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Le Sserafim thread #1 Anonymous 04/09/2022 (Sat) 23:48:33 No. 36776
monster rookie edition
>>36776 https://youtu.be/5cGzF4SMLtM heol the threadpic is kinda bad first for yunjin
>>36776 kazuha is super pretty
>>36805 btw is yunjin hapa?
>>37067 no just born in america i think
in 2 hours
>>37123 >>37130 kek i was just about to come here to post this. i wonder if this is like is like a showcase or something
they're already rocking in chanel, they got a deal maybe with the brand?
(2.19 MB 1992x1634 1649604036849.webm)
i really think kazuha is shaping up to be the breakout star from this group
>>37500 i hope she gets to show her dancing and what she's learned from ballet. ive always found it so beautiful and interesting
(104.44 KB 1650x735 0557.jpg)
one is not like the others
>>37594 true. garam OUT
>>37688 she’s innocent
>>37689 says who?
>>37699 most of the pics have been found to be doctored
>>37739 I don’t buy these until we get either the people making up the rumors apologizing to her because whenever they sue for rumors like this and the idol is the victim that’s what happens Also the fact that hybe had employees scrambling to make posts proving her innocence and all the other reports of what happened with her friends after the rumors dropped and a lot of the not her proof is reliant on saying none of the pictures are her but if source wanted to quickly disprove the rumors and the pictures were clearly not her why didn’t they just say that in the first place? It’d be easy for them to say she wasn’t at those schools at the time or she doesn’t know the girls on Facebook who are talking about attacking the victims/saying she didn’t see the dicks drawn on the board or that she’s never had bangs or looked like that ever. Kek anyway it’s retarded to be like this *insert snow app turned up to ten filter where she’s also made up” clearly isn’t her! She looks like this! *insert pictures of her as a 7 year old*
>>37837 TLDR stop posting proof from a SEA 14 year old with the username garamluver as fact like they wouldn’t say anything to try and defend their favorite Korean
>>37838 >garamluver kek why do mental kboos stan some kid they dont know shit about
>>37841 it’s mental illness, they made fan accounts for her when the lineup was leaked they hadn’t even seen her face yet
>>37841 because they can flex later of stanning lsfrm since minus d5
i still think garam was a bully of some sort but i did grow a little suspicious when it came out she was never a starship trainee, the picture of her smoking ended up being a lollipop, and that one of the accusers had apparently shopped her skirt shorter
>>37849 yeah i agree i think she was a bully but some of the accusations sound a bit far fetched. although the ones like garam being summoned to displinary proceedings, hybe could easily have said yes that’s true or no it’s not. i don’t get why their statement was so vague i’m also a bit iffy because hybe said garam was the one being bullied. so if that’s a lie then it’s bad for them
>>37739 >picrel but she could also just not have earrings in the piercings
>>36805 the talent
>>37688 we’re ot6 here
(139.02 KB 896x1344 IMG_20220410_210858.jpg)
>>37735 >>37739 this "proof" it's not her is so ridiculous. why do int fans defend a girl so hard they don't even know
>>38197 6 jennies visuals
>>38205 because they're kboos
>>38122 >we speak for yourself roastie, i’m ot4
>>37500 her visuals her my type. i like her
>>38267 are my type*
>>38253 kek who else do you hate?
>>38369 nta but i’m guessing she doesn’t like the izone girls
sakura's new face looks like taebot
>>38491 her face is nothing special
>>38267 same, same
>>38491 whatever she got done it really emphasizes her namidabukuro
(221.38 KB 1365x2048 IMG_20220407_232943.jpg)
>>38492 idc i like her
>>38371 im cool with sakuchae the only one i didn't like from izone was that itzy girl sister who looked like a sloth
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwMitUsvgN4 another teaser. idk everyone looks wuite haggard except kazuha
>>40865 i just saw this, sakura doesn’t look great
(32.68 KB 428x428 IMG_20220409_001643.jpg)
>>39039 giving suzy vibes
>>40865 this makeup is disgusting
>>40865 sakura and chaewon are so ugly its unreal this group is royally fucked with that garam girl being literally called "dick girl" from debut. they have 0 chance
(146.09 KB 427x284 image.png)
who is the brunette girlie? she looks by far the most interesting, kinda like a chinese uyghur girl
>>42252 that’s yunjin i believe
>>41699 chaewon was so pretty before i don’t know why hybe had to fuck her face up so much. sakura was never that pretty to start with but she somehow looks worse now
>>42252 yunjin. i think shes hapa but im not sure since she never really mentioned it on pd48
>>42317 i don’t think she’s hapa she is just from new york
(91.74 KB 2160x3150 j96cf4fbrhv81.png)
Too many credits. I'm afraid it will sound messy like busteds' latest albums. >Supreme Boi yikes
>>56993 hybe just lumped in the producers, composers and lyricists in one credit. love song had everyone and their mom but it still ended up kino. 13 honestly have a good track record but they never produced for hybe. but i liked the title track so far from the snippets. supreme boi being on here is kino, don’t lie op.
>>56993 haven’t heard from him in a long time. they should have made ratman write the title like they made him do for loser lover and gain more traction.
(413.77 KB 1255x1743 IMG_20220425_103056.jpg)
kazuha fansites already starting. knetz are gonna love her until she does something to upset them and then she'll be labeled as a right wing jap like they do to sakura
(296.33 KB 1585x1585 FRBcbiXaAAIbIKe.jpeg)
>>57535 she's so gorgeous. hope she stays extra careful since knetz hate japs
(426.88 KB 1524x2048 IMG_20220425_105203.jpg)
(60.72 KB 960x960 IMG_20220425_105348.jpg)
>>57812 sa but holy kek her phonecase
>>57814 just gen z things
https://youtu.be/jY3lVfiBdvg sakura's appearance on odg. i thought this was cute
(310.21 KB 1128x1504 IMG_20220426_224608.jpg)
>>61209 kek the chubby kid
>>61210 he was really adorable i wonder if there will be a second part since the two kids meet at the end after sakura spoke to both of them
>>63965 i want more mermaid concept
>>63965 the beat is groovy
i think sour grapes is gonna be the standout from the album
>>63981 they will probably have a second mv
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkcsPOVc43s teaser 2 also the guitar melody reminds me to a some movie song, but which one? mission impossible, james bond or what?
>>67694 It's the same intro as shakira's song whenever wherever
>>67764 indeed, i totally thought it was from a movie
>>67764 they both sample this one pink floyd song
(162.40 KB 799x1200 calculating chimp.jpg)
buying my sister their album. whose photocard do you guys think will be worth most so i can sell it before she finds out it's missing?
>>70142 probably sakura's or chaewon's
(855.70 KB 900x558 20220502_051232.jpg)
https://now.naver.com/player/15097 debut showcase link. i think it starts in an hour
i expected sakura and waewon to stand out the most simply because they have the most experience, but yunjin outshines sapoora by a landslide. the standouts based on the mv alone were yunjin and chaewon for sure. sapporo had no charisma and i can’t even remember seeing eunchae in the mv >”bitch” lyric this surprised me, i wouldn’t have expected them to put that in there given the ages and their middle schooler demographic. i think they’re targeting the euphoria-watching, blackplague listener audience of late teenaged kpop fangirls >choreo i liked it. the move where they’re on the floor pounding with their fists/pelvis was a weird choice. it felt like a shoehorned in “sexy” move when the song really didn’t need that one. although i do like the few similarities the overall mv had to flashdance’s maniac >the song itself boring. i expected hiv to have made sure their answer to blackpink and first major girl group act would have perfect english pronunciation, since all 3 of the other groups they have prioritize that somewhat
>>70229 holy lipsync!
it looks like they changed the choreo a bit
>>70263 i can’t watch it yet, is the floor move still in there?
>>70267 i went back to watch it and they took it out except for the one in the beginning when the song starts
>>70229 its alright but the song is kinda boring i agree
the showcase is over >took out the wap choreo >all of them sounded great but yunjin sounded amazing >selfies they took were cute >there were a lot of female fans surprisingly, almost equal to the scrote fans >whenever chaewon, sakura, or yunjin talked they started screaming >yunjin and kazuha spoke their native languages >i really liked blue flame and the outfits for the performance were blackpink-esque but their skirts were way too short heol i really hate hive. they had the sense to take out that innapropriate floor dance but give them appropriate outfits and this didn't happen in the livestream but apparently a reporter had asked garam directly about the bullying issue and chaewon answered for her
>>70290 samefag also forgot to mention that eunchae and sakura seem to be close. and i noticed sakura whispering stuff to yunjin and eunchae kek
>>70290 were the mics on? they seemed like they were lipping to a pre recorded track but it can be hard for me to tell sometimes
>>70290 >reporter had asked garam directly about the bullying issue and chaewon answered for her i wonder what the response was
>>70293 i’m not an expert on that matter but it didn’t sound live at all
>>70294 she said hiv is taking care of this or something like that
can't even deny the rumors kek
(69.78 KB 1029x642 20220502_074445.jpg)
>>70294 >Someone from the K-Media asked Garam about the controversy. >Chaewon responded, "Can I speak to you first as a leader?" "The company is responding to this issue in accordance with the procedures. So, it may not be appropriate to speak directly (on the issue of bullying) here" >Kim Garam responded briefly after Chaewon, "As she [Chaewon] said, I ask for your understanding that it is difficult for me to say anything about this part."
>>70293 nope. mimed the whole thing.
>>70300 interesting that chaewon defended her
>>70290 i figured they would have a lot of women fans
>>70334 what did you expect her to say? yes garam is a bully and she'll be kicked out soon?
(60.26 KB 819x720 20220502_094820.jpg)
yunjin is soooo pretty while im upset she and the girls had to debut with a scrote pandering concept like this im so happy she debuted
>>70334 it's not a defense, it's just a nice way to say they're not going to address the issue at that moment which is the professional thing to do it's not the idol's job to handle these kinds of issues, that's on the company
(4.46 MB 800x660 img (4) (1).gif)
(4.99 MB 850x528 img (3) (1).gif)
>>70346 no i'm saying i figured garam would have done the nondescript answer
>>70351 >>70354 she is so pretty
>>70356 chaewon had started speaking before garam could at first
>>70320 i honestly dont expect live singing from most groups nowadays
>>70354 tall stacy, she'll be very popular with female communities
>>42266 think sakura got her nose done again
>>70410 thats all the nonas have been talking in the ps thread kek
>>70351 >>70354 japanese suzy. she has the potential to get crazy popular
>>70433 kazuha is the japanese version of a gyopo so i hope she can become popular without there being any problems with her being japanese or anything
kazuha is weird because she looks multiple different idols in one. like one angle she looks like yeoreum, then dahyun, then kim lip etc. really pretty girl
>>70449 she’ll be fine until she ever messes up (in the eyes of koreans) like sana did back in 2019 and then she’ll get hate
>>70370 that's a shame. no point in going to the shows imo
>>70507 don't lie you would still go
i want kazuha and tsuki to become friends
>>70225 >expecting great performance from sakura that's where you went wrong. she definitely improved though
the song and mv was pretty boring. kind of expected more
(73.01 KB 954x613 20220506_054446.jpg)
sserafim's in ears
(429.83 KB 1920x1187 20220506_055650.jpg)
they had a mini fanmeet at music bank as a debut celebration
>>74767 extremely pretty dresses but they don't pop enough as stage outfits also why are you guys separate from gg gen
>>74809 this thread was made when the group was first announced kek and isnt it because theyre a hive group?
>>74766 yunjin's mogging >>74767 pretty
>>74809 its their bside track outfit
i guess rookie groups using prerecorded tracks until theyre established is the thing now https://youtu.be/tW05uJf4P_Y
>>74823 what in the holy autotune? high notes sound very robotic. also kazuha chan goes all out with her dancing, bends backwards, even her neck, and still sounds perfect... umhum hive-yah
>>74823 who cares about their live singing do they have a good singer other than that ex produce girl she isnt amazing too even in kpop standarts i really dont understand hybe they should at least put one powerful vocalists into their groups so that we dont have to listen to their screeching
>>74926 or stop with the high notes
>>74926 we wouldnt know until they sing live but im fearless is a very vocally easy song so idk why they dont
>>74926 yunjin is a trained opera singer though
>>74937 oh okay curious to see more from her
>>74926 my girl chaewon's got it but she never gets to show off her vocals https://youtu.be/tMAXKmO33yo
>>74823 https://youtu.be/mX3CmeEv0KY they sang live over a backing track here honestly they all sound like shit except chaewon who’s ok. yunjin was disappointing, i recalled she was praised for her vocals during produce days but she isn’t stable at all.
>>76847 you can tell they still dont have chemistry yet but this was cute
>>76847 They sound terrible. How come the vocalists sound so unstable? What a disappointment.
(638.86 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220513_112954.jpg)
>hiv >vocalists hiv only knows nosejobs
>Sakura says her parents had a divorce when she was a year old, so she never saw her Dad before and never seen a photo of her Dad before so she didn't know how he looked like. However, when she did her first handshake event in Japan, a man came to her and said he supported...he is supporting her. As soon as she did a handshake with the man, she realized the man was her Dad. The other person who came to her was her grandmother (Dad's Mother) and asked "Don't you remember me?". Sakura said she remembered that even the most. Sakura never saw her father after that handshake event~ this is actually kinda wild
>>89661 damn... i can relate in a way. absent dads will just show up out of nowhere kek
>>89661 thats so fucked up wishing her the best
god i fucking hate whoever is doing their makeup and clothes. their clothes are so boring and look like they should be worn by girls from a nugu company and their makeup is all over the place
2/3 of unnie line with bot
>>90012 yeah i hate their coordi. now i see what moas were conplaining about kek
>>89661 that's actually so messed up why are men like this
im honestly starting to like sakura. havent watched much of sserafims performances lately but i liked the mbti video they did. she was pretty funny
(532.47 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20220513_001109.jpg)
>>90671 tbh bts have shitty clothes and styling too. beginning to think this is just a hiv thing in general. i kinda like the tomb raider fits but they could have done more with them. something like ktl jennie maybe
>>92321 absolutely inappropriate what they made the 16 yo wear
>>90694 on a happier note her mom must have remarried because she has mentioned her dad staying up to help her with math before
>>90790 she was really cute. i wish she hadn't fucked with her face again before debuting with lsfm
>>92321 i like these but yunjin's pants look like they would fall down during dancing
(4.14 MB 640x382 1729202.gif)
on another note fearless is charting really good now. guess it's true what they say about controversy creating cash... #7 Bugs (-1) #18 MelOn (+4) *new peak* #19 Genie (+12) *new peak* #32 FLO (=) MelOn ULs: 153,793 (+7,344)
>>92321 any nonas feel like they are trying to dress sserafim like a western girlgroup? i'm getting a fifth harmony vibe
>hive posting a notice for sserafims official merch up for preorder despite everthing going on ay dios mio
>>92375 they have to say something again there's no way they can keep ignoring this
>>92366 most likely sajaegi. i've been getting a lot of ads for their mv on youtube this week. hiv is bringing out the big guns
does lsf have an event today? hybe will most likely try to clarify before they are scheduled to show up in public again.
(34.94 KB 641x236 FS2nCoHXsAAhvNc.png)
>>92500 wonder if this is the same third party as in the first statement
>>92500 legitimately what the fuck does she have on them? why would they go so far for her
>>92587 the thing is, they already invested in her debut and i think anyone would be pissed off at the idea of kicking out a member and ruining the already established group dynamic. it gives the message that the company will always bend down to what knetz say and their rumors and idols will feel like they have no backing up in case of a scandal. it's the company jobs to defend their idol no matter what they do. and another thing, other idols like scammer, hyunjin and karina were in hot waters too but now they're doing fine so big companies are less willing to kick out someone
>>92591 karina's bullying allegations at sm were proven false though, she was never rumored to be a school bully. the rumor was that she drove an sm trainee to suicide, but nobody came forward with names and former sm trainees are all wellknown (yiyang, herin, gp999 chaehyun/jungmin, epipen jungwon, lami, goeun, billie tsuki) with public instagram but none ever mentioned karina. kekler chaehyun hangs with karina so it's doubtful she bullied anyone to suicide plus anyone who died would've been named and former sm trainees who joined rival firms like jungwon at hiv would know so it's impossible to hide https://pannchoa.com/2022/03/enter-talk-seriously-aespas-pre-debut.html as for taeyong/hyunjin, theyre both centres with huge solo fandoms and female paypigs who are willing to forgive them and buy their merch even if they are bullies. garam is a girlpop, ggs are reliant on gp popularity to chart well digitally and brand rep to get endorsements. gaypops can be totally tainted in the public eye yet sell 2m albums.
>>92621 this, plus so many people came to defend karina when the bullying allegations came out and gave several accounts of how kind she was at school. literally no one came out to say anyrhing or give a name the trainees she allegedly bullied to suicide. with garam you can see that actual middle schoolers and high schoolers are risking being sued by hive on grounds of defamation to reveal the truth
>>92380 they went to simply kpop but it was clearly prerecorded
seems like some fans are deciding to boycott sserafim for now to send a message to hive
>>92591 honestly the group dynamic hasn't really been established that much yet. they're still so new they're kinda awkward around each other. especially garam herself who looks like she's walking on glass constantly and understandably so. even if bigshit don't kick her out it wouldn't surprise me if she wants to leave at this point
>>92366 pretty zuha
(82.53 KB 940x837 IMG_20220516_105120.jpg)
now this group would have been fucking based. i don't hate eunchae but she's far too young for whatever concept bigshit is pushing with them and doesn't add much. feel like pure shit just want garam gone so i can like kazuha and the other girls in peace
>>92371 not really. the outfits would be far more interesting if they did
learning a lot of the things that were said about sakura weren't true at all has made me see her in a new light
>>93947 there's a lot of surprising things about her. also one of the few idols that i've seen be outspoken for gay people
>>93947 what was proven false?
>>94027 there are. she's honestly quite open-minded >>94030 hold on i'll elab in a bit. i apologize for the blogposts in advance
https://www.instagram.com/p/CdTRE5-pjHN/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= i dont understand why they arent leeching off bts. they could have made one of the members dance and that would be enough to boost les popularity
>>94092 they kinda did on that one knowing bros episode. sakura and chaewon made a joke about billboard and grammy. but then again they would just be targeted by crazy fans if they made a tiktok together
>>94092 bts have never done these tiktok challenges except pooga which doesn't count because it was for his own song
what’s everyone thoughts on the latest garam ‘evidence’? i really want to support lsf but it’s difficult personally to watch performances or content with all of them in it knowing that she probably should be on some sort of hiatus right now. i hope hybe are able to release something else quickly
(286.93 KB 1741x1255 20220516_145729.jpg)
>>94030 sorry nona i said i would reply but i went to bed kekkk >what was proven false? incoming blogpost for the nonas who watched pd48, they probably remember the pann articles that were released about sakura listing evidence as to why she was right wing/a bad person and that sakura still gets called right wing to this day. i believed it until i actually decided to look into it >sakura wearing the rising flag and singing a song about war/being right-wing https://youtu.be/4Gn4tS7gano sakura never wore the rising sun flag nor did she participate in the performance as you can see in linkrel https://youtu.be/4Gn4tS7gano the line up for song (bokutachi wa tatawanai / we don't fight) that sakura was apart of is basically an anti-war song about love and peace and has zero ties to being right-wing. iirc the vcr showing 1945 was apart of the concept for the concert (songs fitting a certain time period) and the song is about how war hurts people and 1945 is well.. when ww2 ended. i think its a little bit in bad taste but its not like she had control over it >sakura talking about japan on korea's independence day + taking pity for japan sakura had posted on her mail service talking about the anniversary of the ending of the war and that she wished for peace and happiness not only for japan but all over the world. izone fans also said that sakura reccomended a book that talked about japan's war crimes against other countries and she got a lot of hate from japanese right wingers because of it but they never gave the title >sakura holding a rising sun flag and talking about war on a japanese variety show sakura can't control the design of a tv show she was simply holding a flyer as she appeared as a guest on the show as you can see in picrel the show was about the trainees of the 48 groups and sampling and tasting foods from all over japan
(116.47 KB 1334x750 20220517_000840.jpg)
>>95441 samefag https://youtu.be/ykhkN0KJmvg omo i put the wrong link for the second video to continue >sakura fatshaming one of her members this is kind of infamous on the intl side due to an article written by a scrote who treats anything, even sexual abuse as gossip sakura accidentally posted a tweet to her main account saying one of her members outfit was "bursting"/about to burst. she then deleted and pretended to be hacked. the article said sakura called her member, meru tashima, fat, but she used the words "ぱっんぱん" (pan pan). one of the several meanings to near "burst". if she was calling her fat she would've just said she was debu or looked big. sakura is also close friends with murashige anna who has went through several weight changes and she has said many times sakura has never changed the way she treated her even when she became distant from her so its obvious she doesnt care about whether someone is fat or not the whole context of this is that if you look at picrel, meru and the other members were wearing 3 layers of costumes and obviously sakura knew this, which is why she commented on the fact that it looked like her costume was going to burst. at the time of this sakura was facing extreme hate and scrutiny from fans for being pushed as the face of the group and she stupidly pretended to be hacked since she had no idea how to handle it at the time meru quite literally didn't care about it at all and if she did, she would've made it known. she is still very close friends with sakura, and patiently waited for her to return to japan and attended her graduation concert which is something you dont have to attend out of obligation this also happened almost 5 years ago so i do believe people can change >sakura's members hate her all the members of the 1st gen of hkt speak kindly of sakura, and she regularly meets up and speaks with them. younger generations have said how she always checks on the trainees of the group and was extremely kind to them. if they disliked sakura they would've made it obvious or said so also being in a group with 20+ other members increases the competitiveness and some of it is instigated by the management and fans themselves and sakura has been victim to it several times as she was pushed heavily by management and made to take on a lot for the sake of hkt48 as a teenager while i dont think sakura is a perfect angel who can do no wrong i don't think she is as incredibly awful as she is made out to be
(978.29 KB 3000x2000 IMG_20220514_112433.jpg)
>>95206 i'm waiting for her to get kicked out. even though hiv is still supporting her i think it's inevitable anyway
(410.02 KB 1534x2048 IMG_20220517_102132.jpg)
>>95441 yeah a lot of the right wing shit knetz claim is just bs because they hate japanese people
>>95676 nta, i’m so torn because if she really is the victim of targeted misinformation then i wouldn’t want her to be kicked out or have to give up her idol career but soumu aren’t really helping her case, i understand they can’t legally say much right now
>>95995 wtf creep
>>95995 reported for being a fucking creep
>>95995 read the rules retard
>>96075 im almost sure this is a moid. reported so hope mods take care of it
>>96080 yeah it sounds like a mukpg incel
>>96083 yeah on the overboard earlier one of them made a disgusting thread so theyre definitely trolling here
(62.47 KB 1080x593 IMG_20220518_130001.jpg)
based carebear intp femcel sakura
>>96085 what did they say?
jfc it's getting even worse for garam. hiv needs to kick her ass out she's fucking schizo
(188.48 KB 1566x1316 20220519_191050.jpg)
trans of what sakura posted on weverse earlier today. its a locked post and the password is 0502
>>98687 looks like the translation was done by an esl since i still don't know what she's saying
>>97014 sad that their schedule for the entire was canceled but understandable
>>98732 *entire day
(96.42 KB 1200x900 20220520_074933.jpg)
https://twitter.com/zeroichi_ntv/status/1527597502471450624?t=YZGVG4HeApx9DgRcjp7xhg&s=19 kazuha and sakura will be appearing on zeroichi, a japanese program on tv should air at 10:30 jst
>>98936 on ntv**
>>95206 she wont get kicked out and the rumour will die
>>99032 i doubt it this isn’t your average bullying scandal
>>98687 she sounds pretty down
(208.50 KB otakewwwww2.jpg)
even after all the revelations garam still has so many loyal otaku fans
>>100656 nona otaku is used to refer to hardcore fans of anime. these are obviously just scrotes
>>100668 nta otaku does not necessarily mean anime fans. it means extreme fans of any hobbies including kpop, video games, and even trains/transportation
(1.09 MB 1920x2494 20220520_124411.jpg)
for w korea
>>100670 girl to normies otaku means fan of anime/manga no one knows the jap meaning
if garam quits she can get a new face like glam dahee and become a bj who earns 300k a month from otaku fans https://www.koreaboo.com/news/glam-dahee-afreecatv-money/, she can make just as much as an idol since otakus have a thing for how hypersexualised her image is. if dahee was a criminal and is now a top bj, garam's bully past won't matter too
>>101000 she’s literally a minor what is wrong with you
why wasn't kazuha in w korea
>>100983 i mean if youre in kpop you will probably know
>>101000 moroni she is 16 years old if anything she needs to finish highschool
>>101003 >>101148 you do realise dahee is just a normal bj not some 18+ steamer right? garam's image is hypersexualised, the key word is image, it's thanks to how hybe made her pose in her teasers to appeal to otakus. nobody is picking on her. if anything garam should not worry, if dahee is able to bounce back from being a convicted criminal exidol to become a top streamer then she can too. glam trinity who quit because she was a leeteuk sasaeng eventually became a model and is bp jisoos best friend.
(852.49 KB 1920x2494 20220520_124359.jpg)
(1.41 MB 1920x2494 20220521_115513.jpg)
>>101228 tbhon these were the only photos i liked of the girls. i feel like everything else was too revealing
>>101235 >>101228 >>100938 these look like ugly clothes from goodwill
>>101431 garam the coordi worked hard, let's go a day without insulting others. hwaiting!
https://youtu.be/1zCnFsSQcYM sserafim's performance on inkigayo today as ot5. i absolutely loved the outfits
>>103207 am i only one who thinks they looked really happy maybe they want her out too
>>103209 you aren't the only one, they seemed upbeat and sounded good kek
(403.13 KB hybe.jpg)
>monster rookie kek literally garam. also why should anyone support them after hybe lied that garam was a victim of bullying and sued minors who exposed her deeds?
>>103207 they look totally cool without her too i dont even see the difference. but im waiting them to stop with excessive black clothes its boring for such a good choreo
>>103209 they're probably very stressed around her knowing all their interactions are being watched constantly
>>103673 i can't figure out which is which of video of where garam complimented sakura but i saw a video where it cut to yunjin's reaction and she made a face at garam's laughing after talking about sakura's nose
(198.41 KB image (1).png)
ot5 has red velvet vibes, eunchae looks like yeri and theres a gyopo main vocal
>>104867 i was getting a bit of a bp vibe at first but them being kind of like rv is based with them being 5 considering sakura is a huge fan of irene
>>104867 i like them as 5 so much more. i honestly hate even numbered groups because the choreo always looks wonky
(182.10 KB 1080x830 yunjin.jpg)
based yunjin
>>117234 does hybe encourage their artists to talk about lgb shit to get gay money?
garam would bully dykes
>>117238 i don't think many of them talk about it at all. she lived in nyc for awhile so it's not surprising she would be outspoken
>>117244 really i was wondering because i feel like i always see their artists talk about it, sometimes in a way it feels like hybe's influence(but i kinda feel like that in general). not that i think yunjin doesn't seem genunine, it's good either way that they feel comfortable enough to talk about it
>>117238 this is literally the only hybe artists i've seen to post anything about lgbt kek actually i'm surprised they allowed her but maybe she found a loophole with their managers not knowing any english or what pride means
>>117249 which artists did you see talk about it??
>>117249 nta but hybe's shtick to appeal to ifans is claiming to be the progressive woke kpop company in self-published thinkpieces while at the same time being in kahoots with korea's incel president, it's all optics. just a few days ago at a txt fansign a fan got told she couldn't bring the members certain items because they looked too girly >>117251 >maybe she found a loophole with their managers not knowing any english or what pride means sorry but if you think idols can tweet anything without it being properly vetted by someone who understands english you're very naive
>>117253 please show me one instance of a bigshit group being actually woke, even rapmongtel backtracked on his lgbt comment
txt never said anything supportive for the lgbt community kek nor for feminism
she's gonna start claiming sakura's gay comments from years ago were also a hybe psyop kek
>>117256 >please show me one instance of a bigshit group being woke that's exactly my point, it's just hybe trying to sell that narrative in some bullshit commissioned thinkpieces in weverse mag
>>117262 what does that have to do with anything estupida that was when she wasn't even under hybe and definitely not when she was tweeting from a verified company account
>>117270 she said that because you think hiv encouraged yunjin to post that pride thing when hiv doesn't give a shit about lgbt
>>117273 >you think hiv encouraged yunjin to post that pride thing what, do you think idols can use their group's account like it's their personal twitter? that every post isn't pre-approved by a social media manager? >hiv doesn't give a shit about lgbt and they don't because a single tweet doesn't do shit for gay people but it's free marketing because now thousands of twittards are going to cite it as a reason why hybe is so progressive and great
sakura said that shit back then when it didn't benefit her at all. it's really not that surprising yunjin would do the same when if anything it's just gonna make knetizens hate them even more now
>>117282 >a social media manager? did you not see how garam was posting on weverse a day before she got put on hiatus kek
>>117297 i can sense the hate coming from the hannams but i wonder if it'll catch the attention of lgb fans since seoul just re-elected a homophobic mayor who doesnt want seoul pride to happen
>>117306 also they mostly have a scrote fanbase based on fanchants so i hope it makes them seethe too
>>117234 based yunjin indeed. glad that iam right for supporting her
any updates abt the garam situation? stupido hybe for fucking up the whole thing
>>120064 *hybe and soumu
>>120064 no it's been relatively quiet since the autijen news came out
(1.13 MB 1280x720 hAleI262APJCjSeo.mp4)
sakura is so lovely
>>120064 jap magazine cover with her still on it released not sure whether that’s a sign of her returning. her particular interview wasn’t included though
(24.38 KB 480x258 download.jpeg)
>>129796 i know it's not the best picture but eunchae really favors kim heesun
>>129658 sakura shouldn’t you be busy doing idol stuff
>>130039 kekkk
sakura is a useless uggo roastie i hope gooks go after her next
>>131894 wrong thread
predebut yunjin
>>137856 noooooooo rip yunjin
>>137856 kek her bio
>>137856 >>137876 aigoo... i was hoping fans didnt find out about this. her user was related to a busteds ship if i remember right
(368.85 KB 769x482 1653451556966.jpg)
>>138165 for a 16 year old who wanted to become an idol she sure was retarded
>>138177 it’s not like she knew she would debut
>>138177 its not her fault that pledis basically joined hive. besides this was before even pd48
>>138177 nothing about this is even that wild, it seems she was a normal teenage girl with a kpop fan account. idk who would genuinely care about this besides maybe rata yncels
>>138177 to be fair this has just gained her even more popularity >>138130 nona are you the one who said on the idols you hate thread that her social media usage would be a problem one day?
>>138187 actually that was me >>138177 i wasn't even expecting this kek i just thought there would be some sort of n word controversy like giselle
>>138185 it's normal it's just embarrassing for everyone to know you shipped your male colleagues together
kek at the yncel garam vs the fujoshi yunjin
>>138196 i feel like yunjin is too smart to get into that sort of issue although i know it could’ve happened pre debut. giselle was so retarded and to do it on camera
>>138202 saw a nona on hybeshitting say that kazuha is a beomgyu fan too and went to a fan meet?
>>138202 both are v fans too daebak
>>138214 sa not that it’s a bad thing, just funny how it works that these girls end up in the same company as busteds
>fujo yunjin >goofag kazuha holy based
>>138202 more proof fujos are superior
>>138187 kek no i'm one of resident yunjinfags and was hoping whoever knew about it would keep it under wraps
>>138209 its a different situation one is american one is raised in countries that are the most racist to the blacks
>the blacks
>>138275 nta and ot but when giselle was in japan and had instagram it was obvious she was a huge fan of rap so i kind of dont understand how her whole n word thing happened >>138282 she's probably esl nona
>>138286 didn’t she go to an international school too? she had no excuse as she probably did mix with plenty of different cultures and would know that the n-word isn’t something a non black person should be saying
>>138286 in the video she leaned in close to the camera when that happened, she knew what she was doing
>>138287 she did go to one. her school was very diverse >>138288 yeah, she did. making it known she was an avid listener of old school rap and r&b very often and having an international background what she did wasn't very smart
i wonder if hive made an effort to look into the other girls pasts (maybe not chaewon/sakura since if there was dirt it would’ve come out in iz*one days) after the garam incident. i mean i’m sure there’s nothing since they both seem sweet but so did garam so you never know
>>138377 chaewon and sakura were both in the spotlight from childhood. hive mostly likely know what they need to know but can't be guaranteed seeing what's happening with garam
>>138165 >taegi fan kek based
>>138377 minus izone girls for obvious reasons, yunjin wouldve been outed for being shitty during produce since she was fairly popular then. I doubt theyd need to look up kazuha and eunchae either because everything thats come out has been about them being like nice talented ballerina kazuha and church girl/club leader/popular eunchae kek if anything bad is going to come out its something from within hybe (kek god forbid the trainee a dating rumors involve one of them)
>>141884 i remember seeing a pann user post a gif of what looked like garam and one of the trainee a guys and claim they were dating, even though i don’t particularly like garam i was glad it didn’t blow up further since she would be the one shamed for it
(196.97 KB 1079x1319 20220627_010426.jpg)
now this would have been a cool debut...instead of the model shit
(174.65 KB 1440x1799 20220627_010410.jpg)
gonna post some more of my favs
(211.99 KB 1169x1449 20220627_010349.jpg)
(125.29 KB 1080x1350 20220627_010352.jpg)
(224.53 KB 1440x1799 20220627_010354.jpg)
>>152635 >>152636 >>152637 >>152638 these would have been awesome if they came out with love dive
(182.09 KB 1440x1800 20220627_010412.jpg)
(138.37 KB 1080x1350 20220627_010418.jpg)
ahhh i want a magical girl concept
(125.82 KB 1024x1335 20220626_200712.jpg)
(197.39 KB 1440x1800 20220627_010339.jpg)
ok ending with ot5
>>152635 its way too similar to love dive unfortunately but whoever was behind the photoshoot did a spectacular job
>>152641 kazuha is so fucking cool. she looks like she could be a character in kill bill
(1.05 MB 3277x4096 E-kgrm4UcAMf-uU.jpg)
>>154851 it was directed by yeyoung kim and shes had photoshoots in this vein from before love dive dropped eg picrel
(215.04 KB 1000x1500 1633018121-pfjefpn.jpg)
>>154860 if anyone in hybe has a brain theyll bring her back in for their next comeback. She directed the set of enhypen pictures on the beach from tamed-dashed already so they've hired her before but some big companies like to skimp on girl group visuals so who knows
(129.37 KB 1080x1350 20220627_013700.jpg)
the photoshoot has a lot of f(x) vibes as well. i really want something like that for their next cb. i saw someone say their debut is just an introduction to the members so maybe next cb they'll do something with the creepy angel thing? either way i just don't want more of the model thing
i get that the group has a lot of sub vocalists but kazuha really shouldnt be a rapper kek the deep voice she does is cringe. her singing sounds fine
>>157718 >the deep voice she does is cringe they got her sounding like iggy azalea... she needs more training too, she sounds nervous in the literal studio recording
>>157718 i don’t know why almost every company thinks their groups need a rapper or rap part in the songs it’s unnecessary unless you have strong rappers who genuinely enjoy it
has haram been kicked out yet
>>157895 she's still on "hiatus" nona
>>157733 kek when she says "take the world break it down, break it down" her voice trails away in embarrassment. it stood out to me a lot, i've never heard an idol sound like that before
i like her but this killed me
>>158385 i thought this was so cute. i definitely feel like japan will love sserafim
>>158385 chimps face heol
(455.69 KB 1537x2048 FQ4MwuAVsAMmUPx.jpeg)
i fucking love the ocean adventure theme they had going on with the world is my oyster and the great mermaid. i get that there were two themes but they couldve saved the black patrol photoshoot for another comeback (and honestly i wouldve like that more since those pics go fucking hard too). idk, i felt like they could have done more with this theme instead of it being a one off photoshoot with some bsides that reference it. hopefully they have more creative ideas for the next comeback
so when is garam getting soojined the fuck out? or will she stay i(rene)n
>>159541 i want to say something but it's /tin/ tier. they're definitely going to keep her for longer i feel
>>159568 i’m really curious now
>>159572 no she should just not say anything i think
>>159480 i was hoping that the blue flame b side would have a MV with these visuals but i guess not
>>159568 say it nona im curious too
>>159591 blue flame's theme doesnt really fit either concept kek
(404.31 KB 1536x2048 20220627_013201.jpg)
>>158385 lowkey reminds me of that one girl in pussycat dolls that would always randomly do this
>>158385 as she should
(443.93 KB 2048x1534 20220627_012201.jpg)
https://youtu.be/PRt9PTDZ7iE this still gets me hyped
>>160421 the teaser was so cool
(600.03 KB 2275x3464 FWiW3cHVEAEbFdW.jpeg)
the fromisification of lsfm https://youtu.be/cMeBTT2q6jM
eunchae adds nothing to the grp why was she choosing i dont get it ?
>>158385 well i think they tell her to do it so she stands out
>>163625 nta but i think this too, japan loves this kind of stuff tbhon there are a lot of japanese idols that can do acrobatics or dance and them doing a random flip or showing off their abilities in performances isnt an abnormal thing
>>138214 source?
>>163623 isn’t it because the concept is six, she is a good dancer and plays the maknae role well plus she is korean and they needed to bolster their korean born members up since half technically foreigners she was also close to garam predebut so that could’ve been a factor im sure they look at chemistry between members
>>163629 i dont think there is a source kek when we first talked about it in moapg the girlie who brought it up said she saw it on twitter but didn't provide a screenshot or anything
>>163665 she is one of the weaker dancers but i guess its all for the concept then
I really hope garam comes back the grp needs a second visual that isnt a foreigner
>>163767 i don’t personally understand how sakura is a visual in the group anyway in the first place
>>163767 horrible shit tier take
>>163775 sakura is not a visual she used to be cute but she is botched now and looks sickly because she bleached her skin too much
>>163777 no matter whats true or not about the rumors garam is pretty and her visual is missing now to balance the group
>>163786 not really i think the rest of the girls are pretty especially yunjin
>>163767 lq bait sister
>>163790 they're all cute but only kazuha and garam have standout visuals >>163809 bait for what? not everyone has to have the same opinion
>>163780 she is considered a center visual in lsfm alongside garam and plenty of people think she is a visual
>>163897 she is only a center because she is the most known member but be honest she looks odd now
>>163767 she really is nowhere near pretty enough to excuse any of that and the group look and act so much better without her
where are any of you getting the idea that sakura is a visual? did hiv release official positions because she's definitely not and i say this as someone who likes her
>>164616 nona its just what some people think dont take everything seriously
>>164610 >excuse any of that you act like she killed a girl. this bullying hysteria is retarded. idols are gonna get cancelled by a jealous classmate for refusing to go to her bday party when she was 11 from now on ig
>unironic garam defender itt ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ sociopaths stick together i guess
>>166411 kek probably the same nona who posted about garam on kpc
chaewon sakura and eunchae are already botched yunjin and kazuha is pretty
>>169012 agreed with first two but how is eunchae botched?
>>169012 thought chaewon was natty
>>169018 she’s had more subtle work done over the years, still pretty before though
>>169012 i mean that’s not fair considering both yunjin, kazuha and garam have also had things done to their faces
>>169019 can't tell if she did her nose or not. props to the dr
>>169021 looks like something to make the tip more prominent? really nice though, i think its only the eyes that make her look artificial, the rest is great imo, i thought she was the prettiest after yunjin
>>169021 >>169024 an alarplasty as well
i’m glad eunchae is finally getting her moment to shine, when they debuted i really thought she would kinda just be left behind garam not being in the group has definetely helped that
(171.61 KB 1200x1800 20220709_221058.jpg)
>HYBE and Source Music announce that they have decided to terminate their exclusive contract with Kim Garam >LE SSERAFIM will continue as a 5-member girl group based garam got the axe
all of garam’s photos, videos, and contents are in this drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FrR55URbdLOcAIwco3mN3mSh4xLcxnXQ
nonas do you think they will add another member in fhe future? seraphim has 6 wings but i can see hive changing the lore
>>172764 no it isn’t happening they already erased all mentions of 6 on the website the fans can be the 6th wing
>>172761 she even looks like soojin
>>172792 no way kek soojin had that baddie look about her
(376.64 KB 1536x2048 20220719_202054.jpg)
>>172764 are they even going to do anything with the lore? the closest thing we got is just a photoshoot. though i wonder what they're gonna do with the webtoon
(82.23 KB 683x1024 gyarujjangyyeoppuda.jpg)
genuine question do we have a fandom name yet
(67.06 KB 1280x853 IMG_20220515_213908.jpg)
>>173876 no not yet. some have been memeing about being called oysters kek and some like the name pearls or seraphims but since it's hiv it'll probably stand for something like moas and army
(268.28 KB 2048x1152 20220720_185656.jpg)
>older girls getting tired but still getting in the pool because eunchae really wanted to aahhh cute https://youtu.be/A2XDQxQ4oGY
(122.44 KB 1000x625 1658527527-untitled-1.jpg)
they all look SO joyous that i can tell it was ordered by fatman
>>176791 kek that’s hilarious
(1.87 MB 720x1280 xapQxeO8MeF1IJ9O.mp4)
absolutely based
they should refer to the fandom as the 6th member to be cool
>>177287 what's the chances they'll add another member instead
>>177295 i can’t see them doing that it would be awkward for the new person everyone likes them as 5 now
>>177287 it would be really nice if it was something like the 6th wing since seraphim is a six-winged angel
(690.19 KB 971x1214 image.png)
imagine the smell
>>179184 go back weirdo
(74.06 KB 600x902 1658724525878932.jpg)
just now found out garam has fucking toe thumbs wtf
(354.34 KB 1333x2000 GaramThumbKek.jpg)
>>179194 sa but ahhhhhh it freaks me out
>>179237 do you know what thread this is
>>179194 >>179199 >nitpicking the hands of a 16 year old who isn't even an idol anymore the state of you
>>179336 yes nona. like >>179350 said garam isnt even an idol anymore why do you need to come here to nitpick her. sserafim has been releasing enough content for us not to focus on her anymore
>>179350 making an observation isn't nitpicking. especially coming from a thread that is constantly shitting on sakura and chaewon.
>>179368 >a thread that is constantly shitting on sakura and chaewon i don't post here usually but from the looks of it people have been mostly critizing their plastic surgery and in a sense of "why did hybe do this to them", moreover they're adults who are actually still in the group >making an observation isn't nitpicking looking at the hands of a teenager and pointing out that she has weird fingers is definitely nitpicking dumbina and i suggest you take this kind of shit elsewhere
(2.45 MB 1200x830 1658718870765810.webm)
garam is literally neurodivergent and a minor. pointing out her megan fox thumbs is harassment
just ignore and report nonas
wow, rude
(365.45 KB 1170x1560 20220725_111116.jpg)
anyway moving on. why does she look photoshopped in here
>>179490 because she is kek she has literally no shadow
(149.93 KB 1638x2048 20220725_111612.jpg)
aw i hope she's ok this sounds a littler weird. but i haven't watched her log yet so maybe it's taken out of context?
>>179503 *little
who /the great mermaid/ pilled here
holy shit are you clinically rarded
>>179490 kek it looks like she was. it's pretty cute in a way also happy belated birthday to chaewon
soo.... the official fandom name is "fearnot"...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzPz9ILeLCs
>>190642 pretty. it reminds me of how sseraphim is supposed to be bibilical. in korean it sounds like the world "bloom" too so there is a double meaning
(284.30 KB 1536x2048 20220725_012613.jpg)
oyster was kinda growing on me
>>190642 i kinda like it. i don't get the peanut jokes
>>191224 it's esl seafags as usual
(41.88 KB 1000x750 1581676055103.jpg)
welcome to the chimpzone
(418.16 KB 1536x2048 20220627_012057.jpg)
>>191606 chimpwon
only chimp in anime girls
(1.29 MB 520x640 _chimp_fs.webm)
quivering chimp
(1.08 MB 2256x1504 ttc.jpg)
double jointed chimp
(5.93 MB 1080x1920 weverse_1-3472.bmp)
fresh chimp
elegant chimp
first the kiss then the chimp
my chimp is in love with pain
co-op chimp torture
>>195364 bonita, should go solo out of hybe tbh
has this thread died
>>201023 seems like it :/
>>201023 post more chimps
the chimp posts getting progressively more deranged is making me kek
tone it down a bit chimpsis, you're getting too violent
>>202804 what even is this hairstyle
*sniffs* smells like moid in here
>>209963 right like it got a little weird
>>209973 >a little
i assumed chimposter was a moid from the start, but didn't vocally leap to conclusions. on very, very slim chance the poster was female i wanted her to sperg freely. but alas.
>>210475 i still think it's probably an edgy underage girl but she still should be banned for moid posting
>>210477 it was obviously a man izone and lesserafim have mostly male fans
i for one accept the weird chimpgirl
>>210651 then "she" can take your hand and you can lead "her" back to mukpg
poor chimpsis she just wanted to chimpost and wasnt being inappropriate
>>210653 >my dad glazed my face
>>210654 to be fair girls can say weird shit too
>>210655 and they need to know it makes them look like retarded 12yo boys
>>210655 don't be obtuse. girls are not here posting girlpops and captioning it with an analogy about getting dad nut in your face and if they do they should still be banned for moidposting
>analogy about getting dad nut in your face oops im esl and did not get what that post meant, taking it back thats distasteful
>>210667 chaewon is popular on mukpg and they call her chimp there lets not act naive
convinced chimp poster is a moid. wanted to believe it was a weird girly, but alas
(47.58 KB 453x680 FTL5jsmWIAACYia.jpg)
(64.57 KB 454x680 Fa3eIp4XEAE6-Y1.jpg)
(352.49 KB 1536x2048 FYCN7e4WQAUkazr.jpg)
cursed thread
(56.66 KB 558x680 FYZcKLNXwAQKhG-.jpg)
>>230862 ngl i felt so bad for the girl that didn’t make it. the way the staff just said pack your bags felt so abrupt
it's so funny in episode 2 when we get the talking heads of sakura with her new lsfm dyed hair and NEW FACE and her face is all swollen kek
>>230862 how on earth did they manage to not include garam in this?
>>230928 you can tell she’s awkwardly cropped out in some clips kek
damn they uploaded all the episodes at once kek i thought they were gonna be like a weekly thing. guess i can binge today


no cookies?