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How do I greentext?

If you add a > at the start of a line, it will greentext the text in that line.

How do I quote posts, threads and boards?

Quoting posts and threads are done in the same way by writing >> and then the post number next to it. Alternatively you can also click on the post number.

To quote something from another board you write >>> and then add the board name between slashes. (>>>/ot/)

How do I spoiler text?

[spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] -> spoiler or **spoilers** -> spoilers

Can I embed youtube videos?

Youtube videos get automatically embedded by just posting the link.

I got banned and my appeal got denied. What can I do?

Please e-mail the site at choachancafe@gmail.com. Usually if your ban has no message or says "spam" in it your range has been banned due to a spam bot or a poster abusing VPNs. If you let us know with a screenshot we can help with any issues you may have in regards to posting.