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Loona Gen Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:20:31 No. 1004
voice soty edition
theyre def not resigning
(354.19 KB 1536x2048 20220901_223249.jpg)
heejin is so pretty
>>737925 idk why int fans still get so surprised when it comes to stuff like this
>>737927 kek i’ve never seen any idol talk about injections so openly. i think it’s retarded to be upset about a little tan to the point where you want to get skin whitening but that’s just how gook society is so fans just need to cope or stop liking kpop
>>737925 same. yeojin was talking about how she dieted the other day and people were asking why the translator translated it as if it was their fault i mean thats just how korea is
>>737927 ifans would be absolutely shocked when they realize just how common it is. it's especially funny seeing ones where the profile pic is like iu or jennje and them trying to shit on jinsoul kek
(42.65 KB 490x868 FdVgaHsXoAAqBQo.png)
they still haven't been paid, yeojin confirmed: 'she can't help it when the company isn't paying her'
(139.29 KB 972x1200 DSOlcSXX0AUDW3m.jpg)
>>738387 i kinda figured that was the case when that one employee talked about how they weren't being paid for their work. sucks if they have to pay back all that predebut money


no cookies?