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/enhg/ - Enhypen General #5 Anonymous 11/15/2022 (Tue) 22:56:09 No. 281051
overworked and undersexed edition
(657.92 KB 720x956 rOCFdKPgCewCtU5D.mp4)
happy birthday mutt
(1.67 MB 720x720 CjXe3jIcvvmggN1D.mp4)
>>281061 i thought this was going to be an anachan moment but instead it's freaking cute :( i guess i like mutt now
>>281060 >>281061 probably late but happy birthday mutt
do you nonas think iljap has a little crush on mutt something? he seems like he’s clingy with him he’s said stuff like he would date mutt if he was a girl
>>281140 >he’s said stuff like he would date mutt if he was a girl ccc nona discovers fanservice
>>281143 i know what fan service is but out of everyone he could’ve picked he picked mutt kek its like he’s weirdly attached to him or trying to push their shipping agenda
>>281144 nah i personally think iljap really looks up to heedonkey and malfoy. esp donkey with all that "why don't you play with me :(" yk those annoying lil brothers that follow their old brother and his friends around.
>>281140 >she doesn’t remember the “massage” live
>>281147 they actually went viral on gay korean twitter for that massage stint they pulled kek i guess they don’t care about age
(628.42 KB 960x720 wxv82RFV4vE7RU3D.mp4)
>>281147 >>281152 they deserve a mama award for fujobaiting
>>281152 they do care about age. the younger, the better
>>281157 true...
>>281140 no i just think he really looks up to mutt as an older brother type figure
iljap and wonie doing busteds tiktok challenge
seeing the way iljap used to interact and still does interact with the members sometimes makes me sad. it reminds me of when you take a puppy away from their parents kek like he was so young when they debuted i feel like he tried to get that affection from the members
>>281850 yeah you can tell he does and its kind of cute sometimes but i do feel bad because they’re barely older than him
>>281906 fucking CUTE *pats his head*
>ENHYPEN will perform in Japan for 2 days at the 55,000 capacity Kyocera Dome yasssss
>>282497 this episode is funny i like it when dumbhoon lets his autism out
mi princesa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwtQ_-N2iHU i think it's very cruel of belift to make dumbhoon expose his empty head like this
>>282730 sa he thought tennis would be similar to badminton what a retard
someone said heedonkey doesn't like snoot in the previous bread but i think it's because snoot got his nose job from dr kim and HIV ran out of money so they had to appoint dr park for donkey, dumbhoon, malfoy and mutt.
>>284263 samefag. mfs are just salty since they can't see past their noses (literally)
as an engene i really hope the next epipen comeback is good i adjusted my expectations so im not expecting the greatest song of all time but having more than 2 comebacks that people dislike isn’t going to be good
>>284666 hopefully something like drunk-dazed or mixed up
>>284263 this is so pulled from your ass have you even looked at fatnoos nose?
>>284263 jays nose is natty or like very subtly changed it doesn’t look bad at all. if anything he’s the one who got the good doctor not fatnoo (and heedonkey post revision)
>>284263 fatnoo has a sharp nose just like dumbhoon but they have pretty enough faces to pull it off
>>284666 no more hip hop… please…
>>284679 i feel like doing hip hop was a weird attempt at appealing to burgers like stray kids or ateez who do mainly hip hop based songs, but epipen have mostly asian fans so it made no sense
>>284681 who’s idea was it to make a drill-pop song for a bunch of puritan filipino and japanese girls kekkk
>>284681 >>284685 kek. i’m a burger and my non kpop friends thought it sounded okay but found the mv hilarious
*pokes epipen* scandal? comeback?
>>284732 yeah same with my friends it seemed so disingenuous
>>285177 please no more “scandals”
epipen need a proper dating scandal i just don’t want a poor girlpop to be involved and get hate for it
>>285398 it’ll be one of the gyopos for sure
>>285399 it’s funny how everyone calls mutt sleazy when jay has had more dating rumors then him kek
i just don't want a mutt stdyeol and/or poocas type of scandal. picking up girls in itaewon was fun and on-character
>>285402 same. i want to say that would never happen but you never know. i like the few harmless “scandals”
>>285401 he’s had 2 right? am i missing any
>>285408 yeah yuna and some girl from stayc
jay is hot but something about him unsettles me like his constant larping is so odd to me
>>285410 three then. there was the whole thing with his dad following the girl with jay in the profile picture but that never really got big
>>285412 the larping is weird because he otherwise doesn't come off very insecure to me. though he really seems to hate it when they make fun of him kek
>>285412 it always kills me whenever he says he’s going to learn a new language
>>285415 he seems confident enough to put on these weird personas. maybe he really is just retarded and changed his personality every month
>>285422 nice save kekkkkk
>>286438 yasssssssssssssss
https://youtu.be/dCZ1kFHnzrs uri beautiful kitty i could watch him talk all day
>>288098 he talks a lot about not being satisfied with his performance and wanting to do better. i better see him do well and not skip any notes for their music show encores next comeback
>>288441 he always sings live (or tries to) when they do their music show stages. it’s endearing how much he likes being a gaypop
>>288441 >not being satisfied with his performance then he should practice more
>>285412 he watched american psycho too much now he wants to be bateman (or james bond is it? kek)
you’re a loser but you’re my loser… *bites his thigh*
>>288516 his current autistic fixation is james bond
>>288520 he really has a problem
>>288520 >>288521 next comeback his performance on stage will be inspired by how james bond acts just watch
epipen are just a bunch of spergs which is insane to me considering this lineup was chosen by design
>>288530 they’re such a weird mix of people to me kek it’s just funny when you look at it
>>288530 wished iljap debuted with k because he would have a longer chance to be an idol and would have been older and more mature
it’s weird how they’re all kind of mental except ???? mutt (?) or heeseung (?) like is this what is necessary for success as a gaypop? kek
>>288520 i used to think jay was just a weird normie but…
>>288540 mutt is mental just in a different way. i think heedonkey is easily the most normal
i really want to know which mental illness they all have
>>288540 i guess so look at all the popular groups right now
mutt seems like a normie but it’s hard to tell what he’s really like at all under his heavy fanservice persona
at one point i was convinced mutt would’ve left the idol life if he had the chance, like he looked soulless. he looks much happier nowadays though
>>288556 2027 is their change to leave then their contract is over
>>288556 he probably went through a lot of shit to debut and i remember he was getting attacked at one point for that muslim necklace thing and belift didn’t let him apologize for it
>>288562 nta but also the itaewon thing must’ve affected him
>>288562 i mean isn't he a christfag, who wants to were a necklace of a other culture
>>288564 *religion
>>288564 it’s not like he styled himself or had a say in it
>>288562 ifans use mutt as some kind of “woke” figure to blame all of epipens issues on it’s weird. after the scandal with fatnoo he was the first one they thought of doing that retarded fancall shit with
>>288567 belift also always use him as a damage control when something happens
>>288566 i know but i still would have done anything against it
>>288569 and what would you have done?
https://youtu.be/0izUHAu8EL4 new enoclock yassss
>>288569 what could mutt have done? realistically? even if he tried it i bet he’d get punished for it in some way by the staff
>>288570 i would never have worn it or hidden it under my clothes as if I as a catholic would wear something like that and the staffs could also have informed themselves better but i don't blame jake he has enough to take
>>288572 what would the staffs do? put him in the back
belift staff seems like they still believe in corporal punishment i wouldn’t go against them at all kek
>>288573 you do realise mutt doesn’t have that power in the company? and he also didn’t realise probably what it was
>>288575 the way the boys look nervous around them sometimes it wouldn’t surprise me if they were seriously strict
>>288577 there are so many videos of them on vlive looking off to the sides and getting scolded for random shit, it might be because they’re rookies but they turn 2 soon so hopefully more freedom is coming
>>288576 how can he not know what it was and maybe he doesn't have the power and i know that he doesn't have the power but still the stuffs could informed themself better
>>288581 every group has that problem for example nct or treasure and i doubt they will get more freedom in the future. got bts more freedom after their rookie years i don't think so
>>288581 omo i forget epipens second year anniversary is coming very soon, i hope we get another video like they did before
>>288582 *staffs
>>288577 >>288581 i only care about niki and sunoo i don't give a fuck about the other guys
>>288586 why care about fatnoo
>>288583 i know but it’s a bit severe i want to see more personality from them that isn’t heavily restricted
>>288586 babygirl :(
>>288588 i want to see it too but i think we never will see their real personality
>>288587 cause he is cute and i really like him
what do we think fatnoos type is
>>288597 it used to be dumbhoon but i think /ourguy/ fucked up his own chances at getting the hole
>>288608 deserved for being a meanie
>>288597 he doesn’t really seem like he’s into masc scrotes like most bottoms are, i think he likes the cha unu types
>>288597 he think he likes guys that are similar too him
>>288597 all of epipen considering the way he’s seen to whore himself out with each member
i’m so fascinated by malfoy’s personality
>>288868 same i feel like deep down he’s just a sweet loser but he’s too caught up in his own personas
>>288910 i feel like he’s lowkey insecure for whatever reason which is why he adapts all these personas and doesn’t realise he would be fine without them
how strict can your staff be if they're chaperoning you while you try to pick up girls
>>289492 not to play devils advocate here but we dont even know that was mutt with his manager. but even then that’s one dude out of a whole company so
>>289551 i seriously want to know if that was him. like there were bits that seemed so obvious but i don’t know if mutt would be stupid enough to deny it if he was lying
>>289574 there’s the same amount of proof saying it wasn’t him as it says there was him so it’s really confusing but i choose to believe it for the keks
>>288597 niki because sunki is real
(1.40 MB 2196x1222 jungwon7.mp4)
keked out loud at this part. there's also something very sexy about how disappointed they both are
>>289731 hulkek why did they react like that
>>289724 i really don’t get sunkifags don’t you see how crippled they are
>>289819 they fucking hate each other
>>289731 it won’t let me view the video for some reason keeps freezing. can someone tell me who is in it
(532.09 KB 856x476 InShot_20221126_002554880.mp4)
>>290124 what about now?
>>290124 wonie and fatnoo
(3.01 MB 480x852 xDl0YFxyGUl4cWUO.mp4)
mma performance was obviously low budget and put together last minute in comparison to the other ones but niki slayed
>>290897 i don’t get why other groups had whole sets and remixes and they just gave epipen a blank stage a vcr and some dance breaks and made them work with it. they didn’t even bother to prerecord their vocals belift is so lazy
i think their next comeback is going to be blood sweat and tears inspired
>>291953 please don’t get my hopes up nona that’s one of the best busteds songs
>>290897 go iljap go
>>291961 6 straight chads 1 fat faggot
>>291961 6 7 7 9 8 8 0
>>292156 6 straggots 6 straggots 1 fag
if jungwon was like 2 inches taller and less ana he'd be super fuckable but i can't help but see him as a bottom in his current state
did they actually sing live? their vocals sound too good for that
>>292276 we love our manlet and he will stop being ana once he gets a bit older
>>291961 7 8 7 10 8 8 8
iljap is so cute and interesting and talented, i relly think he has the whole package. ive never liked a gaypop this much (platonically) he has so much potential i hope hiv doesn’t waste it. if he learns how to sing/rap well then it’s over
>>292335 cute nona i like him too but the bullying rumors are holding back his popularity with ifans i think and obviously we know why gooks don’t like him :/
>>292313 apparently they did. if so that’s impressive considering how shit they used to be
>>292383 i don't know if i can believe that because they sounded on-par with the other idols who did live ar. i know they improved after doing a tour but that much?
>>292385 they sang with a backtrack like most groups but its not like their songs are vocal based or hard to sing anyways
>>292387 you can say that for most groups and yet idols (including epipen) struggle to sing their own songs while standing still kek
>>292389 fair point kek the official sheet said they were live w/ backtrack but who knows if so good for them
>>292395 if they really did then i take back what i said about the performance being mid. i really hate how live ar has completely ruined what constitutes "good live vocals"
>>292402 personally mma 2022!was one of my least favorite performances of theirs especially when you compare it to the one they did last year but it was obviously thrown together last minute and had a low budget. only one prop, no extended stage, rehashed choreography , 2 of my least favorite epipen songs but they’re touring and probably only showed up for the award so i dont blame it on them for working with such bad material
>>292405 belift are corner cutters. knowing what epipen can do on stage vs what we were given disappointed me but also they seemed tired almost? like they usually have more energy
wonie is rubbing off his ana ways i see
>>292405 >>292408 >>290897 it was put together in a literal week complainergirls of course it looks low budget and under rehearsed because it is kek belift isnt wasting money on that shit
>>289724 crippled
iljap quite obviously doesn’t like fatnoo but is trying to be nicer to him out of the kindness of his heart, sunki hasnt been real since 2020
>>291953 id coom. thats kind of a sexy concept right? but ill wait till we start getting concept photos before i believe it and get my hopes up
going back to japan the day after mma kek
>>293879 >>293880 >>293861 >>293860 he looks like if the song girl front was a person. idk if this makes sense but i hope you follow
>>293846 i wish he would stop wearing red lip color. it does not look good on men whether or not they're feminine
>>293910 well he is bright and cute so i get it
>>292484 >the kindness of his heart when has iljap ever been particularly kind retarda
>>293922 when he stopped fatnoo from gorging himself on more sweets
>>293922 nta but iljap has had his sweet moments. it’s just very rare that he shows it
>>293925 he’s just brutally honest and blunt
>>292484 > sunki hasnt been real since 2020 why did they drift apart?
>>293945 idk why specifically but i remember they seemed really close when they first debuted. iljap thought fatnoo was charming and handsome etc on iland then after they debuted the whole “bullying” thing started with the fat jokes etc. my theory is its a combination of iljap obviously being deeply in the closet and lack of respect. its obvious he thinks fatty is lazy, doesn’t work hard enough, deceitful etc. if you look at the way he reacts to him now.
>>293948 or maybe iljap was just influenced by the other members and their view on sunoo. he clearly looks up to heedonkey and mutt a lot
>>294414 fatnoo posting his dreams itt
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63DLi5ciKn8 if i didn't understand english i'd really like this
happy epipen anniversary nonas. 2 years they are no longer rookies :,)
>ENGENEs~ Thank you for being with us for two years *cute emoji* Time goes by really fast.. I think the time [we] spent with ENGENEs is so beautiful and precious that I can’t express [what I feel] with words. We’ll love each other until we d1e right?? Did you promise?? Hehe I love you so much and I’ll work harder in the future!! >Thank you for raising me.ENGENE
>>295131 >We’ll love each other until we d1e right?? Did you promise?? yuck
>>295141 he’s 16 give him a break
>>295131 he went to the mutt school of fanservice kek
>>295154 this skit is so cute im giggling at how retarded they are
wow i forgot niki was ever this small
>>295166 oh my god he was shorter than wonie now he’s a giant kek
>>295126 2 years ago… bros
>>295195 god heeseung was so uggo, thank god for dr park basically doing an uno reverse on his face
>>295195 babiesssss
>>295166 >>295195 is this how dreamfags feel when their groups got older? they look so different
>>295204 ik nona, feels bad man. it'll be so weird when they're like 20-25
>>295131 cute but he needs to stop acting grown
>>296158 wonie barely wants to turn 19 he won't take being in his 20s well i imagine
>>29616 i hope he doesn't botch his face with fillers
>>296160 as long as he avoids ps and needles he'll grow out of it. i know i was the same in not wanting to become an adult and i think a lot of teens are
>>296198 nta but same kek also when i was a teen i saw adults as hags. i’m 25 and i look younger than a lot of people younger than me so really you can do a lot with good skincare and staying healthy
>>296158 i wonder if i’ll still be into them at that age and if they’ll still look uh… aesthetically pleasing for the most part
>>296200 teenagers nowadays look so old, I was at some festival and a lot of high schoolers were there and they looked so overgrown and mature for their ages i was like how do i look younger than them
>>296205 growth hormones and chemicals innit
(795.99 KB 650x360 YTAd0_AYpmJirqAb.mp4)
my BEAUTIFUL himbo
iljaps boots are ugly as shit
>>296214 he’s serving you just don’t understand muh fashion
>>296275 mutt doesn't deserve this
>>296281 he does
dumbhoon should be the center/fotg he's obviously sexy and the most popular one with gooks
>>296283 you should’ve cropped snoot too group would look a lot more cohesive
i kinda get why epipen bully snoots fat face now he looks out of place when the rest have nice jaws and defined faces
(2.76 MB 1280x720 seDS5WXOsgsceDSB.mp4)
>>296320 this is a genuine question but are they not allowed to smile
>>296321 i think they need to focus more on not blinking and not being caught mid-expression
(688.05 KB 720x900 Cafv7zDyKNTp38XM.mp4)
cute birthday hat
>>297051 >13... 12... 11... 12... kek which dumbass
mutt and his incessant busteds dick sucking
>>297052 KEK good catch
based cameramen
i missed watching epipen on the stream yesterday but i thought the performance was good :/ am i missing something
F*ck ㅋㅋㅋ Enhypen-ah don’t you think we’ve had enough Manifestos? ㅋㅋㅋ this is quite severe
>>297057 >manifesto: revolution marxist era incoming
>>297057 bros that better be a repackage or else im a bit worried… how can you make dance pop with a revolution concept? no more hephap…
*coughs weakly* good album, please
the ateez anarchist concept they did at mama made no sense and came across as forced because it doesn’t suit them and they think we want more??????????
if it’s another hephap thing i may be dropping them idk how much more of it i can take
(151.88 KB 1364x2048 20221128_095744.JPG)
girls please lets not jump to unfortunate conclusions i personally believe it’ll be the reemergence of their girlpop bangers
>>297057 the blessed cursed reveal was so cool kek i remember watching it
>>297068 sis the problem is they think it does suit them
>>297078 WE DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT EPIPEN THINK, they need to sit the fuck down, record their easy to listen to pop music, and put on the crop tops we’ve requested of them or go back to being vampire faggots. listen to your fans you little shits
iljap is the only one that pulled of the pass the mix concept. heedonkey was okay he doesn’t really try too hard anyway, i don’t remember snape too much but dumbhoon/malfoy/mutt/snoot were so tryhard
>>297082 *pass the mic
iljap will be vindicated as the main dancer and main rapper of epipen mark my words
its too early to make cb predictions so im gonna enhale copium about is getting drunk dazed 2.0 or something at least almost as good
(107.15 KB 750x1125 IMG_0557.JPG)
they are gonna be doing the kpop revolution by bringing the 2nd gen girl group sound back. i love you epipen!
>>297082 yeah iljap always kinda fit that “bad boy” image from day 1 and he slays but everyone else seems so tryhard
(233.82 KB 720x720 f_0cFeWbCbsjkCG1.mp4)
hey he looks good
fucking adorable
>>297114 cutie maknae *hugs him* *gives him a piece of candy*
mutt makes me seethe
>>297117 he’s incredibly harmless kek what did he do
>>297118 honestly i don’t even know kek he’s not done anything it’s just one of those things
mutt seems too nice to be true idk how to explain it but nothing has revealed him to be scrotey yet
(604.27 KB 720x720 hoonwon6.mp4)
my beautiful babies
>>297121 hmm so far the only thing he’s lied about is not having any friends in australia
>>297162 samefag it’s funny how he said that yet some girl who was friends with him was telling everyone in the comments all about him
>>297131 dumbhoon is so beautiful i think i am in love with him frankly
>>297116 kek at mutt getting the little schoolboy outfit


no cookies?