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k-pop predictions Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 13:27:53 No. 14674
post your predictions about k-pop groups, the industry, future events and comebacks, and look back here to boost about having gotten it right if it does come true place serious bets or just tinfoil if you want
context for the op pic, looking back 5 years later her sister barely got anything right lol
(168.15 KB 1600x1067 GettyImages-1143606486.jpg)
>>14675 >Bigbang >Just small dating rumors Kek
>>14677 just shows that these prediction accounts are just looking for clout
Someone in NCT will get beheaded and armys will say he deserved it
Got7: at least Jackson will leave next year Day6: at least jae is leaving. 55/45 for Sungjin. Twice: sana and naeyeon will be next for dating scandals Bts: nobody will care when Jin leaves. They will keep it performing as ot6 until 94 liners have to enlist, then they'll have subunits and solo activities. Gookie will provide us more milk because he can't help it. Bigbang will have a successful cb as ot4 Exo: they will have a last cb with d.o. but then he'll leave sm. Everyone else not that doesn't have solid acting gigs will renew. Nct: idk this group is a mess kek 23 people, anything can happen
>>23912 >at least Jackson will leave next year god please no
blackpink: jisoo lisa and rose still wont get solo debuts in 2021. they will debut in the US with a fully english song and no features and it will be a huge hit twice: will continue to decline in korea. sana, nayeon, and/or tzuyu dating scandal nct: one of the less relevant members will leave, probably a chinese member cuz its always them. they will continue to do problematic shit and cement themselves as suju 2.0 stayc: will become the t-ara of 4th gen exo: do will leave to become an actor bts: will go on a huge world tour once the quarantines lift. jk will get in some dumb scandals. v's mixtape in the first part of 2021 laboum, sonamoo, hotshot, and berry good will disband. some members will leave lovelyz
>>24018 Sonamoo still exists? Kek
>>24024 two members left and sued the company but they never disbanded the group
exo: kyungsoo joins exo for comeback, leaves sm for good afterwards. the rest of the members stay at sm twice: dating scandals, will deline even more. might get shipped to japan for good got7: disbandment nct: japanese unit, more scandals red velvet: disbandment or f(x) treatment stayc: might be the next ngg blackpink: will become mainstream in the us bts: dating scandals mamamoo: more solo activities some mid tier boy group will get a hit and blow up in korea loona: might get a hit in korea next year if bbc gives them good music
twice: nayeon/sana dating scandal. momo will come to her senses and break up with haggard ass looking heechul. more us/jp promos to compensate for the kr gp lack of interest. bts: no major scandals, most likely it'll be one of them fucking it up with some boring minor controversy again (à la jk and yoongi). probably jimin or taehyung. they'll win the grammy and their music will continue to get worse. more eng songs. superm: SM just won't give up on that abomination and will continue to embarrass themselves and everybody else watching it. aespa: they'll either quit the avatar bullshit altogether or get involved in some huge controversy because of it. exo: do leaving as we all know rv: sm will invest in seulgi more. they will recover from irenes scandal but just barely. nct: honestly idk what type of sacrifice lsm did in their name but i think they'll be fine, though i do wonder if yuta would leave. markyong will get overworked as fuck and a scandal might happen because of it. monsta x: disbandment blackpink: will a have a year packed with promos and single releases, most if not all of them with features. i wish i had something to say about the izone girls but idk them that well
for bp jennie will get a full album released before rosé gets a solo
>>24068 i agree with aespa, especially because the company who makes the ais has been linked to the uyghur genocide
>>24071 > the company who makes the ais has been linked to the uyghur genocide WHAT
>>24076 eh iirc correctly the company is just involved in making some kind of ai tech that could be used for surveillance, and in China any reasonably large company has a good chance of being linked to the government so the tech is probably being used to monitor people in xinjiang (actually, it's probably being used to monitor people all over China)
>>24249 that sounds awful
>>24258 I mean it's not good but statements like 'they're linked to the uighur genocide' makes it sound like the company is intentionally producing tech to aid in the uighur genocide when I don't think that's the case, excessive surveillance and the potential to exploit ai tech for it is a MUCH larger issue than that and it's one that's not just limited to China either, however China is definitely a proving ground for it since their government can get away with more but on the other hand I don't think you can really blame one company who is just doing r&d in their field for it either
>>24329 I know it's impossible to stay clean in the entertainment industry but man why is SM always in shady business deals
got7 members will drop a big expose on jyp but it will not stop jype from owning the got7 brand for longer
>>41271 NDAs might not let them actually say much. but idk, maybe they could find a way
>>23912 Press M for gookie milk
>>41271 jyp already let them use the got7 name though? at least they used it in their song released under warner
>>157190 well that post is also from early january
>>41271 GOT7 own their brand now, not JYPE. Name and intellectual property.
HYBE is going to flop with trying to achieve the name recognition that the big 3 companies have. What I predict will happen: - They'll put out the new boy group and the new girl group. Neither will come close to BTS's level of success as expected. If they're really so dumb they'll announce another group to debut a year later. - Years later and they'll still have one major successful group to their name. They are still known as BTS's company who went from wholesome Bang PD oppa to monopolistic overlord trying to buy every label possible - They naturally don't achieve the "Big 3" image that they want because they can't produce another group that's not nugu and they keep acquiring companies to put nugu groups under their label to the point that being a group from HYBE has no value anymore. - Not to mention their idols are vastly untalented with the exception of a few. Think of how people regard idols who have trained at the big 3 in shows like Produce, like they're the creme de la creme of idols because those agencies have the best training. The I-Land show made it even more apparent that HYBE's training is trash.
>>163852 damn i see it hybe really lucked out with bts. wild considering bts isn't that amazingly talented or any more hard working than other bgs? what is the secret sauce
>>163852 let me preface this by saying i don't care for bts, but this reads more like wishful thinking. you said it yourself, the fatman's creating a monopoly on kpop. there's going to be a flood of groups with the bts cash cow, and seventeen to a lesser extent, funding them. they don't need each group to be a bts level success. they just need them to be profitable and self sustaining enough to justify debuting them in the first place.
>>164032 Sure, they will definitely profit BUT there's no denying that they also want the name recognition as well. The way that it's currently going they're never going to be as esteemed as any of the other companies >>163852 Luck but also because they were one of the few semi-noticeable groups that was pandering to the west. Despite having 1 english speaker, they made western-geared content like their early music as well as American Hustle Life. They also always had subs up for fans. This along with their underdog schtick and their mental health marketing made them able to actually get the attention of non-Koreans. Many groups prior to BTS were not doing this. If a group had an english speaker then their image and content was still largely focused on Korea. BTS and BP did it differently, focusing on an international audience, and then using the fame to give them clout in Korea. Both groups have never had a major hit organically in Korea, the majority of their domestic fame came after SK realized how famous they were outside of Korea. I think what HYBE fails to realize is that BTS's self-produced image helped them immensely and that following the generic idol group aesthetics for future groups because that's what BTS does currently is overlooking that BTS had a different image/goal compared to other groups at the time when they started getting recognition. Compared to idol groups that were big at the time (EXO) the hiphop and producer-dol label made them stand out. Compared to other groups, TXT and Enhypen have nothing that makes them stand out. They're like generic idol trainees but with worse training.
>>163893 bighit/hybe is good at concept, bts's success is based on hyyh concept which still looks unique in kpop today. they realized it so they think its a easy way to copy bts. bang pd doesnt care vocal training at all and it got worse and worse.
>>164282 they only broke out when they dropped the try-hard hip-hop concept everyone was doing at the time because of big bang the producer-dol thingy is also debatable because it was also already made popular by big bang
>>164386 lol the hyyh era was unreal. kpop fans like to overthink music videos all the time, but armys were on a whole another level. they're STILL making up hyyh theories and it's been years since it ended. i admit that i enjoyed that era a lot as well. it was a breath of fresh air compared to all the overproduced box kpop mvs. maybe they weren't different from any other groups at the time, but they "seemed" more authentic and people drew to them because of that
>>164282 >>164282 >>164282 >>164282 It's so ironic that when BTS debuted haters said the same thing that they are not gonna success they are copycat.But they proof those haters wrong and become so huge.Now TXT Enhyphen are also getting criticised by haters A.K.A keyboard warriors who don't have anything to do with their pathetic life.These people only joy in life comes by hating and bashing others.TXT Enhyphen won't be nxt BTS because they are going to be THE first TXT and first Enhyphen
>>164282 >They also always had subs up for fans. they only started subbing everything like last year. go to very early content. those are still not subbed. even some recent one dont have subs. the fandom worked hard and still do.
>>216839 girl what the fuck did you even say
>>216839 girl lol tell this to all of the labels who have produced flop groups after their 'famous' group. I made a whole ass list ages ago (it's deleted now), basically every single kpop agency is trying to replicate luck and a bit of talent with the current groups that are like a shell of the former groups. but good luck bestie, keep streaming! remember, ZERO BATHROOM BREAKS. we must help our lil uwu babies txt and enhypen out otherwise they're homeless and broke! um...and sad too!!!
>>164415 Also sorry I'm >>164282 and I disagree with this. I think even if they ditched the rap/hiphop schtick, they still flexed producing and writing credits which garnered fans bc western fans like that shit. Or at least pretending to write it and the song being about mental health struggles which seems ~real~ and fans will eat it up for being vulnerable. I think a lot of fans at that time would have thought there was something seriously fucked up with BigsHit if you told them that the mental health struggles are literally contrived for profit. Armys probably hear that now but with V acting like a literal autist and Suga looking like he's about to seppuku at any minute, it's not unreasonable to think that they might actually have some mental health struggles albeit not necessarily the ones being used for $$$.
>>163852 I dont think they even pretend to care about any training that isn't dance, and picking trainees who are as comfortable as possible with dance. That means no more trainees like jin or rapmaestro going forward if they're stiff with dance, no matter what their other strengths might be
gin will enlist
>>163852 I agree with you on everything here except I do think their new boy group will do exceptionally well, just a feeling. No other Kpop group will ever reach BTS levels of success for the simple fact that BTS stood out in the third gen and the fourth gen is already so oversaturated. Their new boy group in my opinion will come the closest to having a great level of success internationally, but won’t in Korea due to having practically half of them as foreign members
>>630397 he needs to just hurry up and enlist
>>217492 Yep, in the trainee a vlogs they showed boy and girl hybe trainees and all were great dancers and those were the ones who made it to that competition they held so even the ones that didn’t are probably above average
>>217492 >That means no more trainees like jin or rapmaestro going forward jin probably yeah but rat no
our kpop oppas will go to war and oppa will die
idk why but it seems kpop is slowly fading in the west imo, partly due to covid killing tours and such, but also because the new groups lack bts or blackpink's appeal. no new gg is going to reach bp's appeal and no new bg is going to be the next bts.... it just feels like 4th gen groups are so meh even aespa isn't really individually stannable like bp.
>she think they have "appeal" cringe...
>>644110 i agree. and with the waybkpop is going now i feel like its going to destroy itself later down. i dont think they really care about the music anymore
>>644110 these groups don't have any particular appeal of charisma, it was just the perfect storm and years of kpop steadily growing everywhere of course it won't stay like this forever, that's hardly a prediction. every fad dies down eventually and goes back to regular levels
>>644437 on the other hand i can see tours restart and kpop going back to its peak. kpop is disneyfied pc-friendly entertainment for tweens that's even approved in saudi arabia and shit, theres nothing else as sanitised for tweens out there. i don't listen to kpop other than nct...mostly alternative, drum n bass, jazz, classical. other genres just lack the disneyfied viral massmarket appeal of kpop. like reggaeton is super viral but tweens can't listen to it or go to concerts kek it pushes drug culture
>>645042 kpop is the anime of music. it can sustain itself to a niche until the niche becomes big enough to be mainstream. dbz and naruto were huge but the anime community stuck to its niche until sao and aot blew up. kpop effectively replaced musical groups of the west, just like anime with action cartoons. until there is a bigger fish in musical groups, kpop won’t die.
my predictions another Taehyung major dating rumour next year or this winter, but this time it will be confirmed. newjeans will be bigger than ive, le sserafim, itzy, aespa. either minji and haerin will become the bp Jennie of 2025... A well known female idol will come out as bisexual in 2023, despite stigma.
>>645042 i think another boy band/boy act will take over for BTS in the west, but i am unsure if it will be another kpop group or a western act. if you look at the pattern for the past 15 years or so it’s been jonas brothers, then justin bieber, then one direction (who also helped escalate the anglomania of 2011-2014) then shawn mendes and now bts. these acts usually have 4 years of peak before they fizzle out and i think bts is nearing the end of theirs. i wouldn’t be surprised if western record companies are scrambling trying to come up with an act that can capitalize on the teen market
>>722672 > A well known female idol will come out as bisexual in 2023, despite stigma. boa pls im beggin
one of the gay gyopos will be found on grindr or a grindr equivalent and korea will cancel him while twitterfags celebrate
kek im kinda convinced that lsfm will eventually become more popular/successful than new jeans
>>737235 really? that’s definetely an unpopular opinion. any ideas how? genuinely curious
bts career as a group is over it is now the same as it was at 1d
>A well known female idol will come out as bisexual in 2023, despite stigma. taeyeon or sunmi
lurk more
>>737248 i think taeyeon will be key's future beard, so doubt her but it's possible.
>>741277 why would taeyeon be key's beard


no cookies?