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(634.34 KB 1004x665 main_86.jpg)
Plastic Surgery Thread Anonymous 04/11/2021 (Sun) 20:56:55 No. 130885
>fight about who has gotten ps or not >make fun of botched idols >post the rare natural ps job >lament about idols fucking up their noses and jaws
is this the worst ps job in kpop history?
>>130889 no honey obviously its Bom
I feel like a ton of male idols have gotten this very subtle eyelid surgery from https://pann--choa.blogspot.com/2020/07/theqoo-natural-male-plastic-surgery.html
>>130895 forgot about her tbh
(68.83 KB 600x516 p153180995-1.jpg)
seo yeji wow
Hyoyeon's plastic surgery journey was always shocking to me, I'm glad it worked for her
>>130979 she's the only snsd member (other than maybe seohyun) who looks better now than in the group's prime
(1.57 MB 1454x1326 taeil_nosejob.png)
it's subtle, but the small indent on his nose right before the tip bothers me so much. it looks like they removed too much cartilage.
(775.19 KB 1077x645 98472_s492jd.png)
>>130980 I agree. I remember there was a moment during their prime were Yoona looked absolutely gorgeous in a very girl-next-door kind of way, but then I'm not sure exactly at what point something went wrong and she started to look a bit off
>>130990 Yoona obviously did things to her face but imo her surgery turned out very good. She dons't look botched and her face is holding up really well despite her obvious eating disorder and fillers over the years.
(26.57 KB 512x281 unnamed.jpeg)
who do you think has had the best ps in kpop? i would say jung chaeyeon and irene, just because their work was so subtle and it turned out great for both of them. i also think lisa had good work done even though hers was definitely not subtle kek
(59.81 KB 600x480 jungkook-nose-job.jpg)
>>131083 agree with Jung Chayeon and Irene. Also Jungkook and Jaehyun had great ps and it did wonders for them
(119.75 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Taeyong's plastic surgery is amazing
(28.56 KB 600x363 yoonA-x-estee-lauder.jpeg)
>>130990 after yoona's most recent jaw shave she started to look a bit more uncanny. it sticks out in her new estee lauder ads
>>131083 Is this really her? Looks so different
>>131101 Her side profile looks disgusting
>>131099 what's the surgery? he looks the same
>>131255 I agree with the previous OP, he had things done, but it all accentuated his distinctive features, my guesses are: - When it comes to surgery, I think he only did his eyes, specifically lateral canthoplasty, cuz it’s wider than before (that a the main reason for his “doll” look) - I think he gets face fillers every now and then, cuz sometimes he looks ‘tight’ - I’ve noticed his top lip looks bigger too, I’ll look for a picture online. He even seems to have a ‘mustache’ cuz if u look above his top lip, u can se his skin is also protruding, which can happen as a result of lip fillers. Overall, I dare to say he had the best work done in nct! He was already blessed with good fratures to begin with tho. I just wish that he keeps the face fillers minimal and sparse, otherwise he’ll eventually always walk around swollen like Taemin. (Y’all I’m just speculating! Don’t take it too seriously kek)
>>131265 Without top lip filler
>>131265 With top lip filler
>>131268 It could just be my eyes tho, I dunno
>>131269 you're right, I always noticed how his lips had this weird flesh colored upper part that wasn't there when you compare some of his smrookies pics. lip fillers would be a very plausible explanation
>>131265 >>131267 >>131268 gorgeous before and after
(151.70 KB 1200x630 unnamed.jpg)
Can't believe some people get mad at the implication of idols going under the knife, if something I just feel bad for those whose surgeries didn't go as planned, it's a grim reminder that it doesn't matter how much money you are willing to spend, sometimes shit just goes wrong. Of course there's the whole insane beauty standard issue which sucks but that's a topic for another day. Open for debate, did GFRIEND'S Umji get surgery or did she just lose tons of weight? I get the feeling she recently did something to her nose but idk. Regardless she's looking amazing. >>131268 I don't find him particularly attractive but I think the upper filler worked great
Kwanghee. At least he embraces it
(348.65 KB 552x323 kh.PNG)
(59.21 KB 423x600 download-1.jpg)
sinb because her nose makes me sad
(65.23 KB 560x840 sinb-2.jpg)
(343.19 KB 1594x1200 CiMifWkU4AAiSMf.jpg)
>>131295 Can weight loss really change your face shape and cheeks so much? It's not like she was truly overweight. I always thought she had something done to her cheeks.
(47.06 KB 610x415 irene.jpg)
Queen Irene who had people from other schools visiting her just to contemplate her beauty. Don't get me wrong she looks amazing and was always attractive but top kek at that story >>131303 I feel bad for her, she already had a narrow nose she definitely did not need the ps
>>131307 irene was really pretty in her school years though the photo on the left is unflattering and she hadn't lost her baby fat i'm guessing (i'm not claiming she hasn't had ps though, she clearly has)
(50.68 KB 474x663 VSdWsJF.jpg)
(202.16 KB 900x1125 aspergers.jpg)
i am honestly still in awe over winter's nose job. sure, it does look sooper plastic from lower angles but it transformed her face. best ps in aespa tbh, kek at karina's jaw >>131305 losing weight doesn't always transform your face shape depending on fat distribution. for example, seohyun from snsd is thin and still has prominent round cheeks. umji seems like one of those who have perpetually chubby faces. she must've gotten buccal fat removal and possibly a jaw shave.
>>131309 she has always been pretty, but I'm calling bullshit at that particular story because she wasn't an "oh wow" beauty to have people trying to get a glimpse of her
Gdragon was fine until the jaw shave >>131305 I see your point. Probably a bichectomy like >>131314 said, she seems to be one of those people with perpetually chubby cheeks
(33.80 KB 1000x500 G-Dragon.jpg)
>>131317 never forget
some btsfag please help me figure out what the fuck did Jimin do to his face. I feel like he did something but I can't for the life of me tell what exactly changed
(60.81 KB 561x389 umji-1.jpg)
>>131295 girl obviously had a lot done, eyes, nose, cheeks, everything i quickly read up on it and she said she lost 11 pounds, 11!, and uses that to "explain" her looking like a completely different person...
>>131322 eyes and forehead
>>131322 nose, jaw, eyes, lip fillers
(1.44 MB 4000x3000 jgkja.jpg)
even her own parents must be confused, gave birth to a femcel and suddenly your daughter is the biggest stacy in s.korea??? kek
(58.56 KB 696x418 Kpop-Chart.jpg)
This >>130889 was so sad but worst ps job would be Bom hands down. Her face during 2008-2009 was so cute, it's a shame. >>131337 can't believe I didn't notice it, I think it's because I rarely see his profile and it's not so obvious if you see him from the front. imo he looks good, the jaw was unnecessary though >>131329 kek I wish losing weight would give me a new face too. Props to the surgeon, except for her nose which I think it a bit more noticeable the rest of the ps got is subtle enough to be hard to pin point how much she got done, looks very natural
>>131337 i honestly don't think he did anything to his jaw and the 4th pic is super shopped
also his eyes look the same too
In case anyone is interested in knowing what the BP girls probably got done, there’s some analysis videos by lorry hill, just search their names and it’ll probably pop up on YouTube. But remember, she is just guessing, don’t take it too seriously
(116.44 KB 1080x1350 b14579ae2e9edcf417758b43f93a5284.jpg)
>>131391 agree with the eyes, I think they look the same but not so sure about the jaw, it does look different but it could be fillers
>>131099 He probably got his eyes and jaw done but that’s it. He looks the exact same, even to say he got his eyes done could be a stretch.
>>131396 i agree with fillers or botox but i dont think he got a jaw shave
>>131392 i thought her analysis of them was really good and unbiased. its a shame she got so much hate. i hope she reviews other idols one day there's also an asian male doctor on tiktok who reviews idols
>>131389 I’m also not sure about his jaw, maybe just some Botox to weaken it, and it should be taken in to account that on the pictures his jaw looks sharper, he probably has his tongue the roof of his mouth, but I’m not sure. To see more views on the topic, and make my mind up, I just googled it and I can’t get pass the cringe of fans getting defensive about their idol getting stuff done... why is it so hard to believe that, just like western celebrities, kpop idols also enhance their features with fillers and PS? ugh
>>131397 I think he might have something done to his eyes. Before they kinda look droopy and kinda elongated but now they are slightly rounded. It suits him though
>>131408 the reason why armys are defensive about it is because they see bts as the opposite of the typical, generic, manufactured kpop idol and getting ps would break the illusion i think western kpop stans are sensitive about PS discussion is because of the stereotype from non kpop fans that all idols are plastic and people who get plastic surgery are vain and self-centered
>>131410 I would guess that just like taeyong he had canthoplasty done, which make the eyes wider. There is this pic on the nct thread, I’ll link it here too. It is the way many male idols and actors make their eyes bigger without getting double eyelid surgery
>>131408 >>131412 The plastic idol stereotype is also used to make fun of Kpop music. That might be another reason why Kpop fans are really defensive about this topic. Whereas with "western" celebrities I don't really see people saying not to listen to American pop because people like Ariana Grande get PS.
(583.89 KB 500x822 Unknown.png)
>>131435 >>131265 I don't think taeyong did his eyes simply because when you look at unedited non-editorial photos of him he looks the same. I also read that canthoplastyand epicanthoplasty can leave obvious scars I feel like he would have been called out already.
i think jimin started getting jaw filler to make his jaw more square/less round around late 2018/2019. i think his 2017/18 face was better
>>131525 Sad that nobody can ever be happy... People with square jaws shave theirs down. People with round, soft jaws want squarer ones.
>>131525 agree. he looks so much better on the left.
>>131525 Jimin seems to have only had minor work done but something about him looks so plastic and artificial
(230.77 KB 700x700 undereyes-refyne-woman.png)
A procedure I think all idols have gotten regardless of their original looks >under eye filler or fat grafting Idols should all have eyebags down to their chins due to their schedules and lack of sleep but they all look fresh
(396.65 KB 978x553 EP9a3U8AACuEw.png)
We on the svt thread already mourned Mingyu's hairline, he got it revised and now it looks weird af
>>131676 it shall get better like taehyungs
>>131525 i dont see any difference and square jaws are not considered attractive in so anyway
>>131679 maybe this picture shows it better?
>>131679 >>131754 also here
>>131754 >>131819 As men age their jaws become more square naturally. This also happens to women to a lesser extent. V from its also went form having a very non existent jaw to having a full on manly jaw and I don't thin it was surgery.
>>131865 it’s not surgery it’s just filler. taehyung’s jaw gradually grew from the time he was 17. jimin’s was always round and narrower until it changed
>>131865 v’s face got wider naturally as he got older but he always had a jaw line and it still has the same shape. jimin’s got a lot sharper and more defined due to fillers. he always had a round/soft face.
(783.40 KB 1239x500 hyuna39568.png)
Hyuna had a few things done but everything went to hell with the awful lip fillers, I think her lips are luckily going back to looking normal though. I still wonder if she had a very natural boob job or if it was just push up bras and padding.
>>131934 No way V’s jaw change is natural. >>131480 Braindead westerns pretending that every single celeb hasn’t had plastic surgery. One can’t call out kpop for being plastic without taking a single look at Hollywood or the music industry.
(140.05 KB 736x1104 C9it-5nVoAAi36b.jpg)
I am still missing Wheeins old face. She was really beautiful and actually stood out to me the most when I got into Mamamoo.
(87.27 KB 640x1136 EbWjRv7UwAA68WS.jpg)
>>132114 But now she just looks different to me.
>>132117 >>132114 Though I cant really pinpoint what is it. Her face just looks constantly bloated and her jaw looks different to me
(159.70 KB 1200x800 original (2).jpg)
>>132118 >>132114 same, i really found her unique and beautiful and was devastated when i noticed she changed sm
(297.35 KB 500x659 25589804744704_o.png)
Solar initial surgery was great, she looked like a doll during their ahh oop days but I'm not really digging her new looks >>132114 ia, I think she did something to her jaw, fillers most likely because it's less square now and def some lip fillers. She probably also touched her eyes.
(30.46 KB 539x377 unnamed.jpg)
>>132220 wheein's ps was super unnecessary, the eyes are what bothers me the most bc her jaw looks sometimes a little less gangnam unnie tier
>>132227 picrel her jaw looks more normal imo but the eys (and the nose) are uncanny
>>132229 nooooo wheein botched her cute hamster eyes....
>>132221 so weird that her face is gianormous and her body so tiny
>>132227 her nose looks different too
>>132227 >>132241 Wow this makes me really sad. Her eyes were so pretty before.
the reason it’s confusing to tell what jimin got done is because everyone keeps comparing his makeup filled face with not so much makeup face. He definitely got few things done but not as much as others think. its mostly his contact lenses, makeup that sometimes over enhance his features and make him look extremely plastic. if they toned down on his makeup he’d look fine.
>>132264 tragic
>>132263 >>132264 can't blame anyone to getting ps in this industry but this is really sad nevertheless. as it has been said many times before; bom 2.0
she was however beautiful
>>132463 well now i can’t help but think of a blow up doll even tho I love her
>>132449 you can’t deny that he’s got filler lmao
>>132227 she looks like jamie now and thats not a compliment
>>132464 holy shit, please tell me that's not jessi and that I'm just confusing her
>>132449 here’s jimin from 2013 vs minimal makeup
>>132449 >>133696 oops forgot to attach. his jaw definitely got more defined.
>>133698 jimin looks like moon heejoon
>>133810 give him a break he was fatter than usual in the bottom pics
(3.94 MB 540x540 99A4D5395E9B3A9201.gif)
>>132232 >>132229 I think she started to do her eyes around April last year. When she put out the Kehlani cover was when she looked different to me for the first time. Her eyes and face was weirdly swollen,as if their was invasive surgery being done. This wasnt just the typical puffy filler face look
(9.69 MB 850x627 original.gif)
I know this is mean,dont get me wrong I love Chungha but whenever I look at her nowadays she just looks like that one fish from Sharktale to me
(635.92 KB 320x240 cSGZ4U.gif)
I wish she would just stop, but I am afraid she cant and she is at the point of no return. Park Bom 2.0
>>133698 To be fair he was only 17 or 18 in the top pictures, so still young. Not saying he didn’t have work but he could’ve just lost baby fat as well.
(240.36 KB 704x396 chunghagottago.png)
chungha's face in gotta go used to be god tier level for me but also I am an eurofag who is not used to seeing asian faces esp with surgery. I used to think park bom is super cute and looks like anime girl. so, when someone pointed out how overdone chungha is, it just got ruined for me, cannot unsee now. Also, idk if it's the filler or what, but her face looks super big and bloated compared to her small&anachan body.
>>131309 she looks better here
>>131524 he looks like an anime character before but I'm not sure who
>>132264 lip fillers never look good on anyone unless you have really really thin lips by default
>>137682 she looks fine there. she should have stopped then
(126.70 KB 1500x1142 EzdonQCUUAodfjS.jpeg)
>>134058 Wheein definitely did her chin/jaw line, and fillers..however she also looks different because she has a healthier weight and takes anxiety meds which can bloat you a little....however I think she looks good on her comeback pics
>>137745 i picked a good photo, she looks a little more uncanny in the music video (maybe bcs of the red lipstick?)..i knew her only from that era, was really surprised when I saw her produce 101 photos...and then I was surprised again when I saw her predebut photos..kinda sad
(716.61 KB 1632x3264 1546028443840.jpg)
this oh my girl member scares me
(404.21 KB 254x275 1545418665154.gif)
archiving this classic example of a botched nosejob
(56.09 KB 500x500 botchd.jpg)
>>137837 hyojung looks like she had a botched tip augmentation where the lousy surgeon failed to make the alars match. she looks like she's one procedure away from looking like apink namjoo.
>>138036 he gave her fetal alcoholic syndrom nose jesus her whole face changed completely
>>133162 she should have stopped here
>>161962 who is dat
>>132464 she’s pretty but she was prettier before why is she doing this
>>161965 body dysmorphia or maintenance. plastic surgery requires maintenance
>>161969 i’m getting surgery and if i end up looking like that i will die
>>161964 Jessi
this is how chungha looked pre debut at this point >>132263 it seems like she already got ps
>>161971 what surgery? boobs like jessi?
>>132264 she’s becoming park bom without the mental illnesses and disorders
>>161973 i thought it was wheein
>>161980 nose job jawline lip filler.
>>161981 nona it's obvious chungha has body dysmorphia too so she's not mentally well
>>161985 of course i meant like how park bom has to take a bunch of meds for mental disorders not related to body dysmorphia
a lot of idols prob get non invasive procedures, fillers/fat removal etc. they can even do nosejobs that take no time now no scalpels, like 0 recovery time and you just come back and do it every couple months.
>>161987 she's undiagnosed. tbh her mum probably doesn't recognise her anymore and she's 23? she's gotta be severely plastic obssessed and depressed over her looks to keep getting more.
>>161992 sad because she was already really pretty and seems like a sweet person.
>>161991 a liquid filler nose job is different than a surgical nose job. the filler can’t do a lot. it can only make a nose bigger and can make a bridge. other than that it cant completely change your nose shape or make your nose smaller like a surgical nose job. lots of idols still get the surgical. also the filler if the bridge is an issue.
Based doc
last but not least, he's downright brutal here
respect to to the doc lol
>>164277 oh fuck i love him
>>164288 honestly the ps is the cheapest, aespa cost sooman oppar around 2-3 mils me think
>>164277 bbl? brazillian butt lift?
>>164288 ayy my keks
>>164277 this doc is braver than the us marines kek
does anyone have his vid on felix? i know he deleted it before
omg someone please request this man to do nct
(59.90 KB 268x730 image.jpg)
(252.27 KB 268x730 image.png)
ah fuck the gif doesn't work... sorry
(28.94 KB 554x554 images.jpeg-2.jpg)
I believe in that doc on tiktok that V had rhinoplasty (aside from hair transplant or forehead whatever)
(294.22 KB 1054x783 Screenshot_20210508-143521.jpg)
this one again
and another one shared on other thread
>>164836 i don't see a difference? where did jarmin do ps?
>>164869 i guess they touched his nose more than once
>>164836 Thought his jaw must be fake but it seems it was always this tiny and narrow. He makes it work though
>>164836 wow hes good looking
>>164836 >>164837 what are we supposed to be looking at?
>>164277 LMAO WHAT he thinks they got a bbl?
>>164959 >>>137786 Nah, he was being ironic when he said no members got PS, the proceeded to list the ones he had gotten himself. It was probably to calm down the rabid influx of fangirls defending their oppars natural "beauty" He has already claimed that he thinks almost every single idol has the Kpop combo (eyes & nose) to start with
there's an active thread on onehallyu that covers this topic pretty extensively. i'm a lurker there and it gets pretty... emotional
>>165799 i thought onehallyu got shut down?
>>164956 it was supposed to be a moving gif to see what he had done. The first was from when he was around 13-14 and then at 19.
(100.27 KB 914x1200 DLwzCMeUEAAf5lC.jpg)
omg Arin got her eyelids done right?
(65.36 KB 739x536 1598083838-arin-oh-my-girl.jpg)
>>165813 eyelids and lip fillers. She looks great though and it looks so natural unlike her bandmate.
>>165815 she looks good but i think the eyelid surgery was unnecessary. it doesn't make her eyes look bigger or anything
>>164288 >>164277 >>164273 >>164272 >>164268 >>164239 >>164238 >>164237 I saw some of his other videos and I am very surprised he thinks cha eunwoo hasn't done anything to his face
>>165927 doubt eunwoo did anything major other than botox and fillers, he bulked up recently and his face became square shaped so he kept his manly jaw at least. eunwoo is a future fulltime actor, if he has brains he wouldn't do surgery, in korea film directors don't like actors who do surgery hence the top film actors all look more wrinkly, natural like ha jungwoo, lee byunghyun, lee jungjae etc. once you get botched and plastic like ji changwook you are at most a drama actor, movie screens magnify plasticness and botchedness https://dramapanda.com/2021/05/one-criteria-for-an-yimou-girl-is-not-having-plastic-surgery.html
>With plastic surgery, it’s over, so I’m against plastic surgery. I feel that plastic surgery damages the muscles on the face.” If someone who’s had something done auditions for a role, Zhang Yimou said it’s fine if he doesn’t find out, but he’d try to avoid casting the person if he knew. However, he clarified that he’s not against the industry itself nor is he trying to bring down people who have undergone plastic surgery. Instead, he is simply speaking from the perspective of making movies. He said, “We have over a thousand muscles on our face, so just one thing, one little movement will make a difference. In movement, we will notice it and there will be some problems. On the big screen, your face is magnified tens of thousands of times, it’s impossible to hide it.” At the end of the day, it’s different compared to dramas people watch on TV or on their phones.
>>165936 bold of you to assume could ever get a role in one of those more award-baity or cult movies
>>165939 eunwoo is kinda shit as an idol, he's just using it to get into acting. eunwoo's acting is meh but there's romcom films and comedies he could star in if he doesn't touch his face, ever wondered why choi wooshik does films but lee minho doesn't??? lee minho is too fake and plastic on a cinema screen. zhang yimou is a chinese director of course he wouldn't cast eunwoo lol I'm just giving you a pov of what directors think of plastic surgery.
>>165944 it's amazing your capacity of getting argumentative over things that weren't said. it's like you lived in a parallel universe, very interesting
>>165948 >bold of you to assume could ever get a role in one of those more award-baity or cult movies nona you can't even type a complete sentence (assume who? eunwoo? he's just 24), stop trying to sound like you are deep.
>>165950 i'm not that anon. i just clocked you ccp-shiller once again starting an argument over your straw man fallacies. you might want to change up your wording and talking points because you're not succeeding at this anonymity thing.
the ccc shill anon is my favorite kek I love how you always include random ass Chinese characters in your paragraphs I have to look up to understand what you are talking about
>>165950 girl, are you really gonna pretend you can't infer it's cha eunwoo? topkek also not sure if you're autistic or old or just esl to not realize that "bold of you" is just a cheeky/comedical snowclone. you basically got all defensive and worked up for nothing
>>165956 >>165954 lmao why am i a ccp shill because i linked zhang yimou(he made anti ccp movies like 'to live') and write mandarin? am i a nazi if i write german 'du bist ein dummkopf' kek hongkongers, taiwanese etc write chinese too
>>165944 >>165937 What about hollywood? I'm not familiar with the industry but I imagine a lot of critically acclaimed actors have had work done.
>>165944 >romcoms and comedies cool but i said award-bait and cult movies >mr chinese director hul wasnt even replying to that comment also as >>165960 explained "bold of you to assume" is just a meme so please unclench chinafag
>>165961 oh my god you're so annoying shut the fuck up already
(87.59 KB 1200x630 unnamed.jpg)
>>165927 i'm not surprised. his features were very consistent since he was a little child, only his face shape changed (but not tripling in jaw size like v's) and that's because he went from being a skinny teen with chubby cheeks to an 75-80kg adult man. he probably gets something for his skin like all celebs but nothing invasive.
>>166033 his nose is suspicious and his undereyes twice as much
>>166041 He may be free of invasive PS, but even I can't tell he pumps it up with fillers and botox. The way his face moves reminds me of Jaehyun
the worst filler addicted plastic is Taemin. I don't know why he insists on the lesbian aunt look.
>>166336 agreed. when people call anyone in the padding squad dollar store versions of taemin i think that's the biggest insult they could get kek taemin wishes he had jimin or sungwoon's filters
>>165948 >>165954 >>165956 >>165960 idk why so many nonas are adamant that eunwoo did surgery even if they have no proof if his face changes like son naeun we'll all notice it
>>166336 his nose looks so ugly
>>166336 His face proportions are a bit odd,he might be a bit of a conehead
>>166033 I wonder how it must feel to walk around looking like that without any shit done whith the rest of hyperplastic male idols roaming around like a whole botched mess. Is he a little meanie on the inside ? Does he silently kek at them?
>>166336 he was never attractive if we're being honest
>>166041 This doctor said jhope was natural take what he says with a grain of salt
>>166535 when did he say that? i thought the video above made it clear he doesn't think anyone in bts is natural
>>166409 he's always messing with his face idg why he didn't fix the nose
>>164277 what did he mean by "BBL"??? nobody answered >>164359
>>166577 nevermind I am an idiot
>>166577 i googled. bbl = brazilian butt lift
obv not an idol but regardless he’s fugly and so is his nose
>>166671 Dafuk is this
>>166807 edward avila, a filipino koreaboo youtuber
(250.21 KB 1080x1647 Screenshot_20210511_000526.jpg)
These are all screenshots from Kpop forums:
(246.17 KB 1080x1550 Screenshot_20210511_000545.jpg)
(240.51 KB 1080x1411 Screenshot_20210511_000610.jpg)
(232.33 KB 1080x1578 Screenshot_20210511_000651.jpg)
NingNing from AESPA
>>168467 i dont think she had a nosejob based on these pics >>168474 it doesn't look like she had chin filler
>>166671 he looks like ten
(301.51 KB 1080x1490 Screenshot_20210511_001227.jpg)
>>168487 it's subtle but I think it's definitely there to add projection
(59.27 KB 506x454 Screenshot_20210511_001853.jpg)
>>168487 Blind nona
(319.59 KB 1033x1463 Screenshot_20210511_002331.jpg)
(287.14 KB 1080x1602 Screenshot_20210511_002554.jpg)
(352.58 KB 1080x1600 Screenshot_20210511_002520.jpg)
>>168491 wait she aint natural? wtf
>>168584 even pretty people have things they'd want to change about themselves
>>168584 even I knew her lips were different, like c'mon, she used not to have an upper lip
(270.92 KB 1080x1401 Screenshot_20210511_001440.jpg)
>>168584 she never was apparently
>>168591 the token all natural member should be dahyun
>>168595 What about chae?
>>168591 Most idols could only dream of their surgeries turning out as natural as hers
>>168606 she debuted because of her beauty. it sorta breaks the spell to see she "cheated" to get there
>>168604 her too
>>168612 her mum owns a ps clinic kek
>>168619 really? lmao i thought she was old money
>>168619 She was 15 during Sixteen. What kind of mother allows/encourages her teen daughter to get PS? Like watafuck
>>168625 I mean...why do people let their kids get braces?
>>168628 You really comparing getting braces to having a face overhaul at age 14 with the consequences that may have?
>>168631 they trolling you nona
>>168591 Even her before mogs like 60% of idols
>>168625 Calm down, these are just speculations
>>168591 I really don't see her having lip fillers, they look impossibly natural and in those pics she was what? 12, 13 year old? My lips algo got a little bit plumper with age and by taking care of them. I do agree with the other surgeries tho
>>168661 samefag. feeling a bit disappointed that she's plastic, tho.
>>168526 he almost looked like a homo sapiens before. they made him into a neanderthal for no reason at all
>>168507 taking into account the fact that she's Korean, she used to be quite pretty.
>>168612 are you new to kpop
>>168661 >My lips algo got a little bit plumper with age Nona this is absolutely not normal. The reason lip fillers exist in the first place is for older women to get them plumped up and thus look poutier and younger again.
(309.41 KB 479x469 karinaaespa.png)
>>168507 wow so many surgeries at such a young age...
>>169310 i mean that was the thing about tzuyu. she was supposed to be an exceptionally pretty natural beauty, at least at debut. that was like the only interesting thing about her
>>169317 I'll be mourning her jaw till the end of time
>>169326 she looks weird but it suits her avatar concept
for a country that shills and praises natural beauty they sure do succumb to a lot of surgery
>>168522 >>168524 Thank god someone else noticed the eyes and nose change too. I thought it was just me
>>169329 she looks more of an avatar than her avatar kek
>>169329 yeah but her career as a idol is going to be like at max 10 years, she is going to do facelifts for the rest of her life
>>169324 ultmately she is there because she's a visual and koreans wouldn't care if she's natty or not since the most legendary visuals arent
>>169340 >>169303 >>169340 I wonder how it must have felt for the girls to have been told they need to have chunks of bone cut off of their face in order to debut. Like getting home all swollen up from the procedures and being so changed you don't even recognise yourself in the mirror afterwards. I pity them.
>>169336 >>169332 That's the reason why they're specially valued. Because they're practically non existant
>>169336 her Kfans are convinced she's natural. even if you know nothing about ps, you can look at her face (or at any of her group members', for that matter) and tell right away that there's something not quite right about her.
>>169317 Her big ass tits are au naturale, weirdly enough.
>>169361 same, really makes you think. as a chronically insecure person id prolly cave to the pressure as well, knowing how vicious knetz and k beauty standards are. i cant imagine the horror of being displeased with the way your face turns out, even if it's technically not botched
>>169375 people can shit on her jaw-neck relation all they want, she has a bomb body otherwise
>>169361 The company heavily suggests it to them in a way that seems nice~ but ultimately the choice is theirs since they can't do anything to minors without their parent/guardians permission too. If they really want it bad enough they'll do it. They believe they'll be better off/prettier after. I wish people told more regret stories. Seems like many are happy.
>>169375 it was apparently padded, tho
>>169388 Noope, cordis are shit at giving her proper support (they probs do it on purpose) so they bounce around like crazy. She's huge
doubt tbh. the pics on the left look like when she was a little kid versus a teen. >>168591
>>169585 nona, her nose was flat and wide before. it shrinked and took on a completely different shape. it's pretty much been confirmed by a ps doc that that's an implant on the right pic
>>169625 And she was 10-12 there. Nose shape doesn't change radically after that age. Like c'mon
(77.36 KB 740x764 Screenshot_20210511_201951.jpg)
Predebut Joy
>>169923 I think she did her face
Most successful/ natural looking surgeries?
(96.58 KB 616x666 Screenshot_20210512_023240.jpg)
Karina received praise left and right for her looks, but she looks botched. Her jaw triggers my autism
>>170542 Based
>>170406 tzuyu would be a good case, she looks natural
>>170406 Chaeyeon and Yeji's nosejobs look gooood. Seulgi's nice as well
>>131099 i'm i the only one that suspects a jawshave?
>>131101 i didn't know you could shave your jaw several times. what the heck
>>170555 i was reading through oh plastic surgery thread and now i think he has touched his jaw, maybe not a jaw shave but something, jaws in men grow when they get older so his jaw actually should be bigger not smaller
(171.11 KB 840x560 twitter_20210511_144732.mp4)
I wouldn't say it looks natural but I count whatever Irene did a success bc she looks damn good. tbh what she did to her nose is pretty subtle. if you see her without any makeup at all she doesn't look that much different unless pointed out. I actually wondered why she didn't make her nose slimmer/smaller. and I don't think she should have deepened the double lid :/ her eyes were pretty before
>>170612 rly? her nose always looked sus to me. like the nostrils and the tip don't match idk
>>170555 Maybe Botox
>>170556 it's possible if you keep taking more off. no idea why someone would want to though, it's such an invasive surgery. seems like the scariest plastic surgery to me
Double post but I think he gets botox on his jaw along with his usual micro filler injections. His jaw doesn’t have that uncanny look kpop jaw shaves have.
>>169923 lip fillers and big veneers. everything else looks the same, she still has a round face
>>170631 i always thought she got buccal fat removal but maybe it was just the extensive weight loss
(232.99 KB 1000x1500 libentia-5.jpg)
>>170633 this is what she looked like at graduation. if she got stuff done - I think maybe her eyes? she still looks like this but way thinner.
>>170633 she increased her hairline too
(242.87 KB 2048x2048 20210511_215705.jpg)
>>170615 full on not really...at least not to me. when she angles her head though you can see it more. like I could tell something was different but I couldn't really pinpoint what until I watched one of those ps videos. so yeah I think it was a job well done
is it concealer on his top lip or filler mustache
>>170637 She's also done her nose a couple times. Compare her predebut, her in 2018 and her in 2020. She also has obvious chin filler.
>>170776 both, he used not to have a top lip
>>170776 lmao did his lip filler migrate
>>170815 i'm not sure. in other pictures from that day his lips look normal
I think ÆSPA's Giselle has become the very first female idol to publicly allude to having PS. I her debut teaser rap she talks about 'being reborn' and 'looking a lil different' when she looks in the mirror. Power move
>>171527 *in a song. I know others have straight up admitted to it
>>171527 this is one thing i never understood. why do people lie about not having plastic surgery or get offended at such comments when it was their choice to do it in the first ppace? just own up to it come on we aren't blind (except for the few rose glassed delulus). well maybe it's to keep their ~natural~ beauty image. idk
>>171542 natural beauty is the ideal and though these plastics wouldn't ever come close to it, they want to give off its illusion. hence the lies
>>171527 she's not the first one
>>171547 because they still get shit on regardless and prob don't want to be asked about it repeatedly once people know. maybe they're also unhappy with the work done
(122.73 KB 1200x630 KbnmNi1uxQPDEjnnW2wzfpUiPG4TW.jpeg)
>>171652 he had a mental breakdown when that one tiktok doc shared his opinion on his procedures
>>170555 he has a rounder face when you look at non-editorials and his jaw is definitely still intact.
>>171713 He went on a bubble rant trying to convince everyone that he would never do any surgeries bcuz of his family. Color me surprised
>>171723 he looks computer generated jfc
(722.40 KB 847x523 Unknown.png)
I only trust non-edited getty images. Dispatch had picture of him where they photoshopped the shit out of the shit out of his face to give him a v line jaw.
>>171713 >>171726 what if he really never had invasive surgeries and we're the clowns not believing him...
>>171738 nona, if you can look at felix and think he's all natural there's no salvation for you.
>>171738 This could be true. Getting botox for jaw really does wonders you don't have to do an actual shave. Many people don't consider fillers surgery either so he could be telling the truth.
>>171738 felix did ps he's just a sensitive nancy he also shared tmi on his eating disorder on bubble. yikes
>>171755 skz are pretty active and i don't think he got enough time for a jaw shave
>>171762 he could have just kept quiet. why fucking lie, just stfu
(66.71 KB 750x1322 unnamed.jpg)
lisa akgaes who deny her multiple surgeries are another breed of delusional
>>171783 instability, for starters
>>171851 this. being an idol must fucking suck
>>171805 i refuse to believe there are +15 year old BLINKS
>>171805 she looks great after it too, why lie
>>171729 I bet he mews. I saw jaehyun doing it in a vid once too
>>171916 jaehyun's bone structure has no saving. he's beyond busted
>>171984 He was mewing to suck in his “double chin” for a photo shoot lol
>mews eli5 pls for eurofag? assuming you dont mean mewing literally, in which case wtf
>>172123 flattening your tongue against the roof of your mouth, supposed to reduce a double/nonexistent chin and make your jawline sharper over time
>>172131 it sounds incel-ly as fuck
>>172141 well incels do it all the time so correct
>>172141 thought incels started it
>>172111 pics or it didn't happen
>>172131 thanks nona, til
>>172111 was he actually mewing, or just clenching his jaw?
>>171916 mewing after a jaw shave is like buying a push up bra after getting a double mastectomy
(20.29 KB 275x204 1568019254357.jpg)
predebut baekhyun and lay
(19.28 KB 236x288 1568038443404.jpg)
>>172234 bacon looks the same to me
>>171738 >>171755 could it be buccal fat removal?
>>172237 are u kidding?
>>172251 makeup lol
(26.15 KB 678x452 images (2).jpeg)
(21.04 KB 554x554 images (3).jpeg)
(21.77 KB 554x554 images (5).jpeg)
>>172237 dahahaha good one
>>172335 how the hell did you notice that damn
>>172441 autism
>>172237 He looks the same to me too, in a “still buttfuck ugly” kind of way. If he got plastic surgery it didn’t seem to do as much work as the skin care, styling, and puberty did.
>>172446 he had some work done but hair and makeup make a big difference. without them he still looks like his old self.
>>172445 bitch pls, his giant face was filling up the screen >>172441 it's not hard to miss his double chin just disappearing like that lol
>>172468 How the fuck did you find a photo where bully is his looksmatch
u gotta be retarded to believe bacons gotten minimal work done
>>172520 ikr. he literally had his irregular chin chopped off. his eyes and nose. tons of fucking filler and botox. i swear people are retarded
>>171805 These pictures haunt her in her dreams
>>171805 after all the work shes done she doesnt look thai/asian anymore https://youtu.be/j-sGIUsoQas
>>172688 she's never looked take-your-breath-away gorgeous, but she was at least semi-normal. she started looking wonky since KTL
>>172688 she still looks without makeup
>>172688 what makes you look Asian is the skull shape. that's the reason Kidols still look Korean in spite of getting Scandinavian noses and and big, rounded eyes with no epicanthic fold and deep double lids
>>172696 is having a big skull also an Asian thing?
>>172696 stop with the skull size sperging oh my god
Taeyeon fucking scares me man
Yuri's jaw shave She used to be a goddess
>>172720 geez this is unfortunate
(122.94 KB 341x500 yuri.jpg)
>>172720 she only had her eyes done when she debuted and was the prettiest in SNSD by far
(127.39 KB 708x887 Screenshot_20210513_143406.jpg)
What's with aespa members and their jaws jfc
(31.34 KB 741x486 aespa-ningning.jpg)
>>172854 literally none of them have any jawbone left. i'm: scared
>>172737 still pretty
(286.36 KB 1200x1800 nrivr86ewnz11.jpg)
>>172696 >no epicanthic fold and deep double lids This combo isn't common anyway. I think they know it usually looks unnatural on their faces (see pic).
>>172854 she lools 30
(45.11 KB 465x393 Screenshot_20210513_164208.jpg)
>>173076 nona, her jaw is now yoona level freaky
>>172712 she's done her face so many times it's starting to melt off.shame
(8.90 KB 212x275 1588481120946.jpg)
(1.16 MB 214x275 1570729880802.gif)
>>131303 whats with idols getting surgery on already perfect noses
(95.54 KB 1200x630 download.jpg)
Does anyone think Tzuyu did something to her face that makes her look worse? I got the hype when she debuted up until she started looking like this. I think it's too many fillers but I could be wrong...
(3.20 MB 1712x1656 tzuyu.png)
>>174813 same anon, here's a better look at the difference I think
>>174610 Duuuude literally unrecognizable
>>174814 I just think that she grew up. She was around 16 in the younger photos and now she is 21. She lost her baby fat and she is wearing more makeup in the newer pics. Could also be the filters that the fans put on the pictures too since she is more tan and the other photos are whitewashed.
>>174814 fixed teeth, nose implant, heavier eyebags (not necessarily on purpose). but she looks the same otherwise
>>174952 oh and they forced the straight eyebrow look onto her
>>174610 Before jaw shave nose job lipo chin
>>173117 Her nose is crooked
>>173076 She looks fucking stunning, what year was this image?
(5.69 KB 192x263 download.jpeg)
>>173290 She always had that jaw
(59.95 KB 316x400 yuri hoot skinny 7.jpeg)
>>176304 it was from 2 days ago kek >>176306 i agree, i don't think she got a jaw shave. when she gets too skinny like in >>172720 or picrel, it looks weird on her face
>>176310 damn i remember back then it was so worrying that yuri getting thinner and thinner every day. Do we ever know why she lost such a dramatic amount of weight in such a short time?
>>176314 eating disorder
>>176315 not sure about that because there is only one time period her weight fluctuate like crazy, and it is not chronic, so I assume life situation get in the way or something.
(57.87 KB 520x650 1528390969494.jpg)
park bom
>>176399 missed opportunity for park bum
>>176399 she did her butt as well?
>>176322 how do you think eating disorders work. they fluctuate.
>>176444 Keyword is it not chronic. There is only one specific time period Yuri gaining/losing weight. Before and after this period she has normal healthy figure, so my guess it is some stressful thing off-cam
>>176516 nta but it is there's this one yt channel who makes weight loss/gain vids about idols and seeing yuri's journey was just sad. that's also why her legs look so lumpy nowadays, she's been yoyoing and getting lipo since over a decade
(64.74 KB 500x750 gyLjAGJ.jpg)
>>176524 >>176523 isn't this carboxy shots not lipo?
(77.49 KB 1241x806 E1NsRyKWYAI6B8f.jpg)
what do we think of clish's facial lipo?
>>176523 Damn that suck smh.
>>176314 that era they were also preparing to enter the japanese market + several tours so it might have just been a combination of that with stress overload. she never got that severely skinny again after that year
>>176727 where? I'm blind, please explain
(417.86 KB 920x717 dfgfgdfgdsfgdfgfg.png)
>>176928 everywhere. he had a very doughy face regardless of how much he weighed at any point. then before love killa all of a sudden his face is all chiseled
pre facial lipo changkyun
>>176957 >>176961 honestly he looks way better now, had enough of idol faces stuffed with fillers looking all bloated
>>176727 i always found him strangely hot but thats even better
>>176961 Hows the facial lipo works? Is not the cheek sculption or jaw shave anymore?
>>176961 Buccal fat removal for sure
(167.19 KB 1170x2080 E1fuQJ1VcAAa3Ir.jpeg)
i'm not a fan of seulgi's lip fillers, but at least she didn't go crazy with it though i find it kinda funny that lip fillers are getting more common among idols when a few years ago they were doing everything they can to make them smaller (that fugly gradient lip gloss style)
>>181925 I don't really see it in this particular picture tbh
(31.72 KB 408x550 eunha-3.jpg)
never forget
>>191355 who is this? eunha?
(125.86 KB 1080x489 Screenshot_20210528_183649.jpg)
i can't be the only one who's clocked the francesca girlies (specially jar jarenina) not being able to move their faces due to all the shit they've pumped into them. it's painful to look at
(87.54 KB 1024x561 1550284551783.jpeg)
her jaw looked so pretty on her before, whyd she have to ruin it
(35.41 KB 526x294 1550306668107.jpeg)
>>199972 her x-ray scan she showed on a variety show to prove she didnt get a nose job, but it seems like part of her jaw is missing
>>199984 wouldn't that just show an implant or something foreign that's been inserted?
dreamcatcher's gahyeon looks so fucking different nowadays and it's more than just weight loss
(759.94 KB 2000x3000 t0kupiaubvz31.jpg)
old pic for reference
samefag sry for sperging but she was always my favourite but the last time i checked them out was around piri, so when i watched odd eye i barely recognised her. she's still pretty tho just looks like a totally different person
>>205789 i think she got the surgery that makes you have permanent upturned lips on the edge? its called smile lift
>>205792 and lip fillers obvs
who do you think has had a boobjob?
>>205814 i dont think boobjobs are common with idols. usually they just pad but i think hyuna got one. and probably those dance cover stripper groups turned kpop like laysha and girlcrush all have members with fake tits
>>205791 >>205789 I get buying a new face before debut, but why would you change it so much after debuting? an idol's face is part of their group's selling point. it's just strange to fans when they suddenly appear with a different face and don't/can't talk about it
>>205818 t-ara and sist4r tho.
>>205791 joker smile surgery, lip fillers, and chin filler to make her face look longer
>>191355 who the fuck is that........
>>205820 because people are constantly scrutinising your looks and it causes people to hyperfocus on things they don't like about themselves and they feel compelled to fix things
>>205821 got before and after pics?
>>206173 jiteon went from this
(4.73 MB 394x592 jiyeon2.gif)
>>206173 lee hyori
>>206324 i mean she looks the same except better lighting, better cameras and better styling
(89.56 KB 520x782 C5WOUJLM3VEDVO24MTWD5SSWNM.jpg)
>>206173 seo yeji
>>206326 tje boobs, anon. the boobs
(118.80 KB 1200x1536 e78938adda5ab6145e957aa3d55cc470.jpg)
(87.82 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>205821 The other anon didn't say no one ever got boob jobs in kpop. but overall, they are much, much less common than facial surgeries.
>>206325 y'all ain't never heard of push-up bras and Photoshop?
>>206704 girl please share the push up bra you use to get your titties from washboard to melons i do think a lot of idols use padding but this one is kind of open and shut
>>206324 wow i didnt think she'd get a boob job but they look great, anyone who looks at that side boob and says "push up bra" obviously hasn't taken a look at their own chest the implant is quite obvious from the side
>>206817 losing weight mean smaller boobs too. did you see her boobs now? it is fucking washboard again btw
>>206704 she literally had mosquito buies before, thewas nothing to push up from
>>206329 oh im blind lol
(101.39 KB 1200x1200 DuUpNuxXcAInOau.jpeg)
>>206817 then where did hyori's melons go?
>>207473 can you stop saying melons before i alog you
>>207003 >did you see her boobs now? we're too lazy to look up a recent picture of hyori.
>>207461 First pic is scammy’s results
>>207461 taemin in the second pic
>>207461 and i thought this was to show how taemin looks kek
>>207461 first pic looks like ten
>>207605 >>207609 >>208044 >>208067 we get it israelite
(405.32 KB 1365x2048 a31efa7ac2f6f333f6a8fcbd5939401e.jpg)
jesus take the prndl
>>208636 he doesn’t look like that anymore
>>208708 yeah he looks worse
>>208839 attach a pic I wanna see
>>208864 what is going onnnn
>>208864 cant tell if dr kim was involved or this is an Auschwitz survivor
>>207461 Second one is Ten obviously
>>208864 this is so tragic he used to look so cute
>>208864 looks like bobbys fetal alcohol syndrome botched cousin now
(85.58 KB 1223x665 20210603_003106.jpg)
I swear he looks different in every pic I see of him
>>209958 he’s my ugly cute crush
(76.49 KB 1200x630 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)
>>209958 they ruined him
>>211114 cute plastic monster
>>211114 lips serving fleshlight
>>211143 >>211144 this man gives me such gross vibes it's scary that momo and sana just look like clones of each other now
>>211144 shaving down that gorg cheekbone...
>>211144 i wonder if momo also had a boob job
>>211143 >>211144 he should go for aespa girlies
>>211457 he already did
>>211430 >this man gives me such gross vibes Why?
>>211430 Yes, but Sana looks amazing.
>>211430 they don't look that similar. it's just exaggerated because he used the zoom in pics
>>211498 link?
>>211624 check the thread >>164288
>>211601 just the way he talks about their appearances is weird and he sounds like he's saying they looked like dogshit before but then they did this, this and this and look gorgeous now -> shows picture of alien clone
>>212609 seeing "imperfections" in people's faces and telling them how they should go about them is basically the essence of his job.
>>212609 because he is a cosmetic surgery nerds/doctors lel.
>>211433 koreans and their strange preference for flat small dorito looking faces
>>130972 plastic surgery is one beautiful science
>>174813 her smile seems a little weird to me compared to when she was younger that doesn't seem like just aging. i almost think botox use did something funky with her muscles around the mouth area that turned out differently from other people's botox results
this is omg yooa
(194.88 KB 1080x702 IMG_20210606_154901.jpg)
>>215069 and shes denying it
>>215073 >>215069 Eyelids can change temporarily due to puffiness (I've personally seen it on two friends who are Chinese) but I've never heard of cases where that makes your lips become 10x bigger permanently kek. She should've just not addressed it. The denial is embarrassing.
>>215069 >>215073 topkek if simply drinking water would make your lips like that... she's not fooling anyone with that excuse.
>>215073 jfc, why embarrass yourself like this? it's like hyuna 'overlining' her lips. just shut up, no need to tell a blatant lie. jesus.
>>215069 girl whats ur natural explanation? you using candylipz or whatever kylie jenner claimed for like two years before fessing up?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM752GhK-P4 This is fucking awful, not going to embed/upload bc you need to see her face in decent quality
>>231616 is that wendy? wow she looks unrecognizable
>>231616 before
(557.14 KB 880x847 Screenshot 2021-06-16 034602.png)
>>231616 after
wendy is going ahjumma a bit fast but i guess this is just what happens when you go through too many faces...
>>231649 does anyone know when she did her jaw shave?
>>231650 >>231894 bc i honestly think her nose is the biggest difference. her has been tiny since debut
(20.23 KB 410x205 Bzy4CwkIIAAZn9p.jpg)
>>231904 this was her in high school also jawline looking as oval as ever
>>231847 which is a shame because debut wendy
>>231944 debut wendy was so fresh and girl crush. I loved her she seemed like such a heroine. Sad that her self esteem was crushed.
>>231650 I understand she had to get facial surgery because of the accident that shattered her cheekbones, but was a new face really necessary or was there no way for her to get her original post-PS face back?
>>231944 wow she's unrecognizable. no wonder people thought she was the visual back then
>>232460 i truly believe the nose job wasn't necessary in her case at all
>>232460 she was already looking off long before the accident.
>>164288 i wonder if more severe bone shaving will swing into trend because of aespa's popularity
>>232520 some have alleged her surgeries got so botched to protect irenes status as the visual member kek
>>234287 that’s conspiracy tier shit
>>234272 i hope not
(113.51 KB 1200x630 487723402394028934091830481083.jpg)
What do you guys think about jang wonyoung? i feel like she got her nose done and fillers but i cant really tell. She's only 16 so she probably got it done at 14 or 15
>>236076 based on these pics, it's hard to tell if she got her nose done or not. it could be nose contouring + angles making it look different, it could be not.
>>236354 wait ill put another picture
(86.97 KB 674x1200 3423453453453453453453453453.jpg)
(19.21 KB 600x400 2309482303894029384029384.jpg)
(10.31 KB 320x180 7q987349573993sd734299387.jpg)
looks to me like she got her eyes, nose, and jaw shave done as well as lip fillers. But what makes me sad is she was probably 13 or 14 when she got all that done
>>236381 i can believe eyes maybe but the rest could just be puberty and losing baby fat in the face
>>236381 I think she has the type of double lids that look deeper when you look downwards. Koreans call them "inner double lids". Not sure about the rest, but her face definitely looks thinner.
She looks the same to me tbh. Her makeup is really strong so you have to find a video of her to properly compare. That one video of her barefaced, she really looks just like her childhood self.
>>236718 no she definitely got her jaw and eyes done
>>236381 she has a chubby face, doubt she did her jaw. i agree on eyelids and lip fillers, tho.
>>236977 slight nose job too
>>236076 i think she did her eyes, lips and chin/jaw but it makes me sad she was so young when she appeared on produce literally a fetus
>>237154 most kpop trainees get srgery in their trainee yrs, so 12-13+
>>237157 no, most get PS before their debut (18-20 years old). that's why it's so easy to find pictures of their natural faces in their teenage years.
>>237165 the age average for koreans who get ps has decreased in the past years. it's not uncommon at all for a 14/16 year old to get a nosejob:rhinoplasty in middle school before heading off to highschool
those people claiming their favs entire bone structure changed from age 20 to 25 due to growing up are obviously dumb af (vfags...) but wonyoung was so extremely underage that her appearance changing could really be natural, she was barely a teen back then and now she's soon a young adult, nobody looks forever like they did at 14
her lips look scary
>>241050 who is that they all look botched these days cant even tell them apart anymore
>>241057 hyuna
>>241050 Do all pnation artists share coupon going to the same ps place???? Hyuna lips look like Jessi one
>>241075 her top lip looks like it's going to burst. why hyuna why
>>241050 did she get them done again? yikes
>>241075 funny how before thin lips used to be the kbeauty trend. Seems like its changing. Hope vline jaw's go out of style there too
once I notice my faves get not so terrible surgery I wish they would stop there. they look so good and then....
>>241215 i feel like at least the richest companies could have a ps consultant who isnt financially motivated like a surgeon is to encourage more and more ps/fillers
>>241218 I really feel like you yourself have to be strong minded enough to resist the peer pressure to do too much. they can suggest all they want but ultimately it's up to you
>>241256 don’t some companies force their idols to get ps tho
>>241276 most of the time the ps idols get right before debuting isn't overly severe (inb4 aespa). but years down the line some like taeyeon continue to shave down or do other things that cross straight into uncanny valley
Ningning nose job? Then
Vs now
>>241312 Go to the fucking plastic surgery thread you retarded ass bitch
>>241314 Turns out I was the retard key I thought I was in kpg
>>241311 she was so cute omg even if her nose by korean standards is wide, it fits her face
>>241276 from what I understand they don't "force" you plus as minors you need parent permission. they tell you what's wrong with your face and what you can fix then apply pressure like "you want to look good for debut right"? till you basically have to.
>>241075 Hyuna is so beautiful but these lips make it look like a bee stung her. I wish she would stop. Also I dont get it,I thought the huge lip trend was over? Why is everybody getting lip fillers?
>>242697 the trend is just starting in sk
>>242707 theyre always so far behind about trends kek
thoughts on beomgyu’s jaw?
>>242715 they shouldn't even have started with the trend. small lip people need appreciation too.
>>242728 cant tell if it's the jaw or if he added length to his chin for that narrower face illusion
>>242728 they all should stop whatever they're doing. it's making them look a decade older than their actual age
>>242728 wtf its so scary
(29.10 KB 680x340 DDBMRjMV0AAbV-M.jpeg)
>>242791 i was thinking the same thing
>>242728 no way these boys are 18-20. they look a young 30 wtf
>>242728 beomgyus jaw is bad photoshop but taebot looks hideous my god... lay off the fillers dude
>>242791 lmao tbf he didn't touch his jaw here. just a chin implant.. one that's way too big or maybe slid out of place
(96.99 KB 736x1104 Ev-UDyHXYBIbea4.jpg)
>>242728 ana-yeonjun is starting to remind me of a less pleasing version of cix baejin, the guy with a teeny tiny face. maybe yeonjun's endgoal is that tiny beanhead look
>>242728 i feel like yeonjun did some procedure or something to get his double chin removed, i dont think it was just dieting
did chaeryeong get a nose job or is she all natural compared to the rest of the members
>>243444 still pissed about his nose job. they should have left it how it looked during debut. Now it looks like shit and its uneven
(59.16 KB 1200x675 E0xx1nEVUAEYgEr.jpg)
>>244410 >>243444 forgot the other picture
>>244415 wow this is sad
>>168467 can you link the forum?
>>244420 i know. its probably his 4th nose job too
>>244332 i think she got relatively subtle things like blapheroplasty for her eyelids and slimming down her nose while avoiding an obvious implant
>>244415 botched noses/nostrils are pretty much the worst case scenario because no matter what that nose is going to stare right back at the viewer
has anyone done an in depth timeline of wendys face? it would be interesting, i can tell when she got her jaw shave but she went inconsistently between looking decent and looking terrible afterwards and idk what was going on then
>>244415 rip taebot’s good jk style nose he used to look so good
>>242728 omg please say sike...BH/Hybe whatever needs to fucking stop.
>>244415 he looks 40
>>245203 right. You can even see the fucking incisions on both his nostrils where he got it done. They did a shit job.
>>244294 probably cause isnt the fat there pretty stubborn?
>>244294 kybella or coolsculpting. maybe both
>>245464 the overly surgerized men this kpop gen gonna age like milk can see it happening already the less touched ones will look more normal
>>245607 it's like hybe idols are nose-cursed. why is that
I don't know him but this makes me sad. he's only 20????
>>246674 what the actual fuck happened to him, he looks 30s
>>246674 he probably got fillers that morning or something kek
>>246674 Dont know this group but he was so handsome before, why would he do this??
this is sad
>>246728 yikes
>>246728 he was so handsome before rip
>>246728 he can forgot his acting career now
>>246729 is this a before or after pic?
>>246729 is this just filter/edits or did hs really chop off his jaw like this. damn...
>>246674 he looks like an even more blotched taemin
>>246954 both, for this particular picture
>>246674 apparently someone commented that he looks like a txt member topkek
>>246970 yeah the one with the wonky nose further up. same vibes
>>246674 he was so cute wtf lock up the surgeon who did this
>>246674 how is this man younger than me I'm concerned
(3.73 MB 480x332 download (2).gif)
it's worse in motion he looks twice his age
(222.07 KB 480x623 image.png)
His photos have put me off surgery, the skin on his nose looks so stretched out it could tear.
>>247542 he looks like a 40yo actor who gets constantly called uber handsome for his age but i just think meh
>>247546 bomin's gonna get undereye fillers and botox next, since everyone's calling him old kek sad because he apparently did buccal fat removal and now needs fillers to smooth the wrinkles due to the lack of fat
bomin before his botching. he looks a lot like greg hsu now
this shit makes me depressed mad and angry its felix all over again
>>247542 that is one damn botched nose.....
(1.32 MB 720x720 Ef0KYQSGiNfyrnjk.mp4)
>>247542 he looks better here where the lighting is less harsh but still odd
>>247935 He reminds me of Renjun now.
>>248751 nona renjun is short with very pretty doublelidded eyes bomin looks like greg hsu with a bad jaw shave now
>>248757 bomin looks nothing like greg hsu, stop saying this
>>248757 his adams apple is so huge
>>247916 is this bomin?
(4.92 MB 544x438 bomin.gif)
>>249074 greg hsu is manlier and older, presurgery bomin is like a babyfaced version of greg hsu. post botchjob bomin looks greg hsu on meth
(112.76 KB 720x1072 20210629_064242.jpg)
>>249125 Exclusive jimin post recovery photo
>>249101 Thats a chicken leg sticking in his throat
>>249472 wow jimin looks so good
(87.49 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
oof those thumbnails are usually already shooped and like their best moment during the performance...
you can tell that those ladies were nugu and desperate for way too long
(56.82 KB 640x400 img_20210703112437_7053hko9.jpg)
Fyi that's Kwanghee... I mean he looks way more handsome but i liked his old face too Made me realise i like someone more if they had plastic surgery *before* i met them
>>253377 i wish his surgeon didn't make him look like an android kek
>>253388 don’t think it’s just the ps that’s android-like damn look at the way he holds up his hand
(174.55 KB 900x600 20210705_072640.jpg)
page six posted this. I almost couldn't tell who they were
>>249472 not related but i pity that oli london dude
>>254589 what the fuck has become of rm's face...
>>247542 true music true emotion but bad plastic surgery
>>254589 those contacts rm has been wearing everywhere make him look so weird
(11.70 KB 275x133 1536009055050.jpg)
(1.26 MB 275x174 1536005618818.gif)
(1.29 MB 186x275 1544289055886.gif)
taeyeon scares me...
i know we have touched on wendy a bunch already but her reconstruction has made her look a whole different race almost
face damages thread
>>253377 His surgery turned out well. He wasnt ugly before,but he looks better now
>>263719 She used to be so cute :(
>>263716 wtf is happening here
>>263716 bitch the way i GASPED at this... absolutely botched
>>263716 who tf is that
>>265056 nayoung from ioi, pristin, and now is solo
>>263716 what is her nose made of for this to happen?
>>265095 kinda looks like dr kim took away too much cartilage/flesh somewhere important, so there just isnt that much structure left in her nose to resist collapsing when theres a bit of suction. but idk
(2.06 MB 1080x1346 image.png)
Wendy looks really good these days. She looks a lot more like her old self.
(1.91 MB 1080x1350 image (1).png)
>>266546 If you didn’t say this was wendy i wouldn’t know who it is. >>266547 this barely looks like her.
>>266546 i thought this was nayeon at first
>>266546 Looks to me like she got more work done
>>266547 she looks like if i tried to draw irene from memory.
(63.42 KB 959x540 20210712_200148.jpg)
>>266546 at debut
>>266634 She’s mogging Sad
(103.76 KB 716x804 E2KyQsrUcAA6CsY.jpg)
thoughts on jungkooks nose and the bloated face he had awhile ago?
>>263716 This happens to me too but I haven't had a nose job, she just has alot of snot in her nose
>>266634 Guys I didnt mean like her old predebut self, I meant like her old self before the accident
>>166033 why do people even bothering comparing idols in terms of plastic surgery to their baby selves, 90% of people grow up to look nothing like how they were as toddlers
>>266825 I would even argue teens too. Some major transformations took place since hs without any ps - not talking about blatantly obvious cases
>>267132 agreed. a lot of facial changes happen naturally in the 20s.
>>267132 >>267155 True, but you'll get called a delulu fan for saying this. I've seen major changes happen to one of my male cousins for example. He used to have a really round face and chin as a child. Now he's in his early 20s and his face has slimmed down a lot, complete with a pointier chin. If he was a celebrity, everybody would probably say he got buccal fat removal and chin implant and if you deny this, you're wrong.
>>267158 i wonder if some of the fans who insist all minor facial changes are ps are young. obviously a lot of the changes are ps. but cartilage and fat aren't set in stone ages 19-30, expect to see changes.
>>270976 i kept thinking this scrolling through the thread lol
you changing from teen to adult to a certain extent can be possible, but only til a certain age (e.g. wonyoung grew up from barely being a teen to being a young woman, of course her facial features still changed some). the problem is when some delulus try to make themselves and everybody else believe that v's jaw tripled in size "naturally" from 21 to age 25.
(179.53 KB 1080x1436 20210716_080518.jpg)
boa unnie...
>>263719 every time i see a pann post with comments like "baby face taengoo hasn't aged a day" i want to die, she looks horrible
>>271489 are you sure thats her? she doesnt even look busted just like another person
>>271804 yup. she started posting again on IG
(121.76 KB 800x1200 taehyun's old nose.jpg)
>>244410 >>244415 this truly makes me sad. his original nose looked great on him.
(85.80 KB 1291x793 taehyun's new nose.jpg)
>>272030 now it looks awful
(352.82 KB 1362x2048 DN2J3tBv.jpg)
i thought kihyun's nose was natty but i feel like i can see alarplasty scars here.... thoughts?
>>272031 jfc some scary shit
>>273959 not sure what i'm supposed to be seeing here
>>273986 do you know what an alarplasty is
shes not korean and has had her whole face done but does anyone know which procedure specifically angelababy had to get such defined lips?
(50.58 KB 700x400 3jxuy9o303862045ziv7.jpg)
>>280277 there's a ps specifically for this plus lately she got them filled in thicker as well
why you should never ever get a jaw shave
>>280542 girl in the bottom is not even 30 and weighs like 40kg that's what all unnies and oppars awaits too within the next couple years (looking at you aespafags...)
>>280542 I recognize Ni Ni (woman on the left) and she has a fairly square jaw for a Chinese actress so I doubt she got it shaved. I can't tell who the woman on the right is.
>>280530 wow that looks so painful
>>280628 those are comparison pics, the point is that she didn't shave hers and therefore doesn't have saggy chin/jaw flesh like the others
>>280530 is it bad that i'd consider getting this done?
which idol has big natural boobs? i feel like they all got implants except for jihyo
>>284615 eunbi karina sejeong chengxiao but i think she lost weight ahin
>>284674 >karina her boob size fluctuates so much, it's not clear if she has big boobs or if it's the result of padded bras.
>>284741 they look oddly big for her body type so im guessing its ps
>>272030 technically that still wasnt his original nose, he had a nose job in that picture. But they should have left it there and not touch it again.
(68.48 KB 545x680 20210801_135034.jpg)
did mingi do something to his nose or is this just weird lighting
>>285785 they all take super filtered snow selfies so i wouldn't make conclusions off of those
>>284769 lol if it was PS, her boob size wouldn't change all the time. Sometimes they look to be the same size as her members' boobs and sometimes they look like D-cups on her frame.
karina has somewhat above average boobs naturally but theyre not to a ridiculous level and stylists pad them out as needed
>>285856 >above average boobs >still gets padded out What are the stylists thinking?
>>284769 yea thats why i think its ps because they look incredibly huge for her skinny ass body.
>>285859 theyre thinking about booba of course
>>285785 i thought it looked weirdly round there too but its at its normal beakiness in unfiltered pics
>>280545 wait is that her before? her jaw was so nice
>>286763 thank god, i would have gone ballistic if he had ruined his nose
(2.21 MB 1280x720 1606738742555.png)
>>285994 fake tits would never sit so low. they have to be real because her giant tits are actually a hindrance to the stylists, they never know what to do with them and try to hide their size by visual misdirection. see this atrocity where they had a b cup sitting on TOP of her chest for whatever reason. skinny women can have giant tits for no reason sometimes, it is not weird at all for those to be her natural boobs.
(1.36 MB 3000x2250 1607652708681.jpg)
why would they give her implants if they were gonna spend the next while trying to misdirect the gaze from the size. if anything at all's happened she's gotten a reduction.
>>286784 no way her tits are that big...
>>291503 some people naturally have big booba nona
i've seen people say that ateez san is natural, he does look pretty similar compared to predebut pics but i'm not totally sure. if he is then can i glow up like that kek. opinions?
>>292335 looks natural to me. i doubt he's *completely* natural, a little poking around here and there with fillers and derms is the status quo for idols even if they keep their bone structure, nose, natural eyes, lips, etc. but overall natural.
>>292335 Well he has heavy makeup on in the right pic so it’s hard to tell
>>292335 i think he is pretty much natty. at least i don’t think he’s gotten anything major done. i hope it stays that way, bc it sucks to see idols constantly change their look in search of more “perfect” features
>>292335 seems like itzy chaeryeong where theres mightve been only subtle things like blapheroplasty and slight thinning for nose, changing the overall natural shapes of anything was avoided
>>292335 damn best predebut picture ive seen of an idol
>>292358 His eyes look more "open" compared to before
>>292490 His eye size honestly looks the same to me but his eyebags (aegyo sal?) look a tad smaller in the after picture.
>>292490 hmm possibly, i never really speculated about his eyes. for me his nose doesn’t seem completely natural, from the side view the tip is quite pointy with a low columella. but it still looks similar from the front so who knows. overall he’s probably more natural than the majority of idols tho
>>292335 >ateez member >natural april fools was months ago
>>292508 then point out what san might've gotten done to his face.
>>292508 lol most of ateez has had super obvious plastic surgery (yeosang, seonghwa, hongjoong barely look human anymore) but i actually think san and possibly jongho escaped with relatively minor procedures
>>292503 Yeah he had nice features naturally but he’s obviously enhanced them like all idols. He’s naturally good looking but not ps free >>292499 Nah look at his picture in the big in picrel. There a was a lot more skin around his eyes
(300.13 KB 556x754 IMG_20210808_184635.png)
another predebut pic. he just looks manlier now, imo
>>292335 >>292549 he is pretty old in those predebut pictures. sk teenagers be doing ps when they hit 15 these days
(323.26 KB 752x1105 IMG_20210808_184248.jpg)
>>292552 in this one he must've been around 12-13. childhood pictures aren't a good comparison since you grow a lot
>>292563 Lmao this looks edited like all sk school and id pics
>>292549 His eyes look strange here
(55.90 KB 736x835 E8FJwpVVcAAzCic.jpg)
>>292335 this was the youngest pic i could find of him (probs around 7 yrs old? have no idea) and honestly he seems pretty natty to me
>>292590 na but picture that young is basically meaningless, it's impossible/pointless to compare pictures of pre-pubescent children to their 20-something selves
>>292594 Yeah it would make more sense to look for tell tale signs of ps in a persons current face
>>292552 >>292569 >>292594 >too old >too edited >too young Ergo, plastic surgery speculations are pointless lmao
>>292594 i agree but to an extent like about monolid vs double lids
>>292717 kek i was actually going to specify with the exception of things like monolids-to-sudden-deep-double-lids in that post, agreed
>>292590 >>292563 >>292549 what stood out most to me is the reduced distance between eyes and eyebrow. it was considerably big during his childhood and teen years but then dramatically reduced later. definately got some work done there
>>292741 damn, good eyes nona, now i can see it too. more than just decreasing the space, it seems like his inner corners plus his eyebrows, basically the entire eye area was rotated downwards, to give him that sharp fox look (from - - to \ /) that's probably also why he looked 35 since he was like 17/18, older people naturally get that strict, slightly angry ("hot") stare he has if they frown often and lose their skin's elasticity.
>>292741 >>292751 yea a lot of idols have gotten epicanthoplasty to cut the inner eye corners a bit and blepharoplasty to tighten the upper lids for a sharper look to the eyes, i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had that done
San got the fox eye surgery lol
some degree of eye work is a no brainer since it seems easiest to get done and eyes are pretty important for idols
>>292717 >>292734 Can both of you explain what you mean?
>>130980 i agree sm
>>131676 omg i fking hate that sm. it never failed to creep tf out of me. anon why bring(?) it up ffs iam literally trying to get away from it
>>134077 this might be the reason why i thought chungha's familiar to me
>>168526 i cant see who's this guy?
>>171652 damn the before him looks like those guys arouund my age here in our place
>>171886 iam 17+?
>>172698 the 'big-headed' me is attacked jk
>>208636 who dat?
do you even try to integrate also >you must be over the age of 18 to post here
>idol: wears makeup >ccc: is this ps?
i truly fail to grasp some of karina's fans' blindness. Korean ones are even worse. how tf can you say this chick lost some weight from her cheeks and call it a day?
>>295972 Wow, I wonder if she even recognizes herself
>>295972 eyes, nose, jawline, it’s all different now
>>296078 Cheekbones as well
>>172699 I know right, its getting annoying
>>172696 What are you talking about? And also what are scandinavian noses?
>>174613 Honestly this gif is cute though
>>174814 Her surgery or whatever she had done isnt bad, she still looks very pretty. though I didnt know she looked so different in the beginning. I kinda like her small lips and her slightly crooked teeth in the upper left pic, its cute
>>174952 Also she got lip fillers
>>296109 >>296110 >>296113 Ah sorry I scrolled up a bit too far. I didnt see that these posts were so old
(402.61 KB 3464x3464 taebot_now.jpg)
>>272031 tragic. 1st pic he looks like some middle aged korean mc/actor/celeb i cant remember the name of lmao as for the 2nd pic.. who told him that angle was flattering
>>292741 looking at it again he still has a lot of space between eye and eyebrow so idk if that’s a sure indicator of anything i wonder about his monolids, and whether he occasionally uses tape/they appear when his face is swollen. im fairly sure he’s said himself he has monolids but in some pics he’ll have a random crease
>>296430 he looks like someone here
>>299412 the space under the arch of his brows are a diff color so to me it looks like his brows were just shaved & redrawn? tattooed? something like that and yeah kek in one of their variety shows his lid tape gave out mid-episode on one eye
>>299831 lol he usually has straight ish eyebrows but they’ve been drawing it on arched recently for some reason in most bareface pics he doesn’t have prominent double lids so im pretty sure he uses tape/glue
(17.66 KB 419x732 images (33).jpeg)
>>241050 I hate Eric Nam's nose. Every time I see/watch him I can't focus on anything else. Looks like someone molded a pair of nostrils out of plasticine and stuck it on his face. >>241075 Hyuna baby what is you doing. She's been influenced by Jessi too much. The fillers in her cheeks are awful as well. Her face looks swollen.
>>299950 cant tell if that is botched or natty
(373.52 KB 650x762 Screenshot (24).png)
wtf did hybe do to that txt kid
>>300504 they fucked with his nose 3? 4? times in 2 years
>>300504 uncanny valley. smile/lip lift surgery gone wrong
>>300504 shitty nose job, now it’s too upturned from the front and too protruding from the side overdone lip lift, probably lip fillers too he’s not gonna age well…
>>300540 Dont forget the jaw shave
>>300540 unironically fed in 15 years
>>300579 what do Koreans have against jaws???
>me trying to get into ateez >big bird being lowkey the most botched looking male idol since 2pm jun.k i don’t think he left any part of his face untouched
>>300919 i understand nona. it's hard to get into a group if certain members only look good from afar. it's slightly embarrassing too
>>300504 >>300506 even if this was all his decision it's like... why would they let him do it. his nostrils are dangerously close to the "i can see a peek of his brain" category
>>300504 how anyone thinks the obvious implant and droopy overly visible nostrils look good is beyond me. looking at a predebut pic, he’s probably also cut his eye corners and gotten lip fillers. he’s done something to his jaw too
>>300919 kek it pains me when they’re completely plastic but still busted like if an idol’s ugly but mostly natural, it can be refreshing. when someone goes overboard and tries to fix every feature, they go into uncanny valley territory. even with ps, not everyone can resemble the visual standard and that’s fine. i kinda feel bad for seonghwa tho, im pretty sure he’s admitted to not liking how he looks and being insecure before. he should stop abusing fillers/botox and abandon those terrible selfie filters though also lmao i never really payed attention to 2pm but i searched up jun k and…it’s bad
>>301010 he was cute.. not an idol visual but at least he looked young and human
i hate looking at txt. i've never seen a group where every member looks botched beyond repair
>>301033 saddest thing is that they're so freaking young. they couldn't even grow into their features. kinda glad autismo was allowed to grow a jaw
>>301010 looks like he had a deviated septum and went through with correcting it + added botch bonus. i don’t know about eye corners but he definitely gets lip filler kek even his chin has that wrinkled dorito appearance from shoving shit in it
>>301033 down bad
someone help this man
>>301921 >>301920 jesus christ it's worse than i thought
>>301921 damn. They busted his shit for good. There's no going back. Their plastic surgeon needs their license taken away
>>301921 holy crap... wtf happened to his eyes
>>301010 rare photo of his actual jaw and lips before they turned him into pennywise with botched duck lips
>>301921 kek holy shit and he’s only 19
>>301926 fuck this is sad
(33.96 KB 561x386 JPEG.JPG)
>>301925 > before they turned him into pennywise
>>301921 why the fuck does his right eye look so swollen...is it fillers? it looks like someone socked him in both eyes
>>301033 out of all the 4th gen groups would you guys say they're the most botched?
>>301939 no because ateez exists
>>301951 i feel like at this point txt is basically at the same level of bad/excessive plastic surgery as ateez… for ateez: san - doesn’t look plastic tbh jongho, wooyoung, mingi, yunho - plasticky yeosang, hongjoong - uncanny seonghwa - botched for txt: soobin, kai - plastic looking beomgyu - uncanny taehyun, yeonjun - botched
>>301957 kai just looks like that because he's half german and germans are a somewhat repulsive looking species
>>301957 to me hue just looks like 'some dude'
>>301926 what do Koreans have against masculine jaws
>>301981 they dislike anything that might make their face/head look bigger or wider and chase the skinny dorito ideal
>>295972 she looks like she used to be a mean kid ngl
>>302139 kek same i believe the bullying rumors
>>301957 two of my favorite groups being the most plastic of their generation.. what does this say about me
>>301957 kais dad's genes are strong as hell
>>302208 u have body dysmorphia
>>302208 you're easily fooled by edited photos
>>302208 youre probably into bimbofication
>>302214 they are, kai could pass as white honestly
im convinced felix, karina, and huening kai are reptilians. They don't look human to me
>>301969 as a german i take no offense but isn't he american?
>>302305 felix and hueningkai can be called botched but that karina girly is literally a lizard.i’m shocked people are saying she’s pretty
skz is the most botched group ever followed by ateez.
>>302369 genuinely asking but are they? looking at skz pre debut pics they just seem to be uggos not botched, except for felix and hyunjin
>>302369 only hyunjin and felix. the rest look okay
>>302223 >>302226 >>302231 ding dong daeng!
>>302369 stray kids might be mostly uggos but they've had less ps done compared to most of their peer groups
>>284741 >>285856 this is the most accurate of karina's chest.. i think they're natural, a bit saggy but not that huge either just look at this performance
>>302555 does 2ning have thyroid issues or does she just naturally have a goiter-esque wide looking neck from jaw shave
>>302573 her neck doesn't look that big to me?
(607.38 KB 2048x1152 E81zn06VUAUGMMb.jpg)
skz are busted but its a mostly natural busted. even hyunjin only has the chin implant and i honestly do believe felix's cheeks are just a result of his extreme anachanism
>>302720 no he def got a jaw shave. looks botched
>>302778 he didn't get a jaw shave, there was never enough downtime for the healing process, it's a mix of chin fillers and either extreme anachanism, buccal fat removal or masseter botox
(1.18 MB 1400x1400 0-26-111058.jpg)
>>302778 Nah, his bone is still there
(935.60 KB 1400x1050 10-26-11129.jpg)
>>302812 yeah i also think that
>>302778 imo it's probably buccal fat removal and chin filler (?) bc his jaw still has a mandible angle
>>302839 his face looks so long and weird now, i know they like smaller faces but the procedures he did were def a mistake
>>302573 nona what the fuck? it looks normal to me
>>302856 maybe he wanted to keep the angle but overall just a smaller jaw
(109.49 KB 845x1200 D1jGQYQWoAAUbu5.jpg)
he used to look cute
changbin's face used to be a dorito predebut
>>303026 changbin has been messing around with fillers i think cuz he looks really stuffy now
short faces are so much more cute and youthful, they really are ruining themselves by shaving themselves into horsefaces
>>303026 >>303040 hes just fat
>>302314 german descent
>>300927 Ain’t that most kpop groups
(12.84 KB 554x554 images (1).jpeg)
soobin's lip corners look sus and weirder this cb
>>303189 Ball jointed doll aesthetic
>>303189 ppl really should leave stuff like lip corners, cheekbones, jawlines untouched, it’s just very unnecessary
(342.87 KB 1000x558 EyF23t8W8AopwML.mp4)
(148.87 KB 1200x630 gxdd2.jpg)
>>302834 as a comparison, felix's groupmate lee know also can look different face wise at his lowest weight vs his normal weight (although the angles here arent perfectly matched). but hes only looked this thin maybe a couple times and gains back to normal for most of the time
>>303189 looks like he got a lip lift, lifted lip corners along with fillers
>>302778 did he also get a thread lift?
(64.65 KB 2000x1000 55499.jpeg)
>>302720 no im pretty sure hyunjin also got a jaw shave
>>302555 so why do they make her wear padded bras...
(130.07 KB 1200x899 1527eba0b6082ae4491191416953.jpg)
>>303313 thats a new one, people usually point out chin implant or filler abuse. sis, he had no jaw TO shave
any conclusions drawn about ps using predebut photos with bad lighting and no makeup vs postdebut HD with perfect makeup lighting and angles are so stupid
>>302991 dorito isnt great either, but he just looks like a mong here with cheeks that fat
>>303313 nah he’s always had a weak jawline, his chin is just super pointy now
>>303321 another unsolved sm mystery
>>303321 maybe to make them look perkier? idk
>>303443 might be that stylists think karina's chest sits too low naturally so they try to prop it higher as much as possible
>>302839 he should have kept his chubby cheeks, they suited him. jennie kept hers and she still looks good
>>303513 yup chubbier cheeks help u stay more youthful looking too…a lot of these idols won’t age well
i think karina had a breast reduction. looked it up and it doesnt seem to take that long to recover from.
i feel like im watching an stranger, she looks so dif
>>303745 Who is this? google reverse image search doesn't give me any results.
>>303891 p sure its aespa winter
>>303745 how? its the angle probably
>>266701 can’t speak to the nose but i think he just gained some weight a while ago so his face was naturally a bit chubbier. once they start preparing for a comeback he’ll become ana again though
>>206334 did she really get one? theydon't look small here
(41.11 KB 960x960 FB_IMG_1630015990140.jpg)
He shoulda never gotten that chin implant, he looks so "off" in this comeback
>>316257 KEK no fucking way it looks like that im dying right now
>>316257 no jaw in sight, only chin... how is that humanly possible
>>316257 oh my fuckin god
>>316257 this looks photoshopped id like to see on video
>>316257 it looks like someone erased the space between the implant and double chin
(15.35 KB 390x355 soobinisreptilian.JPG)
>>302305 > huening kai are reptilians *soobin
there’s always something wrong with his chin
>>316369 imagine if he gains weight on his face
>>316368 is that normal?
>>316368 i used to be friends with someone who could do this with his face skin, it's not ps related
>>316375 Yea, he’s the same reptilian breed as doyoung
>>316368 >>316380 ehlers-danlos?
>>316382 they got the same disease as our wonderful vtuber friend
>>316257 Just.....how is he skinny with a double chin of a obese man?
>>316472 recessed jawline or some supremely unfortunate fat distribution aka hyunjin chinlet
>>316364 i reverse google searched the image and nothing came up, bit weird
>>316364 >>316640 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tp0wkz_2Ao this is the video although i dont know what timestamp that pic (edited or not) wouldve been from
i only looked through the 1st 6 minutes. his chin does look bad and weird but not as bad as the photo
lovelyz kei
>>325171 voldemort
>>325190 ^looks like
(36.25 KB 1080x271 IMG_20210831_205549.jpg)
>>325171 >>325173 just wanted to post that so sad and true >seniority girl is only 26 and already ruined herself to keep up with 15yo wonyoung and co...
>>303236 his nose is pointier too..i would agree even with jaw shave but...when? skz have been having shit going on non-stop since debut, he would need a lot of time to recover from a jaw shave (and nosejob also heals a long time) so I don't know when it would have happened time-wise
>>326470 shaving isn't the only way to make your jaw smaller. pic related, this woman had botox injected into her jaw.
>>326524 how the hell does botox do that
>>326696 botox can’t fix your bone structure but a wide jaw can also be caused by a prominent masseter muscle due to overworking (chewing, grinding). it relaxes the muscle and prevents it from growing again
>>326524 shit i want botox now
>>326885 botox is pretty neat, it can also help treat excessive sweating. but be careful about using it too much, you can develop immunity to it
did he do something to his face? i'm not an atiny but he looks so different these days, why?
>>327177 need to see a recent clip or video of him in motion since 1 edited and cleaned up pic isnt much
choyeon from p48 in 2018
>>328401 her now and about to debut
(1.35 MB 720x1280 twitter_20210901_134713.mp4)
>>328403 she already looked like a toad and just made it worse.
>>327177 he looks the same, i just think the short hair and thin eyebrows is not good look
>>328421 >i'm not an atiny
>>327177 >>328421 maybe he should do something because he looks rough
>>328401 >>328403 Lip filler and chin implant? Both look really fake. I don't get why some idols go for an obviously plastic look.
>>328421 does not seem very different to me, could be the hair too..I also think he gained some weight recently, he was super ana before with sunken cheeks etc
>>328430 nah being natty uggo is still better than plastic uggo >>328483 looked better ana
(97.32 KB 848x847 20210901_145736.jpg)
>>328516 I think he looks so handsome...the other group members scare me
(189.44 KB 768x1024 p1065575136140408_574_thum.jpg)
why no one is ever talking about Wheein? she ruined her face and looks like completly different person her poor chin
>>329895 damn who the fuck suggested this??? the chin implant was so unnecessary. wheein was so cute already, fuck.
>>329895 i think she looks the same? she doesn't look bad. also these pics are fire
(27.51 KB 452x678 images.jpeg-1.jpg)
>>329949 I'm not good at spotting PS but that chin doesn't look real. It used to jut forward, now it points downward and looks bigger/rounder. I'm not sure about the nose. Eyes could be just makeup with tape.
(170.85 KB 900x1200 E9r_K92XMAAamSQ.jpg)
>>329895 something isnt adding up >>329960
>>329951 picked a bad pic on purpose
she shaved her jaw too I think
>>329976 its a bad pic but a bad pic wont change your jaw that much, plus there are other pics
>>329984 if she's getting chin implants she might as well do her jaw
Who pays for their surgeries? the company or idols themselves?
>>330179 I imagine initially the companies for debut but afterwards it's up to you?
(89.78 KB 655x713 044653.jpg)
is it just me who thinks it's not normal that the ends of his top lip doesnt connect with the corners of his mouth?
>>335064 ^its like its just hanging like a flap...
>>335064 oh fuck i dont ever wanna see this guy hes fucking horrible
>>335068 kek face wise or personality wise?
>>335064 Isn't he the one that's called the 4th gen it boy? He too young to look this busted
>>335064 idols these days fuck up their faces 1-2 years into debut...
>>329951 As everyone has mentioned Wheein looked beautiful the way she did before PS, and quite frankly even after that I still think she looks beautiful. However, this just shows how messed up beauty standards are in general and sadly not everyone can take the psychological toll. Wheein has had severe anxiety and other issues due to the amount of hate she received from calling her ugly duckling or not good enough when she is nothing but super talented. In the end whether you like it or not you capitulate just to get a little piece of mind and give in to those standards. I think she said in an interview when her solo album came out this year that it's the best she's felt mentally and physically in a while...so PS or no PS , more power to her.
>>335064 oof.....just...why. I saw his school pic, he looked fine?
>why no one is ever talking about Wheein? >>132114 >>132117 >>132118 >>132132 >>132227 >>132229 use ctrl f nona
>>335148 his top lip scares me. its as if they cut the corners or something or fucked up on the corner lip lift
>>335069 face wise but watched some of their contents and i found him really annoying too
hybes plastic surgeon should get sued fuck this is fucked up
>>335064 someone please fix him
>>335255 they busted his shit to the point of no return. he will not age well
>>335201 they need their license revoked
ni-ki from epipens veneers annoy me
>>335289 like who the fuck gives a 15 year old veneers?
>>335291 should be illegal
>>335291 hopefully they're the kind that just go over natural teeth and dont require filing the tooth to a stump
>>335289 heeseungs are worse but all enpipen veneers are upsetting
Insightful thread. I learned that most of you don't know how lighting, angles, make-up and photoshop work. There's no denying that idols get plastic surgery, but most of the evidence in this thread is pretty weak.
>>335778 excellent analysis dr kim
>>335778 wow thread refuted with facts and logic
>>335778 it’s because nonas can’t be bothered to post unedited pictures with minimal make up. comparing pre debut pics to heavily edited promotional pictures is not gonna prove anything
>>335289 now tell me wtf is wrong with it? i swear nonas see problems where there are no problems
>>336074 nta but veneers that are a bit too shiny white can look uncanny. i dont think theyre nearly as bad or noticeable compared to that other epipen though
>>336088 i mean it's not noticeable nor it looks that bad imo i couldn't even tell
>>336099 the one with the most natural looking veneers is huening kai. ni-ki and heeseungs look unnatural and too big
>>335778 yeah i'm under the impression a lot of nonas itt are either minors or shutins who see two photos taken differently and conclude plastic surgery
>>336099 that's cause you need lasik
>>336121 so who do you think people are wrong about wrt plastic surgery. i'll give you the veneers boy cos they look fine but who else
>>336099 >it's not noticeable it is
>>336127 it's not. shut the fuck up retarda
>>336169 even if you aren’t very good at spotting veneers, they’re still weird looking. if his weren’t so noticeable nona probably wouldn’t have posted itt
>>336126 Well, let’s use this as an example. This comparison is garbage. One is a screenshot where she’s standing under some pretty harsh lighting and being shot from below. She’s wearing little make-up and she’s slack-jawed. The other is a professional photo taken at a higher angle under studio lights. She’s wearing make-up, her expression is different and its been retouched. This isn’t proof of anything. There is no denying that Yoona has had work done, but nowhere near as much as people seem to believe.
>>336257 are you retarded? you can clearly see that her jaw was massive. delusional yoonafag
(26.28 KB 575x533 En2SN2tVgAEXCuu.jpg)
>>336257 That pic shows clear as day Yoona had PS. You can tell she had either a jaw shave or botox in her jaw (she had a longer, square face) and she def did something to her nose. She has always been pretty though.
Aren't Aespa girls super young? I feel like combined they probably have had more surgeries than Park Bom. If I've learned something from this thread is that no one is ugly, we're just poor. >>335064 I've seen that surgery do wonders for certain faces but it seems like the surgeon went overboard with that kid
>>336472 she's not wrong. jaws look different depending on angles, lighting and facial expressions. if you want to prove yoona had PS, the pictures posted by >>336257 are not a good comparison at all.
>>336502 wrong. in your pic you can clearly see that it's facial excess skin. in yoonas before pic it's 100% jawbone.
>>336506 *facial fat
>>336494 I don't like her nose job
(141.71 KB 926x1089 yoona.jpg)
>>336257 >>336484 >>336502 it would be a better comparison to use pics with more similar lighting and posing pic related is also screenshots from the same video as the other 'before' pics, but people always post the other shots because they're idk, uglier i guess, but these shots have much closer composition to the 'after' shots and her face still looks fairly different imo however it's also worth noting that she was like 15-16 here (and honestly she still looks super young to me here too) and girls that age aren't nearly finished growing so her face would naturally change a bit as well, so honestly while i think it's unlikely that she's completely natural i also don't think this particular comparison can be conclusively used to state anything about what ps she's had done anyway
(175.11 KB 606x455 31d44046.jpg)
>>336494 >I've seen that surgery do wonders for certain faces but it seems like the surgeon went overboard with that kid yeah i feel bad for him, however im not sure at this point if its the company to blame or him cause i read one nona saying that at a certain point the artist chooses i think
>>336494 >>336577 ^and in one of their vlives one of the other members said that they went to dermatologist for acne treatment but it went away on its own and he talked about how it was a waste of money so im guessing they pay?
>>336494 karina's jaw never fails to creep me out
>>336257 if you look at any photo from yoona this year its obvious she's done something to her jaw. both these pics are old. other pics of her have been posted in this thread. you've literally chosen the worst example
>>336494 you still need to have potential if you get ps. karina was already pretty and she become otherworldly beautiful from ps. kwanghee was ugly af and he became still ugly but way better than before
>>336869 this. if someone's feature placement and/or symmetry is fucked they need a whole reconstruction and rearrangement (which is impossible) to get close to being a highlighted visual
ikrrrr There's a reason karina's been made into korea's new it girl whereas giselle still looks like some rando you wouldn't turn around to look at on the street despite having arguably the most ps out of the lot
>>336101 since when did huehue get veneers
>>336182 retarda we're literally in the ps surgery, nonas say ps looks bad even it doesn't. anyway i'm saying that they don't look bad or anything to me. (niki's veneers) the other members' are another story. do you understand or?
(80.84 KB 1200x630 0936361434y1uu3hj161213.jpg)
>>336984 just look at his smile you can tell, also his top teeth compared to his bottom teeth. he probably only got them on the top
rich ajumma
>>340612 is that g dragon?
>>340664 she goes by ji dragonese now actually she/her/they/them pronouns
>>340612 freaking yuck
>>340612 please dont tell me koreans actually think its hot for a guy to look like this
>>340612 yikes on bikes
>>340612 looks like an old tranny
>>340612 getting botchy day by day hope j girlie turn off the light while shagging this dude
>>340612 this what jennie's fucking?
>>340777 maybe she likes them like this
>>340612 spoiler that shit
>>340612 he has looked like shit for a while now and has aged badly, pic related was start of last year. don't know which looks worse tbh.
>>341356 dropped pic
>>341357 couldnt he have done something else that doesnt need a ton of filler? threadlift? skin laser treatment to provoke collagen growth? oh well, who cares if the outside matches the ugly inside
>>341580 when you do as many procedures as he's done, especially ones that mess with your jaw area, this just happens. plus he's drinking and smoking. it takes constant maintenance (which he isnt doing to be clear) to look decent after what he's done to his face
kek gdragon was always uggo ps or not
>>340612 what all your male favs will look like in ten years bgfags
>>341676 let's not act like the females are aging any better
>>341676 in 10-15 years we will know for sure which of our favs have not gotten much or any plastic surgery. >>341587 he used to be cute in a boy-next-door way.
>>341862 it is incredibly unlikely that your fav has not gotten any plastic surgery
>>341862 those teeth
>>341893 i wish korea let celebs have natty teeth. you dont realise how weird it looks for everyone to have veneers until you watch an english show
>>341862 oh wow he wasn't bad looking
>>341686 ...they do.
(2.97 MB 576x1024 download.mp4)
>>340612 the tiktok doc made a video on him
>>342607 i love it when plastic surgeons do these kind of vids but i would never trust them to do ps on me kek
am i the only one who wishes idols would stop getting double eyelid procedures. i’d probably get called out for fetishizing asian features or something if i said this anywhere else but i think monolids can look so pretty and can make ones face appear more alluring and mysterious in a way. maybe it’s easy for me to say as someone with natural double eyelids but i think monolids are so cool
>>342607 >aww don't they make a lovely couple please don't hate i'm a vip! wot
>>342705 he always says dont hate im a fan of whatever group he's dissing lol
>>342703 word i grew up in a household where my dad taught me to naturally fix my monolids into double if i wanted with a toothpick and i was like nah i think i'm good nothing wrong with em
>>342703 i think it's not as common as it used to be with male idols to ditch their monolids for doubles, they get other things like blepharoplasty instead to open up their eyes. but its rarer with girlpops to see monos
>>336257 her whole face shape changed she used to have long face now her face looks small
>>173303 she was so fucking cute during snsd's first years, why did she do that
>>342866 as the visual/center of the group there's a lot of pressure to fit the beauty standard. the v shape face seems like the dumbest beauty standard to us but since koreans usually have bigger squarish faces it's a rare desirable feature.
>>337046 are you sure.. do you have any more pictures
>>342878 just look it up on google images
>>342703 No offence but why do people who talk about this topic always ignore that most male idols and actors have monolids or at least some form of hooded double eyelid? You're not fetishizing anything, don't worry. Koreans also think they are cool, in fact Korean girls prefer monolids on men. Why they don't seem to like it on women/female idols though, I can only guess at the reasons why.
>>342707 damn I went through the exact same thing, my mom even bought me double eyelid tape on my ninth birthday
>>342902 i think double eyelid surgery was introduced as a way to look softer and therefore more feminine. also having bigger eyes is more feminine. in general society doesnt like women with strong sharp features/ "manly" features
>>342908 i remember watching willams beatdown on michelle phans eyelid tape video and ill never forget him saying "step 1: deny your heritage" kek
>>336494 she used to look like mr bean
>>342918 >michelle phans Most Viets have double eyelids. How is it denying your heritage if you wear a piece of tape?
>>342932 girl relax its just a joke
>>342937 >it's just a joke bro Come on now. There's a reason he said it and you find it funny.
>>342939 yes its funny cos its true for a lot of people who get double eyelids. and michelle phan is not the hill u wanna die on
>>342944 Asians who think double eyelids makes them less Asian are retarded, that's all.
people who think all asians have monolids think asia is just china japan and korea
what’s with the weird point/bubble that always sticks out in his chin
>>343555 it always looks like it has lines/creases coming out of it too
>>343555 make a new PS thread, this one's bumplocked.
(192.10 KB 1169x1200 EccxlgfX0AAxIHI.jpg)
sunmi breast ps?
i don’t understand how this supposedly looks good
>>342607 this fkng guy is so funny anything new to revive this thread?
(277.81 KB 1080x1194 Screenshot_20211017_205558.jpg)
this acc is GOLD. some of the best hits
(252.05 KB 1080x1194 Screenshot_20211017_210108.jpg)
(347.28 KB 1080x1189 Screenshot_20211017_210335.jpg)


no cookies?