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hybeshitting general #88 Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 00:57:09 No. 348888
catboy edition
first for
i heard there was soobin boobs?
*pokes hybeshitting*
(4.35 MB 576x1024 terrorism .mp4)
(241.04 KB 720x720 7RE_Rc9E0y7j0s-p.mp4)
i have decided i am becoming a muttfag again because he finally looks how he used to look again
(1.16 MB 640x360 n8jJUXZnpscf1tMz.mp4)
i haven’t been this horny for mutt in months. years even.
>>348906 it wasn't intentional but yes there was for 2 seconds and i'm trying to find the picture
give him a boob lift
>>348914 saggy
>>348914 we need to do a transvestigation for this namja he should start by showing us his cock
>>348916 he's smooth down there or maybe he was castrated
hulkek fatnoo can’t even catch a break in the epipen webtoon
>>348914 he has hanging balls, this is after many evidence of his stretchy skin on his face and neck. would love to suck
(554.80 KB 1536x2048 20230123_095837.jpg)
holland's boyfriend looks like he's about to ask me if i have a moment to talk about our lord and savior bebe rexha
i want to go to the lab in korea where they make all their faggots and pick out a bf too :(
>>348965 bot and bean
>>348914 *sucks*
>>348909 >>348910 join the club
friendly reminder that we freaking hate meghan markle and prince harry
>>349594 go back to your fucking thread
we fuckign love hanbin
>>349596 i tolerate him.. might even say i like him a little
>>349594 nobody knows who that is
>>349609 then shut up about meghan markle and prince harry and take that to dst
i wish we were half animal half human id love to be a cute rabbit and hop around the city ^⁠_⁠^
>>349610 i said no
jay has had homoerotic thoughts regarding sunoo
sunoo is just a cumrag to jay
we all hate that fucking fat attwhore faggot
>>349618 t. jay malding after realising his penis got hard to sunoo again
i dont hate sunoo but if he wasn't in epipen i wouldn't miss him. i kinda like him more after i started thinking of him as this manipulative evil gay bitch
How the rigged I-LAND members would sing DAY6 Blood:
>>349640 ccc flanderizations are important for this very reason
hybeshitting hasn’t been this slow in months what happened
>>349665 range bans
>>349665 the whole site is pretty dead even dst sadly
(1.81 MB 960x720 AVVqqyPEj_IhXrNL.mp4)
the slight head shake damn they are not fuckin with him
love it when gaypops look wider than they actually are because of camera lenses he looks like a real man here
im gonna make a joke so the thread will wake up ok
what do you call newjeans noona fans.. ? momjeans
>>349675 party pooper
taemin lives
>>349677 in the military base washing dishes.. yep! he lives there
>>349594 back to your containment cell
what do enhypen smoke when they wanna get high jays. lol
>>349680 i didnt get it
>>349670 kek jay looks like an enraged kermit the frog
>>349678 soon he will be out shaking his ass and being adorable again
>>349681 like a J like a joint is this an oldhead word i feel like a boomer
yuehua ceo told me to tell you all hwarang is straight and has had no sexual relations with men he is interested in women and women only ohhhhhh china the great we love you chinaaaaa china china please listen to yena's new single and do NOT ask any questions about everglow
>>349683 who's your txt husbando enough taemin talk
>>349684 dont feel ashamed i dont know that much burger slang but maybe a burger nona could tell you if it's a word dinosaurs use
>>349686 bean and sometimes taebot
>>349687 it's older slang but sometimes used
soobin definitely has horrible music taste if his pop girl is bebe rexha
>>349685 your taste is so particular have you ever thought of husbandoing a normal gaypop that's conventionally attractive?
>>349674 not noona, unnie
ive music mid their best song is eleven, love dive boreen, after like mid the beat hardcarries and it wasn't even good because the producers were lazy with the sample
>>349665 tafags left the site
>>348889 omo post more
>>349740 they stopped posting long before the thread slowed down and they were barely in here to begin with because none of us liked them
>>349679 >t. meghan
>>349686 she’s called bot nipple toucher for a reason
(2.64 MB 726x720 googiepop.mp4)
>>349740 so you’re telling me the last 10 or 20 threads were only active because of tafags posting… even though we tell them to fuck off everytime they post and there aren’t even enough of them to post everyday in their own thread?
(46.84 KB 621x621 IMG_1322.JPG)
>searches “enhypen gay” on onehallyu
>>349822 the onehallyu gay thread is worse than fujos here it’s actually hilarious
someone left this stray kitten on my doorstep, should i keep it?
(58.63 KB 906x906 heeseung16.jpg)
he offers to wash your car
>>349828 kek that one roastie who swears that taeyong is gay and spergs about it daily gets me everytime
>>349850 i'll make a kebab out of him
>>349822 have you found any shocking revelations
>>349850 give him to me
>>349891 sunoo is gay
>>349862 heesung heesang heesingin
please anticipate
>>350136 why are they showing hue's big ass forehead god dammit
>>350136 a little disappointed that it's the gbgb director again
>>350158 SA sounds better than the other previews we've gotten of the song tho
expecting the txt title track to be great and if it isn't im dropping them
>Chinese attack Korean professors in leaked DMs after Danielle's "Seollal" scandal + Koreans demand ban on "mixed race" idols bye hue
>>350304 vernon you're freaking dead n' done
(178.48 KB 358x358 5HIJQ5mwT-XilWyS.mp4)
>>350310 laughs in my group only consisting of full blooded gooks
>>350314 word we fucking hate wasians here
race mixing is degenerate and abnormal, imagine tainting your bloodline
(78.24 KB 811x932 20230124_153117.jpg)
omo if he gets deported i can flatpack him into my suitcase and bring him to yurop so he can mingle with his own species and live with me in our quaint little alpaca farm along the german rhine
>>350318 shut up jungwon
i would taint wonies bloodline so good
>>350318 only when it’s mixed with white
>>350304 where did you find this?
>>350318 how is this racist jannis
.>>350329 because it’s literally something hitler would say?
>>350330 it was obviously a shitpost and we call hapa idols white creatures so what’s the difference
we love blasians here
(241.75 KB 1258x1677 20230124_204136.jpg)
we would have the most cripplingly mentally ill and ethnically ambiguous babies of all time and we'd give them quirky names like georgetown and harpsichord and send them to a montessori school that serves hummus and grape sandwiches in the canteen so they won't get bullied by the public school kids
(255.23 KB 720x720 n1b0DZLV9G7fAe8E.mp4)
good god almighty i NEED to fuck him
>>350333 like you would get any choice in how to raise your child once nabil gets a hold of them they’ll become a trainee at age 5
>>350335 dumbhoon sitting on jays lap with his little hairbow and a miniskirt spreading his creamy white thighs so his cocklet can be touched…
when i trust you we can do it with the lights on when i trust you we can do it with the lights on when i trust you we make loving till the morning let me tell you all my secrets and i'll whisper till the day's done
my and jays child will go to a exclusive private school and will be handsome really handsome so that mamy kids are jealous of our child and will often switch between korea and america
>>350327 white mix children are mostly the beautifullest children
i’m laughing so much
i no longer want to have children with heedonkey hapa kids look like humanoids
me and hanbin making some absolutely stupid just straight up retarded babies
heedonkeys child would be ugly jays child would be handsome but insecure hues child would be mentally confused
>>350352 bitch
>>350351 your babies will come out looking like the troll dolls from toy story
>>350354 you're always looking to fight that's why jay has no chin
>>350350 finally you understand it heedonkey isn't good like jay and heedonkey would always get ugly kids doesn't matter where his so will come
>>350356 i can only laugh at you like i laugh at heeseung's face
i didn’t know jay had shooters here
i'm half jap do you think hue would procreate with me
>>350359 the only jay shooter is jayeslfag
>>350360 samefag jk i dont want to be a mother and he is too retarded to be a father
i'm a woman would hanbin procreate with me
>>350360 you dont love yourself if you consider having kids with hue
>>350365 depends
>>350365 im sorry to tell you this but uhh
who would be the best father out of txt
>>350369 taebot
>>350369 bean or bot
i want a child from kun (wayv)
>>350373 your baby will pop out addicted to henny
Broskiis... f*ck onlyfans... Soobin just gave us fap material for a whole week! Is she the baddest in the game rn ? And if u say no ... name who is
>>350376 i don't know what henny is?
who would be the best father out of enhypen
>>350369 bumgoo
>>350383 dumbhoon
>>350383 i genuinely think heedonkey
>>350383 iljap
>>350390 when he is older
>>350391 kekkk how
i'll abandon hybeshitting the day iljap turns 18 i don't wanna see that. i don't
>>350393 i’m pretty sure it’s all just big talk
>>350383 i actually think jake would be the best and i do think the worst would be jay not because he is a bad dad just because i don't think he will be that excidet to be a dad
>>350395 he seemed to like the kids on that show him and jake went on
>>350338 change jay to bean pls
>>350398 you mean william and bently but no he doesn't felt comfortable
>>350402 did he tell you this?
>>350403 are you blind ? Anyone can see that he didn't wanted to be there
>>350404 he’s in my bed i asked him if he liked being there and he said yes
>>350407 yeah sure nona
>>350404 nta but he’s always acting awkward and retarded
i asked hue if he is mentally stable and he said yes
>>350409 don't be mean heedonkey
nevermind i wanna have kids with heedonkey i'd love having kids that resembled the person i love the most
heeseung didn't fit to be a leader everyone saw that especially in iland thank god jungwon is the leader
>>350412 >mentally ill
>heeseung didn't fit to be a leader everyone saw that especially in iland thank god jungwon is the leader
>>350414 i dont want to have kids just because they'll look like him dumbass
dumbhoon ugly af
>>350419 nta but true his looks are overrated
>>350420 he's really not that pretty had he kept his original nose he'd be beautiful but his face doesn't make sense now and because of his shitty fat distribution his weight gain became obvious on his massive cheekbones
>facial fat distribution sperging well at least it isnt nostrils
>>350422 are you korean nona
i think a lot of what koreans think is stupid but the one thing that makes sense is head size
>>350425 no i'm a person with eyesight
>>350426 yeah headsize really does matter sometimes
what's wrong with nostril sperging?
jake giving me sizeable head
>>350430 nothing except when you guys talk about iljaps
>>350430 everything
>>350433 i never talk about iljap
>>350431 do you think he does
where's the girl that used to reply shave it off to every jake picture that was posted
>>350436 maybe not you but others did
every time i see the trainee a thread there’s an argument of some sort
>>350439 and what is it that bothers you about iljap nostril sperg?
>>350446 this but btsg
>>350449 kek btsg is so funny to read through
>>350447 because they look normal and of course they are a bit bigger cause he is tall but nothing is wrong with his nostrils
that one esl nona who fights with everyone on this site. what’s her story?
>>350452 what’s the correlation between height and nostril size
>>350460 oh my god don't you learn that in school? when you get bigger or are taller you have correspondingly bigger body parts
esl jayfag is also iljapfag
>>350463 yeah proportionally to other body parts? and he always had big nostrils
>>350468 formerly reofag
>>350477 no jayfag and reofag aren't the same
>>350477 the original reofag was an iljapfag and kfag she didn’t like the rest of epipen
>>350479 sa and she liked fed too
damn we should make a reofag general considering how much some of you love orbiting a 14 year old girl
>>350481 nonas like to bully a few selected posters then sperg about them when they're gone, happened with reofag and esl huefag
>>350482 nobody bullied reofag
>>350482 reofag still posts here and esl huefag reappears from time to time
>>350422 >weight gain he looks ana and skinnier than when he debuted though
>>350487 t. doesn't know what dumbhoon looked like at debut
>>350503 ive been an epipenfag since they debuted kek
>>350522 then you should know his face was slimmer/jaw was undeveloped compared to now
(46.89 KB 481x700 jay73.jpg)
mods get a little jay. as a treat
>>350528 you forgot the h in threat
mods get a little donkey. as a treat enjoy!!!!!!!
(5.77 MB 540x540 enhypen6.mp4)
>>350531 he's so freaking beautiful
(27.05 KB 387x387 jake328.jpg)
god damn
>>350531 live audio engineers working some magic backstage because there's no way in hell niki can stay on key like that
>>350534 their next music show win will reveal all
>>350533 he does things to me
did iljap ever say why he goes by niki instead of riki
>>350533 looks sm better like this
i dont believe mutt just looks like this because of hair..
wish i could have been inside mutt's mind when he first had to deal with skinship in gookland
hambeansis is that you on the onehallyu gay thread KEK
>>350539 surgery settling + no white foundation/bleaching + new hair + weight loss
new year, new mutt
>>350535 i love epipen but they can’t sing for shit kek i have the lowest expectations
>>350542 what surgery anyway? nosejobs settle after 1 year
>>350545 he had 2 nose jobs
>>350544 they did well when they did the performance in burgerland, i think it was at the grammy museum? they would have improved a lot after touring so much
>>350546 i need pictures you can't just say that and dip
>>350548 he had the nose job before iland/debut era, then like 4 of epipen had their pointy nose implants taken out and replaced with different ones between blessed cursed and piss the mic
got in trouble for shitposting at work
heehonk dislikes snoot the most
>>350558 based
>>350558 i feel like its justified that faggot is ANNOYING imagine having to spend that much time with him, living with him
>>350572 >imagine having to spend that much time with him, living with him first thing i'm doing is making a beeline for his laundry basket and sniffing his used socks
>>350558 heedonkey is just threatened by how comfy snoot is in his sexuality
>>350572 i can't even really blame hee for not hiding it better because it kind of is unreasonable to expect him to tolerate that much faggotry with a smile. though it feels a bit weird since snoot still just laughs at everything
heedonk is just mad because sunoo is beautiful and he looks like dr kim beat his face with a shovel
why does everyone on this site hate sunoo so much
>>350580 >fatnoo >beautiful kekekekekekek
(1.33 MB 720x370 sunoo88.mp4)
we all love snoot, ccc is simply the only place where we can marvel at how much of a faggot he is
not one of them liked sunoo they kicked his ass out every chance they had in iland kekkk
>>350581 because he is a whiny faggot
1 raging faggot + 6 straggots that can't stand him is a fascinating concept for a group this is what TO1 took away from us
>>350584 they were mad cause he slayed and they didn't
you know who slays? ten from nct. sunoo doesn't slay he's just a fat queen with no talent
to say sunoo is ugly is so retarded he's just bloated
>>350588 that haggard old slut slays nothing but the tip of his nose off at his monthly dr kim appointments
>>350588 it's not ok to bring a fellow faggot down just because he's gotten more work in 2 years than you have in 7 years, ten
>>350591 give it up post hambin do something else you sound like a crazy lady trying to convince me there's ants crawling on your walls. sunoo is fat untalented and annoying ten is talented and maybe botched. so what a lot of idols are
(220.17 KB 960x1440 FnSNSsVaAAEJ_3w.jpg)
>post hambean nta but don't mind if i do
>>350593 zorra vietnamita
>>350594 oh, a fox, i don't see the resemblance but that's cu- hey WAIT a fucking minute
(1.80 MB 480x360 niki23.mp4)
we love iljap here and fucking hate fatnoo
>>350597 kyeoptaaaaa
(1.22 MB 720x720 niki6.mp4)
>>350597 just you
iljap nostril big af
iljap >one of the best dancers in 4th gen >can rap >took the blackpill at an early age >straight >doesn’t give a fuck about gook culture and says whatever he wants >hates lazy fat fucks >brings up the group height average >works hard and doesn’t cry about it fatnoo >worst dancer in epipen >can’t rap >normiepilled and boring not even a fun type of fag like kebho >faggot >cares deeply about gook culture (kek) >his own group members rightfully make fun of him for being a fat piece of shit >short >doesn’t do shit but stuff his bloated oversized filler face with sugar, salt, and other food that makes him even fatter then pretends to be a bullying victim and cries on live for poor meow meow points
ay dios mio la pedofilas
>>350604 straitjacket needed
>>350605 freaking weird are they not aware of how they look to everyone else
>>350607 they are and one of them is 38 years old kek
>>350609 ackshually she was 31 if i remember right *puts nerd glasses on*
>>350605 >>350607 posting/liking iljap doesn’t make you a pedo stop projecting i just like his personality and think he’s talented
>>350611 that's what every one of his posters say and you all end up slipping kekkk
why are moralfags acting like iljap is 13 or something he is 17 and turns 18 this year he’s old enough to be posted
>>350613 because everytime one of you lot start posting it becomes weird and sexual. why are you dying to post a 17 year old so badly that you can’t wait a year
stamp on it clicked
>>350615 should have been 3 different songs instead of just one but i like it too
>pick up heeseung >everyone here hates him daebak
>>350628 at least 2 people here like him
>>350629 thats not enough we need more heeseungfuckers
of course it’s the new jeans thread attracting weirdos
>>350638 report it and move on it's probably some mukpg scrote trying to get a reaction
>>350320 me too noona?!
>>350629 jay is classes better than donkey
just got out of the psych ward and things are still the same i see
(67.19 KB 809x809 20230110_175517.jpg)
>>350647 they are best friends who fuck women together
(80.41 KB 540x540 jungwon85.mp4)
chubbiest cheeks in the game
>>350659 kiyeowo
it's me or the ps5
>>350659 i wish he still looked like this
>>350691 he is always one calorie explosion away from looking like this
(4.29 MB 498x337 IMG_1393.GIF)
he was so innocent…. so full of life….
>>350692 he’s too anamia for that now his food probably doesn’t even stay down
>>350697 he looks fine
>>350691 that was barely few months ago
holding husbandos hair out of his face while he forces himself to throw up his dinner :3
dumbhoon is everything i want in a gook male but i will never be able to have him :(
>>350351 oh no not you here too
>>350710 i've been here since like thread 30, you work for me
>>350713 thread 30? weak
the baby monster members all seem to be decently talented but it’s hard to take them seriously when the oldest one revealed so far is 16
>>350963 i think they’re all 16 and under except for the unnie who is 20 sadly
*pulls his pants down* *grabs his cocklet* *slaps him* *puts it inside*
>>350993 hul didn't even recognize him at first
>>350993 i refuse to believe that’s mutt
>>350993 mutt if he slayed
>>351011 believe it baby
anyone alive?
someone spoonfeed me on mutt x kevin
>>351348 nvm nona meant to write jay not jake... thought i missed some important lore
>>351348 fuck his taste just keeps getting worse
lonely boy stay lonely she aint my one and only
>>350648 how was it nona
>>350993 someone took him to the buccal fat removal factory has he always looked like this
>>351541 filter aside when he starves himself yeah
80% of our posters got wiped out what do we do now
>>351545 you next
>>351546 i'll die in this thread i will never go away
>>351545 vãi xấu xí
>>351548 that's untrue
>>351550 tôi không có ý đó. tôi đang học từ vựng mới
>>351551 you're hambinmaxxing i respect the hustle nona
>>351551 are you vietnamese or learning?
(43.41 KB 720x601 012854.jpg)
>>351536 it was actually pretty good. im trying to catch up on the 2 months and a half i missed. i read more books than anything and my mental is much better, i eat much healthier now too. the ladies i met there were really sweet
>>351580 missed you huesis
(106.18 KB 540x540 jungwon82.mp4)
i feel the depression coming back but i know things will get better if i'm just patient
(117.10 KB 999x1399 hue_33.jpg)
>>351585 it's good to be back. missed my fellow hivesisters
(79.70 KB 640x894 20230126_072436.jpg)
[aggressive slurping noises]
>>351580 happy for your nona. i hope i could change my ways as well.
yunjin is so hot if i could look like any girlpop it would be her
>>351644 me but with karina
>>351644 I want to be a cute short gamine like irene or iu, they look like shoujo protagonists
(265.18 KB 1408x2048 sunghoon74.jpg)
(255.98 KB 480x600 heeseung83.mp4)
(99.88 KB 650x1035 sunghoon832.jpg)
i thought it might have been the stylist's choice but the other members definitely dressed themselves. this is very cute
(59.65 KB 470x700 jungwon389.jpg)
i'm going to cry for 3 days when he becomes a plastic monster
>>351765 he’s not going to please don’t talk it into existence
(52.44 KB 466x700 heeseung71.jpg)
awful haircut aside snoot looks great here
>>351770 heol even heedonkey is looking good
(67.73 KB 650x379 enhypen62.jpg)
>>351776 wahhhh dumbhoon and iljap have the best outfits *pretends to be shocked*
>>351765 wonie looks so much like yamada ryousuke now
>>351804 only in like one photo
>>351776 never let jay dress himself ever again
>>351762 he's dressed so gay it's the glasses
>>351836 and the flared pants and the beat it jacket and the tiny belt and the turtleneck
>>351545 i've been busy with college wtf happened. did everyone get banned or something
>>351820 it’s his punishment
(332.05 KB 1366x2048 20230126_000409.jpg)
>>351817 it's more than one, i think wonie has started to really look like him as he gets older. the hair and the jaw shave especially reminds me of him
i think k would be a good dad
>>351855 i don't think he got a jaw shave tbh, he was a jawlet with that weird disconnect in the middle in pre-debut photos too
>>351857 i find his face both scary and sexy. though the filters that hybe puts on their youtube contents make him look even more like a real doll https://youtu.be/Jot5ggOWja4?t=254 (4:14)
>>351861 what does that have to do with him being a good dad
>>351861 nta but k is so attractive
>>351857 he was sweet towards taki in iland
(88.61 KB 907x907 hue_34.jpg)
>>351639 i hope you can change your ways as well nona if that's what you desire. and thank you
>>351871 nothing but i had this thought and nona brought him up
>>351847 i dont know i dont think anyone knows
moonlight sunrise baby lets do it all night
>>351847 range bans
anti was such a great album
>>351874 he really is >>351879 he really likes taki alot
>>351891 hee isn't that ugly he is kinda cool
i think jay really isn't that frickin ugly he looks kind of ok
>>351893 heol listening to it right now
>>351896 there’s no way people actually think he’s ugly
>>351898 so many people think he's ugly, that's why he ranked second on iland
>>351644 she was pretty during produce than hiv ruined her face but that’s not surprising
endobbers we are here https://youtu.be/2fQLIfOQl3k
>>351901 >that's why he ranked second on iland that means he almost got the most global votes on the show that isn't "so many people"
>>351898 >>351904 he is objectively above average looking he might not be everyones cup of tea (i prefer visuals like goo and dumbhoon) but he definitely isnt ugly
>>351902 she’s prettier now that she’s more confident it really shows
>>351903 can’t wait for another shit comeback
>>351901 rigged
i need new jeans next comeback to flop (i know it won’t)
>>351906 the discourse about who’s ugly and who isn’t is subjective anyways like ccc swears up and down that bread is hideous when any normie would look at him and think he’s an attractive guy especially for a gook
>>351912 kys bread
>>351911 we never know it still could flop thought especially when baby monster would debut soon
>>351919 >implying baemon is a potential threat to nyujeans' popularity topkek yg is at least half a decade behind other kpop companies when it comes to music and branding and the kpop market is way more competitive than the last time they blatantly recycled their previous gg. i doubt they'll even be targeting the same type of fans if they're just going go the typical girl crush hephap route again
days like these where im depressed and locked in my room i wonder how do gaypops/girlpops go through their busy schedule being depressed. how do you perform do interviews and vlives when all you wanna do is sleep or cry
>>352000 the same way all other depressed people go to work and perform tasks, they aren't special
>>352000 drugs
>>352000 i hope you feel better soon, but i guess they just push through it
chết diễn đàn vì người khuyết tật
>>352689 hanbin what are you doing here?
>Korean netizens angry at article titles and HYBE. The title? "NewJeans filled BTS’ empty spot” oh no no why is hybe still trying so hard to move on from bts? even yg didn’t do that when blackpink blew up and bigbang had scandal after scandal
>>352821 >Korean netizens angry more like >ratmy pannroasties butthurt at generic articles on stock performance bts is inactive as a group right now due to enlistment which hurt hybe's market value and nj's success is helping to keep stock prices afloat, what is inaccurate about that? kpop fans are truly moronic fr how do you take something as plain as this personally
i still can’t fathom that nyujeans are as popular as they are when they don’t do anything special
>>352867 >they don’t do anything special absolutely not in terms of talent but they seem like a huge breath of fresh air to me in a genre that tends to be pretty stagnant
>>352867 same must be the autism in me because i seriously don't get it
(328.74 KB 720x720 3YiWu_54fClKJnG8.mp4)
newjeans have good music in a sea of gidles aespas itzys blackpinks twices
>>352898 twices discography btfos newjeans anyday are you kidding
>>352898 >aespa apologize to the savage mini right now https://youtu.be/Lrv1d3xAJpk
>>352895 what’s so fresh about them? debuting kids and making snoozer r&b songs whilst banking on nostalgia isn’t exactly fresh
>>352900 nta if only girls was this good
>>352899 i dare you i freaking dare you to find more than 10 bsides from twice before 2020 that dont sound like shit. you wont be able to do it because their albums only started not sucking 2 years ago
i see music nerds who don't even care about kpop shitting themselves over newjeans and it's just... what are people hearing that i'm not
>>352900 was talking about girls era. savage mini is grate but we do not like lucid dream and we think its boring
i dont like newjeans like that but their music is easy to listen to
>debuting kids and making snoozer r&b songs dream……
we also think yeppi yeppi is aespa's best song
>debuting kids and making snoozer r&b songs epipen……
dream are the reason why kpop is shit
i heavily enjoyed newjins cover of tell me
thinking about fed coddling bean after they teased him during blue hour era
>>352913 i liked candy but if it starts a trend of everyone and their mom covering 1st gen songs i'm out
>>352901 >minimalist approach to pop instead of the usual kpop wall of sound maximalism >songs that aren't structured weirdly just for the sake of having distinct member parts >going all in on the genuinely age-appropriate relatable schoolgirl concept and pulling the branding off very well >exploring y2k sounds we don't hear much kpop but in a way that doesn't feel overly derivative i listen to kpop because i miss early 2010s turbopop so nj isn't for me either but i can see the broad appeal with an attractive concept for young fans and enjoyable/nostalgic music for older/casual fans who don't care to keep up with content
>pedojeans hours i sleep
>>352915 bean got real upset
>>352917 stayc did all this before nyujeans even existed and better
>>352918 its music stop being retarded
>>352919 trauma from being bullied in school
>>352920 nobody's listening to beamon
>>352918 word let's go back to the regularly scheduled complaining and avatarfagging instead of having an actual conversation
>>352919 kek i remember his smile immediately dropping from his face
>>352924 >getting toasty because you want to talk about minors
>>352925 i know he had flashbacks kek
she's so retarded like woah
>>352922 but then why did bean tease everyone but threw a tantrum when it was his turn
>>352924 nobody avatarfags except heeseungfag and hanbinshitter aka dawn and we vilify them for it
>>352927 >minimodding because they won't let you be an actual jani
>>352930 he's bitter
>>352932 oh it’s you
bringing the fact that they're minors is irrelevant to the conversation we're talking about music stop being so autistic
>wants to bully others >suddenly on suicide watch when others bully him classic beanboy
i have never seen a thread (besides bstg which is extremely entertaining to shit up) so susceptible to taking obvious bait
>>352933 not sure how that works
stayc girls next comeback will be a banger
yeonjun's pink mullet AAAAAAAAAAAAA (screams of terror) but i miss his pudgy soft face
>>352920 sort of agree about the concept but they were still presented as girls to aspire being instead of girls you might know, if that makes sense. all their videos are very glossy and the music still has that typical slightly corny kpop quality to it
need aespa to comeback i thought they'd have hits back to back but girls happened and we haven't heard of them in so long
i want a belly bean op
>>352941 he was so ugly god bless
>>352920 and fromis_9 and loona but we see how that turned out
nyujeans music sounds like something that could hit daebak in burgerland if it was sung in english. they're the only group out there that doesn't sound outdated in kpop imo
>>352944 then make it yourself sister this is not a drive-through
>>352931 heeseungfag has been said to be underage multiple times and she somehow isnt banned
>>352947 just saying anything
>>352945 i think that was the last time i truly saw him in a way, personality wise at least
what popular 4th gen group sounds dated at this point in time kek kpop has moved well past the copying wpop trends 2 years late phase
black mullet soon
>>352952 there’s a lot of groups with music i don’t particularly like eg skz atz girdle but i wouldnt call their music dated
*removes hyunchin yeah spidur* banger https://youtu.be/pM-jOfy_1jM
if you ask me bp treasure ateez and tbz have music that sounds dated
becoming a staycel was one of the best decisions i have made this year
>>352957 oh you're so gone sister we can't help you
>>352957 yeokshi…. 2024 will be your year yeah?
>>352937 kekkkk
>>352956 teddy produces the same shit since 2010
>>352958 >>352959 hear me out
i always thought skz wouldnt make it in burgerland because they're too short and ugly but they proved me wrong
>>352954 >skz >wouldnt call their music dated aren't skz still releasing unironic trap songs
>>352963 >thought skz wouldnt make it in burgerland because they're too short and ugly have you seen bts?
>>352964 that’s what’s popular in borgerland right now
(2.68 MB 720x720 UFRLgsIsgbFBlwR_.mp4)
hottest sluttiest skinniest twink in the game
>>352965 they're not that hideous they're medium ugly and they're a lot more taller than skz. also better music (before 2020)
>>352962 we heard you out You will die.
>>352964 acktually case 143 is a blend of electrohop and pop and the maxident album combines a harmonious blend of hip hop, electropop, and drill genres
if being an attractive group was a prerequisite for success then bts would still be gathering dust and cobwebs in the basement of the old hybe building
>>352969 >bts >medium ugly kek
staycels you have your own thread and dst
>>352975 calm down and listen to ice.cream babe https://youtu.be/7BPwaTGqcQY
>electrohop genre so made up it doesn't even have a rym page
>>352968 i want to see felix and bumgoo next to each other
sad victim eyes
>>352976 garbage
(91.70 KB 780x431 stk.jpeg)
>>352969 >bts is medium ugly and this is a medium rare steak
>shilling hyunchins shitty lolcow song
>>352979 he judges you with those eyes be careful
>>352979 i can make him worse
>>352977 > Electro-Hop is a sub-genre of hip-hop that combines elements of electro, electronica, and rap music. Even though hip-hop stays predominant in the genre, it can be told apart from regular hip-hop by the heavy use of bass and synthesizers. use google babe
maybe i just have low standards because i think that at least 5 bts members are decent looking
new txt thread btw
had to hide bts thread because suga looks fucking revolting
>>352987 hulkek
>>352983 if by “shitty lolcow song” you mean an artistic masterpiece and soty then of course
>>352968 >>352994 let me guess you also like epipen and your husbando is *spins wheel* wonie or mutt
>>353001 woniesistern do not claim her if that is the case
>>353006 you’re all the same you like emaciated twinks
>>352978 felix mogs bumgoo with ease
i want to stop liking kpop but i cant hhfjf
>>353013 i was imagining something more different. they'd seem like they'd be good friends
>>353016 take the vietboo pill
>>353024 what do they have that gooks dont
is it just me or does he resemble potassium now
>>353079 ive been saying he looks japanese now kek
ngl k is fucking sexy i want to fuck him
>>353082 t. sunghoon in that one fic
im saving all the photos and videos he’s in this month before he does something to his face again. thank you dr park
>some iland dude is finally debuting >search him up >teaser pics are a bit risque - crop top with abs smeared in blood, shots with deliberate peaks of his underwear band >"interesting" >google his age >just turned 18 i hate kpop man
>>353088 whomst
>>353089 kyungmin
>>353088 i see no issue with this. it's not the sort of thing where he'll look back and feel embarrassed or ashamed. his group will definitely flop though
yeonjun and friends
this is supposed to make me think he's hot but i'm unimpressed he takes shitty ass pictures i need hybe to get the selfie teacher from starship
i hope txt flop just because
is txt comeback worth listening to
>>353178 i'm enjoying the mini so far
devil by the window - the r&b bridge completely halting the bouncy baseline is an odd choice as it almost kills all the momentum. it does makes it more interesting from a compositional standpoint, because it's the only thing that stops it from being a total bad guy ripoff. fond of the outro, the percussion that comes in is quite unqiue for a kpop song. 7/10 sugar ride rush - killer nu-disco guitar intro, killer build up, KILLER bridge that removes and re-adds the guitar over some sweet synth pads and then... antidrop that goes nowhere. there's a lot of perculiar instrument choices in the antidrop, there's a pretty prominent wood sounder in there that sounds cool. but this chorus had no excuse boiling down to just a bass drum for its almost entirety. the final chorus is what should have happened for both choruses. also this straight up not having a middle 8 is really odd. is this the future of pop music for the adhd riddled zoomer generation? 7/10 happy fools - exactly the sort of zion.t crush krnb i don't like, which i expected so it's whatever. coi leray's verse was nice, she matched the energy well. 5/10 tinnitus - STEEL DRUMS BABY WE GOT STEEL DRUMS yes i still love trop house in 2023 sue me. it's much more subdued than the trop house that plagued the radios years ago, lots of focus on the wooden percussion which i love. i didn't notice a single vocal melody in this, i was just hypnotised by the beat. 8/10 farewell, neverland - it's your typical txt sorta-rock song, but it has a unique carribean folk flair in the guitar work which means it's instantly better than every other txt sorta-rock song. they really went to the islands with this mini. god damn. 7/10 tl;dr soobin shove your tatas in my face
I could only manage to finish Sugar Rush Ride; the other songs were kinda cringe. This album sounds more derivative than TXT's previous albums; i.e. SRR sounds like Moves Like Jagger and Devil by the Window sounds like Bad Guy. But the MV for SRR is a redeeming factor
fed really bugs me why is he always so often in the video and even sings a rev although it is always actually bot and hue and why has gyu so little screen time?
>>353299 at some point you gotta blame hiv tho because there's no way an idol has that much control
>>353305 nta but exactly
>>353305 that's true but whats so special about him?
>>353309 there doesn’t have to be anything special, he’s just the hiv chosen one you can market almost anyone to make them look special and incredible see trainee a’s chosen member reo and his predebut pics/aura, kind of same thing as fed they made him look special
>>353309 every non fed biased moa wants to know the same thing tbh
(1.10 MB 220x220 eric3.gif)
give me give me more give me give me more
>>353296 >SRR sounds like Moves Like Jagger i wish
looking at how bad sugar rush ride, txt is are going to flop again. should have just learned from love dive for the antidrop
daily reminder everyone in hybe is straight except snoot
>>353447 autismo is bi and soob and dumbhoon are in denial
>>353449 dumbhoon is asexual
>>353449 I'll give you autismo cause he clearly goes to gay clubs but he's still mostly straight
txt song is to summery to be released in january
(15.39 KB 400x400 000739.jpg)
worked out after two weeks and it hit me hard. i feel so tired
>>353546 truly woniemaxxing rn
tumblr aesthetic
txt song was sounding good until the chorus shat all over it
heol txt are actually killing it
txt empty house comeback
txt can come to my empty house iykwim
>>353576 no i dont know what you mean
>>353575 how am i malding i am a moa myself
>>353579 moa hivemind wants everybody to give a fuck about charts and pannroasties
>>353578 they come to my empty house and we have sexual intercourse. coitus. copulation. carnal embrace. coition. fornication. maybe some cunnilingus and fellatio too if we're feeling crazy.
>>353582 BASED
srr is great but the rest of the mini is kind of mid imo
when i die i hope i get virgin twinks like txt in heaven
>>353582 OH i thought maybe you wanted them to housesit and i was like “i think theyre a little too busy for that nona”
i hope these xg girls can make it bigger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oj-9QqpQ4s
>>353595 fucking love xg
(870.17 KB 576x1024 XnNE877fQC-2xUKo.mp4)
>>353606 words can’t explain the feeling that just rushed through my pussy
jay is so hot but something about his personality and aura makes me not want to fuck him
>>353615 actually there is a problem with your personality
>>353624 shut up jay
>>353615 he gives off asshole misogynist vibes
>>353629 he's one of the most bullied members in the group
>>353636 t. doesn’t know what bullying is
>>353644 maybe bullying isn't the right word but either way he gets disrespected constantly in a way the others don't
>>353636 and that means he can’t be a misogynist?
>>353655 that's exactly what it means
(28.47 KB 806x604 20230128_032526.jpg)
>>353657 người bạn đó là gì
>>353657 that guy from death note
good morning
>>353657 fake + L + ratio
>>353661 ang iyong asawa ay mamamatay sa isang masakit na kamatayan
>>353678 mút cặc tôi
>>353677 i posted that photo because i'm sexually aroused by it
>>353686 you’re sexually aroused by them using whitening filters on his beautiful honey skin >:(
ice as a cream
>soobin, what league are you in LoL? >i used to be diamond oh to be a fly on the wall in the loser brigade groupchat with all kfag idols who were diamond rank in league of legends
>>353699 san, bean, heeseung…
>>353704 beomgyu... felix even though he's still bronze after playing for 12 years...
>>353704 >>353707 weird train but don’t mind if i do
>>353693 mutt looks hot here omo
>>353709 only heehonk and san would be willing
>>353657 give this man some food please
>>353712 untrue
>>353719 sorry, i don't know who the fags of ateez are. let me correct myself: only heehonk would be willing
>>353711 his features have become more refined and he’s developing manly structure that only happens when you’re in your 20s. it looks good
>>353724 everyone except bean are bichads retarda
>bisexual heedonk hell world
>>353749 he'll suck everyone but snoot's dick
>>353752 nobody wants snoots cocklet
>>353767 hi my name is nobody
>>353772 shut up sunghoon and get bavk in the closet
i can't believe txt finally hit daebak
>>353789 i need fed to show his shriveled little cocklet on a live now
txt dismantled the patriarchy in my subconscious
(59.75 KB 828x502 20221228_214608.jpg)
>>353767 only because they're too busy eating him out
>>353805 I thought we all agreed that he has a pussy
(333.11 KB 720x720 U0NKABvQ2nKPSKwu.mp4)
dasi run run run (naked)
>>353814 he doesn’t deserve having a vagina
>>353814 and is "we" in the room with us right now?
>>353825 >>353826 actually he is a ken doll
>>353811 can't look at this anymore without thinking about that retarded moid talking about his cheeks jiggling and clapping on a big black cock or whatever the fuck they said
>>353814 he does
oh ma oh my god
(878.46 KB 1575x2100 20230127_140323.jpg)
huechads we are walking around the house butt ass naked listening to podcasts and eating a chicken quesadilla
>>353830 kekkkk
>>353830 you know what... he was onto something
id love to watch a bean san felix goo heehonk orgy i will even let them sperg about league first
>>353861 i will fuck this man
(557.83 KB 1536x2048 20230127_164619.jpg)
>>353885 understandable, he looked particularly germanic and delicious today
>>353861 meine prinzessin
was starting to find heedonkey attractive and then he posted those bed pics and ruined it
>>353923 >imageboard
the prophecy is complete
>>353942 the sticker over iljaps photo KEK
>hope this puts an end to the debate about who is doing better txt or epipen moacripples wanna kiss us so bad
>>353965 how far did you scroll back to get to that post?
>>353956 yeah the right one is atrocious but i think he actually looks pretty cute in the left one. uncharacteristically soft and twinky
>>353974 it was right there
>>353965 they’re so tsundere
>>353965 so you scrolled back 100+ and clicked on the spoiler to find this? i'm not sure who wants to kiss who here
>>353985 yes because it was quoted twice on overboard. hope this helps.
>>353989 >she saw it "on overboard" where have i heard that one before
>>353965 they’re always bringing up epipen for no reason kek just enjoy your comeback
>>354002 epipenfags always bring up txt for no reason
>>354003 heolkek lies
>>353811 he was a minor here
sugar rush rush sugar rush rush sugar rush rush sugar rush rush rush
>>354056 major banger WE LOVE HER!


no cookies?