Be sure to read the rules before reading this page.

How do I greentext?

If you add a > at the start of a line, it will greentext the text in that line.

How do I quote posts, threads and boards?

Quoting posts and threads are done in the same way by writing >> and then the post number next to it. Alternatively you can also click on the post number.

To quote something from another board you write >>> and then add the board name between slashes. (>>>/ot/)

How do I spoiler text?

[spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] -> spoiler or **spoilers** -> spoilers

Can I embed youtube videos?

Youtube videos get automatically embedded by just posting the link.

Why did the site go down for 20 seconds earlier, do you need money?

No. We do not need any money and the website is not in any danger of going down permanently. This is an imageboard created by two people and sometimes work has to be done on the server, which can create short unexpected downtimes. Any large downtimes will be announced prior, despite what rumors you may have heard.

I got banned and my appeal got denied. What can I do?

Please e-mail the site at choachancafe@gmail.com. Usually if your ban has no message or says "spam" in it your range has been banned due to a spam bot or a poster abusing VPNs. If you let us know with a screenshot we can help with any issues you may have in regards to posting.

How do you handle privacy?

We follow all EU privacy laws in regards to storing data. Meaning all of your IPs are stored encrypted. Moderators are only able to see the encrypted IDs. Exif data gets wiped from any personal images you upload.

Why do people keep calling me an Israelite?

It's a word filter meant to replace the term newfag to reduce infighting.