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Loona Gen Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:20:31 No. 1004
voice soty edition
samefagging this dead thread to say yves is my beautiful wife
(758.42 KB 1504x1128 Ek-pCCXU0AI-j-F.jpg)
i'll contribute a post too anon. i really liked their new cb
>>2207 i miss predebut loona a lot but i think the latest mini is better than the one prior. why not > so what too i hope they do some new subunits again soon
(707.21 KB 1000x1500 1599889580665.jpg)
>>2213 agreed on the pre debut thing and on enjoying why not much more compared to so what. i'm sure they'll do subunits again eventually
>>2232 cute heej!
(1.89 MB 500x208 kimlipsupremacy.gif)
I miss predebut loona. Nothing will ever top the masterpiece that was eclipse.
>>2236 eclipse is such a unique (for k-pop) & beautiful blend of r&b and dream pop. OEC4eva
(734.80 KB 1989x2048 Eg3EWt6X0AEmbKk.jpg)
>>2235 another from that day for you
so have loona given up on their complicated lore stuff? none of the new comebacks seem to really tie in to all that predebut backstory they did, I kind of miss it
>>4648 They tried to add some lore to why not but it probably won't be as prominent since Jaden left
(359.89 KB 1200x1800 1602482134071.jpg)
for me, it's kimberly lippington
(509.17 KB 1365x2048 1603925590934.jpg)
(638.94 KB 1388x2108 1603687644141.jpg)
do you consider vivi useless ? imo she's cute and a decent singer, it's already more than most idol
>>4978 useless? no overshadowed by pretty much the rest of the group? yeah
>>4978 >it's already more than most idol if vivi is the standard of it you're using then no its not. she's ugly but I don't see her as amymore useless than any other loona member. none of them are anything special.
>>4970 freaking cute, friend
(942.78 KB 2000x3005 0000048495_001_20180826085429763.jpg)
I don't understand why companies debut groups with large numbers. It never works out and there is usually 1-3 members that get around 3 seconds of lines. I'm pretty sure they threw vivi in just to finish off the loona concept of having a girl for each month. imo they should go back to the subunits so that the girls can get more lines. Maybe then we'd also get better songs.
(2.11 MB 2504x3755 DmK2dWyUYAE6RPE.jpg)
can loonafags tell me wtf happened to Loona? They had such a mysterious aura. This song is horrible... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4orKHQhI0xY
>>6843 Sm ruined them
>>6843 Their predebut songs are so good i wish they could get back to that
(52.63 KB 1093x614 IMG_20201115_131327.jpg)
thoughts on Star MV? im choerry biased but i think heejin looks especially good this comeback era
>>11731 Weird cringy galaxy effects, overall worse in quality than a lot of their other mvs. Ugly aliexpress cheap Chinese clothes. Never leave digipedi but they should fire the stylist
>>5246 Loona could be better without the irrelevant members. It would be enough to have Kimlip, Chuu, short haired badass gal, and that heejin girl. They can padd the group with olivia/gowon/jinsoul. The rest are forgettable.
>>11958 gowon is useless and forgettable
orbits on twitter try to push vivi as this it girl and its just so strange because she rarely if ever has lines, almost no center positions in performances and barely talks.
>>11985 True >>12035 It’s like their weird moral cause? Bbc possibly dumping yena for her was their biggest mistake. Can’t sing and can’t dance. really weird looking because of her how huge her cheeks are compared to her nonexistent chin, plus whatever she’s injected into her face makes it freeze in these weird positions occasionally. She’s the bom of loona but if she was completely useless
>>12035 non-orbit popping in, is it true vivi doesn't know korean?
>>11731 heejin is so lean
>>12837 No she knows Korean
>>11731 this looks like an AI lol
does anyone else not think Vivi was truly born in 96? maybe its nitpicky but she looks so old
>>26200 I believe I saw a discussion about this topic on another forum but I don't remember where exactly But if I remember correctly the users there said she could be lying about her age
>>26203 I don't remember why they thought that way though
>>26204 she had 1993 as her birth year in a modelling site (some say she could be lying because maybe you had to be 18 to enter the page)
>>26290 Oh, makes sense
I think it’s cute when jinsoul acts like a bit of a retard like in the last loonatv
i love loona so much. i wish they weren't overly hyped by stan twitter to the point where everyone is sick of them. their discography is honestly a 10/10, the girls aren't as anachan as other groups, the only gripe i have is that their styling looks cheap at times but in all fairness bbc is broke kek
(129.54 KB DGKXYV1UAAAhUZU.jpg)
(178.08 KB DGKbRO0VoAAImuP.jpg)
(97.34 KB DGKXzO5VYAQYIkx.jpg)
(120.23 KB DGKVzWyUAAA0ooJ.jpg)
(629.11 KB 742x763 loona cb.png)
loona comeback confirmed. are we ready ladies
>>162619 of course. what’s the concept?
>>162619 hoping for haseul to be included
lets get some activity on this thread once the teaser drops we can pretend the girls have personalities, invent some beefs and mental illnesses, whatever it takes. loona fighting
>>167326 I’ll start yveslip superiority complex bully duo Jinsoul as their victim and evidence is the tmt thing which they keep calling her even tho she says she hates it Chuu is going to get the Suzy treatment from the rest of the group soon and it’s starting because they put her to the side here and blocked her out by putting the tallest member next to her There’s not a lot to work with here bc they never do anything Kek
pre kim lip loona music is so good and i hate how int fans (aka loona's whole fandom) ignore them because they're slow, cute and the only popular one there is heejin. love&live is a banger. also bbc must be crying at how broadcasters prefer chuu over their golden child heejin. as an orbit i like them all but can't they tone down the heejin favoritism? south koreans are already preferring chuu and yves. one last thing: i don't mind so what and why not, i even like them, but i want girl crush loona gone. half the industry is doing dark concepts so can loona do the opposite?
>>178558 the only one I know is heejin and I love her look so much.
>>178558 word, i'm a 1/3 supremacist
>>178558 To Korean standards Heejin is still consider the prettiest. Mostly due to her face, fit body and light skin. And yeah, I'd say pre-debut Loona songs had more personality than the generic route they are going for now.
hey girls let's revive this. what do you NOT want for the full moon comeback? i do not want talk rapping and an instrumental chorus. i'm fine with so what and why not? but it's time to move on...
>>184934 i just want sweet crazy love 2.0 but since jaden jeong jumped ship... i dont want lsm to work with them again since they'll get some aespa reject
(1.41 MB 1414x2000 E2zSQwrXwAYe-S3.jpeg)
im hyped for the comeback girls. these graphics theyre putting up are a little ugly but at least they dont look like tryhard girl crush shit, more serious and ethereal like everyone's been wanting
>>207671 I'm so excited. We survived another hiatus.
(1.19 MB 1500x2175 20210603_075058.jpg)
(1.50 MB 1500x2175 E28d7FcVEAEx02D.jpeg)
cb is gonna be kino im calling it now
>>209246 >>209302 tbh these pics look like it's gonna be girl crush shit again
>>209246 yaoi hands
>>209310 excuse me, it's yuri hands
(42.86 KB 640x928 2i064zstt1371.jpeg)
>>209309 the other teasers balance it out a bit, looks more like a butterfly/voice vibe to me (im praying)
(85.85 KB 640x928 b69ca9y3h2371.jpeg)
(74.73 KB 640x928 qpqxb9w3h2371.jpeg)
(446.86 KB 1500x2175 wezy7i0bd8371.jpeg)
chuu is here
>>209405 whoa vivi served
>>211543 is she 24/7 acting cute or thats just her? i can never tell
(264.84 KB 1150x2048 DqxTH6yV4AAEnGW.jpeg)
>>211580 i've been watching her youtube show and she's either an amazing actress or a genuinely freakishly cute person i think its the latter
>>211580 her aegyo doesnt feel forced at all
(637.75 KB 1500x2175 5idklgexy8371.jpeg)
hyunjin is here
(1.88 MB 1500x2175 E3HSfl0VIAQCMDW.jpeg)
the lyrics that come with the teasers are starting to sound more and more girlcrush but at least they look pretty
>>211593 This blurry subway photo is one of my favorite kpop pics, it's concentrated joy
i feel like it's gonna be another so what/why not
>>221194 God help us if so.
>>221194 I just want to hear haseul's voice on a title track again...
>Dance Hip-Hop genre that contains LOONA's explosive energy and combines all the essential elements of a Bollywood song we might have lost
>>223432 i have accepted the fact that predebut was their peak music wise
(1.08 MB 1224x1192 fuck.png)
>>223432 I will still stream, I guess.
Everyone I see is saying that the producer is hinting heavily at it sounding like something from the early 2000s and I liked XS by rina sawayama so I will be tuning in
>>223451 i have this fantasy of it sounding like 4aem by grimes
>>223467 Okay that would actually be nice.
>>223451 if it sounds like an 00s track i'm all for it, the 80s trend is getting kind of worn
happy jinsoul day!
(70.81 KB 720x960 IMG_20210612_102003.jpg)
>>223843 happy bday
>>223939 with all my heart
>>223843 i love my unnie so much happy bday jinsoulieeee
>>228403 this makes me think that we're getting another so what/why not
newest teaser has lippie returning to eclipse era https://youtube.com/watch?v=b2Fhd1S-kGA
>>242438 excited
(445.31 KB 1024x1536 IMG_20210617_202101.jpg)
>>242438 i'm so excited i've missed them
(186.78 KB 1920x1080 IMG_20210615_101709.jpg)
so sooman isn't involved in this right? pls say yes
>>242476 It looks like according to everything I've read that Ryan Jhun is the main producer this time
(206.66 KB 1200x899 IMG_20210623_103306.jpg)
cute girls
>>242865 please free yeojin from that bob
>>242897 i hate they forced her to get it
>>242473 heejin is so cute & pretty
girls looking cute
(2.04 MB 1500x2175 IMG_20210605_102733.jpg)
>>243319 true >>243570 i missed haseul so much
https://youtube.com/watch?v=EaGC2TdU1jk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzvyxa55b-c Third teaser is out as well as snippet from music show intro. Sounds heavy
(383.18 KB 2048x2048 IMG_20210624_114522.jpg)
>loona having their first cb in like a year plus ot12 >retards already trying to cancel them for ca sigh
>>244156 It was inevitable. at least the mv looks like it has a good budget
>>244156 I don't see how this is affecting anyone. No one died. It looks pretty.
>>244969 Samefag. My bad, wasn't paying attention kek
>>244156 which part of it was supposed to even be ca?
>>244983 something about "desi headpiece" or something kek im surprised stan twitter didn't go for them when the producers said the beat was bollywood infused
>>244156 do you all think one day kpop companies will start to be resentful of foreign fans for always pulling this CA cancel crap? is the foreign money really worth it when their groups' image has to suffer for it
>>245482 >is the foreign money really worth it yes. it's the only reason the k-pop bubble even became so huge.
>>243585 her hair is so fried but she looks great otherwise
(3.71 MB 498x451 heej.gif)
>>245482 they probably do get annoyed but they ignore the complaints most of the time and fans still buy albums
anyone else catch gowon getting her head called big in the reddit ama kek
(88.99 KB 662x882 IMG_20210605_222658.jpg)
>>245603 sounds like it'll be noisy again but the bsides sounds good at least
>>245541 they did remove the feathers from choerry teaser pic for 12:00 because of fans claiming it was ca even though it wasn't kek
the ama answers weren't exactly interesting but the interactions between the girls were really cute i couldnt get into loona when they first debuted because they were so awkward and stiff with each other, they didnt seem like they got along, but they seem a lot closer now naturally
(115.86 KB 736x551 IMG_20210612_102524.jpg)
>>246117 they've come a long way
>>245977 imo it's just culture shock for us that they actually remove it when people complain because usually companies don't do this for fans but knetz have them whipped kek
(322.41 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20210626_095223.jpg)
she's so pretty
(123.96 KB 960x1280 IMG_20210626_095218.jpg)
4 years with jinsoul
(1.31 MB 1146x1722 1624863826233.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1024x758 1624863985103.jpg)
heejin's shirt says "be gone unholy demon"
PTT was amazing
>PTT (Paint The Town)' debuts at #20 on Genie real-time top 200, becoming LOONA's highest charting song on the chart!
somehow ptt is worse than so what
>>248193 Yay I'm happy for them. Hopefully they can make it into the top 100 on melon
>>248193 if this tacky shit is what gets them some meagre success in korea.... thats fine i guess
>>248206 i thought it was good kek
>>248208 I liked it, also liked so what and why not am I in the minority when I say butterfly is my least favorite title track? maybe cuz I like noise choruses but it feels a lot more empty, it's still a good song but it's not as good as the other titles
(41.53 KB 507x507 IMG_20210627_234222.jpg)
ptt might be a grower for me
love the b-sides from the mini too, surprised they didn't give haseul more lines in dance on my own given that it's in english
(106.48 KB 1080x1080 IMG_20210628_112025.jpg)
they all looked really good in the mv tho i wish gowon had more screentime
>>248816 i love this little dovey
(261.38 KB 841x1317 IMG_20210629_105659.jpg)
pretty heej
>>249098 missed her so much!
(6.28 KB 476x111 E5I4p2LWUAM74il.png)
i'm surprised bbc named the lightstick this kek. too bad they deleted the announcement before I could see it
jeez has anyone else seen their knees this cb? they're all bleeding and bruised especially olivia's
(94.95 KB 1138x1138 IMG_20210701_171919.jpg)
>>251284 samefag but here's an example.
(47.29 KB 733x733 IMG_20210701_171923.jpg)
>>251286 also the costumes seem messy
i feel bad for them, the choreographer has them dropping to their knees then getting back up again constantly, it doesnt even look good idk how they can look so good doing bg choreo but their own dances are stilted as shit
>>250491 rip high bong gone but not forgotten >>251331 people are spamming the staff demanding they give the girls knee pads, I wonder if they'll actually do anything
based on this video ive decided olivia hye is autism representation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tANB88ZbAA&t
(32.78 KB 699x699 IMG_20210701_172249.jpg)
if you're gonna do intense choreo where you drop to your knees constantly you're gonna need knee pads. bbc is so retarded
(46.06 KB 615x615 E3gXp8zWEAIo1JG.jpeg)
>>251504 love her
(686.98 KB 1292x1615 E5UQd-EXEAUOmgB.jpg)
(884.47 KB 1442x1802 E5UQd-EXMAEzAYD.jpg)
i feel like people who dont watch loona's content might think chuu's whole thing is fake and cloying, but it's really not. she's got the most camera ready idol personality i've ever seen and i love her
>>252481 >>252482 the kisses on her cheeks are cute
(1.25 MB 1200x1800 IMG_20210701_174024.jpg)
the blue looks so good
(30.61 KB 717x365 Screenshot 2021-07-03.png)
kek she ratted them out
>>252685 based gowon get their asses
(1.42 MB 1200x1800 IMG_20210705_000537.jpg)
heejin's blonde is pretty
>>253928 love my little demon so much this shirt kek
(4.71 MB 640x360 wow.gif)
I feel like Brave Girls are going to get that win on The Show tomorrow. Not ready for the amount of drama that'll happen if Loona loses cause I like the Brave Girls too
(1.36 MB 1200x1800 IMG_20210705_000543.jpg)
>>253934 best demon
>>255252 doubted the blonde at first but she’s so pretty i love it now
(1.32 MB 1200x1800 IMG_20210701_174033.jpg)
tfw still haven't listened to the bsides
>>255484 definitely listen to wow, dance on my own and be honest first they hit hard
second win!
(116.72 KB 1170x1170 IMG_20210706_111215.jpg)
>>255679 BASED
(74.12 KB 772x1024 IMG_20210714_202815.jpg)
(172.19 KB 1122x1268 Tumblr_l_134401430314405.jpg)
(481.53 KB 752x815 image_2021-08-20_144054.png)
this is hilarious
(1.38 MB 720x720 chuu.mp4)
>>303765 chuu in the trenches
(83.56 KB 605x604 E9Npqw6XMAUGVBY.jfif)
(319.34 KB 2048x1775 chuu.jpg)
>>303765 our bravest soldier
(550.51 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20210725_194230.jpg)
really tired of 1 cb a year
(419.07 KB 1536x2048 E8UHbL3VUAAGoz3.jpg)
>>303871 me too. I think they'll have a 2nd comeback this year
(208.20 KB 2048x2048 IMG_20210901_124902.jpg)
>>328323 my fave girlies in a unit produced by a renowned hitmaker... really excited this sounds good
(2.52 MB 720x720 IMG_2097.MP4)
>>328323 i wish it was a unit cb but it doesn’t sound bad. i know the full song will be more exciting than what was teased and i want to see the visuals. the concept looks good
(595.83 KB 1280x1778 IMG_20210901_130457.jpg)
they're so cute
(237.19 KB 1280x853 IMG_20210901_130454.jpg)
(254.04 KB 1280x889 IMG_20210901_130450.jpg)
>>328323 excited for it's release
those pics are so cute >>328781 haseul lomfl
>>328782 yeojin and oec... i could see her there if they ever did subunits again, she did well with her little rap in PTT
not friends got leaked by Ryan on his ig a day early… says it was an accident. accident my ass
>>329798 scrotes sabotaging loona one of the few constants in this world
>>329803 this is why she shot him in the trailer
>>329798 but did anyone catch the leak...
(3.73 MB 480x362 S.gif)
i didn't hear it but the reactions were not very positive. expecting a shitty beat drop or something
>>328780 yyxy supremacy
>>329815 I have an mp3 of the audio I ripped from a reupload but I don't know if I should risk posting it. I caught the MV when it was temporarily leaked on yt, not Ryan's original leak, but only saved the audio before it was taken down >>329855 it sounds somewhat 00s. it does have a share of sassy talk singing so some orbits are negatively reacting to that. there's a beat change during the chorus, but no drop the guitar sections similar to >>328730 are probably the best parts of the song. I actually enjoyed it.
>>330447 you could post it to soundcloud on a burner and link it. but nothing will happen and it’s about to come out anyways. i don’t think anyone will know or care
(4.61 MB n0tfr3nds.mp3)
>>330606 isn't there a way to direct upload here?
>>330756 yep it works don't say i didn't warn ya
>>330756 >isn't there a way to direct upload here? kek yes but i thought nona was afraid of getting the site in trouble by posting a leak so i wanted to give her alternatives >>330760 i almost hated beta’s part but then they added more voices and it got good and then the song repeated itself zzzzzzz i like the ending. thank you for sharing unnie <3
>>330756 wait i kinda like this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhtC6-JDGqs not to be a dyke but this was hot. i didn't pay any attention to the song. who told jinsoul to tilt heejin's head up like that...
>>331691 jingolas continues to remain my bias. looks like they recut some scenes from ryans leak for the final mv peeped the credits for the track and lippie helped co-write the song!
(248.87 KB 1200x1800 IMG_20210907_105429.jpg)
this is really cute. i love gowon's butterfly outfit
i need to vent. vivi is one of the ugliest people i've ever seen in my life. she needs bangs
>>337218 fuck u
>>337218 she was cute when she had pink hair
>>337218 her presence in the group is a genuine mystery
i wonder if that conspiracy about vivi being older than what she says is true
>>337346 i was gonna say chinese money but she's from hong kong
(63.41 KB 749x430 image_2021-09-11_001914.png)
did you guys see this
>>342316 for some context, he posted those comments on a site called dc gallery >In DC Gallery, some people use '봊돌' to refer to female Idols. 보지 - P*ssy. 아이돌 - Idol. just your usual disgusting scrote shit
(478.61 KB 2048x2048 IMG_20210912_001142.jpg)
>>342316 ewww he's such a fucking creep. i liked him at first but kept getting weird vibes from him and now this
>>346500 Same honestly. watching that live he did from the set of the mv was god awful. feel bad for the girls
fuck ryan but hula hoop is a perfect song, should've replaced ptt. can't wait for the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoUvVOWYpgs
>>351971 fingers crossed for a similar style next korean comeback. cute loona best loona.
>>351971 why don't they get these kinds of song for the main cbs
I love Vivi so much <3
>vivi antis in the "loona thread" i must be the only person on this site who likes her
>>337362 or you know, she pretended to be 3 years older to get gigs she would've been too young for
>>363175 I like her too she looks chill
>>363175 there isn't even anything wrong with vivi shes sweet
>>363175 anti? where
(94.94 KB 827x1178 IMG_20210928_003448.jpg)
it's fucking over for bbc...
(6.13 MB 498x498 yves-loona.gif)
>>368727 part of me thinks there's still hope but even if they make it out of this i doubt they'll be able to somehow make loona popular enough to repay all that debt.
(271.74 KB 2048x1366 EfNccrpUMAAXVMJ.jpg)
>>368730 i'm so worried for them
i like all the girls but honestly loona should just be 7 members
>>368732 defeats the girl of the month theme
>>368747 do the girls all have an assigned month
>>368749 no, its just their name in korean imo they could scrap the month theme, it gets lost among all the other lore that they do nothing with, especially after debut
(425.04 KB 1440x1440 IMG_20210928_020525.jpg)
yeojin posting and saving me from an heroing
(385.36 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20210928_114736.jpg)
olivia pretty
So, was jaden jeong really a problem?? I feel like he had a better understanding on what to promote than the current business model of copying whatever bp does
>>386391 didn't he delete their original album in a fit of autistic rage? la masison i think it was called. honestly i think getting involved with sooman was the problem
>>386615 was it even that bad though? la maison was supposed to be a ballad album? those never do well... they're more like side projects before the end of the year releases that tend to be more lively
>>386391 he was still a guy at the end of the day but his song choices were better than most of their title tracks after he left. >>386733 i don't think he literally deleted la maison imo. it sounded like bbc rejecting the idea of loona releasing la maison + creative differences made him leave.
so anyone see that instagram account? possible new bbc gg. can't pay their staff or afford to give loona 2 cbs a year but yeah let's debut another group that'll save us
>>387814 I guess a fresh start sounds more promising for bbc smh...
(433.25 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20211018_130351.jpg)
happy heejin day
(482.26 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20211018_130428.jpg)
Surprised that nobody has really talked about this yet, but it’s glaringly obvious that several of the girls have really bitchy attitudes behind the scenes. a few of them can’t even act pleasant in front of the camera. probably one of the reasons why they don’t get booked for shit
>>417375 who?? i don't get those vibes at all they're possibly the most milquetoast gg members i've ever seen. and being booked has nothing to do with attitude and everything to do with your company
>>417375 who do you think seems bitchy?
>>417375 they're from relatively small company that originally only produced actors so it's not surprising they can't afford promoting as heavily as the big3 groups they do have the budget for MVs and stuff but they aren't relevant enough to be sought out by the media (outside of chuu and maybe heejin nowadays)
(333.41 KB 1500x1000 IMG_20211028_195845.jpg)
still so good. honestly olivia should rap more https://youtu.be/meN0QCcsu8A
let's talk about what kind of ps they've have done i'll start, i can't stand yves' creepy botched chin it almost feels painful to look at
>>418210 no there's a plastic surgery thread for you
why were there only 4 of them in the halloween live? do the others have busy schedules?
>>417380 its bad, vivis too.
Loona is been more active this past weeks than they've ever been. wondering if a power comeback is in the works for the end of the year/early 2022 this might be their final surge
>>418222 i don’t think so, maybe they couldn’t afford more costumes. i wished they would bring back the units but with bbc money issues it’s probably not even an option.
>>420483 i’m confused because apparently bbc are debuting a new girlgroup. why can’t they focus all their resources into loona, or debut a boy group so they have some chance at making money
>>420478 nah it's just bbc finally giving in after years of complaints. and don't fall for the lies bbc is not broke
>>420478 >final surge loona is not dying >>420529 >debut a boy group after what happened with 8x8x8/ooo i doubt we'll be getting one any time soon. i don't think they even have male trainees right now
>>420997 >loona is not dying but they are running out of time to be relevant, new gg are coming out from bigger companies and loona's failed to settled in gen4 Only Chuu stands out and people are getting tired of her already Even Heejin with her good looks is barely known
>>429954 they're doing just fine for a gg not from a big 3 company
>>429954 quit overreacting
(839.04 KB 720x720 XoohsQLbdYL5zDy3.mp4)
>yyxy sampled a 1955 study on schizophrenia every day i learn something new about them that i missed
(586.15 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20211113_000410.jpg)
happy olivia day
>loona nike deal disbandment postponed
>>463840 and it's ot12 as well the bag is big
(99.22 KB 828x775 IMG_20211128_113118.jpg)
the fact that they got a nike deal before a converse deal kek. i was gonna get the dark ones but they're all sold out
(53.38 KB 1197x425 IMG_20211128_113302.jpg)
the 2 right ones look cute too but aren't out yet
>>438626 love her
>>429954 go back to kpop reddit
>>480529 let her speak
>>480529 they wouldn't welcome her either
(132.82 KB 960x1280 IMG_20211119_125012.jpg)
>if you can't pay your current makeup artist just fire them and get a new one bbc's logic is amazing
(1.22 MB 720x720 HASEUL and vivi.mp4)
hello girlies are we all enjoying listening to the carol
(361.13 KB 960x1280 IMG_20211117_115642.jpg)
>>491672 yes early merry christmas
So, how are things going for loona in korea?? are they still not that well known/relevant over there? Looking at how fromis_9's career is trending upwards is making me hopeful for loona to get more attention too.
>>500097 They need a queendom stint and a new stylist to fully unflop but right now they’re doing fine apart from the odd company isn’t paying anyone news article which is working in their favor because most of their old team who quit because of not being paid was bad
>>500130 A new company*
snake bitch haseul didn't even acknowledge her supposed best friend's birthday. Meanwhile: >Heejin and Lip posted pics >Jinsoul, Yeojin and Gowon commented on her instagram live >Yves bought her a cake >Choerry and Yeojin helped with her vlive's decoration's as well as her sash and tiara >Yeojin cooked seaweed soup for her >Hyunjin called her what the fuck did Haseul do? fucking nothing, didn't even gatecrash Vivi's vlive. She hasn't acknowledged Vivi's existence AT ALL since she came back. And the only interactions we've seen are either behind the scenes footage where they're paired together or fansigns.
kinda feel bad for vivi tbh. yeoseul have been hanging out together more, everyone else has someone else they're close to. poor girl probably feels like she's being excluded. there's probably lots of times where vivi wanted to hang out with either haseul or yeojin but saw that they were already having fun with each other so she felt left out.
seriously, wtf happened between viseul behind the scenes that tore a rift between them? i thought they were close but clearly not, what with haseul only caring about yeojin
can haseul please fucking acknowledge vivi jfc, ever since she came back it's been yeojin yeojin yeojin, has that bitch ever considered that vivi might want to hang out with yeojin as well? or her for that matter?
neither vivi or haseul is my bias but you'd think she'd mention her supposed best friend's birthday at least
i have such high hopes for loona to go on queendom, enough of the girls have demonstrated taste and creativity (jinsoul and heejin songwriting, yves with that loona log she edited, a few others with choreo) that i think they could impress people
i love my vivi so much
>>500404 What's queendom about? never saw it
>>500097 they're memeing chuu into semi popularity
(164.36 KB 960x636 IMG_20211122_121219.jpg)
>>500404 are they making another queendom?
(428.03 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20211117_200116.jpg)
requesting the new stylist team to do stuff like this again
every time i see an orbit who antis vivi it's always a male orbit.
>>500404 they’re very hardworking and their numbers are a great asset for performances. i’d love a butterfly remake, that choreo was kino and their scenic skills have improved a lot since >>504973 it’s a competition show with a handful of girl groups battling each other through performances (it has been adapted with bg too, see kingdom) to determine who’s the best basically. the first season had aoa, mamamoo, g idle, oh my girls and lovelyz, it was great and really helped g idle’s and omg’s popularity increase. each week the groups had to plan performances from scratch with original choreo, sets, concept using remix of their songs - some even did the producing -. the creative process was really interesting to watch and it’s a freedom that few ggs usually have. there’s a second season coming but no groups have been announced yet, of course the groups that would benefit the most from it are mid range groups like loona so hopefully bbc has the funds to put them on.
(330.57 KB 662x360 U7IcSweMylDIUwHx.mp4)
heejin is a footfag holy shit
>>520587 poor girl has to sell foot pics to some oppars to fund loona’s next cb
>>520587 lol, what happened there??
>>520695 loved this twitter comment
(13.00 KB 269x311 FHtGn0JVQAEs1Ry.jpeg)
why does she have some scrote's feet saved reeeeee
>>520587 it looks like a video actually which makes it worse lmao
(1.24 MB 1545x1024 IMG_20211222_131646.jpg)
olivia pls don't let me down like that
>>520587 >"hey babe can you send me a video of your feet so I can watch it on my work ipad to get energy during schedules?"
(515.51 KB 1536x2048 211018.jpeg)
>>522155 I know loona aren't popular but he's super nugu.. maybe he's a great guy.
>>521949 Does anybody know if they took the vlive down or if it has been edited?? If it hasn't it makes me feel it's not a big deal or it's just bbc being useless again...
(255.69 KB 1545x1024 FHraRUvakAMreLn.jpeg)
i can't believe she would do this
>>522673 it's still up and they didn't edit it out. those pann articles didn't get much traction so maybe they just don't care. I guess we'll find out if blockberry limits their sns access again
>>522711 nevermind bbc did respond and said it's just her cousin
loona hasn't been a trending topic in a while and it is now for a foot
>>522750 do we believe it? the ipad password thing is still unresolved (though how do we know if it's her ipad?) and how many non-gaypop civilians have that kind of blonde hair
>>522951 I thought bbcs response said it was a shared group ipad
>>522951 regardless i have a hard time believing anyone keeps their cousin's feet pics on a shared ipad
>>522951 I kinda doubt it but having the password be her boyfriends birthday on a shared ipad would be weird too. This reminds me of when an unsourced selfie of hyunjin with some boy popped up around the time they did mixnine and orbits said it was her brother or something
(488.61 KB 1128x1504 IMG_20211019_132832.jpg)
>>522951 i'm choosing to believe it because i don't want to think about her being a footfag anymore
(390.29 KB 1545x1024 IMG_20211229_102717.jpg)
anyway pretty girls to cleanse my mind from this
>>522982 right? they also seem to have all received their own ipads why would they share
>>>522379 right it doesn’t make sense the whole password thing also seems far fetched. anyway i’ve already chosen to not believe it
>>522982 well, it was actually a video. but right, everything about it is weird. I don't believe she's dating that nugu, but i do think that's her personal ipad
(109.16 KB 995x995 EixVKPLWsAA-EyS.jpg)
because of course loona gets into a scandal over feet
>>523394 i think they have a shared ipad to use during work related stuff e.g vlives but also have personal ipads
(600.18 KB 680x453 EefAv4fU0AAxsQx.png)
>In 2021, #Chuu has been chosen to be the model for: >Neoguri (instant noodles) >Chicken Maru >Pocari Sweat (sports drink) >Samsung Galaxy Store >BC Card >WARPATH (mobile game) >Seoltab (1:1 education platform) hope she saves them from nugudom with her sponsorships
>>526748 how much sex do you think she's had with sponsors
I'm the only person here who likes Vivi. ama
>>529640 some nonas are obsessed with jumping at any chance to call a girlpop a whore. end up sounding like an underage ratmy or kpopfap scrote.
>>529651 what started your victim complex
>>529655 >liking vivi means i have a victim complex ??? i literally like her because she's kind and chill?
>>529669 there it is
>>529651 i ult her
>>529679 why do you hate vivi so much?
>>529709 i don't hate her. i don't know anything about her except that she gets very little lines
>>529653 word it's weird
(778.01 KB 2048x2048 IMG_20211215_104631.jpg)
happy new year nonitas. hoping for a cb soon
vivi nude photoshoot
not so innocent vivi taking choerry's virginity in an empty dorm over christmas...
>>531447 now why would she do that
(229.70 KB 1079x1440 FIYfgTHacAE9yQm.jpg)
today yves and hyejoo were on vlive and they heavily implied that they're preparing for a cb i'm excited, what concept or sound would you like them to do this time?
>>541845 Anything good that won’t take 20 listens to grow on me
>>541845 rerelease girl front
>>541845 >work with the oec producers and produce bubblegum pop + ethereal type songs >have an outlandish collab again like what they did with grimes >loonaverse mv i hate that aespa stole their universe concept (though sm did sort of admit that they were inspired by loonaverse) because if they do a loonaverse mv now it's gonna look somewhat like a flop production-wise
>>545275 loonaverse is surely inspired by exo's lore though
>>545285 but loona is 4th gen and a gg, no one would compare those two
>>545374 but you're saying aespa is inspired by loonaverse as if exo wasn't thought up by the same people
>>545379 don't you think loonaverse is the reason sooman was heavily invested in loona and dipped when he changed their image and debuted aespa?
>>545392 i think k/da is the reason
(593.55 KB 2048x2048 IMG_20211109_221811.jpg)
>>541845 i'd really like them to return to their sound pre sooman.
>>545392 I think he practiced the pivot to noisy music with sm with them during so what. I don’t think he took loonaverse lore but I think the concept of kwangya and bringing all of sm into lore was predebut loona inspired
(200.06 KB 1000x1500 IMG_20211231_110605.jpg)
don't know why people shat on hi high when it came out
>>547492 it was their best title track and now look what we have..
>>547492 I love the fast paced synthpop instrumental, it stands out from many other girlpop and gaypop title tracks and it is fun
>>547492 some people's expectations were too high
>>547492 bc they have no taste. now look at the recent title tracks that we have which even made loona become one of those typical groups who does girl crush title tracks
>>545275 it's been years but i still believe that they'll recapture the oec magic somehow. >>547928 i'll never understand why so many mid tier or lower ggs keep trying girl crush. most groups that are successful with that sound are from the big 3
>Jinsoul asked OP what concept OP wanted for next cb >OP: kinda dream-like, and chic >Jinsoul: in that case, it might be a little different >OP: do you already know it? >Jinsoul gave a purposeful smile, saying she'd try mixing in as much dreamy vibes in each of her lines as she could hmm
>>548276 oec sisters???
i saw a screencap floating around of an interview they did in 2020 talking about how they didn't want to be like other ggs and such. first time loona have rubbed me the wrong way. it just screamed pick me and wasn't even true considering they're doing the same thing every gg does
(551.54 KB 2458x3072 IMG_20220108_101422.jpg)
the season's greeting looks are so good. i think they kinda wasted them it would have been a cool cb
>>550905 jinsoul looks she went to a dr. kim appointment but his understudy dr. choi did all of the work instead
>>548361 they've said a few things like that, but i can't hold it against them because it's so clearly copium about not being popular in korea
(464.57 KB 1300x2048 IMG_20220107_111744.jpg)
>>551357 i like dr choi's work then
>>552068 that’s a really filtered selfie that covers up any plastic surgery mistakes
(3.91 MB 3947x4096 IMG_20220107_111405.jpg)
>>552090 so? this isn't the ps thread
>>552552 Wtf it took me so long to recognize chuu
(152.46 KB 768x1024 IMG_20211027_125547.jpg)
>>552602 her hair looked different for awhile
>>552552 this styling is delicious
(232.58 KB 1727x972 IMG_20220111_110943.jpg)
loona the band
>>552655 they about to do napalm death cover
>>552552 love love love this i think they look best with this kind of minimal styling
(458.34 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220112_101059.jpg)
her hair is so cute curled up at the ends like that
>>541845 noisecore
>>552552 chuu lookin like jungwoo
(3.89 MB 2669x2000 img.jpeg)
the girls were saying during the filming of this vid that they think the fans prefer this kind of styling what do you girls think
>>560292 yassss church banger gfriend style incoming
(651.10 KB 1441x2048 EmaQXu0W8AE8G_2.jpg)
>>560292 a bit plain but i prefer it over the yeehaw styling that still haunts me
(181.15 KB 682x1024 IMG_20211221_105059.jpg)
want more of this styling
>>562926 i'm still haunted by the terrible photoshop these concept pics had
(372.91 KB 1367x2048 EoAe7WFWMAUtiYN.jpg)
>>562928 it was so fucking bad and for what. they're pretty girls they don't need to overdo it this much
>>560292 this is a bit too innocent tradwife for me but i do love them in more elegant feminine clothing like >>562927 or more ethereal like butterfly styling. i just want them to drop the girl crush
i don't think they pull off gc very well because the majority of them don't have a gc look. like look at chuu, haseul, or hyunjin for example. doesn't help that their styling for the gc songs isn't very good either
(129.58 KB 849x1200 FJRfVK4aAAIUxXO.jpeg)
loona concert! it's a decent sized venue too hope they'll make a tour announcement next
finally. i’m excited. share if you find mymusictaste stream links
(302.95 KB 1440x1440 IMG_20220117_095534.jpg)
>>567404 based
(40.39 KB 606x606 IMG_20220204_215128.jpg)
>New fan platform requires payment to read each idol message (10p) and to comment or send a message (1p). Loona is one of the first groups to sign up. Users buy points and then use the points to access message or comment/message/reply. 1,200원 ($.99) for 100 points of course bbc goes for this one instead of a normal one like weverse or universe
>>609580 >$10 USD to read only 100 messages from a group with 12 members >still no ssloona okay.
(2.85 MB 2160x2880 IMG_20220209_233801.jpg)
happy kim lip day
haseul's got a new hairstyle? comeback soon maybe? also there's a concert or something happening
>>622708 very cute
(100.22 KB 1080x617 FLYEsz-XoAAc4Rk.jpg)
they all looked so good yesterday. almost like they're paying their stylist
(674.20 KB 2048x2048 FLb-4KGXoAYo5VY.jpg)
(86.88 KB 827x827 FLd_K4dVUAIK38K.jpg)
(1.71 MB 720x1280 RP4lGaWgEGmOeVUc.mp4)
(4.25 MB 720x1280 Bu6_z_rnPDvTmaDV.mp4)
(217.67 KB 1169x1560 IMG_20220212_214314.jpg)
>>624822 i love this
>>624823 she has grown up to be so pretty
(80.49 KB 976x1295 FLUWlOmXwAcpSF-.jpg)
>>624901 napoleon bonaparte if he slayed
(245.41 KB 1440x1080 IMG_20220204_115604.jpg)
>Loona's Yves accused by male fans for using feminist slang a rite of passage
>>629994 Queen
(161.09 KB 766x900 IMG_20220216_091709.jpg)
based loona are gonna be on queendom
(203.07 KB 1280x961 FL_lXSgX0AI0Zqt.jpeg)
>>638307 we winning this shit
(36.75 KB 694x694 on your knees frog.jpg)
>>638313 i'm manifesting already
>Haseul, Yeojin, Vivi test positive for COVID-19, will cease activities; waiting on results for other members >LOONA will not be participating in the first round competition of Mnet’s Queendom 2 get well soon girls. and please don’t let this mess with their score. please
(123.65 KB 1131x1560 IMG_20220221_102328.jpg)
>>648143 goddamit they were looking forward to this so much and i'm worried it will affect their score...
(43.26 KB 703x671 FM9jKT-X0AQWwNH.png)
good news for queendom they'll film their first performance later and only miss on-site voting points. i hope they're also gonna film the other groups reacting to their performance and vice versa i love the interactions
(163.18 KB 1364x2048 IMG_20220221_101157.jpg)
>>655513 love her >>657525 based
(152.76 KB 1170x1549 IMG_20220304_222330.jpg)
hyunjin's pimple friend
I love vivi so much <3
(131.69 KB 1169x875 IMG_20220314_094757.jpg)
fucking hate how strict fab is. copyrighting all the images twitter accounts post is making translation accounts basically stop posting all their pics and it's getting so hard to find them
(562.32 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220322_101952.jpg)
loona seem to be doing good views wise in queendom so far. i wonder if they actually have a chance at winning
(86.15 KB 839x583 1627158695-collage-4.jpg)
https://www.koreaboo.com/news/loona-chuu-reportedly-files-lawsuit-blockberry-creative-suspend-contract/ only a rumor as no reliable source has confirmed this, but apparently chuu sued bbc over the termination of her contract (!) back in december. it's probably regarding her solo activities, i don't think she's intending to leave the group as she's currently on queedom and mentionned wanting loona to last a long time. if all of this is true it's probably to put pressure on the company to renegotiate the contract, i just hope it's nothing more than that. it's really a rollercoaster with them uh
(113.53 KB 768x1024 IMG_20220329_215900.jpg)
her legs look so skinny damn i hope she just overshopped them and bbc didn't put them all on some extreme diet for queendom
(135.77 KB 1080x1440 IMG_20220416_102426.jpg)
loonafags what are ur thoughts abt chuu not being present on their 1st world tour?
>>11958 >short haired badass gal who are you referring to nona?
>>705189 considering the small number of seats for their venues and the fact that they have to split the tour revenue amongst members... chasing the solo activities bag was probably the smarter choice. i wouldn't think too deeply about it
>>705190 nta but probably yves
(3.36 MB 3024x4032 20220626_085100.jpg)
*pokes thread* what did you all think of flip that? i loved it
>>711179 i enjoyed it
Olivia Hye fat
i don't know a single thing about loona but i'm going to their concert. did i make a mistake nonas?
>>714258 perfect
(592.02 KB 700x900 loonastats-FZIh4u_WIAA7oOu.png)
>>727683 of course not nona! i hope you have a good time and you keep yourself safe. i recommend you check out their discog though it's a nice listen
most of people who go to loona concert in america are probably scrotes who wants to see hot kpop chicks dancing in short skirts. they're not like loyal female fans. so they're not gonna care for the girls. i feel bad for kim lip. how the hell will she be able to continue to tour
>>727836 i doubt that
>>727838 girl barely anyone in america cares about loona. there must be like 3 die hard fangirls. their shit barely get any views. they're only semi relevant for the sake of being a kpop band
>>727845 i disagree with your scrote comment, their international concerts would be pretty mixed gender-wise
>>727847 i mean yes because fangirls of other groups would also go, im just saying i think there are a fair amount of scrotes who just go there to watch girls dance. they don't know any songs or the members. so if they learn one of them is called vivi and they find her hot they'd chant her name
>>727850 what? kpop concerts are overpriced. if they wanted to see girls dancing they have more than enough strip clubs to go to. they're going to be either casual or dedicated loona fans
>>727853 kek have you never seen pics of certain girl group concerts? i saw one and it was full of scrotes who were 35 to 50
>>727857 this isn't even the picture i saw but quite a lot of men of age who has no business at a girl group concert
>>727859 most of them are from the kpopfap discord. scrotes are more organized in getting into gg concerts than actual fans
>>727859 >>727860 fucking gross. it must be horrible for the girls. plus they've spent ages having kind of a (harmless) nlog complex for being popular with a cool cosmopolitan international crowd, assuring themselves that while they aren't understood in korea they are appreciated for their artistry elsewhere, and now they must think their fans have been smelly coomers the whole time
>>727865 yeah loona are having a wake up call about this right now. twice doesnt mind the mixed audience as they are used to it but most would still prefer a blackpink type of following
one of them thinks that barking at kpop concerts is just a way americans cheer nowadays. no baby they dont do that at ariana grandes concerts
>>727860 >kpopfap discord you know what... i dont want to know but i feel really bad for the girls
>>727867 the scrotes dont even know what they are doing. some will say its barking, some justify it by saying its like the baseball game chants. they dont bark/chant for any other musical artists, just kpop ggs. weird
>>727868 its more active than their sub
i know lots of people make fun of artists like taylor swift, selena gomez, demi lovato and such for having teenage girl fans but now i understand that that's infinitely better than having perverted old men as fans. id feel so uncomfortable having to dance in a sexy way infront of all these men
>>727803 thanks for the song list, i'll check those out! the other comments here aren't very reassuring kek. i have standing tickets and don't wanna be near any smelly monkeypoxed moids
what's the state or r/kpopfap and it's discord right now? are they talking about the bad behavior of their users, or is it something that's dealt with by ignoring it?
>>727859 Disgusting scrotes, if I were a female idol I would feel so uneasy having to perform in front of them
>>727916 how and why would we know or care what those disgusting degen coomer scrotes are doing?
>>727916 why would anyone here know that? youre better off asking mukpg
>>727916 >implying degen coomers care about womens feelings
I bias Vivi bcs I genuinely like her personality. But apparently I'm no better than those fake stans who only like her out of pity. Not even allowed to like her anymore without being lumped in with incels who don't give a shit about her
>>728398 loona gen is dead i doubt anyone cares. why do you like vivi? i'm gonna pick up a bias so i have someone to talk about if an orbit approaches me kek
>>728412 the fact that she's pretty savage, her love of zombies and one piece, etc
(142.52 KB 2048x1366 FahAlwXaIAEPBzT.jpg)
>>1004 loona japanese comeback sep 28
>>729323 what did they do to my girl Haseul's bangs oml
the tour has been nothing but a disaster wow
>>729323 deleted my girls knees
>>732966 what else happened?
>>732994 there's pretty much been multiple members having to sit out at least every stop. yeojin fainted in mexico and haseul was in a sling. the latest is >LOONA's back in Korea, but the state of the members' and staff's checked luggage is currently: lost in Canada; they seem to have had a layover. This includes their clothes/in-ears/mics. They've been informed that there is a chance that the luggage is lost for good
>>733019 idk how much longer the girls can take it anymore
>>729323 this is them smiling
>>733019 there's been so many problems with airports losing luggage recently, I guess they're lucky they didn't lose it in the middle of the tour...that would've been even more disastrous
theyre def not resigning
(354.19 KB 1536x2048 20220901_223249.jpg)
heejin is so pretty
>>737925 idk why int fans still get so surprised when it comes to stuff like this
>>737927 kek i’ve never seen any idol talk about injections so openly. i think it’s retarded to be upset about a little tan to the point where you want to get skin whitening but that’s just how gook society is so fans just need to cope or stop liking kpop
>>737925 same. yeojin was talking about how she dieted the other day and people were asking why the translator translated it as if it was their fault i mean thats just how korea is
>>737927 ifans would be absolutely shocked when they realize just how common it is. it's especially funny seeing ones where the profile pic is like iu or jennje and them trying to shit on jinsoul kek
(42.65 KB 490x868 FdVgaHsXoAAqBQo.png)
they still haven't been paid, yeojin confirmed: 'she can't help it when the company isn't paying her'
(139.29 KB 972x1200 DSOlcSXX0AUDW3m.jpg)
>>738387 i kinda figured that was the case when that one employee talked about how they weren't being paid for their work. sucks if they have to pay back all that predebut money


no cookies?