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Have you met/ seen idols in real life? KBIZZ CUNTS 05/13/2021 (Thu) 22:04:30 No. 174707
Here you can share your experiences, including that time you finally met your bias and he ended up being 5'5"
>>174707 i didn’t see any of my husbandos but my friend did! jimin at the i think speak yourself tour front row he kept looking at her. it was probably just fanservice but he was winking at fans the whole time kek. she said rm looked very tall irl, v ethereal and jh more attractive irl than in photos. also at the nyc ball drop again they appeared to have really good skin and pretty much mogged everyone there probably because of that and the outfits. she said again rm looked tall but jh and v did too. jm and yg being in the shorter side as most people know. not really anything you haven’t heard before but it’s cool.
>>174716 i always hear that about jh he's pretty irl but looks shit in photos lol
my friend met nct and said mark has a big head and taeil is small but really really nice
>>260876 yeh taeil seems chill
met and high-fived pentagon their legs look extremely skinny irl. watching them dance made me worry if they'd break. pentagon's choreos aren't that impressive so it must've been worse for other groups hongseok's palms were extremely hard, wasn't that nice to hold
>>261112 one thing ive consistently seen about idols or some celebs is that theyre noticeably skinnier in person, a few of them shockingly skinny
saw KARD in my city and they were mediocre at best. they're irrelevant anyways so i never mention this experience
>>729528 they're quite popular in korea tho
>>729528 you mean mediocre performers? i don't know how they can perform well when those two girls hate e/o kek


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