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(278.54 KB BtoB.jpg)
BtoB Thread Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 19:10:55 No. 155165
BtoB, back again
(2.64 MB 398x359 78211879906212.gif)
first for dilf soobin come fuck
>btob 4u are competing in kingdom
>hyunsik and sungjae are in the military
>ilhoon had his first trial last month, him and the 7 other defendants admitted to all charges
(338.14 KB EjJ9BmqUMAA481Z.jpg)
(261.79 KB En-cVmNVkAYGtHs.jpg)
(75.88 KB DkeMUiIUcAEnl4k.jpg)
(58.21 KB DkeMWiXU0AEILsA.jpg)
(93.64 KB DkeMYDCV4AALus-.jpg)
(302.63 KB E0EgmKrVcAkDJ6B.jpg)
thoughts on lip sync
>>155197 kek very male mamamoo of them, the girls say the same thing
(32.53 KB 468x655 images (60).jpeg)
this guy looks like kang daniel but prettier
>>155191 >>155192 >>155193 i miss ilhoon... wish we could see him on the stage again
i think they are going to win and it will be the most peaceful outcome in kingdom
where does the huta nickname come from
>>155262 part of me wished changsub and peniel still referring to ot7 meant there is a chance ilhoon will be back in btob after his court case is settled. after they got backlash from k-nets though, eunkwang said they'll be back as 6 in november in his statement so it's probably never happening
>>155415 he went by huta when he was an underground rapper pre-debut. he used it as his stage name and the album's name (hutazone) for his solo debut in 2019 >“‘Huta’ is a Sino-Korean word that means ‘to swing into an empty space.’ You know how baseball players countlessly practice swinging their bats into empty spaces? Just like they endure and put effort into their work, the album name suggests that I will also train myself hard.”
>>155423 banger
>>155422 there is still the possibility of him doing jail time. i hope he gets away with paying fines but i doubt he'll be back in music sadly
(143.97 KB Dwsyu95V4AAaBfS.jpg)
(119.70 KB Dwsyu96UwAAUo2Y.jpg)
(123.29 KB DwsyqCjVsAEw-uo.jpg)
(122.50 KB DwsyqCkUUAADGwY.jpg)
(144.32 KB DwsyqCiV4AA-JJo.jpg)
(70.32 KB 1225175.jpg)
i'm glad kingdom introduced me to i'll be your man, it's such a good song. i liked skz's cover so i checked out live performances of btob and their vocals are great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh3Zcam3rZM
simply wanna live inside this video ladies https://youtu.be/BleloNIQQcI they're so funny and some are seggsy too
>>157749 their lives are amazing i really liked this recent medley done by eunkwang and changsub. it just kinda shows the rapline is a bit unnecessary though kek https://youtu.be/RYgS1122xCk
crystal cafe btob nona are you still with us...
>>166148 their vocalists and rappers are both versatile but eunkwang and changsub are just really good kek
>>166919 idk about ilhoon but minhyuk at least can also sing... peniel on the other hand. they could really live without a rap part in most of their songs like any kpop group though. i hope kpop one day move past this formula
why does minhyuk have a bus driver license
(164.40 KB 11097622641.jpg)
>>167748 he got a driver's license for large vehicles in the military
>>168558 how does minhyuk look so young after serving? soobin is gonna look older than him soon
>>168558 im not a large vehicle but he can certainly... nvm i cant do a dirty joke with it
>>168565 i think he looked less like soobin when he was younger kek
(1.02 MB minhyuk.jpg)
(146.57 KB 1693x908 E0tIPHjVEAM_vWK.jpeg)
>>168678 i definetly prefer him as he got older. he looks better with a wider squarey face than the sharp vline. he was never not hot though...
i kekd with this segment ladies https://youtu.be/LI25IXiIX10 older kpop cornery was based... too bad i wasnt there for it
peniel flawless performance 10/10
>>168692 >>168693 kek they're funny. it seems like btob have interacted a lot with women in front of the cameras. bgs nowadays don't do stuff like this anymore
Former BtoB boy band member Ilhoon was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 133 million won (S$160,000) on Thursday (June 10) for purchasing and using marijuana on 161 occasions. The judge also deemed it necessary to arrest him in court because Ilhoon was considered a flight risk, according to a report on entertainment website Koreaboo. The prosecution had previously asked for four years in prison for his crimes, which came to light last year (2020). He left the popular seven-member boy band in December. He and seven other defendants were on trial for buying 826g of marijuana with a value of 133 million won and smoking it 161 times between July 5, 2016, and Jan 9, 2019. According to entertainment portal Soompi, the seven other defendants received sentences of between 1½ and two years, or a suspended sentence. His lawyers pleaded for leniency during the trial, saying their client had a difficult time as an idol. "He worked in the entertainment industry at such a young age and he tried to relieve the stress in the wrong way." The court said: "The defendants communicated through the dark web in order for their crimes to not be easily detected and they used elaborate criminal methods such as making transactions with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin." Jung and another defendant named Park were named the leaders of the group by the court, which added: "The two defendants played leading roles and carried out the criminal acts the greatest number of times."
>>221896 rip... at least it's 2 years and not 4 like they initially said
>>221896 2 years for use? jfc
>>221896 if only he were a yg idol all of this would be already buried deep...
>>221896 so who do we suspect he was selling to
>>222230 yg duh
>>222230 97-liner group
>>261580 top tier content
>>261580 i love him
"BTOB member Minhyuk was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19 today (July 17th). Earlier, Minhyuk conducted a PCR COVID-19 test after his vocal teacher was confirmed to have tested positive on July 16th. Minhyuk underwent a rapid COVID-19 test soon after, and went into self-quarantine. Minhyuk initially tested negative for two different tests (Speed Antigen, PCR). However, he visited the health center again on July 16th due to cough and fever symptoms, and was confirmed to have tested positive today (July 17th). In response, Minhyuk is taking necessary measures according to the guidelines of the health authorities. We will do our best to ensure the health and fast recovery of Minhyuk. Once again, we apologize for causing concern to many people. We will do our best to maintain the health and safety of our artist by following the quarantine guidelines of health authorities." - Cube Entertainment
(248.87 KB E6ey0F2VUAYoFmT.jpg)
minhyuk's brother's instagram story post
(42.74 KB 720x721 E7jJ53-WUAAwE3x.jpeg)
Minhyuk got discharged from the hospital today! He made a livestream when he arrived home
>>283668 oh my god i didnt even know he was hospitalized... damn i hope he recovered well and doesn't have longlasting symptoms and damages
miss him
uri favorite inmate... the poor meow meow
(149.93 KB D6SCqIKVUAAY2WS.jpg)
(127.75 KB D7vRiKUUwAAA8hn.jpg)
(190.16 KB 34651622663460.jpg)
(947.58 KB 142144601348.gif)
(4.57 MB 142162234027.gif)
happy to see him
(267.80 KB E9AFK8hWQAk6-kq.jpeg)
concept images for the comeback
(198.02 KB E9AFI5YXsA0HDEu.jpeg)
(202.66 KB E9AFHB5WQAojYBS.jpeg)
(301.45 KB E9AE2RhXoAskdD5.jpeg)
(285.81 KB E9AE4nPX0AAEsgL.jpeg)
(210.25 KB E9AE67RXMAkYVdG.jpeg)
(219.12 KB E9AE9Q-WUA0I0M9.jpeg)
(195.93 KB E9FOrxEVUAI821N.jpeg)
(152.61 KB E9FOoZEVIAAcRIK.jpeg)
(166.38 KB E9FOqJAUYAQrQQs.jpeg)
(107.08 KB E9FOeATVkAwnugv.jpeg)
(262.57 KB E9FOgwUVoAocC_D.jpeg)
(140.63 KB E9FOkpnVkAAq1LG.jpeg)
(140.01 KB E9FOmXsVgAU9sXU.jpeg)
2021.08.30 18:00 (KST)
minhyuk singing monster by irene and seulgi
30 minutes until the comeback!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygg64CijcMA
>>322585 i love the song, dilfsoob looks good
>>322585 banger chorus fatsub come fuck
https://youtu.be/5jtr1HiFN-w at the 2:00 mark changsub skips hyunsik and its awkward when eunkwang corrects him... what happened?
https://youtu.be/Lgr5ty2-_lY btob official mr removed performance of outsider kek i guess they saw the good reaction on kingdom about their live singing and will try that angle for promo
(227.35 KB 1440x1542 E-7kTG2UUAEo59S.jpeg)
(214.17 KB 1440x1542 E-7kTGzVQAIzr-b.jpeg)
(160.35 KB 1440x1534 E-7kTG1VEAQiM8R.jpeg)
(155.30 KB 1440x1534 E-7kTG4VIAAxItn.jpeg)
>On November 1 KST, their agency CUBE Entertainment released a press statement announcing that the two idols are currently on their final vacation before military discharge and will not be returning to the base due to COVID-19 safety protocol. Their official discharge date will be November 14.
>>341772 need this dilf with that weird dildo to arrest me
(114.08 KB 720x1271 FDywSRtXMAAXGr7.jpeg)
(182.98 KB FEFQz78acAAqe8x.jpg)
(267.10 KB FEJG3SKaIAIxk6h.jpg)
(256.29 KB FEJG3SLaMAAVV24.jpg)
>>439623 hynsik is balding sungjae hair in a weird length... but we are friggen happy yaaass
https://youtu.be/4z2-KAj3S0Q finished watching this. eunkwang and changsub are so funny girlies now im gonna watch eunkwang meeting one melody's mom https://youtu.be/HISnNJzTEsA
(1.30 MB 1000x1232 1645639278-image.png)
excuse me? minhyuk's brother
>>642643 kek hes the uglyfied version of minhyuk


no cookies?