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shinee general 10/24/2020 (Sat) 02:06:54 No. 323
for all your shinee world needs
(298.40 KB 1200x1200 5hinee forever.jpg)
shineegeneral rises from the ashes...
i'm going to be honest, i haven't kept up with shinee since jjong died. i know kibum just got out the army though. but whats up fellow shawols
minho comes back next month and then almost all the boys are back together
>>343 me too, it was really painful for me to listen to any of their music (or even hear jonghyun's voice) for a few years after he died. i started listening to them again out of nostalgia during quarantine and im glad i did, since a lot of their songs give me comfort (as corny as that sounds). i think it will be a while before i can listen to jonghyun's music again, which sucks since it was some of my favorite
>>366 god, same here. i could barely listen to jonghyun's voice. i've been listening to a lot of their songs that i listened to when i was a baby kpop fan, i miss them after not listening to them after so long. i think i can only listen to BASE and his OSTs.
Noona neomu yeppeo
>>427 Micheo
replay replay replay
>>413 linkrel was probably one of my favorite songs of his https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ITAzmpf0dc
white t-shirt is such a banger
>>459 >that smile >that voice >his stage presence in general here he was just great at everything. this is one of my favorites of his >tfw you listened to this everyday in hs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNqlFPlNErE
>>323 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKSpB5icedY this brought back so many memories
Can we talk about this legendary stage, ladies? https://youtu.be/7C7zaT6ldK0
(1.29 MB 4096x2474 ElQL-jtVMAAWw-3.jpg)
(580.31 KB 2048x1364 ElgUskEU8AAdYhi.jpg)
(44.76 KB 453x680 EllIvaMU8AE2YFR.jpg)
(25.61 KB 453x680 EllI5IjU0AEsN1Y.jpg)
he said this was going to be lighter than criminal how is this lighter?
>>5566 digging the evil forest god vibes on this one
(48.84 KB 680x453 EllImgzVoAc5H_L.jpg)
feels kinda blasphemous tbh
(43.42 KB 453x680 Elu3y46VcAAHh0P.jpg)
>>6113 one eye symbolism
(15.20 KB 475x299 Capture.PNG)
>>8452 It doesn't feel as *Taemin* as Criminal but I liked it a lot
it took me a few listens to come around to it i thought boa would have a bigger part
honestly Criminal is SOTY, but can we agree that Idea could've been a solo debut by any given NCT and everyone would have ignored it (except for fans lol) >>343 lol only got back to kpop in 2019 because of that lil boi. god I do miss him sometimes
ngda could have (should have?) been one album. criminal as the title track with most of the idea b-sides. idea is such a strange piece...
great performance, as expected. love heaven, but it kind of follows in the same footsteps of idea (and pansy as well), which makes the latter seem repetitive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ0f95E-ii4
taemin with black hair is hot and shamefully underrated
>>12444 Agreed. I've heard he has a reputation is a manwhore so I like to believe he'd fuck me and that keeps me alive.
Anyone that used to watch Sarg's reaction videos? His reactions were really fun lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYHTS9nmPLY
>>13549 His reaction was geniune and funny, wish other kpop reaction channels were like this too
(118.70 KB 1080x1154 dfd67e555092b72328732c2403f43113.jpg)
>>12444 he's hot hot chonchoni
>>8452 Late but I listened to it for the first time and I'm absolutely loving it (no idea what's you guys problem?) Did anybody else see those videos of Taemin speaking english? He really improved a lot in just a couple months, he must've worked very hard, so cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oHKxsWL15A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEqFgH6Urgc
>>13646 Sm fucking botched my man, where is his jaw??
>>5566 i wonder what's the symbolism about?
(167.82 KB 1500x1000 ELrYJ17UYAEaRfH.jpg)
happy jinki day
>>25495 Thanks, good to see this thread again
listening to view right now and this thread comes up... it really was a masterpiece
>>25528 nice timing
>>25529 the secret is to always be listening to view also I wonder why Married to the Music has so few views on youtube... it's honestly one of my favourite kpop MVs and the song is great but it only has 18M, which is pretty low for a high profile group
>>25586 hmm.. you're right, i wonder why? maybe it got overshadowed by another group, who else was having a comeback when married to the music came out?
>>25592 2015 was a really good year for kpop iirc. i think at around that time exo was still promoting love me right, and 2015/16 was pretty much exo's peak
>>25595 You're right, 2015 was a good year.
>>25586 i like married to the music too, listened to it a lot when it first came out!
Literal baby
>>32262 >>32271 >>32277 my heart ;_;
>>32277 cute <3
Body wave king
(1.07 MB 244x260 tenor (3).gif)
Funny jjong
>>32271 Lovely
These days we see some idols trying hard to sound profound in interviews but just end up just rambling some wordy superficial message *cough cough ratmonster*. Jjong used to give unique perspectives without being a try-hard.
>>32271 loved them on snl, i go back and rewatch from time to time
>>32375 word
>>32277 The cutest oppar. Time to listen to all SHINee/Jjong albums.
(26.41 KB 607x505 images (11).jpeg)
Why tf my pic is being automatically censored tho
Fuck I'm not crying, you're crying!
>>13841 Taemin looks like Gackt every single time i see him. I dont know why he decided to get plastic and fillers when his face was fine during early SHINee days...
>>32682 damn, that hit hard.
>>32682 i was waiting for something like this all day but it still hurts
i know today is a difficult day for all of us; i hope everyone is doing okay
i can only listen to this song once a year https://youtu.be/v9ea5VDQfXg
(170.88 KB 900x1350 EpaP85nWMAIhHnl.jpg)
Will always love this man.
>>32689 hope you're doing well too anon. take care
(3.29 MB 438x336 unnamed.gif)
nonnies please take care. if thinking about him triggers you unwelcome thoughts than just stop and go do something else. happy jjong neomu yeppeoda
>>32682 >>32691 God I miss him too, is it bad to feel guilty as a fan that this happened? I always imagine a scenario in my head where he could have been saved although I know it's impossible.
(76.70 KB 827x816 IMG_20201221_113655.jpg)
I Wanna smoke a joint w/ them
>>32696 we all do that kek
this is how I prefer to remember jonghyun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff-XAmZFQPM
>>34930 kek jjong never wasted an opportunity to be extra, god bless him ;_;
>>34930 KEK i love this vid too https://youtu.be/l0RHaZw1-Yg
>>32696 No, it’s called survivor’s guilt and it’s very common with suicides in particular. Jjong was an impactful guy. He’s one of the very few idols that always stood out to me as naturally musically inclined and pretty transparent about himself, especially later on in his career/life. I believe he was a genuinely good guy with a lot of baggage from an early age and his openness about it made him more relatable. He was easier to view as a fellow human and an artist than as an idol, at least to me.
(6.48 KB 225x224 ANd9GcRBBUoYQd.jpg)
>>34917 nothing to kek about
>>32696 I totally understand. I think my interest in kpop vanished after his suicide, just recently got interested again after finding another group I like. I loved his music and genuinely believe he was a good guy. When the whole "woman are muses" commentary thing happened it was refreshing to see that instead of going the indignant route he was willing to try to understand the point (regardless of how I feel about the matter). Dunno, that incident really stuck with me. I miss him so much.
>>37985 He definitely stood out from other male idols in that regard and openly had some bones to pick (rightfully) with the toxicity of Korean society and towards the government and educational system there as well. Intelligently, at that. He even had a “pretty” and eloquent way of speaking. Too many moid idols are dumb as a box of rocks, but Jjong was ridiculously thoughtful. As the years went on, the line between Jonghyun from SHINee and Jonghyun the human seemed to get thinner. He was truly a gem, no matter what anyone wants to say. He did a lot more in 9 years than most people do in their whole lives.
Hey I'm not a shawol or anything, just a casual listener. I was wondering if you guys could point me to where I can read/watch more about Jonghyun? Whenever I look it up all I can find is quotes/moments compilations and things like that. Are there any interviews/lives/posts written by him I should check out? Thank u
>>38495 His Twitter and Instagram are still up (insta is memorialized) and a lot of his Blue Night broadcasts have been translated. That tended to be where he was most open. Lots of Tumblr pages dedicated to him as well.
>>38495 https://fyjjong.tumblr.com/archive is a good resource as a starting point
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPBz98h8PE8 i love the song "pretty boy" sung by taemin and kai, written by jonghyun. i haven't listened to it in years and remembering it made me happy what jonghyun said about the lyrics: "Because the song’s name is “Pretty Boy,” so many people thought that it must be a cute song, but there was absolutely no content like that … I just borrowed Taemin’s image to warm up and to tell everyone about the things in this world. Taeminie, I talked with Taemingunie and asked, “What do you want to tell everyone?” So this song contains all the stories that we shared together in normal days. Just a song about gender role? And about famous people bias. And about the job that they have to show people. What to say. I did want to talk about all the bad things that happened. I do like the lyrics a lot. Just because I wrote them [laughs]. To be surrounded by rumour, interference, worry. To escape from these things. It’s what the lyrics are about. Because now Taemin has debuted as a solo artist. So about the things that Taemin has, even a good image, even a bad image, no matter which image it would be, I just think that … And there are many people [who think Taemin is delicate], saying that he looks girly. I wanted to say something to raise my voice against people’s thoughts. Taemin is a completely mature guy. He has perseverance. He’s that kind of guy."
>>41142 so happy about this
(495.29 KB o1.gif)
i really like onew's look in the lucifer mv
>>41155 God same, there was also that look he had when he was doing rock of ages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YJq1OII7Ug
(151.11 KB EB8ulqxX4AE7N13.jpg)
>>41159 he looks so good like this
>>41171 Woooff that's hot
Does shinee have more songs like orgel?
>>42037 good taste, nona! imo Taemin's Mystery Lover immediately comes to mind as having a comparable vibe which is why i love it so much https://youtu.be/F9TTxneaktI outside of that, for me at least, there doesn't seem to be a song that hits quite like the way Orgel does. if other nonas wanna chime in though, feel free!
maybe Obsession but not really
i get the whole shipping culture in kpop and that even at times, the company itself will push certain "ships" but i'll never understand why some pairings are/were so popular within the fanbases lol i just dont get onjong yall felt like they were/are more compatible with literally all the other members
>>42126 I love Mystery Lover so much!I actually thought someone was gonna answer that, cause I find these two similar too. but I cant find any song similar to orgel other than mystery lover. And it is one of the best K-pop songs I’ve ever heard, shame it’s so underrated. I’m into jonghyun’s solo stuff too but nothing beats the orgel’s perfection. Shinee really has a great discography a sides and B sides. Wish I got into them sooner
>>42787 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qOKPvBZVi18 I’m also a big fan of this one
(86.74 KB 750x1011 minhoe.jpeg)
Minho for GQ Korea
(226.82 KB 1174x1183 spoilers.png)
spoilers are from their most recent vlive held today: https://www.vlive.tv/video/232913
Shinee is back pam pam shinee is back
(114.84 KB 1471x827 ErwYhhKVgAEW5FI.jpeg)
also qt blond onew
he looks really good with the blonde hair
>>48804 Right? I’ve always thought it’s suited him well
ladies this cb is gonna be bomb
>>50213 i love him
>>50200 I’m so excited wtf
guyse taeminie is getting legit good at english! he has better conversation skills than most of bts who has been promoting in the us for like solid 6 years??
>>51934 everyone say thank you superm
minho's english sounded really good today too
look look proof that some idols are just lazyfags
>>51958 king
what would you do in this situation
>>56423 the brief period of time in which he looked legit good... rip
>>56427 what happened to taemin's face after that? i compared him to oli london once and got killed on reddit
(73.87 KB 575x1024 phatballs.jpg)
>>56427 thats fine i love him for his soul >>56434 based redditors
>>56434 idk i think he loos better heavier besides the filler/botox talk
(159.19 KB 484x360 shinee.PNG)
see you there girlies
>>57570 >"shinee's back" yessssss! i was just about to post this! i'm so excited! mark your calendars, nonas! <3
(162.17 KB 828x1474 Ess5_UBUwAAnk2p.jpeg)
>>57570 Shinee is back ladies
the styling looks pretty good in that pic jinki looks great
(37.19 KB 680x383 11111111111.jpg)
>>57916 I really do love how they straight up don’t care about looking perfect anymore, they’re just being themselves now. Kibum especially is pretty funny.
(270.61 KB 480x480 demo#022256.mp4)
new song snippet
>>57916 Cute
(5.90 MB 300x477 taembot.gif)
>>59161 a true entertainer
(85.37 KB 1003x502 so true jjakgoong.PNG)
Anyone moving to The Vigilant Citizen Forums with me?
>>59161 he's so ~adorable~
(79.39 KB 1366x532 migrating to vc.png)
>>59217 i'm migrating too, see you there bestie
>>59110 TOP KEK
(133.57 KB 1440x1146 EtBtCf0XEAIYgt2.jpeg)
New shinee song in just a few hours omooo i cant believe it's finally happening you guyse
(54.91 KB 720x679 EsxFm8TW8AUvXvi.jpg)
shineehags are in their stasis chambers as always
(114.68 KB 1165x478 gmorning.png)
Shinee's new b-side Marry You: https://youtu.be/GG9hPKwmeYo
>>63364 Minho’s gonna get married I’m calling it
>>63364 Live vocals in my kpop? Omona... shinee really is back I like the song it's qt, more excited about the title tho
(1.01 MB 1884x1256 1612097289382.jpg)
marrying this oppar
They also performed good evening https://youtu.be/iF7iM1tbA0I
wow good evening never fails to give me chills right from that part where they sit and look up
sm unnie lurking the nct thread gave shinee the 90s school shooter concept
>>63454 hmmm... I might sue....
i thought it looked like a bank robber concept
>>63479 block b already did that
>>63481 shinee did it in get the treasure already too
editor nona,, its time to sue that bitch sooman,,
(4.13 MB 3072x4096 EtdTmLtVEAAlQE7.jpg)
>>67471 spy concept? omo
looks more like a conspiracy theory concept
>>67478 based and in tune with the times
>>67471 Wow I love this! Gotta respekt SM art department, they're based plagiarists
>>67560 what are they plagiarizing here
>>67580 nothing that I know of, I was just thinking of previous scandals kek they plagiarize but they do have the taste to curate good stuff
(25.50 KB 800x571 EtrYhptU0AEkRtC.jpg)
interested to see where this is going visually
>>68670 Lake monsterrsss or underwater creatures omo
https://youtu.be/8pN1Ob-qxP0 this is so subtly creepy i love it
>>69324 topkek 2 views
(362.86 KB 679x453 EttuoZ-WQAMu8c5.png)
>>69324 omo i love this concept... shinee is so weird, unique, show stopping, never the same... i like them so much my heart hurts
>>69324 I can't wait for this to come out, really appealing to the conspiracyfags out there (me)
Please they're so precious omona
>>69324 hnnnng i cannot wait im loving the concept so much
(2.92 MB 720x1280 idICvHzsWQessiXp.mp4)
important update
(1.26 MB 3500x2333 EtyvtfXWQAEZCPD.jpg)
>>70683 omo i love purr >>70785 Twice tried it with that yellow-ish blush in More & More, but Onew wore it better tbh
(618.26 KB 2048x1536 Et2b9kdXcAA7b3g.jpg)
fresh kkoongies
(1.50 MB 3500x2333 Et3W1q7VkAMuQMc.jpg)
also teasers
>>71300 they are such treasures <3
(379.84 KB 2048x1365 Etyv9KUXMAc7I9v.jpeg)
i'm soft for onew oppar...
>>71453 the makeup artists outdid themselves i love the look
>>71494 idk how i feel about the oompa loompa blush
(3.81 MB 2000x3000 Et8ehNIVkAUxkdv.jpg)
(1.68 MB 3000x2000 Et8fh3SVIAUpQHS.jpg)
minho lost tvxq member conspiracy
(783.08 KB 2048x2048 Et9EO8BWYAE21HZ.jpg)
i love the colors i love visual kei and i love björk
(3.39 MB 2200x2200 Et8eaWuVcAoLo15.jpg)
they all look SO GOOD
>>71552 >>71560 >>71565 god i've missed the 2nd gen over the top flashiness so badly, this looks fucking amazing
the concept photos look great, can't wait for the cb
(899.31 KB 2500x3500 EuBxXKmVcAoyJy-.jpg)
i have feelings for him
>>72011 rightt? I was coming here to post that same exact pic... onew never looked better or at least never provoked me this fuzzy feelings
damnnn grey hair suits him
(3.78 MB 2500x3500 EuHAMbQUYAE0eqD.jpg)
(420.70 KB 2048x1365 EuBxzhlVcAEralr.jpeg)
I want onew oppar to [redacted] me
>>74463 Minho also looks great
(881.53 KB 720x720 Heart Attack.mp4)
chef kiss
>>76531 Sounds promising
(1.16 MB 2002x3000 EuVM7UXUYAEeyJT.jpg)
a god
(1.47 MB 2002x3000 EuaFCWYUYAARtql.jpeg)
my man!
looking lit
>>71654 omo same but you worded it better
(844.04 KB 2002x3000 EufY6ANVkAAA6Na.jpeg)
>>84788 stunning
im scared
minho-ya come fuck
(440.81 KB 2048x1367 EulT2DdXMAMnpJk.jpeg)
Everyone going for those orange sky aesthetics hmmmm
>>85335 why are you scared, nona?
>>85519 they're coming
>>85622 they sure are! isn't it exciting? ^^
Minho looking fire in the new teaser
>>86537 damn...
>>86541 Damn indeed
Man I’m in some fandoms and a 20 year old so I’m in it for like some years but being a shawol is really comfy. We don’t get a lot of content and comebacks but everyone is so chill
i've waited so long, i can't believe shinee's (almost) back
Everyone shut up shinee is back https://youtu.be/RJrdLnzvATk
did anyone see jessie interviewing minho kek
the snippet in the mv teaser is not doing it for me the rest of the album sounds like it will be good though
>>87454 i am NOT looking at onew's big meaty thighs
>>87482 He's proud of them so you should
>>87475 i feel the same way
https://youtu.be/VsTnbem9tNg only bangers... Jessie mentioned in that minho interview that shinee was pointed as the bg with the most earworm/popular songs or whatever by some survey... deserve
>>88169 isn't earworm a bad thing kek https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earworm
>>88170 they translated as popular, earworm was by me and it isn't bad necessarily, just a (most likely) pop song that doesnt leave people's mind... most memorable pop artists had at least one of those
earworms are just songs that get stuck in your head
(432.24 KB 720x900 8t4KoqAxrEg6wH4R.mp4)
i loaf him
that one taemin's sexuality performance...
>>88179 well share it, the 2 other shineebros are waiting
>>88181 https://youtu.be/QREEadmNDz pretty sure we've all seen this though
>>89223 feeling sexual feelings for onew...
the lyrics feel...... hm
>>89231 based and tofupilled
>>87475 i was right. i hate don't call me but the b-sides are Excellent.
>>89223 thought I was gonna see more on minho shirtless in goth cowboy look but at least his shirt lifted up like 10 tens
>>89231 get in line friend
>>89223 I only dislike dont call me part
the album is so good, nonas! i've missed them so much ;_;
what are your favourite tracks nonies? Recommend me some i dont have to listen to all of them now >>89310 >>89231 >>89237 Exactly onew has been doing things for me.....
Qt oniu
Taemin is goot at english you guys
He was looking bomb here
>>89330 bombed more like
don't call me kinda reminds me of a better obsession
>>89324 code, kind, i really want you
>>89223 It feels like an nct song the way superhuman feels like a shinee song
>>89338 i like obsession more but it took a while to grow on me whereas i liked dont call me instantly
>>89344 kekkk thought the exact same
>>89344 This
except they should've copied the good nct noise but went for gimme gimme with punch's vocals kek
>>89404 >good nct noise
really hope bsides have more to offer than don't call me, shinee oppars don't disappoint me on this one
>>89416 my fave is i really want you it's their weakest album ladies but they're still based and entertaining Also SHINee “Don’t Call Me” 11PM KST Update: #1 Genie (=) #1 Bugs (=) #52 Flo (+19) #85 MelOn (+12) >63k+ first day A 12 year group omooo
>it's their weakest album no that's still odd
>>89329 after fucking that many white women it'd be a crime if he wasn't good
>>89421 nona that's bad for 2021 reminds me of taemin begging fans to buy his album...
>>89448 it may be bad for 2021 but it's good for a 2nd gen group that's been on hiatus for almost three years and taemin never begged fans to buy his album
>>89330 cute!!
code should've been the title fuck pooman
>>89455 oppar has already fucked him and for what...
>>89425 shit taste
>>89448 >>89452 exacly... they have more than a decade, how many kpop bgs have gone that far? Taemin was asking his fans how could he promo himself which wasn't an issue this time since they went to a bunch of shows
Whatever happened to the ufo concept lol... we're really just getting this look >>70785 for a photobook huh...
>>89636 never going to forgive sm for wasting the ufo concept and aesthetic
might not be popular but i actually really like the song? not huge on the repeating 'don't call me' but the rest of the chorus is great especially the harmonizing which really reminds me of exo kek heart attack, code and kiss kiss are my favorites from the album also body rhythm sounds so old, i wonder if this was a song that was supposed to get released back in 2015/2016? i like the song but it sounds like every pop radio hit from those years
>>89826 I unironically loved the whole album
https://youtu.be/N3103Su_-cM Taeminies piano break... thought that tempo was going to start playing kek I think harmonies in general is a very SM thing? So it doesn't remind me of any group specifically.
yeah harmonies (esp during chorus) is quintessential sm sound
>>89962 depressive hours thinking which part jjong would sing and the he'd probably have done it live for the entirety of this because he had so much stamina
already seeing dont call me ads on youtube
don't call me (the song) is really starting to grow on me
>>89981 I’m the same way,it broke my heart
I keep thinking I'm hearing a dog barking in parts of the instrumental for don't call me, it's really distracting
GUYS dont call me is really a grower, i like it each day more Kiss kiss and really want you are great too
>>91137 i was just thinking this! i keep pausing the song to see what my dogs are barking about
>>91137 it sounds like a window being wiped
(88.98 KB 1142x1027 my_meow_meow.jpeg)
the choreo for heart attack is really cute
(845.71 KB 1280x720 VM6Yj1iy6N-Q1uD0.mp4)
>>91878 like a japanese produce 101 noob trainee doing ending fairy for the 1st time
>>91894 im p sure he was clowning idols who do this
>>91878 kek was reading a pann article of their ending fairy moments for this promo cycle
https://youtu.be/2LnCaecCDd0 bless IU for promoting Shinee
https://youtu.be/JrcZIyjFXes from 10:00 there's a shinee medley sung by onew while the other members are playing characters?? dont understand the concept of the show but it was cute
>>94171 her cover of sherlock is so good
(3.74 MB 720x1096 R5m9pdHOczFjcPJQ.mp4)
>>94551 love when idols have real talent
(1.11 MB 1280x720 MV_20210303_2.mp4)
Bros.... I don't feel too well
>>97170 ...i don't wanna cry i wanna be strong dammit
>>97170 fuck this broke my heart
>>97170 kinda wish they had cut this out
>>97170 oh man, the look on his face. he handled it so well though >>97269 i'm really not sure why they kept it in.
>>97170 i have mixed feelings about this unsure why they didnt cut it out but at the same i can kinda get behind why since jjong shouldn’t be treated as a taboo topic it gutted me
>>97351 Mixed feelings too... maybe they could have explained the situation off the record... but at the same time I don't like that it's taboo.. i don't like that in the west this is the first thing people say when they hear about him or shinee, but I think in Korea they might be on the opposite spectrum* *not the members, regular people
>>97380 yeah i get what youre saying it sucks we cant talk about his existence and impact without someone bringing up the elephant in the room its been years but that doesnt make it easier, i also think they kept the clip cause shes a kid its difficult to explain that kind of stuff especially with how he passed
>>97324 maybe they thought it would be weird if no one noticed he went missing? i know it's uncomfortable and hurts a lot though.
the full video by the way https://youtu.be/vDY23Bi5Rjs Jinki was emo all the way through it but specially after the clip showing their 1st music show win with Juliette :')
>>97684 wow when they go from Dream Girl to Good Evening... brutal...
>>97684 >the 7yo who picked Lucifer as his favorite song extremely based and has a bright future ahead
yees code performance https://youtu.be/hLrb1BXowt0
>>97955 the choreo is really cool
(230.32 KB 1124x1771 EvoWIHEU8AAb2RO.jpeg)
>>98066 omg key ;_; i wanna hug him so bad.
(87.45 KB 1080x1345 Ed7rlRUU8AAkuOM.jpg)
happy roo day!
>>98099 omo. How cute!
>>98066 they deserve the world
>>98066 i'm happy they're more comfortable to talk about this in public without fearing some heartless and bitter knetizen say that they're doing it for attention
>>98113 how are you still not banned yet?
(31.61 KB 618x777 EvpEE9QWgCUEG3p.jpg)
great ad
>>98099 our queen <3
>>98139 they in love
wow fucking kill me thanks
>>98696 KEK that's gonna be me if i ever meet onew
>>98698 his face at the end nooooo
(2.38 MB 1280x720 X0xfrHui7mdvqWTk.mp4)
this is so stupid
>>98915 lol it's cute when key comes over
>>98915 what's that chain thing on key's face, bangchan wears it too. how come it looks like it's stuck on
>>99101 its makeup
>>99101 lmao blind nona
Taemin is good at English part 300
>>98698 dude im having my heart broken first thing in the morning
>>99487 king of autofellatio
>>98915 kek this is so funny
>>99491 a bit but he doesn't come off as pretentious
>>98915 lmfao not the fingers being too short for the gloves rip
minho reminds me of julian casablancas but like better lookin
https://youtu.be/3SdinYFN6sM Sisters I love those twinks and Minho much
(55.85 KB 720x480 gettyimages-477638624.jpg)
>>99919 wtf apologize to minho
>>100632 you think casablancas is better lookin??? even now??? taste is subjective i guess...
>>100638 no, i'm implying that this casablancas dude is ugly as sin
>>100643 i also implied that in my first statement, he just reminds me of casa because I find that they both have strong gazes when they perform, it's charming
https://youtu.be/wmapK_TxfS4 walking down memory lane tonight nonas
>>100899 I’m crying tears of sadness and laughter right now
>>100899 i wish they had released this, i wonder why they never do
(850.59 KB 1280x704 a0vsBTfm0FtTfqO6.mp4)
mad lad
(162.04 KB 1280x853 Ev4xwtXXcAc8KGg.jpeg)
(1.48 MB 976x720 cringe.mp4)
>>101975 kfans are sick and deranged
once sm idol, always sm idol! being elderly is no excuse for not doing aegyo, gaybaiting and co! kfans still know how to treat idols right!
(119.73 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>101975 can't believe my poor hag is still doing this.... sm please get him a role in a drama asap
(212.23 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
>>103824 he just finished one...
>>103824 if there's one thing I've learned from stanning hags it's that you WILL be forced to do aegyo no matter how old you get
(15.52 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
(63.73 KB 640x640 20140221-191357.jpg)
>>104469 BASED
(9.05 MB 800x583 (2).gif)
loved this look
are we getting tickets?
(162.47 KB 710x399 Ravenstag.jpg)
Was asked to put this here. Taemin's Mv Idea to Hannibal At 1:26 of the mv, we see his backup dancers in white with white feathered collars things. We can connect this to the Ravenstag in Hannibal that has white feathers around it's neck (the animal not the wendigo thing). The scene is also in a forest or the woods, which is just a common scene setting in Hannibal since it is set in Virginia. At 1:36 we can connect this scene to what I believe is the last episode to Hannibal where the Great Red Dragon sets his house on fire. At 1:38 we see Taemin behind a glass wall, this is a connection to both the movie and the show where we see Hannibal locked up, behind the glass wall.
Taemin's Idea Lyrics to Hannibal This part: My ah-ah My-ah-ah My-ah My-I-DE-A My ah-ah My-ah-ah My You are You are You are My my IDEA My my IDEA can be connected to Will's "This is my design" catchphrase. The dangerous dream that swallowed me Is proven by you This thrill deep in my heart You are my messiah (Killing me softly) This can be connected to how Will and Hannibal see each other though out the series, Will sees Hannibal as dangerous but he can't get away from him.
Taemin's Criminal to Hannibal Literally Will's perspective of Hannibal if you believe that the show Hannibal was a fucked up love story (which I believe even the creator endorses so it is a love story) Like I can try to connect them to specific scenes in Hannibal but damn I haven't watched the show in a couple years and I saw a couple fmvs of Hannibal using this song so go at it with that. Conclusion: Taemin is Hannibal fan and ships hannibal and will
(26.72 KB 389x420 ElliEsyW0AUqx1m.jpg)
>>108236 >>108240 i dont watch the show but see what you mean he def watches hannibal. he also recommended raw (2016) and said he had a dream about eating ppl so yeah lol
>>108243 I feel like i would get along with taemin, remember when he referenced fucking happy tree friends in hello baby?
>>108246 yeah he seems like a fun guy
Oh my... Key talks with Taeyeon about missing Jjong in the latest I Live Alone episode... >Kibum: Even though it’s fun while we’re doing our promotions these days, the times when it was really fun was when we were all together. When we didn’t know anything and when we tried something new. >Kibum: I kept thinking about those times and during MCD, that speech came out without me knowing it myself, all of a sudden. >Kibum: For me before, the topic had an atmosphere to it like it was a taboo that I couldn’t bring up and I disliked that so much. “Now I’m okay, it’s okay for me to miss him” I hope that you guys know that we need and miss him too. It’s our honest feelings.
>>114577 oh, Key... ;_;
https://youtu.be/VsTnbem9tNg only bop after bop! sm please go back to this
>>108246 He’s a big fan of Korn too lmao
(440.65 KB 500x492 amen.png)
god i love this song https://youtu.be/lY6Plb6Y6-Y
(229.32 KB 471x375 Capture.PNG)
let's gooooo
>>119808 wait is this korean or jap? omoooo anyways shinee is a gift that keeps giving thank you oppars
>>119812 don't call me repackage so korean
>atlantis sounds like another BoA reject topkek
>>119820 kek i thought of boa's atlantis princess too
(132.40 KB 640x818 gonna cry.jpg)
>>122840 wtf is this real
>>122840 i dont want to be quick to believe this without a reliable source but ill legit sob if its true
https://twitter.com/MariaKirstenn/status/1377495753120047104 shit this was on April fools, I'm gonna cry harder
(42.11 KB 400x600 EvFafvwXUAEafL7.jpeg)
shinee's thread shinee's thread shinee's thread tum tum tum
https://youtu.be/8WJw1_PgSig i want to put them in a jar eoteokkeeee
>>123004 quality ontae content
https://youtu.be/5tW7R3R8410 sad that minho and key didn't record it together
are we tuning into the concert tonight girlies?
>>123540 how many hours?
>>123542 nine and a half
>>123543 i'll probably watch it then
>>123540 if you stream it to me yes kek
>>123004 taemin has grown to become a natural comedian
he's right and should say it... living cramped together is one of the reasons for bullying within the group like the aoa case
>>123570 he said in a previous interview he knew he wanted to move out when minho walked into a room and all he wanted to do was smack him i really appreciate how honesty key is
>>123012 >key's dad was the one who had his conception dream and he dreamed of a giraffe swallowing a snake >key: hmmm i wonder what that means topkek coming out of the closet one step at a time
>>123571 kek yes he used to be more cheeky about in that interview he made sure to emphasize it was a circumstancial issue and that his members are nice people... cute.
girlies this concert is LIVE live
>>123613 what have they performed so far??
>>123614 good evening, dream girl, i really want you, heart attack, married to the music, hello, attention, view, chemistry, prism, sherlock and everybody so far
>>123616 ty nona, these are some of my favorites. wish i'd bought the concert now
>>123617 i think you can still buy for the delayed viewings? don't quote me on that though
hope someone rips it
atlantis is excellent
>>123632 love it so much. can't wait for its release
>>123639 this was a concert stream btw im not the teume kek
>selene 6.23 >an encore pls bros im crying
the rest of the set list was: don't call me, kind, atlantis, love like oxygen, kiss kiss, juliette, selene 6.23 and an encore
shinee is a gift that keeps on giving
can someone post a summary of the surprise live afterwards? i’m gonna pass out from exhaustion. night girlies.
taemin dancing rollin
i missed it..
cute pic omo
can i cry a little
@iamgroot9699 on twitch still got part of the concert up ladies
(1.69 MB 2000x2836 EyNwN4CUcAw_6Xs.jpg)
going on an adventure with jinki
(200.96 KB 1000x853 483640_original.jpg)
(281.62 KB 1000x1310 482158_original.jpg)
(202.97 KB 1000x1310 481587_original (1).jpg)
(167.73 KB 1000x1310 484147_original.jpg)
(207.13 KB 1000x1310 482807_original.jpg)
>>124831 hnnnnng they look so good
(160.99 KB 1000x1310 484585_original.jpg)
jinki has been looking so cute lately seethe ot4 twitterfags
i love shinee
>>124838 He is aging beautifully, isnt he nona?
happy birthday bébé
its the 8th in my timezone happy bday jjongie
>>126528 cozy bebe
>>126528 cutie
(345.87 KB 480x480 Jonghyun Kazoo.mp4)
(225.08 KB 640x853 8d6b519b3de9.jpg)
been digging the look for the repackage
japanese album soon nonas
>>127963 their art direction is bomb
lmao these lives are everything
>key: yasss hunny omo...
>it was our brother's birthday yesterday :')
>>128484 >>128486 my funny babies >>128487 :( i love them
(102.85 KB 1125x892 EyixCPLWEAMr0RG.jpeg)
(804.08 KB 1078x1350 013407.jpg)
love this outfit
(494.68 KB 1462x2048 1618203635397.jpg)
>>131260 this is so good
(710.33 KB 1078x832 412-111856.jpg)
>>131260 the song is soooo good and the mv is so pretty I still prefer don't call me though kekeke don't kill me. But i feel like this one sounds more like Shinee.
(50.90 KB 737x956 Eyx3po2U8AAy2HM.jpg)
>>131260 loved the video and the song very much, my hags never disappoint i liked don't call me just a tiny but more though also, taemin with a tiny ponytail. nice.
(490.20 KB 1079x1082 0412-120117.jpg)
the photography is just on point omo
(906.03 KB 1080x1446 0412-120206.jpg)
>>131260 it gives me old school vibes, i'm not a shinee fan but enjoyed every second of it, and didn't get bored
i am once again thinking about onkey's vocals in atlantis
>>131441 the combo of their tones is very exquisite
>>131450 it's really something else - total perfection
(650.84 KB 2048x1365 EyIgJMdVcAcN0Ik.jpeg)
nona who said atlantis sucked really fooled me kek thank you i like to be positively surprised
coordi noona discovering that jinki looks good in yellow omo thank you
nothing to see here, just a banger about how much they love each other https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSqV6IJ11a8
>>132705 Key is one of the few male idols who has aged so well. He really took care of himself!!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CfUULjfa14 might be one of their best songs ever >>132710 i agree
>>132389 i thought taemin’s tshirt said hooker at the first glance
>>132705 oooooowwnnnnn he looks so cute
he's so pretty
dont u guys think minhos personality became a lot more subdued? i feel like he was much more extroverted and louder kek i mean i knows its normal for people to change but the difference is very remarkable
>>134512 he's ready to be a dad now
(631.53 KB 754x406 Ey3_OuqWgAAbmD4.png)
(614.83 KB 826x460 Ey3-54AXEAscqt_.png)
>>134517 they praying
(127.38 KB 1080x1315 Ey6_XxuVcAUutMe.jpg)
(92.84 KB 1080x1315 Ey6_XxqVkAc5BqH.jpg)
(121.66 KB 1080x1315 Ey6_XxtVkAALNtI.jpg)
>>134539 >>134540 >>134541 freaking based, shineefren
>>134539 >>134540 >>134541 I will make him a father
another 1 year and a half without a shinee cb how are coping shawol sisters
(444.42 KB 1003x1280 7c19000028m.jpg)
he's served your honor he doesn't need to enlist again
>>135316 with alcohol
seeing taemin finally inevitably enlist is surreal to me honestly ive really been a shineehag for +8 years
>>135875 same it just never dawned on me until he started crying on his vlive
i'm gonna miss taemin so much
>>136134 very cute
Shinee sis', which cb did you like more, Don't call me or Atlantis?
(167.22 KB 1080x1080 Eze6CTNVUAIxyGi.jpg)
(170.67 KB 1080x1080 Eze6CwEVUAIgwTe.jpg)
>>136148 don't call me but atlantis is very good too
(55.65 KB 660x660 1618910305075.jpg)
>>136148 dont call me... but both are bangerz
>>136148 atlantis > don't call me don't call me b sides > atlantis b sides
rip this was a good set
>>136648 yes it was so beautiful
(189.48 KB 900x1240 EzWRSr6VEA8SwmZ.jpeg)
i just love them girlies simple as
i love minho so much
>>136794 based >>136662 based
(307.88 KB 1011x502 qa.png)
>>136866 gaypops and their kaws collection
(154.78 KB Ev3UajzXIAMbTFp.jpg)
(206.16 KB Et8ejqOUYAM2LZJ.jpg)
(899.31 KB 2500x3500 EuBxXKmVcAoyJy-.jpg)
(785.59 KB shinee1.jpeg)
(75.93 KB crop.jpg)
(664.91 KB yttkyjgr5vg61.jpg)
(353.32 KB sqsdjaaj60i61.jpg)
(318.13 KB EuCOx_lVkAEniiM.jpg)
(140.09 KB restmb_jhidxmake.jpg)
(84.36 KB original.jpg)
(85.13 KB Cphp3PtUkAAIY1S.jpg)
(84.72 KB Eu9ApPL.jpg)
(151.77 KB 1080x810 Ezkd0W0VUAAgA-6.jpg)
(71.56 KB 466x607 20160422_2050210.jpg)
>>137658 BASED
>>137658 topkek thank you for this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dww9UjJ4Dt8 i think lucifer might be one of the best kpop songs of all time
>>137343 Because of these MMTG eps I have the Lucifer remix stuck in my head now. Shinee make you dance with me~ Just wanna be with you baby~
>>142827 literally the greatest remix of all time
>>141824 i love it it's peak kpop
(189.48 KB 900x1240 EzWRSr6VEA8SwmZ.jpeg)
still want the studio version of cry for me after all these years https://youtu.be/oeG9bkR6rt8
i love this song sm https://youtu.be/P4Qyk9IBI2s
(379.78 KB 1170x1540 Ezu7EvJVUAQkP2p.jpg)
important kkoongie update
(38.11 KB 480x361 20210427_162239.jpg)
which one of them was this??
>>147643 im pretty sure thats jjongie
>>147646 god I miss him
(3.48 MB 640x640 zGrAoLrqOp9YP0NW.mp4)
cute leader jinki
>>147813 my little man
>>147813 omomo so teeny tiny
sorry for using a tiktok video but this interaction was hilarious i have yet to see the second part of jaejae's interview but the first one was pretty great.
>>147866 kekkkk but why is he so mad
im stuck in that clips loop kek i love the ooh la la la oooohh ohhhhhh and when onew says "what is this"
>>148990 privileged jfans but they deserve for supporting uri shinee
>>149258 they’ve been ignored for like two years kek
>>149263 everyone has been ignored for 2 years kek
>>149265 ifans had taemin in superm and kfans had taemin solo releases, jfans got nothing
>>149268 they had the famous ep and taemins solo concerts what are you talking about kek i was talking about shinee as a group though
>>149274 famous was two years ago... i get you meant shinee as a group but at least everyone else had something from a shinee member aimed at them anyways
famous was in august 2019, the concerts were in december 2019 and early 2020. i remember it because everyone was pitying taemin for his busy schedule
taemins been wylin on live these days
fuck forgot to link https://youtu.be/jLMaHiufAYU
>>150140 his recent one was really painful to watch though
(3.69 MB 720x720 tYk3xS_ZGWU58ja9.mp4)
new kibum dropped
>SHINee to make their first Japanese comeback in 3 years on 7/28 with a 5-track album consisting of 7 versions there will also be 400 winners who can get a video call with them (including taemin before he enlists) and 500 winners of some special prize that will be personally shipped
kek maybe minho influenced him to go to the gym
all key does is squats and some cardio
>>150765 rip my wallet
>>150564 taemin pronouncing cherry bomb is so cute kibum remains a based fag >>150914 yaaasss kween moving from his twink phase
yaasss GET their asses
>>153115 he's so cute
he looks better without make up. cuter but manlier
are we tuning in to the concert tonight ladies?
>>150918 Omo. good for him
>>153355 if i find the link then yes
>>153355 I'm broke. I'll be twitter watching
>>153375 >>153379 same nonas can you share here if you find a link?
>>153382 thank you!
advice may 18 get ready nonas
(90.39 KB 1334x750 E0XXqmvVcAIa_Vc.jpg)
>”the fans have grown up and some have gotten married, but i’m always here, without changing”
ah jeez ill cry
advice sounds good
(3.60 MB 1280x720 Q37zJgCYmwbxoJ_d.mp4)
loved this black swan moment
i'm in denial ladies another 18 months without shinee
>>153531 yas save yourself for me oppa im coming for you
>>154554 we’ll have a shinee comeback on july 28 then a key solo in july and an onew solo in september
>>154604 but the people want minho solo
>>154604 i think you guise keep telling me about this july cb and i keep forgetting it lmao
>>154640 probably too busy with his drama. watch out for it he’s playing a gay character kek
>>154646 hmmmmmmmmm wonder who was his inspiration......
>>154649 i don’t know, nona. i don’t know
>>154652 GOD i wish that were me
kekkk key's silence is worth a thousand words
girlies minho's rap break in atlantis slaps hard
>>155783 relatable king
(91.77 KB 480x360 IMG_5936.mp4)
kitchenware merch soon
>>156320 Kekkkk minhos face
>>157499 hate cooking... lets make shinee sex toys how about that
>>157499 king shit
he’s hot in this photocard but the adam’s apple scares me
(158.89 KB 1280x873 t5x69np897x31.jpg)
they need groups like shinee
>>157713 you know what they say... big adams apple, big voice
>>157766 never will there be a quirky group like them again and thats just sad
>>157700 keep the first half of the video but replace the second half with advertising bad dragon's ika and tako
i cried to sayonara hitori then fucking dibidibidis my name is minho came on after i cant make this shit up
(2.27 MB 720x1280 RbgXg0Tf4EjZX2__.mp4)
important message please hear
>>164655 gonna cry when he enlists
shawolfrens, if you're having a bad day or want to laugh a lil bit just watch this https://youtu.be/onx7JoBWirA >>164655 already in despair though but thanks taeminie
(3.76 MB 3000x2000 E1A4wNoVIAMm4gz.jpg)
(1.18 MB 2143x3000 E0_uoDCVIAkAQNd.jpg)
>>167908 looks great love the concept
>>168676 kek tbh i dont like taeyeon's voice very much and i dont think her vibes match taemins she could do something with key though since they're besties. that would be cool
>>168676 yees finally thank you taengoo
>taemin: from replay to advice special video https://youtu.be/wNu2C5-3ah0
(1.84 MB 2143x3000 E1KVKXqVEAEjqjC.jpg)
(1.62 MB 2143x3000 E1KVND_VoAAKpqg.jpg)
(1.29 MB 3000x2000 E1KVzZqVoAMGUgy.jpg)
>>170739 kek nerd
(204.88 KB 1280x407 HqE1skc.jpg)
happy birthday to odd
wow looks really good
>>180538 im enjoying it
>>180538 wow i rarely find taemin attractive but the long hair is really working for me
advice is a bop
(3.72 MB 2654x4096 E1q4-VlVEAUqTef.jpg)
>>180538 man i actually love it, both the song and the styling very different to what he previously did
(60.82 KB 961x541 E1qLB3VX0AMAp-H.jpg)
long haired taemin has always been the best thing in kpop, took sm way too long to give him that again and we finally got to see his uncatholic tattoo kek
his hair looks awful you guys are blind
>>181073 fuck off
>>181073 kek exactly those extensions are not blended at all
thank god he’s gonna be bald soon
Why didn’t they give Taemin fuller extensions like for sherlock? I love the concept but it looks so thin and isn’t blended very well with his real hair. >>181010 This was the best outfit along with the black and white 1:1 suit.
>>182798 he looks cute here but they really should have fixed it better or made it all black. his best look in the vid is when he had it in a bun and it got the least screentime
>>180538 very good
Taemin is so hot in the Advice MV.
they're so cute
i think because of that comeback my love for taemin is stronger than it ever was before, damn
(116.57 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>183423 hes so hot in here i wanna fuck her with a strap on
whats the verdict girlies for me its criminal > advice > idea but tbh advice is almost surpassing criminal... taemin is amazing
for the title tracks: criminal > a wall> advice = idea for albums: ngda 2 > advice > a wall > ngda 1
>>183457 i hope he grows his hair back to this length when he comes back from the army
has anyone seen a copy of bistro de shinee floating around yet?
>>187756 im seeing bits on tiktok
(100.56 KB 1024x682 DmDQ4hUW0AIa6TT.jpg)
happy shinee day nonas
(474.89 KB 1197x800 Ey9re_CWUAUmVFH.jpeg)
happy shinee day girlies
girlies i know a lot of you havent been really that interested in shinee since 2018 but try to watch this series of videos where each member responds to fans voice mails. i found it quite wholesome. minho (he got so emotional lol cute): https://youtu.be/X9qyb7O4rMY[Embed][Embed] taemin: https://youtu.be/c4E4Wy3YTOY[Embed][Embed] key: https://youtu.be/WGBpIEDDWDA[Embed][Embed] onew: https://youtu.be/Sb87jAYxmzs[Embed][Embed]
(732.66 KB 1774x1774 1622376915766.jpg)
>Thank you so much for loving me so far. Looking back on the past days, I lived a different life. Sometimes I felt lonely. In the end, I've always been loved so much. >Thank you so much for giving me a life that I can't thank you enough. I'll grow up for our happiness! >Don't be so upset that I'm not here! Don't look away. My real brother and parents will take care of me in my house. >I will tell you the news from time to time, so don't be so depressed! I love you, I love you, I love you.
>>201813 uri lovely maknae
(91.04 KB 1024x792 E2pycxuWQAA5LHF.jpg)
i can't DO THIS
>>202369 2 years is too long
>>201813 >>202369 it doesn't feel real yet like these are just gag photos or something. it feels like shinee just came back and now they're gone again. i really hope taemin is okay, i am going to miss him so so much >>201529 thanks for compiling all these, been meaning to watch them. onew singing in my room already has me bawling kek
>>202689 its 18 months, no?
>>208128 this must be the "post the best performances in kpop" thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-cQSFe4JA0
(1.68 MB 3000x2000 E3fHCbVXIAcgQqe.jpg)
>Don't Call Me becomes SHINee's first album to surpass 300,000 copies sold. wtf bros i thought they had sold at least 500k at some point... whoa
>>220542 it's only recently that selling 100k+ became somewhat common
>>202369 he dropped advice and went all in It's a masterpiece btw
(28.55 KB 480x526 20210615_144816.jpg)
I'm wheezing
>>231096 he looks so miserable
>>231745 taemin of 2008 is back
love this taemin
(119.26 KB 891x668 1542340465488.jpg)
nonas what are your favorite and least favorite shinee title tracks my favorite is married to the music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcu7yZBeSKw least favorite is why so serious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgeAmF7bgoE i really wish SM had chosen literally any other song as the title track for misconceptions of me kek
>>236783 favorite title tracks for me would have to be between juliette and sherlock, as for least favorite i guess hello? i dont hate it but i dont think it should have been a title track
my favourite tt is tell me what to do and my least favourite it tied between why so serious and don't call me wasn't nightmare supposed to be the tt for mom but they changed it?
>>236855 sherlock is definitely my second favorite followed by everybody. i agree hello is a little weak, i love this ballad version though https://youtu.be/OYv2wyh_kq0
(41.85 KB 774x603 ElWDL4oUUAEyhwq.jpg)
>>236865 double post but i hadn't heard of that, that's interesting i wonder why. nightmare or like a fire would've been much better choices imo. tell me what to do is amazing as well but i honestly rank dcm really highly on my list kek
>>236881 i think it was something i read in passing it might not be real following up dream girl with nightmare would have been kino
(182.66 KB 1242x1232 EwbkjeEUcAMRTb4.jfif)
(151.89 KB 1280x801 EzqMt5aXsAAlBq6.jpg)
happy taemin day
(400.88 KB 1488x2048 EzGZuY7VEAE-gFP.jpg)
gonna spam a bit
(169.51 KB 728x1024 EzIGxy9WgAEn_yw.jpg)
(318.04 KB 1453x2048 E2fimp3XIAIuy-h.jpg)
(406.76 KB 1476x2048 E2dtPscXwAAOwU_.jpg)
(75.19 KB 1000x1000 pkes5WrP1rsfd76.jpg)
(139.01 KB 1105x1473 E3h99dRWQAMHLIr.jpg)
(823.82 KB 1340x2048 1a3a3a8fe4a89eb37a56ed73750b5879.jpg)
(267.16 KB 1200x817 A1hKoZQ.jpeg)
(752.12 KB 1500x1000 AyyuIbL.jpg)
(283.14 KB 966x1246 839013_original.jpg)
(109.12 KB 966x727 844504_original.jpg)
(1.46 MB 2000x1200 taeminIMG_4187.jpg)
(414.58 KB 1153x1920 p8a15rXwAl1x.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1384x1963 P62m10yrpQM.jpg)
(490.30 KB 1536x2048 1622770482389.jpg)
(357.21 KB 1474x2048 E2d1V2qXIAYnHNB.jpg)
(399.29 KB 1600x767 E2jbt_WWEAESi4l.jpg)
(100.09 KB 1200x777 12458457845464.jpg)
(1.13 MB 2000x1200 taeminKIN_3799.jpg)
(1.28 MB 2000x1200 taeminIMG_0054.jpg)
>>272420 cutie
does anyone else remember jjong posting memes of this character? back then i thought he created it kekk i couldn’t find posts of his with it, but in the search came across another tistory for him. it’s mostly pictures but it’s really sweet. https://jonghyun-0408.tistory.com/9 i like rereading their ufos >2010.08.14 02:51 >Fan: [Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin] Working life is so tiring.... sigh... >[Jonghyun] Tired~? Have a chat with me~ >2010.08.14 02:54 >Fan: [Jonghyun] Where can I go? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ >[Jonghyun]: Here
kibum solo soon
>ft taeyeon vibrating at the speed of light rn
my parents
(140.74 KB 1080x1080 8ts7d6hkhhj71.jpg)
uri almighty key on jessi's showterview 9/2
>>312503 love them
the military has not been kind to him
>>318100 can't get fillers/botox done in the military...
>>318100 look what they did to my man taemin
>>318100 jesus, thought that was hangeng
>>318100 he really put on some weight
>>318100 waah~ he looks like a ceo!~
are we ready for collab of the year girlies? https://youtu.be/TYD8aVAl38U
key mini album sept 27th with beyond live concert before that
>>322583 i love it. this is my favorite song of his now
its such a comfy song although i don't think the lyrics are supposed to be comfy idk
(45.82 KB 623x415 E-FQOM6VgAYQfCn.jpg)
get your tickets soon nonas
>>324572 love him but i’ll tune in to twitch
happy 1 year to this masterpiece https://youtu.be/hFQL7BS6lrs
(3.54 MB 2457x3276 E_F9-kzVEAYRVBv.jpg)
let's goooooooo
>>346381 the teaser is so fucking good i just need to sperg abotu it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4tqVGD41XU
>>335061 >>344242 >>346934 okay, this is actually a really fun concept. did not expect it.
>>346952 it’s seriously amazing key is really outdoing himself
(129.22 KB 800x1200 E_QRnsCXMAEYema.jpg)
(2.45 MB 4096x2731 E_VThw5VgAQ69_e.jpg)
(98.67 KB 800x954 E_XlXpLVEAA4_6L.jpg)
baby cheese all grown up
(33.04 KB 449x449 20210915_211057.jpg)
taemin oppa uwu
he actually looks really happy
good taemin and key updates. miss their vlives together
(47.35 KB 675x2048 0303509088050413611994176.jpg)
btw kind of old news but you can buy a mold of taemin's hand now though there's a precaution that says >Be careful not to touch the hand of infants and young children. >It is harmful to health if you put a sculpture or a hand that has touched a sculpture in your mouth. >If you have a reaction such as hives and allergies on your body after touching the sculpture, consult doctor immediately.
the hand thing is completely ridiculous
god, i really really hope its good. it looks perfect so far
yumi's cells is cute, can't wait to see minho oppar in a more horror-oriented role next. solo album when tho
I was not expecting a minho bed scene hnnng
wish I had higher quality caps
>>362774 onew singing selene 6.23 on sea of hope for those who can handle it
>>360948 >>360949 kekk he looks cute >>362774 >>362775 tearjerker
i will never have a bed scene with minho...
>>360949 >>362774 whats up with kim goeum and shinee??
happy key day
>>362791 trust me its for the better
>>367798 i loved it, felt like classic bombastic kpop to me
the verses feel a bit verbose compared to the chorus but the chorus is top tier excellence
in dst there was some discussion of jongkey timelines? does anyone know about this or have any links to these timelines?
>>424298 i was mostly going off the ancient onehallyu thread kek. you’ll have to scroll through to the relevant posts but this first one is a very old analysis of key with the view that nothing serious happened between them (first few key posts are just about him being gay, the jongkey stuff is lower down) https://onehallyu.com/topic/64-which-male-idols-do-you-think-are-gay/page/2/ and then there’s another timeline in 2 parts (separated by a few other posts) on this page. i don’t really agree with their idea that they were dating in 2015/6 personally though https://onehallyu.com/topic/64-which-male-idols-do-you-think-are-gay/page/2382/ let me know your thoughts and theories!
>>424314 thank you so much this is so fascinating and painful to the point that i hope it wasn’t real
>>424343 yeah it’s heartbreaking isn’t it? even if nothing happened it’s still really weird to read
i really do keep minho’s romeo on display because it’s so good looking. this photo doesn’t properly display the values but the album is very beautifully photographed. they’re all good covers but minho’s is a different mood than the others and shows more face without having a weird pose like bumkey. overall sm stole a great concept. shinee being “weird” is one of my favorite things about them as a group
so what are we thinking about minho’s upcoming digital single?
>>427375 poor key
>>493419 we are very hyped but hoping it sounds more upbeat than i'm home
what did >we think https://youtu.be/xRLou1OngWQ
>>507426 it's kinda boring. like a discarded kai b-side. sorry dad minho
>>507426 it was boring but not cringe and it suited him overall
>>507426 its boring but i like it will listen to it chilling
i really liked this song though i thought it was going to be boring ost but its so good actually https://youtu.be/hIU0ICjNsS4
>>508466 based church music
don’t need bad love
(66.43 KB 720x1053 image0.jpg)
(23.82 KB 720x256 image1.jpg)
>>590215 >>590216 i find it so cringey when people do this but i can't deny i kek'd
https://youtu.be/EgN3Cqu_iPQ i think im gonna watch the full episode all the clips youtube has been recommending me are funny kek minho x key never gets old
>>692744 lol i was waiting for someone to post dice. The teaser images surprised me a bit, the fake piercings and the freckles and the edgy advice looking outfit, it didn't really feel like him. but i honestly loved the MV and enjoyed the album a lot.
>>693057 he looked so good though. i love how he’s trying new things. what’s your fave on the album? i am so obsessed with yeowoobi.
>>693106 i agree he looks really good. i love red hair on him, it reminded me of his hair in view. i also like that he tried something different, otherwise we would have just gotten voice again. my fave on the album is probably on the way or love phobia
(719.14 KB 2048x2048 FRl1ByMVEAAlBoF.jpeg)
love phobia chads we move
14th anniversary tomorrow! how are we feeling shinee world?
(88.11 KB 1016x660 FTiO6k2VIAEYbjd.jpg)
>>702077 of course we're in a celebratory mood!
(97.42 KB 714x1024 FTiDyniWIAM-q6z.jpg)
(90.57 KB 700x700 FTiIH0NUEAU0hCK.jpg)
>>653276 what's the name of this? it's very funny kek.
i just started getting into taemin and shinee. any tips on where to start?
>>705987 the show is i live alone >>705988 where to get started musically or where to get started with variety/activities? honestly, i'd watch their concerts and go from there
>>705988 https://youtu.be/LiYLVmCqazg i haven't watched this video yet but this seems like a good primer i also reccomend watching shinee's one fine day/surprise vacation dvd and their concerts like >>706065 said. a lot of their fancams from the 2010's have a lot of fun and cute moments as well have fun nona <3
>>706065 >>706196 all the things. should i listen to their songs first, starting at the beginning or concerts? which variety shows do you recommend? i watched the show with shin young and laughed so hard when taemin called her bro. thank you both for your suggestions!
>>706447 personally i would start with their most recent albums and work my way backwards. some of their early stuff (not all) sounds really dated by todays standards. one fine day like >>706196 suggested is good to watch, also maybe their weekly idol episodes? their knowing bros episodes are pretty good too. for concerts i would start with shinee world three because it is excellent and i think it's on youtube. if you're branching into solo discogs as well just start with the member you like the most. do you specifically want taemin content? rare taem (which again i think is on youtube) was super cute.
>>706489 taem is my favorite so anything you can recommend would be great. thanks for letting me know where to start. will probably watch shinee world three tonight or tomorrow.
>>706637 watch him on wgm with naeun, preferably somewhere that still has comments from that time
shinee snl appearances were all fire and jjong was so good in skits
>>706683 watching wgm was fun. makes me wish the current gen could have a similar show. it was really cute and reminds me.of bachelor shows. >>706755 the brother and sasaeng skits live rent free in my head
i miss him. stay strong taemnie.
>>714734 a bop
his japanese album is really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixe7emZZyB0 is really good
>>715539 this is really good. he has great vocals. any song recommendations?
>>715622 like from onew's solo discog generally?
>>716055 and shinee too. i fell in love with taemin's songs.
>>716082 sa and please recommend some songs by jonghyun
>>716085 >>716094 thank you nona!
>>716084 tbh just listen to the entire she is album. cocktail, aurora & red are all really good.
>>717228 i'm listening to this album and dress up is a mood
>>717548 sa listened to cocktail and i'm confused. if taemin influenced his lyrics what's going on here? it's still a good song and i love it.
>>717639 cocktail is about sucking dick what's not to get
happy birthday taemin. spam incoming.
(2.96 MB 498x350 tenor (5).gif)
(102.19 KB 800x1098 FAaYDmeVcAAFk6Z.jpg)
tarmin-ah we miss you
(65.19 KB 480x320 download (1).gif)
>>718530 end of spam
(1.61 MB 4000x3000 8aSCjrc.jpg)
happy birthday taeminnie
happy birthday taemin!!!!!
>>718917 cheeks
happy birthday taeminnieee we love you and miss you very much!
minho and yoogeun reunion https://youtu.be/9SjJIu_v4tA
>>723965 sa didn't mean to spoiler
>>723965 it would be cute if they met up with him next year for 15th anni like snsd did with kyungsan
>>723965 only good thing to happen this year
my fave taemin picture. he looks so silly.
>>723965 cute. i didn’t expect to see him guesting on a show with snsd in it
(35.84 KB 640x480 471440.jpg)
https://youtu.be/yCAlIou89v4 are we allowed to lewd the members? he's having a great time at his concert and sounds great too.
>>723968 fans have been asking for a reunion so hope it happens soon >>723996 >>724037 this was pretty cool
(107.06 KB 1080x1350 154686f593436e54438ab6347e048f29.jpg)
>>724024 awww cutie this is my favorite show he was on with superm
>>725637 >are we allowed to lewd the members? kek nona you should've seen the things hagwols said about shinee back in the day. especially about onew with long hair and thick thighs. i think some of the best fanfic i read came from hagwols too
>>725643 any good fics for taemin or onew? looking at them, especially taemin makes me feral.
>>725646 most of the good fics are still on livejournal if they haven't been deleted yet, a lot got purged in 2017.
>>725683 my favorite sites are ao3 or wattpad. going to look for something on livejournal. a lot of sites are down.
>>725646 wishunew on livejournal. there were a lot of good fics on asianfanfics back in the day too
>>725995 i haven't checked out the shinee tag on ao3 so i can't comment on those., there was also some weirdish but good fics on tumblr
>>725996 https://web.archive.org/web/20170503010433/http://squickz.livejournal.com/ dont kill me mods im too lazy to screenshot samefag, squickz was a really good author as well. she set all her fics to private but she had this jongho incubus fic i really liked
having a moment of agony because we will never get another life perf of this song again https://youtu.be/N5oJWAuQuSA
>>725996 >>726005 thank you nona! >>725999 the ao3 stories are meh. i'm used to filth and they're not
>>727794 this was the best live performance and made me fall for shinee more https://youtu.be/ZuWJIZLPylE
>>728148 kek this one really shows their character as a group. i rewatch it often.
>>728160 it's one of my favorites too
(895.83 KB 2731x4096 FanOb53VUAESunj.jpg)
did we have thoughts on gasoline, girlies? he performed it at smtown https://youtu.be/qJrbUA05zak
>>730172 it sounds completely different to how i thought it’d sound. i think i like it though. i love his outfit. ANYWAYS new minho: https://youtu.be/CV0CPeAGCZg https://youtu.be/dLrj6QdM1EA
onew <3
(46.76 KB 480x640 Fa17mmDVUAE5daJ.jpg)
>>730969 i really love romeo and juliette i hope he's coming out with an album soon >>730971 freaking cute
>>730172 i like it. the song is a bit bland and repetitive, but i can live with it. his outfit is selling it, though, ngl
>>731358 my beloved ming <3
baby shawol here. how did you nonas survive the other member's time away?
>>732673 i love it too >>733022 i was worried i wouldnt like it at first but gasoline is really good. my favourite outfits are the black and the gold one
>>733022 I love it. the whole album is so good I'm proud of him
>>732981 by keeping up with taemin >>733022 banger the whole album is so solid i really liked bound
>>733128 my husbando's in the military. have kept up with onew and key the most.
>>733142 well they have the most activites so that makes sense. minho just comes out to flirt with changmin occasionally and then goes back to "filming"
>>733256 when is minho making anything new? jinki was so cute this comeback.
>>733291 he's got a movie coming out at some point and is currently on a golf show with changmin
>>733301 hwaiting minho! >>733960 key has always been beautiful
>>733960 i love his hair
a vibe
the odds of a burger tour for shinee, taemin, or superm?
>>738874 never gonna happen
>>738874 >shinee maybe >taemin probably >superm they are dead let them rest in peace
>>738874 if even nshitty are only doing 2 stops in america i think it's ogre for shinee
(110.19 KB 933x1022 FQfYTxBX0BQED9u.jpeg)
early shinee spam incoming
(90.86 KB 480x800 FDPwIQhWYAMy86R.jpeg)
(113.38 KB 1000x641 DwDaN5rUYAA4s9r.jpeg)
>>738875 >>738957 >>738981 you underestimate how badly i want taemin in my guts. if my husbando isn't spraying his sweat on me in the first row in a burgerville stadium, i'm going to fly to japan. i want to see him live, sweaty, and now.
>>739381 girl have a little bit of decorum
(4.15 MB 1280x720 eIJ-7NxFgA_T-6X0.mp4)
(5.68 MB 480x480 Bv_WXdP1B4s6-TZd.mp4)
fuck it up baby cheese
>>739383 fine i want to hear them sing and watch him dance
taemin was spotted at key's concert. his brother released a remix of idea last week. where is everyone?
>>741729 personally i was busy seething that there were more taemin fancams from GOAT than there was key fancams
>>741755 i noticed that too. hope key doesn't feel unappreciated.
>>741755 maybe it depends on who you follow because i saw a lot of key fancams
(2.27 MB 480x270 KziH7A3lD3FLDZlA.mp4)
almost 6 months as a shawol and taemint
>>742565 this is so cute
>>742565 congrats nona have a flower crown taem
>>742568 >>742604 thank you. can't wait until he's out. what's everyone looking forward to with them this year?
(129.56 KB 1000x1500 D4xhtHvWkAEkVGL.jpg)
>>743892 this year? minho solo next year? key repackage, shinee album and shinee world vi
>>743920 i'm excited for those too. what genre is minho going with for his new album?
(2.04 MB 4000x4000 FiFqZsKVUAAoYTq.jpg)
(1.47 MB 3000x2000 Fiab5GPVUAAOfvA.jpg)
>>744001 i dont think its been confirmed yet. but im hoping he surprises us with something new >>744183 >>744258 looks horrorish i love it
>>744306 i'm excited for his debut. there's a new sm family album coming out this winter.
(563.38 KB 3000x1687 Fi0fK5mVQAADDEe.jpg)
these teasers piss me off but i will post them anyways
(600.56 KB 3000x1687 Fi0fK5qVQAAy9rS.jpg)
(401.89 KB 3000x1687 Fi0gItlUAAAacuA.jpg)
(538.88 KB 3000x1687 Fi0gItnVIAIomQH.jpg)
(528.40 KB 3000x1687 Fi0gMwyUcAAex62.jpg)
(3.27 MB 3000x1687 Fi5o3TYUoAA2Xzd.jpg)
(2.72 MB 3000x1687 Fi5o4S-VQAA6Dp6.jpg)
(2.64 MB 3000x1687 Fi5p1mrUoAErTsc.jpg)
this is a picture of a car get off your ass sm
(3.31 MB 3000x1687 Fi5pu8nUAAAKy3Q.jpg)
(2.53 MB 3000x1687 Fi5pv-2UYAErbej.jpg)
(1.15 MB 3000x1687 Fi-yMk3VIAAvBFZ.jpg)
(2.98 MB 3000x1687 Fi-yNeSUUAI6cCz.jpg)
(2.62 MB 3000x1687 Fi-zbJ7VEAAWE2i.jpg)
(4.01 MB 3000x1687 Fi-zRswUcAAhY-V.jpg)
(2.87 MB 3000x1687 Fi-zSkBUoAAiNjw.jpg)
(2.68 MB 3000x1687 FjD8_OCUAAA9PMh.jpg)
(2.74 MB 3000x1687 FjD8-aZUcAIPw9R.jpg)
(2.81 MB 3000x1687 FjD74x3VsAEtR4a.jpg)
(2.65 MB 3000x1687 FjD75yGUUAA9toi.jpg)
(1.79 MB 3000x1687 FjD86BmVUAIXfEJ.jpg)
sm really said they're only going to do a week's worth of teasers and every teaser is going to be a screencap from the mv and thought that was a great idea
>>744965 pretty disappointing. i feel like theyve been really lazy lately in general. poor ming... at least he looks good
>>744975 the man's a model why couldn't they just do a regular teaser photoshoot reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
why are they doing the minimum for his debut?
>>745049 hes always gotten the least
(86.77 KB 800x540 Minho-SHINee.jpeg)
>>745051 he's so adorable and sweet. another member is my husbando, but i feel bad for the way he's treated.
chase is out now whereever albums are streamed (spotify, apple music, melon, etc) mv is out next week i liked the album it's better than expected but the title track is weak compared to some of the bsides
>>745144 i agree with you the title is weak i could see it grown on me though my favourite tracks on the album is probably runaway and choice
(1.23 MB 2160x3840 FjX0UOXUYAA4cHc.jpg)
>>745207 those are my favorite bsides too
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaWcBFYKTT4 the mv reminds me a lot of doo namja
>>745699 even his outfits are almost identical i don't understand why they made these choices for the mv
(182.60 KB 1032x1740 Fj-dtC7UcAAShbm.jpg)
>>745824 love them <3 im really looking forward to the sm family winter almbum
>>745824 why did they make minho stand in those large buckets
(299.49 KB 1462x2048 FkBzVDyakAABM9A.jpg)
(482.56 KB 1462x2048 FkG6OTLUYAAfnXP.jpg)
(297.68 KB 1462x2048 FkRM1KkVUAA7PBD.jpg)
(595.15 KB 1366x2048 FkWWbq9VsAMrrmi.jpg)
(339.63 KB 1366x2048 FkWWYkWUEAIyVGb.jpg)
(340.12 KB 1366x2048 FkWWV2fUYAAPzIB.jpg)
(516.57 KB 2048x1366 FkWWS6fVEAEwTPt.jpg)
what's going to happen with their comebacks?
>>751108 for now business as usual i guess
(3.24 MB 3000x3000 Fpae_udaYAEEotB.jpg)
(1.36 MB 4096x2214 Fpktv-PaEAEku5-.jpg)
(1.40 MB 3072x4096 FpktxvxaAAAxsIZ.jpg)
(1.22 MB 3072x4096 FpktylPaIAEbd4U.jpg)
(1.15 MB 4096x3072 FpkuPOmaAAA0ZIX.jpg)
(1.69 MB 3072x4096 FpkuQg0aYAAn_yK.jpg)
these are pretty similar to suho's grey suit teasers but they're gorgeous so i'll allow it
(1.04 MB 4096x2584 Fppb2wlaYAA1-Ti.jpg)
(1.33 MB 4096x3075 Fppb3v8aEAA6tsk.jpg)
(1.54 MB 4096x3075 Fppbp12aMAA7IFf.jpg)
(1.59 MB 4096x3075 FppbqlJaYAAQTpV.jpg)
(1.26 MB 3075x4096 FppbrTwaQAAJchG.jpg)
(834.02 KB 4096x3075 Fpu5eS7agAE_KWZ.jpg)
(1.45 MB 4096x3075 Fpu5flZaIAAL4aG.jpg)
(1.17 MB 4096x3075 Fpu5LAUacAIxFDm.jpg)
(1.07 MB 3075x4096 Fpu5OqgaAAAy3mc.jpg)
(1.39 MB 4096x3075 Fpu5PWdaEAceQVl.jpg)
(826.33 KB 4096x3075 Fpy4psmaQAAY1fk.jpg)
(655.79 KB 3075x4096 Fpy4q98acAAL_ll.jpg)
(1.45 MB 4096x3077 Fpy4WZRaQAAO60D.jpg)
(778.62 KB 4096x3072 Fpy4XKwaAAED7ka.jpg)
(615.24 KB 3072x4096 Fpy4YjIakAAhmKF.jpg)
https://youtu.be/30VMl9ZkmgE get in girlies it's church time
i know you guys didn't abandon this thread? nonas shinee is back and so is taemin. he's home!
>>754696 we are very dissapointed that he didn't post his kitties today
(320.20 KB 944x2048 20230403_203308.jpg)
>>754696 happy to see him again
(93.71 KB 900x600 DG87FV4XgAAQD_R.jpg)
happy birthday king
i cried, tarmin is so sweet. i think about jjong often these days


no cookies?