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(2.12 MB 3464x3464 boygroup general.jpg)
boypop general Anonymous 08/28/2021 (Sat) 12:58:25 No. 319564
wanna discuss your favorite boygroup or male soloist but they are too >nugu >flopped >has-been >disbanded to warrant their own general thread? cope no more and gather here bgfags
first for very relevant and currently successful luizy/FLOO/woodz/seungyoun
made this thinking about uri had7 https://youtu.be/IUveuuhRxMM jay b was all heart eyes for jyp in this video guess they leaving jyp amended their relationship and healed their trauma lel
>>319567 basada. used the x1 selca with him in the front to lure all the seungyounfags
(558.98 KB 1600x1600 E9Z6U28X0AQNvxK.jpg)
going to shill my favorite turbonugu hangyeom here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMgv1c2vMkc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpBoAW4-We8 omegax's group concept is being made of 11 nugus who all came from failed/disbanded groups and made it into this group their 2nd chance in kpop. hangyeom's first group was seven oclock and they never hit past 5k sales for an album, sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD_JGBX6LF8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL5TMNg3LhY
>>319569 kekk look at this master baiter. you got me hook line and sinker
(5.34 MB 576x1024 331342180250752.mp4)
chad9bros we made it to threadpic
(431.84 KB 720x720 LeGkIsqL9Fc1OOfa.mp4)
>>319571 samefag, forgot the link to their latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIPw2xBhd_o
>>319571 i have been seeing lots of people talking about them. didnt know that was their concept, thats cool. hopefully they will last a bit longer this time around kek whenever i see their name i think of omegaverse though was that... on purpose mayhaps?
>>319573 wait whaaaaat i love teardrop now
i recently developed a crush
>>319581 that fancam... bless him https://youtu.be/jreV94kjTbs
(117.32 KB 682x1024 EVydI-uXkAEzgfS.jpg)
>>319579 kek i also thought about omegaverse but they're probably trying to drive into the monstax lane first and foremost. frankly a lot of the group is visuals challenged but the other better looking members would probably be yanghyuk (pic related) and taedong as far as ive seen. im not that optimistic maybe they can find a way to use what they have to make it, i need more hangyeom cams
>>319573 i jopped to many taeyang tear drop fancams
>>319574 this lowkey slaps
(713.42 KB 670x1192 taeyang_hmnnghh.mp4)
>>319585 havent we all
>x1 bros are in nugu groups like cravity, wei, and mirae >only soloists are doing ok but now their subsequent albums are flopping >IZone are getting HYBE and starship is building a super group too REEEEEEEE
>>319588 gay strip club on ibiza vibes
>>319629 x1 really got screwed over hard.. i hope wei makes it some day
>>319629 yeah... if only the scandal broke off six months later... i think they wouldnt have disbanded. the issue is that they didnt have their contracts signed. they would definetlu 4th gens it group, such a shame
>>319670 *definetly gonna be
>>319629 seething and refusing to cope. fuck cj fuck mnet fuck aki-pedo fuck eye*sore fuck starshit fuck hiv REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Jay b is hot again ioreobun
who was your turbonugu group that disbanded/went on a quiet hiatus indefinitely? topp dogg was mine rip
>>320622 i wasnt exactly invested in them but i got curious about lucente and what they'd do next after seeing their videos. they disappeared though, no idea what happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOTEMuKQt94 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DSvKIHsHns
>>320622 all i know about this group is that one of the members came out as asexual. complete attention seeking behavior very annoying how people treated it like a win for the lgbt community or something when actual openly gay kpop idols are nowhere to be found
>>320758 hansol. yup he was/is extremely mentally ill kek. he took back the coming out eventually anyway
>>319572 who? i love his expression there ngl. he pulled it off well imo
>>319571 if only mixnine hadn't failed. hangyeom is too hot to be a nugu.
woodz and seungwoo lovers, x1 widows, we're here: https://youtu.be/v0vnzlvUQcA
>>321108 thats seungyoun/woodz
Hyunsuk from CIX.
>>321657 thank you
(208.77 KB 1440x1440 E9upY35WUAEM_hq.jpg)
>>321116 ikr, the ones who made it on mixnine really got screwed out of a big chance. if only he managed to get into a mid tier-ish group i think he wouldve done well, hes got some decent charisma as a performer imo
posting that one dcrunch song i like for, idk, posterity technically theyre still around but completely dead in the water RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McHo05uMXWk
(498.02 KB 1536x2048 E-V4ANiUcAIdAUn.jpg)
has anyone watched those baverse videos? they have this good production value and are a tad pretentiously deep first episode features woodz and the second IM from mx https://youtu.be/NQ_3O24ngvs https://youtu.be/hGj2a2tGk4k
merge all bg threads with less than 200 posts tbh otherwise they will be eventually pruned like most inactive threads are
(609.52 KB 540x675 Tumblr_l_238639426326773.jpg)
this was a cool shoot kek
(596.72 KB 540x675 Tumblr_l_238633566668085.jpg)
(597.13 KB 540x675 Tumblr_l_238652467966379.jpg)
(184.43 KB 1080x1440 E-HP4vnVgAchZ5-.jpg)
since the comeback is in a few hours and they dont have positions listed on kpop profiles i listed out roles that the omega x members seem to be the most confident in (regardless of whether theyre actually good or not) based on the group's web episodes ive watched so far and their former groups' profiles jaehan (95 liner, formerly part of spectrum) - vocals (has snaggletooth teeth) hwichan (96 liner, formerly part of limitless) - vocals (short and kinda looks SEA, round eyes) sebin (96 liner, formerly part of snuper) - nothing much (couldnt tell you anything about this guy tbh) hangyeom (96 liner, formerly part of seven o'clock) - dance, rap (often has pink/red hair) taedong (97 liner, formerly part of gidongdae) - dance (long limbs, kind of frog looking) xen (98 liner, formerly part of 1team) - vocals (short with a thin pointy face) jehyun (99 liner, formerly part of 1team) - dance (narrow cat-like eyes) kevin (00 liner, formerly part of enoi) - nothing much (uggo, labeled the 'cute personality') junghoon (00 liner, formerly part of enoi) - dance (long face big chin, has the best english) hyuk (00 liner, formerly part of enoi) - nothing much, visuals i guess (tall, round face, big round eyes) yechan (01 liner, formerly part of 1the9) - vocals, dance (tall, small face and somewhat sleepy looking eyes) i initially husbando'd hangyeom after omegax debuted simply because i liked his fancams and seeing him in mvs while he was in seven o'clock (while keeping distance because he was in a doomed group) but he has a likable offstage on camera personality as well imo. personality wise, hangyeom, junghoon, and xen stood out the most to me so far. taedong is kind of cute in being more timid at times. hwichan had a couple moments of being endearing. yechan seems like he's the plain bread 'my chill kdrama bf' type maybe
>>335798 other notes from learning more about the group: -voices i like the most as far as i can tell: xen, hwichan, hangyeom (in omega x the song, xen is first part of the bridge, hwichan is the 3rd part) -taedong's voice is probably the most juvenile sounding -after distinguishing their faces and voices better, xen (short guy with a narrow face, has the hoodie on in the omega x video) has been standing out to me more positively as a performer -theres nugus in here that have that turbonugu vibe where you know theyre not really cut out, but hwichan, xen, hangyeom, taedong, hyuk, and yechan would be a decent core imo. even if they're not WOW visuals their faces seem more memorable -after hangyeom, hwichan is probably my 2nd favorite
(5.73 MB 1321x6300 omegaxcollage.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaB_KzgX5aA omega x new mv, better than vamos their debut song imo the lighting/editing in the omega x official promo pics is harsh and i couldnt find anything like this from someeone else so i made my own collage of some face pics. its not the cleanest collage, no bully please
>>335798 >(often has pink/red hair) you mean the hottest guy in the group
(1.18 MB 480x852 4ElK9C4E7KMc-0c8.mp4)
>>336203 i agree, but maybe someone else will think another member is their type
>>336058 kevin joining the long tradition of gayfaced kevins
>>336058 i like sebin's looks... he has lots of potential hmmm
>>335798 anon you should be paid by their company for all your hardwork kekk
>>336966 i was really dragging my feet in watching their web series but ive been having fun learning a new group. theres some novelty in watching a bunch of guys who have "already flopped once" hanging over their heads as something they all share
bump bump is the type of gaypop i love
https://youtu.be/tLcynwlNh38 please give lots of love to my soon-to-be soldier husbando young k eerrr the song is not good but he must be praised for going with the rock genre. i was really afraid that hed pick some coffes shop ballad but hes perfect so ofc he chose to do it like nb else is doing in korea. anyways, love him
>>337828 do you remember he comes from a pop rock band bro
>>337828 young k is really hot
>>337848 yeah, and??? lol have you heard any of jaes or wonpils solos songs? do you know how their personal music taste is like? retarda
omegax anon their latam domination is going strong https://youtu.be/VUhcOF55w1M too bad we cant have concerts here kekk
(435.44 KB 1920x1918 E-hsE9IX0AE5PWe.jpg)
>>345144 very nice, they also passed 40k sales for their album in a week on hanteo. which for hangyeom is the most sales he's seen in his entire career several times over. they seem so close to being ready to do some shows in latam but they still have to wait until at least open air venues start opening...
(385.69 KB 1536x2048 E-2ZFAWVIAULvGr.jpg)
why is this nugu so hot
>>347637 who is that
(158.55 KB 1080x1080 EZSSmfJUYAATaUq.jpg)
>>347639 wei's kim junseo
>>347651 he's cute
(267.35 KB 1440x1080 E_jHUrGVcAQHP-s.jpg)
(kek sorry for making this thread my omega x diary, this is probably the last post on them for a while) finished watching the omegax web series and behind scenes videos. this is the impressions i got of what their personalities seem like >>336058 jaehan: dont remember much of this guy, only that he gets called the old one. he likes photography. hwichan: has a couple moments of making the others laugh, seems to be on the laid back side but can have bursts of energy sebin: didnt seem to talk much so i dont have a clear idea of what his persona is like hangyeom: seems good at keeping things going in group interactions. i noticed that during a part where they were recording lines he made an effort to compliment taedong and others. other members said even when he seems angry or frustrated when theres some conflict he tries to talk everything out calmly (omo). taedong: in the older half of the group, but has the least experience with idoling so he's like their resident newbie. has a more softspoken or nervous kind of personality xen: seems good at keeping things going in group interactions. seems to have a more dry sense of humor jehyun: didnt seem to talk that much but from what i remember he seems like the more sarcastic or blunt type. i like his vocal tone kevin: labeled as "aegyo guy" but i dont remember much of him junghoon: seems good at keeping things going in group interactions, able to get some laughs going to break the ice. seems to be respected in the group as the dancer with the best fundamentals hyuk: ended up liking him more every time i saw more of him. he's got good energy and is able to keep some bantz going. likes playing guitar, is the most disciplined with working out in the group yechan: comes across as a vanilla "chill cool guy" personality a lot of the time, not at all as a cute maknae type. likes playing guitar.
(86.58 KB 720x720 E_kBQIdVgAEWZjJ.jpg)
>>355121 i wish there were more segments where i could see them sitting and talking about stuff but maybe there'll be more of that in season 2 since they were getting used to each other throughout season 1. the last third of the last episode is where they really hit you with the tears and the group narrative of how they're made up of flops riding everything on their last chance. which i dont mean negatively, its believable enough to me that they feel some real pressure from having one last chance after their respective first groups disbanded or failed. after learning faces and watching several performances, this is how id rank them stage-wise: 1. hangyeom. because he's my husbando and i enjoy watching him in any performance 2. besides him id pick out (in no particular order) junghoon, xen, hyuk, and yechan as the ones who i noticed the most on stage. there were times jehyun had his moments hangyeom's fancam for this comeback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNW4WeuYp5E the whats goin on performance version video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl6MKPnvAtQ
>>355121 i’m going to miss reading your omega x posts
i hate produce but there were some really fun moments. a lot of interesting gaypops showed up on bro2ce as well. victon is one of the best affiliated groups imo. i’m not into their discography, but they’re entertaining. victon is one of the few groups i like to see their vlives. they have slow and steady momentum but i don’t expect them to last much longer. in some ways they remind me of bap, and not always in a good way. i don’t like watching groups i like flop, but it happens. mnet is retarded but maybe kingdom 2 wouldn’t be so bad
o narkissos mou
(666.99 KB 701x1600 rank.jpg)
i lied and i have one more post about omega x after looking through all their older profiles and watching every what's goin on performance and video. first is my personal rankings of each omega x member for stages tier 1 - hangyeom - my husbando who gets all my positive bias, love watching him tier 2 - xen - there are several moments where his expressions and energy left a good impression and i remembered him for that tier 3 - junghoon, hyuk, yechan - junghoon would be more popular if he was less ugly and less big chinned i think, he has good energy both on and off stage tier 4 - jehyun - he does well with his center part in the bridge of whats goin on tier 5 - jaehan, taedong, kevin - i can see effort and its ok but they're just not at the same level for me compared to the above tier 6 - hwichan, sebin - seem the most stiff and blankfaced combing through kpop profiles, i picked out bits of trivia sebin: because he was in snuper he's been around already for a long while in kpop. he's a weeb, seems to have the best japanese skills from their cafe video hangyeom: in high school he was vocalist for his school's band club taedong: he actually seems to have the sadder backstory among omega x. he apparently was set to debut with jbj but ended his contract with jbj's company and left, stating mistreatment by the company as the reason. gidongae disbanded before they really did anything, and then he ended up in omega x. jehyun and xen were both from the same previous group, 1team kevin, junghoon, and hyuk were all from the group enoi yechan: ranked #4 on the competition show under 19 and was in 1the9 yechan and junghoon seem to have the best english from what ive seen, enough to have a basic conversation. sorry to yechan but the more i see him the more he resembles a weird sea creature or a sloth. still think he's good on stage though
(208.93 KB 1199x1365 E_9oxumUUAUlr_a.jpeg)
i need to fuck this gook immediately
>>364831 handsome fella
(65.36 KB 521x382 Screenshot.jpg)
omega x hit their first 50k sales milestone on hanteo, which is the most sales hangyeom has ever seen for his group in his kpop career
(384.62 KB 2250x1500 FAh3ydrWEAohpVS.jpg)
>>373228 for reference, seven o clock's 2019 album only sold 2k (sad)
(878.00 KB 640x388 gwG9_RNj09HbaEiG.mp4)
out of curiosity (and bored autism), i looked at the previous groups of the omega x members to see what each of their sales peaks for 1 album were. to get some context for how big reaching 50k sales on hanteo for their latest album might feel for them. 50k is not a lot but its definitely better than these seemingly hopeless numbers spectrum (jaehan's former group) - peak: 1,023 in 2018 limitless (hwichan's former group) - peak: ??? couldnt find anything. only released 1 album in 2019 snuper (sebin's former group) - peak: 23,616 in 2017 seven o'clock (hangyeom's former group) - peak: 1,803 in 2019 1team (xen and jehyun's former group) - peak: 5,647 in 2019 enoi (junghoon, kevin, and hyuk's former group) - peak: 5,779 in 2020 1the9 (yechan's former group) - peak: 20,706 in 2019
i used to like snuper, can any nonas tell me how the sebin is doing in the group?
(493.76 KB 480x480 dPpKKa2AZI8AwY5H.mp4)
>>376679 i never followed snuper so i dont have any pre-omega-x knowledge of sebin, but he seems to be an easygoing guy from the content ive watched and comfortable whenever they have to talk as a group. i think ive seen him interact the most with jehyun (purple haired guy >>376673) in the last episode of their web series, hyuk said he appreciates sebin's positive attitude for what its worth
>>373228 Big success. I expected them to sell <10,000, make 1 comeback and disband but apparently they're gonna stick for a while.
Obsessed with Romin.
Seriously, Romin.
this song is such a bop
(34.56 KB 660x464 images.jpeg)
rip day6
Cravity - Veni Vedi Vici
>>380436 >>380476 never thought i'd see another romintellectual here. good taste
>>384825 >>384825 I miss his purple hair already!
Yonghee, my love.
Minhee ♡
(682.76 KB 2048x2048 E-2YiMJVUAQ6s0i.jfif)
came for byounggon, stayed for him
(784.39 KB 1536x2048 E-2YiMJVcAEj9ZJ.jfif)
>>392677 man slut
>ctrl+f pentagon >ctrl+f universe >0 results do or not is soty and entirely self-produced and yet...
>>392677 name and dick size juseyo
(482.67 KB 1536x2048 20210829_160357.jpg)
>>393664 hyunsuk from cix, probably big
>>393667 thank you for your service nona
>>392677 I want to push back his cuticles so intimately and sensually.
why isn't sf9 more popular. they have good music. much better than most of the music being released. and they're all good looking and they have a good team chemistry. what is there not to like?
>>393819 dont like because no ones heard of them. marketing team probably sucks ass
>>393819 fnc is probably the biggest thing holding them back, and more about company reputation at this point than anything else
>>393819 They had a dating scandal right after debut. Manwhores suck.
>>393819 fnc hasnt been doing a good job promoting their groups for a while now
did we like the new woodz girlies https://youtu.be/eyP6iVQlnFo
this guy came out as straight on twitter
>>394321 dude looks like a sloth/frog combo
>>394736 still mogs many gaypops
>>394744 low bar, and just barely
>>394321 kek that’s hilarious
>>394744 no he doesnt
>>393819 i don’t like fnc so i never cared
not sure how many people are familiar with washed up youtuber edward avila. last time i watched him he did make up tutorials but now he films content with nugu kpop groups. this one with bae173 made me feel a bit uncomfortable because most of it comprised of them doing gay fanservice with him whilst he pretends not to like it. multiple members of the group are only like 16. it must be sad to be such an unknown group and have to resort to gay fanservice with older men for recognition. no one in the comments seem to realise how weird it is. i wonder if edward proposed this idea or if it was their management. either way it’s weird https://youtu.be/Jp0UtbzRPJQ
>>406428 damn some of them seriously look young... im not gonna watch all of this at this moment (i will later), but its hard to give benefit of the doubt to an older man who has even the a bit of leverage like that over a teenager where the group has to play along and be nice to the host of the channel in order to not offend
>>406429 i had to click away at the kabedon segment.. it’s bad bad
(398.58 KB 1366x2048 FAyJL5vXEAkq_Dh.jpg)
https://youtu.be/nuixtjbqKcQ kingdom's new comeback - black crown i dont mind noise or loudness usually in music, but the specific way the vocals are processed and how the chorus feels like its banging my head in a drawn out way isnt that fun to me. i wish i liked their songs more than i do. i really like how this group does costumes though. it's different, especially next to other groups in the nugusphere.
i’m confused .. did wonho really get kicked out of monsta x or did he just use the scandal to launch his sup bar solo career
>>406460 why would he leave on purpose, companies are going to kick idols in a drug scandal
>>406522 but he’s signed to a subsidiary of the same company and is still making music. like at that point couldn’t he have just stayed in monsta x. it’s not like any of the fans cared
Haven't seen such a cheap looking MV in a while. Also weird that they use female background dancers.
>>406450 goddamn i don't know how a song with so much potential can sound so ass
>>406450 Their group name is quite fitting, this sounds like a bad throwaway performance for Kingdom (the MNET show).
>>406428 watched the whole thing and the 'fanservice' segment does come off as sus... there's not much of a reason the host needed that segment arranged specifically like that on his show, if theres a fanservice section just have the members interact with each other playing a game
(1.89 MB 2926x4096 E4QNOC7UcAQPoK6.jpg)
going to dump some of the kingdom teaser pics here to appreciate the stylists' efforts in at least trying something different. i doubt kingdom as a group is climbing up anywhere fast, though
(2.32 MB 2926x4096 E4QNOC6UcAc-n1b.jpg)
(659.04 KB 1463x2048 E9H_-DZUcAgyW89.jpg)
(725.52 KB 1463x2048 E9H__AOVcAwyXVY.jpg)
(524.82 KB 2590x3626 E37aahkWUAUaKof.jpg)
(569.49 KB 2926x4096 E4Ax9bxUUAAmpC7.jpg)
(659.76 KB 2000x2667 EtRUYPuVoAApCg4.jpg)
(783.71 KB 2000x2667 EtHOeA2UYAApAYD.jpg)
(404.46 KB 1366x2048 FAitbFfWEAgncgt.jpg)
(522.18 KB 2000x2667 EsOaNeSVcAAma83.jpg)
(554.59 KB 2000x2667 EvLMq4jXIAYJzec.jpg)
(119.13 KB 800x1200 FAz7nB5UYAA8bdC.jpg)
(1.17 MB 2731x4096 FA3UzVSX0Actfg1.jpg)
(979.01 KB 2731x4096 FA3UxB_XoAYO2PM.jpg)
(223.07 KB 800x1200 FBWNMwfVQAAy9bw.jpg)
(2.20 MB 2731x4096 FBRJ_utXEAcEeW9.jpg)
(1.40 MB 2731x4096 FBRJ-S1XoAkQ-6Y.jpg)
>>407237 I hope they at least last long enough to show all the different kings and kingdoms
https://youtu.be/RnBO7Hm1iNY i like this song from kingdom's mini, so i got one song out of their cb
this song is so catchy to me https://youtu.be/ZJKW00lIodw
(4.29 KB 227x222 image.jfif)
i will bear five strong daughters for woodz.
>>485196 based
we will have 5 strong future futbolistas like mia hamm
(206.81 KB 2880x1800 IMG_20211220_121255.jpg)
onlyoneof is finally having a comeback https://youtu.be/efpscTLPgYE
yeokshi onlyoneof showing a lot of skinz for skinz https://youtube.com/watch?v=4mgfRyqw-cg >>505042 it’s interesting https://youtube.com/watch?v=cSH7eV0BlTY
>>505042 >>562877 i like the song and the mv. the parts of the choreo where they're feeling each other up are nice by virtue of yaaaas, but everything between those parts is a little uninspired. makes the fun parts stand out more, ig
(1.75 MB 3000x3000 FQIW2tUaQAIIe22.jpg)
E'LAST 3rd MINI ALBUM 'ROAR' 2022.04.27 6PM (KST)
(1.07 MB 2731x4096 FQSTIs1aMAEFxE4.jpg)
they seem to be going for a red riding hood/grey wolf concept, freaking love grey's lighting but not really sold on red, still really hyped for it though
(1.04 MB 2731x4096 FQSTeNlaMAUYNOQ.jpg)
>>693428 >>693430 >>693431 looks cool as hell
(968.26 KB 2731x4096 IMG_20220415_105924.jpg)
(1.24 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220415_105942.jpg)
(1.39 MB 2730x4096 IMG_20220416_105932.jpg)
i actually really liked the styling on this one, first good one out of red ver, also loved this shaggier mullet on him
(1.16 MB 2730x4096 IMG_20220416_105910.jpg)
(1.31 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220417_110026.jpg)
i love this whore so freaking much, i hope they never stop putting him in crop tops
(1.12 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220417_105853.jpg)
(1.34 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220418_110029.jpg)
(1.24 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220418_105931.jpg)
discovering this thread today wtf astrostacies lets get it
saw these nugus in a tiny club tonight and they killed it, 10/10 would recommend plus their albums are cute
>>694148 they are a good band their covers are also actually good and add up to songs
>>694148 they are brutally ugly but at least the creative department has good taste? its a cute poster
(881.49 KB 2731x4096 IMG_20220419_110049.jpg)
(958.81 KB 2731x4096 IMG_20220419_105921.jpg)
(1.09 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220420_110007.jpg)
forgot to post hyuk's yesterday
(1.02 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220420_110002.jpg)
(1.17 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220421_110001.jpg)
i still don't like red's styling in some areas but it won me over a lot more than i thought it would have
(1.12 MB 2731x4096 IMG_20220421_110228.jpg)
i'm kind of nervous because i have no idea if they will keep their orchestal sound but i really hope they do, either way anticipate!
elast hwaiting
love jacksons and bbs releases, my got7 favorites went the route that appeals to me yaaaas
>>694163 band members aren't as textbook 'handsome' as bg members
>>694624 I'm pretty sure they're repurposed outfits from Dark Dream era that ended shorter than planned because knetz criticized them for promoting over a month.
>>694916 they have always have had long promotion periods, they promoted swear for 10 weeks and tears of chaos for like 6, the cuts do look very simmilar to dark dream though so you may be onto something
(1.52 MB 4096x2732 FQ7kagzagAAyX5a.jpg)
don't know how to feel about creature but we'll see when it comes out, the intro as always seems great, there's some potential bangers and only one boring ballad at least https://youtu.be/YCso0RVP6zE
>>695117 I like them but I'll wait for a new Dangerous.
i binge listened to woodz discography and he's kinda slayful
https://www.allkpop.com/article/2022/04/infinite-members-woohyun-sungjong-throw-shade-at-woollim-entertainment-as-they-discuss-the-possibility-of-the-groups-comeback Apparently Woolim sucks so much they lost a bunch of Infinite's data when a hard drive failed kek It makes me sad that Infinite is pretty who these days, for a 2nd gen group that used to be so big
>>695509 >That hard drive contained all kinds of content related to INFINITE, like every practice video we filmed, every photo, behind-the-scenes videos, unreleased videos, and unreleased songs, too. It was the encyclopedia of INFINITE's career, and it is now lost. and FUCK woollim
>>695343 what's your favorite song? for the past few months its been sour candy for me
>>695509 killing myself and staging my burning body to explode in lee jungyeop’s living room and my second body in lee sooman’s more powerful than 20 shipping containers of c4
>>695512 holy shit, that's so sad
>>695512 >storing shit ton of important files on hard disk with no back ups and hoping for the best i feel really bad for the members and all the people who spent time and effort on working on all that stuff but what did they expect
(264.07 KB 1952x1080 IMG_20220427_080315.jpg)
can't say i loved creature but it's not bad, it's just a lot more generic than i expected https://youtu.be/o4ZN66xg_EA some bsides coom though, loved nightmare and shelter https://youtu.be/7CFngJ_lNB4 https://youtu.be/GAxUcRDkQYs
(275.32 KB 2048x1364 FRXvao4VIAAHV-e.jpg)
finally set aside time to listen to the latest elast album intro: cool, but not much to say as just an intro creature: gets easily mixed in among a bunch of other nugu bg songs tbh compared to dark dream, which is kinda sad. but at least it did have some energy to it and elast have an appealing mix of voices to prop it up nightmare: b a n g e r banger b a n g e r let me free: too slow, skip desire: not bad i feel like ive heard too many like this already in the past year or two poison: could be a nice song in the car but thats about it shelter: the 2nd banger after nightmare, it has a sentimental feeling that hits for me and is very much within elast's strengths the roar mini album also apparently had 15.3k for first day sales on hanteo, compared to 4.5k first day sales for the one before. they made some growth
>>695627 >sales from 5k to 15k this reminds me of that famous beatles song that goes like "all the nugushitters where do they all from?"
>>695627 poison grew a lot on me after relistening to the mini, it's a fun enjoyable track and songs from the perspective of submissive pathetic men are always a plus word on let me free, don't know who had the idea to put a ballad that runs for almost 6 minutes and feels flat throughout in between the two best songs of the mini all in all it was their best mini even if creature is their worst tt, and i'm glad they are steadily growing in the way they're doing
I just want E'LAST to be in one variety show one time.
>>390529 wow he is gorgeous. what group?
>>695760 cravity
(2.93 MB 536x536 s0qjszamfwkvroi8.mp4)
i just find wonhyuk so cute, love this annoying overly dramatic bitch, he's passionate and loves his job and grinds hard with the pandering, he is a joy to watch
>ROAR by #ELAST surpassed 50,000 copies sold on Hanteo *inhales* yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss >>696231 cute
(13.00 KB 460x168 IMG_20220412_205003.jpg)
>>696244 and they are only 3k sales away from 60k, i'm really happy they are growing this much
cravity's adrenaline was great I like tve video too but I wish the 1st person pov was changed to just scenes of an actress and only one of the members
>>696231 kek this is cute, and he's hot
(1.12 MB 1286x1608 FSoV75lVUAUeM2.jpg)
>>699822 the rare case of a whore main vocal
(103.43 KB 772x1024 FTiCg-IVUAENwB7.jpeg)
>shinee thread isnt bumping >smtown thread isnt bumping heol guess it will have to be here happy 14th anniversary Shinee! we friggen love you to my fellow shawol nonas *hugs* we made it! to more years of shinee releasing bangers and to our happiness. mazel tov!
(6.90 MB 540x540 XIYisNG4C_DaSKSf.mp4)
>>702331 i didn't realize the smtown thread didn't bump kek i'll repost my reply happy shinee day!!! sending love to all shawolnonas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSqV6IJ11a8
(167.60 KB 1280x892 FTiGk7TWIAA0i8M.jpeg)
i haven't been a kpop fan for that long, but shinee is one of those groups who kept me hooked in the genre. they might not have been the biggest of their generation, but they are quintessential kpop imho. not to be corny but i'm truly grateful they exist and that i have come across them.
>>702334 beautiful clip nonnie... it's crazy to think taemin was just 14 when he debuted and now he's been 14 years with shinee... time doesn't feel real
>>702375 it's definitely surreal. i actually cried when he had the segment of all his shinee eras during his last concert because it was so nostalgic btw shinee is live! we here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbZ6jXea1eg
my beautiful and psychotic wife
what a great fucking set this was https://youtu.be/72bJjJVs_TA
>>703734 woodz-yah world tour juseyo
(84.84 KB 736x1104 FUFYhCrXEAAj4vt.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqVgOyrJsng victon's new comeback their recent title songs are all on the boring side but at least seungsik's looking hot.
anyone excited about Wonho's comeback? He probably doesn't fit a lot of people's style but a buff guy that can probably punch me through a wall but is a big softy/cutey is my style
>>695512 if only i can actually attack their ceo or sumn rn.. . .
(128.70 KB 1024x1024 FVc62JxagAATdSR.jpg)
im very mad that either Wonho's label can't afford to hire different producers or Wonho just chooses to work with the same producer since the start of his solo career. Even though he writes and produces almost everything he sings they all sound the same and there's no evolution like other self-producing idols. Open Mind still remains his best track
>>709719 spoke for yourself noona for me Wonho always delivers, and his solo stuff are so much better than anything from his Monsta X days
(823.86 KB 720x720 _JZDrU6deK5kBY70.mp4)
i'll never get tired of shine. please perform it until you're ahjussis, pentagon. also, despite knowing he's a typical boring main vocal offstage, jinho catches my eye during shine. he's so fucking adorable. the way he exaggerates the choreo and almost makes it look 'stiff' and theatrical totally suits the concept.
>>709929 it definitely has a different feeling without edawn's unique voice opening the song but yes it's a timeless banger. also thank you for complimenting my wife we love her very much >>709719 never followed his stuff but crazy slaps
>>380476 me in the back
(1.61 MB 275x283 jeup 2.gif)
never cared for imfact, always thought jeup was hot
(2.23 MB 640x640 imfact-jeup.gif)
>>711142 apparently he was a streamer for a while, enlisted and now is planning to become a solo singer like most nugus do. i wish him luck
my literal whos had a comeback the other day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6MZKfcN8HI
is jiung’s family considered wealthy? i have little interest in the group, but i think his character would be interesting if he was a rich kid
>>720900 why would it be interesting? can you elaborate nona
i found this on a random spotify playlist and it smacks, i don't know who they are but they should graduate from nugudom because of this song alone https://youtu.be/dh684FWByO4
>>720906 because he’s weird, good with languages, not particularly handsome, and has good stage presence. he comes off like he was the odd duckling in his family. it’d be interesting if he had the lore of coming from a serious and studious background with strict parents who built their own wealth (i’m assuming) and he turned around and insisted on becoming a gaypop instead of following their footsteps for a more assured path. it’d also explain his behaviors a bit imo, just for little things showing he was raised “comfortably” and grew up accustomed to a cushier lifestyle, but doesn’t seem to carry the guilt or burden of possibly being his family’s breadwinner. it comes off more like he has to succeed to prove something, not for survival. i don’t think he’s one to brag or show off about wealth though from what i’ve seen, which would make me more curious if he really was a richfag
Thoughts on CIX's 458?
>>731867 i really like it
>>721021 >lucy haven't listened much to them but they have a violinist and that alone makes them based
>>734395 their early songs like flowering and jogging were really great but everything after snooze has been kinda unmemorable imo
oneus has some really good songs (too bad the ravn situation is probably going to nerf them or be the end of them)
Comebacks coming soon from • EPEX • ATBO • TFN (T1419) • Younite • Drippin
>>741524 epex looks interesting. glad they ditched their edgy mental illness concept
Im so mad JYP isn't promoting them, I'm relatively new to kpop boy groups and this is one of the best ones I've ever heard and they have so much talent. It's pretty rare for BGs to blow up in their first year it seems tho so fingers crossed, pls listen to Xdinary Heroes nonnas.
>>741609 no they are cringe ugly and less talented than day6
>>741610 >day6 ok but what if i dont like boring R&B alternative rock fusion ballads
>>741611 cool but that's beyond the point
>>741609 they're not meant to be promoted heavily because they're a band not a boy group so dont raise your expectations nona
>>741609 >I'm relatively new to kpop boy groups we can tell
>>741589 Believe it or not, this concept is edgier that that. It's based on 1984 and has references to it like Mr Charrington who betrayed the main character and stuff like Ministry of Truth (which actually means propaganda) and Miniluv (short for Ministry of Love, for torture and brainwashing). This way, title track Hymn to Love (Sarang Ga, 사랑歌) isn't really about love and in Korean it's similar to Anthem of Teen Spirit (Hagwon Ga, 학원歌). Most people won't notice though and will praise them for doing a cute concept despite the red military outfits.
>>741706 aigoo... cant nugu gaypops stop lore and symbolismshitting
>>741610 why are you so bitter about them. some of us were missing exactly their type of sound in kpop lmao
EPEX's disaster lore from their debut.
It's really subtle but you can see how those disasters turn up in their cute concept as toys. For instance, Keum represents climate anomaly and his are weather related.
>>741792 >>741793 they still have good music
>>743947 they played their whole discography at their concert!
this group went from 127 listeners to 40k just from tiktok alone. hopefully they become like elast and dkz and get sales to pay off the trainee debt
epex are coming to the us next year
>>744088 sadly not europe but cix will come
>>744090 they might. hyunsuk has said they'll go on a tour in asia that's still not official yet the 2023 plan goes like this: • january epex in asia and cix in europe • february epex in the us (with a possible cix cb) • march cix in the us so while cix are in asia epex can go to europe, like a switch
>>744091 hopefully they will
i really wanna see treasure making a concert in europe especially western europe
just wondering if this vague description rings a bell for anyone >midtempoish electronic dance song, melodic not noisy or rap sounding >released this year maybe around the middle of the year >the mv had a brownish/greyish color scheme of him dancing through interior rooms probably? wearing a suit or something like that he wasn't wonho either and probably not very famous
>>744095 racista
(528.83 KB 2048x1536 FpFzPTIaAAEudC6.jpg)
didn't expect to love this as much as i do, it's very different from the rest of their titles but it still plays to their strengths as a group, the mv uses its 5 dollar budget well and what we see of the choreo goes hard, can't wait for the stages https://youtu.be/MT6lr5mbxWA wish the instrumental by itself was a bit more powerful and they leaned into the guitar more but their voices make up for it and sell the song https://youtu.be/ms-7JJHZHiI
(133.97 KB 1241x1241 5b8f8994b8e804eb18886f5715d3a393.jpg)
>no winner anything on ccc am i really the only person on this site who turbo stans these bitches? guess i'll die
fantagio will debut a new bg named lun8 soon
>>754536 easy prediction: they will have 0 good songs
>>754536 people are speculating honghai will be in it! i hope so
(390.35 KB 1536x2048 FD_nQAUVUAEiDIP.jpeg)
>>754539 sa we fucking hate fantagio
(141.71 KB 1200x800 20230524_122128.jpg)
what do we think about BOYNEXTDOOR? i think theyre cute enough but im afraid their music might not be my type since theyre under hybe + so far they have released one song and it was nothing special. why are bgs so mid these days, or maybe im just looking into the wrong ones...


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