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girls planet 999 thread Anonymous 08/07/2021 (Sat) 21:59:00 No. 292220
discussion thread for survival show Girls Planet 999. are you watching it? which trainees are you rooting for?
>are you watching it? no. it's all rigged anyway. >which trainees are you rooting for? none of them.
rooting for zhang luofei!
I hope Yujin can make it out nugudom but I feel like her being a senior idol is just going to hurt her chances
>>292272 gp999 is a flop compared to produce so she'll sadly remain nugu even if she ends up in the debut line.
this show is so scripted and everyone falls for it
>>292327 each group had to have really bad members so the others could stand out
>>292327 Literally every survival or variety tv show is scripted, nothing news here
i saw that one of the chinese girls kinda dissed yujin and therefore everybody is even more anti the non-korean participants than they already were to begin with and all clips youtube recommends to me are just kissing yujin's ass why is she participating if she's supposedly so much better than the entire rest?
>>292423 i don't even know who she is but they act like she's some god kek
yubin is gonna be dumped just like that older contestant from izone produce
>>292423 because clc is the sad mistreated puppy underdog of girlpop and she is the most "famous" trainee on the show
(165.17 KB 1366x2048 gp999.gu-yizhou.jpg)
rooting for gu yizhou purely bc of her pr video
(113.68 KB 1280x720 yizhou_weeb_era.jpg)
>>292586 >weeb, draws fanart, musical nerd >instantly one of my picks
now that ep 2 is out, i am fully rooting for Su Rui Qi https://youtu.be/igkqFbNQWSU
>>298263 she's insanely pretty to me but her vocal tone was really unpleasant imo. still rooting for her
how do you guys think bahiyyih will do? Do fans vote who gets to stay on or off the show?
>>300810 i think she will do good but not debut. i wouldnt be surprised if she gets rigged out
>>300810 btw do we know under which entertainment she joined to this show?
>>301120 she's an individual trainee. she has no company rn.
>>300810 Ifans are already butthurt about how she's been treated on the show. I see so many comments complaining about Mnet is a 'snake' for using Bahiyyih (and Yujin) for views. Also comments that speculate Bahiyyih is being bullied because her cell was picked last and that the other girls must be jealous of her. Jealous of what exactly? I like her, but she was objectively very mediocre in her performance in the 2nd episode. I don't really get why fans are so obnoxious about defending her just because she's Huening Kai's sister.
love seeing the tides turn for fu yaning. she's so talented and what she said about yujin was true even though it really wasn't bad at all. yujin got lucky by having very few lines that were easy to sing in hylt, but if she doesn't step up i don't see her good will lasting long. she's not pretty enough to just coast by
(496.90 KB 2358x3537 rinka.jpeg)
Just finished the most recent episode. I thought Ando Rinka did a great job in the Blackpink song. I'm so happy Mnet uploaded individual fancams so I can watch just her lol. I got kind of annoyed that the judges didn't compliment her, but maybe they did and it got cut. Seems like a lot of people think she won't make it to the next round, which is a shame.
how many episodes are there. i wanted to start watching but i heard there were like 12 already wtf
>>308860 shouldnt there only be 3 eps out rn
I want her to make it
>>311656 she is sooooo good! i was shocked when she wasnt picked for top9 she is better than most of them there this show wastes so much time on irrelevant stuff though (no i havent watched produce before). like half of the 2nd episode was skippable and the whole dance battle on the third episode too.
>>308859 honestly there is a lot of girls who are mid to bottom tier and not very good looking either to make up for it. i think i could pick at least 10 visuals with solid skills from these two first episodes, if you add up the ones that are not that striking but are talented, it's enough people already to focus one
>>316895 *focus on
episode 3: they did a segment on Se In (yes or yes group) zooming out, sleeping during practice, lacking concentration. yeah no shit guys, she's an infant!! of course this toddler cant take 5+ hours of practice
>>317021 isnt she like 16 thats so evil of mnet to make such a young girl look bad
>>317021 I hope they don't pull something like that with Guinn Myah either she's another baby on the show
just watched episode 4, spoilers ahead i feel like the girls with the seventeen song had an edge because people are just biased for girls doing bright concept. mic drop girlies had no chance. its a difficult song and choreo and isnt an endearing concept also can survive shows pick songs from exo that arent the eve, loveshot and growl? kek maybe if they had all the girls doing bright songs from each of those boy groups it would be more equal I really like Guinn Miyah though. She's way too young for this and should be playing outside but she's cute.
guinn myah did great she’s cute
this show lacks visuals the only pretty one is dayeon the rest are...
(31.62 KB 479x640 images (248).jpeg)
fu yaning is so sexy and talented. her eyebrow thing in the eve was charming. best girl
>>319401 knets and ifans hate her cos she speaks the truth and has the talent to back herself up
>>319401 she kinda looks like joy in this pic
>>319401 shes not being hated on by knetz anymore actually. they care much more about the chinese trainees who have made posts about the anniversary of china supporting north korea in the korean war.
https://youtu.be/2Aj3wskkUUw the number of views.... over a million in each video. pretty U has just 500k for comparison
idc whether knetz or inetz hate miss yaning, they have no taste. don't even care if she doesn't make it, the show is rigged anyway and koreans hate the chinese and the japanese equally. she's best girl to me...
>>319487 i wonder how do they choose what they arent going to autotune because this is clearly autotuned kek do they just leave out the major fuck ups?
what did yaning do other than the helicopter thing
>>320291 she said the n word in a song
https://youtu.be/YORW_6yVzQw this was good but i agreed with the criticism. some girls need to tone down the fierce/strong facial expressions and their moves in general. the choreo and song mood are much more about sensuality (disregard this demand for any minors of course). also the autotune in this is pretty bad imo
>>319308 the new jang wonyoung that all the old men like
>>320742 nah wonyoung always had a chic air to hair. this girl is just a cute aegi
>>320745 wonyoung also had girls looking up to her, this girl on the other hand is just gonna have uncle fans, gross
>>320757 stop jinxing her. plenty of girls like me find her cute too. hopefully moids will stay tf away.
The way the dayeon vs. the rest situation played out was so gross. They acted like she didn’t bring up wanting to do more parts before when she did and literally cried about it too, and then after throwing her under the bus they all ended up agreeing with her about changing parts. It was all very snakey and I’m manifesting a bit of sinophobia especially for yaning and ruiqi
>>320742 wonyoung has talent
>>320278 I wished someone would leak the real live audio. someone did for produce x and some of the trainees sounded horribly off tune.
>>321117 corona is seriously gonna save some of these girls from being exposed for their singing
apparently one of the girls studies at my uni wtf I don’t even watch this show
https://youtu.be/0BeMgKucrwg huening bahiyyih fancam has more views than all performances except the yes or yes from the red group
>>322540 can't sing and ugly to boot, she looks white af. nepotism in action
>>322540 why didnt she just join hybe or jyps upcomimg girl groups?
>>323911 *upcoming
>>323709 she's a cute litely girl
>>324060 wtf little
>>323911 she's an independent trainee
>>323709 she's not that bad but she's also just average
reply with the pretty trainees
(114.56 KB 900x1141 shenxiaoting.jpeg)
>>324140 there are a lot of pretty girlies but here are some that weren't mentioned yet
(97.79 KB 900x1110 sakuraimiu.jpeg)
(129.88 KB 900x1192 leehyewon.jpeg)
(109.16 KB 900x1125 kimsuyeon.jpeg)
(89.30 KB 900x1226 hayashifuko.jpeg)
>>325060 i dont get why some of these girls didnt come into the competition with freshly dyed hair. same with that blue haired chinese girl
>>325142 I don't like that they can participate with dyed hair at all. it seems like cheating. if you're the only blue-haired girl in the crowd, of course you're going to stand out more.
>>325177 when you are competing against girls that have already debuted and/or with an established fanbase that’s hardly cheating
>>326546 kek this you have teen girlies whose only experience is tiktok vs the overhyped clc bitch who trained for ~5 years and worked as an idol ~5 years but not looking like a standard kpop clone is cheating, yeah...
>>326626 >not looking like a standard kpop clone but having colored hair makes you look more like a standard kpop clone...
some of you are too passionate about this kek
the girlie i saw on twitter cussing at sunmi for daring to make faces at that blue circle lenses nugu from the The Eve group
>>326634 apparently not, when people consider it a cheat
guys look at my wife
she’s so pretty
>>326639 you cant even be sure sunmi made that face at her, mnet manufactures literally everything
>>326985 my gif didn’t work i’m sad
>>326626 im surprised she's the only current korean idol in the show
my yxy cell i love you
>>326988 there are some idols in the show I think… like bora and may from cherry bullet but they’re not as popular as yujin
bora doesn't get as much screen time and hype compared to yujin since ep 1... yujin is part of the rigged debut line mark my words
>>326988 cherry bullet jiwon was literally the face (killing part) of the winning yes or yes group
>>326996 nah what netizens are guessing is that shes gonna rank well and be dropped at the last minute due to her age, just like they did on the izone produce with that older contestant. digging on yujin is not the counterculture instance you guys think it is kek
>>326989 i remember nothing about the korean girl from that cell but yurina is so beautiful she is the classic jap beauty you see in tv and mags
>>327000 im just annoyed at her being so mediocre despite being an idol for so long. why even try at this point. but she's not that old, she's only 1 year older than fu yaning
>>327003 she’s seo youngeun! she performed with jia in the kick it stage in episode 1 if you remember
gp 999 rigged debut line: Su Rui Qi cai bing Ezaki Hikaru Kim Da Yeon Guinn Myah Shen Xiaoting Choi Yu Jin not sure: Rayeon Kim Soo Yeon Kang Ye Seo Yoon Ji Ah
>>327005 99% of idols are mediocre kek very few stand out and pass the test of time. actually that goes for most people in any field, really. you just end up being ageist against a woman as if there isnt enough of that in society in general
>>327008 they're gonna make sure there's no more than 2 chinese girls in the group
>>327010 maybe she should consider another career cos its clear idoldom isn't working out for her
>>327005 are you underaged? sorry to break to you but youre probably gonna be a mediocre profesional when you're her age too kek
>>327008 idk if rayeon will make it… her cell is quite unpopular
>>327013 she's trying to be a star though, i'm not. nor am i getting by on sympathy points for being a failed professional
>>327015 it's part of the job and starring in reality tv in general to have some backstory that will make people relate and sympathize with you. your visceral reaction just shows it works
>>327018 i understand that. i still dont like her as an idol
>>327007 hmmm I liked Jia better than her
i saw this persons ranking on twitter and i think the red means they’re likely to be eliminated? I hope it’s not true cause i like ji ah and bora and hyerim
>>327022 the ones not highlighted in blue or yellow are more in danger
>>327022 i think it was made before ep 4 even aired, the rankings probably changed a lot especially with the x2 bonus
cute yurina
yxy cell cute
some girls have different hair in these new pics
but not huge changes
>>331384 wow the chinese looks so much better with darker hair
>>331389 why do they like orange-brown hair so much
full list of eliminated trainees: - Kim Sein - Okazaki Momoko - You Dayeon - Xu Ruowei - Kamikura Rei - Ma Yuling - Okuma Sumomo - Lee Yeongyung - Xia Yan - Inaba Vivienne - Sim Seungeun - Chien Tzuling - Ando Rinka - Joung Min - Liang Qiao - Liu Yuhan - Aratake Rinka - Kim Yubin - Lin Shuyun - Nakamura Kyara - Han Dana - Lin Chenhan - Kitajima Yuna - Cho Haeun - Ho Szeching - Kanno Miyu
the top 9 >Kawaguchi Yurina >Shen Xiaoting >Ezaki Hikaru >Choi Yujin >Sakamoto Mashiro >Su Ruiqi >Cai Bing >Kang Yeseo >Kim Chaehyun
>>331847 you dayeon really deserved to stay… she was so pretty and talented it sucks
>>331856 there's a rumor she will be debuting in the new starship group with wonyoung and ahn yujin
>>331853 i can this lineup to be somewhat similar in the final considering their popularity
>>331861 *I can see
>>331859 I hope so cause i really liked her
>>331856 nah she was just in gp for exposure her company planning to debut a group and she'll be in it
>>331853 is bahiyyih still on
>>332053 yeah her cell ranked 7
>>331861 i can see the top 3 debuting already i just wish they're gonna rig yujin out of it
>>332099 yeah, she's pretty boring. plus, she already had a more successful idol career than most girls in the show. clc were by no means total nugus who never released any music or disbanded after a year.
>>332165 i dont like her and dont want her in the final line up but if she doesn't make it then her career is pretty much over. clc arent nugh enough for her to start over but too nugu for anyone to care about her if she gets eliminated
honestly? bahiyyih is pretty talented. obviously not a superstar performer but she has stable vocals. it's unfair to act like she's hyewon or sohye tier being carried only by being huekai's sister
>>332263 what you said is true but she's almost entirely being carried for being huekai's sister
>>332275 i think she is slowly gaining more attention from non-moas
>>332263 she just suffers from too much hype. she's not amazing nor is she terrible but a lot of people went into the show hating her because she has a lot of fans from her brother.
>>332290 she looks so much like her brother and i find him so creepy looking. theres like a sadness in their eyes that never goes away
>>332295 > theres like a sadness in their eyes that never goes away kek what do you mean
>>332295 i see what you're saying. they have downturned puppy dog eyes
>>332129 pretty much what >>332165 said i find her way less talented, pretty and interesting than a lot of other trainees and wish she's not gonna coast til the end with fame only
https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2021/09/enter-talk-girls-planet-999-hue-ning.html Summary: >Overseas fandoms raised money for Hue Ning Bahiyyih and purchased hundreds to thousands of Sim cards(?) illegally. The original principle for voting is one vote per person. SEA are now exploiting the fact they have cheap Sim cards. The voting period was 2 weeks, so assuming they only bought 1000 Sim cards, x14 days = 14,000 votes. Huening Bahiyyih's fandom doesn't even show any signs of remorse, they're comitting sajaegi with their votes. bruh moment
>>332408 feel bad for bahiyyih because of this hate will be directed to her not the people who bought the sim cards she can't catch a break
>>332408 they also did this in iland
>>332560 really? for who?
>>332569 all of the ilanders had voting teams that would get the funds from fans then buy boxes of sim cards
>>332408 didn't they also do this with hikaru and cai bing?
>>332408 these pics are from enhypenfags the bahiyyih acc was just reposting
>>332589 they probably do this for every trainee yet bahiyyih will get the most hate because of the nepotism accusation
kek cant believe i shed real tears because of the elimination. felt so bad for the birthday girl, the twin sisters and the leader from jias group. >>332408 poor bahiyyih. i hate this type of fandom behavior but thats not her fault. its kinda hard to control that stuff too. in my country reality shows usually just let everyone vote how many they feel like it, but they take those things seriously in korea. question:is the line up going to be 100% decided by popular vote? i reckon that they would have less rigging issues and overall concerns if they let judges pick 1-3 members.
>>331853 top 3 is all chinese and nippon, koreans must be seething kekeke my top picks from each group at the moment are: >yurina >ruiqi >jia
>>332698 it would be nice if the final group could have 3 members from each team but knet won't let it happen
>>332700 yeah im hoping there's at least 2 chinese girls, there's just too much potential in c group's trainees. j and k groups haven't excite me as much if we're being honest.
yurina being ranked #1 in 80 countries is really wow… i would be surprised if she won’t debut in the final group at this point, she’s really pretty and im rooting for her, she’s a good stan attractor it looks like as well
oh no no no ruiqi is being canceled for doing blackface
>>332408 its only sajaegi if bahiyyih was involved. therwise its regular stan behaviour
>>332712 its a bomb filter. this is reaching
(192.21 KB 591x1224 um.jpg)
>>332753 even though ruiqi very likely did not use this filter just to make fun of black people, I can see why some black americans are uncomfortable with this. it's their right to cancel her.
>>333010 somehow i doubt its mostly black people cancelling her
https://youtu.be/_6dbweD1buI the yes or yes group performance on mcountdown
this board is dead af
>>333059 right its always the white sjw twitterfags who claim to be woke
hate the trainee who keeps on doing aegyo. very punchable face
(126.21 KB 320x320 jvmmpse3nom71.mp4)
i was really impressed with ice cream team. the choreo was better than the original and they all shined, great teamwork. kim dayeon wasn't on my radar at all but her expressions and energy were top notch the vocal team was nice, reina and an jeongmin were especially great. i get why the latter was a sm trainee. too bad that one bad rapper kinda ruined the performance looking forward to fate team next ep, yeseo's expression in the beginning had me gasping with how emotional it was
i really like bora. i know shes helping herself by helping other but she still does a lot. that unit wa solid too. both bora and dayeon are great team players. my only criticism on the ice cream unit is aegyofyibg the song/choreo is a safe choice, the easy way out.
im literally in love with manami
>>345030 i was glad for the aegyoification, a lot of the girls were underage and it could have been way worse pedobait than it was also the 3 non-rappers who did the rap song were cute and likeable imo
>>345552 to me its weirder mixing aegyo with suggestive lyrics and sensual moments. also aegyo itself is pedo/jailbait often times. they could have chosen other styles like comedic, musical, swag, girl crush etc but yeah not expecting nothing very out of the box from produce covers
>>345572 the bp mv was cute so yeah aegyo didn't make it less bad. aegyo just means cute so it's not pedo by itself but mixed with the lyrics? regardless of concept maybe they just shouldn't have performed a song about dick lmao. pd48 was way worse though
sakamoto mashiro fancam has so many views... i wonder what happened? crazy https://youtu.be/pM-9Blzf59Q
this was SO bad its almost good and by good i mean entertaining kekk https://youtu.be/yyggQ3DxuQY i feel bad for them though. they set them up for failure kek
>>354906 was the orange haired one trying to make her voice sound deeper when she raps on purpose?
all the chinese girlies have been giving off this delusional/irresponsible image on the show... not sure if its an evil edit or they really got a bag of crazies from China.
>>354922 yeah and tbh this is symptomatic among kpop rapper or even khh ones. often times they think that too sound cool they have to force their voices to sound lower/manlier
after watching the 7th episode, my bets: >yeseo will definetly debut. she is that prodigy actress type and they are shilling her a lot too since day 1. >from the Chinese girls it will be either Su Ruiqi or Shen Xiaoting Cai Bing got a pretty bad edit this episode and I don't think the other Chinese girls stand a chance. These two are already too popular.
>>354927 could blame editing but i think it’s more likely a cultural thing, they’re less reserved than the korean girls and it’s hard to be tactful or sensitive when there’s a language barrier unrelated but i was surprised by the amount of decent-seeming vocalists there actually are on the show, i guess it’s just that most of them aren’t popular. final lineup will be a mess
(314.33 KB 1366x2048 E_LVcnKVQAkbNhj.jpeg)
>salute favorite of the night, they had a really strong choreo. watching the performance the cai bing drama was nonsense, she was barely noticeable and jia had the best parts. kick it team are still my top picks but i don't see them debuting >fate couldn't take my eyes off yeseo she showcased great acting skills. xiaoting looked gorgeous. i can't with su ruiqi her face is just too unsettling for me to genuinely like her >mafia shit song choice and yaning carried the team. hope she can rise after cai bing's sacrifice >my house manifesting youngeun top9 >vvs apparently liang jiao was so stressed out about her sis leaving and having to rap she starved herself and was sick >my sea chaehyun possible main vocal of the group >all about you ep 1 i thought yeyoung would be a favorite but k-team is too stacked. she had an amazing edit but i don't see her getting enough votes for next round. planet pass for her? i really liked the performances. the produce shows do get repetitive but i'm curious to see next week's rankings, there's probably gonna be a lot of changes
>>352036 yurina might rank higher but japanese fans prefer mashiro
nonas i am so smitten with yaning, like in a lustful way. she is so attractive and beautiful and hot. how to cope
predictions for elimination
>>357893 hard to remember everyone mentioned and not mentioned on that list
>>357893 dayeon and bahiyyih did not get bonus points... these prediction lists dont make much sense to me
>>357893 noooo jia
>>358109 dayeon was shown as #9 in ep 6 after a good performance so maybe more people voted for her over the week so she wouldn’t be eliminated? idk but i doubt that shes #3
>>357893 poor an jeongmin I liked her she has a nice voice
>>358109 here's a different one
is it really just 9 from each group surviving wtf did i think it was 18 from each damn everyones leaving without showcasing much. they should have had like 2 episodes per week. and keeping an equal number of japanese and chinese girls... idk feels wasteful knowing that they are having 3 foreign members in total in the lineup tops.
>>358147 mnet is gonna have to do some serious rigging or else with final group will have barely any koreans
>>358151 i think overall this is apart of mnets strategy. there’s plenty of girls in k group who are popular but only a few in j group and c group who are popular (because of mnet ignoring a lot of them), so when people are voting they vote for the same c and j picks but different k picks which pushes those chinese and japanese trainees into the top 9. when it comes close to the final and we have to only pick 1 person to vote for i think it will be more koreans in the top 9, at least more than there are now. that’s my theory though, hopefully it makes sense nona
>>358158 i think yurina is a case that shows that many foreign viewers already know that there will be 1 japanese member at most so thats why everyone focused on just one person. it helped that japan had less highlights than the c-group too, but i think a lot of viewers are expecting that koreans will be the majority in the final lineup.
>>358158 ah that makes a lot of sense.
>Top 9 |1|Shen Xiaoting| |2|Kawaguchi Yurina| |3|Sakamoto Mashiro| |4|Ezaki Hikaru| |5|Choi Yujin| |6|Su Ruiqi| |7|Huang Xingqiao| |8|Cai Bing| |9|Kim Chaehyun| >Surviving Ranks: |Rank|K|C|J| |1|Choi Yujin|Shen Xiaoting|Kawaguchi Yurina| |2|Kim Chaehyun|Su Ruiqi|Sakamoto Mashiro| |3|Kim Dayeon|Huang Xingqiao|Ezaki Hikaru| |4|Kang Yeseo|Cai Bing|Nonaka Shana| |5|Seo Youngeun|Wen Zhe|Nagai Manami| |6|Guinn Myah|Chen Hsinwei|Kishida Ririka| |7|Kim Bora|Fu Yaning|Ikema Ruan| |8|Huening Bahiyyih|Xu Ziyin|May| >Ziyin has dropped out of the competition due to health reasons >Planet Pass |K|C|J| |Kim Suyeon|Zhou Xinyu|Kamimoto Kotone| --- >Individual Country Ranks >K-Group |Rank|Name| 1|Choi Yujin 2| Kim Chaehyun 3| Kim Dayeon 4| Kang Yeseo 5| Seo Youngeun 6| Guinn Myah 7| Kim Bora 8| Huening Bahiyyih 10| Kim Suyeon >C-Group |Rank|Name| 1| Shen Xiaoting 2| Su Ruiqi 3| Huang Xingqiao 4| Cai Bing 5| Wen Zhe 6| Chen Hsinwei 7| Fu Yaning 13| Zhou Xinyu >J-Group |Rank|Name| 1| Kawaguchi Yurina 2| Sakamoto Mashiro 3| Ezaki Hikaru 4| Nonaka Shana 5| Nagai Manami 6| Kishida Ririka 7| Ikema Ruan 8| May 9| Kamimoto Kotone >Eliminated |Arai Risako| |Hsu Nientzu| |Sakamoto Shihona| |Wu Tammy| |Sakurai Miu| |Choi Yeyoung| |Kubo Reina| |Yang Zige| |Huh Jiwon| |Kim Doah| |Liang Jiao| |Jeong Jiyoon| |Li Yiman |Kuwahara Ayana| |Chiayi| |Yamauchi Moana| |Lee Chaeyun| |Leung Cheukying| |Lee Hyewon| |An Jeongmin| |Wang Yale| |Fujimoto Ayaka| |Zhang Luofei| |Hayase Hana| |Yoon Jia| |Shima Moka|
>>365348 sad for jia, jiyoon, jeongmin, and doah, they are so talented they truly deserved higher ranks, happy for the yxy besties though
surviving girls and their votes (korea and international), pink is the top 9, next round only the top 17 of 27 will make it through, there will be no country ratio this time and one planet pass for those ranked 18-27
>>366297 this one shows where they place with different voters
>>366297 >>366350 i'm surprised with how low bahiyyih is considering how loud her fans are
>>366350 damn korea does not care for fu yaning. kek at only 2 of the top 9 being korean. what will their target market be though? would korea accept a group with so many chinese and japanese members
i really dont get kotome being a planet pass recipient? that vvs performance was all around terrible, no one saved it sorry. i wish they saved kubo reina but i guess they are allergic to good vocals i feel really bad for jiwon, the only one from cherry bullet not surviving kek and she is a good visual/center tbh the camera just loves her will miss jia, she was a baddie but she never stood a chance because she doesnt fit the beauty standards i wish they let 30 girls move on to the next phase. let the planet guardians pick 27 and then 3 planet pass recipients. and maybe let the planet pass recipients be from any country not necessarily one from each. i'm starting to think it's really gonna be a group with 3 members from each group atp because they are still going with this equal amount thingy... its gonna be very weird if they drop it only in the final couple of weeks but welp wouldnt surprise me either.
>>367315 nevermind i typed that before finishing the last episode. just got to the part that actor said they wont be keeping the group ratio moving forward lol
this show should be 2 weeks longer cant believe theres just 1 more elimination until the final line up voting
>>366391 su ruiqi ranking is more shocking. is she one of the chinese contestants who had posts celebrating the anniversary of chinas participation in the korean war? i know they hate some of the chinese contestants because of that anyways if su ruiqi doesnt debut i will hex this group
>>366386 being loud on the internet doesn't translate to real votes. they're all talk, no action.
I don't understand all the Mashiro love kek I also think that most korean contestants are kinda idk flavorless. The top chinese and japanese girls have a distinct look and some even a strong personality while the korean girls all kinda have the same vibe and are basically interchangeable. Going by >>366350 Chaehyun, Yujin and Dayeon would be overwhelmingly boring
https://youtu.be/WF35HakZq2w i hadnt seen that yet, interesting to see the differences between you with you and gp
>>367318 her korean fanbase took a big hit but international viewers don't care
this dayeon push from mnet is ridiculous… why is a different team going to her moms house and eating at her family restaurant when all of the other girls get to do fun activities like it’s weird
>>371745 like dayeon wasn’t even in that team so why didn’t they send snake team instead?? I feel like mnet wants dayeon to overtake xiaoting’s number 1 so they’ll have a korean center but dayeon is doing well even without this kind of push
>Interim Ranks (1 more week of voting left) 1| Shen Xiaoting 2| Kim Dayeon 3| Ezaki Hikaru 4| Sakamoto Mashiro 5| Kawaguchi Yurina 6| Choi Yujin 7| Su Ruiqi 8| Kim Chaehyun 9| Nonaka Shana 10| Fu Yaning 11| Kang Yeseo 12| Seo Youngeun 13| Huening Bahiyyih 14| Wen Zhe 15| Huang Xingqiao 16| Ikema Ruan 17| Nagai Manami ——————————————————————- 18| Chen Hsinwei (she would be eliminated as only 17 can survive) >Not mentioned (if ranking stays the same next week, this is who will be eliminated): xinyu, cai bing, bora, kotone, suyeon, myah, ririka, may
>>371812 so the girl how hated on clc is actually ranking well? lmao i still see vids of mad clcfags popping in my yt recommended, judging by how they acted i thought she would be failing
>>371745 im watching it right now and had to pause and come here when that part came up kek it was so blatant. guess they are going to do something similar with all the korean contestants they want to debut >>371812 they are focusing so much on tearing the chinese girls down, they forgot about the japs who have also been ranking way better than koreans since day 1 kek
such a filler episode with the sole purpose of shilling kim dayeon
thoughts on the new episode - shoot was a lovely performance ruan is so cute, their outfits looks like their performing weeekly’s after school lol - xiaoting was so great as the center of snake she stood out so much i hope she can debut as the final center - u+me=love was hands down the best performance it was so good, youngeun is a good vocalist - utopia is the best song i love it it reminds me of early grfriend or oh my girl, they all looked super pretty especially yesseo and yurina - poor c group getting evil edits it’s so blatant and it’s just annoying at this point
is it just coincidence they put all the chinese girls in the medusa team? (sorry if this question annoys anyone. i only watch the performances, not the episodes.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fjjp-Vn940
>>385985 the assigning of teams were voted by the fans on universe, my guess is that most people chose those chinese trainees for the girl crush concept
another ridiculous episode, first half of it was just them shilling dayeon once again. everyone gasping at every fart she pops out of her ass, it's so annoying specially because she doesn't live up to those expectations. ending ot the episode was their campaign against ruiqi and yaning. i guess now we can be sure that only xiaoting will be debuting. >xiaoting was so great as the center of snake she stood out so much i hope she can debut as the final center kek nah the koreans will never accept a foreigner center, thats why they are shilling dayeon so hard. they not only want her to debut but to secure her the #1 spot. the most annoying is that the half dozen of koreans who watch this shit actually like her so this rigging will go down without any further consequences for mnet.
>Girls moving on the finale next week 1| Shen Xiaoting 2| Kim Dayeon 3| Sakamoto Mashiro 4| Ezaki Hikaru 5| Choi Yujin 6| Kawaguchi Yurina 7| Nonaka Shana 8| Fu Yaning 9| Seo Youngeun 10| Su Ruiqi 11| Kim Chaehyun 12| Kang Yeseo 13| Huening Bahiyyih 14| Wen Zhe 15| Kim Bora 16| Huang Xingqiao 17| Kim Suyeon 18 / Planet Pass | Guinn Myah >Eliminated | Cai Bing | Chen Hsinwei | Zhou Xinyu | Nagai Manami | Kishida Ririka | Ikema Ruan | May | Kamimoto Kotone voting for the finale is now 1 pick rather than 3
>>398838 as someone who doesnt watch the show i am shocked for cai bing
>>398838 started voting last week since I was scared youngeun and yaning would be eliminated, glad they’re up there now the top9 would be almost ideal for me, I’d just swap yujin and dayeon for yeseo and chaehyun/myah now nona who is your 1 pick?
>>398838 if fyn gets in they are going to have no ifans kek
>>398914 shes one of the few idols who apologized for being unintentionally racist but ifans just follow the hivemind
how many trainees can debut in the group? Is there any quota for korean/chinese/japanese members in the group?
>>398927 i dont think there is. i think mnet will try as hard as it can to have at least 4 korean members
>>398964 So far they are failing
>>398927 from what I've heard the unspoken chinese member quota is 1. korean viewers only want shen xiaoting in the final group.
this shows the distribution of votes between korean and international viewers, the pink is the current top 9 >some standouts - xiaoting is flying above everybody else, she has a 2million vote ( basically double) lead on second place - all 8 of k group managed to survive this round (including myah with the planet pass), this is in contrast with 4/8 of j group and 5/8 of c group - all remaining j girls are now in the top 9 - fu yaning, xiaoting and mashiro have the highest international votes and all managed to crack more than 1million of them, so you can then assume they have the largest international fanbases - Kim Dayeon, Hikaru, xiaoting and Shana have the highest korean votes, fu yaning, su ruiqi and Kim bora have the least >If there was a top 9 voted based solely on these international votes it would look like this - 1. Xiaoting - 2. Mashiro - 3. Fu Yaning - 4. Hikaru - 5. Su Ruiqi - 6. Yurina - 7. Youngeun - 8. Yujin - 9. Dayeon 3K, 3J, 3C >If there was a top 9 voted based solely on these korean votes it would look like this - 1. Xiaoting - 2. Dayeon - 3. Hikaru - 4. Shana - 5. Mashiro - 6. Chaehyun - 7. Yujin - 8. Yurina - 9. Huang Xingqiao 3K, 4J, 2C yurina, xiaoting, hikaru, mashiro, yujin, and dayeon appear in both of these top 9s voting is more likely to change with 1 pick however, as we don’t know if anybody was being used as a filler pick
(132.23 KB 1000x1778 Shen_Xiaoting.jpg)
girlie looks weird and ranked 80 on exo-m's show, why is she suddenly so popular now?
>>399754 clearly you havent watched the show because she looks stunning on camera on another note, hsinwei you'll be missed... she was so fun! will miss wen zhe too but such is life. still not caring for most of the korean girls except maybe bora. they're so homogeneous and void of charisma/personality.
>>398914 not really, its ifans boosting her. shes pretty popular on reddit
>>399754 she's a pretty girl and has the I'm so wholesome and nice and mother everyone vibe that makes girls feel they have no choice but to like her because if you don't then you're considered a bitch and jealous. which is why every anon here is supporting her
(222.55 KB 2048x1160 FBqilaFVUA8Ub9P.jpeg)
considering the survivors, my group, if im being shallow: >bermuda line: yurina, xingqiao, xiaoting >k quota: bora, yeseo, chaehyun, youngeun >ruiqi, mashiro
>>400261 go back
>>399754 anyone would look weird with that terrible photoshop >>400249 what are you sperging about kek this thread is dead and her personality has never been a topic kek it all comes down to her looks punto basta
damn my girl yaning made it so far [blushing emoji] does she have a chance at debut after all?... guess not. she's still the best though. from j-girls i've been voting for shana, there's something charming about her, though both her and hikaru really lack the visuals for kpop. and all of the k-girls are so uninteresting and lackluster. not one outstanding face. oh well.
Interim rankings so far Planet TOP 9
Rank 10-18
>>402275 >>402279 I found these on twitter, apparently they’re from a livestream Mnet did with the girls and they showed this at the end
>>402275 omg they rigged all the koreans in
>>402275 one pick votings really change everything
>>402275 >>402279 no way xiaoting fell that much and if the vote skewed towards koreans because of the single vote rule dayeon should be first place taking previous voting into account, i don't see how chaehyun climbed up that much
>>402275 one big snore if that the debuting line-up koreans vote count more than international but even then a lot of the chinese/j girls have a loyal fanbase (xiaoting, ruiqi, yaning, mashiro)
>>402275 if this was the debut lineup i’d be pissed to have watched this show in the first place, the c and j girls are so much more interesting overall
girlies on all those translation sites kissing k-ass, claiming it's "valid" that they only want korean members... even on chinese produce shows they let foreigners win number 1
(6.41 MB lordfuyaaaaa.gif)
>>402707 hope they'll debut even if they aren't top 9, fu yaning is ready she has more confidence than some idols
(5.38 MB GP999-Yaning.MP4)
badass lord fuya
>>403183 korea hates confident idols. they like them submissive
>>403189 china likes confidence and androgynous girls like su ruiqi, the9 centre liu yuxin, lu keran and supergirl li yuchun. yaning has great vocals, xiaoting has her dance skillz they must debutttt
>>403183 i hope they do, most of them are already on their 2nd/3rd survival they must be desperate honestly i’m ready for the lineup to be shit and the group to flop into oblivion. do we know which company is supposed to represent them? is it gonna be cj&nm?
>>403183 >>403189 >>403201 doesn't matter that many girls/women watch these shows and love confident unnie types, they will always try to pander to moids first same with that dance show: cool adult women are successful? how about we turn this into a pedobait show next!
>>402307 I don't think mnet will risk rigging another survival show after they've been found to manipulate the ranking in every single produce season
never watched the show but i've watched the medusa snake perf and i'm in love with xiaoting. i hope she gets in the debut line >>402275 i checked the latest ranking and it's a little sus that top9 is 99% made of korean trainees kek
all i want is mizuki hikaru to win
>>404041 fuck i mean ezaki kek
i just mistook her for an anime idol show character. embarrasing.
[theqoo] GIRLS PLANET CHINESE CONTESTANT'S ANECDOTE ABOUT GIRLS PLANET She's Ma Yuling (23), a Chinese trainee who got eliminated in the first round She shared an anecdote about the show in one of her live - The Korean staffs discriminate against Chinese trainees - The Chinese trainees even gathered together to cry - Luckily they were able to help each other and endured the hardship - The staff also exploded towards Ma Yuling out of anger (they later apologized to each other and it got resolved) - There are only 2 staff members who were friendly with the C group 1. It's because the Chinese kids always think that they should be treated a certain way that they think like thatㅋㅋㅋ They always feel discriminated against 2. So what? Just go back to China~ 3. I don't believe in what Chinese people say 4. Ah even if she says stuff like that, Korea will never let go of the Chinese market 5. Then don't come to Korea 6. She doesn't know a single thing about Korea, so why does she think that she's getting discriminated against? I bet the staff has a different story... Ever since Produce, the Japanese trainees all said good things about the staff once they go back to their country, so why are Chinese trainees always backstabbing the moment they go back? 7. All Chinese participants end up like her... The moment they go back to China, they'll talk about the discrimination they received in Korea and cosplay as the victim, it's just history repeating... 8. Who cares 9. This is Chinese leadershipㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She didn't speak Korean until the end "I'm the leader" "I think I should do whatever I want" 10. I knew this would happenㅋㅋ You'd think they will ever acknowledge their mistake?ㅋㅋ
well they could salvage the final line-up at least would just swapped Hikaru for Yurina at least. This group is visual hole-ish And after all the relentless Kim Daeyeon shilling, the korean girl who ended being center is the former SM trainee Chaehyun
i’m sad for yurina I truly wish she could have debuted I liked her a lot
>>407606 i'm really surprised she didn't. i know mashiro had a lot of loyal japanese fans but i thought she would make it
>>407657 one pick voting is cruel, she had a lot of people who wanted her in their top 9 but she was rarely peoples one pick
(20.28 KB 313x400 01_Bild-Kepler.jpg)
>group name "kepler" waaah so cute and sexy i hate whenever twitterfags shit on txt's sister for being white but honestly, she really isn't... and number getting 2nd? that's too much, bigshit privilege
(197.54 KB 1200x1200 FCTv3lOVIAQR3Qp.jpg)
>Kim Chae Hyun received the most votes in Korea >Huening Bahiyyih ranked No. 1 in votes across 115 countries around the world damn. in the end bahiyyih is the true winner. I'd like to see in which countries she was voted as #1.
>>407849 bahiyyih's horse face is a joke
>>407849 i never heard anyone talk about chaehyun i guess only kfans care about her
>>407980 she is talked about becausd she is former sm tho
>>407849 ezaki is all i care about
>>407849 the chinese one is a bit weird looking to me.
(303.06 KB nepotism.png)
(303.06 KB nepotism.png)
>>407986 she was 80th on chuang, her visuals suit korean tastes than china. its better if xiaoting didnt debut, shes a tall ballroom dancer who sticks out like a sore thumb if she isnt centre, shes gonna be in a side role next to awkwards like dayeon chaehyun bahiyyih and ifans will complain that the results are a joke.
who were objectively the most liked and hated trainees internationally? i only watched performance clips
(62.72 KB gp_global.png)
>>408643 bahhiyih was the most supported internationally lmao prob due to moas. knetz are raising a stinker about bahiyyih being 2nd https://www.knetizen.com/huening-kais-younger-sister-huening-bahiyyih-who-debuted-at-2-on-girls-planet-999/ it's telling that she isn't in hybe because her face isn't the typical kpop gg style, it's more mature and quite hard to fit in with typical kpop gg concepts
(102.68 KB gp_korea.png)
but bahiyyih still ranked 7th in korean only votes tho, it's quite sad that koreans voted 8K1J and bora a good vocalist still missed out, at least chaehyun made it. future seasons of KJC idol survival shows should be 3-3-3 to ensure only the best trainees per country make it.
(57.47 KB 851x479 yryw1oi6n8v71.jpg)
only one visual could make it.
>>409872 yurina isn't anymore talented than the bahiyyih girl. she's unneeded in the final lineup. she's also fake and only made it that far because the male judge couldn't take his eyes off her since the first episode and kept commenting about her visuals and how he couldn't keep his eyes off her. she didn't make it far on talent alone, she made it that far the same way that bahiyyih made it, nepotism.
>>409874 >she's also fake and only made it that far because the male judge couldn't take his eyes off her since the first episode you sound extremely underaged
>>409884 you're right. i'm twelve years old and already well versed in the dynamics of men and women and what women are willing to do to succeed and what men are willing to do to women to help them succeed if they want them enough. now stop being immature. mnet didn't include those snippets of him staring and talking about her because they think she's super talented. they did it to get her attention because she was a trainee of interest to them. everyone agrees they pushed dayeon blatantly near the end, they did the same thing with yurina at the beginning until they realized that they needed to move targets
>>409874 >thinks judges have any influence or power >doesn't know what nepotism means ay dios mio...
>>409898 do you think the judges have no power or influence? why do you think they're there
>>409898 >thinks judges have no influence or power ay dios mio there are some really stupid anons posting.
bahi only needs one appointment with doctor kim like the other members and the girl will be the next suzy. Kep1er should be thankful for album sales.
>>407849 top left got the wendy jaw
>>410375 the fans of her bro who voted for her are probably not gonna buy shit from that group. voting is easy for obsessed teens with too much time on their hands but I doubt the majority of them are gonna support the group in any way after that, that’s why mnet tried to make the girl invisible on the show.
>>411400 she had filipino fans mass buying sim cards to vote for her, she'll have buying power
>>292220 just finished this shitshow. k group was boring af, j group was cute but invisible, c group was where all the talents and visuals were but they got evil edited all the time because mnet was threatened by them.
>>403183 yaning was best girl. truly the cuntress of slay. fuck the tasteless public for hating confident women.
was the show even a bit popular in china? the c girls are probably better off in china. if they have some type of fandom from the show + ywy etc. they might debut at least. the industry is way bigger in korea but the hate they’ll get just for being chinese will shield them from any success there anyway.
(143.94 KB 1080x596 FBbT6W8XIAEpiBa.jpg)
why is c group so tall
>>417200 dont wanna be a bitch about the 2nd girl from right (hikaru?) but knetz are absolutely gonna hate on her visuals 24/7 more than bahiyiih since she's japanese
>>417195 i think some of them are going to pursue higher education and get normal jobs like teaching, engineering, etc. cnetz knew the c girls were being evil edited and they are highly defensive of the c girls now. also yaning has a rabid japanese fanbase for some reason. she's like their fav after mashiro.
>>417204 hikaru is cool but i'm surprised she made it into kep1er considering her visuals. kep1er is kind of visual hole-ish. xiaoting is so much prettier than the rest of them it's not even funny.
>>417207 her and youngeun were my favorites of their group because of their charisma and performing abilities, but they do lack visually. the thing is the rest of the line up is lacking with cute but plain girls, a hag and dough faced center who exude next to nothing on stage. their eye catching performances set them apart from the start and they kept a strong fan base throughout the show with consistency and somewhat of a c factor.
>>417216 x factor* sorry samefagging but also j group didn’t have a lot of other serious candidates to debut anyway considering how little screen time they got
(321.01 KB 1198x1620 687699.jpg)
>>417204 its funny as hell seeing people on twitter going "she's soooo pretty!" like bitch what are you even talking about lmfao
>>417225 bangs needed asap
>>417225 damnnnnn ok megamind
>>417225 kek chill i think she looks cute
>>417216 who's the hag
>>417225 even with makeup on she's tragic
>>417253 ntayrt but yujin maybe? since she's 25 years old
>>417207 xiaoting screams center and yet she got 9th place. this show is a complete joke.
>>417205 >yaning has a rabid japanese fanbase for some reason because she's gap moe. she looks tough and cool but can be cute and sweet as well.
(683.39 KB fuyaaaa.jpg)
fu yaning did 2 dramas as side characters pregp999, she has more recognition in china so she can slowly act her way up to lead roles. other ctrainees are too old or opera, dance, art najors to become engineers and teachers lmao, wenzhe is 1997er, xu ziyin has operatic training, su ruiqi had the biggest cfanbase because she's andro. butch idols like liu yuxin or lu keran are vpopular in china. xiaoting is lucky she debuted in korea, cfans don't like her visuals as much as kfans.
>>417225 i wish ppl on social media would just be honest about her ugliness. everybody talking about how supposedly beautiful she is sounds fake or completely delulu.
https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-stifled-desires-behind-acrush-the-chinese-boy-band-made-up-of-five-girls su ruiqi needs to play her cards right because she was unpopular as a girly idol and vpopular as a butch, china is so thirsty for content by lesbian ggs there are cpop ggs like acrush with members voted into china's equivalent of izone.
>>417200 c group visual level mogs the j and k group
>>417304 are you korean kek
>>417307 >china is so thirsty for content by lesbian ggs but why? do they have a big lesbian population there?
>>417307 it was only 2 girlies. one was pushed right from the start, given pants and speeches about how great it is that she's "different" and the other one legit looks like a moid and everybody finds her ugg, and now that the group ended she's completely irrelevant china is as "thirsty" for lesbians as the rest of the world, just a couple virtue signaling kids going "omg step on me queen!"
>>417304 ppl were going ham after helicopter drama and bashing on yaning for being “uggo” but you can’t mention hikaru being ugg
(950.42 KB 480x318 download.gif)
>>417304 >>418188 saw this post about huenings sis being so uggo and...? she's like in the middle of her group gaypopfags always praise even the most uggo nip as "omo so natural and charming!"
(529.00 KB 2048x2048 FCl__SkUYAc1QP-.jpg)
chaehyun is such an underwhelming center
>>418519 >hikaru's forehead my fucking sides
isnt hikaru really young, you definitely should not call her ugly
>>418519 chaehyun is not the center actually. they never announced the #1 as the center on the show so she'll be at best the center just for the debut >>418561 nta but *googles her age* holy shit i thought she was 21
>>418567 at some angles her young age really shows, at other angles she looks 28 kek
>>418561 she's older than me, anon
>>418622 samefag i thought you meant chaehyun. hikaru is 17, chaehyun is 19.
>>418623 i never would have guessed she was 17
>>418567 they might make dayeon center since she's mnet's favorite
>>418623 i cant believe she’s only 17 omg
>>418519 bahiyyih, youngeu, hikaru are visual holes. xiaoting is so gorgeous compared to the other members. you can tell yujin doesn’t really fit in due to her age. it’s a weird lineup.
>>418622 why would you out yourself like that
(125.36 KB 750x928 FCqt9IGVQAEUqS8.jpg)
>>292264 she deserved so much better.
>>419389 sadly she doesn’t look like that in real life, although i think the bangs were especially unflattering and doing her a disservice
does gp999’s failure mark the end of the survival show era?
>>419399 god i hope so.
>>419399 iland 2 is coming
>>418519 xiaoting shines
(367.24 KB fuckjyp.png)
>>419399 jyp's sixteen was more abusive to trainees than gp999 yet twice became a top gg. didn't watch it, heard jyp deprived them of sleep and food. if iland & sixteen produce marketable groups like twice and enhypen who sell 900k even if nobody can distinguish individual voices in songs due to autotune, survival shows will go on. it's jyp and hybe's moneyspinning formula to create stans who feel they chose the debutants when the lineup is rigged with favoured trainees like heeseung or momo who joined twice even though she was eliminated.
(65.16 KB 720x422 FC2b-1cVUAAccR3.jpg)
oh for fucks sake
(42.01 KB 627x312 moid kep1er.jpg)
>>420264 boys planet 999 here we go
>>420265 hikaru kekkk >>419399 i hope so, they’re getting boring and repetitive and the trainees are under horrible conditions. i heard they were planning on rebooting the produce series though so it doesn’t sound like mnet is done with torturing teen girls
>>420265 hikaru....
>>420265 why are dayeon and yeseo hot as guys
>>420265 if hikaru were a guy on boys planet 999 would she still make it into the final lineup? i'm curious because it's mostly straight girls who watch these types of shows and they are more likely to vote based on pussy tingles when it comes to moids.
>>420265 i'm fucking pissing how does hikaru manage to look even WORSE
>>420593 girls voted for hikaru because she's fug and relatable kek, she's a skilful dancer who should be on dance crew shows like SWF. geonu was the only decent singer (decent for bigshit level mind) in iland, kinda meh looking but not ugly like male hikaru and lost votes due to his shyness. hikaru shines on stage at least.
fu yaning spoke out in an interview about getting evil edited what a surprise
so... anyone watched the vlives?
>>420265 >Bahihyyh looks like a skinny Ethan Klein. lmao
>>531489 How do i delete a post?
>>531490 you cant
what do we think about their new song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0j5NPptyM0
>>534128 bahiyyih has no strong video presence compared to the rest of the girls it still amazes me to this day how she won
>>534128 still salty that yujin with her mouse teeth got in. song is meh.
>>428367 honestly she and ruiqi shouldn’t be surprised they got evil edited how can they make political statement about another country and except to debut there
>>534128 it’s a mess mask is good tho
>>534128 that chorus dance is so fucking weird, whoever choreographed this deserves to be shamed to high heavens the song is just generic/bad in general, i wish they went for something more like izone
>>535566 ikr the finger motion just looks weird and almost crude they definitely should’ve went the elegant road, it would’ve suited most of the girls and there are few groups filling that niche right now compared to the tired girl/teen crush concept
>>535571 ik a lot of easier girl group dances catch on w the GP so maybe they were trying to make the dance easy on purpose. but it looks especially weird because they drag that move out for so long.


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