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Where are they now? 05/20/2021 (Thu) 02:24:18 No. 183125
Discuss idol hopefuls who never made it or those who debuted and fell into irrelevancy
>>183125 the most tragic trainee is Heo Chanmi who has spent ten years trying to make it in the industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AySzZixX9zs she debuted solo last year iirc
(154.87 KB 500x390 dgna.jpg)
Does anyone remember DGNA? They had a jaejoong lookalike Garam in their group. He could have been the next pretty boy... Anyways their boss molested and raped the trainees in the company and the group just went to japan and promoted there for years. The members now https://www.instagram.com/injun1992.39/ https://www.instagram.com/jjh_0331/ https://www.instagram.com/park_628/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/mkl628/ None of them seem to have gone on to live a "regular life" and switch careers, but are hanging onto entertainment like careers like ticktock or doing small scale acting/singing. It's kind of sad ngl, but it's nice that they all remained friends after so many years.
Does anyone remember Dal Shabet aka one of the best and most underrated Kpop groups ever?
this girl that was a jyp trainee and other companies for 12 years but now she does yt and travel writing, this is her video about it (pretty long it's 56 minutes long https://youtu.be/5fFqqlG9Xwk, and here another she did with rilaccoco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE9MsjQAZpA they did several of them but i haven't watched
(147.28 KB 640x420 CocoSori.jpg)
>>183147 Coco could be considered a failed idol herself honestly. Some people shit on her after she exposed her company while livestreaming on twitch. She used to be friends with a some of the popular english speaking idols but they had a falling out.
>>183142 wow karam looks good now... mika fell off the damn wagon though he looks rough
>>183158 yeah, she qualifies for failed idol
>>183160 he kinda looks like eunwoo? he could have been an iconic south korean pretty boy tbh
lami got so shilled i feel they owe me
at this point it seems like daisy gets more hype as a tiktoker/influencer than she did in momoland. it's refreshing though, she's not afraid to say she hated being an idol and was never close or friends with the other girls
>>712185 >was never close or friends with the other girls really? she actually said this? i’m kinda glad she did it’s tiring seeing kpoppies insist that their faves have a family bond
>>712210 momoland were never a group that seemed close though
>>712210 she didn't say it verbatim but she said on tiktok that she didn't miss anyone from her idol days, made jokes about being kicked out of the group and that the rest momoland are just happier not having to split paychecks with her
>>712185 shes also said that all kpop dieting boils down to starving in one way or another
>>712253 shocking who would have thought
>>712254 but didnt you know kpops rarely diet because they are naturally skinny and never eat unhealthy food because theyre not dirty westeners? /s
>>712276 idols are not naturally skinny idiota they starve themselves down to goal weight then eat one meal a day or restrict heavily, idk why you think idols lie about eating tteokbokki when they starve all day and dance a lot then eat 1 unhealthy meal. a 500 calories tteokbokki meal isnt going to fatten anyone if they barely eat anything else and are super active
>>712282 girl have a snickers she literally put a tone indicator at the end of her post
>>712288 if you dont know what a snickers is thats on you
(149.62 KB 2100x1181 snickers.jpg)
>>712288 did i stutter?
>>712282 you can't read
>>712290 >>712291 kek please stop derailing i know what a snickers is. its just such a 2008 comment
>>712293 hmm not really
>>712293 its still used
its annoying how casuals think lami, koeun or yiyang should've debuted in aespa. those girls would get shat on for their live vocals, all of them sing worse than giselle or karina but because sm didn't debut them everyone whines about what could've been as if they wouldn't hate on these girls for being talentless like how they hate on giselle
>>713465 do you have video of their singing
https://youtu.be/VjLwI5Wd0gs if lami & co had vocal or dance talents they’d debut elsewhere like pentagon jinho, billie tsuki, wooah nana, kekler chaehyun, epipen jungwon. them debuting in aespa would just attract even more hate to aespa because people have higher standards for sm idols than other groups and expect them to have great vocals like their seniors.
>>713466 sm rookies did snsd covers for mmc and 2ning did the adlibs and high notes so it was obvious she was the best rookie vocalist, the rest don't support iirc
>>713467 jawrina's vocals aren't great, winturds are very good but nothing to write home about
>>713470 delusional
>>713470 karina is good tho, she has supported up to Bb4 live and is better than rose for instance kek. i may be biased since her vocal tone is my fave in aespa e.g. savage's prechorus. shes mostly a rapper and even giselle the main rapper suoports vocally its obvious sm chose girls whose voices fit the vibe they wanted for aespa and the sm rookie girls wouldve fit a snsd/rv concept better
>>713465 lami and yiyang arent the same as Giselle lol theyre visuals no one expects vocals from them irene and yoona cant sing at all giselle gets shit on because she is ugly a terrible dancer and uncharismatic performer mediocre singing cant save her
>>713467 Mabye they didnt want to become idols anymore im sure most companies would've debuted them just for being known trainees alone
>>713467 theyre kids here singing a cartoon song lol they can sing
what are her options now?
>>721168 mcdonalds, burger king, maybe wendy's
>>721168 either continue school moving abroad or becoming a youtuber/instamodel
>>721168 follow in dahee sunabenim's footsteps and post covers on youtube and make money off the little views i guess
>>721168 none in the music industry, but it's not like life's ending for her, if she will continue school or live comfortably if she has generational wealth
>>721168 she will have many options because she is pretty. even more options if she is also rich. she must have a very strong mindset to be a bully, post publicly about sex and decide to be a kpop idol. she's going to be one of those people that will always end up on top some way or another
>>721182 shes on afreeca doing cover requests for donations and earns a lot from her fan balloons, youtube views dont get her income. idk if garam even hss those skills though, she sang offkey in encores lmao
>>721308 frankly speaking she should just model on ig or irl, i can't see her become a steaardess even because who wants a bully representing them plus its a very catty hierarchical environment where she'd have to take shit from her superiors and coworkers due to her past deeds.
the sm rookie mmc girls have the same vibe as newjeans whose debut is a rehash of snsd gee (listen boy my first love story, jeans, minho being their love interest), maybe mhj left sm because her vision of smngg didnt go to plan and those mmc girls got cut as well.
(407.62 KB image (1).png)
(446.93 KB image (9).png)
koeuns visuals fit aespa its mysterious why she didn't make it
>>721369 she saw the cringe concept and ai bullshit and said fuck it im out
>>721369 shes a bitch and bullied other trainees thats why shes also talentless despite being at the company since 09 lol
teen top
>>721170 hilarious bc sojang did a video and apparently garam is working at burger king kek
>>723594 >sojang she literally makes up shit for views, garam is 16 and a sopa student
>>183126 You guys Lami signed an acting contract with SM. Dreams DO come true!!!
>>723595 why are you acting like a 16 year old high schooler can't work at burger king kek
>>721369 as opposed to full of talent giselle
>On September 8, 2022, Soojin's legal representative released a statement on her behalf that stated Soojin had never committed any act of school violence, and that she was cleared by her middle school's school violence committee. She decided not to proceed any further with legal action kind of dumb that she didnt make a return just because of her stupid behavior during the controversy itself kek. she killed her reputation for nothing
>>749410 and most people eventually believed she was innocent & wanted her back too. she gave up too quickly.
>>183142 they'll be in jtbc's survival show called peak time
(1.35 MB 1258x642 dgna.png)
>>749441 When is it airing? I find it insane that they have just stuck with it for so long as a small group doing activities in Japan and then some going into acting/modeling ect. The members are now in their 30s. Karam was cha eunwoo and L level of pretty boy but is a musical actor now and never hit it huge like them.
>>750335 feb 15
>>183142 i was so confused why i never heard of this group before, turns out they were more known under the name "the boss" they definitely tried to shill his resemblance and love for dbsk but it somehow was never enough he should have tried for sm, his face is lsm's wet dream
jtbc's peak time started today and there's lots of disbanded groups in it
>>750718 checked it out nona and damn dgna was the only group whose name i recognized
>>750718 i'm enjoying the show so far, vanner did really well and i love ireah's voice from team 7:00
(2.66 MB 1366x2048 taeseon 2.png)
ex-trcng taeseon is in fantasy boys.. wishing him the best


no cookies?