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Kpop Confessions & Unpopular Opinions #3 Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 09:34:54 No. 329761
s!b I think my oppa drinks pee
next level was shilled until it brainwashed enough people into liking it, thus becoming a hit. exactly how yg has done with d4. bravo sooman, i kneel.
>>329766 so people started liking it after listening to it a few times cos its catchy...like a hit pop song
>>329771 only the chorus is catchy, rest of the song is your standard disjointed noise OOPS i mean experimental stuff from sm, a style that's usually very unpopular with the korean public.
>>329774 its a high quality and very memeable song by pretty girls from sm. it was bound to hit big
>>329774 ever heard of i got a boy? lol its the same 3 songs in 1 song thing they love doing
>>329766 they liked it because of karina
>>329775 >its a high quality please be bait
>>329766 both d4 and next level are extremely catchy i don't know why some nonas here have such a hard time accepting that. i liked both on first listen and i generally dislike bp, aespa only has 2 songs so i don't have a fixed opinion on them
i'll confess: i am the one person who loves zimzalabim. history will prove me right nonas
>>330322 nah i love zimzalabim, you're not alone
>>330322 zimzalabim rules
>>330322 the rearranged version mando did of zimazala bangs even more than the original
there is not one(1) red velvet song i like. not a single one. psycho and zimzalabim feel like chewing sandpaper equally.
>>330795 not even their b-sides?
>>330725 >>330730 thank you for seeing me >> 330795 open your heart, sandpaper can be delicious
yoon of stacy is fucking annoying. their word association video came in my recommended so i decided to watch it and oh my gosh she was so fucking annoying i wasn't expecting that i thought she was cool type of girl from her visuals but naah also her visuals are overhyped... it was all because of her bangs and her hair. i find isa or even seeun cuter
>>331796 i mean why were you expecting a high schooler to be cool and chic anyways? she would be just be good at pretending, she's just a kid
>>331804 the other members were not that annoying? i don't want her to be chic cold or quiet but she was annoying. it was hard to watch the video
>>329766 witchcraft
>>329775 >its a high quality it sounds like a something you would hear at a high school pep rally
>>335495 you're just saying anything
i don’t like queendom because they mention “kings”. it would have been better with that word replaced or omitted completely
>>340715 lol mine's the 'be boss' somewhere on yeri's lines. fking ruined the song for me. cant help but to cringe whenever i hear it.
>>340715 i get what you're saying but idk what else they could say to fit the melody >>341603 kek its classic kpop cringe. right up their with "i have no gwangshim in the bag" and "man i wanna pass"
>>340715 well in a kingdom theres a queen but why not queendom with the word kings in it?
>>341702 what are you an mra
>>340715 you sound like a feminist twitterfag
confession: I don't get the blackpink hype. their music sounds the same to me and the new solos are so-so. I only kinda liked Jennie's solo? they seem like nice girls though I guess
>>342036 jennie's solo sounded so generic
all blackpink solos were bad and i dont even have expectations for jisoos
>>342053 generic but better than whats out
i wonder what drugs hyuna and edawn take
>>342053 yeah it was a generic but it was a bop at the time
>>342053 it was rlly generic but it was platable to kpop fans. id like to see someone who isn't a hardcore lisa stan try to hype up her mess of a solo
>>341863 on the contrary they probably loved it because kings makes it inclusive to scrotes and women who don’t want to be women >>341617 i don’t know either. they could change the rhythm to make “we’re royalty” fit instead “and kings”. i just know i didn’t like hearing that in my red factory formulaic girls rule pop song. scrotes don’t need any kudos from rv
>>342315 def mephedrone
on the ground > solo > gone > lalisa >>> money
>>343005 solo > gone > on the ground > lalisa money isn't even on the list
>>342036 guys want them and girls want to be like them. you might think their music sounds the same but your casual npc listener still bops to them >t. someone who hates blackpink
(143.09 KB 668x1027 tibp9dxqbx861.jpg)
Confession: I don't pay attention to charts and sales. I have no idea how they work, what numbers are considered bad or good, and wouldn't know where to look them up if you asked me.
>>344269 same nona, salesshitting just makes zero sense to me. a shitty song is still a shitty song regardless of how many copies it sells
>>344674 thats the thing, when they can't brag about the songs all they have is the sales to brag about. but even thats stupid because its not something they achieved themselves. their oppas get the credit for the fans hard work
>>329761 >>342131 What solo? Jisoo can't sing to save her life. She'll get acting gigs and that's it.
>>345527 >Jisoo can't sing to save her life. and yet she was the only voice that interested me in the group kek
Yoon from stacy looks like an anorexic horse. The only good blackpink solo was Rose's.
>>348371 i thought you will say the one anorexic that looks good is rose kkkkk
>>348371 agree and the only good solos were solo and gone.
i'm tired of every group having a fake deep lore or storyline especially when they name their albums Dimension Hop Infinity Quest into Galaxial Chapter 1 it's a lame gimmick
sticker is nct 127's best song
>>367747 bold statement
>After debut, they were taking trips to Thailand, Brazil, the United States, Europe and Dubai. I heard their room in Dubai was expensive. The hotel was a luxury upscale place. There's a lot of sex trafficking in the gulf states. They were very young and I put the dots together. what do you people think of this as in accordance with bts?
>>390184 where did you get this from?
>>390857 vc but it seems true
i can't stand izzayy yeji. she seems like a bitch not because of her face but the way she acts. i can't stand her rushedacceptancespeech she lacks emotion everytime she does one. i never thought i would say this but yeah. she seems shady abd bitchy too. all of itzaaay does tbh
blackpink is the only group i can say has no ugly members, and each of the members are very popular and have pretty strong fanbases. Im pretty impressed.
>>403503 risa? rosie? and are you new?
>>403557 no im just not a bp stan but its just a thought that came to my mind.
>>403503 i dont know rose is ugly to me especially her early debut years last years she looks better but still ugly to me and lisa if you took all her makeup away she is not that beautiful
>>403782 i think its the blonde hair. idk to me its starting to look disgusting and washed out combined with her anachan pale body. she looks like a malnourished molerat. If she dyed her hair back to black she'd look even prettier than jisoo imo
>>342377 money is honestly going viral on tiktok and not just among kpop fans
>>403503 Rosé is a horseface and Lisa looks like pennywise with her creepy large mouth
The fake wisdom of kpop stans on gossip sites annoys me. >It's her private life leave her/him alone >We don't have proof don't spread false rumours >...etc Like stfu I just want to talk shit, that what gossip is about
>>403503 agree. not because they are all best looking but because theres no particular visual hole in their group apart from rose recent ana body
>>403503 rosie looks like ghostly skeleton
>>416370 agree its so fucking annoying
bts are basically now the mcdonalds of kpop: can't sing well, autotuned to death, running on their old reputation, bland generic pop ditties, 7636383 collabs to sell singles because armies eat up whatever they shit out. like even when they buy a hit to remake like chicken noodle soup it's cringe and only hyped due to jhope. compared it to next levuhl.
>>416644 i hope their disbandment is around the corner
>>416370 what gossip sites?
>>416644 i seriously dont wanna see that group and their fans but its fucking impossible theyre fucking noisy fucking retards
>>417329 knew who it was before scrolling up kek
(1.97 MB junglebook.png)
>>417329 ratmies genuinely think junglebook is a top vocalist and v has "gr8 technique" kek their ears have been rekt by autotune. plus bts and their fans don't think they're huge sellouts to go from underdog rappers against The System to autotuned generic pop ditties to shill mcdonalds collab meals. they're good at rap but now bts make radio-friendly soulless pop so they don't rap and just sing, but can't do high notes without autotune, where is their credibility as musicians? half the industry raps better, 95% of kpop sings better, bts used to have good concepts but they ditched it to be Generic Tasteless Boyband they're part of The System they tried to beat.
>>418425 that bts mcdonalds meal was as good as their music it was trash
>>418425 im pretty they're over the idol life. jin was sleeping mid performance in whatever concert they had recently and hybe tried to take the video down
>>418502 what? i didn't see this
>>418498 the cajun sauce was fire though
>>418507 eww it tasted nothing like cajun
>>416620 ngl but I’m digging it
>>418798 go back to reddit
>>418798 preserve this autism for your r/kpopthoughts posting
>>418874 hive tried to take it down?
>>418798 i enjoyed your post dont let nonas tell you otherwise
>>418798 i hear you nonita
>>418798 >Hybe is now a visual/dance focused company whats hilarious is that those visuals are below subpar
>>418798 >GeonU >iland didn't watch that shit show but wow imagine getting eliminated just because you're ugly
>>418802 >>418810 i can’t believe writing more than 10 words is redditor behaviour now
>>419398 i agree with her but if she didn’t want reddit accusations she should have pressed enter
>>418798 meh this isn't really a hybe thing. kpop groups/companies as a whole focus more on dancing and the idol themselves. no one really pays attention to the vocalist part because their fans will still pretend they're great vocalists anyway
>>419408 sm still cares thats why their artists can become soloists
snoo looks like tbz juyeon’s younger, fatter, gayer brother
>>446653 i don't see it but i always thought he looked like winter
>>446653 mods this post right here
>>446653 he looks more like wonwoo here
yuna from itzy has such a bomb beautiful body with great proportions and as a dyke i find her so attractive but since i'm a hag much older than her it feels weird to talk about it lol
i absolutely hate my favourite girlpop. i don't even care about idols other than her but my stupid autist brain forces me to care about her still. she used to be funny and talented but now she just acts like a 5 year old on variety shows and it pisses me off so much that I wish the scandal she had was actually true and bad enough to kick her off of all of those shows.
>>509314 is this about chuu? i hope not
>>509314 is this a yena fan?
>>507723 kys she turned 18 just a few days ago
>>507723 i mean no one can police your thoughts but don't let it be anywhere else but your mind if you're above 25
Jihyo and jeongyeon are better singers than nayeon and should have gotten more parts than her since twice is doing mature concepts nayeons voice is too cutesy. Jyp might as well make chaeyoung a sub vocalist since he uses dahyun for rap more than her even though she is better at rapping. Momo should have smaller parts in twice songs since she cant sing and sounds better rapping. jyp should have made her rap in twices mature songs. Jihyo and sana are better dancers than mina shes overated as a dancer. Jihyo sana have more stage presence as well Mina and dahyun are bland and boring useless members in twice. I find jeongyeon funnier than dahyun. Jyp wasted jeongyeons potential by not giving her more singing parts shes the second best vocalist in twice and fits the current mature concept even before her injury for example fancy feel special and more and more. Twice suffers because of this and look more talentless. Kura kura and the feels are better songs than alcohol free and scientist.
(iam an svtfag. theyre my top fave group for years already) >imo svt's title tracks and choreos have downgraded this year. >iam a mingyufag but i dont really like his and wonwoo's singing voices in their song bittersweet. kek i cringed when i first heard it >i would love bodyguard mingyu on amasat to dominate tf out of me and fuck me senselessly. >i dislike how dino's one of the least biased members even though he has the talents unlike mingyu for example who's one of the most biased members in the fandom yet unlike dino when it comes to the 'talents' that he has. >when mingoo's bullying rumors happened i have whined that it should have been dk or seungcheol instead. sorry to that dkfag here on ccc
>>515784 >iam glad that svt's members are not 'mainstream' prob in the western side bc unlike other idols, their issues (eg: wonu's snsd and curry issues, dk sitting on a chair on the train for prego women, shua unknowingly sitting on the american flag) are not being 'constantly' used against them or being brought up by so called woke stans
>>515792 *prob in the western side or among non fans sorry for spamming nonas and mods. pls spare me this time
(690.20 KB 1364x2048 19d0c63657ebc38cadd299d00b9eb880.jpg)
i was looking through photos of lee know from stray kids and i prefer how he looked before his face shape matured and ended up more masculine and sharp by comparison. he looked more doll like when his face was smaller
my unpopular opinion is that i find all of mamamoo attractive
>>517587 newer pic for comparison, think he looks the same but I'm not a stayfag, has always been the prettiest unlike alien Hyunchin
(486.49 KB 1536x2048 8f8e4f5d23c4bf9a045c9518409c0387.jpg)
>>517599 its not like he grew out a big jaw but his cheekbones and jawline are a little wider and more obvious now compared to photos from around 2018 imo. hes still handsome, it's simply a preference thing
>>517629 you're right, I see it, esp his jaw got a lot of definition compared to before, well I think he's just as pretty, the nose and lips are what make his look anyways but I can see how it would appeal to different tastes now
Hyunjin's drawings aren't that great like some of them are impressive but alot of them are boring and bland
blackpink is a trendsetter group for kpop. everyone wants to be jennie nowadays
>>695876 i fully agree with this
>>695876 2ne1 was the blueprint for blackpink
kind of hate how im giving these people all my money and making all these rich motherfuckers richer and i know deep down that all their "i love yous" and whatnot are just sweet nothings and irl probably don't give a fuck about me and just see me as an atm to support whatever rich wild lifestyles they are living
>>695949 so don't give them money? most of it goes to the company anyway
>>695949 kek one of the reasons why i won't spend a dime on kpop besides concert tickets. also because i hate useless stuff sitting in my home and the thought of all the waste this industry generates
kpop albums are overrated and i never understood the hype around photocards.
>>695955 it's just a collectible like any other. what's the hype on collecting stamps, coins or pokemon cards? it all comes down to the same feeling
basic ifan taste starter pack. you stan one or more of the following: exo bts loona nct 127 blackpink just listen to late 90s/00s rnb and pop instead and stop trying to force kpop into a box that it's not. no1 currr your nct/exo oppa isn't like other korean boys. 127 is nugu in korea anyway and exo only got popular cause of all the chinese members bringing in big bucks. like ho why is u here in kpop anyway. to be pretentious and judgemental of authentic kpop.
>>699173 what is “authentic” kpop in your definition
>>699173 >SM >inauthentic kpop kekkk ay caramba these newfags. dont worry you will catch up eventually
>>699173 loona 1/3 is like classic innocent concept kpop goodness
>>699174 most jyp groups minus tray lids, seventeen, girls generation, f(x), astro, fromis_9, oh my girl, oneus are a few examples.
>>699176 did i say every sm group?
>>699185 you know what you're right. i'm gonna take loona off the list. their fans just piss me off.
>>699194 their fans are a different breed
i think karina is gay
(216.40 KB 1366x2048 5df19271f532e7a8d5fffd0515b928e5.jpg)
>>702091 i reckon she’s 5ft4, i think 5ft3 is too short
(152.21 KB 802x1200 FErZogtVkAE7rM2.jpg)
>>699782 belongs in the gay thread
>>702093 if she's 5ft4 then winter has to be 5ft3 then
>>702094 her legs are actually alot shorter than i expected
>>702096 and 2ning is supposedly 5ft3 but then she should be shorter
>>702097 me too, i see everyone talking about her long legs so i’m confused kek
(915.90 KB 2500x3750 E1urRKzVkAMd_bP.jpeg)
>>702097 yeah i noticed that too. i think it's also because she has a really long torso. but it's weird because on stage i always thought she was at least 5ft6 or 5ft7 even w/o heels since she towards over her members so much
>>702091 those airport fits look awful kek
>>702091 girl this is off-topic. the thread is unpopular opinions and confessions you are just heigh sperging
>>702102 *height
>>702102 it's my unpopular opinion that i dont think she's as tall as people make her out to be. and i didnt want to post it in aespa or gg general because i know it would start an argument
>>702104 thats not an unpopular opinion. nothing more prosaic than people discussing how idols lie about their heights. also unnecessary pics spam that doesn't go with the the threads flow
>>702101 and yet a single handbag they're wearing costs more then your rents worth
>>702106 are you getting paid to defend them?
>>702107 she didnt lie kek
>>702113 well no and she’s correct but more expensive doesn’t equal better fashion
>>702100 >>702120 here your new home nonnies. leave this thread for more elaborate unpopular opinions and confessions. thanks.
>>702123 there's alot of looksperging posts on here already so we just post in the other thread now
>>702123 nta pls stop making useless threads that will die eventually im pretty sure she got your point from her mistake
>>702125 >>702126 i guess if it's unpopular opinions where you think one member looks like something or another member they can stay here
>>702105 its not that big of a deal
>>702133 yes, if it's something more elaborate not just "i think X is shorter" or "i think Y's head is too big". should be easy to tell the difference if you've been posting here for more than a week
>>702141 well she was probably confused where else to post and i dont blame her for not knowing since there's really no rules here. she probably got your point as it's the only post ive seen here talking about someone's height so there was really no need to make different thread
>>702144 if the new thread dies, it dies. that's not a big deal either.
>>702147 the problem is not the thread dying the problem is making uncessary threads
>>702148 *unnecessary
i cant even watch most 3rd-4th gen group content... first it was bc they were all unnaturally attractive and it gave me an eating disorder oops then i started reading boards like these and realized these kids r all ps monsters and now looking at alot of them is a bit scary to where i feel a bit sick when i look at them,, i even sold my skz concert tickets after looking at candid pictures of hyunjin
>>705348 kekkk
>>705348 i hope you arent getting ateez tickets
>>705368 maybe ill go see ive,, wony our 4th gen it girl natural queen
>>705369 are you being sarcastic
>>705348 hope you are recovering from your ed nona
>>705459 kek lets all be pretty in a healthy way part of life is accepting that idols and influencers will always mog u in looks so we just have to stay healthy and mog them in the retirement homes
wonys face looks too infantile for her big age and those who are obsessed with her and her anachan body need to be investigated
>>716720 >those who are obsessed with her and her anachan body need to be investigated so all of korea
>>716724 im talking about international fans
>>716724 >implying all of korea even knows who she is kek
>>716732 you arent serious nona
>>716733 even popular kpop groups are mostly known by the following koreans 1. kids/teens 2. lonely men in the military and older pervs 3. potential sugardaddies/mommies shopping for people to sponsor who doesn't know this. BTS is huge and even they never got a military exemption, but athletes get them all the time. just shows how much people care about kpop in korea. kek.
>>716732 >>716735 how about you fix your spacing before replying israelite
some idols are so obviously depressed or not even enjoying what they're doing yet no one notices it
shinee is shit
dunno if it's unpopular but I think Chan is pretty blend, both in terms of performance and idol's image his singing is average-good in studio and borderline in live his rapping is average (largely surpassed by 3racha fellows) his dancing is average his vocal color in itself is quite forgettable compared to seungmin's or in's not a visual neither He is average on everything as a whole and surpassed by at least one if not two members on everything. And each time fans talk about him, it's never about his singing or rapping or even producing skills, it's always about him being a nice leader or looking hot.
>>718130 agreed but drop names nonita
>>718130 i’m curious who comes to mind for you?
>>718349 >>718352 for some of them there is only my gut feeling speaking, but others were quite obvious like BTS. Yet every ARMY felt like clowns when they heard the truth at festa
i refuse to have anything ive related bc wonyoung's body figure creeps me out. also i dont really find her THAT attractive like how koreans/other kpop fans do think she is
>>731276 should have worded that better. what i meant that her being that thin creeps me out bc i dont think her body being like that is 'normal' bc compared to most thin ppl ive been with in various heights, they dont look THAT thin at all
>>731276 she has a very pretty face but she’s clearly starving herself
>>731278 or iam just remembering things wrong. hoping that her body figure is 'normal' for her body though
>>731280 her thin figure is normal if you know her from her izone days. but she lost so much weight towards the end of izone's time as a group and being a current member of ive. she is unhealthy now.
ateez old music used to be better it all went to shit when the fever series started
i think jennie is extremely overrated visual wise and looks very very average
>>731623 not too sure why people act like she is angelina jolie
>>731623 >>731624 i agree she looks like your average abg to me but she’s been clever in the way she’s marketed/sold herself
>>731623 she's made several enhancements and looks vastly different from most korean women. that alone makes her above average, even if she doesn't appeal to some.
>>731625 abgs aren't average in korea....
>>731623 i disagree i think she has something to her especially with certain styling. she’s really pretty to me without makeup even but maybe she just has the kinda face i like
>>731623 yh she becomes painfully average without her makeup >>731625 you mean the way YG marketed her. her real personality seems to be super shy girl who keeps to herself
>>731680 doublepost actually painfully average is an overexaggeration. shes alright.
>>329761 not trying to race bait but its kinda cringe seeing non-asians/non-half asians trying to get into k-pop... you can tell a lot of them are koreaboos trying to live out their k-pop fantasies and also tbh, they stick out like such sore thumbs amongst a sea of small asian women and its a bit of an eye sore. i sound like those xenophobic knetz kek.
>>731685 kek this is how i feel, it's like watching a western live action anime adaptation or getting chinese food from a white person. nothing wrong with it but it feels off. even korean gyopos annoy me at times
>>731685 i kind of agree but mostly it makes me feel sad for these young kids trying to audition for companies when its really just not going to happen for them. i think it was vice or something that showed all these american teens trying out for hybe and making their parents drive them 15 hours to go. nothing wrong with being a koreaboo to me, but when other people feed into your delusion..
>>731706 it reminds me a bit of watching shows like the x factor growing up and seeing people on there who genuinely couldn’t hold a note yet their parents were encouraging them and almost setting them up to fail. i dont think these girls/boys realise that even half koreans mixed with white are treated badly in the industry why would you want to put yourself in that environment?
I feel like.. like Princess Diana & Marilyn Monroe. Sullis life has been turned into trauma porn except for kpop stans specifically. This always happens to tragic young female figures, it’s really weird.
>>731685 i have nothing against it and if they are at a big 3 entertainment it will also have a reason. And besides, then kpop idols would not be allowed to promote abroad too. if they train like a real idol, speak fluenlty korean and fit fhe beauty standard i don't have anything against it.
>>731708 half white and half korean don't get that bad treated like thai or chinese/japanese idols
>>731711 i don't want to be mean or anything but she doesn't fit into kpop and just because kpop is famous now suddenly everyone wants to be
>>731711 why are all so young and ugly
>>737195 marylin monroe & princess diana cannot be compared to kpop
>>737211 >>737211 Stop being obtuse. I brought them up because what those three women have in common is that they’re all tragic female figures & I feel like they’re entire lives have just been reduced to their unhappy ending
>>737212 i get what you mean but i think the other nona was talking about the impact of marilyn and diana compared to sulli. i would disagree with diana though, i find more people talk about how she was as a person
>>737204 somi & vermon(?) have spoken about the amount of bullying they received from other koreans at school because of their features & for not being a “pure korean”. There’s also the passive aggressiveness they deal with where koreans will act so surprised by how good their korean is even though they’ve lived in korea their entire lives. Just seems like if ur not a native korean ur gonna be treated like shit.
>>737213 ayrt ok that’s understandable
>>737216 yes in school but otherwise also not like it used to be
>>737219 sa you can see that they are half korean and what you say is not true because nowadays it is not like it used to be of course there are still some who behave like that towards hlab koreans
>>731704 fetish
(373.65 KB 750x450 AFG3MK5.png)


no cookies?