seungmin so adorable? Haha" based
(2.47 MB 406x720 IMG_3854.MP4)
hanji square >>348428 cute
felix loml happy 21st birthday
(3.71 MB 600x600 E_i8YLUgLd.gif)
chan >Hey Bruv! >It's your special day today so make sure you enjoy it and have a good one! Hope you get alot of pressies and the love you deserve on your special day~ >Happy Birthday Mate! rhino >Hello Lee Felix Yongbok-ssi, sincerely congratulations on your birthday and I hope your future will be filled with flower paths only fatbin >haengbok-ah happy birthday >today you should live up to your nickname! you gotta spend your day happily, but of course you'll be happy if hyung is by your side ㅎㅎ >our fairy bbok-ah let's stay together for a long, long time (forever~) hyunjin >Hi Yongbok, this is Hyunjin. Yongbok, who acts like a fairy because he looks like a fairy, your warmth sometimes warms my cold heart. I'm happy to be lucky enough to have been born and met a friend like you. thank you and have a happy birthday <3 han >Yongbok! Happy birthday! >As a hyung, I’m very happy that it’s now my dongsaeng’s birthday! >Eat whatever~~ you want to eat and if you need anything, just say it & hyung will FLEX! and give it to you seungmin >Hey yongbok~! it's nice to spend birthday with me every year right?? it's shown from your expression if you like it even though you don't say it :) I'll sing you the fluffy song on your birthdayㅋㅋ hehe happy birthday~! jeongin >lucky dragon yongbok! happy birthday! make a cake for me to celebrate your birthday ㅎㅎ since it's your birthday, i'll enjoy it for you ㅎㅎㅎ let's see each other for a long time
the stray kids bubble experience >chan *wolf emoji* *smirking demon emoji* "hmm" [2:34 pm] "got a question... haha" [7:59 pm] "ever tried boiled eggs with chocolate?" [4:24 am] >rhino "honey" "what are you doing?" "??????" "tell me exactly what you've been doing" "did you eat?" "??????????" "?????" "?" "?" "have dinner" "i just ordered some kimchi fried rice" *posts blurry selfie with doodles* "wanna see the whole thing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" >fatbin *comes back after going missing for 2 weeks* "so, hyunjin..." >hyunjin *posts his art* "do you like it? *fire emoji* *exclamation point with a heart emoji*" "mosquitoes keep biting me...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ" "did you eat? i've had 4 iced americanos today." "peppermint chocolate chip frappucino" >hannie "i am but a quokka" "stays... i love you... i love you so much..." "i'm so happy... you made me confident ㅠㅠㅠ" "i cried watching this cartoon..." "i cried a lot watching this movie..." >felix "our y/n... *stickers*" "did you see our latest performance? hope it gives you a lot of joy and healing." "i haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning and feel like i'm about to faint." "anyway, forget about me. you're important." "check out this song by imagine dragons..." >seungmin *posts at 9:22* "seungmin o'clock!" "i recommend this korean ballad..." "thank you so much y/n ㅠㅠㅠ" "we're backstage, i'm drinking some omija tea" >in "make sure to eat your meals today!!" "the weather is cold today" "it's raining" "i like rain" "everyone, put on your coats" "stay warm"
(4.81 MB 1930x2894 IMG_20210914_140157.jpg)
(4.18 MB 1930x2894 IMG_20210914_140159.jpg)
(4.31 MB 1930x2894 IMG_20210914_140201.jpg)
>>348888 you forgot open-ended vauge and concerning felix question ie: “do you like me?” “what do you think of me?” “do i make you happy?”
(71.20 KB 763x540 E_RkOYmVUAUEiSl.jpeg)
(125.97 KB 705x1024 E_RskMsXsAUb37J.jpeg)
(79.82 KB 1031x684 E_RrCUOXEAY-iPC.jpeg)
(81.55 KB 746x1024 E_RskPYWQAUcqx9.jpeg)
(100.08 KB 748x1024 E_RskOIWUAY2y1K.jpeg)
(354.10 KB 1263x1400 hfnyumnyum-E_QR7jzWEAY1Y4T.jpg)
happy bday to felix
(164.10 KB 1075x781 Hwa_h00-E_QXBsGUcAAnbrD.jpg)
(353.32 KB 1806x2048 BiLibok_-E_P88FXXMAIXa6J.jpg)
(270.55 KB 1204x1191 baesin_sahyeong-E_QWBZwUcAUkgYD.jpg)
i love felix
(587.63 KB 640x360 NHTHu8z20rv6Mcps.mp4)
thank you message from felix
(117.27 KB 720x674 E_RsLeyXsAMZ9WP.jpg)
>Stray Kids will be on the November AND December issue of CanCam magazine! For the November issue they will be in Units and December issue focus on individual members!
>>349495 >that itself just gives me strength to live another day >………… >…fullest >to the fullest reeee youngbokkie we love you take care of yourself estupido
hyunjin painted the flower pic felix took with him and gave it to lix as a birthday present https://twitter.com/hyunIixloop/status/1438002704308002821?s=20
(261.46 KB 1365x2048 E-xhFghVEBAGMc_.jpg)
some stays are mad at div1 for not promoting and protecting skz well. i also agree that they should've shown more effort in promoting skz especially in sk after their kingdom win and the way they set up the thunderous trailers was incompetent but besides that the "they cant protect them against rumors" talking point is dumb imo
(31.71 KB 522x522 E9muZR9WEAEZ-kw.jpg)
>>349621 itd be nice to see them on more shows (with good hosts) but eh, the company invested a lot into kingdom and the content of the comeback, and the group is pretty much set for their careers. especially if their jap fanbase keeps increasing. it just feels like nitpicking
(108.42 KB 816x1020 E_TuvOdXsAcf0zQ.jpeg)
rhino posts felix
(148.04 KB 1080x1349 E_TvA8SXsAUeEqB.jpeg)
(26.81 KB 677x296 E_UdUfmUcAIrlyq.jpeg)
>Lastly, Stray Kids Lee Know ranked fourth place. His presence alone is stunning but his visual is truly unique that it will take you longer to stare at him - appreciating every feature of his face. >Meanwhile, the full and detailed list of "Visual King" and "Visual Queen" will be released in the October Issue of Forbes Korea. https://starbiz.net/k-pop/forbes-korea-selects-top-visual-queen-and-king-of-the-k-pop-industry/amp?__twitter_impression=true when i saw this i thought it was some kind of fake article prank thing?
(1.27 MB 592x1280 IMG_3924.MP4)
i fucking love him >>349716 kek this is so retarded. but good for rhino
>>349716 rhino is finally getting more attention its good
(186.79 KB E_UXfLxUcAQSgdm.jpeg)
lix's older sister posted these, cute
(209.87 KB E_UXfYgVcAIJ3lV.jpeg)
(311.26 KB E_UXfqKVcAEuN3Q.jpeg)
(103.28 KB E_UXf1fVUAkkXch.jpeg)
>>349719 >>349720 >>349721 >>349722 freaking cute, and a good looking family
(121.02 KB 1208x1089 E_UqE7nUYAMtpQn.jpeg)
surfin sounds like an anime opening to me
(383.66 KB E_Sczn4VgAA8QGL.jpeg)
(361.55 KB E_Scz-AVEAIqq9o.jpeg)
(365.44 KB E_Sc0SDUcAE99-H.jpeg)
(509.77 KB E_Sc0sCVkAEBMK9.jpeg)
(966.63 KB insdn38cs-UAET61.mp4)
felix accidentally blows a candle while talking
stacy’s gift we could see in >>348125? >>349757 cute
gone away next
(4.41 MB 1930x2894 IMG_20210915_094624.jpg)
(2.01 MB 1930x2894 IMG_20210915_094627.jpg)
(2.18 MB 2894x1930 IMG_20210915_094634.jpg)
(4.25 MB 420x420 ezgif-2-104ee1fbea69.gif)
wish my brain sperged less about how rhino is beautiful
(883.01 KB 2047x1296 E_Bej-0VIAIE3Cl-1.jpeg)
(642.04 KB 1446x2048 E_Bej9oUcAIgXFF-1.jpeg)
(238.74 KB 700x700 E-68qPcVgAwgwES.mp4)
(84.31 KB 675x900 E_OI1UVVEAAjEWW.jpg)
etro dance video is delayed to the 17th
(167.01 KB E_VXIpnVgA0AIx6.jpeg)
(126.01 KB E_VXJPPUYAIrfLA.jpeg)
>>349962 >>349963 he sent her a box of his things? waaaah sweet boy
>>350169 i think he left this note for his mom when he first left australia? i'm not sure
>>350708 ahh that makes more sense kekkek
(67.34 KB 955x578 E_Pg4tWXIAYhf74.jpeg)
i love them so much bros
i hate dst sometimes
(919.47 KB 720x720 IMG_3946.MP4)
>>350708 it is hehe
>>351139 why kek
>>351151 i do like my fellow skzfags but some of the other roasties have a twitterfag-like vitriol towards skz and they keep falseflagging as stays, it's cringe
(67.49 KB 1024x576 E_PfpFnVQAA1HLq.jpeg)
>>351167 they're probably butthurt twitterfags
>>351167 it's the same couple people who get triggered by the mention of stray kids lol. just keep posting whatever you want
>>351181 >>351195 what's their problem though
>>351203 idk most people who hate skz don't actually hate them for their scandals or a legit reason. they're usually just fans of other bgs who feel threatened for no reason and they get into pissing contests with stays on twitter so they start to resent skz
>>351214 the 30 something k retweet thing was so dumb
>>351222 chan's seen it i don't think he really gave too much of a fuck though kek
>>351222 it wasn't even over anything crazy, the op was about thunderous' rank lowering by 1 iirc. imagine getting that happy over an inconvenience that insignificant
>>351224 he cares to an extent and he's still terminally online but he must've gotten used to getting shit online indeed
>>351167 they do it for all the zzz groups, it just takes turns
>>351224 >>351239 he probably cares otherwise why would he feel the need to address shit like this so frequently but i don't think it gets under his skin as much anymore. if he really lurks that much a lot of this can't be surprising. they get overwhelmingly more positive comments whatsoever
>>351253 i need to suck him dry
do the others lurk
>>351264 chanlix do look up what's being said about them a lot jisung is also terminally online but i feel like he doesn't lurk mentions of himself as much? i don't think fatbin, rhino and hyunjin care too much
>>351269 wtf does fatbin do in his free time
>>351272 eat workout make music be neurotypical
>>351272 pump and dump twinks
>>351279 he wishes
>>351283 doesn't wish, does
>>351293 ...coming to terms
>>351293 kekkkkk jokes aside though i believe he gets mad hole
>>351304 nah he falls for twinks out of his league, simps, gets rejected and repeats it over again
>>351310 he is a very confident man, he can't possibly be incel-y
(310.33 KB 2048x1538 E-CVecyVkAI0dol.jpeg)
>>351341 i am a simp
>>351360 shame about the person on the pic
(330.72 KB E-cyFg-WYAEQqN1.jpeg)
i love him
(346.62 KB E-cyFhKWUAU7YH4.jpeg)
>>351368 yeah, wish we were able to see her better...
(445.27 KB E-TukIxVcBs14oW.jpeg)
(127.07 KB E-rbbJ2UYAAsniu.jpeg)
(130.33 KB E-rbbW0UcAQJ4Zw.jpeg)
(113.98 KB E-rfnPCUYAEQl-N.jpeg)
(187.44 KB E-rfnPFUcAAKMqP.jpeg)
>>351382 i want to bite his biceps
>>351412 SPOILER IT
(155.44 KB E-RJClPWQAMIGk6.jpeg)
(133.78 KB E-RJDSgWUAItpQK.jpeg)
(109.19 KB E-2RpWmVIA4lHFL.jpeg)
(685.86 KB E-MTP8OXIAI8KuS.jpeg)
mi esposas
>>351424 tan bonita
>>351417 >>351419 >>351422 she's beautiful
it is september 15 what the hell are you talking about “i have to go fall asleep to christmas music”
>>351449 kek he recently sent a lot of voice messages about how winter makes him feel warm and he's happy that it's coming
when hyunjin mentioned oranda snacks i looked it up and watched mukbang of it i look up all foods they talk about on bubble down bad
(395.80 KB E_Pv7K1VEAYEvnE.jpeg)
>>351492 i look forward to rhino bubble updates everyday...
(392.74 KB 800x798 E-6yQZlUcAMXu0p.mp4)
>>351511 feeling eyelash envy rn
(241.60 KB 900x600 E9sYPJTVEAAJlVD.mp4)
(845.08 KB 480x360 S-hpBl7u6hIiKpcv.mp4)
(5.34 MB 480x570 S4Ut6eh0WU7wRgay.mp4)
(1.66 MB 640x360 CNsLNb8BATssJvN3.mp4)
(474.26 KB 720x720 AlfMRxfs1KAYq_4x.mp4)
(4.74 MB 540x540 J__yIcMOiokzPIgq.mp4)
(210.72 KB 508x360 e5ATdwXFZHS2BT-9.mp4)
(199.38 KB 630x456 ay3d4D446Q6IajNT.mp4)
(236.82 KB 612x360 iUbRA01zLa9jcCKp.mp4)
(428.26 KB 480x360 A6k-UuC-4CgkRKtm.mp4)
(402.96 KB 540x540 YkxkxVxBbo9TPq0L.mp4)
(306.96 KB 2048x1320 E_O2vYeVUAI3hEE.jpg)
(416.78 KB 2048x1364 E_O2wcLVEAIq0Vl.jpg)
(305.42 KB 2048x1364 E_O2wabVIAEBjDT.jpg)
>>351775 another assault.... he must be stopped
(307.33 KB 2048x1323 E_O2wU2VcAUzFwv.jpg)
(157.25 KB 540x540 V_CY76X_g6CvkE5a.mp4)
>>351792 good luck, hes determined
(2.45 MB 350x280 ezgif-3-0c5ed6b9949f.gif)
(61.76 KB 750x500 E98f2KzVEAI6q8A.jpg)
(323.67 KB 2048x1024 E_Vjd-_VIAQSEiB.jpg)
(3.69 MB 540x540 kTuj9n2NP6z0YoDF.mp4)
loving our gay producer's mv work so far hope he sticks around
i am convinced chadbin is bisexual. the lyrics he writes... that man swings both ways for sure.
>>351958 he's a gay leaning bichad
>>351860 my train has arrived,
(33.10 KB 473x1024 E78zA98UcAYYvLq.jpeg)
>>351940 me too, hes done well and they seem to have a good work relationship
minlix together is so cute aesthetically, i understand and sympathize with that higher effort fanartist named deadcolor or any fanartist who likes minlix
>>351958 what lyrics give you that impression?
(469.16 KB 1366x2048 E_Z6gNqVcAMUJr7.jpeg)
(507.11 KB 2048x1366 E_Z6h7PVcAAWCzn.jpeg)
>>352032 idk man rhino is too tsundere
(89.55 KB 1078x1080 E_Wfw_mXsAIdB-W.jpeg)
(86.86 KB 1078x1080 E_Wfw-EWUAMAw7z.jpeg)
>>352486 goddamn stacy looks so uggo and manly here
changbin is a faggot
>>352577 we know
changjin cute minlix cute hyunsung cute aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
>>352393 rhino is nice to felix, their interactions are cute. and im mostly talking about how they look together
(177.61 KB 1080x1323 E_cnEDrUcAMKa59.jpg)
(157.40 KB 1080x1327 E_cnES9VQAMsTUJ.jpg)
(207.64 KB 1080x1327 E_cnE-KUYAYkU6W.jpg)
(191.65 KB 1080x1324 E_cnFOxVcAoi_sX.jpg)
(98.17 KB 1080x1080 E_cnF7wVcAcsRAp.jpg)
(132.63 KB 1080x1080 E_cnGJiUcAAZZhu.jpg)
(153.25 KB 1080x1080 E_cnGW4VQAQp7fB.jpg)
(213.43 KB 700x650 E_ar-mxVEAMEcSU.mp4)
(298.09 KB 700x700 E_asS59UUAY2rCv.mp4)
(381.17 KB 1000x974 E_awAntUYAUCp4R.mp4)
(628.77 KB 900x574 E_axSy6VgAErhUm.mp4)
(507.81 KB 1934x2048 E_dh3r8UUAoqwRi.jpg)
(899.33 KB 3694x3000 E_didjtVQAIDNfg.jpg)
(429.41 KB 1565x2048 E_diLMXUYAIVb6W.jpg)
(238.52 KB 1274x2048 E_dgDuLWEAQlfRr.jpg)
(128.62 KB 1079x723 E_dk9YgVQAE-19e.jpg)
(242.38 KB 1500x2048 E_eVFcAXoAANpC7.jpg)
love smugno
(716.09 KB 360x360 ezgif-3-8dce0f8d9c90.gif)
from vlive >"You must watch the Silent Cry performance!" >Hyunjin: Baby STAY, it's not out yet!
(228.10 KB 930x690 E_f09ErUcAQwFbP.mp4)
>>353789 i adore her
ur thoughts nonas does changbin actually reciprocate felixs massive yearslong crush on him or does he just like the twink attention
>>353944 felix probably just thinks he's cool and badass, i love fatbin but an anachan wouldn't actually be attracted to him. you have to keep in mind that they were a company enforced ship since the very beginning. they enjoy each other's company but that's it i also feel like fatbin's type would be someone confident like himself.
it's very obvious that minsung is also company enforced but i wonder if they sincerely get along or not idk they've been attached at the hip since the predebut show
>>353977 rhino sees him as a close friend and hannie sees him as a friend
>>353975 i think them being in a company assigned ship might have helped them become closer as friends unlike a lot of examples where it becomes a friction point so its nice to see they seem chill with it
[Bang Chan] 9.55PM >Rawr bro...
(15.97 KB 828x883 E_e4RW5UUAkCtr9.jpeg)
bang chan changed his profile picture to this jokeresque thing
(24.90 KB 614x345 E_e4avcXsAIjkSu.jpeg)
>>354295 it's apparently from the cheese mv
(257.74 KB 1104x720 6E4T_-3-SPgQfTBa.mp4)
hi bestie
>hyunstacy said the belly button piercing was fake i told everyone and no one listened. thank god her chaste body is still godly
>>354365 contrary to what some may accuse my wife is still as pure as driven snow
(230.29 KB 1000x1500 EJ0VYNXUYAI2ao7.jpg)
>>354365 it starts with just having a fake piercing, but after seeing it who knows what hyunstacy is planning for the future...
(453.52 KB 886x574 piyo0325piyo-DHpaFd7BCjQQT0KK.mp4)
fanart spam incoming (account names in the filenames before the hyphen)
(349.82 KB 1462x2048 lishin3013-E-2-450VIAcl5uR.jpg)
(76.78 KB 768x1024 lishin3013-E-6G94GVkAIQLGu.jpg)
(445.13 KB 2048x1184 corpse_325-E-7z06IVUAEHj-b.jpg)
(525.45 KB 2048x1952 cherryleash-E-9PaPsXIAEOR0c.jpg)
(144.09 KB 1323x1632 2000xskz-E-5Hb94X0AITJs9.jpg)
(165.57 KB 1097x770 kikiskz-E9SbTU-VIAAk1Wa.jpg)
(494.25 KB 900x1004 kikiskz-E9SbTU5VIAA8PY5.jpg)
(255.96 KB 700x504 kikiskz-E9SbTU5UcAARLCK.jpg)
(77.63 KB 700x831 y_unloc-E-NPbPcVgAE_pAK.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1996x2879 083pie-E_BUS2cVEAcSpZH.jpg)
(664.55 KB 2746x3926 ScarletBlossom_-E_IfeHKUcAYOAHn.jpg)
(121.81 KB 632x1200 hfsmcc-E_JtnPxVEAQWAA_.jpg)
(911.02 KB 1181x1772 svfaldnjkm-E_QLrcvXIAEojy5.jpg)
(120.44 KB 1217x1816 915flx-EttQcOUVoAcQ1hx.jpg)
(362.41 KB 1448x2048 so_moshiso-E_UCGrXVgAQfuCO.jpg)
(2.64 MB 3490x3141 hfsmcc-E_UVo2YVgAAy9Bu.jpg)
(245.35 KB 1699x1155 lornamoose_l-E_VyzDxVgAAB9-U.jpg)
(241.12 KB 2048x1536 adoc_skz-E8L8CBvUUAkHzAX.jpg)
(334.60 KB 1898x1846 10_5LX-E2F3ZC5VUAE7If_.jpg)
(596.65 KB 2650x3152 hfsmcc-E_ZZiK4VEAEZJhY.jpg)
(320.80 KB 500x500 F1R5T3Z0-E_VZyt3UUAAlS3_.png)
(748.74 KB 2730x1751 piyo0325piyo-E_V3XUmVUAIauZR.jpg)
(416.59 KB 2048x1690 qyskjhhua-E_bHopYVgAIaiCI.jpg)
(170.47 KB 1000x906 deadcolor_-E_Gn0hYVcAEuds8.jpg)
(450.95 KB 500x500 F1R5T3Z0-E_cI9bVVcAUQs4C.png)
(146.67 KB 700x939 tdtdtdttt-E_inTFlVQAQrGN3.jpg)
(114.59 KB 642x872 tdtdtdttt-E_jQDadVcAAur49.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA8P6X8DMeI Etro Earthbeat X Stray Kids (Dance Racha)
>>354992 this was cool. i like the song in rhino's part, wish danceracha would try out a funky sound like that
>>354951 >>354952 >>354965 >>354966 >>354967 omo so pretty. some artists work so fast, when new content drops they post non simplistic art quickly. idk how they do it
I Survived This Episode Of Chan's Room
(208.73 KB 908x1134 E_j29mWVcAAUWQm.jpg)
(15.74 KB 557x303 E_kDSxAXMAUClcO.jpeg)
>>355092 his hair looks like it has tints of green
(571.41 KB 1865x1049 E_kEHq4VcAwVIWW.jpeg)
(598.21 KB 1865x1049 E_kEImDVcAMCx2R.jpeg)
>>355113 so cute
(1.04 MB 420x360 ezgif-2-2a5bc7207506.gif)
(600.00 KB 2048x1720 E_kjNi1VkAAoxF7.jpg)
hyunstacy's dori drawing
>>355248 *doongi, my brain is tired
>>355248 awwww
>>355092 i watch this every time and i already know what he's going to do
(231.55 KB 960x1280 E_j3JJ1XsAEZyra.jpeg)
tfw no fatbin bf
[Lee Know]: oh , the picture looks like bang chan-ssi : they say we start looking alike with the people whom we love changbin *heart emoji* bang chan /Sticker : i'm against this marriage !!!!!
(54.86 KB 847x847 E_bwm5WXoAAjwRS.jpeg)
binchan is so fucking based
(48.53 KB 858x828 E_bwm5UWUAcXCSP.jpeg)
hyunjin teased a silent cry performance and now i wait for it in enthusiasm every day
>>355509 >>355510 based masc4masc ship
(473.63 KB 688x580 IMG_4564.MP4)
hannie ⎕ chan are apparently preparing a stage together >>357427 inshallah they will do it later today
(1.40 MB 688x580 IMG_4563.MP4)
snacking kids
(86.04 KB 736x1104 E_oFtwLXIAgLPAJ.jpg)
>>357432 half of that is going to fatbin alone
friendly reminder that we hate hyunjin
(120.77 KB 736x736 E_hi8qCXsAAgpZl.jpeg)
day 54 of trying to come to terms with the fact that fatbin will never be my boyfriend.
(149.94 KB 1080x1350 68f96b7bfc8d401124ebce49e163fb37.jpg)
>>357439 poojin?
(161.71 KB 1080x1080 E_hi89CWYAMFBh6.jpeg)
i still want him so bad,
(187.91 KB 1036x1035 E_glJK3VUAI6NZ6.jpeg)
i need to worship his cock
i want to go on mcdonalds dates with him.
(172.25 KB 1080x1070 E99n0oOVkAM8XrQ.jpeg)
i like him too much
>>357459 *headpats his curls*
(784.42 KB 720x720 1109374829.mp4)
for me, its seo changbin
>>357461 he always looks the best in simpler or dark colored shirts
(53.97 KB 872x872 E_oTeB2UUAExTBm.jpg)
(63.16 KB 1024x586 E9-v07mXoAEBYN5.jpeg)
i will do anything for you
(56.02 KB 886x886 E_oTeO-VIAIH0Hf.jpg)
(103.63 KB 1125x1125 E_oTeFbVgAElSzu.jpg)
(99.82 KB 1125x1125 E_oTeLtUUAI5L71.jpg)
(795.19 KB 720x900 T9jppC2eFbbCCaIv.mp4)
i will always catch you when you fall
>>357466 >>357468 >>357469 >>357470 i love their outfits
(25.64 KB 1092x309 E_oiceYWQAEijYP.jpeg)
jyp released an official statement. i hope he is okay.
(81.30 KB 691x717 E_Ni9e7VQAIortf.jpg)
>>357474 damn, hope he feels better soon and that it's just a minor thing like stomach flu
>>357449 love him
>>357474 rip hannie
i wish they would've specified what happened
>>357485 sounds like an injury. what else can happen all of a sudden during a rehearsal?
(311.66 KB 1364x2048 E_ohAr_WUAIXFLM.jpg)
was fansites managing to get pictures a thing at the last kcontact...?
>>357493 idk if it's an injury they could've just said it
>>357498 if it's a case of injury that happened just now, they probably don't know its severity yet to make a statement
>>357499 if its a physical injury i hope its just a small one
>>357498 what >>357499 nona said, and even if it’s a smaller one it’s best to let him sit this one out so it can heal as best as possible since it’s likely a physical injury. especially if they’re preparing for anything else any time soon
they said chan, han and seungmin were preparing for a special stage just an hour ago so something must've happened there. maybe an injury, maybe something else but it means it's not something like a flu
>>357509 i wonder what they were preparing, they're all versatile. it was probably a vocal stage?
they'll comment on it sooner or later so let's just wait...
>>357513 as in han is singing? they did sing gone away but aline was there, chan has no reason to do his part. maybe it was something unexpected like domino or cheese or silent cry but for a vocally highlighted performance with some way of han getting hurt. i’m assuming there was a platform involved and he fell or something
Han [210919] "It doesn’t hurt a lot, don’t worry, I’m sorry You must have looked forward to it a lot I’ll be better soon I want to quickly show you a better side (of myself) Nonetheless today I'm a little upset Please give lots of support to the members today” “I’ll be supporting them together with you all, let’s support them together! Anyway thank you for worrying about me Even when I tell you not to worry it’s kind of nice to receive this concern/worry, I feel like I'm cared for ㅋㅋㅋ I love you”
>>357533 yasss i was worried.. hope he will feel better soon
>>357494 people are mad about this because fansites weren't meant to get in there
>>357536 i was surprised because they looked like theyre broadcasting in a closed room and i was imagining fansite girlies squeezing to get a view from a tiny little window
(140.28 KB 1920x1080 E-hk8UMWQAsnEhM.jpg)
>>357533 hannie hwaiting
>>357533 i love him so much bros
how the fuck did fansite roasties manage to be there im confused
>>357533 the future of gaypops shall prevail
>>357544 so far i saw 1 jeongin fansite and 2 rhino fansites with previews, i dont know where exactly they couldve taken pics from how the room looked
>>357544 shitty security, good zoom, money
having crazy bitches stalk you during private schedules means you made it. we won.
>>357550 skz always had sasaengs it just hasn't gotten too crazy yet
the chan sasaeng who was allegedly digging through the trash bags of their apartment building...
>>357553 what can one possibly find out of that
>>357559 used condoms and a chance for child support
no hannie for today but the show must go on https://twitch.tv/b1lb0_baggins
>>357714 https://m.twitch.tv/sunburnnnn_ another stream in case something happens to that one
(244.04 KB 2048x1366 E_pGs_nUcAY2OIv.jpeg)
(249.15 KB 2048x1366 E_pGs_oVkAIiJsM.jpeg)
(870.42 KB 640x640 y4nNdzl1A9sXbQRS.mp4)
>>357733 si si
>>357723 >streams keep getting cut when it’s skz turn another because stay are the most oppressed people on the planet https://twitch.tv/discordxy
>fruit roll up eating contest >stacy and felix BEAT minbin ???
(529.77 KB 640x640 bVIOoeYHiL3lUAX2.mp4)
(396.82 KB 640x640 IMG_4685.MP4)
i think the next stage is star lost reeeeeeeee. better than gone away but it’s no silent cry >>357799 like a fucking lawn mower
(159.28 KB 480x480 hj-T_96uHIw7OREB.mp4)
(135.64 KB 640x640 KTwhbR8aJlNEX9DJ.mp4)
(1.60 MB 640x640 x-8H38boNNTrXEvj.mp4)
the special song was zombie but i can’t tell how han got hurt during rehearsal for this. i hope it wasn’t fansite related
(2.76 MB 540x270 uYXKnvGUGC-EFl4g.mp4)
(2.12 MB 540x270 PoB3dLtJL9GfuIp4.mp4)
(306.46 KB 2048x2048 E_pugBfVUAEd2_q.jpg)
(153.67 KB 1511x849 E_puPtwVkAMPhBl.jpg)
minho (art by felix) felix (art by minho) seungmin (art by hyunjin) hyunjin (art by seungmin) jisung (art by changbin) changbin (art by jisung) jeongin (art by chan) chan (art by jeongin)
(426.34 KB 1536x2048 E_p0Vk9XsAcVzvE.jpg)
(803.40 KB 736x408 VYCLiroeiRPI_Ep-.mp4)
(1.82 MB 640x640 5rWOMepZCvZTId8C.mp4)
keking at mc seungmin
(2.41 MB 2996x4032 E_qEecQVEAUO7pw.jpg)
(2.35 MB 2962x4032 E_qEecQUYAIs8Z5.jpg)
(671.17 KB 820x462 E_qCwAFVIAIwEkg.mp4)
(145.49 KB 1125x1113 E_qKhDMVcAgOscS.jpg)
me as the chair his legs are wrapped around
(151.59 KB 1080x1080 E_qKu5cWQAAJM1b.jpg)
(1.01 MB 640x600 Bd0bHjFRmpxU6PV5.mp4)
(1.71 MB 540x540 3RuR6p21_VSTW1-q.mp4)
>>357842 the jeongin one is super cute
Lee Know [210920] “oh” “hi? honey" “did you enjoy watching it?” "i want to do a concert quickly" "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" "not online" "i want to see you soon honey" "let's get rid of corona quickly" "we can't live separately" "me..? oh...i'll scold him...yeah..oh..ㅎ" "so we can do a concert quickly" t/n: he means he's going to scold covid
(800.03 KB 552x562 FpQE733Yu8IHDWJA.mp4)
>>358090 that concert cash is a major part of his cat cafe plans
(999.87 KB 540x540 RVdCeXC6sv7Gvz3C.mp4)
(413.75 KB 540x540 NS4lDhza8C3g6gg0.mp4)
(574.60 KB 640x360 Glaay6f5E5JIO98i.mp4)
(3.06 MB 640x640 _Rg-FHhpTy7wmRfn.mp4)
(66.07 KB 560x846 E_swQxeXIAAjdmV.jpg)
(727.22 KB 640x360 tMo6mvt4BUajVT0i.mp4)
>>358881 chad line
(70.77 KB 1109x687 E_ADO01UYAEx1LF.jpeg)
hannies phone holder seems practical
(198.62 KB 1080x1624 E_AMAfFVUAI24Av.jpeg)
>>358956 i might get one
(73.46 KB 764x827 D2_pBOZXcAANmtX.jpg)
images that make me paulson smile
(99.65 KB 530x552 nAmB-rDCr8uyX6hy.mp4)
(181.11 KB 480x480 _2Kaxzf8GumHS4cH.mp4)
(334.02 KB 1280x1920 Dzx55TPUUAYnikg.jpg)
(2.09 MB 360x360 ezgif-3-54c9764174c3.gif)
(157.73 KB 1242x1236 E-MZLLEVkAIO0A_.jpeg)
day 55... i love him
(33.53 KB 474x467 E_T9paEUYAAujPR.jpg)
(139.68 KB 1388x782 EkjX5U_X0AEGioo.jpeg)
(192.23 KB 720x720 uFJCjP-InsCi8q4C.mp4)
(231.63 KB 1365x1366 E7sw0AbUUAE8-mc.jpg)
(202.92 KB 2048x1152 E7sw0NyVcAIf1C1.jpg)
(222.91 KB 2048x1153 E7sw0c9VEAEeubQ.jpg)
>>359672 his eyes are so cute here...
[HAN] 210921 ⋆ 12:47 AM *sticker* be happy~~ my body is fine, don’t worry t/n: last part was said cutely yasss
>>359855 where did you get these private texts between my wife and i
>>359902 that's my wife
do you think the boys are content with where they are now in their career and their image? they've grown a lot since god's menu/back door era, noeasy was well-received but idk. sometimes i get the feeling the members besides chan would rather be more of a typical cutesy boy group, like the other groups that pander to and tend to get popular in east asia.
>>360325 >sometimes i get the feeling the members besides chan would rather be more of a typical cutesy boy group strong doubt, im sure fatbin would rather be dead
>>360325 what does cutesy look like these days? even golcha who started that way ended up shifting their image a lot during that wannabe trilogy. and people can like completely different genres or types of music at the same time. rhino seems to like the compliments he gets if he wears a cute outfit but i dont think its that deep for him and hes fine with the noisy songs they do, he singled out cheese as a favorite fatbin and han definitely lean towards a noisy sound when it comes to what they want to perform at concerts and jam to with the audience hyunjins preferred dance style is specialized to the punchy/jabby choreo of many of their most popular songs i can see alien/seungmin wanting softer concepts but as the asexual seungmin shouldnt be steering the ship on what their appeal will be
>shiteez sold more than skz first week and here i was celebrating when their first day sales were less than their previous album.....
>>360422 lq bait
>>360422 so obsessed youll come to /kpop/ to try it instead of keeping it on dst
>favorite song out of all the songs that had been released bang chan: thunderous lee know: god's menu changbin: slump hyunjin: thunderous, It's a magnificent song, so it's fun to perform. han: slump felix: i like thunderous very much seungmin: hellevator ! in: thunderous
>>360524 kek i expected thunderous but based rhino >love for slump very based. i was rewatching the first take too, i hope they go back for this next nip release https://youtu.be/T7DY0FXJV18 >hellevator this fucking guy
>anything you want to ask to STAY? bang chan: ramen recommendation for me? lee know: what did you eat? changbin: I'm contemplating on alternating the use of hand mics to headset but what do you think? hyunjin: why do you like me..? ♡ han: you will be forever by our side right? felix: what is everyone doing recently? seungmin: what do you think is the best part of me? in: I think everyone is having a hard time into meeting us lately, but how are you spending your time? ㅠㅠㅠ
>what's your favorite smell? bang chan: sweet smell! like vanilla, caramel, chocolate and.. i also like the smell of peaches lee know: soonie's feet ㅋㅋㅋ changbin: smell of faint soap hyunjin: smell of fruits and something sweet han: lavender and something fresh is what i like! felix: something refreshing and a scent that can last long seungmin: smell of fresh soap in: smell of grapefruits
>part of your face you like the most? bang chan: I dont have a favorite part but if i get to choose.. maybe skin? lee know: It's hard to choose changbin: eyes hyunjin: lips han: It's gone a lot now but my bumpy cheeks felix: My eyes are my favorite seungmin: eyes !!!! in: eyes
>>360325 >do you think the boys are content with where they are now in their career and their image? yes. i don’t think anyone wants to have a particularly cute concept group image instead of what they have now > sometimes i get the feeling the members besides chan would rather be more of a typical cutesy boy group i think you are mixing up having an individual image as someone who is capable of being deemed as cute/fairy/pretty etc. with being in a cute boy group. i think they prefer skz’s image but pride themselves in conceptual versatility the most, like the view vs thunderous >>360333 >im sure fatbin would rather be dead >>360415 >asexual seungmin shouldnt be steering the ship on what their appeal will be KEK
>what is STAY to you bang chan: someone special lee know: my friend changbin: they're the ones who gives me the driving force into doing music and performance, and the biggest existence that gives happiness. hyunjin: an existence i'm very grateful of and someone who listens to me well han: a lovely, and an important person who can make us happy ! felix: they are the ones who watch over us by our side and we heal each other seungmin: An important existence that makes me want to work harder and live every day :) in: A very important existence that is indispensable to me
>emoji that you uses frequently bang chan: Wolf face lee know: -_- changbin: ! (he only said exclamation mark) hyunjin: Heart exclamation han: i use a lot of smiling emojis ! felix: heart and smile emojis seungmin: Dog face in: overaction rabbit
>your favorite hair color bang chan: i like them all, i also like the orange hair i have now lee know: the hairstyle and hair color i have now ! changbin: ash blue hyunjin: long blond hair. I've always wanted to do that hairstyle. han: black and blue hair felix: i like white hair very much and also black hair seungmin: wet black hair in: white hair
>>360541 >changbin: ash blue love blue hair on fatbin
(461.64 KB 1638x2048 E_x5a1tVcAYckX2.jpg)
(476.99 KB 1638x2048 E_x5a1uVcAEgqlH.jpg)
(336.66 KB 1638x2048 E_x5b15VIAgWCpY.jpg)
(550.66 KB 1638x2048 E_x5b2gUYAAi2VK.jpg)
(470.78 KB 1638x2048 E_x5ctzVUAYD9sP.jpg)
(436.02 KB 1638x2048 E_x5cuMVkAEVyo1.jpg)
(421.42 KB 1638x2048 E_x5d2UUYAYDNZP.jpg)
(545.08 KB 1638x2048 E_x5d3fUYAc0hGb.jpg)
(118.12 KB 818x1024 E_x5fRiUUAYEL_F.jpg)
(139.35 KB 818x1024 E_x5fRqVQAM6H_j.jpg)
(196.99 KB 818x1024 E_x7pb0VUAgwc7i.jpg)
(168.73 KB 884x1200 E_y1bZ4VIAc-4f6.jpg)
10月13日(水)発売 Stray Kids日本の音楽誌初表紙! 『ぴあMUSIC COMPLEX(PMC)Vol.21』 表紙ビジュアル解禁!
>>360657 loving this styling, they all look good
(178.62 KB 480x640 KREaOwQnWoWsVbE8.mp4)
>>360657 daebak they look great. i like han and jeonglien’s styling especially
>the hardest choreography among all your songs? bang chan - thunderous leeknow - nothing! i'm good at everything changbin - all in hyunjin - thunderous han - miroh felix - thunderous seungmin - thunderous i.n - all in
seungmin: hyunjin is creating skz' performance color. he's a precious person that i can't be without. hyunjin: seeing seungmin work hard, i think that i need to work a little bit harder too. i think we give and receive a good influence to each other.
>binchan similarities bang chan: we have a lot! we stay up late, eat a lot but we eat late, love exercise, lazy, same fashion sense..etc. changbin: our taste in clothes is similar so we borrow & wear each other other's clothes often bang chan: aren't you just taking it however you want? last time too, i thought the tshirt was gone but you were wearing it! changbin: your clothes happened to be in my closet so i just wore it confidently >differences bang chan: our appearance! changbin: we both think that we're cooler than each other
>>360686 rhino is my inspiration
(2.46 MB 1280x720 H7WZUJ2AEIC42EVd.mp4)
we're tying the knot!
>>360754 he's so cute...
(2.81 MB 600x599 E_xhFTHVcAEel.gif)
chan >kkeuahhhh >kooooooo~keke >when you blow out your birthday candles today, do it like how you warm up your vocals! >kekeke happy birthday, eat lots of yummy food, and get lots of gifts~ rhino >mungmungmung! mungmung walwal mungmung! >(kim seungmin! happy birthday!) fatbin >say mung! give me your hand! >good job~^^ >happy birthday our puppy >since it's your birthday, i'll treat you to korean food! hyunjin >having such a hardworking member like you on our team kept my passion from falling part. >you're so funny to me these days... >happy birthday and ily >bye <3 han >happy birthday puppy~ >what do you want to eat? this hyung-nim will close my eyes and treat you to everything you want to eat! love you <3 have a happy day! felix >happy birthday puppy-like seungmin. thanks to you being my friend and valuable team member for 4yrs, i learned a lot and got lots of healing. >i don't think i've really been able to express my gratitude in words! i'll continue to express it with actions >love you brother <3 jeongin >puppy-hyung happy birthday >i'll treat you to samgyeopsal in celebration hehe >if you want, kimchi jjigae also hehehe >samgyeopsal bought by aganging, let's eat it deliciously together! >happy birthday!
https://mobile.twitter.com/hwangsamericano/status/1440276179303350272 >According to this article, @Stray_Kids will most likely perform live at Expo 2020 Dubai on January 16 2022. The event is held in Jubilee Park’s open air performance space and it starts at 7.30pm.
(93.99 KB 782x1024 LAZYPUNCH-E_0d3u3UUAE6_4a.jpg)
happy bday to seungmin
(315.67 KB 1073x1321 Oossi_-E_0Uq0bUUAIpa99.jpg)
(296.16 KB 1184x1932 ooo_ri___-E_0gDJiVUAYZ1RJ.jpg)
(164.68 KB 1341x1320 SKZxxMAY-E_0v0GbUUAYC5Dl.jpg)
(305.05 KB 2048x1294 E_SdkgNXEAYZmXq.jpg)
stray babbies
>>361725 awwww cute. baby chan looks more asian than adult chan
(175.23 KB 937x1200 E_5MO1OVEAEmBTK.jpg)
day 56? of trying to come to terms
(760.58 KB 564x891 E_qu53AXIAk3WoU.png)
>>361902 hang in there fatbinsister
>>361770 its cause he got his eyes done
these hanbok outfits plus this set were really nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jARTCjBcHAU
(1.38 MB 1280x576 Uj2BYDxPlDDzZAfk.mp4)
this twist on this mv is interesting and eerie i love it
>>362495 i love it too it made me a little sad
(239.93 KB 1080x1350 E_7fT7YVQAkp9lm.jpeg)
(231.97 KB 1080x1350 E_7fT7bVUAYQD52.jpeg)
(324.40 KB 1080x1350 E_7fT7aVgAM08yL.jpeg)
(233.41 KB 1080x1349 E_7fT7bVcAc_aDd.jpeg)
(19.11 KB 640x640 E_5BUBnUcAENih1.jpeg)
hyunjin new art
(14.72 KB 1038x158 E_8UCIdWEAIpStu.jpeg)
domino for the 4th week of promos yaaaaas
>>362780 fucking finally
i know it's supposed to be a sad song but 19 is hot
(309.54 KB E_9RJFdVIAIDoTv.jpeg)
cute jeongin
(223.97 KB E_9RJYtUcAAv1rt.jpeg)
(320.71 KB E_9RIWVVUAQvhzg.jpeg)
(466.02 KB E_9RIveVEAMS1Yo.jpeg)
(297.81 KB E_9RJ3AVkAEU5KX.jpeg)
https://youtu.be/gS_5DeXNs1A thunderous japanese ver. >Thunderous Japan ver. debuts at #1 on Line Music Japan's top 100 real time chart! https://twitter.com/skz_billboard/status/1440717316434501635?s=20
(310.33 KB 2048x1538 E-CVecyVkAI0dol.jpeg)
day 57 mi amor
KEK the mv set is so cheap. i like the outfits and how some of the lyrics turned out, especially the onomatopoeias
(1.55 MB 720x876 -nCznuZaFQMvRBzb.mp4)
(2.60 MB 500x433 ezgif-2-d727c9ce6376.gif)
(4.61 MB 700x554 ezgif-2-c79169e17b99.gif)
(4.56 MB 420x420 ezgif-2-392f2fabe98f.gif)
(4.86 MB 700x600 img (2).gif)
(403.34 KB 1402x1753 E_9nxTTXMAQrD7O.jpg)
(209.25 KB 1280x720 fpbkYjIbUtI_0ujU.mp4)
is hyunjin really aotm next month
(214.81 KB 1170x1617 FABd7v1VEAIZ-9N.jpg)
(1.30 MB 480x852 UVCGWD5dt85f8_RM.mp4)
(394.20 KB 540x540 48wPMjRGdXPrtGpi.mp4)
>>364517 That was a fun performance!
(1.47 MB 3077x2182 FACjoshVEAY0Rqm.jpg)
(1.51 MB 2981x2148 FACjosgUYAsUmSl.jpg)
>soon >>364530 >>364532 they looked great. is felix’s hair coloured with hair chalk? i like ⎕’s extensions too
(2.12 MB 992x552 IMG_5431.MP4)
>>364517 now give us the mv
>>364551 maybe its like ta where there is no mv... although after going through the trouble of filming on a set it doesnt seem hard to have enough footage to edit to a full mv. oh well
>>364560 nooo reeeeeeeee i need the fucking mv. they better release the dance practice soon at the very least
dst always has to complain about skz’s looks or talents i kinda wanna stop talking about them there
>>364572 take it as an opening to post more pics when you want to
>>364572 awe nona don’t feel bad. like >>364580 said, use it as reason to post even more. everyone’s husbandos gets shat on in dst that’s just how it works >>364577 BASADOOOOOOOOO
(3.12 MB 1200x720 IMG_5449.MP4)
>>364577 they fucking open like a box of pizza >eating tiktiktik gesture >domino effect choreographing >everyone’s heads turning at hannie’s rap in-sync with his hand >opposing moves >the drop some of the timing was off for the singing (i think their in-ears were off by a half second?) and they were out of breath by the end but it was so fucking fun. they looked like they had fun too. i loved it
>>364591 yeah, several catchy details in this choreo too i also liked the phone calling gesture near the start
i love dark hair chan >>364601 word, the choreo is brilliant. i need corona to be over so i can see domino performed live with a drone aerial cam >>364608 i don’t even care about the mv anymore this is exactly what i needed
(24.47 KB 518x295 tweety.jpg)
>>364613 stylists finally giving chans scalp a nice rest
i don’t think the blue is chalk, just temp quick dye >>364641 cuuute
(6.31 MB 828x828 IMG_0198.mp4)
my life is perfect and i have gotten everything i wanted. i need nothing else. i love you shorthair stacy
(32.86 KB 335x934 FADEsfCXoAAU6ku.jpg)
my favorite sim
(204.80 KB 1080x1350 FADPDgbVgAEFTg5.jpg)
killing myself because my beautiful wife cut her hair
(23.29 KB 305x305 FAB_3CgVQAsD_ev.jpg)
>>364974 hair grows back unnie, hyunjin said hed consider growing it back out at some point
hyunlix look so good with their recent hair
(72.81 KB 639x931 E-RVuCnXEAAmRkT.jpeg)
day 58 thinking about him...
taking fatbin bra shopping
>>365006 the bra is my hands
>>364974 so you’re saying you don’t love her in sickness and health? weak. stay true to your vows
(39.22 KB 522x450 Screen1.jpg)
rhino is not gay. idk what others are seeing specifically, but his previous dance group had the noonas holding all the seniority apparently so it's probably from having spent a lot of time around them
>>365092 spending tons of time with a bunch of dance noonas is an extremely gay activity so youre not helping your case
>>365092 jesus christ he looks like a school shooter
(60.38 KB 540x870 Eydzm6yU8AEQddH.jpg)
>>365093 he had his hyungs too but the hierarchy was noonas first simply due to the circumstances of the group's creation
(62.03 KB 540x540 Ns7notdd94TF04gC.mp4)
minbin is real though, regardless of kinsey status
i always knew fatbin was bisexual
rhino is just fronting with his touchy faggy mannerisms but hed lose in gay chicken
>>365138 pretty much. he acts like a straight man with very straight male friends in his vlogs
glad we all agree hannie is a breeder
(344.75 KB 1125x1735 FAB6GP7UYAIT1f-.jpeg)
(274.06 KB 1125x1696 FAB6GP7VUAMbHrL.jpeg)
(76.72 KB 1241x1241 E-1wqCjVcAMVNDy.jpg)
>>365305 cute eyes
some stuff from rhino's vlive today LK: The choreo for Domino is hard. It's harder than God's Menu. I want to see how fast my heartrate gets on my Apple Watch while dancing to Domino. If you want to lose weight, just dance to Domino five times a day. "Tell us about how you video called Seungmin on his birthday!" LK: I was on my phone and I realized it was Seungmin's birthday, so I video called him. I did well, right? "What did you talk about on video call with Seungmin?" LK: I think he didn't pick up the first time, then he called me back and I couldn't pick up that time. Anyways, we ended up getting on call and I said happy birthday and then we hung up, I think. "Hyunjin didn't know he was part of Baboracha, but did you know you were in it?" LK: Unbelievable. I'm not part of Baboracha! Such a thing exists? Anyways, I'm not a part of that. LK: Why am I the leader of Baboracha? This is my first time hearing it. LK: Ah, the three who did the idiot test are Baboracha? That was a personality test~ LK: Ah, so we're not idiots, we're just the ones who did the idiot test! "Who do you think is in Baboracha?" LK: Hwang Hyunjin, Kim Seungmin, I.N. LK: Thanks, now I know that I'm the leader of Baboracha. "If Lee Know was my boss, I would go to work on weekends." LK: I'm very good at acting like a director. Go to work. "Can I meet a man like you if I get a job?" LK : Well... You'll just have to do a good job. LK: Why is everyone saying they're hungry? Have you not eaten? It's 5:17, so you can eat now. Eat well, okay? LK: I feel like I left my brain back at MBC. "Can you do a mukbang somet ime?" LK: Sure, I can do one. What should I eat? "What do you think of Hyunjin's haircut?" LK: His haircut? His haircut? It's a haircut. He looks good with short hair and long hair. LK: VLive is disappearing?? I didn't know about that. "What are some good diet snacks?" LK: You're going on a diet, but you're eating snacks? You're doomed. Just kidding, there are a lot of chicken breast snacks. You still need to eat while you're on a diet. "Stop coming for me like that!" (about the snacks) LK: I'm right! "If Lee Know tells me to go on a diet, I will." LK: Don't. You don't have to.
(132.28 KB MyPvkJBODAweupbw.mp4)
(116.47 KB FAHq0ZdVgAsuBt0.jpg)
(141.62 KB FAHq0Y-WUAEQ5IB.jpg)
(91.45 KB FAHXFDpWEAMmkaQ.jpg)
(77.76 KB FAHXN3xWYAEetK7.jpg)
(299.35 KB FACrP65VQAQx517.jpg)
Lee Know [25.09.21] 5:27 pm : Han Jisung stop using honorifics on bubble : they asked me on vlive to tell you, so I’m delivering the message
Lee Know [25.09.21] 5:27 pm : Han Jisung stop using honorifics on bubble : they asked me on vlive to tell you, so I’m delivering the message
idk why my previous post shat itself
(559.52 KB FAEqvQQUYA0CHYG.jpg)
>>366124 yasssss been waiting for a rhino mukbang for ages
(224.76 KB FAC4Ko6VkAgRomp.jpg)
from hyunjin's 210924 vlive
>>366142 : Hi~ I cut my hair for the first time in almost a year. Awkward, right? : I thought you would all be surprised, so I came here. I was going to eat, but I figure'd you'd all be surprised... I'll eat some kimbap. : Jeongin was depressed when I cut my hair. : Hair grows back, so if I can have long hair again in the future, then I will! : Jeongin was sorrier to see my long hair go than I was. : I did pigtails last time so you would all feel less sad. : The good thing about having short hair is that I can use less shampoo and less of the 50,000 won treatment I bought.
>>366142 : A lot of people miss my long hair, but my hair grows quickly. Don't worry. : I'm not sad to see my long hair go, but I'm looking forward to the future. I think it'll be fun. : I do look younger, right? You've turned back time, Hwang Hyunjin. : I did like cutting off all of the damaged ends. As I watched my hair fall, I thought, "You worked hard, my hair. Thank you for being with me." I was happy as I cut my hair. I wasn't sad, it felt like a new start. : How did the members react? Seungmin asked if he could flick my forehead. Chan said I looked cute. I.N was practically crying. Yongbok was like, "Oh, Hyunjin~" What did Lee Know do? I think he was whatever about it. "Oh, you cut your hair." Han said he couldn't recognize me. : Han said something specific to me, but I don't remember what it was. : Kim Seungmin said he wanted to flick my forehead because I look like a kid.
>>366142 : Today, I'm just drinking an iced americano. "Iced tea + shot vs. iced americano?" : Iced tea + shot was good for a couple of days, but iced americano is the standard. : Why do you keep saying I'm cute? I don't like being cute, but since you all like it... : Who's Baboracha? Who are the members of Baboracha? Tell me now! : I'm the leader of Baboracha? Why? : The members from the idiot test are Baboracha? Oh, I understand. I saw a video that a STAY edited. We really looked like idiots. I have to admit it, we did look like idiots. : I cannot be a part of Baboracha. : My head is round? My parents said that they tried really hard to make sure my head didn't turn out flat. "Thank you, mother- and father-in-law." : Hahaha!
>>366142 : Lee Know asked me to draw him? That's too hard. He's got such a classically handsome face. You can't make any mistakes. : Who's Meowmeowracha? Lee Know and Felix? Someone said they wanted them to do a cover of Red Lights. I wonder what it would be like if the other members covered it. : Wow, Among Us. I don't play Among Us. I haven't heard someone talk about Among Us in a really long time.
>>366142 >"Flicking Changbin on the forehead and running away vs. Flicking Lee Know on the forehead and running away?" : I think it would be really fun to flick Lee Know on the forehead and run away. >"Year-end performance wearing SKZOO suits vs. pigtails?" : So cruel! So cruel! The SKZOO suits are really hot, they're basically saunas. I think I'd prefer the pigtails. It was really hard dancing in the SKZOO suits. >"Not being able to dance forever vs. not being able to draw forever?" : How cruel. Not being able to draw. >"Snow-less winter vs. mosquito-less summer?" : If there were no mosquitos, I think I could love summer too. >"Singers vs. Dancers?" : Right now, I think singers are cooler because Seungmin is really good at singing. >"Teaching Yongbok how to draw vs. Learning to play video games from Yongbok?" : Teaching him to draw. I think my eyes would hurt if we played video games. Why do I not think video games are fun?
>>366142 : Everyone was so certain that our b-side was going to be CHEESE, so I was worried. I told you, right? Why did you all think it was CHEESE? : Yongbok said it was CHEESE? (gasps) Oh, he said "One, two" in the group VLive? Good job, Yongbok. He's controlling you all. Oh, and because we had the CHEESE challenge? That makes sense. : Everyone was so certain that it was CHEESE! It really wasn't CHEESE... If it was, I would have jokingly said that it wasn't, but you were all so serious that it made me nervous. : Yongbok made up his mind to (fool you all)... What a clever baby chick.
>>366124 >"If Lee Know was my boss, I would go to work on weekends." >LK: I'm very good at acting like a director. Go to work. omo >"If Lee Know tells me to go on a diet, I will." >LK: Don't. You don't have to. he's a man of his word i love it
(86.18 KB FAIBSRxUcAQs-QD.jpg)
>>366125 >>366126 >>366127 loving this look on rhino so much
(20.75 KB FAHoguRXoAAkD_A.jpg)
>>366143 >Jeongin was depressed when I cut my hair. kek jeongin has taste whenever he makes comments about others' looks it's on point >>366150 >Teaching him to draw. I think my eyes would hurt if we played video games. Why do I not think video games are fun? wife material
(143.79 KB FAHTZxCVEAQBqjV.jpg)
>>366175 2 minutes...
losing my shit if domino mv isn't out in 60 seconds
bro everyone was guessing it would be domino mv or hyunjin's vlog but it's fatbin's vlog
>>366185 FINALLY A FATBIN GYM VLOGGGGGGGG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YMd_tv0hFM
(139.79 KB FAIDlDBWQAAmM2j.jpg)
(88.86 KB FAID-rWVcAYzFk1.jpg)
(52.52 KB 720x720 FAIGAq1VkAArr_6.jpeg)
>>366187 this is everything i've ever wanted,
>>366187 i need him so bad
(615.65 KB 640x480 O7Jt6lRRAx8IbC4X.mp4)
day 59 more obsessed with him every day
(557.48 KB 856x480 jP6wbdJmHjElMPDr.mp4)
(368.00 KB 640x480 GwoO0I8wfQV2gQNg.mp4)
>>366240 there is something really gay about working out to blackpink
seems like domino choreo is more difficult than miroh, i’d cry if i had to preform it but i love it so much. it’s so fun.
(3.22 MB 360x360 img (1).gif)
>>366125 omo >>366241 omooooooo
i need to bang chan
(3.58 MB 465x373 z2.gif)
(3.07 MB 600x533 ezgif-2-b680a313c22c.gif)
(3.83 MB 350x350 51515647336_1de4361b78_o.gif)
(2.76 MB 394x288 25(1).gif)
(2.23 MB 420x420 ezgif-2-a7b77effa9c0.gif)
(555.55 KB 540x540 lBfJJvDDZNuogKcy.mp4)
(258.87 KB 2048x1364 FADJJn_VEAAZTda.jpg)
(608.28 KB 460x640 e2IV_cho5B3qrZIO.mp4)
(138.67 KB 1170x1447 FAMvWdxVEAE3v6g.jpg)
rhino lets stop the dieting
(3.48 MB 3050x2173 FAMs8hiVEAQyuUq.jpg)
(3.46 MB 3038x2177 FAMs8hmVkAEW7D7.jpg)
even if its hair chalk i wish felix would go back to his natural hair it looks so fried now
>>367347 they might have to let it go to black and rest for a while eventually. but for some idols who are in a fan attractor role, the stylists arent going to show mercy to their hair/scalp because they need them to be easily picked out
>>367342 >>367343 i love the glasses, hope they keep them on during stages for longer
>>367348 yeah but hyunjins hair is normal now i think felix just cant let the blonde go
(329.46 KB 2048x1143 FAK7QoMVgAI9Z9-.jpg)
day 60 with changbin...
(4.04 MB 576x684 Z8_mYvyVIRJlE8db.mp4)
(321.85 KB 640x296 hhm1DoOw3iZuWyhk.mp4)
rectangle man got an ost on a kdrama hometown cha cha cha
i wish bang chan would twerk
(6.09 MB 828x828 IMG_0334.mp4)
it hit his teeth kkkkkkk
a few things from dekira: seungmin said that while recording the hometown cha cha cha ost, he felt super electrified and didn't know how to put the feelings to words how this was an actual drama ost. he was just so happy! leeknow says that usually, seungmin really doesn't have natural aegyo, but if you ask him to he does aegyo super well. seungmin says that usually, leeknow isn't the best at purposefuly aegyo, he has a really friendly way of speaking seungmin said that leeknow has more aegyo than you would expect to his dongsaengs. it's not like he's being intentional with him and he's usually joking around but it happens! seungmin said that he's kind of like he has a screw loose leeknow said that when he was nervous, he used to massage between his thumb and index finger or his neck a lot to release the tension but now he's just like "oh i'm nervous? oh, since i'm nervous i guess i'll just do it" and moves on seungmin said that when he's nervous, he walks around a lot and moves, stretches more than usual, etc. but he said that he heard that this could be good or bad for others so that it would be good for everyone to find what works for them
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i dont even care about whatever poojin did anymore compared to how i still sometimes think about what the arguments mightve been like in october of 2019. i just know there were some spicy spicy insults and dramatic statements thrown all around and my curiosity will never be satisfied...
day 61 with changbin
>>367911 >seungmin said that he's kind of like he has a screw loose kek >>368158 maybe they'll talk about their past fights more in details once the hype is dead like older groups tend to do kek. idk i wouldn't see someone like rhino or jisung talk about past drama like that even in 10 years. maybe chanlix though
>>368237 i confide in gyopos to reveal funny stuff after their kpop term is over


no cookies?